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The community of park supporters—of which you are a part—is leaving a legacy in protecting the future of the park and its natural and historic resources. Since our inception, our organization’s leaders, both volunteers and staff, invested in a variety of programs, advocacy activities and service projects to strengthen our efforts to assure that our park and the resources it protects will be healthy for years to come.

EXECUTIVE STAFF Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer Janice Matteucci Chief Operating Officer John P. Debo, Jr. Chief Development Officer Katie Wright Director of Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center Katrina Haas Chief of External Affairs BOARD James Nash, Board Chair Dione Alexander, Vice Chair Dr. Joe Blanda Ron Bower Christopher Buehler Michael Byun Debby Capela Deborah Cook Harold Gaar Michael L. Hardy Matthew Heinle Emily Holiday Jane Howington Sue Klein Kathy Leavenworth Phil LiBassi Gary Lobaza Jeremy M. Long Shawn Lyden Mark Masuoka Stephen Metzler Michael Miller Dr. Liz Piatt Brett Reynolds Curt Reynolds Irv Sugerman Karyn Sullivan Rick Taylor Teleangé Thomas ©2018 Conservancy for CVNP DESIGN: Christopher Hixson CORPORATE PARTNER:

One important project that early leaders of our organization invested in is the development of Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. We will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, and before it opened its doors, National Park Service leaders made the decision to center its curriculum on the Cuyahoga River so that children could learn about the park’s most important natural resource. My first job with this organization was oversight of curriculum development for the soon-to-open education center. When we went to classrooms in Akron, Brecksville, Independence and Cleveland to see what children knew about the Cuyahoga River, we learned that they knew very little about the closest major river that flows in their backyard. This reinforced our interest in helping children learn and think locally about the environment. We believe that inspiring children to protect the environment starts with engagement with nature. When children learn about the water quality of the Cuyahoga River, and how it’s impacted by human activity within the watershed, then they are better positioned to make good decisions locally and globally. The National Park Service and the Conservancy are working hard today to continue to improve water quality and educate children and adults about their role in having a healthy river. The Cuyahoga River story is one of global impact, and it has uniquely local ties. The water we drink, whether from the river itself or Lake Erie where it empties, is critical for life, for us and for many species. Thanks for supporting both a healthy park and a cleaner river.

Deb Yandala Conservancy CEO



Teaching children about nature at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. Co-managing the park’s award-winning volunteer program. Fostering a rich cultural arts program through music, art, adult education, & more. Providing visitor services including event facilities, lodging, and stores. Raising money for national park projects and programs.



Connecting you to your national park. Preserving it for future generations.



Investing in Academic Success How the Summer Environmental Education Academy is creating confidence and building connections



Appreciation The Conservancy gratefully acknowledges the generous individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations who made gifts during the past fiscal year

Celebrate the Recovery and Rebirth of the Cuyahoga River

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CVNP commits to putting the damaged river at the center of its mission and visitor experience

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Donor Impact We take a look at Conservancy accomplishments of the past year and look ahead to 2019 FORCVNP.ORG




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When Cuyahoga Valley National Park was created in 1974, our three-fold purpose was defined:

We defined what would need to happen in order to realize that vision:

» Preserve and protect the values of the river and its valley

1. Getting the Cuyahoga River removed from the list as an Environmental Area of Concern

for the public to use and enjoy. These values include history, scenery, the living plants and animals, and recreation.

» Maintain open space for recreation. This is especially valuable in our urban context.

» Provide the public with learning and recreation opportunities. In other words, our purpose is to protect and maintain this beloved valley as a place for you to learn and play. The focus on the Cuyahoga River and its valley is more important than ever as we move into the future. In June 2019, we will celebrate the recovery of the river. It will be the 50th anniversary of the last time the river burned. In 2016, the same year that the National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday, CVNP created a 5-year Strategic Action Plan. The bold vision that the park set for itself is: In 2021, the Cuyahoga River Watershed, its communities, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park are international symbols of human and ecosystem renewal.

2. Achieving designations as a Scenic River and a National Water Trail We knew we could not reach this vision alone. The park protects 22 miles of this 100-mile river. We’ve been working with partners to establish the Cuyahoga River Water Trail. Teams of park and partner employees have been working on focused projects that have been moving the needle since 2016. In the past year, teams have been working on River Use Operations, maintenance of a water trail, communications, watershed improvement projects, and Visitor Use Management – to name a few. As we continue working towards our vision, we’ll need your input and involvement. We look forward celebrating the comeback of the Cuyahoga River with you.

Craig Kenkel CVNP Superintendent PHOTO: JERRY JELINEK





Academic Success How the Summer Environmental Education Academy is creating confidence and building connections for both students and their teachers by Zaina Salem



Carla Sibley, director of community relations for Akron Public Schools, said that the Summer Academy provides students with a mentor who can help navigate high school by connecting them to resources and facilitating connections with staff. “They get to know these people who are ultimately going to be providing support for them throughout the school year,” Sibley said. “So they go into the school year knowing another caring adult, and we know caring adults is one of those protective factors.”

Dessie Sanders joins her students for a kayak adventure


essie Sanders reluctantly seats herself into a kayak for her students’ amusement.

The kids cheer with delight; Seeing their principal in this setting is something they are unused to. Ms. Sanders, Principal of Daniel E. Morgan within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, is at Cuyahoga Valley National Park with her students. They are participating in an immersive, life-enriching educational experience. The grant-funded, donor-supported program intends to increase students’ academic success in high school, with a long-term goal of improving high school graduation rates and enrollment in post-secondary education. The students in this program come from Akron Public Schools (APS) and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) who are entering 9th grade.

Zemoria Parnell, a CTAG (Closing the Achievement Gap) specialist at East Community Learning Center, believes that building relationships with the students is one of the best parts of the program. CTAG is a program that identifies and supports ninth graders at Buchtel and East Community Learning Centers and Kenmore and North High Schools who are falling behind and at risk of dropping out of school. The CTAG program specialists participate in planning, training, and attend every day of the program with the students. “Now they know there’s a person they can come to if they ever have a problem or something else is going on,” Parnell said. “And that’s huge.” Janice Thurman, also a CTAG special at Buchtel Community Learning Center, agrees. “The experience they have here at the park gives them a sense of belonging,” Thurman said. “The students really adore the staff here, and they adore the experience that they get within the park.”

This summer, Sanders brought five schools from her district. She says for many of the students, the Summer Academy is a place where, for the first time, they experience fishing, kayaking, or being away from home. “They watch the news or see other people on TV doing these things but cannot even imagine that they’d be out here doing it,” Sanders said. Not only are students experiencing activities for the first time, they’re also creating meaningful connections with each other and caring adults. Students in the program get to build relationships with staff members of their school who then follow them into their freshman year. PHOTOS:

Students get up close and personal with a salamander FORCVNP.ORG


Live Local, Think Global

From the very beginning, Jakprints has been defined by our sustainable initiatives and eco-friendly practices. We invest in energy-efficient machinery, vegetable-based offset inks, recycled paper stocks and wind power. All while balancing our consumption by planting one tree with every order. We are firm believers that being profitable doesn’t have to be harmful to the planet.

Giving Back

We are ecstatic to partner with the Conservancy each and every year. In addition to printing the member magazine and park brochures, we donate money, coordinate volunteers from our staff and find creative ways to donate additional time and resources. All while inspiring others to do the same. It’s great to reduce waste and offset the negative effects of our production on the environment, but we can’t meet the growing need of our parks and wildlife right here in our backyard alone. Volunteering your time to help CVNP is an amazing way to start, but don’t stop there.

Our Responsibility

Keeping our parks and planet happy and healthy isn’t “someone else’s job”—everyone has to do their part. Local businesses in particular, have the power to make a difference. So why not put all that manpower to good use? We’re challenging all of our neighbors to join us in conserving and protecting CVNP. Whether it’s through employee volunteer opportunities or donations, regardless of how big or small, we can make a huge impact as a whole. As individuals we are only an inch, together we can become a mile.

Are you and your company interested in making a difference for CVNP? Reach out to the Conservancy’s development director, Katrina Haas, at Together we can ensure the CVNP continues to be one of America’s greatest national treasures.

Learn more about Jakprints’ environmental initiatives at or stop by our Downtown Cleveland showroom at 3133 Chester Avenue.

Show your support coming and going!

The Cuyahoga Valley license plate features Blue Hen Falls, and $15 of every purchase comes to the Conservancy. Exchange your existing plates at or at your nearest BMV location. For visit 6 CONSERVANCY MAGAZINE FALL 2018more / WINTERdetails, 2019

Although the Summer Academy gives both school districts immersive experiences, the goals for each are a little different. APS students participate in a two-week day program that is curriculum-based. The curriculum has been vetted and approved by the school board and meets the criteria to be a credit-based program. APS students can earn a half credit if they have perfect attendance. Alternatively, CMSD students participate in a one-week residential program that is meant to provide psychosocial support by meeting new people, making friends, and being independent, while also experiencing different ways to engage with the national park. While the two districts have different goals, the Summer Academy ultimately ends in the same result. Program Manager Amanda Schuster says being in Cuyahoga Valley National Park makes kids more confident and strengthens their interpersonal skills. “On the first day, there is often a level of intimidation— fear of insects, or discomfort with hiking or walking. By the end, we see their comfort level rise,” Schuster said. “This could be something as simple as less swatting and panicking about insects, but also is demonstrated through increased engagement in outdoor activities. For example, this year many students from one particular group were reluctant to hike and raised many complaints about being

Summer Academy students stop for a quick rest while hiking on CVNP trails

outside. By the end of the program, these same kids were begging for more time outside, and all participated fully.” Program Coordinator and Camp Instructor Tara Orzechowski watches as one of the kayaking children flips overboard into the lake, and she laughs as he gets right back in with a smile on his face. “I love watching how much the kids transition and how much fun they have,” she said. “The smallest moments that adults often take for granted can be so magical to our youth, which is a very infectious feeling.” The infectious feeling seems to be common among field instructors at the Summer Academy. Jonathan Parker shared one of his favorite moments as a field instructor this year –a hike at the Ledges. “Some of the students had never really done much hiking and were very skeptical at first,” Parker said. “Once we arrived at the Ledges Overlook, they were so amazed by the view, and we spent at least ten minutes taking pictures and sitting there. Afterwards one student said, ‘that was really worth it.’” On the last day of his Summer Academy experience, one Cleveland student said, “I love to be here. It’s like I’m home.” Reactions like these are what drive the Conservancy to provide transformative experiences at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center –but we couldn’t do it without members like you who support us every step of the way.

Summer Academy students exploring Headwater Creek FORCVNP.ORG



Celebrate the Recovery & Rebirth of the Cuyahoga River



In the late 1880s, a young man named Frank Vlchek emigrated to Cleveland from the present-day Czech Republic. His first encounter with the Cuyahoga River was so notable he found it worth describing in his autobiography forty years later. Vlchek was walking amid factories one day soon after his arrival, looking for work, when he first came upon the Cuyahoga: …a river whose like I had never seen in all my life. Yellowishblack rings of oil circled on its surface like grease in soup. The water was yellowish, thick, full of clay, stinking of oil and sewage. Piles of rotting wood were heaped on either bank of the river, and it was all dirty and neglected. Hearing Vlchek’s reaction, his companion gives him some advice: “You’re in America now. You’ll get used to it, just like all the others. Later on you won’t even notice this disorder.” “Smoke and dirt and flame and pollution – that was all progress, and progress was good,” said John Grabowski, senior vice president of research and publications at the Western Reserve Historical Society’s Cleveland History Center. Even before Vlchek’s time, the river was seen “as a kind of utility,” Grabowski noted. Native Americans and then early European settlers had used the river and then the canal created from it for transportation. But by the industrial age, the “utility” view of the river had reached a new height. By Vlchek’s encounter with it, “the river is a transport device to get coal, iron, iron ore and so forth, and it’s also a sewer, to get rid of things; it’s a waste disposal system,” said Grabowski. Dams built from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s provided water for industry and for drinking, for mechanical power, and then power generation. This “utility” view of the river has been changing, of course. The famous 1969 Cuyahoga River fire marked a turning point. Fires had been breaking out on the Cuyahoga roughly once a decade since the 1860s, but by 1969 both the national press and Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes could see that river fires were no longer regarded as a normal side effect of doing business; instead, rising environmental consciousness made a




burning river look grotesque. That allowed Stokes, TIME Magazine and others to hold up the relatively minor 1969 fire as a powerful symbol of a national pollution problem. This helped spur landmark environmental protections of the 1970s, including the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Clean Water Act, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with Canada, and the creation of state and federal Environmental Protection Agencies. The burning river also helped inspire the first Earth Day. A new vision of the proper state of a river was taking hold. Now, Grabowski said, water is seen as “an amenity of life in Northeast Ohio. It’s a recreation area. And it is a landscape which gives somebody pleasure and peace if it’s maintained properly. I think that’s a really interesting change in the way we look at water and rivers.” Cuyahoga Valley National Park wants to help bring its story full circle.

A “literally crappy” river First, CVNP had to change itself. Although the Cuyahoga River is central to the park, which includes 22 of its 100 miles, the relationship hasn’t been an easy one, said Lisa Petit, the park’s Chief of Resource Management. Consider CVNP’s origins. The law that first established federal protection for the area described its purpose in terms of the river; it would help preserve for public enjoyment “the historic, scenic, natural, and recreational values of the Cuyahoga River and the adjacent lands of the Cuyahoga Valley.”

But even up to today, Petit said, it’s been difficult for Park Service staff to reconcile the river’s legacy of human intervention with its centrality to a National Park. Bacteria levels are still often too high to make contact with the water advisable, mostly due to discharges from the sewer systems in Cleveland and Akron after it rains. Several dams are still present, posing a risk to paddlers and continuing to affect aquatic life. Invasive plant species outcompete young trees along much of the river, leading to a whole host of aquatic habitat impacts – eroding river banks and muddier, warmer water. Not to mention the scenic impact – riverbanks full of mature, native trees are nicer to look at from a kayak than those dominated by a single invasive shrub. “We were embarrassed,” Petit acknowledged. “National Parks are set up around pristine environments. That’s the public concept of a National Park: ‘Our most treasured resources. Our most pristine resources.’” Until recently, Petit said, a lot of staff felt, “‘You set a National Park up around a burning river – around a polluted, a stinky, crappy river – literally crappy …’ We kind of bought into that mindset.” Petit said this was clear in staff attitudes toward public recreation on the river, which until recently, focused on keeping people out. “In fact, we were openly PHOTO: SUE SIMENC

This was five years after the famous ’69 fire, and not that far away. Was the Cuyahoga River a filthy fire hazard, or a place to bask in the beauty of nature? Well, a little of both, as the lower portion of the river began a long transformation from one end of that spectrum to the other. It has continued ever since. Chief of Resource Management Lisa Petit watches a student release a newly-banded bird.




1952 Cuyahoga River fire

discouraging them from using it on our web page: ‘Don’t go in the water,’” she said. This attitude came out of a concern that people would get hurt or sick, but the message still sent the wrong signal, Petit said. Ultimately, she said pessimism about the Cuyahoga River and uncertainty about the river’s role in the national park amounted to an “identity crisis” for the park administration. Northeast Ohio, too, has suffered an identity crisis, as the region has tried to remake its economy, culture and reputation with outsiders after its industrial decline, and the Cuyahoga River has played a role in that. There’s Burning River beer, Burning River roller derby, Burning River bagels – even a Burning River baroque music group and a Burning River digital marketing firm. Branding a product with the “Burning River” is a way to disarm critics of the region by asserting pride in the area’s underdog status and claiming some of the grit of its industrial history.

But it’s hard to market a “Burning River” National Park experience. And that symbolic vision of the Cuyahoga is ultimately based in its past. It doesn’t offer a useful perspective for an organization that must contend with the river as it is today, and the increasing numbers of people drawn to the river for its scenery, and to paddle and fish. In 2014, CVNP, with a morale problem but new leadership in superintendent Craig Kenkel, started a period of soul-searching – with consultants, and staff workshops, and strategic planning. Petit said it brought real changes. She recalled a meeting in her Resource Management division, aimed at identifying one big change they could make that would help turn things around. “One of our staff said, ‘The biggest change I can think of is that we would actually celebrate the river.’ And people began to really like that simple phrase, ‘celebrate the river.’” So what does that mean? Well, for one, “You have people on it,” Petit said.



Celebrating the river The five-year strategic plan that resulted from all that self-reflection was completed in 2016. It includes this lofty vision: In 2021, the Cuyahoga River Watershed, its communities, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park are international symbols of human and ecosystem renewal. “The story of the recovery and the rebirth has played out again and again and again in the Cuyahoga Valley, and so people really embrace that,” Petit said. "For park staff to finally say, after all this time, ‘Hey, we’re proud of the river, we invite you to the river, and we celebrate the river,’ was a humongous cultural shift.”

The strategic plan has outlined new priorities for park staff to pursue in line with that perspective change. The three big goals for 2021 include:

» Getting the Cuyahoga River delisted as a Great Lakes Area of Concern The lower 46.5 miles of the river – everything below the Gorge Dam pool in Cuyahoga Falls – along with its tributaries and ten miles of Lake Erie shoreline, was designated one of 43 Great Lakes Areas of Concern in 1987 under the U.S.Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, thanks to problems like poor water quality and low biodiversity. CVNP plans restoration projects for the watershed to reduce erosion and water sedimentation. But the goal of AOC delisting on this aggressive timeframe can’t be accomplished without regional cooperation, so CVNP is broadening its relationships with other organizations that impact the river, like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Port of Cleveland, and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and becoming a more vocal champion for the Cuyahoga beyond park boundaries.

» Gaining recognition for the Cuyahoga River through the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System This program was created by Congress in 1968 to preserve rivers with outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational qualities in a freeflowing condition for public enjoyment. The National Park Service deemed portions of the Cuyahoga to have some of these “outstanding” qualities back in the 1980s. The condition of



much of the river has improved dramatically since then, so CVNP plans a reevaluation – and then to seek official recognition for the river.

» Creating a Cuyahoga River Water Trail through the National Water Trails System A water trail is a lot like its more familiar counterpart on land – it’s an existing paddling route enhanced with designated access points, signage, educational and safety information, maps, programming, and physical route maintenance, like debris removal. Both the state of Ohio and the federal government award water trail designations to rivers or sections of rivers that meet criteria like the above. CVNP is working with over two dozen regional partner organizations to obtain state and then federal designations for the entire length of the Cuyahoga.

Ideally, all the work and public recognition involved in meeting these goals could help set off a positive feedback loop that would benefit the Cuyahoga River for years to come. These successes would help define the river’s story as a positive one – holding the river up as the “symbol of renewal” the strategic plan envisions. That could bring more people to the river for recreation, building stronger support for further restoration work. And being able to point to these accomplishments could help CVNP and other organizations gain funding for future projects. The gains should continue, as both the city of Akron and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, serving greater Cleveland, continue progress on major,

In transition On a Sunday morning this summer, Ryan Pepper and I carried our kayaks down a short trail from the Boston Store Visitor Center parking lot to one of the park’s temporary river access points. Pepper is the state director of the American Canoe Association, and part of the group working on the Cuyahoga River Water Trail. We had left my car at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad’s Brecksville station, near another of the temporary access points, which would be our take-out location, right before the Brecksville Dam.

Mandy Razzano from the Division of Surface Water at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency takes water samples from many locations in Cuyahoga River and its tributaries.

long-term infrastructure projects, under enforcement agreements with the U.S. and Ohio EPAs to minimize sewage discharges into the Cuyahoga River watershed. Within the park, the Canal Diversion Dam, also known as the Brecksville Dam, which spans the river beneath the State Route 82 bridge between Brecksville and Sagamore Hills, is slated for removal in 2019. And a plan is being developed for a phased removal of the Gorge Dam, in the Gorge Metro Park on the border between Akron and Cuyahoga Falls. Not long ago, it was hard to even imagine going after goals like the ones laid out in the park’s current strategic plan, said CVNP Community Engagement Supervisor Pam Barnes. But as the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuyahoga River’s notorious 1969 fire approaches next year, she said the turnaround since those days has been remarkable. “In our lifetimes, we’ve seen this phenomenal switch. It’s not just us as the National Park Service swooping in and being the savior. There’s also the community coming together. This is something you want to be part of,” Barnes said. “It’s historic.”

As CVNP takes steps to make its section of the river more paddler-friendly, its messaging no longer discourages paddling on the Cuyahoga. Instead the park makes clear paddling is allowed, advises caution, and offers information about risks. The park made official four rough access points paddlers had already been using, adding safety signage and making minor physical improvements. Park staff are starting to train volunteers to assist fellow paddlers, and developing a management plan for tree debris in the water. At the river’s edge in Boston Township, a park ranger greeted us to check that we had life jackets and current state license stickers displayed on our boats. It was a beautiful day, around 11 am, and the ranger said he’d seen six or eight boats come through in just the last halfhour. Pepper and I set off. The river was full of twists and turns, some very gentle rapids, and in places, multiple, large piles of tree debris. It was quite shallow. I had to step out of my boat once to pull it forward across the rocky river bottom. Navigating often required our full attention, and even then, I found myself pushing a paddle into a tree limb half a dozen times, to get unstuck and redirect myself. “It’s a good river to learn on,” Pepper said. “You have plenty of woody debris, and plenty of looking downriver to figure out where you’re going to go.” The day heated up, and there was almost no shade. We could see the invasive shrubs along the river banks that had outcompeted young trees. We had expected some of this, but were surprised by the scale of the problem.



I imagined how lovely it would be to paddle for miles along this narrow river, with unbroken tall green walls on either, and a green canopy overhead. “I think it’s all part of the river healing,” Pepper said. “We’ve abused this waterway for a hundred years, and it’s going to take a hundred years to get back to normal. But you have to start somewhere.” I imagined the difference between what the Cuyahoga River once was, and what surrounded me now. I stopped to watch a giant hawk screeching from a treetop above me. Pepper and I found big clam shells, and spotted kingfishers, and glided by a great blue heron. We stopped to chat with another pair of paddlers. They went around one side of a big, heavily forested island, while we went around the other way. There was a half-submerged tractor tire, and the place I finally found shade: a rusty abandoned train bridge with vines cascading down it. Later, Pepper told me that he was impressed by the number of paddlers using the river here, and the number of those using the officially designated access points within the park. “To see a river that used to be essentially a waste dump turn into a very viable recreational opportunity for the communities around it – it’s pretty impressive,” he said. Equally impressive is what Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s embrace of the river could mean for the overall park experience in the long term. “I think for one thing it will put us on a bigger map,” said Lisa Petit, the resource management chief. “People will be coming from pretty far away, because the quality of the visitor experience is so high, because they have so many things that they can do. You can rent a bike, put it onto the train, go, get off the train, and bike down to where you get in a kayak, float down again and get on your train and come back. And it’s all along this river corridor that has scenery, and history, and amenities.” “We are truly re-branding ourselves,” she said. “We are transforming into a river-based park. We haven’t been that, and that’s not going to happen overnight. It will happen by 2021 – but it’s going to take some pretty focused work to get there.”



Want to do your part to care for the Cuyahoga? Individual homeowners can make a difference in the health of the Cuyahoga River Watershed by creating landscapes that will absorb maximum stormwater. Akron and greater Cleveland have combined sewers, a typical early design that carries sanitary sewage from homes, industrial waste, and stormwater all in one pipe to a treatment plant. But when heavy storms create a large amount of surface runoff, the pipes reach capacity, and some of the combined wastewater is diverted directly into streams, rivers and lakes. The more stormwater that can be captured and absorbed before it reaches the sewer system, the more overflows can be minimized. Here are some steps you can take to make your landscape more water-absorbent:

» Minimize impermeable surfaces, like asphalt. » Replace grass with a native garden. » Plant trees. Tree leaves can catch a significant amount of rain before it even hits the ground, and some tree roots can absorb upwards of 100 gallons per day, according to CVNP plant ecologist Chris Davis.

» Plant a rain garden. A rain garden is made in a depression to absorb runoff from impervious surfaces nearby. It features perennial, native plants that can handle standing water around their bases for a day or two after a storm. Rain gardens help filter water of pollutants before it reaches waterways.

» Install a rain barrel. A rain barrel diverts stormwater runoff coming from the roof of a building, through a gutter into the barrel. You can then use it to water your garden.

Check these sources online for more information and how-to guides:

Summit Soil and Water Conservation District Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative PHOTO: TED TOTH/NPS





A lifetime of

Dr. Liz Piatt, Professor of Sociology, Kent State University There’s no question that Cuyahoga Valley National Park holds a special place for many people. For donor and Conservancy board member Liz Piatt, that special connection goes back to her childhood when her parents would take her to the park for adventures at the Ledges and Kendall Lake. As an adult, Liz carried on this tradition, sharing the park with not only her spouse and children, but also her friends, students and coworkers. When there’s a college class to be taught, party to be hosted, or seminar to give, Liz always recommends the park.

“When I get the opportunity to show off the park, I take it,” Liz says. “It’s a jewel. There is so much to do, and I make sure people know about it.” As a board member, Liz gives countless hours of her time and energy. But she also gives knowledge and insight into the park that goes back generations – and prepares the park for the future. Why is the park special to you? I will always associate the park with spending meaningful time with my family. When I was young, it was a place where I could just hang out with my parents. I felt like my parents really connected with me when we were in the park. They both worked and led busy lives; but, at the park, we could relax and have fun. I learned recently that my step father was a volunteer ranger at the park before it became part of the National Park System. Before I was born, he volunteered and would be in the park regularly. This appreciation has carried over into my own family. Since my kids were little we’ve gone to the park. PHOTO: ZAINA SALEM



Even though they are grown, the park is still a big part of my children’s lives. My daughter likes to use it for hiking

to relieve stress. My son and I still do the Fall Hiking Spree every year [through Summit County Metro Parks]. It’s just a magical place for kids of all ages. I chose to serve on the Conservancy’s Education Committee for this reason. If you introduce children to Cuyahoga Valley early they’ll become lifelong users of the park. With the Education Committee, we get to help the Environmental Education Center connect the park to kids in the community. What are some of your favorite places? I like running in the park, and I use my running to really meditate and pray. The park is really just a good environment for that: the quietness of it. Connecting with creation. It removes you from the noise of the city. Just thinking about going for a run calms me down! When I’m training for a half marathon, I like to be on the Towpath because it mimics a road surface. Organized runs are also a good resource here. I’m a member of Black Girls Run – a running club for African American women 18 and older – and I’ve hosted runs in or near the park. It’s helped introduce the park to runners who have never used it before. It’s opened up their eyes to the great trails. Why is it important for you to share the park with others? I always try to get people to the park, whether it’s my running club, students, coworkers or friends. I had a friend who turned 40 in March, and I asked her if I could organize a birthday party for her. She loves to be outside, but she had never really used CVNP. We rented the Stone Cottage and had about 20 people join us. Out of those 20, only two had used the park before. They were amazed. They kept asking me: “How in the world did you find out about this building?” We got to take a hike down to Stanford House and back. I’ve hosted a women’s retreat with my church at the park. In June, I brought students from Kent State’s McNair Scholars Program to the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center for a leadership retreat. How have you used the park as a professor? Even though I love CVNP and use it regularly, as a person of color it is obvious to me that when I come into the park, people aren’t used to seeing someone like me. I taught a course in the park last year called, “Stuff White People Do.” It was a three-week class where we were at the park every day doing research into visitor perceptions. Visitor data indicates that national parks

are predominantly “white spaces,” and we wanted to understand how that impedes visitorship among people of color. As sociologists, we wanted to more clearly define: what are the barriers to visiting for communities that are underserved? We conducted interviews with staff and focus groups with members of the African American community. It was eye opening for everyone. Many people don’t realize that visitorship by underrepresented populations is a “thing.” CVNP is often referred to as an urban park, but for people who live in urban communities, they see it as a place surrounded by suburban neighborhoods. These are the communities you have to drive through to access the park, and people of color oftentimes have negative experiences. There was one man in our focus group who shared a story that got a lot of heads nodding. When he was in high school, his football team had a picnic in CVNP. He was walking around with a few friends, and a car drove by. The driver said something to the effect of, “you guys shouldn’t be here.” These experiences and perceptions get in the way of everyone enjoying the park. Our research lays the foundation for the National Park Service and Conservancy to overcome these challenges. The national parks are for the people. For all of us. I want to make sure that our park—Cuyahoga Valley—is a place where people from my community can come and enjoy all of the things that it has to offer and feel comfortable. I want them to receive all of the benefits that I do: peace, quietness, connecting with family. Sharing the park with others helps assure that it’s here for future generations. Learn more about how you can make your own lasting impact in CVNP at In the summer of 2016, tied to goals of the NPS Centennial around relevancy, the Conservancy established a board committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Based on their work and research done by Liz Piatt and by Jennie Vasarhelyi, Chief of Interpretation, Education and Visitor Services for CVNP, we developed an action plan for making our programs and the park more inclusive and welcoming to all. Thanks to support from the Cleveland Foundation, George Gund Foundation and the GAR Foundation, we will be developing new programs and partnerships and providing staff and board leadership to this effort. Some of the key outcomes we are working on include diversification of our staff and volunteers, development of programs with neighborhood organizations, translation of resources to various

languages and celebration of diverse cultures in our program.




Do good forever by making a bequest to the Conservancy to protect and preserve Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Your gift today will ensure future generations can enjoy the park you love. Include the Conservancy in your will. Visit or call John Debo, Chief Development Officer, at 330-657-2909 ext. 122 to start a conversation. 18



CVNP is where

years of memories come together for Christine & Gary Mikitin


he early 1990s were milestone years for Christine and Gary Mikitin. Christine returned to Northeast Ohio after 15 years in San Francisco. The couple met and got married. And, around 1993, they both discovered their love of cycling in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. “The Towpath was a great place for me to get my cycling legs,” said Christine, who now rides about 300+ miles a year. “It’s flat, smooth and such an enjoyable ride free of cars.” Gary, a more seasoned cycler at about 1,500 miles a year, had a similar point of view: “Over the years, we’ve explored a lot, and we always come back to the Towpath. There is nothing quite like the vastness of it. Of course, there’s also some good eating and drinking along the way.” Now 2018 is also shaping up to be a memorable year for the couple. After 34 years as an engineer with Lincoln

Electric, Gary retired—joining Christine, who had recently retired after six years in IT for the company. “The place we both worked had no windows. I didn’t see birds, sun or anything during the week; now I’m looking forward to just being outside without a schedule,” said Gary. This year, the Mikitins also noticed the work the park was doing to improve infrastructure as well as construction of the new Boston Mill Visitor Center. The couple had been avid supporters of the Conservancy since 2005 and continued this tradition with a planned gift commitment of $1.2 million in May. “We know there is a lot we can do as a couple—but by combining our resources with others, we can take our efforts even further,” says Gary. “The park is a place that draws people together for a common cause. There are so many events that encourage community. The park can be a solitary experience, but it is also a place where hundreds of people can gather.” Giving back is important to the couple, and something they hope to continue for many years. “For us, supporting the future of people, animals and our planet is key. The park combines these three things. The Environmental Education Center gives kids unique opportunities. Having 33,000 acres of greenspace helps with animals and conservation. It all fits. It’s our hope that the National Park Service continues to make sure that the area is protected and preserved.”

“The park is a place that draws people together for a common cause. There are so many events that encourage community. The park can be a solitary experience, but it is also a place where hundreds of people can gather.”







Your adventuring doesn't have to stop just because the weather is getting a little colder. Here are some tips to layering for when you hit the outdoors next!


AGAINST THE SKIN » Thin moisture-wicking sock liners » Thin moisture-wicking glove liners » Moisture-wicking long underwear » Moisture-wicking long sleeved shirt

2 3

KEEPING WARM IN LAKE EFFECT SNOW » Heavy-duty insulating gloves » Heavy-duty insulating socks » Synthetic hiking pant » Synthetic hiking top

STAYING EXTRA TOASTY IN THE COLD » Fleece long sleeve shirt » Fleece-lined pants » Insulating Vest

4 5 20


MAKING SURE NOT TO GET FROSTBITE » Lightweight down jacket » Lightweight down pants

KEEPING DRY IN THE SNOW » Insulating Waterproof Hiking Boot » Waterproof/Windproof Shell » Waterproof/Windproof Pant




g n i t c e n n Co YOU TO YOUR NATIONAL PARK

Educator Elena Dominguez




$7 million for Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s new Boston Mill Visitor Center, opening fall 2019. We thank the more than 550 individuals, foundations, and corporations in the Cleveland/Akron metropolitan area who have collectively donated $7 million to build a new visitor center in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Boston Mill Visitor Center will be a one-stop resource where local and out-of-town visitors alike can begin their exploration of the national park and Ohio & Erie Canalway. The history of Cuyahoga Valley National Park is rooted in the passionate support and generosity of people who came together in 1974 to push legislation to protect the threatened Cuyahoga Valley. Once again, our community has stepped up, and soon we will be welcoming visitors to a new, state-of-the-art visitor center located in the Village of Boston. Deb Yandala, Angie Remen, Mick Remen, Craig Kenkel at Visitor Center site $1,000,000+ Cynthia Knight $500,000 – $999,999 GAR Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust $250,000 – $499,999 The Cleveland Foundation The George Gund Foundation Burton D. Morgan Foundation The Reinberger Foundation Remen Family Foundation Sigrid and Curt Reynolds $100,000 – $249,999 Family of Ron* and Ann Allan Cargill, Inc.- Salt, Road Safety Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Howland Memorial Fund


Diana Kunze and Arthur Brown Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation Lehner Family Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Community Investment Fund of Akron Community Foundation In Memory of Josephine H. Nelson Ohio & Erie Canalway Association $50,000 – $99,999 Anonymous Doug and Karen Cooper FirstEnergy Foundation Thomas and Lisa Mandel Fund of the Mandel Family Foundation M.G. O’Neil Foundation Roger Read The Sisler McFawn Foundation Sue and George Klein Tom and Marilyn* Merryweather


$20,000 – $49,999 The Akron Garden Club The Bowman Trust CVNP Centennial Grant Dana and Richard Klein Peg and Gerry Kuechle Maynard Family Foundation John A. McAlonan Fund of Akron Community Foundation NPS Civil Rights Interpretation Parker Hannifin Foundation Doug and Noreen Powers Roush Memorial Fund of Akron Community Foundation $5,000-$19,999 Christa Jo and Dave Abood Dick and Joan Ainsworth Nancy Andrews Family Foundation Deborah Cook

Invasive Plant Crew James and Claudia Hower Roger and Sue L'Hommedieu Jim Nash and Joanne Kim Mark Parker and Sue Serdinak Mary Jane and John Schremp Sandy and Richey Smith John and Michelle Tortorella Dick and Jane Whitehead Bob and Kathleen Wollyung $1,000-$4,999 President’s Fund of Akron Community Foundation Dionne Alexander Lois Arnold Tom Baechle Christy and Charles Bittenbender Joseph and Michelle Blanda Ronald and Wendy Bower

We are so fortunate to have the natural beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park in our backyard. The new Boston Mill Visitor Center will introduce this park and serve as a "front door" to its many beautiful hiking and biking trails, ledges, waterfalls, caves and so much more. We’re excited to be part of a project that will help people from all over the world create memorable experiences.

Mick & Angie Remen

Christopher Brandt and Beth Sersig Robert Briggs and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Jim and Eve Brown William Busta and Joan Tomkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Daane John and Betty* Dalton Tina and Mike Darcy Maude de la Porte Lynne and Bill Dowling Art and Shirley Duffy Dr. Robert Eckardt Ernest and Bonnie Estep Rita Frantz Harold and Marilee Gaar Robert P. George Sue Grimm Don and Lynn Hanigan Mike and Marti Hardy

Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi Matt and Heidi Heinle Emily and Mark Holiday Pat Holland Brit and Julie Hyde Sarah and Bob Jaquay Bryan and Susan Kinnamon John Kitto and JoAnn Bedore Frank and Pamela Kokomoor Mimi Jackson Lewellen and Dick Lewellen Phil and Pat LiBassi Gary and Laura Lobaza Riley and Barbara Lochridge Luciano Family Foundation Shawn and Amy Lyden Marsita and John MacDonald Doug and Lisa MacKay

Edward Metzger Stephen and Sonja Metzler Robert A. and Jean C. Meyers Family Fund Gary and Christine Mikitin Diane Moffett and Linda Malicki Julie and Donald Moul David and Sarah Nix OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Janet Palcko Joe Payer John and Ellen Perduyn Frank and Fran Porter Brett and Julie Reynolds Don and Karen Rohde Sandra Selby Frederick and Elizabeth Specht Diane Stack Gary L. Stonum and Marilyn Shea-Stonum

Irving and Beth Sugerman Paul Theis April and Charlie Walton Dick and Ann Whitney Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop Sylvia and John Yankey *Deceased Gifts of under $1,000 are recognized in the Conservancy Donor list beginning on page 29.





with Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation to create Crooked River Exploration Camp.

A non-traditional Community Development Corporation, Old Brooklyn’s strategy focuses on community health and education. The five-day summer camp provided firstthrough fifth-grade students outdoor adventures in Old Brooklyn and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Activities included scavenger hunts, paddle boarding, neighborhood hikes, hikes in the CVNP, and games. All activities centered around learning about urban and natural ecosystems.


a collaboration with TomTod, a Canton-based non-profit commited to empowering middle school students to launch unconventional ideas to enhance the common good.

The Education Center welcomed 17 students for a 5-day overnight experiential education adventure in Ohio’s national park. On the final day, students gave presentations about real-world ideas based on knowledge and experience gained from their park experiences. Creative ideas were abundant – from crafts made from recycled materials to securing donations to build drinking wells in sub-Saharan Africa. Back at TomTod, the students will bring these ideas to life with help from a mentorship program that will assist them with acquiring volunteers, money, or additional knowledge.

The Environmental Education Center invested in me, and I feel a great need to give back to the place that helped me appreciate this region for the wonderful treasure that it is.

Sam Chestnut

Current Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center committee member, former Education Center Fellow, former Education Center Director, former Conservancy board member, and Head of School at Lippman School

d e m o c l e W

28 vanguard high school students from Pakistan and the Dominican Republic through Learning Streams International.

Prior to coming the national park, the students were immersed in developing expertise and creative thinking skills needed for innovative, imaginative solutions to issues around global warming. At Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the students spent 5 days immersed in learning about our watershed and how climate change affects the park and activities being done to mitigate impacts through habitat restoration.

d e t a r o b a l Col

with Wick Poetry Center to offer Wick Juniors Writing Club campers a three-night four-day experience. Through guided hikes, pond dips and more, budding young writers explored how the natural world influences our writing.

d e d n a p x E

our partnership with Philippe Cousteau Jr. and his organization EarthEcho International, by participating in World Water Monitoring Day and recording a featured program with Brains ON, an American Public Media production



Sam Chestnut and V. Rena Suber at the Environmental Education Center

The staff and learners love the experience. We’ve been committed to sending our students since 2011 because the experience combines what we are learning throughout the school year with the knowledge and hands-on experiences provided by Park Rangers and Education Center Fellows.

V. Rena Suber, M.Ed Principal at Emmanuel Christian Academy, Current Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center committee member FORCVNP.ORG



It’s really cool to see a funk band playing in a national park. We enjoy our time here so much and the atmosphere is always great.

Melissa Stellar Alicia Gonzales (left) and Melissa Stellar enjoy a concert at Howe Meadow

d e t c e Conn 9,000 music-lovers with concerts at iconic Cuyahoga Valley National Park venues.

d e t n a Pl 2,000 native trees with 500 volunteers who donated over 2,000 combined hours.




Volunteering gives everyone a common goal and brings us together. It allows us to get out of the office and appreciate nature, too. We’re here pulling invasive species, but we also get to see what the park has to offer.

Judy Zhang Judy Zhang volunteers removing invasive plants at CVNP


CVNP is very special to us. We don’t want to take for granted this beautiful gift nature has given us in our backyard. To us, asking our wedding guests to support the Conservancy in lieu of wedding gifts was very simple. And we’ll indirectly benefit from any gifts to the Conservancy when we spend time in CVNP.

Kim & Derek Drayer

d e m o Welc 60,000 visitors to Trail Mix retail stores for park information, snacks, gifts, and more. Gene Stepanik, CVNP Volunteer, at Trail Mix

Kim and Derek Drayer on their wedding day in CVNP

d e t a r Celeb 115 weddings in historic park spaces.


Every day I'm inspired by the people from all walks of life who come to Trail Mix. No paycheck could ever replace the feeling I get from helping them have a great experience for a park I feel so passionately about.

Gene Stepanik



s l a o G 9 1 0 2 Education Center

Curriculum redesign created in an a la carte fashion will allow teachers to select the educational programs they need to enhance their classroom teachings. Implementing new cutting-edge technology at the Education Center that enhance the students’ immersive nature experiences:

• • • •

In the field, students will begin utilizing new equipment for advanced water quality testing. Through a partnership with Earth Echo International, they will share their data with scientists across the globe. Digital recording equipment will allow students to share what they are learning and discovering through communication mediums they commonly use like YouTube. New stream tables and an augmented reality sandbox will enhance hands-on opportunities for students to learn about topography and watersheds. Distance learning opportunities and ability for students to stay connected with us throughout the school year will be developed with new communication technology.

Volunteer program will begin

planting over 2,000 trees at a new site located on Snowville Road just west of Riverview Road.

Organization-wide, we will strive

to become ZERO WASTE. Our vision is to ensure that no trash generated by the Conservancy will be sent to landfills or incinerators.

Continue to provide top-notch

programming and fundraising for every corner of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Thank you for supporting Cuyahoga Valley National Park and making our shared dreams a reality.


I never knew national parks had so much to offer. Every day at CVNP offered something new to learn and aspire to. The history, infrastructure, resilience and conservation projects were an eye opener for many of us. Working with the Conservancy team has to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I feel honored to be a part of the CVNP family, even if it was for a few days.

Maria Amir 28


Maria Amir and Amara


Thank you to our Conservancy Donors for 2018 MINK IN CVNP, PHOTO: RICK MCMEECHAN

The Conservancy gratefully acknowledges the generous individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations who made gifts during the Conservancy’s Fiscal Year 2018 (9/1/2017–8/31/2018).

Planned Giving Donors (Legacy Society) We thank the following individuals who have remembered the Conservancy through a bequest or other planned gift: Anonymous Richard and Joan Ainsworth Linda Anderson Peter and Barbara Avrea Jim and Karen Bennett Mary Bevan John and Nicky Bloodworth David and Sheila Bly Robert Briggs and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Jim and Eve Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael Busta William Busta and Joan Tomkins William and Mary Ellen Carroll Pamela A. Carson Joe and Lisa Cellura Jack and Barbara Cochran Dave Daams

John Dalton John and Cyndee Debo Jeanette Eustache Gerry and Ann Findlan Nancy Gardner Nancy Reymann Gotfredson Henry Gulich Mike and Marti Hardy Joe and Sue Henninger Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Dan and Amanda Kephart David Kopkas Kathy Leavenworth Dick and Mimi Jackson Lewellen Luciano Family Foundation John and Anne MacWherter Janice Matteucci and Parnell Tillotson Gary and Christine Mikitin Jeff and Cindy Miller Diane Moffett and Linda Malicki Iris November Joe Payer Rita E. Pence Doug and Noreen Powers Laura Pulliam

Ann Rowlett Ken Sabol Kathy Schlemmer Frank Schultz Sandra Selby Pam Semanik Sandy and Richey Smith Frederick and Elizabeth Specht F. William and Patricia Steere Gary Stonum and Marilyn Shea-Stonum Dougless Strickland and Cathy Rake Arthur L. Thomas Gwen Tomasko Marc and Sylvia Trundle Tom and Diane Tyrrell Robert Vagi Steve and Connie Wait Joann Wells Leah and Blair Whidden Dick and Jane Whitehead Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop

Lifetime ($100,000+) Stanley and Hope Adelstein Richard and Joan Ainsworth Family of Ron* and Ann Allan Arthur "Buzz" Brown and Diana Kunze Tuni and Lee Chilcote Doug and Karen* Cooper Marie and Chuck Grossman Henri Pell Junod, Jr. George and Sue Klein Cynthia Knight Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation, Nancy Reymann Gotfredson Lisa and Thomas Mandel Stephen Morris and Amanda Ford Morris Lori and Dan Nelson Mort and Iris November Doug and Noreen Powers Mickey and Angie Remen Sigrid and Curt Reynolds Bill and Trish Steere April and Charlie Walton Phyllis E. Walker

Corporate Partner

Corporate Friend

Magazine Sponsor



DONORS River Otter Society ($10,000+) Dave and Christa Jo Abood Stanley I. and Hope S. Adelstein Environment Fund Richard and Joan Ainsworth Akron Community Foundation Ron* and Ann Allan The Family of Ron* and Ann Allan Appalachian Outfitters ArcelorMittal Howard Atwood Family Fund of the Akron Community Foundation Charitable Remainder Trust of Raymond L. and Janice M. Bland Bokom Foundation The A. W. + J. Belle Bowman Charitable Trust Joyce Brothers The Brown and Kunze Foundation Cargill, Inc.-Salt, Road Safety Cascade Auto Group The Cleveland Foundation Cohen & Company The Community Foundation of Lorain County Doug Cooper The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Davey Tree Expert Company Deloitte E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Lou Elsaesser FirstEnergy Foundation ForTec Medical The Char & Chuck Fowler Family Foundation Harold and Marilee Gaar GAR Foundation Fred and Holly Glock The George Gund Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation James and Claudia Hower The Howland Memorial Fund— Akron Community Foundation Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Sue and George Klein Dana and Richard Klein Cynthia Knight Gerrit and Peg Kuechle Diana L. Kunze and Buzz Brown Lehner Family Foundation Roger and Sue L'Hommedieu Warren and Zoann Little Dusenbury Charitable Trust Dr. Larry and Mary Lohman The Lubrizol Foundation Maynard Family Foundation Thomas Merryweather Stephen and Sonja Metzler Julie and Donald Moul Jim Nash and Joanne Kim National Park Foundation Phil and Clare Navratil Dan and Lori Nelson Nordson Corporation Foundation Ohio & Erie Canalway


Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Sean and Nancy O’Connor M.G. O'Neil Foundation The Charles L. Pack Charitable Trust Parker Hannifin Foundation Karen Peterson Doug and Noreen Powers Michelle Primm Pat Primm Roger Read Justin and Gia Reed REI The Reinberger Foundation Mickey and Angie Remen Chris and Nancy Gotfredson Curt and Sigrid Reynolds Roush Memorial Fund of Akron Community Foundation Paul D. Sergi Foundation Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Sandy and Richey Smith F. William and Patricia Steere Subaru of America Foundation The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation The Treu-Mart Fund, Cleveland Foundation & Jewish Federation of Cleveland Mary Jo Veverka Veverka Family Foundation April and Charlie Walton Western Reserve Racing Dick and Jane Whitehead

Eagle Society ($5,000-9,999) Anonymous Akron Children's Hospital Akron Garden Club Peter and Heidi Augustin Bass Energy Claudia Bjerre and Andrea Senich Joseph and Michelle Blanda Ann C.Briechle Buckingham, Doolittle, & Burroughs, LLC Clif Bar Family Foundation Chris and Sara Connor Connor Foundation Deborah Cook Doug and Maurine Crowder Teresa and Mark Davey John and Cyndee Debo Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael Eppig Gene and Marion Faubel First National Bank of Pennsylvania Forest City Realty Trust Ray and Chris Gurnick Don and Lynn Hanigan Mike and Marti Hardy Missy Haslinger Sandra Haslinger Sandra L. and Dennis B. Haslinger Family Foundation


Heidelberg Distributing Company Marty and Barb Hilovsky Dr. and Mrs. William Hlavin Emily and Mark Holiday Brit and Julie Hyde Kastner Westman & Wilkins, LLC Kurtz Bros., Inc. Lake County Visitors Bureau Kathy Leavenworth Joseph and Cheryl Levanduski Phil and Pat LiBassi Luciano Family Foundation Thom and Lisa Mandel Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund Jeff and Cindy Miller Dan and Marge Moore MTD Products Ohio Arts Council Rory and Dedee O'Neil Pease and Associates John and Ellen Perduyn Renee and Guy Pipitone Mr. and Mrs. Franz Sauerland Sauerland Foundation The Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation Sears-Swetland Family Foundation Sequoia Financial Group The Sisler McFawn Foundation The J.M. Smucker Company James and Diana Snider Brian and Lara Steere Swagelok Foundation UltraCamp Foundation Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop The Weimann Family

Glen Jenkins Roger and Kim Jones Craig Kenkel William O. and Gertrude Lewis Frohring Foundation Littler Mendelson, P.C. Riley and Barbara Lochridge Logsdon Family Foundation Shawn and Amy Lyden Mardi Gras Fund Jim and Claudia Markwald S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust Rick McMeechan Robert A. and Jean C. Meyers Family Fund Chuck and Kay Mlakar Stephen Morris and Amanda Ford Morris John Najeway Janet and Spike Narten Iris November Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles Steve and Sherryl Owen Janet Palcko John D. Papp Patagonia Janine and Dick Patterson Frank and Fran Porter Frank H. and Nancy L. Porter Fund PPG Industries Foundation Carol Prior Laura Pulliam Brett and Julie Reynolds Don and Karen Rohde

Laura and Jason Rorrer RPM International Inc. Stacey and Mark Rusher Sandra Selby David and Pam Semanik Joseph and Elizabeth Sopko Terry and Dianne Squire Meg and Tom Stanton Kevin and Erinn Stark Edward R. and Jean Geis Stell Foundation Mrs. Edward R. Stell Gary Stonum and Marilyn Shea-Stonum Angela Strach-Gotthardt and Jeff Gotthardt Charles and Corrine Tennent Paul Theis Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Thompson Hine LLP John and Michelle Tortorella John and Verna Vander Kooi Paul and Nancy Wellener The Welty Family Foundation Dick and Ann Whitney Dale and Cindy Woodling

Locktenders’ Circle ($1,000-2,499) Anonymous Akron Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau Allstate Giving Campaign Lois Arnold BAFF Multisport

Great Blue Heron Society ($2,500-4,999) Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Ed Addicott Dione Alexander Katie Basch Tom Baechle Ellen Botnick Ronald and Wendy Bower Amy and Brad Bowers Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC Arthur Brooks William Busta and Joan Tomkins Mr. and Mrs. Michael Busta Bill and Nancy Byrd Kenneth L. Calhoun Charitable Trust, KeyBank, Trustee Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad John and Betty* Dalton Gerry and Ann Findlan Shawn and Marianne Grandon Thomas Green and Manju Gupta Larry and Michelle Grewe Jane Haag Matt and Heidi Heinle Bonnie Horovitz Howard & O'Brien Associates, Inc.

Deb Yandala and Craig Kenkel recognize Cynthia Knight for her lifetime giving of $100,000+ to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

DONORS The Banks-Baldwin Foundation Doug and Lu Bannerman Rollie and Mary Bauer Christopher Bazzoli Jon and Mara Berghoff David Bialosky and Carolyn Christian Christy and Charles Bittenbender Christopher Brandt and Beth Sersig Robert Briggs and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Craig Brown and Lucy Lavery Marty and Alison Butler Toby Butt and Christine Iafelice Michael Byun and Scott Loeser Debby and Kevin Capela Merryl Carlsson William and Mary Ellen Carroll Joe and Lisa Cellura Robert and Caroline Chandler Dwight and Ann Chasar John and Bonnie Childs Larry and Jennifer Chlebina Henry V. & Frances W. Christenson Foundation John and Kris Cipolla Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Cipolletti Judith Clapsaddle Jack and Barbara Cochran The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Combined Federal Campaign Component Repair Technologies, Inc. Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council The Cyrus Eaton Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Daane Tina and Mike Darcy Kerri and Mark Daye Maude de la Porte Phyllis DeMark Jack and Jill Diamond Debbie and Dean DiCarlo Rose Dickerhoof Lynne and Bill Dowling Derek Drayer and Kim Koltcz-Drayer Art and Shirley Duffy Dr. Robert Eckardt Eddy's Bike Shop Eric and Kim Epley Ernest and Bonnie Estep Jeanette Eustache Michelle Fair Feth Family Foundation The Harry K and Emma R Fox Charitable Foundation Rita Frantz Bard Fulton Guy and Catherine Gadomski Margaret Bohn-Galas and David Galas Garden Club of Cleveland Geiger's Robert P. George Bill and Joanne Grady Sue Grimm Marie and Chuck Grossman Henry Gulich Patrick and Theresa Hammer

Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi The Patricia and J. Harvey Graves Family Foundation Loren Hoch Patrick Holland Joan R. Holmes Ben and Deb Hrouda Hudson Garden Club Margaret and Dave Hunter Sarah and David Hurder Tom and Sue Hutchinson Tom Hutchinson Lee and Candy Hutton Marilyn and Richard Hyde Mark Iati and Lauri Thorpe Iati Illinois Tool Works Foundation Madeleine Ingles Kathie Jackson-Holland and Will Holland Nora Jacobs and George Snider James and Marilyn Jaroszewski Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation Brooks and Mika Jones David Juchnik and Germaine Polensek Junior Women's Civic Club KeyBank Foundation Bryan and Susan Kinnamon Suzanne Kinney Jill Klein Frank and Pamela Kokomoor David Kopkas Mike and Jan Kosmyna Sue Kruder Shirley Leonard Steve and Cathy Leuenberger Dick and Mimi Jackson Lewellen Littler Mendelson Foundation Gary and Laura Lobaza Bill and Betsy Lockwood Marsita and John MacDonald Doug and Lisa MacKay John R. Mahne Margaret Bohn-Galas, LISW-S, LLC Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. Dorothy Marsh Janice Matteucci and Parnell Tillotson Lisa Matuszny and Greg Atwell Thomas and Mary Catherine Mayer Thomas and Margaret Mayor Jennifer McMahon and Toby Oster Kurt and Amy McMakien McMeechan Construction Merck Partnership for Giving Edward Metzger Gary and Christine Mikitin Diane Moffett and Linda Malicki Eliot and Michelle Mostow Melissa and Neal Nandi James and Ann Negrelli Network For Good David and Sarah Nix Steele and Christine Nowlin Kathleen O'Neill and Michael O'Connor John and Carolyn Olive OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Mark Parker and Sue Serdinak

Dana Parsons and Laurie Pochatek Tim and Karen Parsons Mark and Linda Perko Cynthia Polzin Portage Trail Group of the Sierra Club Elaine Price and Gordon Landefeld Emery and Tara Prior Progressive Insurance Foundation Employee Giving Program Pysht Fund Betty Rider and Mike Sherman Pat and Michelle Riley Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation Rockwell Automation Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation Bill and Jenny Rosenberg Daniel and Anne Rudolph Pamela Rupert Vasiliy and Svetlana Sablin Ron and Kathy Schieber Richard and Dina Schoonmaker Laurie Schrank and Gary Lowry Mary Jane and John Schremp Ethel Seiberling Fox Oliver* and Meredith Seikel Serve Ohio Shaker Lakes Garden Club David Shall Mark Shipps Doris Simonis Chuck and Pat Simons Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation Southwest Unitarian Universalist Church Frederick and Elizabeth Specht Diane Stack Irving and Beth Sugerman Melanie Sullivan Michael and Jane Swain Richard and Eca Taylor Patrick and Shirley Tchou Arthur L. Thomas Lauren and Jeffrey Timen Tucker Ellis LLP Tom and Diane Tyrrell Ed and Libby Upton Robert and Marti* Vagi Kathleen and Mark Valentine Jim and Lydia Virost Mark and JoAnn Vosburgh Raymond and Adalie Walker Charles and Lucy Weller Leah and Blair Whidden Sylvia and John Yankey Laurie Zuckerman and Steve Johnson Richard F. Tozer Estate

Forest ($500-999) Anonymous Steve Abdenour Akron Bicycle Club Drew Aloisi Beth and Ham Amer

Thomas and Roberta Anderson Apple Judi Arnold-Sims and Robert Sims Peter and Barbara Avrea Scott and Nancy Awender Mark and Carol Bachmann Kathleen and Dennis Barrie Phil and Mindy Bartholomae Luke Baum Cornelia Bergmann Patrick and Dustin Blakeslee Blimp City Bike & Hike Carole Brachna Stan and Amy Brady Ann and David Brennan Adam and Vikki Briggs Tim Britton Brouse McDowell, LPA Bill and Carol Bruml Christopher and Libbie Buehler Jan Beeman and Paul Burstadt Art and Susan Busch Pamela A. Carson Century Cycles Abbie and Matthew Chandler Change For Charity Sam and Jen Chestnut John and Mary Kay Chlebina Cleveland Hiking Club Trish Crane Bill and Sandra Currier Cuyahoga Community College Mark and Camilla Dalton Jason Daugherty Dave and April Deming Dana Dickinson Gregory and Kathy Diederich Rick Diedrich Joseph and Colleen DiGeronimo Ronald and Nancy Dinger Henry Doll Robin Donald Garry and Rosanne Dunlap Phillip and Jane Eckert John and Traci Egan Mark Elderbrock and Dianna Rhyan Jon and Cindy Elsasser EnviroScience Inc. Heather Esson Frank and Susan Evan Heidi Figas William Frost Sue Gaetjens Lois Ganley Nicholas and Ruth George Debra Rex George Al and Michelle Gilbertson Cathy and Douglas Godshall Pamela and Mark Goldfarb Michael Graska Michael Grau Bruce and Erica Greer Martin and Ann Gulbransen Randy and Dolores Heinle Tom and Jeannette Hejduk Raymond Hohenberger Carolyn Holt IBM Employee Services Center Dale and Pamela Inkley Chad and Paula Jasiunas

Rachel Jones Elaine Jones Jim and Jan Jorgenson Dawn and Alexander Joseph Lesley Keller Justin King Melissa Kinzie Daniel Kirkpatrick Kiwanis Foundation of Cleveland, Inc. Mary Anne and Gary Klasen Cindy Klements and Denise Lachowski Don and Gail Klise Leslie Klug Lynn Koncz L.L. Bean Michael and Ann Lew Paul and Linda Longville Roddy Loveless Bill and Anne Lowery Jack and Pat Lucchetti Julie and George Manley Steve and Jeannine Marks Kathy Marsh and Vladimir Vekstein Christine Marsick and Robert Toma Joe and Deb Mazur Matt and Missy McGinness Robert and Sharon McGregor Medina County Ohio Horseman's Council Dave and Cathy Mekker Mark and Sue Meyer Michael Michalak Paul and Maria Miller W. Paul Mills & Thora J. Mills Memorial Foundation Michael and Julie Moldvay David and Inez Myers Foundation Louis and Stefanie Nerone New York Community Bancorp, Inc. William and Jancie Newhouse David R. Nordlie Thomas and Antoinette Oden Paul and Connie Omelsky Denis Osowski and Mosie Welch Norma Jean Ott Monica and Keith Owen Janice and Jeffery Paynowski Steve and Karen Petro Pinnacle Gardens Foundation Chip and Laura Preston Christopher Puliafico Uma Rajeshwar Tracy Reed Tim and Mindy Remington Tim Ricks and Sharon Geers John and Joanne Rohrer Diane Roman Fusco Bob and Carolyn Rose Michael Russell Michael and Gerrie Ryba Dan and Kathryn Schmidt John and Barbara Schubert Paul Secunde The Cherie and Steve Shechter Charitable Giving Fund of the Akron Community Foundation Alice S. Sherman Susan Shondel and David Tardidi FORCVNP.ORG


DONORS Scott Shorten Seth Simons Bryan Skala Mike and Margie Smith Barbara and John Smithrick John and Pam Spencer Andi and Gus Stager Tim Strope Mark and Donna Stypczynski Sugarstride Tiffany Taylor and Katrina Bloch Gail Tobin Totally Cooked Donald Treap Truist William Tuttle Michael and Kathleen Urban Michelle Varisco Dave and Jennie Vasarhelyi Amy and Tony Vegh Evan Wachs and Elizabeth Emery Steve and Connie Wait Gregory Warren Kathryn Watterson James and Dianna Weaver Charles and Madalynn Wendland The Western Reserve Historical Society Harold White Peter and Lois Wilson Timothy and Kimberly Winter John and Gina Wittenberg Sue Anne Wolf Amy and Dave Wong Barbara Wulff Mr. and Mrs. William Zabkar Jason Ziga Debbie and John Ziss Ron and Sophia Louise Zito

Meadow ($250-499) Anonymous Max Agee

Kay Alderman Mitch and Suzanne Allen Elizabeth and Paul Anacki Linda Anderson Suneel Apte Jim and Sandy Arbour Sandra and Mark Auburn Lisa Aurilio and Dianne LaCerva Mark and Cathy Jo Baer Jean Baliga Michael and Robin Banyasz Luci and Kevin Barbeck David Barchet John Barnes Bob and Cheryl Barsan Matt and Heather Bartzi Steven Batdorf and Brian Linder Jeff and Jenny Battershell Bruce and Kim Batzer June Baughman John and Kathy Beck Michael and Joanne Behnke Trudy E. Bell Wayne Bergman Irving and Audrey Bergrin Rebecca and Mike Bidinotto Mike and Nancy Biedenbach Dave and Fran Bisselle Greg Blase Steve and Lauri Booth John and Lois Bradford Betsy and Eric Bray Steve and Debbie Brooks Jim and Eve Brown Jeanette Brown John Duff Brown Siegfried Buerling Curt Buerling Richard and Susan Buesch Kim and Ken Burkins Carianne Burnley and Eric Mele Kenneth and Carol Button David and Trisha Campbell Michelle Capdeville William and Diane Caplan

Tom and Rani Cargo Karen Carr Jim and Marcia Carsten Mike and Barb Cassell Patricia and Richard Cassidy Thomas and Barbara Cavanaugh Diane and Paul Chalfant Niki Cherpas Lee and Tuni Chilcote Tina Cifani Catherine Ciha and John Despins Thomas and Karen Clark Cleveland Triathlon Club Alex Clift Steven and Gail Cochoff Frederica Cohen Chris and Tim Collins Gene and Joanne Colombo Bill and Mary Conway Dale and Chris Cooper Rod and Pamela Crane Norm and Bonnie Crocker Herbert and Jill Croft Carol Crowe Jim Crutchfield David and Robyn Cutler Ann Cymanski Shawn Daugherty Robin Davenport Robert Decker Vincent DiCaprio Ray DiNuoscio Joe and Patricia Dipre Darrell Doudt Wayne and Gail Douglas David and Elaine Drummond Michael Duff and Susan Black Donald and Rachel Dumford Chuck and Candy Dylag Scott and Linda Earhart Bruce and Kate Emrick Jerry and Amanda Ennis Richard and Jean Erickson Theresa and James Fallon Nancy Farmer PHOTO: MELANIE NESTERUK

Volunteers at Make a Difference Day of Service planting trees to improve the health of the Cuyahoga River Watershed



George Fassnacht Steve Feldstein Robert and Mary Figler Pamela Finley Paul A. Frank, Jr. Ken and Karen Frankenbery Charles Franks Lois Freedman and Mark Munetz Peggy Fullmer Michael and Diana Gabet Kathleen Gallagher Paul Gallmeier and Evalyn Greene Ugo Gallo Amy Garrett GE Foundation Wendy and Michael Geaney The Gerard - Durudogan Family The Glenemede Trust Company Steve and Jean Gokorsch The Arthur J. Gonzales Family Christopher and Susan Grant Chris and Maria Grobelny Dwayne Groll Dameon Guess Robert and Mary Hager Bonnie and George Hajek Andrew Harding Martha Harding Douglas and Linda Hardman Amanda and Michael Harvan Paul and Cynthia Haubrich Geoff and Beth Hauck Verneda Hawkins Bilas and Sandra Hazra Jane Helwig Linda Henrichsen Jason and Juli Hicks Bob and Kathy Hill Duane and Pat Hills Carol and John Hillyer Judy and Richard Hirschman David and Mary Jo Hobe Teresa Hogan George and Mary Hohman William and Susan Holman Stephanie Hopkins Ryan and Amy Hopkins Anne Houdek David and Kathy House Wes and Kathi Howard Lenore and Robert Hutchinson Robert Iden Lynn Jaskiel Phillip and Amy Jenkins Tracy and Greg Jensen Sarah Johnston Philip and Angela Jorgenson Ned and Lynn Kendall Winnetta Kennedy Susan Casey Kerr Angela Kille and Neil Wallis Mary Kimbro Leo and Linda Kipfstuhl Todd and Amy Kirkpatrick Anthony Knechtges Sarah and Michael Knoblauch Ursula Korneitchouk Jeffrey and Sandra Kornick Eva and Dave Krause Rick and Cynthia Krause

Mary Anne Krejci Jean Krieger Michele La Bella Judy Lahoski Jim LaRue Sandra Laurenson Aaron and Kelly Lear Todd and Lebowitz Hal and Barbara Leitch Anthony Lembo Maureen Leneghan David and Erin Levereaux Marie Libby Susan Lobalzo Sarah Lock Jeremy and Roxanne Long John and Anne MacWherter James and Jennifer Madaus Philip Madden and Debra Rozin Amy Maneker and Brian Herts Jeffrey Marsh Eugene and Karen Marshall Kay Martin and Dennis Keating Michele and Bob McFarland George and Jeannette McGovern Jerry and Lisa McLean Drs. Zachary and Keira Mellion Mike and Colleen Miller Kurt Miller and Leslie Greenhalgh Paul and Maria Miller Sally Miller K.T. Misener Jason and Christine Mitton Traci Mockbee Mark and Mary Beth Modic Laura and Charles Monroe Roy and Cindy Moore Linda Morris Scott and Mary Morrison Karen Moyer Carolyn and Mark Muha Leonard Muni William and Lynn Murphy National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Travis and Mink Neely Eric Haag and Julie Nurnberger-Haag Brenda Nichols Paul Nolan William Norwick Robert and Pamela Novak Emily O'Brien Barbara O'Connor Bridget O'Donnell Ed O'Malley Penny Owen Tim and Lisa Parkison Michael and Janet Pera Martin Peter Robert W. Phinney Richard and Susan Pierson Robert Pietro Steve and Theresa Polachek Prince Of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Lydia Pryszlak Rob and Monica Puleo Christopher Puliafico Gregg and Christine Rasor Sandra and Robert Reid

DONORS David and Nancy Reinhart Jack and Barbara Renner Vicki Resnick Nancy and Clay Rhinehart Brad and Carol Richardson Ken Robinson Roberta Rocco Jim Rockwood Bud and Susie Rogers Todd Romance Chris and Natalie Ronayne Scott and Susan Roubic Kevin Ruffer Michael and Lynn Saddleton Ed and Brendalee Salk Jeffrey and Sherrie Sanda Louise Sandercock Jim and Joan Schaefer Karen Schlather William and Barbara Schloman Schneider Electric Foundation Arthur and Jean Schooley Stephen and Kathryn Schultz Kathleen Schutte Joanne and Michael Schwartz Jane Louise Schweitzer John K. Sederwall Daniel and Therese Sheffer Robert Shields Gary and Tammy Shoemaker Randall Shorr Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sideras Ruth Simonis Eric and Melinda Skinner John and Christine Slagter Mike and Susann Sloan Jim and Rique Sollisch Mary Spalding Cynthia Spencer Eugene Stepanik Patty Stevens Elizabeth Stirling and Tom Millward Paul and Kristin Stoehr Brian and Mimi Sturgell Deborah Styskel Carolyn Sugiuchi Karyn Sullivan Kerry and Barbara Sullivan Scott Swierkosz and Lee Will Bert Szabo Peggy Taddeo Michael Tan and Jackie Peckham Randy and Jaime Thatcher David and Lyn Thomas Bob and Gloria Thomas Christopher and Lauren Thomas Debbie Toder Kathleen Tompkins Joshua Tucholski Jeff and Marni Turell Twinsburg Garden Club UBS Matching Gifts Program United Healthcare Group Jeffrey and Janet Van Wagner Ken Vinciquerra Judy Vojtech Marianne and Ernst Von Meerwall Sue Wagner David and Gwen Waight

Lawrence Walters and Debra Illes James Ward Chris and Deborah Weinkamer Robert and Marlene Wells Elizabeth White George and Betsey Wick Rodney and Kathleen Wiggins Deborah Wilcox Wild and Scenic Film Festival Patti Williams and David Uhlig Pam Williams and Frank Holowach Dr. Gary Williams and Mrs. Laura Williams Sarah Wilson Bob and Shoshana Wodzisz David Wojewodka Jim and Anita Woodward Terrence and Barbara Woodworth David and Katherine Wright Charles and Nancy Wright Carl and Constance Wysocki Bob and Cris Yehle Lauren Zak Joseph and Mary Zbasnik Bob and Carol Zollars Tom and Kathy Zopatti

River ($100-249) Anonymous Elizabeth Abate Jane Abbott David and Eileen Abei Eric and Georgia Adams Bill and Pat Addis Andrea Adoni Heather Ahearn Kevin and Nagwa Ahlborg Kate and Brad Albing Jeff Alboreo Julie Albrecht Janet Albrecht Jennifer Alder Amelia Alexander Lisa Alexander David and Mary Beth Alspaugh Murray and Connie Altose Kristy and Douglas Amy Claudia Anders Teri Anderson Elizabeth Ando Tina and Mark Anghilante Mark and Catherine Anson Judith Appleton Joe and Jane Archacki Gerald and Thelma Arnold Jennifer and Rick Arnold Wade Arny and Sandra Stevens Sharon Auerbach Pamela Backus Thomas and Annette Bader Keith Bagarus Stephen and Betsy Bagstad Stephen Bain Lindsay Baker J. Randall Baldini Eugene and Sophia Balkovec Richard Bamberger Melissa Banfield

Cascade Subaru presents a check for $23,000 from the 2017 Share the Love event Bank of America Edward and Jennifer Banker Sylvia Banks David Baran Linda and Michael Barath Albert and Debbie Barber James Barbour Ben Barcikoski Ellen Barkley Sandra Barlett Geoffrey and Maryann Barnes Rachel Barnette Rico Barrera Pat Barron Robert Bartels Rebecca Bartholomae Ron and Patricia Bartlebaugh Sandra and Steve Bartlett Paul and Patricia Basar Dustin and Katie Basch Cynthia Bassett Susan Bauer Kristin Baum Meredith Baumgartner Sandra Baxter Ken and Christine Bazydlo David Beach Henry Beazlie Michael and Kimberly Beckett Stephen Bedell Jane Beese Cynthia Beidler Sara Beis Errol and Eveline Bellon Bart and Laura Benedict Harriet Bengston Jim and Karen Bennett Steven Bennett Judith Bents Michael Beran

Jane Berger and Mel Haylor Eileen Bergmann Lance and Alice Bergstrom Michael and Kristie Berish Dennis and Jill Bernaciak Daniel Berrios Ronald Berschig Tom and Margo Bertin Melissa Bertke Michelle Bertsch Christine Bhargava Judith Bigelow Tom Bilcze Fred and Cheryl Billock Lowell and Joanna Bird Tresor Birdsall Todd Blackledge Katharine and David Blair Shawn Bland Kenneth and Nancy Bliss Robert and Judith Blum Valerie Boaz and Paul Haridakis Jim and Cindy Bock Phyllis Boerner James Boex Mary Bohn Bob Borgen Bonni Borosky Tom and JoAnn Boruvka Karen Bourquin Tom and Alice Bouton Melina and Dan Boyce Barbara Boyle Louis and Joan Brasaemle Ronald and Astrid Brashear Linda Brashear Sandra Bray William Breck Tom and Mary Beth Breckenridge Kris and Judy Brenneman

Janet Briggs Bev and Robert Brockett Carolyn and Dennis Brommer Mandy and Kevin Brooks Mike and Carole Brown Sue Brown Michele Brown Kris Brown Jennifer C. Brown Ken and Paula Brown Jennifer Brown Leslie Brown Kara Browning Susan Bruce Greg Brun Frank and Leslie Buck Cathy Buck Linda and Michael Buckey Kate Bucur Dale and Judith Buhr Pamela Burda Pam Burlinyame and Jim Koerner Linda Burns Raymond Burns Katrina Burns David and Nancy Burr James and Susan Busta Kathleen and Ed Butler Kenneth Buzek Stephen Byrne and Robin Ratliff Sam and Faith Calabrese Grace Caliguire Kevin Callahan Kevin Calori & Family Larry and Kathy Campbell Greg and Dawn Canda Ed and Laurie Caner Susan and David Cannon Peter and Susan Caperones Laura Cardello Antoinette and James Carney Mary Carroll Trina Carter Todd Cartner Chris Casey Amy Cassel Lucinda Cave Dave and Laurie Celik David and Jeanna Cesaratto Charles and Karen Chadwick Diane Chambers and Don Parsisson Deborah Chapman Bernard and Carm Charnas Joseph and Sharon Chase Jeremy and Kathleen Chavayda Jason and Margaret Chernick Jeff Chester Sally Childs Dan Chirayath Dana Chisnell Robin and Paul Christensen Leslie Christensen Dallas and Irene Christian Kristen and Robert Cimera Enrico Ciotola Janet Ciotola Doug and Jan Cisan Lawrence and Catherine Clager FORCVNP.ORG


DONORS Charlene Clamp Jeff and Becky Claridge Lynn Clark Annemarie Clemente and Milton Dunlap Tammy Clewell William Clifton Jeffrey and Terry Close Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cobb Patricia Cochran Anthony Coladangelo Jo Ann Collier Matthew and Virginia Collings Anne Collins Cynthia Collyard Leanne Connell Jennifer Conti Terry and Debbie Corbin Laura Corn Joanne and Clifford Cornelius Kathryn and Steven Cornelius Albert Couch and Karen Barton Carolyn Cox Patrick Coy and Karin Tanquist Dave and Carol Creps Ed and Sandra Crist Wendy and Michael Crist Ronald and Tammy Crowl Sara Curran Andy Curtiss Dale Cuthbertson Dave Daams Suzanne and Edward Dabkowski John Daily Roman Dale Carol Dalessandro Amy Dalton Jo Dangel Noel and Beth Dannemiller Ralph Darr Jen Daus Lori Davis and Matthew Linke Syd and Dean Davis Kirk Davis Timothy Day Bruce and Kathleen DeBarr Kim Deichler Colleen Deighan Carol Delahunty Jane Delcamp Janice and Michael Deluga Raymond and Melody DeMarco Jill and David DeMatteis Dawn Dempsey Dale and Marianne Dengler Kim and Joe Denk Stephen and Ann Denney Robyn and Michael Deterling Chrissy and Mark DeVono Laura DeYoung Minnig Susan DiBiase Stratford and Heather Dick William and Kathleen Dickinson Kevin and Jennie Dieter Todd and Lisa Dietrich Mary Dietzen Anthony DiGiacobbe Nancy DiMarino Tom and Judy DiNardo


Bobby and Shelly Dinkins Tony and Elvira DiPietro Gary Dixson Connie and Bozo Djukic Lauren and Matthew Doberstein Tim Doehner Jim and Christine Dolce Gerald Dolcini Donna Dolezal Nancy Dominik Pat and Jerry Donnelly Lynne Dougherty Patti and Joe Doychak Brian and Renee Doyle Connie and Mark Draa Leslie Drahos Debra Drayer Michael Drayer Clarence and Connie Drennon Christine Dresser Victoria and Patrick Druley Jennifer Dugal Craig and Susan Dukes Rex Durdel Dianna Dusek Maria and Ken Duthie Tom and Nancy Dye Eaton Corporation William C. Eifel Rozanne and Michael Emich Aaron Emig Sara Emmerich Stephen Erkelenz Mark Evans Elinore Evans Timothy Everett and Miriam Lifsics Gene and Pat Ewald Wendy Facchini The Klein Family Longo Family Jeannie Fanning Anne Faust Laura Faust Rich and Lois Fawcett Bruce Fay Ethnea and Blake Ferguson Denyse Ferrell Michael and Laureen Ferry Kathy and Daniel Feskanin Michael Fiala and Mary Ellen Eickman-Fiala Patrick and Sarah Filipovitz Debby Filla Gerald and Carla Filler Sara Finan Ed Fine Brian Fink Annette and Brian Finley Shawn and Karen Fiore Clark Fischer David Fish Scott and Dahlia Fisher Guy Fisher John Fitzgerald Thomas Fladung and Jeanette Meyer Fladung Rosemary Flanagan Nicole Florio William and Karen Flowers


Recognizing Nancy L. Reymann Gotfredson from The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation for $100,000+ lifetime giving to Cuyahoga Valley National Park Alexandria Flynn Cynthia Flynn Capers FM Global Foundation Kathryn and Mike Foley Matthew Force Brent Forrer Vivian Foster Greg and Jean Foust Deborah Fox Linda Frank Kathleen Fraze and Michael Needs Stewart Freedman David and Linda Freeman Robert Freitag Kelly and Jason Fried Klaus and Hildegard Fritsch Thomas and Nancy Fuller Ingrid Fuller Todd Fulmer Edward Gabelman Matthew and Lori Gabet Joe and Lari Gabriel Jean Gadd Charles and Julia Gall Gayle and Gary Gallupe Megan Gannon Anita Gantner Jenifer Garfield Olivia P. Garfield and Michael Avery Newkirk Erin Gay Miyoshi Jennifer E. Gaylor Brad and Jodi Geduldig Carolyn and Gregory Gens Andrew Genszler and Alycia Ashburn

Dan and Anne Gentile Shirley and Bernard Gerecke Pete and June Getzinger Jeffrey and Gretchen Gibson Brittany Gibson Karen Gibson Nicole and Christopher Michael Gibson Paul Giesel Jean Gilbert Marian Gillen Curt and Janice Gindlesperger Barbara Ginn Carolyn Gintz James and Sheri Gist Laurie Giurdanella Seth and Nora Glauberman Amy Glesius Bob Glidden and Jackie Smith Donald and Lynn Godfrey Edward Godleski Paul and Margie Goldberg Johanna Goldfarb Lisa Goldstein Sharon and Michael Good Ronald Goode Jane Goodman William and Paula Goodrich Jim Gragel David and Patricia Gram Casey and Ann Graor Sandra and Lincoln Graubard Dr. Bob Graves and Mrs. Sandra Graves Gene and Caralie Gray Chuck and Amy Gray

Great Lakes Baking Co. Jeffrey Green and Nanette Canfield Carolyn Green Jeffrey Green and Nanette Canfiel Todd and Barbara Greene Nancy and Phillip Greer Mary Ann Greiner Laurel Gress Karen and Joseph Greulich Craig Griffin and Marie Morgan Robert and Kimberly Groppe Mary Grovemiller Meredith Groves Keith Gruber Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner and Robert Kirschner Monica Guist Lainie Hadden Joseph and Susan Hagen Chris and Laura Hagen Robert Hager Lawrence Hahn Todd Hain Jessica Haines Albert and Dolores Hala Michael Haley William Hall and Patricia Eschbach-Hall Ray and Dale Halliwill Jennifer and Corey Hamilton Stuart Hamilton Dennis Hamm S. Thomas and Joanne Hancock Julie Ann and Eric Hancsak Dennis and Lou Ann Hanink Margaret Harley Patricia Harper Lee Harper Frank and Pat Harrah Patrick and Karen Harrington Lenore Harris Robert B. Hart Jr. Tony Hart Brian Harte and Krystyna Orlowski Peter and Judy Harvan Doug and Marcie Harvey Perry Harvey Peter Harvey Gary and Carole Harwood James Haskett Paul Hasman Lawrence Hatch Richard and Bev Haury Holly and Eddy Hawkins Gary Hawkins Beverly Haws Tracy Hedges Walt and Gwen Heeney Nancy Hegler Jon and Mary Heider Grace Heinlein Robert Heller James Henderson and Janis McGowan Joe and Sue Henninger Peter Henriksen Bill and Lela Henry Catherine Henry and Jan Frandsen Michael Herbkersman

DONORS Dave Herbster and Meredith Morgan Ruth Herzak Christine Heyn Sarah Heyse Saundra Hileman Michael Hill Kay Hine William and Audrey Hinks Edith Hirsch Priscilla Hoag Paul and Jane Hoffman Joellen and Glen Hoffman Darlene and Barry Hogan Lisa Hollendonner Doug and Linda Holler Kathleen Holmes Mary and Tom Holmes Diane and Jonathan Holody Bryan and Meredith Holt Joseph and Annette Hooven Michael Hopkins J Robert Horst Michael Horvitz Gwen Hostnik John and Rita Hottell Maxine Houck George and Katie Hoy Ray and Janice Hrbac John and Jean Hribar Paul and Anne Hrics Daniel Hubbard Wilbert Hubin Thomas Hudock Cheryl and Tom Hughey Wilson Huhn and Nancy Wollam Huhn Beth Humbel Angela Hummel and Bernard Thiel Court and Jean Hungerford Larry and Sue Hunt Mary and Robert Hunt Russ and Pat Hurd Wendy Hurd and Edward Bartunek Ted and Julie Hurst Therese Hurtuk Bain and Stephanie Hutchinson Randy and Judy Hyde Carol and James Iaffaldano Betty Indriolo Salvatore Indriolo Sharon Irwin and John Akamatsu Rosemary Isabella Sheila Ives Mark and Kelly Jablonski Thomas and Mary Ann Jackson Fonda Jackson David Jacobsen Marc and Karen Jaffe Sandra and Russell James John Janoch Sarah and Robert Jaquay Matthew and Dawn Jaroch Joseph Javorsky Renata Jenkins Major Tom Jenks and Mrs. Mary Sue Dikeman-Jenks Robert Jeracki David and Rita Johnson

Kimberly Johnson Eric and Melanie Johnson Vincent Johnson Eric Johnson Mike Johnson and John Baumgardner Sarah Johnston Zach Johnston Michael and Sandra Johnstone Kelly Jones Robert and Christina Jones Dennis Jones Mike and Nancy Jones Craig Jones Steven Jones Bill Jordan and Laurel Winters Linda Jozsa JP Morgan Chase Foundation Julie Billiart Network - Lyndhurst Richard Kandalec Dan and Sunita Karchmer Sandra Karlson Roger and Terry Karp Holly and Stanley Kaskey Kenneth and Kathy Katona Elissa Katz and Eric Moyer Michelle Kautz Joanne Kazar Ardith and Bill Keck Rosanne Keckler Walter Keith Timothy Kelly Don Kemp Todd and Kelly Kennedy George and Mary Kennett Linda and Robert Kenyon Dan and Amanda Kephart Edward Kerekes Miriam and Robert Kerr W. Todd Kiick and Laura Springer Sharon Kimmell Eric Kinaitis Alan and Katharine King Mark Kirchner

Rick Kirk Jeff T. Kirkwood, Sr. Kathy and Nick Kish Michael Kish Ronald E. Kisner George Kiteley Laurie Klappauf and John Hoornbeek Michelle Klein Gary and Bette Klein Anne and Stuart Klein Jason Klein John and Julie Kleinhenz Chad Klug Claire and Michael Kluskens Elena and Brian K'Meyer Mindy Kneale George and Phyllis Knepper Jon Knight Steve and Ilona Kocan Douglas Kohl Ann Kohner-Rogers Rich and Linda Kolehmainen Bill and Kimberly Kolens Eileen Kollins Dave Koncal Katie Koontz Larry Kopowski Karen Koral Larry Korland Sandy and Lee Kothera Mark and Barbara Kozlowski Jacquelin Krabill Ann Krapf Mark and Deborah Kretovics John Krymowski Diane Krysinski Peggy Krysinski David Kubala Sandy and Mark Kuban Terry Kubiak Mary Ann Kucera Nicholas Kucher Daniel and Becky Kuhns

Ronald and Marilyn Kulikowski Nick and Amy Kundmueller Helen Kunsman Cheryl Kuonen Michael Kupiec Richard and Urte Kurlich Alan and Paula Kurzweil Jim Kutcher Gary Kutsko Raymond Labuda Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lacko Denise and Terry Lahoski Auburn Lahoski John Laird Tom and Meg Lamb Betty and Joseph Lamusga Patrick and Marilyn Lane Fawn Langerman Susan and Craig Lanham Senator and Mrs. Frank LaRose Dick and Libby Larrabee Judy and Mick Lasco Charles and Susan Laskin Don and Cheryl Laubacher Gary and Karen Laughlin Keith Lawrence Linda Leach Diane and Orien LeBlanc Lisa Lebovitz Robert and Sylvia Leddon Anne Lederman Ronald and Sandra Lederman Mickey and Mel Leech Dave and Kim Leffler Leo Lehmicke Tom and Kathy Leiden Joe L. Leighton Mary Anne and Mike Leon Glenn and Karen Leppo Ray Lezak Bob Liggett Christine Link Patricia Lipaj Kelsey Lipp

Park supporters enjoy a Thirsty Dog beer at Appalachian Outfitters’ Pint Night to benefit the Conservancy

William and Margaret Lipscomb Fred and Pearl Livingstone David and Martha Loar Everett and Claire Logue Frederick Lohr David and Virginia Longfellow John and Rae Marie Loya Nicholas Lubar Thomas Lucak and Michelle Gove Marla and Samuel Lucarelli Robert and Martha Lucas Elizabeth Lucas-Gabele and Kenneth Gabele Ingrid and Hans Luders David and Jane Lutz Alanson and Jacquie Mabry Kathleen and Peter Mac Ewan Dan and Donna MacDonald Donald MacKay Rod and Betsy MacLeod Lori Macso Valerie Mader Kevin Madzia Melissa Magdinec Patty Maloyan Donel Manke Kristi and David Mann Paul and Nancy Mann Elizabeth Manning Michelle Manzo William and Cynthia Marconi Mary Ann Marcy Deborah Marine Thomas and Christine Marks Daniel Marksz and Mary Essig-Marksz Robert and Rachel Markwell George and Mary Marg Marquis Frank and Joyce Marsek Charles and Kimberly Martin John Mason Françoise Massardier-Kenney James and Rosaline Mather Tammy Mathia Martha and Thomas Matlock Joseph Matuscak Gary May Kathleen Mayher Jen McAnlis Harvey and John H. Harvey Tracy and Justin McCarty Kathy McClaning Becky and Chuck McClure Christine McCorkle and Steven VanAuken Linda and Blane McCoy Jane McDavid Maureen McEnery Gerald McFadden Susie and Michael McGee Patrick and Susan McGown Nancy and William McGrath Mickie McHale Ed McIlduff James and Mary Anne McIllwee Andrew McKeeton John and Susan McKenzie Theresa McMillan Martha McNamara FORCVNP.ORG



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Remember a hike, bike ride, fun adventure, or memorable moment in Cuyahoga Valley National Park by sponsoring an acre in your favorite spot—or giving the gift of a sponsored acre to a loved one. Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help the Conservancy preserve, protect, and enhance Ohio’s national park for future generations. Each sponsorship acts as a safeguard to the park you love!




» A personalized certificate of acre sponsorship » A map of your sponsored acre » Membership in the Conservancy, which includes a

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DONORS Greg and Mary McNeil Robert and Kathleen McNutt Phil McPherson and Cindy Pardee Colleen Mcquown Laura McShane Mark and Kathie Medvedeff Joseph and Dianne Mellion C. Bruce Melville Francis and Monika Mencl Tania Menesse Bruce Mericle Don and Sally Messinger Christopher Meyer Cheryl and Jonathan Meyers Joseph and Amy Michalski John and Linda Michel Joseph Mieskowski Dave and Diane Mieskowski John and Kathryn Mihelick Rick and Lyn Mild Scot and Elise Miller Mel and Carol Miller Kelleigh Miller Arin Miller Dianne and David Miller Terry and Adrienne Miller Evan Miller Robert Mills Penny Milmine Walt and Theresa Minick Margaret and Michael Minns Karin Mintz Paul and Jackie Miotto Tasha Miracle James and Margaret Misak John and Janet Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Paul Mitnick Gail Mix Erin Gay Miyoshi Jody and David Modarelli Phillip and Katherine Molnar Keith Monroe Andy and Kathy Moock Kimberly and Bret Moore Ted Moore Margaret Morgan Matthew Morris Stuart Morrison Sophia Morton Paul and Bobbi Moser Jeff and Nicole Moshier Mary Jo and Russ Motz John Mozena Richard Mueller Pamela and Robert Mullett Nancy Mumford and Charlie Wiener Richard Murphy Raymond Murphy Dale and Cindy Murphy Bob Murray Thomas Musarra Dr. Keith Myers and Mrs. Maxine Myers Pat Myers Marie Nagy Michael Nagy Louise Nahas Don Nash

Karen and Rob Nathan Curt and Barb Neal Gisela Nehring Robert Neiderman Robert Nekic Loretta Neumann John and Ann Newby Trudie Newell Joyce Ng Roger and Gail Nicholas Glenn Nicholls Dianne Nichols Sandra and David Nicol Kurt Nicolay Charles and Rachel Noetzel Marianne Nolan Jim and Veronica Noonan Nordonia Hills Garden Club Pat and Sandy Norris Todd Norval Michael and Susie Novak Kelly and Bob Nupp Laura Nusbaum Jeff and Ellen Nutter Ruth Oberholtzer Michael and Elizabeth O'Brien Paula Oby Edward Odziemski Ohio Cat Ohio Prarie Nursery Mark and Judy Ohlinger Jim Olander Tom and Marie Olexa Clint and Melissa Olmstead Frank Olshavsky Michael Olshavsky and Candace Brown David and Ann Olszewski Joan Olszko Terrance Orenich Orrville Area United Way Shannon and Jesus Osorio Richard Ostendorf and Rita Szymczak Gregory and Elizabeth Osyk Tim and Barbara Osyk Raymond Ott The Overfield Family John E. Pabst Thomas and Jean Paddock Steve Paddon Roger Pae Laura Palcisko Stacie Pallotta Peter Panizzutti Francois Parent and Micheline Hamelin Marylyn Park Richard and Jude Parke Kelly Parker Rebecca Parkes Lynn Parmentier and R. Grant Murphy Stu Parry Patricia Pasco Thomas Pastijn Michael and Beverly Patterson Donna and Richard Patz Veronica and Hal Pavia Jonathan Pavloff

Ralph Pawlik Barbara and Robert Paynter Richard Pedersen and Mary Griffin Susan and Richard Pejeau Scott Pendergast Barbara and Mark Pennington Jane Penttila and Kenneth Murach Kim Perdue Mark Perkins David Perry and Anne Biermann Peter and Donna Pesch Teri Peters Tim and Jean Peters David and Debra Petersilge Hillary Peterson Kathryn Peterson Dan and Nathalie Petri Christa Petryszyn Laurie Pettigrew Jeffrey Pettigrew Kathleen Pettingill Mary and Donald Phillips Lee Pickler Matt and Maria Pickston Kristi Pielstick Carmen Pierson Bob and Loraine Pike William Plesec and Susan Stechschulte Charlotte Pliske George and Catherine Plude Steven Plummer Ted Polcyn Scott Pollock Thomas and Cathleen Poremba Richard and Barbara Porter Robert and Karen Porter Karen Powell Joyce Powell Kimberly and Tom Pozza Kelley Pozza-Adams Jon and Holly Price Kenneth and Barbara Prince Laurie and Roger Principe Lois and Andrew Pugel James and Mary Lou Puperi Erin Purdy Lee Pyzik Amy Quillin Steven and Julia Radwany Linda and David Rainey Rambus Inc. Susan Ramdin Rodger Ramsthaler Allen Rand Ed Randall Debbie Rango Tina and Harun Rashid Yolita and Frank Rausche Stewart and Shelly Rea Ellie Reagan Don and Marge Rearick James and Nancy Reed Justin and Gia Reed James Reeves Lindsay Regan Laura Reifschneider Ann Reinthal Denny Reiser Thomas and Connie Repko

Michelle and Peter Reynolds Marilyn Rhoades Pat and Kris Rhode Bill Rich Guy Richards Grace Richardson John and Amanda Richardson Rhonda Richardson and Brian Bialik Patrick and Meghan Riley Timothy and Tari Riley Diana Riley Terry Ripich Bill and Ann Rittman Edward and Anne Robakowski Jennifer Roberts Joel and Marla Robins Sonta and Robert Robinson Chadwick Robinson Kathy and Rick Rodgers Virginia and Reinhold Roedig Jim and Laurie Rokakis Rudy and Elaine Rosales Pat Rosapep Eric Rose Mary Ross Thomas and Melanie Ross Lynn Rossmeissl Thomas Rousher Ann Rowlett Chris and Nancy Roy Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rubin Cynthia and James Rudick Art and Mary Ruff Laura Rusick Stephen and Anne Rusterholtz Amy Ryder-Wentz and Pete Wentz John and Pat Rydquist Kathy and Don Rynbrandt Robert and Barbara Sabo Ken Sabol Rachel Sack Thomas and Kristine Sadlo Scott and Debbie Safcik Kenton and Karen Salisbury Ken and Lynn Salzbrenner Steven Sands Marcia and Paul Sandstrom Ralph and Anne Sapp David Sartin Constance Sarvay Kelly Saunders John and Bette Sawicki Janet Saxon Joan Schaefer Harriet and Kyle Schenk Donald and Toni Scherzer Charmaine and David Schiele Mary and Kenneth Schilstra Juerg and Katherine Schmid Dorothy and Melvin Schnacke Richard Schneider Anne and David Schoeffler Karen Schofield Robert and Joan Scholl Mary and Arden Scholles Dave and Andrea Schrader Denise Schraitle Glenn Schreiber Dr. William Schumann Dennis Schwartz

Scott Bader, Inc. Dave and Jennifer Scourfield Doug Scullion Mark and Linda Seeman Karen Sehein Joseph and Joan Selden Michael Serene Deborah Sesek Rose and George Sevcik Karen Shallcross Shayna Sharpe Joy and Calvin Shaw Julia and Frank Shaw Phyllis Sheehan Bambeck Amy Sheldon Greg Shellabarger Mark Shelton Cathy and Ramizi Shepherd Gayle Sherry Martin Shill Winifred Shima Emma Shook Leonard Siebert and Ellen Graf William Silver Michael Silvestro Tim and Sue Simenc Jim Singer Jamie Singer Christopher Sklarin Sharon Skowronski Carol Slatter and Ron Levant Loren Smith Elizabeth Smith Michael and Laura Smith Karen S. Smith Kelly Smith Deborah Smith Lorrie and Greg Smith Paula Smith Richard and Rebecca Smith Beth and Pete Smith Dudley and Rose Mary Snell Peter and Mary Snyder Valerie A. Snyder Karen L. Snyder Justin and Sara Snyder Kevin Sobnosky Janis and Dennis Sommer Margaret Sondey and William Hines Steve Sozio Linda Spaeth Susan and David Spaulding William and Gwen Spicuzza Shawn and Kristin Spindel James Spooner Jim Sprague Rae and Mark Sprague Rosemary Stagel Cathy Staley Mary Jane Stanchina Rita Staniszewski Patti and Richard Starr Sue Starrett and Jerry Smith Susan Stechschulte Andrea Steinberger Nona and Phil Stella Jessica Sterling Daniel Steurer Jeff and Pam Stevenson FORCVNP.ORG


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Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association members gather to celebrate the building of the East Rim Trail System



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Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park




Ed Caner

with special guest the Bill Lestock Trio

November 4, 2018

Stephane Wrembel

November 11, 2018

Ed Caner

with special guest Todd Burge

November 16, 2018

Front Country

December 2, 2018

Seamus Egan Project

(traditional Irish music)

January 20, 2019

Ed Caner

with special guest Matt Watroba

February 8, 2019

Frank Vignola’s Hot Jazz Guitar Trio

February 20, 2019

Ed Caner


Women in the Wild: Best of Wild

January 24, 2019

Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Program Open House

February 1-3, 2019

Women in the Wild: Creating Wild

May 11-12, 2019

Women in the Wild: Celebrating Wild

VOLUNTEER EVENTS October 27, 2018

Make a Difference Day (Days of Service)

with special guest Eric Noden

April 20, 2019

Earth Day

February 23, 2019

Gina Chavez

May 18, 2019

RiverDay (Days of Service)

March 8, 2019

The Outside Track

June 1, 2019

National Trails Day

March 23, 2019


DINNER IN THE VALLEY October 18, 2018


November 4, 2018

French Dinner

December 2, 2018

Traditional Irish Dinner

(Stephane Wrembel concert optional) (Seamus Egan concert optional)

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS November 16-18, 2018

Cadette Girl Scouts

February 22-24, 2019

Junior Girl Scouts

March 8-10, 2019

Junior Girl Scouts

April 12-14, 2019

Cadette Girl Scouts

HABITAT RESTORATION DROP-IN EVENTS Wednesdays, through Oct. 24, 2018 Native Plantings 2nd & 4th Thursdays, Through October Invasive Plant Removal Tuesdays, Through Oct. 23, 2018 Native Seed Collection Weekly, year-round Trail Work

Event details and locations at FORCVNP.ORG


1403 West Hines Hill Road Peninsula Ohio 44264

Bald Eagles returned to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in 2007 to build a nest in the Pinery Narrows area north of Station Road Bridge Trailhead. Since then, 14 eagles have fledged from this single nest.


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