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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? From the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center to Beyond

VISITOR CENTER After Years of Anticipation, the New Boston Mill Visitor Center Will Open its Doors

UNSUNG HERO Our Very Own, Patty Stevens












s we open the new Boston Mill Visitor Center, I must admit that I struggle with the word “visitor.” Even though we are seeing an increase in international visitation, in most cases, those who come to the center are owners of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Lots of people who walk through the doors of the new Visitor Center are supporters of Cuyahoga Valley National Park through their donations to the Conservancy. Many are advocates who let elected officials know how important our national park is to our region and country. Some are caretakers who volunteer to help in a variety of ways to protect and promote our park. We hope that first-time visitors will quickly become a friend of Cuyahoga Valley National Park as they discover its trails, beauty, history and inspiration. One of the best aspects of our new Visitor Center is that there is opportunity for people to interact and leave their thoughts and opinions about the park for other people to see. Chief of Interpretation, Visitor Ser vices and Education Jennie Vasarhelyi did a brilliant job in overseeing a design that allows people to experience the center often and in different ways, not just with a one-time visit.


There are so many people that I can thank for their vision, time, financial support and insights, that made this new Visitor Center possible. I am focusing on just one for this magazine. John Debo, our Chief Development Officer, who has announced his retirement effective January 3, 2020, started the conversation about a central visitor center over 10 years ago when he was the superintendent of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. He successfully led the effor t to raise over $7 million in support of land purchase, design and construction of the center. John’s dedication to CVNP, his numerous talents and friendship to us all is unsurpassed. Watch for more information about John’s stellar career in the spring magazine. No matter what noun describes your relationship with CVNP, I hope you will find the Boston Mill Visitor Center to be a special place for you, a central hub for the park and a place to connect with others who care about our park.



FIND WHAT BATS EAT! In this issue, you will learn about what bats like to munch on. There are 8 hidden insects within this issue, find them all & get a 5% discount*at Trail Mix Peninsula! Circle the insects you find & present it at Trail Mix by Nov. 15th to claim your discount. *Members will receive an extra 5% in addition to their 10% discount.

WHAT WE DO: EDUCATION Provide transformative experiences at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center, including overnight and day programs that connect children to the natural wonders and rich history of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. VOLUNTEER Co-manage the park’s award-winning volunteer program, where children, families, and adults of all ages can find their volunteer niche with more than 100 different ways to help preserve Cuyahoga Valley National Park. ARTS Foster a rich cultural arts program through music, art, adult education, and more.

CONSERVANCY MAGA ZINE Fall + Winter 2019, Volume 5: Issue 1 CONTACT US 1403 W. Hines Hill Road Peninsula, Ohio, 44264 330-657-2909 EXECUTIVE STAFF Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer Janice Matteucci Chief Operating Officer Sheryl L. Hoffman Chief Development Officer John P. Debo, Jr. Chief Development Officer Emeritus Katie Wright Director of Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center BOARD Dione Alexander, Board Chair Phillip LiBassi, Board Vice-Chair

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EXTRAORDINARY SPACES Provide visitor services, including event facilities, lodging, and stores. Surrounded by rolling meadows and woodland vistas, the park’s beautiful and historic buildings provide cozy rusticity and modern amenities. FUNDRAISING Raise money for national park projects and life-changing programs and activities, as well as Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s 100+ miles of trails. Opportunities to give back include membership, fundraising events, one-time and recurring donations, sponsoring an acre, memorial gifts, and more. We’d be happy to talk with you about ways you can give. Please contact Sheryl L. Hoffman, Chief Development Officer, at 330-657-2909 ext. 143 or





Ice Box Cave closure helps the hibernating bat population recover.


CE BOX CAVE, located in the Ritchie Ledges and aptly named for its cooler temperatures, has long been a favorite spot for park visitors to cool off on a hot summer day. When it closed to the public seven years ago there was a lot of confusion as to why. A sign posted outside the cave states the stark reality—bats are dying.

Bats get a bad rap as disease-carrying, blood-sucking creatures that attack humans when, in fact, bats are gentle mammals that are more threatened by humans than we are by them. With more than seven species of bats making their home in CVNP, recent efforts to help them survive and thrive have been instituted in areas where bats live, breed and hibernate. 6

WHITE NOSE SYNDROME According to Ryan Trimbath, a biological science technician in CVNP, “In 2012 Summit County had its first confirmed case of white-nose syndrome (WNS), a disease of cave hibernating bats caused by a fungus,” he said. “The fungus grows on the skin of the bats while they are hibernating, mainly on their wing membranes. Due to this we have seen a drastic decline in the number of cave hibernating bats in this area.” WNS, which was originally discovered in New York state in 2007, has spread to 36 additional states and five Canadian provinces and has had a devastating effect on this population of bats—killing millions of bats and wiping them out completely in some regions.



OUT! Kathy Johnson

Researchers in CVNP monitor bat populations in Ice Box Cave. PHOTO BY MEG PLONA, BIOLOGIST IN CVNP















Meg Plona, a biologist who works in CVNP’s resource management division, says WNS is a cold weather loving fungus characterized by a visible white growth on the bat’s muzzle and wing tissue. “The fungus makes them itchy; kind of like poison ivy does in humans. It also causes dehydration,” said Plona. “When bats are hibernating, their body systems slow down because they are storing their energy. Any bit of movement or flying uses up energy stores and can have devastating effects.” Hibernation, by design, is meant to keep the bats in a state of torpor (reducing the bat’s temperature, heart and metabolic rate to help it survive the long winter). “Infected bats will display abnormal behaviors during their hibernation period which can lead them to wake up early and leave their roost to look for water,” said Trimbath. “With little energy and no food supply in winter months, these confused bats may not make it back to their hibernation site and/or die of starvation in the process.” 8

Ice Box Cave, a popular hibernation spot for little brown bats—one of the species most affected by WNS—was closed in an effort to reduce the spread of WNS and to keep people from inadvertently disturbing these bats during hibernation. “Anything that increases a bat’s stress contributes to its chances of not surviving hibernation season,” Trimbath said. “While WNS is mainly spread from bat-to-bat, people can also transport the fungal spores on their shoes and clothes from contaminated sites to new sites. WNS poses no threat to the health of humans.” Although 12 confirmed bat species have been identified with diagnostic symptoms of WNS in North America, the species at the highest risk are those that cluster together and hibernate in caves and mines. Efforts to protect remnant populations and promote population recovery have become a top priority in CVNP.

With most bat species only producing one pup a year, and a lifespan of 7–20 years, the growth rate for the bat population will take years to recover from the devastating effects of WNS.




BAT CONSERVATION EFFORTS One of the ways CVNP is contributing to the region’s bat conservation efforts includes surveying bat populations in the parks. “We are participating in a statewide study to monitor maternity roosts,” said Trimbath. “We count the bats emerging from the roost early in the breeding season and then we count them again later in the year. Increases in the number of bats in the second survey reflect the number of babies that were born. By monitoring the roost site, we are able to capture the reproduction rate.”




Roosts are where bats raise their young. Bats mate in the fall when they come together and swarm near caves. Females leave hibernation sites in early to mid-April, before their male counterparts, to form maternity colonies. Colonies are located in warmer roosts which helps with gestation. Baby bats, known as pups, are born in late May or early June and can fly and feed themselves within 30 days. Some of the most popular roost sites in CVNP include the Coonrad Barn, Virginia Kendall Lake Shelter, Stanford Barn and Howe Meadow Barn although some species prefer more natural settings to roost like under peeling bark or in hollowed out trees. With most bat species only producing one pup per year, and a lifespan of 7–20 years, the growth rate for the bat population will take years to recover from the devastating effects of WNS. However, there is good news.



“Researchers investigated Ice Box Cave in early February of this year and there are promising signs that we are starting to see bats return,” Plona said. “The researchers installed data loggers in the cave to continuously monitor the temperature throughout the year. This will help them understand how much temperature fluctuations in the caves affect the remnant populations.” During summer months bats increase their body mass by 25 percent to 40 percent—often eating 100 percent of their body weight in insects every night—in order to prepare for winter hibernation. “Bats contribute to the biodiversity of CVNP and they benefit both humans and agriculture by eating pests. In tropical and desert climates bats are important pollinators of flowers and trees,” said Plona. A 2017 report from the Ohio Division of Wildlife says bats are estimated to save around $3.7 billion each year for the agriculture industry by reducing pesticide loads and crop damage. MONITORING THE BAT POPULATION Another way CVNP is monitoring changes to Ohio’s bat population is via acoustic surveys and mist netting. 9


B A T N FA C T S! U F HOW LONG DO BATS LIVE? A bat’s lifespan depends on the kind of bat and where it lives. Bat species found in CVNP can live up to 20 years, but an average lifespan is probably closer to 7–10 years.

DO BATS DRINK BLOOD? Only vampire bats feed off the blood of animals. These bats live in South America, so the only blood suckers you will find in CVNP are pesky mosquitoes!

WHAT SPECIES OF BATS ARE FOUND IN CVNP? Big brown bat, tri-colored bat, hoary bat, Indiana bat, little brown bat, Northern long-eared bat, red bat & occasionally the silver-haired bat.


DO BATS GET RABIES? Bats get a bad rap as rabies transmitters. It’s true a small percentage of bats have rabies, which they can transmit to people, usually through exposure to saliva or via a bite or scratch. Bat bites are generally quite small and could go undetected, so if there is a chance you have had contact with a bat you should be medically evaluated. Rabies can be prevented if you seek medical care, but it is always fatal if left untreated. Rabies is fatal to bats as well. If you see a dead bat or a bat that is behaving strangely, being aggressive, lying on the ground, flying near, or making contact with people, report the sighting right away, and do not touch it.

Bats actually see quite well, but since they are nocturnal seeing in the dark can be difficult! This is why bats use echolocation (sound waves at frequencies above human hearing) to navigate and find insects. These sound waves bounce off objects in their environment—returning to the bats’ ears, which recognize their own unique calls.


WHAT DO BATS EAT? Bats found in NE Ohio are primarily insectivores that like to nosh on beetles, mayflies, mosquitoes, moths, flies and termites. A single little brown bat can consume up to 1,000 insects an hour!


The bats that live in CVNP range in size from 8–16 inches with the hoary bat, weighing in at 25–30 grams, being the largest species found in the park.


“Acoustic monitoring uses Anabat detectors which can pick up bat calls and identify the presence of a certain species of bats in the area,” said Trimbath. “Bats like to chatter back and forth. It’s their way of sharing information and being social.” “The park also uses mist-netting in corridors and tree canopies that bats use for travel,” Plona said. “With the help of staff from the Cleveland Metroparks, who have expertise in bat handling, we capture bats in mist nets and get bats in our hands where we can look at their reproductive condition, weigh and measure them and identify their species.” Results of the most recent mist-netting survey showed a significant decline in the number of northern long-eared bat, little brown bat and the tri-colored bat, while other species—specifically the big brown bat and tree bats (such as the red bat and the hoary bat)—continue to thrive. Another sign of good news was scarring found on the wings of some cave hibernating bats that were captured via mist netting. “Upon physical examination some bats showed scarring to their wings which is an indication that they survived a bout with WNS,” said Plona. “This is a hopeful sign of resiliency.” Research is underway at a national level to see if UV lighting, temperature changes, vaccines or spraying antifungal agents could help stop the spread of the disease. However, some experts warn that killing off the fungus that causes WNS could have a chain reaction and kill off other fungi or microorganisms that are important to the environment. Also, treated bats could potentially become re-infected. PROTECTING THEIR HABITATS During the May through October breeding season, park staff take extra precautions in order not to disturb any bat habitats. “Often we will get calls from people about dead trees that they want us to take down,” Trimbath said. “But that tree could be an important bat habitat so we may need to wait until breeding season is over to remove it.” The northern long-eared bat, normally a tree rooster, has also been found using human-made structures for roosting. Buildings and other structures give bats what they need: crevices, stable warm temperatures, microclimate options, predator protection and replacement roosts—because bats are losing natural roosts in caves and forests at a rapid rate and have adapted well to human-made structures.

“Bats may roost in attics, in dropped ceilings, in boxed eaves and gables, behind siding and masonry, under roof tiles and shingles and behind shutters,” said Plona. In order to protect the roosting bat populations in unoccupied barns and structures, no roof work is conducted in CVNP from May 1 to August 1. Efforts to protect remnant populations remain a priority for CVNP as experts hope to uncover where hibernation populations of bats persist within the state, and if these populations are continuing to decline, have stabilized, or demonstrate evidence of recovery. Due to this, Plona says Ice Box Cave will remain closed for the foreseeable future. “Entry to Ice Box Cave will remain closed to park visitors and staff until further notice in an effort to continue to keep the bats safe during hibernation and promote population recovery,” she said.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? STAY OUT of caves and mines where bats are hibernating. RESPECT cave closures. FOLLOW the National WNS

Decontamination Protocol. Spores can last a long time on surfaces such as clothes, shoes and outdoor gear, so even though people do not get WNS, they can unknowingly move the fungus from one place to another.

REPORT bats showing signs

of WNS, and bats that are dead, dying or appear diseased, by calling 440-546-5945.



From the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center to beyond


Zaina Salem


lthough his professional career includes over 20 years, Rob Ahern said he’s never had a worse day at any job than when he was unprepared to teach a trail group of fourth graders at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC). Rob was a new intern at the CVEEC teaching his fourth week of classes. He had focused on learning the level two curriculum and had worked with 7th and 8th graders during the first few weeks as a field instructor. He was assigned to a group of 4th graders and didn’t give it much thought—how much different could younger students be than older, more experienced students?




Rob knew he had no experience with teaching this age group and had to put his training into action for the very first time. He feared it was going to be a very long and uncomfortable few hours. And it was. He may not have known it at the time, but moments like these on staff at the Education Center would prepare him for a very rewarding future. Nature has always been a part of Rob’s life. Raised on a house by the water, he spent his days in and around the ocean in Key West, Florida. Through his upbringing, he developed a deep curiosity and fascination with the natural world. His course of studies, therefore, was of no surprise—he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in zoology and worked for an entomologist in landscape ecology, first as a field assistant and later as a laboratory assistant. During his last year at Miami University, Rob applied to several marine biology Master’s programs, but to no avail. “The truth is that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life,” Rob said. As luck would have it, he saw an adver tisement on campus for a Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education field instructor. He attended the information session, sent in his application, and had an interview, although he doesn’t remember anything about that now. What he does recall, however, is how he felt during the welcome session with the first school group after training. “Looking at the kids’ faces and feeling the positive, almost anxious energy of the group while we sang ‘All the Rivers Run,’ I knew I’d made a great decision and that I was fortunate.” Rob said. “It turned out that sharing my passion for the natural world with students, many of whom hadn’t had the experiences I had as a kid, was incredibly gratifying.”

Interestingly, Rob reminisces that the most rewarding parts of working at the CVEEC were also some of the most difficult. “On the one hand, it was amazing to see the relationships that developed between field instructors and students in such a short time—less than a week. Many of the kids who came to the program hadn’t had any experience in the outdoors, and it was great to share that with them, help them feel more comfortable with the unknown, and hope the experience would spark something in them the way it did in me. There were also students who hadn’t had an immersive learning experience like the CVEEC program, with teachers who were weird and fun, totally engaged, and trying hard to help them feel heard and successful,” Rob reflected. “But the goodbyes were difficult, particularly during my second year when I did the school pre-visits beforehand and knew the challenging conditions to which many students would return. Knowing about some of those realities, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to share, albeit briefly, a different reality that was fun, positive and empowering,” he said.

“ It turned out that sharing my passion for the natural world with students, many of whom hadn't had the experiences I had as a kid, was incredibly gratifying.

ROB AHERN now as the Manager of the Agricultural Health, Food Safety & Food Quality Program in San Jose, Costa Rica



After a year as a field instructor, he was hired into an administrative position that oversaw the residential program. “[CEO] Deb Yandala and [COO] Janice Matteucci recognized that I had leadership potential but lacked the people skills required to be an effective manager. Their offer to me was conditional on me committing to work with them to acknowledge, identify, and strengthen my weaknesses,” Rob said. “Their honesty with me and the opportunity they gave me to improve myself changed my life.” After working at the CVEEC, Rob’s career developed through a progression of roles with increasing scope, complexity, and responsibility—from completing a Master’s degree, to volunteering for the Peace Corps in Guatemala, to entering a doctoral program in entomology. After completing his degree, he was offered a position as Visiting Research Associate at Michigan State University in East Lansing where he led and conducted research on the ecology, management and policy implications of invasive species in the Great Lakes region. He worked in that role for two years before joining the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a Risk Analyst in the Pest Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory (PERAL) in Raleigh, NC. While at USDA, he also worked as an International Trade Specialist in Washington, D.C., where he managed trade issues for a broad portfolio of countries. “Based on lessons I learned during my second year at the CVEEC, I have worked continuously to hone and improve my management style and leadership abilities,” Rob said. “For me, leadership is much more than a title or part of an occupation—it is an ongoing opportunity and commitment to improve yourself, those around you, the team, and the organization; there is always room to grow and learn, and you’re never done.” Rob is currently the Manager of the Agricultural Health, Food Safety and Food Quality Program at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in San Jose, Costa Rica. He leads the development and implementation of programs to strengthen animal health, plant protection, food safety, and food quality systems in IICA’s 34 Member Countries. The program he manages strengthens the viability and prosperity of small-, medium-, and large-scale agricultural producers and improves livelihoods throughout the Americas. Two years ago, with funding from the USDA, Rob established a leadership program for mid-career professionals from countries throughout the Americas. The course, which is 10 months long and includes in-person sessions and virtual coursework, is a collaboration that he developed with the United Nationals University for Peace, which is also


based in Costa Rica. Students learn positive leadership techniques and apply the skills they learn to develop and implement a project in their home country. In addition to preparing to be leaders of tomorrow, participants become part of a diverse network of professionals who support one another regardless of nationality, an outcome that Rob said is very consistent with what he tried to teach so many years ago at the Education Center. Reflecting on his time working and living in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Rob shares that the experiences he had and the people he met along the way have helped him grow and become a better version of himself. “At the CVEEC I learned that preparation, flexibility, adaptability, and a positive attitude are the keys to success, regardless of who you are or where you work,” Rob said. “And if you can succeed in front of a room full of fourth graders, there’s no audience you can’t face.”



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We asked some of our donors to share what their favorite place in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is and who or what is their favorite companion to take along with them.




“I love the hike to Ice Box cave, particularly in winter, especially if there’s snow on the ground. I like to hike alone and listen to the sounds of the forest. I like the feeling that I’m the only one in the woods. But Dave can join me, as long as he’s quiet.”

“My favorite place in the park is Oak Hill trail in the row of large pines! I like to bring along a pair of running shoes (and maybe Pam).”





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Locktenders’ Circle $1,000–$2,499 Anonymous (11) Gay Cull Addicott & Ed Addicott Doug & Lu Bannerman Amanda Barcon Phil & Mindy Bartholomae Rollie & Mary Bauer Christy & Charles Bittenbender Amy & Brad Bowers Robert Briggs & Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Brouse McDowell, LPA Buckeye Oil Producing Co Siegfried Buerling Toby Butt & Christine Iafelice Ken & Diane Campbell Cardinal Credit Union Jennifer Carro William & Mary Ellen Carroll CBIZ Retirement Plan Services Joe & Lisa Cellura Abbie & Matthew Chandler Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation Dwight & Ann Chasar John & Bonnie Childs Judith Clapsaddle Jack & Barbara Cochran Bill & Sandra Currier Cuyahoga Valley Trail Council Teresa & Mark Davey Phyllis J. DeMark Debbie & Dean DiCarlo Joseph & Colleen DiGeronimo Derek Drayer & Kim Koltcz-Drayer EarthShare Jeanette Eustache Theresa & Jim Fallon FirstEnergy Corporation FirstEnergy Foundation The Howland Memorial FundAkron Community Fdn. Rita Frantz


Margaret Bohn-Galas & David Galas Garden Club of Cleveland Al & Michelle Gilbertson Ken & Susan Gordon Bill & Joanne Grady Dave & Betsy Griffing Marie & Chuck Grossman Dennis Hamm Patrick & Theresa Hammer Matt & Heidi Heinle Tom & Jeannette Hejduk Henry V. & Frances W. Christenson Foundation Loren Hoch Joan R. Holmes Bill Hughes & Paulette Hervi-Hughes Margaret & Dave Hunter Sarah & David Hurder Lee & Candy Hutton Marilyn & Richard Hyde Peter & Peg Ippolito Sarah & Robert Jaquay James & Marilyn Jaroszewski Glen Jenkins Tracy & Greg Jensen Rachel Jones Elaine A. Jones Mary Kimbro & Jim Jastatt Sr. Bryan & Susan Kinnamon Suzanne Kinney Colleen Kipfstuhl Jill Klein Jonathan & Marilyn Klement Phyllis W. Knepper David Kopkas Sue Kruder Lake County Visitors Bureau Shirley Leonard Steve & Cathy Leuenberger Gary & Laura Lobaza Paul & Linda Longville Doug & Lisa MacKay Jack Mahne Mardi Gras Fund Margaret Bohn-Galas, LISW-S,LLC Dorothy Marsh Dick Marsh Lisa Matuszny & Greg Atwell Tom & Peg Mayor Jennifer McMahon & Toby Oster Shade & Amanda McMillen Gary & Christine Mikitin Travis Mlakar Dan & Marge Moore Dr. Eliot & Michelle Mostow John Najeway James & Ann Negrelli Dan & Lori Nelson



The Bruce & Erica Greer Family Foundation Steve Guba Marilyn Gudenas Chuck & Nancy Gustafson Chris Hahn Bob & Kathy Hill Duane & Pat Hills Teresa Hogan Mary & Tom Holmes Carolyn Holt Daniel & Katie Hopper Feth Family Foundation Wes & Kathi Howard Hudson Garden Club Lenore & Robert Hutchinson Dale & Pamela Inkley Nora Jacobs & George Snider Brian & Gina Jeckering Winslow Donor Advised Fund of Jewish Federation of Cleveland Dawn & Alexander Joseph Dana Kalchoff Edward Kerekes KeyBank Justin King Leo & Linda Kipfstuhl Todd & Amy Kirkpatrick Mary Anne Krejci Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation Michael & Ann Lew Dick & Mimi Jackson Lewellen Jeremy & Roxanne Long Jack & Pat Lucchetti John & Fern MacMillan Steve & Jeannine Marks George & Mary Marg Marquis Thomas & Mary Catherine Mayer Robert & Sharon McGregor Medina County Ohio Horseman's Council Barbara Meyer Mark & Sue Meyer Paul & Maria Miller Brian Miner Diane Moffett & Linda Malicki Michael & Julie Moldvay Robert & Sue Moore Scott & Mary Morrison John Mozena Eric Haag & Julie Nurnberger-Haag Network For Good William & Jancie Newhouse John & Cathyann Nunnari Brendan & Mary O'Connor Thomas & Antoinette Oden Paul & Connie Omelsky Denis Osowski & Mosie Welch

$500–$999 Anonymous (12) Allstate Insurance Company Lois Arnold Judi Arnold-Sims & Robert Sims Peter & Barbara Avrea Scott & Nancy Awender Diane Banyard Geoffrey & Maryann Barnes Kathleen & Dennis Barrie Sandra & Steve Bartlett Michael Belair Cornelia Bergmann Marko Blagojevic Adam & Vikki Briggs Jim & Eve Brown John Duff Brown Bill & Carol Bruml Christopher & Libbie Buehler Debra & Stephen Bures Philip Carino & Elizabeth Shaver Change For Charity Niki Cherpas Sam & Jen Chestnut Elaine Cicora Laura & Kenneth Clarke Cleveland Hiking Club Mr. & Mrs. Alex Clift Jennifer Collins David & Robyn Cutler Jason Daugherty David & Inez Myers Foundation Laura DeVitis & Andrew Fath Vincent DiCaprio Dana Dickinson Ronald & Nancy Dinger Robin L. Donald Garry & Rosanne Dunlap Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. Courtney & Thomas Eaton Mark Elderbrock & Dianna Rhyan Bruce & Kate Emrick Nancy & Mark Farmer Feth Family Foundation Heidi Figas Shawn & Karin Fiore Matthew Force Sue Gaetjens Kathleen Gallagher & Daniel Hoehn Lois Ganley Geiger's Pamela & Mark Goldfarb Christopher & Susan Grant Michael Graska Patricia L. Graves Thomas Green & Manju Gupta


Norma Jean Ott Tim & Karen Parsons Janice & Jeffery Paynowski Martin Peter James & Kate Petras Steve & Karen Petro Liz Piatt Zachary Ponsky Drs. Diana & Todd Ponsky Family Donor Advised Fund at Jewish Federation of Cleveland Elaine Price & Gordon Landefeld Patrick Primm Steven & Julia Radwany Uma Rajeshwar Roger Read Justin & Gia Reed Alexis Reynolds Tim Ricks & Sharon Geers Betty Rider & Mike Sherman Pat & Michelle Riley Duane Roe Diane Roman Fusco Stacey & Mark Rusher Michael Russell Debra Ryun Jeffrey & Sherrie Sanda Richard & Dina Schoonmaker John & Barbara Schubert Ethel Seiberling Fox The Cherie & Steve Shechter Charitable Giving Fund of the Akron Community Foundation Scott Shorten John & Pam Spencer Terry & Dianne Squire Barbara Stadler Meg & Tom Stanton Patricia & Richard Starr Gary Stonum & Marilyn Shea-Stonum Tim Strope Jerry Sude Todd Taras Tiffany Taylor & Katrina Bloch Thomas Taylor Charles & Corrine Tennent The Patricia & J. Harvey Graves Family Foundation Lauren & Jeffrey Timen Gail & Tom Tobin Greg & Gwen Tomasko Michael & Kathleen Urban Michelle Varisco Dave & Jennie Vasarhelyi Amy & Tony Vegh W. Paul Mills & Thora J. Mills Memorial Foundation Steve & Connie Wait


Rob Northrup Steele & Chris Nowlin Kathleen O'Neill & Michael O'Connor Steve & Sherryl Owen Monica & Keith Owen Richard & Jude Parke Mark Parker & Sue Serdinak Dana Parsons & Laurie Pochatek John & Ellen Perduyn Emery & Tara Prior Progressive Insurance Foundation Robert & Lisa Reffner Jim & Alice Robb Rubber City Dog Promotions Jim Ruggles Pamela Rupert Michael & Gerrie Ryba Michael & Lynn Saddleton David Sagerser & Christine Krol Jim & Joan Schaefer Mark & Monica Schie Ron & Kathy Schieber Mary Jane & John Schremp David Shall Alice S. Sherman Chuck & Pat Simons Skoda Minotti & Co Steere Enterprises Irving & Beth Sugerman Karyn Sullivan Kerry & Barbara Sullivan Mike & Wendy Summers Michael & Jane Swain The Harry K & Emma R Fox Charitable Foundation The Trust for Public Land Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Arthur L. Thomas Thompson Electric, Inc. Melinda & Augusto Torres Donald Treap Tom & Diane Tyrrell Robert Vagi John & Verna Vander Kooi Jim & Lydia Virost JoAnn & Mark Vosburgh Evan Wachs & Elizabeth Emery Robert Wagner Raymond & Adalie Walker Dave Walkowiak Ronald Weinberg & Christie Croissant Pysht Fund Western Reserve Jr. Service League Leah & Blair Whidden Sue White Sylvia & John Yankey


Gregory Warren Debbie & Chris Weinkamer Harold White Patti Williams & David Uhlig Timothy & Kimberly Winter David Wojewodka Heidi Wood Jim & Anita Woodward David & Katherine Wright YourCause Mr. & Mrs. William Zabkar Laurie Zahar



$250–$499 Anonymous (16) Todd & Mary Amsdell Linda Anderson Jim & Sandy Arbour Joe & Jane Archacki Sandra & Mark Auburn Lisa Aurilio & Dianne LaCerva David & Donna Axson Bruce & Sandy Bailey Jean Baliga Luci & Kevin Barbeck Jonathan Bareng John Barnes Matt & Heather Bartzi Steven Batdorf & Brian Linder Bruce & Kim Batzer June Baughman Kristin Baum Mike & Joanne Behnke Michael Beran Irving & Audrey Bergrin Rebecca Bidinotto Robert & Pat Blesi Shirley Bord James Brady Christopher Brandt & Beth Sersig Betsy & Eric Bray Ann Brennan Craig Brown & Lucy Lavery Fran Buchholzer Richard & Susan Buesch Michelle Capdeville Debby & Kevin Capela William & Diane Caplan Jim & Marcia Carsten Trina Carter Patricia & Richard Cassidy Belinda Check Sally Childs Catherine Ciha & John Despins Chris & Tim Collins

Gene & Joanne Colombo Nancy Connor Bill & Mary Conway Dale & Chris Cooper Rod & Pamela Crane Norm & Bonnie Crocker Carol Crowe Jim Crutchfield John R. Daily Mark & Camilla Dalton Robyn & Michael Deterling Steve & Tina Dimengo Ray DiNuoscio Henry Doll Wayne & Gail Douglas Dave & Lucy Downs Clarence & Connie Drennon Michael Duff & Susan Black Donald & Rachel Dumford Dr. Robert Eckardt Phillip & Jane Eckert Emmanuel Christian Academy Environmental Design Group Debbie Espy Heather Esson Ron & Diana Farnen George Fassnacht Steve Feldstein Robert & Mary Figler Pamela Finley Michael & Christine Foley Kevin Forsyth M.D. & Maria Papich-Forsyth DDS Ken & Karen Frankenbery Charles Franks Lois Freedman & Mark Munetz William Frost Peggy Fullmer Michael & Diana Gabet Ugo Gallo Jennifer E. Gaylor Wendy & Michael Geaney Debra Rex George & George George The Gerard-Durudogan Family Steve & Jean Gokorsch Paul & Margie Goldberg Michael & Stacy Goldberg Dwayne Groll Brad Gubser & Jayne White Kevin Hack Chris & Laura Hagen Bonnie & George Hajek Albert & Dolores Hala Kenneth Hall & Kelly Falcone-Hall Martha Harding Christopher Harris Amanda & Michael Harvan

Clark Harvey & Holly Selvaggi Perry Harvey Geoff & Beth Hauck Bilas & Sandra Hazra Kathy & Dave Hegeman Jon & Mary Heider Randy & Dolores Heinle Linda Henrichsen Dave Herbster & Meredith Morgan Patrick Herron Carol & John Hillyer Judy & Richard Hirschman David & Mary Jo Hobe Raymond Hohenberger George & Mary Hohman William & Susan Holman Ryan & Amy Hopkins Larry & Sue Hunt IBM Employee Services Center Thomas & Mary Ann Jackson Chad & Paula Jasiunas Phillip & Amy Jenkins Craig Jones Jim & Jan Jorgenson David Juchnik & Germaine Polensek Holly & Stanley Kaskey Dr. & Mrs. C. William Keck Susan Casey Kerr Jay Kiefer & Mary Whaley Kiefer Angela Kille & Neil Wallis Mark Kirchner Ron Kleinman Don & Gail Klise Anthony Knechtges Bill Knoble Karen & Brian Koch Jeffrey & Sandra Kornick Rick & Cindy Krause Jean Krieger Jerry Kunkle Nikolaj Lagwinski Judy Lahoski Tony Lamorgese Jim LaRue Aaron & Kelly Lear Todd Lebowitz Bruce & Debbie Leff Maureen Leneghan Marie Libby Sarah Lock Bill & Betsy Lockwood Fred Luckay Diana Lueptow John & Anne MacWherter Philip Madden & Debra Rozin Julie & George Manley Robert & Ann Mansfield


Marcus Thomas LLC Kathy Marsh Vladimir Vekstein Christine Marsick & Robert Toma Mark Masuoka Phil Maynard Maynard Family Foundation Tracy & Justin McCarty Michele & Bob McFarland George & Jeannette McGovern Drs. Zachary & Keira Mellion Edward Metzger Michael Michalak Sally Miller Bob Miller





“My favorite place to visit in CVNP is the Beaver Marsh. A place that was so tarnished by industrial ruin has slowly been re-born as the epicenter of wildlife in the Cuyahoga Valley. I discover something new each time I visit. It is also the best sunrise spot in the park in my personal opinion, especially on a foggy morning. My favorite companion to take along with me on my CVNP adventures is my dog Ava. She loves to explore and loves being outside in the park.�


Kurt Miller & Leslie Greenhalgh Nicholas Mitchell Mark & Mary Beth Modic Laura & Charles Monroe Monsanto Company Karen Moyer William & Lynn Murphy Cody Nash & Zoey Marquardt Louis & Stefanie Nerone Brenda Nichols Barbara O'Connor Bridget O'Donnell Barbara & Pete Oldham Shannon & Jesus Osorio

Michael Owen Lauren Pace John & Maria Palma Morgan Parsons Andrew & Sue Passen Janine & Dick Patterson Robert Pietro Pinnacle Gardens Foundation Charlotte Pliske Diana & Todd Ponsky Chip & Laura Preston Lydia Pryszlak Sandra Raines Gregg & Christine Rasor

Ben Raubenolt Jim Rockwood Lisa Rogers Lan Rosser Thomas & Kristine Sadlo Ed & Brendalee Salk Joe & Kathy Schindler Karen & Paul Schlather Nancy L. Schrader Denise Schraitle Stephen & Kathryn Schultz Kathleen Schutte Jane Louise Schweitzer Paul Secunde


Mark Shaughnessy Bill Shaul Daniel & Therese Sheffer Greg Shellabarger Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sideras Ruth Simonis Bryan Skala Patricia Snyder & Michael Frank Mary Spalding Cynthia Spencer Andi & Gus Stager Eugene Stepanik Elizabeth Stirling & Tom Millward Paul & Kristin Stoehr



Kim Stottler Stow Municipal Court Chris & Jake Studir Brian & Mimi Sturgell Mark & Donna Stypczynski V. Rena Suber Carolyn Sugiuchi Melissa Swiatowski Peggy Taddeo Rosemary Taft-Milby Michael Tan & Jackie Peckham David & Reanetta Taylor Joe Tokar Truist David & Mary Tschantz Wendy Turner William Tuttle United Healthcare Group Bryan & Silke Van Sweringen Jeannie Varian Mr. & Mrs. Harmon Velie Marianne & Ernst Von Meerwall Tom & Cheryl Wells Robert & Marlene Wells Jill & Bryan Wesolowski Allen White Deborah Wilcox Dr. Gary Williams & Mrs. Laura Williams Pam Williams & Frank Holowach Nick Willis Gayle & Matthew Wilson John & Gina Wittenberg Bob & Shoshana Wodzisz Sue Anne Wolf Amy & Dave Wong Lee & Robin Woodard Terrence & Barbara Woodworth Charles R. & Nancy E. Wright Barbara Wulff Bob & Cris Yehle Joseph & Mary Zbasnik Sophia & Chris Zebrowski Bob & Carol Zollars Tom & Kathy Zopatti

River $100–$249 Anonymous (50) Rachel Abernethy Laura Acierno Jenna Ackerman John Adams Eric & Georgia Adams Bill & Pat Addis Andrea Adoni

Kevin & Nagwa Ahlborg Janet Albrecht Marcia Alcorn Kay Alderman Dallas & Nancy Aleman Karen Allen Peter & Jackie Allison David & Mary Beth Alspaugh Murray & Connie Altose AmazonSmile Foundation Thomas & Roberta Anderson Steven & Jane Anderson Elizabeth Ando Clara Lue Andree Mark & Catherine Anson Apple Jennifer & Rick Arnold Gerald Arnold Wade Arny & Sandra Stevens Emily & John Arther Jean & Robert Artrip Jamie & Laura Atkins Jim Austin Sue Averill Janice Bacak Mark & Carol Bachmann Pamela Backus Thomas & Annette Bader Stephen & Betsy Bagstad Abbey Bahm-Beigie & Scott Beigie Lindsay Baker Kelly Baker Ball Systems Richard Bamberger Linda & Michael Barath Albert & Debbie Barber Richard Barker Ellen Barkley Sandra Barlett Rachel Barnette Scott Barnhouse Pat Barron Rebecca Bartholomae Nancy & Annie Bartholomew Ron & Patricia Bartlebaugh Debbie Bartlett Angela Barzizza-Young Cynthia Bassett Dave & Lisa Bates Susan Bauer Meredith Baumgartner-Hand David Beach Henry Beazlie Michael & Kimberly Beckett Rick Becksted Stephen Bedell Jane Beese Cynthia Beidler

Nadine Bendycki Judith Bents Eileen Bergmann Lance & Alice Bergstrom Michael & Kristie Berish Dennis & Jill Bernaciak Tom & Margo Bertin Alexandra Bertin Margaret Betz Judith Bigelow Fred & Cheryl Billock Diane Binnig Judy Biscan Todd Blackledge Matthew Bland Greg Blase* Kevin Blase Family Kenneth & Nancy Bliss Dudley & Kathryn Blossom Robert & Judith Blum Ernest Boaeuf Valerie Boaz & Paul Haridakis Michelle Bodnovich James Boex Alane Boffa Mary Bohn Wendy Bolas Steve & Lauri Booth Bob Borgen Karen Bourquin Tom & Alice Bouton Cynthia Bowman William Bowser Christine & Brian Bowser John & Lois Bradford Ronda Brady Liz Brandewie Louis & Joan Brasaemle Ronald & Astrid Brashear Linda Brashear William Breck Tom & Mary Beth Breckenridge Kris & Judy Brenneman Mary Briggs Tim & Mary Lou Britton Jane Brockway Wendy & Dave Broman Mandy & Kevin Brooks Dale Brott Kathryn Brown & Richard Klosterman Ken & Paula Brown Kris Brown Jim & Laura Brown Mike & Carole Brown Leslie Brown Thaddeus Brown Jennifer Brown


Partners Environmental Consulting Susan Bruce Frank & Leslie Buck Mona Buehler Robert Bulford & Patricia Ritzert Janine Buonato Pamela Burda Thomas Burdette Burdette Smith & Bish LLC James Burgess & Theresa Johnson Kim & Ken Burkins Katrina Burns Linda Burns David & Nancy Burr Kenneth & Carol Button Ken Buzzelli Andrea Calo Kevin Calori & Family Jan & Jim Camerato Pat & Scott Campbell Larry & Kathy Campbell David & Trisha Campbell Greg & Dawn Canda Susan & David Cannon Jodi Canter Peter & Susan Caperones Tom & Rani Cargo Todd Cartner Amy Cassel Mike & Barb Cassell Aaron Catlett Dave & Laurie Celik Century Cycles Charles & Karen Chadwick William Chambers Erick Chamblee Tai Chi Chan Bernard & Carm Charnas Tammi Chase Jeremy & Kathleen Chavayda Jason & Margaret Chernick Stephanie Childress Sara Chisholm Robin & Paul Christensen Tracy & John Christoff Gabrielle & John Ciaramella Larry & Mary Ciborek Charlene Clamp Anne Clark Thomas & Karen Clark Annemarie Clemente & Milton Dunlap Stan & Donna Cochrac Patricia Cochran Frederica L. Cohen Aubree Cohen


Deb & Jim Dombos Nancy Dominik Pat & Jerry Donnelly Mary Pat Doorley Lynne & Bill Dowling Brian & Renee Doyle Connie & Mark Draa Jeff & Kathy Drake Christine Dresser Betsy & Marvin Droz Daniel Duckworth David Duda Diane Duff Jennifer Dugal Dianna Dusek James Duwelius Elliott & Judy Dworkin Tom & Nancy Dye Sara Dyer Lauren Earle Jamie Elberson William & Pat Eldredge Suzanne Ellsworth Jo Ann Embleton Rozanne & Michael Emich Jessica & Chris Emshoff Richard & Jean Erickson Christopher Erkelenz Gregory Estoker Mark Evans Elinore Evans The Klein Family Mary & Jack Farkas William Farquhar Anne Faust Rich & Lois Fawcett Robert & Peg Fay Reinhold Federmann Robert Fein Thelma Feith & James Taylor Ethnea & Blake Ferguson Michael & Laureen Ferry Michael Fiala & Mary Ellen Eickman-Fiala Brian & Janie Figura Debby Filla Gerald & Carla Filler Ed Fine Brian Fink Annette & Brian Finley Donald & Cathleen Finn Theresa Fiorilli David Fish Murray Fishel Guy Fisher William Florek Nicole Florio William & Karen Flowers

Cynthia Flynn Capers Katie Foley David Forister Brent Forrer Betsy Forshey Greg & Jean Foust Deborah Fox Paul A. Frank, Jr. Linda Frank Kathleen Fraze & Michael Needs Richard Frye Thomas & Nancy Fuller Todd Fulmer Sharon Nichols Tamara & Martin Fynan Joe & Lari Gabriel Maureen Gaeta Warren Gallagher Paul Gallmeier & Evalyn Greene Robert Gamble Amy Garrett Ryan Gates Erin Gay Miyoshi Brad & Jodi Geduldig Carolyn & Gregory Gens Andrew Genszler & Alycia Ashburn Nicholas George Shirley & Bernard Gerecke Pete & June Getzinger Jeffrey & Gretchen Gibson Brian Gillen Curt & Janice Gindlesperger Barbara Ginn Donald & Lynn Godfrey Jaclyn Godic Edward Godleski Patricia L. Goetz Sharon & Michael Good Jane Goodman William & Paula Goodrich John & Carol Gorman Graco Inc David Grebe Carolyn Green Jeffrey Green & Nanette Canfield Anita Greene MaryAnn Greiner Laurel Gress Sheryl & Joseph Greve Craig Griffin & Marie Morgan Robert & Kimberly Groppe Mary Grovemiller Keith Gruber Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner & Robert Kirschner Martin & Ann Gulbransen Robert Hager


Lawrence Hahn Mike & Terrie Haley Ray & Dale Halliwill Carla Hamilton Jennifer & Corey Hamilton Denise Hamrick S. Thomas & Joanne Hancock Dennis & Lou Ann Hanink Jensen & Emily Hanna Dan & Jean Hanny Frank & Pat Harrah Patrick & Karen Harrington Lenore Harris Brian Harte & Krystyna Orlowski Peter & Judy Harvan Chad Harvey Jim & Linda Haskett Paul Hasman Paul & Cynthia Haubrich Richard & Bev Haury Verneda Hawkins Carolyn Hawkins Beverly Haws Becca & Jake Heacox Tracy Hedges Walt & Gwen Heeney Nancy Hegler Robert Heller Catherine Henry & Jan Frandsen Holly Henry Gerard Henwood Ruth Herzak Sarah Heyse Tim Hill Kay Hine Edith F. Hirsch Philanthropic Fund at Jewish Federation of Cleveland Lauri Hlavacs Karen & Terry Hobbs Jeneen Hobby & Bernie Reiser Amy Hodgekins Joellen & Glen Hoffman Darlene & Barry Hogan James Hogg Mark & Diane Hojnowski Diane & Jonathan Holody Bryan & Meredith Holt Jann Holzman Joseph & Annette Hooven Michael Hopkins Renee Hopson Michael & Elaine Horvath Michael J. Horvitz Donor Advised Fund at Jewish Federation of Cleveland Gwen Hostnik John & Rita Hottell


Anthony Coladangelo Jo Ann Collier Fran Collins Martin Cooperman Laura Corn Joanne & Clifford Cornelius Kathryn & Steven Cornelius Marianne Costigan Albert Couch & Karen Barton Jim Cowan Dale & Susan Cowan Patrick Coy & Karin Tanquist Dave & Carol Creps Ed & Sandra Crist Jeffrey & Julie Cristal Herbert & Jill Croft Sarah Croley Patricia & John Crum Keith & Pam Curnow Andrew Curtiss Dale Cuthbertson Teresa Cutright William Dages John & Connie Dages Beverly Dahms Carol Dalessandro Margit Daley Lori & James Dalrymple Jeff & Linsey Dalton Jo Dangel Syd & Dean Davis Kirk Davis Timothy Day Bruce & Kathleen DeBarr Kim Deichler Colleen Deighan Jane Delcamp Janice Deluga Dawn Dempsey Dale & Marianne Dengler Kim & Joe Denk Kelly Denk Joan Dent Donald & Jacqueline Desch Ruth Dever McDonel Karen & Charles Dhyanchand Stratford & Heather Dick Kevin & Jennie Dieter Don & Barbara Dieterich Mary Dietzen Tom & Judy DiNardo Garen Distelhorst Connie & Bozo Djukic Donna Docherty Debbie Dodson Tim Doehner Alan & Lee Dolan Jim & Christine Dolce





“My favorite place in CVNP is the trailhead at the Stanford House because I know I am about to embark on a beautiful and invigorating hike to Brandywine Falls and back. I like taking along my hydration pack and husband Chris!”




Randy & Julie Katz Elissa Katz & Eric Moyer Valerie Katz Catherine Katz Michelle Kautz Robert Kay Joanne Kazar David Kazdan & Laura Gooch Rosanne Keckler Sandy & Robert Kehres Lynne Keith Walter Keith Lesley Keller Jim & Lisa Kelly Ned & Lynn Kendall Randy Kennedy Todd & Kelly Kennedy Linda & Robert Kenyon Dan & Amanda Kephart Miriam & Robert Kerr KeyBank Foundation Sharon Kimmell Marianne King Alan & Katharine King Jeff T. Kirkwood, Sr. George Kiteley Laurie Klappauf & John Hoornbeek Gary & Bette Klein Chad Klug Leslie Klug Elena & Brian K'Meyer John Knapik Mindy Kneale Linda Knight Sarah & Michael Knoblauch Steve & Ilona Kocan Douglas Kohl Rich & Linda Kolehmainen Bill & Kimberly Kolens Larry Kopowski Ursula Korneitchouk Meredith Korner Mike & Jan Kosmyna Sandy & Lee Kothera Mark & Barbara Kozlowski Eva & Dave Krause Jennifer Kreft Eric & Jodi Kremer Carole Krus Diane Krysinski Peggy Krysinski David Kubala Sandy & Mark Kuban Terry Kubiak Mary Ann Kucera Daniel & Becky Kuhns Helen Kunsman

Cheryl Kuonen Vaughn & Heather Kushner Martha & Louis Laguardia Denise & Terry Lahoski Lake County Republican Party Campaign Tom & Meg Lamb Nancy & Barry Lamkin Susan & Craig Lanham Aaron Lareau Dick & Libby Larrabee Katja Larsen Charles & Susan Laskin Katie & Donald Lastoria Barbara Lattur Gary & Karen Laughlin John Lawler Mr. & Ms. Curtis Leary Anne Lederman Tom & Kathy Leiden Joe L. Leighton Hal & Barbara Leitch Anne Lewellen Ray Lezak Bob Liggett Jeff & Nina Light John Lihwa Cheryl Lindow Christine Link David Lintern Fred & Pearl Livingstone Sarah Loar Nicole Lock Harriett Logan Betty-Jean Logan Everett & Claire Logue Regina Lomanno Joseph & Georgia Loutzenhiser Bill & Anne Lowery John & Rae Marie Loya Nicholas Lubar Thomas Lucak & Michelle Gove Suzanne Lucas Sue & Pat Lucic John & Rosemary Ludway Sam Lupica & Donna Golenbieski David & Jane Lutz Dan Lynch & Anna Hauenstein Joel Maas Kathleen & Peter Mac Ewan Marsita & John MacDonald Dan & Donna MacDonald Donald MacKay Mary Mackessy Lori Macso James & Jennifer Madaus Dan & Kelly Malek Julia & Tyler Malinky


Greg Malkin William Maloney Gary & Terry Manke Kristi & David Mann Norbert Manz Michelle Manzo Steve & Katie Markey Daniel Marksz & Mary Essig-Marksz Robert & Rachel Markwell Catherine Marquardt Barbara & Bill Marras Amy Marsalko Frank & Joyce Marsek Doug Marsh Eugene & Karen Marshall Wilma & Carl Martino Jesse Mason James & Rosaline Mather Tammy Mathia Ellen Matlock Martha & Thomas Matlock Rev. Leah F. Matthews Joseph Matuscak Kathleen Mayher Barbara McCallister Jim & Mary Ellen McCartney Becky & Chuck McClure Christine McCorkle & Steven VanAuken Linda & Blane McCoy Tommy & Jen McDonald Maureen McEnery Patrick & Susan McGown Nancy & William McGrath Mickie McHale James & Mary Anne McIlwee Jane McIntyre Andrew McKeeton John & Susan McKenzie Debbie McKinney John McLaren Jerry & Lisa McLean William & Anna McLure Martha McNamara Robert & Kathleen McNutt Laura McShane Joseph & Dianne Mellion C. Bruce Melville Francis & Monika Mencl Lynne Mendiola Bruce Mericle Don & Sally Messinger Cheryl & Jonathan Meyers Joseph & Amy Michalski Scott Middleton Dave & Diane Mieskowski Joseph Mieskowski


Anne Houdek Katie Hoy Ray & Janice Hrbac Paul & Anne Hrics Daniel Hubbard Wilbert Hubin Cheryl & Tom Hughey Marc & Peggy Hull Dawn Hummel Angela Hummel & Bernard Thiel John Humphrey Mary & Robert Hunt Peter Hurd Russ & Pat Hurd Wendy Hurd & Edward Bartunek Therese Hurtuk Bradley Hutchison Randy & Judy Hyde Robert Iden Joan Inderhees Betty Indriolo Scott Ineman Sharon Irwin & John Akamatsu Rosemary Isabella Mark & Kelly Jablonski Fonda Jackson Donald Jackson Marc & Karen Jaffe Sandra & Russell James Lynn Jaskiel Anne Jefferson Renata Jenkins Robert Jeracki Brian Jereb Kimberly Johnson & Robert Lovicz Sumru & Charles Johnson Katherine Johnson Eric & Melanie Johnson Zach Johnston Michael & Sandra Johnstone Robert & Christina Jones Steven Jones Mike & Nancy Jones Keaton Jones Laure Jones Susan Jones & Clyde Witt Bill Jordan & Laurel Winters Philip & Angela Jorgenson JP Morgan Chase Foundation Steve Justice Jim Kaftan Phillip & Jennifer Kalmanson Debbie Kaludy Elissa Kaplan Sandra Karlson Roger & Terry Karp Steve Kasparian James & Patricia Kastelic



Rick & Lyn Mild Arin Miller Brian & Kristin Miller Kelleigh Miller Mel & Carol Miller Carol Miller Terry & Adrienne Miller Walt & Theresa Minick Peg Misencik K.T. Misener John & Janet Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Gail Mix Friends of Leigh Wells Paul & Sallie Moledor Jane Moody Kimberly & Bret Moore Bob & Jane Moore Roy & Cindy Moore Tom Moore Kevin Moriarty Linda Morris Sophia Morton Richard & Liz Morton Jeff & Nicole Moshier Jane T. Mrowka-Salamanca Paul Muething Carolyn & Mark Muha Faye Mullenix Family Leonard Muni Richard Murphy Thomas Musarra Rosemary Myers Pat Myers Dan & Carolyn Nagy Louise Nahas Burt & Barb Neal Curt & Barb Neal Bob Neiderman Robert Nekic Debra Nelsen Kaneala Nelson Victor & Celine Nemeth Lisa Nester Karen & David Nevergall New York Community Bancorp, Inc. John & Ann Newby Trudie Newell Joyce Ng Steve & Maria Elena Nguyen Roger & Gail Nicholas Sandra & David Nicol Kurt Nicolay John Niemiec Felipe Nieves William & Deboarah Nigh Eric & Michelle Nisly Charles & Rachel Noetzel

Kim Noll Bob Noll David R. Nordlie Todd Norval William Norwick Michael & Susie Novak Lisa Nowak Kelly & Bob Nupp Laura Nusbaum Jeff & Ellen Nutter Edward & Caroline Oberndorf Stephanie O'Block Paula Oby Edward Odziemski Ohio Cat Ohio Prarie Nursery Jim Olander Tom & Marie Olexa Frank Olshavsky Michael Olshavsky & Candace Brown David & Ann Olszewski Joan Olszko Mark Onders Richard Ostendorf & Rita Szymczak Gregory & Elizabeth Osyk Tim & Barbara Osyk Raymond Ott Ellen Otto Penny Owen Lisa & Kenneth Owens John E. Pabst Thomas & Jean Paddock Steve Paddon Roger Pae Laura Palcisko Carol & David Paley Charitable Donor Advised Fund at Jewish Federation of Cleveland Fort Island Primary School, 2nd grade class 2019 Wright & Linda Parkes Parks Project, LLC Lynn Parmentier & R. Grant Murphy Stu Parry Alice Patterson Michael & Beverly Patterson Veronica & Hal Pavia Jonathan Pavloff Ralph Pawlik Richard Pedersen & Mary Griffin Susan & Richard Pejeau Scott Pendergast Barbara & Mark Pennington Jane Penttila & Kenneth Murach Michael & Janet Pera

Kim Perdue Mark Perkins Peter & Donna Pesch Teri Peters Kathryn Peterson Dan & Nathalie Petri Jason Petrik Christa Petryszyn Kathleen Pettingill John & Cindy Petures John Paul Pflaum Cindy Phillips Mary & Donald Phillips Robert W. Phinney Christine Picard Lee Pickler Richard & Susan Pierson Bob & Loraine Pike Matthew Pilkey Cynthia & Robin Pirie George & Catherine Plude Ted Polcyn Scott Pollock Thomas & Cathleen Poremba Robert & Karen Porter Richard & Barbara Porter Terri & Mark Pouliot Joyce Powell Rob & Nikki Precord Holly & Jon Price Kenneth & Barbara Prince Laurie & Roger Principe Jonathan Progoff Charles & Teresa Puckett Lois & Andrew Pugel James & Mary Lou Puperi Lee Pyzik James Quarles Amy Quillin Michael Quintin Linda & David Rainey Margaret Rakas Robin Ramsay Rodger Ramsthaler Ed Randall Tina & Harun Rashid Greg & Diane Ray Mandy Razzano Ellie Reagan Don & Marge Rearick Deborah Reed James & Nancy Reed Lindsay Regan M. Ann Reinthal Barbara Renner Thomas & Connie Repko Michelle & Peter Reynolds David & Hope Reynolds


Bill Rich John & Amanda Richardson Grace Richardson Brad & Carol Richardson Barb Richardson Brad & Marge Richmond Susan & Weston Riffle Timothy & Tari Riley Patrick & Meghan Riley Terry Ripich Marty Ritzert Kevin & Julia Roach Edward & Anne Robakowski Sharon Roberson-Evans Ken Robinson Sonta & Robert Robinson Laura Rocker Kathy & Rick Rodgers Ruth Rodgers Virginia & Reinhold Roedig Elaine Rogalski Aaron Rohe Jim & Laurie Rokakis Nancy Roloson Rudy & Elaine Rosales Mary Ross Terrence & Carole Rounds Thomas Rousher Cynthia & James Rudick Art & Mary Ruff Dan & Stella Rusek Laura Rusick Tom Russell Pauline Ryder John & Pat Rydquist Kathy & Don Rynbrandt John & Marla Rzeszotarski Robert & Barbara Sabo Ken Sabol Jeanne Salzman Lisa & Troy Sands Marcia & Paul Sandstrom Ralph & Anne Sapp Kelly Saunders Jackie & Tom Savoca John & Bette Sawicki Kathy Schaefer Hattie & Kyle Schenk Mary & Kenneth Schilstra James & Joyce Schindler Kathy Schlemmer William & Barbara Schloman Richard Schneider John & Alyson Schoff Karen Schofield Robert & Joan Scholl Mary & Arden Scholles Arthur & Jean Schooley


Peter Stadler Mary Jane Stanchina Sue Starrett & Jerry Smith Charles Stenger Jim & Jeanne Stephens Jessica Sterling Daniel Steurer Lacey & Christopher Stevens Patty Stevens Stimpert Family Fund Agnes Stitz Cheryl & David Storgard Thomas Straiker Jerry & Eileen Strauss John & Laura Struhsaker Chris & Jen Stupica Donna Stusek Debbie Styskel Linda Subich Bonnie & Joseph Sudomir Nancy Sugden & Robert Newbery Hillary Sullivan Patrick Sullivan Keith Summerville Sustainable Medina County Doreen & Joseph Svarny Dan & Victoria Sveda Gordon & Sheila Svoboda Rob & Karin Swedenborg Brendan Sweeney Marianne Sweeney Charlie Sweeny Lee & Jennifer Swindell Bert Szabo Arno Szegvari Donna & Chris Szuch Mary & Lou Tansky Tim & Fran Tartara Harry Taylor Dave Telfer & Ilona Chambre-Telfer John & Ing-Britt Thesken Rebecca & David Thiele Jammie Thiemar Brian Thomas Bryon Thomas & Rebecca Reimbold Teleange Thomas Dorothy & Bradley Thomas Bob & Gloria Thomas David & Lyn Thomas Jeff Thomas John & Deborah Thompson Ryan Thompson Martin & Catherine Timko Kyle & Susan Tipton Debbie Toder Chris Tolbert & Cheri Lindholm

Don & Barbara Tolliver Kathy Torma Totally Cooked Gerald Tracy Ralph & Barbara Trepal Mike Trinko Stephanie Trivison Doug & Kathy Trochelman Marc & Sylvia Trundle Bob & Susan Tucker Gene & Melissa Tullis Rick & Kelly Turner Gregory Uhland JoAnne & Tom Ulepic United Technologies United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, Inc Anne Unverzagt & Rick Goddard Sonia Vallorz Wes & Linda Van Fossen Patricia Vance Chris & Kathie VanDevere Mike & Christina Vanucci William Vardell & Kimberley Haller Bob Vecchione Tony & Pam Velazquez Paul Vidal Ken Vinciquerra Anne & Craig Vinkovich Fred & Mary Visel Joe Vogel Stephen & Amy Vogt Patrick & Laura Voigt Judy Vojtech Becky & Tom von Fischer Carla Vondrak & Tim Garfield Damian & Linda Vopat Sue Wagner David & Gwen Waight Donna & Gary Wakeland Grace Wakulchik John & Gail Walker Jenna Wall Lawrence Walters & Debra Illes Dana Walters James Ward Mark Warner Mary Warren Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wasil The Wasman Family Wathen Family Margaret & David Watkins; In Memory of Scott Jessie Ann Wayne Lewis West Kathy & Vince Whalen Gary & Carol Whidden George & Betsey Wick


Rodney & Kathleen Wiggins Donald Wiley John Wilkinson Keith Williams Linda Williams Chris & Joe Williams Thomas Williams Phil & Jeanne Williamson John Wilson Rebecca & Brian Wilson Peter & Lois Wilson Bruce Winges & Bonnie Bolden Jeffery Wissler Mike & Allison Wojno Therese Wolcott Kathy & John Wulfken Douglas & Linda Wyer Carl & Constance Wysocki James Yard Andrea Zadd Edmund Zaharewicz Jane Zaharias Rosemary & George Zampelli Candace Zeman Katie & Josh Zielaskiewicz Lora Zimmerman Stephen & Wendy Zinn Dana Zintek & Lisa Daiber Debbie & John Ziss Ron & Sophia Louise Zito Marianne Zoldak & Jim Lavelle Sharon Zuber Kalman Zucker & Mary Frances Haerr Andrew Zurick & Marsha Bazzoli

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The New Front Door WRITTEN BY


Zaina Salem



After years of anticipation, the new Boston Mill Visitor Center for Cuyahoga Valley National Park will welcome visitors from near and far.


UST AS EVERY HOUSE NEEDS A front door, every

park needs a visitor center—a central place to welcome the beautiful array of visitors who step foot in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, yearning for adventure. Every park needs a destination that inspires both the longtime voyager and the newfound explorer— a single location that elicits a curiosity within people to discover the endless opportunities of our national park.

After many years of anticipation, this has finally become a reality in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Culminating over 10 years of work, our park’s story will now be told in a rich, meaningful, and engaging way with the opening of the new Boston Mill Visitor Center on October 25th, 2019. As one of the most-visited national parks in the country, Cuyahoga Valley National Park now has the essential infrastructure that will support its growing number of visitors from around the region, around the nation, and around the world.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION AND SIGNIFICANCE A noteworthy visitor center deserves a strategic location, and when the property formerly known as Zielinski Court became available, it became clear that it was the ideal opportunity to fill this need. Zielinski Court is a series of buildings that featured a 1905 company store for a paper mill, the Cleveland-Akron Bag Company. The company was formed in 1902 when the Standard Bag and Paper Company and the Cleveland Paper Company merged with the Akron Paper Company. The mill, long ago demolished, manufactured flour sacks and roofing paper. In addition to the company store, two smaller residential houses were built south of the store, and these buildings remain today. The company also built six employee houses on Main Street in the Village of Boston, some of which remain as private residences, and two no longer standing duplex houses on Riverview Road. As the only buildings on the west side of the Cuyahoga River in the Village of Boston, the three Zielinski Court buildings are identified as contributing structures in the national register nomination for the Boston Mill National Historic District. Their historic value and location at the geographic heart of the national park made it a perfect

BOSTON MILL VISITOR CENTER DONORS Thank you to our generous donors to the Boston Mill Visitor Center!

$1,000,000+ Cynthia Knight

$500,000+ GAR Foundation The Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

$200,000+ Remen Family Foundation Sigrid & Curt Reynolds The Cleveland Foundation The George Gund Foundation Burton D. Morgan Foundation The Reinberger Foundation Diana Kunze & Arthur Brown Cargill, Inc.–Salt, Road Safety Akron Community Foundation [Medical Mutual of Ohio Community Investment Fund, John A. McAlonan Fund, Roush Memorial Fund, ACF Discretionary Fund, Robert A. & Jean C. Meyers Fund, and The Alan J. Woll Family Fund]

$100,000+ Family of Ron & Ann Allan Howland Memorial Fund Lehner Family Foundation Ohio & Erie Canalway Association The Mary S. & David C. Corbin Foundation The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation In Memory of Josephine H. Nelson

$50,000+ Anonymous Board of Directors, Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park FirstEnergy Foundation Doug & Karen Cooper Sue & George Klein Thomas & Lisa Mandel Fund of the Mandel Family Foundation Tom & Marilyn Merryweather M.G. O'Neil Foundation Doug & Noreen Powers Roger Read The Sisler McFawn Foundation Thank you to over 500 additional donors who contributed to this $7+ million campaign.



location for a “front door” central visitor center for the park. Zielinski Court is ideal in other ways as well: • The site is close to exits from I-271, I-77, the Ohio Turnpike (I80), and S.R. 8., as well as being on Riverview Road, the main artery in the national park. • Renovating existing structures rather than building new is an environmentally sustainable best practice, and follows a long tradition of use of historic buildings in CVNP. • The site is right along the Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad line and has easy access to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. • Having the Visitor Center located at a CVSR station and Towpath trailhead allows visitors to get out and experience our park safely by rail, bicycle, or on foot, as opposed to exclusive reliance on autos.

EXHIBITS The exhibits in the Visitor Center are just as dynamic and engaging as our park. They aim to orient visitors to the park’s purpose, geography, programs, visitor resources, and surrounding community. Here are the goals the exhibits are trying to achieve: 1. Visitors—both tourists and local—feel welcome and a sense of belonging to the park. 2. Visitors gain increased knowledge about park resources, especially a big-picture understanding of what the park is about. 3. Visitors find information needed to plan their current and future visits. The exhibits highlight key experiences in the park and will encourage visitors to use all their senses when they 34

explore CVNP—touching history, smelling local crops, and listening to birds. To dig deeper, one exhibit scene lays out more details on experiences across the park, organized into “Connect,” “Journey,” and “Discover” categories. These exhibits offer activities to do in the Visitor Center, but also encourage the public to continue these activities in the park. Other exhibits open a dialogue between the park and visitors—as well as between visitors and themselves— by encouraging various activities like sharing their favorite places and insider tips on a map or crafting poetry and artwork.

Early renderings of the exhibits inside of the new Boston Mill Visitor Center. RENDERINGS: THE DESIGN MINDS


The Visitor Center is a starting place for people to plan their visits tailored to their individual interests, but it is not a stand-alone destination. It’s a place for people to prepare, be inspired, learn, and engage as part of a larger experience in our national park.

FUNDRAISING AND ROLES As the nonprofit friends group for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Conservancy’s philanthropic mission to is to strengthen and provide support for CVNP. Because the National Park Service did not have the financial resources available to take on the Boston Mill Visitor Center project, the Conservancy and NPS joined in a public-private partnership to accomplish this critically needed undertaking. The Conservancy was responsible for raising the funds and managing the acquisition, planning, design, and construction of the buildings, courtyard, and exhibits for the Zielinski Court (east side) of the Visitor Center project— at $7.1 million in cost. The National Park Service was responsible for funding, planning, designing and managing construction of the west side of the project, including main 100 car and satellite large vehicle parking facilities, and relocation of the Boston Mill railroad station to the south side of Boston Mills Road, across from the new Visitor Center— at $2.186 million in cost. Now, with the project complete, the new Boston Mill Visitor Center and all associated improvements are owned, maintained and operated by the National Park Service. At the invitation of the NPS, the Conservancy is operating the sales facility in the new Visitor Center, through designation as a formal Cooperating Association of the NPS. For the Conservancy, this was by far the most ambitious capital fundraising campaign in its history. Under the leadership of CEO Deb Yandala and CDO John Debo, the Conservancy raised a total of $7.1 million for this project, with 49 percent of funds raised coming from foundations, 44 percent from individuals, 5 percent from corporations, and 2 percent from federal sources. The nearly $3.5 million in foundation support from Akron and Cleveland foundations, large and small, proudly speaks for itself. The over $3 million raised from individuals is a testament to the willingness and capacity of our Conservancy members to respond to the call to help our national park achieve an urgently needed goal. Our profound thanks go out to the over 500 Conservancy members who helped make our sparkling new Boston Mill Visitor Center emerge from a dream to a reality! Thank you!













INDIVIDUALS $3,085,939


FOUNDATIONS $3,451,500




FEDERAL $177,061


DONATED $50,000–$1.2M DONATED $1,000–$50,000

425 DONORS DONATED $5–$999





Zaina Salem

From the very beginning, our very own Patty Stevens has played a huge role in creating the first-ever, full-service Visitor Center for Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


s Capital Projects Director for the Conservancy, Patty shepherded the process through various design phases, facilitating decision-making and keeping NPS and Conservancy leadership informed along the way. Patty gave us some insight into what it was like to be a part of this remarkable project and shared what she hopes for the future. WHAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART ABOUT THE PROJECT? The project progressed over several years through some fairly complex design decisions and a tight budget. Throughout that time there were many changes in the people involved, so maintaining continuity with the decision-making was a challenge. There were also tradeoffs that were required to maintain the budget. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING ON THE PROJECT? My favorite part about working on the new Visitor Center was getting to know the park and Conservancy staff and leadership as well as learning about the Park Service and its processes and procedures. HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW THAT THE PROJECT IS COMPLETE? It has been very rewarding to see the building and site materialize and I am very anxious to see how the public


will experience the spaces. It takes a village—this has truly been a team effort. I could easily rattle off 30+ people who have been intimately involved in making this happen. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? We have stayed true to the original vision of orienting people to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There are so many great stories and interesting things about the park—it is tempting to want to convey it all. It is always difficult to keep the messaging straight forward and concise; I think we have done a good job at that and still conveyed the richness, transformational and aspirational aspects of the park. WHAT DO YOU HOPE THAT THIS NEW VISITOR CENTER WILL DO FOR THE PARK? I hope that it will strengthen the park’s position in the community. We are already much beloved, so it is a strong foundation to build on and the public support to make this happen has been overwhelming. I hope we can keep the momentum going and honor the huge commitment from our community this represents.


There are so many great stories and interesting things about the park—it is tempting to want to convey it all.




social creatures Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the perfect place to snap a picture and share a memory—just take a look at all of your beautiful photos! We love seeing all the cool things you’re doing in the park. Keep tagging #forcvnp in all your posts and you just might find yourself in this magazine!


@helloimthewanderer /



Brian Heyman

















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Cascade Auto Group’s Commitment to Philanthropy Benefits the Conservancy In the fall of 1969, the company that would become Cascade Auto Group was formed in the state of Ohio, and with it, a commitment to community support that has endured for half a century was born. The company’s founders, Donald and Sally Primm, and their next-generation owners—Michelle, Pat and Michael Primm— believe in supporting organizations that benefit children and education. The company has supported innumerable civic events, church fundraisers, and nonprofit organizations such as The Humane Society of Summit County, Junior Achievement, and several public broadcasting stations. But the jewel in its corporate philanthropy crown has been its support of the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cascade Auto Group has donated or directed more than a quarter million dollars in corporate contributions to the Conservancy since the partnership was established in 2014. 40


"We have partnered with the Conservancy in many fundraising efforts," said Michelle Primm, managing partner. "We like their education programs and the opportunities they present to children. We firmly believe in supporting organizations that make this community a better place to live." The mission of the Conservancy is to engage public support for the park and provide services to enhance public use and enjoyment of the park. Subaru Brand Manager David Hurte says that there is a natural fit between the Conservancy and the dealership. "The Conservancy's mission aligns beautifully with the typical Subaru buyer. Our customers are proud to support this great organization." In fact, CVNP’s trailhead parking lots are dotted with Subaru cars and SUVs, many of which have bike racks on them. And why not? According to market research from Subaru of America, Subaru buyers are adventurers seeking and enjoying outdoor experiences. “We so love CVNP and the work of the Conservancy that we decided to brand our test drives through the park as the ‘best test drive in America,’” said Pat Primm, co-owner and Internet manager. The company’s television ads, print ads and email campaigns all

VOLUME 5 : ISSUE 1 CVNP's trailhead parking lots are dotted with Subaru cards and SUVs. According to market research from Subaru of America, Subaru buyers are adventurers seeking and enjoying outdoor experiences. LEFT

Cascade Auto Group staff members join Micelle Prim (center-left) presenting a check to Conservancy CEO Deb Yandala from the 2018 Share the Love campaign. CENTER

close by urging prospective customers to “take America’s best test drive through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.” Many shoppers admit to being unfamiliar with the park that is practically in their own back yards. “We’re driven to give back to this gem that’s right in our backyard,” said Primm. “What better way to showcase our cars than to physically place them in the park that we all treasure?” Cascade Auto Group—consisting of Cascade Subaru, Cascade Mazda and Audi Cuyahoga Falls—may well be the only dealership group in America so close to a national park that each dealership can use the park for test drives. In addition to Cascade’s corporate annual donation, the annual Subaru Share the Love Event is an important avenue for driving contributions to the Conservancy. Each year Subaru donates $250 for every car sold from mid-November to January to one of six charities. Five are national charities; the sixth is a local charity chosen by each Subaru dealership. Cascade Subaru has named the Conservancy as its charity of choice, and the salespeople encourage buyers to select it to receive the $250 contribution that comes from Subaru of America. The Share the Love Event has brought more than $83,000 to the Conservancy over the past five years, and Cascade plans to promote it again this year when the event begins in November. Nothing binds the Conservancy and the Cascade Auto Group more than their mutual appreciation of and commitment to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The strength of that bond foretells a continuing relationship long into the future. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CASCADE AUTO GROUP, VISIT CASCADEAUTOGROUP.COM. 41




Conservancy Events Fall + Winter 2019 For more information, pricing, and to order tickets or register, visit



Scott Mulvahill

Weekend for Junior Girl Scouts


Ed Caner & Escaping Pavement NOVEMBER 17 @ 4:30 P.M. HINES HILL CONFERENCE CENTER

Barefoot Movement NOVEMBER 22 @ 8 P.M. HAPPY DAYS LODGE



Tina Bergmann & Bryan Thomas BAREFOOT MOVEMENT




AT TEND AN EVENT! For more information, pricing, & to order tickets or register, visit



We need bats in order to have healthy and diverse ecosystems. Many bats feast on insects, some pollinate plants, and some even spread seeds! There are ways that we can protect our bat friends at home, and one of those ways is to build a bat house.

Why should I build a bat house? As you’ve learned in this issue, bats don’t always live in caves since they are losing natural roosts in caves and forests at a rapid rate. Experts in CVNP are working to protect natural habitat for bats, but building a bat house in your neighborhood or community will provide shelter they desperately need.

Where should I build a bat house? The ideal location for a bat house includes: • A place with a lot of sun. Bat houses should receive at least six hours of daily sun exposure. • A height of at least 15 feet off the ground to protect against predators.

How do I build a bat house? The correct bat house for you depends on available tools and lumber, your skill as a carpenter, your budget, and your expectations. To learn how to build and install a bat house, visit getting-involved/bat-houses

• A water source nearby (so the mother bat doesn’t have to leave her young for too long). Bats prefer roosts mounted on buildings or other large wooden or concrete structures, rather than on poles or on trees.


1403 West Hines Hill Road Peninsula, Ohio 44262

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