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The Cuyahoga River is the center of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park landscape. For 22 miles, the river flows among the woodlands, meadows, and farm fields of the valley, one of the largest and least-developed areas of the river’s watershed.

EXECUTIVE STAFF Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer Janice Matteucci Chief Operating Officer John P. Debo, Jr. Chief Development Officer Katie Wright Director of Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center Katrina Haas Chief of External Affairs BOARD James Nash, Chairman Tina Darcy, Vice-Chair Dione Alexander Christopher Buehler Michael Byun Pamela A. Carson Deborah Cook Harold Gaar Michael L. Hardy Matthew Heinle Emily Holiday Jane Howington Sue Klein Kathy Leavenworth Phil LiBassi Gary Lobaza Jeremy M. Long Shawn Lyden Stephen Metzler Michael Miller Sandra Morgan Ellen Perduyn Dr. Liz Piatt Brett Reynolds Irv Sugerman Rick Taylor Teleangé Thomas ©2017/2018 Conservancy for CVNP DESIGN: Christopher Hixson / Incite Creative EDITOR: Emily Heninger, Grants & Communications Manager CORPORATE PARTNER:


Beyond the physical importance of the river, its story is central to the Cuyahoga Valley. Over the decades, the river has transformed—from a symbol of pollution to a symbol of vibrant communities. This restoration of the “river that burned” is reflective of the transformation of the valley, telling a tale of a resilient landscape. The story doesn’t end there, though. Throughout the next several years, the park’s vision is to hold up the Cuyahoga River watershed, its communities, and CVNP as international symbols of human, urban, and ecosystem renewal. By protecting the quality of the Cuyahoga and providing visitors with opportunities to learn from and enjoy it via a new “river trail,” CVNP can continue to preserve the core values of the park—historic, scenic, natural, and recreational. The Conservancy is supporting the park in this vision by telling the story of the Cuyahoga River in the new Boston Mill Visitor Center, set to open in 2019. In addition to the center’s location directly alongside the Cuyahoga in the Village of Boston, exhibits will help visitors discover the river’s cultural and environmental legacy, as well as its connection to the cities of Cleveland and Akron. Students at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center also learn about the importance of the river with hands-on water quality testing, stream assessments, and more (see center spread). The Education Center’s central overnight program, “All the Rivers Run,” helps children make connections between the health of the river and their actions in their home communities. The Cuyahoga River is the lifeblood of CVNP. We look forward to sharing more with you about its history and transformation over the next several years, as well as new opportunities to explore its waters.

Deb Yandala Craig Kenkel Conservancy CEO CVNP Superintendent

COVER PHOTO: Eastern Screech Owl, Jim Roetzel

THE CONSERVANCY’S PROGRAMS INCLUDE: > Teaching children about nature at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. > Co-managing the park’s award-winning volunteer program. > Fostering a rich cultural arts program through music, art, adult education, & more. > Providing visitor services including event facilities, lodging, and stores. > Raising money for national park projects and programs. HIKING IN CVNP, PHOTO: ROY MOORE


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A Place to Gather


The history of Everett Covered Bridge


Focusing on CVNP 150 students received a hands-on photography experience in Cuyahoga Valley National Park


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Adventures at the Environmental Education Center Explanatory map & guide


Making Trails Forever a Reality A day in the life of a trail management intern

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Everett Covered Bridge

A place to gather by Julie Schuler

< The author's family at Everett Covered Bridge




My 11-year-old son has never met a boulder or pile of rocks that didn’t invite him to climb. He’s drawn to creeks and streams in the same magnetic way; combine those two loves, and he’s occupied for hours. Such was our inaugural journey to the Everett Covered Bridge one sunny, 70-degree day this summer. In Cleveland, weekends like these are our reward for making it through the winter, and my family of four took full advantage of the paths, streams, and peace that Everett Covered Bridge offers. While I wanted to check out the iconic red structure—the only remaining covered bridge in Summit County—my kids had other ideas. They were near the water the minute they saw a path. I knew they weren’t alone in their attraction to life under and around bridge. The story of the Everett Covered Bridge is one that’s steeped in the history of the area and the communities that it brought together when it was originally built in the 1870s. Today, the bridge still brings communities and people together, whether for a horse ride, volunteer opportunity, annual dance—or simply a family outing.

A Gathering of People We were not alone in exploring the bridge that day. Upstream a family was skipping rocks, which led to a rock skipping lesson for my 8-year-old. (A consummate dad and daughter bonding moment.) Downstream, a father tried




Plein Air painting at Everett Covered Bridge

to lead his tweens across the water unsuccessfully. This led to my son deciding he could master the crossing (also unsuccessfully). It’s all a day-in-the-life of the bridge. “It’s a lovely place to step back in time or step away from the 20th Century,” noted Rebecca Jones-Macko, a National Park Service (NPS) Ranger who is considered an authority on the history of the area. “These covered bridges once dotted the landscape and were common structures. Now that’s not the case, and people drive distances to experience the nostalgia.” Indeed, when it was built in the 19th century, it was one of thousands of covered bridges dotting the landscape. Today, it stands alone as the last covered bridge in Summit County. The bridge’s history is a little bit folklore, a little bit indicative of the time period when it was built. As the story goes, on a winter night in 1877, valley farmers John



Gilson and his wife had to circumvent a large ice chunk in the road near Furnace Run stream when returning home from visiting friends. A winter storm had caused the waters to rise, with ice obstructing the path. In passing around the ice, they came too close to the rushing stream, and their entire sleigh was thrown into the water. Although Mrs. Gilson was rescued, Mr. Gilson was pulled downstream and his body not recovered until four days later. The bridge may have been built in response to this tragedy; in truth, the date of construction is unknown. While the story may not be 100 percent historically accurate, it does paint a picture of the treacherous creek crossings that were common during that time and the importance of covered bridges during the era. Like most bridges built in the 1800s, locals used timber trusses and decking for construction, since wood was easy and

inexpensive to get. To protect the trusswork from the weather and (hopefully) extend the life of the structure, bridges were built with siding and a roof, creating the iconic covered look. The bridge as it stands today is a re-creation of the original structure that washed away in a spring flood in 1975. Local citizens, rallied by a park friends group (then called Cuyahoga Valley Association; now called the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park), began raising funds to rebuild the bridge. School children, private organizations, and governmental agencies all joined hands to secure funds for the historically accurate reconstruction, completed by the NPS in 1986. One of the stories of the Cuyahoga Valley is “the story of connecting people and communities that were previously isolated,” said Jones-Macko. “We preserve that in our park. The waterways and bridge played a major role in writing that story.”

A Gathering of Volunteers “Can we go on a trail?” Every time I take my son to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I’m bound to hear this question, and our trip to the Everett Covered Bridge was no different. With four distinct trails—totaling 28 miles— converging at the bridge, we had our pick. At two miles, the Furnace Run Loop seemed to fit the bill for the day. Rated as moderate to difficult, with 240 feet of elevation change, we only did a slice of the trail that afternoon, with plans to return with our hiking sticks (and water) for a more complete experience. Mostly, I wanted to show my kids the trees. Finding trees in the park is a lot like finding sand at the beach, but there’s something particularly special about the trees near Everett Covered Bridge. Specifically, these newly planted saplings are laying the groundwork for the PHOTO: NPS / DJ REISER

That bridge is still bringing people together today. Several hiking and bridle trails converge at the crossing. And, every year in June, the NPS hosts an old-fashioned dance with live music, inviting the community to share food and friendship. “There are engagements on the bridge; family portraits are taken there. It’s a place for people to meet and come together,” explained Jones-Macko. In the spring, the nearby scenic overlook is flush with wildflowers, including phlox and bluebells; in the summer, the nearby farm is lush and green; and in the fall, the red siding enhances the natural colors of the landscape for a brilliant show. Even in winter, a burst of red against the snow is a welcome sight. In fact, in 2006 the National Park Foundation, an organization that supports the NPS, included Everett Covered Bridge on its list of top ten places for photography on public lands. My photography skills are more novice than noteworthy, yet I still found myself pulling out my cellphone to snap the kids with the red siding as a backdrop. From our rock skipping to boulder hopping, it added an element that took me back to a time and place. Then we were off… onto the trails! NPS Ranger Josh Bates works with NPCA representative and park volunteer LeAaron Foley FORCVNP.ORG


future of the park as a thriving, protected habitat. They’re also a reflection of the importance of volunteers to the work the NPS does.

the area. Non-native black locust trees, weedy wild black cherry trees, and undergrowth riddled with wild mustard became common.

I learned all about these efforts when I had the chance to meet NPS Plant Ecologist Chris Davis for an insider’s tour of the area. There’s nothing like seeing the park from an expert’s eyes, and it gave me the chance to learn more about the “why” beyond the paths we take.

In 2013, Chris and the NPS began to combat these invasive plants with a plan: reforest the area with native trees that would help preserve and protect the water quality in Furnace Run stream and serve as critical habitat for songbirds, bugs, and wildlife.

Surrounding the Furnace Run Loop are 22 acres that were once fields and farmland, dating back to about the 1930s. When the area became part of the national recreation area in the 1980s, trees began growing again—but these trees weren’t necessarily healthy for

“Reforesting helps catch runoff that would otherwise go into the stream. It’s important for water quality,” Chris explained. “In addition, it gives native migratory birds a place to hide from threats like the brown headed cowbird, which is hammering songbird populations.”



The story of the cowbird was an interesting one. As Chris explained it, cowbirds lay their eggs in songbirds’ nests, then hang out nearby to make sure those birds take good care of the eggs. If they don’t, the cowbird attacks the nest, destroying the songbird’s eggs in the process. If the eggs are taken care of, the cowbird hatchlings will edge out the native songbird’s babies. “It’s a no-win situation for songbirds. Since cowbirds only ‘hang out’ on the edge of forests, by returning large open fields to forests, we give these birds the chance to survive,” Chris said. Since 2013, volunteers have planted 1,500 trees across about 10 acres in the Everett Covered Bridge area. Walk the Furnace Run Loop and you’ll spot these trees easily: white tubes surround three- to six-foot tall plantings, dotting the landscape as far as you can see. The trees include sycamores, swamp white oaks, box elders, and silver maples. Planting so many trees takes not only financial resources but also human ones, and the Conservancy plays a role on both fronts, recruiting and managing volunteers as well as raising funds for the program. The NPS and Conservancy work together to get the job done, with Conservancy Director of Volunteer Services Jamie Walters organizing large corporate volunteer groups and NPS Ranger Josh Bates organizing youth groups. Chris logistically organizes the plantings and oversees the work. The trio’s efforts were recently honored with the national Achieving Relevance in Public Engagement and Resource Stewardship Award for the National Park Service. In terms of logistics, the groundwork is as extensive as the fields themselves. Chris must first assure that an area is archaeologically sound for tree planting. Because of the American Indian history of the region, this involves considerable research. Then the fields must be properly cleared for digging, with weeds, underbrush, and more all removed by volunteer hands.

The Legacy of Ralph Regula Former U.S. Congressman Ralph S. Regula died earlier this year, but his legacy will live on in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, honored with a special exhibit near Everett Covered Bridge. Along with former Congressman John F. Seiberling, Mr. Regula was one of the founders of Ohio’s national park, and was a co-signer of the bill authorizing its

Congressman Ralph Regula at a ceremony at Everett Covered Bridge in 2008, being named as an honorary park ranger.

creation in 1974. Over his 36 years in Congress, Mr. Regula worked tirelessly to ensure that adequate funding was made available for land acquisition, development, and operations of CVNP as it developed. In 1996, he authored the bill creating the Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, which enabled the preservation and development of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath as a continuous pathway from Cleveland to New Philadelphia, Ohio. Mr. Regula was a lifelong devotee of the Towpath Trail, and took enormous pleasure knowing it would be forever used by millions in the national park and beyond. Mr. Regula is honored at the Founders Wayside exhibit near Everett Covered Bridge, where, alongside John Seiberling, his contributions to Cuyahoga Valley

“There are a lot of volunteers that really love that work: the prep work. It’s so important to give the trees a clear base for growth,” Chris said.

National Park, the Ohio & Erie Canalway, and the entire

After the trees are planted, Mother Nature isn’t always cooperative. “When the cicadas emerged in 2016, it hurt some of the smaller tree branches. Volunteers helped

life of the man who worked so hard to protect and

National Park System will be forever enshrined. Stop by on your next trip to CVNP to learn more about the preserve the Cuyahoga Valley.



us with pruning and checking. Voles have also been an issue. But the trees are fighting.” The ultimate goal for the area is 60 to 70 percent survival rate. The NPS plants trees in a way that leaves room for loss. The ultimate goal, Chris said, is 125 trees per acre for a healthy forest. My daughter noticed the tubes protecting the trees the minute we hit the trail, and was intrigued by what they meant. She’s my “thoughtful biologist,” always looking towards the future. When I explained to her that the tubes help shield the trees from deer, beavers, and other wildlife, she wanted to know more. When will the tubes be removed? How long will it be until it’s a forest again? How do the trees help keep the water clean? Like her, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

skill. My son decided he also needed to try his hand at it. Hilarity ensued as the rocks he picked—one bigger and rounder than the next—created more of a splash than a skip. His sister, now the expert, jumped in to lend a hand. Believe me, sibling collaboration like this doesn’t happen all that often. One… two… three skips later, they both felt the pride in helping each other achieve success. That is, until their discussion reverted back to trying to outdo each other, as siblings do. It’s moments like these that remind me why we love to visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It’s a part of our history, connecting people and places—even today. It’s a place for us to make memories that will stay with us long after we leave.

As we prepared to leave, my daughter wanted a few more minutes of rock skipping time to perfect her new PHOTO: JEFF PICOULT

Photographing Everett Covered Bridge In 2006, the National Park Foundation included Everett Covered Bridge on its list of top ten places for photography on public lands.

Here are some tips for photographing the bridge: Time of day is a key factor

Give the photograph

A fun photograph is the

for successful images due to

depth by including

“kissing shot.” You can

a focal point in

variation in light. The light is


shoot through the bridge

best for photography looking upstream at

the foreground. Some of the best

to a couple embracing just beyond

the bridge in the morning and downstream

photographs of Everett Covered Bridge

the bridge. If you try it, make sure you

in the afternoon and evening. The quality

emphasize the rocks and water of Furnace

set your exposure for the outside light

of light is best early and late in the day. For

Run in front of the bridge. If you go a little

where the couple is standing, not the

morning photography, any time between

further downstream in the creek bed,

darker interior of the bridge.

sunrise and 10 a.m. is good; for afternoon

you can include small cascades in the

photography, try after 4 p.m.



Source: National Park Service

Give the gift of an acre in Cuyahoga Valley National Park! PHOTO: ED TOEREK

When you sponsor an acre, you help: Restore native habitat in the park Maintain the trails of CVNP Protect our national park To choose your acre, visit







ON CVNP STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE VALLEY It’s early spring. Small pockets of snow still hide in corners of the valley. A young girl crouches near the Ledges Overlook, examining a small pocket of bright green moss that caught her eye—a colorful spot in the slowly awakening landscape. She holds a bulky camera in her gloved hands, fiddling with the settings. She points her lens at the moss, focuses… Click. The moment is captured, frozen in time within her camera. Earlier this year, 150 students from Faircrest Memorial Middle School in Canton visited Cuyahoga Valley National Park to get hands-on photography experience, with the valley’s unique geology as their subject. Jen Kruger is the students’ eighth-grade science teacher. About a year ago, she and art teacher Amy Eibel approached the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center about bringing their students to the park. They wanted a program that would reinforce what students were learning in class, as well as incorporate art to engage student creativity.






Visit for seasonal hours OWNED AND OPERATED BY




“We were looking for a way to review all the Earth Science concepts for the American Institutes for Research assessment without giving kids more paper/pencil work,” said Ms. Kruger. “We thought a hands-on approach would be much more beneficial to get these concepts to ‘stick.’ The students spent half their time in the park hiking the Ledges Trail to see its towering rock ledge formations. Education Center instructors led students among the 300-million-year old rocks and taught them how the Ritchie Ledges were formed by ancient seas, glaciers, and erosion. “This program touched on everything we needed to review and gave students ‘reallife’ experiences,” said Ms. Kruger. “Students saw erosion, deposition, glacial till, and creep, as well as rock formations, superposition, and intrusions. We can show them what they look like in our book, but now we can show them what it looks like in nature.” The other half of their day was spent taking photos. Two professional photographers guided the children as they explored the Ledges, looking for unique rock layers, areas of erosion and deposition, and other scenic features. Later, after students had a chance to edit their work back at school, the photos were displayed at an art studio in downtown Canton and printed for future science classes to use at Faircrest Memorial. Art teacher Ms. Eibel was thrilled to combine hands-on art activities with






the students’ schoolwork. “A lot of these students don’t usually get outside to any parks, much less a national park,” she said. The chance to get outside and take photos in Ohio’s national park was a first-time opportunity for many in the group. The students’ trip to the Cuyahoga Valley tied together a popular creative pastime with concepts of earth science. The children had chance to connect their studies with the real world—and experience the wonder of the park while doing it. This program was led by the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center, which offers year-round day and overnight programming for Ohio youth. Learn more about our programs at





Over 76,000 park visitors connected with the Conservancy and learned about the park at our Trail Mix stores PHOTO: RICK MCMEECHAN

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Your 2017 gifts made an impact in the Cuyahoga Valley! As a Conservancy member, your donation plays a vital role in fulfilling our vision of connecting people to their national park and preserving it for future generations. Here’s how your membership made an impact in Fiscal Year 2017 (9/1/16 – 8/31/17).

3,909 youth received donor-funded scholarships to attend programs at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center

2017 Successes because of

Learn more at accomplishments



Total support for the new Boston Mill Visitor Center surpassed

98 couples exchanged vows in the Cuyahoga Valley

$5.8 million 16







native trees

enjoyed live music from local and national artists in CVNP

were planted by

530 volunteers at Day of Service events CONSERVANCY PHOTO

THANK YOU for supporting Cuyahoga Valley National Park and making our shared dreams a reality. See our goals for 2018 on the back cover of this publication.


22 park trails At least

benefited from TRAILS FOREVER dollars and the work of world-class trail crews and volunteers


Keep reading about donor impact on environmental education in the Cuyahoga Valley









When Kristen Forshey first heard about the Trail Management Internship, funded through the TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund, she knew she found the summer program she was searching for. As an Akron native and 2015 University of Akron graduate in biology, Kristen has spent a lifetime exploring Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s hiking and biking trails with her family. Here’s how Kristen is making sure she’s leaving her mark on the park for generations to come.




How long have you been interning through the TRAILS FOREVER program?

What interested you in the position when you applied?

This is my second summer in the position. The first year, I

My “dream job” was working for one our country’s national

started working in March and was planning to wrap things

parks, so I was thrilled when I found out there was a position

up in August—but the weather and trail conditions weren’t

like this in my own backyard. I have such a sentimental

ready for me to leave! I stayed through November. This year,

connection to the park. When I was a kid, my mom used to

I’m also planning to work into November, keeping our trails

take us for hikes around the park all of the time. Brandywine

ready for all of the fall hikers.

Falls was a favorite spot, but really anywhere we could hike

Tell us a little bit about your responsibilities.

or bike drew us in.

I work with Jeff Pettigrew, who is the National Park Service

Hiking has always been a big part of my life, and it’s one of

(NPS) Trails Volunteer Coordinator, and together we

the coolest things that attracted me to this internship—the

organize volunteer crews. Once those crews are scheduled,

fact that I would be out on the trails rehabbing them and

I make sure we have the right equipment and tools at the

building new ones, and knowing that I’d be able to help

trail so we can make the most of the volunteers’ time. I also

make decisions about the trails and gather volunteers to

lead the crews in their work, showing them what to do.

really enjoy them. It’s an amazing thing to be able to look at

In the spring, this consists mainly of resurfacing projects. With the heavy rains and flooding, the trails need a lot of TLC. We’re also working to get gravel stone on many of

a trail and say, “I built that.” The sense of accomplishment I feel towards our trails continues to motivate me to make them better for the future.

drainage and can accommodate the park’s growing foot

Had you heard of the TRAILS FOREVER initiative before?

traffic. Lately we’ve also been replacing many of the culverts

It wasn’t something I was familiar with until I started. Now

with hardened crossings. These are more natural and help

I see how it is one of the most important resources that the

increase trail sustainability.

trails division of CVNP has. We can recruit volunteers, but

What is your favorite part of your day?

we still need the tools, equipment, and human resources

our trails. This is a nice hardened surface that helps with

Definitely working with the volunteers! I love the days where we have a bunch of volunteers and there are people to talk to and lead. It is so satisfying to get so much work done

such as myself to keep the trails healthy. A big part of this park is the 120 miles of trails we have. It’s important to keep those trails safe, especially with the ever-changing weather.

in such a short period of time. It’s also a good to see the

What’s your favorite trail?

volunteers get excited about what they’ve accomplished.

There are so many! I love the Oak Hill and Plateau areas, but

I never realized how big of a role the volunteers played in maintaining the trails. There are hundreds of volunteers we work with regularly. We only have about 5-10 folks on

I also love Ledges for sentimental reasons—we spent a lot of time there as a family. Oak Hill is super pretty and has so much vegetation.

the official NPS trails crew each year [many of whom are seasonal employees]. Without the volunteers, keeping our trails in top shape would be unmanageable. Being a park


enthusiast, I didn’t realize how important volunteers were

Learn more about all the ways the Conservancy is supporting trail projects and other important initiatives in the national park at, or learn more about making a bequest to the Legacy Fund by contacting John Debo at (330) 657-2909 ext. 120.

until I was immersed in their activities. We have a lot of regular volunteer groups, like the Medina Horseman’s Council and Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council. We also have other volunteers who have adopted miles of trails. Youth groups, corporate groups and more. There are opportunities for everyone.



WHAT: TRAILS FOREVER is an initiative to protect and maintain the trails of Cuyahoga Valley National Park—for all people, for all time. As part of this initiative, the Conservancy has embarked on a campaign to raise a $10 million endowment for the TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund. When this goal is reached, the fund will forever generate $500,000 each year, exclusively for our national park trails. WHO: TRAILS FOREVER is a partnership among the Conservancy, National Park Service, park volunteers, and donors who contribute to the ongoing preservation of CVNP trails. WHY: Flooding, erosion, and heavy use threaten CVNP’s trails daily. The National Park Service budgets for trail maintenance, but with over 100 miles of trails and competing park needs, NPS funding comes up short. The TRAILS FOREVER initiative and Legacy Fund exist to cover this gap and protect the future of our trails, so future generations can continue to hike, bike, run, and ride in the valley. HOW: In the past, TRAILS FOREVER has supported projects such as flooding/erosion control on the Towpath Trail, restoration and reopening of Tabletop Trail, a mobile “tool shed” for trail repairs, key trail crew positions, and restoration projects on many other park trails like Ledges, Pine Grove, and Langes Run. Volunteers consistently play a key role in executing these trail projects. WHERE: In 2017 alone, through intern Kristen Forshey’s work, the TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund helped restore and preserve over 20 trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park: >Brandywine Gorge

>Perkins Trail

>Buckeye Trail

>Pine Grove

>Cross Country Trail

>Plateau Trail

>East Rim

>Riding Run

>Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center Trails >Forest Point

>Salt Run

>Furnace Run >Lake Trail >Langes Run >Ledges Trail >Oak Hill



>Stanford Trail >Stanford-Hines Hill Connector Trail >Tabletop Trail >Towpath Trail >Valley Trail >Wetmore Trail













@ConservancyCVNP @forCVNP @forCVNP #forCVNP




Live Local, Think Global

Since opening our doors in 1999, Jakprints has been leading the print industry with sustainable practices. By investing in energy-efficient machinery, vegetable-based offset inks, recycled stocks, wind power, and planting one tree with every order, we’re constantly offsetting our consumption as a production facility; we’re firm believers the planet should come before profits.

Giving Back On April 22 and May 20, 2017, a team of our employees joined other volunteer groups in CVNP to plant trees and native vegetation. Together with over 225 volunteers, we planted over 775 trees, which will help ​create a less fragmented habitat for wildlife and increase the water quality of the Cuyahoga River, making sure our national park remains as beautiful ever. It’s great to reduce waste and offset the negative effects of our production on the environment, but alone we cannot meet the growing need of our parks and wildlife right here in our backyard. Volunteering your time to help CVNP is awesome, but we don’t stop there.

Responsibility Keeping our parks and planet happy and healthy isn’t “someone else’s job” – everyone has to do their part. Our local businesses in particular have the power to make a huge, positive environmental impact. So why not put all that manpower to good use? We’re challenging all of our neighbors to join us in conserving and protecting CVNP. Whether it’s through employee volunteer opportunities or donations, regardless of how small, we can make a huge impact as a whole. As individuals we are only an inch; together we become a mile.


Learn more at or stop by our Downtown Cleveland showroom at 3133 Chester Ave. 24


Are you and your company interested in making a difference for CVNP?

Reach out to Conservancy’s Chief of External Affairs, Katrina Haas at ​ Together we can ensure CVNP continues to be one of America’s greatest national treasures. —Your friends at Jakprints




Mike and Marti Hardy love Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s trails—for the scenery, the exercise, and the history. Every trail is special, but the Towpath Trail is their favorite. “I enjoy coming upon a former lock and seeing the traces of the canal,” says Mike, a self-described American history buff. “On the trails, I get some exercise, I get to connect with history, and I get to enjoy the environmental beauty of the park.” The Hardy’s connection to CVNP trails goes back several years. Mike remembers when the park first started talking about turning the Towpath into a recreational trail in the late 1980s. “You had to have a good imagination to imagine the old path as a trail!” he laughs. Eventually, the Towpath did become a trail, and one of the park’s most beloved ones to boot. Mike and Marti have walked many miles on it, especially from the Ira Trailhead to Beaver Marsh and at the Station Road Bridge Trailhead. In 2008, Mike teamed up with the Conservancy as part of the TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund group to kick-start an endowment campaign focused on park trails. The Fund continues today, with a goal of raising a $10 million endowment solely for operation and maintenance of CVNP’s trails system. Mike and Marti have generously made a planned gift to the Legacy Fund to ensure the park’s trails remain protected and maintained for generations to come, even after they’re gone. “We cannot take the park or the funding it receives from the federal government for granted,” says Mike. “We need to make this park sustainable, and gifts through lasting endowments make that possible.” Thanks to people like Mike and Marti, our Cuyahoga Valley National Park trails will go on—forever. Learn more about how you can make your own lasting impact in CVNP at




Thank you to our Conservancy Donors for 2017 GUESTS AT ELEVATION, PHOTO: MELANIE NESTERUK

The Conservancy gratefully acknowledges the generous individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations who made gifts during the Conservancy’s Fiscal Year 2017 (9/1/2016–8/31/2017).

Planned Giving Donors (Legacy Society) We thank the following individuals who have remembered the Conservancy through a bequest or other planned gift: Anonymous (4) Richard and Joan Ainsworth Linda Anderson Peter and Barbara Avrea Jim and Karen Bennett John and Nicky Bloodworth David and Sheila Bly Robert Briggs Jim and Eve Brown Michael Busta William Busta and Joan Tomkins William and Mary Ellen Carroll Pamela A. Carson Joe and Lisa Cellura Barbara and Jack Cochran Dave Daams John and Betty Dalton John and Cyndee Debo Gerard and Ann Findlan Nancy Gardner Henry Gulich


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Lifetime ($100,000+) Stanley and Hope Adelstein Richard and Joan Ainsworth Arthur "Buzz" Brown and Diana Kunze Tuni and Lee Chilcote Marie and Chuck Grossman George and Sue Klein Cynthia Knight Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation, Nancy Reymann Gotfredson Lisa and Thomas Mandel Stephen Morris and Amanda Ford Morris Mort and Iris November Doug and Noreen Powers Mickey and Angie Remen Bill and Trish Steere April and Charlie Walton Phyllis E. Walker

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Great Blue Heron Society ($2,500-4,999) Anonymous Richard and Joan Ainsworth Akron General Health System Ellen Botnick Amy and Brad Bowers Arthur Brooks Michael Busta William Busta and Joan Tomkins Kenneth L. Calhoun Charitable Trust William and Mary Ellen Carroll Pamela A. Carson The Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation Lee and Tuni Chilcote

Cleveland Area Mountain Biking Association Doug and Maurine Crowder Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Addicott Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad John and Betty Dalton Debbie and Dean DiCarlo Jeanette Eustache Rita Frantz Shawn and Marianne Grandon Don and Lynn Hanigan Peter Henriksen Emily and Mark Holiday Howard & O'Brien Associates, Inc. Dana and Richard Klein Thomas Kloetzly and Carol Rollins-Kloetzly Gerry and Peg Kuechle Kathy Leavenworth Littler Mendolson Foundation Riley and Barbara Lochridge Luciano Family Foundation Marsita and John MacDonald Mardi Gras Fund Jim and Claudia Markwald McMeechan Construction Rick McMeechan Stephen and Sonja Metzler Robert A. and Jean C. Meyers Family Fund The Amanda Ford Morris Charitable Lead Trust Stephen Morris and Amanda Ford Morris Melissa and Neal Nandi Janet and Spike Narten The North Face Rob and Jennifer Northrup Kathleen O'Neill and Michael O'Connor Sean and Nancy O'Connor Old Trail School Oswald Companies Steve and Sherryl Owen Parker Hannifin Foundation People for Bikes Coalition John and Ellen Perduyn PPG Industries Foundation Carol Prior Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Franz Sauerland David and Pam Semanik Shaker Lakes Garden Club Sandy and Richey Smith Terry and Dianne Squire The Grey Colt, Inc. Hannah Weil The Welty Family Foundation Jerry Welty John and Margie Wheeler Dick and Ann Whitney William O. and Gertrude Lewis Frohring Foundation Wolff Family Charitable Trust Scott Wolff Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop

Locktenders’ Circle ($1,000-2,499) Anonymous Dave and Christa Jo Abood Steven Adler and Carol Rolf Richard B. and Mary P. Ainsworth Fund Akron Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau Peter and Barbara Avrea Tom Baechle BAFF Multisport The Banks-Baldwin Foundation Doug and Lu Bannerman Dustin and Katie Basch Rollie and Mary Bauer Blimp City Bike & Hike John and Nicky Bloodworth Mary Bohn Ann and David Brennan Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC Robert Briggs and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Fran Buchholzer Siegfried Buerling Debra and Stephen Bures Toby Butt and Christine Iafelice Bill and Nancy Byrd Michael Byun Ken and Diane Campbell Joe and Lisa Cellura Abbie and Matthew Chandler Julie Chen John and Bonnie Childs Chipotle Mexican Grill John and Mary Kay Chlebina Larry and Jennifer Chlebina Henry V. & Frances W. Christenson Foundation John and Kristin Cipolla Jack and Barbara Cochran The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation

Evan and Barbara Corns Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council The Cyrus Eaton Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Daane Tina and Mike Darcy Teresa and Mark Davey DaVita Inc. Kerri and Mark Daye DDR Corp. Maude de la Porte Phyllis DeMark Lynne and Bill Dowling Derek Drayer Eddy's Bike Shop Enterprise Holdings Foundation Eric and Kim Epley ExploreAFoot ExxonMobil Gerry and Ann Findlan Mary and Anthony Foti The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation Frank H. and Nancy L. Porter Fund Margaret Bohn-Galas and David Galas Garden Club of Cleveland Geiger's Bill and Joanne Grady Chris and Maria Grobelny Steve Guba Jane Haag Harley-Davidson Foundation Matt and Heidi Heinle Loren Hoch Patrick Holland Joan R. Holmes Ben and Deb Hrouda Hudson Garden Club Tracy Hundley Margaret and Dave Hunter Madeleine Ingles Nora Jacobs and George Snider James and Marilyn Jaroszewski Glen Jenkins

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Angela Strach-Gotthardt and Jeff Gotthardt Tom and Sue Strauss D.E. Strickland Patrick and Shirley Tchou Paul Theis Arthur L. Thomas Thompson Electric, Inc. Lauren and Jeffrey Timen Tom and Diane Tyrrell Ed and Libby Upton Robert and Marti Vagi Jim and Lydia Virost Evan Wachs Steve and Connie Wait Dave Walkowiak Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weller Leah and Blair Whidden John Wilson Dale and Cindy Woodling

Forest ($500-999) Anonymous Steve Abdenour Allstate Giving Campaign Elizabeth and Paul Anacki Joey and Joanne Arnold Judi Arnold-Sims and Robert Sims Roger Avakian Scott and Nancy Awender David and Donna Axson Lyle and Carolyn Barton Ernest and Yvonne Beers Trudy E. Bell Cornelia Bergmann Mike and Nancy Biedenbach Tom Bilcze Claudia Bjerre and Andrea Senich Patrick Blakeslee Christopher and Vicki Boshkos Adam and Vikki Briggs Brouse McDowell, LPA Craig Brown and Lucy Lavery Bill and Carol Bruml Curt Buerling Thomas Burkhardt Jan Beeman and Paul Burstadt Kathleen and Ed Butler Philip Carino and Elizabeth Shaver Dan Chirayath Catherine Ciha and John Despins Joe Cipolletti Judith Clapsaddle Cleveland Hiking Club James and Renee Conlon Bill and Mary Conway Bill and Sandra Currier Dale Cuthbertson David and Robyn Cutler Larry and Barbara Cuy Margit Daley Elizabeth Dalton Jason Daugherty Rose Dickerhoof Dana Dickinson Joseph and Colleen DiGeronimo


Ronald and Nancy Dinger Robin Donald Phillip and Jane Eckert John and Traci Egan Mark Elderbrock and Dianna Rhyan Heather Esson Michelle Fair Feth Family Foundation Heidi Figas Patrick and Sara Filipovitz Mike and Nancy Fortney Kelly and Jason Fried William Frost Bard Fulton Sue Gaetjens Lois Ganley Al and Michelle Gilbertson Pamela and Mark Goldfarb Sharon and Michael Good Mike Grau The Patricia and J. Harvey Graves Family Foundation Patricia L. Graves Bruce and Erica Greer Larry and Michelle Grewe Dameon and Adrianne Guess Amanda and Michael Harvan Randy and Dolores Heinle Tom and Jeannette Hejduk Tyler and Shanti Himes Terry and Ann Marie Horner Wes and Kathi Howard Sarah Hurder Lee and Candy Hutton Marilyn and Richard Hyde Dale and Pamela Inkley Kathie Jackson-Holland and Will Holland Sarah and Robert Jaquay Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation Mike and Nancy Jones Dawn and Alexander Joseph KeyBank Foundation Justin King Daniel Kirkpatrick Kiwanis Foundation of Cleveland, Inc. Jill Klein David Kopkas Dave and Eva Krause Dick and Mary Anne Krejci Leonard Krysinski L.L. Bean Tony Lamorgese Shirley Leonard Michael and Ann Lew Dick and Mimi Jackson Lewellen Stuart and Julia Lipp Gary and Laura Lobaza Bill and Betsy Lockwood Roddy Loveless Jack and Pat Lucchetti Kevin and Connie Maher John R. Mahne Amy Maneker Robert and Ann Mansfield Christine Marsick and Robert Toma Robert and Sharon McGregor MCPc Family Charities

Colleen Mcquown Medina County Ohio Horseman's Council Dave and Cathy Mekker Gary and Christine Mikitin W. Paul Mills & Thora J. Mills Memorial Foundation Laura and Charles Monroe David and Inez Myers Foundation Dan and Carolyn Nagy Travis and Mink Neely James and Ann Negrelli New York Community Bancorp, Inc. William and Jancie Newhouse David and Sarah Nix Noon Sharpening Kim and Julian Norley Steele and Christine Nowlin Thomas and Antoinette Oden Norma Jean Ott Jan and Tony Panella Tim and Karen Parsons Mark and Linda Perko Martin Peter Steve and Karen Petro Liz Piatt Pinnacle Gardens Foundation Steve and Theresa Polachek Cynthia Polzin Rob and Monica Puleo Tim Ricks and Sharon Geers Diane Roman Fusco Michael Russell Vasiliy and Svetlana Sablin David Sagerser and Christine Krol Helen Salz Michael and Kathy Santisi Dan and Kathryn Schmidt Richard and Dina Schoonmaker Joanne and Michael Schwartz Ethel Seiberling Fox David Shall Alice S. Sherman Scott Shorten Doris Simonis Andi and Gus Stager Tim Strope Irving and Beth Sugerman Hillary Sullivan Michael and Jane Swain Taste of Excellence Richard and Eca Taylor Tiffany Taylor and Katrina Bloch Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Jed and Jen Thomas Kyle and Susan Tipton Gail Tobin Totally Cooked Twinsburg Garden Club Michael and Kathleen Urban Michelle Varisco Jamie and Michelle Vernorsky Paul Wadsworth Raymond and Adalie Walker Gregory Warren Kathryn Watterson James and Dianna Weaver Western Reserve Hospital Rodney and Kathleen Wiggins

Pam Williams and Frank Holowach Patti Williams and David Uhlig Peter and Lois Wilson Robert and Janet Witzeman David Wojewodka Judy and Walter Wright Barbara Wulff Sylvia and John Yankey Mr. and Mrs. William Zabkar Laurie Zuckerman

Meadow ($250-499) Anonymous Dirty River Bicyle Works Max Agee Jennifer Alder Jack and Claudia Amrhein Jim and Sandy Arbour Joe and Jane Archacki Nancy and Todd Axlund Mark and Carol Bachmann Michael Banyasz Michael and Robin Banyasz David Barchet Amanda Barcon Robin Barnby Rachel Barnette Kathleen and Dennis Barrie Matt and Heather Bartzi Steven Batdorf and Brian Linder Bruce and Kim Batzer Luke Baum Christopher Bazzoli Sarah Beall John and Kathy Beck Michael and Joanne Behnke Michael Beran Wayne Bergman Irving and Audrey Bergrin George Beshire Michael Bird Wendy Bolas Jeff Bomberger Christopher Brandt and Beth Sersig Stacy Bratton Albert Brion John Duff Brown Thaddeus Brown Trent Brown Greg Brun Richard and Susan Buesch James Burgess and Theresa Johnson Art and Susan Busch Cambridge Company David and Trisha Campbell Susan Cannon Debby and Kevin Capela Laura Cardello Tom and Rani Cargo Judi Carney Mary and Charlie Carroll Jim and Marcia Carsten Mike and Barb Cassell Patricia and Richard Cassidy

DONORS Thomas Cavanaugh Diane and Paul Chalfant Kelly and Mark Chaloupka Change For Charity Raj Chawla Niki Cherpas Sally Childs Steven and Gail Cochoff Gene and Joanne Colombo Charles Cook Dale and Chris Cooper Steve Craig and Lisa Chop Rod and Pamela Crane Norm and Bonnie Crocker Ann Cymanski Beverly Dahms Mark and Camilla Dalton Orlando Dangond Doug Delahanty and Sarah Ostrowski Dave and April Deming Ray DiNuoscio Joe and Patricia Dipre Paul Donatelli Wayne and Gail Douglas Michael Duff and Susan Black Donald and Rachel Dumford Carrie Dunn Eastern National Bob and Ginny Eckardt Matt and Katie Elsesser Bruce and Kate Emrick Jessica and Chris Emshoff Energy Income Partners Environmental Design Group Richard and Jean Erickson Sherry and Don Esch Ernie and Bonnie Estep Theresa and James Fallon Nancy Farmer Reinhold Federmann Kathleen and Brian Finley Pamela Finley John Fitzgerald Lois Freedman

Peggy Fullmer Michael and Diana Gabet Paul Gallmeier and Evalyn Greene Ugo Gallo Sharon Gandee Jennifer Gaylor Wendy and Michael Geaney Debra Rex George The Gerard - Durudogan Family The Glenmede Trust Company Cathy and Douglas Godshall Steve and Jean Gokorsch Ronald Goode Michael Graska Martin and Ann Gulbransen Henry Gulich Robert and Mary Hager Bonnie and George Hajek Dennis Hamm Patrick and Theresa Hammer Andrew Harding Martha Harding Pat Harper Verneda Hawkins Barbara and Robert Held James Henderson and Janis McGowan Linda Henrichsen Jason and Juli Hicks Duane and Pat Hills Marty and Barb Hilovsky Judy and Richard Hirschman Teresa Hogan Andrew and Kristine Holland William and Susan Holman Carolyn Holt Ryan and Amy Hopkins Bonnie Horovitz David and Kathy House Robert Jones Jim and Jan Jorgenson Philip and Angela Jorgenson David Juchnik and Germaine Polensek Dana Kalchoff PHOTO: ED TOEREK

Yellow Warbler in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Randy and Julie Katz Keepin It Fresh Janet Kemp S. Casey Kerr Paul and Jody Kiebler Alan and Katharine King Leo and Linda Kipfstuhl Cindy Klements and Denise Lachowski Don and Gail Klise Susan Kluchar Chad Klug Anthony Knechtges Dale and Peggy Koblenzer Lynn Koncz Jeffrey and Sandra Kornick Timothy Krall Jean Krieger Judy Lahoski Laurel Lang Kim Langley Jim LaRue Mark Lati Simonne Lawrence Aaron and Kelly Lear Mr. and Ms. Curtis Leary Todd Lebowitz Ronald and Sandra Lederman Mary Anne and Mike Leon Fred Luckay John and Anne MacWherter Norbert Manz Rita Markunas Jim and Ros Mather Joe and Deb Mazur Linda McCoy Michele and Bob McFarland George and Jeannette McGovern W. Jeanne McKibben Drs. Zachary and Keira Mellion Tom and Marilyn Merryweather Edward Metzger Elizabeth Mieskowski Mike and Colleen Miller Mark and Mary Beth Modic Diane Moffett and Linda Malicki Murphy Montler Roy and Cindy Moore The Burton D. Morgan Foundation Larry and Sophia Morton Karen Moyer John Mozena Karen Mueller Pat and Amy Mullin Thomas Musarra Louis and Stefanie Nerone Brenda Nichols Laura Nicklas Todd Norval Bill Norwick Robert and Pamela Novak Emily O'Brien Barbara O'Connor Brian O'Donnell Bridget O'Donnell Jim Olander Paul and Connie Omelsky Penny Owen Colleen Pacanowski

Stu Parry James and Kate Petras John Petrenchik Michael and Jan Petrik John and Cindy Petures Jill Pinto George and Catherine Plude Dr. Sharon and Dr. John Pope Chip and Laura Preston Patrick Primm David and Lisa Proctor Mark and Chesla Purtilar The Radtke Family Stacy and Jason Rathbun Yolita and Frank Rausche Jim and Esther Rehmus Jack and Barbara Renner Vicki Resnick Lucile Rice Lidia Richani John and Amanda Richardson Betty Rider and Mike Sherman Matthew Ridings Timothy and Tari Riley Roberta Rocco Duane Roe Bud and Susie Rogers Arrye Rosser and John Fitzpatrick Lynn Rossmeissl Laura Rusick Kathy and Don Rynbrandt Ed and Brendalee Salk Louise Sandercock Joe and Kathy Schindler Karen Schlather Kathy Schlemmer William W. Schloman, Jr. Robert and Joan Scholl Arthur and Jean Schooley Denise Schraitle Patricia and Roy Schroeder John and Barbara Schubert Stephen and Kathryn Schultz Jane Louise Schweitzer Paul Secunde Bill Shaul Daniel and Therese Sheffer Susan Shondel and David Tardidi Randall Shorr John Sideras Ruth Simonis Paula Smith Mary Spalding Patty Stevens Elizabeth Stirling Paul and Kristin Stoehr Janet Stotter Brian and Mimi Sturgell Sugarstride Carolyn Sugiuchi Scott Swierkosz and Lee Will Bert Szabo Anita Szegvari Rosemary Taft-Milby Craig and Diane Tallman Michael Tan Charles and Corrine Tennent Randy and Jaime Thatcher

The GE Foundation The Sherwin-Williams Company David and Lyn Thomas Nancy Thompson Mark and Susan Tichinel Catherine and Martin Timko Debbie Toder Donald Treap Marc and Sylvia Trundle David and Mary Tschantz Joshua Tucholski Greg and Teresa Turocy William Tuttle United Healthcare Group United Way Of Greater Atlanta Jeffrey and Janet Van Wagner Dave and Jennie Vasarhelyi Patrick and Laura Voigt Judy Vojtech Marianne and Ernst Von Meerwall Sue Wagner Grace Wakulchik Shari and Jeff Weeden Paul and Nancy Wellener Robert and Marlene Wells Bob and Sue Widdows Ryan Wiegner Timothy and Kimberly Winter Bob and Shoshana Wodzisz Sue Anne Wolf Lee and Robin Woodard Jim and Anita Woodward Terrence and Barbara Woodworth David and Katherine Wright Bob and Cris Yehle Catherine and Josh Zielaskiewicz Marci Zimmerman Bob and Carol Zollars

River ($100-249) Anonymous Rachel Abernethy Laura Acierno Eric and Georgia Adams John Adams Bill and Pat Addis Jeffrey and Katie Adelman Kathy Ader Heather Ahearn Kevin and Nagwa Ahlborg Janet Albrecht Kay Alderman Dione Alexander Lisa Alexander David and Mary Beth Alspaugh Todd and Mary Amsdell Kristy and Douglas Amy Linda Anderson Thomas Anderson William Anderson Elizabeth Ando Walt and Loree Andrus Tina and Mark Anghilante Mel Annis and Patricia Cornett Mark and Catherine Anson Suneel Apte Anne and Sam Arcara Barbara Armstrong Buckley FORCVNP.ORG


DONORS Gerald and Thelma Arnold Wade Arny and Sandra Stevens Steve Ash Sandra and Mark Auburn Sheldon and Sharon Auerbach Mary Beth Aufmuth Sue Averill Pamela Backus Thomas and Annette Bader Cliff Baechle Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bailey Stephen Bain Jean Baliga Richard Bamberger Sylvia Banks Dave Baran Linda and Michael Barath Luci Barbeck Albert and Debbie Barber Dennis Barberic Sandra Barlett Geoffrey and Maryann Barnes John Barnes Pat Barron Rebecca Bartholomae Ron Bartlebaugh Paul and Patricia Basar Katie Basch Cynthia Bassett Ann Baucum Susan Bauer June Baughman Jeffrey Baxter Sandra Baxter Ken Bazydlo David Beach Roy and Juanita Beasley Henry Beazlie Becker Signs Michael and Kimberly Beckett Stephen Bedell Carolyn Behrman Cynthia Beidler Abbey and Scott Beigie Sara Beis Jamie Belkin Jim and Karen Bennett Steven D. Bennett John and Carolyn Bentley Eileen Bergmann Lance and Alice Bergstrom Dennis and Jill Bernaciak Joseph and Sheila Berner Margo and Tom Bertin Maryann Betz Deborah Bialer Rebecca and Mike Bidinotto Diane Binnig Andrew and Elaine Bishop Laura L. Bishop The Black Pig Julie Blair Greg Blase David and Melinda Blatt Bliss Integrated Communication Kenneth and Nancy Bliss Peter Blohm Megan Blosser


Dudley and Kathryn Blossom Robert and Judith Blum Jessica Boarts Valerie Boaz and Paul Haridakis Jim and Cynthia Bock Phyllis Boerner James Boex Alane Boffa Jessica Bonanno Elizabeth Bonness and Ronald Sokol Bob Borgen Sam Boswell Claire and Everett Bourguet Tom and Alice Bouton Bree Bowman Barbara Boyle Sandra Bradbury John and Lois Bradford Scott Branstetter Louis and Joan Brasaemle Linda Brashear Ronald and Astrid Brashear Ron Braun Betsy and Eric Bray William Breck Tom and Mary Beth Breckenridge Kris Brenneman Janet Briggs Tim Britton John Brocketti Isaac and Earline Brooks Carole and Michael Brown Sue Brown Susan Bruce Frank and Leslie Buck Kate Bucur Christopher and Libbie Buehler Pamela Burda Daniel and Taylor Burger Kim and Ken Burkins Karen Burlingame Carianne Burnley and Eric Mele Carol Burns Linda Burns Raymond Burns David and Nancy Burr James and Susan Busta Monica Butko Stephen Byrne and Robin Ratliff Natalee and Aaron Caipen Sam and Faith Calabrese Kevin Calori & Family Larry and Kathy Campbell Greg and Dawn Canda Ed Caner Canton Audubon Society Peter and Susan Caperones Tim Carroll Margaret and Jim Carson Robin Carson Trina Carter Amy Cassel Joseph and Karen Cava Dave and Laurel Celik Barbara Cerrito David and Jeanna Cesaratto Diane Chambers


Buzz Brown and Diana Kunze Robert Chapman Bernard and Carm Charnas Jeremy and Kathleen Chavayda Jason Chernick and Margaret Delgado Chernick Stephanie Childress Tina Cifani Lawrence and Catherine Clager Karen Clark Lynn Clark Ross Clark Thomas and Karen Clark Cleveland State University Alex Clift Frederica Cohen Martin and Elaine Cohen Anthony Coladangelo Anne Collins Chris and Tim Collins Cynthia Collyard Terry and Debbie Corbin Laura Corn Joanne Cornelius Kathryn and Steven Cornelius Diane and Richard Costas Albert Couch and Karen Barton Carolyn Cox Dave Crain Donovan Cramer Dave and Carol Creps Ed and Sandra Crist Jeffrey and Julie Cristal Herbert Croft The Crofton Tomoff Family Jim Crutchfield Tom and Susan Cucuzza David Cunningham Keith Curley Sara Curran Teresa Cutright Richard Czeck

Dave Daams Suzanne and Edward Dabkowski John Daily Roman Dale Carol Dalessandro Jo Dangel Calvin Daniels Ralph and Alice Darr Kirk Davis Lori Davis and Matthew Linke Bruce DeBarr Kim Deichler Jeanne DeLaney Jonathan Delcamp Vincent Delgado Katie and Matt Deliberato Janice Deluga Raymond and Melody DeMarco Marcia Demerest Dawn Dempsey Dale and Marianne Dengler Nancy Desmond Frank Dessoffy Jim Dessoffy Robyn Deterling Chrissy and Mark DeVono Deborah Dey and Paul Herold Susan DiBiase Stratford and Heather Dick Kelly Dickerson Todd and Lisa Dietrich Mary Dietzen Nancy DiMarino Tom and Judy DiNardo Connie and Bozo Djukic Peter Dlugopolsky Jim and Chris Dolce Henry Doll Nancy Dominik Pat and Jerry Donnelly Lynne Dougherty

Brian and Renee Doyle Leslie Drahos Clarence and Connie Drennon Christine Dresser Betsy and Marvin Droz Daniel Duckworth Charles Dunham Garry and Rosanne Dunlap Maria and Ken Duthie Elliott Dworkin Julie and Ross Eberlein Robert Elias Terry and Katherine Ellis Rozanne and Michael Emich Aaron Emig Erin Endres Frank Evan Elinore Evans Timothy Everett and Miriam Lifsics Bruce and Elizabeth Fahey Joyce Fair Scott Farley George Fassnacht Bruce Fay Thelma Feith Steve Feldstein Suzanne and Joe Ferrara Kathy and Daniel Feskanin Robert and Mary Figler Debby Filla Gerald and Carla Filler Donald and Cathleen Finn Shawn and Karen Fiore Murray Fishel Guy Fisher Scott and Dahlia Fisher Thomas Fladung and Jeanette Meyer Fladung Barbara Fleischmann Nicole Florio Josh Flory William and Karen Flowers FM Global Foundation Jonathan Foise Katie Foley Brent Forrer John Forsythe Deborah Fox Linda Frank Paul Frank Ed Frankovich Charles Franks Kathleen Fraze and Michael Needs David and Linda Freeman Robert and Christine Freitag Klaus and Hildegard Fritsch John Fryberger Richard Frye Ingrid Fuller Thomas and Nancy Fuller Todd Fulmer Matthew and Lori Gabet Jean Gadd Charles and Julia Gall Kathleen Gallagher Amy Garrett Gates Mills Community Club GE United Way Campaign Brad and Jodi Geduldig

DONORS John Geller Andrew Genszler and Alycia Ashburn Ellen George Nicholas and Ruth George Shirley and Bernard Gerecke Pete and June Getzinger Harley Gheen Jeffrey and Gretchen Gibson Ken Gibson Jean Gilbert Hugh and Angela Gillen Curt and Janice Gindlesperger Barbara Ginn Anthony Giovinazzo James and Sheri Gist Seth and Nora Glauberman Craig and Kirsten Glazier Donald and Lynn Godfrey Edward Godleski Paul Godleski Paul and Margie Goldberg The Arthur J. Gonzales Family Jane Goodman William and Paula Goodrich Ken and Susan Gordon Stacey Gough David and Patricia Gram Christopher and Susan Grant Mrs. Susan Grant Casey Graor Gene and Caralie Gray Carolyn Green Jody and Michael Griech Craig Griffin and Marie Morgan Dwayne Groll Donald and Joanne Gromen Keith Gruber Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner Brad Gubser and Jayne White Bethany Guegold Monica Guist Elizabeth Guran Andrew Haag Ann and Paul Haas Stephen and Lisa Haffer Chris and Laura Hagen Joseph and Susan Hagen Robert Hager Lawrence Hahn Todd Hain Albert and Dolores Hala William Hall and Patricia Eschbach-Hall Ray and Dale Halliwill John and Donna Halpin S. Thomas and Joanne Hancock Julie Ann and Eric Hancsak Dennis and Lou Ann Hanink Douglas and Linda Hardman Lee Harper Frank and Pat Harrah Darby Harris Kurt Harsh Tony Hart Brian Harte and Krystyna Orlowski Judy Harvan Peter and Judy Harvan Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi

Gary and Carole Harwood Paul Hasman Peter and Anne Hastings Richard and Bev Haury Gary Hawkins Beverly Haws Tracy Hedges Walt and Gwen Heeney Nancy Hegler Jon and Mary Heider Robert Heller Jane Helwig Zachary Hembree and Emily Evans Holly Henry Dave Herbster and Meredith Morgan David and Carla Herkner Ruth Herzak Kay Hine William and Audrey Hinks Dr. and Mrs. William Hlavin Joellen Hoffman Darlene and Barry Hogan Raymond Hohenberger George Hohman Betty Hollister Mary and Tom Holmes Diane and Jonathan Holody Ralph Holstein Bryan and Meredith Holt Joseph and Annette Hooven Hanna Hopkins Michael and Suzanne Hopkins Mr. Thomas H. Horner Michael Horvitz John and Rita Hottell Robert Howe and Veronica Hebert Claudia and Jim Hower John Howington George and Katie Hoy Ray and Janice Hrbac W Hubin Chris Huck Dan and Gia Hudak Cheryl and Tom Hughey Angela Hummel and Bernard Thiel Mary and Robert Hunt Russ and Pat Hurd Wendy Hurd and Edward Bartunek Jesse Hurst Ted and Julie Hurst Therese Hurtuk Tom and Sue Hutchinson Randy and Judy Hyde Carol and James Iaffaldano Robert Iden Illinois Tool Works Foundation Santo Incorvaia Betty Indriolo Sharon Irwin and John Akamatsu Rosemary and Don Isabella Christine and Scott Jackson Donald Jackson Fonda Jackson Thomas and Mary Ann Jackson Chad and Paula Jasiunas Jordan Jean Renata Jenkins Major Tom and Sue Jenks

John and Erin Jesser Eric and Melanie Johnson Kimberly Johnson Vincent Johnson Craig Jones Dennis Jones Robert and Hedy Jones Roger Jones Bill Jordan and Laurel Winters Lori Josephson Dr. Richard and Lori Josephson Linda Jozsa John S. Kaminski Dan Karchmer Fred and Shelly Karm Seth Karol Roger and Terry Karp Holly and Stanley Kaskey James and Patricia Kastelic Julie and Randy Katz John Kauffman and Thomas Wortham Michelle Kautz Robert Kay Joanne Kazar Kimberly and Neil Keating Roy and Pam Keating Ardith and Bill Keck Rosanne Keckler Walter Keith Lesley Keller John and Linda Kelly Ned and Lynn Kendall Ellen and Joel Kendrick Connie Kennedy Michael Kennedy Dan and Amanda Kephart Edward Kerekes Miriam and Robert Kerr W. Todd Kiick Angela Kille Ray and Sherrie Kimberly Dale and Heather Kimbrough Sharon Kimmell Eric Kinaitis Suzanne Kinney Lesley Kipling Rick Kirk Jeff T. Kirkwood, Sr. Robert Kirschner Kathy and Nick Kish Michael Kish Ronald E. Kisner George Kiteley Laurie Klappauf and John Hoornbeek Mary Anne and Gary Klasen Anne and Stuart Klein John and Julie Kleinhenz John Kloss Claire Kluskens Jack Kluznik Mindy Kneale George and Phyllis Knepper Linda Knight Douglas Kohl S. L. Kohrman Rich and Linda Kolehmainen Bill and Kimberly Kolens

Evan Komito and Jewel Moulthrop Dave Koncal Larry Kopowski Mike and Jan Kosmyna Kevin Kovach Mark and Barbara Kozlowski Ann Krapf Cynthia and Rick Krause Jennifer Kreft John Krymowski David Kubala Terry Kubiak Mary Ann Kucera Connie Kuehn Daniel and Becky Kuhns Ronald and Marilyn Kulikowski Jerry Kunkle Helen Kunsman Richard and Urte Kurlich Vaughn and Heather Kushner Michele and Anthony La Bella Anthony Labella Raymond and Nancy Labuda John Laird N. Craig Lane Aaron Lareau Charles and Susan Laskin Christopher Lassen Joan Laudicina Gary and Karen Laughlin Sandra Laurenson John Lawler Karen Leach Linda Leach Lisa Lebovitz Tom and Kathy Leiden Joe L. Leighton Denise M. Leipold Kenneth and Denise Leipold Hal and Barbara Leitch Amy Lennon Brian Lennon Peter and Dorothy Lepp Glenn Leppo Krista Lesniok David and Erin Levereaux Ray Lezak Marie Libby Bob Liggett Jeff and Nina Light Christine Link Ruth Link-Gelles Sara Lioi Patricia Lipaj Fred Livingstone Sarah Lock Michael Loderstedt Harriett Logan Everett and Claire Logue Regina Lomanno Joseph and Georgia Loutzenhiser Bill and Anne Lowery John and Rae Marie Loya Nicholas Lubar Marla Lucarelli Elizabeth Lucas-Gabele John and Carla Luecken Diana Lueptow David and Jane Lutz

Sarah Mabey and Chris Szell Dan and Donna MacDonald Donald MacKay Lori Macso James Madaus Kevin Madzia Paul Mallue Aphroditi Mamaligas Erin Manning Michelle Manzo Steve and Katie Markey Terry Marquard Catherine Marquardt Zoey Marquardt George Marquis Barbara and Bill Marras Jeffrey Marsh Wilma and Carl Martino Virginia Mast Tammy Mathia Milan Matkovic Martha and Thomas Matlock Joseph Matuscak Michael and Susan Mayer Jen McAnlis Harvey and John H. Harvey Barbara McCallister Jim and Mary Ellen McCartney Becky and Chuck McClure Christine McCorkle and Steven VanAuken Jane McDavid Gerald McFadden Herbert McGaughey Susie and Michael McGee Nancy and William McGrath Mickie McHale James and Mary Anne McIllwee Andrew McKeeton Jerry and Lisa McLean Martha McNamara Greg and Mary McNeil Carolyn McNerney Robert and Kathleen McNutt C. Bruce Melville Lynne Mendiola Merck Partnership for Giving Bruce Mericle Don and Sally Messinger Barbara Metzger and Kevin Hillery Christopher Meyer Kelly Meyer Cheryl and Jonathan Meyers Joseph and Amy Michalski Myron and Rhonda Midcap Dave and Diane Mieskowski Joseph Mieskowski Richard and Helen Migchelbrink Mike Mikolaj Rick Mild Paul Miles Carla Miller Evan Miller Mel and Carol Miller Ricki Miller Scot and Elise Miller Terry Miller Walt and Theresa Minick Dustin Minton FORCVNP.ORG


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Erik P. Sandstrom Marcia and Paul Sandstrom Gail Santilli Sue White Betty Seiberling Dan and Lori Nelson Carolyn Cox Margaret Rakas Louis and Josephine Simenc Tim and Sue Simenc Daniel Snyder Donna Spies Cathy Corbin Domino Squire Nat and Liz Leonard Bill Stapp Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop Mignon Steere Michael and Kathy Santisi Gerald Stitz Judi Carney William Held Matthew Held Jane Deluca Joseph and Carol Palko Michael Sullivan Dennis and Eva Wright Frank and Susan Yako The Crofton Tomoff Family Paul Godleski Calvin Daniels Donald and Cathleen Finn David and Mary Tschantz Edward Metzger John Albert Treufeldt, Sr. Barrett and Charlotte Whitcomb James Schairbaum Dolores Urbanski Thomas and Bobbi Anderson Jean Vest Marianne Vest Bernard Vincent Cara Miller Bhushan Wadhwa Tripta Wadhwa Craig B. Waff Trudy E. Bell Diana Warth Ian and Stephanie Roberts Ken Wiley Gary and Leslie Warrington Joyce Wiley Charleston McKenzie Williams Barbara Martinelli Ed Williams Tom and Judy DiNardo Mr. and Mrs. John Sapp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chase Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mozdian Joseph Iafigliola Marilyn Winning Holly Sylvester



EVENTS Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park


John Gorka

November 12, 2017

Ed Caner plus special guest

November 18, 2017


November 19, 2017

Ed Caner plus special guests Hal Walker and Friends

December 9, 2017

The Barefoot Movement*

January 21, 2018

Ed Caner plus special guest

January 26, 2018


November 6, 2017

November 18, 2017 Dinner and a Concert: Mo’Mojo* Dinner and a Concert: The Barefoot Movement*

December 9, 2017

December 21-22, 2017 Festival of Lights at the Education Center January 23-24, 2018

Swiss Alps Ski Dinner

Mountain Heart

February 14, 2018

Dinner and a Movie: Julia & Julia

February 4, 2018

Molsky’s Mountain Drifters

March 29, 2018

Demystifying Superfoods

March 2, 2018


March 18, 2018

Ed Caner plus special guest

April 24, 2018

Southern Cooking from Senegal to Savannah

March 24, 2018

Campbell Brothers

May 2018 (date TBD)

Edible Wild Food Feast

April 20, 2017

Sierra Hull

*These events have options for dinner, concert, or both! See Dinner in the Valley dates at right.

CUYAHOGA VALLEY INSTITUTE November 12, 2017 Ohio Traditions in Quilting January 8, 2018

Certified Interpretive Guide Training

January 12, 2018

Certified Interpretive Guide Training

January 25, 2018

Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Program Open House

February 2-4, 2018 Arts in the Park, Women’s Art Retreat February 10, 2018 Environmental Writing Seminar with Mary Quade




See all event details, including locations, at



Speakers TBD; check for updates.

Check for updates

February 16, 2018

March 23-25, 2018

March 9, 2018 April 6, 2018


April 27, 2018

2018 Days of Service April 21, 2018 May 19, 2018

JUNIOR RANGER PROGRAMS November 4, 2017 Nature Expressions: Mandalas November 18, 2017

Jr. Owl Prowl


2018 Volunteer Orientation sessions January 4, 2018 March 3, 2018 April 12, 2018 2018 Habitat Restoration Drop-in Events April – October 2018

Webelo Cub Scout Weekend

November 10-12, 2017 Weekend for Junior Girl Scouts January 26-28, 2018 Weekend for Cadette Girl Scouts February 16-18, 2018 Weekend for Cadette Girl Scouts March 9-11, 2018

Weekend for Ambassador & Senior Scouts

April 13-15, 2018

Weekend for Junior Girl Scouts



1403 West Hines Hill Road Peninsula Ohio 44264


Through the Citizen Science 2.0 initiative


local educators with

tools and resources As we head into a new year, we’re continuing to work hard for Cuyahoga Valley National Park and expand our work in new ways.

key goals for 2018

to teach kids about STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) in the context of a national park

thank you for supporting Cuyahoga Valley National Park and making our shared dreams a reality.



fourth graders to CVNP–for free–through our continued participation in the national Every Kid in a Park initiative.

As a Conservancy donor, you're helping to preserve Cuyahoga Valley National Park for future generations.

break ground for CVNP’s new Boston Mill Visitor Center, scheduled to open in spring of 2019

Continue to provide top-notch

programming and fundraising support for every corner of Cuyahoga Valley National Park