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Bulletin September 2014 Elul 5774 - Tishrei 5775

L’Shanah Tova

Vol. 63, No. 11

The Board of Trustees and Clergy invite you and your family to join us for a Rosh Hashanah Reception 1 Tishrei 5775 . Thursday, September 25, 2014 Reception is in Blumauer Auditorium, immediately following the service Catering by Alfresco Catering and Sheraton Hotel With thanks to the WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood for organizing the sweets table

Praying for Peace in a Dangerous World The bright sun and blue skies of our Portland summer are starting to shift now, as the leaves begin their inevitable, colorful change and fall. But for many of us, this summer, which should have had spirits as clear as the infinite sky, has held a darkness ominous as a rain cloud. The Middle East has been roiling, and it is hard not to be affected. Even as we pray for peace, we have seen the reality of war. An unprecedented number of missiles have fallen on Israeli territory. Unprecedented attacks through terrorist tunnels have been attempted. An unprecedented number of Palestinians in Gaza have been killed. Around the world and close to home, Anti-Semitic language and attacks have risen to levels not seen since the darkest years. Even outside the media glare, violence continues unabated: in Syria, in Iraq. Even here in the United States, racial tensions have boiled over, and children flee for their lives across our Southern border. Peace and safety seem like naïve dreams.

will be a time of peace for us, for Israel, for the world. We pray that we will find the comfort and security and confidence of our congregational family. We will greet each other with hope. As the prophet said: Blow the shofar in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly; Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children. . . And you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God, and none else; and my people shall never be ashamed. (Joel 2:15-16, 27) May 5775 be a year of blessing for you, your family, and our community. May we strengthen one another. And may the world know peace.

We tremble, if only inwardly.

Shanah Tova

Soon, it will be time for us to gather as a community. The Yomim Norayim – the “Days of Awe” – will see us all together once again (and for some of us, for the first time with this community) in our sacred Temple. This is a time to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our fears. This is a time to reinforce our dreams for a better tomorrow. We pray that this

Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Rabbi Emanuel Rose Cantor Judith B. Schiff

5775  •  High Holy Days  •  2014 Selichot 5:30 PM

Selichot Service

Erev Rosh Hashanah 6:00 – 7:00 PM

7:30 PM


Wednesday, September 24

Multi-Generational Service Age appropriate for families and grandparents with children K–4th grade and their siblings


Traditional Adult Service Also for families with children 5th grade and older


Rosh Hashanah

Thursday, September 25

10:00 AM

Traditional Morning Service


11:00 AM

Multi-Generational Service

Goodman Hall

12:00 PM

Families join the service in Temple for the Shofar Service


12:30 PM

Rosh Hashanah Reception

Blumauer Auditorium

2:00-3:00 PM

Tashlich in Tanner Park This is an easy, flat walk, less than one mile from CBI. No CBI transportation will be provided.

Tanner Park: NW 10th and Marshall Streets

Kever Avot V’imahot 1:00 PM

Yom Kippur

Saturday, September 20

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Traditional Adult Service and for families with children 5th grade and older


10:00 – 11:00 AM

Multi-Generational Service Age appropriate for families and grandparents with children K–4th grade and their siblings

Goodman Hall

12:45 PM

Rabbi Talk Back

Pollin Chapel

2:00 PM

Tot Service Special service for Tots ages 0-5

Temple Bima

2:00 PM

The Bible as Literature A discussion group on the Book of Jonah as a literary work, led by Barney Milstein

Pollin Chapel

3:00 PM

Afternoon/Yiskor/Neilah Service


Following services

Break the Fast, sponsored by WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood

Blumauer Auditorium


Thursday, October 9

12:00 PM

Lunch & Learn in the Sukkah

4:00 - 7:00 PM

CBI Cemetery

Simchat Torah 6:00 PM

Kol Nidre

Friday, October 3

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Multi-Generational Service Age appropriate for families and grandparents with children K–4th grade and their siblings


7:30 PM

Traditional Adult Service Also for families with children 5th grade and older


Admission cards will be mailed after Labor Day: We will be sending two family admission cards to each household. This year, your children (up to age 24) will not need individual admission cards. Your family’s admission cards can be used at either the multi-generational service or our traditional service. Please hold onto your admission cards for all the services, as we will not have separate cards for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Your guests are welcome at all services.


CBI lawn

Sunday, October 12

Sunday, September 28

Service of Faith 426 SW Taylors Ferry Rd

Saturday, October 4

Open Sukkah at Rabbi and Cantor Cahana’s home 3139 SW Fairmount Boulevard

Thursday, October 16 Consecration and Simchat Torah Service


Festival and Yizkor Service

Pollin Chapel

Friday, September 17 10:30 AM

L’Shanah Tova

Reciprocal agreements with other URJ congregations: If you will be traveling during the High Holy Days, please call Tracy in the Temple office at 503-222-1069 to help with your reciprocal arrangements. If you have family or friends visiting, please have them make their own reciprocal arrangements with their home URJ congregation, so they can join us while in Portland.

Congregation Beth Israel

See page 4 for information about the Annual High Holy Days Food Drive.

2014 Oseran Family Lecture Robert B. Reich – “Should we be worrying about the widening inequality?” Sunday, September 28 4:30 PM

to CNBC and a frequent panelist on ABC’s This Week and other television programs.

CBI Sanctuary

In late 2003, Reich was awarded the prestigious Václav Havel prize, in Prague, for his original contributions to economic thinking. The Wall Street Journal has named him one of the nation’s top ten thought leaders.

This event is free and open to the community. No RSVPs are necessary.

Congregation Beth Israel is pleased to welcome Robert B. Reich as the 2014 Oseran Family Lecturer on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM in our historic Byzantine sanctuary (1931 NW Flanders Street). Mr. Reich’s talk is titled “Should we worry about widening inequality?” Robert B. Reich is one of the world’s leading thinkers about work and the economy. Now Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, he has served under three national administrations, most recently as Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. He also served on President Barack Obama’s economic transition advisory board. In 2008, TIME magazine named him one of the ten most successful cabinet secretaries of the past century.

The Oseran Family Fund was established in 2008 to provide annual lectures with a socially responsible Jewish theme. Past lecturers have included U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, author and national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, and op-ed columnist, Georgetown University Professor, and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution EJ Dionne. Parking will be available at Metropolitan Learning Center (2033 NW Glisan Street).

Reich is the author of 14 books, including The Work of Nations, which has been translated into 22 languages, and the best-sellers Locked in the Cabinet and The Future of Success, which in 2002 was ranked by Business Week magazine as the #2 best-selling business book. His book Supercapitalism, published in 2007, warned of the perils of an under-regulated and over-leveraged financial system. In his 2010 best-seller, Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future, Reich looks at where the economy is heading after the Great Recession and what to expect over the next decade. Reich is the co-creator and host of the widely acclaimed 2013 documentary Inequality for All, in which he explains the underlying forces that are shaping our economy and lays out pragmatic solutions for a broader prosperity. Reich has a nationally-syndicated column, and he also writes frequently for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Financial Times. He is a contributor

September 2014


B’nei Mitzvah Alexa Grace Leopold Grenley Alexa Grenley will become Bat Mitzvah on September 6, 2014. She is the daughter of Gary and Heidi Grenley and younger sister of Jordan. She attends St. John Fisher School in SW Portland. Alexa has chosen to focus on CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates – for her Mitzvah Project. CASA advocates for children in the foster care system who have been abused or neglected and works to get them into a permanent home safely, quickly, and effectively. While Alexa is too young to begin training as a CASA advocate (you need to be at least 21!), she is working to raise money for CASA and will volunteer at CASA events whenever she is able. You can learn more at

Harry Elias Popowich Harry Popowich will become Bar Mitzvah on September 13, 2014. He is the son of Yale Popowich and Tina Skouras and older brother of Julian. Harry is a student at the Catlin Gabel School, where he is beginning his term as Middle School Class President. An avid tennis player, he has selected Portland After School Tennis & Education (PAST&E) for his Mitzvah Project. PAST&E is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools, families, and volunteers to help at-risk children in K-12th grade gain athletic and academic success. They offer academic tutoring, fitness and nutrition curriculums, and tennis lessons and team tennis. Created in 1996 to give at-risk kids more learning opportunities while introducing them to tennis, they have since impacted the lives of more than 7,000 at-risk children and their families. Harry explains his involvement with the program: “I would like to bring awareness and support to the PAST&E program because I am passionate about tennis. Over the past few years, I have been playing lots of tennis, often competing against the PAST&E youth team at their facility. I would be very grateful if you would help me in my effort to support PAST&E by donating at the link below. Where it says, ‘Please tell us what prompted your gift today?’ you can write, ‘Harry Popowich’s Bar Mitzvah Project.’ Thank you for helping me extend a child’s education and bring the sport that I love to them.” Visit aspx?name=E165381&id=1 for more information.

Mitchell Morris Stoner Mitchell Stoner will become Bar Mitzvah on September 20, 2014. He is the son of Ed and Elyse Stoner and older brother of Drew. Mitchell attends West Sylvan Middle School in Portland. He has selected the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as the focus for his Mitzvah Project. He explains, “I participated in the 2014 MS Walk to honor my deceased grandmother, who had this disease for many years. I learned how to advertise for this 5k walk and how to respond to people who donated to my efforts. As I become a Bar Mitzvah, I plan on participating in MS fundraising events, since I know that in Judaism it is important to honor your ancestors. If you’d like to support my efforts, please visit”


High Holy Days Food Drive 509,000 8,508 500 <5

Oregonians without enough food Lunches served by Lift Urban Portland last year People served by Sunshine Pantry in a typical month Minutes it takes to write a check to CBI’s High Holy Days Food Drive

The Torah and our traditions compel us to feed those who would otherwise go hungry. As Maimonides knew, a hungry person cannot think of higher things. Even the day-to-day tasks we do without a second thought are difficult when food is scarce. This year, CBI’s High Holy Days Food Drive will focus on raising cash, rather than food, for Sunshine Pantry and Lift Urban Portland. Responsible stewardship practiced by these agencies means that when you give a dollar, it buys considerably more than it would in the grocery store. Bulkbuying and long-term relationships with generous members of the food industry make this possible. The average bag of regular groceries weighs 16 pounds, and if you’re a good shopper, it costs at least $23. The agencies we support can purchase food in bulk for less than half of that price: $18 can purchase 31.18 pounds of food $36 can purchase 63.72 pounds $54 can purchase 95.58 pounds $72 can purchase 127.44 pounds $108 can purchase 191.16 pounds That said, if you and your families find the giving of food to be a more meaningful experience, please do so! Good stewardship counts here, too: Please buy and donate what the programs need. Sunshine Pantry and Lift Urban Portland have lists posted on their websites of most-needed items. At press time, these included low-fat, shelf-stable milk; peanut butter; canned fruits and vegetables; plain oats and whole grain rice; and boxed macaroni and cheese and canned soups, stews, chili, and ravioli. To make cash donations, mail or drop off a check in the main CBI office or call 503-222-1069 to donate with a Visa or MasterCard. To give food, items can be dropped off in food barrels in the main office or in the Temple.

The CBI High Holy Days Food Drive continues through October 4.

Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership L’Shanah Tova! by Ned Duhnkrack President, Board of Trustees L’Shanah Tova! I am so honored and grateful to serve as your Temple president. Lots of meetings and hard work were what I anticipated, but serving as president has also brought me much joy. You may be wondering, “Why the joy?” Let me explain. The learning curve is steep during the first months of being synagogue president. One of my first lessons occurred while I was sitting on the bima next to Rabbi Joseph. I noticed that the prayers frequently referenced “oneg,” a word I associated with eating, so I asked Rabbi Joseph what “oneg” meant. “It means joy, Ned, not cookies,” she replied. Well, the cookies are great, but the joy I feel at our onegs is even better. Dancing with our

children at Shabbat on the Plaza, planting flowers at the cemetery on Mitzvah Day, and sorting books in our library to get ready for the start of Religious School all filled me with happiness. Those meetings? Time and conversation with our amazing clergy, hard-working staff, and committed board members are inspiring and rewarding. My joy comes from being part of our community, a caring and compassionate extended family committed to learning, faith, and active engagement. In the new year, I hope you, too, will have an opportunity to share this joy. Join us for a Friday night service, an Adult Education program, or a cup of coffee and conversation at the Brotherhood Café. Participate in the choir, a chavurah, or one of our social action programs. Bring a friend. In this coming year, do one more thing to increase your connection to Congregation Beth Israel. Create one more link between you and CBI. By connecting here, by being part of this community, and by supporting Congregation Beth Israel, your life with be enriched, and you will be enriching our synagogue community for now and for the future. I wish you much joy in the new year.

Thank You to Renee and Irwin Holzman and the Holzman Family Leaders are inspired and inspiring. Renee and Irwin Holzman exemplify these traits, and their continued acts of generosity and commitment further enhance the high esteem in which they are already held. Congregation Beth Israel is grateful to be the recipient of a $1,000,000 endowment from Renee and Irwin Holzman and family. The funds from this incredibly generous leadership gift will establish the Holzman Family Religious School Scholarship Fund, providing our education program with permanent scholarship funding. This fund will ensure that all CBI families can receive the high-caliber Jewish education provided by CBI’s Religious School and that no child will ever be denied a Jewish education because of a family’s inability to pay. The Holzmans are well-known and highly-respected philanthropists. They understand the need to break down the economic barriers that inhibit some people from affiliating with a synagogue. CBI is proud to welcome all Jewish families, and we are especially pleased that so many families in our community pursue quality Jewish education. These families seek assurance that this opportunity not be taken away because funding has run out. The Holzmans’ gift ensures that a joyful and meaningful Jewish education will be permanently available to everyone in our community.

Renee and Irwin have said they love CBI and are committed to educating our next generation. They continue to be inspired by Rabbi and Cantor Cahana’s joyful leadership and style of worship and love that the Cahanas invite us to take a moment to introduce ourselves to others at services and wish them Shabbat Shalom. They believe that it creates a warm and welcoming community for all. When making this generous gift, Renee shared the motto which inspires them and guides their foundation:

We are proud of and strengthened by CBI’s Open Door Policy, but it comes with a hefty “price tag.” Our Religious School currently operates at over a $140,000 deficit on an annual basis. Religious school education is a core mission of synagogues, and it is common for them to subsidize the cost of this opportunity. But for many families, even the subsidized cost is an excessive burden. Our congregation strives to never turn anyone away due to a lack of financial resources, and this most generous endowment gift will have a positive impact on that annual deficit. In addition, the Holzmans believe that this gift will inspire other generous donors to step forward. In a very literal sense, this Legacy Gift will remain in place forever, impacting the lives of generations to come. With this gift, the Holzman family is helping CBI shape a more promising future.

September 2014

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” – Stephen Grellet


Developing CBI

The Magic is Here by Jenat Levison Feldman Development Director Do you believe in magic? (If you remember the song by the Lovin’ Spoonful, you just dated yourself.) Certainly you have seen a magic show and wondered how the performers execute illusions in front of your very eyes. There are always certain tricks which seem simple, and often, we think we know how that illusion was created. However, unless you know how to perform magic, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to figure out how it was really done. This year’s Fundraiser Committee Co-Chairs, David and Tiffany Goldwyn, have assembled an exciting and creative committee who are working to bring you yet another fabulous Fall Fundraiser. On Saturday, October 18, you will have the opportunity to see illusionist David Shimshi perform magic up close and personal. This fantastic evening will include a performance of his full Mind Illusions show. (Full details are included in this bulletin.) Shimshi is a Wynn Resort resident magician and is currently appearing as a wizard on Penn & Teller’s new SyFy reality series, Wizard Wars. We are especially fortunate to have The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation as our Lead Sponsor; Arlene has also added a $10,000 challenge grant to our Mitzvah Moment, if we can raise another $50,000 through our paddle raise. In addition to this gracious gift, Harold and Jane Pollin are once again providing the food and drink for this year’s fundraiser through Al Fresco Catering

by Sheraton. These are all lovely statements of support for the programs and services CBI offers, and they provide a wonderful incentive for us to hit the ground running and create yet another successful fundraising year. We certainly hope you will mark your calendar now and plan to join us for this fun/fundraising annual event, knowing that your participation both as a supporter and a participant has a direct impact on our $200,000 annual fundraising goal. Sponsorship, which begins at the $1,000 level, comes with additional benefits. To learn more, please contact Jen Feldman at (503) 222-1069 or jen@ The Fundraiser Committee, composed of experienced as well as emerging CBI leaders, has chosen the theme: The Magic is Here. These individuals embrace the “magic” that CBI offers, with the knowledge that being connected to their congregational community has been a real game changer. That is no illusion, and it is no trick. It truly is the magic of CBI. So when they say The Magic is Here, they are confirming they have figured out that getting connected to CBI brings magical moments to numerous aspects of their lives. I want to help you experience that magic, too, as being connected to this congregation has changed my life both personally and professionally. Join us on October 18, as well as anytime before or after, so you too can experience all the magic that your CBI community has to offer.

Everyone Can Create a Jewish Legacy “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank

During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we reflect on the past and plan for the future. This then becomes the perfect time to ask, “What matters to me, and how have I let others know?” Being able to answer this question strikes at the very core of what creating a Legacy Gift is all about. In conversations with family and friends, we often share what matters to us. Responses noted most often include making an impact on one’s family/children and making the world a better place. Creating a Jewish Legacy through Congregation Beth Israel can accomplish both of these goals and many others. In addition, it can help ensure that our congregation is here to serve generations to come, just as those before us have done for more than 155 years. CBI proudly recognizes the over 100 families, individuals, and foundations as members of our Legacy Circle. Each donor has a


different reason that motivated them to choose CBI as a beneficiary of their life’s work. We are fortunate that our members embrace the benefit that creating a Jewish Legacy brings to their lives and their memory. And just as we benefit now from the gifts created by previous generations, we strive to continue to expand this circle of Legacy Donors so that CBI can continue to nurture Jewish lives, create Jewish memories, and keep CBI strong for generations to come. Our congregation is proud to be participating, along with 10 other organizations, in the inaugural year of The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation’s Life & Legacy program. This new program will provide every member of the Jewish community with the opportunity to have a long-term impact on the Jewish institutions that resonate with them. Today is the perfect time to decide: What will be my Jewish Legacy? We are ready to discuss how you can make your impact with a donation that will live on in perpetuity, whether through an endowment, trust, will, estate plan, or other means. Please consider joining our esteemed and appreciated Legacy Circle by letting us help you create YOUR Jewish Legacy today. We look forward to working with you. For more information, please contact Jen Feldman, Development Director, at or (503) 222-1069.

Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership Soul of Shabbat – Melodies from our Friday evening Shabbat Services Rosh Hashanah is sometimes referred to as the birthday of the world, a time of new beginnings, new opportunities to grow and expand oneself. For this new year’s birthday, you each will receive a gift. We are delighted that through the vision and generosity of the Nettie Director Library Book Endowment Fund, Cantor Cahana has produced a CD representing some of the beautiful new music we love to listen to and sing along with on Friday nights. Please ask for your copy of The Soul of Shabbat: Melodies from the Friday night service at Congregation Beth Israel at the Rosh Hashanah reception. The CD features Cantor Ida Rae Cahana, accompanied by pianist Michael Barnes, bassist Ben Sandler, percussionist Arthur Steinhorn, guitar/vocalists Beth Hamon and Kim Schneiderman, cellist Irving Levin, saxophonist Stacy Friedman, accordionist Fred Cirillo, narrations by Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, and very special guest pianist Michael Allen Harrison, who has also been our amazing recording engineer and supervisor. May you be inscribed for a good healthy year surrounded by sweet sounds of Jewish music! With much gratitude to the Director family, the Nettie Director Library Book Endowment Fund, and all the wonderful musicians and office staff who have helped make this dream a reality.

New Year’s Resolution: Continuing to Create Meaningful Connections within our Community By Sydney A. Baer, Executive Director This is truly my favorite time of year. There is always a sense of joy, excitement, new beginnings, and a bit of stress as we prepare for the Holy Days. Historically, this is when we have the largest attendance at our services. Believe it or not, my fellow Executive Directors have a listserv enabling us to share new ideas and best practices for creating more joyful, memorable, and meaningful experiences for all. And that translates to all we do here at CBI, where we are in constant pursuit of meaningful programs, throughout the year and for the High Holy Days in particular. Because it’s truly a special time: I love the two-degrees of connection that we all have and that is most evident during the Holy Days. I love that we all dress up a bit more, see family and friends, gather and linger, have our ushers and greeters at all of our doors welcoming everyone to our services, and share the many hugs and quick conversations as we come and go from services. All this – three weeks and counting!

help us continue to grow our membership by inviting your unaffiliated adult children, family, and friends to join our community. CBI belongs to all of us: L’Dor v’dor. We have been blessed with several extraordinary gifts this summer. Many thanks to Renee and Irwin Holzman for their extraordinary gift (article on page 5). We are profoundly grateful for those who came before us and understood the importance of our being here for the generations to come. They are an inspiration. May we continue to go from strength to strength. Also significant, many thanks to all who continue to support us with their annual giving contributions, additional contributions to the Every Family Initiative, and all of the ongoing contributions to our essential Tribute and Endowment Funds. Many thanks to all who make our celebrations appear so seamless: This is a huge list, and I’m reticent to start mentioning names for fear I will leave someone off. Todah rebah to all of our volunteers, staff, WRJ/ BI Sisterhood, and Brotherhood who make up our extraordinary team, our bakers for the Rosh Hashanah reception, our artists who arrange the flowers, our ushers for the Holy Days, our musicians, our clergy, our administrative staff, our education staff, and our facilities staff. They are all integral to making the Holy Days run smoothly and the services so memorable for all of us.

This summer, we have welcomed many new families to our community, and when we gather, we hope everyone will take the opportunity to both greet longtime friends as well as introduce yourselves to those you don’t know. Our Board of Trustees is working hard on new and innovative ways to engage our community – we all know the importance of welcoming the stranger, as we too were once strangers. We have many plans in store to help us welcome strangers who are soon-to-be-friends, such as making nametags available for all events, as they have been so successful and appreciated at our Shabbat Services.

Get your calendars ready: We have another extraordinary year planned for our congregation and community. Our Holy Day celebrations are not to be missed, followed by our latest Oseran Family Lecture with Robert B. Reich, Chanukah celebrations, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program and Shabbat Service with CBI Choirs and the Northwest Community Gospel Choir, and our now-legendary Purimschpiel. We also have many Adult Education, Social Action, Preschool, Religious School, Brotherhood, and WRJ/ BI Sisterhood programs planned for this year – enough to keep your dance card full!

As has become our newest tradition, if you would like to invite your family and friends to our magnificent High Holy Day services, please have them call the CBI office for guest admission cards. We look forward to giving them a warm welcome and sharing all that is remarkable about Congregation Beth Israel. We hope that you will also

Shanah Tova u’metuka

May the New Year be a good, sweet, and meaningful one for you, your family, and your friends. We hope that you will join us, find your niche, share your expertise, make new friends, learn something new, and enjoy the camaraderie within your home under our dome.

September 2014


Upcoming Events CBI Book Group Sunday, September 7, 9:00 AM Herbert & Shirley Semler Board Room Please join our book group each month for a morning of pleasant literary discussion. There is no need to sign up. September’s selection is The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman.

Mothers Circle & Information Session

years at Organ Grinder Pizza. He is equally skilled in both traditional classical and modern/popular schools of musical performance. He has over 30 highly acclaimed recordings on a variety of labels, which are frequently heard on the syndicated radio show “Pipedreams.” Notable national television appearances include the “Today Show” and “Good Morning Australia.” In addition to his performing career, Nordwall has been a major influence in the latter 20th century design and manufacturing of both pipe and electronic organs. He was with the Rodgers Organ Company for over 30 years and presently is an artist for the Allen Organ Company.

Sunday, September 21, 9:30 AM Mittleman Jewish Community Center 6651 SW Capitol Highway, 97219 Want to learn more about raising kids with Jewish traditions and values, but you do not have a Jewish background yourself? You are not alone! CBI is co-sponsoring the Mothers Circle, a community program featuring a 16week empowering course geared to women without a Jewish background who are raising kids in a Jewish family environment. Held at the MJCC, this free class (with free childcare) is for anyone wanting to learn more about tradition, holidays, and ritual. For more information, contact Jennifer Greenberg at or (503) 2937313, or visit The Mothers Circle is co-sponsored by the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, B’nai B’rith Camp, The Oregon Board of Rabbis and Congregations Beth Israel, Havurah Shalom, Kol Ami, Neveh Shalom, Shaarie Torah and Shir Tikvah. Thank you to our generous funders: The Holzman Foundation, The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation, and The Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. Mothers Circle is an affiliate program of the Jewish Outreach Institute.

Music Under the Dome Sunday, September 21, 4:00 PM Temple CBI, Cantor Ida Rae Cahana, and the Portland Chapter of the American Guild of Organists are pleased to announce a special organ recital this month, featuring organist Jonas Nordwall and the First United Methodist Church Choir. The concert, the first of our Music Under the Dome concerts this year, will focus on transcriptions for the organ and will include such works as Allegro from Jonas Nordwall, Symphony # 4 by Mendelssohn, Mephisto organist Waltz #2 by Franz Liszt, and music from “Harry Potter” by John Williams. Jonas Nordwall is an internationally renowned virtuoso organist and Portland native who is perhaps best known for playing many


Oregon Board of Rabbis’ Introduction to Judaism Class Begins October 23 Thursday evenings, 7:00-9:00 PM The Introduction to Judaism Class taught by The Oregon Board of Rabbis will be offered once in the coming academic year. It includes twenty classes taught by members of The Oregon Board of Rabbis and rotates between several different locations. A carefully-constructed curriculum includes Jewish history, life cycle events, holidays and Holy Days, ritual and daily practice, theology, mysticism, and study of Torah and contemporary Jewish America. These themes are taught with lectures, discussions, group activities, and practice of some blessings and songs. Students come from a variety of backgrounds: some are Jews reclaiming their heritage; some are people interested in converting to Judaism, while others are investigating different religions in search of a spiritual comfort level. Many students are living with a Jewish partner and want to better understand that partner’s background. All are people wanting to learn more about the Jewish faith and what it has to offer. The fee for the course is $360 (per student or per couple sharing materials) and includes a Chumash (Hebrew/ English Bible), a notebook of reference material, as well as supplementary material distributed throughout the course. For more information about the course and registration procedure contact Sheri Cordova, Class Facilitator at lscord@ or (503) 639-0853. (Please, no calls on Shabbat: sundown Friday to an hour after sundown Saturday). Please note that this is only open to adults over eighteen years of age and is not a conversion class.

Congregation Beth Israel

L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation

New Congregants

Mazel Tov to Jeff Burstein and Jennifer Crowe on the birth of their son, Bryce King Burstein, on June 14, and his naming on July 12. Bryce joins big brother Jax (2). Joshua Feinberg and Jessica Pierce on the birth of their son, Noah Robert Feinberg, on June 25, and his naming on August 1. Noah joins big sister Sophia (3). Tyler and Alexa Hasman on the birth of their daughter, Madisyn Avery Hasman, on June 21, and her naming at the July 25th Shabbat on the Plaza service. Proud CBI grandparents and great-grandmothers are Stuart and Nancy Hasman, Arline Hasman, and Ruth Gassner. Susan and Stuart Shleifer on the birth of their first granddaughter, Vera May Shleifer, on July 3 in New York City. Proud parents are Scott and Elena Shleifer. Aunt and uncle are CBI members Mark and Lauren Goldstein. Susan and Stuart have seven grandsons. Robert and Leslie Peltz on the birth of their granddaughter, Freida Wonder Van Duser, on July 8. Proud parents are Tova Peltz and Patrick Van Duser. Gail and Irv Handelman on the birth of their grandson, Elias Archer Bezanson, on July 12. Proud parents are Thea Handelman and Phil Bezanson. Other grandparents are Jeffrey and Janie Bezanson.

Jill Lauren Demsey and David Mendelson on their June 22 wedding in the Temple, officiated by Rabbi and Cantor Cahana. David is the son of Dr. Robert Mendelson and the late Lottie Mendelson (z”l). Michelle Rosenbloom and Glen Collins on their August 15th wedding. Michelle is the daughter of Dr. Robert Mendelson and the late Lottie Rosenbloom (z”l). Deborah Kaplan, CBI’s Early Childhood Education Director, on the completion of a Master of Administrative Studies in Jewish Early Childhood Education through the Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute.

Condolences to Steve and Michelle Gradow & family on the death of his father, Jeffrey Gradow, on June 23 in Los Angeles, CA. Allan and Marney Pike on the death of his brother, Steven Pike and Allison Sneider-Pike on the death of his uncle, Jamie Pike on the death of her uncle, and Michelle Pike Guthormsen and Scott Guthormsen on the death of her uncle, Malcolm Pike, on June 24 in Michigan. Gail and Irv Handelman on the death of her mother, Charlotte Pearlman, on July 3 in Phoenix, AZ. Robyn Taylor Barbon and Howard Taylor and families on the death of their uncle, Michael “Mickey” Greenberg, on July 14, in Atlanta.

Sarah and Mac Barr on the birth of their son, Samuel Tilden Barr, on July 25. Samuel joins big brother John (2).

Ruth Sheinin and family on the death of her longtime companion, Thomas Barnett, on July 20.

Lauren Davis on the naming of her daughter, Lila Dawn Davis, at the July 11th Shabbat on the Plaza service.

Richard Garfinkle on the death of his mother and Judah Garfinkle and Paula Reed on the death of their grandmother, Henrietta Samuely Garfinkle, on July 25.

Sergio Toledo and Tamar Hajar on the naming of their daughter, Sofia Michelle Toledo, on July 19. May they grow in health and wisdom and be a source of strength to their family and all humankind.

Marcia Colton on the death of her nephew and Risa Colton-Feldman and family on the death of her cousin, Scott Colton, on July 26. Ralph London and family on the death of his wife, Bobbi London, on August 9.

Welcome, New Congregants! Both Randy and Debbie Geller are originally from New York, though they came to Portland individually, Debbie in 1994 after graduating college and Randy in 1995 to further his professional career. Randy works in HR Software Sales for Ultimate Software, and Debbie has recently launched Core Abundance Group, a business consulting and outsourcing company specializing in operations, process improvement, and bookkeeping. The Gellers enjoy exercise, travel, and spending time with their family. They have a fouryear-old son, Aaron, and Randy has two older children, Nick, 26, who manages Steve Alan Clothing here in Portland, and Olivia, 23, who lives in Los Angles and is pursuing a career in music. They will soon celebrate their five-year anniversary and look forward to deepening their connection with the CBI community. Debbie notes, “We were drawn to Beth Israel for the progressive nature in which Judaism can be understood in today’s world. We fundamentally believe in the oneness of all faiths and know Beth Israel is a community that supports our spiritual understanding.”

Dr. Melissa Fireside holds a PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Management Education. She relocated to Portland from Ohio in January and is an Associate Professor with the Forbes School of Business. Melissa also consults with University NOW on curriculum design and course content. She loves her job, particularly “guiding and assisting [her] students in achieving their academic and professional goals.” Melissa enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest with its wealth of opportunity for outdoor activities, as do her two dogs, Anastasia and Arabella. She enjoys travel, particularly to visit family in San Francisco, and has recently begun to play the piano again after a ten-year absence. She is excited about joining Congregation Beth Israel and finds “something very peaceful and renewing about having roots in the community based upon Jewish values, something [she holds] very dear to [her] heart.”

September 2014



Brotherhood Cafe


Following the summer break, the Brotherhood Café will re-open on Sunday, September 7. Your schmoozing with friends at the café during Religious School hours helps support the Brotherhood and the synagogue. Don’t be the last kid on your block to get coffee and a snack at the café. Twenty-five dollar Brotherhood Café gift cards make great yarmulke stuffers for the holidays.

On Sunday, September 21, at 10:30 AM in Polin Chapel, the Beth Israel Brotherhood and Neveh Shalom’s Men’s Group will sponsor a talk by Stanley Wulf, M.D., member of the J Street National Advisory Council. The talk entitled “The Gaza Wars: 2008, 2012, 2014, 20??” will present an analysis on how fighting in Gaza has affected the relative strengths and weaknesses of Israel, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority and how those changes influence forward pathways. Since 1989, Dr. Wulf has served as treasurer of Berkeley’s Modern Orthodox synagogue. He recently retired as chief medical officer of a medical technology company, and in 2009, he was chosen by his peers as one of the “100 Most Inspiring People in the LifeSciences Industry.” This talk is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Eric Flamm at

Ushering Members of Brotherhood will be organizing ushering for the 5775 High Holy Days. Volunteers are needed for any or all of the following: Erev Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday, September 24; Rosh Hashanah on Thursday, September 25; Kol Nidre on Friday, October 3; and Yom Kippur on Saturday, October 24. Please contact Mel Birge ( for information regarding upcoming planning meetings and safety training for boutonniere pinning.


Congregation Beth Israel

Sisterhood Bakers Wanted for Sisterhood Sweets Table Wednesday, September 24, 10:00 AM Blumauer Auditorium Kitchen

Last Chance: Honey from the Heart What better way to wish family, friends, and business associates a “Sweet and Healthy New Year” than sending a jar of honey? Order Honey from the Heart. This 8-ounce jar of delicious kosher honey arrives in time for the Rosh Hashanah holiday, decorated with a colorful label, and includes a personalized card reading “L’Shana Tova - Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year.” This card also lets the recipients know that a donation has been made in their honor to WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood.

Sisterhood traditionally provides the delicious homemade baked goods for the sweets table at the Rosh Hashanah Reception following morning services. Please consider sharing the sweetness of the New Year by baking. All congregants’ contributions are welcome! We will arrange sweets trays on Wednesday, September 24th at 10:00 am in the Blumauer Auditorium Kitchen. Please contact Leslie Geller at if you would like to bake or help tray sweets.

Your cost is only $10.00 per jar plus shipping. (Unfortunately, the free shipping deadline has passed.) We guarantee delivery by Rosh Hashanah for all orders sent to domestic addresses that are placed online by September 5th. To order honey online, go to and follow the step-by-step instructions.

If you are unable to bake, please consider a contribution to Sisterhood. You may send your check to the CBI office, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, marked “Sisterhood Sweets.” All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Sisterhood Happy Hour

Gift Shop Happenings

Wednesday, September 10 5:30 PM-7:30 PM Indigo (1205 SW Washington St)

Fall hours: 2nd & 4th Fridays, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Sundays, 9:15 AM-12:15 PM Volunteer: We always need volunteers in the Gift Shop.

Come join your Sisters and Next Generation for a pre-New Year’s Happy Hour. RSVP to Stephanie Siegel at

Please contact Debbie Braymer, Gift Shop Volunteer Coordinator, at (503) 649-8043 or for details.

The Table is Set! WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood 2nd Annual Progressive Dinner Saturday, September 20 Appetizers & Havdalah: 5:30 PM, Lipman Foyer at Congregation Beth Israel

Sisterhood Members Enjoy Summer Hike Nine outdoorsy sisters ascended the Mirror Lake Trail on Mt Hood for a 4+ mile round trip hike. After the hike, the group returned to Cristina’s house for lunch on the deck beside a bubbling creek.

Dinner: At individual participants’ homes End the evening with dessert and music at the Oregon Jewish Museum Please join us for a fun and delicious evening. Bring your friends. Meet new people. Everyone is welcome (adults only, please)! Levels of Giving (per person): Chai $36, Rachel $54, and Miriam $72. Proceeds benefit the Sisterhood Programming, Leadership and Enrichment Fund. Your entire donation is tax deductible. Your payment is your reservation. You can call the CBI office to pay with Visa or MasterCard, or you can mail in a check payable to CBI. Please include your email address and phone number, let us know who is in your party, and if any are vegetarians. RSVP by September 15th. Are you unable to attend? Please mark your check, payable to Congregation Beth Israel, as a donation. Thank you! Sarah Epstein, Lynn Tobias, Cristina Draghicescu, Linda Blum, Anita August, Bonnie Barg, Marney Pike, Stephanie Siegel, and Jill Neuwelt (behind the camera).

September 2014


Very Thoughtful People

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat

In Memory of Bud Blumenkron Rachel Blumenkron Herbert L. Newmark The Abrams Family Sharlene Bender Howard and Barbara Cohn In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oseran (Special birthdays) Liz and Ruben Menashe (Special anniversary) Robert and Rita Philip Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation (OJCF)

Amy R. Goldsmith Library In Memory of Rose Berliner Maxine McComas In Honor of Henry and Nancy Oseran (Birthdays) Claire and Zanley Galton Janet Zell (Special birthday) Rosalyn Menashe

Brotherhood Scholarship Fund In Memory of Gene Miller Morris and Gerry Jackson

Cemetery Beautification

In Memory of Daniel Jeremy Berkson Julie Berkson Violet Greenberg Gary Greenberg Selene and Chuck Robinowitz Sandy Kowitt Kay Kowitt Morris Bloomenthol Esther Bloomenthol Floyd Black Gert Neuberger RC Neuberger Ethel Tonkin Rena and Cheryl Tonkin David and Daniel Lerner Marcy Tonkin Fred Joseph Gertrude Joseph


Edward Rosenberg Susan Struck Jeffrey Gradow Robert and Rita Philip Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation (OJCF) Theodore S. Bloom Loretta Bloom, Linda, Michael, and Leslie In Honor of Nancy and Henry Oseran (Birthdays) Gerel Blauer

Rabbi Cahana Discretionary

In Memory of Mathilde Lewinsohn Cynthia and Peter Lewinsohn Sarah Reiter Dorthea Roth Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Reiter Ian Brown Megan Brown Eugene Hirsch Krantz Carolyn Wexler Edward Mayer Morgenstern Martha and Les Soltesz William Feinstein Judith K. Feinstein Karen McAllister Robert McAllister Adolph Canton Mary Canton Susan Golden In Appreciation Becky and Greg Ewer Jacob Warshawsky The Peterman Family Harvey Liss Michael and Freyda Davis Barry and Vicki Burstein Jeffrey Burstein and Jennifer Crowe Rayna and Eli Green General Contribution Given By Marc Carver

Cantor Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Joseph Mendelsohn Sylvia Nessan Julian Albert Benjamin Isenberg Alan and Lynn Lertzman

In Appreciation Becky and Greg Ewer Jacob Warshawsky The Peterman Family Michael and Freyda Davis Barry and Vicki Burstein Rayna and Eli Green

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary

Hal Ruthizer Cultural Arts In Memory of Suzanne C. Powell Ian Cartwright, MD Louis Gelwasser Sylvia and Arthur Kaplan In Honor of Jeffrey Lachman (Birthday) Alan and Lana Miller

In Honor of Samuel Barr (Bris) Lois and Chuck Koteen In Appreciation Jacob Warshawsky The Peterman Family Michael and Freyda Davis Barry and Vicki Burstein

Jill Newman Slansky Early Childhood Leader Fund

Rabbi Rose Discretionary

In Memory of Lillian F. Zell Alan and Janet Zell In Honor of Nancy and Henry Oseran (Birthdays) Ted and Davia Rubenstein Morris J. Galen Bill and Nell Simkoff Herb Black

In Memory of Irving Puziss Kelly Puziss Martha Lewin Ilse Orthmeyer

General Administrative

In Memory of David Avner Cohen Garry Cohen Felice L. Driesen Dr. Jacob L. Driesen Lettie Sonnes Dr. Robert Sonnes Charlotte Pearlman Sydney and Bill Baer Bessie Loeb Bondy Stan and Joyce Loeb Mitzi Tobias Bob Tobias Alyne Schlesinger Owen and Lynn Blank Jeanne Moment Roger Moment Helen Stamm Phillip Margolin Roscoe C. Nelson, Jr. Maddie Nelson In Honor of Gail and Irv Handelman (Birth of newest grandson, Elias Archer Bezanson) Sydney and Bill Baer General Contribution Given By Jacob and Sara Menahem

Congregation Beth Israel

In Memory of Ann Marie Asilo Margaret Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien White Jill Ann Slansky

Oseran Family Lecture


In Memory of Eileen Scherl Daniel Neill Lottie Mendelson Harry Nemer Patti Nemer David R. Trachtenberg John and Barbara Trachtenberg In Honor of Mrs. Shelly Sanders Paul Schmidt

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Malcolm Pike Bunny and Jerry Sadis Jack Pollin Harold Pollin Joan Shipley Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Semler

Very Thoughtful People Sally Vidgoff Camp Kalsman Scholarship In Honor of Ruben and Liz Menashe (50th Anniversary) Sandy and Ed Oser

Social Action (General)

In Memory of Edward Press Louis Press Seymour Press Stephen Press Jeffrey Gradow Eve Stern and Les Gutfreund David Strauss Albert Oziel Donna Brownstein Roger L. Meyer Paul and Alice Meyer Alvin Rackner Richard and Diane Lowensohn Mazie and Bill Sakai Loree and Ken Sakai In Honor of Ilene Davidson (Leadership of Social Action Committee) Eve Stern and Les Gutfreund Freida Wonder Van Dusen (Birth) Robert and Leslie Peltz Barbara Caplan (Recovery) Bunny and Jerry Sadis Marty and Sheila Seaton Gerald and Evelyn Leshgold Les Gutfreund Alex Davidson


In Memory of Zanly Edelson Jill and Richard Edelson Sadie Kaufman Nancy Green Jan and Mon Orloff Alvin Rackner Dr. William and Beverly Galen Irene Frisch LouAnn Frisch Florence Berenson Shirley Mark Louis Lubliner Rita S. Lubliner Gert Neuberger Patricia Neuberger

Sheldon Balick Wilma Jane Balick and Sandra Kailes Biller & Family Marvin Morris Oziel Donna Brownstein Esther Overback Eve and Alan Rosenfeld Scott Colton Marcia Colton & Family Jerry Hammel Sam Hammel Susy, Marci, and Katrina Hammel Anne Peltz Leslie and Robert Peltz Ida Margulis David and Dolorosa Margulis In Honor of Ilene Davidson (Leadership of Social Action Committee) Rabbi and Cantor Cahana Rabbi Joseph Sydney Baer Cheryl and Rena Tonkin Nancy E. Duhnkrack Laurie Kaplan Lynne Bartenstein Leslie Peltz Joanie Rosenbaum Jim and Ilene Davidson (Hosting TOT House Party) Sydney Baer Jean Pierce (Birthday) Shirley Mark Nancy Oseran (Birthday) Liz and Ruben Menashe (Anniversary) Jeanne Newmark Suzanne Wapnick (Birthday) Donna Brownstein

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Milton and Marilyn Singer The Richard and Don Singer Families Paul Rubinstein Eleanore Rubinstein Gordon Bazelon Mimi Richman Jim and Michael Richman In Honor of Liz and Ruben Menashe (Special anniversary) Barbara and Barry Caplan

Temple Improvement

In Memory of Leland H. Lowenson Lee B. Lowenson Sigmund Heilner RC Neuberger In Honor of Liz and Ruben Menashe (50th Anniversary) Rena Tonkin & Cheryl Tonkin

Estelle Director Sholkoff Jewish Educators Scholarship In Honor of Barbara Caplan (Recovery) Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Heims Family Youth Activities Endowment In Memory of Isaac Davis I. Kenneth Davis

Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Youth Leadership Fund In Memory of Lloyd Rosenfeld Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship In Memory of Harry Zell Leonard Zell

Foundation In Honor of Nancy and Henry Oseran (90th birthdays) Ruth Saltzman

Temple Endowment In Memory of Joseph L. Byer Howard Byer

WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Funds

Prayer Book

In Memory of Maxine Newman Ada Post Lynn Newman Lisa and Harvey Newman Edith Gerson Hana Gerson Samuel Gerson Theodore Gerson Susan Gerson Jerry M. Colton Marcia E. Colton

Service to the Blind In Memory of Sydney Schubach Arline Hasman

Sisterhood Programming, Leadership & Enrichment

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment

In Honor of Stuart and Nikki Director (Granddaughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bat Mitzvah) Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Simon & Helen Director Endowment

In Memory of Ruth Heldfond William B. Layton Cameron and Dick Davis Ruth Heldfond The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE

In Memory of Andrea Karlin Sally, Andrew, and Caroline Karlin In Honor of Stephanie Siegel (Election as co-president of Sisterhood) Shelly and Ron Levy Sue Schreiber, Susanna Connaughton, and Kim Price Lynn Tobias Stephanie Siegel

CBI Team Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Assistant Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Early Childhood Education Director Deborah Kaplan, MAT

Congregational Affairs Director Jemi Kostiner Mansfield

Facilities Manager Casey Barkmeier

Food in Bloom 503-223-6819 Catherine Hernandez

Finance Director Jim Baldwin, CPA

Facilities Staff Andy Coles Keith Powers Joseph Thompson

Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin

Member Services

Accounting Assistant Vicki Greif

Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D.

Executive Director Sydney A. Baer

Project Coordinator Dara Docherty

Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff

Development Director Jen Feldman

Office Administrator Tracy Alifanz

September 2014

Catering Panel Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2858 Shellie Postlewait

Devilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Food Catering 503-233-9288 Charles Stilwell Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675 Jenn Louis

Art of Catering 503-231-8185 Larry Grimes


In Remembrance ~ May their memory be for a blessing. September 5 & 6 Robert Autrey Charles F. Berg* Ruth Binder Arnold Cohen Estelle Director Melvin Mel Dunn Richard C. East Don Felts Anne Gilbert Gerald Hammel Sam Hammel Phillip Iliffe Hardy Anatoly Ioffe Evelyn M. Jacobs Barbara Jacobson Bessie Leveton* Mathilde Lewinsohn June Lichty Louis Lubliner Harry Marcus* Daniel Meekcoms Roger L. Meyer Sonija Milshtein Anna Muscovitz David Meyer Nayberger* Mary Baker Nelson Gert Neuberger* Frank Perlman Jack Pollin* Edward Press Sarah Reiter Samuel J. Robinson Dorthea Roth Judith I. Schneider Sidney S. Schubach Jane Daum Schwartz Rosa Shainwald* Joan Shipley Mitchell Erwin Shore* Bernice Shulevitz Helen Silen Meyer Steinweis Mary Stoloff* Ethel Tonkin* David R. Trachtenberg Irve Tunick Sheldon Weisberg Abram (Al) Yugler Audrey Rosalyn Yugler Harry Zell

September 12 &13 Ethel Barr Gordon Bazelon Sharlene Bender Michael L. Bergman* Juliette Bernays* Nathan Bick Harold J. Blank* Esther Bloomenthol Morris Bloomenthol Bessie Loeb Bondy Joseph Byer Robert M. Coffey Rita Durkheimer Philip Eder John Einstein* William Israel Feinstein King Feldman Harry Fink Helen Georges Melvin Gerard Freidel Glaser Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Seymour Haber Helene Haltenorth Sigmund A. Heilner* Ida D. Holtzman Fred Joseph Belle Kahn Eugene Hirsch Krantz* Esther Mazer Kranz Sam Lennis Larry Lieberman Sonya S. Loebner Cecelia London Faye Menashe Marvin Morris Oziel Anne Peltz Ruthella Popick Edythe Raffel Paul Rubinstein* Ida Schaffer* Daniel L. Shafton Marcus Shemanski* Adolph Slotowsky* Herbert Raymond Sokolsky Katie Steinweis Arthur G. Weisfield Jennie Davis Wexler* Emily Wilson*

September 19 & 20 Sheldon Balick* Frances Basinski Florence Berenson Ahldor Kermit Berg Harry Binder Daisy Biskind Max Bloom Edgar Blumenthal Sybil Bonime Adolph Canton Mary Canton Gloria B. Coodley C. Girard Davidson Adelyne Raban Freiberg Irene Frisch Louis Gelwasser Edith Gerson Hannah Gerson* Samuel Gerson* Raquel Goldfarb Mary Goldman Leon Hirsch* Alan R. Hoeflich Charles Josephson* Bertha Kohn* Aaron Lertzman Belle Lewis Allan Edward Lichtgarn* Etta Maizels Karen McAllister Joseph Mendelsohn Edward Mayer Morgenstern Roscoe C. Nelson, Jr. Esther Overback Samuel Palmer* Louis Press Seymour Press Jack Reed Davida Rosenbaum Edward Rosenberg Jacob W. Savinar Kurt Schlesinger James G. Senders Walter P. Sherlin* Albert I. Simon Daniel Slovic Helen Stamm Morris Taylor* Mitzi Tobias Luther Toothman

I. Jack Vidgoff* Reuben W. Weil* Everett Wyner September 26 & 27 Leo Baruh* Theodore S. Bloom Jared Michael Branfman Ian Brown Isabelle Daniels Isaac Davis Louis Farkas Max Fischback Daisy Georges Theodore S. Gerson* Pearl Gevurtz Miriam Goldberg Elizabeth Hirsch Elaine Sweet Horwitch Charles Jacobs Leopold Kaufman* Norman B. Kobin* Lewis Joseph Krakauer Danny Leb Martha Lewin Marcy Macoubray Milton Markewitz* Gene Miller Jeanne Moment* Norman B. Nemer* M. Don Nudelman Rose Nudelman David Rosen Louis Rubenstein* May â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mazieâ&#x20AC;? Sakai William Y. Sakai Alyne Schlesinger* Oliver Gordon Seymour Edward Shainwald* Bess Sommerfield Albert Stenger Leonard Subotnick Louis Tanne Hershal Tanzer Jeannette Turteltaub Lillian F. Zell* Harry Zugman

(*) next to a name indicates a memorial plaque has been purchased to ensure the beloved departed is remembered in perpetuity. For information about memorial plaques in the Temple, please contact Jemi Kostiner Mansfield at (503) 222-1069 or


Congregation Beth Israel

September 2014 SUNDAY

Elul 5774 - Tishrei 5775



1  Elul 6

2  Elul 7

Labor Day Temple Offices Closed


THURSDAY 4  Elul 9

5  Elul 10

6  Elul 11

Adult Education Committee 9:00 AM SBR

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 5:30 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Preschool Shabbat and Back to School Picnic 11:00 AM Temple Lawn

Tot Shabbat Service 9:30 AM PC

View our online calendar at

Shabbat on the P laza 8  Elul 13

9  Elul 14



3  Elul 8

Social Action Committee 7:00 PM SBR

7  Elul 12


6:00 PM Temple Lawn JND Service 7:30 PM PC

10  Elul 15

11  Elul 16

Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah of Alexa Grenley 10:30 AM Temple

12  Elul 17

13  Elul 18

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Service: Bar Mitzvah of Harrison Popowich 10:30 AM Temple

18  Elul 23

19  Elul 24

20  Elul 25

Board of Trustees Meeting 6:15 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

WRJ/BIS Happy Hour 5:00 PM Offsite

Book Group 9:00 AM SBR Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM Kol Echad Choir Rehearsal 11:30 AM BTB

14  Elul 19

15  Elul 20

16  Elul 21

Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Preschool enrichment classes begin

17  Elul 22

Shabbat on the P laza

Wimpel Program for 1st Grade Parents Only 10:00 AM BA

6:00 PM Temple Lawn

Kol Echad Choir Rehearsal 12:00 PM BTB

Shabbat Service: Bar Mitzvah of Mitchell Stoner 10:30 AM Temple Sisterhood Havdalah/ Progressive Dinner 5:00 PM LF Selichot Service 5:30 PM Temple

21  Elul 26

22  Elul 27

Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM

23  Elul 28

24  Elul 29

25   Tishrei 1 5775

26   Tishrei 2

27   Tishrei 3

Preschool Back to School Night 5:30 PM MR

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5775

Rosh Hashanah 5775

Multi-Generational Service 6:00 PM Temple

Temple Offices Closed

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 am SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

Wimpel Program for 1st Grade Families 10:00 AM GH

Traditional Adult Service 7:30 PM Temple

Brotherhood Speaker: Stanley Wulf 10:30 AM MR

Tashlich 2:00 PM Tanner Park

Music Under the Dome: Jonas Nordwall 4:00 PM Temple

Sisterhood Networking Event 9:00 AM BA Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM Kol Echad Choir Rehearsal 11:30 AM BTB Kever Avot V’Imahot Service 1:00 PM CBI Cemetary Oseran Lecture Robert Reich 4:30 PM Temple

Multi-Generational Service 11:00 AM GH Rosh Hashanah Reception 12:30 PM BA

Kol Echad Choir Rehearsal 12:00 PM BTB

28   Tishrei 4

Morning Service 10:00 AM Temple

29   Tishrei 5

30   Tishrei 6

October 1  Tishrei 7

2   Tishrei 8

3   Tishrei 9

4   Tishrei 10

Social Action Committee 7:00 PM SBR

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 5:30 PM SBR

Kol Nidre 5775

Yom Kippur 5775

Multi-Generational Service 5:30 PM Temple

Morning Service 10:00 AM Temple

Traditional Adult Service 7:30 PM Temple

Multi-Generational Service 10:00 AM GH

Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery 426 SW Taylors Ferry Road

503-222-1069 503-222-2037 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069

Tot Service 2:00 PM Temple Afternoon/Yizkor/Neilah Service 3:00 PM Temple

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

Congregation Beth Israel


Congregation Beth Israel

1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097


Board of Trustees 2014/2015 Officers


Ned Duhnkrack President

Jonathan Barg Stuart Chestler, Immediate Past President Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Stacy Friedman Robin McCoy Sharon Meieran Joanne Van Ness Menashe Marney Pike Yale Popowich Bob Rosenbaum David Sarasohn Arthur Steinhorn

Ted Nelson VP/President Elect Ilene Davidson Vice President Ali Garfinkle Vice President Brad Tonkin Vice President Mark Peterman Secretary John Epstein Treasurer

Auxiliaries Linda Harrison and Stephanie Siegel - WRJ/BI Sisterhood Co-Presidents Bob Winthrop - Brotherhood President

Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

September 2014 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the September 2014 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform...

September 2014 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the September 2014 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform...