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Bulletin May 2016 Nisan-Iyyar 5776 Vol. 65, No. 8 Established 1858

Meet Josh Kashinsky, CBI’s Incoming Executive Director Josh Kashinsky is originally from California, where he grew up in the Silicon Valley. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara where he studied Philosophy and Dramatic Art. While at UCSB, Josh received the Ralph W. Church Undergraduate Award for Philosophy, the Hatlen Award for Dramatic Art, a University Service Award, and the William R. Reardon Award. Josh also has a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College, where he was a recipient of the Lipkin Award in Playwriting. Prior to joining the CBI family, Josh served as the Assistant Executive Director at the Siegel JCC in Wilmington, DE, during which time he helped complete a strategic plan, oversaw organizational restructuring, implemented new membership and programmatic initiatives, and supervised the Membership, Marketing, Fitness, Aquatics, Special Events, Adult, and Senior Center departments.

He has also worked for Santa Barbara Hillel, Princeton Hillel/Center for Jewish Life, and Hofstra Hillel. Josh was a recipient of Hillel’s Richard M. Joel Exemplar of Excellence Award. In the theatre world, he has worked for several regional theaters including McCarter Theater Center and Westport Country Playhouse in a variety of positions and has worked in New York City as a freelance director and producer. Josh is passionate about creating transformative Jewish experiences and building a vibrant and sustainable Jewish community. He is also very passionate about his wife Michelle and their two daughters, Rose and Fiona. Josh joined our community on May 1st. He can’t wait to meet the CBI membership and to explore the Portland area!

The Clergy, Officers, and Board of Trustees of Congregation Beth Israel cordially invite you to attend the 158th Annual Meeting

New High Holiday Prayer Books

Friday, May 6, 5:00 PM Goodman Hall, Schnitzer Family Center According to the bylaws of Congregation Beth Israel, the Nominating Committee, consisting of David Bean, Ilene Davidson, Ned Duhnkrack, Sarah Epstein, Robin McCoy, Joanne Menashe, Ted Nelson, Jill Rubinstein, and Libby Schwartz, have nominated the following: • For election to a new two-year term on the Board of Trustees 2016-2018: David Goldwyn • For re-election to a two-year term on the Board of Trustees 2016-2018: Stacy Friedman, Ali Garfinkle, Ted Nelson, Yale Popowich, Robert Rosenbaum, David Sarasohn, and Arthur Steinhorn The proposed trustees will join Ilene Davidson, Ned Duhnkrack, John Epstein, Steve Gradow, Glen Levy, Sharon Meieran, Joanne Van Ness Menashe, Mark Peterman, Brad Tonkin, and Tony Urdes, whose terms have not expired. We anticipate that the new officers will include Ted Nelson as President and Steve Gradow as Treasurer, and therefore we also will be thanking and honoring Ned Duhnkrack and John Epstein for their service this year. Please join us for this short annual meeting, to be followed by our celebration of Shabbat and an Oneg. It is important that all members of our Congregation exercise their privilege to vote at this meeting.

Your clergy team is thrilled to be introducing the newly revised High Holiday prayer books written and designed by scholars of our Reform Movement. We are among the first congregations throughout the country to adopt the new Machzor, “Mishkan HaNefesh” Sanctuary of the Soul. We will have several introductory programs on these beautiful new prayer books over the summer before the High Holidays. You are also invited to honor a loved one’s memory or achievement by purchasing a bookplate through our Sisterhood Giftshop. See p. 7 for more information about making a prayer book donation.

B’nei Mitzvah

Our Leadership

McKenzie Anne Tell McKenzie Anne Tell will become Bat Mitzvah May 7, 2016. She is the daughter of Jason and Katherine Tell and older sister to Benjamin. McKenzie is a student at Beverly Cleary School. For her Mitzvah Project, she has chosen to work with Roots & Shoots, a youth led community action program inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, which works with young people to find practical solutions to challenging world problems. McKenzie is working with a chapter of Roots & Shoots that is raising funds for a chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone. The group meets weekly and is producing a cookbook that they will sell to raise funds. McKenzie and her group are soliciting recipes from chefs, cooking and reviewing the food, and blogging about the process to raise awareness. To learn more about Roots & Shoots, please visit

Shavuot – A Call from the Mountain! by Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Consider the poor holiday of Shavuot. It gets so little attention! Jewish tradition places the three Pilgrimage Holidays (Shalosh Regalim) as equal in supreme importance on the Jewish Calendar. They are biblically mandated – and in the eras in which the Temple in Jerusalem stood, these were holidays for which the people traveled to Jerusalem to bring their sacrifices. But that’s not how we celebrate them today. Without the sacrifices themselves, without the Pilgrimage experience, Sukkot is a holiday of living in a booth (fun!), Passover is a holiday of gathering with family and friends over a festive meal (yum!) and Shavuot is a holiday of. . . what exactly? So we miss out on a message that anchors Judaism.

Max Cyril Freedman Max Cyril Freedman will become Bar Mitzvah on May 14, 2016. He is the son of Howard and Susan Freedman, and younger brother of Emma. Max is a student at Da Vinci Arts Middle School and will work with the Oregon Food Bank for his Mitzvah Project. His project includes both collecting cans and other foods for donation, and doing a virtual fundraiser so friends and family can donate online. To learn more or to contribute, visit the Oregon Food Bank’s website at

Evelyn Schloss Evelyn Schloss will become Bat Mitzvah on May 21, 2016. She is the daughter of Mark and Jennifer Schloss and younger sister of Nathan and Elliot. Evelyn, a student at Highland Park School, will work with Sunshine Pantry for her Mitzvah Project , providing food and amenities to people in need. Evelyn is organizing a neighborhood community donation drive with a particular focus on highlyneeded baby items. She will also be volunteering at the pantry.

Although it doesn’t have a home meal or a fun shack, Shavuot celebrates one of the most dramatic moments in Jewish history. In fact one of the most dramatic moments in any religious history: the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai. Shavuot commemorates the experience of an entire community of recently freed slaves, standing at the foot of the mountain and hearing the word of G-d. Not a personal revelation given to a singular prophet, but a communal revelation given to all the people. Rich and poor, powerful and powerless, all stood as simple human beings, humble before the power of the Almighty. History is not the point, moral authority is. We are each unique and valuable and able to understand what it means to live with a moral code. The Torah is a gift we give to all the world. A narrative and a guide for ethical living. It is complicated and it takes some work to unpack the lessons of several thousand years. But it has been kept alive for all that time in part because it has kept us alive. We have, generation after generation, taken these words to heart – modernized them for the era and experiences in which we live. “You shall be holy for I, Adonai your G-d, am holy.” So, let’s give Shavuot it’s due. No fun family rituals – but a meaningful moment of reminder. We can be holy. PS: Join our Confirmation class on Saturday night, June 11 at 6:00 PM as they celebrate the meaning of Shavuot and join in the living history of Congregation Beth Israel.

Zoe Julia Carver Zoe Julia Carver will become Bat Mitzvah on May 28, 2016. She is the daughter of Jaime Kean and Marc Carver and the older sister of Lucy. For her Mitzvah Project, Zoe, a student at Jackson Middle School, has chosen to work with Reading Buddies, an organization that provides one-on-one reading tutoring at Stephenson Elementary School, Zoe’s former elementary school. Zoe, a voracious reader, wants to foster a love for reading in students who may be struggling with it. For the past two years, Zoe has tutored first grade students weekly.


Rabbi Cahana will be the Guest Speaker at the Pacific NW Hospice Foundation “Honor the Journey” gala on May 7, at 6:00 PM at the Oregon Golf Club in West Linn. Rabbi Cahana will be speaking about the meaning of Tzedakah.

Congregation Beth Israel

UPCOMING EVENTS MITZVAH DAY Sunday, May 1, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Make a difference, build community, and have a blast! CBI Book Group

Sunday, May 1, 9:00 AM Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room Love good books and great conversation? Join us for a discussion of our May selection: Stella Suberman’s The Jew Store. If you’re eager for a head start on our June reading, The Seven Good Years: a Memoir, by Etgar Keret.

The Triumph of the Human Spirit: From Auschwitz to Forgiveness Sunday, May 1, 4:00 PM Temple

In 1944, at the age of ten, Eva Mozes and her family were taken to Auschwitz, where her parents and two sisters perished. She and her twin sister Miriam were spared, but only because they were used for experiments by notorious Nazi doctor, Dr. Josef Mengele. In 1984, she organized the foundation CANDLES, which tracked the survivors of Mengele’s experiments and in 1995 she established a Holocaust museum in Terre Haute, to provide and promote Holocaust education. Mozes Kor is also well known for her work on peace and forgiveness; she has personally forgiven the Nazis, even Mengele, for what they did to her. She has co-authored three books about her experiences during the war. She will discuss surviving Auschwitz and Mengele, the importance of Holocaust education, and the value of forgiveness in reducing hatred and mass violence.

Alzheimer Association Caregiver Support Group Thursday, May 5, 6:30 PM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library

Part of CBI’s ongoing Hineinu initiative, this group provides emotional and educational support for caregivers and care partners of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Genealogy Club

Sunday, May 8, 11:00 AM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library CBI’s Genealogy Club welcomes congregant Tatiana Lifshitz, who will help members learn research tools such as— available for free on CBI laptops—and research their family histories. Three laptops will be available on a first come, first served basis. If you have such, please bring a basic family tree.

Yom Ha’aztzmaut Early Childhood Engagement Program Wednesday, May 11, 5:30-7:00PM MJCC

Celebrate Israel’s 68th Independence Day at our community-wide annual party! Join us as we celebrate with the broader Jewish community for a Passport to Israel program at the MJCC! Take a “trip” to Israel with activities for young children such as Israeli music, dance, crafts, food for the whole family, and the chance to explore Israel in the gym on Wednesday, May 11 from 5:30-7:00 PM. This event is proudly brought to you by our partnership with PJ Library.

“Inclusion is no Illusion”: A Conversation with Rabbi Rose Wednesday, May 11, 7:00 PM Pollin Chapel

Rabbi Emanuel Rose follows his presentation last fall on major improvements in Jewish-Catholic relations with a conversation on the inclusion and success of Jews in America today. While there are issues of concern, many of which have been explored in earlier Adult Education programs this year, there is also much to celebrate. Jews are important participants and leaders in business, the professions, the arts, politics, and in other aspects of American life. Join the conversation with Rabbi Rose looking at issues important to American Jews along with reasons for optimism.

The W Connection Thursday, May 12, 1:00 PM Shemanski Chapel

The W Connection provides peer-to-peer emotional support from women of all ages who understand what it means to lose a spouse. We provide counsel and support based on personal experience.

BBQ PJ Havdalah

Saturday, May 14, 5:30 PM Home of Rabbi and Cantor Cahana PJ Havdalah with a twist! Spring is here and what better way to celebrate Havdalah than outside with a BBQ?! Join us at Chez Cahana, the home of Rabbi and Cantor Cahana on Saturday, May 14. We will meet at 5:30 PM for the service and a story with Rabbi and Cantor Cahana. Following our service, we will work on a project and enjoy a BBQ dinner together in the backyard. Ages 0-5. FREE! RSVP to Ziva for the address, This event is proudly in partnership with PJ Library.

May 2016


Developing CBI

L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation

Supporting Your Vision by Jenat Levison Feldman Development Director Every single member of our CBI family makes a difference. Some of you, I am grateful to say, choose to work with me or other members of our professional team to conceive and implement your vision of how we can enrich and enhance our community. Given the chance, I would write an article featuring each and every one with whom I have had the opportunity to implement change. And while one of our leaders wants no extra recognition for how she effected a BIG change in our sanctuary, I dedicate this article to Rose Rustin nevertheless. Always a leader, always someone who wants to do the right thing for the right reason, Rose recognized that for many of our congregants with limited mobility, including herself, it has become increasingly difficult to access our bima. So in true Rose style, she committed to making a difference for the benefit of

others. As a past President of our congregation, Rose understood the importance of going through all the necessary steps with our Buildings and Grounds Committee and all other invested parties to make certain that something new meant something good. As a result our bima has a wonderful new addition: two magnificently honed and beautifully placed brass railings. Rose is a woman who understands the importance of and value in building for the present and the future. For her, it is never too late to choose to make a difference. As she noted, if we are fortunate to grow older we will all need some extra support. As much as Rose knows she will gladly accept the handrail assistance as she ascends the stairs, she readily admits her motivation was to help all her fellow and future congregants feel welcomed to the bima. To know Rose is to truly admire all that for which she stands. Her desire to make the world a better place, to do acts of Tikkun Olam, is at the very core of who she is and how she lives her life. They say wisdom comes with age – in Rose’s case it was always there. Her challenge to each of us is to choose to invest in our congregation for the present and the future. Rose acted on her vision –are you ready to be next?

L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation Mazel Tov to

Condolences to

Dan Henig and Jamie Rice on the birth of their daughter, Sasha Rae Henig on April 10, 2016. Sasha joins proud big sister Ariella.

Evelyn Maizels, Bruce Blank, Owen and Lynn Blank, Fred and Tina Blank, and Adrienne and Stan Geffen on the loss of their aunt, and Robyn and Harley Spring, Sandee Blank, and Brian Liebreich on the loss of their great aunt, Zelma Blank, who passed away on March 19, 2016, a few days shy of her one hundred seventh birthday.

Bobbie Goldstein and the late Michael Goldstein on the birth of twin grandchildren, Sadie Button Goldstein and Bodie Michael Goldstein. Big sisters Amelia and Olivia Goldstein join proud parents Jeffrey and Kendra Button Goldstein in welcoming the twins, as do grandparents Cyndee and Stan Button, cousins Mark, Lauren, Jack, and Evan Goldstein, and the extended Levine and Parker families. To CBI Board President Ned Duhnkrack on the birth of her grandson, Simon Walter Watts. Proud parents are Elinor and Jay Watts. May they grow in health and wisdom and be a source of strength to their families and all humankind.


Gary Weinstein, John Weinstein, and Dana Weinstein on the loss of their mother and Aaron Weinstein and Ben Weinstein on the loss of their grandmother, Nina Weinstein, who passed away on March 22, 2016. Lynne and Craig Greenberg, Justin and Bella Wiesberg, Charla and David Salathe, and Kathryn Weisberg, on the loss of their mother, to Ian Greenberg and Shannon Greenberg loss of their grandmother, and to the extended Weisberg family on the loss of Tarelyn Renee Weisberg, who passed away on March 23, 2016.

Congregation Beth Israel


Thank You to Our CBI Teachers! by Ben Sandler Education Director As we are entering our last month of regular Religious School classes my heart is filled with gratitude for the time and talent that our teachers, clergy, professional staff, and madrichim bring to our learning community each week. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel so eloquently wrote, “Everything depends on the person who stands in front of the classroom. The teacher is not an automatic fountain from which intellectual beverages may be obtained. The teacher is either a witness or a stranger. To guide a pupil into the promised land, the teacher must have been there themselves. When asking themselves: Do I stand for what I teach? Do I believe what I say? The teacher must be able to answer in the affirmative. What we need more than anything else is not textbooks, but textpeople. It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read: the text that they will never forget.” (Heschel, cited in Dresner 1983). I’m sure many of us can point to teachers and mentors who have had a powerful impact on us, inspired us, raised our level of curiosity, and contributed to forming our own Jewish identities. The content of the classes they taught might be hiding deep in our memories because we have not regularly engaged in it, but the experience remains present and manifests in the way we move in the world. The great American poet, Maya Angelou, wrote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The significance of our teachers as primary role models with whom our kids encounter Judaism cannot be understated. We

need to continue to support them in the work they do, especially in this rapidly changing 21st century educational landscape. A 2015 Oregonian op ed co-written by three presidents of Oregon universities hints at the role of teachers moving forward: “Hindsight is easy; predicting the needs of students in say, in 2030, is not. Nonetheless, we need to make decisions, and we can make reasonable guesses. One such guess is that more learning will be self-directed and will draw on sources of information and knowledge far beyond the teacher and the school. The days when teachers imparted their knowledge on empty receptacles are long gone. Teachers will have to be guides, interpreters, and access points to the vast and varied sources of knowledge that exist around the world and are available at student’s fingertips.” (Robertson, Rose, Weiwel 2015). In our supplementary school model, we need to continue to help our teachers walk through our doors in the ever-changing landscape of learning and learner, ensuring they maintain the skills, content knowledge, and background to be competent guides in our engaging, dynamic learning environment. We achieve this by continuing to support our teachers’ professional development opportunities, by dedicating faculty time to becoming a community of practice, by drawing on our strengths and learning from each other, and by valuing, honoring, and partnering with teachers in the essential work they do. To all of the “text people” in our community, and to all of you that support their work with kids and families, know that you have our thanks, and that we are invested in your success as you help guide our young people on their Jewish journeys. L’ Shalom, Ben Sandler

You’re Invited High School Graduation

Erev Shavuot and Confirmation

Friday, May 20, 6:00 PM Temple

Saturday, June 11, 6:00 PM Temple

Share our joy at the ceremony for our 5776 graduates.

Save the date and please join our 10th grade class for this lovely tradition.

May 2016


Community HINEINU: We are Here, Together! Hineinu is community building in action at Congregation Beth Israel. Working together, both inside and outside the dome, we can create opportunities for our congregants to find connection and support from our community. Hineinu is a commitment to making a difference, to being part of a community that not only nurtures the individual soul, but also awakens in us a sense of responsibility for one another. Hineinu is coming together to do mitzvot, while forging new relationships and strengthening our Jewish identity. We invite you to join with us in saying Hineinu: We are here, together! Hineinu is now underway, with many opportunities, programs and events to build community and become involved and engaged. Here is an update on what’s been happening...

GREETERS Susan Milstein, Chair All greeters met on April 28 to go over the goals, policies and procedures for volunteers at a launch party entitled “Welcoming the Stranger.” Greeters will be present to offer a warm welcome at Friday night services, special events, on holidays and for Shabbat on the Plaza. To become a Greeter, please contact

CELEBRATIONS Sydney Baer and Michelle Gradow, Co-Chairs

ADULTS Margie and Michael Anton, Co-Chairs 30s-50s group: Jan Cohen is heading up the 30s-50s group, which gathered at a kick-off event on April 17. To join in the fun, please contact 50+ group: Over 50? You can be part of a social group that creates enjoyable ways to gather with other members of CBI. By signing up you’ll receive email invitations with information about each upcoming event. Participate when you choose. Members of the group will develop their own programs; any member interested in proposing an activity or event can sponsor and organize it. In March, the Adults 50+ group had an organizational meeting and planned two events for April: an evening at the Jewish Film Festival, and a picnic and walk-through of the tulips at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. To join in the fun, call Alyssa at (503) 222-1069 with your contact information or email

CARING COMMUNITY Robert Kravitz and Bobbie Goldstein, Co-Chairs Neighborhood Circles Captains of all the Neighborhood Circles met on April 6 for an orientation meeting, and the response was outstanding. Bob Kravitz and David Gilbert hosted the very first neighborhood event, a very successful potluck dinner at their home, on March 18. A few photos from the event:

The Celebrations volunteers are now planning events for Shabbat on the Plaza and continue to be available for anyone interested in celebrating a special simcha at CBI. For more information or to join the Celebrations Corps, please contact

FAMILIES Robin McCoy, Kira Dennison-Capen, and Rachel Pollin, Co-Chairs Families of all different age groups met on Sunday, April 17 to start generating ideas for launching this exciting new cohort this summer and plan events for the fall that will provide opportunities for families to connect with one another. For more information, please contact

Kira and Jeff Capen will host a potluck for the Northeast Neighborhood Circle at their home on Friday, May 6. To get more information about this and other Neighborhood Circle events, please contact






Women’s Seder tin

g N e w Trad


Congregation Beth Israel




Sisterhood and NFTY: Working Together to End Distracted Driving On April 3, CBI’s Religious School students took NFTY’s pledge to drive phone free ( This pledge stems from a Women of Reform Judaism resolution to help address distracted driving by partnering with NFTY and URJ religious schools. Sisterhood worked with the CBI religious school teachers and leadership so they could spend some time talking about the dangers of distracted driving, culminating in our students pledge to drive phone free. Our thanks to Sally Swire and Shoshana Pro for leading this effort, and to Sisterhood for providing the No Phone Zone cards to the students. The text of the cards is below. No Phone Zone I will not text while I am driving. I will not use my phone while I am driving a car. If need to use my phone, I will pull over to a secure location.

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. — Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9; Yerushalmi Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a.

Sisterhood Tea: Annual Meeting and Honoring of Sisterhood Leadership Circle Members Sunday, May 15, 2:00 PM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library Sisterhood’s annual meeting will include the “report card” for the past year, a vote on the amended bylaws, and an introduction of our new Board. Also, we will honor the women who have contributed to the Sisterhood Leadership Circle.

Oy Vey, it’s Mother’s Day!

Monthly BroHood Poker at Mel’s

Honor Your Mother! Donate Prayer Books!

Poker will continue to be held on the last Thursday of every month at Mel’s shop, RecumbentPDX (2025 SE Hawthorne). Mel’s shop closes at 6:00 PM, so we can start cards anytime after that. If you’ll be eating dinner with us, you’ll need to let Mel know so a sandwich (or equivalent), chips and beer/soda can be provided. Whatever it costs is what’ll be charged. Mel guesses $12/ person or less. If you’re not eating, you don’t need to pay for food (in a pinch, we’re right across the street from Little Big Burger -you can always phone in an order). Mel will supply cards and chips and will ask for help with folding chairs if needed it. The buy in remains a hefty $5.00. If anybody has any other suggestions to make this easier to run, we are all ears. Email Mel at

We are excited to announce the purchase of new High Holiday Prayer Books. The Sisterhood Prayer Book and the Nettie Director Library Funds have covered much, but not all the costs of these books. Please help us close the gap by donating a set of prayer books in honor of your mother or other loved one. The books are $54.00 each. Sisterhood will process donations at Mitzvah Day and on Mother’s Day. Your loved one will have a book plate with her or his name. The clergy is very excited to have these new prayer books for the High Holidays! If you would like to make a donation, you may also call the CBI Office at (503) 222-1069.

May 2016


Very Thoughtful People

Allison B. Cohen Madrichim Training and Religious School Scholarship Fund General Contribution Given By Rhonda, Kenny and Andrew Cohen

Adult Education Fund In Memory of Goldie Rosenbaum Naomi Strauss Jim and Ilene Davidson Bill June and Susan Graber Sydney and Bill Baer Janet Friedman Ralph London

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat

In Memory of Goldie Rosenbaum The Abrams Family Joseph Hasson Margaret Hasson In Honor of Adalyn Marie Braunstein’s Naming Michael Braunstein and Lindsay Camacho Elaine Savinar (Recovery) Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe

Amy R. Goldsmith Library In Memory of Zanley F Galton, Sr. Claire and Zanley Galton

Brotherhood Scholarship Fund In Memory of Rachael Kohen Sophie Kohen Megan Brown

Caring Community Fund In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) Marian Creamer


Bobbie Goldstein’s New Grandchildren: Bodie and Sadie Bob Kravitz and David Gilbert

Cemetery Beautification

In Memory of Joy Alkalay Pierce Ethier Fannie Baron Alan Baron Tonkin Rena and Cheryl Tonkin and David and Daniel Lerner Fortuna Menashe Ruben and Elizabeth Menashe Goldie Rosenbaum Diane and David Rosencrantz Alan Baron Tonkin Marcy Tonkin Rose Rosencrantz David and Diane Rosencrantz and Ardyth Shapiro

Rabbi Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Helen Lachman Edward Rosenfeld Don and Karen Lachman Alan Ruben Louise Ruben and Family Herb Shapiro Jerry Stern Gloria Swire Angela Kellner Erich Kellner In Appreciation Rabbi Cahana The Family of Goldie Rosenbaum

Cantor Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Rywka Mendelsohn Sylvia Nessan Albert Oziel Donna Brownstein In Appreciation Cantor Cahana The Family of Goldie Rosenbaum

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary In Honor of Jennifer Jacobs and Isaac Siegfried’s Wedding Linda and Richard Jacobs In Appreciation Rabbi Joseph The Family of Goldie Rosenbaum

Rabbi Rose Discretionary

In Honor of Rabbi Rose (Speedy Recovery) Rena and Cheryl Tonkin

General Administrative

In Memory of Marvin Rubens Naomi Strauss Ralph Weintraub Alan and Karen Weintraub Charlene Weinstein Jeff and Sherri Weinstein Anna Tobias Robert Tobias Lorraine Popowich David Popowich Sydney and Bill Baer Al Wolfe Anselm Boskowitz Fran Wolfe Jerry Canton Susan Golden Nancee Singer Erickson Dick and Don Singer Shirley Melzer Michael and Margie Anton Goldie Rosenbaum Betty and Randy Rubenstein Iris and Marty Ricks Edith Schnitzer Manuel Schnitzer Harold Schnitzer Edith Goodman Carol Lewis Lesa Oziel Donna Brownstein

Congregation Beth Israel

In Honor of Jerry Leshgold (Birthday) Phyllis and Stan Nedelman

Holiday Celebrations Fund In Honor of Eric Friedenwald-Fishman (Incredible work on Purim Schpiel) Michelle and Steve Gradow Jill Newman Slansky Early Childhood Leader Fund

In Honor of Adalyn Braunstein (Birth) Steve and Stephanie Roitstein Jill Slansky’s dedication to Klal Yisroel Batya and Michael Jacob

Judith Anne Epstein Education Director’s Fund In Memory of Neil F Sandler Michelle and Steve Gradow Sydney and Bill Baer

Miller Room Refurbishment and Restoration Fund In Memory of Ted Lachman Alan and Lana Miller Ronald Yankowitz Robert Sonnes

Oseran Family Lecture In Memory of Benjamin Oseran Henry and Nancy Oseran Julius Zell Milton Zell Janet Zell

Very Thoughtful People Preschool

Phyllis Shapiro Barbara Gilbert and Miles Newmark Lottie Eisenhardt Gerda A Eiseman Max Packouz Regina Light Ray Packouz In Honor of Elaine Savinar (Recovery) Gerald and Evelyn Leshgold General Contribution Given By Sarah and Dan Goodwin

In Memory of Dr. Harry Semler Gertrude Semler Alysmae Nudelman Victor Nudelman Jacqueline R Spivak Henry Spivak Helen Spivak and Family Jacqueline R Spivak Leon Semler Duke Semler Henry Spivak James Spivak

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Hannah Baruh Mark Horenstein Abe “Al” Wexler Carolyn and Eldon Wexler Gertrude Semler Abe Wexler Jacqueline R Spivak Henry Spivak Helen Spivak and Family Jacqueline R Spivak Henry Spivak Dr. Harry Semler Gertrude Semler James Spivak

Sally Vidgoff Camp Kalsman Scholarship In Memory of Sally Vidgoff Robin and Bob Mesher

Social Action (General)

In Memory of Lewis Romoff Marian Creamer Goldie Rosenbaum Julie Amiton and Jeff Bowersox Mark Dohrmann and Julie Durkheimer Eve and Alan Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. David Starr David Rosenfeld Sally Rosenfeld and Andrew Frank Stuart Peltz Ida Kleinrock Leslie and Robert Peltz

CBI Team Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Associate Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph


In Memory of Leah Rosenbaum Roger Baron Johan, Isidor, and Rebecka Segalowicz Bernhard Pinsky Susan Gerson Goldie Rosenbaum George Bodner Bunny Edelson Jeanne Newmark Gertrude Chucker LouAnn Frisch Yussie Joseph Epstein Henry Spivak Jacqueline R Spivak Helen Spivak and Family Edward A Rosenfeld Carol and David Baker Betty Edelman Lori and Michael Edelman Sue Overback Howard Overback Eve and Alan Rosenfeld William Trachtenberg Pearl Trachtenberg Lois Berlin Eva Schneider Adolph Schneider Susan and Stuart Shleifer Roberta Hunt Ilaine Cohen Jessie Ludwig Shar and Len Ludwig Marge Novorr Bunny Edelson Stanley Steinberg Ilene Goldberg and Family

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Youth Group Director Shoshanna Pro

Roslyn Maizels Steve, Natalie and Harrison Maizels Andrew A Crystal Sharon Tarlow Lester Seinfeld Sylvia Seinfeld Dick and Deanne Rubinstein In Honor of Michelle and Brad Tonkin (25th Wedding Anniversary) Pamela and Scott Sidell Davia and Ted Rubenstein Elaine Savinar (Speedy Recovery) Beverly and Marty Zell and Family Dick and Deanne Rubinstein (60th Wedding Anniversary) Davia and Ted Rubenstein Beverly, Marty, Lynda, and Jeff Zell, and Cathi and Dave Zerba Jerry Leshgold (Birthday) Dr. William and Beverly Galen Teri and Andy DeHaan (30th Wedding Anniversary) Beverly, Marty, Lynda, and Jeff Zell, and Cathi and Dave Zerba Tom Georges (Recovery) Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Goldie Rosenbaum Philip Blank Gertrude Mills Owen and Lynn Blank Goldie Rosenbaum Barbara and Barry Caplan Abe Wexler Gilda Wexler Henry Spivak Ruth Semler James Spivak Edward Rosenfeld Elise Rosenfeld Leonard Dotson Sherry and Paul Puziss

Director of Membership and Special Events Marisa Reby Communications Coordinator Tracy Alifanz

Member Services

Clergy Administrative Assistant Sara Miller

Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff

Development Director Jen Feldman

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship In Memory of Tommy Georges, Jr. May Georges Linda and Tom Georges III General Contribution Given By Anonymous

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment In Memory of Sue Hupert Edward Hupert Janet Friedman In Honor of Nikki Director (Birthday) Stuart Director (Birthday) Julie Amiton and Jeff Bowersox Stuart and Nikki Director (50th Wedding Anniversary) Larry and Linda Veltman Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Simon & Helen Director Endowment In Memory of Simon Director Helen Director Trudi Morrison and Family Helen Director Cameron and Dick Davis

In Memory of Dr. Robert Gilbert Rick and Marilyn Gilbert

Education Administrator Ziva Sholin

Executive Director Josh Kashinsky

In Memory of Goldie Rosenbaum Ray Greenblatt May Berenson Georges Richard B Dobrow

Temple Improvement

Office Administrator Alyssa Mandula

Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D.

Estelle Director Sholkoff Jewish Educators Scholarship

Finance Director Jim Baldwin, CPA

May 2016

Accounting Assistant Vicki Greif

Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin

Facilities Staff Perry Meekins, Facilities Manager Tony Bennett Shalamar Washington Dallas Van Winkle Susie Young

Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675 Jenn Louis

Catering Panel Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2858 Shellie Engelquist Art of Catering 503-231-8185 Larry Grimes

Devil’s Food Catering 503-233-9288 Charles Stilwell Lisa Glickman, LLC Private Chef 541-728-6678 Lisa Glickman VT Group: Vibrant Table, Food In Bloom, f&b Café 503-297-9635 Karen Rich


In Remembrance ~ May their memory be for a blessing. May 6 & 7 Melvin Alifanz Ruth Besser Goodman Bettman* Jerome Blattner Jean V. Cohen* Jay Delman Betty Miriam Edelman E. Ike Eshaghian Harold Gaffen Zanley F. Galton, Sr. Albert H. Ganz Maurice O. Georges Paul Georges Thomas T. Georges, Jr. Robert Gilbert Magdalena Gottesman Joseph Hasson Millie Holzman Kevin Andrew Horenstein Roberta Hunt Albert George Kantor* Berenice Kaplan Hyman Kaplan William Katz Rachael Kohen Sophie Kohen Stanley Kramer* Jacob Lauterstein* Mitzi Layton Jack Lazarus Ken Lefkowitz Charles Levine Phyllis Lieppman Beverly Lipman Bessie Little Jessie Ludwig Janet Lee Maylie* Rywka Mendelsohn Myerna Michaels Murray Neidich Thomas John Nelson Arden New Edward P. Nudelman Sophie Marie Olshin Lucy Sue Overback Howard Overback Max Planer Sam Rosenbaum Diana Harrison Rosenfield Alan Ruben Jerome Rubenstein

Helen Schnitzer Jim Spitzer Jim Spitzer Rudy Spring Stanley I. Steinberg Pua Vilner Milton Waldinger

Morris Wolf* Bertha Woolach

May 13 & 14 Harry Arnsberg Selma Asher* Philip Blank Roland Bonamici Anselm Boskowitz Henry Braunsten* Sidney Chucker Elliott Cohen Richard Dean Cohen* Andrew Abe Crystal Helen H. Director* Lou Egart Leah Estrin Frances Freedman Evelyn Freeman Evelyn Georges Rose M. Golby* Alfred Goldfaden David H. Greenberg* Joseph Haas Isador Hoffman Sally Sophia Kirshner Ruth Kraminsky Rose Mirviss Lenske Sheina Esther Levin Michael Thomas Makler* Gertrude Mills Jennie Nudelman Solomon Plushnick Ruth Radtke Regina Ginsberg Riggs Selma Robinson Louis Romoff Meier Rosencrantz Louis M. Rosencrantz Marvin Rubens Moussa Sabi Johanna Slotowsky* Samuel Solomon* Martin Tragarz Sol Treuhaft Phyllis Green Weidenbaum Martha Whiteley

May 20 & 21 Pauline Barkley Ralph Albert Benaroya* Joseph Bergman* Lois Berlin* Bert Berliner Oscar Berman* Seymour Berns Fannie Braunsten* Gertrude Chucker Joseph M. Constantine* Ruth Dickstein Marianne Feldman Solomon Fishman Nellie Friedman Philip Gelber Sheldon Geller May Berenson Georges Amy R. Goldsmith* Sam Gordon Milton Horenstein Edward Hupert Sue Hupert Jeanette Jackson* Sidney Kaufman Angela Kellner Julius Levenson* Mendel Leveton* Susanne Lewis Bernice Lubetkin Margaret Matje Fortuna Menashe Jean W. Rothenberg Adolph J. Schneider* Eva Schneider* Rena L. Snell* Colin F. Stoloff Israel Wald Geraldine Warenback Sidney J. Weiner Rose Weintraub Abe “Al� Wexler* Hiram Whiteley Alfred S. Wolfe

Bertha Beck* Aaron Blauer Leonard L. Dotson S. Mason Ehrman* Pauline Eisenman Sylvia Feller Morris Fleisher Anna Friedman Arthur W. Frisch Herman Gadye Joseph Goldsmith Albert L. Green* Charlotte Haimsohn* Minnie Joseph Opal G. Katzky Shirley Kaufman Eddie Koslowski Maurice Kramer Cerdell Lennis Ceil Levy Sol Levy* Elise Rosenblum Light Miriam S. Lipman* Stuart Little Dorothy H. Lowenson* Robert MacDougall Martin Miller Gus Mueller Harold Orr Samuel R. Planer Jacob Platt* Sylvia Press Edward A. Rosenfeld David Rubin* Samuel Saltzman* Phyllis Shapiro Alan Sigelman Adrienne F. Stenger Anna R. Tobias Alan Baron Tonkin* Charlene Weinstein Jacob Weiss Louis Zacks Samuel Zeidman

May 27 & 28 Max Arnsberg Fannie Baron Sylvia Bartenstein

(*) next to a name indicates a memorial plaque has been purchased to ensure the beloved departed is remembered in perpetuity. For information about memorial plaques in the Temple, please contact Tracy at (503) 222-1069 or


Congregation Beth Israel

May 2016

Nisan-Iyyar 5776


MONDAY 2  Nisan 24

1  Nisan 23

TUESDAY 3  Nisan 25

WEDNESDAY 4  Nisan 26




5  Nisan 27

6  Nisan 28

7  Nisan 29


Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 6:00 PM SBR

CBI Annual Meeting 5:00 PM GH

Tot Shabbat 9:00 AM PC

Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group 6:30 PM LB

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Mckenzie Tell 10:30 AM Temple

11  Iyyar 3

12  Iyyar 4

13  Iyyar 5

14  Iyyar 6

ECE Yom Ha’aztzmaut Program 5:30 PM MJCC

Executive Committee 12:00 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

W Connection 1:00 PM SC

Shir Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bar Mitzvah of Max Freedman 10:30 AM Temple

Mitzvah Day! 8:30 AM Book Group 9:00 AM SBR

JND Shabbat Service 7:30 PM PC

Yom Hashoah Speaker: Eva Kor 4:00 PM Temple

8  Nisan 30

9  Iyyar 1

10  Iyyar 2

Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC Genealogy Club 11:00 AM LB

“Inclusion is no Illusion”: A Conversation with Rabbi Rose 7:00 PM PC

Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

15  Iyyar 7

16  Iyyar 8

20  Iyyar 12

21  Iyyar 13

Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

Adult Education Committee 8:30 AM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

Pop-up Pantry 4:30 PM LF

Shabbatini #3 & Torah Trek 10:30 AM Temple

Sisterhood Tea and Annual Meeting 2:00 PM LB

Board of Trustees Meeting 6:30 PM SBR

High School Graduation and Shabbat Service 6:00 PM Temple

23  Iyyar 15

24  Iyyar 16


18  Iyyar 10

Pajama Havdalah 5:30 PM Cahana Home

19  Iyyar 11

22  Iyyar 14

17  Iyyar 9


Havdalah Bat Mitzvah of Evelyn Schloss 5:00 PM Temple

25  Iyyar 17

26  Iyyar 18

27  Iyyar 19

28  Iyyar 20

Knit-A-Mitzvah 10:00 AM SBR

Pop-up Pantry 4:30 PM LF

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Zoe Carver 10:30 AM Temple

Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC Mahjongg Tournament 12:30 PM Offsite

29  Iyyar 21

30  Iyyar 22 Memorial Day: Offices Closed

31  Iyyar 23

Over the long Memorial Day Weekend, a container of flags will be centrally located adjacent to Landau Chapel. Families coming to visit may take a flag so they can personally place it on the grave in tribute to their loved ones. Please contact Sara Miller at (503) 222-1069 or with questions.

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

SAVE THE DATES - SHABBAT ON THE PLAZA! June 10, 24 • July 8, 22 • August 5, 19 • September 2

View our calendar and campus map online at

Congregation Beth Israel

Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery 426 SW Taylors Ferry Road

503-222-1069 503-222-1069 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069


Congregation Beth Israel

1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097


Board of Trustees 2015/2016 Officers


Ned Duhnkrack President

Stacy Friedman Steve Gradow Glen Levy Robin McCoy Sharon Meieran Joanne Van Ness Menashe Yale Popowich Bob Rosenbaum David Sarasohn Arthur Steinhorn Tony Urdes

Ted Nelson VP/President Elect Ilene Davidson Vice President Ali Garfinkle Vice President Brad Tonkin Vice President Mark Peterman Secretary John Epstein Treasurer

Auxiliaries Stephanie Siegel - WRJ/BI Sisterhood President Andy Olshin - Brotherhood President

Camp Sababa is the best and only Reform Jewish day camp in Portland! We welcome all children entering grades Kindergarten through 5, with a special leadership program for teenagers entering grades 8 and 9. Camp Sababa features creative and fun morning activities at our home of Congregation Beth Israel with afternoon field trips exploring the greater Portland area. Camp will be held August 8-26. Visit the website for specific session dates.

Register for Camp Sababa TODAY! For more information or to register, visit or contact Ziva Sholin at or Shoshanna Pro at Congregation Beth Israel • 1972 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209 • 503-222-1069 Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

May 2016 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the May 2016 issue of Congregation Beth Israel'sa monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform synagog...

May 2016 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the May 2016 issue of Congregation Beth Israel'sa monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform synagog...