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Established 1858

Bulletin July/August 2013 Tamuz-Av-Elul 5773 Vol. 62, No. 10

Join us this summer for Shabbat on the Plaza Mark your calendars and plan to join us on the Temple Lawn as we welcome Shabbat under the Portland summer sky. We’ll move the services inside if it happens to rain, but if it’s dry, we’ll be outside; please bring a jacket if you think it might be chilly. Bring your family and friends along with a blanket and your own picnic supper – chairs and umbrellas (for shading from the sun) will be available as well.

July 12 • July 26 • August 9 • August 23 Services begin at 6:00 pm

Pre-Shabbat Preschool Potlucks

Post-Shabbat Membership Onegs

Join us for A Preschool Family Shabbat Potluck before each Shabbat on the Plaza! 5:00 PM Gather together with preschool families and enjoy a picnic on the plaza. Please bring a picnic, a blanket, and your family, and enjoy some sweet time with new and old preschool families. Please RSVP two days before the event with the potluck item you’ll be contributing. We hope to see you there! RSVP to Mor at the Education office at 503-222-2037 or

Bring your brownbag dinner and enjoy a leisurely Shabbat picnic under the glorious Oregon summer skies. Tasty treats provided by our Membership Committee following the Kiddush.


B’nei Mitzvah

Developing CBI

Andrew William Epstein Andrew Epstein will become Bar Mitzvah on July 13, 2013. He is the son of Dennis and Rebecca Epstein and will be attending View Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield, WA this fall. For his Mitzvah Project, Andrew is organizing a drive for the Humane Society of Southwest Washington, an animal shelter that serves both the Portland and Vancouver Metro areas. Andrew is collecting new pet toys, grooming supplies, and beds, plus all brands of pet foods and donations of money. To learn more about the organization, visit their website:

Ethan Hugh Salinsky Ethan Salinsky will become Bar Mitzvah on August 10, 2013. He is the son of Michael and Linda Salinsky and the older brother of Ike. Ethan attends West Sylvan Middle School and is partnering with Lincoln Youth Baseball and Softball for his Mitzvah Project to help provide baseball and softball programs for children ages 5-12. Ethan is sponsoring a field maintenance/improvement day, raising money to purchase the paint, wood, ground cover, and other supplies necessary to spruce up a local playing field. He is inviting his friends to join him in the project and is hopeful that this will become an ongoing program:

Sophie Flora Friedenwald-Fishman Sophie Friedenwald-Fishman will become Bat Mitzvah on August 24, 2013. She is the daughter of Eric and Rebecca FriedenwaldFishman and the younger sister of Max. She is the granddaughter of Sherry and Paul Fishman and Bob Friedenwald and Peggy Bird. Sophie will be a seventh grader at Hosford Middle School. For her Bat Mitzvah project, Sophie is creating a book of blessings (poetry and art based upon her Torah portion listing blessings, but many more curses) to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Association:

Daniel David Levine Daniel Levine will become Bar Mitzvah on August 31, 2013. He is the son of Gary and Cathy Levine and the younger brother of Emily. Danny attends Gilkey Middle School and is focusing on the Oregon Food Bank for his Mitzvah Project. OFB takes donations of money and food to give to the homeless and has volunteers help sort and store food in warehouses and deliver the food. Danny has pledged to donate 5% of the cost of his Bar Mitzvah to the Oregon Food Bank in hopes of helping those in need in the community. Beth Israel has strong ties with OFB and has partnered with them on many Mitzvah Day projects and through the Religious School:

Our Connection to CBI by Ted Nelson Development Committee Chair This year, I have the honor to chair the Development Committee, following Linda Georges’ stellar leadership. I am humbled by the challenges of this new role. Those challenges are made easier by the support and vision of the Committee and by Executive Director Sydney Baer, who opens my mind to our possibilities with her history, vision, and organizing ability. In this role, I partner with Jen Feldman, CBI’s Development Director, who continuously awes me with her talents to organize our activities, recognize talent, and recruit volunteers. The Committee has met and we are constructing a vision that includes our spectacular events schedule for 2013/2014 and special longer-term fundraising programs to provide resources for repairs and permanent funding for CBI’s historic buildings. In addition, the Committee is looking to strengthen CBI’s legacy gift program. Through my involvement as a donor to CBI, participant in the Development Committee, and member of the Board of Trustees, I ask myself the following questions about member engagement. I hope these questions stimulate you to ask yourself.

Why are we members of CBI? CBI deepens our understanding of Jewish values and teaches the importance of living a Jewish life. This congregation wraps us in its warm embrace and helps both youth and adults become strong leaders and change-agents in the community. Our members are heavily invested in this community. We are blessed with leaders throughout our city, state, and country who are CBI members. Your participation and your support of CBI matters because CBI creates the scaffolding around each of us that facilitates and supports the construction of our Jewish souls. These broad benefits provide opportunities for personal growth at CBI and to create an organization that is central in all of our lives.

Where are the possibilities for personal growth? For me, membership in CBI has been an enormous blessing. I feel connected to my Jewish roots, to the wider Portland community, and to our vast history. Over the last few years, I joined the CBI Board of Trustees, participated on the Development Committee, and worked on last year’s Ida Rae and Friends event, including presenting with Linda Georges the Tzedakkah Time case for supporting CBI. These experiences stretched my comfort zones, forced me to assess my strengths, and confronted me with my weaknesses. They have deepened my connection to CBI and focused the Jewish lens through which I view Portland and the world. CBI makes this experience available to all of us. I urge you to contribute your time and resources to our wonderful community. As we strengthen our relationship with CBI, we grow stronger in our noble task of repairing the world.

How is our relationship with CBI connected to our financial support? The Development Committee is committed to helping CBI members find their own answer. Our committee raises funds for spiritual, educational, membership, and building needs, while nurturing future leaders. We create opportunities for CBI members to have continued on next page


Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership What a Year! by Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Assistant Rabbi Has it really been a year??!! In so many positive and significant ways I feel as though I have been part of this community for a decade. There are countless moments that have confirmed why I am so lucky to be your Assistant Rabbi. As I wrote to you last year, when I think of Congregation Beth Israel, I think of the people who have welcomed me with open arms and open hearts, of the courage to throw out old models and try something new and innovative, and of the vision to engage every person in our community through music, education, and worship. Last year, I spoke about building a world where Judaism is relevant to Jews and Jews are relevant to the world. I spoke about transformational Judaism and practicing in here who we want to be out there. I asked you to join me in learning the skills, along with the words and actions, that will help us to transform our community. And you did!

Solomon Olshin, a 6th grader, wanted to do something for the homeless community in Portland and through research with his dad discovered a lack of availability and access to free meals on Sunday. He saw a need and wanted to address it. Solomon committed to cook and distribute homemade soup to homeless Portlanders one time each month for all of 2013. With support from his parents Andy and Rebecca, his brother Benjamin, and extended family, he then brought the idea to our Social Action Committee and proposed making it a larger event for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. The committee was inspired, and on January 21, we as a congregational community cooked, packed, and distributed close to 300 “Soup Sacs” to homeless individuals. In February and April, in an effort to share the experience with his peers, Solomon invited two midrasha and then two Arbor School classmates to cook soup at his home and, with his mom, distribute it to Transition Projects in downtown Portland. Given the success of the program, we also came together to make Soup Sacs on Good Deeds Day and Mitzvah Day. Beth Israel has delivered close to 1,000 meals from these three events this year, and it all began with a Bar Mitzvah project. Solomon applied for a grant from the Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation (OJCYF) to continue the Soup Sac program through 2014, even after his Bar Mitzvah. OJCYF is a program for Jewish teens to learn about philanthropy and fundraising, and it is ultimately these teens who decide where to allocate their limited funds. Solomon’s grant was accepted and thanks to funding from the Foundation and Beth Israel, Soup Sacs will continue through next year.

I want to share one story about a Bar Mitzvah project that became a congregation-wide program. Over this past year, staff and lay leaders have been thinking deeply about B’nai Mitzvah. While Beth Israel bucks national trends of post-B’nai Mitzvah drop off, we know that the experience can either be a strong point of Jewish continuation or an exit. Clearly, we look at this milestone as a way to delve deeper into Jewish life and learning and hope to engage and inspire our students to become active participants in our and ultimately their community. One way to make B’nai Mitzvah deeply engaging and relevant for both teens and their parents is through a Mitzvah Project.

Soup Sacs is one project and there have been many other examples of cooperation even beyond the Temple. My prayer is for this to be an inspiration and encourage even more collaboration between B’nai Mitzvah projects and the broader Beth Israel community moving forward. While we call each student individually to the Torah on their big day, the teen is ultimately making a commitment not only to him/ her self but to the entire community. What better way to practice in here what you want to be out there than to engage the whole community in your work as Jews doing good deeds in the world?

Developing CBI, continued

Ida Rae & Cabaret

conversations about their relationship with CBI. Our committee also strives to create a culture of philanthropy, recruiting a cross-section of our community who share our passion for perpetuating CBI and our mission.

Saturday, October 19, 2013 Our Major CBI Fundraiser

What is ahead? CBI is open for you with programs exploring religious themes and our Jewish roots. We welcome your fun- and fundraising ideas and involvement. Please consider joining us. You will find a warm and welcoming group passionate about CBI, working hard to create our upcoming friend-raising and fundraising events:

Taste of Temple Sunday, February 9, 2014 Contact me at if you are interested in joining the Development Committee.

July/August 2013


Education Middle School: Democracy in Action by Ben Sandler Education Director With the tremendous contributions of Susan Berniker and our middle School faculty, we developed and piloted the new Ethics to Action Middle School Curriculum over the course of this past school year. Our goal was to develop a multi-modal, developmentally appropriate curriculum rooted in Jewish values and informed by the interests and questions of the students. I recently met with Susan, and she shared with me the results of the curriculum evaluation we asked the middle school students to fill out during our final evening of classes. How were we able to get middle school students to fill out the evaluation on the last night of classes before summer break, you may ask? A completed course eval was needed to trade for the special end-of-year snack. We borrowed from the age-old tradition of the rabbis giving students drops of honey for completing a page of study – bribe is definitely too strong a term here. It was very interesting to see which topics and activities resonated with the kids, and as we analyze the information it will inform us on which direction to take the curriculum next year. Inspired by the presidential election this past year, we held our own “election night” where students campaigned for a particular social justice cause that the school would then focus on over the course of the school year. This year, the students chose hunger, and subsequent study and action to combat hunger followed throughout the year. Students wrote and performed a powerful play about hunger, created and designed original art to raise awareness of organizations that help the hungry, were involved

in letter writing and advocacy, and importantly collected food. Election night was popular among the students, and next fall they will again have the opportunity to drive the direction of our curriculum through a democratic process! For our Chanukah programming this year, we created a special program on “Fair Trade Chocolate and Jewish Values” complete with a chocolate tasting. This program was incredibly well-received with the students – I’m seeing a pattern here. Other highlights from this school year included the anti-bullying unit, the Civil Rights speaker and musical performance (thank you, Ron Silver!), the talent show for residents at Robison, the Holocaust studies, and the Israel celebration. While we celebrate and recognize these highlights of the year with all of our diverse programming, we also recognize the limitations and struggle for continuity within our supplementary model of education and strive to create meaningful and fun programming within those confines. Building community is at the core of all that we do, and to that end, we are currently developing alternative models which blend formal and informal Jewish education more seamlessly. These will include overnight retreats for our kids, expanded youth group programs, and more opportunities for student leadership. Together with our dynamic faculty and creative clergy team, an exciting new school year is beginning to take shape, and while many details are yet to be decided, I’m confident it will include chocolate. L’shalom, Ben

The Beth Israel Preschool Garden is in full bloom!

Preschool Garden in full bloom!


On May 12, we planted a preschool garden. Families came with some vegetables and flowers and a potluck dish to share. We planted together, shared a meal, and relaxed in the sunshine. Today the garden is thriving! The children go outside every day to look at the garden, weed, water, and investigate the bugs and birds that visit. In June, we harvested some delicious arugula, endive lettuce, and radishes. The children are so excited to be able to eat right from the garden. In the fall, we will plant some fall veggies with new and returning children and explore the garden as the seasons change. 4 day 4s are proud of their harvest!

Congregation Beth Israel

Social Action


Every day can be a Mitzvah Day. If you have some free time this summer, we have opportunities for you. Please contact us at SAC@

You can learn more about the Center at, and if you are interested in supporting this program, please let us know at

Jim and I had the privilege of joining Rabbi and Cantor Cahana on the CBI trip to Israel in April. One of our most moving experiences was meeting with Tziki Aud, the founder of the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin, at the National Military Center on Mt. Herzl. Michael, originally from Philadelphia, was killed in 2006 during the second Lebanon War. Standing at Michael’s grave we learned about the Lone Soldier program to support IDF soldiers who volunteer from abroad or have no family support system like most native Israeli soldiers. There are over 5,000 lone soldiers serving in the IDF today. The Center’s goal is to provide them all with guidance, meals, and a warm community, so they will no longer be alone.

Have a wonderful summer and do good! Ilene Davidson

Social Action Committee – Volunteers Needed Sunday, July 28, 4:30-6:30 PM Ronald McDonald House East 2620 N Commercial Ave, Portland, 97227 The Social Action Committee is looking for 6-8 people to help cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House. For more information or to sign up, please email

We were introduced to the Lone Soldiers by Daphna Stadig, whose son Richard served in the IDF. Daphna has advocated for and supported these Lone Soldiers and led our Beth Israel Sisterhood in donating backpacks, as well as other needed goods.

a-might risky—what with the teeth and claws that rip into flesh and all.” That made us all quiet again. Of course he’s right, we thought. It’s a good thing we have a president like Scott, who thinks ahead about these sorts of things. “But,” he continued hopefully, “we could start out with a smaller critter and work our way up to a tiger.”

White Water Rafting Event

Then Doc jumps up with his thumbs pushing out the straps of his overalls and says proudly, “My sister has a cat! An ornery one, too. It’s Siamese, and it done scratched and chewed up her whole couch— brand new Naugahyde.”

JULY 21, 2013

As told by James “Homer” Anchell The other day, the boys of the Brotherhood were relaxing on a hot summer day under a shady willow tree with our newest member, Huck Fein. Huck comes to us by way of Mississippi. We sat silently for a long spell when Huck removed a piece of grass from his mouth that he was chewing on and says, “Fellers, I been doing some introspectin’. And I was thinking that this here club is nice and all, but it ain’t got much life to it. We ought to be doing ourselves some adventurin’.” That set us all to doing our own thinking and scratching our heads. Then President-elect Bob, he pipes up and says, “I got a cousin named Cy, and he’s done a heap of adventurin’. Last year he went seafarin’ and got himself into a shipwreck. He survived for months on a raft in the middle of the ocean with a ferocious man-eatin’ tiger for a shipmate!” Wow, we all gasped. That was some adventure! We felt jealous, and each of us wished we’d had the life of Cy. “Heck,” said Huck, “why don’t we get ourselves our own raft and a maneatin’ tiger, too! Have our own high times adventure?” That got us all excited, and everyone commenced to whooopin’ and hollerin’ thinking how much fun that would be. Then President Scott stood up and raised his hands calling for quiet, and he says, “I don’t know, boys. This man-eatin’ tiger business sounds

Geez, Naughahyde, we all thought. That’s strong stuff. What a mean cat. “Well, it’s settled then,” proclaimed President Scott. “The men of the Brotherhood are all going on an adventure in a raft with Doc’s Naugahyde-eatin’ kitty.” And you can join us, too! The details about our rafting adventure are below. Bring a cat if you’ve got one. Sunday, July 21 Carpool leaves CBI @ 9:00 AM This 3-hour trip is a great experience for the novice as well as rafters who desire a high desert adventure! The raft trip in Maupin starts at 11:30 AM. Brotherhood will cover the outfitting cost. Because this trip is short, lunch is not included. Brothers will need to cover the $8 river access fee, transportation, and food. Children are welcome but need to be large enough so that the life jackets fit - usually about 6 years old. Contact event coordinator Bob Winthrop ( with any questions or to reserve your spot. Space is limited so act now!!

July/August 2013


Sisterhood Bakers Needed for Rosh Hashanah Sweets Table Wednesday, September 4, 11:00 am Blumauer Auditorium Kitchen Sisterhood traditionally supplies the wonderful homemade baked goods for the sweets table at the reception following Rosh Hashanah morning services. Can you help by making goodies for the table?

3rd Annual Sisterhood/Brotherhood Wine Tasting Thursday, July 25, 6:30 – 8:30 pm This year we will be meeting at Enso Urban Winery and Tasting Lounge, 1416 SE Stark, Portland, OR. Wine Enthusiast calls Enso Urban Winery “One of the top 5 Urban Wineries in America!” Enso pours their own and other Portland-made wines. Nosh from Olympic Provisions, Steve’s Cheese Bar, and Pacific Pie Company! And since they also love beer, they always have a couple on tap. The cost is $30.00 per person. Your check is your reservation. Please mail your check, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, along with your email address and phone number, to:

We will be preparing the trays on Wednesday, September 4th at 11:00 am in the Blumauer Auditorium kitchen. Please contact Leslie Geller at if you will be able to help with the sweets table (baked goods and/or tray preparation) or have any questions. If you are unable to bake, please consider a contribution to Sisterhood. Send your check to the CBI office, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, marked “Sisterhood Sweets.” All contributions are very much appreciated.

Chanukah Fair! Sunday, November 3 Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 3rd to attend the first WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Chanukah Fair! Mingle with over 50 vendors, featuring both Judaic and secular items. One-stop shopping - purchase gifts for all occasions for everyone on your gift list! Bring your family, friends, and neighbors.

Linda Fintzy 10823 SW Dover Ct. Tigard, OR 97224

The Naming of the Pizza Oven Sisterhood Fundraiser at the home of Jane Vereschagin and Dr. Michael Goldman Saturday, August 24 You heard it right – Jane and Michael are expecting…a new woodburning pizza oven! Please join us as we name and welcome the new addition to the family. Enjoy delicious pizza created by our hosts, or make your own. We’ll supply the dough and a large variety of toppings, and plenty of beverages, too! This annual cooking event has become legendary - don’t miss the opportunity to help Jane and Michael welcome the latest addition to their family. All the proceeds from this event will go to the Sophomore Class of 5774 for their annual journey to L’Taken/Religious Action Center in Washington, DC in February 2014. The cost is $36.00 per person and space is limited. Your check is your reservation. Please mail your check, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, along with your email address and phone number, to: Linda Fintzy 10823 SW Dover Ct. Tigard, OR 97224


WRJ Beth Israel Sisterhood would like to give first opportunity of purchasing a vendor table to our congregation. Tables will be sold for $50.00 each and 10% of your gross profits will be donated back to Sisterhood to help support the Religious school programs. All items sold must be new. Reserve your vendor table now. For more guidelines, table info, and to request a table application, please email Daureen Morris at

Do You Have A Passion for Programming? If you do, then we need your enthusiasm and expertise on the BIS Board! Programs range from (but are not limited to) theater nights, wine tours, special event dinners, lectures, and beyond. If you look at our history, you will see that BIS programming is exciting, informative, and loved by our members. I would love to be able to welcome you to our spectacular board! If this sounds like something you would like to chair, or if you would like more information, please contact Linda Fintzy,, or (503) 830-4921. Thank you!

Congregation Beth Israel

L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation

Very Thoughtful People

Mazel Tov to

Condolences to

Larry Lewis and Kelly Post-Lewis on the birth of their daughter, Lena Simone Lewis, born June 1, 2013. Lena joins big brothers Joshua (6) and Raphael (4). Beth Israel grandparents are Ken Lewis and Carol Lewis.

Jakob Kryszek on the death of his wife and Yvonne Gionet, Raoul Meekcoms, and Leon Meekcoms and families on the death of their mother, Rachella Kryszek, on May 29.

Heidi and Gary Grenley on the June 15th Bar Mitzvah of their son, Jordan, celebrated in Pollin Chapel.

Andy and Dara Wilk and family on the death of his father, Dr. Lawrence Wilk, on May 31 in Corpus Christi, TX.

Craig Hartzman and James John on their June 16th wedding, officiated by Rabbi and Cantor Cahana with blessing by Rabbi Rose. The ceremony was held at their Vancouver, WA home.

Rebecca Friedenwald-Fishman and Elizabeth Friedenwald and families on the death of their uncle, William Andersen Kaa, on June 2 in Reno, NV.

David Beller and Allison Trowbridge on their June 30th wedding, celebrated in Hood River, OR.

Allison B. Cohen Madrichim Training and Religious School Scholarship Fund In Memory of Daniel Davis Don Spiegel and Deborah Davis General Contribution Given By Julia Waldinger

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat In Memory of Flora Jean Zurow Elise Rosenfeld Angela Kellner Margaret Hasson Bud Blumenkron Rachel Blumenkron

Amy R. Goldsmith Library In Memory of Irv Trachtenberg Emma Diamond Marvin Diamond Celia Kaplan Arthur and Sylvia Kaplan

Cemetery Beautification

In Memory of Hannah Zell Leonard and Marietta Zell Leonard Schnitzer Jill and Richard Edelson Paul Sonnes Lettie Sonnes Dr. Robert Sonnes Harry H. Baron Rena and Cheryl Tonkin Harry Mittleman Jeanne and Herb Newmark The Abrams Family Dolores Black Floyd Black Laurie Black and Stafford Mays David Black and Allen Cook Neal Black Nathan Black Floyd Black Mary Braunsten Bernie Caplan Rose Rudman Charles Crane Jim Crane and Karla Forsythe

Sidney Spiegel David Spiegel Don Spiegel and Deborah Davis Jacqueline Ray Spivak Jim Spivak & Family Esther Soren Stuart and Monica Soren

Rabbi Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Irving Trachtenberg Pearl Trachtenberg Jay Grenley Gary Grenley Melvin Rubin Edythe Rubin Debra, Wally, and Rachel MacDougall General Contribution Given By Margaret Hasson

Rabbi Rose Discretionary

In Memory of Carol Tannenbaum Michael, Tim, Becky, and Adam Tannenbaum In Honor of Chloe Rose Lewis (Bat Mitzvah) Sydney and Bill Baer David Lipman

General Administrative

Cantor Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Irving Trachtenberg Pearl Trachtenberg Cantor/Rabbi Samuel Dov Berman The Bendis Family

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary In Memory of Sarah Bobrow Kaplan John and Sarah Epstein In Appreciation Leslie and Robert Peltz

In Memory of Jesse Oroshnik Marian Lahav Alec L. Black Larry Black Rose Goodman Anna Rosenfield Douglas and Lila Goodman Marla Carver Marc, Zoe, and Lucy Carver Anne Lavine-Kilbourne Helene and Mark Hutchinson Hal Mink Mike and Sheila Schwartz In Appreciation of CBI Board WRJ/BIS Board

Hal Ruthizer Cultural Arts In Memory of Suzanne C. Powell Ian Cartwright, MD

Holiday Childcare

Cantor Schiff Discretionary In Memory of William Hill-Parks Sue Halupowski Rebecca Hill John Parks Carol Tannenbaum Michael, Tim, Becky, and Adam Tannenbaum Bernard Levine Jan and Howard Levine In Appreciation Leslie and Robert Peltz

In Memory of Alysmae S. Nudelman Jim Spivak & Family Morris Cohen Ilaine Cohen & Family

Jill Newman Slansky Early Childhood Leader Fund

In Honor of Richard Melching (Community Foundation for SW Washington Award Recipient) Jill Ann Slansky

Landau Chapel

In Memory of George Caro Bob and Lore Labby

July/August 2013

Oseran Family Lecture In Memory of N. Cal Margulies Joyce and Stan Loeb


In Memory of Grace Gilbert Marilyn Gilbert Phyllis Swett Michael Swett Lily Feuerstein Howard and Tamra Feuerstein Lottie Mendelson Harry Nemer Patricia Layton Nemer

Rosenfeld Family Assistant/ Associate Rabbi Fund In Memory of Antoinette and Silas Himmelreich Marge Cohn Blanche Cohen Sarah Albert Suzanne and Julian Albert

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Lena Cohen Swerdlik Joan and Louis Soriano Herman J. Friedman Barry and Barbara Caplan Henry Spivak Larry Semler & Family Helen Spivak & Family Alysmae Nudelman Larry Semler & Family Helen Spivak & Family Avrel V. Nudelman Jacqueline Ray Spivak Jim Spivak & Family Victor Nudelman Avrel V. Nudelman William Karasik The Abrams Family

Sally Vidgoff Camp Kalsman Scholarship In Honor of Robin Mesher (75th Birthday) Bob and Robin Mesher (55th Anniversary) The Moir/Mesher Children and Granchildren


Very Thoughtful People Sanny Snell Preschool Scholarship

In Memory of Max and Ruth Rubenstein Nick and Sanny Snell In Honor of River Wolf (Bar Mitzvah) Rebecca Hill John Parks

Social Action (General)

In Memory of Esta Brown Marina and William Brown Tessie Lewis Elaine and Sandy Weinstein Arthur Eisenhardt Charlotte Eiseman Gerda Eiseman Hiroto Zakoji Loree, Ken, David, Andrew, and Ali Sakai Milton Singer Marilyn Singer Richard and Lori Singer Ethel Green Chella Kryszek Gerel Blauer David Scheffer Stephen Press Sarah Utay Evelyn Laster In Honor of Chloe Rose Lewis (Bat Mitzvah) Jeanne and Lenny Marks Joy Alkalay Debby and Ken Novack Pierce Ethier and Ruby Jemi Kostiner Mansfield & Family Gayle and Paul Romain Mardi and Tom Spitzer Marti and John Rosenthal Eric, Tiffany, Claire, Layton, and Ben Rosenfeld Sandra and Gary Schnitzer Brad and Julie McMurchie Jim and Susan Winkler Kathryn Putz Daniel Deutsch Dr. and Mrs. Peter Mollenholt Dina Schnitzer Meier Derek and Lydia Lipman Joyce and Gary Hoffman Robert and Rita Philip The Schwartz-Slovic Family Cheryl Tonkin (Song of Miriam Award Recipient) Alan Rosenfeld (90th Birthday) Callie Souther Schulman (Wedding) Gerel Blauer


In Memory of Abraham Paul Meyer Paul and Alice Meyer Sylvan Durkheimer Sidney Spiegel Eloise Spiegel Ray Machacek David Raskin Betty Raskin


Ben Tarlow Dena Tarlow Mollie Rosenblum Sharon Tarlow Helen Katzky Margaret Hasson Edna Fenton Lynda Baker Lee and Frank Berne Jacob Feingold Lee and Frank Berne Jerry M. Colton Sharon H. Goldman Marcia Colton Risa Colton-Feldman and Louis Feldman & Jacob and Noah Feldman Leonard Friedman Sue Friedman Philip Chucker Irene Frisch Zanly Edelson Bunny Edelson Richard and Jill Edelson Ben Steinberg Ilene Goldberg & Family Felix Gelbras Susan Gerson Molly Shuster Herb Black Harold Hirsch Frederic Hirsch Jacqueline Ray Spivak Jim Spivak & Family Dennis Seinfeld Deanne and Dick Rubinstein Sylvan Durkheimer Julie Durkheimer and Mark Dohrmann Chella Kryszek Ernie Bonyhadi and Shirley Gittelsohn Beverly and Marty Zell Elliott Flaxman Samuel Rosenblatt Jane Flaxman Sue Miller Beverly and Marty Zell Ida Margulis David and Dolorosa Margulis Cris Maranze Rose Rustin Alan Cohen Ilaine Cohen & Family Patricia Strauss Albert Strauss Naomi and Dave Strauss Stacy Sadis Bunny and Jerry Sadis In Honor of Chloe Rose Lewis (Bat Mitzvah) Cheryl Tonkin (Song of Miriam Award Recipient) Dick and Deanne Rubinstein Alan Rosenfeld (Birthday) Pearl Trachtenberg Bob and Lore Labby Sue and Phil Miller Sue Friedman Andrea Overbeck Ernie Bonyhadi and Shirley Gittelsohn Rose Rustin General Contribution Given By Harriet Schatz

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Clarence Henry Loeb Joyce and Stan Loeb Henry Spivak Jim Spivak & Family Nathaniel Lewis Kathleen Lewis

Sue Halupowski Dinah Rosen Stuart and Nikki Director Bernard B. Schnitzer Sol J. Cohn Barbara and Howard Cohn In Honor of Stan Loeb (Birthday) Stuart and Nikki Director

Stained Glass Windows Project

Simon & Helen Director Endowment

In Memory of Edith O. Miller Gladys M. Rosenberg Alex E. Miller Alan and Lana Miller Constance Janoff Robert and Judith Meyer Kenneth and Karen Janoff In Honor of Jay Albert (Best Wishes) Alan and Lana Miller

Temple Improvement In Memory of Carolyn See Eleanore Rubinstein Rhoda Aiken Edward A. Aiken Joseph Edelstein Lois and Howard Tobin

Temple Restoration

In Memory of Leland H. Lowenson Milton and Lynn Marks

Urman Family College Communication In Memory of Maxwell Silverstein Marvin and Lois Urman

Estelle Director Sholkoff Jewish Educators Scholoarship In Memory of William S. Packouz Dorothy Packouz & Sons

Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Youth Leadership Fund In Memory of Lloyd Rosenfeld Meryl and Gordon Haber Leo Mitchell Bunny and Jerry Sadis

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship In Memory of Harry Zell Marilyn Singer Leonard Zell

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment In Memory of Daniel Fromer Shirley Mark

Congregation Beth Israel

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Temple Endowment

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Bikkur Holim - Hope in Life

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Prayer Book

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Service to the Blind In Memory of Dorothy Schubach Arline Hasman

Sisterhood Programming, Leadership & Enrichment In Memory of Carol Tannenbaum Pat Tannenbaum Michael, Tim, Becky, and Adam Tannenbaum Joseph Harrison Dodie Harrison Susan Overbeck Darrell Overbeck

In Remembrance July 5 & 6 Rose Backer Daniel Jeremy Berkson Sarah Boskowitz Morris Cohen Arthur H. Cohen Eugene E. Cohn Jerry M. Colton Rose Goodman Davis Jeanette Feldman Lily Feuerstein Gerald Fine Irwin Frank Wilmer Freeman Julius C. Friendly Gladys Galkin Bella Goldwasser Ethel Greenblatt Joseph Harrison Carrie Myers Herrman Harold Hirsch Toni Kahan Bernard La Rossa Eva Lowengart Langerman Anne Lavine-Kilbourne Celia Lesman Richard Lubliner Abraham Paul Meyer William Oppenheimer Ann Romain Rose Rudman Rebecca Samuels Herbert Savage Carolyn See Philip E. Seltzer Henry Spivak Ida Steinbock Lena Cohen Swerdlik Grace Ann Thomas Izetta Tonkon Sarah Utay July 12 & 13 Therese Abeles Rene Bloch Morris Blum Helen Blumenthal Goldie Chestler Emma Diamond Florence Dobrow Zanly C. Edelson Charlotte Eiseman Arthur Eisenhardt Dorothy Feldman Gus L. Feldman George Forrest Hy Freedman Leonard Friedman Sharon Goldman Jay Grenley

Betty Haas Antoinette S. Himmelreich Silas K. Himmelreich Max Janow Clinton E. John Evelyn Wright Kantor Tillie Kaufman Donald Loftus George Lowenson Zelotta (Lottie) Mendelson Julius Newmark Jesse Oroshnik Sylvia Ostrofsky Maurice Pike Florence Savan David Scheffer Bernice W. Schlesinger Julian J. Shipley Sidney Spiegel Gretchen Thomas Faye Zasloff July 19 & 20 Bernice Canter Marla Carver Klaus Citterman Florence Korey Clement Avery Cline Beatrice W. Cohn Charles Crane Harry Driesen Sylvan F. Durkheimer Melvyn C. Friendly Grace Hochfeld Gilbert Carmen Golby Ethel Osborne Green Yvonne Grimes William S. Gross Michael Harland George Kelly Celia Koppel Max Lamfrom Irving J. Levin Celia Lidovitch Albert G. Maizels U. Robert Malkin Edward Moe Maxine Newman Alysmae Semler Nudelman Esther Platt Sarah Pomerantz Frank Rogers Dora L. Sanford Adele Savage Sidney Silver Milton Singer Frances Spivack Don Stilwell Patricia Strauss Gilbert Sussman

Anna G. Tobin Patricia Anne Watkins Jessie R. Webb George Weiner Susan Weiner

Ben D. Tarlow Gail M. Thomas William Zacks Hiroto Zakoji Flora Jean Zurow

July 26 & 27 Edith G. Barde Lipman B. Barde Henry R. Bauer, Sr. Leo M. Bergman Daniel Berlin Nick I. Braunsten Hy Canter Rose Judith Cezer Vita Gertrude Cezer Philip Chucker Eugene Coodley Barbara Cypriano Arnold Davis Daniel Davis Frank Dessayer Felice Lauterstein Driesen Minnie Einstein Morris Fendrich Edna Fenton Clara S. Frey Joseph Gross Ruth Heldfond Lester Herrup Johannette Kahn Josephine S. Kalisher Eva Korn William B. Layton Max Lesman Beatrice Barde Lubliner Henrietta Mendoza Leo Mitchell William A. Morrison Francis X. Peters Bernard Pomerantz Peter Pongracz Gerald Poplack Suzanne C. Powell Hyman Reiter Dinah Rosen Mollie Rosenblum Anna Rosenfield Edythe Rubin Stacy Sadis Roxanne Schloss Albert G. Senders Rose Lubliner Shank Daniel Simon Marilyn Singer Celia Levitt Sondheim Cecelia K. Steinbach Ben Steinberg Carol Tannenbaum Pat Tannenbaum

August 2 & 3 Saidee R. Berg Paul Bernays Dolores Black Mortimer Wilkes Brenner Leonard W. Cohen Mary Ann Davis Richard Elconin Jack Epstein Ralph Feibelman Jacob Feingold Elliott Flaxman Lena Freedman Herman J. Friedman Sam Friedman Emma C. Friendly Celia Geller Mildred Gold Zelotta Gross Elizabeth Hirsh Sarah Leah Horenstein Heinrich Kaufmann Barney Liebreich Ray Machacek N. Calmin “Cal� Margulies Louis N. Mesher Harry Mittleman Jean K. Nudelman Cynthia Peterman Ada Post Jeanne Rauch Samuel Rosenblatt George Saxe Lillian Schiff Dennis Seinfeld Molly Shuster Lettie Sonnes Esther Soren Kenneth Harry Stoloff Daniel Ullman Sophie Weiss Nadine Wolfe Frederick Wolff

July/August 2013

August 9 & 10 Rachael Rae Arnsberg Harry H. Baron Samuel Dov Berman Carl K. Blum Bud Blumenkron Samuel Burgin Blanche Cohen Jacqueline Davis Maurice Dunn


In Remembrance Gerald Edelman Jack William Friedlander Ben F. Goldman Florence R. Goldstein Gary Greenberg Violet Greenberg David E. Gross Manuel Holtzman Helen Katzky Amelia Senders Kleinberg Shirley Lane Sam Leopold Leah Heilig Levine Edith O. Miller Harry Nemer Martin Neuwelt Pat New William S. Packouz Irving Puziss David A. Rosen Leopold M. Rosenbaum Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Ruth Rubenstein Bernard Schnitzer Anna Silver Celia Sugarman Peter Joseph Sugarman Morris S. Ullman Max Utay Mattie Vetsburg Mary Jane Winter August 16 & 17 Connie Anker Nathan J. Bergman Rose Berliner Adalbert G. Bettman Frances B. Creamer Shirley Deitch Simone Dessayer Nathan Director Janet Donnelly

CBI Team

Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Assistant Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D. Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff


Philip Feldman, Sr. David Gold Hedwig Goldsmith Michael W. Goldstein Harry Hayden Judith Stusser Jedeikin Paul David Josephson Andrea Karlin Sarah Kramer Louis Lang Nathaniel Lewis Flora Marcus Ida Margulis Jordan M. Meier Rebecca Munro Sara A. Nudelman Claire Puziss David Raskin Rose Rotenberg Bertha Rubin Sarah Rubin Eleanor Golby Saffron Abe I. Samuels Harry Silver Max Solomon David Spiegel David I. Stillman William A. Whalen Harry L. Woolach Don Zavin August 23 & 24 Sarah Albert Rachel Baer Josephine Rubens Beeke Norman Berkley Nathan Black Mary K. Braunsten George Caro Harold Cohn Jacob A. Cohn Sol J. Cohn

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Early Childhood Education Director Deborah Kaplan Education Administrator Mor Kenane Member Services Executive Director Sydney A. Baer

Carolyn Heinberg Cole Marian Davidson Harriet Moskowitz Epstein Norman S. Fields Daniel A. Fromer Felix Gelbras Claire Gross Abner Grover Bobbi Hoover Judith Lowengart Jacobs Ernst Kahn Celia Kaplan Sarah Bobrow Kaplan Daniel Kirk Howard L. Kirz Lianne Marks Klein Daryl Ruth Brown Klonoff Susan Poplack Leavitt Morris Leb Leland H. Lowenson Sol D. Maizels Helen Maniloff Beverly Miller Ruth Press Maurie Ritchie Gladys M. Rosenberg Martin S. Rothschild Dorothy C. Schubach Anne M. Segal Ida Rosalie Sherman Maxwell I. Silverstein Sybil Solomon Pete Steffens Phyllis Swett

Juliet Dayan Thelma Layton Eberhart Reva Belle Nudelman Fields David Flitter Harry Louis Gerber Vera Goldsmith Rose Herman Harry A. Herzog Erna Hirsch Charles Hyman Anatoly Ioffe Fred Kornfeld Bernard Levine Tessie Lewis Clarence Henry Loeb Harry Mesher David Meyer Nayberger Lynn Newman Frank Perlman David Poplack A. Victor Rosenfeld Betsy Rotberg Julian Roth Jeaneatta “Rusty” Sautter Belle Saxe Fannie Schwartz Mary Stoloff Albert Strauss Mollie Stusser Joseph Swerdlik Dena Tarlow Joseph Tenenbaum Ivor Weigler Simon Zavin Harry Zell

August 30 & 31 Stanley Bender Molly Boyarsky Lillian Brant Sheila Geller Bromberg David Avner Cohen George Jackson Collings

Development Director Jen Feldman

Office Administrator Tracy Alifanz

Art of Catering 503-231-8185 Larry Grimes

Congregational Affairs Director Jemi Kostiner Mansfield

Facilities Manager Craig Paton

Food in Bloom 503-223-6819 Catherine Hernandez

Finance Director Jim Baldwin, CPA

Facilities Staff Andy Coles Drew Christensen

Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin

Accounting Assistant Vicki Greif

Catering Panel

Devil’s Food Catering 503-233-9288 Charles Stilwell

Project Coordinator Dara Docherty

Congregation Beth Israel

Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2858 Shellie Postlewait

Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675 Jenn Louis

July/August 2013 SUNDAY

Tamuz-Av-Elul 5773

MONDAY July 1  Tamuz 23

7  Tamuz 29

8  Av 1

TUESDAY 2  Tamuz 24

9  Av 2

WEDNESDAY 3  Tamuz 25

10  Av 3




4  Tamuz 26

5  Tamuz 27

6  Tamuz 28

Independence Day

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Offices closed

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Tot Shabbat 9:30 AM PC

12  Av 5

13  Av 6

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Preschool Pre-Shabbat Potluck 5:00 PM Lawn

Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Epstein 10:30 AM Temple

11  Av 4

Shabbat on the Plaza Service 6:00 PM Lawn

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

JND Torah Trek 7:30 PM

14  Av 7

15  Av 8

21  Av 14

16  Av 9

22  Av 15

23  Av 16

17  Av 10

18  Av 11

19  Av 12

20  Av 13

Knit-A-Mitzvah 10:00 AM SBR

Jews Next Dor, 20’s-30’s Happy Hour

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

24   Av 17

25  Av 18

26  Av 19

27   Av 20

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Enso Urban Winery Trip

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Preschool Pre-Shabbat Potluck 5:00 PM Lawn

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

Brotherhood Whitewater Rafting Trip

Shabbat on the Plaza Service 6:00 PM Lawn

28   Av 21

4   Av 28

29   Av 22

30   Av 23

31   Av 24


5   Av 29

6   Av 30

7  Elul 1

August 1   Av 25

8  Elul 2

Ida Rae & Cabaret Saturday, October 19, 2013 11  Elul 5

12  Elul 6

Jews Next Dor, 20’s -30’s Summer Picnic

13  Elul 7 8 Our Major CBI14  Elul Fundraiser

15  Elul 9

2   Av 26

3   Av 27

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Tot Shabbat 9:30 AM PC

Wedding blessing: Rayna Dushman & Eli Green

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

9  Elul 3

10  Elul 4

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Preschool Pre-Shabbat Potluck 5:00 PM Lawn

Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Salinsky 10:30 AM Temple

Shabbat on the Plaza Service 6:00 PM Lawn

16  Elul 10

17  Elul 11

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

Wedding blessing for Leigh Feldman & Sara Moskovitz

18  Elul 12

19  Elul 13

20  Elul 14

21  Elul 15

22  Elul 16

Jews Next Dor, 20’s-30’s Happy Hour

23  Elul 17

24  Elul 18

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Preschool Pre-Shabbat Potluck 5:00 PM Lawn

Shabbat Service Bat Mitzvah of Sophie Friedenwald-Fishman 10:30 AM Temple

Shabbat on the Plaza Service 6:00 PM Lawn

25  Elul 19

26  Elul 20

27  Elul 21

28  Elul 22

View our online calendar at

29  Elul 23

Sisterhood: Name the Goldman-Vereschagin Pizza Oven Event

30  Elul 24

31  Elul 25

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Levine 10:30 AM Temple

Wedding blessing: Courtney Slavin & Adam Furman

Selichot: Dessert, Study, Havdalah 7:00 PM Temple

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

Congregation Beth Israel


Congregation Beth Israel

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1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097

Board of Trustees 2013/2014




Stuart Chestler President

Jonathan Barg Deborah Caldwell Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Ali Garfinkle Linda Georges Sharon Meieran JoAnne Van Ness Menashe Mark Peterman Marney Pike Ron Silver Arthur Steinhorn Jane Vereschagin

Ned Duhnkrack VP/President Elect Ilene Davidson Vice President Elizabeth Domagalski Vice President Brad Tonkin Vice President Ted Nelson Secretary John Epstein Treasurer

Auxiliaries Linda Harrison-Fintzy - WRJ/BI Sisterhood President Scott Schaffer - Brotherhood President Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery

503-222-1069 503-222-2037 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069

High Holy Days 5774 • 2013 Selichot

Yom Kippur

Saturday, August 31 7:00 PM Temple

Saturday, September 14

Rosh Hashanah Wednesday, September 4 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

Multi-Generational Service Traditional Service

Thursday, September 5 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:30 PM 2:00 PM

Traditional Service Family Service Rosh Hashanah Reception Tashlich in Tanner Creek Park

Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur Friday, September 13 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

Multi-Generational Service Traditional Service

10:00 AM 12:45 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM

Traditional Service Family Service Teen Service Study Break JND Study Break Tot Service Afternoon/Yizkor/Ne’ilah Service Afterwards – Break Fast

Sukkot Thursday, September 19 12:00 PM Lunch & Learn in Sukkah Sunday, September 22 4:00-7:00 PM Open Sukkah at Rabbi & Cantor Cahana’s

Simchat Torah Wednesday, September 25 6:00 PM Consecration & Simchat Torah Thursday, September 26 10:30 AM Festival Service Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

July/August 2013 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the July/August 2013 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform...

July/August 2013 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the July/August 2013 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform...