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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bulletin January 2016 Tevet-Shevat 5776 Vol. 65, No. 4

Honor the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Friday, January 15, 7:00 pm, Temple Guest Speaker: Dr. C.T. Vivian

Please join us for our annual Shabbat service commemorating Dr. King’s undying message of equality and civil rights. We welcome activist, visionary, and Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Dr. C.T. Vivian as the featured guest speaker at this year’s celebration, which also features performances by members of the NW Community Gospel Choir and Beth Israel’s Kol Echad choir. Dr. Vivian, who has provided civil rights counsel to Presidents Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama, is widely known for his work with Dr. King, serving as National Director of Affiliates and strategist for every Southern Christian Leadership Conference

(S.C.L.C.) organization, working in Birmingham to help enact the Civil Rights Bill and in Selma, the Voting Rights Bill, and for his active participation on movements around the country. He developed, organized and launched Vision (later to be known as Upward Bound), an educational program that assisted over seven hundred Alabama students to attend college on scholarship. As an educator, Dr. Vivian has trained ministers and developed the urban curriculum for seminaries throughout the nation at the Urban Training Center in Chicago. In his tenure as Dean of Divinity at Shaw University Seminary, he originated and acquired funding for an unprecedented national level program, the basis of his doctoral work, Seminary Without Walls. In 2008, he founded the C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute, Inc for the purpose of training and educating a new generation of grass-roots leaders.


Sunday, January 31 5 PM - 8 PM

Castaway 1900 NW 18th


many of Portland's best restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Tickets available online at or call 503-222-1069.

Bat Mitzvah

Upcoming Events

Lehna Gordon Lehna Gordon will become Bat Mitzvah on January 9, 2016. She is the daughter of Fritz Gordon and Lisa Simeoni and attends West Sylvan Middle School. For her Mitzvah Project, Lehna has chosen to work with the organization Outside In, which helps low income and homeless Portland teens. Lehna is collecting basic necessities such as toothbrushes and deodorant. Her goal is to provide these items to children like herself who don’t have the same access that she does. To donate or learn more about Outside In, visit their website,

January Events for Children and Families Tot Shabbat Saturday, January 9, 9:00 AM, Pollin Chapel Open to the community, Tot Shabbat features music with Kim Schneiderman and storytelling from the CBI clergy. An Oneg (light refreshments) and crafts follow this short, musical service for families with young children (ages 0-5).

Recognizing and Responding to Classroom Bias about Jews, Judaism, and Israel Wednesday, January 20, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Mittleman Jewish Community Center A city-wide workshop for parents and teens about bias in the classroom (Grades 9-12).

The Rise and Demise of Blacklisting Wednesday, January 6, 7:00 PM Pollin Chapel Presenters: Ron Silver and Michael Simon Were you a premature anti-fascist? That was the label given to many of the intelligentsia, writers and actors who favored the Republicans against the Franco Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939. At the end of the Second World War these same people were now believed to be Communists (some were) or Fellow Travelers (some were) and a threat to the American Way of Life (almost none were). This was the dark time of the Blacklist, when people were made to name names, sign Loyalty Oaths and the most dreaded phrase became, “Are you now, or have you ever been...” Well- known writers and actors disappeared from the public eye, many of them Jews. At least the writers could go underground and use “fronts.” Actors, teachers, and others had no refuge. Join Michael Simon and Ron Silver as they discuss how this period came to be and, thankfully, how it passed its course.

The Dreyfus Affair

Pajama Havdalah Saturday, January 23, 5:30 PM at the home of Rabbi Joseph A CBI/PJ Library partnered event, come celebrate Havdalah in your pajamas at the home of Rabbi Joseph with song leader, Kim Schneiderman and enjoy dinner together after the short, musical service (ages 0-5).

ECE Tu B’Shevat Family Program Sunday, January 24, 9:15 AM, Temple Open to the community, come celebrate Tu B’Shevat with art, stories, and music by Kim Schneiderman for children and parents (ages 2.5-5). For more information on our upcoming events for children and families, please contact Ziva Sholin at

CBI Book Group Sunday, January 3, 9:00 AM Herbert & Shirley Semler Board Room All are welcome for a lively and literary discussion! There is no need to sign up. Our January selection is An Officer And A Spy: A Novel by Robert Harris. Please mark your calendars for our for our February 7th meeting as well, when we will discuss Deborah Lipstadt’s History On Trial: My Day In Court With A Holocaust Denier


Adult Education Presents:

Wednesday, February 3, 7:00 PM Pollin Chapel Presenter: Rabbi Daniel Isaak Advance sign-ups requested. Rabbi Daniel Isaak shares his memorabilia and leads a seminar discussion of the Dreyfus Affair, a fascinating history that raises questions relevant today. The French concluded that the Germans had access to French military secrets. Suspicion fell on Captain Alfred Dreyfus, because he was a Jew and was from Alsace, an area lost to Germany 24 years earlier in 1870. The Affair turned on considerations of innocence or guilt, but also on whether Jews could be seen as loyal to France and ultimately whether the life of an innocent man was expendable in order to preserve the honor of the French Military. Theodore Herzl, a foreign journalist covering the trial, was so shocked by the blatant anti- Semitism on the streets of liberal Paris that he concluded that only in a country of their own could Jews live as equals. An Officer and A Spy, by Robert Harris, a work of historical fiction and CBI Book Group’s January read, will be a helpful introduction or refresher, though not necessary for participating in this seminar. Copies will be available for purchase in January for those who are interested.

Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership From Inspiration to Action by Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Associate Rabbi As I stood in Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s home in Montgomery, Alabama, tears streamed down my face. I was moved thinking about everything that happened in that small parsonage. The people who walked those hallways, sat at that dining room table, raised their voices in song in the living room; the movement that changed the course of history. I was moved to tears thinking about how desperately our world needs a leader like Dr. King right now. And moved to tears as I looked at the faces of our students sharing this experience together, young people full of potential and optimism and the ability to bring more peace and justice to our world. I shared this experience with our junior and senior high school students led by congregant Ron Silver. Thanks to a generous donation from Roscoe Nelson and Debra Harrison, in late October, our group left Portland for an intensive four day journey through Alabama to explore the Civil Rights Movement and its connection to the Jewish community. It was truly a transformative experience. Sometimes, one has to leave home to gain a new perspective and understanding of history. Yet, at the same time, we do not have to look further than our own backyard to see the affects of racism and bigotry. Portland is not immune. Our students returned from this immersive experience ready to make a difference right here.

“I’ve learned so much about the importance of standing up for what I believe in and I’m ready to make a difference.” This month, we will come together as a community to celebrate the legacy of Rev. Dr. King. We will be moved by the music, inspired by our speaker Dr. C. T. Vivian, and transformed by fellowship. As we know, our responsibility is beyond this one experience. With this in mind, please join us for a Day of Service on Monday, January 17th and at our Social Action Committee meeting on February 3rd at 5:00 PM. While I was inspired standing in the home of Dr. King with our students and you will be inspired in our sanctuary on Friday, January 15th, that inspiration alone is not enough. We must turn it into action. For inspiration without action is futile. Let’s join together and make a difference in our community.

In their own words: “The world of the South is so different from Portland. I am so thankful that I was able to see it. The experience opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective.” “This trip taught me much more than facts. I learned about the importance of hospitality and of standing up for what you believe in. I learned that it’s never okay to be done doing good and I learned that it is my job to look at the world with fresh, new, open eyes and find things to improve.” “During the service at First Baptist Church on Sunday morning, there was a song being sung and many members stood up and held hands. We were sitting and a woman behind me reached forward and held my hand. I stood up with her and felt what it was like to have this kind of community. Because of this experience, I will never look at my community the same way again.”

January 2016


Developing CBI The Recipe for Success for Developing CBI

Connect. Hineinu. We Are Here!

by Jenat Levison Feldman Development Director

by Tony and Bianca Urdes Co-Chairs, Taste of Temple

Creating a recipe is exciting as long as you know ultimately how you want the final product to look and taste. Of course – always having a secret ingredient is what makes a recipe ultimately yours. The secret ingredient to CBI’s Taste of Temple is you – our members and our guests!

Taste of Temple – our much-anticipated annual tradition at Congregation Beth Israel is here with its 5th edition. Taste of Temple is a gathering of passionate local restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and breweries, offering outstanding food and beverages to connoisseurs from both CBI community and some non-members.

As we plan for Taste of Temple V, the TOT committee enthusiastically chaired by Bianca and Tony Urdes and working closely with Marisa Reby, Director of Membership & Special Events - continues to build on the ingredients that have made this sell-out event so very popular in previous years. This time-tested recipe calls for combining leaders who are passionate about Congregation Beth Israel, a generous measure of established friends, and the welcome zest of newcomers. Then we fold in over forty of the Greater Portland Community’s top restaurants, breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We mix these ingredients at the elegant Castaway (1900 NW 18th Ave) and let it simmer for a full— and fabulous!—three hours.

But is Taste of Temple only a gathering? Or, is Taste of Temple a community? Taste of Temple is what we make it. It is up to each of us to make it not merely a gathering, but rather a vibrant event that unites us even more, builds community, and fosters authentic friendships and positive sharing in each other’s joys and interests.

These fantastic ingredients combine together perfectly; throw in our warm, welcoming, and ever-popular House Parties and one Golden Ticket, and you have a recipe that cannot be duplicated. A recipe, however, that still needs one final ingredient—YOU! Please join us for this delectable friendraising and fun(d)raising event, and taste some of what makes CBI such a special place.

We will be with each other for three hours on Sunday January 31st, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. So many friends so little time! Let’s make the best of our time together. Let’s reach out to people whom we haven’t met before, let’s make new friends and strengthen old friendships. Let’s meet a passionate restaurant owner and listen to his or her story and taste the food. And, let’s support their business after the event is over. Let’s all get involved: • Buy tickets to the event; bring your friends • B  uy a “golden” ticket for a chance to win a wonderful prize (need not be present to win) • S  upport our “Recipe for Success,” an opportunity for everyone to participate and donate to CBI while having a chance to win prizes during the evening. Every donation at any level is important and much appreciated

Tony and Bianca Urdes

The Development Department works closely with our members to fill the gap in the CBI budget. We greatly appreciate those who are able to donate above their annual dues/contribution by supporting our Every Family Initiative, Fall fundraiser and/or our annual Taste of Temple event. We will be honoring those donors by listing their names in our March Bulletin. We would love to be sure your name is included. Please contact CBI Development Director Jen Feldman 503.222.1069 or with questions and/or to be sure you will be listed.


• S  ign up for a “House Party.” All sponsoring hosts would be thrilled to have you sign up for their parties. This year, your wonderful volunteers have put together an assorted list of “House Parties” for a variety of tastes and passions: from learning and enjoying Indian, Italian, Japanese, Romanian & Jewish cuisines, to an elegant wine tasting accompanied by thoughtfully paired bites at a premier winery in Dundee Hills, to learning more about knitting and playing mahjong, to enjoying an evening with clergy, visiting a private car collection, to walking, running, biking followed by schmoozing and more… To buy tickets, please visit the CBI website, call Tracy at (503) 222-1069 or e-mail her at It is all for the benefit of building community and raising much-needed funds for all the programs we cherish at CBI. The needs of our CBI community are the needs of each of us.

Are YOU Here?

Congregation Beth Israel


L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation

Our Madrichim Guides By Ben Sandler Education Director

Ben Zoma said, “Who is Wise?” The one who learns from everyone as it is said, “From all would teach me have I gained understanding.” (Psalms 119:99) -Pirke Avot 4:1 One of the things I have learned is that a great way to really understand a topic or idea is to teach it to somebody else. The type of preparation that teaching takes really lends itself to a deeper level of understanding. As part of the Religious School experience, our teens have an opportunity to strengthen their own understanding of Judaism and community by working as Madrichim for our younger students in the PreK-7th grade Sunday classes. Often thought of as “teacher’s aides,” Madrichim is best translated as “guides.” Although Madrichim do assist teachers is taking attendance and other administrative tasks, their most important work is to guide younger students toward a positive Religious School experience by demonstrating their own involvement, collaborative skills, and initiative. Each Sunday, thirty-three high school Madrichim work in our Religious School classrooms and office, supporting our arts specialists, or serving as Hebrew tutors. These teens are a talented and diverse group; visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, academic scholars, athletes, and social activists. Along with our teaching faculty, they are vital to the fabric of our learning community. Beginning in eighth grade, students have the opportunity to take the Madrichim training course, currently led by faculty member and certified licensed teacher, Shaina Boal. In addition to classwork with Shaina on developing leadership skills, learning about child development, working in small groups, and supporting students with special needs, eighth graders have practicum days in various classes throughout the year to get real classroom experience. As a group, they share and reflect on working in the classrooms.

Following the Sunday morning classes, our Madrichim enjoy a lunch together before diving into their own studies with our Clergy and High School faculty. All of our Madrichim are enrolled in the afternoon Midrasha program, getting the strong message that as teachers we also must continually be learning. Following classes on many Sundays, our Youth Group Board remains on campus to meet, plan, or attend Youth Group events with our talented and dedicated Youth Director, Shoshanna Pro. We know how busy teenagers are with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, and that is why it is important for us at CBI to have multiple “on ramps” to keep our youth involved with and enthusiastic about the synagogue, Jewish learning, and the Jewish community. We are grateful for the generous support from the Allison B. Cohen Madrichim Training Fund which has aided us in expanding our Madrichim program, giving our teens this wonderful opportunity to work in our classrooms and contribute to our community. L’Shalom, Ben

L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation Condolences to

Ethan Cohn and Iris Cohn on the death of their father, Lloyd Cohn, who passed away on Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

the family of Herbert Goldberg, who passed away Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Emanuel and Amy Tanne on the death of his brother, Erwin Tanne, who passed away Tuesday, December 8, 2015 in Massachusetts.

the family of Margaret Labby, who passed away Sunday, November 22, 2015. David Popowich on the loss of his wife, to CBI Board Member Yale Popowich, Lisa Popowich and Andrea Meislin on the loss of their mother, and to Judy Newman (Bud) on the loss of her sister, and to the extended Popowich family on the death of Lorraine Popowich, who passed away on Tuesday, November 24, 2015. Lorraine was a founding board member of the National Museum of American Jewish History and a longstanding advocate of its mission.

Mazel Tov to Paul and Alice Meyer, the 2015 recipients of the Rabbi Joshua Stampfer Community Enrichment Award. The award, founded in 1999 to honor an outstanding and charitable member of the Greater Portland Community, recognizes the Meyers’ longstanding activism in fields as wide-ranging as civil liberties, progressive politics, city government, opera and chamber music and numerous Jewish Organizations.

January 2016


Community AMY R. GOLDSMITH/ SPEAR RESEARCH LIBRARY Genealogy Club Sunday, January 10, 10:00 AM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library The Genealogy Club welcomes Tatiana Lifshitz, a member of our congregation, who will help members learn research tools and begin their family tree searches! Members will be introduced to search on free of charge. Ms. Lifshitz began working in genealogy over thirty years ago, speaks nine languages, and is knowledgeable in laws and regulations related to archives in different countries. Three laptops will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We hope to have one group start at 10:00 AM and another at 11:00 AM. Please bring a basic handwritten family tree layout of the generation where you’d like to begin your research, including first, last and maiden names (if known), as well as dates and places of birth, ages, dates of arrival in the US (to the best of your knowledge). This will significantly speed up the initial process. If you already have a substantial tree in the works, Tatiana suggests you make an appointment for a personal session. Meanwhile, library’s resources will be available for your independent research on Sundays and Thursdays or by appointment with our librarian.

The Forgotten Native American History of Portland

CARING COMMUNITY Initial Meeting of The W Connection Thursday, January 14, 6:30 PM Shermanski Chapel The W Connection provides peer-to-peer emotional support from women of all ages who understand what it means to lose a spouse. We provide counsel and support based on personal experience, and access to outside resources that have helped each of us through our own losses. We are also looking for peer mentors: If you have been widowed for 2 years or more, please consider providing one on one support to newly widowed women. For questions or more information, contact Bobbie Goldstein or 310-923-2254 or Janice Isenberg

Initial Meeting of the Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group

Sunday, January 31, 10:15 AM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library The first historians of Portland neglected to mention that in the earliest days of the city, white residents were outnumbered four to one by Native Americans who lived along the Willamette River at the foot of Jefferson Street, by Couch Lake, and in NW Portland’s long-forgotten Johnson Creek Gulch. Even up until the 1930s, Native American families set up seasonal trading encampments in what is now Wallace Park. In fact, for the city’s first half century, non-native Portlanders needed to know Chinook Jargon for their frequent interactions with the residents of these encampments. Congregant Dr. Tracy J. Prince, PSU scholar-inresidence and author, will talk about this forgotten history.


Thursday, February 4, 6:30 PM Amy R. Goldsmith/Spear Research Library Open to the whole community, the support group will provide emotional and educational support for caregivers and care partners of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Taking care of someone with dementia also means taking care of yourself and getting help. Joining a support group means that you do not have to do it alone. For questions or any additional information, please contact fellow congregant Maurrie Salenger at 952-484-6211 or

The Social Action Committee is doing more than we ever have before! In addition to our favorite annual events, like the High Holidays Funds for Food Drive and Mitzvah Day, we have many exciting new activities that need volunteers throughout the year. We are also excited to announce that we have started an advocacy arm that includes education and lobbying on issues of social justice, hunger, and gun violence prevention. Please keep an eye on our website for details about our upcoming MLK Day of Service on Monday, January 17th. Come to our next meeting to get all the details and get involved. We meet on the first Wednesday of every other month from 5:007:00 PM in the Shirley and Herbert Semler Board Room. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 3rd.


Congregation Beth Israel


Brotherhood Gift Shop and Library Volunteers Needed We need volunteers in the Sisterhood Gift Shop, especially on Thursdays. If you are a religious school parent with a child who comes on Thursday, please consider volunteering. Contact Debbie Braymer if you can help out:

NG New Year, New You Fitness and Brunch Event

Do you love to read? Do you have a few hours once a month to help in the CBI library? We are looking for some special volunteers who would sit in our new and beautiful library and help people check out books, use our laptops to access Ancestry, and do a few tasks to keep the books in order and easy to find. If you have time on Thursdays from 4:15 to 6, or Sundays from 10 AM- 12 PM, and would like to become a special friend of the library, please contact Marge Congress at She’ll contact you to set up a training session and get you a time slot.

Sunday, January 3 Start 2016 off right! Please check NG Sisterhood’s Facebook page ( for details or email with questions.

Ask the Rabbi

Sisterhood Shabbat

Sunday, January 10, 10:30 AM

Friday, January 22, 6:00 PM Pollin Chapel Please join us as we celebrate Sisterhood Shabbat with a service lead by Cantor Cahana, Rabbi Joseph, and members of WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood. Our theme this year is Miriam, Music, and Women in Leadership. If you would like to help lead the service, please contact

Annual Rose Schnitzer Havdalah Service and Social Please join us and Amy Shapiro, singer, songwriter, teacher, at the 16th Annual Havdalah service at the Rose Schnitzer Manor, cosponsored by Beth Israel Sisterhood. We invite families to join the residents of Rose Schnitzer Manor in saying goodbye to Shabbat and welcoming the new week through song and community building. Everyone is welcome, all ages, to this free event.

Hold the Date: Sisterhood/NG Eastside Social Eastside women - you do not have to cross a bridge to see your sisters! Come to a social on Sunday, February 28.

Two Sided Story Saturday, January 16, 7:00 PM Congregation Neveh Shalom The CBI Brotherhood is co-sponsoring this film, which showcases testimonies of bereaved Israelis and Palestinians and the common ground such bitter enemies can sometimes find.

Saturday, January 30, 6:30 PM Rose Schnitzer Manor

Sunday, February 28, 4:00 PM Home of Michael Richman

The program is called “Jewish Bio-ethics: On The Matters of Life and Death, Healing and Deciding.” For more information contact Morrie Jackson at

In the film, Emmy Award winning director Tor Ben Mayor follows a group of twenty-seven Palestinians and Israelis who meet under the frame of a unique project led by the Parents Circle Families Forum. The project’s goal is to acknowledge the narrative of the other. Participants include Orthodox Jews, religious Muslims, settlers, exIDF soldiers, ex-security prisoners, citizens of the Gaza strip, kibbutz members, second generation Holocaust survivors, non-violent activists, and more. Each and every one has their own historical truths and carry with them their own emotional baggage. More information about the film and a trailer are available at This film is free and open to the public.

January 2016


Very Thoughtful People

Allison B. Cohen Madrichim Training and Religious School Scholarship Fund In Memory of Philip Wexler Eldon and Carolyn Wexler

Adult Education Fund

In Memory of Rabbi Murray Saltzman Debra Brooks and Children

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat

In Memory of Alan Zell Faye Samuels Cynthia Rich Wood Michael and Jim Richman In Honor of Susan Shleifer (Get Well Soon) Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Amy R. Goldsmith Library In Memory of Alan Zell Sally Rosenfeld and Andy Frank Ilaine Cohen and Family Rose Wright Claire and Zanley Galton

Caring Community Fund

In Memory of Leonard Russock Bob Kravitz and David Gilbert Selma Spielman Bob Kravitz Eloise Spiegel Don Spiegel and Deborah Davis-Spiegel

Cemetery Beautification

In Memory of David Hudesman Diane and David Rosencrantz Gladys Netboy Nancy Seeger and Jane Netboy Ada E. Beckman Ronald Barry Tonkin Rena and Cheryl Tonkin Hannah Bodner George Bodner Irving Weinstein Elaine Savinar


Rabbi Cahana Discretionary

In Memory of Herman Fagin Rachel Halupowski Alan Zell Joyce and Stan Loeb Harold Mink Sally and Debbie Mink Lyle Luers Shar and Len Ludwig Ann Goldsmith Barr Michael Goldsmith Julius B. Jaffe Elaine Savinar Jeffrey Ward Adair Savage and Sara Savage-Ward

Cantor Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Alan Zell Joyce and Stan Loeb General Contribution Given By Marc Carver

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary In Memory of Alan Zell Arline Greenblatt Sharon Tarlow Joyce and Stan Loeb Barbara Prigohzy Carol and Sy Chestler Charlotte Friend Mark and Randie Peterson In Appreciation Rabbi Joseph Anonymous

Cantor Schiff Discretionary In Memory of Pearl Malin Karlin Alice and Michael Powell In Appreciation Cantor Judith Schiff Sandee Blank Pierce Ethier Sandee Blank

Rabbi Rose Discretionary In Memory of Salo Lewin Ilse Orthmeyer Marvin L. Byer Howard Byer

General Administrative

In Memory of Alfred Edelman Carol Edelman Gregory Shapiro Jack Shapiro “Ruby” Ethier Nancy Green and Susan Hammel Edith Schnitzer Carol Lewis Anne Geffen Isadore Tinkleman Stanley Geffen Ronald Paul Seres Joel Seres Jacob Ovetz Hilda Steinbock Betty Parker Irving Steinbock Edythe Steinbock Yvette Weintraub Alan and Karen Weintraub Matthew Neuwelt Ed Neuwelt Reva Reingold Sally Sondheim Doreen Stamm Margolin Phillip Margolin Howard Wolfe Frances Wolfe Jacob “Coco” Levy Max and Sandy Levy Bob Edelman Susan Golden In Honor of Rabbi Cahana (Birthday) Nancy Green and Susan Hammel General Contribution Given By Linda L. Friedman

Hal Ruthizer Cultural Arts In Memory of Stephen Lee Solomon Rich and Sue Garber

Miller Room Refurbishment and Restoration Fund In Memory of Alan Zell Sue Albert Alan and Lana Miller

Congregation Beth Israel

Oseran Family Lecture In Memory of Alan Zell Sherma Stenger Naomi Strauss Alan Zell Theresa Eisenberg In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) Ilaine Cohen and Family Isaac Shulevitz (Bar Mitzvah) Naomi Strauss Preschool

In Memory of Milton Gevurtz Myra and John Gevurtz

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Marian Krantz Gilda Wexler Phillip Wexler Carolyn and Eldon Wexler Max Solomon Rich and Sue Garber Jerome Freiberg Hannah Lang Carol Lang Bruce M. Senders Stuart and Barbara Lang Yussie Joseph Epstein Jacqueline R. Spivak Henry Spivak Alysmae Semler Nudelman Victor Nudelman Abe Wexler Gilda Wexler Dr. Harry Semler Gertrude Semler Helen Spivak and Family

Sally Vidgoff Camp Kalsman Scholarship In Memory of Michael Laufer Scott and Carol Fenton

Social Action (General) In Memory of Eugene Eiseman Gerda A. Eiseman S. Fredrick Rabiner Lorraine Lippoff David and Liz Lippoff

Very Thoughtful People Elsie W. Goldhammer Richard B. Solomon Burnetta Packouz Ray Packouz Jay Albert Sue, Marc and Debra Albert Gerald Stern Rick and Kay Stern In Honor of Jen Feldman (Good Health) The Loeb Family Sydney Baer (Retirement) Nick and Sanny Snell


In Memory of Dorothy Baruh Gloria Reiss Gail Marracci Michael Laufer Louis Fenton Lynda Baker Alan Zell Deanne and Dick Rubinstein Jeanne Newmark Renee and Irwin Holzman Beverly, Marty, Lynda, and Jeff Zell, Cathi, Dave, Caitlin, and Megan Zerba, Jason and Staci Fajardo, Sheila and Mike Schwartz and Family Bud and Robin Marcus Lois Schnitzer Davia and Ted Rubenstein Rosemarie Rosenfeld Milton Freidenrich Robert Freidenrich Jane Flaxman Herman David Patricia Neuberger Alan Zell Charles Edelson Sally Stolzoff Bunny Edelson Alysmae Nudelman Victor Nudelman Dr. Harry Semler Gertrude Semler Helen Spivak and Family

CBI Team Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Associate Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph

Leah K. Durkheimer Mark Dohrmann and Julie Durkheimer Paul Weston Betsy and Len Bergstein Louis Miller Robin Flamm Michael Laufer Louis Fenton Lee Berne Larry Tarlow Sharon Tarlow In Honor of Paul and Alice Meyer (Rabbi Stampfer Community Enrichment Award) Bunny and Jerry Sadis Bunny and Jerry Sadis (50th Anniversary) Elizabeth and Ruben J. Menashe Sydney Baer (Retirement) David Schiff (Latest Symphonic Work) Renee and Irwin Holzman Ruth Gassner (Birthday) Elaine Weinstein (Speedy Recovery) Beverly and Marty Zell Elaine Weinstein (Speedy Recovery) Davia and Ted Rubenstein Ruth Gassner (Birthday) Barbara and Howard Cohn

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Arnold Tannenbaum Michael Tannenbaum Erwin Frank Forsythe Karla Forsythe Ruth Semler Abe Wexler Gilda Wexler Edith Goodman Rogoway Helen Spivak and Family In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) Joyce and Stan Loeb

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Youth Group Director Shoshanna Pro

Temple Improvement

In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) Ann and Lewis Young Elizabeth and Ruben J. Menashe Sydney Baer (For Dedicated Service to Congregation Beth Israel) The Loeb Family

Heims Family Youth Activities Endowment In Memory of Sarah Davis Anne D. Davis Jenny Dickson I. Kenneth Davis

In Memory of Stella Georges Tom Georges, Sr. Linda and Tom Georges

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment In Memory of Alan Zell Eve and Alan Rosenfeld Barbara and Howard Cohn Rose Rosen Sam Rosen Alan Zell Stuart and Nikki Director Rose Rosen Neal and Lisa Rosen Louis Mark Shirley Mark In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) Stuart and Nikki Director

Communications Coordinator Tracy Alifanz

Education Administrator Ziva Sholin

Office Administrator Alyssa Mandula

Member Services

Clergy Administrative Assistant Sara Miller

Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D.

Interim Executive Director Alanna Hein

Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff

Development Director Jen Feldman

Finance Director Jim Baldwin, CPA

January 2016

In Memory of June Nagel Trudi Morrison Alfred J. Davis Anne Davis Nathan Dickson Sarah Davis Dick and Cameron Davis

WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Funds

Bikkur Holim - Hope in Life

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship

Director of Membership and Special Events Marisa Reby

Simon & Helen Director Endowment

In Memory of Lillian Applebaum Barney and Susan Milstein

Prayer Book

In Memory of Henry Spivak Lt. Yussie Joseph Epstein (USCG Retired) Jacqueline Ray Spivak Karen S. Spivak In Honor of Sydney Baer (Retirement) CBI Sisterhood

Service to the Blind In Memory of Ron Tonkin Nancy Tonkin Ed Tonkin

Sisterhood Lubliner Leadership Fund

In Memory of Rosebelle Himelstein David and Shawn Looney In Honor of Sisterhood’s Next Generation Lynne Bartenstein and Dan Heims General Contribution Given By Michael Wood and Jim Richman

Accounting Assistant Vicki Greif

Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin

Facilities Staff Perry Meekins, Facilities Manager Tony Bennett Shalamar Washington Dallas Van Winkle Susie Young

Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675 Jenn Louis

Catering Panel Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2858 Shellie Engelquist

Devil’s Food Catering 503-233-9288 Charles Stilwell VT Group: Vibrant Table, Food In Bloom, f&b Café 503-297-9635 Karen Rich

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In Remembrance ~ May their memory be for a blessing. January 1 &2 Julian Albert Rose Backer Pearl Baskin Henry (Bialistok)Billys Frank Blumenkron Sidney Cohen Sarah Davis Jacob J. Davis Judith Epstein Albert J. Finke* Mandel Fischer Robert A. Freidenrich Thomas T. Georges, Sr. Pauline L. Goldberg* Rhonda Beth Goldstein Israel Gothalph Jack Handelman William Herzog* David Hudesman Bertha K. Israel* Samuel Jackson* Henry Kaplan Elsie Katz Leo Katz Benjamin Kirz Theda Kolker Carol Lang Joan A. Liebreich* Harold Light Egon E. Loebner Bertha Lokay* Joseph Margolin Jacob Mayer* Carol Gevurtz Meisels* Morris Mittleman Rebecca Nelson Erna Neuberger* Hans Neuberger Stanley Pitkin Mary Plotzker Hilda Pomerantz S. Fredrick (Fred) Rabiner Morris H. “Mish” Rosencrantz* Rabbi Frank Rosenthal* Jeannette Lewis Rubenstein Maurice Rubenstein Samuel Schneider Edith Schnitzer Myra Scholnick Bruce M. Senders Gregory Shapiro Meier (Mike) Shavzin William Shevach Samuel N. Shleifer* Sanford Simkoff Nathan David Simon* Harriet A. Sockut Manton J. Spear Barbara Spero

Eloise D. Spiegel Irving Steinbock Ralph Tannenbaum David H. Warshawsky Adam Weinstein Goldie Weinstein Philip Wexler Thelma Wing January 8 & 9 Dorothy A. Andrianoff Benjamin Backer* Ben Besser Frieda Bizer Hannah Bodner Kaa Byington Anne D. Davis* Aubrey M. Davis* Rosalie DeWitz Charles K. Diamond* Charles Edelson Joseph Endler Yussie Joseph Jacob Epstein Louis Fenton* Shirley Fishel Edward Fogel David W. Friedman Stella Georges Anne Goldberg Jaime Goldfarb Elsie Goldhammer Eva Blumenkron Grody Ben Hoover Alan Kantor Melvin E. Kendall Eyelyn E. Keyser* Sam Lazerwith Charlotte Lazerwith Pauline Lecker Esther Utay Lenet Arthur J. Levine Salo Lewin* Donald Londer Lyle Luers Suzanne Norman Malloch Doreen Stamm Margolin Louis Mark Louis Miller Robert Misrach Melvin Nelson Herman Passamaneck Esther Solomon Planer Judith Platman Jerrold Platt Donald Richman Mary Rogoway Freda Rovech Joyce Rubin* Rabbi Murray Saltzman David Saxe Max Schaffer*

Ramy Schneider Lorraine Schulberg Sally Stolzoff Arnold Tannenbaum* Harold Ward Irving M. Weinstein Rose White* Cynthia Rich Wood Louis Woron Elaine Woskow Rose Wright* January 15 &16 Rose Wexler Ailringer* Morton L. Alexander Lillian Applebaum Irene Edith Feinstein Arron Eugene Arron Louise Pauline Anisman Brenner Jean Coffey Hyman Cohn Herman David Rosalie Davis Bob Edelman Glenn Epstein Clara Farberman Joseph Feldman Erwin Frank Forsythe Anne M. Geffen Suzanne Gevurtz* Morrie Greenstein Laddy H. Gross Florence Hughes Oscar Ingber Morris M. Israel* James Kaplan* Hyman Kaplan Joseph Kohn* Jean Kornfeld David Kron Hilde Lehmann Esther Levin* Leonie F. Lidsky James R. Lilienthal Lorraine Lippoff Ronald K. Mesher* Harold Mink Olga Molnar June Nagel Ben Novich Louis Puziss Gloria Reiss Cecelia Ridout Fred M. Rosenbaum* Harry Rosenfield Harold (Hal) Saltzman Adele Savinar Gerald Stern* Mary Stilwell David Strauss Marion Sulzberger

Audrey Jane Vera Sally Vidgoff* Jeffrey A. Ward Jean White January 22 & 23 Alexander Windecker Ailringer* Adolf Asher Ada E. Beckman Abe Blank Anne Blank Bern Blattner Marvin L .Byer Irwin S. Cohn Ann Chanin Dluger Helen Epsteen Irvin Fields Harvey Fields Kathy Fisher Milton Gevurtz* Hannah Greenwald Harry E. Gurian* Katie Halmos Frieda Goldkrand Isenberg Julius B. Jaffe* Joseph M. Kaffesieder* Bruce Kantor Arlene Kaplan Bessie Kauffman Henry Kleinberg Elsie Kahn Kohoot* Sarah Kurland Michael Laufer Percy M. Malkin* Harry B. Marcus Peter Markus Lloyd McFall Joseph Metzger* Robert L. Novack* Burnetta Packouz Ruth Ravetz Shirlee Romer Sam Rosen Mona Rosen Sarah Rosenblum Harvey Rosencrantz Rachel Rubin Bella Ruderman Harry J. Schatz* John Leasing Selling Ronald Paul Seres Jerome B. Shank Ronda Leppanen Shaw Joseph Simon Louis Sockut Wynne Spiegel Harvey Taback Ronald Barry Tonkin* Nancy Lou Tonkin* David Warshawsky Yvette Weintraub

Paul Weston Carol Williams Howard F. Wolfe January 29 &30 Laura Adler* Joy Alkalay* Miriam Baer* Franklin Barkley Anna Bloom Arthur Blumenkron Dick Brownstein Anna Buchbinder Jenny Dickson Leah Kinspel Durkheimer Hyman Falbel Henry Feldman Lewis Fendrich* Martin Fishel Morris Fishman Milton Freidenrich Michael Gilbert Morton Glazer Emily Georges Gottfried Samuel Greenberg Betty Louise Jackson Robert M. Jacobs Pearl Malin Karlin Rose Kunowski Stanley B. Lang Stanley Lappen Julius Levin Jacob “Coco” Levy Alan S. Meyer Jeno Molnar Esther Layton Murphy* Charlotte Oliven Betty Parker George Raffel Edith Goodman Rogoway Rose Rosen Florence M. Applebaum Rosenberg Ruth Rosenfeld S. I. Samuels Ellen Sanders-Tuft Jack Schiff* Connie R. Schultz Arthur Senders* Harriet D. Shank Wesley Spellman Samuel M. Steinberg* Yetta Jean Stern Harry Sugarman Lawrence Tarlow Isadore Tinkleman Fanny Turtledove* Harry Leonard Turtledove Florence Warshawsky Robert P. Weil* Joseph Wekselblatt* Herbert H. Werlin

(*) next to a name indicates a memorial plaque has been purchased to ensure the beloved departed is remembered in perpetuity. For information about memorial plaques in the Temple, please contact Tracy at (503) 222-1069 or


Congregation Beth Israel

January 2016 SUNDAY

Tevet-Shevat 5776 MONDAY


Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery 426 SW Taylors Ferry Road

3  Tevet 22

4  Tevet 23

5  Tevet 24



503-222-1069 503-222-1069 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069



1  Tevet 20

2  Tevet 21

Winter Break

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

New Year’s Day: Temple Offices Closed Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Morning Service 10:30 AM PC

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

6  Tevet 25

7  Tevet 26

8  Tevet 27

9  Tevet 28

Adult Education Program: The Rise and Demise of Blacklisting with Michael Simon & Ron Silver 7:00 PM PC

Caring Community Steering Committee 2:00 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shir Sabbat Service 6:00 PM

Tot Shabbat 9:00 AM PC

JND Shabbat Service 7:30 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Lehna Gordon 10:30 AM Temple

14  Shevat 4

15  Shevat 5

16  Shevat 6

Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

Executive Committee 12:00 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Genealogy Club 10:00 AM LB


Shabbat Morning Service 10:30 AM PC

Brotherhood: Ask the Rabbi 10:30 AM LB

W Connection 6:30 PM SC

MLK Gospel Shabbat honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 7:00 PM Temple

Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

Intro to Judaism 7:00 PM PC

Book Group 9:00 AM SBR Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC NG New Year, New You Fitness and Brunch Event


Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

10  Tevet 29

11  Shevat 1

12  Shevat 2

17  Shevat 7

18  Shevat 8

19  Shevat 9

No Sunday Classes

No Preschool: MLK Day

13  Shevat 3

20  Shevat 10

21  Shevat 11

22  Shevat 12

23  Shevat 13

Civil Rights Trip Informational Meeting 7:00 PM PC

Adult Education Committee 8:30 AM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR


Sisterhood Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service 10:30 AM PC

Pop-up Pantry 4:30 PM LF

PJ Havdalah 5:30 PM Rabbi Joseph’s home

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 6:00 PM SBR

24  Shevat 14

25  Shevat 15

Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

No Preschool: Teacher Planning Day

26  Shevat 16

Brotherhood: Two Sided Story 7:00 PM Congregation Neveh Shalom

27  Shevat 17

2nd Grade Family Program Tu B’Shevat 10:00 AM GH

28  Shevat 18

29  Shevat 19

30  Shevat 20


Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Pop-up Pantry 4:30 PM LF

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: 6th Grade Shabbatini #1 10:30 AM PC Annual Rose Schnitzer Havdalah Service & Social 6:30 PM Rose Schnitzer Manor

ECE Tu B’Shevat Family Program 10:00 AM HH Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

31  Shevat 21 Religious School (K-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC Forgotten Native American History of Portland 10:15 AM LB Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM SEC

View our calendar and campus map online at

Taste of Temple Castaway 5:00 PM

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

Congregation Beth Israel


Congregation Beth Israel

1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097


Board of Trustees 2015/2016 Officers


Ned Duhnkrack President

Stacy Friedman Steve Gradow Glen Levy Robin McCoy Sharon Meieran Joanne Van Ness Menashe Yale Popowich Bob Rosenbaum David Sarasohn Arthur Steinhorn Tony Urdes

Ted Nelson VP/President Elect Ilene Davidson Vice President Ali Garfinkle Vice President Brad Tonkin Vice President Mark Peterman Secretary John Epstein Treasurer

Auxiliaries Stephanie Siegel - WRJ/BI Sisterhood President David Goldwyn - Brotherhood President

THE SCHPIEL IS COMING 3.16.16 Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

January 2016 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the January 2016 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform syna...

January 2016 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the January 2016 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform syna...