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High Holidays 5778 / 2017

Bulletin Sept/Oct 2017 Elul-Tishrei-Cheshvan 5777/5778 Vol. 66, No. 7

Rosh Hashanah

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, September 20 5:30 PM

Tot Service Pollin Chapel

6:00 PM

Tot Reception Lipman Foyer

7:00 PM

Experiential Service Goodman Hall Traditional Service Main Sanctuary

Rosh Hashanah

Thursday, September 21 10:00 AM

Traditional Service Main Sanctuary

11:00 AM

Family Service Goodman Hall

Following Services

Rosh Hashanah Reception Blumauer Auditorium

Following Reception

Tashlich Tanner Springs Park, NW 10th and Marshall Streets

Yom Kippur

Erev Yom Kippur

Friday, September 29 5:00 PM

Tot Service Goodman Hall Traditional Service - Early Main Sanctuary

8:00 PM

Traditional Service - Late Main Sanctuary

Yom Kippur

Saturday, September 30 10:00 AM

Traditional Service Main Sanctuary Family Service Goodman Hall

1:00 PM

Clergy and Conversation Pollin Chapel High School Experience Youth Lounge Middle School Experience Miller Room Music and Meditation Main Sanctuary

Additional services & celebrations September 16 6:00 PM

Selichot Teaching and Service

October 1 10:00 AM

Brotherhood Sukkah Raising

Study Session with Rabbi Sam Joseph Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room

October 4 6:00 PM

Sukkot Pizza in the Hut

Tot Service Main Sanctuary

October 5 12:00 PM

Sukkot Lunch and Learn

Yoga High Holiday Experience Goodman Hall

October 8 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Cahana Sukkot Open House

October 9 7:00 PM

Adult Education Conversation on “Sanctuary”

October 11 6:00 PM

Simchat Torah/Consecration

October 12 10:30 AM

Yizkor Festival Service

2:15 PM

3:00 PM

Afternoon/Yizkor/Ne’ilah Service Main Sanctuary

daeh dpyl

L’Shanah Tovah

Upcoming Events upcoming events

Oseran Family Lecture Jeffrey Rosen

Congregation Beth Israel’s Founding Mothers and Fathers Wednesday, September 6, 7:00 PM Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (724 NW Davis Street) Judy Margles, Director of OJMCHE, will draw on a rich collection of historic images, artifacts and stories from the Museum’s archives to chronicle the history of CBI and Portland’s Jewish community. The CBI story is based in part on our own archives, which have been entrusted to OJMCHE. Herman Bookman, Visualizing the Sacred, a special exhibit featuring a collection of forty drawings by Herman Bookman, the architect and designer of Congregation Beth Israel, will also be on display.

CBI Book Group Sunday, October 1, 9:00 AM Shirley and Herbert Semler Board Room Join your fellow book lovers for a discussion of Yossi Klein Halevi’s Like Dreamers: The Story of The Israeli Paratroopers Who United Jerusalem And Divided a Nation. Want to get started on our November read? We plan to discuss The Best Place on Earth: Stories by Ayelet Tsbari on Sunday, November 5 at 9:00 AM in the Shirley and Herbert Semler Board Room. As part of Portland Jewish Book Month, Tsbari herself will discuss the collection via Skype on Sunday, November 19 at 10:00 AM at Cedar Sinai Park, where guest speakers will also present their takes on each of the work’s acclaimed stories.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Constitution Center

Sunday, October 29, 4:00 PM Main Sanctuary Congregation Beth Israel is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Rosen as our 2017 Oseran Family Lecturer. Mr. Rosen, a renowned journalist whose essays and commentaries have appeared in New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, on National Public Radio, and in The New Yorker, has been named one of the ten best magazine journalists in America by the Chicago Tribune and lauded by the Los Angeles Times as “the nation’s most widely read and influential legal commentator.” He received the 2012 Golden Pen Award from the Legal Writing Institute for his “extraordinary contribution to the cause of better legal writing.” In addition to his leadership at the National Constitution Center, the only institution in America chartered by Congress “to disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a non-partisan basis,” he is a professor at The George Washington University Law School, a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a contributing editor for The Atlantic. His latest book, Louis Brandeis: American Prophet, was published on June 1, 2016, the 100th anniversary of Brandeis’s Supreme Court confirmation.

high holidays FAQ

Adult Ed: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum Wednesday, October 18, 7:00 PM Pollin Chapel Join CBI congregant and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum for her comments and a Q&A on the Department of Justice’s efforts to protect and advance values important to Oregonians.

American Red Cross Blood Drive

When will I get my High Holiday Admission Cards? You should have already received your High Holidays Admission Cards. If you have not, please let us know. If you are planning on listing your loved ones’ names in our Book of Remembrance, we will need to receive your form by Friday, September 8. Where may I park during High Holiday Services? Parking details may be found on the back of your Admission Cards and on our website,, which we will update if/as additional parking options become available. Out of respect to our neighbors, please do not use their lots except on the days when their permission has been granted.

Sunday, October 22, 9:00 AM Please plan to donate or volunteer for CBI’s Fall Blood Drive! You’ll be able to sign up to do either (or both!) after Mispacha Minyan services throughout the fall. Questions? Reach out to Tracy in the Main Office at or (503) 222-1069.

May I have additional Admission Cards for family and friends? We know the importance of sharing the High Holidays with loved ones. Please invite them to join you at CBI by calling the Main Office. For the High Holidays, it is customary for guests to make a $180 suggested donation.

As noted by the American Red Cross: You don’t need a special reason to give blood. You just need your own reason. • Some of us give blood because we were asked by a friend. • Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day. • Some believe it is the right thing we do.

I will be out of town over the High Holidays; can you help me arrange to attend services elsewhere? If you will be traveling and would like to attend services at a URJ congregation elsewhere, please call the Main Office; we will be happy to help you make arrangements for reciprocal tickets.

Whatever your reason, the need is constant and your contribution is important for a healthy and reliable blood supply. And you’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped change a life.


Other Questions? Call us at the Main Office at (503) 222-1069 or email

Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership Ritual, Comfort and Sanctuary

Reflections on a CBI Year by Josh Kashinsky Executive Director It is hard for me to believe, but as you’re reading this, I will have been working at Congregation Beth Israel for 15 months. It has been an incredible time for me (and my family) and for CBI. As I approach my second High Holidays here in Portland, please allow me to share some reflections on the past year. CBI is an amazing community. I have been moved by how welcoming and generous the CBI community is. Many people reached out to me and my family to help us feel welcomed as we got settled (especially my predecessor, Sydney Baer, who has been very generous with her time and knowledge). But I have also seen that warmth shared amongst congregants. Whether it is greeting newcomers at services or a program, providing support to someone who is sick or in mourning, or volunteering to help those less fortunate in the larger community, I have been impressed by the commitment of our congregation to build a nurturing and sustaining community. We even had a congregant donate an organ to save the life of another congregant! This level of community requires constant tending and it is our responsibility to make sure that every member of our congregation feels welcomed, is warmly greeted and invited, and feels at home while at CBI. We are capable of achieving great things. It might be serving 400 people a meal on Christmas. It might be doing Mitzvah Projects throughout the city. It might be coming together to raise over $300,000 throughout the year to support CBI. In all of these situations (and many others), I have been inspired by the leadership of so many individuals in our community. They lead with their time, with their wisdom, and with their generosity. We are blessed to have so much talent in our congregation that I believe anything is possible. Maybe it’s transforming the houselessness situation in Portland. Maybe it’s helping CBI become a significant destination in Portland’s ever growing arts community. Maybe it’s continuing to ensure that our historic campus is maintained and grows into a state of the art facility. Whatever the goal, I feel confident of the ability of our community to meet any challenge that we face. We have a bright future ahead of us. CBI has managed to grow and thrive for almost 160 years because of the strength and commitment of those who make up the congregation. You. The staff have big visions for CBI’s future and you will certainly be hearing about those, but more importantly, we want to hear what your big vision for CBI’s future is. Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know where we are doing well, where we can be doing better and what you’d like to see us look like in the future. Together there is no limit to where we can go. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Thank you for entrusting me with this sacred work. And thank you for being a part of CBI’s past, present and future. L’Shanah Tovah! Josh

For many of us, the summer months offer a sweet reprieve from the pace of the year. A few weeks, perhaps, of vacation; a change of scenery; children and grandchildren on a different schedule – or no schedule at all. The perfect Portland summer weather encouraging us to get outside and explore the diverse environment we live in. Theatre, art, music, food, festivals – all taken at a leisurely pace. For many of us, the cares of the world can recede in the sunshine. But, as we all know, summer does not last forever. The shortening of days, the changing colors of the leaves, all remind us that that the world awaits. Coming into this time, we need comfort and we need inspiration. In a time of cultural disruption, what is our path forward? There is wisdom to leaving summer and entering fall through the prism of our Jewish calendar. The High Holidays are approaching, and with them comes a reconnection and recommitment to our heritage. The Sanctuary is our sanctuary. The music and words are familiar – and also new. We hear them anew. This is a time of change, this is a time of consistency. Our ritual comes together to comfort us with the familiar and challenge us as well. These holidays connect us to thousands of years of Jewish tradition which reminds us that there is “nothing new under the sun.” And the inspiration of our teachings also compels to action, saying “if not now, when?” The year ahead will be challenging for us, for our nation and for the world. The problems are real. But so is our strength. May we enter our sanctuary this new year with openness and willing spirits. May we leave with comfort and inspiration. May 5778 be a year of commitment and renewal for us all. L’Shanah Tova, Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Rabbi Rachel Joseph

A Conversation on “Sanctuary” Monday, October 9, 7:00 PM Pollin Chapel Rev. W.J. Mark Knutson, Pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church, has been involved in Immigrant Justice and the Sanctuary Movement here in Portland for over 20 years. Under his guidance, Augustana has become home to several non-profits, including the Community Alliance of Tenants, Familias en Accion, the Society for Haitian Arts, Culture and Social Support, Irvington Cooperative Preschool, the Well Arts Institute, and the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice. In the January 2012 issue of Portland Monthly magazine, Pastor Knutson was named one of the 50 Most Influential Portlanders. The issue noted his “vigorous activism” against war and in favor of immigration reform and gay rights. Pastor Knutson will speak at CBI about the meaning of “Sanctuary” as a church mission.

September/October 2017


Developing CBI Illuminating the CBI story with you in the picture by Jenat Levison Feldman Development Director

40% of those families are unable to pay at the sustaining level of membership. In addition, most of those families with limited resources are unable to bear the full cost of Religious School.

We are privileged to have Craig Hartzman and James John as Honorary Chairs of our October 7, 2017 Fall Fundraiser and as always they are shining examples of generous leaders. When the 2017 Fall Fundraiser committee met for the first time this summer, each person was asked to share something that makes Congregation Beth Israel special to them. While there were similarities – strong among them are Shabbat on the Plaza and the Martin Luther King Shabbat celebration – each person also noted something that made their connection to CBI uniquely special. It became clear that having CBI be a part of your life resonates in a different way with each person, with neither age nor longevity of affiliation affecting that feeling. What does matter is how much you choose to get engaged either with what CBI has to offer or the mission to which we are all committed. As our discussion continued we recognized how everything Jewish and everything at CBI is illuminated – the history of our people brings pride to our souls and illuminates us from within, our holidays begin with the lighting of candles, the lights of the sanctuary illuminate the experience of prayer, our lives are illuminated by being at CBI, and so on - thus the theme for this year’s event became obvious: ILLUMINATIONS – Our Glowing Past, Shining Present, Bright Future. In that mode, we reminded ourselves that CBI’s annual Fall Fundraiser is a party with a purpose. That purpose is to fill our annual budget gap ($291,000 this fiscal year.) The funds raised from this event help ensure no one is denied the opportunity to be a part of our congregation due to their own limited resources. Our membership is now at 879 households;

We are proud of our growth and the impact we are making on the present and future generations. For example, next year we are projecting 350 children in our Religious School program and 79 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are scheduled over the next two years. All of this confirms CBI is a vital, growing community. CBI is committed to giving equal opportunity to everyone, so we invite YOU to help us help our community, by being either a sponsor or a Mitzvah Moment donor to our Fall Fundraiser which will take place Saturday, October 7th at the Portland Hilton. Please contact me for details about sponsorship and/or the event: or 503.222.1069. We are excited to work with all of you to illuminate all the aspects of CBI that make us proud!

SEEKING PHOTOS REPRESENTING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF CBI Our Fall fundraiser, ILLUMINATIONS will give us the opportunity to share your meaningful CBI memories with others. Please forward to Jen ( any photos – old or new – that help illuminate why CBI is important and matters to you. Through a photo montage we want to recognize those who have impacted CBI as well as those who have been impacted by CBI. We are all ONE community and through this year’s Fall Fundraiser we want to illuminate that story. Help us tell it well and help us tell it with you in the story.

Bringing the Light If you have not been in the Main Sanctuary recently you may notice some wonderful new changes. Our magnificent space looks warmer and brighter and the pulpit is much clearer. All done through the magic of light. Several months ago, our congregant and Architectural Historian Henry Kunowski was giving a lecture about the design of our beautiful sanctuary (and if you want to know more – go see the exhibition at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, curated by Henry.) He talked as well about some of the redesigns and improvements which have taken place over the years. Someone in the audience asked what future plans were. Rabbi Cahana (who had quietly snuck in) offered up the dream he had of improving the lighting in the sanctuary. While it had been contemplated for several years, the technology had only now caught up to the vision. The person who asked the question, Ralph London, immediately volunteered to fund the improvement.


Fast forward a short time later – and with the help of another congregant, lighting consultant Steven Kruss – the sanctuary has been subtly but meaningfully transformed. The first improvement is lighting of the six arches on the side sanctuary walls. This creates a warm glow which helps expand the sense of grandeur in the space while simultaneously making it feel more intimate. The second improvement is a series of spotlights which evens out and improves the lighting on the pulpit – helping to eliminate the shadows and insuring that everyone can be well seen. These lights are all highly efficient LED fixtures, which keeps energy costs down and does not put too much strain on our almost 90 year old electrical wiring. Coupled with the re-lamping to LED of our all the Temple lighting a few years ago, we have a brighter space with less energy use than ever before. We hope you will appreciate the way our beloved sanctuary glows and sparkles. And many thanks to Ralph London who stepped up to fulfill the Rabbi’s long-time vision.

Congregation Beth Israel

Education The Light of This World by Ben Sandler Education Director As the New Year begins, I find myself reflecting on things in our world that need to be repaired and the daunting work that needs to be done. Yet, at the same time I feel excited about the possibilities of positive change, the promise of our kids, and the future of our world. During The High Holidays I’m flooded with memories of years and people of the past. I’m looking with a mix of hope and worry about the future. I’m counting on the sounds of the shofar, familiar melodies, holiday foods, and especially spending time with friends and family to help ground me in the present. For me, the Days of Awe can be a remarkable time, and I try to challenge myself to carry forward into the New Year the personal growth I experience. Taking an honest inventory of oneself is tough stuff, acting on new understandings even harder. Like the world, I’m also a work in progress in need of repair (maybe we both have deferred maintenance issues). One of my favorite blues artists, Reverend Gary Davis, sings, “just as long as I’m in this world, I am the light of this world.” The message and energy of the song just makes you feel so good. Davis was the only one

of the eight children his mother bore who survived to adulthood. He became blind as an infant and also had many challenges of race and bigotry to overcome before growing into one of the most influential artists of his day. “I Am the Light of This World” resonates with Jewish themes (beyond biblical references in the song) as it contains both the personal and communal charge to participate in positive change. To let ourselves experience joy, and be there for each other, and bring light to the darkness for those around us. We will stand shoulder to shoulder over the coming days as we come together as a community and experience things profoundly personal. I’m grateful to collaborate and partner with our clergy and CBI staff, and for the immense work, planning, and creativity they bring to our community during the High Holidays and on into the school year. We have a talented and fun Religious School faculty of both new and returning teachers and madrichim. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, “What we need more than anything else is not textbooks, but textpeople. It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read: the text that they will never forget.” Our “textpepople” and students have many meaningful and fun learning and experiences ahead, exploring how Jewish community and practice can bring light to our world. L’ Shana Tova, Ben

Reminder: First day of Religious School is September 17! No Religious School classes will be held September 24, October 1, or October 8, as our community celebrates the High Holidays.

on the

SHUL FARM CBI’s Religious School

Back-to-School Picnic Bella Organic, Sauvie Island Sunday, September 10, 9:30 am CBI does back-to-school with style. Come on out to Sauvie lsland to reconnect with your Hebrew School friends, meet your teachers for the year, enjoy a delicious donut breakfast, as well as all Bella Organic has to offer—Corn Maze! Cow Train! Grain Train! Duck Races! —at a discounted rate. See you at the Farm! Questions? Contact Sarah at or (503) 222-1069 September/October 2017


September-October B’nei Mitzvahs

Callie Rebecca Wilker Callie Rebecca Wilker will become a Bat Mitzvah on the afternoon of Saturday, September 2, 2017. Callie is the daughter of Lainie Block Wilker and Steven Wilker, and younger sister of Hannah. She is the granddaughter of Hal and Ricki Block of San Diego, CA, Susan Wilker of Long Island, NY, and the late Stanley Wilker. Callie is entering 8th grade at Laurelhurst School. She enjoys reading, creative writing, art, serving as a teaching assistant for younger children, volleyball, and performing with her Zig Zag Acrobatics troupe at Echo Theater. For her Mitzvah Project, Callie is volunteering with the Multnomah County Library Summer Reading program to share her love of reading. She is also organizing book donations to the Children’s Book Bank to deliver books to children who might not otherwise have books of their own at home. In low income neighborhoods, the ratio of books to children is one book for every 300 children.

Anabel Cull Anabel Cull will become a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, September 9. 2017. Anabel is the daughter of Julia Epstein and Thomas Cull and younger sister of Olivia. She is an eighth grader at Laurelhurst School. Anabel loves playing soccer and lacrosse and running long distances during cross country and track seasons with her teammates. When she is not zipping around the fields, she is sketching, reading, playing the trombone, or crafting something fun. For her Mitzvah Project, Anabel chose to raise awareness and advocate for the needs of refugees and new immigrants. She designed and taught classes to middle schoolers that led to constructive conversations and a school-wide community art project for IRCO ( Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization). She then spearheaded a successful drive in her school to collect personal care items and first aid kits for IRCO.

Leah Helen Abramson Slater Leah Helen Abramson Slater will become a Bat Mitzvah on October 7, 2017. Leah is the daughter of Rachel Abramson and Daniel Slater and older sister of Gabriel. She also cares for her two guinea pigs, Peggy and Lafayette. Leah will be a 7th grader at Da Vinci Arts Middle School. She enjoys reading, playing her flute, drawing, and hanging out with friends.


For her Mitzvah Project, Leah will be raising money for the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), an environmental activist organization focusing on protecting our planet and fighting against global warming.

Presley Francoise Girard Presley Francoise Girard will become a Bat Mitzvah on October 14, 2017. She is the daughter of Thaddeus Girard and Lisa Caplan Girard, older sister of Brady Girard and her grandparents are Barry and Barbara Caplan. Presley is in 8th grade at Winterhaven School, and excited to be in her fifth year on the MAC’s synchronized swim team. In addition to her love of the pool, Presley also enjoys creating various art projects, spending time with both old and new friends, and her summers at B’nai B’rith Camp. Presley has contributed to a few different organizations through her affiliation with the National Charity League, and has chosen to dedicate her time to the Oregon Food Bank as her Mitzvah Project.

Simon Baruch Shulevitz Simon Baruch Shulevitz will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday October 28, 2017. Simon is the son of Jim and Anastasia Shulevitz, and younger brother of Isaac and Zoe Shulevitz, both of whom have completed their B’nei Mitzvahs at Congregation Beth Israel. Simon’s grandparents are Mel Shulevitz and Marjorie Belson and George and Chrisoula Papas, all of Portland. Simon is proud to be third generation member of CBI. Simon is an 8th grader at Metro Montessori School, where he enjoys learning and participates in the Model UN. He loves soccer and plays competitively for his club, NorthEast United. Simon enjoys being outdoors, hiking and camping. He has spent two summers at B’nai B’rith Camp. Simon also loves to dance, draw and engage in woodworking projects. For his Mizvah Project, Simon has decided to continue his volunteer activities for SOLVE Oregon. SOLVE Oregon is a nonprofit organization whose mission focuses on restoring Oregon’s natural spaces. As a 6th grader, Simon attended an all day SOLVE Oregon seminar that enabled him to organize and lead a beach clean-up day at Cannon Beach, OR. The clean-up day was fun, educational, and resulted in many bags of litter and trash being removed from the beach. Simon looks forward to continuing his work with SOLVE Oregon in order to take care of the great state we are so fortunate to live in.

Congregation Beth Israel


CBI for Young Families Hello, everyone! We are so excited to have had the opportunity to spend time with families this summer at our monthly Saturday Tot Shabbats and our new Friday evening Shabbat with your Tot during Shabbat on the Plaza. It has been wonderful to meet you all and begin working with you as we build and grow our community of young families together. Experiences like Tot Shabbat are a great way to spend some quality family together, experience joyful Judaism, and meet new people on a similar journey of raising young kids. As the new year begins, here are some fun upcoming events and gatherings to put on your calendar for families with kids under the age of five: Unless specifically noted, all of our Young Family events are open to CBI members and non-members.

Shabbat with Your Tot

If you are not on the email list and would like to begin receiving information about our Young Family events please email me at

September 1, 5:30 PM Temple Lawn (weather permitting) Bring your youngest ones to Shabbat on the Plaza where we’ll have games and activities set up just for them, and an area for young families to sit together.

L’shalom, Chelsea Director of Youth and Young Family Engagement

Tot Shabbat

Just for Kids

September 9, 9:00 AM October 7, 9:00 AM Temple Lawn (weather permitting) Our Shabbat Morning Service for our tots with clergy and Kim Schneiderman is lively with singing, dancing, snack, and a themed craft project each month.

Rosh Hashanah

Connect the Dots

Back to Shul Picnic September 10, 9:30 AM Bella Organics, Sauvie Island (165205 NW Gillihan Road) Join us for our Back to Shul meet up this year with hay rides, games, berry picking and picnicking on Sauvie Island. Young families will learn about our new Flow Room, open Sunday mornings each week to kids 0-3 with parent supervision.


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Mishpacha Minyan Family Service

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Sunday Mornings from 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM Main Sanctuary Young families are invited to join us for our musical Mishpacha Minyan Family Service at 9:15 AM each Sunday that Religious School is in session.

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Flow Room Sunday Mornings from 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM Flow Room is for tots ages 0-3. The room will be fully equipped with toys, crafts , and enrichments. Concurrent learning and workshops will also be offered. Keep an eye out in the Parent Nus and Young Families email for monthly learning opportunities for families with young kids.

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PJ Library


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CBI is a PJ Library partner be sure to keep an eye out for partnered events over the year both in CBI communications and the PJ Library calendar.

September/October 2017


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Social Action

Brotherhood Social Action Committee

DONATE TO THE HIGH HOLIDAYS FUNDS FOR FOOD DRIVE Each year for the High Holidays, we ask congregants to give to our food fund. Funds are then distributed to local food pantries. The Oregon Food Bank tells us: • 6  44,000 (16.1%) of Oregonians are food insecure, which means that they do not have access to a sufficient quantity of affordable nutritious food. It is estimated that 223,450 of those Oregonians are children. • E mergency food boxes go to 270,000 people each month in our state – that’s half of Portland’s population, and 92,000 are children. • Millions of meals are also served at shelters and other programs. • T he people who suffer the most when food is scarce are families, children and seniors. • T oo many families are left to make choices between necessities and often these sacrifices still don’t keep food on the table. Kids are left without enough food to keep them alert or able to learn. They go to bed hungry, and they wake up hungry. Cash gifts go a long way. What does your dollar do? The Oregon Food Bank can buy in bulk, so cash gifts go a long way. For example: $18.00 = 39 individual meals; 13 dinners for a family of three $36.00 = 78 meals; 39 lunches for a retired couple $54.00 = 162 meals; 27 meals for a family of six. $108.00 = 324 meals; 108 meals for a grandparent and two grandkids $144.00 = 432 meals; 54 meals for two parents, four children and two neighbors. Make this a family project and talk to your family. Donate to the Funds for Food through the CBI website donate page and indicate Food Fund. Or call the synagogue office or send a check. Thank you for helping so many with your generosity.

Greetings from your 2017/2018 Brotherhood President. I will be making my rounds again this year in trying to rally support for ushering at our upcoming High Holy Holidays, but would love to hear from anyone interested in participating as soon as possible to reduce the work in gathering that support. We are also looking for folks to pitch in on the Sukkah raising on Sunday, October 1 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, so please reach out if you want to lend a hand. While this has typically been a Brotherhood event and we always have enough support, we would love to have any CBI members interested in the process and holiday in general. Join us! It’s always more fun than work, and we would love you to include your little ones. Since April, when I took over we have directed our attention on increasing membership attendance and participation through


VOLUNTEER TIME AND YOUR SUV OR TRUCK TO HELP WITH FOOD DELIVERIES TO NW TOWERS AND ANNEX (Sunday mornings between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM.) Please join us in supporting this “good in the hood” project for NW Towers and Annex In June 2016, a resident of NW Towers applied for and received permission to pick up the perishables from Trader Joe’s on NE Glisan Street every Sunday. Because of CBI’s work with NW Towers, they came to us to ask for help transporting up to 40 boxes of food from the store to the Towers and Sally Rosenfeld has been coordinating the pickups ever since. Each week we provide vehicles and people to help load and unload the boxes. It only takes 30 minutes and with this small mitzvah we support a service that provides food for an average of 40 households each week. This weekly pantry, which is staffed by 8 NW Towers resident volunteers, has become the main food source for a number of residents in NW Towers and Annex. New volunteers, especially with SUVs or trucks, are welcome to participate. Please contact Sally Rosenfeld at Thank you to all the CBI congregants who have helped keep this program going all year: • • • • • • •

Bonnie and Barry Davis Julia Daigneault Elizabeth Friedenwald Michael Gold John Hirsh Don Lachman Robin McAlpine

• • • • • •

Richard and Shirley Plotzker Steve Roitstein Alan and Eve Rosenfeld Sally Rosenfeld Kathy Weidenbaum Wendy Weiss

regularly held fun events. This started with organizing multiple monthly social events through the remainder of the year to make attending our events more accessible. We had an amazing dinner event at Jake’s Grill, sponsored the first Shabbat on the Plaza in conjunction with Hineinu, and have been taking advantage of Uptown Billiards for our monthly board business discussions with the goal of making these meetings more of a social outing. In looking ahead we have a potential outing to the Multnomah Whiskey Library, a potential Thorns game at the MAC, our Latkes and Vodkas event, our annual rafting trip, an East side outreach Havdalah Service, a homeless Mitzvah Project we plan to get our kids involved in as well, and our annual Blazer game suite experience. We plan to add more to the calendar on a monthly basis to keep things exciting, including a beach outing and another Frozen Chosen ski outing. I can always be reached at with any questions so please feel free to reach out to be a part of our social activities and community. The Brotherhood is a very welcoming group. Best wishes, Jeff Capen

Congregation Beth Israel


L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation Our Thriving Commumity Continues to Grow Since last Rosh Hashanah, CBI has welcomed fifty-eight new families!

Mark Astor and Deb Scott Sandy Bacharach Karen Borenstein and family Mat and Liatt Braun and family Jordan and Jamie Busch and family William and Judy Cappleman Jeremy and Amanda Ciporen and family Margaret Davis Vittorio de Medici Audelia DeCosta and Zac DeCosta and family Matt DiVeronica and Meghan Nesmith Stacy Epsteen Daniel and Bree Epstein Tom and Susan Falender Eddie and Gloria Feinstein Chelsea Ferguson David and Marilyn Flemming Kevin and Beth Ford Forrest Frank and Phoebe Eskenazi Josh and Amy Frankel and family Paul and Carly Fujita and family Charlie and Jennifer Garrell and family Gita Gelfer and Jon Meek and family Ruth Heller and family Bruce Hyman and Abbi Hattem Josh and Michelle Kashinsky and family Marvin and Lesley Korach Ben LeVine Zach and Holly Levow and family

Jason and Christina Levy and family Mike and Kelly Lightner and family Erica Ljucevic and Luca Ljucevic and family Alyssa Luboff and family Ben Lunine and Genie Preisch and family Jason Mehr and Rebecca Pyatkevich and family Grant Ornstein Gilda Oster Seth Petrie and Jessica Bernstein and family Sarah Reiter Matt and Haley Robinson and family Alan and Gail Robinson Matt Sacks and Helen Keomany Peter and Molly Sax and family Ketzia Schoneberg and family April Slabosheski Ron and Julie Stout Ron and Bobbi Swerdlin Jonathan and Kelly Tabak and family Eric and Perla Taylor Michael Kennedy and Eva Thanheiser and family Jon and Linda Twichell Shawn Vandor Jenny Waldron and Camille Mayeux Richie and Beth Wolff Emily Yeomans and family Ben and Ellen Zellinger Craig and Debby Zimmerman and family Arlene Zimmerman

Mazel Tov

CBI Shares

Shabbat From Our Dome To Your Home

Last year, on an icy Friday night, hundreds of CBI families gathered in each other’s homes as part of our community’s first-ever CBI Shares Shabbat. This community event, announced at last year’s Rosh Hashanah services, was months in the making: our clergy led discussions, and volunteers shared recipes, gave cooking demonstrations, and led hands on challah baking classes. After our congregants connected with neighbors, discovered shared interests, and made new friends at our biggest ever community Shabbat, we immediately started getting requests to make this an ongoing CBI tradition! Please mark your calendars today for the return of

Dr. David and Cantor Judy Schiff on the marriage of their son Daniel to Emmanuel Garcia-Morales, son of Rosario Morales and Manuel Garcia of Mexico City. The wedding took place in Baltimore on June 9. Edie Rogoway, who received the 2017 Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s (OCDLA) President’s award for her pro bono work organizing volunteer attorneys and interpreters to assist people affected by President Trump’s Muslim travel-ban Executive Order. The award acknowledged Ms. Rogoway for “… standing up for the defenseless and holding those in positions of power accountable for the harm they cause …for being a rock of strength and a beacon of hope for people subject to abuses of power.” Justin and Victoria Haugen – and brother Finn – on the July 17 birth of Ari David Haugen. Joshua and Janelle Goldstein, as well as big brother Avery, on the birth of Levi Reese Goldstein on July 13. Brad and Lara Stern on the July 7 birth of their son, Ari Simeon Stern. May they grow in health and wisdom and be a source of strength to their families and all humankind.

CBI Shares Shabbat on Friday, December 8.


More details will be available at High Holiday Services, and you may sign up to host or be a guest then as well.

Gail Marracci, Jill Steltenpohl, and Laurie Horenstein on the loss of their father, Marcus Horenstein (z”l), who passed away on June 19, 2017 at 99 years of age. Our condolences go out to Gail Marracci, Jill Steltenpohl, Laurie Horenstein, and the extended Horenstein family.

September/October 2017


In Remembrance ~ May their memory be for a blessing. September 1 and 2 Ruth Binder Bernard Caplan Adam Wilson Davis Thelma Layton Eberhart Harry Louis Gerber Jerome Golby Vera Goldsmith Phillip Iliffe Hardy Maynard Hurwitz Charles Hyman Anatoly Ioffe Fred Kornfeld Daniel Labby Bernard Levine June Lichty June Martel Myron Meltzer Anna Muscovitz Mary Baker Nelson Gert Neuberger* Frank Perlman Jack Pollin* David Poplack Sarah Reiter Samuel J. Robinson Betsy Rotberg Dorthea Roth Belle Saxe Judith I. Schneider Paul Howard Schoen Fannie Schwartz Joan Shipley Meyer Steinweis Mary Stoloff* Albert Strauss Joseph Swerdlik David R. Trachtenberg Audrey Rosalyn Yugler Harry Zell September 8 and 9 Linda Aronowitz Robert Autrey Gordon Bazelon Nachman Berkowitz Nathan Bick Harold J. Blank* Joseph Byer Arnold Cohen Estelle Director Zelda Dubin Melvin Mel Dunn Richard C. East King Feldman Helen Georges Melvin Gerard Anne Gilbert Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Seymour Haber Carol Haber


Gerald Hammel Sam Hammel George Harkless Sigmund A. Heilner* Evelyn M. Jacobs Barbara Jacobson Belle Kahn Beatrice Kirchner Shirley Koch Eugene Hirsch Krantz* Sam Lennis Mathilde Lewinsohn Larry Lieberman Sonya S. Loebner Louis Lubliner Daniel Meekcoms Faye Menashe Roger L. Meyer Sonija Milshtein Anne Peltz Ruthella Popick Edward Press Muriel Feinberg Rozen Paul Rubinstein* Marvin Schnitzer Sidney S. Schubach* Jane Daum Schwartz Bernice Shulevitz Helen Silen Katie Steinweis Ethel Tonkin* Irve Tunick Sheldon Weisberg Arthur G. Weisfield Emily Wilson* Abram (Al) Yugler September 15 and 16 Ethel Barr Sharlene Bender Ahldor Kermit Berg Juliette Bernays* Harry Binder Max Bloom Esther Bloomenthol Morris Bloomenthol Bessie Loeb Bondy Mary Canton Robert M. Coffey Rita Durkheimer Philip Eder William Israel Feinstein Harry Fink Irene Frisch Louis Gelwasser Freidel Glaser Mary Goldman Barbara Goldsmith Helene Haltenorth Ida D. Holtzman Fred Joseph

Esther Mazer Kranz Cecelia London Etta Maizels Marvin Morris Oziel Edythe Raffel Jack Reed Edward Rosenberg Kurt Schlesinger Daniel L. Shafton Albert I. Simon Herbert Raymond Sokolsky Luther Toothman I. Jack Vidgoff* Benjamin Weiss Rebecca Betty Zacks September 22 and 23 Sheldon Balick* Frances Basinski Florence Berenson Daisy Biskind Edgar Blumenthal Sybil Bonime Adolph Canton Gloria B.Coodley Isabelle Daniels C. Girard Davidson Isaac Davis Cathy Epsteen Louis Farkas Max Fischback Adelyne Raban Freiberg Edith Gerson Hannah Gerson* Samuel Gerson* Pearl Gevurtz Miriam Goldberg Elizabeth Hirsch Alan R. Hoeflich Aaron Lertzman Belle Lewis Allan Edward Lichtgarn* Marcy Macoubray Karen McAllister Joseph Mendelsohn Arthur Merican Edward Mayer Morgenstern Roscoe C. Nelson, Jr. Norman B. Nemer* Rose Nudelman Esther Overback Frank Planer Louis Press David Rosen Davida Rosenbaum May “Mazie” Sakai Jacob W. Savinar Alyne Schlesinger* Sue Ellen Lorge Schwartz James G. Senders Walter P. Sherlin*

Congregation Beth Israel

Daniel Slovic Helen Stamm Leonard Subotnick Hershal Tanzer Mitzi Tobias Everett Wyner September 29 and 30 Louis Baer* Leo Baruh* Ari Kenneth Berman Richard H. Berman Theodore S. Bloom Fred Bonyhadi* Jared Michael Branfman Ian O. Brown* Morris Chusid Anna Chusid Neale E. Creamer Clara R. Davis William Victor Dluger Lillian Feingold Morris Feller Leah Finger Leonard Fink Robert Fischback Daisy Georges Theodore S. Gerson* Elana Bess Gold Lester Goldschmidt Sarah Hahn Grace Harkless Lynn Holmes Charles Jacobs Norman B. Kobin* Hannah Kohen Rabbi Joshua Kohen Lewis Joseph Krakauer Danny Leb Peggy Lehman Martha Lewin Elias “Al” Lichtgarn* Betty Lou Margulis Gene Miller Jeanne Moment* Jette Neuberger M. Don Nudelman Charlotte Ostomel Katrina Pongracz Irving Popick Alvin Popick Louis Rubenstein* Rose Rubenstein* Gussie Rubin William Y. Sakai Bessie R. Schatz* Stephen Schwartz Bob Schwartz Oliver Gordon Seymour Honora Singer Bess Sommerfield

In Remembrance ~ May their memory be for a blessing. Irving Stein Louis Strauss* Louis Tanne Jeannette Turteltaub Ray Veltman Loius Waldman Irving J. Wurtzel* Lillian F. Zell* Harry Zugman Edith Zusman October 6 and 7 Stanton L. Abrams* Asa I. Arnsberg* Julia Barde* Irene Berner Maurice B. Blanc* Lou Blank Mortimer Bonime Charlotte Brooks Fred Buell* Rose Byer Alice Carr Daniel Cassell Renee Cohen Karensue Dobrow Sylvia Davis Eisendorf Bob Finger Rose Freidenrich Abe G. Gilbert* Bessie Kaplan Glickman Pauline Gold Walter Goodman Lenora Gordon Louis Halpern Marvin Helf Orrin Howard Charlotte Jackson Sylvia Javors Samuel Joseph Fred Kirk Herman G. Korey Rosalie Krone Harry L. Lansberg Mollie Leopold Gina Levi Arnold Maizels Daniel H. Miller Pearl Mizrahi Moses Muscovitz Connie Passamaneck Fred Polsky Ben Popkin Kelly Puziss Ida Raskin George Rickles Jane Ritchie

Frances Rollins Manfred Rosenthal* Ralph Rubenstein Joe Schnitzer Robert Schulberg Laurence Selling Ida Shleifer* Tom S. Shulevitz* S. Elizabeth Silverstein* Lula Lou Smertenko Faye Steres Jack Urman Esther Weiner Sande Weintraub Virginia Belle Whittington Wilkinson George Woodcock Leslie Bunett Wright* Jay Leon Wright* Rose Zavin October 13 and 14 Olga W. Baruh* Shirley Bergman Leslie Bernstein Moisey Bronshteyn Ralph Orville Cullers Richard Daniels Katie Davis Rachel De Leeuw Nolan DeWoskin George Dubin Madeline Feldman Trudy Hendrix Alvin B. Hess* Rabbi Isidore Kahan Susan P. Kendall Jerome Corky Kornberg Diana Kwartler Mark Larsen Rosalie Leb Rachel Leveton* Jon Levin Ruth Liebreich Herta Litowitz Harvey Miller Robert Mills Marie Moe Megan Morris Gordon V. Nagel Berthold Neuberger Miriam Newman James M. Rothschild* Nicole E. Ruffine Paula Ulla Schlesinger Mary Schoenfeld Harry Schwartz

Henriette R. Senders* Pearl F. Shifman Andor Soltesz Dorothy Wheatley Mary Ann Yerigan October 20 and 21 Laura Avakyan Kate Braunstein* David Bronheim Frederick Cezer Saul Dayan Becky Director David Elconin Rose Fertig David H. Fertig* Sydney Mitchell Finegold Daniel Gassner Dora Gelwasser Irene Gilbert Julius A. Graber Della Mae Hanley Dave G. Holtzman Hanita Jacobi Charles Joseph Theodore Kleinrock Neil Kohn Bessie L. Krane Ben M. Leshgold* Marvin Lippoff Lois G. Maizels* Golda Manes Dora E. Markus Marshall Mazer Ellen Seller Meier Fay Menashe Fannie Mesher Goldie Stern Oster William Philip Michael Roffe Mary Sarah Rose* Bessie Rosenbaum Norman D. Savinar Herbert M. Schwab Jean Kerr Schwartz Adelaide Selling Sherma Stenger Dean R. Stoloff* Miriam Swerdlin Herman Swerdlin Freida Tennenbaum Herbert N. Tobias David Turtledove* Fannie Wexle Ruth Kauffman Wolff

October 27 and 28 Frances Albert Ben Arnoff Abe Bercovitz* Bernadine Barde Brenner Francis Cappel Edwin Cohen* Harrel Crabb Nettie Director* Claudia V. Fenton* Lillie Feuerstein Ophelia Foster Sam Freedman Florence Frisch Cecile Gibstein* Michael Gladson Bernard Goldhammer David Goldstein Betty Hunt Irving Klein Ben Lachman* Paula Lauterstein* Hugo Lewinsohn Silvan Lidovitch Solomon Lieppman Constance Lipman Harriet Lomsky Jerome Margulis* Carol Spero Newman Jonathan Uhry Newman Joseph Papka Samuel S. Parker Jennie Pollin* Alex Pomerantz Herman R. Rosenblum Peter Royston Hannah Rubenstein Howard P. Schatz Sidney Schlesinger* Harry Shafer Sadie F. Shemanski* Gerald H. Solomon* Judith Stillman Anne R. Stricker Raissa Tarlow* Edward Tonkin* Hilda S. Weinstein Carolyn S. Wolfe Eileen Zugman

(*) next to a name indicates a memorial plaque has been purchased to ensure the beloved departed is remembered in perpetuity. For information about memorial plaques in the Temple, please contact Molly at (503) 222-1069 or

September/October 2017


Very Thoughtful People Adult Education Fund

In Memory of Claire Puziss Brian Puziss Zelda Dubin Anita August In Honor of Laura Gersherhorn and Todd Grabarsky’s wedding Susan Graber and Bill June Sydney Baer’s birthday Susan Graber and Bill June

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat

In Memory of Isabelle Daniels Barbara Glazer Mitzi Tobias Robert Tobias Leo Mitchell Stacy Sadis Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Amy R. Goldsmith Library In Memory of Jean Bachman Lori Rabien Harry Tobias Claire and Zanley Galton

Caring Community

In Memory of Ruth Kravitz Dr. Robert Kravitz In Honor of Jen Feldman Sanny Snell Evelyn Leshgold’s Birthday Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Cemetery Beautification

In Memory of Morris Bloomenthol Floyd Black Esther Bloomenthol Floyd Black Dolores Black Floyd Black Nathan Black Floyd Black Dolores Black David Black and Allen Cook Laurie Black and Stafford Mays Joy Alkalay Pierce Ethier Sanford Kowitt Ardis Kowitt Leonard Schnitzer Babette Schnitzer Helen Mittleman Patty Nemer Rita and Robert Philip Violet Greenberg Selene and Chuck Robinowitz David Spiegel Don and Deborah Davis Spiegel Jacqueline R Spivak Victor Nudelman Alysmae Nudelman Dr. Harry Semler Gertrude Semler James Spivak family


Harry H. Baron Rena and Cheryl Tonkin David and Daniel Lerner Ethel Tonkin Rena and Cheryl Tonkin David and Daniel Lerner Dorothy Schubach Bob Rowe and Nannette Hasman-Rowe Theodore S. Bloom Loretta, Linda, Michael, and Leslie Bloom

Rabbi Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Gloria Coodley Gregg Coodley, MD Harvey Kelinson Judith Feinstein and Family Melvin Feinstein Judith Feinstein and Family William Israel Feinstein Judith Feinstein and Family Robert Friedenwald Eric and Rebecca FriedenwaldFishman Mathilde Lewinsohn Peter Leinsohn Karen McAllister Robert McAllister Henry Blauer Oregon Jewish Community Foundation Adele and Herbert Savage Adair Savage Edward Mayer Morgenstern Martha and Les Soltesz In Honor of Louis Philip’s Bar Mitzvah Rita and Robert Philip Marty Zell’s 90th Birthday Sally and Debbie Mink

Cantor Cahana Discretionary

In Memory of Rabbi Joshua Kohen Megan Brown Hannah Kohen Megan Brown Ian Brown Megan Brown Isabelle Daniels Deborah Friedman and Gary Peterson Rose Rotenberg Brian Puziss Dr. Irving Puziss Brian Puziss Paul Howard Schoen Ava Schoen In Honor of Jeff Wolfstone’s birthday Midge and Roger Cone Aaron Lertzman Alan and Lynn Lertzman Louis Philip’s Bar Mitzvah Rita and Robert Philip

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary In Memory of Connie Anker Sydney and Bill Baer Louis Baer Sydney and Bill Baer

Adam Wilson Davis Barry and Bonnie Davis In Honor of Rabbi Joseph Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

Cantor Schiff Discretionary In Memory of Victor Rosenfeld Brian Puziss

Rabbi Rose Discretionary In Memory of Martha Lewin Ilse Orthmeyer Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Beatrice K. Rose M.D.

General Administrative

In Memory of Samuel Dov Berman Ari Kenneth Berman Alisa Bendis Edward Berg Bonnie and Alan Berg Rabbi Joshua Kohen Megan Brown Hannah Kohen Megan Brown Ian Brown Megan Brown Clarice Eder Norman and Sherry Eder Gary and Mollie Eder Cassie and Noah Segal Beckie and Tristan Wear Robert and Sylvia Lindemann Celia Heims Carolyn Shain Gert Neuberger Rosalyn Neuberger Jette Neuberger Rosalyn Neuberger Muriel Rosen Jon and Linda Twichell Hillard Rosen Jon and Linda Twichell George Caro Lore Labby Louis Waldman James and Ann Waldman Shirley Waldman James and Ann Waldman

Hineinu Community Engagement Fund In Memory of Patricia Nemer Ilene Davidson

Judith Anne Epstein Education Director’s Fund In Memory of Lily Feuerstein Howard and Tamra Feuerstein In Honor of Ben Sandler Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

Congregation Beth Israel

Miller Room Refurbishment and Restoration Fund In Memory of Edith Miller Alan and Lana Miller Rose Berliner Maxine McComas In Honor of Martin Zell’s 90th birthday Alan and Lana Miller

Oseran Family Lecture In Honor of Martin Zell’s birthday Davia and Ted Rubenstein


In Memory of Andrea Karlin Sara Karlin Ruth Semler Helen Spivak Abe Wexler Gilda Wexler Jacqueline R. Spivak James Spivak Family

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Herman J Friedman Barry and Barbara Caplan Jack Pollin Harold Pollin Lena Cohen Swerdlik Joan and Louis Soriano Blanch Cohn Abe Spivak Mimi Spivak Helen Spivak Henry Spivak James Spivak and family Frederick S. Wolff Barbara and Stuart Lang Patti Nemer Barbara and Stuart Lang In Honor of Jenat Feldman Barbara and Stuart Lang

Social Action (General)

In Memory of Patti Nemer Donna Brownstein Marvin Oziel Donna Brownstein Neal Creamer Marian Creamer Frances Creamer Marian Creamer Roger L. Meyer Paul and Alice Meyer Harry Tobias Eve and Alan Rosenfeld Irwin Frank Andy Frank and Sally Rosenfeld Majorie Frank Andy Frank and Sally Rosenfeld Paul Rubinstein Eleanor Rubinstein Mazie and William Y. Sakai Loree and Ken Sakai

Very Thoughtful People In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peltz’s Anniversary Jim and Ilene Davidson


In Memory of Harry Mittleman Abrams Family Edna Fenton Lee and Frank Berne Jacob Feingold Lee and Frank Berne Lillian Feingold Frank Berne Bernard Schnitzer Howard and Barabara Cohn Sol J Cohn Howard and Barbara Cohn Frances Creamer Marian Creamer Gerald Edelman Lori and Michael Edelman Elliott Flaxman Samuel Rosenblatt Jane Flaxman Irene Frisch LouAnn Frisch Ben Steinberg Ilene Goldberg Felix Gelbras Susan Gerson Irene Goldberg Mary and Adolf Canton Susan Golden Lloyd B Rosenfeld Meryl Haber The Rosenfeld Family Helen Katzky Margaret Hasson Betty Lou Margulis Dolorosa and David Margulis Calmin Margulies Joyce Loeb

Gert Neuberger Patricia Neuberger Harry Mittleman Abrams Family Jeanne Newmark Herbert L. Newmark Jeanne Newmark Melvyn Farberman Leslie and Robert Peltz Patty Nemer Evan and Alan Rosenfeld Gordon Bazelon Jim and Michael Richman Albert Strauss Naomi Strauss Louis Strauss Naomi Strauss Tessie Lewis Elaine and Sandy Weinstein In Honor of Loree Sakai’s birthday Midge and Roger Cone Evelyn Leshgold’s birthday Gayle and Paul Romain Marty Zell’s birthday Rosemarie Rosenfeld Marty Zell’s birthday Deanne and Dick Rubenstein

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Harry Tobias Mimi Richman Gordon Bazelon Mimi Richman Susan Poplack Jan and Mike Sigell

Temple Improvement

Tom Georges III Memorial Fund

Simon & Helen Director Endowment In Memory of William Layton and Ruth Helafond Cameron and Dick Davis

In Memory of Ben Bean Linda Georges Fred Bonyhadi Mark Bonyhadi

Urman Family College Communication In Honor of Urman Family Marvin and Lois Urman

Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Youth Leadership Fund In Memory of Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld Harry Nemer Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship

In Memory of Dorothy Budin Bobbi and Ron Swerdlin Ray Veltman Marcia Colton, Risa Colton-Feldman, Louis, Jacob, and Noah Feldman

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment

In Honor of Martin Zell’s 90th birthday Janet Zell

In Memory of Ken Kimmel Stuart and Nikki Director Florence Berenson Shirley Mark Daniel Fromer Shirley Mark

Temple Endowment In Memory of Joseph Byer Howard Byer Milton R Marks Lynn L Marks Leland H. Lowenson Lee B. Lowenson WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Funds

Bikkur Holim - Hope in Life In Memory of Manuel Holtzman Wilma Balick Sheldon Balick Wilma Balick In Honor of Lynn Wolfstone’s birthday Midge and Roger Cone

Prayer Book

In Memory of Toni Kahan Naomi Strauss

Service to the Blind In Memory of Edna Kean Jaime Kean

CBI Team Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Associate Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D. Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Director of Youth & Young Family Engagement Chelsea Ferguson Education Administrator Sarah Reiter CBI Administration Executive Director Josh Kashinsky

Development Director Jen Feldman

Finance Director Linda Cohen

Director of Membership & Special Events Marisa Reby

Accounting Assistant Molly Weisner

Program Coordinator Tracy Alifanz Receptionist Bitsie Appleton Clergy Assistant Alex Sarasohn

September/October 2017

Facilities Staff Perry Meekins, Facilities Manager Tony Bennett Dallas Van Winkle Susie Young

Catering Panel Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2853 Julia Deuchler Art of Catering 503-231-8185 Eric Sandstrom Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin Lisa Glickman, Private Chef (CBI Congregant) 541-728-6678 Vibrant Table Group/ Food In Bloom 503-297-9635 503-944-6820 Karen Rich


September 2017 SUNDAY

Elul 5777-Tishrei 5778





FRIDAY 1  Elul 10

2  Elul 11

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat With Your Tot 5:30 PM Temple Lawn

Havdalah Bat Mitzvah of Callie Wilker 5:00 PM Temple

Shabbat on the Plaza 6:00 PM Temple Lawn

3  Elul 12

4  Elul 13

5  Elul 14

Labor Day: CBI Offices Closed


6  Elul 15

7  Elul 16

8  Elul 17

9  Elul 18

Social Action Committee Meeting 5:30 PM SBR

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 6:00 PM SBR

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat on the Plaza 6:00 PM Temple Lawn

Tot Shabbat 9:00 AM PC Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Anabel Cull 10:30 AM Temple

10  Elul 19

11  Elul 20

12  Elul 21

13  Elul 22

14  Elul 23

Executive Committee 8:30 AM SBR

SHUL onthe FARM Back to School Picnic 9:30 AM Bella Organic, Sauvie Island

15  Elul 24

16  Elul 25

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Tess Jacobs 10:30 AM Temple Selichot Teaching & Service 6:00 PM Temple

17  Elul 26

18  Elul 27

19  Elul 28


20  Elul 29

21  Tishrei 1

22  Tishrei 2

23  Tishrei 3

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah 5778

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service 10:30 AM PC

28  Tishrei 8

29  Tishrei 9

30  Tishrei 10

Board of Trustees Meeting 6:30 PM SBR

Kol Nidre 5778

Yom Kippur 5778

CBI Offices Closed at 3:00 PM

Traditional Service 10:00 AM Temple

Tot Service 5:00 PM GH

Family Service 10:00 AM GH

CBI Offices Closed at 3:00 PM CBI Offices Closed

Religious School (PreK-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM SEC

Knit-a-Mitzvah 10:00 AM SBR

Traditional Service 10:00 AM Temple

Tot Service 5:30 PM PC

Family Service 11:00 AM GH

Tot Reception 6:00 PM LF

Rosh Hashanah Reception Following Services BA

Experiential Service 7:00 PM GH

Tashlich following Reception Tanner Springs Park

Traditional Service 7:00 PM Temple

24  Tishrei 4

25  Tishrei 5


26  Tishrei 6

27  Tishrei 7

Knit‘n’Nosh 12:30 PM SBR

check out for all

Traditional Service - Early 5:00 PM Temple Traditional Service - Late 8:00 PM Temple

High Holidays Information

Clergy and Conversation 1:00 PM PC High School Experience 1:00 PM Youth Lounge Middle School Experience 1:00 PM MR Music and Meditation 1:00 PM Temple Study Session with Rabbi Sam Joseph 2:15 PM SBR Tot Service 2:15 PM Temple Yoga High Holiday Experience 2:15 PM GH Afternoon/Yizkor/Neilah Service 3:00 PM Temple

Location Key BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center


Congregation Beth Israel

October 2017 SUNDAY

Tishrei-Cheshvan 5778 MONDAY

2  Tishrei 12





4  Tishrei 14

5  Tishrei 15

6  Tishrei 16

7  Tishrei 17


Social Action Meeting 5:30 PM SBR


Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Brotherhood Sukkah Raising 10:00 AM Temple Lawn

Pizza in the Hut 6:00 PM Temple Lawn

Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Tot Shabbat 9:00 AM PC

JND Shabbat Service 7:30 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Leah Abramson Slater 10:30 AM Temple

1  Tishrei 11

3  Tishrei 13


CBI Offices Closed Sukkot Lunch and Learn 12:00 PM Sukkah

Illuminations Fall Fundraiser 6:00 PM Portland Hilton

8  Tishrei 18

9  Tishrei 19


Adult Education: Conversation on“Sanctuary” 7:00 PM PC

Cahana Sukkot Open House 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM RSVP for address

15  Tishrei 25

16  Tishrei 26

10  Tishrei 20

17  Tishrei 27

Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM SEC

23  Cheshvan 3

12  Tishrei 22

13  Tishrei 23

14  Tishrei 24

Executive Committee 8:30 AM SBR

Simchat Torah

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bat Mitzvah of Presley Girard 10:30 AM Temple

Erev Simchat Torah/ Consecration 6:00 PM Temple

Religious School (PreK-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

22  Cheshvan 2

11  Tishrei 21

24  Cheshvan 4

Red Cross Blood Drive 9:00 AM GH Religious School (PreK-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

CBI Offices Closed Yizkor/Festival Service 10:30 AM PC

18  Tishrei 28

19  Tishrei 29

20  Tishrei 30

21  Cheshvan 1

Adult Education: Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum 7:00 PM PC


Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Board of Trustees Meeting 6:30 PM SBR

Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service 10:30 AM PC

25  Cheshvan 5

26  Cheshvan 62

27  Cheshvan 7

28  Cheshvan 8

Brotherhood Annual Board Meeting 7:00 PM Offsite


Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Sabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Shabbat Morning Service: Bar Mitzvah of Simon Shulevitz 10:30 AM Temple

Education Committee Meeting 10:00 AM LB Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM SEC Next Gen Meeting 1:00 PM SBR

29  Cheshvan 9

30  Cheshvan 10

Religious School (PreK-7) 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM SEC

31  Cheshvan 11 Knit‘n’Nosh 12:30 PM SBR

Midrasha (grades 8-12) 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM SEC Oseran Lecture: Jeffrey Rosen 4:00 PM Temple

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

View our calendar and campus map online at

Administration..................................503-222-1069 Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Fax.......................................................................503-274-1400 Beth Israel Cemetery ...........426 SW Taylors Ferry Road

September/October 2017


Congregation Beth Israel

1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097


Board of Trustees 2017/2018 Officers


Theodore M. Nelson President

Stacy Friedman David Goldwyn Steve Gradow Janet Hoffman JoAnne Van Ness Menashe Yale Popowich Bob Rosenbaum Sally Rosenfeld David Sarasohn

Glen Levy Vice President/ President-Elect Mark Peterman Secretary Arthur Steinhorn Treasurer Ali Garfinkle At Large Robin McCoy At Large Tony Urdes At Large

Auxiliaries Lynn Gelber - WRJ/BI Sisterhood President Jeff Capen - Brotherhood President


OUR GLOWING PAST, SHINING PRESENT, BRIGHT FUTURE Saturday, October 7, 2017 6:00 pm Portland Hilton

Be an active CBI supporter and celebrate 159 years of creating memories and impacting Jewish lives. Join us to be inspired, entertained, and of course dance. All proceeds from this event help support our community. Presenting Sponsors: Craig Hartzman and James John • Harold & Arlene Schnitzer Family Fund of OJCF/Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan Schnitzer Honorary Chairs: Craig Hartzman and James John Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

September/October 2017 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the September/October 2017 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest R...