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ISBN 978-0-9924544-1-8 COVER: lil’elements (photography), Claire Cassey (styling), Minnie’s Sweet Creations (cake), Sweets for Me (macarons), Sinful Treats Co. (cupcakes), maR-Vilicious Bites (cookies), Sweet Heavens Lolly Buffets & Jar Hire (cake stands), The Lovely Little Cakery (cupcake stands), Poppy & Rose (tutu), Michele Xabregas Freelance Makeup Artist (hair and makeup), Michele & Brooklyn (models).

Editor-in-Chief : Claire Cassey Editor : Chantelle Churchill Creative Design : Claire Cassey Graphic layout: Julia Quinn ( Production Manager : Stephanie Hall Advertising : Clarissa Piotie Intern : Carla Wicks

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An e-vent to create awareness and raise funds for Cancer Research. Showcasing some of the most talented Sweet Artisans in Australia.

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hello... I get to meet a lot of creative people in my line of work, whether they are people already in the industry or stay at home mums who like to throw fabulous parties, and the feedback we have received from both sorts about the magazine has been fantastic. Our aim was for Confetti Fair Magazine to be the go to magazine for those wanting to put together a great party, from the stationery to the decor to the food, and from the looks of things that is what we have achieved. There was one letter in particular that touched my heart, I won’t retell it word for word as it was a private, sad time in this ladies life, but after having an awful couple of months she had lost of all her mojo to put her little girl’s birthday together. She said that she sat down one afternoon to start reading the first issue of Confetti Fair Magazine and before she had even got half way through she was up and organising her daughter’s birthday, doing a test run of the dessert table, ordering the cake and was looking forward to hitting the shops the next day to buy party decor. This is what our magazine is all about. Giving you your party mojo. We hope you enjoy reading the second edition of Confetti Fair Magazine as much as we have loved putting it together. There is a little bit of something for everyone in here, fab tutorials for healthy, delicious sweets and gorgeous wreaths and bunting, loads of party inspiration through real parties and styled parties, plus much, much more. Don’t be afraid to rip out the pictures you want to put on your pinboard or to dog ear the corners, this is a working magazine, not one that you pop in to your bookshelf after reading to collect dust. Let us know what has inspired you, we would love to see your creations. Claire x P.S Make sure you come and visit us at the fairs through the month of August in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.


e d i s n i s ’ t wha volume 02 2014

THIS ISSUE 22. let them eat cake 44. toolbox time | tutorial 54. whimsical wreath | tutorial 68. it’s all in the details 74. beautiful bunting | tutorial 136. the virtual baker 114. exquisite jewellery | interview 148. pink pop | lemonade stand

STYLED PARTY 28. anchored in love 60. camp out 70. industrial floral 84. jungle party 100. royal picnic

REAL PARTY 40. the big 4-oh 50. barbie pamper party 92. superheros & villains 116. little groover 132. little man celebration 138. ready, steady, go

EVERY ISSUE 5. editor’s page 9. contributors 13. blog love | made from scratch 16. colour palette | shades of green 19. shop front | the bride’s market 36. head space | little peach co. 79. party pieces | paper products 98. things we love | the cupcake stand 107. fab find | the drink trolley 124. the raw ingredient | banoffee cream pie 143. take two | moustache trend 152. photography | set the scene 156. party antics | it’s in the bag baby 158. stockists



















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jonathon WRITER






There is nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch, here Rachael McMahon makes a living from it with her blog, aptly named Made From Scratch.

blog love What made you start your blog? My husband, after we returned from our two year OE in 2009 he encouraged me to start a blog to share recipes that I loved to bake as well as the lead up to our wedding in 2010. I was one of the first people to start blogging in New Zealand around that time and it quickly grew from there. What inspires you? Oh gosh, so many things. Anything from a beautiful recipe book, fashion magazine, movie, a trip to Bunnings, inspiration is everywhere you just have to look. Whose work has influenced you the most? I’m not sure really, I admire so many people for so many different reasons, in a work sense Donna Hay has always been a big inspiration. Her work is truly stunning. How much time do you spend a day finding things to blog about? It depends really, a lot of people get in touch with me about new products which is always helpful for putting together a beautiful blog post. I used to spend hours trawling the internet finding the ‘right’ thing to share, I guess over the years I just know what works on my blog and it can take me less than an hour now to put together a new blog post. Of course not a recipe post, they’re always a little longer to make. Whose blogs do you watch? So many, I’m a huge fan of Kinfolk, Gary Pepper Girl and Stylizimo they’re all so beautiful for so many different reasons. I could hand you a page of blogs that I admire, there are so many out there.


Why do you think blogs are so popular? They’re current, fun and always evolving, they’re also a really wonderful way to build a community of people that admire the same things that you do. It’s also incredibly lovely to see how much talent someone has through their blog. A lot of bloggers are completely self taught and it’s truly stunning to see what people are able to do. I hope blogging stays around for a very long time, it’s truly the best job in the world. Describe your day to day diary: Oh gosh, no two days are ever the same. A lot of my days are now filled with client meetings, social media consulting and replying to an endless stream of emails. I try keep Monday’s free of meetings so that I can sort out the rest of the weeks worth of blog posts and anything else that need to be done. I love that each day is different, I think I’d go crazy if every day was the same. For someone starting out blogging what would your three bits of advice be to them? A plan isn’t always necessary, but it can help, write down a list of five things that you really love and share those things in a unique and original way – you’ll be surprised how quickly you find your voice. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and share your work, everyone had to start somewhere and you’d be surprised at how much others will want to help. Plus you never know where a simple email will take you, some of my closest friends have been made through my blog. Most of all have fun, if you enjoy what you do others will naturally gravitate towards it. Describe your blog in one sentence: A thoughtful, clean and styled daily lifestyle blog full of home décor, fashion, weddings and of course delicious baking and recipes Made From Scratch!


A new kind of bridAl MAGAZine // iSSUe #05 // 2014

bitS ‘n’ pieceS for A perfect pArty • SeqUinS, MetAllicS And loAdS of lAce diy piñAtAS And other bAlloon crAftS • honeyMoon GlAMpinG tripS the very beSt kind of inSpirAtion: loAdS of reAl weddinGS!



Chevron bunting $12.99 Cake stand $28.95 Star paper plates $9.95 (Pack 12) Chevron milk bottle $3.50 Computer chip pattern washi tape 10m $3.00 Party bag tags $4.95 (Pack 10) Chevron party bags $5.95 (Pack 12) Moroccan pattern washi tape 10m $3.00 Doilies$12.95 (Pack 30) Wooden forks $8.80 (Pack 20)


colour palette Just because you have picked a colour to feature through your party doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same tones. Mix it up with an array of shades to add some depth to your celebration.



shop front THIS EVER CHANGING FACE OF A NEW BRIDAL REVOLUTION IS JUST WHAT THE BRIDE-TO-BE ORDERED. JENNIFER GIFFORD TELLS US HOW THE BRIDE’S MARKET CAME TO BE. What made you start your business? Necessity, I found myself without a job in 2009 so I got an ABN and started Jennifer Gifford Designs. This led me to making some amazing connections within the wedding industry and the flow on from that was The Byron Bay Bridal Showcase which launched in July 2012. With two successful years and a third event planned for this year I saw 2014 as the perfect time to launch my dream concept store, The Bride’s Market. TBM is a retail store that is membership based with over 70 local wedding industry members on board who now have a space to meet with clients and also showcase their work on a semi permanent basis for two to three months at a time. It is a great way to support the wedding community while providing couples with a beautiful retail store where they can come at their leisure five days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. What inspires you? My members and the local wedding industry! We have some of the most creative people right here in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Everyone is always striving to be and do their very best to help couples marry they way they want to in a style, location and time that suits them. Whose work has influenced you the most? As a designer I love Elie Saab but I have never tried to replicate what he does. I am always inspired by the fashion of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s especially from Hollywood Musicals. What do you do to keep up with current trends? I pay a lot of attention to what’s trending around the world, it is super easy to see what’s going on with Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. But we try not to be to trend driven as these things do come and go, we try to focus more on providing a high quality product or service instead. And good customer service never goes out of trend.


“SOME OF THE BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT IS GETTING ADVICE AND GUIDANCE FROM A PROFESSIONAL WHO IS IMPARTIAL TO YOUR INDUSTRY AND MORE FOCUSSED ON HELPING YOU CREATE SOMETHING SUCCESSFUL OUT OF A DREAM ON PAPER.� Where does your stock come from? We have two London based Bridal designers who we stock in TBM Charlie Brear and Suzanne Neville, both labels are made in London. We also have Jennifer Gifford Designs which is made locally in Brisbane and Rachel Gilbert who is also an Australian designer. What obstacles have you come up against when opening a retail store? Finding the right staff, indent purchasing, POS software, opening hours you name it we have had to find a way to make it work! Retail is hard! Describe your day to day diary: No two days are the same, if I am at home sewing then it is fairly relaxed I drop my daughter to day care at 8:30 and I am home in time to sew all day breaking for lunch and the occasional email. If I am in store there are always emails to answer orders to prepare and customers to serve, along with making sure my members are happy and have everything they need if they are bumping in a display or setting up for a photo shoot. How did you get to where you are now? Hard work, a very supportive family, great staff and an unwavering belief in my dream! For someone starting out in the industry what would you suggest to them? Find a mentor or invest in a business strategist. Some of the best money I have spent is getting advice and guidance from a professional who is impartial to your industry and more focussed on helping you create something successful out of a dream on paper. Describe your business in three words: Relaxed wedding experience.





e k a c t a e m e h t let Dessert tables have been taking the party scene

throw huge soirées that included dessert tables

by storm, thanks to Amy Atlas – also known as

laden with wafers, baked tarts, custards, coloured

“The Sweets Stylist” – who kicked off the tasty

jellies, and other sweetened delicacies.

trend a few years ago. What was once a simple course consisting of a basic, traditional cake topped

By the time the Renaissance rolled around, the

with icing and perhaps some sprinkles, the humble

dessert course became even more popular although

dessert has since evolved to a decadent display of

it was still limited to the rich and fabulous, as

sweet treats that not only please the guests’ palates

confectionery was considered an expensive luxury.

but also their eyes.

Elaborate and lavish displays of desserts were all the rage in 18th century Europe and amongst the many

In Amy’s book, Sweet Designs – Bake It, Craft It,

courses that made up a formal dinner, the dessert

Style It, she speaks about how her passion for

course was considered the most important - but of

creating dessert tables was initially only shared with

course! A dinner party was more like a theatrical

her family and friends simply “out of sheer joy”.

performance and the final act – the dessert – was

However, she then became inspired to turn her

the star of the show. Often, ornately created

hobby into a “full-fledged and thriving business”.

centrepieces sat at the centre of the dessert tables,

“Metaphorically speaking, I eat dessert first every

such as miniature models of gardens, sculptures

day,” she says.

and figures based on famous paintings – all made from sugar and porcelain. These culinary works of

Although Amy has been credited as the designer

art were the backdrop for the fresh fruit, compôtes,

who took the dessert buffet to the next level, the

confectionery, biscuits, jams and jellies that adorned

concept of the sweets table has actually been

the rest of the table.

around for a lot longer than many people may realise. A quick dig into the history archives shows

A classic example that captures the essence of

that they go as far back to the medieval times, when

the Renaissance and its indulgent lifestyle is the

extravagant banquets were held by the upper class

film, Marie Antoinette, where the Queen (played

who used food as a symbol of their wealth and to

by Kirsten Dunst) is surrounded by sumptuous

reflect their social standing. Dessert, of course,

banquets with gorgeous cream-filled pastries,

was one of these showy symbols and it wasn’t

rainbow coloured macarons, cakes encrusted with

uncommon for the Lords and Ladies of the day to

candied almonds and towers of tasteful treats, all


elegantly served on delicate, gilded china. Whether the historical details of the film are accurate may be debatable but it certainly provides a beautiful, visual feast that gives the viewer a glimpse into those decadent times. The Italians are another culture who know a thing or two about impressing their guests with flamboyant Venetian buffets. These long tables offer an opulent array of delectable Italian treats such as tiramisu, cannoli, sfogliatelle (shell-shaped filled pastries), and sometimes even an eye-catching chocolate fountain with strawberries for dipping. Just like the glittering displays that the wealthy adopted in the 18th century, the Venetian table is also typically swanky and elaborately designed. Aside from the culinary creations, other details such as the flower arrangements and selection of silver and linen are of equal importance. This delicious tradition is usually seen at weddings after dinner has been served and the cake has been cut, when the bride and groom present the gastronomic goodies to their guests in what is called “The Venetian Hour�. Talk about happy hour for dessert lovers! Today, it’s not just the French or Italians who know how to rock the dessert table. Anyone with an ounce of imagination and the desire for taking their event to the next level can create a dazzling dessert table that will wow your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth. Not only do they add a unique touch to your party or wedding, they are the perfect platform for showcasing your own personal style and creativity. From rustic vintage to modern chic, there are endless ways to present your sugar smorgasbord.




TOP 10 TIPS FOR DESIGNING YOUR DREAM DESSERT TABLE with Vesna at One Lovely Day & Jayne at Opulenticity

5. BACKDROP Create a backdrop for your display. This adds depth as well as adding a frame to the whole look. Fabric is a popular choice or if you’re having an outdoor event, set your table up in front of a natural backdrop (especially if it suits your theme) or perhaps an exposed brick wall for a rustic look.

1. INSPIRATION Decide on a focal point for the table. Think of one key element which will act as the inspiration and use it as the basis for designing the rest of your table. For instance, pick a particular theme, colour scheme, or a centrepiece like the cake or flower arrangement and work around it. Hint: Jayne – “Don’t use too many colours (unless the theme is a rainbow) and try to stick within the theme guidelines to create a successful table.”

2. STYLING This is the part where you get to pretty up your table! Consider all aspects such as whether you want to opt for a sleek and symmetrical or eclectic and asymmetrical design; colour coordination; table covering; crockery; and, of course, the selection of dessert items. Hint: Vesna – “I like creating symmetrical dessert tables. The main focus is always on the cake, followed by balancing the cake stands and platters for all the desserts around the cake. One thing I believe every dessert table should have is a beautiful flower arrangement.”

3. TRENDS Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends can also help you to create that impressively modern and innovative dessert table. Hint: Vesna – “In the last 12 months the bold geometric shapes have been very popular – from dessert tables, invitations, and decor to bridesmaids’ jewellery. Geometric

Hint: Jayne – “My main key to any table is the backdrop which is so important to set the scene of your event. Also, how the light is reflecting onto the table can make for some fantastic photos when both have been captured well.” Vesna – “The backdrop is another very important element. Striking decor elements complete the look of a dessert table and a fabulous backdrop is the perfect way to incorporate different patterns, textures and fabrics.”

6. DIY Get creative and craft the decorations yourself especially if you have a limited budget or can’t find what you’re looking for in stores. This also adds a personal touch and uniqueness to the table. Hint: Jayne – “Using simple resources like paper to make floral decorations can create quite an impact rather than what used to be cardboard cut-outs and plastic tablecloths. It’s also going back to basics sometimes with just a glass top trestle table with scattered desserts and some minimal mason jars with flowers.”

7. GUESTS Consider your guests when planning your menu. Include a variety of flavours, textures and types of sweets that match your guests’ palates. Hint: Jayne – “Having a balance of not only the appearance of the table but the desserts offered also goes in hand with your target audience. For example, cheesecakes are not something I would usually offer on a kid’s party table.”

details can be soft and romantic, bright and bold, or elegant


and sophisticated, making it a completely versatile trend that

Consider ease of service. Make sure everything is easily

anyone can incorporate into their wedding day and achieve

accessible and keep portions small and bite-size. It also

that minimalistic look and feel.”

helps to have labels so the guests know what they are eating

4. HEIGHT Add balance by incorporating different heights, levels, and rows for your displays. This keeps the eyes moving and

(in particular, those with dietary needs), as well as not having to answer the same question a million times about what everything is.

makes everything more visually interesting.


Hint: Vesna – “Dessert tables will look dull without creating

Preparing dessert tables can take a lot of time so plan it in

different heights. Pretty cake stands, small old suitcases, or

detail, make lists and create a budget. Also do a trial run

even dresser drawers can be used to create various heights.

tasting session before the event to ensure the quality of

This is a great way to capture your guests’ attention.”

food on offer.

Jayne – “Cake pops always stand out and I love potted


desserts with mini spoons to add height awareness.”

Above all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!

CREDITS: Confetti Fair (concept, styling and chalk drawing), Bunnings (fairy lights), Sweets for Me (macarons), Mar-Valicious Bites (cookie stacks), Sinful Treats Co (cupcakes), Minnie’s Sweet Creations (cake), Poopy & Rose (tutu), The Lovely Little Cakery (cupcake stands), Sweet Heavens Lolly Buffet & Jar Hire (cake stands), Michele Xabregas (hair and makeup), Michele and Brooklyn (models), lil’elements (photography).




anchored in love The nautical style wedding was inspired by the glamorous weddings of the Hamptons, something you might find right on the set of the popular show Revenge. It all started with the divine cake with its second tier in that quintessential blue and white stripe you’ll find in most things nautical.  The bottom tier is cleverly covered with fondant ‘rope’ and whilst the rest of the cake is kept simple, but elegant.  To glam the theme up sequins were used, and lots of them. Gorgeous elements of the nautical theme such as stripes, ropes and anchors where used on the paperie and delicious sweets of cookies and cupcakes, which sit perfectly in the silver cupcake holders on the dessert table. A stunning hand-made silver foil anchor piñata was added to the décor. Keeping with the crisp, nautical theme simple floral arrangements of white lilies, white tulips, carnations and roses with silver and green foliage were used. Tiffany chairs add to the elegance of the setup. Add shells and beautiful white coral and a stunning backdrop of the canals and you have the perfect setting for your Hamptons style wedding.






CREDIT: Style My Celebration (concept, styling, vases), Belle Maison Cakes (cake, cookies, cupcakes), Memories are Sweet (sequin table linen), Party Pony Designer Pinatas (anchor pi単ata), Fern Florist (flowers), Adorn Event Hire (Tiffany chairs), Nicole Barralet Photography (photography).





How long have you been in business? Nearly two years. Hard to believe it’s been two years since we first opened the doors to our Woolloongabba studio. What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, but as I grew older I naturally moved more toward the creative side. I knew I wanted to do something in the creative industries. What inspires you? I know it’s corny, but my wife Cath constantly inspires me. She was the one who helped me get Little Peach Co. going and her constant support for our little business is invaluable. I am also obsessed with Letterpress printing in general and get really excited seeing what other printers in our industry are doing across the world.

e c a p s d a he And lastly, most of our day-to-day design inspiration for stationery comes from our clients themselves. You should see the big ideas our brides and fellow designers come up with! Whose work has influenced you the most? I’d have to say my Grandfather, who was an artist. His ability to create art using many different mediums from Indian ink drawings to a life size collage of a mango tree, was incredible. What are the steps you take to create your end piece? I think it’s important to create a comprehensive creative brief whether it’s for a client or one of our own jobs. Brainstorming ideas usually follows, allowing us to nut out all the good (and bad) ideas floating around in our heads. We then decide on the few best ideas we like and start designing. Once the design is approved we then have our letterpress plates made, hand-mix the exact ink colours, and get printing. Describe your style: My favourite part about working in letterpress printing is that it can take any design to the next level, whether it’s a fun or formal wedding invitation or a clean and simple business card. We’re spoiled at Little Peach Co. as we get to work on a really wide range of client projects and letterpress brings them all to life in new and different ways. What obstacles have you come up against when trying to be creative? Hmm, there are many obstacles in the creative process - clients, budgets, yourself! These things can be a real pain sometimes, but as long as you stick to the brief and don’t overthink the design, you’ll come out on top.


What would be a regular day in your space? Every day is pretty full on here at Little Peach Co. since we only have two hands-on-deck. A typical work day would involve a revolving schedule of quoting and invoicing, designing, printing, and client meetings. Our hands are pretty full with meeting quick turnarounds and working closely with clients to create a fun and friendly design process. What’s your family life like? I have a beautiful wife Cath and two kids, Madeleine (4) and Teddy (2) plus a Labrador called Nelson. It’s pretty hectic during the week as my wife and I both work full time so weekends are all about spending good quality family time together. For someone starting out in the industry what would you suggest to them? In the wedding industry, some good advice is just to stay really positive, no matter the situation. It’s important to remember that it can be a stressful time trying to organise a wedding, so making the process as easy as possible is key. Best bit of advice you received? YOLO. Just joking. Someone said to me once, ‘Stop being a dreamer and start being a doer”. Pretty simple but so true.





the big

4 oh

For my husband’s 40th I wanted to make sure the party had a masculine look to it, I did this using earthy tones and textures along with geometric patterns. My main inspiration for the styling came from the printable design by Ania at 2 Love Birds, I loved the selection of colours, textures and shapes of the design and wanted to use them on my dessert table. There were so many elements and I wanted a little of all of them on my table so I used hexagon shaped stands to display my sweets, as well as wooden risers and metallic and black platters.


CREDITS: Sweet Bambini Event Styling (styling and setup), 2 Love Birds (printables and invitations), Bake it Beautiful (cupcakes, cookies, lemon tarts, salted caramel tarts and white choc tarts), Her Macarons, (macarons), The Cupcake House (fruit flans, salted caramel slice, lemon meringue tarts), PS Made with Love (balloon tassels), Cake by Kim (cake), Little Rag Dolls (photography).





e m i t x o b l o to I simply love hand-made personalised lolly-bags and lolly-boxes for the kids when they drag themselves away from a great party. It becomes their memento gift for attending and sharing your child’s special day. Children hold onto these with such delight once handed to them as they leave the party. Usually they cannot wait to open or rummage through it, usually just stopping and dropping on the spot, with commonly matched squeals, ooohs and aaaahhs and gasps of delight, or they should if it’s a well thought out novelty bag/box. I receive a lot of positive feedback comments from parents stating, “the best lolly-bags and boxes ever” all because of the detail and personalisation we apply to each party bag/box. A bit of planning, time, thought and creativity can make all the difference. You can create a keepsake for them to play with each day for weeks to come while they hold onto the memory of your little one’s celebration together. Here is a simple tool box concept to re-create yourself. You may wish to have for a tool party, construction or even for a garden tools party. The sky’s the limit in design and implementation, on this occasion we are sticking to the DIY concept and strictly simplified, that way you can apply the creativity for your own party.



Cardboard 6 pack or 4 pack beer carriers *

* I just ask my local Dan Murphy’s or 1st Choice stores and

Acrylic Paint Yellow, Orange, Red and Black

say I need for my child’s craft activities - otherwise some

Wide Paint brushes/ rollers

specialist beer stores will have some generic white/plain

Paint bowls/trays

carriers you may be able to purchase for a small gold coin

Plastic mats or plastic roll for work-table overlays (in preference to newspaper which may stick to the cardboard when drying)

fee each.

Glassware or kitchen bottles from pantry (to stand the carriers whilst drying) Ruler Scissors Thick black marker Glue Kids Plastic Tool Sets ** A4 Tool Printables *** A4 Construction Sign Printables **** Foam Alphabet Sticker Sheets

** Lots of kids Plastic Tool Sets – get a variety of brands/ styles colours ensure they are suited to the general age group of party (available at any toy store or department store and bargain/discount stores). *** Tool Printables – print off some colour-in black and white tools and have the kids colour/paint in whilst preparing the boxes in advance. Research online tools, vectors and cartoons to suit the age group of the kids attending the party. ****Construction Sign Printables – set out and print onto A4 labels or adhesive paper for quick application.


ONE Paint the boxes well in advance of the party, a weekend ahead even. Choose red, yellow or orange colours for the tool box base. You can always use them all and alternate colours on each of the boxes. Paint the whole box, both sides. Place over a cup or bottle to allow to dry standing upright but still flat-packed for space saving.

TWO With a ruler and black marker pen draw a line to establish a handle. Paint this top section black. If you go slightly over the line don’t worry, (for all of you who are perfectionists) simply re-draw the line with a fat marker pen once the paint is dry to cover over the little blemishes. Alternately, paint just under the line and draw a black line to fill in the gaps with a fat tip marker pen.

THREE The great thing about the self adhesive foam letters is they are easy to pull on/off should you make a little boo boo! They tend to stay on better the longer they are left alone. You can mix up the letter colours or stick with just one colour. You can also mix up the letter font styles when purchasing, for a fun effect. I love the glitter letters, it’s the big kid in me. Decide on the front of the box, find the middle on this side and put a dot/full-stop on the bottom. Then on the right side of this dot carefully add the letters b-o-x. On the left side of this dot add the foam letters t-o-o-l. It should now spell tool box. If you feel uncomfortable about keeping words in a straight line, make all the letters a bit topsy turvy with slight angles. Avoid anything time consuming and stressful to keep it fun. Repeat the process on the back only this time with each kids name. (I suggest you make a list and ensure you spell everyone’s names correctly – nicknames or make up code names are fun and easy). If it’s a short name or only one word, centre the name on the middle of the box to be seen clearly. Again straight or bouncy words look just as good as each other.





With some strong, quick-dry plastic

Where there are some clear gaps add

Now is the time to fill with all the

glue (if using kids plastic tools) and a

some signage labels such as Caution,

amazing little finds you have been

paint brush, paste on a large tool (ie

Beware, Keep Out. Simply Google

collecting over the last few weeks,

hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers,

construction signage labels and hey

every (and I mean every) time you were

saw, hatchet, monkey wrench, chisel,

presto - save, print and off you go.

out shopping. I am constantly sourcing

L-Square ruler) to the front and then

upcoming party fillers and theming

a few screws, nuts, washers and bolts

so that once the event is around the

to the front and back. Add one of the

corner I already have so many aptly

large tools to one of the sides. Don’t

sourced items. It’s amazing what

over-load on the tool placement as

you will find out there when you start

once filled with goodies the tool box

looking early. Don’t forget the balloon,

will look fabulous. If you are using pa-

bubbles, a few lollys, digging dirt chips,

per tools apply exactly the same using

whistles and play-dough for usual

craft glue.

crowd pleasing objects.




barbie pamper party Styled By Belle had a lot of fun styling Shareen’s 6th Birthday Party. Shareen has a love of Barbie and wanted to use the traditional Barbie colour hot pink! To give the party a chic feel, they incorporated black and white. They also had a “Pamper Party” element whereby the guests were treated to getting their hair, nails and makeup done. They also were able to make their own gorgeous jewellery from beads. The dessert table was a feature of the party and lots of delicious pink desserts were in abundance. These included a gorgeous vintage dolly varden cake with One Sweet Girl’s signature petal skirt, bling cake pops, mini mousse pots, a striking three colour macaron cake tower, pretty petit fours, rosewater marshmallow pops, chocolate coated oreos in pink black and white, mini pannacotta pots, and a range of amazing Barbie and beauty inspired cookies. Shareen also invited boys to her party and they didn’t want to scare them off too much with all the pink and Barbie, so a “Grooming Station” was set up for the boys (in the black and white with no pink to be seen) where they could get their hair coloured with crazy spray and tattoos. Styled by Belle also added some black bow tie and moustache cookies to the dessert table which suited the theme. There was also had a Batman entertainer who come along with the Barbie entertainer, to play games with the kids. Styled By Belle made a giant “Barbie Box” photo booth from an old fridge box that was painted pink. The kids could have their photo while posing inside the box ‘a la Barbie. Lee Bird Photography printed the photo booth photos on-site and they were ready for the kids to take home in a frame at the end of the party. The girls also took home sweet custom made purses filled with Barbie beauty products. The boys were given superhero pencil cases filled with lots of “boy’s stuff”.


CREDITS: Styled By Belle (concept and styling), Dann Event Hire (furniture hire), Dessert Menu, Please (cookies), Ham&Pea Design & Paperie (invitation, paperie and lolly boxes), Lee Bird Photography (photography), Macarahrah (macaron tower), One Sweet Girl (cake, petit fours, coconut ice, mousse pots, cake pops, rosewater marshmallows), Sweet Empire (pink pannacotta pots), Sweet Sticks (bling cake pop sticks), Sweet Sugar Treats (custom made beauty purses), Sweet Table (chocolate coated Oreos).







whimsical wreaths Wreaths are an easy way to decorate any area whether the event is indoors or outdoors. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and about an hour or your time to have the perfect backdrop for your soiree. Our easy to follow tutorial will have you a wreath making expert in no time.


ONE Collect twigs all roughly the same size and thickness (it’s easier than you think), this will make for your base structure, the length of the twigs will determine the size of your wreath.

TWO Arrange the twigs in a hexagon shape on a flat surface (a table is preferable) making sure the ends of the sticks are crossing over,(as per illustration)

THREE Using twine of your choice, begin to tie the twigs together as illustrated. For the hanging support of the wreath tie six lengths of twine (I used 1.8 mtr halved) In the middle of the 6 sections  bringing the ends together and tying a knot, I plaited mine, you can even add beads or a macrame knot or two!


FOUR Once this is done, lay more sticks on top of each other following the shape ( don’t go too crazy) as you need to tie them again. This time tie the twigs together in the middle of the shape as illustrated in step four. Your wreath is now taking shape, and you should begin to feel confident that it is well supported.

FIVE For this step, I gathered leaves and gumnuts, and I did support my local florist by spending $15 on a bunch of meadow flowers and $20 on a bag of Spanish moss or affectionately named ‘Old man’s beard’. Make sure at this stage you are happy with the strength of your wreath as it is best to work on whilst hanging. Grouping the bunches into appealing bouquet’s I tied the ends together with twine, and attached them to the wreath. I then draped the Spanish moss for an added effect.


ONE Get yourself some fluoro builders string from Bunnings, you can choose as many colours as you like but I have gone for three.

TWO Cut the three colours into desired lengths, I prefer longer pieces. Â When attaching the string I grouped the three colours together and tied them as a bunch, but you can do whatever tickles your fancy.

THREE Go crazy and drape and tie the string around the whole wreath.Â





! t u o camp A Camping Party was a perfect theme for my little boy’s third birthday as he just loves being outdoors like most boys do. Ever since Levi could walk he had rocks in his hands and sticks in his pockets so that also helped me to decide on the ideas to use for the party. We went with a modern take for a camping party colours using your usual green and brown palette but also adding blue in too.







CREDITS: Banana J Creations (custom made teepees), CJ Sweet Treats (cakes and Oreo stacks), Couture Cakehouse Melbourne (cupcakes), Grain & Co (cake toppers), Jo Studio (concept, party styling and printables), Melbourne Jumping Castles (fairy floss, slushie party hire), Full of Air (wooden cake risers), Missy J’s Mobile Animal Farm & Pony Rides (animal farm and horses), Lee Bird Photography (photography).



it’s all in the details The popularity of throwing a gorgeous soiree, rather

To decorate your party there are endless choices.

than a simple get together for a celebration is on the

Balloons in the form of metre wide round ones with

increase. It is no longer just about the party itself, but

pretty coloured tassles hanging from them are very

all of the effort that goes in to putting it together - the

popular. Coloured bunting in either paper or fabric


draped across the room adds to the atmosphere and tissue paper pom poms can soften any room. The good

There are a number of areas to consider when having a

thing is you can make this yourself or buy them easily

party; stationery, cake, sweets, dessert tables or candy

online. Don’t forget the small details either like matching

bars, décor, products, flowers, styling and the planning.

the cake stand colours with an element on your

You may want to do all of these or just some of them.

invitation, or add a wooden riser to add to the theme of

But whatever you choose to do it is best to have a look

the party.

that is consistent and the easiest way to do this is to stick to a colour theme.

Nature’s way of decorating is with flowers, whether it be single flowers in glass jars, or bunches of flowers

Stationery is your first port of call as this will let your

in overhanging bird cages your florist will be able to

guests know what kind of feel your party will have;

choose the flowers to suit the occasion best. Or you can

formal, garden, rustic, chic, the list goes on. Remember

head to your local markets and arrange them yourself.

too that this is your starting point for the rest of your décor.

Now to bring everything together to create the look; it is all about composition and placement. If you are unsure

Cakes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be

of just how to do this there are many creative stylists

themed for a children’s party or stylish for a wedding.

out there who can do this for you. They have the eye for

The size of your cake will depend on the number of

it and know exactly where that balloon needs to go to

people coming. Your cake maker will be able to help you

balance out the jars on the dessert table.

with this and if you are making the cake yourself there are many websites that can guide you on the size to

Planning a party can be a lot of fun and there are

guest ratio.

a number of places you can get your ideas from; magazine, blogs, Pinterest and fairs. It’s just a matter of

Dessert tables or candy bars are so very popular now

giving yourself enough time to bring it all together, after

and they look amazing. With assorted apothecary jars

all planning a party is all in the details.

filled with sweets from days gone by it will bring out the sweet tooth in everyone. Add to that the deliciousness of coloured macarons, fancily decorated cupcakes, shaped cookies and the ever so popular cake pops and you have a feast fit for royalty.

CREDITS : Confetti Fair (concept, styling, backdrop, mousse and mousse jars), Minnie’s Sweet Creations (cake, Oreoas, cakepops), MaR-Vilicious Bites (cookie stacks), Ashdown & Bee (trestle table), Sweets for Me (macarons), Haven Lifestyle Photography (photography).




industrial floral Using strong industrial scaffolding, raw lighting and a

conscious of the losing the industrial look feature. Amber

warehouse venue draped in soft flowers and greenery gives

medicine bottles, tin jugs and jars were used as vases for the

this wedding a flair of it’s own.

flowers, and the centrepiece on the table, while beautiful and feminine, was left in a plain vase with no treatment to the

I recently became fascinated with all things ‘industrial’.

stems to keep with the many raw elements. Amazing slate

Factories, the manufacturing process, building

plates on the table enhanced the industrial look, while a less

name it, I was into it. Walking past a building site I looked at

is more approach to decorating the table continued the look

the scaffolding frame and saw beyond its function, imagining

of the simplicity of the industrial elements. Menus and name

a wedding where instead of the delicate overhead installations,

tags from Little Sister Invitations were the perfect finishing

we had solid, masculine structures. I contacted the amazing

touches to the tablescape.

team at Precision Scaffolding who came on board with my idea and set us up with their amazing scaffolding.

Usually a very feminine and heavily decorated element, the desert table for this shoot called for strong and simple

Next it was time to pick the colour palette. I am obsessed

components. Tin and steel toolboxes were used as

with chartreuse...cushions, artwork, anything chartreuse

cakestands, while the amazing cakes from Sweet Bakes, with

seems to be making its way into my house at the moment.

their clean lines and artistic decorations brought life to the

So when I needed a colour to complement the grey and

table, and added a hint of the floral element from our theme.

silver of the industrial steel and concrete, I couldn’t look past this bright and vibrant green. It was the perfect pop of

Finding a suitable location for the shoot was important, and

colour, and helped to enhance the flowers sprinkled around

we couldn’t go past Two Ton Max, a sensitively restored

the venue.

factory in the heart of Melbourne. The array of columns and beams, the patchwork of brick and concrete floors, and the

To complement the industrial look, I used galvanised steel

working overhead crane made it the perfect industrial venue.

Tolix chairs, tin and steel tool boxes. A tin bucket was the perfect ‘esky’, while crates sourced from the local tip shop

Over recent years we’ve seen the very traditional white

added an element of hipster cool to the set up.

weddings, rustic weddings and vintage weddings take centre stage. I predict that the next few years will show, a different

To bring some contrast to the strength of the scaffolding

style of wedding emerging that includes more masculine and

and other steel and tin elements, I added bright florals. It

strong elements.

was tempting to go overboard with the flowers, but I was


CREDITS: Button Events and Styling (styling, flowers and props), Little Sister Invitations (stationery), Two Ton Max (wedding venue), Sweet Bakes (cakes), Precision Scaffolding (scaffolding), Mi Amor Photography (photography).





beautiful bunting YOU WILL NEED: Scissors Glue (craft or hot glue) Twine (or double length of cotton) 2 x Bamboo skewers Ribbons for bows (optional)

ONE Cut the pattern from the magazine and

TWO Cut flags individually.

fold along the score


THREE Fold the triangle over twine or doubled up cotton and glue.

FOUR Ensure you allow enough twine at each end to tie to your posts.

FIVE Poke your skewers into the cake and adjust.


FREE BANNER Simply print out, cut and use.




party products

PLATES top row | The Party Parlour (pink spots), Illume Design (white damask), middle row | Ruby Rabbit, (yellow triangles), Ruby Rabbit (lovehearts and spots), Illume Design (pink damask), The Party Parlour (blue herringbone) bottom row | Ruby Rabbit (confetti triangles), Ruby Rabbit (pink and white harlequin).


CUPS top row | The Party Parlour (pink polkadots), Ruby Rabbit (pink and white harlequin), Ruby Rabbit (lovehearts and spots) middle row | Ruby Rabbit (yellow triangles), The Party Parlour (confetti spots), Ruby Rabbit (confetti triangles), The Party Parlour (navy chevron) bottom row | Illume Design (rainbow chevron), Love the Occasion (jungle animals), The Party Parlour (taupe stripes), The Party Parlour (rainbow stripes)


FAVOUR BAGS left | The Party Parlour (brown with ribbon), Love the Occasion (rainbow stripes) centre left | Ruby Rabbit (water paint confetti), Illume Design (pink damask), Love the Occasion (soft confetti) centre right | The Party Parlour (rainbow stripe with ribbon), The Party Parlour (blue herringbone), Illume Design (pink chevron) right | Illume Design (rainbow chevron), Love the Occasion (stripe with loveheart), The Party Parlour (pink polkadot)



CAKE TOPPERS left | Communicake It (mirrored cake topper) above | Grain & Co (wooden cupcake toppers)




jungle party Imagine a party where the animals roam wild, the adventure is fun and the greenery comes alive. This is the birthday style for this Jungle Safari party, suitable for a boy or a girl. Strong colours of green, brown, orange and yellow were used and the safari theme was carried through the decor to the food on the table.






CREDITS: Boo Boo & Bear - Vintage Furniture Hire (concept, styling, hire furniture, props, cake stands, lolly jars, safari kids car ride, mini logs for dessert table labels, lolly favour bags, kids safari hats/binoculars, jelly cups, lolly treat tubes, lollies, chocolate bars), Savvy Cakes by Lena (cake, cake pops, cupcakes, cookies), Paper Face – Children’s Party Boutique (printables and signage), Nikki Fitt Photography (photography).





s n i a l l i v & s e o r e h r e sup A party was in the making and the birthday girl wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday with friends and family creating memories that lasted long after the decorations were packed away. As the party girl loved all things crafty she was inspired to create a Poison Ivy costume and from here the theme of the party followed suit. A fancy dress Superheroes & Villains party that was playful yet elegant creating a fun night that no one would forget. The lolly and dessert bar sparkled with glistening gold accents and black to represent the night. There was no mistaking that this party girl was turning the big three zero as the light up number sign was demanding attention centred on the lolly and dessert bar. The Superman symbol was used throughout the party neatly tying in the theme and the birthday girl’s first initial. Superheroes and villains were guarding the desserts but their efforts failed as these delicious desserts were devoured instantly. The Superheroes & Villains cake sat six tiers high incorporating different characters, showcasing Poison Ivy at the top. Cocktails were named after superheroes and villains and pizza was on the menu for the guests. The city skyline wrapped the surrounds and black and gold decorations were scattered above and around the seating. As superheroes and villains entered the party a photo booth captured funny faced moments that were later used in thankyou cards for the guests. This party was styled using a comic book elegance that sparkled through the night celebrating a crafty girls 30th that no one would forget. Creating memorable moments and unforgettable memories this fancy dress Superheroes & Villains party was a delight to style, an adult sophisticated twist on a much loved theme.




CREDITS: The Lolly & Dessert Bar Company (styling, light up number sign, cupcakes, gold cake, bite size cakes, photography, cupcake toppers, gold Superman sign) Cakes by Shair (Superhero & Villain six tier cake, stainless steel laser cut personalised cake board), One Bite (macarons).




things we love... Cupcake stands from The Lovely Little Cakery (




royal picnic We wanted to design and create a beautiful picnic themed party but wanted to incorporate gold and glitter. So we came up with the idea of a modern picnic theme, almost like a royal picnic. Instead of your typical red and white checkered picnic blanket and dark brown picnic baskets, we opted for peach coloured picnic blankets and very light coloured baskets. Our colour pallet was gold, peach, cream, and white. We wanted everything to look fresh, modern, and as if the kids were on an actual picnic celebrating their friend’s birthday in style. We had a couple of balloons around, using branches as weights to make it tie in with the trees and really soften them. Usually in picnic themed parties you see checkered fabric on the table or a picnic rug on the floor, but we wanted to style something more high-end and unique. So we decided to make the kids table the grass so it felt like they were sitting on the floor like a real picnic. Everyone had their own little picnic rug, complete with their own little picnic basket full of snacks, and their own glass bottle with fresh juice. Kid’s chairs with white chair covers and gold sashes were used to really make their picnic table look wow. The table had a beautiful gold polka dotted tulle skirting that was custom made to tie in the colours and make sure the theme flowed throughout the party. The dessert table was full of candy and delicious sweets, and gold stands and glass jars were used to keep the table simple and clean so the focus was on the sweets. Personalised items were made for the water bottle labels, candy boxes and chocolate bar wrappers that are perfect for thank you gifts. Instead of a backdrop we left the background exposed and had a frame full of flowers with a butterfly or two and a custom designed name covered in glitter, keeping the same font as all the labels and making it look as if it were floating.





CREDITS: El Evento (concept, styling, dessert table, cake, sweets, graphic design, furniture, photography), Daniela Gutierrez, Mariana Claros Lee and Joshua Claros Lee (models).


0407 791 922 m e f b



the drink trolley

When styling a party you need one key piece of furniture to wrap every other idea around, it could be a gorgeous old table, a gilded mirror or perhaps an old drink trolley. And once you have that staple piece you can use it in a number of different ways for many celebrations to come.


DESSERT TABLE Drink trolleys make a perfect little dessert table with their versatility to decorate in many styles for many occasions. Add some moss and vines with hints of gorgeous pinks throughout the desserts and flowers and you have the prettiest of settings. Â



CARDS TABLE Add a rustic feel to the drink trolley to make a great cards table. Simply add a vintage suitcase, mirrored cards sign, wood pieces and softened with dusty blue colours throughout.



CEREMONY SIGNING TABLE Gorgeous simplicity with a hint of glamour was added to the drink trolley for a stunning Signing Table. Add some lace, a silver candelabra and use some wooden letters to spell out love.

CREDITS : Jane & Jack Event Styling (concept, styling, desserts and props), By George Events (silver candelabra), Rosie & Rolf (photography).





exquisite jewellery What does an avid collector of fine jewellery do with over 20,000 gorgeous pieces that are just sitting in the spare room? Hire them out for parties of course. Helena Bellotti shares how her infatuation with exquisite jewellery started.

What made you start collecting jewellery? My

pretty much anywhere, the internet, shops,

mum was a mad jewellery lady, she had five rings

auctions, garage sales, markets, off the street.

on each finger on each hand, bracelets all up her arms and necklaces galore on her neck. My mum

Which piece is your favourite one? Everyone asks

was my early influence. Being a collector in my

me that question! To be honest every one of my

own right now I love how jewellery makes me feel

pieces is my favourite as they all have a story to tell

and also makes my clients feel.

and I love telling their stories.

How many pieces do you have? At last count it

Tell us a bit more about the bling parties you

was over 20,000.

hold? I cater to individual hiring; corporate program hiring and also I hire out “bling bars”.

What was the most difficult piece to get hold of?

Events and functions can hire out my pieces to

Hmmmm, a vintage Kenneth Jay Lane book piece.

specifically outfit their guests at the events. I set

Book pieces are really rare and collectors don’t sell

up a jewellery bar and guests are able to wear the


pieces during the event.

How do you go about purchasing your pieces ie do you see a piece for auction and bid or is there a particular designer whose work you love? I love all sorts of jewellery and designers although my preference is statement and different. I purchase




r e v o o r g e l litt

We celebrated our littlest baby’s first birthday with a music theme with a retro vibe. Jordan loves music and smiles every time he hears the tunes on the radio. I love to watch him bop away and enjoy himself, as we sing along to our favourite songs. I called upon some amazing friends and vendors to help me create a fun and vibrant setting for his party. We hired out the local community centre and invited close friends and family for an afternoon of grooving and fun. Li Ann of Ham and Pea, custom designed Jordan’s laser cut invitation which was a retro jukebox and the accent was also used on one of the banners. The colour palette of black, white and hues of teal were chosen and used throughout the setup. The kids loved the authentic jukebox and spent most of the afternoon dancing and doing the chicken dance. I wanted to create a dessert table with just the right amount of desserts. Sometimes having too many desserts can be a little overwhelming for guests. However having a couple of stations they can frequent during the party and help themselves to creates a fun and interactive environment for the little ones and their parents. In thinking of a cake design for my little one, I really wanted to keep it simple and clean and asked Glistening Occasions to create a mirror name topper for the orange and poppy seed cake and music notes for the three tiered chocolate mud cake. The toppers were the perfect pair, l loved how they turned out. The cakes were accompanied by blueberry cheesecake pots , music notes vanilla cookies, glittered mini chocolate coated Oreo’s and petite cupcakes. The Popcorn Bar was a hit with the kids. They loved helping themselves to the bamboo cones and choosing the toppings and sprinkles to go with their popcorn. The children had a wonderful afternoon and my little Jordan enjoyed his special day.






CREDITS : Studio Cake (concept, design and all sweets), Ham and Pea Paperie (printables and banner), Blush Loves Mint (balloonery and chalkboard), Mini Party People (ghost chairs and tables), Vintage Sew & So (linen and risers), Dunne with Style (retro fans), Lee Bird Photography (photography).





raw banoffee cream pie For those you that do not know what Banoffee is, gather in close and get your taste buds ready to start celebrating your newfound love. Traditional Banoffee is made from buttery biscuits, sweet caramel, bananas and cream- lots of cream, which sounds divine however I would always find myself feeling a tad guilty after consuming most of the cake myself‌ Imagine a crumbly nut base smothered in raw gooey caramel then layered with fresh bananas, dollops of raw salty caramel and topped with a cinnamon and vanilla bean banana cream. No cooking required, a completely refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan cake loaded full of powerhouse superfoods, which offer a broad spectrum of vital vitamins and minerals jammed packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Yes an indulgent sweet treat that’s good for the whole family that will make your taste buds dance and your heart sing.


NUT BASE Pinch sea salt 10g coconut oil 100g almonds 100g walnuts 100g hazelnuts 40g desiccated coconut 50g agave nectar RAW CARAMEL Pinch sea salt 200g dates ½ cup water 2 tbs lemon juice 2 tbs almond nut butter 50g agave nectar BANANA CREAM EN E, GLUT GAR FRE RAW, SU A , VEG N IRY FREE FREE, DA NDLY. LEO FRIE AND PA E


3-4 bananas (to taste) 300g cashews (soaked for at least 4 hours) pinch sea salt 5g mesquite powder (optional) 10g lucuma powder (optional) 400ml coconut cream 1 vanilla bean (seeds scraped) 1 tsp cinnamon 150g agave nectar 120ml coconut oil (melted- you may need to melt the coconut oil in a double boiler if it has solidified) 20g lecithin (optional)





Place the hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts,

Place all the ingredients for the raw

Take the chilled cake tin out of the

desiccated coconut and sea salt

caramel into the blender and blend

fridge and smother the nut base with

into a high powered blender or food

until you have a creamy caramel

half your raw caramel, then chop up

processor and blitz until nuts are

consistency- this should take

fresh banana to layer on top and place

broken down into small pieces.

approximately 2-5 minutes depending

back in the fridge and move onto the

Then add the coconut oil and agave

on your blender. Stop the blender a


nectar and blitz again until combined

few times to scrape the raw caramel

thoroughly- you do not want to over

from the sides to ensure the entire

process or the nuts will turn into nut

ingredients breakdown evenly. (If you

butter which will be too sticky to use

prefer a salty caramel add additional

for the nut base.

sea salt to taste.)

Once nuts are combined scoop out mixture into an 8 inch springform cake tin (line the bottom of the cake tin with baking paper) and compress the nuts to form a crust then place in fridge to chill while making the raw caramel.






Take your cashews that have been

Once your cake has set pull out of

soaked in water for at least four

freezer, remove the springform tin

hours and rinse, drain and place in

immediately and you will be able to

the blender, add the sea salt, agave,

remove the cake easily from the tin at

cinnamon, two bananas, mesquite,

the bottom as you have lined it with

lucuma, vanilla bean seeds and

baking paper. Cut baking paper into

coconut cream and blend until creamy

the cake shape and then start dressing

in consistency - you may have to add

your cake anyway your heart desires…

more coconut cream if the mixture is

more caramel and banana...fresh

too thick to blend however the mixture

strawberries and desiccated coconut.

should still be thick and not too runny in consistency.

NOTE When we soak nuts it makes it easier

Once the mixture is smooth and

for our bodies to breakdown the nut

creamy add the lecithin first and then

and absorb more nutrients and they

add the coconut oil and mix well.

taste delicious too.

Take your cake tin out of the fridge

Mesquite and lucuma powder are

and pour the banana cream over the

both powerful superfoods that add a

caramel and bananas, if you like you

delicious creamy caramel flavour to

can use half the banana cream then

your food while adding an array of

dollop raw caramel on top and then

vitamins and minerals too, most health

continue to pour in the rest of the

food store will sell these. Wherever you

banana cream and place the cake tin

can, use organic produce to free your

in the freezer for at least four hours

body from consuming any chemical

to set.




TALK OF THE PARTY ADELAIDE Talk of the Party is an online party boutique offering unique

want our customers to be inspired by our products and use

partyware for any occasion. The website makes it easy for

this to create a memorable occasion for their loved ones.

DIY party hosts to gather everything required to ‘get the party started’ (so to speak). Along with the supplies, TOTP

Creativity inspires me. It’s amazing how creative some

also have a range of invites, wrapping paper, gift cards and

people are. I love waking up and looking on instagram,

tags, to help with the finishing touches. For people living in

checking out the amazing things people have made or

the Barossa Valley, we also offer event planning/styling and

styled. My mum has always inspired me and encouraged me


to do what I love with my work, it has taken me till now to finally understand and know what that means.

The boutique is leading up to its very exciting launch on the 1st of July. I’ve spent 6 months sourcing stock from all over

0401 642 537

the world and creating a boutique that I love and am proud

of. I’m excited to soon be able to share that experience with

my customers. It’s a new journey for me and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. My aim at TOTP is to supply our customers with high quality partyware and to allow my passion, love and creativity to shine through our products. For me it is not about quantity, but quality and setting a high standard for our business. I



Images by Strawberrygirl Photography

LOVE LETTERS PERTH Love Letters AU is currently Western Australia’s only provider

– we wanted to bring a little more sparkle to WA weddings.

of life-size, light-up letters, numbers and more. Designed

And we ensure we do this from that very first call.”

to illuminate Perth and Western Australia’s weddings and events, we are a styling company with a difference.

I feel incredibly honoured to play just a small part in making a couple’s wedding dreams come true, and feel at my most

Love Letters is the new kid on the block, bursting on to

inspired when I meet a newly engaged pair all giddy about

the Australian wedding scene in January 2014. But Dani

spending the rest of their lives together. I always leave that

Campbell, the brain behind the business, has been working

initial meeting thinking "How can I help give that gorgeous

in events for 11 years. “Although a new business, we have

couple the most perfect day ever?” In a nutshell, I’m inspired

had our hands and hearts in weddings and events for a long

by love, so it's really no wonder I adore what I do!

time, and are extremely passionate about what we do, but more importantly, doing it in a way that excels!”

0435 742 558

First and foremost, we are one of a kind – no other WA

company does what we do. Secondly, a genuine passion for providing the most incredible customer service. I am so utterly dedicated to ensuring my bride’s find their wedding planning experience fun and joyous. Our clients quickly become our friends and this is something I am very proud of. Our objective with Love Letters was clear from the start




little man celebration We always love dressing Ethan up with bow ties, so we thought that the Little Man theme was a perfect fit using the colour theme of blue, yellow and white. I sewed all the little bow ties and glued them onto skewers for the invitations created by Amy from Paper Blossom Creations. I also made the bow tie Ethan was wearing on the day and the matching bow tie around the top tier of the birthday cake. I was so lucky to have so much help from my lovely family and friends, my sisters made up all the giant balloon tassels. My friend, Vicky helped make the chevron no. 1 piùata from a tutorial we found on Pinterest. She also helped with Ethan’s party hat and decorated the high chair and the chevron backdrop for the dessert table. Jocelyn from Memories are Sweet did such an amazing job with all the customised paperie and bow tie balloon tail, I just adored her mini paper bow ties on all the elements. Rochelle from À la Roch was sensational, she helped customise the acrylic cake topper to have a sitting baby silhouette with a bow tie. Rochelle also made up an edible image for the bottom tier of the cake and liaised with Jocelyn to use the same image on the paperie.



CREDITS : Paper Blossom Creations (invitations), Memories are Sweet (menu tags, thank you tags, table sign, cupcake toppers, bow tie balloon tassels), À la Roch (customised acrylic cake topper and edible image, acrylic cake pop sticks), The Lovely Little Cakery (cake, cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, white chocolate mousse pots and jelly slice, paper straws, milk bottles, glass pots, cake stands and cupcake stands), Bickiboo (baby blue euro suitcases), Confetti & Cake (mason jar drink dispenser), Huy Bui Photography (photography).


r e k a b l a u the virt

The tutorial was from My Cupcake Addiction on YouTube



Cupcakes can be truly fantastic things - not only are they

This particular recipe is centred on colouring small batches

dainty and delicious but they’re also the perfect marriage

of batter and then filling ice cream cones in layers so

of food and decoration; a spongy canvas on which a clever

that when cooked and broken open a rainbow pattern is

cook can create something with beauty and visual flair. I’m

revealed for a fun visual surprise. Seeing all those cups of

also terrified of them. Baking to me – and probably to a lot

batter popping with vibrant colour (the video told me to

of other people – has always been some sort of culinary

go overboard with the food dye and boy howdy, I did) was

sorcery, a secret art that I’ve never been privy to. However

exciting and despite my misgivings I realised I was starting

with the staggering amount of free instructional videos on

to have fun - in fact part of me wished I’d bought some

the internet now and the changing roles of gender in the

more colours. The next step is filling the cones with batter,

kitchen, I decided it was time to confront my fears. Having

and with my disembodied instructor warning me not to

never baked before, I was going to do the unthinkable. I was

overfill them, I begin to stress again, my recurring nightmare

going to make fancy little cupcakes.

being an oven bursting with some rainbow cake-like vanilla flavoured monster.

A friend of mine suggested I try out rainbow ice cream cakes – they look like small ice cream cones and reveal

There is noticeable relief when I close the oven door and,

different layers of colour when bitten into. Looking at a

feeling like fate has momentarily taken the reigns, I start

picture of these imposter cakes magically disguised as ice

digging through my cupboards for decorative confection,

cream I knew they would be a challenge, yet riding a wave

excitement flooding back now that I can see the finish line.

of bravado I publicly announced that I would make them

In the end I follow the tutorials suggestion and round off

decorations and all, perhaps unconsciously realising that a

my little rainbow cakes with buttermilk frosting, with a twist

baking catastrophe would at least make for a good article.

of rainbow sour strip for garnish – amazingly, they actually

By the time I actually sat down to watch the tutorial I was

do look like little ice creams, and I reflect that they’d be a

feeling very fatalistic, having stoically accepted that I would

smash at kids parties. I’ve eaten so much cake batter by this

soon go down in history as the worst cake baker ever. Then

point that I’m not sure I can handle a whole cupcake just

I watched the video.

now, yet curiosity gets the better of me and I decide to put my finished product to the ultimate test. Taking a bread knife

I’m not sure if all YouTube tutorials are this good or whether

I gingerly slice a finished cone down the middle and I’m

I just struck lucky, but the instructional video on offer from

greeted with a medley of red, yellow, green, and blue that

channel “my cupcake addiction” was so well put together

heralds my triumphant entry into the world of baking.

that I felt like a plot twist in a movie, a hero snatched from the jaws of doom by some divine intervention. The setup

Staring at my sugary creations, I’m slightly dumbfounded.

on these videos (I’ve since looked through a few more)

It worked. I made fancy cupcakes, and partly because of

is deceptively simple; one unchanging overhead shot of

the meticulous nature of the challenge, partly for the sheer

a kitchen counter with all the ingredients spread out and

decadence of the damn things, I had a great deal of fun

identified and instruction coming in the form of a voice over

doing it. More importantly, I learnt that it really isn’t the

whose guidance is demonstrated live by a pair of on screen

insurmountable challenge I thought it was. If you’ve never

hands. Watching this video really took away a lot of the

had the nerve to bake before, remember that one of the joys

anxiety I had about making cupcakes, and, suddenly excited

of hosting a party is surprising your guests with something

by the thrill of challenge, an idea began to take root in my

that they - or you – didn’t think possible, and with the

mind – I might actually pull this off.

plethora of easily accessible, high quality tutorials available now, there’s never been a better time to do so.




! o g , y d a e ready, st Nate loves cars and his dad loves taking him see the hot rods and I was looking for something a little different and fun for his second birthday. So it seemed like a perfect the theme. To make things easier I collected bits and pieces for his party for twelve months, such as the red diner baskets to all the retro tin signs to bring it all together. I used the colours of red, navy and white with a touch of silver.



CREDITS: Sweet Little Details (styling, children’s tables, chairs and accessories), Peaches and Cream Desserts (cake, milkshake cupcakes, burger macarons), Velvetier (cookies), Ham & Pea Design and Paperie (invite, backdrop, thank you notes, oil can printables, chocolate wrappers), Bespoke Party Products (custom wooden spoons), Stefanie Plum Photography (photography).



take two Quite often a trend sweeps the party scene and it is suddenly everywhere, and on everything. So how do your make that trend look different to what is already out there? A few simply colour changes and some clever design elements and you have yourself something a little different.




CREDITS : Sugarcoated Bakehouse (concept, styling, cheesecake jars, brownies, cupcakes and backdrop), Spotlight (table cloth material), Dunne with Style (paper rosettes), Belissimo Bunting (hessian name bunting), Its a Cake Thing by Jhoanee (cake and cookies), High Tea Delights (vintage suitcase, mason jars and black cake stands), Mon Tresor (invitation, sign and thankyou tags), Typo (moustache, letter N, moustache peg, hessian printed frame and chalkboard).




CREDITS : Sweet Heavens Lolly Buffet (concept, styling, cupcakes and personalised chocolate bars), MillyBoo Designs (printables and backdrop), Pine Mountain Timber Company (red wooden cake stands), Caspa Australia (black and white tablecloth), Melicious Cake House (three tiered cake and moustache cookies), Dali-cious Cake Pops (cakepops), Her Macarons (macarons), Bubble Moo Balloons (balloon tower), DownTown Bar & Grill (venue).



! p o p k n i p The resurgence of the delightful lemonade stand is making a plain party pretty again, and it doesn’t take too much time or effort to put one together. There are a number of companies who hire the stands out, or you can make your own, or you can pick up cardboard ones from some of your big chain stores. Whatever you choose you can make it your own by adding beautiful drink dispensers, mini bottles with coloured straws and deocr such as pom poms. Add some wooden crates, bunches of flowers and bowls of lemons and you have yourself the perfect party setup. Making your own lemonade is super easy too and you can add a drop or two of food colouring to add some colour.


MAKING THE PERFECT LEMONADE Squeeze some lemons, add sugar and water. But how to make lemonade so that it tastes right everytime? Here’s a surefire method. Remember the starting proportions – 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of lemon juice. (This ratio makes a pretty sweet lemonade. Reduce the amount of sugar if you want your lemonade less sweet or if you are using Meyer lemons which are naturally sweeter than standard lemons.) The secret to perfect lemonade is to start by making sugar syrup, also known as “simple syrup”. Dissolving the sugar in hot water effectively disperses the sugar in the lemonade, instead of having the sugar sink to the bottom.

INGREDIENTS 1 cup sugar (can reduce to 3/4 cup) 1 cup water (for the simple syrup) 1 cup lemon juice 3 to 4 cups cold water (to dilute)

METHOD 1. Make simple syrup by heating the sugar and water in a small saucepan until the sugar is dissolved completely. 2. While the sugar is dissolving, use a juicer to extract the juice from 4 to 6 lemons, enough for one cup of juice. 3. Add the juice and the sugar water to a pitcher. Add 3 to 4 cups of cold water, more or less to the desired strength. Refrigerate 30 to 40 minutes. If the lemonade is a little sweet for your taste, add a little more straight lemon juice to it. 4. Serve with ice, sliced lemons. *Making the Perfect Lemonade recipe from

CREDITS : Hoot Invitations (printables), Pom Pom Princess (tulle pom poms), Cat Flower Photography (flowers), Jodi G Photography (photography), Stella, Ivy & Eva (models).





set the scene Photographs are a way of capturing today’s moments and making them tomorrows’ memories.  We take photographs of special events like weddings, summer holidays, family gatherings and children, before they have a chance to change.  Often it is that moment that drives us to pick up the camera. There is an underlying emotion that we want to capture, to carry with us into the future, to somehow cement the joy and love surrounding us now.   But what happens when the special moment is the photographs?  When you are looking for something more unique than a pretty background for this year’s session?  A stylised photography session does just this while adding a bit of flair and fun to an already magical milestone. It generally includes a theme, a great location, fitting wardrobe and your special little one as the star.   When this particular client contacted me, she wanted a session for her little girls 6th birthday.  She knew she wanted something a bit more special than a traditional park session and it had to involve a dress she had worn recently as flower girl and was dying to wear again. Once I saw the dress and spoke to Mum I found out she was a sucker for anything country… the idea for a vintage country picnic was born.  In my props I already had a beautiful quilt, some suitcases, a wicker picnic basket and the perfect cushions. My client trusted me to complete the vision with lots of flowers, old style vases and lollies. Once the scene was set, we personalised it to her daughter. Since it was for her birthday, cupcakes in her favourite colours were a must. The blankie that was a gift when she was born and that she often carries with her peeks


out from the background adding a sentimental touch. A picture of her Nan sits in pride of place watching over her and since she has a new found love for reading we added books to highlight that milestone. Last but certainly not least, we let her, be her.  A delighted little girl surrounded in a wonderland created just for her. She brought lots of laughter and joy to the shoot and I was able to capture those moments in time.    If you would like to put together a session like this of your own, there are a few things to think about first. The first step is to sit down with your photographer and talk to them. The end result should be a collaboration of ideas and trusting them to complete the vision. It helps to let them know what you like and what milestones you would especially like to highlight and who is to be at the center of the session. Do you want to showcase a little girl in love with fairytales or a little boy obsessed with trains? Is there a phase that you want to always remember? Maybe you would like to capture that one special trait before it is outgrown, to remind you of that special time in your child’s life. From this initial conversation comes the structure of the session. The next thing to tick off the list is the location. A luscious park and green trees, no matter how beautiful, won’t suit if you simply aren’t nature people. And a sneaky set up at the local library won’t work if “quiet” isn’t a word that suits your little ‘stars’ personality.  Even the most beautiful space won’t be right if it isn’t somewhere that the subject is comfortable.     Determining how you would like the images to be used is also very important. Will the finished product be hung on a wall as a piece of art, used to populate a coffee table book or sent out as next year’s Christmas card?   The final product will influence what aspects you focus on. Chances are, if you are looking for wall art you won’t want a larger picture of a cupcake.  But, if you are putting together a book, those detail images will really help tell the story.  Once you have the scene set up, make it personal. Even if it is an often done and well-loved theme, there are plenty of ways to make it unique to you. Bring in items from home that are dear to you. Fill the scene with things that make a regular appearance in your days, such as pictures of loved ones, books from their bedtime routine, hankies that have been passed down from special people and ‘lovies’ that are on their last threads. These items don’t need to take center stage but will trigger memories of love and nostalgia when looking back ten years from now. These moments captured will be much more than just an image of an era gone by. It will mirror the essence of the subject and the things they held dear.





! y b a b , g a b e h t n i it’s I remember as a young kid, going to parties, the most

Yes, those bags were pretty much a bag of gold, holding the

important and desirable part of the event was leaving.

memories of your entire afternoon. Reliving every giggle, every game – sweet, by sweet. Even the green jelly babies

No, not because I didn’t always have an amazing time

were welcome in a lolly bag – if only for trading with your

– spinning my little head, stealing musical chairs and

next-door neighbour for a lend of their bike.

kisses, coveting sausage rolls like they were the last grain of food on earth. No, you get me wrong – I never really

What happens now when you leave a party, what do you

wanted to leave a party. Who wants to leave a party? With

get? A taxi. A hangover. A dodgy stain on your new blouse.

the exception of those gentle few who swig a dozen red

A reluctant trip to Hungry Jack’s. A sneaky, half empty bottle

cordials early in the evening and end up handing out way

of warm sparkling wine (or is that just me?) You don’t get

too much truth & dare than one party can handle – those

much for leaving a party these days.

ones, they want to leave a party as soon as physically possible – besides them though, no one really wants to

I am making a big call now, feel the earth shake…I say bring

leave a party.

back the lolly bags. Give your guests a sweet sugar high to moderately balance the bitterness of leaving your amazing

But remember back to your youth? Yep, all the way back

do. I’m not talking about ‘gift bags’, or bombonairies

there in the dark corners of your party history. Remember

(although they’ll do.) I’m talking old-fashioned plastic

what used to happen when you left?

baggies – full of unwrapped sweets and melting chocolate buds. A marshmallow or two, a musk stick, a banana, and a

Lolly bags!

few spearmint leaves, for good measure.

The emptiness of a departure, made sweet by the gift of

I want that little inexpensive bag when I leave a party. I

candy. An entire, tiny little bag of candy – all to yourself (…

want something to make me forget about that awkward

and your bully, sweet-toothed older sister/brother/dad.)

conversation I had with my friend’s boss, something to drown out the misery of seeing my old flame and his new

Oh those were the days. Something all to yourself. A bag

girl, I want something sweet to chew on in the morning

of joy to poke through on the car ride home – to make

when I wake up and don’t remember how I got home and

sure your sugar levels don’t drop too quick. To subdue the

why my boots are still on, but my jeans aren’t…

painful whining of a broken-hearted mini person, plucked from a social hub too soon. The bags were as much for your

Yes, I say bring back those lolly bags. Make the departure

parents and guardians as they were for you.

sweet again – because no one anywhere, anytime wants to leave a party on an unsavoury note!

Photography by Dragonfly Imagery


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Confetti Fair Magazine | Issue 2  

A magazine for the DIY party host.

Confetti Fair Magazine | Issue 2  

A magazine for the DIY party host.