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By the MSR Lumber Producers Council


July 2022 #14276 Page #82

Component Manufacturers Enjoy Valuable Networking & Learning Opportunities at 2022 MSR Workshop


e were pleased to welcome 77 individuals to the MSR Workshop in Salt Lake City this past April,” reports MSRLPC President George Hamilton of Canfor Southern Pine. “It was wonderful to be together again with a great group of industry members – from MSR producers, to wholesalers, to users of the product.” First-time workshop attendees Adam Beck and Eric Cain of Drexel Building Supply in Campbellsport, Wisconsin, agree. “First and foremost, the biggest benefit was to meet face to face with others in the industry,” says Beck. “We were excited to be able to travel again after COIVD, and our push to make the trip was reinforced when we arrived and got to start networking. Live conversations are always a huge win for us, and I feel confident that if we attend in the future we’ll be able to grow the connections we made.” “We buy through a lot of the mills that attend Adam Beck (Drexel Building Supply) and Sawyer the workshop and wanted to meet them,” explains Bardwell (Wildwood Trading Group) Cain. “Component manufacturing is relatively new to Drexel, so it was good to talk to people from across the country and get a broader viewpoint. Face-to-face interaction goes a long way toward establishing relationships that make it possible to pick up the phone and talk to the right people.” “If you’re a consumer of MSR, then it’s very valuable to be a part of this workshop,” says Porter Clark, owner of Hiwassee Builders Supply Inc. in Athens, Tennessee. “I learned more within the first hour than I had in ten years of MSR purchasing. It really helped me connect the dots about the grade.” Another newcomer to the workshop, Clark says he believes that it is in his best interest to know the mills, and it’s in the mills’ best interest to know who consumes their product. “The workshop is a great opportunity to get together to foster the relationships in this segment of the market,”

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