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ADVERTISER TESTIMONIALS “Working with Jody and South County Magazine has been a fantastic experience from beginning to end. And there really is no end, considering they offer a wide variety of services for the local business who wants some great attention. The magazine is high quality. As a reader first, I always trusted South County to provide high quality content about the businesses in my area and the real people who own and operate them. South County Magazine highlights the efforts of local businesses with style and local business is the heartbeat of our communities. I was so impressed with the writing. Jody captured the essence of our company and the story behind it which is so important for our industry. Two thumbs up for South County - a simply great publication.” - Lindsey M. Fisher, CEO at A Mission for Michael, Inc.

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"Our company recently started advertising in South County Magazine and we have already received a great return on our investment! There are obviously many options when deciding where to place your marketing dollars, but for my money, I'm very happy to be partnered with a publication run by people who truly care about helping my business grow. Jody and her team worked with me to develop a campaign that would maximize my exposure to new customers and generate the best possible results. Thank you from all of us here at The Other Guys." - David Marzluf, The Other Guys Awning & Tint Specialists "As local business owners and professionals, we are so lucky to have South County Magazine to reach our target customer through advertising and share our business 'stories" and philosophies through the editorial opportunities. Working with South County Magazine couldn't be easier. I was helped every step of the way - from the photography, writing and design - AND ALL AT NO EXTRA COST. Since participating, my business has tripled - a significant return on my advertising investment. Advertising with South County Magazine is simple, straight-forward and most importantly ... it works!" - Victoria Vannini, Howard Jones Salon, Dana Point

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"It is an absolute pleasure advertising with South County Magazine. Wow! We were stunned by the overwhelming exposure and publicity from being on the front cover of South County Magazine. It put our Assisted Living Community on the map for South County. We felt special and like Rock Stars!"- Aileen and Paul Brazeau, San Clemente Villas by the Sea "Being new to San Juan Capistrano, I wasn’t sure what would be the best avenue for advetising and marketing. Thankfully I picked up a copy of South County Magazine at a restaurant and read the testimonials. They were not like any I’d seen – raving about the staff and Jody’s way of being more like a partner in your business than just an advertising publication. Jody met with me soon after I called. She listened to my goals and concerns, and then shared her thoughts and expertise with regard to what might be most effective for my unique business. Several months later, she is still in easy contact, never seeming like she’s trying to make a sale, but always wanting to be sure I don’t miss an opportunity to grow. I cannot say enough about what an asset Jody and her magazines are to our communities and businesses." - Catherine Darras, Catherine Darras Hypnotherapy, San Juan Capistrano "With many options when investing my advertising dollars, I decided to interview and research the local publications before I made a decision. After several interviews, it was clear we would put our trust into Jody and South County Magazine. Jody is a delight to work with, giving above and beyond professionalism and attention to detail. I feel she truly cares about the success of my ad and my business. Thank you Jody, South County Magazine is the best!" - Mary McPherson, Awoken Life Brain Wave Optimization, San Juan Capistrano "After searching for the best bang for my marketing dollar, I thought I hit a wall until I found South County Magazine. Great customer service is a priority to me, so when I met Jody and the staff, I was very pleased. They are very organized with a family feel. They want the best for your business and it shows. The best part of South County Magazine - it works! I have received many amazing clients due to this magazine. Thank you South County Magazine you are the best! !" - Brittany De Anda, Bronze by Brittany, San Juan Capistrano "We have been in business for 9 years and we have always done advertising to reach new customers. Recently, we started advertising with South County Magazine and the calls began flowing in right away! Jody was so helpful and didn’t push us into a long-term contract. We believe that positive results are the only contract we need. We look forward to continuing to build our business even more with South County Magazine." - Scott & Suzie Sells, Spot Free Windows, San Juan Capistrano FEBRUARY 2015



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Publisher’s Note We are honored to announce that South County Magazine has been selected by the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association to serve as the official media sponsor of the Fiesta de las Golondrinas (or Festival of the Swallows) events for 2015, including the Taste of San Juan on February 12th (see page 58) and the Kids Pet Parade at Los Rios Park on February 21 (page 60) and culminating in the 57th Annual Swallows Day Parade on March 21st.

Please keep an eye out for the March 2015 edition of our publication - it will be our official "Swallows Day Parade" issue showcasing the parade route map, schedule of events and much more!

The Fiesta de las Golondrinas is tied to the legendary return of the swallows to the Mission San Juan Capistrano on St. Joseph's Day, March 19th. The fame of this event and the yearly return of the Swallows have reached all parts of the world.

Enjoy! As for us, every issue is an opportunity to be thankful that you choose to spend some of your valuabl time with South County Magazine. So - thank you and happy February!




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COVER FEATURE: Mission San Juan Capristano Tips for Filing Your 2014 Individual & Business Tax Returns 12 Detox - The First Step to Recovery 18 Spotlight On: Interior Door and Closet Company 20

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6. All taxpayers must disclose and report Foreign Assets that fall within IRS guidelines or be subject to large penalties and scrutiny. Forms Fin Cen 114 and Form 8938 must be filed timely. 7. Establish an IRA by April 15th or a Retirement Plan prior to the extended due date of your personal or business returns to reduce your tax bill.


Tips For Filing Your 2014 Individual & Business Tax Returns ased upon added complexity in the IRS code and advanced IRS computer review techniques, I can’t think of a more important time to have your tax returns prepared professionally by a CPA. It is critical that you remove the guess work when you prepare your tax returns. I am ready to help you review your unique situation to determine if any of the following tax planning ideas should be implemented.


1. All taxpayers must report if they had health insurance coverage and determine if a penalty, if applicable, for non-coverage applies. Covered CA participants must obtain new IRS Form 1095-A for reporting on the return. 2. Education credit (American Opportunity Credit) if only available for four years. Consideration should be given to not using the credit the first semester after high school if the student has minimal costs attending a Junior College. It is more likely that higher costs will exist in the later years when the student attends a more expensive four year campus. If the student has enough income to not be a dependent, have the student claim the credit since the parent’s income can be too high to receive the credit. This is another reason to hire children in your business. 3. The IRS and FTB are collecting millions sending out collection notices. A good percentage of these notices are incorrect. Have your notices reviewed by a CPA to avoid this problem and any related penalties. Learn how to avoid IRS penalties through "Reasonable Causes” and “First Time Penalty Waivers”.

1. For all Schedule C (business) and Schedule E (rental) taxpayers: Important NEW RULES have been put in place for expensing supplies and repairs versus capitalization/depreciation. As a result, many new accounting rules need to be implemented and addressed in your 2014 tax returns including: Written Accounting Procedures, Safe Harbor Tax Elections and Form 3115 Filing (Change in Accounting Method). 2. The business code description you place on your tax return is important since it a determining factor in being audited. Call (888)75-NAICS for assistance in determining the proper business code. 3. S Corporations have less audit risk (0.4%) than Schedule C (2-3%) filers. 4. Pension Start-Up Credit exists for employers with less than 100 employees. Maximum credit of up to $500 per year for the first three years of the plan. 5. Corporations can take advantage of late S Corp Election filing procedures to receive preferential tax treatment, if applicable. 6. The “Business Use of Home” deduction now has a safe harbor option of $5 of expense for every dedicated square foot of business use. Learn the details to see if this is a better option for you.

4. California allows individuals to carryback 75% of their 2014 Net Operating Loss to the two preceding tax years (2012 & 2013) which can result in tax refunds. 5. Carefully review your Form K-1s to determine if you are actively or passively involved in the business. If the K-1 activity is coded as active, you can avoid the 3.8% Medicare surcharge for passive income. A special one-time regrouping election is also available for multiple activities.

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management 30950 Rancho Viejo Rd, Ste 100 • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 (949) 248-9815 • (949) 661-5395 Fax • FEBRUARY 2015




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back to San Diego to help there. Once things had settled in San Diego, Father Junipero Serra personally led a party to refound Mission San Juan Capistrano on All Saint’s Day, November 1, 1776.

From (L): Mechelle Lawrence Adams, Executive Director; Karen De Bellis, Docent; Rafael Gutierrez, Bell Ringer; Reverend Monsignor J. Michael McKiernan; and Jacque Nunez, Educator.

Mission San Juan Capistrano became the seventh of 21 missions to be founded in Alta California. Like the previous six missions, Mission San Juan Capistrano was established to expand the territorial boundaries of Spain and to spread Christianity to the Native peoples of California. Unlike the British colonies on the East Coast of North America, which brought people from their homeland to form colonies, the Spanish believed they could transform the Native peoples into good Spanish citizens. The idea was to make colonial outposts called missions, led by Franciscan padres and Spanish soldiers. The missions would be a center of learning and training of Native peoples. The Spanish government and Catholic Church wanted to convert the people to Christianity, train them in a Spanish or European lifestyle, so that the Native peoples would eventually live in towns and pay taxes, like good Spanish citizens. In reality, the Spanish padres and soldiers had a huge task ahead of them. Moving into the frontier, making a community from scratch, and trying to communicate and convert the Native Americans was not an easy task.

Mission San Juan Capistrano “Return of the Swallows’’ Celebration by Megan Dukett, Education and Interpretive Program Manager – Mission San Juan Capistrano cover photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography additional imagery provided by Mission San Juan Capistrano


he Swallows of Capistrano migrate annually to Goya, Argentina, in October, and return to their spring and summer home in San Juan Capistrano each March. Mission San Juan Capistrano’s “Return of the Swallows” celebration began when Mission padres observed that the birds' return roughly coincided with St. Joseph's Day on the church calendar — March 19. The celebration has achieved international prominence since then. The story of Mission San Juan Capistrano began in 1775, when it was first founded on Oct. 30 of that year. But just a few weeks after the padres and soldiers arrived, they received word of a revolt occurring in San Diego. The founding padres and soldiers decided to leave San Juan Capistrano and go FEBRUARY 2015



Native Americans first came to the Mission because they were curious about the Spanish forms of technology, new animals, new food, and ideas. As the Native peoples interacted with the Spanish, they soon realized the padres wanted them to convert to Christianity and join the Mission. Nearly 150 years later, Father St. John O’Sullivan introduced the community-wide tradition of celebrating the swallows return on the Catholic feast day, St. Joseph’s Day, which falls on March 19th. Father O’Sullivan tells the Swallows Legend in Capistrano Nights, a book he co-wrote with Charles Saunders. The Swallows Legend tells the story of a Mission priest who welcomes the migratory swallows to make the Mission their home, and ever since his invitation, the swallows have been returning to the Mission the same day every year. The Mission Basilica School children celebrated St. Joseph’s Day and The Return of the Swallows each year by singing songs and celebrating with fiestas and carnivals; the tradition eventually involved the entire community. Local newspapermen and radio broadcasters heard about the small town’s tradition and began live radio broadcasts every March 19th, reporting on the

swallows’ return and the festivities in town. The 1939 NBC Radio broadcast of the Swallows Return Celebration, however, would change the course of the event and the birds’ national identity. Leon Rene, American songwriter most famous for his hit tune “Rockin’ Robin,” happened to be listening to that NBC Radio broadcast of the Swallows Return and was inspired to write a song about it. And so “When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano” was written. The popularity of the song, covered by music legends such as the Ink Spots, Gene Autry, and Pat Boone, further imprinted the legend of the swallows return to Capistrano in the minds of Americans. By the 1940s and 1950s, news coverage of the Swallows Return to Capistrano became the West Coast’s version of Groundhogs Day, celebrated around the country. Because of the tradition and legend of these miraculous birds, people from all around the world come and visit the Mission each year. Because of their generous donations and admission fees, guests continue to help support preservation projects, so the Mission will be saved for future generations. Today the Mission not only celebrates on March 19th, but the city also has an annual Swallows Parade the Saturday following the 19th, which is one of the longest non-motorized parades west of the Mississippi. Though urbanization over the years has given the swallows other options for nesting, reducing the nests on the Mission grounds, the swallows still are spotted overhead, exciting bird watchers young and old. Some, though, have been disappointed, coming from faraway places and expecting swallows to land on their shoulders. While the Mission could not promise such a thing, the stewards of the historic landmark certainly could do something. The Mission wanted to lure swallows back, but first it was a matter of luring Dr. Charles Brown, a renowned cliff swallows expert who is a professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Tulsa. Thanks to Dr. Brown, the Swallows Vocalization Project began in 2012. Using an IPod with strategically placed speakers on the Mission grounds, "the hope is to play calls and songs that will attract the interest and notice of passing cliff swallows," Dr. Brown said at the time. "Once

Student performance on March 19th St. Joseph’s Day and Return of the Swallows

they see this site, there's a good chance they will be interested. It's a matter of attracting them in; we know they are overhead and in the area." Dr. Brown said this process worked with the Purple Martin, which is another type of swallow. "The recording would be courtship songs that males use to attract females," Dr. Brown said. "And males would be attracted too because they are very social birds. A systematic program of playing it a few times a day, when the weather is good and during the times they would be foraging, I think there's a good chance they will come in." They did.

1936 broadcast from St. Joseph’s Day and Return of the Swallows

After the recordings began to be played, swallows were spotted feeding overhead at the Mission several times, and a few flew in to investigate the recorded sounds. The Mission’s history is rich and those who know it well are dedicated to keeping the history alive. With founding president Tony Moiso leading the way, the Mission Preservation Foundation was created to oversee a commitment to maintaining its historical relevance. And current Foundation president George O’Connell continues the efforts today. During 2005, a significant step forward was taken in creating a focus for the Mission's long term preservation. Mission San Juan Capistrano became the only mission in California with an in-house Preservation Team comprised of full-time professionals with backgrounds in the field of conservation, preservation, and historic site management. Today, the team includes a Preservation Project Manager, Preservation Technician, Museum Registrar, and Museum Assistant. Leading the efforts are the Pastor, a member of the Mission Preservation Foundation, and the Executive Director of the Mission. It is the goal of today’s stewards of the Mission to protect and enhance the Mission as a place of historical, cultural, and religious significance, as well as a place of inspiration and education. Mission San Juan Capistrano, indeed, continues to be history in the making.

The Mission San Juan Capistrano is located at 26801 Ortega Hwy. in San Juan Capistrano. For information, call (949) 234-1300 or visit FEBRUARY 2015




"Whatever your hair needs, I desire and appreciate the opportunity to make your hair dreams come true.”

Some people are born great; some people create their own greatness. For Victoria Vannini, creating with hair and giving her clients a style that reflects their personality and ‘true self ’ is more than just a “cut and color.”

“It begins with the consultation,” says Victoria. “I want to know about your lifestyle and career. [About] the hair products and tools you use. This is essential in evaluating the condition and texture of your hair and helps us to come to a place that is realistic - at the beginning and where we want to go for the future.” Education is an important element to Victoria’s career. After graduating from cosmetology school, Victoria continued at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles. While apprenticing at the Carlton Hair Salon at Crystal Court for one year, she honed her skills with creative color and hair cutting. From there, she went on to be an educator for Paul Mitchell. She currently takes classes at the Unite Academy in Carlsbad. “I want to stay current with color trends, foil placement, CONTACT new haircutting techniques VICTORIA VANNINI and strategies,” says Victoria, who sees her education as a (949) 584-3885 hair stylist as ongoing. “The inHoward Jones Salon dustry is currently on the cusp 32545 Golden Lantern of using ammonia-free color. I Dana Point, CA want to give my clients the newest and best products that are on the market that will keep their hair in BEAUTIFUL condition. Schwartzkopf's new color line 'Essensity' will do just that with 100% coverage without ammonia, odor, preservatives or alcohol! Also, all my highlights are done WITHOUT bleach!! Using Scrupples oil-based highlighing system ensures the quality of your hair stays intact."




ike surfers in pursuit of the perfect wave, who hasn’t taken part in the endless search for the perfect cut for their unique

face and hair type?

Victoria Vannini is here to tell you

that your perfect cut is closer than

you think; right in her styling chair.



With over 12 years of experience with innovative color, corrective color and highlights, lowlights and glazing, Victoria is an award-winning colorist who prides herself in helping her clients "recharge" their hair with vibrant, pure color and luscious shine - all the beautiful hues with none of the harmful ingredients.“I've seen to many clients come in with over processed hair, in need of an 'In Salon' protein treatment to restore their damaged hair." “Every hairstyle has to be approached differently and requires thought. Just because a style works for Jennifer Aniston doesn’t mean it will work for every client’s hair texture and facial structure. Everyone is unique and it’s important to take the time to feel the hair to see how it moves, determine the best, most complementary hues and utilize top-of-the-line products that will enhance and strengthen the hair without any of the damaging ingredients."


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Detox - The First Step to Recovery A Q & A with Richard Granese, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist ubstance abuse disorders and mood and anxiety disorders that develop independently of intoxication, dependence and withdrawal are among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders in the United States. The South Orange County-based A Mission for Michael, Inc. (AMFM) specializes in drug and alcohol rehab and dual diagnosis treatment and offers 45 or 90-day programs specifically designed for people with co-occuring disorders.


"With a dual diagnosis, both the mental health issue and the addiction have their own unique symptoms," says Chief Operating Officer Lindsey Fisher. "They also both affect and interact with each other. If a mental health problem goes untreated, the substance use problem usually gets worse and vice versa. Alcohol and drugs are often used to self-medicate the symptoms of depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, substance use causes side effects and in the long run worsens the very symptoms they initially numbed or relieved. Substance use can trigger mental health symptoms. Alcohol and drugs also interact with medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills and mood stabilizers. These are questions we have to identify first and we can create an integrative treatment plan from there." While many programs offer treatment in these areas, a core strength at A Mission for Michael is its size - programs here are focused on quality, not quantity - and one M.D. treats patients from beginning to end for a true continuum of care. "We treat a maximum of eight men at a time," says Psychiatrist Richard Granese, M.D., "This allows for full participation and lets our staff work with our patients and their families on a deeper level. The amount of flexibility in our treatment planning allows for us to mold our program to the individual - not the individual to our program." At A Mission for Michael, all of its process groups (there are four per day) are run by Masters or Ph.D.-level clinicians and licensed counselors who have many years experience in both chemical dependency and mental illness.

While many programs offer treatment in these areas, a core strength at A Mission for Michael is its size - programs here are focused on quality, not quantity - and one M.D. treats patients from beginning to end for a true continuum of care. The AMFM treatment team understands that navigating the information surrounding these co-occuring disorders and the available treatment options can be overwhelming for addicted individuals and their loves ones. For this reason, Dr. Granese and Mrs. Fisher have accepted South County Magazine's invitation to serve as category experts in a series of ongoing features addressing frequently asked questions regarding detox, rehabilitation and recovery at A Mission for Michael. South County Magazine: Detox is an essential first step to the recovery process. How do you determine if someone needs detox? Dr. Granese: Prior to an individual being accepted into A Mission for Michael, he will be screened to determine if a medical detox will be necessary. Some substances of abuse - including alcohol - are not to be stopped abruptly due to potential complications without a supervised medical detox. While going through withdrawal of other substances may be extremely uncomfortable, it is not as potentially life-threatening. Therefore, the initial screening for admission will be very important to find the right setting that is safest for our patients. Every person who calls A Mission for Michael will be treated as an individual and referred to the safest setting most appropriate and most suitable for their success. Our patients are fully detoxed before they are admitted to our program. We

Have a question you'd like to see addressed in an upcoming issue? Email or contact Dr. Granese directly at (949) 489-0950 or visit FEBRUARY 2015



Based upon the findings of the exam Dr. Granese will determine if the patient is appropriate for A Mission for Michael and the patient will be admitted to the program. If he requires inpatient detox or inpatient psychiatric treatment, A Mission for Michael will facilitate these referrals. designed our program this way. If we have 6 – 12 weeks with someone, we want that time spent working hard on his or her treatment plan, not spent detoxing. Many chemicals take time to fully exit the system, so we expect many of our patients will not feel their best. Much of the way we set up their program is designed to help them feel as comfortable and safe as possible, to eat balanced, nutritious meals prepared by our chef and participate in physical activity five times per week, including yoga and lots of fresh air … we are located at the beach, we should take advantage of this! SCM: Psychiatric evaluations – what is it and how does an individual get one? Lindsey Fisher: Every person who seems to be a good fit for A Mission for Michael will meet with Dr. Granese prior to being admitted to the program. Dr. Granese is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with extensive experience in patients struggling with chemical dependency issues and co-occurring mental or emotional illness. When Dr. Granese meets with the individual he will perform a psychiatric evaluation that includes a comprehensive history and examination. Based upon the findings of the exam Dr. Granese will determine if the patient is appropriate for A Mission for Michael and the patient will be admitted to the program. If he requires inpatient detox or inpatient psychiatric treatment, A Mission for Michael will facilitate these referrals. SCM: What happens if someone needs to go to the hospital while in treatment? LF: If the patient requires admission to a psychiatric unit at any point in the treatment with A Mission for Michael, Dr. Granese will be able to care for the patient. We call this “360-degree care” – the ability for one doctor to treat the patient from beginning to end without having to pass off the patient. The ability to have one psychiatrist throughout treatment is almost unheard of in the chemical dependency field. Many programs will have a psychiatrist that can evaluate the person while in their program but then has to pass the person to another psychiatrist when they get referred to the hospital setting. The doctor to patient ratio is also superior – one psychiatrist treats a maximum of eight men. In addition to having Dr. Granese at A Mission for Michael, we also have nursing staff and a clinical team consisting of Master’s and PhD level doctors with years of extensive experience with psychiatric patients. Overall, chemically dependent patients with co-occurring psychiatric conditions greatly benefit from a certain integrative pattern of treatment services. This co-occurring population has more employment, family and medical issues than patients without a co-occurring disorder. Receiving psychiatric services concurrently with chemical dependency treatment optimizes treatment outcomes. A Mission for Michael is a integrative treatment provider meaning there are both mental health and substance abuse clinicians working with the individual simultaneously which can fully address the patient’s healthcare needs. FEBRUARY 2015




Interior Door & Closet Company by Ann Laurence s a disorganized person, I’m clearly a candidate for the handiwork of the Interior Door & Closet Company (IDCC) - if it’s a matter of function or simply a desire to have your mess aesthetically addressed, Interior Door & Closet Company specializes providing beautiful solutions for closet and garage organization, or even a custom office. They also install door knobs and levers, as well as the decorative casing that goes around the door like a picture frame. They paint or stain the doors in their workshop so there is no mess in the customer's home and they have a well-earned reputation for their superior finishing process that elevates IDCC above its counterparts in the industry.


Think you can’t afford to bring in the professionals? The family-owned and operated Interior Door & Closet Company, which has served all of Orange County since 2006, offers organization and door options for virtually every budget from the basic to the uber elegant. "We talk to people all the time who tell us they can’t stand their closet doors any longer -- they are too difficult to slide, or they are just too ugly," says Company Founder Stephen King. "We have hundreds of closet doors to choose from and because we are competitively priced, we're sure to have something for everyone's taste." In fact, many people are surprised to learn that replacing the doors throughout their home is one of the least expensive and fastest ways to update the look of the entire house. The team at IDCC often talk to people who have remodeled everything but are still not satisfied and they can't quite put their finger on it. Typically it's the doors! It's important when planning a remodel to budget for the doors (and organizers for that matter) also. After all, the doors are the finishing touch that pulls everything together, like putting a bow on a gift. FEBRUARY 2015


"Everyone who works here is a trusted employee or family member," says Stephen. "IDCC does not subcontract work out to anyone, so you can rest assured that everyone we send to your house can be trusted with your most prized possessions, your family and home. As a family owned business, we believe we all care more about our customers than a bigger faceless company would. It shows in the service we provide and the quality of work we do." Office Manager Susan Aumier adds that "Stephen served in the military, which is something people do stemming from a desire to serve others. It’s just that attitude he brings to everything he does, whether it’s serving our customers or our employees. We have an excellent reputation with our customers which is why


they refer us to their family and friends. Customers often come back to us for additional work, whether it’s in their current or a new home. Stephen believes the foundation of running a successful business involves treating clientele with the utmost respect and a sincere desire to provide products that leave a positive lasting impression." Since IDCC offers hundreds of door styles to choose from, Stephen says that homeowners will want to consider the following when shopping for closet or interior doors. A good start to narrowing down the options will be to choose between paint or stain grade doors. A door pattern or design is another option to consider, and most patterns are offered in raised panels or flat panels. Raised molding is also available with most designs. Let’s not forget sliding doors that come in glass or mirror. Another idea is to match your closet doors to your interior doors. Door styles range from traditional or transitional to modern or contemporary, to complement any home décor. We enjoy working with homeowners to help them create the look they envision. What's a good way to make sure the new door matches the style of the home? If the homeowner isn't an interior designer it may be comforting to know that IDCC's estimators are excellent design consultants.

For more information or to connect with Stephen and the IDCC team, call (714) 895-5100 or visit FEBRUARY 2015




Owners Norton & Vicki Canterbury

The Beveled Edge by Jody Robinson

ho would have thought such a (relatively) small change could completely transform the look and curb appeal of a home? In just a few hours and for less than the price of a new entry door system, Norton and Vicki Canterbury, owners of The Beveled Edge, start with a homeowner’s existing door, cut out a portion and insert custom art beveled glass panels.


and Vicki are “fully involved” in every job, working directly with each client to “make certain we create the vision they desire for their home.”


According to Norton, the collaborative design process includes the creation of full-scale templates for review by the client and glass selection, which may include just bevels and clear textured glass or full color. The privacy level that each customer desires in their leaded glass panels is discussed and impleAFTER mented.

What was once a solid surface is now a stunning entry defined by light, beauty and instant curb appeal. The San Juan Capistrano studio, showroom and manufacturing facility specializes in the aforementioned front door remodels, as well as interior doors and cabinet doors. “Any door, whether wood, metal or fiberglass, can be transformed into a functional work of art,” says Norton. “The Beveled Edge also offers custom etched glass, architectural glass, and heavy glass table tops.” A former Marine, Norton has honed his craft for the past quarter century – starting with an apprenticeship at a stained glass studio in 1983, followed by the launch of his own business three years later in San Clemente and culminating in his current location complete with a showroom and manufacturing facilities. What sets their business apart is the personal touch – both Norton

“It is this approach that we believe results in a large percentage of our sales coming from repeat customers or are referrals from friends, neighbors, or relatives,” says Vicki. “Our business success can be attributed to honesty, hard work and providing uncompromising quality in each and every leaded or etched glass panel that is hand-crafted by our expert artisans. The workmanship is guaranteed for a lifetime. Our goal is to create custom art glass panels that will exceed your expectations in every way.”

To connect with Norton and Vicki, call (949) 582-1035, stop by the studio/showroom at 26131 Avenida Aeropuerto • Unit D in San Juan Capistrano or visit FEBRUARY 2015







One Way Painting by Jody Robinson ne of the perks of publishing South County Magazine is that I am provided a venue to share with our readership personal experiences with local business owners like Jeff McCabe, owner of the City of Orange-based One Way Painting.


When we moved into our new home last year, we acquired quotes for exterior painting from several contractors, but were particularly impressed with Jeff and his professional crew. A family-owned operation since 1976, One Way Painting serves all of Orange County and specializes in residential interior and exterior painting. Prior to starting work at our home, Jeff came by in person to go over what the job would entail and answered all of our questions. His team showed up right on time the first day - and each subsequent day - and at the end of each day everything was cleaned up before they left. "We pride ourselves on working with a team of long-term employees - we do not hire off the street," says Jeff. "We guarantee our work and do not require payment till the job is completed and the customer is completely pleased with our work. We have Christian values and treat our customers like they are part of the family." Jeff and his crew delivered on this promise and exceeded our expectations - the result was outstanding work, a job completed on time and on budget and defined by unparalleled customer service (Roxanne in his office was hyper-responsive to our inquiries during the estimating process and followed up immediately upon completion of the job to ensure that we were satisfied with the results and our overall experience of working with One Way Painting).

Connect with Jeff, Roxanne and Lauren the One Way Painting team by calling (866) 986-9781, visit or Angie's List for reviews. FEBRUARY 2015



Another happy customer, Michael C., agrees with this assessment and adds "After reading all the great reviews, I was still somewhat skeptical. However, I called Jeff and he came out and provided a quote and helpful suggestions. Based on the meeting with Jeff, the quote being priced fair and all the great reviews, I decided to use One Way. I now see why there's so many great reviews. My expectations were exceeded. Day one was spent going through each room to validate the work and paint to be used and prep the work areas. There was a lot of care taken in the prep stage. From taking pictures off to moving furniture, I felt they treated my items like it was their own. So I knew this was a good start to the project. The project lasted seven days. Each day there was clear communication on what they would be working on. Plus they asked questions on anything not clear. All employees were extremely professional and went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied. Any paint issues brought up were addressed right away. Beside the normal painting, I also had some ceiling/window sill damage which they fixed and looks great. I also was concerned about having my 20yr old shutters painted and I can say they turned out better than I expected. I'm extremely happy with how it all turned out."

• Doors, Windows, Moulding • Serving Local Hardware and Much More! Contractors • Full Line of Masonry & and Homeowners Landscaping Products • Delivery Available




f you have a huge tree limb hanging over your house, you’ll probably want to call a tree service. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in raising or protecting your property value or simply want the trees in your yard to look and be their best, you’ll want to hire an arborist instead of a “gardening” company.


In layman’s terms, pruning trees requires an artist’s touch and a scientist's mind. An arborist is a professional who possess extensive knowledge in working with individual trees, who understands the essentials of each type of tree surviving and thriving


cation to maintain their certification and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques in arboriculture. Finding the right professional for your needs A great starting point to research your options is the Tree Care Industry Association (formerly the National Arborist Association) and the International Society of Arboriculture. Members of these associations voluntarily adhere to professional standards that have been instituted for the consumer’s benefit and specifically address best practices for pruning and lacing of trees. These individuals demonstrate a willingness to stay up to date on the latest information and techniques. When considering an arborist, ask for local references. In this industry, “seeing is believing” and being able to view a particular professional’s work goes a long way toward being comfortable with the type of work he or she will perform on your trees.


in different environments and has the skills to artistically prune your prized trees. “Tree work encompasses all aspects of achieving the maximum health of your trees,” says Linda Peterson of the Southern California-based Specialized Tree Works. “Hiring an arborist should not be taken lightly. Poorly maintained trees can be a liability. Pruning or removing trees can be dangerous work and should only be done by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.” Arborists are trained individuals in the art and science of planting, caring for and maintaining individual trees. Certified arborists have a minimum of three years experience and have passed a comprehensive examination. They must also continue their edu-



Also, don’t always accept the lowest bid. Verify credentials to determine reliability and knowledge in order to make your decision on the best price. And always ask for proof of insurance. If you need to have a tree professionally pruned, you’ll want to hire someone who is skilled with pole loppers, not a chain saw. Make sure you’ve made a well-informed decision before any cutting starts!





Why “Mindful Movement” with your special someone is important by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser

Pilates Love

It’s that time again when Cupid strikes and love is in the air. This Valentine’s Day consider going against tradition and starting a “mindful movement practice” with your special someone. Many experts say couples that exercise together can reap a variety of advantages an addition to the common health benefits—creating quality time spent together, motivation and better intimacy to name a few. At Align Pilates Center we couldn’t agree more and strongly believe that a pilates or yoga session is the prefect choice of exercise to do with a loved one.

The pace of today’s society is hectic making it hard to find quality time with the one you love. The answer to this problem is easy, by going to a pilates or yoga class together you eliminate that guilty feeling of having to choose fitness over time spent together. Moe Gelbart a psychologist and licensed marital and family therapist, believes the most important benefit is the act of simply being with each other. Also, a “mindful movement” practice will help ease tension and stress from a crazy schedule creating balance and calm, ultimately making it a win-win for one’s relationship and health.

Plus, having your significant other on the same schedule can keep you accountable to your health goals. According to Men’s Journal, couples who exercise together are nine times more likely to stick with a fitness program than couples who don't. Especially when that pesky voice allows the tiniest of things to get in the way. Acting as a great motivator your sweetie is there to help with a friendly nudge. A two-person support system can be vital in keeping a healthy mindful movement practice in place.

When trying to find a physical activity to do together pilates and yoga make a great choice by balancing out the possible fitness inequalities of a couple. A good instructor will be able to have many levels of movers in a single class and still create great workout for everyone.

This Valentine’s day instead of a box of chocolates, grab a mat, get moving and create a better quality of life together. Connect with the Align Pilates team by calling (949) 481-3577, stop by the studio at 26850 Ortega Hwy., Suite K in San Juan Capistrano or








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Eat With Us for Only 6 Cents Villa Roma 25254 La Paz Rd. LH all night, Feb. 5th-9th





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Now Open for Lunch! Zakura Dining & Bar 30100 Town Center Dr. LN 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Mon. - Fri.

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Second Saturday Art Fair Historic Downtown San Juan SJC 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

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Friday Night Live Sea Country Center 24602 Aliso Creek Rd. LN 7:00p.m. – 9:00


“Professor Mack’s Last Train” Camino Real Playhouse 31776 El Camino Real SJC 8 p.m.


Move Even light physical exercise can release powerful anti-aging endorphins in the brain. Maintaining social and friendship networks. Call old friends. Talk about childhood antics. Maintain a healthy diet, including omega-3 fatty acids and protective antioxidants. Maintain social and friendship networks, call old friends. talk about childhood antics. Here at Awoken Life we use Brainwave OptimizationTM using the HIRREM® technology pioneered by Brain State Technologies® to fine-tune and synchronize the hemispheres and lobes of the brain so that information passes more readily along the neural pathways, enabling us to reset connections.

Aging? Make the Most of It Keep your brain young! Aging is inevitable, but how we age is a choice by Mary McPherson s the years start to accumulate and life experiences mount, our brains respond to stress, post traumatic stress (PTSD), head injuries and the loss of loved ones either to death or divorce. These life events negatively rewire our brains and use extensive amounts of energy, subsequently the brain starts to atrophy. This may manifest as a loss of long-term or short-term memory, insomnia or physical symptoms such catching colds more frequently, taking longer to heal from injuries or illness, decreased motor skills, including hand-eye coordination and physical balance.


In past research, scientists claimed that after a certain age our brains atrophy and plasticity loss were irreversible. As the result of a 2008 Stanford study, we now know that the brain can regenerate and new neural connections can bring the brain back into homeostasis. New neurotransmitters can form in many ways in our ever evolving brain. As our Neural Network strengthens, we heal faster, cell rejuvenation results in smother looking skin, better sleep, better memory and many more wonderful benefits. So how do we get our brain to become a rejuvenating machine?

Laugh Laughter really is the best medicine - the brain releases endorphins which serves as a natural antidepressant. If you are feeling depressed, watch funny movies.

Learn Stay intellectually engaged (read and enjoy mental activities such as crossword puzzles, sudoku etc.). One of our clients went back to school at age 67 to pursue an AA degree and passed the Bar with a Law degree at age 72!

Of course, it goes without saying that each individual's brain is uniquely “wired,” in that the neural network of any two people is arranged differently according to each person's specific genetic makeup and life experiences, including the impact of past trauma. "Regardless of our unique brain maps, balancing and harmonizing the brain with Brain State’s amazing technology helps almost everyone to improve their ability to remember —sometimes in dramatic ways," says Brain State(r) Founder Lee Gerdes. "With a balanced and harmonized brain, we begin to reach for our potential and defy the aging process brought on by life's stresses. When you balance the hemispheres and lobes of your brain, it comes with a bonus. Because the brain controls all of your bodily functions, your entire system ages the way nature intended for you." You can’t prevent aging, but you can take steps to ensure that you will age gracefully—mentally and physically. One happy client, Mission Viejo resident Penny, aged 72, agrees with this assessment and adds that after completing the Awoken Life "Brainwave Optimization" program, her three grown children have made comments independent of one another claiming "The old Penny is back!” There's a day and night difference!" "You're so much calmer, so centered," I'm hearing. And I'm thinking so much more clearly. What a blessing. "The depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD are virtually gone. I'm completely off my three powerful 'head-meds' of 19 years, and have stopped taking my strong prescription pain meds, after decades of physical and emotional dependence on them. I would not have attempted this without the phenomenal technology of Brain Optimization. "As a side-note, I've gotten my legible handwriting back, and best of all, I'm no longer tripping and falling all over the country as my husband and I travel in our RV (I briefly considered creating a coffee table book entitled, "ERs I Have Known"). "I praise God for leading me to Mary McPherson (now my valued friend), of "Awoken Life." Her sensitive administrations of the brain optimizations have been the light at the end of my tunnel, and so clearly the answer to my prayers!"

Mary McPherson is the founder of Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization™, where she helps adults and children achieve brain balance and harmony in order to live healthier, happier, and more abundant lives. Connect with Mary and Awoken Life by calling (949) 661-6909 or visit Call today for a complimentary consultation. Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization is located at 30320 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 104 in San Juan Capistrano. FEBRUARY 2015



Randy, Caryn and Chris Rose


Hearing exam is always free. This is not a medical exam and is intended for amplification only. Offers cannot be combined with other offers or previous purchases.




A New Option for New Medicare Eligibles by Stephanie Frisch network offered in Orange County. But now there is St. Joseph-Hoag Health, and it is a WONDERFUL addition and opens the doors to an extremely large group of primary care doctors, specialists and includes Mission, Hoag, St. Joseph and St. Jude’s hospitals. This new network has combined 9 previously separated medical groups into one. hen someone goes active with Medicare Part A and B they generally have two choices to make to round out their coverage. They either choose a Medicare supplemental plan (also known as Medi-gap) and a stand-alone prescription drug plan, or, they can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that generally offers a zero premium, but locks someone into a medical network to receive all of their care that isn’t an emergency.


Hoag Medical Group, Hoag Affiliated Physicians, Mission Heritage Medical Group, Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians, Mission Internal Medical Group, St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group, St. Joseph Hospital Affiliated Physicians, St. Jude Affiliated Physicians and St. Jude Heritage Medical Group. So anyone selecting the St. Joseph-Hoag Health network has access to all the specialists participating in these groups if their primary care physician is a part of just one of the groups. Selecting St. Joseph-Hoag health gives you the ability to receive scheduled medical care at all of the hospitals previously mentioned as well. (If you encounter an emergency, you go to the closest hospital until stable enough to be moved)

Medicare Advantage HMO plans carry a zero premium here in Orange County, so give me a call to find out more if you’ll be going on In the past, Monarch has been the largest Medicare anytime soon.

Stephanie Frisch is the owner of Insurance 101 and is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping others make “educated decisions” about their insurance choices when it comes to Medicare, Long-Term Care Planning, The Health Insurance Marketplace-Covered California and Life Insurance. For answers to your questions, or an in-home, no-fee consultation, call (949) 351-2443.




949.388.3525 • Monarch Bay Plaza • Dana Point








Randy W. Rose, Owner Rose Hearing Aid Centers

ver the years of helping people hear well again, I get this question “Can I just wear one hearing aid” and I always say you can but you lose a lot in the ear you choose not to help. There are those ‘situations” which allows for one hearing aid. One reason is the ear is completely deaf and the other ear is correctible, in which case you could wear just an aid in the correctible ear. However, we sometimes use a Bi-Cross to bring the sound from the bad ear to the correctible ear. This allows the person to feel as though they are can hear with both sides and in many cases gives back the sense of direction.


Reasons We Hear Better with Two Ears by Randy W. Rose, President Rose Hearing Aid Centers

Anyone has enjoyed music in stereo, compared to mono, knows the difference. Mono makes all sounds seem shallow, flat and unnatural. Your brain has the ability to hear in stereo. But, to do so requires that the sounds be delivered by both ears. Not only are the sounds more natural, they can also be understood more clearly.

Three Detecting sound direction saves embarrassment and saves lives. A listener with one ear is always wondering “Where is that sound coming from?” when someone speaks. The listener has great difficulty determining the direction from which the sounds are coming, unless it is seen. Hearing with two ears provides the ability to determine sound. Binaural listening gives the listener a sense of location and the ability to locate sounds, not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Four Keeping your ears “in shape.”

We hear with the brain, the ears are instruments that send signals to the brain. If you have The following are the six reasons we hear a hearing loss in both ears, but decide to only wear one instrument in the ear that needs better with two ears: help the most, the ear that is deprived of stimulation might get even lazier. This condition is known as “Auditory Deprivation,” and the only way to combat it is to keep both ears acWhen two hearing aids are worn vs. tive. one, less power (gain) is needed. Two Ears hear better in noise. When the ears are working together a lower volume setting is needed for comfort. Whenever several people are talking at the same time, such as in a restaurant, it becomes difficult to understand the people at the table with you. With one listening ear, a person Clearer and efficient Hearing is the experi- hears all the voices blending together. Voice discrimination in noise is difficult with two ence you will have wearing two hearing aids ears and becomes almost impossible with only one ear. New digital hearing instruments vs. wearing only one. Sounds that are loud “binaurally” will give you the best advantage to hearing in noise. will be more comfortable and the ability to listen and block background noise will lessen Quality of life through better sound. your stress level. The majority of hearing instrument users who have worn both binaural and monaural hearStereo listening gives depth ing instruments report a significant difference in sound quality. Those people who now perception. use binaural hearing instruments will tell you that “Listening with two aided ears is the





Randy W. Rose is a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Rose Hearing Aid Centers in Dana Point & Encinatas. Connect with him by calling (949) 388-5703, visit Rose Hearing Aid Center in the Dana Point Harbor at 24981 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Suite E-130 or visit FEBRUARY 2015



Setting Personal Intention

as, “I always feel better after I exercise!” Or perhaps, “When I take care of my body, I have more energy to enjoy my life!” And when you think these thoughts, remember a time when you really felt those feelings. Maybe you remember a beautiful summer day of body boarding or surfing at the beach, leaving you with that sun kissed glow. Or maybe you recall the moment you crossed the finish line of your first 10K. Search for a time when you felt healthy and strong, full of vigor: a time when you absolutely loved your life. With that wonderful feeling conjured up, set the intention you want to bring into your life. In Thailand, the people call this praying with your heart.

by Jeannie McCormack At the end of each year, much to the dread of my dear husband, I always take stock of where I am and where I am going. I don’t make resolutions per se, but I do try to bring an intention into focus. Intention. What does this really mean? If I look up the definition of “intention” in Webster’s Dictionary it states, “ The thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose.” Hmmm. Okay that sounds good, but what if we take a more 2015 approach to intention? The leading edge definition of intention deals with deliberate intent or, more plainly, the ability to create your own outcomes in life by focusing your thoughts on the desired effect. In their book, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Esther and Jerry Hicks define intention as, “ Having a deliberate intent for an end result while at the same time, tending to the balance of your energy along the way. It is much more about (the) balancing of your energy than it is about goal setting or focusing on end results.” Intention is looking at the vast array of possibilities and choosing what is right for you. So think about what you want to bring to your life right now. Focus on that area. Make an intention to bring that focus into fruition. To further empower intention, add the feel good endorphins of belief to the equation. Beliefs are simple thoughts that we think over and over. It can be as simple

In her book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin states that genuine happiness is derived from learning and growing. So why not set your intention of a healthy body and try something new. Always wanted to paddle board or row? Now’s the time. Take up the practice of yoga, pilates or barre. Sign up for ballroom dancing or go for an adrenalin high and try rock climbing or aerial arts. Only you know what floats your boat. What is it that you want to bring into your life in 2015? Bring awareness into your life. Set an intention with the idea that you will achieve your goals with balance and joy. And, just maybe, you’ll get an extra happiness boost by trying something new.

Connect with Jeannie by calling (949) 443-1700, stop by the studio at 34700 PCH, Suite 208 in Capistrano Beac or visit

Awaken Your Brain’s Limitless Potential "Awoken Life provides an amazing opportunity to be a better version of yourself. This is how I feel about the services that Mary provides at Awoken Life. Not only in my physical body did I experience a difference, I experienced a clearing out of my mind. I feel so clear in my thoughts and my body just seems to operate better than before. I highly recommend Awoken Life specifically, because Mary, there is no one else like her. The combination of the technology of brain optimization and Mary’s abilities of service, is life changing. Who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves?" - Mary S., Laguna Beach

Call For More Information & A Complimentary Consultation

Brainwave OptimizationTM is a holistic, non-invasive procedure using EEG-based technology. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, clinically proven results can be achieved in as little as 5 days. ❍ ADD/ADHD ❍ Addictions ❍ Anxiety ❍ Brain Injury ❍ Depression ❍ Lack of Focus ❍ Learning Disorders ❍ Memory ❍ Migraines ❍ Panic Attacks ❍ PTSD ❍ Sleep Issues ❍ Sports Performance ❍ Stress FEBRUARY 2015



Advanced Provider

Mary Catherine McPherson, C.Ht.

30320 Rancho Viejo Rd. San Juan Capistrano





Pets of the Month Are you looking for an active dog to fill your home with fun and excitement? Well, my name is Marley and I may just be that dog! My favorite activities include playing in the yard with a couple of my dog buddies and going on brisk walks. When it’s time to relax, I love to curl up in a lap but don’t be surprised if I jump into your arms to give you tons of kisses! Won’t you be my new best friend? Marley’s adoption fee is 50% off during the month of January!

Martin is a sweet little cat who loves to people watch. Sometimes on the shy side, Martin quickly opens up once he gets to know you. Martin is a big fan of playing with his toys and can often be seen sprinting after a mousie. Give him a chance and he is sure to show you just how fun he can be! Martin has been sponsored by his favorite volunteers and has an adoption fee of only $10 and a goodie basket to go home with him!

Hi there! My name is Anvil and I am looking for a new home! I am about 2 years old and love to play and learn new tricks. While I do really enjoy outdoor activities, my human friends sometimes call me a couch potato since I like to lounge around and relax when I’m not playing. I would be a very fun friend for an experienced owner. This pretty kitty is Ginger, a big cat with a big personality. At 8 years old, she lives a relaxed lifestyle and spends most of her time playing with toys, birdwatching, or going on leisurely strolls in her harness. Ginger enjoys being queen of the castle and would be better suited as an only cat. Though with a cat like Ginger, she’s all you’ll ever need! Ginger has been sponsored by her favorite volunteers and has an adoption fee of only $10 and a goodie basket to go home with her!

If you would like to know more about the animals listed here, please call the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter at (949)492-1617, or visit with them at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente.







The Life Review of a War Hero and Patriarch A Story of Courage, Resilience and Family by Denise Carson


hen her father, Richard Bentley, entered Hospice Care of the West, Karen Garber, felt the palpable 11th hour strike on his life until documentary filmmaker, Jay Gianukos, arrived. From behind the video camera, Jay asked questions to guide Mr. Bentley and his family on a tour of his life that will now live on for generations. From his Park Terrace home in Rancho Santa Margarita, Mr. Bentley relived his days serving as a pilot in World War II, prison camp and the aftermath of the war that reminds me of the “Unbroken” movie out in theaters now.

Mr. Bentley is a striking resemblance to Clint Eastwood. As Mr. Bentley tells his stories, we feel as though we have stepped into scenes from Eastwood's Hollywood films. Mr. Bentley tells us that it’s relationships with people that make the journey interesting and worthwhile. Recording his life story gave the family something to hold onto at a time when they felt him slipping away. The life review video program at Hospice Care of the West is the only one of its kind in the country. Life review guides like Jay record wisdom and personal history in an interview with the hospice patient that is then edited with music and family archival photos. The life review video is then given as a gift to the family. FEBRUARY 2015



In the life review, Mr. Bentley also talks about how important his mother and grandfather were in building the man he is today. His grandfather travelled from England to America at just 17 years old in search of a new life. Likewise, Bentley turned out to be a wanderlust kid growing up in Minnesota with big dreams of one day living in a tropical paradise. At age 16, he hitchhiked to San Francisco and then made his way down to San Diego where he stowed away on a boat to Hawaii. He landed a job with Filipino migrant workers in the sugar cane fields. The sugar cane field foreman had a reputation for treating the migrant workers like slaves. One day, he tried to push Mr. Bentley, who was a very mild mannered man. Finally, Bentley had enough. He turned around, punched the foreman in the head and knocked him out. Everyone thought he was dead. Mr. Bentley rose to become a local hero and earned the name “One-Punch Bentley.” He left the cane fields to work for a company that delivered oil to Pearl Harbor. Yet, on the morning of December 7, 1941, he didn’t deliver oil to the harbor but he did see the Japanese planes flying so low that he could see the pilot. The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he returned to the mainland to become a pilot to fly in World War II. He flew 31 bombing missions from North Africa to Europe. On the last mission his plane crashed off the coast of Sicily. He swam in the ocean for two hours, until an Italian fisherman picked him up. Upon arriving on shore, he was taken to the Italian war quarters and became a prisoner of war to the Germans. General George Patton liberated the prison camp. So, Mr. Bentley recalled seeing the commander in action on the day of his freedom. After the war, Mr. Bentley became an aerospace engineer. As the Project Manager of the Early Bird-Syncom Satellite, he made the first transatlantic phone call a reality. Some 25 years later when Mr. Bentley returned to Hawaii with his family, his daughter Karen recalled all the Filipinos running up to her father, who was a local legend. They were all cheering “One-Punch Bentley.” He will remain a local legend in Hawaii. And for us, Mr. Bentley will be forever be remembered for serving our country and giving us gems of wisdom to live by. In the last week of his life, Karen and the Bentley family watched the life review video that Jay created and gave as a gift from Hospice Care of the West. “Watching the video is like my father is right there in the room talking to us,” Karen said. “It is a real conversation and Jay just brings my father to life for us. He captured the calm and loving presence of our family’s patriarch. The video is just priceless and so comforting for our family. I feel love and pride for my dad when I watch it. And, I tell all my friends they must record their parents’ stories, before it’s too late.”

To watch Richard Bentley’s Life Review Video visit: For more information on Hospice Care of the West, call 800-405-1159 or visit To reach Denise Carson, Author of the book Parting Ways: FEBRUARY 2015



Four Directions Announces Honoring Traditions Gala- 2015 Native American Humanitarian of the Year Award Recipient Mr. Saginaw Grant

on-profit organization Four Directions recently hosted the "Honoring Traditions Gala" to benefit the Capistrano Unified School District Native American Education Program.


A respected member of the Sac-n-Fox, Iowa and Otoe-Missouria Nations, Mr. Saginaw Grant was named "Native American Humanitarian of the Year" at the award ceremony.

He is an Indian leader and is called upon for counseling, lectures, and family events while also pursing his acting career. His most recent appearances were in Disney’s “Lone Ranger” and he also appeared on the popular television series Breaking Bad. Mr. Grant will be accepting our award and speaking at the gala. In addition there will be performances by the bird singers from the Pala Indian Reservation and students who have benefited from the Capistrano Unified School District Native American Education Program will also speak about the services they received.

Four Directions is dedicated to being a positive influence in the Native American community in Orange County – starting with our youth. Four Directions is dedicated to being a positive influence in the Native American community in Orange County – starting with our youth. We are committed to providing a path to higher education that prepares Native American students to succeed in their careers and at life. Four Directions is about opening doors for children and exposing them to the possibilities.

For more information, please visit








Preserving Your Stone's Natural Beauty ls

Locally Owned and Operated • STONE & GRANITE REPAIR • Granite Countertop Polish and Sealing • CONCRETE STAINING • Marble/Natural Stone CLEAN & POLISH • Flagstone & Pavers • Tile and Grout Maintenance

Licensed and Insured

15 + Years Experience Maintaining and/or Restoring Your Flooring to Like New Condition

With proper care, we can extend the life of your flooring investment CALL tODAY (949) 637-6840 FEBRUARY 2015



The Good News Replenishment of hormones to optimum physiological levels has been shown to alleviate symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and andropause. How do hormones fit into the aging process? Traditionally, we have been told that aging is inevitable and that progressive deterioration cannot be prevented. Fortunately, there is a revolution in science and medicine that now identifies aging as a disease. Mainstream medicine is now focusing on the prevention of the aging process rather than simply treating the symptoms of aging. One of the most important preventive therapies is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

On Perimenopause, Menopause and Andropause by J.A. Makena Marangu, M.D. or some, the years that encompass perimenopause, menopause, and andropause can mark a time of increased confidence, freedom and satisfaction. However, for many these years may be a time that poses challenges, particularly changes in energy levels and overall health. The good news is that there is an increased willingness to discuss these changes and to approach them in a positive and effective way.


Hormones are molecules that are manufactured in the endocrine glands, which include the adrenal glands, testes, ovaries, thyroid, pineal, and pituitary gland. As the body ages, the levels of hormones diminish. Specific hormone receptor sites in the cells tend to change with age and become less sensitive and more resistant to hormone stimulation, resulting in a decrease in cellular function, cellular repair, protein synthesis, and cell reproduction. Collectively, this results in the signs and symptoms of aging and can only be reversed by replacing our hormones to optimum levels. As the levels of hormones decline, so do our mental and physical capabilities. We lose energy, vitality, strength, and health. This deterioration results in osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, muscle loss, sleep disorders, depression, mood disorders, and decreased sociability in both women and men. By restoring these hormones to their appropriate levels, it is now possible to restore youthful zeal and energy, to strengthen our bodies and our minds. We can improve, even reverse many of the signs of aging that we have thought were unavoidable.

Unfortunately many of the hormones What is perimenopause? regularly prescribed are synthetic and Perimenopause is a highly individual experience. When are not identical to those found in the and how it begins and how long it lasts vary widely. human body. While these hormones may Perimenopause, the five to seven years leading up to somewhat resemble our own hormones menopause, is a natural transition in a woman’s life. Most women experi- and may accomplish some of the same tasks, they ence perimenopause between the ages of 45 and 55. are not what the body is used to and needs. The body tries to metabolize these foreign substances What is menopause? and may produce toxic by-products which can 3,500 women enter menopause everyday in the United States. Menopause cause side effects such as bloating, mood swings, is defined as no menstrual cycle for twelve months, but symptoms can water retention, weight gain and depression. begin as long as fifteen years before the cessation of menses. That National Institute of Health reports that in the US, the average woman stops men- The proper replacement of hormones involves restruating between the ages of 50 and 51. plenishing all of the deficient hormones back to optimal, more youthful levels using only bio-idenWhat is andropause? tical hormones. Which hormones to replenish, how Also known as male menopause, andropause is the condition caused by much to replenish and how to adjust the hormones decreasing hormone levels in men. is the art and science of the specialty of bio-idenFEBRUARY 2015



tical hormone replacement therapy. Your age-management physician can help you to achieve the quality of life you desire and deserve! How do hormones work to reverse symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and andropause? Hormones interact with each other to regulate the body’s functions. Your age-management physician will prescribe hormones in a perfect balance for your body. This is a case where One Size does not fit all. Your customized hormone program can eliminate the debilitating symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and andropause. Maintaining optimum levels of the following hormones can make a world of difference in your overall well-being and outlook: Estrogen and Progesterone – Estrogen has experienced a bumpy ride over the last four decades. Conclusions of studies such as the Women’s Health Initiative have left women scared and confused. But these studies have focused on the synthetic estrogen whereas bio-identical estrogen mimics exactly the estrogen produced by the body. Estrogen is essential for muscle tone, skin smoothness, hair texture, and sex drive. It may also help deter Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Bioidentical progesterone should be regarded as the partner of estrogen. They balance each other and work synergistically to promote optimum female health. Progesterone boosts mood and well-being and helps stimulate bone growth and healthy heart function. DHEA – Studies have shown that this hormone has a beneficial effect on immune response, sex drive, metabolism, and emotional stability. DHEA’s effect on the immune system and its powerful antioxidant capabilities have demonstrated ageresisting potential. DHEA supports cognitive function, helps the body to cope with stress and protects against heart disease through its effects on the body fats and lipids. Testosterone – Although testosterone is the primary male hormone, women also benefit from its supplementation. Its levels decline with age in both men and women. At optimal levels, testosterone increases bone density and formation, enhances energy and sex drive, decreases body fat, increases muscle strength, lowers blood pressure and modulates cholesterol levels. Pregnenolone – Memory loss and lack of mental clarity can be some of the most frustrating aspects of aging. Studies show that pregnenolone may be beneficial against age-related cognitive decline. Melatonin – Melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm as well as the deep stages of sleep. Studies suggest that the immune system is stimulated during these restful periods. In the 1997 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, melatonin was extolled as the valuable antioxidant and a potential anti-cancer agent. Studies show that the melatonin can help to eliminate free radicals, induce youthful sleep patterns and possibly slow the aging process.

Thyroid – The metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland regulates temperature, metabolism and cerebral function. Insufficient levels of thyroid result in fatigue, increased cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of coronary artery disease. Low thyroid can cause fatigue, constipation, dull hair, dry skin, and weak nails. Also, individuals suffering from low thyroid may feel constantly cold, particularly experiencing cold hands and feet. How to get started? Your age management physician will conduct an initial consultation that will include history and physical as well as laboratory work-up. Based on the results of these and other evaluations, your physician will formulate a hormone replacement program tailored just for you and your special needs. Your customized program will include prescriptions as well as recommendations for appropriate dietary supplements, exercise, and nutritional guidelines designed to restore your hormone and quality of aging to optimum levels. Your customized program will also include continued monitoring of hormone levels as well as symptoms.


The program is designed to help you feel, look, and live your best for years to come.

"In my 40s and 50s, I had a very stressful job in law enforcement. I suffered from migraines and my energy had started to wane. This was about a decade ago in an era when many physicians simply 'diagnosed" my symptoms as premenopause and menopause and sent me home with a prescription for synthetic hormones which only made my migraines worse. I met Dr. Marangu in 2002, who was clearly an innovator in the field of natural hormone replacement therapy - she put me on Bio-Identical hormones. It has literally changed my life - I haven't had a migraine in a decade. With Dr. Marangu's help, I lost 43 pounds in 4 months. My overall health has greatly improved, I feel better than I ever have and I'm blessed to be so healthy in my retirement and I have Dr. Marangu to thank for that." Sharon Ruiz, San Clemente "I knew my body was changing and didn’t know how to help myself. I was experiencing depression, catastrophic mood swings, crying for no apparent reason, mega hot flashes, and lack of libido, among many things. After seeing Dr. Marangu's advertisement, I made an appointment. Today, my body and life are back to normal and I have lost 38 lbs. Hallelujah! It is so amazing to experience life at 56 and feel on top of the world every day. Thank you Dr. Marangu so much for your care! - Kathy, Dana Point

For more information on bio-identical hormone therapy, call J.A. Makena Marangu, M.D. at (949) 443-4313. FEBRUARY 2015







SoCal Safari hit's the trail in February, the OC Wine Trail, that is. Tune your TV to Cox Channel 3 every Saturday at 11 AM and 9:30 PM as we take you on a trip to the Laguna Canyon Winery, the Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery and the Orange Coast Winery. Swirl, sniff and savor this fantastic show featuring a bouquet of personalities and vintners who are operating right under your delicate palate.

South County Safari airs weekly on Cox Channel 3 on Thursdays at 8 pm and Saturdays at 11 am. FEBRUARY 2015



Taste of San Juan is Fiesta de la Golondrinas Favorite! he annual Taste of San Juan will be held at the beautiful San Juan Hills Golf Club on Thursday, February 12 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Presented by the all-volunteer San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association, the Taste of San Juan will feature over forty of the finest local restaurants along with live music and dancing to Missiles of October.


Admission is just $35.00 and San Juan Hills Golf Club will honor their happy hour prices throughout the evening. Attendees of The Taste of San Juan will receive voting ballots to select their favorite restaurants in the following categories: Best Main Course; Best Original Dish; Best Appetizer and Best Dessert.

The Taste of San Juan is a major fundraiser for the all-volunteer, nonprofit San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association. Proceeds from the Taste will be used to present a variety of community events throughout the year - most notably - the 57th Swallows Day Parade on Saturday, March 21, 2015. Advance tickets may be purchased online at Tickets will also be sold at the door where credit cards, cash or check are welcome. The San Juan Hills Golf Club is located at 32120 San Juan Creek Rd in San Juan Capistrano and plenty of parking is available in two parking lots on the grounds and along Camino Capistrano.

For more information about the Taste of San Juan or other events of the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association, call 949.493.1976 or visit

Partial List of Restaurant Participants Donna B's Bakery • Sundried Tomato Café • Ruby's Diner • Ricardo's Place • L'Hirondelle • El Adobe San Juan Hills Golf Club • Marie Callender's • 3:16 Bakery • Cafe Mozart Five Vines Winebar • Mollies Famous Cafe

WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS to the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association throughout the year. This all-volunteer effort presents the annual Swallows Day Parade and other special events that celebrate the annual return of the swallows to historic San Juan Capistrano. The San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization run by a general membership and elected board of directors. Annual dues are just $30 for individuals and $50 for families Only Fiesta Association members can serve in leadership roles and as for Fiesta de las Golondrinas events. Celebrate San Juan’s rich heritage, give back to the community and join the fun!. for a membership form FEBRUARY 2015




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Kid’s Pet Parade Kids show off their favorite pets in the Annual Festival of the Swallows

by Jody Robinson • photography by Scott Schmitt, San Juan Photo & Digital he Fiesta de las Golondrinas (Festival of the Swallows) is tied to the legendary return of the swallows to the Mission San Juan Capistrano on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th. The fame of this event, which will celebrate its 57th year in 2015, and the yearly return of the Swallows have reached all parts of the world. The Fiesta de las Golondrinas spans three months. This year it will culminate on Saturday, March 21, with the Swallows Day Parade and Mercado Street Faire, but in the weeks running up to it, numerous community activities will take place, including the Taste of San Juan, El Presidenté Ball, Fiesta Grande (which includes the Hairiest Man & Soiled Dove contests). But one of the most anticipated events for South Orange County families is the Kid’s Pet Parade, where children ages five to twelve can show off their favorite animals. On Sunday, February 21 at Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano, kids and their furry, feathery or scaly friends can compete in contests for Best Team Costume (owner and pet), Best Domestic/Household Pet, Best Exotic Pet, Best Barnyard/Farm Animal and Best Bird. A special “Judges Choice” prize will be awarded and this winner will be given the opportunity to be in the Swallows Day Parade. Some past winners have included potato bugs, dogs, ducks and ponies


Does your child want to show of his or her pet? Sign-ups begin at 10am and the parade goes from 12pm to 1pm There is a $5 entry fee and all pets must be leashed, haltered, or caged, and an adult must accompany children. Find out more at

Japanese Cuisine with French Flair

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SOUTH COUNTY DINING & ENTERTAINMENT Thirty Wyland works of art are on display at The RitzCarlton, Laguna Niguel. The public art exhibit includes original oil paintings, Chinese sumi brush paintings, giclees on canvas, aluminum, watercolors, bronze sculptures, and mixed media surfboards. The 200-s quare-foot Blue Ballet, a life size tribute to the giant oceanic manta ray found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide, is the crown jewel of the exhibit. “Our water resources are among our planet's greatest treasures,” said Wyland, whose marine life murals are seen by more than 1 billion people around the world every year. “Our ocean, coastal waters, rivers, and lakes support millions of people. But like anything they need our attention and art helps put that into focus."

The Blue Ballet Takes Center Stage in the Wyland Exhibit at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel he Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel is proud to showcase renowned environmental artist Wyland’s Blue Ballet, a 25 x 8 foot mural that was created over the course of a month in his mural studio in Irvine, Calif. The mural was on loan to the Georgia Aquarium to commemorate the Aquarium’s partnership in the Wyland National "Water Is Life" Art and Mural challenge where it was seen by more than 3 million people and has just made its return to the southern California as part of Wyland’s personal collection.


Guests also have the opportunity to meet Wyland at the Wonders of Wyland exclusive reception on Friday, March 6 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. The reception features Wyland painting twelve original sumi brush paintings that will be auctioned off that evening. Additionally, guests will enjoy film highlights from Wyland’s thirtyyear campaign to create 100 life size marine life murals in more than 12 countries around the world. The reception is $125 per person, with $25 of the ticket price going to support the Wyland Foundation.

Reservations are required and can be made by calling Resort Services at 949-240-2000.

Any Cake $25 or More Exp. 2.28.15

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SOUTH COUNTY DINING & ENTERTAINMENT o quote a lyric from the song of the same name from the Tony winning musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, South Pacific “You’ve got to be carefully taught to hate and fear…”. Theatre has always exposed the ugliness of intolerance. The lessons begin back even before Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is a timeless example of his exposition of the unnecessary hate between the Capulets and the Montagues - for no good reason. The feud between the families went back generations before either Romeo and Juliet were born. “No Good Reason” is the most common cause of intolerance.


You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught by Beverly Blake and Tom Scott

How you are taught to view differences, whether racial, religious or political, determines your level of tolerance for those other views. Exposure of any kind to others who are different may teach us tolerance.

people who are different from them can also teach us tolerance. That is the essence of the play Driving Miss Daisy, a Pulitzer prize winning story about the twenty plus year relationship between Daisy, a Jewish woman, and her driver Hoke, a black man, in the deep south starting in 1948.

How you are taught to view differences, whether racial, religious or political, determines your level of tolerance for those other views. Exposure of any kind to others who are different may teach us tolerance. Seeing people on stage interacting with

This particular play was so widely praised for its controversial content that it exemplifies using theatre as education. While theatre always entertains, the best theatre also educates. “The highest result of education is tolerance.” - Helen Keller

Camino Real Playhouse is located at 31776 El Camino Real in San Juan Capistrano. For tickets or more information, visit






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