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May 2016





A SoCal Senior Publication





May 2016

12 COVER FEATURE: A Senior for Seniors:


Preparing for Takeoff - Colonel Gregory G. Raths for Congressional Duty

20 Karen Schatzle for Superior Court - Bringing Lady Justice Back to Orange County

28 Low Cost Options for Helping You Age at Home

46 Pacific Symphony’s Grand Finale at Irvine Meadows MAY 2016



8 The Invisible Leader: What the New Trustee Should Do 10 Tuition-Free, Lifelong Learning Courses for Older Adults 16 May is National Osteoporosis Month! Frequently asked questions answered 18 7 Reasons Why Informed Investors Choose Fiduciaries 19 Spotlight On: Mr. Vernon Clover 22 The Orange Catholic Foundation Offers an Opportunity to Leave a Lasting Legacy 24 Reverse Mortgage Solutions - Al W. Hensling of United American Mortgage Corporation addresses frequently asked questions and clears up common misconceptions 26 The Health Benefits of Water 30 What is the Best Age to Buy Long-Term Care Coverage? 32 Travel Can Be Tough on Your Legs: Medical compression stockings and socks are a travel essential 34 Spotlight On: KS Capital Real Estate Development and Private Money Lender 36 Travel: Half Moon Bay 38 Medicare A + B = Where Does “D” Come In? 40 Understanding Sleep Apnea 44 Dining & Entertainment Guide

MAY 2016



TESTIMONIALS “Our firm is pleased to be a contributor to Sorbet Magazine, which we believe to be a beneficial resource to the senior community. We have been long-time contributors in several other publications the Sorbert’s editor has created and they have always been a pleasure to participate in (Orange Magazine, HB Magazine, Newport Mesa Magazine, South County Magazine, Marmalade Magazine). As estate planning attorneys, we serve the senior community and look forward to meeting many of Sorbet’s readers.” - Genene Dunn, The Law Offices of Donald A. Hunsberger “I have been advertising with Community Publications consistently since the launch of South County Magazine several years ago. The primary reason for this continued investment is the results we get in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. Another good reason is Community Publications’ outstanding customer service and their sincere desire to contribute their advertiser’s success. My advice is to try them. I’m sure it will be worth it.” - C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas, Long-term Care Insurance - Insurance 101 “When I was asked if I wanted to be included in Sorbet, I had no hesitation. Working with Jody Robinson over the past few years, I knew she would create another professional, easy to read, and informative magazine that would appeal to seniors. I felt Sorbet would be the perfect fit for me to be able to inform seniors regarding Sleep Apnea treatment alternatives.” -  Scott E. West, D.D.S.    “Since I began contributing to Sorbet magazine, lots of people have commented to me about my articles and about all the great information in Sorbet in general. From the feedback I have received, I know Sorbet is making a definite impact with Orange County seniors. I have received calls from people looking to sell and wanting to know more about the value of their home so there has been a positive impact on my business from my involvement with Sorbet. The magazine has been a great boost to my real estate marketing efforts and to the OC senior population as well. I look forward to sharing more articles in future issues and helping more seniors with their real estate needs.” - Bruce Ballantine, Evergreen Realty “Simply put, advertising in the magazines produced by Community Publications works. My participation has resulted in new customers and the process couldn’t have been easier. Not only did they offer design services at no charge, they created a great ad without needing much input from me because they took the time to really understand my business. The resulting ad does a great job of getting my ‘message’ out - I’m very pleased.” - Betty Darroch, Mission Wigs

Mission Viejo Wigs

“I placed an ad in the community magazines produced by Community Publications to increase awareness of my product, but I had no idea the impact it would have! I’ve received great response and would definitely recommend these community publications to other local business owners.” - Kathy Crifasi, HipzBag MAY 2016



A SoCal Senior Publication

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The Invisible Leader: What the New Trustee Should Do By Donald A. Hunsberger

When Trustees finish their work distributing trust assets, they often utter the same comment about the problems they encountered managing a trust: “Nobody knows what to do as a trustee until the job is almost over. It would be nice to know before the job begins.”


he complete answer to this question calls for the template of a textbook. But Tina Fey, late of Saturday Night Live, unknowingly gave the simple answer about the trustee’s job when she described a leader: “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.” The trustee’s job is to be the “Boss” who seeks out and supervises the experts who conduct the administration of the trust. This role involves finding and directing the most competent people available to manage the requirements found in the terms for the instrument known as a trust. For most trusts, the management team which the trustee will need includes an appraiser, an accountant, an attorney, and a financial advisor. John Aust, PhD., of CP Appraisers in Orange, who has taught Appraisal Classes at Santiago Canyon College for over twenty-five years, describes the trustee’s team as a “Support Group for the Trustee.”

Appraisers need more than just a license or a degree in finance, explains the professor. “Anticipate that an appraiser is basically a professional witness to the value of the assets,” states Aust. “The trustee needs to work with someone whose numbers are not just professionally correct; they need to be defensible in court by someone who won’t be intimidated by that prospect.”

“The smarter the trustee,” Aust explains, “the more likely she is to start out as more of a recruiter than a manager.” Dr. Aust quotes Warren Buffet when he explains how a trustee approaches composing a management team: “The wise man does in the beginning what a fool does in the end.”

Finally, the financial advisor should have both the personal professional financial experience with probate and trust administration and a strong financial organization to back up the advisor’s efforts. “The best advisor in the world still needs to have a strong back room to support the job of allocating assets after the original trustees have died,” advises Dr. Aust.

Often, when parents who die have left a trust with one of their children as a successor trustee, that successor has never managed a trust before. “Finding a team of advisors is not a challenge,” Professor Aust explains, “but finding a team of competent advisors is a roll of the dice without some experienced help.”

Asked to give a final summary of the job of a trustee, Dr. Aust replied by quoting the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Dr. Aust recommends a simple checklist for the start-up trustee:

Tina Fey, Warren Buffet, and Lao Tzu all appear to agree with Dr. Aust about a trustee’s job: Start out in the beginning by finding the right people, be close to invisible, and let the experts do their work.

In selecting an Accountant, be certain to retain a CPA who has experience with filing Estate Tax Returns, also known as Form 706. These are sometimes needed even for estates well below the taxable level known as the Exemption Equivalent, which in 2016 is $5,450,000.00.

Hunsberger Law is a full-service estate and business planning legal firm, with estate planning attorneys and a licensed, professional fiduciary on staff. Connect with Don Hunsberger by calling (714) 663-8000 or visit

The Trust’s attorney should have experience with both Probate and Trust administration, since some estates will have assets both in and out of a trust, explains Dr. Aust. “If an asset is outside of the trust,” Aust notes, “the Attorney often needs to know how to steer that asset through Probate. “ MAY 2016



Mother’s Day Brunch

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Tuition-Free, Lifelong Learning Courses for Older Adults SUMMER 2016 STARTS MAY 31st • 949-582-4835 28000 Marguerite Parkway • Mission Viejo, CA 92692 academically rigorous • mentally stimulating • socially engaging • health improving by Dan Predoehl, M.Ed • Director, Emeritus Institute

The Saddleback College Emeritus Institute is California’s largest, lifelong learning program specifically designed for older adults. We welcome you to join us as we enter our 40th anniversary year of providing over 215 sections of lifelong learning courses at over thirty locations throughout South Orange County.



Are you an aspiring or professional artist looking for more studio time and instruction? This summer, take advantage of courses designed with you in mind. Enroll in ceramics, enameling, jewelry, sketching, acrylic painting, and plein air classes taught by our highly qualified art professors.

Music abounds throughout South Orange County through the Emeritus Institute’s instrumental and voice classes. Small ensemble barbershop classes, large choir, as well as the use of creative instruments round out the cacophony of melodious sound created by Emeritus Institute students.



As we enter into the final months before the State of California presidential primary on June 7th, brush up on the topics that are most important to you. Class PS 214x – Current Issues in Government offered throughout the week creates an academic arena for the thoughtful analysis of candidates and policies sure to affect our country.

Living in a global community provides us the opportunity to explore languages and cultures in order to know our neighbors better. The Emeritus Institute beginning, intermediate, and advanced Spanish courses combine conversational lessons with cultural knowledge making these classes some of the most popular within the program.


The Saddleback College Emeritus Institute offers rolling admission and registration.

Health and wellness come from the active engagement of mind and body. Through the Emeritus Institute’s unique lecture/lab class format, older adult students participate in discussion, receive life-improving guidance, while physically moving in classes such as tai chi, yoga, aerobics, and sequential stretching. MAY 2016

Summer 2016 Session Starts May 31st. Apply today online to join us! Saddleback College Emeritus Institute Over 30 South Orange County Teaching Sites • 949-582-4835



MEDICARE can be complicated. We make it SIMPLE. You may qualify to enroll or change

your MEDICARE health plan if: 

You’re newly eligible for Medicare

You’ve recently moved to the area

You live in a nursing home

You’re leaving your employer plan

If you have questions about your Medicare, our team has the answers you need. Can’t find your doctor in your network? Referrals take too long? Paying extra for extra benefits? Don’t delay. Call today for a free consultation. We make house calls.


Orange County Local Agent

(949) 297-3917 Porter, Page and Company, Inc. Insurance and Financial Services Serving Orange County more than 20 years MAY 2016



PREPARING FOR TAKEOFF Colonel Gregory G. Raths Reports for Congressional Duty By Jody Robinson

McDonnell’s “masterpiece fighting jet,” the F-4 Phantom, rolled off the production line in December 1960, as a fleet defender built to intercept nuclear foes. Delivered to Miramar Naval Air Station, the jet was eventually bound for nearly four decades of service in the U.S. military.


or a rookie pilot, the F-4 could be a little hard to handle, its two-seater capacity requiring a little more of a team effort than fighter pilots were used to; and a nose that rose notoriously slowly off the deck of an aircraft carrier. For those of us who know nothing about planes, let alone what Mach 1 or 2 mean, a slow-going-nose doesn’t sound like much. But for Colonel Gregory G. Raths, USMC (RET) it was as much of a trial as any: with a bit of speed, that slow nose could over rotate to a stall. A rather rude initiation to the Marine Corps, if you ask me.

MAY 2016

Luckily, meeting Col. Raths is nothing like stalling out over the deck of a 45,000 ton aircraft carrier, even though his sights are currently set on becoming a U.S. Congressman this year perhaps a task equal to lifting off the deck in a multi-million dollar war machine. A charming, well-spoken man, the Colonel speaks lovingly of his parents, and the four brothers 12


“Why am I running for Congress? The answer is quite simple. ... We have a government with a 6% approval rating from the American people. Six percent. Congress members even now are receiving pay raises and huge benefits when Social Security recipients have not received a cost of living increase in 3 of the last 7 years. Hospital bills are rising. We need to make a decisive move.” Col. Gregory G. Raths

budgets. My first assignment was in Orange County, CA - at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.” Closed now, El Toro was long part of the vision of a developing community - a vision that Col. Raths would like to see brought back to American towns. Dwight Whiting, Boston-born founder of the town of El Toro, helped establish the first church, negotiated the arrival of the Santa Fe railroad through the valley, and saw the future of the community in its gentleman farmers: working hard and living off the wealth and proceeds of their walnut and apricot groves. Replaced now by shopping malls and a new town moniker, the vision Whiting and Col. Raths share for the country is fading, and Col. Raths believes it is time for a change.

The Pentagon assigned Col. Raths to the White House Military Office during President Clinton’s Second Term.

and three sisters he grew up with in Phoenix, Arizona. The fifth of eight children, Col. Raths had an early view into the life of a serviceman. His father served in the Army Air Corps from 1941-1945, as a bomber pilot during WWII, and flew combat in the European theatre in the A-20, a night fighter and adaptable light bomber mostly used by the Allied forces in World War II. His mother stayed home full time with the family, keeping the household running.

“The American people have had enough,” he says. “We have been deceived, betrayed by our elected officials.

“As a kid, I mowed lawns, delivered handbills, went door to door selling anything from light bulbs to Christmas lights,” he says. Each step around the neighborhood was a step towards a life of service: to his community first as an Eagle Scout, class president, and multi-sport athlete, and eventually to his country - joining the Marine Corps Officer Candidate Program in 1972 after his freshman year at Arizona State University (ASU). Enduring summer training at Quantico during the summers of 1973 and 1974, Col. Raths also received his Bachelor's Degree in Business in 1975. By the time he graduated flight school in Pensacola, FL, “Vietnam was over, and the military began drawing down its forces, and reducing its

MAY 2016



leaders who are not worried about the next election or pleasing special interests groups. We can't count on the same politicians who got us into this mess to get us out. There is only one special interest group I am interested in serving: the people of the 45th Congressional District." Col. Raths brings a unique experience and perspective to negotiating Washington’s political scene. Serving as Chief of Staff of the White House Military Office during Clinton’s administration taught Raths much about how career politicians function, and he’d like to be a force that changes those functions.

We need new leaders with honesty and integrity” - two traits Col. Raths learned en force through his tours aboard the USS Midway, and later as squadron commander off the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. “Washington D.C. has proven its ineptitude, and we must not allow this dreadful sequence to continue.”

At Mach speeds, most modern aircraft must compromise in order to maintain handling ability. Supersonic speeds create shock waves, and the stronger the shock wave is, the greater the pressure difference, which causes a sonic boom. While those outside the cockpit are witness to the boom, those inside the aircraft cannot hear it. America is at the edge of Mach speed right now, cruising into the path of governmental dependence and the “damaging impact of complacency and apathy.” Col. Raths would like to take back the controls.

His new assignment is a personal one: One he believes must be based on solutions, not politics as usual. Courage, rather than the opinion of a special interest group, or the hope of reelection. Col. Raths has no aspirations to become a career politician - he’s already completed a 30 year military career and spent the past twelve years in the private sector as a commercial airline pilot, president of an automobile parts distribution firm, and is currently an author and publisher. He volunteers within his community of Mission Viejo as a member of the Elks Lodge, the Rotary Club, American Legion, VFW, St. Kilian Knights of Columbus and serves as President of the Board of Directors for the charity Patriots and Paws, a nonprofit organization that provides companion dogs, furniture and home goods to veterans and active duty members at no cost.

Overseeing military support from the White House is no small task, especially after serving in the military at such a volatile and unpopular time, and Raths is all too familiar with the stresses and victories surrounding military legislation coming from Congress. He would like to make it clear that his next battle is back in Washington, fighting for the people of the 45th Congressional District where he’d like to “fix the mess that has been created by politicians invested in maintaining their power, rather than doing what they know is right based on the principles that made this nation great to begin with.”

He is running for office because he simply believes that “a drastically new course for this nation must be drafted" and is committed to leading that charge on behalf of his friends, neighbors and fellow citizens in California's 45th Congressional District.

For our future and that of our children and grandchildren: the time to survey the scene has passed. Start those engines, ladies and gentlemen.

A SENIOR FOR SENIORS When asked what types of current policy he sees as going in the wrong direction that he would correct if elected to office, Col. Raths points to the "fiscal mismanagement of programs such as Medicare and Social Security." "Why are members of Congress receiving pay raises and huge benefits when Social Security recipients have not received a cost of living increase in 3 of the last 7 years?" he asks. "Medicare co-payments, prescriptions and hospital bills are skyrocketing. I will focus on our seniors and see that they are taken care of. For more information on Col. Gregory Raths’ campaign or to contact him directly, visit, call (949) 292-2468 or write to: Col. Gregory G. Raths, 26551 Maside , Mission Viejo, CA. 92692. Content approved by Supporters for Gregory G. Raths for Congress.

“Why am I running for Congress? The answer is quite simple. We have a government with a 6% approval rating from the American people. Six percent. We need new

MAY 2016



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URQLOGY Medical Center MAY 2016



May is National Osteoporosis Month! Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions Q: My best friend just had a bone density scan. Do I need one, too? A: According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, you should have a bone density test if you: are a female age 65 or older, are a man age 70 or older, you break a bone after age 50, or you have additional risk factors such as a history of osteoporosis in your family. You should also ask about having a test if you have had an x-ray of your spine showing a break or bone loss, you have severe back pain that could indicate a break, you have lost height of a half inch or more in the last year, or you have lost one and a half inches total from your original height. Q: Since bone density scans emit radiation, are they safe? and body size. Z-scores can be misleading, because bone density naturally drops around age 50 for most people.

A: It’s true that any x-ray will emit some level of radiation, whether you are getting annual dental x-rays, mammograms, CT scans, or bone density tests. Extended exposure to radiation can increase the risk of developing cancer, but most x-rays we are exposed to have low levels of radiation that shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Traditional x-rays are used so frequently because they dramatically improve quality of life for patients. In the past, diagnoses involved invasive, risky, and exploratory surgical procedures, but x-rays can help doctors diagnose conditions much more quickly and easily.

Q: Is there anything I can do to boost my bone density score? A: Plenty of people across the United States have improved their bone density or dramatically slowed natural bone loss with OsteoStrong, which triggers the body’s natural bone growth processes in less than 10 minutes a week. OsteoStrong uses osteogenic loading, a scientifically proven method of increasing bone mass without medication or exercise. Supervised sessions allow people to place the required amount of pressure on bones to kickstart major bone growth, making bones stronger after just a few sessions. Many people who use OsteoStrong have reversed their osteoporosis and no longer take prescription medications to manage bone loss.

Some people, such as those who have already been exposed to extensive radiation during cancer treatment, may be more susceptible to radiation from x-rays over time, but most people shouldn’t worry. If you have concerns about radiation exposure, talk to your physician. You can also consult research on radiation doses for various x-rays (bone density scans are fairly low). Q: What is a T-score, and what does it mean?

Thomas J. Moffett is franchise owner of OsteoStrong of Laguna Woods in Laguna Hills - specializing in building bone density naturally through osteogenic loading. OsteoStrong of Laguna Woods is located at 23601 Moulton Parkway, Suite B in Laguna Hills. TO BOOK A FREE BONE DENSITY TEST, BALANCE/POSTURE TEST AND A FREE FIRST SESSION, call (949) 916-0916 or visit

A: A T-score is how bone density results are reported. The score shows to what degree your bone density is higher or lower than that of a healthy 30-year old adult. The lower a T-score, the lower the bone density. For example, a T-score of -1.0 is lower than 0.5. Normal T-scores are -1 and above, low scores that indicate osteopenia range between -1 and -2.5, and T-scores that show evidence of osteoporosis are -2.5 and below. When you have a bone density test, you will also see a Z-score, which shows where you rank compared to normal scores for someone your same age MAY 2016




Look for a local Medicare Broker in your area, not an 800# with an out of state telesales staff. Find us in publications like these.

Did you know~ A Plan F is standardized, which means the benefits are the same regardless of which company you are aligned with. The difference can be just the monthly cost! By moving companies, it does not change your current doctors at all!

Clients love that we still make House Calls and are local… Here is a typical response after meeting with a new client…. “I never knew that I could have someone like you come to my home, offer various Medicare Plans in the area, do an analysis on my specific medications and keep the doctors I need. Wow, and at no cost! Thank you so much!!”

Plan N is similar to a Plan F, but with some doctor copays. This may be another way to lower your monthly cost. If you are on a Medicare Plan and still not quite clear what might be available to you, that is where I can help. Have you recently got an increase in what you will be paying for your plan? There are options, even at this time of year!

Denice Merrill

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I’m frequently asked “what do I owe you for your time or how can I compensate you?” The answer is NOTHING. As an independent Agent/ Broker, we do get paid from the Insurance Company per enrollment as we are Independent Licensed representatives. We get paid the same regardless of which plan you are enrolled with – completely unbiased. This does not increase the cost of your plan to you in any way.

Co-Owner Merrill Insurance Services, Inc. Specializing in Medicare Plan Choices Over 10 Years Experience 949-388-7332- Direct CA LIC# 0D99790

EDUCATION IS KEY! Brokers must get certified with each of the plans every year to be able to confidently and legally show more than one option. This is a true dedication and commitment to the industry.


Sorbet and South County Magazine

MAY 2016




Even the most ethical advisors are faced with the dilemma of balancing recommendations that meet your needs, while also being paid appropriately. If your advisor works for another company, he or she may not have the option of recommending the most appropriate product for your situation. Instead, advisors may only be able to offer the products of the company they work for.

WHY INFORMED INVESTORS CHOOSE FIDUCIARIES By Pence Wealth Management and Martin J. Lombrano, AIF®, LPL Financial Advisor




Knowing that you have a fiduciary working for you should help provide confidence.





Martin J. Lombrano, AIF®, is a LPL Financial Advisor and PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (PFP) with over 20 years of experience in the financial planning field. Martin has served as the owner and president of his own financial planning firm in Irvine. In 2007, he joined Pence Wealth Management and LPL Financial. Martin has extensive experience in insurance, charitable giving, asset management, retirement planning, as well as growth and preservation of retirement assets. He believes listening, trust, persistency and service are the foundation of lasting relationships and success. He can be reached by calling (949) 660- 8777 or email CA Insurance License # 0828215.



In addition, prudent fiduciaries will often leverage subject matter experts by tapping an entire industry of knowledge, not just the offerings of one company. This seeks to ensure you receive advice and recommendations.



The financial services industry is plagued with highcommission products, company incentives and production contests. Your fiduciary is obligated to provide honest advice, based solely on your situation, and not to be swayed by outside pressures. MAY 2016


Trust, once earned, is one of the highest honor any advisor can receive from a client. One of an advisor’s biggest challenges is telling his or her client what they need to hear... especially when the client does not want to hear it. Your fiduciary is committed to a code of ethics and has an obligation to give you straight answers, providing a strong foundation upon which to build trust.

By keeping you informed of new recommendations, the impact of those recommendations, as well as disclosing all important information associated with those recommendations, a fiduciary helps remove unwanted surprises.



However, imparting confidence is not enough to establish the fiduciary role. Only when that confidence is accepted by the client, is the fiduciary relationship established, causing dependence by the client and influence by the advisor.

Your fiduciary works for you, educating you on the different aspects of your financial plan and ensuring your understanding of how all the pieces fit together to create a sound plan. Your fiduciary promotes additional confidence in your financial future.





Keeping you informed, as well as disclosing all important information associated with recommendations, helps minimize unwanted surprises, and helps to create the foundation for a healthy collaborative relationship.

Working as your fiduciary, your advisor is obligated not to engage in any self-dealing or other conflicts of interest. In fulfilling his or her obligations and duties to you, your fiduciary should perform required due diligence prior to making recommendations. Thus, acting in a proactive manner on your behalf.




Securities and Advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.



love of the game. So when Dr. Hsu learned that Vernon was a Lakers fan, he volunteered a pair of tickets that allowed Vernon and his wife their first visit to the Staples Center to watch their team play last December as part of Hospice Care of the West’s new “True Loves and Wishes” program created to grant the wishes of its patients. "We had such a wonderful time," says Donna. "I had never been to a professional game and it had been many years since Vernon had been to one, so we can't thank Dr. Hsu enough for such a memorable afternoon. It certainly added to the excitement that the Lakers won that day! But more than that, everyone at Hospice Care of the West is so nice and so caring, they have really been an incredible help to us on every level."

Spotlight On: Mr. Vernon Clover

A native Oklahoman, Vernon met his future bride on a blind date and they will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary in October. An "Army brat," Donna was born in Pennsylvania and raised all over the country in states where her father was stationed, including Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Donna's son David Schaffer lives two blocks away from the couple and her daughter, Chris, lives in Texas, while Vernon's daughter Stacey lives in Tulsa. Vernon and Donna are the proud grandparents of three "lovely granddaughters" - Alexis, 21, Caroline, 16 and Isabella, 13.

By Ann Laurence


've always been partial to people who go above and beyond. It's a character trait I seem to consistently run across when conducting interviews with individuals utilizing the services of Hospice Care of the West and this showcase on Mr. Vernon Clover and his wife, Donna, is no exception.

Vernon, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, has been under the care of Dr. Kang Hsu, Associate Medical Director at Hospice Care of the West, for nearly three years. In that time, Dr. Hsu and the man he calls "one of his favorite patients," frequently chatted about the former high school driver's education teacher and boy's basketball coach's

MAY 2016

For more information on Hospice Care of the West, call 800-405-1159 or visit



Schatzle for Superior Court

Bringing Lady Justice back to Orange County In ancient poetry, a surviving image of justice was described “holding level the balance.” Later named Iustitia, the image of Lady Justice has maintained through the age, appearing in courtrooms, palaces, and government centers worldwide. A physical allegory for the law, the lady is none to be reckoned with: her double edged sword as formidable as any.


nd yet, what is perhaps most striking about this ages old symbol is her blindfold. Any fool can muscle a scale to balance, if he is tilted himself - but the Lady holds the recipe for sea change in her blinded gaze: a ruthless integrity of purpose to mete justice without the sway of fear or favor.

is blindfolded. To remain separate from her decisions - if not to spare herself the torture of seeing chaos enacted daily in the streets of so many cities in Orange County. But to Schatzle, there is no worth without the struggle for true integrity: which, for her, “is not an external appearance but an inward reality that refers to singleness of heart and mind, the development of a blameless character by adhering to an exemplary moral code.”

For Senior Deputy District Attorney Karen Schatzle, that ruthless integrity of purpose is what she seeks to bring to the Superior Court in Orange County. Prior to obtaining work in prosecution, Karen worked full time for the Orange County Probation Department. As a Deputy Probation Officer, she handled a myriad of tasks, ranging from investigating both juvenile and adult offences, supervising violent crimes offenders, and preparing guidelines for the Superior Court’s sentencing procedures. A force on the streets as well, Karen was post certified and trained to carry a weapon. Part of a coalition enforced with unifying efforts to reduce gang violence, she worked hand in hand with social services, law enforcement, probation officers and prosecutors: honing her awareness of the social issues taking shape in the streets of her city, and driving her decision to apply for law school. Clearly no stranger to hard work and dedication, Karen took the initiation to motherhood one step further than most, passing the BAR exam on her first attempt, while pregnant with her third child.

And her opponent? “It is a determination to maintain judicial independence that moved me to challenge Scott”, Karen notes, “I voluntarily supported him during the last election - yet it is opposed to my moral character to do so now.” Recently censured for multiple reasons, including having sex with his law students in the court’s chambers, Steiner is an incumbent, and former colleague of Schatzle’s. “My career in law enforcement began almost 30 years ago - I have dedicated most of my career to prosecuting child molesters, sex offenders, and career criminals. My integrity, and the integrity of the court is an asset that voters should be unwilling to sacrifice.” Will the scales tip in her favor with the vote for the Superior Court seat coming up on June 7? Perhaps they should: after all, I think Lady Justice would agree with Teddy Roosevelt when he noted that “nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty” - or Robert Brault: “what happens if I do nothing?”

During her longstanding tenure as a prosecutor, Karen dedicated the majority of her attentions towards violent crimes - trying over 86 cases, many of which resulted in multiple life sentences. Though one might guess at the fact, Schatzle notes that “she has never been, or am now, dissuaded by a difficult challenge.” But what is the cost of such dedication? Surely, this is why Lady Justice MAY 2016

For more information, visit Paid for by Karen Schatzle for OC Superior Court Judge. 20


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We encourage Grandparents to be a part of their Grandkids’ aquatic education. Whether it is buying a gift certificate for swim lessons or actually bringing the little ones into lessons and enjoying the experience of watching them learn to love the water, we want you to be involved!

When you experience hair loss due to medical reasons, it can be devastating. A wig can make all the difference in helping you look good and feel better about hair loss. No matter what the cause - cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern baldness or thinning hair ... Our goal is to help you look and feel your best!


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Since its first Wills and Trusts Week in the fall of 2011, the Orange Catholic Foundation (OCF) has had as one of its primary goals to encourage everyone to have an estate plan designed to provide for the needs of their families.


ach year in the spring and fall, the OCF works in collaboration with parishes and schools throughout the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange to provide information sessions led by local Catholic estate planning attorneys and financial advisors to help you protect and provide for your loved ones, update or create your estate plan, and learn more about wills, trusts, estate taxes, probate expenses, guardianship of minor children, selection of personal representatives, and more.

• Who should we appoint as our trustees and successor trustees? • Who will be the guardian of my dependent children or child with special needs if something happens to me? The Orange Catholic Foundation warmly welcomes all who are interested in attending one of the upcoming sessions during the week of May 16 through 21. Times and locations for the spring Wills and Trusts Week are listed in their advertisement in this issue of Sorbet.

For convenience, the Foundation offers a series of morning and evening seminars that are scheduled at local parishes across the diocese.

Everyone who attends and completes a basic introductory form will receive a complimentary consultation with both an estate planning attorney and a financial planner within the next six months.

While learning how to effectively plan a legacy, attendees at these sessions receive answers to such questions as:

The Orange Catholic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and an autonomous pious foundation that exists to serve the Diocese of Orange, including its parishes, schools and overall diocesan mission. The OCF plans and conducts major diocesan fundraising programs including the Proud to be Catholic Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA), the For Christ Forever Capital Campaign, the Conference on Business & Ethics, the annual Wills and Trusts Weeks and other special fundraising events. The Foundation also manages endowments and various charitable funds and grants funds according to the donor’s intent.

• Who will make my healthcare decisions if I am no longer able to act on my own behalf? • Who will have the power to manage our finances if we are no longer able to manage our property or financial affairs? • What is the difference between a will and a trust? • What happens if I pass away without an updated estate plan? • What are the advantages of pre-planning for my funeral expenses? • How can we leave a legacy of faith? MAY 2016



Mobile Notary Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Alone I’m just a hearing aid. But in the hands of an expert,

I’m the key to a better way of life.

Valerie Barrett

Call today to schedule your complimentary hearing consultation.

Certied Background Screened

949.461.1991 Rachel Burnett, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

Mission Audiology 26302 La Paz Rd, Ste 107 • Mission Viejo Part of the Sound Wave Hearing Centers

ound Wave SHearing Centers OUR SERVICES • Estate Attorneys • Advance Medical Directives • Pre-Marital Agreements • Acknowledgements • Lien Releases • Business Partnership • Titles Companies • Personal Statements • Long Term Care • Adoption • Afdavits • Jail • Deeds • Certication of Identication

714.389.0305 805.298.2722 MAY 2016



Reverse Mortgage Solutions


It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of Americans will receive more than 50% of their retirement income from Social Security.


the borrowers no longer use the home as their principal residence or fail to meet the obligations of the mortgage. You can also use a HECM to purchase a primary residence if you are able to use cash on hand to pay the difference between the HECM proceeds and the sales price plus closing costs for the property you are purchasing.

ut seniors who are concerned about the future of Social Security (or whether they will outlive their retirement savings), may want to look to their home equity as another possible source of income. A reverse mortgage is a retirement asset that can be effectively utilized as part of a retirement income plan to support your retirement goals and needs - and help retirement-age homeowners “age in place.�

Q: If I take out a reverse mortgage, will the bank own my home? A: No, you continue to own your home just the same as with a regular mortgage.

In the following interview, we asked Al W. Hensling, president of United American Mortgage Corporation, to address some of the more frequently asked questions and clear up common misconceptions regarding reverse mortgages:

A reverse mortgage does not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits. However, if you are on Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), any reverse mortgage proceeds that you receive must be used immediately.

Q: What is a reverse mortgage and how does it work? A: A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that you built up over years of making mortgage payments can be paid to you. However, unlike a traditional home equity loan or second mortgage, HECM borrowers do not have to repay the HECM loan until MAY 2016



could impact eligibility. For example, if you receive $4,000 in a lump sum for home repairs and spend it all the same calendar month, everything is fine. Any residual funds remaining in your bank account the following month would count as an asset. If the total liquid resources (including other bank funds and savings bonds) exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple, you would be ineligible for Medicaid. To be safe, you should contact the local area agency.

- No Loan Repayment Required As Long As You Live in Your Home - Retain Full Ownership of Your Home - Tax-Free Funds As Long As You Live in Your Home - Loan is Insured By the Federal Government - You Can Choose the Method to Receive Your Funds that Best Suits Your Needs

Q: How much money can I get and are there restrictions on how the proceeds may be used?

Al W. Hensling, president Q: What is the difference between a reverse mortgage and a home equity loan?

A: The amount of funds you are eligible to receive depends on your age (or the age of the youngest spouse when there is a couple), appraised home value, interest rates, and in the case of the government program, the FHA lending limit, which is currently $625,500. If your home is worth more, then the amount of funds you may be eligible for will be based on the $625,500 loan limit. In general, the older you are and the more valuable your home (and the less you owe on your home), the more money you can get.

With a second mortgage, or a home equity line of credit, borrowers must make monthly payments on the principal and interest. A reverse mortgage is different, because it pays you – there are no monthly principal and interest payments. With a reverse mortgage, you are required to pay real estate taxes, utilities, and hazard and flood insurance premiums.

During the first 12 months after closing, a borrower cannot access more than 60 percent of the available loan proceeds. In month thirteen, a borrower can access as much or as little of the remaining funds as he or she wishes.

Q: Are there any special requirements to get a reverse mortgage? A: To be eligible for a FHA HECM, the FHA requires that you be a homeowner 62 years of age or older, own your home outright, or have a low mortgage balance that can be paid off at closing with proceeds from the reverse loan, have the financial resources to pay ongoing property charges including taxes and insurance, and you must live in the home. You are also required to receive consumer information free or at very low cost from a HECM counselor prior to obtaining the loan. You can find a HECM counselor online or by phoning (800) 569-4287.

There are exceptions to the 60 percent rule. If you have an existing mortgage, you may pay it off and take an additional 10 percent of the available funds, even if the total amount used exceeds 60 percent.

Al Hensling is President of United American Mortgage of Irvine. Connect with Al and his team by calling (800) 708-5626 x110 or by emailing him at alhensling@ Visit www. to view their mortgage calculators to get a head-start. You can also apply online, get a custom quote and read more about the loan programs they offer. If you’ve never had a loan before, consider their handy ‘Loan Process’ tool. They take you step-by-step through what you can expect when applying for and receiving a loan.

Q: Will I lose my government assistance (Social Security and Medicare) if I get a reverse mortgage? A: A reverse mortgage does not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits. However, if you are on Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), any reverse mortgage proceeds that you receive must be used immediately. Funds that you retain count as an asset and MAY 2016




The Health Benefits of Water Chances are you have heard the advice to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Although this rule may be helpful to remember, experts state that your water intake depends on many factors, including your health, how active you are and what climate you live in.


he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that your body needs more water when you are in hot climates, more physically active, running a fever, or experiencing diarrhea or vomiting. It is important to drink plenty of water daily to stay hydrated and experience the health benefits of water. Dr. Miles Masatsugu, Medical Director with CalOptima, the health insurance provider for thousands of adults and children throughout Orange County, highlights the health benefits of water: REGULATES YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE: Did you know that you and your child’s bodies are programmed to remain at a specific internal temperature at all times? If you get cold, your body reacts by releasing heat. When you’re hot, your body works to cool itself by sweating. Drinking plenty of water helps to control your overall temperature. LUBRICATES YOUR JOINTS: Water quenches your son or daughter’s thirst while also lubricating their joints. It helps provide cushion to balance your body when lifting something heavy or running. A lack of water can put you at risk for various health problems such as joint damage, which can painfully impact day-to-day life. Protect your family’s joints from their arms to their toes by drinking plenty of water.

CONTROLS CALORIES: Drinking a glass of water before each meal helps fill your stomach. It can help you feel less hungry and reduce the chance of overeating. Eating food with high water content (such as fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and beans) can also help you feel full faster. Water allows the liver to do its job of turning fat into energy.

KEEPS SKIN HEALTHY: Our skin is an organ and is made up of cells that need to be hydrated. Lack of water can make your skin look (and feel) dry, flaky or tight, almost like a dried-out sponge. The skin expands when it is hydrated – plenty of water makes it looks more vibrant and healthy! GETS RID OF WASTE: Another benefit of water? It helps get rid of waste from the foods we eat. Good digestive health requires plenty of water and fiber (such as vegetables, beans and brown rice) to remove waste from our bodies. A balanced diet helps shed harmful toxins.

Water plays an important role in your body’s overall health. So, make sure you and your family are meeting your daily water needs. Remember, it can be dangerous to drink too much water. Contact your doctor if you have any questions about proper hydration or to learn more about the benefits of drinking water.

Water plays an important role in your body’s overall health. So, make sure you and your family are meeting your daily water needs. MAY 2016

CalOptima is a county organized health system, and provides publicly funded health care coverage for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities in Orange County. In total, CalOptima serves more than 782,000 members with a network of more than 7,000 primary care doctors and specialists, as well as 30 hospitals. For additional information, visit 26


Only the



for Your

Health WHAT IS A COMPOUND? A compound is what pharmacies call a drug that is made in-house in the pharmacy’s laboratory. Before big drug companies existed in the US, all drugs were compounded at your local pharmacy by a pharmacist and his or her technicians. Compounds are customizable medications created for an individual patient’s needs. Anyone can use a compound in place of traditional drugs and there are many benefits in doing so.

Call us today to see if a compound is right for you. 31654 Rancho Viejo Road, Ste. N San Juan Capistrano (949) 429-5326

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE CPAP MASK? FACT: Oral Appliance Therapy has been proven to be the best alternative treatment for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

FACT: Oral Sleep Appliances are made by dentists.

Q. SO, HOW DO YOU SELECT THE RIGHT DENTIST TO MAKE AN APPLIANCE THAT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL FOR YOU? A. GET A YES TO THE 10 QUESTIONS BELOW: 1. Does the Dentist have over 10 years experience in this field? 2. Does the Dentist work with more than one type of appliance? 3. Is the Dentist able to show you his Success Stories? 4. Does the Dentist work closely with Sleep Centers in your area. 5. Does the Dentist follow-up with you to make sure you get the best results? 6. Is the Dentist a Diplomate of a Sleep Academy? 7. Does the Dentist have good reviews on Healthgrades and Yelp? 8. Is the Dentist a Medicare Provider? 9. Is the Dentist’s Staff well trained on billing Medical Insurance? 10. Does the Dentist have an informative website on this subject.

CALL Y TODA (949) 829-6700



SCOTT E. WEST D.D.S., F.A.G.D. • Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines • 22672 Lambert St. #603, Lake Forest CA, 92630 MAY 2016



Low Cost Options for Helping You Age at Home By Bruce Ballantine

Many seniors prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. Of course your ability to do this depends on several factors, including the nature of the challenges you face in your current home. Major home renovations may be required, but there are also numerous inexpensive steps you can take to improve your living situation. IMPROVEMENTS TO MAKE TO YOUR HOME SAFER Flooring: carpeting is preferable to area rugs because it reduces tripping hazards and can cushion falls. But if area rugs are used, make sure they’re secured to the floor. Handrails: on stairways, you can add a second handrail along the opposite wall for improved stability. Footwear: to prevent falls, using non-slip shoes is preferable to slippers or socks. Non-skid safety strips: adhered to the floor of a tub/ shower, non-skid strips are preferable to removable inshower bath mats.

Eating: specially designed cups and eating utensils can minimize food spills, including weighted options that help counterbalance shake-prone hands.

Bathroom grab bars: ideally these should be anchored into the studs in the wall, but if that’s not possible opt for a safety rail clamped onto the side of the tub.

Cooking utensils: lightweight and ergonomically designed utensils are readily available now, many offering non-slip handles and bright, attractive colors.

Quality stepladder: purchase a broad-based heavy-duty stepladder with a hand-hold bar across the top to safely reach items stored out of reach.

Keep things handy: move often-used items to easy-toaccess locations. Eliminate excess “stuff”: having fewer items to store, sort, juggle, and handle can make aging in place an easier and more enjoyable proposition.

Lighting: whether it’s making a bathtub brighter or installing motion-activated night lights in the hallway and bathrooms, better lighting can help prevent falls and make hobbies, reading, etc. more enjoyable. Lighting improvements might be as simple as changing the bulbs (to higher wattages or to bulbs that mimic daylight instead of “yellow” soft lighting) or adding battery-operated units.

IMPORTANT: USE TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS FOR ADVICE AND WORK Many items can be purchased at a local durable medical equipment (DME) store. When needing to have anything built, removed, or adapted in your home, always consult with a professional contractor. There are contractors who specialize in home adaptations for seniors. If unsure who to contact, please give me a call and I can provide a list of resources for you to call to get further information and help.

CONVENIENCE ITEMS TO MAKE STAYING AT HOME EASIER. Hand shower: convert a standard fixed showerhead into a hand-held system with flexible hose. Raised toilet seats: no need to buy a new toilet when a removable seat can be added to most standard toilets. Mail catcher: mail delivered via a slot in the door may be easier to retrieve from a mail box, especially if a narrow basket is mounted below the door opening so the recipient doesn’t have to pick up mail off the floor.

Bruce Ballantine is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor, Realtor Associate with HomeSmart/Evergreen Realty. CalBRE #001783833. He can be reached at (949) 632-2923 or

Knobs: replace round door and/or faucet knobs with lever styles, which are easier to turn. Likewise, loop pulls can make drawers easier to open. MAY 2016





SOUTH COAST SAFE ACCESS First Official Measure BB Licensed Medical Marijuana Facility ! Physician’s Recommendation Required for Treatment of: Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Diabetes | Insomnia | Arthritis | Glaucoma

21 Years and Over

All Products Lab Tested

25% Veterans Discount 10% Disability Discount 10% Senior Discount FTP 7 Gram 1/8th

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm • Sunday 11am-7pm (Conveniently Located Off the 55 Freeway)

1900 Warner Ave. Ste. A • Santa Ana • 949.474.7272

What is the Best Age to Buy Long-term Care Coverage? By C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas One of the questions I am most often asked is this one: what is the best age to buy long-term care (LTC) insurance?

40s. There is very little reason to buy a plan at this age. Although premiums are lower, you will spend more over time. Plus, there is no guarantee the premiums won’t rise. Note: since this was written Life insurance riders have been developed to provide long-term care coverage; a value added for 40-somethings who need Life coverage.



Begin deciphering the fine print of various long-termcare options to see if a policy makes sense for you. Consider any health problems you have and how long your relatives tend to live. And evaluate the importance of leaving assets to heirs.

For many people, this is the best decade to sign up. According to Consumer Reports: “The average age at which most people sign up for LTC coverage is 61. If you wait much longer, you run into insurability and affordability issues. For example, 23 percent of policy applicants in their 60s don’t pass the required physical, and 45 percent of people in their 70s fail.” (Consumer Reports Money Advisor)


hile I think this is, for the most part, still true, I have refined my advice to a range from 50 to 65 years old (the younger the better) as the best age to buy. I came to this conclusion partly for the reasons outlined above and because folks in this age range really feel the need to add LTC in order to protect the assets they have worked so hard for: to save them for a comfortable retirement lifestyle and to pass on to their kids and grand kids. Additionally, today there are policies available with guaranteed premiums. Also according to Consumer Reports Money Advisor “not everyone needs long-term-care insurance: only people with assets between $200,000 and $2 million should be perusing policies. Retirees with assets of $2 million or more should be able to pay for the full cost of care. And those with a net worth below $200,000 to $300,000 (not including a house) won’t be able to comfortably afford pricy premiums and will probably rely on government programs (MediCal, in California) if they need assistance with long-term care coverage.”

care insurance, the last years of life can be financially devastating for seniors and their families. The good news is that there are a range of LTC coverage products that can lift this burden and allow for aging with more independence and dignity and less reliance on the kindness of family and friends. More information, without cost or obligation, is just a call away.

I would add another consideration to the above, even people with over $2 million in assets (excluding home equity) want to save money to transfer to children, grandchildren, other heirs, the arts, universities, and charities. Long-term care coverage can do that and even more. There are long-term care policies available now that actually increase the size of the policyholder’s estate if long-term care is never needed.

Please pass this article on to family or friends, especially those in their fifties. C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas began working with long-term care and Medicare programs in the mid-1980s. He is currently associated with Insurance 101 Services to provide long-term care solutions to seniors and those approaching. Larry can be reached at (949) 374-3316 or CA Insurance License # 0C79256.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over 70% of Americans over 65 will need some long-term care services either at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. Without long-term MAY 2016



949.388.3525 • 32840 PCH, Suite B • Dana Point

949.388.3525 • Monarch Bay Plaza • Dana Point Same location, city changed the address.

Turning 65? Read this….. You won’t be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B unless you took your Social Security at age 62. You are only enrolled in Part A when you turn 65 (and only enrolled in premium free Part A if you or your spouse paid into it for 40 quarters). The protocol now for Part B to be activated is either going online to to do that, or going in to the closest Social Security office. The earliest you can activate Part B is 3 months prior to your 65th birthday. You must have both Part A and Part B active in order to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental plan. Part A covers Hospitalization, Skilled Nursing and Hospice to some degree and Part B covers 80% of Outpatient and all Physician services. There is a lot of financial exposure having only Original Medicare and nothing else to fill in the gaps. Medicare doesn’t have outpatient prescription drug coverage either, you have to enroll in a plan offered by a private insurance company. If you’re curious to learn more about your options when you turn 65, please call to schedule a consultation. My services are always free. MAY 2016



Travel Can Be Tough on Your Legs Medical compression stockings and socks are a travel essential By Livia De Los Rios


any people travel long distances and have to remain seated for two or three hours or even longer. They might not think much of it, but when movement is constrained, the blood circulation in the legs is restricted. This can contribute to heavy legs, leg pain and swollen feet and ankles.

to help avoid heavy, tired and achy legs and the swelling of feet and ankles.

Unlike the products available at your local drugstore, • Wear comfortable JOBST™ medical compresclothing sion stockings and socks are • Drink plenty of fluids recommended by physicians (avoid alcohol) for their clinically proven gra• Stand up and stretch dient compression benefit. several times during Medical compression prodtravel ucts reduce swelling and • Wear gradient helps prevent the pooling of compression legwear fluid in the venous or lymph systems. The stylish cotton blend dress socks and compression hose available today increase tissue pressure to help balance the flow of fluid across the capillaries of the limb.

Prolonged sitting is also a major risk factor for the development of phlebitis and Deep-vein Thrombosis (DVT). Deep-vein Thrombosis involves the formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the deep leg veins during prolonged inactivity. In some cases, blood clots can migrate to the lungs resulting in a pulmonary embolism. When seated without moving for a few hours – whether by plane, train or automobile the risk of DVT could be four times higher and can happen to anyone during travel, regardless of age, weight or lifestyle.

 JOBSTTM compression socks

Livia De Los Rios is president and CEO of Allied Medical Supply located at 424 S. Main St., Suite M in Orange. She can be reached by calling (714) 935-9200 or visit

JOBST™ medical compression stockings and socks are a simple and comfortable way MAY 2016

Tips to reducing the discomfort and risks associated with prolonged inactivity:



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Spotlight On: KS Capital

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT AND PRIVATE MONEY LENDER It has been a number of years since I attended high school economics. I won’t name how many, so don’t try to guess. Back then, even in an Advanced Placement class, I think I could categorize the number of topics I learned into about eight varieties: cost-benefit analysis, trade, exchange and interdependence, macroeconomics (as it pertained to business cycles and public debt), the benefits of trade and foreign markets, and some matters pertaining to personal finance. loans on development opportunities and other commercial real estate opportunities. Searching out real estate in prized markets such as Santa Monica and Newport Beach, KS Capital is looking to capture healthy pent-up demand from those “hungry for new housing in an otherwise old and dated coastal market." So what can a client of KS expect? “We do 100% of project work, making this a passive investment and process for our investors,” says Keene.


n the years post-high school, some delve deeper: econ majors or those looking to get into the real estate markets - those running into questions regarding their IRA, 401k, or others starting an investment portfolio. Some, like those taking advantage of a partnership with our friends at KS Capital Inc., are looking for entry into real estate as an alternative investment, specifically, investment in the development of single family homes in established coastal development markets like Santa Monica, West LA, Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, and seeing more than just palm trees and sun tans.

KS Capital is a full service Real Estate Development company and Private Money Lender. With target loan offerings between $100K- $3MM, with 6 month- 3 year terms, it is no longer just the uber-rich looking to capitalize on real estate development opportunities. These are smart investments in established areas, with consistent, risk-adjusted returns. And, as more and more neighborhoods surrounding their target investments engage in large-scale development, KS Capital’s conservative Loan-to-Value ratios result in an even greater equity cushion for your investment- “Investors have the ability to self-select those trust deeds in which they would like to invest. As a result, investments in trust deeds provide investors with the opportunity to earn 8%- 12% fixed annualized returns, collateralized by a lien position on the subject property and a conservative loan-to-value cushion to help preserve the investor’s principal investment against market fluctuations," says Grant Keene, Vice President KS Capital.

In conjunction with first trust deed investments, KS Capital Inc. Offers equity partnerships in development opportunities, in which the principals at KS Capital handle all of the legwork in an equity partnership, and clients can expect a 50% of net project profits split - which equates to all acquisition costs, project building costs, carry costs, soft costs and debt service. The sponsor, or developer raises all capital required and splits profits 50/50 with no other fees or compensation. And, KS will prospect, analyze and acquire the lots - complete all design and entitlement, approve architectural designs, and process every step through city project managers. Tim Mickey from US News notes that such alternative investments in real estate can help to “smooth out the ride from these volatile markets and add a little potential income to allow you to continue to diversify.” Individuals who wish to partner with KS Capital can rest easy, knowing that they “work to generate strong returns, while striving to preserve the invested principal.” Looks like your investment horizon just got a little brighter.

Ten years in the making, the professionals at KS Capital have focused their energies on sponsoring the speculative development of mid-level luxury homes and placing private money

Connect with Grant Keene and the professionals at KS Capital by calling (949) 677-0668 or visiting MAY 2016



Contemporary Italian Cuisine BUY 1 ENTREE, GET 1 ENTREE AT Dine in only. Not valid on takeout orders.

50% OFF

Not valid with any other offers or promotions.

Full Premium Bar Italian & California Wines ENTERTAINING MADE EASY! Let Us Do the Cooking For You Catering & Takeout

949.443.1476 24050 Camino Del Avion • Dana Point MAY 2016



Accommodation of Distinction: Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay By Jody Robinson


From dramatic lanterns greeting guests on the front drive and glass of local wine offered upon check-in to indoor fireplaces throughout the property and wine tasting in Cork Wine Bar (the resort’s custom-built wine room), fire and wine define the “theme” of the guest experience here. Curl up with a good book at the communal firepits against a backdrop of breathtaking views and relax to the sound of waves crashing on the beach below. Enjoy a glass of wine at sunset or roast s’mores (gourmet kit available for purchase).

s summer approaches and the final weeks of school wind down before the crazy chaos that defines “family vacation” days descend upon our household, my husband and I decided to coordinate a romantic weekend to celebrate (both of our birthdays are in the same month). We were looking for a locale no longer than about an hour away by plane, with plenty of outdoor activities and indoor recreation, a temperate climate and fine wine and dining. And ideally an all-inclusive experience so that once we checked in, we wouldn’t want (or need) to leave until it was time to head home.

Rich in amenity and thoughtful touches range from a luxurious 16,000 square-foot spa, a trio of dining experiences (more on that later) and the Cork Wine Bar featuring Vintner Series wine tastings, local cheeses, expert sommeliers and over 5,000 bottles of wine. But our most favorite feature was hands-down The RitzCarlton Club Level. Often referred to as a “hotel within a hotel,” guest rooms and suites on this concierge level (available for an additional fee) allows access to an elegant, sprawling lounge characterized by sweeping ocean views (think waves crashing on the sand below and the signature 18th hole of one of the resort’s two championship golf courses), wood-burning fireplace and complimentary beverages and exceptionally delicious culinary delights served throughout the day.

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay (1 Miramontes Point Road, Half Moon Bay) proved to be the perfect two-night stay at an idyllic retreat situated between forested hills and a stretch of coastline that is arguably among the most beautiful scenery in northern California. A mere 23 miles from San Francisco International Airport, this secluded, luxury hotel feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Perched atop a cliff on a crescent-shaped stretch of California coast with panoramic views of the Pacific, this luxury five-star, six-story resort is more akin to a European castle than a California hotel property. Spread out across the main building with several adjacent guesthouses, the 261 rooms are defined by marble soaking tubs, Egyptian cotton linens and large picture windows. From the moment we stepped into the lobby to the time we checked out, our experience was an unforgettable escape to another time and place. MAY 2016

We loved being able to pop in pretty much anytime during the day for a quick bite during the food and beverage presentations (Club Breakfast, Light Snack, 36


See Tesla Drive Event Details Below

Cork Wine Bar: Stop by the resort’s signature wine room for flights of wines, cheese and chocolate, as well as wines by the glass or bottle. Sommeliers specialize in introducing guests to interesting new wines and in providing education on every aspect of the wines.

Hors d’ourvres, Evening Desserts) - showcasing regional specialties made with locally sourced ingredients, whole fruit and freshly baked cookies. The lounge was the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine, champagne or made-to-order cocktails paired with artisan cheeses and cured meats and a farm-fresh casual menu.

Vintner Series: For the curious beginner to the seasoned wine connoisseur, the resort’s Vintner Series brings California wine country and wine educators to Cork Wine Bar every weekend. Each month, a different California winery is featured and representative from the winery is on property each weekend to educate guests about their wines and wine in general.

Take a long hike following the Coastside Trail which follows the ocean bluffs between Pillar Point Harbor and Poplar Avenue. If you’d rather take to the water, California Canoe and Kayak and Half Moon Bay Kayak Company rent kayaks and offer lessons and tours. Sea Horse Ranch offers trail rides on the beach every day (except when it’s storming) and you don’t need a reservation. Just drop by (wearing long pants) and they’ll do the rest (there are horses of every temperament for the novice to the experienced rider).

Monthly Vintner Dinner: On one Friday each month, the Chef de Cuisine of Navio creates a custom fourcourse dinner menu, meticulously paired with wines from the monthly vintner. Ingredients for the vintner dinner, including produce, meat and fish, come from producers in and around Half Moon Bay.


For more information, visit or call (650) 712-7000.

Dining is also a special experience at the resort, the recently renovated upscale Navio Restaurant serves coastal-inspired California cuisine against a backdrop of panoramic views of the Pacific. Meaning “ship” in Portuguese, Navio’s wooden ceiling resembles a boat hull and its menu changes with the seasons - dishes here are true farm-to-table appetizers and entrees. The Brandt Farms Prime Grilled filet was cooked to perfection and the Fort Bragg Black Cod served with serrano ham, Half Moon Bay Artichoke, fava beans and spring onions was melt-in-your-mouth heavenly - and that’s high compliment from a girl who’s half-Japanese and knows her way around black cod (aka butterfish). Other popular picks included the Diver Scallops which arrived with English peas, pork belly and Little Gem lettuce and the Olive Oil Poached Halibut accompanied by heirloom carrots, puffed wild rice and snap peas. MAY 2016

TESLA DRIVING EXPERIENCE  Ocean View accommodations  Drive Tesla Model S during stay  Daily breakfast for two in Navio  Resort Fee, including guestroom internet access  Overnight valet parking Valid through May 31, 2016 Starting at $959 USD per night



Medicare: A + B = ? Where does D come in? By Denice Merrill

You are not alone. I get these questions all the time.


any of you attempt to read the giant piles of information that has or will be mailed to you about 4 months before you turn age 65. Also, many of you attend Medicare 101 meetings only to walk away sometimes a bit more overwhelmed. In today’s age, insurance companies need to stay compliant for government regulations and therefore must go over every little detail of benefits so as not to mislead a senior. But, there is an alternative. Did you know you could meet with an Independent Medicare Broker that represents many different plans in the convenience of your own home? They can simplify and help you to understand what Medicare A & B are and what that means to you.

CAN I CHANGE MY MEDICARE PLAN NOW? Yes, is some cases you can make a change now…If you recently moved to a new area - Example moving from Palm Desert to Orange County could create the opportunity to change your plan.

The quick answer is that Medicare A covers hospitalization, and Medicare Part B covers Doctors and services outside the hospital. But the more detailed explanation will show you there are deductibles and copays and financial exposures if you relied only on A & B.

Yes, if you are working, and would like to move to a plan that may save you $$... and continue working. This in many cases can save your employer $$ too.

There are a variety of solutions that can help fill in the holes of Medicare A & B. Supplemental PPO “Like” plans, or HMO plans. Some include drug coverage, and some do not. Some with a monthly cost and some without a monthly cost. Thankfully here in Orange County, we have many plans available. Competition is a great thing!

Yes, if you are 65+, and left/lost your job. Yes, if you are new to Medicare. Call us now to help guide you through any of these situations - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL OCT 15TH!

Then, what about D? Well the short answer is that Medicare Part D = Drugs. This is one of the most important and the hardest areas to do your own research. Everyone’s medications are unique and must be reviewed to verify what might be the best solution each year.

As a Medicare Broker I do not work for any one company and therefore can offer a number of different plans ~ completely unbiased approach.

Certain medications can vary greatly in costs from one plan to the next, as an example a diabetes type medication like Januvia or Glumetza on some plans could be $0 copay, and on another not covered at all or at a higher copay of $45.00.

Oh, and one last thing: Medicare Insurance Brokers will not cost you anything to do a review and does not in any way increase cost to you by enrolling. Clients love that we still make House Calls and are local.

Medications are the biggest hidden moving part make sure you have a Medicare Broker that represents multiple plans to compare and verify your costs each year.

Denice Merrill is the Co-Owner of Merrill Insurance Services, Inc. Specializing in Medicare Plan Choices with over 10 Years Experience. She can be reached by calling (949) 388-7332.

If you are already in the Medicare system, Oct 15 through Dec 7 is the time of year that you can start reviewing and make changes to your current solution that would become effective the beginning of each new year on January 1st. MAY 2016

CA Lic# 0D99790



Understanding Sleep Apnea & Available Treatment Options By Scott E. West, DDS

Are you experiencing Daytime Tiredness, Morning Headaches, Mood Changes or Depression? Do you Snore? These symptoms are indicators of Sleep Apnea.


hen you share these symptoms with your physician he most likely will schedule a Sleep Study for you. Your doctor knows that patients with Sleep Apnea have a high potential of developing Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, and Stroke. Why does Sleep Apnea cause so many medical problems? Essentially, Sleep Apnea deprives you of oxygen. Oxygen deprivation puts pressure on your cardiovascular system. This may lead to Diabetes, or Stroke. Deprivation of oxygen to the brain can also lead to Dementia, Depression, and obviously Tiredness. A Sleep Study allows your Doctor to assess the severity of your situation. As we age, the risk for developing Sleep Apnea gets higher. And, why is this? Most of us gain weight as we age. Do you weigh the same as you did at 21?

My practice website is There you will learn why the first alternative for treating Sleep Apnea is an Oral Appliance - something similar to a dental retainer that is worn on your teeth while sleeping to prevent Sleep Apnea.

This increased weight tends to close off the airway while sleeping, thus depriving your body of oxygen. Also, as we age, tissues collapse; this again tends to close off the airway. An expression I like to use is “Gravity Sucks.”

If you have symptoms of Heart Disease, Morning Headaches, Snoring, Tiredness, or Depression, you should schedule an appointment with your physician regarding Sleep Apnea. If you have already been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and cannot wear the CPAP, call my office today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – including a good night’s sleep and better health.

The recommended treatment for Sleep Apnea is the CPAP mask. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure. Air pressure generated by the CPAP keeps the airway open and therefore avoids the negatives of oxygen deprivation. However, I see many seniors who find the CPAP mask too difficult to wear. Despite knowing it’s benefits, I’ll frequently hear from patients, “I just can’t wear it. I know it will help me, but I can’t do it.” That’s where I com in!

My staff can answer any questions you may have regarding Oral Appliance Therapy, schedule your free consultation, and review the use of Medicare or Insurance.

I am a Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines. I have worked closely with most of the Sleep Centers and Doctors in Orange County and they have witnessed my high success rate. With over 10 years experience is this field, I have developed a system to determine which dental appliance holds the best odds of successfully treating your Sleep Apnea. MAY 2016

For more information, visit or call (949) 829-6700 for a FREE consultation. 40


Never Judge a Book by its Cover! (Even if it’s a law book!) By Beverly Blake and Tom Scott


Assumptions may be made by the title of a show…and those assumptions will be wrong! Especially in the case of Legally Blonde.

his story originally came from a novel written by Stanford Law student Amanda Brown. Similar to the way that her character Elle Woods wrangles her acceptance into Harvard Law School, Amanda actually submitted her manuscript to the publishing house on pink paper! Pink is a sign of hope, determination, intelligence and success and apparently it worked for her as it also does with her character Elle Woods!

Two doggies, essential to the story are an unusual addition to the cast. Special auditions were held to cast Bruiser and Rufus. The author shared that she made subtle shout-outs to John Grisham novels, most humorously with the names of Elle’s and Paulette’s dogs - Bruiser and Rufus - who both share names with Grisham’s sleazy attorney characters - Elle’s Chihuahua apparently being named after J. Lyman “Bruiser” Stone from the novel The Rainmaker, and Paulette’s bulldog after District Attorney Rufus Buckley from A Time to Kill.

Since Amanda did not fit the persona of the typical law student she spent most of her law school years writing letters home describing the trials of not being accepted socially because of her ‘type’. The premise of this story is a truer one than could be imagined of selfactualization, determination and finding success after failure.

Legally Blonde The Musical opens May 20th and runs through June 5th. Come look inside the book and enjoy the musical!

As with all of the greatest books, movies, plays and musicals – no matter how pink and fluffy they may appear on the surface – there is an underlying struggle with selfacceptance, transformation and staying true to your beliefs. In an article the author shared that the character of Warner Huntington III was based upon research of the behavior of a former President…guess which one! The last initial is B as in Blonde.

MAY 2016




▲ Paul and Aileen Brazeau, co-owners of San Clemente Villas by the Sea

SORBET celebrates its April 2016 Issue

with a Standing-Room Only Soirée

at San Clemente Villas


e at Sorbet - a SoCal Senior Publication would like to thank Aileen and Paul Brazeau, co-owners of San Clemente Villas by the Sea for coordinating such a festive affair in celebration of the release of our April 2016 edition - the gracious hospitality of Aileen and her attentive staff, who went above and beyond to ensure guests a memorable experience. Attendees mixed and mingled with other local business owners and professionals and socialized with some of the facility’s residents, many of whom got into the act - hamming it up for the cameras. In chatting with several partygoers who call the Villas home, it was clear that the management and staff here strive to create a happy, warm “extended family” atmosphere. As we begin working on the May 2016 issue, we look forward to continually evolving the magazine and serving as a true community resource. See you at our next event! MAY 2016



May Events

Dining & Entertainment Guide showcases live entertainment featuring traditional Mariachi’s and Ballet Folklorico to Cumbias, Tex Mex, and Salsa dancers. Community groups will be serving up authentic Mexican food fare and other activities will include a juried Art Contest, Carnival Game booths and a vendor area. 12 - 6 pm. Located at Max Berg Plaza Park 1100 Calle Puente San Clemente.


Happy Hour Half off appetizers and wine at Brio Tuscany Grill . 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:30-6:30pm.


The Mark of Zorro Swashbuckling musical adventures and exciting swordfights explode on screen when acclaimed organist Dennis James returns to Pacific Symphony to recreate the soundtrack to the 1920 silent-film masterpiece, “The Mark of Zorro.” Starring the legendary Douglas Fairbanks in the double role of Don Diego Vega/ Señor Zorro, the Symphony’s organ concert sets imaginations ablaze and sensations reverberating when the mighty “King of Instruments” thunders forth for this special movie matinee. This memorable revival takes place Sunday, May 1, at 3 p.m. in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets are $10-$50. Rancho Days Fiesta Celebrating the history of Saddleback Valley and explore the rich history of Orange County’s Ranchos and Native American tribes! Visitors will experience the past through music, dance, crafts, food and hands on activities for all ages. 11:00am - 3:00pm. Located at Heritage Hill Historical Park 25151 Serrano Road, Lake Forest. Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta The Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Taco Tuesday Ricardo’s Place Mexican Restaurant. 32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano. 11am-9pm (every Tuesday).


Casa Wellness Wednesdays Casa Yoga Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente. Tickets $5 general admission.


First Thursdays Art Walk Laguna Beach The art season in Laguna Beach flourishes year round with First Thursdays Art Walk. This educational monthly art event, held on the first Thursday of every month from 6 – 9pm, celebrates the diverse cultural art scene of Laguna Beach and is free to the public. PCH Laguna Beach.


Laguna Beach Gate & Garden Tour The Laguna Beach Garden Club will showcase nine private gardens in the city’s charming Village neighborhood – including nearly an acre of magnificent grounds at an historic home. The one-mile walking tour is the club’s major fundraiser, with proceeds going to scholarships, school gardens and MAY 2016



community projects. 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Complimentary refreshments and shuttle buses; plein air painters in gardens and along the route; plant sale and raffle. Located at Laguna Beach Garden Club.


Soka University’s Annual International Festival Enjoy over 700 musicians and dancers performing on three stages and over 230 non-profit, craft and business exhibitors! There will be international food, exhibitors, games and activities, art exhibitions, ceramic sales, a children’s play area with Bounce House, student projects. Admission is free. Located at Soka University 1 University Drive Aliso Viejo.


Happy Hour Half off appetizers and wine at Brio Tuscany Grill . 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:30-6:30pm.

MAY 11

Wine Wednesdays 50% Off Bottles of Wine at Tannins Restaurant & Wine Bar. 27211 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano. 6-9pm.

MAY 12

Ladies Night at Savannah Chop House. Free craft cocktail or glass of wine (with food purchase) All night. 32441 Golden Lantern Laguna Niguel.

MAY 13

Chris Botti at Segerstrom Center of the Arts Back by popular demand, trumpeter extraordinaire Chris Botti returns to Orange County with a brand new show! A gifted instrumentalist, a talented composer and a charismatic performer, the former trumpeter for Sting effortlessly crosses the boundaries between pop and classical, jazz and rock. 8pm at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa.


Mariachi Festival - San Juan Capistrano The festival will include entertainment “Battle of the Mariachis” and authentic Mexican food. Mariachi performers will compete for cash prizes. 11 am - 4 pm Located at Mission San Juan Capistrano El Camino Real/Ortega Hwy San Juan Capistrano.

MAY 15

Annual Muckenthaler Motorcar Festival A One-of-a-kind Automotive Cultural Event. Featuring car rally, motor movies & Concours d’Elegance and Horseless Carriage Tour. Live performances in the outdoor amphitheater by The Pleasure Tones on Saturday and Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys on Sunday. Proceeds benefit youth arts education and outreach programs. Held at Muckenthaler Cultural Center 1201 W. Malvern Ave, Fullerton.

MAY 16

Happy Hour Half off appetizers and wine at Brio Tuscany Grill . 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:30-6:30pm.

MAY 17

Newsies They delivered the papers, until they made the headlines…Direct from Broadway comes NEWSIES, the smashhit, crowd-pleasing new musical from Disney. Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best score and Best Choreography, NEWSIES has audiences and critics alike calling it “A MUSICAL WORTH SINGING ABOUT!” 7:30pm at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa.

MAY 18

San Juan Capistrano Farmers Market Each Wednesday, residents and visitors can enjoy purchasing fresh flowers, produce, and specialty foods at the San Juan Capistrano Farmers’ Market. The market features up to 30 vendors and is held at Yorba Street and Camino Capistrano right in the heart of downtown San Juan Capistrano. 3-7pm

MAY 19

HB DOWNTOWN ART WALK The Huntington Beach Downtown Art Walk is held on the 3rd Thursday of

each month from March to October held from 6-9pm. Between 35 - 50 artists fill the sidewalks on Main Street between PCH and the Art Center and also on The Strand. Check in at the HB International Surfing Museum Parking Lot for a map of artists and locations so you can begin your self-guided tour. 6-9pm. Main Street & The Strand 315 3rd Street, Suite E. Huntington Beach

MAY 20

MAY 25

Orange County Wine Tasting Cruise Golden Lantern St , Dana Point, CA 92629. 5:30pm-7:00pm Admission: $49 per person (21 & over) Every Sunday, Friday.

Capo Beach Farmers Market Visit the area’s latest weekly market where locally-grown, organic produce and regional artisans are featured. Noon-6 p.m. Capo Beach Church, 25975 Domingo Ave.

MAY 21

MAY 27

Tustin LobsterFest - Tustin An afternoon of FUN for the family - enjoy entertainment, games, music and prizes. The Tustin Lobsterfest is an annual fundraiser event that provides financial support for the programs and services sponsored by the Tustin / Santa Ana Rotary Club. All net proceeds from this event help pay for local Rotary programs throughout Tustin and Santa Ana. Located at Peppertree Park – Corner of First and C street Tustin.

MAY 22

Doheny Blues Festival - Dana Point The Annual Blues Festival is the true kick-off to summer with a weekend filled with music, lots of vendors and a International Food Court that features foods from around the world. Be sure you come down to Doheny State Beach and celebrate the beginning of summer with Orange County’s Favorite and most anticipated annual summer festival! This event is from May 21-22, located at Doheny State Beach, Dana Point.

MAY 23

Happy Hour Half off appetizers and wine at Brio Tuscany Grill . 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:30-6:30pm.

MAY 24

Surf City Nights is a Weekly Street Fair and Certified Farmers Market Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 9 pm, 90 vendors presents unique handcrafted wares: furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, live music, street performers, community groups and kids’ activities.

Strawberry Festival The festival is a parade and carnival celebrating the city’s strawberry-growing history. Free admission. Euclid St & Main St Garden Grove.

MAY 28

Dana Point Farmers Market Each Saturday, California farmers bring fresh produce to sell at the Dana Point Farmers Market from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The Dana Point Farmers Market is located in La Plaza Park on Pacific Coast Highway near the Clock Tower.

MAY 29

KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival and Taste of the Bash With more than 30 headliners playing with each other in a giant jazz jam, each Bash is a once-in-a-lifetime concert for both the artists and the audience. More than 25 Restaurants and Wineries will be at the festival. Located at Oso Viejo Park / Norman P. Murray Community Center 24932 Veterans Way Mission Viejo.

MAY 30

Happy Hour Half off appetizers and wine at Brio Tuscany Grill . 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:30-6:30pm.

MAY 31

Taco Tuesday Ricardo’s Place Mexican Restaurant. 32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano. 11am-9pm (every Tuesday).

Have an event to showcase? Email MAY 2016



Pacific Symphony’s GRAND FINALE SUMMER FESTIVAL At Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre


acific Symphony announces a blockbuster Summer Festival 2016 designed to evoke the memories of the last 30 years with exhilarating and iconic music for the final season at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre before its scheduled closure. Warm pleasant evenings, picnic baskets flowing with delectable goodies, surrounded by family and friends, are only the cherry on the top – for those planning their summer around five exceptional musical experiences under the stars. The Symphony’s 2016 Summer Festival kicks off with a high-energy, celebratory start with a July 4 Spectacular – this year featuring The Music of Michael Jackson and showcasing the best-known hits of the legendary “King of Pop.” From The Jackson 5 to his final film, “This Is It!” the evening includes music from “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Blood on the Dance Floor” and much more. The seven-piece rock group Windborne, along with lead singer James Delisco, joins the Symphony to bring to life the genius of Michael Jackson’s legacy. The concert, taking place on Monday, July 4, at 8 p.m., is led by Maestro Kaufman, and includes the holiday traditions of a salute to the U.S. Armed Forces and patriotic favorites, before closing with a brilliant fireworks finale.

Dashing and debonair, Bond’s movie themes are instantly recognizable, evoking international intrigue, glamour and suspense. Two-time Grammy Award-winner Sheena Easton, the featured singer on the James Bond soundtrack, “For Your Eyes Only,” seduces the audience into the world of “Goldfinger,” “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Skyfall,” plus “spy” songs from “Mission Impossible,” “Austin Powers” and more. The Spy Who Loved Me takes place Sunday, Aug. 21, at 7:30 p.m. Labor Day weekend never sounded so good. The Symphony’s final concert at Irvine Meadows is rife with booming cannons, dazzling fireworks and extraordinary music. What more fitting conclusion to this incredible era in the Symphony’s history than to end on a triumphant note with “Tchaikovsky Spectacular,” featuring the outstanding young talent of violinist Paul Huang and pianist Natasha Paremski. Maestro St.Clair returns for this special evening to take the audience on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on nearly three decades of concerts “in the meadows.” The program is a Tchaikovsky hit parade featuring excerpts from the perennially popular ballets “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker,” and two beloved concertos. The curtain falls on this chapter of the Symphony’s history to the traditional sounds of the electrifying “1812 Overture” on Saturday, Sept. 3, at 8 p.m.

Beethoven’s blockbuster Ninth Symphony (Saturday, July 23 at 8 pm) - with a huge orchestra, full chorus and a spinetingling vocal quartet of world-class singers – is the crown jewel of the final Summer Festival season at Irvine Meadows.

Subscriptions for Summer Festival 2016 range from $100-$485 with boxes and front-row packages also available. Single tickets go on sale May 22 and range from $25-$108. With the purchase of an adult subscription, one child under 14 comes free in select sections. And new this year: the award-winning caterer 24 carrots is on site to serve up an all-new menu of delicious gourmet options (from simple to elaborate!) for pre-concert dining. For more information or to purchase tickets, call (714) 755-5799 or visit

Next, the film that gave the world one of its greatest movie heroes – Indiana Jones – is back and better than ever before on Saturday, August 13th at 8 pm! Relive the magic on the silver screen with the original great adventure, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” with John Williams’ thrilling score performed live to the full-length film by the Symphony, led by international guest conductor Constantine Kitsopoulos, music director of the Queens Symphony Orchestra and general director of Chatham Opera. MAY 2016



Take Charge of Your Retirement Martin J. Lombrano, AIF®, LPL Financial Advisor 800-731-3623




• Defined Contributions Plans

• 529 Plans

• Will and Trust Review

• Defined Benefits Plans

• Asset Protection • Long-Term Care

• Beneficiaries & Ownership Review

• Executive Compensation • Annuities • IRAs

• Insurance • Business Succession Plans

• Intergenerational Wealth • Charitable Giving • Estate Administration

Martin J. Lombrano, AIF®, is a LPL Financial Advisor and PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNER(tm) (PFP) with over 20 years of experience in the financial planning field. Martin has served as the owner and president of his own financial planning firm in Irvine. In 2007, he joined Pence Wealth Management and LPL Financial. Martin has extensive experience in insurance, charitable giving, asset management, retirement planning, as well as growth and preservation of retirement assets. Martin has been honored numerous times as a top advisor within the independent brokerage and advisory community. He believes listening, trust, persistency and service are the foundation of lasting relationships and success. CA Insurance Lic # 0828215.

Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA & SIPC. Fixed annuities are long-term investment vehicles designed for retirement purposes. Gains from tax-deferred investments are taxable as ordinary income upon withdrawal. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Withdrawals made prior to age 59 1⁄2 are subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax and surrender charges may apply. LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through the Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial. Co-Sponsored by Lincoln Financial.


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