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Connor needs a cure Connor is a lovely and gentle 4 year old boy. He lives with his parents Georgina and Wayne Olsen and baby brother Kye in Westgate on Sea in Kent. The family only discovered that Connor has a Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in March 2013. DMD is a very rare muscle wasting disease that will rapidly affect every muscle in his body including his heart. DMD is caused by a defect occurring in his gene and in Connor’s case this was spontaneous and could happen to anybody. DMD will see Connor in a full time power wheelchair by 18

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around 10 years old and most boys with DMD do not survive their 20s. Connor is unaware of his illness and his parents would like it to stay that way for the moment. Although there isn’t a cure yet for this cruel disease, we will keep our fingers crossed that with your support one can be found before it is too late. We invite you to organise, host an event or make a donation. The caring for Connor campaign needs to raise enough money to send our little man for treatment he needs.

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