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Sports Nutrition

Helpful Ways to Prepare Your Body for Exercise

JUNE 2022

Sports Nutrition Not Just for Athletes Anymore!



efore starting any sport or engaging in any physical activity it is important to prepare your body for exercise. Eating a balanced meal 2-3 hours before activity can help provide the body with adequate amounts of fuel. Preworkout formulations can provide a mix of carbohydrates, protein and amino acids to give you energy. Being hydrated before a workout is just as important as providing your body with fuel. Drinking both water and electrolytes helps keep things balanced. Electrolytes are important for muscle contraction as well as cardiac health.

During Workout


hile working out, supporting your body is important to allow it to perform at its best. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body during a strenuous workout. Drinking both electrolytes as well as water is important. Electrolytes help your body use the water you’re drinking as well as replace key minerals that are lost through sweat. Fueling your body during a long or strenuous workout is also important. The general rule of thumb is to eat something every hour during a workout to keep up your energy levels. Energy gels or pouches are easy and portable options. They provide a mix of easily digested carbohydrates as well as sugar to keep you moving.

Look for these items at the Market!

ZHOU Lite Up Extra: Boosted Pre-Workout Turn things up with a little boost of caffeine

Herban Cowboy Sport Botanical sage, rosemary, & parsley help keep you feeling fresh!

Ascent Pre-Workout Clean Energy A clean way to boost energy and hydration levels

Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets A clean way to boost energy and hydration levels

Clif Shot Energy Gel Energizing chocolate that won’t melt in your pocket Gaia Herbs Maca Boost Helps maintain healthy energy and stamina levels

Trace Minerals Max Hydrate Immunity A convenient, great-tasting, high performance, fizzing tablet

Post Workout/Recovery


fter a workout, refueling your body is important to help your muscles recover and reduce the chance of injury. Eating a snack or a simple meal within 30 minutes after finishing a strenuous workout may help with muscle recovery, reduce fatigue, and may help with muscle repair. Drinking a protein powder mixed with coconut water is a great way to refuel your body. Recovery formulations are a mix of protein, carbohydrates and often vitamins and herbs to help support muscle repair which may help prevent soreness. After a workout, herbal based creams and liniments may also be helpful in preventing soreness. Arnica and magnesium are commonly used to help prevent cramping and soreness. Acupressure and stretching are also helpful in keeping muscles limber and preventing injury. Cork balls come in various sizes and can be used to target tight spots in order to release tension in difficult to reach muscles.

Daily Support

Life-Flo Magnesium Oil Spray Often used post-workout to prevent sore, tight muscles.

Rawlogy Massage Ball Relieves muscle pain and provides tension relief


here are many different herbs and mushrooms that are often used to help support the body in between workouts to help keep it performing at its best.

Host Defense Mushrooms Reishi Capsules Supports energy and stamina

Herbs: grindelia, elecampane and mullein are just some of the herbs used to help support the lungs and respiratory system. Adaptogenics: adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola, eleuthero and ginseng are often used for help provide long lasting non stimulant energy. Mushrooms: Cordyceps and reishi are often used in combination to help provide energy while also potentially mitigating oxidative stress on the system.

Sprout Living Plant-based Protein No gums, no artificial or “natural” flavoring and no fillers

Host Defense Mushrooms Cordyceps Capsules Enhances the body’s natural metabolic systems

Herbal Medicine Lung Tonic Promotes Healthy Lung Function

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