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Food Safety, food security vs. GMOs

The insider story of transgenic bovine growth hormone by Shiv Chopra, B.V. Sc. & A.H., M.Sc., Ph.D. The following is derived from his talk “Five Pillars of Food Safety” given at an international conference on Food Safety, Food Security, and GMOs, hosted by Vandana Shiva in New Delhi 2008. It is even more relevant today.


n early 1988, while manager of Human Safety Division at the Canadian Bureau of Veterinary Drugs, the attitude most regulatory agencies held about GMOs and GMO-derived products was that these were substantially equivalent materials and there should be no need to put them through the usual health risk assessment for regulatory control. I disagreed. Consequently, in regard to the bovine growth hormone (rBST) application from Elanco I requested this company to conduct experiments to show that their product would not induce the production of any other hormones in laboratory animals such as rats. The hormones that I requested them to test for included insulin, thyroxin and progesterone. However, an argument that I faced from the company and my colleagues within Health Canada was that even if rBST appeared in the milk it would do no harm to consumers because being a protein hormone it would be digested away in their stomach without getting into the blood stream. In that case, I suggested that it should be demonstrated to be so via immunological tests in experimental rats.

ɶɶ There is enough food for everyone to eat but, as Mahatma Gandhi said, it will never be enough to satisfy greed. Nine years passed since I requested this information. Meanwhile, pressure kept building to pass rBST without having to conduct the tests. The matter reached the Canadian Senate where it was dissected and debated for many months and eventually rejected in 1999. What happened in Canada emboldened EU parliament to ban it from being used in its member states in 2000. The only major country that approved it was the Unites States for Monsanto in 1993. Other countries that passed the Monsanto brand of rBST include Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine Republic, Chile and South Africa.  In more recent years Monsanto faced a huge resistance from the U.S. consumers of rBST-induced milk. So much that despite assistance from USFDA, Monsanto threatened to sue everybody that wished to label any milk or milk products to be rBST free. It was a bluff. The latest news is that Monsanto has decided to sell the rBST part of its business to its archrival continued p.34…

Brown Rice Protein Equals Whey Protein FIRST STUDY PROVES ORGANIC WHOLE-GRAIN, SPROUTED AND FERMENTED PLANT-BASED RICE PROTEIN HAS IDENTICAL BENEFITS TO ANIMAL-BASED WHEY PROTEIN Every vegetarian or vegan has been asked the question, “where do you get your protein from?” more times than they can ever remember. The majority of people believe that if you do not obtain protein from a meat or dairy source, you are consuming inadequate or inferior protein. There is no denying that protein is an essential nutrient, as it helps build and repair muscle, skin and bones. So the question is, does it matter if we supplement with animal based whey proteins or plant based rice proteins?

Plant based protein vs. dairy based protein… The findings of a ground-breaking double blind study at the University of Tampa proved for the first time that organic whole-grain, sprouted and fermented plant-based rice protein has identical benefits to dairy-based whey protein in terms of body fat loss and muscle gain. “In the past, studies have shown that the combination of resistance exercise with consumption of animal-derived protein (such as whey, casein, eggs, meat) has had a different effect on muscle growth than when resistance exercise was paired with plant-based protein such as soy,” said Dr. Jaeger, lead researcher for the study. “The results of this study show, for the first time, this has changed.” The objective of the study, titled, ‘Rice Protein Increases Lean Body Mass, Muscle Hypertrophy, Power and Strength Comparable to Whey Protein Following Resistance Exercise,’ was to determine if rice protein isolate could increase recovery and elicit adequate changes in body composition compared to whey protein isolate if given following resistance-training. In summary, the researchers found that organic whole-grain rice protein isolate administered after resistance exercise, was able to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass, power and strength comparable to whey protein isolate.

The Ultimate Vegan Energy Protein™ is comprised of organic sprouted whole-grain brown rice protein—the same rice protein the researchers chose for the study, as it is the Cadillac of plant-based proteins because it is a non-GMO sprouted complete protein that is made from the whole rice grain (including the bran, germ, and endosperm). It is processed using low-temperatures (never heated past 90 degrees °F) without any chemical additives like hexane. This creates a superior raw plant-based protein with pure amino acids in their most bioavailable forms, which greatly enhances the quality, digestion-rating and bioavailability of the protein as well as ensuring high levels of naturally-occurring vitamins (especially B vitamins), minerals, antioxidants (tocopherols and tocotrienols) and other essential nutrients. It is also a completely hypoallergenic protein. Unlike most plant proteins, Ultimate Vegan Energy Protein™ with organic sprouted whole-grain brown rice is the highest quality protein among all cereal grains, containing all essential and non-essential amino acids and a good ratio of the extremely important branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are necessary for cellular repair. IMPORTANT: Ultimate Vegan Energy Protein provides 25 g protein, 3g Maca, is certified organic, Canadian made and contains NO PEA PROTEIN.

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