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History 2018

New and Forthcoming Titles

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Letter from the editor: We are delighted to present a distinguished lineup of important historical scholarship from

Columbia University Press. This past year has been a year of exciting new developments for

the Columbia University Press history program. Three new series editors have taken over the

leadership of the Columbia Studies in International and Global History series from Matthew Connolly and the late Adam McKeown: Cemil Aydin, Timothy Nunan, and Dominic

Sachsenmaier. The series remains a top destination for scholars publishing exciting work in

global history; new releases include Will Hanley’s Identifying with Nationality, Perin E. Gürel’s The Limits of Westernization, and Dominic Sachsenmaier’s Global Entanglements of a Man Who Never Traveled. This year also saw the launch of a new series on U.S.–Asian diplomacy, the Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Books on American-East Asian Relations. Featuring works of both diplomatic history and political science, the series debuted with

Michael J. Green’s exploration of U.S. grand strategy in the Pacific, By More than Providence, and Jeanne Guillemin’s study of U.S.–Japan postwar tensions in Hidden Atrocities.

Columbia’s acclaimed lists of scholarly works in Asian and Middle East history continue to make their mark. New titles in East Asian history explore the making of the modern state, from the origins of disputes over Tibetan lama succession explored in Max Oidtmann’s

Forging the Golden Urn, to the emergence of a transnational consciousness of sex and gender in

Howard Chiang’s After Eunuchs, to the tale of a Yokohama merchant grappling with modernity in Simon Partner’s The Merchant’s Tale. In Middle East history, our latest offerings uncover a forgotten past and its links to the present. Brinkley Messick’s Shari’a Scripts revisits the

landscape of Islamic legal and ethical texts and their origins; Hossein Kamaly’s God and Man in Tehran analyzes the long tradition of theological influence and philosophical plurality in Iranian history.

In U.S. history, we are excited to announce the publication of American Capitalism: New Histories, a collection of broad-minded and rigorous essays by prominent scholars, edited by Sven Beckert and Christine Desan. This joins Joshua Clark Davis’s From Head Shops to Whole Foods: The

Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs and Josh Lauer’s Creditworthy: A History of Consumer

Surveillance and Financial Identity in America as new offerings in the vibrant Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism series. Other notable new books in U.S. history include The

Ecocentrists: A History of Radical Environmentalism, from Keith Makoto Woodhouse, and Natasha Zaretsky’s, Radiation Nation: Three Mile Island and the Political Transformation of the 1970s, a

cultural history of the worst nuclear reactor accident in U.S. history. And spanning from the

United States to Europe is Democracy and the Welfare State: The wo Wests in the Age of Austerity, edited by Alice Kessler-Harris and Maurizio Vaudagna, which rethinks the history of social democracy in light of the global transformations of the economic order. We hope you enjoy. Sincerely,

Caelyn Cobb, editor for Global, Asian, and Middle East history Bridget Flannery-McCoy, editor for American history


New and Forthcoming

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Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit, and Debt

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO).....24 New in paperback...............................................25

Ordering information.........................................27

Richard Sylla and David J. Cowen

Manuscript queries and proposals can be sent to the following editors: Caelyn Cobb ( for Global, Asian, and Middle East history.

Bridget Flannery-McCoy ( for American history. For a complete listing of Columbia’s titles or for more information about any book in this catalog, visit our website, Most titles in this catalogue published by Columbia University Press are available worldwide from the press. If no UK price appears for a title, it is most likely available from Columbia only in the United States, its possessions, and Canada.

This book traces the development of Alexander Hamilton’s financial thinking, policies, and actions through a selection of his writings. Financial historians and Hamilton experts Richard Sylla and David J. Cowen provide commentary that demonstrates the impact Hamilton had on the modern economic system, guiding readers through Hamilton’s distinguished career. $29.95 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-18456-4 March 2018 360 pages

Titles published by the Chinese University Press, the University of Tokyo Press, Auteur Press, Transcript-Verlag, and the Social Science Research Council are available from Columbia only in North America. To order titles from these publishers in other parts of the world, please contact each press directly.

American Capitalism New Histories

Edited by Sven Beckert and Christine Desan

American Capitalism presents cutting-edge research from prominent scholars that makes capitalism a subject of historical inquiry. Venturing new angles on finance, debt, and credit; women’s rights; slavery and political economy; the racialization of capitalism; labor beyond industrial wage workers; and the production of knowledge, this book demonstrates the breadth and scope of the new history of capitalism. $38.00 / £31.95 cloth 978-0-231-18524-0 2018 448 pages

Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism

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of rel ated interest


Head SHopS To

wHole FoodS

From Head Shops to Whole Foods


Joshua Clark Davis

Josh Lauer

A History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America

The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs

Creditworthy The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs

a His t o ry o f C o ns um e r s urv e il l a nCe a nd fina nC ia l

Josh Lauer

Joshua Clark davis

id e nt it y in a m e r iCa

From Head Shops to Whole Foods writes a new history of social movements and capitalism by showing how activists embraced small businesses. Joshua Clark Davis uncovers the historical roots of contemporary interest in ethical consumption, social enterprise, buying local, and mission-driven business, while also showing how today’s companies have adopted the language—but not often the mission—of liberation and social change.

Josh Lauer explores the evolution of credit reporting from its nineteenth-century origins to the rise of the modern consumer data industry. Creditworthy charts how credit reporting grew from an industry that relied on personal knowledge of consumers to one that employs sophisticated algorithms to determine trustworthiness, highlighting the role that commercial surveillance has played in monitoring Americans' economic lives.

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17158-8

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-16808-3

2017 336 pages 24 photographs

2017 368 pages 19 illus.

Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism

Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism

The Federal Reserve and its Founders

A Nation Like All Others

Money, Politics, and Power

A Brief History of American Foreign Relations

Richard Naclerio

Warren I. Cohen

Richard Naclerio investigates the events that surrounded the U.S. Federal Reserve's creation and the bankers, financiers, and economists who shaped its organization and its role over the next century. He sheds new light on the making of one of the world's most important financial institutions and how it came to have such crucial national and international influence. $25.00 paper 978-1-788219-78-2

In this comprehensive account of American foreign relations from the nation’s birth through the Obama administration, Warren I. Cohen calls attention to the uses—and abuses—of U.S. international leadership. A Nation Like All Others offers a brisk, argumentative history that confronts the concept of American exceptionalism and decries the lack of moral imagination in American foreign policy.

$70.00 cloth 978-1-911116-03-5

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17566-1

August 2018 288 pages 20 illus.

March 2018 352 pages

Agenda Publishing

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new and forthcoming

From Selma to Moscow

The Ecocentrists

A History of Radical Environmentalism

How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy

Keith Makoto Woodhouse

Sarah B. Snyder

From Selma to Moscow demonstrates the crucial role of transnational connections and social movements in spurring human rights activism in the 1960s and 1970s. Sarah B. Snyder shows how activism transformed U.S. foreign policy, curbing military and economic assistance to repressive governments, creating institutions to monitor human rights around the world, and enshrining human rights in policy making.

Keith Makoto Woodhouse offers a nuanced history of radical environmental thought and action in the late twentieth-century United States. Focusing especially on the group Earth First!, Woodhouse explores how radical environmentalism challenged the material and philosophical basis of industrial civilization but glossed over the ways economic inequality and social difference defined people’s different relationships to the nonhuman world.

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-16947-9

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-16588-4

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-16946-2

June 2018 384 pages 13 illus.

March 2018 320 pages 13 illus.

Radiation Nation

Three Mile Island and the Political Transformation of the 1970s Natasha Zaretsky


A Time to Stir Columbia ’68

Edited by Paul Cronin A TIME TO STIR COLUMBIA ’ 68

On March 28, 1979, the worst nuclear reactor accident in U.S. history occurred at the Three Mile Island power plant. In this innovative study, Natasha Zaretsky uses the near-meltdown to shed new light on the era’s political realignments. The first cultural history of the accident, Radiation Nation uncovers the surprising bodily and ecological dimensions of post-Vietnam conservatism.

For seven days in April 1968, students occupied five buildings on the Columbia University campus. A Time to Stir captures the reflections of those who participated in and witnessed the Columbia rebellion with more than sixty essays that shed light on the politics, passions, and ideals of the 1960s and the complicated legacy of the uprising.

$35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17981-2

2018 512 pages 27 photographs

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18274-4

$105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-17980-5 February 2018 312 pages 26 illus.

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new and forthcoming




Conservatives Against Capitalism

Lust on Trial

Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock

From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization

Amy Werbel

Peter Kolozi From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization

Peter Kolozi traces the history of conservative skepticism about the influence of capitalism on politics, culture, and society, considering a wide-ranging set of individuals. By analyzing the unaddressed tensions between capitalism and conservative values, Kolozi shows that figures regarded as iconoclasts belong to a coherent tradition, and he creates a vital new understanding of the American conservative pantheon.

Amy Werbel provides a colorful journey through Anthony Comstock’s career that doubles as a history of post-Civil War America’s risqué visual and sexual culture. Drawing on material culture, courtroom transcripts, and numerous examples of “obscenities,” Lust on Trial provides fresh insights into Comstock, the sexual habits of Americans during his era, and the complicated relationship between law and cultural change.

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-16652-2

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17522-7

2017 264 pages

April 2018 352 pages 67 illus.

Show Trial

Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist Thomas Doherty


Facing the


Facing the Abyss

American Literature and Culture in the 1940s George Hutchinson


Thomas Doherty tells the story of the 1947 House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings into alleged communist subversion in the movie industry. Show Trial is a rich, character-driven inquiry into how the HUAC hearings ignited the Hollywood blacklist, providing a gripping new cultural history of one of the most influential events of the postwar era.

George Hutchinson offers readings of individual works and the larger intellectual and cultural scene to reveal the 1940s as a period of profound and influential accomplishment. Facing the Abyss examines the relation of aesthetics to politics; the idea of universalism; and connections across racial, ethnic, and gender divisions, masterfully weaving together a wide range of creative and intellectual expression.

$29.95 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-18778-7

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-16338-5

April 2018 400 pages 41 illus.

2018 464 pages 13 illus.

Film and Culture Series

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new and forthcoming

Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes

Pentecostals in America Arlene M. Sánchez Walsh

Maggie Hennefeld

Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes offers close consideration of hundreds of littleknown silent films. Maggie Hennefeld argues that they provide disturbing but suggestive images for comprehending gendered social upheavals in the early twentieth century and that slapstick comediennes were crucial to the emergence of film language and experimentation with the visual and social potentials of cinema.

Arlene M. Sánchez Walsh provides a thematic overview of Pentecostalism in America, covering Pentecostal faith and practices, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, trends and offshoots, and the future of American Pentecostalism. She also places it in context within the larger narrative of American religious history. Pentecostals in America is an essential study of a vibrant religious movement.

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17947-8

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-14182-6

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17946-1

June 2018 208 pages

March 2018 320 pages 43 Illus.

Columbia Contemporary American Religion

Film and Culture Series

The Future of Mainline Protestantism in America

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-14183-3


B RU C E D. H AY N E S a n d S YM A S O LOV I TC H

Down the Up Staircase Three Generations of a Harlem Family Bruce D. Haynes and Syma Solovitch

Edited by James HudnutBeumler and Mark Silk DOWN THE

UP STAIRCASE Three Generations of a Harlem Family

Experts in American religious history and the sociology of religion examine the decline of mainline Protestantism over the past half century and assess its future. The book argues that the mainline Protestant movement will continue to be a vital remnant in a culture torn between the contending forces of secularism and evangelicalism. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18361-1 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18360-4 March 2018 248 pages

The Future of Religion in America

Down the Up Staircase traces the social history of Harlem through the lens of one family across three generations, connecting their journey to the historical and social forces that transformed Harlem. Haynes and Solovitch capture the tides of change that pushed them forward through the twentieth centu as well as the forces that ravaged black communities. This story is told against the backdrop of a crumbling threestory brownstone in Sugar Hill that once hosted Harlem Renaissance elites and later became an embodiment of the family’s rise and demise. $30.00 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-18102-0 2017 240 pages 13 photographs

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new and forthcoming

Struggle on Their Minds

The Political Thought of African American Resistance


RECOVERY REVOLUTION The Battle Over Addiction Treatment in the United States

Alex Zamalin

The Recovery Revolution

The Battle Over Addiction Treatment in the United States Claire D. Clark


Struggle on Their Minds shows how the core values of the American political tradition have been continually challenged—and strengthened—by antiracist resistance, creating a rich legacy of African American political thought that is an invaluable component of contemporary struggles for racial justice. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18110-5 2017 240 pages

Based on extensive interviews with drug-rehabilitation professionals and archival research, The Recovery Revolution locates the history of treatment activists’ influence on the development of American drug policy. Claire D. Clark traces the political shift from the radical communitarianism of the 1960s to the conservatism of the Reagan era, uncovering the forgotten origins of today’s recovery movement. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17638-5 2017 336 pages 15 illus.

Global Entanglements of a Man Who Never Traveled A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Christian and His Conflicted Worlds

The Limits of Westernization

the LIMITS of WESTERNIZATIoN A Cultural History of America in Turkey

A Cultural History of America in Turkey Perin E. Gürel

Dominic Sachsenmaier


The seventeenth-century Chinese Christian convert Zhu Zongyuan likely never left his home province, yet led a remarkably global life. Through scholarly activities and globalizing Catholicism, he was in contact with a complex—and contradictory—set of foreign and domestic forces. Dominic Sachsenmaier explores the mid-seventeenth-century world through the lens of Zhu’s life, combining the local, regional, and global. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18752-7 May 2018 272 pages

The Limits of Westernization analyzes the complex local uses of “the West” to explain how the United States could become both the best and the worst in the Turkish political imagination. Perin E. Gürel traces how ideas about westernization and America have influenced national history writing and policy making, as well as everyday affects and identities. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18202-7 2017 288 pages 10 illus.

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

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new and forthcoming

Identifying with Nationality

By More Than Providence

Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians in Alexandria Will Hanley


more Than


Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific Since 1783 Michael J. Green

G r a n d St r at eGy a n d a m e r ic a n p o w e r i n t h e a S i a pac i f i c S i n c e 1 7 8 3

Michael J. Green

Identifying with Nationality traces the advent of modern citizenship to multinational, transimperial settings such as turn-of-the-century colonial Alexandria, where ordinary people abandoned old identifiers and grasped nationality as the best means to access the protections promised by expanding states. The result was a system that continues to define and divide people through status, mobility, and residency. $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-17762-7 2017 416 pages 10 illus.

In a history that spans the eighteenth century to the present, Michael J. Green follows the development of U.S. strategic thinking toward East Asia. Green finds one overarching concern: that a rival power might use the Pacific to isolate and threaten the U.S. and prevent the ocean from becoming a conduit for the westward flow of trade and values. $45.00 / £37.95 cloth 978-0-231-18042-9 2017 760 pages 27 illus.

A Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Book on American–East Asian Relations

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

jeanne guillemin

hidden atrocities

Hidden Atrocities

Democracy and the Welfare State

Japanese Germ Warfare and American Obstruction of Justice at the Tokyo Trial

The Two Wests in the Age of Austerity Edited by Alice KesslerHarris and Maurizio Vaudagna

Jeanne Guillemin

Japanese Germ Warfare and American Obstruction of Justice at the Tokyo Trial

Hidden Atrocities reveals the American obstruction that denied justice to Japan’s WWII victims at the postwar Tokyo Trial. Jeanne Guillemin explains how U.S. national security goals led to the failure to prosecute imperial Japanese leaders for the war crimes of Unit 731, Japan’s secret germ-warfare program. Guillemin’s vivid account shows how power politics can jeopardize international justice, with persistent consequences.

Though the “two Wests,” Europe and the United States, differ in crucial respects, they share a common history of social rights. In Democracy and the Welfare State, leading historians and social scientists rethink the history of social democracy and the welfare state in light of global transformations of the economic order and the onslaught of neoliberalism and right-wing populism.

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18352-9

$105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-18034-4

2017 488 pages

2017 424 pages

$35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-18035-1

A Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Book on American–East Asian Relations

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new and forthcoming

Gender and the Politics of History

Wires That Bind

Nation, Region, and Technology in the Southwestern United States, 1854-1920

30th Anniversary Edition Joan Wallach Scott

Torsten Kathke

This landmark work from a renowned feminist historian is a foundational demonstration of the uses of gender as a conceptual tool for cultural and historical analysis. In this anniversary edition, Scott reflects on the book’s legacy and implications for contemporary politics as well as what she has reconsidered as a result of her engagement with psychoanalytic theory. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18801-2

The arrival of telegraphy and railroads changed power relations throughout the world in the nineteenth century. Torsten Kathke examines the Mesilla region of the American Southwest from the 1850s to the 1920s to illustrate the political and economic changes these technologies wrought, emphasizing how the region became more closely bound to the national economy and the federal government.

2018 288 pages

$45.00 / £37.95 paper 978-3-8376-3790-8

Gender and Culture Series

2017 312 pages 10 illus.



China's Philological Turn

Congo Discourses in the United States from 1800 to the Present

Scholars, Textualism, and the Dao in the Eighteenth Century

Johnny Van Hove

To justify the plundering of today’s Democratic Republic of the Congo, U.S. intellectual elites have continuously produced dismissive Congo discourses. Tracing these discourses in great depth and breadth, Johnny Van Hove shows how U.S. intellectuals and their European counterparts have used the Congo in similar fashions for their own goals. $45.00 / £37.95 paper 978-3-8376-4037-3

Ori Sela

In eighteenth-century China, a remarkable intellectual transformation took place, centered on the ascendance of philology. Ori Sela foregrounds the polymath Qian Daxin to reconstruct the history of eighteenth-century Chinese learning and its long-lasting consequences. China’s Philological Turn is a pioneering book in the cultural history of intellectuals across disciplinary boundaries.

2018 360 pages 4 illus.

$65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18382-6


March 2018 384 pages 6 illus.

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

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new and forthcoming

Forging the Golden Urn

China's War on Smuggling

Max Oidtmann

Philip Thai

The Qing Empire and the Politics of Reincarnation in Tibet

A Qing-era law mandated that the reincarnations of prominent Tibetan Buddhist monks be identified by drawing lots from a golden urn. In Forging the Golden Urn, Max Oidtmann traces how a Chinese bureaucratic technology was exported to the Tibetan and Mongolian regions of the Qing empire and transformed into a ritual for identifying and authenticating reincarnations. $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18406-9 July 2018 320 pages 16 illus.

Law, Economic Life, and the Making of the Modern State, 1842–1965

Philip Thai chronicles the vicissitudes of smuggling in modern China—its practice, suppression, and significance—to demonstrate the intimate link between coastal smuggling and the amplification of state power. Thai traces how different regimes sought to police maritime trade and the unintended consequences their campaigns unleashed. China’s War on Smuggling shows how defiance helped the state redefine its power. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18584-4

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

May 2018 400 pages 23 illus.

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

After Eunuchs

Science, Medicine, and the Transformation of Sex in Modern China

Tradi T ional Chinese MediCine h e r i Ta G e a n d a d a P TaT i o n

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Heritage and Adaptation Paul U. Unschuld

Howard Chiang

Translated by Bridie Andrews

Paul u. unsChuld

Howard Chiang traces the genealogy of sexual knowledge in China from the demise of eunuchism to the emergence of transsexuality, showing the rise of new structures of knowledge to be central to the formation of Chinese modernity. Theoretically sophisticated and far-reaching, After Eunuchs is an innovative contribution to the history and philosophy of science, as well as queer and Sinophone studies.

This book explains the ideas and practice of Chinese medicine from its beginnings in antiquity to today. Paul U. Unschuld describes medicine’s close connection with politics and society throughout Chinese history, bringing together texts, techniques, and worldviews to understand changing Chinese attitudes toward healing and the significance of traditional Chinese medicine in both China and the Western world.

$65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18578-3

$20.00 / £14.95 paper 978-0-231-17501-2

June 2018 384 pages 51 illus,

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17500-5 2018 184 pages

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new and forthcoming

Buddhism and Medicine

At Home in the World

Edited by C. Pierce Salguero

Xia Shi

Women and Charity in Late Qing and Early Republican China

An Anthology of Premodern Sources buddhism and

m edic i n e a n a n t holo g y of p r e m oder n s o ur c e s e di t e d b y

c . pierc e s a l gu ero

This anthology combines dozens of Englishlanguage translations of premodern Buddhist texts with contextualizing introductions by leading international scholars in Buddhist studies, history of medicine, and a range of other fields $150.00 / £124.95 cloth 978-0-231-17994-2 2017 728 pages 28 illus.

During the years spanning the late Qing dynasty and the early Republican era, new opportunities emerged for Chinese women. Xia Shi unearths the history of how married nonprofessional women without modern educations moved out of their sequestered domestic life; engaged in charitable, philanthropic, and religious activities; and repositioned themselves as effective public actors in urban Chinese society. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18560-8 March 2018 288 pages 3 Illus.

The Book of Lord Shang

Red Swan

Shang Yang. Edited and translated by Yuri Pines

Sebastian Heilmann

How Unorthodox PolicyMaking Facilitated China's Rise

Apologetics of State Power in Early China

In this new translation, The Book of Lord Shang’s intellectual boldness and surprisingly modern-looking ideas shine through, underscoring the text’s vibrant contribution to global political thought. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17988-1 2017 368 pages

Translations from the Asian Classics

China's exceptional development trajectory challenges conventional wisdom as well as conventional models of political change. This book explains policy making in China's governmental system as an open-ended process with an uncertain outcome, driven by conflicting interests, recurrent interactions, and continuous feedback, detailing how action programs can be developed, formulated, implemented, adjusted, and revised. $52.00 / £43.95 cloth 978-962-996-827-4 2018 250 pages

The Chinese University Press

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new and forthcoming

Civilizing the Chinese, Competing with the West

Returning Home with Glory Chinese Villagers Around the Pacific, 1849 to 1949

Study Societies in Late Qing China

Michael Williams

Chen Hon Fai

This book explores the development of latenineteenth-century study societies in China in the context of the decline of the imperial Qing government, widespread social unrest, and intrusions by Western imperialist states. Chen Hon Fai uncovers the history of civil society activism in China by examining societies organized around the goal of promoting and defending the Confucian religion.

Michael Williams highlights the influence of family and home village in the history of the connections between the Pearl River Delta and various Pacific ports from the time of the Californian and Australian gold rushes to the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This influence helps explain how and why many modest communities in southern China became more affluent.

$45.00 / £37.95 cloth 978-962-996-634-8

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-988-8390-53-3

2017 270 pages

May 2018 264 pages 28 illus.

The Chinese University Press

Hong Kong University Press

How the Red Sun Rose

The Making and Remaking of China's "Red Classics"

The Origin and Development of the Yan'an Rectification Movement, 1930–1945

Politics, Aesthetics, and Mass Culture Edited by Rosemary Roberts and Li Li

Gao Hua

Translated by Stacey Mosher and Guo Jian

Gao Hua explores the origin and consequences of the Yan'an Rectification Movement from 1942 to 1945, arguing that it emancipated the Chinese Communist Party from Soviet influence and unified the party in preparation for victory over the Nationalists. The book shows how Mao Zedong established his leadership over the party, with continuing influence on Chinese political structure today.

This book brings together research on the "red classics" across the entire Maoist period through to the reform era. It covers a range of genres including novels, short stories, films, TV series, picture books, animation, and paintings, offering a panoramic view of the production and reception of the original "red classics" and their adaptations and remakes after the Cultural Revolution.

$70.00 / £58.95 cloth 978-962-996-822-9

2018 232 pages 24 illus.

March 2018 800 pages

Hong Kong University Press

The Chinese University Press

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$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-988-8390-89-2


new and forthcoming

Gender, Health, and History in Modern East Asia

Gender, Power, and Talent

The Journey of Daoist Priestesses in Tang China

Edited by Angela Ki Che Leung and Izumi Nakayama

Jinhua Jia

This volume analyzes how scientists, government officials, educators, and the general public in East Asia came to terms with the introduction of Western biological and medical sciences. Demonstrating how concerns about gender and health have been woven into modernization and nation building, the studies show how individuals and societies made sense of scientific discourses on diseases, the body, sex, and reproduction.

Jinhua Jia draws on a wealth of previously untapped sources to explain how Daoist priestesses distinguished themselves as a distinct gendered religious and social group. The first comprehensive study of the lives and roles of Daoist priestesses in Tang China, Gender, Power, and Talent restores women to the landscape of Chinese religion and literature.

$50.00 / £41.95 cloth 978-988-8390-90-8

March 2018 336 pages 8 illus.

$70.00 / £58.95 cloth 978-0-231-18444-1

March 2018 328 pages 41 illus.

Hong Kong University Press

Meeting Place

A Medical History of Hong Kong: 1842–1941

Encounters across Cultures in Hong Kong, 1841–1984

Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung

Edited by Elizabeth Sinn and Christopher Munn

Meeting Place presents detailed empirical studies of day-to-day interactions among people of different cultures in a variety of settings throughout Hong Kong. The broad conclusion—that there was sustained and multilevel contact among men and women of different cultures—will challenge and complicate traditional historical understandings of Hong Kong as a city either of rigid segregation or of pervasive integration.

This book explores the development of medical and sanitation services in Hong Kong during the first century of British rule. Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung details how the colonial administration's changing political values and socioeconomic status affected Hong Kong’s policy making. She specifically examines how the bubonic plague of 1894 changed the government’s laissez-faire attitude toward public health.

$50.00 / £41.95 cloth 978-988-8390-84-7

$55.00 / £45.95 cloth 978-988-237-036-4

2018 240 pages 27 illus.

March 2018 350 pages 35 illus.

Hong Kong University Press

The Chinese University Press

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new and forthcoming

A Documentary History of Public Health in Hong Kong

The Merchant's Tale

Edited by Yip Ka-che, Wong Man Kong, and Leung Yuen Sang

Simon Partner

Yokohama and the Transformation of Japan

This book chronicles the history of public health in Hong Kong from 1842 to 1980. The editors provide a framework to understand important events, policies, institutions, and advances in technology related to health developments in colonial Hong Kong. Colonial health policies before and after the world wars differed markedly as postwar conditions offered new challenges and opportunities.

In a narrative history rich in colorful detail, Simon Partner uses the story of an ordinary merchant farmer in a Yokohama setting as a vantage point onto sweeping social transformation and its unwitting agents. Partner’s history of a vibrant meeting place humanizes the story of Japan’s revolutionary 1860s and their profound consequences for Japanese society and culture.

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-962-996-836-6

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18292-8

June 2018 490 pages 3 illus.

2017 320 pages 20 illus.

The Chinese University Press

Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture

The East Turkestan Independence Movement, 1930s to 1940s Wang Ke

Translated by Carissa Fletcher

Based on rare firsthand historical data, Wang Ke presents an analysis of East Turkestan from the perspective of Islamic social structure; the origin and evolution of thoughts on national revolution; the internal structure of the independence movemen;, and the power structure of the republic, international relations, and international politics. $50.00 / £41.95 cloth 978-962-996-769-7 June 2018 380 pages 45 illus.

The Chinese University Press

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new and forthcoming

A People's History of India 30

Agrarian and Other Histories

Irfan Habib

Edited by Shubhra Chakrabarti and Utsa Patnaik

The National Movement: The First Phase, till 1918

This book considers the nature and legacy of first phase of Indian popular resistance to colonial rule, the Revolt of 1857–58, the rise of national consciousness and the factors leading to it; the movement for social reform and political awakening among the middle classes; and, finally, Gandhiji’s arrival and the agitations of 1917–1918. $17.00 / £14.95 cloth 978-81-93401-54-5

Essays for Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri

There is no area of Indian agrarian history that Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri has not traversed. This volume considers his work on the peasantry and the political economy of agriculture in eastern India, including the process of 'depeasantization' and the forcible induction of tribes and forest dwellers into settled agriculture, as well as other aspects of social and cultural history.

May 2018 124 pages

$62.00 / £51.95 cloth 978-93-82381-95-2

Tulika Books

2017 352 pages

Tulika Books

A People's History of India 14

British Diplomacy and the Concept of the Eastern Pact (1933–1935)

Economic History of India, AD 1206-1526, The Period of the Delhi Sultanate and the Vijayanagara Empire

Analyses, Projects, Activities Dariusz Jeziorny

Irfan Habib

Published in association with the Aligarh Historians Society

This volume is devoted to the economic and social history of India from the thirteenth century to the fifteenth century. It describes the agrarian order, urban economy, and trading world during the Delhi Sultanate (1206–1398); the subsequent period of political divisions; and conditions in the Vijayanagara Empire, which flourished during this period in south India.

Dariusz Jeziorny explores British diplomatic relations in the years 1933–1935, illuminating London's attitude towards the Eastern Pact and highlighting British diplomacy's way of thinking and acting toward the European and global situation. He provides a fascinating look behind the scenes of British diplomacy and its attitudes toward the French initiative.

$17.00 / £14.95 cloth 978-93-82381-91-4

$65.00 / £54.95 paper 978-3-8382-1080-3

May 2017 132 pages

2018 630 pages

Tulika Books

ibidem Press

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new and forthcoming

No Place for Russia

An Economic History of Europe Since 1700

European Security Institutions Since 1989

Vera Zamagni

William H. Hill

William H. Hill traces the development of the post–Cold War European security order to explain today’s tensions, showing how attempts to include Russia were overshadowed by the domination of NATO and the EU. Closing with Russia’s annexation of Crimea and war in Ukraine, No Place for Russia argues that the post–Cold War order in Europe has been irrevocably shattered.

Vera Zamagni provides a new economic history of Europe from the birth of industrialization through to the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and its aftermath. The remarkable story of European economic growth is set within the wider context of world economic progress and alongside developments in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States to provide an up-to-date survey.

$40.00 / £32.95 cloth 978-0-231-70458-8

$30.00 paper 978-1-911116-39-4

August 2018 528 pages

$90.00 cloth 978-1-911116-38-7

2017 320 pages

Agenda Publishing

Between Prometheism and Realpolitik

Poverty and Social Exclusion During and After Poland's Transition to Capitalism

Poland and Soviet Ukraine, 1921-1926

Four Generations of Women in a Post-Industrial City Tell Their Life Stories

Jan Jacek Bruski

Edited by Paulina Bunio-Mroczek, MaBgorzata Potoczna, and

WielisBawa Warzywoda-KruszyDska

Between Prometheism and Realpolitik explores Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Soviet relations following the Treaty of Riga of March 1921. A Polish-Soviet cold war broke out on front including Ukraine and the Ukrainian question. Jan Jacek Bruski addresses the first, crucial phase of this Polish-Soviet tussle. $55.00 / £45.95 paper 978-83-233-4188-8

This book is about poverty in Poland during the transition to capitalism and the decade that followed as documented in the lives of women living in disadvantaged neighborhoods in the post-industrial city. The book searches for the causes that drive and maintain poverty, which are embedded in changes in industrial relations, welfare regimes, and family structures and relations.

2017 464 pages

$45.00 / £37.95 paper 978-83-233-4274-8

Jagiellonian University Press

2017 177 pages

Jagiellonian University Press

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new and forthcoming

Handbook of Direct Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989

A Disastrous Matter

The Polish Question in the Russian Political Thought and Discourse of the Great Reform Age, 1856-1866

Edited by Maria Marczewska-Rytko

Henryk Glębocki

This book collects twenty political analyses of direct democracy in twenty central and eastern European countries after 1989. Through a comparative, holistic, and interdisciplinary political analysis, it diagnoses the state of democratic processes and the institutions of direct democracy. The case studies emphasize the significant role of the accession process to the European Union.

Henryk Glębocki offers a new analysis of the Polish-Russian conflict in imperial Russia. He considers interactions between Russian public opinion and Russian imperial policy, and explores the impact the Polish conflict had on Russian political ideas. Glębocki investigates these ideas and the Polish national movement, as well as the effect of the Polish question on their evolution.

$84.00 / £69.95 cloth 978-3-8474-2122-1

$50.00 / £41.95 paper 978-83-233-4171-0

June 2018 330 pages

2017 352 pages

Barbara Budrich Publishers

Jagiellonian University Press

Under Swiss Protection

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Jewish Eyewitness Accounts from Wartime Budapest

History, Biographies, Remembrance Chris Webb

Edited by Agnes Hirschi and Charlotte Schallié

Foreword by Timothy Snyder

This volume retraces Carl Lutz's diplomatic wartime rescue efforts in Budapest using interviews with Holocaust survivors and testimonies from Jewish eyewitnesses. Lutz led an extensive rescue operation between March 1944 and February 1945 that issued more than 50,000 lifesaving letters of protection. This volume shines a light on the extraordinary scope and scale of Lutz's humanitarian response. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-3-8382-1109-1 2017 200 pages 35 illus,

ibidem Press

This book provides a chronological account of the Auschwitz concentration camp from the camp's beginning in 1940 to its liberation in January 1945 and beyond. Chris Webb balances the sufferings of the victims and the actions, characters, and fates of the perpetrators to give a thorough overview of all aspects of Auschwitz and its many satellite camps. $45.00 / £37.95 paper 978-3-8382-1106-0 April 2018 420 pages 24 illus.

ibidem Press

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new and forthcoming

The Enduring Legacy of Salo W. Baron

Without Jews?

Yiddish Literature in the People’s Republic of Poland on the Holocaust, Poland, and Communism

A Commemorative Volume on His 120th Birthday

Edited by Hava TiroshSamuelson and Edward Dąbrowa

Magdalena Ruta

In postwar Poland a small but dynamic center of Jewish life emerged, with creative figures who sought to revive and foster culture in their mother tongue, Yiddish. Without Jews? examines the literary output of this community of survivors, studying works created and/or published in postwar Poland up to 1968. $60.00 / £49.95 paper 978-83-233-4349-3 April 2018 450 pages

Salo W. Baron (1895-1989) was the most important and influential Jewish historian of the twentieth century. This volume is based on an international conference held to celebrate Baron’s 120th birthday. It explores Baron’s biography and life experience, assesses his contributions to the various subdisciplines of Jewish studies, and evaluates his integration of scholarly commitment and communal involvement.

Jagiellonian University Press

$55.00 / £45.95 paper 978-83-233-4282-3

May 2018 336 pages

Jagiellonian University Press

A Fateful Triangle

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 2018/1

Essays on Contemporary Russian, German, and Polish History

Edited by Andrey Makarychev, Nina Rozhanovskaya, Andreas Umland, and Yuliya Yurchuk

Leonid Luks

Leonid Luks considers the various causes and consequences of Russian and German revolts against the West’s emerging open societies and their ideological foundations for twentieth-century Europe. He explores post-Soviet Russia and the special relationship that all three countries of Central and Eastern Europe’s "fateful triangle" had with Judaism and the Jews. $50.00 / £41.95 paper 978-3-8382-1143-5

This special issue explores the discursive gaps, tensions, and ruptures between Ukrainian and Russian narratives of national identity. It gives the floor to Russian and Ukrainian authors in order to enable analytical comparisons between the dominant narratives in the two countries, including their cultural, historical, and political dimensions, and deepen our understanding of the RussianUkrainian conflict.

May 2018 280 pages

$40.00 / £32.95 paper 978-3-8382-1166-4

ibidem Press

April 2018 158 pages

ibidem Press

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new and forthcoming


Czech Politics

A Comparison of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions

From the West to East and Back Again Stanislav Balík, Vit Hlousek, Lubomir Kopeck, Jan Holzer, Pavel Pseja, and Andrew Lawrence Roberts

Lucien Bianco

Translated by Krystyna Horko

Lucien Bianco’s comparative study highlights the similarities between the Russian and Chinese, including the all-powerful bureaucracy; the overexploitation of the peasantry, which triggered two of the worst famines of the twentieth century; control over writers and artists; repression and labor camps; and Stalin and Mao.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the Czech political past and present. Giving first an overview of Czech history before 1989 and the Velvet Revolution, the authors then analyze the political system and culture that has formed since 1989 against the historical background of political transformation.

$65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-988-237-065-4

$40.00 / £32.95 paper 978-3-8474-0585-6

March 2018 480 pages

2017 190 pages

The Chinese University Press

Barbara Budrich Publishers

Jacob Moleschott —A Transnational Biography

The Duplicity of Philosophy's Shadow Heidegger, Nazism, and the Jewish Other

Science, Politics, and Popularization in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Elliot R. Wolfson

Laura Meneghello

This is the first academic biography of the scientist and politician Jacob Moleschott (1822-1893). Laura Meneghello focuses on processes of knowledge circulation, transnational mobility, and the role of translation in nineteenth-century science, shedding new light on the history of materialism in the natural sciences and the deep entanglement of science, politics, and popularization in nineteenth-century Europe.

Elliot R. Wolfson intervenes in the debate over Martin Heidegger and Nazism from a unique perspective, as a scholar of Jewish mysticism and philosophy who has been profoundly influenced by Heidegger’s work. He reveals crucial aspects of Heidegger’s thinking—including criticism of the biological racism and militant apocalypticism of Nazism—that betray an affinity with dimensions of Jewish thought.

$55.00 / £45.95 paper 978-3-8376-3970-4

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18563-9

March 2018 490 pages

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18562-2


April 2018 336 pages

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new and forthcoming

Shari'a Scripts

God and Man in Tehran


A Historical Anthropology


Brinkley Messick


of the D I V I N E from the QA JA R S

to the I S L A M I C R E P U B L I C H O S S E I N K A M A LY

Contending Visions of the Divine from the Qajars to the Islamic Republic Hossein Kamaly

Shari’a Scripts is a work of historical anthropology focused on Yemen in the early twentieth century. In a groundbreaking examination of the interpretative range and historical insights offered by the anthropologist as reader, Brinkley Messick uses the richly varied writings of the Yemeni past to offer a uniquely comprehensive view of the Shari’a as a localized and lived phenomenon.

God and Man in Tehran explores the historical processes that have made and unmade contending visions of God in Iran’s capital throughout the past two hundred years. Hossein Kamaly examines how notions of the divine have been mobilized, contested, and transformed, emphasizing the role played by divergent conceptualizations of nature, reason, law, morality, and authority.

$70.00 / £58.95 cloth 978-0-231-17874-7

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17682-8

2018 536 pages 27 illus.

April 2018 240 pages

Religious Statecraft

Sibling Action

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar

Stefani Engelstein

The Politics of Islam in Iran

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar traces half a century of shifting Islamist doctrines against the backdrop of Iran’s factional and international politics, demonstrating that religious narratives in Iran can change rapidly, frequently, and dramatically in accordance with elites’ threat perceptions. Religious Statecraft constructs a new picture of Iranian politics in which power drives Islamist ideology. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18366-6 2018 368 pages

Columbia Studies in Middle East Politics

The Genealogical Structure of Modernity

The sibling stands out as a ubiquitous—yet unacknowledged—conceptual touchstone across the European long nineteenth century. Stefani Engelstein argues that this pervasive paradigm shaped the modern subject; life sciences; human sciences; and collective identities such as race, religion, and gender. Integrating close readings with panoramic intellectual history, Sibling Action presents a compelling new understanding of systems of knowledge. $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18040-5 2017 376 pages 18 illus.

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new and forthcoming

The Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity, 200–1336

Masks of Charos in Modern Greek Demotic Songs

Expanded Edition

Sources, Representations, and Context

Caroline Walker Bynum

Michal Bzinkowski




A classic of medieval studies, The Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity, 200–1336 traces ideas of death and resurrection in early and medieval Christianity. Caroline Walker Bynum explores problems of the body and identity in devotional and theological literature, suggesting that medieval attitudes toward the body still shape modern notions of the individual.

This book focuses on the figure of Charos, widespread throughout the Hellenic world, including Cyprus and the Pontus region, and the folk mythology of modern Greece. Michal Bzinkowski analyzes Greek demotic songs, especially mirologia (dirges) and the songs of the Underworld and Charos, as well as an Acritic cycle of alleged Byzantine origin.

$35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-18529-5

$45.00 / £37.95 paper 978-83-233-4330-1

$105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-18528-8

May 2018 176 pages 4 illus.

2017 480 pages

Jagiellonian University Press

American Lectures on the History of Religions

Constructions of Cultural Identities in Newsreel Cinema and Television after 1945

From Da Ponte to the Casa Italiana A Brief History of Italian Studies at Columbia University

Edited by Kornelia Imesch, Sigrid Schade, and Samuel Sieber

Barbara Faedda

Newsreel cinema and television served as an important tool for shaping the political sphere and the construction of national identities into the 1960s. This book considers newsreel as a medium for the formation of cultural identities in a variety of national contexts. Contributors consider newsreel’s role in forming audiovisual narratives, as well as the technical, aesthetic, and political challenges of archiving and restaging newsreel.

The Casa Italiana has been the most important expression of the Italian presence on Columbia University’s campus since construction in 1927. Celebrating the Casa’s ninetieth anniversary, From Da Ponte to the Casa Italiana documents and recounts the history of the individuals, both Italian and American, who contributed to the formation of Columbia University’s rich tradition of Italian studies.

$40.00 / £32.95 paper 978-3-8376-2975-0

$30.00 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-18593-6

2017 250 pages 70 illus.

2017 104 pages 40 illus.


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new and forthcoming

Bonded Labour

The History of Art in Japan

Global and Comparative Perspectives (18th-21st Century)

Nobuo Tsuji

Translated by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere

Edited by Sabine DamirGeilsdorf, Ulrike Lindner, Gesine Müller, Oliver Tappe, and Michael Zeuske After slavery, forms of indentured labor met global capitalism's need for cheap, disposable labor. Through revealing examples of bonded labor in the grey area between the poles of chattel slavery and 'free' wage labor, this interdisciplinary volume addresses historically and regionally specific cases of unfree labor relations from the eighteenth century to the present day. $40.00 / £32.95 paper 978-3-8376-3733-5 2017 232 pages 16 illus.

The leading authority on Japanese art history, from earthenware figurines in 13,000 B.C. to manga and modern subcultures, tells the story of how the country has nurtured unique aesthetics, prominent artists, and distinctive movements. Discussing Japanese art in various contexts, including interactions with the outside world, Nobuo Tsuji sheds light on works ranging from the Jōmon period to contemporary art. $120.00 / £99.95 cloth 978-4-13-087060-3


May 2018 560 pages 429 illus.

University of Tokyo Press

Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right A Guide to Archives

Garden Variety

The American Tomato from Corporate to Heirloom


Archie Henderson

from Corporate to Heirloom

John Hoenig


This unique four-volume collection is the essential guide to archival research on conservatism, the right wing, and the far right, offering a detailed overview of primary sources in all media. It details documents, film, video, sound recordings, microfilm and microfiche, cartoons, sheet music, newspaper art, and more, housed in more than 4,500 archives across twenty-two countries.

John Hoenig explores the path by which, over the last two centuries, the tomato went from a rare seasonal crop to America’s favorite vegetable. Garden Variety illuminates American culinary culture from 1800 to the present, challenging a simple story of mass-produced homogeneity and demonstrating the persistence of diverse food cultures throughout modern America.

$450.00 / £374.95 paper 978-3-8382-1195-4

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17908-9

April 2018 3000 pages

2017 288 pages

ibidem Press

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Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History


COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ONLINE (CIAO) the new, updated CIAO The renowned international affairs website has now undergone a complete overhaul to enhance the user experience. The new CIAO website features more video content, a live Twitter feed, improved search functionality, and a redesigned user interface that standardizes the access and presentation of content.


CIAO is the world's largest full-text online resource for political science, diplomatic history, international law and business, policy formation, and country analysis. Encompassing more than 500,000 pages of working papers, policy briefs, interviews, journal articles, and e-books in the field of international relations, CIAO is a dynamic, constantly growing resource. More than 300 leading academic and research institutions, publishers, government agencies, and journals worldwide contribute to CIAO.

Special Features • Detailed country maps as well as in-depth political and economic data from the Economist Intelligence Unit • A monthly focus piece newsletter—an outstanding tool for classroom discussions • Resources for undergraduates, graduate students, and postgraduates, including textbook instruction for lecture preparation, and reference • Nearly 100 full-text e-books

For subscription information, contact Herbert Plummer, or call (212) 459-0600, ext. 7112. To contribute or sign up for our monthly newsletter, contact: Yoram Allon, For a free trial, log onto or e-mail

E-books on CIAO UNDER

SIEGE PLO decisionmaking during the 1982 War


Ja pa n –S o u T h Ko r e a

IdenTITy ClaSh

more Than

east asian security and the united states


br ad gl o sserman and scot t a . snyder

providence G r a n d St r at eGy a n d a m e r ic a n p o w e r i n t h e a S i a pac i f i c S i n c e 1 7 8 3

RASHID KHALIDI with a new preface by the author

Michael J. Green

new in paperback

A Rasa Reader

Militarizing the Nation

Sheldon Pollock

Zeinab Abul-Magd

Classical Indian Aesthetics

The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt

$35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17391-9

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17063-5

2018 472 pages

March 2018 336 pages

Historical Sourcebooks in Classical Indian Thought

Kosher USA

How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food

Karl Polanyi

A Life on the Left

Roger Horowitz

Gareth Dale

Short-listed for the International Political Economy Group Book Prize $27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-17609-5

Choice Outstanding Academic Title Gourmand International Cookbook Award, Jewish cuisine

2017 400 pages

National Jewish Book Award in American Jewish Studies

Éric Rohmer

American Historical Association Dorothy Rosenberg Prize in the history of the Jewish Diaspora

Antoine de Baecque and Noël Herpe

$26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-15833-6

A Publishers Weekly Best Summer Book

Arts and Traditions of the Table:

A Biography

Translated by Steven Rendall and Lisa Neal

June 2018 320 pages

Perspectives on Culinary History

$27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-17559-3 2018 608 pages

Parable and Politics in Early Islamic History

Eqbal Ahmad

Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age Stuart Schaar

The Rashidun Caliphs Tayeb El-Hibri

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-15083-5

PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography $25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17157-1 2017 240 pages

Race and Real Estate

Conflict and Cooperation in Harlem, 1890-1920 Kevin McGruder

April 2018 448 pages

Political Freud A History

Eli Zaretsky

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

$25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17245-5 2017 248 pages

$26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-16915-8 2017 296 pages

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New in paperback

The Other Catholics

Remaking America's Largest Religion Julie Byrne

Religion News Association Award for Excellence in Religion Reporting $24.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-16677-5 June 2018 432 pages

The Scaffolding of Sovereignty

Global and Aesthetic Perspectives on the History of a Concept Edited by Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Stefanos Geroulanos, and Nicole Jerr $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-02929-2 April 2018 504 pages

Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History

Race Unmasked

Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century Michael Yudell

Foreword by J. Craig Venter

American Public Health Association Arthur J. Viseltear Prize May $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-16875-5

Economic Thought A Brief History Heinz D. Kurz

Translated by Jeremiah Riemer $20.00 / £14.95 paper 978-0-231-17259-2 2017 224 pages

2018 304 pages

Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes

Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics Li Chen

Honorable mention, American Society for Legal History Peter Gonville Stein Award

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17375-9 March 2018 416 pages

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality Progress and Poverty in the Gilded Age Edward O'Donnell

Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln

The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed Charles B. Strozier

Honorable mention, Gilder Lehrman Institution and Gettysburg College Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize

$25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17133-5 2018 352 pages

Consumed Nostalgia

Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism Gary Cross

$26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-16759-8 2017 304 pages

$26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-12001-2 2017 376 pages

Columbia History of Urban Life

The Columbia History of the Vietnam War Edited by David L. Anderson

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

$26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-13481-1 2017 488 pages

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