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Film Studies 2018

New and Forthcoming Titles


Letter from the editor:

From the tension-filled moments of the McCarthy hearings to the slapstick of silent film

comediennes, this year’s list in film studies includes a range of books exploring the history and

politics of film and the ways cinema and media shape and challenge our understanding of the world. We lead off with the aforementioned films, both of which come from the Film and Culture series,

edited by John Belton. Thomas Doherty’s Show Trial: Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist takes us behind the scenes at the first full-on media-political spectacle of the postwar era. From an

earlier era is Maggie Hennefeld’s Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes, which considers a

marvelously weird and fascinating group of films that, among other things, depict women exploding out of chimneys or spontaneously combusting while doing housework. Hennefeld argues that these

films reveal the gender politics of comedy and provide images for comprehending the social upheavals in the early twentieth century.

Other new books include Melodrama Unbound, edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams.

This ambitious new volume argues that our understanding of melodrama needs to and must account

for its transnational, transmedia, and transhistorical nature. Likewise, Nora M. Alter’s The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction reveals the essay film to be a hybrid genre that fuses the categories of feature, art, and documentary film.

Joseph McBride provides a comprehensive, insightful, and fun-to-read critical study of Ernst

Lubitsch’s films in How Did Lubitsch Do It? while Annette Insdorf offers a series of lucid and inventive readings of various films in Cinematic Overtures: How to Read Opening Scenes.

In the field of media studies, Media U: How the Need to Win Audiences Has Shaped Higher Education by Marc Garrett Cooper and John Marx presents a history of the university as a media institution.

Zara Dinnen’s new book The Digital Banal: New Media and American Literature and Culture considers how we have become dulled to the affective and political novelty of our relationship to digital media. Wallflower Press, an imprint of Columbia University Press, continues to publish an ambitious range

of books in their series, Short Cuts, Directors’ Cuts, Nonfictions, and Cultographies, as well as other miscellaneous volumes.

Outside of these series, Wallflower Press recently published Ingmar Bergman’s Face to Face, by Michael

Tapper, which revisits this largely overlooked work to present a new portrait of Bergman as a political artist.

Finally, we are also proud to distribute film and media studies books published by Austrian Film Museum Books, Auteur Publishing, Hong Kong University Press, and Transcript Verlag.

We hope you share our excitement about these new books, and we look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Philip Leventhal Senior Editor


FILM AND CULTURE SERIES (Columbia University Press) Show Trial

Film and Culture Series (Columbia Univ. Press)...3

Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist

Film History/Film Theory.......................................6 Short Cuts (Wallflower Press).............................11

Thomas Doherty

Cultographies (Wallflower Press)........................13 Film Directors....................................................15 Devil's Advocates (Auteur Publishing)................19 Constellations (Auteur Publishing).....................23 Studying Films (Auteur Publishing)...................24 Media Studies....................................................25 Best of the Film Backlist....................................26 New in Paperback/Ordering Information......... .27 Manuscript queries and proposals can be sent to the film studies editor, Philip Leventhal, at

Thomas Doherty tells the story of the 1947 hearings into alleged Communist subversion in the movie industry. He explores the deep background to the hearings and details the theatrical elements of a proceeding that bridged the realms of entertainment and politics. Show Trial is a characterdriven inquiry into how the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings ignited the Hollywood blacklist, providing a gripping new history of one of the most influential events of the postwar era. $29.95 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-18778-7 2018 400 pages 41 illus.

Melodrama Unbound

Across History, Media, and National Cultures

Wallflower Press is an imprint of Columbia University Press.

Edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams

For a complete listing of Columbia’s titles or for more information about any book in this catalog, visit our website Most titles in this catalog published by Columbia University Press are available worldwide from the press. Titles published by Hong Kong University Press, Transcript-Verlag, and Auteur Publishing are available from Columbia only in the United States, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Drawing on new scholarship in transnational theatrical, film, and cultural histories, this collection demonstrates that melodrama speaks to fundamental aspects of modern life and feeling. Contributors articulate new ways of thinking about melodrama that underscore its pervasiveness across national cultures and in a variety of genres. $40.00 / £32.95 paper 978-0-231-18067-2 $120.00 / £99.95 cloth 978-0-231-18066-5 2018 432 pages 61 illus.



FILM AND CULTURE SERIES (Columbia University Press) The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction

Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes

Nora M. Alter

Maggie Hennefeld

Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes offers close consideration of hundreds of silent films. Maggie Hennefeld argues that these films provide disturbing but suggestive images for comprehending gendered social upheavals in the early twentieth century and that slapstick comediennes were crucial to the emergence of film language and experimentation with the visual and social potentials of cinema. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17947-8 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17946-1 2018 320 pages 43 Illus.

Nora M. Alter reveals the essay film to be a hybrid genre that fuses the categories of feature, art, and documentary film. The essay film draws on a variety of forms and approaches; in the process, it fundamentally alters the shape of cinema. The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction locates the genre’s origins and follows its transformations. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17821-1 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17820-4 2018 416 pages 14 illus.

After Uniqueness

Essays on the Essay Film

A History of Film and Video Art in Circulation

Edited by Nora M. Alter and Timothy Corrigan

Erika Balsom

After Uniqueness traces the ambivalence of reproducibility through the intersecting histories of experimental cinema and the moving image in art, examining how artists, filmmakers, and theorists have found in the copy a utopian promise or a dangerous inauthenticity—or both at once. $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17693-4 $105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-17692-7 2017 312 pages 27 illus.

This anthology of fundamental statements on the essay film offers a range of crucial historical and philosophical perspectives. It provides early critical articulations of the essay film as it evolved through the 1950s and 1960s, key contemporary scholarly essays, and a selection of writings by essay filmmakers. $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17267-7 $105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-17266-0 2017 392 pages



FILM AND CULTURE SERIES (Columbia University Press) Cinema by Design

Words on Screen

Lucy Fischer

Edited and translated by Claudia Gorbman

Michel Chion

Art Nouveau, Modernism, and Film History

In Cinema by Design, Lucy Fischer traces art nouveau’s long history in films from various decades and global locales, appreciating the movement’s enduring avant-garde aesthetics and dynamic ideology. Fischer’s analysis brings into focus the partnership between art nouveau’s fascination with the illogical and the unconventional and filmmakers’ desire to upend viewers’ perception of the world. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17503-6 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17502-9 2017 288 pages

Following his work on sound in film in Audio-Vision and Film, a Sound Art, Words on Screen is Chion’s survey of everything the seventh art gives us to read on screen. He analyzes titles, credits, and intertitles, but also less obvious forms of writing that appear on screen, from the tear-stained letter in a character’s hand to reversed writing seen in mirrors. Through this examination, Chion delves into the multitude of roles that words on screen play. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17499-2 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17498-5 2017 272 pages 256 illus.

Exception Taken

Reform Cinema in Iran

How France Has Defied Hollywood’s New World Order

Film and Political Change in the Islamic Republic

Jonathan Buchsbaum

In Exception Taken, Jonathan Buchsbaum examines the movements that have emerged in opposition to the homogenizing force of Hollywood in global filmmaking. While European cinema was entering a steady decline in the 1980s, France sought to strengthen support for its film industry under the new Mitterrand government. France’s efforts to preserve the autonomy of national artistic prerogatives emboldened many countries to question the benefits of accelerated globalization. $35.00 / £26.00 paper 978-0-231-17067-3 $105.00 / £78.00 cloth 978-0-231-17066-6 2017 424 pages

Blake Atwood

Blake Atwood examines how new industrial and aesthetic practices created a distinct cultural and political style in Iranian film between 1989 and 2007. He provides new readings of important films such as Abbas Kiarostami’s Taste of Cherry (1997) and Mohsen Makhmalbaf ’s Time for Love (1990), as well as films by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, Masud Kiami, and other key Iranian directors. Atwood also considers how filmmakers and the film industry were affected by larger political and religious trends that took shape during Mohammad Khatami’s presidency (1997-2005). $30.00 / £22.00 paper 978-0-231-17817-4 $90.00 / £67.00 cloth 978-0-231-17816-7 2016 280 pages



FILM AND CULTURE SERIES (Columbia University Press)

FILM HISTORY/FILM THEORY Foucault at the Movies

Carceral Fantasies

Patrice Maniglier and Dork Zabunyan

Cinema and Prison in Early Twentieth-Century America

Translated by Clare O'Farrell

Alison Griffiths

Carceral Fantasies tells the little-known story of how cinema found a home in the U.S. penitentiary system and how the prison emerged as a setting and narrative trope in modern cinema. Focusing on films shown in prisons before 1935, Alison Griffiths explores the unique experience of viewing cinema while incarcerated and the complex cultural roots of cinematic renderings of prison life. $40.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-16106-0

2016 472 pages / 120 illus.

Foucault at the Movies brings together all of Foucault’s commentary on film, some of it available for the first time in English, along with important contemporary analysis and further extensions of this work. It offers detailed, up-to-date commentary, inviting us to go to the movies with Foucault. $26.00 / £20.95 paper 978-0-231-16707-9 $75.00 / £62.95 cloth 978-0-231-16706-2 2018 208 pages

Unspeakable Histories

Cinematic Overtures

William Guynn

Annette Insdorf

How to Read Opening Scenes

Film and the Experience of Catastrophe

In Unspeakable Histories, William Guynn focuses on the sensation of encountering past events through film. In his readings of seven exceptional works depicting twentieth-century atrocities, Guynn explores the emotional resonance that still adheres to traumatic historical events. He argues that the film medium, more immediate than language, is capable of restoring the affective dimension of historical experience, rooted in the deepest reaches of our minds. $30.00 / £25.00 paper 978-0-231-17797-9

$90.00 / £75.00 paper 978-0-231-17796-2 2016 272 pages


A great movie’s first few minutes provide the key to the rest of the film. In Cinematic Overtures, Annette Insdorf discusses the opening sequence, inviting viewers to turn first impressions into deeper understanding of cinematic technique. She offers a series of revelatory readings of individual films by some of cinema’s leading directors. $20.00 / £14.95 paper 978-0-231-18225-6 $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18224-9 2017 208 pages 42 illus.

Leonard Hastings Schoff Lectures



Reconstructing Strangelove

On the Ruins of European Identity

Inside Stanley Kubrick’s “Nightmare Comedy”

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Mick Broderick

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli explores how contemporary European filmmakers treat mythopoetics as a critical practice that questions the constant need to provide new identities, a new Europe, and with it a new European cinema. Examining the work of Jean-Luc Godard, Alexander Sokurov, Marina Abramović, and Theodoros Angelopoulos, RavettoBiagioli argues that these disparate artists provide a critical reflection on what constitutes Europe in the age of neoliberalism. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18219-5 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18218-8 2017 328 pages 36 illus.

With rare access to unpublished materials, this volume assesses Dr. Strangelove’s narrative accuracy, consulting recently declassified Cold War nuclear-policy documents alongside interviews with Kubrick’s collaborators. It focuses on the myths surrounding the film, such as the origins and transformation of the “straight” script versions into what Kubrick termed a “nightmare comedy.” It assesses Kubrick’s account of collaborating with the writers Peter George and Terry Southern against their individual remembrances and material archives as well as Peter Sellers’s brilliant improvisations. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17709-2 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17708-5 2017 232 pages


Cinema in the Digital Age

Religion and Film

Cinema and the Re-creation of the World

Revised Edition

Second Edition S. Brent Plate

Nicholas Rombes Cinema in the Digital Age REVISED EDITION

Nicholas Rombes

Religion and Film introduces readers to both religious studies and film studies by focusing on the formal similarities between cinema and religious practices and on the ways they each re-create the world. S. Brent Plate shows that by paying attention to the ways films are constructed, we can shed new light on myths and rituals and vice versa. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17675-0 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17674-3 2017 224 pages 47 illus.

Have digital technologies transformed cinema into a new art, or do they simply replicate and mimic analogue, film-based cinema? Newly revised and expanded to take the latest developments into account, Cinema in the Digital Age examines the fate of cinema in the wake of the digital revolution. Nicholas Rombes examines how certain digital films are interested not in digital purity but rather in imperfection and mistakes that remind viewers of the human behind the camera. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-16755-0 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-16754-3 2017 280 pages




A Search for Belonging

Critical Perspectives on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Mexican Cinema of Luis Buñuel

Terence McSweeney

Avengers Assemble! explores the cinematic and televisual branches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from a diverse range of critical perspectives. Beginning with Iron Man, the book considers them both as embodiments of the changing blockbuster film and as affective cultural artifacts that are immersed in the turbulent political climate of their era. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18625-4

Marc Ripley

This book focuses on nine of Luis Buñuel’s films made in Mexico in order to show that a concerted focus on space can unlock new philosophical meaning in his rich body of work. The interdisciplinary approach of this book unites the two substrands of his work: the independent movies and the studio potboilers. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18235-5

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18624-7

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18234-8

2018 310 pages 16 illus.

2017 224 pages 2 illus.



Metacinema in Contemporary Chinese Film


G. Andrew Stuckey

Edited with a critical introduction by Jessica Yeung and Wai-ping Yau

Short Story and Film Script by Pema Tseden

Translated by Jessica Yeung

Depictions within a movie of either filmmaking or film watching are hardly novel, but the dramatic expansion of the reach of the metacinematic into contemporary Chinese cinemas is nothing short of remarkable. Metacinema also draws our attention to the presence of the audience, people actively responding to a film. In elucidating the affective responses elicited by the metacinematic mode in the viewers, G. Andrew Stuckey argues that metacinema reflects ways of being in the world that audiences may take up for themselves. $40.00 / £32.95 cloth 978-988-8390-81-6

Tharlo is the story of a Tibetan shepherd who is pulled from the security of his mountain flock into a harsh and alien urban world. Imaginatively adapted for the big screen from a short story by the author-director, the film version of Tharlo (2015) represents Pema Tseden’s greatest cinematic achievement to date and has garnered numerous international prizes. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-988772383-7 2018 272 pages


2018 160 pages 26 illus..




FILM HISTORY/FILM THEORY The Monster Always Returns

(Post)Colonial Histories

American Horror Films and Their Remakes

Trauma, Memory, and Reconciliation in the Context of the Angolan Civil War

Christian Knöppler

Edited by Steffi Hobuß and Benedikt Jager Christian Knöppler explores the phenomenon of horror film remakes. He argues that even though these derivative films typically earn little praise from critics, their constant refiguration of monsters and horror scenarios serves to access and update otherwise obscure cultural fears. With an in-depth examination of six sample sequences of films and remakes, Knöppler sheds new light on a much maligned and often neglected type of film. $45.00 paper 978-3-8376-3735-9

The Swedish documentary My Heart of Darkness (2011) tells the story of a South African paratrooper returning to Angola. Facing former enemies, he tries to regain mental health and find reconciliation. Using the film as a reference, contributors examine memory discourse, genre aspects, the use of music, and authentification processes. Other essays discuss additional cinematic representations of the Angolan Civil War, as well as its historical and cultural context.

2017 262 pages 3 illus.

$35.00 paper 978-3-8376-3479-2


2017 170 pages 25 illus.


Martial Arts Cinema and Hong Kong Modernity

The Real Eighties

[German-language Edition] Amerikanisches Kino der Achtziger Jahre: Ein Lexikon

Aesthetics, Representation, Circulation

Edited by Lukas Foerster and Nikolaus Perneczky

Man-Fung Yip

At the core of Man-Fung Yip's book is a fascinating paradox: the martial arts film, long regarded as a vehicle of Chinese cultural nationalism, can also be understood as a mass cultural expression of Hong Kong's modern urban-industrial society. This important genre, Yip argues, articulates the experiential qualities, the competing social subjectivities and gender discourses, as well as the heightened circulation of capital, people, goods, information, and technologies in Hong Kong of the 1960s and 1970s.

A transformative decade that witnessed the U.S. film industry’s restructuring under the pressures of neoliberal globalization, the 1980s swept away the last remnants of Old and New Hollywood alike while preparing the ground for today’s High Concept wasteland—thus goes an all too familiar tale of decline. This volume tells a different, more complex story about Reagan-era Hollywood, attuned to the struggles that went on behind and in front of the camera: interrupted careers, defiant last stands, paths not taken.

$65.00 / £54.00 cloth 978-988-8390-71-7

$29.90 / £24.95 paper 978-3-901644-71-9

2017 272 pages

2018 256 pages 100 illus.







The Rise of the New American Cinema, 1959-1971 Second Edition

The Evolving Practices of Interactive Documentary Edited by Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi, and Mandy Rose

Jonas Mekas

Foreword by Peter Bogdanovich Introduction by Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker With a new afterword by the author

In the last decade interactive documentaries (i-docs) have become established as a new field of practice within nonfiction storytelling. This volume addresses a range of platforms and environments, from web-docs and virtual reality to mobile media and live performance. It thus explores the challenges that face interactive documentary practitioners and scholars, and proposes new ways of producing and engaging with interactive factual content.

In his Village Voice “Movie Journal” columns, Jonas Mekas captured the makings of an exciting movement in 1960s American filmmaking. Works by Andy Warhol, Gregory J. Markapoulos, Stan Brakhage, Jack Smith, Robert Breer, and others echoed experiments already underway elsewhere, yet they belonged to a nascent tradition that only a true visionary could identify. This new edition presents Mekas’s original critiques in full, with additional material on the filmmakers, film studies scholars, and popular and avantgarde critics whom he inspired and transformed.

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth

$28.00 / £22.95 paper 978-0-231-17557-9

$30.00 / £25.00 paper 978-0-231-18123-5 978-0-231-18122-8

2017 312 pages

$85.00 / £70.95 cloth 978-0-231-17556-2


2016 496 pages


Folk Horror

Hours Dreadful and Things Strange Adam Scovell


FIlmS? . Pedro Almodóvar . Terence Davies . Todd Haynes . Gus Van Sant . John Waters

Gay Directors, Gay Films?

Pedro Almodóvar, Terence Davies, Todd Haynes, Gus Van Sant, John Waters

Emanuel Levy

EmanuEl lEvy

Interest in the ancient, the occult, and the "wyrd" is on the rise. Folk Horror charts the summoning of these esoteric arts within the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond, using theories of psychogeography, hauntology, and topography to delve into the genre's output in film, television, music, and multimedia. $25.00 / £21.00 paper 978-1-911325-22-2 $80.00 / £67.00 cloth 978-1-911325-23-9 2017 224 pages


Combining his experienced critique with in-depth interviews, Emanuel Levy draws a clear timeline of gay filmmaking and its particular influences and innovations over the past four decades. While recognizing the “queering” of American culture that resulted from these films, Levy also takes stock of the ensuing conservative backlash and its impact on cinematic art, a trend that continues alongside a growing acceptance of homosexuality. $25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-15277-8 $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-15276-1 2015 392 pages   30 illus.



SHORT CUTS (Wallflower Press) Film Censorship

Trash Cinema

Regulating America's Screen

The Lure of the Low Guy Barefoot

Sheri Chinen Biesen

Film Censorship is a concise overview of Hollywood censorship and efforts to regulate American films. Sheri Chinen Biesen unveils the behind-the-scenes history of cinema censorship and explores how Hollywood responded to censorial constraints on screen content in a changing cultural and industrial landscape. $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-18313-0 2018 144 pages 12 illus.

Guy Barefoot surveys trash cinema from the B-movies of the 1930s to the mockbusters of today, and from the New York underground to the genre variations of Turkey's Yesilçam studios (and their YouTube afterlife). Critically examining the reasons for studying, denigrating, or celebrating the detritus of film history, Barefoot also considers the place of a trash aesthetic within and beyond 1960s American avant-garde and looks at the cult of trash in the fanzines of the 1980s. $22.00 / £19.00 paper 978-0-231-18037-5 2017 144 pages

The Children's Film

Silent Cinema

Noel Brown

Lawrence Napper

Before the Pictures Got Small

Genre, Nation, and Narrative

Noel Brown analyzes changes and continuities in how children's films have been conceived, making a fundamental distinction between commercial productions intended primarily to entertain, and noncommercial films made under pedagogical principles and produced for purposes of moral and behavioral instruction. In elaborating these different forms, he outlines a history of children's cinema from the early days of commercial cinema to the present. $22.00 / £19.00 paper 978-0-231-18269-0

2017 144 pages

This book offers an introduction to this extraordinary period, outlining the development of silent cinema between the end of the First World War and the introduction of synchronized sound at the end of the 1920s. Lawrence Napper addresses the relationship between film aesthetics and the industrial and political contexts of film production through a series of case studies of “national” cinemas. Topics such as the star system, cinema buildings, musical accompaniments, film fashions, and fan cultures are addressed. $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-18117-4 $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18118-1 2017 144 pages 16 Illus.



SHORT CUTS (Wallflower Press) Prison Movies

Film and the Natural Environment

Cinema Behind Bars

Kevin Kehrwald

Elements and Atmospheres

Adam O'Brien

The relationship between film and the natural world is a long and complex one, not reducible to issues such as climate change and pollution. Adam O'Brien argues that the nonhuman world can be understood not just as a theme but as a creative resource available to all filmmakers. He invites readers to consider some of the particular strengths and weaknesses of cinema as communicator of environmental phenomena, and collates ideas and passages from a range of critics and theorists who have contributed to our understanding of moving images and the natural world. $22.00 / £19.00 paper 978-0-231-18265-2

Prison Movies traces the public fascination with incarceration from the silent era to the present. Kevin Kehrwald suggests that portrayals of men and women behind bars have thrived because they deal with such fundamental human themes as freedom, individuality, power, justice, and mercy. Kehrwald examines films including The Big House (1930), I Want to Live! (1958), The Defiant Ones (1958), Cool Hand Luke (1967), Midnight Express (1978), Escape from Alcatraz (1979), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and Starred Up (2013). $22.00 / £19.00 paper 978-0-231-18115-0 $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18114-3 2017 144 pages

2017 144 pages

Postmodernism and Film

The Road Movie

In Search of Meaning

Rethinking Hollywood’s Aesthestics

Neil Archer

Catherine Constable

From its most familiar origins in Hollywood, the road movie has become a global film practice, whether as a vehicle for exploring the relationship between various national contexts or as a form of individual filmmaking expression. Beginning with Depression-era Hollywood and New Hollywood late 1960s and then considering its wider effect on world cinemas, Neil Archer maps the development and adaptability of an enduring genre, studying iconic films along the way. $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-17647-7 2016 144 pages


This volume focuses on postmodern film aesthetics and contemporary challenges to the aesthetic paradigms dominating analyses of Hollywood cinema. It explores conceptions of the classical, modernist, post-classical/new Hollywood, and their construction as linear history of style in which postmodernism forms a debatable final act. This history is challenged by using Jean-François Lyotard’s nonlinear conception of postmodernism in order to view postmodern aesthetics as a paradigm that can occur across the history of Hollywood. $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-17455-8 2015 144 pages 12 illus.


CULTOGRAPHIES (Wallflower Press) I Spit on Your Grave

The Shining

David Maguire

Kevin J. Donnelly

Meir Zarchi’s I Spit On Your Grave (1978) is one of the most controversial films ever made—both condemned as misogynistic and praised for raising uncomfortable issues about sexual violence. David Maguire investigates the historical, social, and political landscape of the film's release and how it has become ground zero for the rape-revenge genre.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980) is both a successful mainstream horror film and an esoteric object for cult audiences who are convinced that the film means something totally different. This book investigates what has made The Shining a key cult film while also addressing the range of meanings and interpretations assigned to it.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18875-3

2018 150 pages 12 illus.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18723-7

2018 128 pages 12 illus.

Ms. 45

Danger: Diabolik

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Leon Hunt

Danger: Diabolik (1968) was adapted from a comic that has been a social phenomenon in Italy for over fifty years. This study examines its status as a comic-book movie, traces its production and initial reception in Italy, France, the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as its cult afterlife as both a pop-art classic and campy "bad film."

This book explores the entwining histories and contexts that led to Ms. 45's creation and helped establish its enduring legacy, particularly in terms of feminist cult film fandom, as well as the film's status as one of the most important, influential, and powerful rape-revenge films ever made.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18281-2

2017 156 pages 12 illus.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-17985-0

2018 128 pages 12 illus.



CULTOGRAPHIES (Wallflower Press) The Holy Mountain

Deep Red

Alessandra Santos

After a scandalous release and a brief midnight career, The Holy Mountain was relegated to the underground world of fan bootlegs for over thirty years until its limited restored release in 2007. This study reveals how a poetic, hilarious, anarchist cult film, anchored in post-1968 critiques, is also an archaeological capsule of the counterculture movement, a timely subversion of mystical tenets, and one of the most mysterious films in the history of world cinema.

Alexia Kannas

Tracing Deep Red’s history of censorship, re-edited releases, and its subsequent celebration by cult film audiences, this book considers how these competing discourses have helped to transform the film’s cultural status and to fashion it as an exemplar of cult cinema. $15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18121-1 2017 128 pages 12 illus.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18231-7 2017 128 pages 12 illus.


Stranger Than Paradise

Frederick Blichert

Jamie Sexton

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18233-1

Jamie Sexton examines the production history, initial reception, aesthetics, and legacy of Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise in order to understand its place in the cult film canon. Sexton explores early-1980s New York downtown culture and Jarmusch's involvement in music, as well as reflecting on the film's status alongside Jarmusch's subsequent output.

2017 128 pages 16 illus.

$15.00 / £12.95 paper 978-0-231-18055-9

Joss Whedon's Serenity (2005) is at once a symbol of failure and a triumphant success of fan activism. This book examines the relationship between the film and its peculiar cult following and situates the film in relation to the series Firefly and its other transmedia continuations to plumb the status of different media texts and their platforms.

2018 136 pages 12 illus.



FILM DIRECTORS The Cinema of Louis Malle

The Cinema of François Ozon

Exquisite Transgressions

Transatlantic Auteur

Boyd van Hoeij

Edited by Philippe Met Foreword by Volker Schlöndorff Afterword by Wes Anderson

Arguably a pioneer of the French New Wave (with Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, 1957) Louis Malle went on to enjoy an acclaimed yet provocative and versatile transatlantic career. This collection of original essays proposes to reassess his richly eclectic and boldly subversive oeuvre and redress the surprising critical neglect it has suffered over the years.

“Eclectic” is a word often associated with the French director François Ozon, whether his films are in French, English, or German. This book explores the craft and influences of one of France’s most prolific talents, paying special attention to the one constant in his work: Ozon’s superb command of narrative and storytelling techniques.

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18871-5

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18872-2

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18870-8

2018 256 pages

2018 272 pages 16 illus.



C A R E E R . T H I S C O L L E C I O N O F E S S AY S R E -

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18873-9

The Cinema of Richard Linklater

The Cinema of Pawel Pawlikowski

Walk, Don't Run Second edition

Sculpting Stories

Joanna Rydzewsk

Rob Stone

2018 272 pages 32 illus.

Drawing on a series of original interviews with the filmmaker, this first full account of Pawlikowski’s extraordinary life and career charts his departure from Poland in the 1970s via his rarely seen BBC documentaries, From Moscow to Pietushki (1990), Dostoyevski’s Travels (1991), and Serbian Epics (1992); to his international success with Last Resort (2000), My Summer of Love (2004), The Woman in the Fifth (2011), and his Holocaust Drama Ida (2013), Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film.


$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18121-1

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17722-1

In this second edition of The Cinema of Richard Linklater, Rob Stone shows how Linklater’s latest films have redefined our understanding of his work, offering critical analysis of films including Before Midnight (2013) and Everybody Wants Some!! (2016), as well as new interviews with Linklater and a chapter on Boyhood (2014). $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17921-8 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17920-1

2017 128 pages 12 illus.




FILM DIRECTORS The Cinema of Wes Anderson

The Cinema of Tom DiCillo

Whitney Crothers Dilley

Wayne Byrne

Bringing Nostalgia to Life

Include Me Out

Foreword by Steve Buscemi

Wes Anderson is considered one of the most important directors of the post–Baby Boom generation, making films such as Rushmore (1998) and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) in a style so distinctive that his films are often recognizable from a single frame. Whitney Crothers Dilley explores the filmic and literary influences that have helped make Anderson a major voice in twenty-first century “indie” culture.

This volume considers this acclaimed director's entire oeuvre, analyzing themes such as identity, family, and masculinity, as well as DiCillo's distinctive and influential film style. Detailed chapters on each of DiCillo's films offer a candid look at both the American independent film industry and the Hollywood studio system.

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18069-6

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18534-9

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18068-9

2017 208 pages 16 illus.

2017 224 pages 24 illus.



$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18535-6

The Cinema of Robert Altman

The Films of Terence Fisher

Hollywood Maverick

Hammer Horror and Beyond

Robert Niemi

Robert Altman's idiosyncratic vision and propensity for formal experimentation resulted in some rank failures and intriguing near-misses, as well as a number of great films that are among the most influential works of New American Cinema. While Altman always professed to have nothing authoritative to say about the state of contemporary society, Robert Niemi surveys all of his major films in their sociohistorical context to reposition the director as a trenchant satirist and social critic of postmodern America. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17627-9 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth


Wheeler Winston Dixon

This book traces the career of the British director Terence Fisher, best known for his Gothic horror films for Hammer, such as The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and Dracula (1958). Wheeler Winston Dixon covers not only Fisher’s horror films, but also his film noirs, comedies, and early apprenticeship work to create a full picture of Fisher’s life and work. $25.00 paper 978-1-911325-33-8 $80.00 cloth 978-1-911325-34-5 2017 400 pages 40 illus.


2016 216 pages




FILM DIRECTORS Pier Paolo Pasolini

How Did Lubitsch Do It?

Performing Authorship

Joseph McBride

Gian Maria Annovi

In Pier Paolo Pasolini, Gian Maria Annovi revisits Pasolini’s oeuvre to examine the author’s performance as a way of assuming an antagonistic stance toward forms of artistic, social, and cultural oppression. Annovi connects Pasolini’s notion of authorship to contemporary radical artistic practices and today’s multimedia authorship. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18030-6 2017 272 pages 41 illus.

Joseph McBride analyzes Lubitsch’s films in rich detail in the first in-depth critical study to consider the full scope of his work and its evolution in both Hollywood and Germany. McBride explains the “Lubitsch Touch” and shows how the director challenged American attitudes toward romance and sex. McBride’s analysis brings to life Lubitsch’s inventiveness and offers revealing insights into his working methods. $40.00 / £32.95 cloth 978-0-231-18644-5 2018 544 pages 18 illus.

Robert Beavers

Ruth Beckermann [German-language Edition]

Edited by Rebekah Rutkoff

From My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure to Pitcher of Colored Light (2007) and The Suppliant (2010), intimate portraits shot in the United States, Robert Beavers has produced a deeply original film language framed by his use of colored filters and mattes. This volume contains critical investigations of Beaver’ smost important films and a collection of the filmmaker’s own writings. $29.90 / £24.95 paper 978-3-901644-69-6

Edited by Alexander Horwath and Michael Omasta

Ruth Beckermann’s films speak about identity conflicts and the class struggle, about her family history in the Habsburg monarchy, and about the war generation as it confronts the crimes of the Werhrmacht. This is the first book about Ruth Beckermann’s multifaceted oeuvre, with original essays by critics and literary writers, rare illustrations and documents, and an in-depth conversation with the artist. Also included are Beckermann’s reflections on her current project, The Waldheim Waltz.

2017 256 pages

$27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-3-901644-68-9


2017 180 pages




FILM DIRECTORS Hitchcock Annual

No Man an Island

Volume 21

The Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien Second Edition

Edited by Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Allen

James Udden

Hitchcock Annual: Volume 21 includes, among other pieces, essays on The Skin Game, Dial M for Murder, and the sound design in several of Hitchcock’s films; a reprint of an early interview with Hitchcock; and reviews of several recent books on Hitchcock. $26.00 / £22.00 paper 978-0-231-18141-9 2017 200 pages

Taiwan is a peculiar place with a peculiar cinema, and Hou Hsiao-hsien is its most remarkable product. In this new edition of No Man an Island, James Udden charts a new chapter in the evolving art of Hou Hsiao-hsien, whose latest film, The Assassin, earned him the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Hou has broken new ground in turning the classic wuxia genre into a vehicle to express his unique insight into the working of history. $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-988-8139-2-2-4 2018 264 pages 35 illus.


Sweet and Lowdown

Woody Allen's Cinema of Regret

Ingmar Bergman's Face to Face Michael Tapper

Lloyd Michaels

Tracing the recurrent theme of regret from his stand-up comedy through classics like Annie Hall as well as less esteemed accomplishments, this volume argues that it is ultimately the shallowness of his protagonists' regret—their lack of deeply felt, sustained remorse—that defines Woody Allen’s view of human experience.

The 1976 premiere of Ingmar Bergman’s Face to Face came at the height of the director-screenwriter’s career, yet today the film is a largely overlooked and dismissed work. This book tells the story of its rise and fall and presents a new portrait of Bergman as a political artist exploring a new medium with huge public impact: television.

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17855-6

$30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17653-8

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17854-9

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17652-1

2017 176 pages 16 illus.

2017 216 pages 16 illus.





DEVIL'S ADVOCATES (Auteur Publishing) Daughters of Darkness

It Follows

Kat Ellinger

Joshua Grimm

Amid a recent resurgence in horror films, It Follows stands out. David Robert Mitchell reinvents genre bromides while simultaneously embracing and challenging tropes that audiences and filmmakers rely on too heavily. Joshua Grimm shows how this film helped reinvent the rules of horror, particularly along the lines of genre, style, sex, and gender. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-58-1

Harry Kümel's cult classic Daughters of Darkness (1971) is a vampire film like no other. Kat Ellinger explores the film's association with fairy tales, the Gothic genre, and fantastic tradition, as well as delving into aspects of the legend of Countess Bathory, traditional vampire lore, and much more. The book also contains new and exclusive interviews. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-56-7

2018 120 pages 20 illus.

2018 120 pages 20 illus.

House of Usher—

Cannibal Holocaust

Evert van Leeuwen

Calum Waddell

This study of Roger Corman’s House of Usher explores the film's narrative structure and imagery. Evert van Leeuwen shows how the use of specific techniques creates and sustains the atmosphere of gothic decay and situates horror icon Vincent Price’s performance in the context of the Romantic misfit and the postwar countercultural antihero. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-60-4 2018 120 pages 20 illus.


Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most controversial horror films ever made. Despite not achieving huge success when it was first released, the Italian production found an audience on home video in the 1980s and became a ‘must-see’ for connoisseurs of extreme cinema. Cannibal Holocaust can be seen as one of the key post-Vietnam films. It is the spectre of war—and an explicit warning about Western involvement in civil conflict—which permeates Deodato’s story of jungle adventurers in peril. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-11-6 2016 100 pages


DEVIL'S ADVOCATES (Auteur Publishing) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Candyman Jon Towlson

Lindsay Hallam

David Lynch’s prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me has received renewed appreciation with the broadcast of Twin Peaks: The Return. Lindsay Hallam argues that what Lynch created was not a parody of soap opera and detective television but a horror movie. She examines initial reaction to and subsequent reevaluation of the film.

Jon Towlson considers how Candyman might be read both as a "return of the repressed" and as an example of nineties neoconservative horror. He traces the film's origins as a Clive Barker short story; discusses the importance of its reallife Cabrini-Green setting; and analyzes its appropriation and interrogation of urban myth.

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-64-2

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-54-3

2018 120 pages 20 illus.

2018 120 pages 20 illus.

The Shining

The Fly

Laura Mee

Taking a fresh look at The Shining (1980), this book situates the film within the history of the horror genre. It explores Stanley Kubrick's filmmaking style, use of dark humor, and ambiguous approach to supernatural storytelling and analyzes the choices made in adapting King's book. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-44-4 2017 124 pages 20 illus.

Emma Westwood

This book teases out the DNA of David Cronenberg's "reimagining" of The Fly (1986). Drawing on interviews with cast, crew, commentators, and other filmmakers, Emma Westwood interlaces the "making of " travails of The Fly with an explanation of why it is one of the most important works ever committed to screen. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-42-0 2018 140 pages 20 illus.



DEVIL'S ADVOCATES (Auteur Publishing) In the Mouth of Madness

The Company of Wolves

Michael Blyth

Neglected upon its initial release in 1995, John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness has since developed a healthy cult reputation. It now appears as one of his most thematically complex and stylistically audacious pieces of work, prescient and more essential than ever. Michael Blyth reassess the film in the context of John Carpenter’s oeuvre as well as being a homage to he works of H.P. Lovecraft (and horror literature more broadly) and a self-reflexive celebration of the horror genre. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-40-6 2018 124 pages 20 illus.

James Gracey

Co-written by Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan and British novelist Angela Carter, The Company of Wolves (1984) is a provocative reinvention of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. The film’s narrative takes the form of a puzzle box, unfolding as dreams within dreams, and stories within stories, which lead further into the dark woods of the protagonist’s psyche, as she finds herself on the cusp of womanhood. James Gracey explores these aspects, positioning the film as an example of the Female Gothic. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-31-4 2017 120 pages 20 illus.

Don't Look Now


Jessica Gildersleeve

Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now (1973) has been called "a ghost story for adults." This book argues it is a particular kind of horror film that depends on the narrative of trauma. Jessica Gildersleeve positions Don't Look Now within a discourse of midcentury anxiety narratives and identifies it as a hinge between literature and film of the 1970s. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-48-2 2017 124 pages 20 illus.

Ian Cooper

Frenzy is perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s most nakedly autobiographical film, representing both a comeback and farewell to the city of his birth. However, it started out as a very different kind of project. Ian Cooper discusses the evolution of the film, its production, reception, and place in Hitchcock’s oeuvre, as well as its status as, Cooper argues, a key film of “sleazy Seventies” British cinema. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-36-9 2018 110 pages 20 illus.



DEVIL'S ADVOCATES (Auteur Publishing) Ju-On: The Grudge


Marisa Hayes

Takashi Shimizu’s Ju-on franchise was a principal instigator in the rise of contemporary Japanese horror and its international popularity at the turn of the millennium. Following the success of Hideo Nakata’s Ringu (1998), the first cinematic release of Ju-on: The Grudge in 2002 crystallized Japanese horror’s rise to prominence and outlined the new decade’s thematic interest in supernatural technology and fear of contagions, while skillfully navigating domestic social concerns, such as Japan’s growing elderly population and domestic violence.

Steven West

Scream emerged as a spiritual successor to Wes Craven’s unpopular but critically praised previous film New Nightmare (1994), which evolved from his frustration at having lost creative control over his most popular creation, Freddy Krueger. Steven West offers a full exploration of Scream, including its structure, its many reference points (such as the prominent use of Halloween [1978] as a kind of sacred text), its marketing (“the new thriller from Wes Craven”—not a horror film), and legacy for horror cinema in the new millennium.

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-29-1

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-27-7

2017 120 pages 20 illus.

2017 120 pages 20 illus.



Rebekah Owens

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas s

The cult reputation of Dario Argento’s baroque nightmare, Suspiria, (1976) is reflected in the critical praise it continues to receive almost forty years after its original release, and it appears regularly on lists of the greatest horror films ever. The impact of Argento’s notorious disinterest in matters of plot and characterisation combines with Suspiria’s aggressive stylistic hyperactivity to render it a movie that needs to be experienced through the body as much as through emotion or the intellect. $15.00 paper 978-0-9932384-7-5

Rebekah Owens demonstrates how Macbeth (1971) can be read as part of the British Folk tradition, strengthening the reading of the film as a horror movie in its own right through its links to The Wicker Man (1973), Blood on Satan's Claw (1971), and Witchfinder General (1968). Owens also explores the popular associations made between the film and Polanski’s own life, arguing that they endorse the view of the film as a horror. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-13-0 2017 120 pages 20 illus.

2016 100 pages 20 illus.



CONSTELLATIONS (Auteur Publishing) Rollerball

The Damned

Andrew Nette

Rollerball, Norman Jewison’s 1975 vision of a future dominated by anonymous corporations in which all individual effort is subsumed into a horrifically violent sport, remains critically overlooked. Andrew Nette shows how a film that was derided by many critics for its violence works as a sophisticated and disturbing portrayal of a dystopian future that anticipates numerous contemporary concerns, including “fake news” and declining literary and historical memory.

Nick Riddle

The Damned (1963) is the most intriguing of director Joseph Losey’s British “journeyman” films. Its creation involved Losey, the blacklisted director; Hammer; the erratic British studio; Oliver Reed, the ‘dangerous’ young actor; and radioactive children. Nick Riddle concentrates on historical and cultural context, place, genre, and other themes in examining this fascinating, underappreciated film. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-52-9 2018 120 pages 20 illus.

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-66-6 2018 120 pages 20 illus.



Omar Ahmed

David Carter

RoboCop (1971), Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s first American film, was both a commercial and critical hit on release in 1987. Marking its thirtieth anniversary, this volume explores the film from a variety of critical approaches, including RoboCop as a Western; the neofascist corporatization of the human body; satire; late-Reagan America and the rise of neoliberalism; and the cyborg in science fiction.

Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010) partakes of various genres from science fiction, the heist film, film noir, and the psychological thriller. While blurring the distinctions between genres, the film also explores how dreams are related to the conscious and unconscious mind. David Carter’s covers all facets of this complex yet highly successful film, in addition to placing the film in the context of the director’s other work.

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-25-3

$15.00 paper 978-1-911325-05-5

2017 120 pages 20 illus.

2018 120 pages 20 illus.



STUDYING FILMS (Auteur Publishing) Studying Ida

Studying Shakespeare on Film

Sheila Skaff

“One of the most important Eastern European films of the last decade.”—Stuart Liebman, Professor Emeritus of Film Studies CUNY Graduate Center

Paweł Pawlikowski’s Academy Award-winning 2013 film Ida has drawn acclaim and controversy. Sheila Skaff explains the film's historical setting and provides political and cultural analysis to aid the reader in understanding the film’s setting and narrative. Skaff also touches on the influence of the film on current events in Poland. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-62-8

Rebekah Owens

Aimed at newcomers to literature and film, this book is a guide for analysis of Shakespeare on film. Starting with an introduction to the main challenge faced by any director—the early-modern language— it presents case studies of the twelve films most often used in classroom teaching, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and The Tempest. $16.00 paper 978-1-911325-38-3 2018 156 pages 20 illus.

2018 112 pages 20 illus.

Studying Waltz with Bashir

Studying Hammer Horror

Giulia Miller

Studying Waltz with Bashir shows that it is the tension between the two forms of animation and documentary that makes the film so complex and interesting, allowing multiple themes and discourses to coexist, including Israel’s role during the Lebanon War and the impact of trauma upon narrative, but also the representation of Holocaust memory and its role in the formation of Israeli identity. $15.00 paper 978-1-911325-15-4 2017 112 pages 20 illus.


Victoria Grace Walden

Studying Hammer Horror treats Hammer Film Production as a quintessentially British product and through a study of its work investigates larger conceptions of national horror cinemas. Victoria Grace Walden examines genre, auteur theory, stardom, and representation within case studies of Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Twins of Evil (1971), and Hammer’s latest film, Beyond the Rave (2008). The book weighs Hammer’s impact on the British film industry, past and present. $15.00 paper 978-1-906733-32-2 2016 142 pages 20 illus.


The Digital Banal

Media U

New Media and American Literature and Culture

How the Need to Win Audiences Has Shaped Higher Education

Zara Dinnen

Mark Garrett Cooper and John Marx

Media U presents a provocative rethinking of the development of American higher education centered on the insight that universities are media institutions. Tracing over a century of media history and the academy, Mark Garrett Cooper and John Marx argue that the fundamental goal of the American research university has been to cultivate audiences and convince them of its value. $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978 0-231-18637-7

Zara Dinnen analyzes a range of contemporary novels, films, and artworks to contend that we live in the condition of the “digital banal,” not noticing the affective and political novelty of our relationship to digital media. The Digital Banal recovers the shrouded disturbances that can help us recognize and antagonize our media environment. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18428-1 2018 240 pages 10 illus.

$90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978 0-231-18636-0 July 2018 320 pages

Transpacific Attachments


Teacher's Guide and Classroom Resources

Sex Work, Media Networks, and Affective Histories of Chineseness

Dave Harrison

Lily Wong

Lily Wong studies the transpacific mobility and mobilization of the sex worker figure, illuminating the intersectional politics of racial, sexual, and class structures. Transpacific Attachments examines shifting depictions of Chinese sex workers in popular media from the early twentieth century to the present. Wong focuses on the transpacific networks that reconfigure Chineseness, complicating a diasporic framework of cultural authenticity. $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18338-3 2018 248 pages 30 illus.

Gaming covers the history of videogames from Pong to Angry Birds, offering in-depth coverage of game genres, audiences, marketing, and promotion, as well as providing ideas for classroom work and discussion. Dave Harrison, a media teacher and former gaming journalist, has written the ideal introduction to the topic for educators. $45.00 paper 978-1-906733-76-6 2018 100 pages 20 illus.





The Cinema of the Coen Brothers

An Introduction Ed Sikov

Hard-Boiled Entertainments Jeffrey Adams

“[Sikov] has produced one of the most comprehensive and accessible texts of its type...a staple for introductory film studies curricula.” —Metapsychology “The clearest and most concise introduction to the field.”—Playback

“A superb, remarkably efficient textbook. One of the best prose stylists in film studies, Sikov is witty and precise, providing a perfect model for the student looking to write better papers.” —Patrick Keating, author of Hollywood Lighting from the Silent Era to Film Noir $32.00 / £26.95 paper 978-0-231-14293-9 $95.00 / £79.95 cloth 978-0-231-14292-2

This study surveys Oscar-winning films, such as Fargo (1996) and No Country for Old Men (2007), as well as cult favorites, including O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) and The Big Lebowski (1998). Beginning with Blood Simple (1984), Jeffrey Adams examines major themes and generic constructs and offers a variety of approaches to the Coens’ enigmatic films. Pointing to the pulp fiction of Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain, and Raymond Chandler, Adams focuses on the postmodern aesthetics of the Coens’ intertexual creativity. $25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17461-9 $75.00 / £62.95 cloth 978-0-231-17460-2 2015 240 pages 24 illus.


2009 232 pages

Audio Vision

The Columbia History of American Television

Michel Chion

Gary Edgerton

Sound on Screen

In Audio-Vision, French critic and composer Michel Chion reassesses audiovisual media since the revolutionary 1927 debut of recorded sound in cinema, shedding crucial light on the mutual relationship between sound and image in audiovisual perception. Chion argues that sound film qualitatively produces a new form of perception: we don’t see images and hear sounds as separate channels, we audio-view a trans-sensory whole. Audio-Vision provides a useful model for the audiovisual analysis of film. $30.00 / £24.95 cloth 978-0-231-07899-3

“A marvelous, detailed, and comprehensive narrative....[A] remarkable book, unquestionably onen of a kind.”—Film & History

“A monumental and definitive account of American television.”—Media International Australia “Should be on the shelf of every television historian and popular culture scholar, as well as the nonspecialist.”—Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media $34.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-12165-1 $105.00 / £87.95 paper 978-0-231-12164-4

1994 239 pages

2009 544 pages






Éric Rohmer

A Biography

Antoine de Baecque and Noël Herpe Translated by Steven Rendall and Lisa Neal $27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-17559-3 2018 608 pages 51 illus.

Hunting Girls

Sexual Violence from The Hunger Games to Campus Rape Kelly Oliver $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-17837-2 2017 216 pages

Data Love

The Seduction and Betrayal of Digital Technologies Roberto Simanowski

Translated by Brigitte Pichon, Dorian Rudnytsky, and John Cayley $22.00 / £17.95 paper 978-0-231-17727-6 August 2018 176 pages

Studying The Lord of the Rings Anna Dawson

$15.00  paper 978-1-906733-82-7 2018 120 pages  


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