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Political Science 2017 New and Forthcoming Titles

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Letter from the Editor: We are delighted to present the 2017 Columbia University Press political science catalog. This year has been one of growth and change for Columbia’s political science editorial team. We have added two new editors: Stephen Wesley, covering American politics and US foreign relations, and Caelyn Cobb, covering international politics. The titles featured here demonstrate the expanding footprint of Columbia University Press as we renew our focus on American politics and continue a long tradition of publishing top scholarship in security studies, international relations, comparative and regional politics, and political theory. We are happy to announce a series in American politics edited by Robert Y. Shapiro of Columbia University—Power, Conflict, and Democracy: Trends in American Politics. This series focuses on how the will of the people and the public interest are promoted, encouraged, or thwarted. It aims to question not only the direction American politics will take in the twenty-first century, but also the direction American politics has already taken. The series welcomes all theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and types of evidence that answer important questions about trends in American politics. The series is now open to submissions of proposals or full manuscripts. As the United States asserts its position in the ever-evolving international community, Columbia continues to publish strong offerings in US foreign relations and policy. In By More Than Providence, Michael J. Green compiles a comprehensive history of American statecraft in Asia and lessons for our new era of geopolitical rivalry. In Hidden Atrocities, Jeanne Guillemin uncovers the secret history of US meddling in the Tokyo Trial, obstructing indictments against those involved in Unit 731 during World War. And Columbia continues its relationship with the Council on Foreign Relations through Scott Snyder’s South Korea at the Crossroads and Paul B. Stares Preventive Engagement. Global geopolitics are more in flux than ever after the 2017 election, and nothing speaks more to the current state of affairs than Richard Nephew’s The Art of Sanctions and Terence Roehrig’s Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella. Also featured here is Victor Cha and David Kang’s classic Nuclear North Korea, named this year by the New York Times as one of the best books for understanding North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Meanwhile, Nadia Marzouki takes a very relevant look at the global influence of American attitudes toward Islam in Islam: An American Religion. Highlights in our security studies program include the third edition of Bruce Hoffman’s essential Inside Terrorism and the latest book from Assaf Moghadam, a study of how terrorist groups cooperate for increased strength entitled Nexus of Global Jihad. Mark Hamm and Ramón Spaaij investigate individual terrorist actors in The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism, and Elizabeth Arsenault explores global norms on torture in How the Gloves Came Off. Our political-theory list features two very timely books in light of the election, Left-Wing Melancholia: Marxism, History, and Memory by Enzo Traverso and Struggle on Their Minds: The Political Thought of African American Resistance by Alex Zamalin. Other highlights include the first translation of Heinrich Popitz’s Phenomena of Power: Authority, Domination, and Violence, Elias Palti’s Archaeology of the Political: Regimes of Power from the Seventeenth Century to the Present, and Critical Theory in Critical Times: Transforming the Global Political and Economic Order, edited by Penelope Deutscher and Cristina Lafont, which features new work from leading theorists such as Jürgen Habermas, Nancy Fraser, Wendy Brown, Amy Allen, and others. Finally, we are pleased to publish an expanded edition of Richard Wolin’s The Politics of Being: The Political Thought of Martin Heidegger, which takes into account the Black Notebooks and their reception. Sincerely, Stephen Wesley, editor, American politics & US foreign relations Caelyn Cobb, editor, international relations, comparative politics & security studies Wendy Lochner, publisher, political theory



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Making Sense of the Alt-Right

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George Hawley

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Manuscript queries can be sent to the following editors: Wendy Lochner ( for political theory Caelyn Cobb ( for international relations, comparative politics, and security studies. Stephen Wesley ( for American politics and U.S. foreign relations.

“Making Sense of the Alt-Right understands alt-right thinking from the inside. George Hawley's erudition on the subject is evident. The work is supple in tracing out the lineage and development of the movement against the conservative establishment and in explaining its present incarnation in the form of the alt-right."—Lawrence Rosenthal, University of California, Berkeley $28.00 / £22.95 cloth 978-0-231-18512-7 2017 232 pages

For a complete listing of Columbia’s titles or for more information about any book in this catalog, visit our website Most titles in this catalogue published by Columbia University Press are available worldwide from the press. If no UK price appears for a title, it is most likely available from Columbia only in the United States, its possessions, and Canada.

Democracy and the Welfare State The Two Wests in the Age of Austerity Edited by Alice KesslerHarris and Maurizio Vaudagna

Titles published by the Chinese University Press, the University of Tokyo Press, Transcript-Verlag, and the Social Science Research Council are available from Columbia “Has neoliberalism effectively ended the (always uneasy) marriage of capitalism and only in North America. To order titles from democracy? Taking the measure of welfarethese publishers in other parts of the world, state decline across the 'Two Wests,' the please contact each press directly. contributors to this authoritative volume offer subtle and probing reckonings of the fate of democracy in an age of exclusion. The result is a complex and disturbing portrait of our times."—Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-18035-1 $105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-18034-4 2017 424 pages

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Conservatives Against Capitalism

Left-Wing Melancholia

From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization

Marxism, History, and Memory Enzo Traverso

"A path breaking work that combines history and political theory with a concise, richly analytical, exciting narrative. Enzo Traverso redefines our understanding of the current regimes of temporality—a sorrowful transition from the twentieth to the twenty-first century—and challenges historians and critical theorists alike to think beyond the standard binaries between history and memory, revolution and defeat, and melancholy and politics. In other words, this book is a gem."—Federico Finchelstein, The New School for Social Research $35.00 / £27.95 cloth  978-0-231-17942-3 2017 312 pages

New Directions in Critical Theory

Peter Kolozi

“Although most people assume that American conservatives have always been committed to laissez-faire capitalism, Kolozi shows that up until recently, many conservatives in the United States were deeply uneasy about the Ayn Rand/Paul Ryan view of the world. The result is an astonishing and exhilarating feat of intellectual recovery—and a sense of just how peculiar and unprecedented is the current embrace of the free market on the right." —Corey Robin, Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-16652-2 2017 264 pages

Trouble on the Far Right

The Hungarian Far Right

National Strategies and Local Practices Challenging Europe

Social Demand, Political Supply, and International Context

Edited by Maik Fielitz and Laura Lotte Laloire

Péter Krekó and Attila Juhász

Europe is in trouble as right-wing motivated attacks have become a regular occurrence. Their targets span from religious minorities, such as Muslims and Jews, and ethnic minorities, such as Roma, to participants of LGBTQ parades, civil society protagonists and sometimes even representatives of the political order. International experts, among them Tamir Bar-On, Liz Fekete, Matthew Kott, and Graham Macklin, scrutinize new forms of coalition building, mainstreaming and transnationalization tendencies as aspects of diversified far-right politics in Europe.

In this book, the story of Jobbik (and Fidesz), contemporary players of the Hungarian radical right scene, are not treated as separate case studies, but as representatives of broader international political trends. The authors demonstrate how far-right parties such as Jobbik (and increasingly Fidesz) are not pathologic and extraordinary, but exaggerated, seemingly pathological manifestations of normal, mainstream politics. $40.00 paper 978-3-8382-1184-8 2017 260 pages Ibidem Press

$30.00 paper 978-3-8376-3720-5 2017 208 pages Transcript-Verlag


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Reflections on the Future of the Left

Intellectual Radicalism After 1989

Edited by David Coates

Crisis and Re-orientation in the British and the American Left Sebastian Berg

These essays from leading left intellectuals— Dean Baker, Fred Block, David Coates, Hillary Wainwright, Colin Crouch, Wolfgang Streeck, and Leo Panitch—reflect on the scale and nature of the task that the Left now faces. Akin to The Forward March of Labour Halted published some thirty years ago, these essays represent a major statement on the future for center-left politics and a frank appraisal of the Left's current capabilities to keep conservatism at bay and radical politics in the ascendancy. $25.00 paper 978-1-911116-52-3 November 2017 224 pages Agenda Publishing

Left-wing intellectuals in Britain and the US have long repudiated the Soviet regime, so why has the collapse of the Eastern Bloc had such a destabilizeing effect on their identities and political allegiances? What happened to the collective project to formulate a socialist vision different from both "actually existing socialism" and social democracy? This study examines both questions by investigating political academic journals after 1989 that portray the Left as deeply troubled by the triumph of a capitalism unfettered by any counter-force. $55.00 paper 978-3-8376-3418-1 2017 344 pages Transcript-Verlag

Democracy, Plan, and Market Yakov Kronrod's Political Economy of Socialism David Mandel

"David Mandel's rediscovery and presentation of the work of the iconoclastic Soviet political economist Yakov Kronrod—whose grounded lessons from the failure of the Soviet experience are systematically rooted in the absence of the deepest democracy—soberly and creatively reopens the crucial question of socialism's viability. For those hoping to rejuvenate the socialist idea, Mandel's book is a timely, absolutely-must-read."—Sam Gindin, author of The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire

Federalism, Devolution and Multi-Level Governance Edited by Guy Lachapelle and Pablo Oñate The theory and concept of multi-level governance is a fairly recent one, emerging with the deepening integration of the European Union in the early 1990s and the development of free trade agreements around the world. Multi-level governance expands on traditional approaches, such as neoinstitutionalism and multinational federalism, by offering a better understanding of the role of the state, regions, and provinces. In this book, Guy Lachapelle and Pablo Oñate analyze the changes that have taken place as well as those that might occur in the future in the many levels of governance.

$30.00 paper 978-3-8382-1108-4 2017 140 pages

$66.00 cloth  978-3-8474-2025-5 2017 230 pages

Ibidem Press

Barbara Budrich Publishers

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Religious Statecraft

An American Religion

The Politics of Islam in Iran

Nadia Marzouki

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar

“Marzouki provides a unique approach to contemporary American political discourse surrounding Islam and documents vital results likely to remain relevant to readers in the United States and Europe for quite some time."—Denise A. Spellberg, University of Texas at Austin Nadia Marzouki argues that public controversies over Islam in the United States primarily reflect the American public's profound divisions and ambivalence toward freedom of speech and the legitimacy of liberal secular democracy. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17680-4 2017 288 pages

“Tabaar depicts Ayatollah Khomeini's nimble ability to tailor religious and nationalist ideology to outmaneuver the Shah, the Iranian Left, and factional opponents. Though unabashed in arguing that political expediency has determined the regime's selections from its toolkit of revolutionary religious doctrine, Religious Statecraft subtly portrays how factions struggle not so much to 'tell people what to think' as 'what to think about.'"—Jack Snyder, Columbia University $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-18366-6 November 2017 368 pages

Columbia Studies in Middle East Politics

Religion, Culture, and Public Life

Silencing the Bomb

Inside Terrorism

One Scientist's Quest to Halt Nuclear Testing

Third Edition

Lynn R. Sykes

“Lynn R. Sykes has a long record of using seismology to study the important question of how to differentiate nuclear explosions from earthquakes. That experience makes him uniquely qualified to present this cautionary tale about the sclerotic process by which wellfounded scientific insight filters its way into the politically loaded formulation of national policy—particularly defense policy."

Bruce Hoffman

“A vitally important book. Bruce Hoffman has for decades been one of the world's greatest scholars of terrorism, and this new edition of his classic study is impressively wide-ranging and authoritative. Covering key issues such as definition, historical evolution, and internationalization, it also addresses thematic subjects such as religious terrorism and suicide attacks."—Richard English, author of Does

—Daniel Davis, Stony Brook University

Terrorism Work?: A History

$35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18248-5 December 2017 288 pages

$26.95 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-17477-0 $85.00 / £70.95 cloth 978-0-231-17476-3 2017 528 pages

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare 6

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The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism

Holy Wars and Holy Alliance

Mark S. Hamm and Ramón Spaaij

The Return of Religion to the Global Political Stage

Foreword by Simon Cottee

Manlio Graziano

“Covering characters as diverse as James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark Essex, Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Jared Loughner, Wade Page, and Christopher Dorner, Hamm and Spaaij have written an excellent and well-researched survey of lone wolf terrorists in the United States—and a major addition to the field."—Charles B. Strozier, founding director, Center on Terrorism at John Jay College of Criminal Justice $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18174-7 2017 336 pages

“In a clear and luminous way, Graziano demonstrates how religions, in the plural, came to reinvest in the political sphere and provides his readers with a full comprehension of the geopolitical dynamics at work in our world today." —Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Columbia University Manlio Graziano looks at how the Catholic Church promotes dialogue and action linking world religions, and examines how it has used its material, financial, and institutional strength to gain power and increase its profile in present-day international politics. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17462-6 2017 368 pages

Studies in Transgression

Nexus of Global Jihad

The Economics of Arms

Understanding Cooperation Among Terrorist Actors

Keith Hartley

Assaf Moghadam

"A great book for anyone who wants to study al-Qaeda's and ISIS's affiliate network. By developing a comprehensive and convincing typology of terrorist cooperation, Moghadam adds substantially to our knowledge of the phenomenon."—Guido Steinberg, author of German Jihad: On the Internationalization of Islamist Terrorism $35.00 / £27.95 30.00 cloth 978-0-231-16537-2 2017 400 pages

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

It is estimated that today some 2.7% of world GDP ($1.5 trillion) is spent on arms. In 2014 Lockheed Martin, the US defense contractor, had revenues of $45 billion – the equivalent of the GDP of Tunisia. This book explores the business behind these breathtaking figures and explains how the arms industry makes its money. $23.00 paper 978-1-911116-24-0 $75.00 cloth 978-1-911116-23-3 2017 176 pages Agenda Publishing

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South Korea at the Crossroads Autonomy and Alliance in an Era of Rival Powers Scott A. Snyder

“Provides a lucid and expansive coverage of the major forces that have shaped and influenced South Korean diplomacy since its founding in 1948. Snyder emphasizes the contradictory forces that have shaped Seoul's foreign policy, such as the pluses and minuses of geography, nationalism and internationalism, and autonomy and alliance through each administration.... The best single-volume study on South Korean foreign policy."— Chung Min Lee, Yonsei University $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18548-6 January 2018  352 pages

Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella Deterrence After the Cold War Terence Roehrig

“[A] comprehensive treatment of the U.S. nuclear umbrella within the American alliance system with Japan and South Korea. It is the best single source I am aware of outlining the nuclear dimension of these alliances and the limited but real role the nuclear umbrella plays. Given the rising tensions in the region, Roehrig's book is a timely addition to current debates on U.S. policy."—Paul Avey, Virginia Tech $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-15799-5 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-15798-8 2017 272 pages

Contemporary Asia in the World

A Council on Foreign Relations Book

The Art of Sanctions A View from the Field Richard Nephew

Japan’s Security Renaissance New Policies and Politics for the TwentyFirst Century Andrew L. Oros

Richard Nephew offers a much-needed practical framework that focuses not just on the design of sanctions but, crucially, on how to decide when sanctions have achieved maximum effectiveness and how to improve them along the way. Focusing on lessons from sanctions on both Iran and Iraq, Nephew provides policymakers with practical guidance on how to calibrate pain and measure resolve in the service of strong and successful sanctions regimes. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18026-9 December 2017 240 pages

“As the course of world history increasingly flows through the Asia-Pacific, policymakers, military strategists, and those simply interested in this dynamic region should consider Oros’ latest book a must-read.” — Kurt Campbell, chairman and CEO of the Asia Group and former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs $30.00 / £24.950 paper 978-0-231-17261-5 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-17260-8 2017 320 pages

Contemporary Asia in the World

Center on Global Energy Policy Series


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By More Than Providence

In Search of the Lost Orient An Interview Olivier Roy Translated by C. Jon Delogu. Foreword by Jean-Louis Schlegel and Olivier Mongin

“Olivier Roy is one of the most important analysts of political Islam working today, and arguably the single most insightful voice in a vast field. In Search of the Lost Orient provides a complete intellectual life story and argues that empirical research and a focus on concrete social practices must be the basis by which Islam and its intersection with politics is understood.”—Benjamin Brower, University of Texas at Austin, author of A Desert Named Peace $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-17934-8 2017 272 pages

Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific Since 1783 Michael J. Green

“Important and comprehensive study of America's relations with the region." —New York Times Book Review

“[An] essential guide to understanding U.S. policy in Asia."—Foreign Affairs "Rich and ambitious history of US strategic thinking toward Asia."—Los Angeles Review of Books $45.00 / £37.95 cloth 978-0-231-18042-9 2017 760 pages

A Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Book on American–East Asian Relations

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

The Naqab Bedouins A Century of Politics and Resistance Mansour Nasasra

Kind Words, Cruise Missiles, and Everything in Between The Use of Power Resources in U.S. Policies towards Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus 1989–2008 Barbara Kunz Foreword by William Hille

“Nasasra uncovers marvelous material that illuminates the history of the Bedouins of southern Palestine and challenges prevailing understandings of their politics and social experiences. The long historical perspective that takes us from Ottoman times to the present relies on Nasasra's prodigious original research and superb documentation to present a comprehensive and detailed picture of this Bedouin community struggling against state power." —Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17530-2 2017 304 pages

According to realist premises, the United States wished to remain the world's only superpower. This strategy required the U.S. establish different policies for individual states. Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus have played very different roles. This study shows how Washington managed its relations with European states through a set of mainly bilateral relations. Madeleine Albright once described the tools of foreign policy as including "everything from kind words to cruise missiles." This book is a comparative case study demonstating how the US used this strategic approach toward Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus after the end of the Cold War. $45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1085-8 2017 280 pages Ibidem Press

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Security Beyond the State

The New Politics of Trade

The EU in an Age of Transformation

Lessons from TTIP Alasdair R. Young

Edited by Claudia Morsut and Daniela Irrera This volume examines the role of the European Union in dealing with crises that go beyond the borders of the nation-state including: terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, regional conflicts, state failure, organized crime, and natural and man-made disasters. Contributors show how member states, national and international NGOs, and international organizations, especially NATO and the UN, play crucial roles in confronting international crises. $49.00 cloth 978-3-8474-2098-9 2017 200 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

Alasdair Young offers a penetrating analysis of the complexities of the TTIP negotiations and explores why they have proved so difficult to conclude, what motivates the different parties concerned and what implications there are for politics and policy. Young throws light on the limits of the transatlantic cooperation and the processes of globalization and teases out the implications for the UK in its post-Brexit trade negotiations and for other nations now facing a more protectionist stance from the United States. $25.00 paper 978-1-911116-75-2 November 2017 192 pages Agenda Publishing

Transregional versus National Perspectives on Contemporary Central European History

Conflict Resolution Beyond the Realist Paradigm Transformative Strategies and Inclusive Practices in Nagorno-Karabakh and Syria

Philip Gamaghelyan Foreword by Susan Allen

Philip Gamaghelyan exposes patterns of exclusion and marginalization as well as conflict-promoting tendencies in current conflict-resolution practice in the Nagorno-Karabakh and Syrian crises. He explores confllict resolution strategies that take a more flexible approach to diffusing the identity politics at the core of many international conflicts. $40.00 paper 978-3-8382-11176 2017 260 pages Ibidem Press

Studies on the Building of Nation-States and Their Cooperation in the 20th and 21st Century Edited by Michal VĂ­t and Magdalena M. Baran This volume compares different regional perspectives on the national and democracy-building aims of individual states. It examines national states, regional perspectives on the past, as well as the current political and social landscape. Why are we observing calls for national identity right now? What are the roots of this development? How can a Central European identity be shaped when national perspectives are prevalent? $50.00 paper 978-3-8382-1115-2 2017 380 pages Ibidem Press


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Russia and China A Political Marriage of Convenience – Stable and Successful Michal Lubina

China – Central and Eastern Europe Cross-Cultural Dialogue Society, Business and Education in Transition Edited by Joanna Wardęga

This book depicts the relationship between Russia and China as a pragmatic one, a political marriage of convenience. Yet at the same time, the relationship is stable, and will likely remain so. After all, bilateral relations are usually based on pragmatic interests and the pursuit of these interests is the essence of foreign policy. And, as often happens in life, the most long-lasting marriages are those based on convenience. $63.00 cloth 978-0-231-17390-2 2017 250 pages

The spiral of global dependency created by China calls for a comparative approach that draws upon local perspectives in every region of the world. The contributors to this volume analyze the relations between China and Central and Eastern European countries demonstrating the similair transformative forces in both regions, as they address the challenges of socio-cultural and economic development. $55.00 / £45.95  paper 978-83-233-4111-6 2017 456 pages Jagdiellonian University Press

Barbara Budrich Publishers

Preventive Engagement

The Politics of Secularism

How America Can Avoid War, Stay Strong, and Keep the Peace

Religion, Diversity, and Institutional Change in France and Turkey Murat Akan

Paul B. Stares

“This book provides specific, finite, and feasible recommendations for improving the US government's ability to anticipate and manage the latent risks of war."—Michael O'Hanlon, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution Using examples from Syria, Ukraine, and the South China Sea, Preventive Engagement shows its strategy in practice and illuminates the role that international actors, including NGOs, the United Nations, regional organizations, and private businesses, can play to further U.S. preventive goals. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18246-1 November 2017 288 pages

France and Turkey are critical sites of secularism: France exemplifies European political modernity, and Turkey has long been the model of secularism in a Muslim-majority country. Murat Akan analyzes prominent debates in both countries on topics such as the visibility of the headscarf and other religious symbols, religion courses in the public school curriculum, and state salaries for clerics and imams. $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18180-8 2017 376 pages

Religion, Culture, and Public Life

A Council on Foreign Relations Book

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Why Do Some Civil Wars Not Happen?

The Sarcophagus of Identity

Peru and Bolivia Compared

Tribalism, Nationalism, and the Transcendence of the Self

Witold Mucha

James M. Skelly

Peace and conflict research has tended to focus on the causes of phenomena such as civil war, terrorism, and state failure. Witold Mucha takes a comparative approach asking why civil war occurred in Peru but not in Bolivia. It is striking given the structural similarities between Peru from 19801995 and Bolivia from 2000-2008, as well as a number of escalation episodes that led Bolivia to the brink of civil war. Mucha explores such measures as reforms and political dialogue that helped prevent the dangerous conditions leading to armed conflict. $53.00 paper 978-3-8638-8736-0 2017 300 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

Analysing Corruption An Introduction Dan Hough

“Drawing on his own research and personal experiences, including his lawsuit against the U.S. Secretary of Defense, [James M. Skelly] makes a compelling case for resisting the identities that other individuals and institutions try to impose upon us—an insight that has particular relevance in an age of ever increasing surveillance by governments and corporations."—Daniel Ellsberg, author of Papers on the War, Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, and Risk, Ambiguity and Decision $45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1038-4 2017 340 pages Ibidem Press

The Money Laundering Market Regulating the Criminal Economy Edited by Killian McCarthy

The corruption scandals that have engulfed many western states and the efforts of the international political community to find ways to counteract them have compelled scholars to confront corruption as a subject for serious academic research. Corruption analysis has become a rigorous discipline with a broad consensus on what corruption is and a range of indicative case study analyses. Dan Hough book provides an authoritative and engaging introduction to a subject that remains the largest public policy challenge that the state faces in many parts of the world. $30.00 paper 978-1-911116-55-4 2017 256 pages Agenda Publishing


An estimated $3.5 trillion passes through the market for money laundering annually. This represents 80% of the world's illegal income. By 'cleaning' the ill-gotten gains of the criminal economy, money launderers keep crime profitable and illegal activities, including terrorist organizations, funded. Most countries have adopted anti-money laundering measures, but their implementation in a globalized world is patchy, and incentives to tackle this illegal activity vary widely from one location to another. This volume takes an integrated look at money laundering, by considering the laws, the launderers, and the new economics of money laundering in the digital age. $90.00  cloth 978-1-911116-43-1 2017  288 pages Agenda Publishing

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Critical Theory in Critical Times

The Habermas Handbook

Transforming the Global Political and Economic Order

Edited by Hauke Brunkhorst, Regina Kreide, and Cristina Lafont

Edited by Penelope Deutscher and Cristina Lafont “This excellent collection of essays shows that we have to rethink the core concepts and scope of critical theory in light of contemporary challenges to democracy, human rights, and socioeconomic justice posed by neoliberal forms of globalization and by critical theory's own insufficient attention to colonialism and postcolonialism.... A must-read for anyone interested in progressive social change." —Jean L. Cohen, Columbia University $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-18151-8 $90.00 / £74.95 cloth 978-0-231-18150-1 2017 320 pages

"A global, comprehensive one-stop volume—truly a handbook—for anyone working seriously with Habermas."—Max Pensky, Binghamton University

"This volume is, and will likely remain for the indefinite future, the most definitive and exhaustive scholarly compendium on Habermas's life work. An astoundingly comprehensive study of virtually every detail of Habermas's thought spanning disciplines." —David Ingram, Loyola University (Chicago) $75.00 / £62.95 cloth 978-0-231-16642-3 2017 688 pages

New Directions in Critical Theory

New Directions in Critical Theory

The Politics of Being The Political Thought of Martin Heidegger Richard Wolin

Beyond the Panama Papers The ANTICORRP Project: Anticorruption Report 4 Edited by Alina MungiuPippidi

“A very lucidly written and persuasively argued brief for the claim that Heidegger's involvement with National Socialism 'was rooted in the innermost tendencies of his thought'... Wolin surpasses even Habermas." —The American Political Science Review

"The most serious and systematic attempt so far to understand the complex and hidden links between Heidegger's philosophy and his politics."—Thesis Eleven $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17933-1 $95.00 / £79.95 cloth 978-0-231-17932-4 2016 288 pages

The final title in the series The Anticorruption Report covers the most important findings of the five-year-long EU-sponsored ANTICORRP project on corruption and organized crime. How prone to corruption are EU funds? Who wins and who loses the anticorruption fight? And can we have more accurate tools than people's perceptions to assess corruption? This issue introduces a new index of public integrity and a variety of other evaluative tools. $26.00 paper 978-3-8474-0582-5 2017 128 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

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Struggle on Their Minds

Sociophobia Political Change in the Digital Utopia

The Political Thought of African American Resistance

César Rendueles Foreword by Roberto Simanowski. Translated by Heather Cleary.

Alex Zamalin

“Fred Moten memorably wrote that the 'history of blackness is testament to the fact that objects can and do resist.' Alex Zamalin reaffirms this assertion through exquisite examination of narratives of resistance—not merely protest—by David Walker, Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis. Zamalin's deft treatise demonstrates how Afromodern political thought refashions our fundamental understandings of resistance and the attendant ideals of democracy and freedom." —Neil Roberts, Williams College $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18110-5 2017 240 pages

“Rendueles's book transcends the national context in which it was written, and, without exaggeration, goes to the heart of the contemporary problem of political organization, as it concerns radical protest and resistance movements. The refreshing aspect of Sociophobia is its sober approach to the role of new media in fomenting alternative political structures." —Michael Marder, University of the Basque Country and University of Diego Portales $25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17527-2 $75.00 / £62.95 cloth 978-0-231-17526-5 2017 200 pages

Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

The Scaffolding of Sovereignty

An Archaeology of the Political

Global and Aesthetic Perspectives on the History of a Concept

Regimes of Power from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Elías José Palti

Edited by Zvi BenDor Benite, Stefanos Geroulanos, and Nicole Jerr "This volume showcases the best of global intellectual history. Sovereignty emerges as a complex force: aesthetically layered, politically mutable, historically contingent, and consistently elusive. At the same time, despite the apparent Eurocentrism of the concept's recent lineage, readers will come away convinced of the importance of sovereignty as an analytical category, key to making sense of political culture in world history and political thought in global context." —Lauren Benton, author of A Search for Sovereignty


"In this bold and ambitious survey of Western political theory and practice since the 17th century, which draws its lessons from European and Latin American history, as well as baroque and modern art, Elias Palti provides a ruthlessly incisive analysis of the sources of our unfolding crisis. An Archaeology of the Political exemplifies the power of conceptual history at its best not only to illuminate the past, but also perhaps light the way a better future."—Martin E. Jay, University of California, Berkeley $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17992-8

$70.00 / £58.95 cloth 978-0-231-17186-1 2017 504 pages

2017 264 pages

Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History

Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History

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Phenomena of Power

Political Uses of Utopia

Authority, Domination, and Violence Heinrich Popitz

New Marxist, Anarchist, and Radical Democratic Perspectives

Introduction by Andreas Göttlich and Jochen Dreher. Translated by Gianfranco Poggi

Edited by S. D. Chrostowska and James D. Ingram

"Long counted among the classics of German postwar sociology, Heinrich Popitz's Phenomena of Power is an elegant and unique anthropological study of power. This excellent translation will add an independent perspective to the Anglophone world's discourse on power and will also open up numerous new points for analysis and comparison."—Ulrich Bröckling, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

"This collection of essays from different political currents takes as its organizing principle 'that utopianism must have something more, and something more specific, to offer politics and political reflection."' A needed contribution, it will prove indispensable for all those who are trying to ground the desire for another world in political theory."—Peter Fitting,


University of Toronto $35.00/ £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17959-1 $105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-17958-4 2017 376 pages

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17594-4 2017 240 pages

European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism

New Directions in Critical Theory

The Policy Test

Modern Slavery

Five Parameters for Evaluating Public Policy

A Global Perspective Siddharth Kara

Phil Hutchinson



On what basis do we make policy decisions? And how should we assess the ones that have been made? Phil Hutcinson proposes five fundamental parameters by means of which all public policy positions ought to be assessed: precaution, evidence, political economy, asymmetry and framing. Twelve policy areas of current interest are considered – from GM foods to antibiotics – and each are evaluated in turn using the five parameters. Hutchinson offers new insights into the policies themselves, a greater clarity of the issues involved, and a new set of tools that can be used for advocating or critiquing policy. $20.00 cloth 978-1-911116-19-6 2017 192 pages

“Expert. Investment banker. Consultant. Harvard instructor. Researcher. Activist. Screenplay writer. Poet. The author of Modern Slavery delivers horrific news and testimonies with phrases here and there so beautiful that the reader is lifted out of desperation enough to turn the next page.... He grounds the reader through statistics and definitions before launching into scenes more true than any statistic or definition could ever be. No reader, however carefully clad in hyper-rationality, will emerge unchallenged and unchanged." —Swanee Hunt, former U.S. Ambassador to Austria $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-15846-6 October 2017 352 pages

Agenda Publishing

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How the Gloves Came Off Lawyers, Policy Makers, and Norms in the Debate on Torture Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault "One of the most perplexing and disturbing outcomes of the 9/11 attacks and the rise of global terrorism was America's adoption of torture against captured suspected terrorists—so-called detainees. This outstanding book by Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault lays this overreach occurred, how it profoundly violated U.S. norms and devotion to human rights, and what might be done to ensure a more appropriate balance between security and liberty for the United States in the future." —Loch K. Johnson, University of Georgia $35.00 / £27.95 cloth 978-0-231-18078-8 2017  280 pages

columbia studies in terrorism and irregular Warfare

Life and Money The Genealogy of the Liberal Economy and the Displacement of Politics

Hidden Atrocities Japanese Germ Warfare and American Obstruction of Justice at the Tokyo Trial Jeanne Guillemin

In the aftermath of World War II, the Allied intent to bring Axis crimes to light led to both the Nuremberg trials and their counterpart in Tokyo, the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. Yet the Tokyo Trial failed to prosecute imperial Japanese leaders for the worst of war crimes: inhumane medical experimentation, including vivisection and open-air pathogen and chemical tests, as well as mass attacks using plague, anthrax, and cholera that killed thousands of Chinese civilians. In Hidden Atrocities, Jeanne Guillemin goes behind the scenes at the trial to reveal the American obstruction that denied justice to Japan’s victims. $35.00 / £27.95 cloth  978-0-231-18352-9 2017 488 pages

A Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Book on American–East Asian Relations

The Political Economy of Brexit Edited by David Bailey and Leslie Budd

Ute Tellmann

"A fascinating and intricately argued study that redescribes significant moments in the development of economics not just as 'discoveries' but as moments in which the very nature of the economic and the political is reconstituted." —Stephen J. Collier, The New School Complementing Michel Foucault’s influential account of liberal governmentality, Life and Money opens up liberalism, including our neoliberal present, to a new sense of economic and political possibility. $65.00 / £54.95 cloth 978-0-231-18226-3 November 2017 320 pages

Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History


"Future generations of researchers will acknowledge The Political Economy of Brexit as one of the most important books written by social scientists in the second decade of the twenty-first century. It is a book loaded with meaning and rich in insights for those working in industrial policy, geography, planning, politics, sociology, regional research and urban studies. It also provides a rubric for understanding the future economic and political trajectory of many parts of the developed world." —Andrew Beer, University of South Australia Business School $25.00 paper 978-1-911116-64-6 $85.00 cloth 978-1-911116-63-9 2017 192 pages Agenda Publishing

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The Political Economy of Poverty and Social Transformations of the Global South

The Democratic Developmental State North-South Perspectives Edited by Chris Tapscott, Tor Halvorsen, and Teresita Cruz-Del Rosario

Edited by Mariano Féliz and Aaron Louis Rosenberg This book contributes to the debates on the production and eradication of poverty in the global South. Providing new insights into the limitations of traditional strategies to confront poverty, it highlights how social organizations are working to transform people's livelihoods through bottomup struggle and more participatory approaches rather than passively waiting for top-down solutions.

Analyzing the different approaches to the implementation of democratic developmental states in various countries, contributors evaluate whether these are merely replicating the central tenets of the East Asian model of the developmental state or whether they are successfully establishing a new and more inclusive conceptualization of the state.

$45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1044-5 2017 302 pages

Ibidem Press

$45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1045-2 2017 302 pages

Ibidem Press

Revolution and War in Contemporary Ukraine

Planning for Crisis Strategy and Management Theory and the Impact of Economic Uncertainty

The Challenge of Change Edited by Olga Bertelsen

Carol M. Connell

The decades since the Second World War have been characterized by a series of global economic crises, indeed we remain in the grip of its most recent. Since most economic crises are unexpected, how do individual organizations plan for them? Carol M. Connell investigates how theorists have used the economic recessions that defined their time to inform strategies for institutional management and growth in times of crisis. $95.00 paper  978-1-911116-05-9 December 2017 320 pages Agenda Publishing

“Indispensable reading for anyone who wants clearheaded, unbiased, multidisciplinary analysis of the relationship between Ukraine's revolutionary democratic strivings and Putin's Russia's imperial response."—Alexander Motyl, Rutgers University–Newark

"This excellent collection... provides an erudite, interdisciplinary, and up-to-date portrait of the nation confronting a hybrid war—and an assault on its very identity." —Serhy Yekelchyk, University of Victoria $50.00 paper 978-3-8382-1056-8 2017 440 pages Ibidem Press

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Ukraine's PostCommunist Mass Media

Patriotic Education in Contemporary Russia

Between Capture and Commercialization

Sociological Studies in the Making of the PostSoviet Citizen

Natalya Ryabinska

Anna Sanina

Foreword by Marta Dyczok

“By thoroughly examining its political and economic context, Natalya Ryabinska shows why the post-communist transformation of the Ukrainian media did not lead to the establishment of an adequate tool for informing citizens and overseeing the behaviour of the authorities. As the post-Maidan Ukraine seeks to finally build a working democracy, it is important to learn from earlier failures in this endeavour."—Volodymyr Kulyk, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev $40.00 paper 978-3-8382-1051-3 2017 160 pages

"This book is the first sociological study of patriotic education in Russia, a major topic to understand contemporary Russia and the complex relationship between the state and the society. Sanina offers a comprehensive approach of many different aspects and actors of this massive trend of 'patriotizing' the Russian society."—Marlene Laruelle, George Washington University $40.00 paper 978-3-8382-1033-9 2017  188 pages Ibidem Press

Ibidem Press

Poland and Slovakia: Bilateral Relations in a Multilateral Context (2004–2016)

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 3:1 (2017)

Essays on Politics and Economics

Edited by Julie Fedor, Samuel Greene, Andre Härtel, Andrey Makarychev, and Andreas Umland"

Edited by Joanna Dyduch, Igor Kosir, Radosław Kupczyk, and Jaroslav Usiak

Bringing together original empirical material from Belarusian history, politics, and society, contributors combine a discussion of the concept of autonomy/agency tracing how individual and collective actors who define themselves as Belarusian—or otherwise—have pursued their policy agendas in spite of and in reaction to state pressure.

This book investigates the complex relations between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic in light of the European Union's political and economic system. Contributors explore the political, economic, and social dimensions in the relationship between Warsaw and Bratislava.

$40.00 paper 978-3-8382-1066-7 2017 212 pages

Ibidem Press

$45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1046-9 2017 280 pages

Ibidem Press


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Red Swan

Organizational Structures of Political Parties in Central and Eastern European Countries

How Unorthodox PolicyMaking Facilitated China's Rise Sebastian Heilmann

Edited by Katarzyna Sobolewska-Myślik, Beata Kosowska-Gąstoł, and Piotr Borowiec Contributors paint the widest possible picture of the organizational structures of the most important political parties in Central and Eastern Europe providing a basis for comparison between them and their Western European counterparts. They focus specifically on formal aspects as reflected in their statutory rules. $55.00 / £45.95 paper 978-83-233-4174-1 2017  492 pages Jagiellonian University Press

China's exceptional development trajectory challenges conventional wisdom and conventional models of political change. The traditional approach to systemic classification is not helpful in understanding the dynamics in China, a system which is unexpectedly adaptable and versatile in many policy fields, particularly economic and technology policy. Sebastian Heilmann uses analytical approaches drawn from policy studies to focus upon how action programs in China's governmental system are developed, formulated, implemented, adjusted, and revised. $52.00 cloth 978-962-996-827-4 January 2018 250 pages Chinese University Press

Chinese Society and Politics

Joining a Prestigious Club

Ambrose Y. C. King

Cooperation with Europarties and Its Impact on Party Development in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine 2004–2015 Maria Shagina Foreword by Kataryna Wolczuk

Ambrose Y.C. King explores Confucian networks and the development of capitalist economies, democratic governance, and moral education. He analyses how Confucian ideas and values underpinning the foundation of East Asian societiesincluding social civility, political governance, the role of the family, individual self-cultivation, and moral regulation-matter to the modern social and political transformations of Chinese societies today. $45.00 cloth 978-988-237-015-9 January 2018 210 pages Chinese University Press

“An important and pioneering analysis of the rapprochement between Europarties and political parties in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. It breaks new ground by offering the first comparative analysis of these interactions and by offering a careful conceptualization of their different levels and potential effects.” —Sandra Lavenex, University of Geneva $45.00 paper  978-3-8382-1104-6 2017 294 pages Ibidem Press

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External Democracy Promotion and Diversity Among International Agencies

The Politics of Nuclear Energy in the European Union

Evaluating Variances in the Impact of the UNDP and the EC in Rwanda

Framing the Discourse Pamela M. Barnes

Simone Beetz Simone Beetz considers the mixed results of international agencies in democracy promotion despite their attempts to shape a common policy as emphasized in various international agreements. Against the background of backlashes and the search for new answers, she analyzes how the UNDP and the EC promoted democracy in Rwanda from 2003 until 2013. Beetz also highlights how the different strategies employed to promote democracy differ.

Pamela M. Barnes questions the role that nuclear electricity plays in meeting the challenges of providing secure, competitive, and sustainable energy to support the development of the low carbon economy in the EU. Analysis presented focuses on the evolution of the discourse on nuclear energy among policy makers at European and national levels as well as the public. $66.00 cloth 978-3-8474-0687-7 2017 200 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

$55.00 paper 978-3-8638-8757-5 2017 360 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

Europeanised Defiance

Europeanisation and Renationalisation

Czech Euroscepticism since 2004

Learning from Crises for Innovation and Development

Edited by Vlastimil HavlĂ­k, Vit HlouĹĄek, and Petr Kaniok Why is there so much reservation and skepticism among the Czech public as well as politicians toward the European Union? Has the experience of the Czech Republic as a member of the EU changed Czech Euroskepticism since 2004? This book provides a detailed analysis of the dynamics of Euroskepticism using the concept of Europeanization. $48.00 paper 978-3-8474-2092-7 2017 300 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

Edited by Ulrike Liebert and Anne Jenichen gata This book explores how the European Union and its members have been renegotiating Europeanization and renationalization in response to the multiple crises they have faced in recent years. The authors highlight varying understandings of "crisis" in different national and supranational policy and institutional contexts. They show how in some cases these have challenged the legitimacy of European Union norms and institutions and even triggered disintegration while in others these crises have served as sources of inspiration for European social innovation and political development. $45.00 paper 978-3-8474-2097-2 2017 250 pages


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Czech Politics From the West to East and Back Again Stanislav Balík, Vit Hloušek, Lubomir Kopeček, Jan Holzer, Pavel Pšeja, and Andrew Lawrence Roberts This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the Czech's political past and present. Giving first an overview of Czech history before 1989 and the Velvet Revolution, the authors then analyze the political system and culture that has formed since 1989 against the historical background of political transformation. In their interpretation, the events of 1989 are not viewed as a political breakthrough, but as just another chapter in the evolution of the idea of 'Czechness' and the challenges it faces. $40.00 paper 978-3-8474-0585-6 2017 190 pages

Regional Participation Within European Multilevel Governance Romana Sălăgeanu

Why does the region of Saxony-Anhalt participate in the European Multi-Level Governance system and how does this occur? Romana Sălăgeanu provides an account of the characteristics of European Multi-Level Governance (EMLG) and regional participation within, by describing the EMLG and identifying the topics and categories of meaning for regional participation within it. She establishes the mechanisms responsible for regional participation, highlighting the patterns that emerge. $42.00  paper  978-3-8638-8741-4 2017 250 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

Barbara Budrich Publishers

The Migration and Refugee Policies in Germany New European Limits of Control?

A Migration and Social Pathways of Highly Educated People Moving EastWest-East in Europe

Andreas Ette

Anna Guhlich

Today, international migration is one of the most controversial political topics and one that demands innovative approaches to global and regional governance. This book provides a fresh theoretical framework to understand European responses to international migration and explains the dynamics of Germany’s migration and refugee policy, offering students and practitioners the necessary background to participate in today’s debates. $63.00 cloth 978-3-8474-2083-5 2017 340 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

The landscape of European migration has changed considerably over the past decades, in particular after the fall of the Iron Curtain and again after the EU enlargement to the east. Anna Guhlich researches the phenomenon of highly qualified migration using the example of migration between the Czech Republic and Germany. The bookreveals diverse strategies migrants use to respond to the possible devaluation of their qualification, such as making use of their language skills, starting new studies, or using transnational knowledge. $66.00 paper 978-93-82381-78-5 2017 420 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

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Doreen Massey

The Instrumentalisation of Mass Media in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes

Critical Dialogues Edited by Marion Werner, Jamie Peck, Rebecca Lave, and Brett Christophers

Evidence from Russia's Presidential Election Campaigns of 2000 and 2008 Nozima Akhrarkhodjaeva

Doreen Massey (1944-2016) was one of the most influential geographers of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. This collection provide readers with an unparalleled assessment of the political and social context that gave rise to many of Massey's key ideas. The essays highlight some of the diverse ways in which Massey's formulations and frameworks provide a basis for new interventions in contemporary debates over immigration, financialization, macroeconomic crises, political engagement beyond academia, North– South development cooperation, and much more. $30.00  paper  978-1-911116-86-8 $95.00  cloth  978-1-911116-85-1 January 2018 288 pages Agenda Publishing

Focusing on the case of Russia during Vladamir Putin's first two presidential terms, this book examines media manipulation strategies in electoral authoritarian regimes. Which instruments and approaches do incumbent elites employ to skew media coverage in favor of their preferred candidate in a presidential election? What effects do these strategies have on news content? Based on two case studies of the presidential election campaigns in Russia in 2000 and in 2008, this investigation identifies the critical internal mechanisms according to which these regimes work. $45.00 paper 978-3-8382-1043-8 2017 280 pages Ibidem Press

Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right A Guide to Archives Archie Henderson

Europe and the Global Shift of Powers How Can the EU Survive in a Disordered World? Edited by Jānis Bērziņš and Sven Bernhard Gareis

This volume contains a detailed overview of primary sources housed in more than 2,400 archives across twenty countries. It includes personal and institutional papers; archives of right-wing periodicals in Japanese, Romanian, and Russian; pamphlets, ephemera, vertical files, and press cuttings; oral histories; library-accessible commercial databases; digitized collections and exhibitions; archived websites; and microfilm and microfiche of right-wing materials. Descriptions of each archive summarize their contents, physical addresses and contact information, and online aids. $136.00 cloth 978-3-8382-0725-4 November 2017 800 pages Ibidem Press


Currently, the EU is at a crossroads in its existence as a political union. The war in and around Syria, the main cause of the refugee question, demands a coherent European position and action. Financial crises in the Eurozone have not yet been fully settled. Russia's actions in Ukraine together with its anti-Western foreign policy call into question the European security order. This book analyzes the risks the EU faces in pursuit of political and institutional responses to these crises. $60.00 cloth 978-3-8474-0552-8 2017 220 pages Barbara Budrich Publishers

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Dangerous Trade

Nuclear North Korea

Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation

A Debate on Engagement Strategies

Jennifer L. Erickson

Victor D. Cha and David C. Kang

Winner of the APSA Foreign Policy Section Best Book Award "[Dangerous Trade] is at once a page-turner and a page-lingerer due to its riveting prose and profound lessons to the scholarship in International Relations."—H-Diplo "This is a wonderful book and must-read, not only for students of arms transfers but also for a new generation of international relations scholars"—Jeffrey T. Checkel, Simon Fraser University,

"Important for its frank discussion of the possibility of a nuclear attack and their presentation of potential courses of action."—New York Times "This timely and important book is free of much of the hyperbole that has fettered a more concise course of action for dealing with North Korea. The book not only fills the current scholarly and policy gap with a clear-cut analysis of the policy challenges facing the United States and its allies, but also offers a thorough and provocative assessment for what policies to pursue."—Korea Times

$60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17096-3 2015 288 pages

$32.00 / £26.95 paper 978-0-231-13129-2 2005 280 pages

The Madhouse Effect

An Insurrectionist Manifesto

How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy

Four New Gospels for a Radical Politics Ward Blanton, Clayton Crockett, Jeffrey W. Robbins, and Noëlle Vahanian

Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles

Foreword by Peter Rollins, Afterword by Catherine Keller.

"If tackling climate change is indeed a war, then Mann and Toles have certainly earned their stripes." —Nature "For centuries, powerful forces of greed have tried to hide the truth, but that doesn't change reality—the earth is round and climate change is very real. The Madhouse Effect brilliantly dissects the climate denial industry, empowering all of us to see the facts and take action before it's too late."—Leonardo DiCaprio $24.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-17786-3 2016 208 pages

Choice Outstanding Academic Title “This manifesto thrust us into an 'insurrectionist' theology where Nietzsche's death of God, Zizek's ontology of the Real, and Malabou's plastic materiality come together to overcome those metaphysical frames that still condition our lives. Anyone interested in radical theology, philosophy, and politics in the 21st century must read this book carefully." —Santiago Zabala, Pompeu Fabra University $30.00 / £24.95 paper 978-0-231-17623-1 2016 224 pages

Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

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The Great East Asian War and the Birth of the Korean Nation

A New Statistical Domain in India An Enquiry into Village Panchayat Databases Jun-Ichi Okabe and Aparajita Bakshi

JaHyun Kim Haboush Edited by William J. Haboush and Jisoo Kim

"As the first work to thoroughly examine the formation of the Korean nation before the modern era, [this volume] is an enormous contribution to scholarship on Korean and East Asian history and to the study of nations and nationalism throughout the world. It is certain to cement JaHyun Kim Haboush's legacy as one of the most brilliant scholars of her era."—Jungwon Kim, Columbia University $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17228-8 2016 240 pages

A new structure of local government, the contemporary village panchayat, has emerged in rural India as a consequence of the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992. This new statistical domain requires databases for the development functions that have been allocated to it. This book is a study of panchayat-level databases and their potential use in local-level administration, planning, and policy implementation. $30.00 / £24.95 cloth 978-93-82381-78-5 2016 400 pages Tulika Books

The Death Penalty in China

Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes

Policy, Practice, and Reform Edited by Bin Liang and Hong Lu

Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics Li Chen

Foreword by Roger Hood

“No institution in the legal system of contemporary China has attracted more controversy and misunderstanding than the death penalty. Moreover, remarkable changes have significantly altered the way the death penalty is perceived and applied in the world's most populous state. The Death Penalty in China is required reading for anyone desiring to keep abreast of China's evolving legal landscape, criminal justice reform, and perplexing human rights environment. Highly recommended."

"Just when we thought no one could offer any new approach to the subject of the SinoWestern encounter during the early modern period, this book pulls us back in. Li Chen sets a new standard for any future study on this topic." —Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, New York University $60.00 / £49.95 cloth 978-0-231-17374-2 2015 416 pages

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

—Andrew Scobell, coauthor of China's Search for Security $35.00 / £27.95 paper 978-0-231-17007-9 $105.00 / £87.95 cloth 978-0-231-17006-2 2015  384 pages 24

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COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ONLINE (CIAO) The renowned international affairs website, launched in 1998, has now undergone a complete overhaul. The new CIAO features a redesigned user interface that standardizes the access and presentation of content, more video assets, a live Twitter feed, and improved search functionality.

COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ONLINE CIAO is the world's largest full-text online resource for political science, diplomatic history, international law and business, policy formation, and country analysis. Encompassing more than 400,000 pages of working papers, policy briefs, interviews, journal articles, and e-books in the field of international relations, CIAO is a dynamic resource that is constantly growing. More than 180 leading academic and research institutions, publishers, government agencies, and journals worldwide contribute to CIAO. CIAO features original case studies written by leading experts in their fields, course packs of background readings for history and political science classes, and interviews with the world's leading international relations experts.

Special Features • Complete updating and additional materials—more than 45,000 new pages during a twelve-month period • Detailed country maps as well as in-depth political and economic data from the Economist Intelligence Unit • A monthly CIAO focus—an outstanding tool for classroom discussions • Textbook instruction for undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate courses, as well as research opportunities for lecture preparation and reference

Praise for CIAO Named one of the top 300 websites by the International Political Science Association "So rich in content and so well suited to the needs of serious researchers that we recommend it without hesitation."—Library Journal "Highly recommended."—Choice For subscription information, contact Herbert Plummer, or call (212) 4590600, ext. 7112. To contribute, contact Yoram Allom, For a free trial, log onto or e-mail



Political Freud

Eqbal Ahmad

A History

Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age

Eli Zaretsky

Stuart Schaar

Choice Outstanding Academic Title $25.00 / £19.95 paper 978-0-231-17245-5 2017 248 pages

The Hillary Doctrine Sex and American Foreign Policy Phyllis Valerie M. Hudson and Patricia Leidl. Birnbaum Foreword by Swanee Hunt Kirkus Prize in Nonfiction One of Foreign Policy Interrupted's Best Books winners of PSP/AAP Award in Government and Politics $19.95 / £14.95  paper 978-0-231-16493-1 2017    456 pages

Retreat from a Rising Sea Hard Choices in an Age of Climate Change Orrin H. Pilkey, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis, and Keith C. Pilkey $19.95 / £14.95  paper 978-0-231-16845-8 2017  240 pages

The Japan–South Korea Identity Clash East Asian Security and the United States Brad Glosserman and Scott A. Snyder $25.00 / £21.00 paper 978-0-231-17171-7 2017 240 pages

contemporary Asia in the World

Asia's Space Race National Motivations, Regional Rivalries, and International Risks James Clay Moltz $27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-15689-9 January 2018 288 pages

contemporary Asia in the World

$25.00 / £19.95 paper  978-0-231-17157-1 2017 240 pages

The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China Guobin Yang $26.00 / £19.00 paper 978-0-231-14965-5 2017 288 pages

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

Schools for Conflict or for Peace in Afghanistan Dana Burde $27.00 / £21.95 paper 978-0-231-16929-5 November 2017 232 pages

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