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Endangered Economies

Friendship Reconsidered

Left-Wing Melancholia

How the Neglect of Nature Threatens Our Prosperity

What It Means and How It Matters to Politics

Marxism, History, and Memory Enzo Traverso

P. E. Digeser

Geoffrey Heal "In this passionate and readable book, Heal sets out the measures needed to reconcile economic progress with preservation of the planet. They are surprisingly simple and attainable. Heal demonstrates that there is not a trade-off between growth and environmental protection, but that they can and must go handand-hand, that growth is not attainable over the long run without protecting the environment." —Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"This engaging work impressively brings together discussions about friendship in political philosophy, ethics, and international relations to create a rich and stimulating conversation about the nature, role, and value of friendship in political life." —Catherine Lu, McGill University $65.00 / £54.00 cloth 978-0-231-17434-3 2016  392 pages

World on the Move

2016 240 pages

"Mihai constructs an extraordinarily clear map of the boundaries of legitimate resentment and indignation against prior injustice and then shows how judicial decisions can be exemplary in demonstrating the right roles for these fitting but volatile emotions within a democratic order."

“A pathbreaking work that combines history and political theory with a concise, richly analytical, exciting narrative. Enzo Traverso redefines our understanding of the current regimes of temporality...and challenges historians and critical theorists alike to think beyond the standard binaries between history and memory, revolution and defeat, and melancholy and politics.”—Federico Finchelstein, the New School

$65.00 / £54.00 cloth 978-0-231-17650-7

$35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-17942-3

2016 240 pages

“Exception Taken explains and explores a striking state of affairs that most film lovers take for granted: the continued survival, in a globalized, ‘free’ media market, of minority film cultures. This is one of the best and most thoroughly researched books on cinema that I have ever read, on one of the most important subjects in contemporary world cinema.”—Alan L. Williams, author of Republic of Images: A History of French Filmmaking

$23.95 / £20.00 paper 978-0-88132-716-8

$35.00 / £26.00 paper 978-0-231-17067-3

2016 166 pages

$105.00 / £78.00 cloth 978-0-231-17066-6

Peterson Institute for International Economics

2016 232 pages

Transitional Justice and Education Learning Peace Edited by Clara Ramírez-Barat and Roger Duthie

2017 424 pages

Rich People Poor Countries

Film and Culture Series

The Rise of Emerging-Market Tycoons and Their Mega Firms

The Great Tradeoff

"The best book ever written on human trafficking for sexual exploitation.... Simply beyond anything I have seen anywhere." —Kevin Bales, president, Free the Slaves

Foreword by Saskia Sassen/Translated by Sandra Kingery

$30.00 / £25.00 cloth 978-0-231-17060-4

Since the publication of Sex Trafficking in 2007, Siddharth Kara has continued to travel across countries and continents, documenting the local factors and economic forces that support sexual slavery worldwide. His riveting encounters with victims and traffickers informed his screenplay for Trafficked (2016), now a major motion picture. This new paperback edition of Sex Trafficking includes a preface by Kara in which he discusses his findings and updates statistics on the business and economics of contemporary slavery.

2016  199 pages

Peterson Institute for International Economics

$40.00 / £27.50 cloth 978-0-91140003-8

$29.95 / £25.00 cloth 978-0-231-16590-7

2016 424 pages

2016 224 pages

Steven R. Weisman

"A very useful sourcebook for anyone working on the changing face of global and national inequality."—From Poverty to Power

Assisted by Sarah Oliver

This story of emerging-market billionaires and the global businesses they create dramatically illuminates the process of industrialization in the modern world economy. $23.95 / £20.00 paper 978-088132-703-8

$25.95 / £22.00 paper 978-0-88132-695-6 2016 323 pages

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France, the United States, and Iraq, 1991–2003 Frédéric Bozo

A Century of Politics and Resistance Mansour Nasasra

Translated by Susan Emanuel

“This book, the only serious study in any language of Franco-American relations during the 2002–3 Iraq crisis, is based on the most complete range of sources available on both sides of the Atlantic. It challenges a number of the stereotypes and elements of received wisdom about the crisis and situates the policies of the George W. Bush administration in their true historical context.”—Jolyon Howorth, Yale University, author of Security and Defence Policy in the European Union $55.00 / £41.00 cloth 978-0-231-70444-1

"[Mansour] Nasasra uncovers marvelous material that illuminates the history of the Naqab Palestinians and challenges prevailing understandings of their politics and social experiences. The long historical perspective that takes us from Ottoman times to the present relies on Nasasra's prodigious original research and superb documentation to present a comprehensive and detailed picture of this Bedouin community struggling against state power." —Lila Abu-Lughod, Joseph L. Buttenwieser Professor of Social Science, Columbia University $60.00 / £50.00 cloth 978-0-231-17530-2 May 2017 320 pages

Woodrow Wilson Center Press / Columbia University Press



Intimate Rivals

Dying to Forget

Japanese Domestic Politics and a Rising China Sheila A. Smith

Oil, Power, Palestine, and the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East

One of Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Best Books

Irene L. Gendzier

$28.00 / £24.00 paper 978-0-231-16789-5

With a new preface by the author

2016  384 pages / 30 illus.

$28.00 / £24.00 paper 978-0-231-15289-1

A Council on Foreign Relations Book

2016 432 pages

The China Boom

The Hillary Doctrine

Why China Will Not Rule the World Ho-fung Hung $25.00 / £21.00  paper 978-0-231-16419-1 2017  264 pages / 22 illus. Contemporary Asia in the World

Global Population History, Geopolitics, and Life on Earth

National Experience and Roots of Misperception

Alison Bashford

Paul R. Pillar

Sex and American Foreign Policy Valerie M. Hudson and Patricia Leidl

One of Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Best Books Winner of the PROSE Award for Best Book in Government and Politics $19.95 / £16.95 paper 978-0-231-16493-1 2017  456 pages

$28.00 / £24.00  paper 978-0-231-14767-5

The Japan–South Korea Identity Clash

"[A] fine and courageous book." —New York Times Book Review

2016  480 pages

East Asian Security and the United States

"Pillar's is one of the best books on this important subject I have ever read."—Chronicles

The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

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Social Science Research Council

Peterson Institute for International Economics

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The Naqab Bedouins

2016 408 pages

Why America Misunderstands the World

"Richly persuasive and powerfully written.... An essential, basic read for any interested observer of American foreign policy."—Choice

Confronting Moral Conflicts in the Era of Globalization


$18.95 / £13.95 paper 978-0-231-18033-7 September 2017 320 pages

“This edited volume provides a rich set of case studies from some of the world's most intractable conflicts and makes an important contribution to the literature on education, conflict, and peacebuilding. It provides practical examples of the ways that education can contribute to transitional justice—through reparations and by addressing educational inequalities, by engaging children and young people in nonformal education, helping successive generations learn about the violent conflicts that have affected their own societies." —Alan Smith, UNESCO Chair in Pluralism, Human Rights and Democracy, Ulster University

Caroline Freund


A History of the Iraq Crisis

With a new preface by the author

Daniel Innerarity Since national economies have become deterritorialized and political interdependencies aggravate our common vulnerabilities, Daniel Innerarity contends that there is no other solution except to move toward global governance and a denationalization of justice.

New and Noteworthy Titles

Inside the Business of Modern Slavery Siddharth Kara

Politics for a Post-Sovereign Society

Assisted by Jan Zilinsky "What will the global economy look like in twenty years? I know of no better guide than World on the Move. Hellebrandt and Mauro combine global growth and demographic projections with evidence from household surveys on individual incomes and consumption-spending patterns to project future demands for transportation, food, infrastructure, and natural resources. A brilliant combination of macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis!"—Charles I. Jones, Stanford University

Sex Trafficking Governance in the New Global Disorder

Paolo Mauro and Tomas Hellebrandt

International Studies

—Margaret Urban Walker, Marquette University

New Directions in Critical Theory

Consumption Patterns in a More Equal Global Economy

Exception Taken

"I only wish that this book had been written when I was still teaching at Syracuse. I would surely have assigned it. It's an important achievement that a lot of people should understand. I think that this tradeoff between moral concepts and indeed the interplay between morals and markets is something that we deemphasize in our modern understanding of economics."—Arthur C. Brooks, American Enterprise Institute

Mihaela Mihai

2017  312 pages

$35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-18084-9

How France Has Defied Hollywood’s New World Order Jonathan Buchsbaum

Negative Emotions and Transitional Justice

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From 9/11 to Osama bin Laden's Death Edited by Bruce Hoffman and Fernando Reinares

$25.00 / £21.00 paper 978-0-231-17171-7 2017 240 pages / 12 illus. Contemporary Asia in the World

$32.00 / £27.00  paper 978-0-231-16899-1

Decoding Al-Qaeda's Strategy

2016  696 pages

The Deep Battle Against America

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

Michael W. S. Ryan

Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites

$27.00/ £20.00 paper 978-0-231-16385-9

Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution

2016 368 p a ge s

Edited by Elazar Barkan and Karen Barkey

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

$28.00 / £21.00 paper 978-0-231-16995-0

Brad Glosserman and Scott A. Snyder

2016  440 pages / 14 illus. Religion, Culture, and Public Life

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Preventive Engagement

Japan's Security Renaissance

Japanese War Criminals

The Political Economy of Brexit

The Money Laundering Market

A Cultural History of America in Turkey Perin E. Gürel

How America Can Avoid War, Stay Strong, and Keep the Peace

New Policies and Politics for the Twenty-First Century

The Politics of Justice After the Second World War

Edited by David Bailey and Leslie Budd

Regulating the Criminal Economy Edited by Killian McCarthy

Paul B. Stares

Andrew L. Oros

Paul B. Stares proposes a long-term strategy for how the United States can manage the risks of a more turbulent world in a way that lessens the demand for—and potential drain on—U.S. power. Using examples from Syria, Ukraine, and the South China Sea, Preventive Engagement shows its strategy in practice and illuminates the role that international actors, including NGOs, the United Nations, regional organizations, and private businesses, can play to further U.S. preventive goals.

“Particularly as the course of world history increasingly flows through the Asia-Pacific, policymakers, military strategists, and those simply interested in this dynamic region should consider Oros's latest book a mustread to understand the complex context and key factors that shape Japan's modern security evolution."—Kurt Campbell, chairman and CEO of the Asia Group and former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs $30.00 / £25.00 paper 978-0-231-17261-5

"This exemplary work of collaborative scholarship represents a genuine breakthrough in our understanding of the processes behind, and consequences of, Allied efforts to prosecute Japanese war crimes in the aftermath of the Second World War. Drawing on archival sources gathered from all corners of the globe, it not only provides an impressive overview of the thousands of individual trials conducted by the Allies across the Asia-Pacific region, but also details the complex tangle of considerations that resulted in the release of all remaining prisoners by the end of 1958."—Daniel Botsman, Yale University

$35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-18246-1

$90.00 / £75.00 cloth 978-0-231-17260-8

$70.00 / £59.00 cloth 978-0-231-17922-5

May 2017 288 pages

March 2017  320 pages

2017 440 pages

A Council on Foreign Relations Book

Contemporary Asia in the World

"Perin Gürel offers an original perspective on how the Turkish elite and public had been refashioning images of America for their own political and social purposes for more than a century. The result is an extraordinarily well-written account of the role of culture in international relations of both Turkey and the United States."—Cemil Aydin, author of The Politics of Anti-Westernism in Asia $60.00 / £50.00 cloth 978-0-231-18202-7 May 2017 288 pages Columbia Studies in International and Global History

How the Gloves Came Off Lawyers, Policy Makers, and Norms in the Debate on Torture “One of the most perplexing and disturbing outcomes of the 9/11 attacks and the rise of global terrorism was America's adoption of torture against captured suspected terrorists—so-called detainees. This outstanding book by Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault lays out how this overreach occurred, how it profoundly violated U.S. norms and devotion to human rights, and what might be done to ensure a more appropriate balance between security and liberty for the United States in the future." —Loch K. Johnson, University of Georgia $35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-18078-8 March 2017 280 pages Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

"What explains changing patterns of cooperation among terrorists—who cooperates, how, and in what political contexts...Assaf Moghadam expertly answers this critical but rarely addressed question and in doing so illustrates the complexity of a dynamic and shifting threat. Understanding these interactions within the jihadist universe is essential to an appropriate response to contemporary terrorism."—Martha Crenshaw, senior fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University $35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-16537-2 May 2017  400 pages




Holy Wars and Holy Alliance

China's Hegemony

The Return of Religion to the Global Political Stage

Four Hundred Years of East Asian Domination

Manlio Graziano

Ji-Young Lee

“Graziano demonstrates how religions, in the plural, came to reinvest in the political sphere and provides his readers with a full comprehension of the geopolitical dynamics at work in our world today."—Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Columbia University

Holy Wars and Holy Alliance explores the nation-state's current crisis in order to better understand the religious resurgence's implications for geopolitics. $35.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-17462-6 April 2017  368 pages Religion, Culture, and Public Life

"In this refreshing study of the tribute system, Ji-Young Lee adopts an interactive approach. The system may have allowed China to set norms and assert regional hegemony, but the compliance of lesser states was contingent upon their domestic politics—and served to hold China to account. By looking at the other side of the tribute relationship, Lee moves us past the current logjam between cultural and realist explanations of Chinese diplomacy." —Timothy Brook, author of The Troubled Empire $60.00 / £50.00 cloth 978-0-231-17974-4

March 2017  192 pages

Agenda publishing

Europe and the Global Shift of Powers

With a commentary from David Harvey and a foreword by Akeel Bilgrami

Edited by Jānis Bērziņš and Sven Bernhard Gareis

jagiellonian university press

$90.00 paper 978-1-91111643-1

jagiellonian university press

June 2017 288 pages

barbara budrich publishers

barbara budrich publishers

Contributors analyze the different approaches to the implementation of democratic developmental states in various countries, evaluating whether these are merely replicating the central tenets of the East Asian model of the developmental state or if they are succeeding in their attempts to establish a new and more inclusive conceptualization of the state.

2016 256 pages

Sabine Selchow

Robert Godby and Stephanie B. Anderson

Written from within the political studies and international relations disciplines, and with a particular interest in the United States, this book demonstrates that the widespread use of "global" is more than a linguistic curiosity. Instead, it constitutes a distinct political phenomenon encompassing the negotiation of and play with the notion of the "new world." $40.00 paper 978-3-8376-2896-8

$55.00 paper 978-3-8376-3478-5

2016 230 pages

April 2017 400 pages



2016 304 pages

Is the euro really the crowning achievement of half a century of European integration efforts? Quite the contrary: the euro has now become a great threat to the European Union as such. Strains caused by the crisis have led to greater dissension among member states and a public recoil against greater integration. This book explains the impact that the ongoing Eurocrisis has already had on the member states and their inhabitants.

How can the G20 fulfill their role most efficiently in the post–financial crisis and what role do emerging economies play in the new global economic order? This timely volume provides an overview of the most important challenges ahead for the G20, especially China. $38.00 / £32.00 paper 978-3-8382-0955-5 2016 240 pages ibidem press

$45.00 / £38.00 paper 978-3-8382-1045-2 May 2017 302 pages


Edited by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China

Edited by Chris Tapscott, Tor Halvorsen, and Teresita Cruz-Del Rosario

ibidem press

Edited by Birgit Glorius and Josefina Domínguez-Mujica

Who Will Govern the New World— the Present and Future of the G20

North-South Perspectives

Re-Thinking Values, Structures & Processes This primer helps readers understand the UN's historical, technological, political, and economic context in order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses in light of current proposals to create more workable global institutions.

$55.00 / £46.00 paper 978-83-233-4111-6 2017  456 pages

The Democratic Developmental State

Towards a United Nations Renaissance John E. Trent and Laura Schnurr

Edited by Joanna Wardęga

June 2017 464 pages

agenda publishing

May 2017 140 pages

The Politics and Economics of the Eurozone Crisis

Society, Business and Education in Transition

$55.00 / £46.00 paper 978-83-233-4188-8

$26.00 paper 978-3-8474-0711-9

The Omnipresence of "Global" as a Political

Poland and Soviet Ukraine, 1921–1926 Jan Jacek Bruski

The spiral of global dependency created by China calls for a comparative approach that draws upon local perspectives in every region of the world. The contributors to this volume analyze the similarities and relations between China on the one hand and central and eastern European countries on the other.

March 2017 220 pages

Greek Tragedy, European Odyssey

China – Central and Eastern Europe Cross-Cultural Dialogue

"Bruski's latest book is an extensive study on issues of fundamental importance for the development of the Eastern policy pursued by the Second Polish Republic. Based on a broad range of sources, his book is a signal contribution to what we know about Polish-Ukrainian (and Polish-Soviet) relations in the first years following the Treaty of Riga."—Artur Patek, Jagiellonian University

$60.00 cloth 978-3-8474-0552-8

Negotiations of the "New World"

Between Prometheism and Realpolitik

An estimated $3.5 trillion passes through the market for money laundering annually. This represents 80% of the world's illegal income. By "cleaning" the ill-gotten gains of the criminal economy, money launderers keep crime profitable and illegal activities, including terrorist organizations, funded. Most countries have adopted anti–money laundering measures, but their implementation in a globalized world is patchy, and incentives to tackle this illegal activity vary widely from one location to another. This volume takes an integrated look at the problem by considering the laws, the launderers, and the new economics of money laundering in the digital age.

Currently, the EU is at a crossroads in its existence as a political union. The Syrian War, the main cause of the refugee question, demands a coherent European position and action. The Eurozone's financial crises have not yet been fully settled. Russia's actions in Ukraine together with its anti-Western foreign policy call into question the European security order. Contributors analyze the EU's political and institutional responses in relation to these crises.

The New Context of European SouthNorth Migration

The global economic and financial crisis has had a severe impact on southern European economies, forcing growing numbers of mainly young migrants to move north and nurturing the fear of brain drain back home. This volume compiles recent research on European south-north migration, addressing migration processes and practices, the management of migration by institutions, and relevant public debates.

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$90.00 / £75.00 cloth 978-0-231-17978-2

European Mobility in Times of Crisis

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

$85.00   cloth 978-1-911116-63-9

How Can the EU Survive in a Disordered World?

$30.00 / £25.00 paper 978-0-231-17979-9

2017 208 pages

$25.00  paper 978-1-911116-64-6

Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik

By taking a close look at contemporary practices "Through a rigorous analysis of the policies pursued and strategies of far-right actors, this volume in India, [Utsa and Prabhat Patnaik] demonstrate explores this rightward shift of European publics how the contemporary pattern of imperialism is and politics. It assembles analyses of the fara continuation of its previous colonial pattern, in right's changing mobilization patterns and its which peasant agriculture is systematically undereffects on the local, national, and transnational mined, thus generating a gigantic and growing level. International experts including Tamir reserve of surplus labour. The ideas outlined in A Theory of Imperialism are cenBar-On, Liz Fekete, Matthew Kott, and Graham Macklin scrutinize new tral to understanding the construction of the unequal global system in the past forms of coalition building, mainstreaming, and transnationalization and in the present."—Samir Amin, author of The Implosion of Contemporary tendencies as aspects of diversified far-right politics in Europe. Capitalism $30.00 paper 978-3-8376-3720-5

This collection of essays explores the ramifications of the Brexit decision for the UK and European economies. Questions addressed include: What is the likely impact on the U.K's already weak manufacturing industries? How will the withdrawal of EU funding for regional development impact on growth and future economic development outside of London and the South East? How will the EU fare without its second largest economy?

A Theory of Imperialism

National Strategies and Local Practices Challenging Europe Edited by Maik Fielitz and Laura Lotte Laloire

Understanding Cooperation Among Terrorist Actors Assaf Moghadam

Sandra Wilson, Robert Cribb, Beatrice Trefalt, and Dean Aszkielowicz

Trouble on the Far Right

Nexus of Global Jihad

Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault


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Why Do Some Civil Wars Not Happen?

Poland and Slovakia: Bilateral Relations in a Multilateral Context (2004–2016)

Peru and Bolivia Compared Witold Mucha Peace and conflict research has tended to focus on the causes of phenomena such as civil war, terrorism, and state failure. Witold Mucha takes a comparative approach from a peace causes perspective, asking why civil war occurred in Peru but not in Bolivia. Given the striking structural similarities between Peru 1980–1995 and Bolivia 2000-2008, as well as the numerous incidents that led Bolivia to the brink of civil war, Mucha explains why civil war occurred in one country and not the other.

Edited by Joanna Dyduch, Igor Kosir, Radoslaw Kupczyk, and Jaroslav Usiak This book investigates the complex relations between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic in the context of ongoing processes in the European Union's political and economic system. Contributiors identify areas of Poland's and Slovakia's common interest as well as areas of potential conflict like foreign and security policy.

$53.00 paper 978-3-8638-8736-0

$45.00 / £38.00 cloth 978-3-8382-1046-9

April 2017 300 pages

April 2017 280 pages

barbara budrich publishers

barbara budrich publishers

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2017/1: A New Land: Rediscovering Agency in Belarusian History, Politics, and Society Edited by Julie Fedor, Samuel Greene, Andre Härtel, Andrey Makarychev, Andreas Umland, Felix Ackermann, Mark Berman, and Olga Sasunkevich

Essays on Politics and Economics

$40.00 paper 978-3-8474-0618-1 2016 180 pages

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Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

This issue offers new approaches for interpreting Belarusian society as a dynamically changing set of agencies. In doing so, it attempts to overcome a tradition of locating present Belarusian political and social dilemmas in its socialist past. $40.00 / £34.00 paper 978-3-8382-1066-7 2017 212 pages ibidem press

ibidem press

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