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Philosophy new and noteworthy titles 2016

A Letter from the Philosophy Editor: It is with great pleasure that I present the Columbia University Press philosophy catalog for 2016. These books, which span subjects from aesthetics to ethics, animal studies, Asian studies, philosophy of religion, and critical and political theory, reflect the interdisciplinary and global approach of our list and exemplify the quality of scholarship that we value. Among the many outstanding titles in this year’s wide-ranging catalog several deserve special attention. Noam Chomsky’s What Kind of Creatures Are We? shows America’s most influential living philosopher exercising his intelligence on the big questions, who are we and how should we live? The End of Progress, by noted critical theorist Amy Allen, looks at the biggest challenge critical theory faces, the claim that it relies on the now debunked notion of historical progress, and shows how it can retain its force as an agent for radical social change. With Dogs at the Edge of Life is a breathtaking tour de force from the brilliant humanities scholar Colin Dayan that conveys, through memories, stories, films, and books, a dog’s life from inside out, giving us another kind of intelligibility beyond knowledge. Reimagining the Sacred shows noted public figure Richard Kearney in conversation with some of the world’s most influential thinkers—Julia Kristeva, Catherine Keller, Gianni Vattimo, Charles Taylor, and others—on the role that religion can play in promoting an emancipatory politics. Other innovative authors and projects include existential anthropologist Michael Jackson’s Harmattan, an evocative meditation on borders and limits and their place in life-changing initiatory experiences; French philosopher Francois Laruelle’s provocative Christo-Fiction, which liberates Jesus from Christianity and religion itself to play a political role in the real world; former Columbia president George Rupp’s Beyond Individualism, a plea for inclusive communities freed from the limitations of western secularism; and the stunning collection Rawls’ Political Liberalism, edited by Thom Brooks and Martha Nussbaum, which features new work from Jeremy Waldron, Paul Weithman, Oona O’Neill, Frank Michelman, and the editors revisiting Rawls’ views on the role that religion can and should play in public life. I am sure that you will find much to enjoy and ponder in these pages. I, and my colleagues at Columbia University Press, look forward to continuing our dialogue.

Wendy Lochner Publisher, Philosophy, Religion, Political Theory, Animal and Critical Life Studies


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Political Philosophy & Critical Theory...........4 New & Forthcoming in Paper.......................10 Philosophy, Aesthetics & Theory...................11 Continental Philosophy................................ 16 Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics........ 19 Philosophy of Religion.................................. 21 Ethics............................................................26 Environmental Philosophy/Animal Studies...28 Asian Philosophy..........................................29 Philosophy of Science .................................30 Ordering Information....................................31 Manuscript queries and proposals can be sent to the Philosophy Editor:

The End of Progress Decolonizing the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory Amy Allen p. 4

Wendy Lochner ( For a complete listing of Columbia’s titles or for more information about any book in this catalog, visit our web site: Most titles in this catalog published by Columbia University Press are available worldwide from the Press. If no UK price appears, it is most likely from Columbia only in the United States, its possessions, and Canada.

What Kind of Creatures Are We? Noam Chomsky p. 19

With Dogs at the End of Life Colin Dayan p. 28

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Forthcoming January 2016

Religion, Secularism, and Constitutional Democracy

The End of Progress

Edited by Jean L. Cohen and Cécile Laborde "Few topics energize debates within the fields of human rights, constitutionalism and political theory as the question of scope of religious authority. This volume is practically a 'who's-who' of the very top scholars writing on religion, secularism and cultural pluralism. It is at the cutting edge of debates in all of these fields and will be required reading in seminar rooms across North America and Europe." — Andrew F. March, author of Islam and Liberal Citizenship, Yale University Critically engaging with traditional secularism and religious accommodationism, this collection introduces a constitutional secularism that robustly meets contemporary challenges. It identifies which connections between religion and the state are compatible with the liberal, republican, and democratic principles of constitutional democracy and assesses the success of their implementation in the birthplace of political secularism: the United States and Western Europe.

Decolonizing the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory Amy Allen "Allen has performed the long-overdue task of pulling contemporary Frankfurt School theory into the light that postcolonial theory sheds upon its quietude about imperialism and colonialism, its insufficient appreciation of global inequality and differences, its fetishism and purification of European modernity. While honoring the power of the School's theoretical foundations and insights, Allen stages a steady and profound encounter with its worldly Others—an encounter that cannot be dismissed." — Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley Amy Allen fractures critical theory from within by dispensing with its progressive reading of history while retaining its notion of progress as a social imperative. In reimagining a decolonized critical theory after the end of progress, she rescues it from oblivion and gives it a future. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17324-7 2016 304 pages

$40.00  / £27.50  paper 978-0-231-16871-7

New Directions in Critical Theory

$120.00  / £83.00  cloth 978-0-231-16870-0 2016 492 pages Religion, Culture, and Public Life


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Way Too Cool

Marx after Marx

Selling Out Race and Ethics

History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism

Shannon Winnubst "In this intellectually vibrant text that reads economic doctrines, racialized class inequities, and the lasting residue of popular culture with equal grace, Winnubst uses the genealogy of cool to pen a riveting treatise on race, ethics, and the commodification of social difference. Winnubst's arguments are precise and persuasive, as rigorously crafted as they are creatively composed. This book is poised to shake up how we think, talk and teach about neoliberalism." — Juana María Rodríguez, University of California, Berkeley Way Too Cool follows the hollowing-out of "coolness" in modern American culture and its reflection of a larger evasion of race, racism, and ethics now common in neoliberal society. It revisits such watershed events as the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, secondwave feminism, the emergence of identity politics, 1980s multiculturalism, 1990s rhetorics of diversity and colorblindness, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina, as well as the contemporaneous developments of rising mass incarceration and legalized same-sex marriage.

Harry Harootunian "A landmark study within Marxist thought. Drawing largely upon Marx's later works for its conceptual tools and theoretical method, this study analyses how different regions under differing circumstances, throw up a plurality of developmental forms all under the general code of capitalist accumulation." — Michael Dutton, author of Policing Chinese Politics This book deprovincializes Marx and the West's cultural turn by returning to the theorist's earlier explanations of capital's origins and development, which followed a trajectory beyond Euro-America to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Engaging with the texts of Lenin, Luxemburg, Gramsci, and other pivotal theorists, Harootunian strips contemporary Marxism of its cultural preoccupation by reinstating the deep relevance of history. $35.00 / £24.00  cloth 978-0-231-17480-0 2015 312 pages

$28.00 / £19.50 paper 978-0-231-17295-0 $80.00 / £55.00 cloth 978-0-231-17294-3 2015 256 pages / 13 illus. for more information , visit :



Rawls's Political Liberalism


Edited by Thom Brooks

The Origin and Future of a Political and Legal Concept

and Martha C. Nussbaum “These essays by leading political, moral, and legal theorists provide significant interpretations and reassessments of the central ideas of Rawls's Political Liberalism. Martha Nussbaum's introduction is a real service, a must read particularly for those new to the field. Frank Michelman's essay is the best work of its kind on the constitutional specification of the basic liberties, and Jeremy Waldron presents significant new challenges to the idea of public reason. Highly recommended." —Samuel Freeman, University of Pennsylvania "By querying the potential international reach of political liberalism, probing its capacity to account for constitutional and legal arrangements, and reexamining its appeal to conceptions of the good, the authors bring to light new aspects of the work's depth." —Henry S. Richardson, Georgetown University $30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-14971-6 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-14970-9 2015 224 pages Columbia Themes in Philosophy

Dieter Grimm Translated by Belinda Cooper

"Grimm surveys the thousand-year history of the idea of sovereignty— emphasizing its changing meanings as Western ideas of political legitimacy transform themselves over the centuries. Grimm's work is the first on this subject that combines historical mastery with a sense of the present need to redefine our political understandings." — Bruce Ackerman, Yale Law School Dieter Grimm's accessible introduction to the concept of sovereignty ties the evolution of the idea to historical events, from the religious conflicts of sixteenth-century Europe to today's trends in globalization and transnational institutions. Grimm wonders whether recent political changes have undermined notions of national sovereignty, comparing manifestations of the concept in different parts of the world. Geared for classroom use, the study maps various notions of sovereignty in relation to the people, the nation, the state, and the federation, distinguishing between internal and external types of sovereignty. $25.00 / £17.50 paper  978-0-231-16425-2 $75.00/ £52.00  cloth  978-0-231-16424-5 2015 192 pages   Columbia Studies in Political Thought/ Political History


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The Highway of Despair

Violence and Civility On the Limits of Political Philosophy Étienne Balibar Translated by G. M. Goshgarian “Violence and Civility offers both a probing philosophical exploration of the relationship of violence to politics and a political philosophy of 'anti-violence' responding to the structural and overt violences of capitalist modernity. Balibar's philosophical archive is extensive and deep —he thinks with Hobbes, Spinoza, Hegel, Weber, Luxemburg, Lacan, Derrida, and, of course, his beloved and inexhaustible Marx. Braided together by his singular philosophical imagination and passion for justice, Balibar's subtle readings result in nothing less than revolutionary political theory for the twenty-first century." — Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley and author of Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution $30.00 / £20.50 cloth 978-0-231-15398-0

Critical Theory After Hegel Robyn Marasco "The Highway of Despair masterfully puts patient interpretation in the service of a powerful political and theoretical vision. By following the thread of negativity that joins Hegel to Adorno, Bataille, and Fanon, Marasco shows that 'despair' is not a feeling of impotence but a mode of comportment through which people register and engage the torn, divided character of their world. In drawing out and analyzing despair's surprising power to energize praxis and sustain thought, she simultaneously recasts critical theory's history and scrambles the tired oppositional coordinates through which we too often debate its future." — Patchen Markell, University of Chicago Analyzing the works of an eclectic cast of thinkers, Robyn Marasco considers the dynamism of despair as a critical passion, reckoning with the forms of historical life forged along Hegel's highway.

2015 232 pages

$50.00/ £34.50  cloth 978-0-231-16866-3

The Wellek Library Lectures

2015 240 pages   New Directions in Critical Theory

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The Hidden God

Ethical Loneliness

Pragmatism and Posthumanism in American Thought

The Injustice of Not Being Heard

Ryan White

"To read Ethical Loneliness is to undergo the page-turning yet profoundly uncomfortable experience of struggling to hear the fractured stories told by survivors. Jill Stauffer's voice leads us carefully and thoughtfully through an unsettling hell of testimonies, showing us how difficult it is for us to linger in the discomfort of hearing about violent injustice without rushing through the ugly parts, forgetting the hard parts, dismissing the odd parts, straightening out the chronology, watering down the anger, denying the complicity, enforcing forgiveness or victimhood, whitewashing the ending, and missing what is not said and what cannot be put into words. This book, or rather, this experience of listening, is destined to become, like Elaine Scarry's The Body in Pain, a classic text in the field. It is really that good." — Linda Meyer, Quinnipiac University

Jill Stauffer

"The Hidden God completely transforms our understanding of pragmatism, its place in the genealogy of posthumanist thought, and its relationship to precursors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jonathan Edwards, and the Puritans. We will never think about pragmatism... in the same way again. The fact that we also find here a remarkable rereading of the work of Charles Sanders Peirce—and Peirce's relationship to William James—makes an already illuminating work of scholarship even more invaluable." — Cary Wolfe, Rice University The Hidden God revisits the origins of American pragmatism and finds a nascent "posthumanist" critique shaping early modern thought. By reaching as far back as the Calvinist arguments of the American Puritans and their struggle to know a "hidden God," this book brings American pragmatism closer to contemporary critical theory.

$55.00 / £38.00 cloth 978-0-231-17150-2 2015 240 pages

$50.00 / £34.50 cloth 978-0-231-17100-7 2015 248 pages


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Starve and Immolate

Debating Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Identity

The Politics of Human Weapons

Jorge J. E. Gracia and His Critics

Best First Book Prize, FPT Section of APSA

Edited by Iván Jaksic

Banu Bargu

"This book contains the best and most thorough defense of Gracia's FamilialHistorical View of Hispanic identity and original arguments concerning the complex relations among race, ethnicity, and nationality; linguistic rights and Affirmative Action; and the identity, status, and future of Hispanic/Latin American/Latino philosophy." — José Medina, Vanderbilt University The philosopher Jorge J. E. Gracia engages fifteen prominent scholars on race, ethnicity, nationality, and Hispanic/Latino identity in the United States. Their discussion joins two distinct traditions: the philosophy of race begun by African Americans in the nineteenth century, and the search for an understanding of identity initiated by Latin American philosophers in the sixteenth century. Participants include Linda M. Alcoff, K. Anthony Appiah, Richard J. Bernstein, Lawrence Blum, Robert Gooding-Williams, Eduardo Mendieta, and Lucius T. Outlaw Jr., and their dialogue reflects the analytic, Aristotelian, Continental, literary, Marxist, and pragmatic schools of thought.

“Starve and Immolate is more than a rigorously documented account of a major resistance movement; it is a complex and erudite, yet lucid, theoretical analysis of the politics of life and death that draws upon, but ultimately moves beyond, Foucault's and Agamben's readings of sovereignty and biopolitics to make a major contribution to thinking about relations of power and resistance in contemporary society... A much-discussed literature is made fresh again through Bargu's impressive skill." — Radical Philosophy "In this remarkable book, Bargu frames a political ethnography of hunger strikes in Turkish prisions with debates about Foucault's critique of biopolitical power... Elegantly written and argued, this text is a compelling empirical and theoretical contribution." — Choice $65.00 / £45.00 cloth 978-0-231-16340-8 2014 512 pages New Directions in Critical Theory

$50.00 / £34.50 cloth 978-0-231-16944-8 2015 296 pages for more information , visit :



The Right to Justification

The Social Foundations of Democratic Life

Elements of a Constructivist Theory of Justice

Axel Honneth $25.00 paper 978-0-231-16247-0 December 2015 448 pages New Directions in Critical Theory

Rainer Forst $28.00 / £19.50 paper 978-0-231-14709-5 2014 368 pages New Directions in Critical Theory

Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought

Factory of Strategy

Richard B. Miller

Thirty-Three Lessons on Lenin

$26.00 / £18.00 paper 978-0-231-15099-6 November 2015 240 pages

Antonio Negri

Columbia Series on Religion and Politics

Pragmatism as Transition Historicity and Hope in James, Dewey, and Rorty Colin Koopman

$27.00 / £18.50 paper 978-0-231-14683-8 2015 368 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

The Wrath of Capital Neoliberalism and Climate Change Politics

$28.00 / £19.50 paper 978-0-231-15874-7 2015 288 pages

Adrian Parr

The Plebeian Experience A Discontinuous History of Political Freedom

$25.00 / £17.50 paper 978-0-231-15829-9 2014 232 pages New Directions in Critical Theory

The Aesthetics of Uncertainty

Martin Breaugh $30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-15619-6 February 2016 344 pages Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History

Janet Wolff

Adventures of the Symbolic

Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts

Post-marxism and Radical Democracy Warren Breckman $30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-14395-0 November 2015 376 pages Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History

$30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-14097-3 November 2015  200 pages / 20 illus.

The Problem with God Why Atheists, True Believers, and Even Agnostics Must All Be Wrong Peter J. Steinberger $22.00 / £15.00 paper 978-0-231-16355-2 2015 224 pages

Social Acceleration A New Theory of Modernity

Global Intellectual History

Hartmut Rosa

Edited by Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori

$27.00 / £18.50 paper 978-0-231-14835-1

$27.00  / £18.50  paper 978-0-231-16048-0

2015 512 pages / 16 illus.

2015 352 pages

New Directions in Critical Theory

Columbia Studies in Global and International History


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PHILOSOPHY, AESTHETICS & THEORY Forthcoming January 2016

Forthcoming January 2016

The Autonomy of Pleasure

Chaos Imagined

Libertines, License, and Sexual Revolution

Literature, Art, Science

James A. Steintrager

Martin Meisel

“James Steintrager's original and persuasive study of Sade and the uses of Sade will be as stimulating to historians of sexuality, sex, and sexology as it will be to scholars and students of eighteenth-century French literature. His thesis—that Sade's position in the history of libertinage is distinctive, involving the promotion of pleasure as an autonomous sphere, free from all constraints, moral, legal, social, æsthetic, rational—is sensitively argued, and he makes careful and interesting connections between Sade's liberation of sexual pleasure and twentiethcentury sexual liberation. The Autonomy of Pleasure will also appeal to historians of visual culture with its excellent reproductions of eighteenth-century engravings, surrealist photographs and movie stills." — Kate Tunstall, University of Oxford $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-15158-0 2016 448 pages / 40 illus. Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts

"Martin Meisel's magnum opus is a heroic act of defiance against its own subject matter: an enlightening, judicious, cohesive history of three millennia of thought about the terrors and attractions of chaos. The book moves with steady confidence through literature, science, art, and philosophy, illuminating many varieties of darkness, finding convincing and original connections across centuries and continents. With authority and energy, it creates a whole new field of study." — Edward Mendelson, Columbia University "This extraordinary, encyclopedic exploration of how artists, poets, philosophers, and scientists have imagined and represented chaos explores, not chaos in the abstract, but those crucial transitions to (and from) chaos that are so intricately represented in the most complex artworks from Oedipus Rex to Melville's Moby Dick, Goya's Disasters of War, and Ad Reinhardt's "black" paintings. The unpredictable is thus made, not predictable, but endlessly fascinating." — Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University $45.00 / £30.00 cloth 978-0-231-16632-4 2016  576 pages / 96 illus.

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Striking Beauty

A Philosophical Fiction

A Philosophical Look at the Asian Martial Arts

Michael Jackson "A...thoughtful rendering of an exotic locale that recalls The Quiet American." — Kirkus Reviews "Harmattan is a remarkable inquiry into the intricate interweave between fact and fantasy, anthropological observation and imaginative fiction. In venturing ever further into the text, the reader is deliriously caught, like the book's narrators, in a multichambered realm of storytelling where life, death, friendship, and the elusiveness of truth are the most critical terms of existence." — Robert Desjarlais, Sarah Lawrence College $28.00 / £18.00  paper 978-0-231-17235-6 $85.00 / £58.50  cloth 978-0-231-17234-9 2015  192 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

Barry Allen "Striking Beauty presents a beautifully and forcefully written account of the philosophical background of martial arts in Eastern and Western traditions. At the same time, it also presents the author's vision of a contemporary philosophy, and phenomenology, of the martial arts and their aesthetic, somatic, and ethical dimensions. It is a ground-breaking and inspiring book." —Hans-Georg Möeller, University of Macau Striking Beauty explains the relationship between Asian martial arts and the Chinese philosophical traditions of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism, in addition to Sunzi's Art of War. It connects martial arts practice to the Western concepts of mindbody dualism and materialism, sports aesthetics, and the ethics of violence. The work ameliorates Western philosophy's hostility toward the body, emphasizing the pleasure of watching and engaging in martial arts, along with their beauty and the ethical problem of their violence. $30.00 / £20.50 cloth 978-0-231-17272-1 2015 272 pages 


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Why We Dance

The Politics and Poetics of Cinematic Realism

A Philosophy of Bodily Becoming Kimerer L. LaMothe

Hermann Kappelhoff

"A rare and welcome book. LaMothe offers a view of the world from one who has woven together three experiential bodies of knowledge crucial to gaining insight into the terrible fractures eroding human life. A dancer and a scholar of dance, she is also a mother and a farmer. Her writing has the feel of the kinds of wisdom cultivated in older cultures, through rituals rooted in the ancient patterns of the cosmos. She brings her considerable experience of moving to bear on the basic questions that engage us all: mattering, meaning, connecting, healing, loving, and caring for the earth." — Don Hanlon Johnson, author of Body, Spirit, and Democracy $30.00 / £20.50  paper 978-0-231-17105-2 $90.00 / £62.00  cloth 978-0-231-17104-5 2015 304 pages 

Translated by Daniel Hendrickson

"Since the 1920s, the cinema has been closely associated with the development of aesthetic utopias. Drawing on the writings of Rancière, Brecht and Kracauer, Hermann Kappelhoff traces the legacy of these utopias in the films of the late Visconti, the early Fassbinder, the New Hollywood of A Clockwork Orange and The Exorcist, and the flamboyant oeuvre of Pedro Almodóvar. What emerges is a fascinating study of cinema as a cultural institution that unlike any other helps us experience the complexities of social reality and envision a new symbiosis between poetics and politics." — Gerd Gemünden, author of Continental Strangers: German Exile Cinema, 1933-1951 $30.00 / £20.50  paper 978-0-231-17120-5 $90.00 / £62.00  cloth 978-0-231-17120-5 2015 280 pages / 40 illus. Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts

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Doing Aesthetics with Arendt

The Practices of the Enlightenment

How to See Things

Aesthetics, Authorship, and the Public

Cecilia Sjöholm

Dorothea E. von Mücke

"With its insistent references to the spaces of appearances and new beginnings, to judgment and narrative, and to perspectives and plurality, Hannah Arendt's philosophy is thoroughly and emphatically structured by aesthetic categories, which no reader could have failed to notice. Bringing these categories— and some new ones: the sense of 'realness' and the 'sounding' of the language of love — into orderly, pointed, and illuminating focus, Cecilia Sjöholm has compellingly and beautifully constructed for us Arendt's unwritten aesthetics. " — J. M. Bernstein, New School for Social Research Constructing an Arendtian theory of aesthetics from the philosopher's fragmentary writings on art and perception, Sjöholm begins a vibrant new chapter in Arendt scholarship that expands her relevance for contemporary philosophers. $55.00 / £38.00 cloth 978-0-231-17308-7

"This risk-taking, cliché-breaking book embodies the virtues of the writers it studies. Lessing, Rousseau, Kant, Herder, and Goethe come alive in its pages as the inventors of a new apprehension of art, as explorers of interiority, as creators of a critical public. Synthetic vision, astonishing breadth of learning, and richly textured analysis combine to produce a study of remarkable power and subtlety.... A worthy successor to Habermas's great book on the emergence of the public sphere." — David E. Wellbery, University of Chicago "Moving nimbly across theology, moral philosophy, natural philosophy, and print culture... von Mücke's book charts how the Enlightenment made artistic creativity the very marker of humanity itself." — Jonathan Sheehan, University of California, Berkeley $75.00 / £52.00 cloth 978-0-231-17246-2 2015 320 pages /13 illus. Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts

2015  240 pages Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts


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The Subject of Torture

Real Virtuality

Psychoanalysis and Biopolitics in Television and Film

About the Destruction and Multiplication of World

Hilary Neroni

Edited by Ulrich Gehmann and Martin Reiche

"The suffering, tremulous body examined in this excellent book is not that of the torture victim, who must pay in the flesh for our access to truth, but that of the torturer, who conceals his obscene pleasure behind euphemisms such as 'enhanced interrogation' and rationalizations based on false scenarios of imminent threat. Hilary Neroni's expert and detailed readings of the Abu Ghraib photographs, documentary films about the events leading up to them, and the new genre of 'torture porn' that appeared in their wake execute a fine twist, one that completely revises the course of reflections on the body at stake in biopolitics." — Joan Copjec, Brown University

Increasingly, the virtual became reality by a hybridization of the world as we knew it: the process that went on in recent years is one of a technically assisted hybridization of both space and self, the "old" world is becoming virtualized and functionalized to a degree never experienced before. For the first time in human history, we have reached a threshold where we have not only to reassert but to redefine ourselves, in terms of understanding what world means for us; how our existence and an assemblage of mixed realities connect to what it means to be human.

Hilary Negroni highlights film and television studies' singular ability to expose and potentially disable the fantasies that sustain torture and the regimes that deploy it.

$60.00 paper 978-38-376-2608-7 2014  454 pages / 60 illus. TRANSCRIPT-VERLAG

$28.00 / £19.50 paper 978-0-231-17071-0 $80.00 / £55.00 cloth 978-0-231-17070-3 2015  200 pages

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CONTINENTAL PHILOSOPHY Forthcoming January 2016

Earth and World

Coming to our Senses

Philosophy After the Apollo Missions

Affect and an Order of Things for Global Culture

Kelly Oliver "Oliver connects Heidegger's pivotal distinction between Earth and World to deliberations on cosmopolitanism from Kant to Arendt and Derrida and to thinking earth as the sustaining ground of not-just-human life. Drawing effortlessly on film and popular culture, this is a brilliant, lucid, and highly readable companion to the End Times." — David Wood, Vanderbilt University "In her brilliant new book, Oliver demonstrates precisely why philosophy could never be the same 'after the Apollo Missions.' She explores in an absolutely lucid and compelling way the ethical challenges and opportunities that emerged at the moment our planet— our environment, our home—was seen from outer space as that 'blue marble.'" — Michael Naas, DePaul University

Dierdra Reber "Reber's argument is fierce. With near breathless but nonetheless sure-footed speed, she cuts a course through an impressive range of hemispheric popular culture to show how capitalism has, from the beginning, generated its own self-serving counterdiscourse." — Nancy Armstrong, Duke University From Facebook "likes" to Coca-Cola "loves," from "emotional intelligence" in business to "emotional contagion" in social media, Reber argues that affect has become the primary catalyst of global culture, displacing reason as the dominant force guiding global culture. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17052-9 2016 352 pages

$30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-17087-1 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17086-4 2015 312 pages


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Political Economy of the Senses

A Materialism for the Masses

Neoliberalism, Reification, Critique

Saint Paul and the Philosophy of Undying Life

Anita Chari "Neoliberalism is one of the most potent phenomena of our time and one of the most strangely resistant to critique. Anita Chari takes a provocative approach in A Political Economy of the Senses, expanding our palette of critical resources with important insights about aesthetics and reification. This is a timely, creative book about some of the most urgent problems of our day." — Kevin Olson, University of California, Irvine Reading art by Oliver Ressler, Zanny Begg, Claire Fontaine, Jason Lazarus, and Mika Rottenberg, as well as the politics of Occupy Wall Street, Chari identifies practices through which artists and activists have challenged neoliberalism's social and political logics, exposing its inherent tensions and contradictions. $30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-17389-6 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17388-9 2015 280 pages/ 15 illus. New Directions in Critical Theory

Ward Blanton "Ward Blanton attempts nothing less than the overthrow of an understanding of Paul that has dominated philosophical criticism since Nietzsche. Blanton is convinced that Paul is better understood within a repressed tradition of Western thought that Althusser called a 'materialism of the encounter' and that Blanton names 'materialist spirituality.' He pursues two intertwined goals: the destruction of the image of Paul as a metaphysical dualist and the resurrection of an originary Paulinism which is materialist in invigorating life in this world with messianic hope. Blanton writes with an intensity that is hypnotic. There is nothing like his book in existing scholarship." — Laurence L. Welborn, Fordham University $35.00 / £24.00 paper 978-0-231-16691-1 $105.00 / £72.50 cloth 978-0-231-16690-4 2014  264 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

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Falsifying Beckett


Essays on Archives, Philosophy, and Methodology in Beckett Studies

Edited by Matthew Feldman and

Matthew Feldman

Foreword by Alexander Gungov

“That we now speak of the 'grey canon'—the archive of notebooks and unpublished papers that have transformed our understanding of Beckett's debts and influences—is in no small part due to Feldman's ground-breaking interventions." — Ronan McDonald, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Featuring a dozen essays and an original introduction, this collection exemplifies the “empirical turn” in Beckett studies. Drawing on manuscripts that construct revisionist interpretations, this approach illuminates Beckett’s early immersion in philosophy and psychology and his later collaboration with the BBC. By returning to his notebooks, letters, and drafts, these essays offer new readings of key aspects of Beckett’s

Karim Mamdani “This collection of essays . . . represents the most comprehensive analysis of Beckett’s relationship to philosophy in print, how philosophical issues, conundrums, and themes play out amid narrative intricacies. The volume is thus both an astonishingly comprehensive overview and a series of detailed readings of the intersection between philosophical texts and Samuel Beckett’s oeuvre, offered by a plurality of voices and bookended by an historical introduction and a thematic conclusion.” —Journal of Beckett Studies $54.00 / £37.50  paper 978-3-8382-0701-8 2015 344 pages ibidem press

development. $48.00 / £33.00 paper 978-3-8382-0706-3 2015 250 pages ibidem press


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Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics Forthcoming December 2015

What Kind of Creatures Are We?

Freedom and the Self

Noam Chomsky

Essays on the Philosophy of David Foster Wallace

"It's always spring in Mr. Chomsky's garden. Like John Ashbery, Noam Chomsky seems to come up with thoughts that are always fresh, unaffected by the polluting cliches that most of us inhale and exhale all day and night. To read his sentences is a life-giving elixir." —Wallace Shawn, author, Essays "Noam Chomsky is arguably the most influential thinker of our time, having made seminal contributions to linguistics and philosophy, as well as political and social thought. In one succinct and powerfully argued volume, he presents a synthesis of his key ideas." — Howard Gardner, Harvard University In clear, precise, and non-technical language, Chomsky elaborates on fifty years of scientific development in the study of language, sketching how his own work has implications for the origins of language, the close relations that language bears to thought, and its eventual biological basis.

Edited by Steven M. Cahn and Maureen Eckert “This collection opens up a new wing of the critical mansion, not only building up our understanding of Wallace's important early engagement with Taylor but also pressing his investigations toward lively new dialogues with John McFarlane, David Lewis, Archilochus, Richard Rorty, and many others." —Stephen J. Burn, University of Glasgow In this anthology, notable philosophers explore Wallace's philosophical and literary work, illustrating remarkable ways in which his philosophical views influenced and were influenced by themes developed in his other writings, both fictional and nonfictional. Together with Fate, Time, and Language, this critical set unlocks key components of Wallace's work and its traces in modern literature and thought. $25.00 / £17.50 paper 978-0-231-16153-4

$19.95 / £13.95 cloth 978-0-231-17596-8

$75.00 / £52.00 cloth 978-0-231-16152-7

2015 176 pages

2015 192 pages

Columbia Themes in Philosophy

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Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics Deductive Systems and the Decidability Problem for Hybrid Logics Michal Zawidzki

Who's Afraid of Academic Freedom? Edited by Akeel Bilgrami and Jonathan R. Cole “This impressive collection of 17 essays, with its broad range of social, scientific, legal and philosophical analyses, will be vitally important to democratic and political dialogue." — Times Higher Education "Cogent essays about a topic crucial to the university and to all discourse in a democracy." — Kirkus Reviews

This book stands at the intersection of two topics: the decidability and computational complexity of hybrid logics, and the deductive systems designed for them. It will be of interest to philosophers and logicians working with modal and hybrid logics, as well as to computer scientists interested in deductive systems and decision procedures for logics. Extensive fragments of the first part of the book can also serve as an introduction to hybrid logics for wider audience interested in logic. $55.00 / £38.00  cloth 978-83-233-3695-2 2014  232 pages / 7 illus. Jagiellonian University Press

In these seventeen essays, distinguished scholars discuss the conceptual issues surrounding the idea of freedom of inquiry and scrutinize a variety of obstacles to such inquiry that they have encountered in their personal and professional experience. Their discussion of threats to freedom traverses a wide disciplinary and institutional, political and economic range covering specific restrictions linked to speech codes, the interests of donors, institutional review board licensing, political pressure groups, and government policy, as well as phenomena of high generality, such as intellectual orthodoxy, in which coercion is barely visible and often self-imposed. $35.00 / £24.00  cloth 978-0-231-16880-9 2015  448 pages


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PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Forthcoming December 2015

Reimagining the Sacred


Richard Kearney Debates God

The Ruins of Athens and Jerusalem

with James Wood, Catherine Keller, Charles Taylor, Julia Kristeva, Gianni Vattimo, Simon Critchley, Jean-Luc Marion, John Caputo, David Tracey, Jens Zimmermann, and Merold Westphal

François Laruelle

Edited by Richard Kearney and Jens Zimmermann "This eminently readable volume offers rich insights into the leading contemporary Continental philosophers of religion who are addressing the place of the sacred and the sacramental in the contemporary world after the supposed 'death of God' announced by Nietzsche and others. Kearney shows his hermeneutical and dialogical skills in illuminating interviews conducted with leading thinkers, including Jean-Luc Marion, Charles Taylor, Gianni Vattimo and Julia Kristeva. This book serves both as a lucid introduction to contemporary Continental philosophy of religion and a guide through the complexity of the contested terrain between theists, atheists, and those who search for a credible way to articulate the sacred in everyday life." — Dermot Moran, University College Dublin

Translated by Robin Mackay

"It is no exaggeration to say that the contribution of François Laruelle's entire opus and of Christo-Fiction in particular will be historic. The importance of this latest work stems not only from the momentum of the emergence of a 'Laruellian epoch' in philosophy but also from the fact that this is the first work where he reconciles the two great phases in his thought—the 'scientific' one and the one of 'nonstandard theology.'" — Katerina Kolozova, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities-Skopje Explicitly inserting quantum science into religion, Laruelle recasts the temporality of the cross, the entombment, and the resurrection, arguing that it is God who is sacrificed on the cross so equals in faith may be born. Positioning itself against orthodox religion and naive atheism alike, Christo-Fiction is a daring, heretical experiment that ties religion to the human experience and the lived world. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16724-6 2015 296 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

$30.00 / £20.00  paper 978-0-231-16103-9 $90.00 / £62.00  cloth 978-0-231-16102-2 2015  288 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

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Excellent Beauty

The Sensual God

The Naturalness of Religion and the Unnaturalness of the World

How the Senses Make the Almighty Senseless

Eric Dietrich

Aviad M. Kleinberg

"This book is the perfect answer to dogmatic atheism and religious fundamentalism, two dangerous trends in our polarized world. For me, just reading this book became a spiritual experience! Eric Dietrich shows very elegantly how both science and philosophy deepen the mystery of existence and awareness of existence. If you are not perpetually surprised that you exist, your humanity is incomplete. To be fully human is to wonder, to have true humility, gratitude, and reverence for life. This book could get you there." —Deepak Chopra, author of The Future of God "Science, Eric Dietrich claims, is the most open door into profound mystery that human beings have yet invented. Excellent Beauty urges science to wrest control of the discourse of mystery from religions, which have fiercely defended their claim to be the exclusive purveyors of mystery for centuries. The mystery science reveals is not a god who loves us, but an unknowable universe in which we must learn to take care of ourselves." — Chris Fields, New Mexico State University

"Aviad Kleinberg writes with ease and at times delightful humor, all the while expertly navigating between various ancient and modern texts, and substantiating his arguments with biblical examples. The Sensual God is a work of impressive erudition and a brilliant contribution to understanding the cultural givens that define how we understand 'God,' contradictions and all." — Françoise Meltzer, University of Chicago Focusing on examples from both Christian and Jewish sources, from the Bible to sources from the Late Middle Ages, Aviad Kleinberg examines the way Christian and Jewish philosophers, exegetes, and theologians attempted to reconcile God's supposed ineffability with numerous biblical and postbiblical accounts of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and even tasting the almighty. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17470-1 2015  200 pages

$30.00 / £20.50 cloth 978-0-231-17102-1 2015  208 pages


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P hilosophy

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Relativism and Religion

Nietzsche Versus Paul

Do Democratic Societies Need Moral Absolutes?

Abed Azzam

Carlo Invernizzi Accetti "Since the emergence of democracy in the Western World, the Catholic Church has warned that democracies' association with cultural relativism leads to a new totalitarianism. In this compelling book, Carlo Invernizzi Accetti reveals the origins of this demand for absolute moral and political truths. Against Habermas and Rawls, whose theories accept the submission of democratic deliberation to moral value, Carlo Invernizzi Accetti defends a challenging point of view: individual moral relativism not only complements but reinforces democracy. Clear and convincing!" — Patrick Weil, Yale University By engaging with attempts to replace the religious foundation of democratic values with a neo-Kantian conception of reason, this book offers a powerful case for relativism as the strongest basis for a civic ethos that integrates different perspectives into democratic politics.

"Written in a precise and economical style, crystallizing its points with aphoristic clarity, Nietzsche Versus Paul reconstructs a series of "Christian" moments found throughout the Nietzschean corpus and so reveals a surprisingly consistent, sophisticated, and cunning structure. This contribution goes far beyond the circles of Nietzsche scholarship, where it will certainly be received as a fresh and powerful intervention. Indeed, it is an original conceptualization of atheism, nihilism, secularization, and modernity as well, and will be warmly received by scholars of philosophy and religion, especially, those interested in their intersection." — Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley $28.00/ £19.50 paper 978-0-231-16931-8 $85.00/ £58.50 cloth 978-0-231-16930-1 2015  232 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

$65.00 / £45.00 cloth  978-0-231-17078-9 2015  288 pages Religion, Culture, and Public Life

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Beyond Individualism The Challenge of Inclusive Communities George Rupp "Essential reading for leadership and citizenship in today's complex world of religious and cultural difference. As scholar, administrator, and activist, Rupp has seen the crisis of community first-hand, and offers readers a timely proposal for ethical, informed leadership in a global context." — Diana Eck, Harvard University Drawing on decades of research and experience, George Rupp pushes modern individualism beyond its foundational beliefs to recognize the place of communal practice in our world. Affirming the value of communities and the productive role religion plays in many lives, he advocates new solutions to such global challenges as conflicts in the developing world, income inequality, climate change, and mass migration. $30.00 / £20.00 cloth 978-0-231-17428-2

Paul's Summons to Messianic Life Political Theology and the Coming Awakening L. L. Welborn "A courageous and welcome grappling with contemporary philosophers by a New Testament scholar who has expertise in the history, languages, and methodologies of reading Paul. Paul's Summons to Messianic Life reminds us of the relevance of New Testament scholarship to important contemporary debates on universalism, time, and even political action." — Laura Nasrallah, Harvard Divinity School Welborn compares the Pauline dialectic of awakening to attempts by Hellenistic philosophers to rouse their contemporaries from moral lethargy and to the Marxist idea of class consciousness, emphasizing the apostle's radical spirit and moral relevance. $28.00 / £19.50 paper 978-0-231-17131-1 $85.00 / 58.50 cloth 978-0-231-17130-4

2015 224 pages

2015 152 pages / 6 illus.

Religion, Culture, & Public Life

Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture


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Force of God

Rawls and Religion

Political Theology and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy

Edited by Tom Bailey and Valentina Gentile

Carl A. Raschke "Carl Raschke's contribution to political theology offers a sustained and profound genealogy of the conceptual forces that constitute our era. Based on extensive scholarship that discloses obscured insights from the tradition of radical Continental philosophy, he illuminates and challenges the forces of religion, economy, and politics in our time. This is a deep theoretical treatise on our present and future troubles." — Philip Goodchild, University of Nottingham Worsening debt, rising unemployment, and gross income inequality have led to a crisis in political representation and values that twentieth-century theorists never anticipated. Raschke recasts political theology for a new generation. He proposes a bold, uncompromising critical theory that acknowledges the enduring significance of Marx without his materialism and builds a vital, more spiritually grounded relationship between politics and the religious imaginary.

"For those interested in religion and its role in political philosophy, this is a must read.... Highly recommended." — Choice In this anthology, established scholars of Rawls and the philosophy of religion reexamine and rearticulate the central tenets of Rawls's theory to show they in fact offer sophisticated resources for accommodating and responding to religions in liberal political life. The chapters reassert the subtlety, openness, and flexibility of his sense of liberal "respect" and "consensus," revealing their inclusive implications for religious citizens. They also explore the means he proposes for accommodating nonliberal religions in liberal politics, developing his conception of "public reason" into a novel account of the possibilities for rational engagement between liberal and religious ideas. $30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-16799-4 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-16798-7 2014 328 pages

$55.00 / £38.00 cloth 978-0-231-17384-1 2015 208 pages Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture

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A Hedonist Manifesto

Love and Forgiveness for a More Just World

The Power to Exist Michel Onfray

Edited by Hent de Vries and Nils F. Schott

Translated by Joseph McClellan

"A finely wrought and far-sweeping book by an author who has established himself as a voice of wit and acuity in contemporary debates surrounding atheism and the revival of a general Epicurean/Lucretian sensibility. Michel Onfray's writing is lucid and digestible, while the sense of immediate social and cultural relevance remains paramount." — Rocco Gangle, Endicott College

"Engaging scholars in a debate that is situated on the cutting edge of critical theory and contemporary philosophy, Hent de Vries and Nils F. Schott have succeeded beautifully in shifting perspective toward a more totalizing philosophy in conversation with ethics, religion, theology, and literature." —Willemien Otten, University of Chicago

In a sweeping survey of history's engagement with and rejection of the body, he exposes the sterile conventions that prevent us from realizing a more immediate, ethical, and embodied life. He then lays the groundwork for both a radical and constructive politics of the body that adds to debates over morality, equality, sexual relations, and social engagement, demonstrating how philosophy, and not just modern scientism, can contribute to

"This timely and highly stimulating set of essays examines the theological, historical, literary, dramatic, political, and theological resources of love and forgiveness in the world today. The authors find love and forgiveness to be centrally related to questions of justice and recognition, to the alert and attentive desire to see the world and each other aright. I highly recommend this bracing and thoughtprovoking book." —Sarah Beckwith, Duke University

a humanistic ethics.

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17022-2

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17126-7

2015  256 pages / 7 illus.

2015  208 pages

Religion, Culture, and Public Life

Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture


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Human Kindness and the Smell of Warm Croissants

Happiness and Goodness

An Introduction to Ethics

Steven M. Cahn and Christine Vitrano

Ruwen Ogien

Foreword by Robert B. Talisse

Translated by Martin Thom

"Cahn and Vitrano have an uncanny ability to transmit their ideas in a vivid and enjoyable fashion by providing colorful vignettes and everyday life stories. I, for one, could not put the book down." —Dov Weiss, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"A lucid translation of a wide-ranging intellectual foray." — Booklist (starred review) Ogien explores, through experimental philosophy and other methods, the responses nineteen real-world conundrums provoke. Is a short, mediocre life better than no life at all? Is it acceptable to kill a healthy person so his organs can save five others? Would you swap a "natural" life filled with frustration, disappointment, and partial success for a world in which all of your needs are met, but through artificial and mechanical means? Ogien doesn't seek to show how difficult it is to determine right from wrong or how easy it is for humans to become monsters or react like saints. Helping us tap into the wisdom and feeling we already possess in our ethical "toolboxes," Ogien instead encourages readers to question moral presuppositions and rules; embrace an intuitive sense of dignity, virtue, and justice; and pursue a pluralist ethics suited to the principles of human kindness.

Philosophical Reflections on Living Well

"Happiness and Goodness reminds me of a Socratic dialogue. The absence of jargon and use of realistic examples in this book make philosophy accessible to all interested in improving their lives." — Andrea Tschemplik, American University A provocative presentation of central issues in ethical theory, philosophy of religion, and the search for meaning in life. Ideal for stimulating discussion of moral values. $19.95 / £13.95 paper 978-0-231-17241-7 $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17240-0 2015 136 pages

$30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-16923-3 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-16922-6 2015 256 pages for more information , visit :



Forthcoming December 2015

With Dogs at the Edge of Life

Beastly Morality

Colin Dayan

Animals as Ethical Agents

"In an inimitable mode of testimony and confession, Colin Dayan argues that relations with dogs, from the southern United States to Turkey, structure violence, vulnerability, and antagonism. Extending her work on the physical exploration of unnamable states, Dayan shows how bonds with dogs uniquely condition the creation of social value. And I say that as a cat person." —Rei Terada, University of California, Irvine

Edited by Jonathan K. Crane

In this original and provocative book, Colin Dayan tackles head-on the inexhaustible world, at once tender and fierce, of dogs and humans. We follow the tracks of dogs in the bayous of Louisiana, the streets of Istanbul, and the humane societies of the United States, and in the memories and myths of the humans who love them. Dayan makes a powerful case for questioning what we think of as our deepest-held beliefs and, with dogs in the lead, unsettles


"This is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. It does not just bring together scholars from across the academy interested in questions about the animal but also shows the synergistic benefits of intense discussions among philosophers, ethologists, and experts from diverse religious traditions." — Celia Deane-Drummond, University of Notre Dame, Indiana Drawing not only on ethics and religion but also on law, sociology, and cognitive science, the essays in this collection test long-held certainties about moral boundaries and behaviors and prove that nonhuman animals possess complex reasoning capacities, sophisticated empathic sociality, and dynamic and enduring self-conceptions.

the dubious promises of liberal humanism.

$35.00 / £24.00 paper 978-0-231-17417-6

$30.00 / £20.50 cloth 978-0-231-16712-3

$105.00 / £72.50 cloth 978-0-231-17416-9

2015 208 pages / 38 illus.

2015 296 pages

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Families of Virtue

Realizing Awakened Consciousness

Confucian and Western Views on Childhood Development

Interviews with Buddhist Teachers and a New Perspective on the Mind

Erin M. Cline

Richard P. Boyle

"An impressive example of a successful multidisciplinary work, in which Cline skillfully combines Chinese thought, the history of Western philosophy, empirical developmental psychology, and public policy proposals. This is clearly a work that will make a significant contribution to multiple fields." — Bryan Van Norden, Vassar College

"If Buddhism is to realize its liberative potential in the modern world, we need to learn a lot more about the nature of awakening. This book is an important step in that direction. Boyle's interviews with well-known Western teachers are insightful (sometimes fascinating) in themselves, and the conclusions that he draws from them are a significant contribution to our understanding of contemplative traditions." —David Loy, author of A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World

Early Confucian philosophers argue that the general ethical sensibilities we develop during infancy and early childhood form the basis for nearly every virtue and that the parent-child relationship is the primary context within which this growth occurs. Joining these views with scientific work on early childhood, Families of Virtue shows how Western psychology can reinforce and renew the theoretical underpinnings of Confucian thought and how Confucian philosophers can affect positive social and political change in our time, particularly in such areas as paid parental leave, breastfeeding initiatives, marriage counseling, and family therapy.

A student of cognitive social science and a Zen practitioner for more than forty years, Richard P. Boyle brings his sophisticated perspective to bear on the development of a theoretical model for both ordinary and awakened consciousness. $30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-17075-8 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17074-1 2015 368 pages / 11 illus.

$20.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-17155-7 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17154-0 2015 368 pages

for more information , visit :



Beyond Biofatalism

Worlds Without End

Human Nature for an Evolving World

The Many Lives of the Multiverse

Gillian Barker

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

"Beyond Biofatalism offers the most constructive discussion of evolutionary psychology currently available. If the evolutionary understanding of human thought and action is ever to fulfill its promise, it will be through absorbing Gillian Barker's wise counsel." — Philip Kitcher, Columbia University

"Rubenstein's witty, thought-provoking history of philosophy and physics leaves one in awe of just how close Thomas Aquinas and American physicist Steven Weinberg are in spirit as they seek ultimate answers." — Publishers Weekly

Beyond Biofatalism provides the perspective we need to understand that better societies are not only possible but actively enabled by human nature. Barker uses related research in social psychology, developmental biology, ecology, and economics to reinforce this view of evolved human nature, and philosophical exploration to reveal its broader implications. The result is an encouraging foundation on which to build better approaches to social, political, and other institutional changes that could enhance our well-being and chances for survival.

"Rubenstein grounds the current debate on the plurality of universes on solid scholarship, skillfully exploring its historical and philosophical roots." — Marcelo Gleiser, Dartmouth College $24.00 / £16.50 paper 978-0-231-15663-9 $28.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-15662-2 2015 360 pages / 12 illus.

$30.00 / £20.00 cloth 978-0-231-17188-5 2015 176 pages


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Sheldon Krimsky

"Krimsky's coverage of topics is impressive, much more extensive than other available teaching tools. His approach is remarkably balanced, accessible, and interesting. The dialogues are open-ended, leaving the instructor the freedom to develop different ideas in different directions in the classroom." — Julia Pedroni, Williams College

Exam Copy / Desk Copy

Addressing the cultural and value issues underlying stem cell research while also educating readers about stem cells' biological function and medical applications, Stem Cell Dialogues features fictional characters engaging in compelling inquiry and debate. Participants investigate the scientific, political, and socioethical dimensions of stem cell science using actual language, analysis, and arguments taken from scientific, philosophical, and popular literature. Each dialogue centers on a specific, recognizable topic, such as the policies implemented by the George W. Bush administration restricting the use of embryonic stem cells; the potential role of stem cells in personalized medicine; the ethics of cloning; and the sale of eggs and embryos.

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