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Building diversity cohesion in unsettling times

Fall 2020

Quite often, I hear deep concerns about effectively managing or creating diversity cohesion in the workplace. Whether you are a new professional entering into today’s job market or an individual seeking to broaden your knowledge on managing or building a diverse team, there are some common and straightforward skill-sets to assist on this journey.



Diversity cohesion is quite simple. It is the act of creating an environment in which respecting individuals promotes innovative thinking. Diversity goes beyond external classifications, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or social and economic class. This cohesion is a company’s reflection of the community it serves. If you are reading this, diversity cohesion is you; it’s me; and it’s the communities we serve. Here are three topics I discuss with clients to spark diverse thinking while setting diversity cohesion goals.

Introspection Self-awareness is vital to your overall success! Learning to value your reflection can ensure you project the image you desire others to perceive of you. Introspection is a dedicated process that evolves over time; nevertheless, be aware there is positivity with this process. As you better understand yourself, you will learn to understand others and value their roles in the workplace.

Ask questions Asking questions reduces preconceived assumptions and stereotypes, and fosters a positive twoway communication platform between individuals and groups. Learning how to ask inclusive and informative questions is a great way to reduce barriers. For example, instead of questioning “Why did you make that decision?,” you may ask, “Are you comfortable sharing your decision-making process?”

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