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From the Heart


While 2020 has brought unexpected academic challenges across the world, the faculty at Columbia College have adapted quickly to virtual classrooms and maintained a high level of support for students amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. We took to the CCAA Facebook page to ask alumni about the Columbia College educators who made an impression on their personal and professional lives. Responses flooded in from experiences spanning five decades, a testament to the lifelong impact of education.

“Ms. Townsend taught Statistics. She made it easy to understand. I never would have even passed without her. I earned an A because she made a great effort and encouraged me.” –CHRISTOPHER ITAI CARDONA ’13, SPRINGFIELD (MO.)

“Thank you to all the awesome instructors in the vocal music department and to Dr. Berry – she gave me a whole new appreciation for American History.” –VALERIE SABINO ’77, DAY CAMPUS

“Boyd Mooney was the man.” –TERRY LEE ’88, FORT WORTH

“Dr. Alioto, Sid Larson, Michael Sleadd, Ben Cameron, Dr. Dunathan, Dr. Taylor. Dr. Overton, Mr. and Mrs. Batterson … soooooo many who shaped my life.” –STEVEN PERSON ’92, DAY CAMPUS

“Shout-out to all the online and campus instructors who made is possible for me, my husband and so many others to obtain our degrees from home / after work / evenings, allowing us to maintain a work/life balance that has become so important to so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” –SHANNON NORRIS ’06, ONLINE EDUCATION

“Jim Metscher, who was an exceptionally amazing person, Dr. Barry Langford and Dr. Joe Carrier. These men made my experience at Columbia College one I’ll cherish and remember always. Great instructors and great people – always willing to help in any way they could.” –STACY HUGHES ’06, DAY CAMPUS AND ONLINE PROGRAM

“Janie Alexander had almost as much belief in my abilities as I did.” –SHAVON BENNETT ’17, ONLINE EDUCATION

“Timothy Lewis was fantastic in all the marketing and business classes I had with him.” –MEREDITH KOONTS ’04, ORLANDO

I had great instructors, but there was a couple who co-taught psychology classes [Joseph Proctor and Diana Dobier] who were exceptionally great.” –KIM SCACE ’00, FREEPORT (ILL.) 

“Hands down Professor William Burak. History became a part of my curriculum due to his engaged instruction sessions. Thanks for believing in each of us.” –TERESA BECKER ’10, HANCOCK FIELD (NY)

“Jim Metscher and Jack Barnhouse.” –RENEE GRAHAM ’90, EVENING CAMPUS

“Shout-out to Enrollment Counselor Victoria Dickerson. She has been awesome in helping my daughter get enrolled in college. Thanks, Victoria!” –CAROL SCHAFER ’15, ONLINE EDUCATION

“I can’t pick one person. Dee Mathison and Kandice Grossman were my most impactful professors. Love them!” –ANGELIA COACHMAN ’12, KANSAS CITY

“And you were definitely one of my best students! You are so thoughtful to say such kind things. Thank you!” –KANDICE GROSSMAN

“You are one of my favorite students of all time! I am forever grateful to have met Gloria Steinem with you! What an experience!!” –DEE MATHISON