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Wheat Ridge 3/28/13

Wheat Ridge

March 28, 2013

50 cents

A Colorado Community Media Publication

Jefferson County, Colorado • Volume 29, Issue 40

Looking for a home

Lawmakers mull aerial fire fleet By Vic Vela

Tundra, an adoptable 7-year-old Siberian Husky, checks out the scene with her volunteer handler, Debbie Fleckenstine, at the grand opening of the new Eddie Bauer location in the Colorado Mills shopping mall March 22. Fleckenstine and other Foothills Animal Shelter volunteers attended the opening with adoptable dogs and collected donations. The store was offering to match any donation made to the animal shelter during the grand opening. Photo by Glenn Wallace

Pinwheels to be planted for support Ralston House hosts annual program to raise awareness, funds By Sara Van Cleve

svancleve@ourcoloradonews. com Blue pinwheels will soon be sprouting across Jefferson County. Ralston House is preparing to recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month in April by selling blue pinwheels and encouraging residents and businesses to plant them as gardens. “Pinwheels are a national symbol for child-abuse prevention,” said Don Moseley, executive director of Ralston House. “When we think about child abuse, it’s such a difficult subject. We should talk about prevention and getting better. The pinwheel is a very hopeful symbol.” Ralston House has set a goal

of raising $30,000 through this year’s pinwheel program, all of which will go toward providing child victims of abuse with forensic interviews, medical exams and emotional support. Ralston House, 10795 W. 58th Ave., is a non-profit childadvocacy center that provides a safe and comfortable environment where children who have been sexually or physically abused can receive help and tell their story. Pinwheels are $5 each, and businesses and individuals can buy them from Ralston House to create their own gardens, or they can sponsor a pinwheel at one of the large public gardens, which will be at Faith Bible Chapel, 6210 Ward Road in Arvada; Gold Crown Sports Foundation, 150 S. Harlan St.; and Jefferson County Open School, 7655 W. 10th Ave. in Lakewood. “For me, it’s a very easy way of doing what we all talk about,” Moseley said.

Pinwheels will be planted at Faith Bible Chapel and Gold Crown Sports Foundation on April 9, and at Jeffco Open School on April 10. A business that wants to plant its own garden can contact Ralston House to receive a kit. They then sell the pinwheels at their business and turn the proceeds over to Ralston House. The support demonstrated through the pinwheels means something special to the victims of child abuse, whether they are still children or have

grown up, Moseley said. “It’s a nice symbol, and it shows victims that the community gets it,” he said. “It’s a chance to show that the community supports them. Countless victims never tell because the perpetrator tells them not to. It’s a reminder that it’s not their fault.” To purchase a pinwheel or pinwheel kit, or to sponsor a pinwheel at a large garden, contact Ralston House at 720898-6741 or go online to www.


Ralston House is selling blue pinwheels to residents and businesses so they can create their own pinwheel gardens in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Proceeds from the pinwheels, which cost $5 each, go directly to Ralston House to support services for children who have been physically and sexually abused. Photo by Sara Van Cleve

As drought continues to plague the West, and with the memories of blazes that covered much of the state last summer still fresh, a group of lawmakers on March 21 announced their plans to introduce a bill to create an aerial firefighting fleet in Colorado. But what they don’t know yet is how much such a bold undertaking would cost, or how they would pay for it. Four legislators told reporters during a Capitol press Report conference that wildfire season has already begun, and that Colorado can’t always rely on the federal government’s limited aerial fleet to come to its rescue, whenever massive fires break out. State Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, said the federal government has slashed its firefighting air fleet over the years, leaving Colorado in a potentially precarious situation for this and future wildfire seasons. “They have an entire country to cover and that could be a very dangerous situation for Colorado,” Jahn said of the federal government’s role in fighting fires. “When we make that phone call to the federal government and say we need assistance, you hope they can show up.” Jahn was joined at the press conference by Democratic Senate President John Morse and Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, both of Colorado Springs, as well as Republican Sen. Steve King of Grand Junction, who will co-sponsor the forthcoming legislation with Jahn. “Quite frankly, we are one lightning strike, one careless match throw, one terrorist, intentional match throw away from a catastrophic wildfire in Colorado,” King said. “God help us if that is in one of our watersheds.” But what no one was prepared to talk about was how much a wildfire aerial fleet is expected to cost. “Good question,” King said when a reporter asked about the price tag. “Next question,” quipped Cadman. King said that “we’re working on that,” saying they would need cost input from the Department of Public Safety, which would be in charge of the fleet. King also said that the department would “figure out” how many planes it would need. King also said lawmakers will look into receiving federal funding. Last year’s wildfire season in Colorado was particularly destructive. The Waldo Canyon Fire that started northwest of Colorado Springs in June destroyed more than 350 homes. Earlier that month, the High Park Fire in Larimer County burned more than 87,000 acres. And with current snowpack around the state sitting well below average, conditions are expected to be ripe for another unpredictable and potentially damaging wildfire season in Colorado this year. “Wildfires absolutely don’t know politics,” Jahn said. “There are no Democrats or Republicans when a fire breaks out and consumes the land. We know that our wildfire threats can be even worse this year than last.”


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2 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

Nothing can be better than something Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed and super-focused with everything that we believe matters in our lives — our families, friends, job, school, and all of our stuff and all of our activities that we pursue or collect — that we forget to find time for a little “nothing.” Obviously “nothing” is not a four-letter word. It is not even a bad word. Sometimes we can all use a little “nothing” in our lives to balance out the hectic pace, madness, and maybe even a little of the drama that may be consuming us or that has crept into our world at the moment. Finding times to be quiet and allow “nothing” to invade our mind or our space could be really healthy at times. I know that some of you may be laughing while reading this and saying that there is no way to find time to do “nothing,” and if I only knew just how much madness and pressure you face each day it would be ridiculous to even propose such a thing.

And that would be exactly why I am recommending that you find some time to do “nothing.” Now when I say find the time to do “nothing,” I am in no way suggesting that it should become our complete lifestyle. Finding time for “nothing” could mean just a few minutes each day. Maybe it’s even the start to our day or found at the end of a busy day where we can decompress and allow the enjoyment of “nothing” to take over. For some folks the need for

“nothingness” could happen in the middle of the day as an escape. I am not sure about you, but when I actually practice this principle of “nothing,” my world comes back into perspective, I find my center, experience peace, and in some way I am actually able to accomplish more than when I am in full-on scramble mode. And in those quiet moments of my “nothing” I also seem to hear so much more from my heart and my head that brings clarity, less worry, and comfort to what may be happening around me. My “nothingness-filled” moments oddly enough also inspire and motivate me, even spark my creativity. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do “nothing”? Was it a quiet moment found somewhere in your home or office? Maybe you enjoyed a few minutes of “nothingness” outside during a walk or

hike. There is actually a spot in the trees that I ski to sometimes where hardly anyone else ever goes, I stop, and, surrounded by the aspens and pine trees, in the stillness of the mountain, I take a few minutes of doing “nothing.” Again, “nothing” really does matter when taken in the right context. Not the sluggard or sloth type associated with laziness, but rather the freeing, energizing, and yet restful form of “nothingness” that helps us to get back to where we really want to be or need to be in our life. I would love to hear your thoughts on doing “nothing” at and maybe our week filled with a few moments of “nothing” will lead us to having a better-than-good week. Michael Norton, a resident of Highlands Ranch, is the former president of the Zig Ziglar organization and CEO and founder of

so much iNside the traNscript this week Twelve Topics: This week focuses on changes in mental health services. Page 4 Twelve Topics


Opinion: Columnist Andrea Doray is inspired by students in poetry contest. Page 8


Capitol Report: Gov. Hickenlooper Capitol signs civil unions Report bill. Page 5

Sports: Farmers victorious in March 15 game. Page 26

Life: The Edge Theatre debuts first production at new location. Page 20

Movies: James Franco enlightened on new (yellow brick) road to “Oz.” Page 24


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March 28, 2013

Council discusses litigation By Hugh Johnson At its March 18 study session, Wheat Ridge City Council discussed entering litigation with Xcel Energy over misuse of a franchise agreement in connection with the 32nd and Youngfield widening project. The agreement allows 1 percent of the funds Xcel collects in Wheat Ridge to be used for moving utility lines underground. City Attorney Gerald Dahl encouraged the council to take issue with Xcel after the company charged the 1percent fund for an undergrounding project the city did not request. The city asked Xcel to move its power lines for the widening project on 32nd. According to Dahl, Xcel is required to move its utility lines at its own expense if a public project re-

quires it. Xcel moved the lines underground because it was difficult to find a place above ground to put them, and charged the city’s fund. Dahl said he believes the charge is not legal because the city did not specifically request that the lines be moved underground. Dahl told the council it would be in the city’s best interest to contest Xcel’s decision because raiding the 1percent fund detracts from the city’s flexibility and options. Currently, the city is using most of the $1.6 million dollar fund to underground utility lines on Kipling between 32nd and 35th. City Manager Patrick Goff said he agreed with Dahl’s assessment of the situation but wants to maintain good rapport with Xcel in the interest of any future investments.

Wheat Ridge Transcript 3

“We are trying to move forward with some balance here so we keep our relationship with them, but at some point we can’t just sit back and be taken advantage of,” Goff said. Dahl said he believes the city has a good case becaues of the wording in the franchise agreement and the support of other municipalities. Former Arvada Mayor Ken Feldman, told Dahl the city has a good case against Xcel. Although the city staff had reached an agreement to pay half the cost of undergrounding the lines at 32nd and Youngfield, the council is considering litigation to have Xcel pay the full price. Goff said the council may have the Public Utitlities Commission review the agreement language to determine what it actually means in regard to the use of the funds for undergrounding projects.

JEFFCO BCC ON THE RECORD Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners discussed the following items at their March 19 staff briefing. District 1 Commissioner Faye Griffin, District 2 Commissioner Casey Tighe, and District 3 Commissioner Donald Rosier were in attendance.

Annual Fire Operating Plan

The Sheriff’s Office will ask for the commission to give formal approval for the county’s annual fire operating plan (AOP) at an upcoming meeting. Among the AOP’s provisions is one to authorize the Sheriff’s Office to commit $100,000 in initial funding to fight a fire incident without having to wait for county approval. Staff said negotiations were ongoing, considering firefighting agreements with Denver Mountain Parks.

Open Space to use uncommitted fees The county collects fees from

land developers to help create and improve park and recreation opportunities. Development on land that is not within a municipality, and not within an established recreation district all go into an uncommitted park fund. The county or recreation districts can then ask the county for those funds. According to the county’s Planning and Zoning Department, that fund has received $35,067 from 1998 to 2012. The Jefferson County Open Space Advisory Committee has recommended that those funds be used in four locations: Pine Valley Ranch Park ($26,800), Reynolds Ranch Park ($6,861), Clear Creek Canyon Park ($1,120) and South Valley Park ($284).

New time and labor system

The county is moving towards official approval of an employee time

and scheduling software system, offered by Kronos. The new program, which consolidates the current patchwork of paper forms and spread sheets that each department currently uses, is expected to have a first-year cost of $197,092. An annual maintenance cost for future is estimated at $39,511. All county departments — aside from the library division — will use the new system. It is estimated the new system will save enough money in internal staff time and reduced mistakes to offer the county a return on investment within a couple years. The new system is scheduled to be implemented by the end of the year. The next commissioners’ meeting and staff briefing will begin at 8 a.m. April 2. — Compiled by Glenn Wallace

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The Jeffco Outdoors Foundation is hosting a “Party for Parks’ — a celebration of the anniversaries and accomplishments of Jefferson County Open Space, Denver Mountain Parks and Great Outdoors Colorado, and a fundraiser benefiting programs that connect children and families to nature. Jefferson County Open Space has been in existence for 40 years, Denver Mountain Parks for 100 years, and

Great Outdoors Colorado for 20 years. Working together, the organizations have helped preserve more than 62,000 acres of public land in Jefferson County. The Party for Parks will be held at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre Visitor Center from 6-10 p.m. Friday, April 5. The event will include food, drinks, entertainment and both live and silent auctions. Tickets for the Party for Parks are $50 and are available at www.jef- or by calling 303-2715934.

Jefferson Symphony Spring Recital

The Jefferson Symphony Orchestra (JSO) Spring Recital will be at 7 p.m. April 13 at Golden’s First United Methodist Church. Tickets are $10. The recital is an opportunity to showcase the talents of JSO musicians as they perform in small ensembles. Jeffco continues on Page 9

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4 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

Mental health services change with the times G Collaboration, education key to progress By Clarke Reader The demand for mental health services has grown consistently over the past decade, experts say, because of an increased need and shrinking stigma against those who require these services. In response, mental health service providers, including Adams County’s Community Reach Center and the Jefferson Center

for Mental Health (JCMH), have adapted and improved the services they offer. “Everyone is acknowledging that you can’t deal with someone’s health without looking at the whole package,” said Community Reach CEO Rick Doucet. “Ten years ago you wouldn’t see mental health discussed at the table, but now we’re being included in panels on things like school safety.” Lindy Schultz, public relations and communications manager with Community Reach, said inte-

Twelve Topics



This Week: Mental Health

grated care has become a major feature of mental health services, with more people now receiving mental health care at their primary doctors’ office. “We’ve seen an uptick in the number of those who WHEAT RIDGE TRAnscRIpT

50th Anniversary Cecil & Esther Etter

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need our services in the last couple years, with the economy and its affects,” she said. “We’re now partnering with school districts and community areas to help consumers with access to our services.” Community Reach and JCMH have offered their consumers group settings for different sessions, from therapy to wellness classes. “We have classes on all kinds of subjects, from stress resolution and exercise to budgeting,” said Harriet Hall, CEO of JCMH. “We want to get to people early, before they need extensive services, and these can in some ways be better for them.” Public outreach and education also has become a top goal for both organizations, to decrease the misconceptions about those with mental health issues, and teach the public how they can help. Mental health first-aid classes are offered by both Community Reach and the JCMH. The classes teach participants how to recognize common mental health

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➜ Hail Damage

Op Harriet Hall, CEO of Jefferson County rea Mental Health

problems as well as the skills to help someone who is in crisis. “If somebody were to break their arm, first aid teaches people what to do to help that person,” Hall said. “These courses educate people on what’s going on when someone is having a serious problem and how to help.” Doucet said due to beliefs about what someone with mental health issues might do, people often are afraid to help, even when a person poses no danger. “You shouldn’t assume that a person having problems is going to hurt you,” he said. “Instead, with a little help, we’ll train you on how to calm that person down.”

Mental Health first-aid instructor Christy Garone speaks to her class about psychosis during a four-part certification course Thursday, March 7, at The Community Reach Center in Thornton. Photo by Emily Mehring

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By V


JCMH has taught mental R health first aid to several lo-hung cal police agencies and or-of th dom ganizations. Community Reach has An a program called Crisis In-state tervention Training thatto de focuses on police officers,Gov. offering them a week-longof course on how to deal withlegis these situations. Doucetlaw o estimates that Community H Reach has trained aboutand leade 300 officers. Participants get to hearCapi from experts and work withconf actors on different scenari-noun signi os. For more information Bu on Community Reach, goslayi online to www.communi-men, and for “O information on the JCMH,the s visit www.jeffersonmental-our c loss o this s entir Mors G the n muc forts Bu the d Am was versa trans

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March 28, 2013

Governor signs gun-control bills Opponents see overreach in measures By Vic Vela Recollection of death and violence has hung over the Capitol throughout much of the legislative session, as gun bills have dominated lawmakers’ attention. And that was even before the head of the state Department of Corrections was shot to death inside his home, just hours before Gov. John Hickenlooper signed three pieces of gun-control legislation into law on March 20. Hickenlooper and Democratic leaders held a Report Capitol press conference to announce the bill signings. But their mood was somber, with the slaying of DOC Executive Director Tom Clements from the night before on their minds. “On a day that we should be celebrating the signing of these three bills that make our communities safer, I am mourning the loss of one more person who lost his life to this senseless violence that is plaguing our entire country,” said Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs. Gun violence that continues to rattle the nation is exactly why Democrats put so much political capital into gun-control efforts this session. But Republicans say Democrats will rue the day for their overreach. Among the bills signed by Hickenlooper was House Bill 1229, which requires universal background checks on gun sales and transfers in Colorado.


Hickenlooper said there is evidence that background checks prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns. Hickenlooper also signed into law House Bill 1224, which limits the number of rounds that an ammunition magazine can carry to 15. Throughout the session, Republicans have criticized the rounds limitation as an arbitrary effort that would do nothing to get weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. They also tagged it as being a jobkilling bill that will cause gun and ammunition manufacturers to flee the state. Hickenlooper acknowledged that he initially was “ambivalent” about the legislation, which he said was “the most contentious bill that we’ve dealt with.” But the governor added that “high-capacity magazines have the potential to turn killers into killing machines.” Hickenlooper also signed House Bill 1228, which will end the taxpayer subsidization of fees associated with gun background checks. Not a single Republican voted for any of the gun bills that Hickenlooper signed on March 20. Sen. Greg Brophy of Wray criticized the governor, saying that the signings will leave his constituents in eastern Colorado livid. “He slapped rural Colorado right in the face,” Brophy said. “Oh, (my constituents) are overwhelmingly upset about this. I mean, they’ve crawled out of the woodwork to talk about this issue. They’re on fire!” And Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said his members will make sure that Democratic lawmakers pay in 2014. “Gov. Hickenlooper and the Democrats in the Legislature just handed our organization a sledgehammer that we get to wade through their china shop in the 2014 elections,” Brown said. “Our organization and gun owners around the state are going to destroy the Democratic caucus.”

Wheat Ridge Transcript 5

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Emotions run high for civil unions law By Vic Vela Rarely was a speech made inside Denver’s History Colorado Center March 21 that didn’t bring Sue Westervelt to tears. The Colorado Springs woman made the hour drive north to be a part of history — to see Gov. John Hickenlooper sign legislation that legalizes civil unions for gay couples in Colorado. “In my lifetime, I can’t believe this is becoming a reality,” said Westervelt, who is gay, as tears trickled down her face. “I’ve been discriminated against my whole life. Now, I don’t feel like a second-class citizen any more.” There were plenty of tears and plenty of cheers inside the sleek Capitol Hill cultural center, as onlookers filled the space to the rafters to witness the signing of Senate Bill 11, which will allow gay couples to enter into commitments that are similar to marriage beginning May 1. Colorado now becomes the eighth state to recognize civil unions, or similar domestic-partner laws. Nine other states, along with the District of Columbia, allow gay marriage. “It is a moment that the whole community has waited for, for so long,” said Hickenlooper. “And it is really the beginning of the country changing. That change has gotten here. It’s gonna keep going. It’s not going to stop in Colorado. But I’d like to think this is a crucial point, a very crucial point.” Joining Hickenlooper on stage were lawmakers who were instrumental in passing


Community papers and websites.

,000 400 readers. .com

the bill, after two failed attempts in previous legislative sessions. They included Denver Democratic Sen. Pat Steadman. Steadman, who is gay, lost his partner of eleven years to pancreatic cancer last year. “He would be so proud standing right here with you,” said House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, as several onlookers were seen wiping away tears. “He was an amazing man. I’m so glad you were able to do this in his honor and to be able to make this a reality.” After the signing came the celebrating. Democratic Sen. Jessie Ulibarri of Commerce City kissed his partner, Louis Trujillo, as the two wrapped their arms around each other. “I told him don’t cry, don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry,” Ulibarri said. “But it was more romantic than that. We’ve been fighting for this for a long time.” Trujillo added, “I told him I love him with all my heart.” Amid the revelry quietly stood Christine Bakke-O’Neil and her partner of four years, Theresa Bakke-O’Neil. The Aurora couple held hands and soaked in the moment, which, for them, had been a long time coming. Christine Bakke-O’Neil recalled walking dejectedly out of the Capitol two years ago, when a civil unions bill failed. “I remember thinking that I don’t count here,” she said. “I don’t count. This is not a state for me. I never felt so disenfranchised in my life, and it was really heartbreaking.” “Now, I’m so surprised as to how emotional I was (during the signing). This means so much.”

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Texas gun battle leads to break in local cases By Glenn Wallace The mystery of who shot and killed 27-year-old Nathan Collin Leon, and left his body in a field near C-470 and West Colfax Avenue, may have been solved by an incident more than 700 miles away. Leon’s body was found on the evening of March 17, across town from his last known location, where he had delivered pizza. Now, authorities say Evan Spencer Ebel, 28, the suspect in a March 21 shootout and car chase in Decatur, Texas, is also the suspect in the Leon case. He was also named the suspect in the March 19 killing of Tom Clements, executive director of Colorado’s Department of Corrections, who was killed at his Monument home. According to authorities, the chase in Texas began when a car with Colorado plates was stopped for a minor moving violation. The driver, Ebel, opened fire on the Montague County Sheriff’s Deputy, injur-

ing him. He then led area law enforcement on a chase that reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The chase came to an abrupt halt when Ebel’s car collided with an 18-wheeler. Ebel exited the car and began firing at officers. He was killed in the ensuing gun fight. Among the evidence reported as being collected from Ebel’s car were a pizza box warmer, and a Domino’s jacket. Golden City Manager Mike Bestor confirmed that a Golden detective was part of the Colorado law enforcement contingent that traveled to Texas that day to investigate. “It looks like they might have the suspect,” Bestor told the City Council March 21. The next morning Denver Police Department made this statement via Twitter: “Thanks to great work by Golden Police Department investigators, Denver Police Department detectives and a forensic examination by the Denver Crime Lab, we are confident the Texas suspect is also the suspect in the Denver/Golden case.” According to the Denver Post, Ebel is a parolee from the Denver area with an extensive criminal history, including affiliation with a white-supremacy prison gang.

Moya sentenced for the murder of her husband ‘Cold and calculating’ murderer given 36 years

Emerging Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor

Time: Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Golden murder may be solved

By Glenn Wallace


Friday, April 5

March 28, 2013

Tina Louise Moya, identified as the “driving force” in the brutal murder of her husband, was sentenced on March 20 to 36 years in prison. “I just want to say sorry to the family,” Moya, 40, said, in her one-sentence statement to the court before her sentence was announced. “Frankly, ma’am, I think this is the first emotion I’ve seen out of you,” District Court Judge Randall C. Arp said, calling her one of the most cold and calculating people he had ever seen in his Jefferson County courtroom. Moya’s husband, Richard Limon, was murdered in August 2011. Limon, 69, was stabbed nine times, and his body was dumped on the side of Lookout Mountain Road above Golden. Moya had previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and could have received a maximum sentence of 48 years. In his ruling, Arp said that while Moya’s manipulation of the co-defendants in the case was onerous, the fact that she did not physically carry out the murder warranted the shorter sentence.

According to the judge, Moya will have to serve a minimum of 27 years behind bars before becoming eligible for parole. Prosecutor Candace Werth told the courtroom that Moya was actually more responsible for the murder, since it likeMoya ly would not have occurred if not for her manipulation. “She was the one who wanted this done and sought the people out who would do this,” Werth said, adding that Moya had actually handed the murder weapons to her accomplices. According to court testimony, Moya had plotted to kill her husband for months in retribution for Limon allegedly raping Moya and her teenage daughter. Moya coerced her daughter’s boyfriend, gang member Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, and her new boyfriend, Raul Nunez-Soto, to carry out the crime. Afterward, Moya and her daughter, Nena Moya, helped clean up the crime scene. Nunex-Soto was sentenced to 48 years in prison. Gracias is believed to have fled abroad to El Salvador. He was placed on the FBI’s most-wanted list last week, with a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Limon’s daughter, Michelle Limon said she hoped Moya’s sentence would give her a bit of closure. “Now we can just wait for the next one to get caught,” Michelle Limon said.

HAVE A STORY IDEA? Email your ideas to Jefferson County Reporter Glenn Wallace at or call him at 303-566-4136.

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• Neurosurgeon Kara Beasley, DO, of Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates These physicians will discuss new data, patient results, current treatment options, new promising therapies that are in clinical trials, and deep brain stimulation (DBS) which is an innovative, surgical treatment option. ©2013 Exempla Healthcare

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March 28, 2013

ment up to o an th an egan nsu-

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elebrating our 93 Year

"The Golden Road to Success"


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GOLDEN FAMiLY EAsTER will continue

The event will kick off Saturday, March 30 at 10:00am with a canned food drive for the Christian Action Guild and a FREE Easter Egg hunt in Parfet Park (10th & Washington Ave.). It is planned to have over 5,000 Easter eggs hidden in the park. Other fun events will continue on

the Avenue such as cookie decorating at Table Mountain Inn, Face Painters and Animal Balloon Makers at various locations, register to win the huge Easter Basket displayed at Avenue Gifts and donated by Meyer Hardware. Golden Family Easter is hosted by the Golden Kiwanis Club, CSM Key Club, GHS Key Club and the Golden Downtown Merchants Association.

shopping and enjoying the great atmosphere in Historic Downtown Golden. There will be free horse drawn carriage rides (weather permitting) through Historic Downtown. sO come on down to the main streets of Golden on the first Friday of every month and have a great meal, an adventure into shopping and special enjoyment.


MEMBERsHiP LuNCHEON (GOLDEN ROTARY ETHiCs iN BusiNEss AWARDs) will be Friday, April 19 from 11:30am to 1:00pm at DENvER MARRiOTT WEsT, 1717 Denver West Boulevard. The Rotary Club of Golden and the Golden and West Chambers of Commerce cordially invite you to join us for the 2013 Annual Golden Ethics in Business Awards Luncheon. The featured speaker at the luncheon will be Corey Ciocchetti, an Assistant Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. Corey is a renowned speaker and one of the Univer-

sity’s most popular and highest-rated professors. The master of ceremonies will be Ed Greene of KCNC Channel 4 News, a long-time friend of the Golden community. The Rotary will honor two local organizations, one for-profit and one nonprofit for their distinguished records in adherence to the highest standards of ethics in business. The cost is $35.00 per person – prepaid reservations required, seating is limited. Reservations and secure online payment can be made at their website NOT by the Chamber of Commerce. Please make checks payable to Rotary Club of Golden.


LuNCH & LEARN on Tuesday, April 23 from 11:30 am to 1:00pm will be at the Chamber and Visitors Center Board Room, 1010 Washington Avenue in Historic Downtown Golden. Dr. Erin Foley, D.C., Dipl.Ac of MOUNTAIN LIFESTYLES CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE CENTER, P.C. will present “5 WAYs TO HAvE HEALTHY HAPPY HORMONEs”. Dr. Erin

Foley will help you understand hormone balance, and what you need to know to feel good, look good and feel happy and healthy through this transitional phase of life. There is no cost to attend. RSVP to A brown bag lunch is available for $8.00, order form provided at time of RSVP.


WEsT RAiL LiNE GRAND OPENiNG AND sTART uP on Saturday, April 27 will be frm 10:00am to 3:00pm at the GOLDEN END OF LiNE for the RTD LiGHT RAiL, 100 Jefferson County Parkway (Jefferson County Government Center). History is in the making and you will want to be part of it. JOiN THE PARTY on this day as their will be free rides on the train as well

as free transportation from CSM and Downtown Historic Golden to the celebration. At the end of line there will be entertainment, food vendors, fun things to do, see the train and ride it for free to Downtown Denver, space available. A huge crowd is expected to welcome this piece of History.


LADiEs ONLY sAMPLE TOuR (LOsT) is huge in Golden this year and it will happen on Thursday, May 2 from 4:00 to 8:00pm at 45 plus Historic Downtown Golden Businesses. Women will flock to downtown Golden for this event, where a $12.50 wrist band entitles participants to a bagful of free samples, snacks and a coupon book that includes three of the ORiGiNAL sHOPPiNG DisTRiCTs; Olde Town Arvada, Historic Downtown Littleton and Historic Downtown Golden. An open house, neighbor-

hood stroll and gentle evening out all rolled up into one big night. Bring your mother, daughter or girl friends, have a girl’s night out or just do something you have always wanted to do, shop. Ladies must purchase a wristband at the Golden Chamber of Commerce or various merchants, and it’s suggested to purchase in advance, as they will go fast. There is a limited number available. Visit for more information or call the Chamber at 303-279-3113.

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GOLDEN’s FiRsT FRiDAY continues to be popular and will once again be from 5:00 to 8:00pm on Friday, April 5 in Historic Downtown Golden. There will be many shops, stores and restaurants open for you to get in some serious shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. Several of the shops will have treats and specials along l is a n ex- with entertainment for you to enjoy while you are


Phone: 303.279.3113


being box to provide family entertainment as in years past.

conart of ngent vesti-

Wheat Ridge Transcript 7

Owner and operator, Tim Kjensrud, is a Master Electrician, Licensed Residential and Commercial Inspector, and a part-time Instructor of Electrical Courses at Red Rocks Community College. He has 15 years experience in many of the construction trades and 16+ years in Electrical with an Associates of Arts in Electrical Construction.

22418 Shawnee Rd. Indian Hills, CO 80454 (720) 273-9602 Voltking Electric LLC is a fully licensed and insured Electrical Contractor dedicated to providing affordable and timely electrical work in both Residential and Commercial. We also keep current on ELECTRICIANS the latest electrical devices along with LED Lighting, Solar, and Wind Power. For a free estimate or consult please feel free to contact Tim at 720-273-9602.



Welcome NeW members Eldora Lodge

Rebecca and Mike Richmond 33247 Hwy 72 Golden, CO 80403 (303) 642-7181


Re/MAX Alliance


saturday-March 30

Golden Family Easter in Parfet Park and Downtown Merchants

Friday-April 5

Golden’s First Friday in Historic Downtown Golden

Karen venier 1019 8th Street Golden, CO 80401 (303) 277-1322

Friday-April 19

sun Window Cleaning

Tuesday-April 23


Eron Turnipseed 2311 Willow Creek Dr. Golden, CO 80401 (303) 250-4318

WINDOW CLEANING Weiss Chiropractic & Acupuncture Calvin Weiss

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voltKing Electric, LLC Tim Kjensrud

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thaNk yoU reNeWiNg members

Golden Rotary/Chamber 8th Annual Ethics in Business Awards Luncheon at Denver West Marriott Lunch & Learn “5 Ways to Have Healthy Happy Hormones”

Wednesday-April 24

Expanson Ribbon Cutting at Table Mountain Inn Grill & Cantina

Thursday-April 25

10 Year Anniversary Celebration/Ribbon Cutting/Open House at Golden Bodyworker

saturday-April 27

West Rail Line Grand Opening Big Party and Start Up at Golden End of Line Station at the Jefferson County Government Complex

Thursday-May 2

LOST (Ladies Only Sample Tour) at Historic Downtown Businesses

Friday-May 3 Bandimere Speedway Golden’s First Friday in Baseline Engineering Historic Downtown Golden Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave Country Fair Garden Center PLEAsE MAKE Double Click Technology REsERvATiONs FOR ALL Gill, Dr. Nancy, DDS OF THEsE GREAT Golden Pilates FuNCTiONs BY CALLiNG Golden Rebekah Lodge #8 THE CHAMBER OFFiCE Kimpel Concessions and 303-279-3113 OR THE Amusements NuMBERs LisTED WiTH Kiwanis Club of Golden THE FuNCTiON Pansy’s Parlor Bed & Breakfast Perkins Restaurant EvENTs AND FuNCTiONs SBSA with a cost require The Silver Horse advance reservations Simms Steakhouse with guaranteed payment. Stage Stop Guest Cottages Walk-ins to these events Staples will be welcome; however State Farm Insurance – members with a reservation Paul Erdman will be guaranteed a seat Warren Tech – Career and and a meal, if one is to Technical School be part of the program. We thank them for their Cancellations require ongoing commitment 24 hours notice prior to the Golden Chamber! to the event. No-shows will be invoiced. March ChamberPak


8 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

opinions / yours and ours

new law improves open records process Kudos to Lakewood’s newest state representative on the passage of her first bill. Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood, recently looked on as Gov. John Hickenlooper signed her House Bill 1041 into law. The bill creates an important improvement to Colorado’s open records laws by requiring government custodians to make records available to the public whether they come to the agency to pick up the records or ask to have them sent to them. While most governments had routinely sent records to people who asked for them, there was no requirement in the law that

they do so and in a number of cases, people asking for records were told that they were welcome to come get them, even

question of the week

how did you spend the snowy weekend? We asked people enjoying coffee and breakfast at the Windy Saddle in Golden about how they weathered the snowy winter weekend.

“I drove to the airport to pick family up. It was definitely a slower drive out there than usual. And then we had some hot food to warm us up.” - Jeff Wheeler, Colorado School of Mines

“We just stayed home and built a fire , and played computer games, and read … and shoveled.” - Sandy Fasso, Arvada

“We drove in from Chicago and hit a blizzard about 75 miles out of Denver. We enjoyed the Craft Beer Week in Denver and watching NCAA games.” - Mike Caffarini, Chicago

“Flew here from Washington, and I’ve eaten a lot. We liked the Wooden Table in Denver, and the Windy Saddle in Golden.” - Sarah Wheeler, Pullman, Wash.

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though doing so was a hardship. Pettersen’s bill was developed and supported by a broad coalition that included media and advocacy organizations and representatives of both state and local government. It is a great example of how the public and the government can work in concert to make our governmental entities both more efficient and more user friendly. Our democratic society works best when members of the public know that their governmental bodies are open and transparent and when citizens have easy

access to the operations and records of all government entities. House Bill 1041 is a thoughtful and practical response that will improve how the public keeps track of the activities of governments throughout Colorado, be they state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments, school districts or special districts. Congratulations to Pettersen both for choosing such an important issue for her first legislative attempt and for successfully guiding it through the process and into Colorado law.

Students take road less traveled by One evening last week, I was awed and inspired for nearly three hours by 28 Colorado high school students. They were the best of the best, the cream of their respective crops, the lone representatives of their high schools — rural, urban, charter, religious and those dedicated to special courses of study or specific populations, such as Denver School of the Arts and Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. These young people filled the Lakewood Cultural Center with teachers, parents, mentors and cheering fans. They also filled the venue with classic literature, with contemporary thought and expression, with their own interpretations of conversations from generations past. What were these 19 girls and 9 boys doing? Participating in Poetry Out Loud, a nationwide contest that helps young people master public-speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about our literary heritage. Students memorize and recite great poetry they choose from an anthology of more than 650 poems. Poetry Out Loud is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and The Poetry Foundation, who partner with Colorado Creative Industries for our state competition. State champions receive $200 and a trip with an adult chaperone to Washington, D.C., for the national championship; their schools receive a $500 stipend to purchase poetry books. A total of $50,000 in awards and stipends is presented annually at the national finals. For those of us required to memorize literature in high school — “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Miss Richards’ class, Monte Vista High School, circa 1974) — such recitation may not seem like a monumental task, as witnessed here by my remarkable recollection of a line from William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” Except that, hmmm, I was not competing with anyone. Plus, I only had to memorize a passage or two. Students competing in Poetry Out Loud at the state and national finals must learn three poems… and learn them well. Participants from ninth through 12th grade are evaluated on physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, accuracy, level of difficulty and overall performance.

Think about yourself as a high school freshman. Then picture yourself alone on a stage, in a spotlight, facing an audience in the center of which sit several distinguished judges rating you on these seven factors. Have you run away screaming from your own imagination yet? These 28 young people did not. In fact, they excelled. They awed. They inspired … not only their supporters, but also the accomplished judges, the emcee and the representatives of Colorado’s thriving literary and arts community. As one of the teachers and mentors — herself a published poet with a master of fine arts degree — commented afterward, “I was intoxicated by the English language and the talents of the students.” From this stage full of talent, Alice Kilduff, a junior from the Denver School of the Arts, emerged as the 2013 Colorado Poetry Out Loud State Champion and will compete in the National Finals in D.C. in April. Last season, more than 365,000 students participated in the competition; Thornton High School senior Sam Opoku represented Colorado and placed an impressive ninth in the national finals. For many people, poetry is considered difficult, out of reach, inaccessible. Yet all we need to do is spend about three hours on a spring evening to understand that the road to great literature need not be the one “less traveled by” (Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken.”) Alice, you and your fellow competitors make all the difference. We wish you well at the national finals. Andrea W. Doray is a writer (and a poet) who thanks the National Endowment of the Arts; The Poetry Foundation; Colorado Creative Industries; the sponsors, organizers and volunteers; the teachers, mentors and families; and especially the competitors for bringing great literature to life. Contact Andrea at



March 28, 2013

Extending grace to others

So, what small act of Grace are you going to commit today? f all It’s an interesting question, one I ask of myself frequently. It occurred to me after watchow ing the movie version of “Les of Miserables,” which, while not theyquite as awesome as the stage du- version, is a very powerful ricts story, with many sublime moments. or The pivotal moment of the her story, the one which changes the sfully trajectory of one man’s life, comes o early in the movie. Jean Valjean, a paroled criminal, is struggling to survive outside of prison, and one night is taken in by the bishop of a small abbey. Valjean, desperate, robs the abbey of some silverware and runs out into the night, where he is promptly caught by the gendarme and returned to the abbey. Amazingly, the bishop validates Valjean’s story that the silver was a present, and even offers him two

silver candlesticks that he didn’t grab the first time. The bishop then tells Valjean that he has “bought your soul for God” and he must “use this precious silver to become an honest man.” Valjean proceeds to become a factory owner, the mayor of a small town, a hero, and then a father, taking in a small child and raising her as his own. It’s easy to imagine that the bishop thought Valjean would go on to become an honest man; that perhaps he would even

become a good man; it is hard to imagine that the bishop figured Valjean would go to the lengths he went to to change not only his life, but the lives of many people around him. That one small act of Grace had enormous ripple effects. I think we all have opportunities, on a daily basis, to extend a little Grace to the people around us. As a teacher and a father, I have that opportunity with surprising frequency. I know it’s hard to believe, but kids aren’t uniformly well-behaved. There comes a moment when I have to gauge my reaction: does a disruptive kid need to be put in his place, or does a disruptive kid — whose dad just lost his job and sister has health issues — need a moment to breathe and compose herself? Honestly, I’m sure I get it wrong more than I get it right, but I’ve had a few good moments. Those are good memories.

In today’s cynical, deadlinedriven world, I think we tend to discount the value of little things that we do. But, sometimes, it’s the little act that we don’t think much of that causes pretty amazing ripples. Maybe it’s as simple as holding a door; maybe it’s as difficult as not reacting with anger to somebody who lashes out at us, considering that maybe they’re having a much worse day than we are. And this week, in which Christians celebrate the ultimate act of Grace, wouldn’t it be … good … to try to extend a little Grace to the people who share our days with us? Who knows? You might change the world. Michael Alcorn is a music teacher and fitness instructor who lives in Arvada with his wife and three children. He graduated from Alameda High School and the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Wheat Ridge Transcript 9

Alice Natalie Thompson Alice Natalie Thompson, Born Sept 23, 1923 St. Paul, MN. passed away peacefully March 15 in Northglenn. She moved to Denver after WWII, where she met and married Forrest. They raised their family in Southwest Denver. She will be remembered for her time spent helping others, raising her children, and her passion for knitting. She is survived by daughters: Evelyn Brengle, Karen Wallace and Patricia Bird, and grandchildren: Sharon Osborne, Roxanne Juliano, Lexi Juliano, and Travis Bird. Preceding Alice is husband Forrest Thompson and grandson Richard Bird. At Alice’s request, she was cremated and no services were held. She will be missed by all of her family and friends.

JEFFCO NEWS IN A HURRY Jeffco continued from Page 3

sition as an introduction to each piece. This is the second year the JSO has incorporated the recital series into its season of full symphonic concerts. The recitals give the public a chance to enjoy the talents of JSO musicians in a more intimate setting. In addition the recitals feature lesser known compositions in a

Each group or soloist from the JSO auditions with Maestro William Morse and recital coordinator and JSO pianist Peggy Lyon for the chance to be included. In addition to performing the piece, the musicians offer the audience entertaining and informative background information about the composer and compo-

program that offers a lot of variety. The 2013 JSO Spring Recital will feature the following pieces: Charles Auguste de Beriot: Scene de Ballet, for violin and piano Paul Dukas: Villanelle, for French horn and piano Gustav Holst: Terzetto, for flute, oboe and viola Jules Massenet: Meditation, from “Thais”

Dmitri Shostakovich: 1st movement from Sonata, for cello and piano George Phillip Telemann: Concerto # 2, for four violas A performance by the Timberline Brass Quintet and the Alpine Brass Trio For more information, go to, e-mail or call 303-278-4237.

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10 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

St h

By K


Join us for Holy Week starting March 24, 2013

Lutheran Church of the Master

Palm Sunday (March 24) • 8:00 a.m. Preschool Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser • 10:00 a.m. Worship Service and Preschool/ Children’s Church program

14099 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood


Maundy Thursday (March 28)

• 7:00 p.m. Readings, Labyrinth and Lord’s Supper (Fellowship Hall)

Maundy Thursday (3/28): 7:00pm

Good Friday (March 29)

Good Friday (3/29): 7:00pm

• 7:00 p.m. A solemn Tenebrae Service of the Passion of Christ in the Sanctuary

Easter Sunday (March 31) • 6:30 a.m. SONrise Worship - Arvada Cemetery • 10:00 a.m. Worship

Easter Services (3/31):

7:30 & 9:00am Ð Classic Worship 10:45am Ð Worship with Act of Grace Band

5592 Independence St. 303-422-3463

Celebrate Easter We invite you to join us as we

Services at 9 and 11:14 a.m. Breakfast served 8:30 to 11 a.m. Easter Egg Hunt for families at 10:10 a.m.

Palm Sunday Service • March 24 • 9 a.m. Maundy Thursday Service • March 28 • 7 p.m. Lakewood United Methodist Church

Sunday, March 24

Palm Sunday Worship, 10 a.m.

Thursday, March 28

Maundy Thursday Service, 7 p.m. Scripture & Musical Reflections

Saturday, March 30

Children’s Egg-stravaganza, 10:15 a.m.

Sunday, March 31

Easter Services, 8 & 10 a.m. Music: Christ the Redeemer

1390 Brentwood St. • Lakewood, CO 80214



Golden First Presbyterian Church South Golden Road at W. 16th Ave. 303-279-5591

Maundy Thursday:

7:00 pm, March 28th, 2013 11500 W. 20th Avenue Lakewood, Colorado 80215 303-238-2482 •

Easter Worship:

9:00 am, March 31st, 2013

Easter egg hunt and breakfast following service.

Co fittes that sures the s as in An amon obes Colo and key m state “I how a Un sor w resea cerne Em orad data, the n “T rate sugg be h beca more she s O data Colo For e or no birth witho exam Th Heal Heal Th avail of Co look


March 28, 2013

Wheat Ridge Transcript 11

State’s obesity numbers hint at changing future By Kevin Vaughan I-News Network

Colorado is continually heralded as the fittest state in the country — but behind that ranking stand a host of health measures that paint a different picture, placing the state mid-pack or worse in things such as infant mortality and binge drinking. And even that No. 1 ranking — best — among the 50 states in the rate of adult obesity may mask serious future troubles: Colorado stands 23rd in childhood obesity and is even farther down the list in other key measures of the overall health of the state’s youngest population. “If we’re 23rd in kids and No. 1 in adults, how sustainable is that?” asked James Hill, a University of Colorado pediatrics professor who is involved in extensive obesity research. “I think that’s reason to be concerned — I really do.” Emily King, a research analyst at the Colorado Health Institute who compiled the data, said it is impossible to simply look at the numbers and project the future. “The fact that our childhood obesity rate is much higher than it was in the past suggests that our adult obesity rates will be higher a couple of decades from now because we know that obese children are more likely to grow up to be obese adults,” she said. Other measures in the health institute’s data also suggested serious challenges for Colorado on issues related to children. For example, the state ranked 31st in late or non-existent prenatal care, 37th in low birth-weight babies and 42nd in children without insurance, according to an I-News examination of the health institute’s data. That data underpins the Colorado Health Foundation’s annual Colorado Health Report card. The report card uses the most recently available data to measure the relative health of Coloradans across a variety of areas that look at different stages of life.

The Colorado Health Foundation used the data this year to ask the question: “What if we were No. 1?” And while the state currently is when it comes to adult waistlines — 20.9 percent of the state’s population of 18- to 64-year-olds are obese, the lowest percentage in the nation — it’s a different issue when it comes to children. The most recent data estimated that 14.2 percent of the state’s children were obese. Oregon, by comparison, was No. 1, with 9.6 percent of its children obese. The Colorado Health Foundation estimated that if Colorado were to climb to No. 1 in childhood obesity, it would have 24,900 fewer kids living at an unhealthy weight. The foundation estimated other categories where changes in Colorado’s ranking would mean dramatic changes in statistics — and, perhaps, economics. For example, the foundation estimated that Colorado residents and their employers could save $121 million a year in health care costs if it had the lowest rate of depression among the 50 states. The report card also found Colorado, if it could move to the top spot among the states, would annually have 2,100 more babies born at a healthy weight, 32,600 fewer high school students who smoke cigarettes, and 376,800 fewer adults who binge drink. The news wasn’t all bad — Colorado was first in older adults who participate in regular physical activity, fourth in adolescents who participate in regular physical activity and fifth-lowest in mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Still, Hill said he worries about the future if the state can’t address the growing number of people who are obese. “Preventing obesity is going to be easier than treating it, so we’ve got to get serious about kids and preventing obesity in the first place,” Hill said. He said he would push for a simple goal in the beginning — for Colorado to maintain its current obesity rate as an important first step.

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March 28, 2013






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March 28, 2013

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The ‘ins and outs’ of home warranties


uying a home is arguably one of the largest purchases a person will make. It can also be one of the most stressful. Individuals take quite a financial leap when buying a home. Even after careful consideration of funds and budgeting, it’s easy to become overextended. A home warranty can take some of the bite out of unexpected expenses. Although home buyers are urged to hire an inspector and check a property and structure from top to bottom before signing on the dotted line, a home inspector cannot foresee everything that may crop up after a person moves into a home. “When my home inspector reviewed the property he found only minor things that needed attention,” says Jeannine in New Jersey. “After Imoved in, we shortly learned that the crawl space had flooding issues that would require a lot of money to fix properly.” Home warranties can be a smart investment that take some of the financial pressure off of new

homeowners. They can also be negotiated into the sale terms of the home so that the seller is responsible for providing the warranty to the new buyer. Home warranties do not negate the need for homeowner’s insurance, but they can add protection against large monetary pay-outs to repair many items around the house. Policies may differ as to specific coverage, but most home warranties will cover major systems of the home, such as heating/ cooling, plumbing, electrical, as well as certain appliances. To decide if a warranty is the right investment, home buyers should consider the following: * Home warranties are only as good as the company backing them. Careful investigation into the trustworthiness of the warranty company and its track record should be completed. * Read the fine print of the warranty. Learn what exclusions exist, which may not make the warranty practical. * Keep in mind that the warranty company reserves the right

to determine if a repair or replacement is adequate in a claim situation. * In general, warranty companies work with their own set of contractors. This means a homeowner may not be able to hire his or her own preferred contractors to do work. * There may be a deductible or a fee charged prior to having a technician assess a repair situation. * The warranty company may require inspection of the house to be sure items are in good working order before offering a plan. * If a warranty is offered through a home seller, there may be no negotiation on the coverage or company used. Home buyers should keep in mind that there are many unforseen expenses that can arise when purchasing a new home. Having some additional protection, such as a home warranty, could mean saving money on outof-pocket repairs. ■ Metro Creative Services

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March 28, 2013

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Colorado Community Media is seeking an experienced Outside Multi-Media Sales Respresentative to join our team. This individual will be responsible for both local and agency business in additional to generating new accounts to join our already rapidly growing papers.

Daily activities include, but not limited to: • • • • • •

Requirements: Must be goal oriented and work well with a team. Candidate must be comfortable cold calling on various size accounts both in person and over the phone. Previous sales experience required. Previous newspaper experience a plus but not required. Must be proficient in all Microsoft Office products.

Production line duties Loading and unloading molds Spraying Filling molds with wet concrete Packaging Sweeping, cleaning

Requirements for this job:

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Colorado Community Media offers salary plus commission. Benefits offered: Medical, dental, JEFFCO/GOLDEN TRANSCRIPT vision and paid vacation. Please email your cover letter and resume with Outside Sales Position in5.04 the x 10” (4c process) subject line to: jb/jb

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Colorado Community Media is hiring an editorial page designer who will be assembling editorial pages for print. Some special section or newsletter page layout projects will be assigned along with preparing weekly newspapers for press. Bachelor’s degree, or four years experience in a design or news environment, required. InDesign skills, proficiency in Photoshop, attentive to details, a must. Illustrator and printing experience welcome. Ability to work in a demanding deadline environment and great communication skills necessary.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Academy for Dental Assisting Careers April 13th Session!

Class A Food Deliver Drivers

COLORADO COMMUNITY BANK Teller (part-time 25hrs) Centennial Branch

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Director of Administration

Government entity looking for a self-motivated, detail oriented person able to work unsupervised. Full financial duties including payroll, A/P, A/R, G/L reconciliations, financial statements, budgeting and forecasting and assisting with annual audit. Government accounting a plus. Transcription of minutes from public board meetings. Aptitude for software programs. Immediate opening. Small, friendly office. Excellent benefit package. Resumes accepted until April 15, 2013. – no phone calls please. Genesee Water & Sanitation District, 17301 W. Colfax Ave., #220, Golden, CO 80401 or fax: 303-278-9873 or email:


Vaca P

w 80



Eilee High

Memb able. vidua provid achie with e Must and a resum call 3 to app

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Part-time, work Mon - Weds. This position is a hire on a contractor basis. Guaranteed 24 hours a week to start. E-mail your resume along with 3 samples of your work to Scott Andrews,





Quart Ca

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16 Wheat Ridge Transcript

bor, a.

March 28, 2013



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Help Wanted Janitorial Contractor

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Help Wanted

• Licensed R.W. or

JRY Electrician

for work in Parker and surrounding areas. Experience in both residential and commercial work preferred. Please mail resume and work history to: P.O. Box 3273, Parker, CO 80134.

Part-Time Food Demonstrators

CDS is seeking Part-Time Food Demonstrators inside the Costco Warehouse in Douglas County (Littleton), CO. Please apply online at:


Co lo rad o Statewide Classified Advertising Network

Seasonal Positions

(April-Oct) for front desk/reservations and outdoor maintenance. 32+/- hours per week @ Dakota Ridge RV Resort Golden. Resumes to No calls. Background/credit checks will be done.

Nurse RN, LPN, or MA

Part-time Thursday, Friday 830 -5:30 SOME SAT 9am-1pm 20-25 hrs /wk, Patient care, vaccine admin, vitals, and lab. HOUR FUN Pediatric Office near Park Meadows area fax 303-689-9628 email:

ServiceMaster Clean has Both full time and part-time janitorial openings throughout Denver, Boulder, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch. Please call 303-761-0122 to schedule an interview.

Part time office position-

Heating & AC business in Parker. Need motivated person with phone experience,computer skills,hvac exp helpful, order entry-QuickBooks. Email resumes to attention Cheryl, Office Mngr

Temporary worker

needed from May to September 2013 for hydrant painting & assisting with valve maint operations. Requires clean MVR, ability to operate motorized equip & lift 50 pounds. for application & more info.

Western Summit


Savio House needs foster parents to provide temporary care for troubled teens ages 12-18. Training, 24 hour support and $1900/month provided. Must complete precertification training and pass a criminal and motor vehicle background check. Call Michelle 303-225-4073 or visit

Help Wanted

SYNC2 Media COSCAN Ads - Week

Constructors, Inc. is seeking Formwork Carpenters & Laborers, Concrete Finishers, Pipefitters, and Millwrights (process equipment installations) for large wastewater project located in Denver area. Applications will be taken at 9780 Pyramid Ct, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112, from 8-5 M-F. Send resumes to or call (303)325-0325. WSCI is an EEO Employer.

We are community.

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Driver - Qualify for any por tion of $.03/mile quar terly bonus: $.01 Safety, $.01 Production, $.01 MPG. Two raises in first year. 3 months recent experience. 800-414-9569 MISC./CAREER TRAINING AIRLINES ARE HIRING — Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified – Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 800-481-8612.



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Grain Finished Buffalo

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Pine Fire Wood

Elizabeth Furniture Sale All dark wood, like new. Large entertainment center, 4 piece sofa set, 2 large chest of drawers, 5x5 fridge, 7 piece marble top dining set. (570)404-6174

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Health and Beauty

Pet Services

quartered, halves and whole


Locally raised, grass fed and grain finished Beef & Pork. Quarters, halves, wholes available. Can deliver 720-434-1322

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Wanted Wanted to rent; quiet space w/hookups for 36' RV. We're quiet, have references and no pets. Month to month starting in May 928-528-8028

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Saturday March 30th 8am

4924 Apache Creek Road Castle Rock - Meadows Ladders / Tools / New File Cabinet / Poker Table & much more

Building Materials Assorted Steel Buildings

Value Discounts as much as 30% Erection Information Available Source# 18X 800-964-8335 Chain Link Fencing Approximately 150ft, 3ft high fastners and posts included 240-285-3643

Firearms 1873 Winchester 32 caliber, great condition $3995/obo 720-205-0632


1 Cord delivered $200. Corey 720-879-1341

Flowers/Plants/Trees FAST TREES

Grow 8-12 feet yearly. $17-$24 delivered. Potted. Brochure online: or 509

447 4181

Need Texas Hold Em Card Player

Stolen from Lakewood home Snowblower John Deere 1988 Green/Yellow REWARD! 720-891-5816

Saturday Nights Friendly Card Game in the Arvada area Call Carol for more information 720-620-6017

Instruction Piano or Guitar lessons

At your home or my Parker studio by experienced, patient teacher. Parker, Highlands Ranch, S. Aurora. We can also work singing or songwriting into the lessons, and can include music that the student loves to keep it fun. Visit or phone John at 303-521-8888.

Misc. Notices

White Plantation Shutters

6 oak book cases 36x84 $95ea. / obo Infrared Sauna $1099/obo 2 china cabinets w/china make offer Marty (303)995-2995 Castle Rock Furniture Sale Cherry wood entry table, coffee & end tables, couch/matching chairs. Solid oak double bed set, kitchen ware, solid oak computer desk and table and misc. everything like new. 303-386-3162

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Want To Purchase minerals and other oil/gas interests. Send details to: P.O. Box 13557 Denver, CO 80201

Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified – Housing available

Want To Purchase

CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance

minerals and other oil/gas interests. Send details to: P.O. Box 13557 Denver, CO 80201 Certified - night and daycare Daily weekly vacations and emergencies 720-345-7379




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Lost and Found

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Under $1000 Running or not. Any condition

Chocolate Mini Schnauzer Male, 1 yr old, neutered,9 lbs, house broken. He knows 5 commands. A stay at home person would be perfect! Very playful, loyal. Very soft hair, regular grooming a must.

$500 719-338-3747


DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK, BOAT, RV; Running or not, to Tax deductible! 303-659-8086. 14 years of service

.com Instruction

Attend COllege Online frOm HOme

*Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized.

Call 800-488-0386


March 28, 2013

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SERVICES TO ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES, CALL 303-566-4100 Accounting/ Bookkeeping

’ Don t Pay Too Much In Taxes or for having your taxes done… • Accomplished Tax Consultants • • Pay with Refund Available • • Local Family Business • • Upfront Value Pricing • • Quick Refund • • BBB Accredited, A+ Rating •

L.L. Bright, CPA, LLC

Personal Tax Preparation 720-629-6388 Flexible hours and scheduling

Carpentry Carpenter/Handyman:

Semi retired but still ready to work for you! 34 years own business. Prefer any small jobs. Rossi's: 303-233-9581



• Semi-Retired Flooring Contractor (over 40 yrs exp.) • Low Overhead = reduced pricing on name products & warranted installations • Senior citizen discounts • Carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, tile & bath remodels • Free Estimates with sample to your door • Licensed/insured - References Provided • Serving Metro Denver •

303.350.0890 / 303.997.5606

Carpet Cleaning Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning SpeCial




with no minimum room requirements, and NO HIDDEN FEES! a room is any area under 200 sq. ft.

Call us today to schedule your appointment



Ali’s Cleaning Services

Residential and Commercial Cleaning • 15yrsexperience •WindowCleaning • Detailed,Honest, •Insured&Bonded Dependable •GreatCustomerService




FBM Concrete LLC.

Affordable Electrician

A Home RepAiR & Remodeling HAndymAn

20 yrs experience Remodel expert, kitchen, basements, & service panel upgrades. No job too small. Senior disc. 720-690-7645

Free Estimates 17 Years Experience Licensed & Insured Driveways, patios, stamp & colored concrete. All kinds of flat work. Let us do good work for you! (720)217-8022

Navarro Concrete, Inc.

Commercial/Residential quality work at reasonable prices. Registered & Insured in Colorado.

303-423-8175 DRIVEWAY REPLACEMENT OR RE-SURFACING We do quality concrete work at affordable low pricing. Ready for a brand-new looking Driveway or Patio for half the cost of a total replacement?

See if your Driveway or Patio qualifies for an affordable Nu-Look Resurfacing.



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• Troubleshooting Experts • Licensed & Insured Since “1976” • New, Repair, Replace • Military & Senior - 10% Discount • Whole House Surge Protection $

250 $195 INSTALLED

ELECTRICAL SERVICE WORK All types, licensed & insured. Honest expert service. Free estimates.


Radiant Lighting Service **

Electrical Work All types. Honest and reliable, licensed & ins. Free estimates. Craig (303)429-3326

Fence Services D & D FENCING

Commercial & Residential All types of cedar, chain link, iron, and vinyl fences. Install and repair. Serving all areas. Low Prices. FREE Estimates. 720-434-7822 or 303-296-0303


Quality Fencing at a DiscountPrice Wood, Chain Link, Vinyl, Orna-iron, New Install and Repairs. Owner Operated since 1989 Call Now & Compare! 303-450-6604

Garage Doors Construction

For all your garage door needs!

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• Springs, Repairs • New Doors and Openers • Barn and Arena Doors • Locally-Owned & Operated • Tom Martino’s Referral List 10 Yrs • BBB Gold Star Member Since 2002

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• Restore • Wood • Repair • Composite • Replace • Since 1993

Computer Services

FRee eStimateS



Sanders Drywall Inc. All phases to include

All Phases of Flat Work by

Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios Tear-outs, colored & stamped concrete. Quality work, Lic./Ins. Reasonable rates "Small Jobs OK!" 303-514-7364


Acoustic scrape and re-texture Repairs to full basement finishes Water damage repairs Interior paint, door & trim installs 30+ years experience Insured Free estimates Darrell 303-915-0739



Free Estimates • Reliable Licensed • Bonded Insured • Senior Discount

25 Yea rs Exp . Fre e Est ima tes Ful ly Ins ure d

Service, Inc. REmoDElIng:

Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement. Interior & Exterior Painting. Deck Installation, Coating & Repairs. Window & Tile Installation. Plumbing. Home Repairs.

CALL 720. 351.1520 Bob’s Home Repairs All types of repairs. Reasonable rates 30yrs Exp. 303-450-1172

Olson Landscaping & Design


720.327.9214 Commercial & Residential 10% Senior & Military Discount All Home Energy Audits

303-274-9349. 12 years exp. Affordable, Insured, FREE est. Landscaping, aerating, sprinkler installs, makeovers & more!





F Plea


Lawn/Garden Services

House Cleaning

Ron Massa

Office 303-642-3548 Cell 720-363-5983 No Service in Parker or Castle Rock


Gloria's Hands on Cleaning

Reliable, 25 years in business, personal touch, spring cleaning. Weekly, bi-weekly, once a month


INSIDE: *Bath *Kitchen's *Plumbing *Electrical, *Drywall *Paint *Tile & Windows

Servicing the Metro North and Metro West areas

OUTSIDE: *Paint & Repairs *Gutters *Deck's *Fence's *Yard Work *Tree & Shrubbery trimming & clean up Affordable Hauling

Trusted House Cleaning

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Hauling Service " $Reasonable$" Rates On:

*Trash Cleanup: old furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. *Replacement of Decorative Rock *Hauling: trash, old sod, debris. *Gutter cleaning. *Storm Damage Cleanup, References Servicing the Denver West and North areas Mark 303.432.3503


You Call - I Haul Basement, Garages, Houses, Construction, Debris, Small Moves Office - 303-642-3548 Cell 720-363-5983 Ron Massa BBB - Bonded - Insured

trash hauling

Instant Trash Hauling • Home • Business • Junk & Debris • Furniture • Appliances • Tree Limbs • Moving Trash • Carpet • Garage Clean Out

Free estimates 7 days a Week

Family Owned an operated with integrity. 14+ years experience. Licensed and Insured. Calls accepted Monday thru Sunday 9am-4pm. Pet friendly. Get to know us at



Call 720-218-2618 Heavy Hauling

*Snow plowing commercial and business properties • Snow hauling • Asphalt & Concrete •Dirt removal & replacement • Grading • Excavating • Tractor •Trucking.

Aerating, Lawn Mowing, Fertilizing, Power Raking, Yard Clean-up and Sprinkler Work

LAWN AERATIONS Residential Homes


Just $


Call Eric



- Please call 720-484-3732 for a FREE Home, Auto and Life Insurance review!

Janitorial Services

Alpine Landscape Management

Aerate, Fertilize, Power Raking, Weekly Mowing Trim Bushes & Sm. Trees, Sr. Disc.


COMMERCIAL CLEANING “Let us do the dirty work!”

Columbine Custom Contracting & Sprinkler Service • Sprinkler Start Ups $40 • Aerations $40 • Fertilization $30 • Power Rakes $60 & Up • Fence Repair & Painting • Clean Up / Tree service • Laminate/Hardwood Floors • Licensed Plumber

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Tony 720-210-4304


Dreilng Lawn Service FREE Estimates

Call Bernie 303.347.2303

• Dependable • Affordable • • Prompt Service 7 days a week • • Foreclosure and Rental clean-outs • • Garage clean-outs • • Furniture • • Appliances •


Family owned and serving Golden & Jefferson County since 1955. 24-Hour Service

Furnaces • Boilers • Water Heaters Service • Repair • Replace

Carpentry • Painting Tile • Drywall • Roof Repairs Plumbing • Electrical Kitchen • Basements Bath Remodels Property Building Maintenance

Get a jump on sprinG projects! New installs, yard make-overs, retaining walls, sod, sprinkler systems, flagstone, decorative rock. For all your landscape needs call Richard at 720-297-5470. Licensed, insured, Member BBB.

SHORTY'S LANDSCAPING "???Need Lawn Mowing???"

kes Ma All odels &M



Dry wall repair specialist. 30yrs. Experience, Insured Satisfaction guaranteed Call Ed 720-328-5039


When “OK” Just isn’t good enough -Integrity & Quality Since 1984 For more information visit: Call Rudy 303-549-7944 for free est.

Cowboy Consulting 303-526-2739

(303) 646-4499

303.503.9798 • New, Repair, Replace all makes & models • Military & Senior - 10% Discount • $89 $69 A.C. STARTUP - ‘til May1st! One call does it all!

303-425-0066 303-431-0410

Dirt, Rock, Concrete, Sod & Asphalt

Massa Construction 303-642-3548




Heating • Electrical Air Conditioning

•Baths •Kitchens •Tiling •Large & Small Jobs

J-Star Concrete

Driveways, Stamped & Color Concrete, Steps, Walkways, Basement, Garage Floors, Porches, Tareout & Repair, Patios. Free Est. 7 Days WK 720-327-8618

Heating/ Air Conditioning

LANDSCAPE • Complete Landscape Design & Construction • Retaining Walls, Paver & Natural Stone Patios • Clean-Ups & Plant Pruning • Tree & Stump Removal • New Plantings • Irrigation Systems and Repairs • Landscape Lighting COLORADO REGISTERED LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Licensed



• Weekly Mowing • Aeration • Power Rake • Fertilization • Sprinkler Install / Repair & Turn On • Sod Install & Repair • Rock Install • Gutter Clean Out Senior Discount - Accepting All Major Credit Cards


(303)427-5342 or 720-470-2870

Weekly Mowing Aeration Fertilizing Hedge Trim Maintenance

John | 303-922-2670


*Snow plowing servicing the Westminster, Northglenn and Thornton areas

Trash & Junk Removal

We take what your trash man won't. Branches, mattresses, appliances, reasonable rates & prompt service 720-333-6832

• Lawn Maintenance •Aerating & Fertilizing, •Power Raking • Landscape •Sod & Rock Work • Res. & Comm. • Fully Insured. Offering Free Fall aerating & fertilizing with a new mowing pkg. (mowing in select areas)





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March 28, 2013



Lawn/Garden Services

Misc. Services


with a Warranty Starting at $1575

WALK-IN-TUBS Starting at $2995

303.870.8434 — WEEKLY MOWING —



Aeration, Fertilization & Power Raking




Aeration & Fertilization Combo Yard Cleanup, Aeration, Fertilizer, Shrub Please Recycle thisTrimming Publication

when Finished Established 2000

Commercial • Residential Apartments • Warehouse Deck • Fence Interior • Exterior Repairs • Remodels Only use top quality products Free Estimates


1ST MOW FREE with summer commitment for new customers




Licensed and Insured

Call Us Today! 720-545-9222

Motorcycle Repair Spring is coming – Need your carbs cleaned? Motorcycle/ATV Service & Repair

All Makes and Models Small engine repair also

Bob’s Painting, Repairs & Home Improvements 30 yrs experience Free estimates 303-450-1172

DEEDON'S PAINTING 40 years experience Interior & Exterior painting. References 303-466-4752

Plumbing AA Rocky Mountain Rooter & Plumbing Professional Service - WITHOUT Professional Prices Licensed * Insured * Bonded Free Est. Over 25yrs exp. Local family owned company 303-960-5215








For all your plumbing needs • Water Heaters • Plumbing Parts SENIOR DISCOUNTS FREE ESTIMATES in the metro area


Your experienced Plumbers.

Insured & Bonded

Family Owned & Operated. Low Rates.

Plumbing and Drains

“Targeting All Your Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Needs!” John DeHaan

(720) 357-0198

dirty jobs done dirt cheap Fisher Cycle Works

Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Repairs

Call Fish Fisher at:



We are community. • Honest pricing • • Free estimates •

For Local News Anytime of the Day Visit

We will match any written estimate! Same day service! No job too small or too big! Your Community Connector to Boundless Rewards


Repair or Replace: Faucets, Toilets, Sinks, Vanity, Dishwashers, Water Heater, Broken Pipes, Spigot/Hosebib, Drain Cleaning, Disposals etc. Sprinkler StartUp/Repair/Installation. Swamp Cooler Start-Up/Repair. Call West Tech (720)298-0880


Drains as low as $75.00 * Free phone Quotes Residential/Commercial * Water Heaters * Drain Cleaning * Remodels/New Construction * Gas Lines * Garbage Disposals

Please Recycle this Publication when Finished

JUST FOR FUN! For Local News Anytime of the Day Visit

9137 Ridgeline Blvd., Suite 210 Highlands Ranch Highlands Ranch Pkwy between Broadway and Lucent


March 28, 2013

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Tax Services

Tree Service

Andy & Bob's Roofing/Gutters


Majestic Tree Service

All types roofs-installs, repairs and certifications. Aluminum seamless gutters. Since 1952 (303)984-0481


Bathroom/kitchen remodeling, repair work, plumbing leaks, water damage. No job too small Window replacement. Serving Jeffco since 1970 (303)237-3231

at competative pricing! • Secure Online Portal • • Upfront Value Pricing •

portions donated to support local schools

• Local Family Business • • Quick Refund • • BBB Accredited, A+ Rating •


Tree & Shrub Trimming, Tree Removal Fence Installation Stump Grinding Free Estimates

Personal Tax Preparation Flexible hours and scheduling

Please recycle thispublication when finished.

Tree Service

Tutoring Special - Trained teacher to help children who have difficulty in mastering basic skills.

Rocky Mountain Contractors

Math assistance also available

Home Remodeling Specialists, Inc.


Shingles, Flat Roofs, Roof Leak Repairs. 35 years of experience. Free estimates. Butch Metzler (303)422-8826

* Bath * Kitch Remodels * Bsmt Finishes * Vinyl Windows * Patio Covers * Decks 30+ yrs. exp. George (303)252-8874



A Tree Stump Removal Company

We offer tree removal, brush, mulch and root chasing in addition to stump removal. We also have firewood available! Call today for your Free Estimate. (720)234-3442 JAY WHITE Tree Service Serving with pride since 1975 Tree & shrub trimming & removals, firewood. Call Jay (303)278-7119

RINO Remodeling

Affordable windows and home remodeling of all kinds. Call Tomas at 303-809-3957 for a free estimate. Based in Arvada.

Now offering

Snow Removal, Yard clean ups, fall aeration, fertilization, handyman jobs and pooper scooper Interior/Exterior

A Hermanʼs ROOFING Hail Damage? Wind Damage? New Roof, Re-Roof, Repairs, Residential - Commercial Family owned for Over 46 Years. Call today for free estimate. (303)293-3131

Spring Is Here! Brighten up your home with new windows!

We are community.


Windows and Doors

Your Community Connector to Boundless Rewards

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Affordable Home Repairs At Your Fingertips FREE ESTIMATES, ALL WORK GUARANTEED

• Industrial • Residential • Commericial • Free Estimates • Licensed • Fully Insured • Senior Discount

Custom bathrooms and kitchens, electrical, plumbing, and general repairs

Save $25 on any work over $100 Contact Mark at

Senio Discou r nt

Mathew L. Connoly, Owner

Office: 303.469.9898 11270 W. 102nd Ave. Cell: 303.995.9067 Broomfield, CO 80021 email:


Discover Watervale Homes Save Money-Proven Results-Guaranteed Local and Trusted All types of Home Construction and Remodeling We Listen-We Build-We Satisfy Free consultation-Call today

ATERVALE HOMES Green Building Since 1986

303-216-2116 •

Complete Home Remodeling Interior - Exterior - Kitchens - Baths - Basements Additions - Master Suites - Decks - Doors - Windows Siding - Roofing

Ron Massa Owner

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Office 303-642-3548 Cell 720-363-5983 35 Years Experience

Bankruptcy, Divorce, Criminal Defense Philip J. Vadeboncoeur Attorney At Law

303-232-0878 Free Initial Consultation Vadeboncoeur Law Office, LLC 12600 W. Colfax Ave., Suite C-400 Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Payment plans available


PROGRESSIVE & Concrete DRIVEWAY Concepts .

7475 W. 5th Ave., Unit 150H. Lakewood, CO 80226 Automotive • Residential • Commercial Screens • Tabletops • Patio Doors • RV Glass


Commercial & residential concrete flatwork, Pavers, Drainage Systems and Retaining Walls.

Quality Work Low Prices Senior Discounts Gary (303)987-2086

• Senior & Military Discounts • Call today for a free estimate

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visit us at Save $100 dollars with mention of this ad. Licensed & Insured We are not happy unless you are!

Professional Installations & Repairs Lifetime Warranty + SOD INSTALLATION

$AVE MONEY AND WATER Fast, friendly service All Work Guaranteed!


To advertise your business here call 303-566-4089 Advertiser Authorization Ask for Viola • Fax: 303-566-4098 Rep




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QC: _________

The Glass Rack


Svc Guide

REP: _________

Mile High Classifieds

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EPS’d: ________



Comments to Tina:

FAX: 303-468-2592

West MetroLIFE

20 Wheat Ridge Transcript March 28, 2013


Celtic Tavern is best bet

The Celtic Tavern at 1801 Blake St. is in its 13th year of doing business and is ready to branch out by providing Denver’s only Off Track Betting facility. “We have changed as the business grew,” said owner Noel Hickey, “by expanding in 2004 into the space next door, opening Delaney’s cigar bar and lounge. We are now ready for the next change. On April 6, we will open the only Off Track Betting facility in the City and County of Denver. “It will add excitement in both bars. We will open at 10 a.m. every day. On May 4, Kentucky Derby day, we will be hosting one of the biggest Derby day parties seen in Colorado. With the help of our friends at the Ninth Door and Vesta Dipping Grill, the Blake Street trifecta will be the place to be.”

From left, Charles (Brian Landis Folkins), Jack (Richard Cowden) and Henry (Joseph Graves) take on the issues of racism and office etiquette in David Mamet’s “Race.” Courtesy photos

‘Race’ pushes audience to the Edge Latest production tackles racism, workplace issues By Clarke Reader Lakewood’s The Edge Theatre has become the local go-to spot to see the works of playwright David Mamet, so it should be no surprise that the first production at its new location is a regional premiere of one of Mamet’s most recent works. With his infamous sharp wit and uncompromising gaze, Mamet shines a light on modern race relations and work environment in “Race.” The production will play weekends at the theater, 1560 Teller St., through April 7. Show times are 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Saturdays and 6 p.m. Sundays. This is the third Mamet production in three seasons for The Edge, but Rick Yaconis, executive producer and artistic director, said he had to work very hard to get the rights for “Race,” particularly because it has never been done in the region before. He said he wanted the Edge’s first performance in its new home to be a first for the play. “The play takes place in a modern law office, and is about two male lawyers — one black, one white — and their young, black, female intern. The team is offered the chance to defend a rich, white executive against charges of raping a young, black woman. “You really see that it’s about the lies people tell, and how there is still racism in the country; it’s just discussed in a more politically correct way.” Yaconis said. Robert Kramer, who directed last year’s production of Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross,” and Yaconis said he was tapped to direct “Race” because he knows what to do with Mamet. “It’s been great, but a challenge because of the new space and Mamet’s words,” Kramer said. “There’s no intermission in the play, and it almost feels like you’re watching a movie instead of a play.” Since the play tackles such a sensitive topic, Kramer said, the first thing he did with the four actors was sit them down and have several discussions about their experiences dealing with racism. He said the dis-

One Lincoln Park problems

The One Lincoln Park building that Dealin’ Doug Moreland and Tom “Lou from Littleton” Manoogian co-own is having problems again. Apparently they are replacing all the water pipes with copper pipes. Water is being shut off intermittently. The water issue has affected the White Crown Credit Union (yes, my credit union) this week and this will be an ongoing project for a year.

Microbrews help end poverty

Henry (Joseph Graves) is one of two lawyers in David Mamet’s “Race” trying to decide whether they should represent a man accused of rape.

cussions not only helped to refine the characters the actors are playing, but brought the cast closer together. “I really wanted the actors to be advocates for their characters,” Kramer said. “At times throughout the story, every character could be found guilty of something, and the audience will decide on its own who is guilty.” Kramer said audience members will see the play through their own perspectives, with all the experience that brings. For example, it is never made clear where the story actually takes place, and audience members will have varying opinions on the setting. “Race” is supposed to spark conversations after the lights come down, and both Kramer and Yaconis said they’re looking forward to that aspect of it. “The outcome is pretty open, and I think it will be interesting for the audience to talk about that,” he said. “I want to hear what

they think will happen next and who is really guilty.” For tickets and more information, call 303-232-0363 or go online to

IF YOU GO WHAT: “Race” by David Mamet WHERE: The Edge Theatre 1560 Teller St., Lakewood WHEN: Weekends through April 7 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays 2 p.m. Saturdays 6 p.m. Sundays COST: $16-$20 INFORMATION: 303-232-0363, www.theeproject. org

Join Whole Foods Market Denver and Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute for a party to help end poverty around the world from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday at the McNichols Civic Center Building at the corner of Bannock and Colfax. Taste some of Colorado’s best microbrews and spirits, including a custom limited edition of Pineapple Pale Ale from Denver Beer Co., as well as samples from other micro breweries such as Odell Brewing Co., Crazy Mountain Brewery and Downslope Distilling. Sample food from some of Whole Foods Market food artisans, and create your own party favor with folks from Fresh City Life and the Denver Public Library. Enjoy live music and view an art installation of “India” by Amy K. Wright. All proceeds will benefit the Whole Planet Foundation. Learn more at www. Buy five tickets or more and enter to win a $100 gift card to Whole Foods Market.

Kempe takes Venice

Now that’s Italian! Guests will celebrate in Venetian style to support abused and neglected children during the “Kempe Takes Venice” gala beginning at 6 p.m. April 20 in the Seawell Grand Ballroom at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Proceeds from the event will benefit The Kempe Foundation, which provides the education, advocacy and fundraising support for The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect. The evening will begin with a cocktail reception and silent auction at 6 p.m., followed by a 7:30 p.m. Italian-style dinner. The program will include a tribute to Dr. C. Henry Kempe’s lasting legacy, a success story as told by child-abuse survivor Althea Austin Flaherty, an artistic performance with an Italian flair, the comedy of Parker continues on Page 25


March 28, 2013



COMMUNITY COFFEE Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp wants to hear from you. The next Community Coffee is from 7-8 a.m. Thursday, March 28, at La Dolce Vita, 5756 Olde Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada. Come and chat about issues important to you. Community coffee is planned the fourth Thursday of every month. FRIDAY/MARCH 29

BOWLING FUNDRAISER Join the American Lung Association from 6-8 p.m. Friday, March 29, for an evening of bowling, food and drink while helping send kids to Champ Camp. Profits from Bowling for Better Breathing will fund full and partial scholarships for youth to attend Champ Camp, Colorado’s longest-running summer camp for children with asthma. These scholarships create an opportunity s in for young people, regardless of family eady income, to learn how to manage their nly asthma. There will be a silent auction, beer and food. This event will be held at Bowlero Lanes in Lakewood. To register, visit the events page at www. or, or call Durban Swartz e. at 303-847-0270. On




BUNNY EXPRESS Hop on the Bunny Express train from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We Saturday, March 30, at the Colorado 4, Railroad Museum. The train features g the 1880s vintage passenger coach and en experience what it was like to travel ds at 100 years ago. The Easter Bunny and l, the Spike the Railyard hound will hand out be.” saltwater taffy from Enstrom Candies. The train departs every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Purchase tickets online at ColoradoRailroadMuseum. org. havCONCERT SWEDEN’S Crucified e er Barbara will perform Saturday, March 30 at Jammin Joe’s, 9262 W. 58th Ave., Arvada. Crucified Barbara is touring ite in support of its third album, “The Midnight Chase,” which released in go- 2012 on Nuclear Blast Records. The new music video for “Rock Me Like The Devil,” taken from The Midnight Chase, can be streamed.

nd EASTER FESTIVAL The Heritage te Square Easter Fun Festival is from 11 the a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, March 30. Mc-Entertainment includes the Easter rner Bunny and his helper, a stilt walker, bubble tower, Stretch the clown, a -

o win .

t The e edport on lect. ail foler. o Dr. cess thea ce

& Experiences welcomes lecturers, artists and celebrities who will share perspectives from their lives. The series is at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. On Monday, March 11, the series welcomes Vicente and Marta Fox, Mexico’s former president and first lady. The series also includes Jane Goodall, primatologist and conservationist, on Monday, April 1; Sissy Spacek on Tuesday, May 14; and Dionne Warwich on Tuesday, June 4. The lectures begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available by calling 1-866-4498118. Visit

30960 STAGECOACH BLVD. W-140 • EVERGREEN, CO 80439 • 303.670.7065

BESRpring EM DEbCra e t le Ce ha wit


TION C U D E R FEE vices mETriC

Dr. Gregory G Papadeas Dr. James T. Chapman Dr. Darlene S. Johnson Dr. Sean Amsbaugh Dr. Steven A. Brenman Dr. Elizabeth Swanson

e x CO etSic BsO AcLoLsm TO ALNLiC on EO D N A S r miSeTdERicEaDl u RrVmeEd byDom S fo iN pejrECTiONS AticiaCnesR.TIFIeD iN thAeRD By ouaReBso 1/13)

(Expires 3/3

w w w. a d va d e r m . c o m

Engineered for ideal comfort Engineered for ideal and efficiency. comfort and efficiency.

GOD ENCOUNTER Former Ethiopian prime minister Tamrat Layne tells about his controversial “encounter with God” in an exclusive filmed interview. The film will be aired at noon and 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 2, at Lifetree Café, 5675 Field St., Arvada. After serving as prime minister, Layne was convicted of corruption charges and served 12 years in prison. During his incarceration, Layne claims he experienced a supernatural visit from God. Admission to the 60-minute event is free. Snacks and beverages are available. OPEN HOUSE Jefferson County Open Space is beginning an information exchange process regarding plans to formalize the Apex Park Trailhead at the junction of County Highway 93 and Highway 40 near Heritage Square in Golden. Open houses are planned 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 2, at the Jefferson County Open Space office, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden. Details about the project will be posted on the Apex Park website and comments will be taken through April 17. Neighbors, visitors and community members are encouraged to send an email to apexpark@ You will then be included in an email contact list to receive updates about the park. This schedule will be posted at openspace_T56_R4.htm. Your Week continues on Page 23

Julie L. Raney, M.S. CCC-A Certified Audiologist

Julie Raney is an expert in her field. She has been my audiologist for the last seven years and I can honestly say that I have not had any better in the twenty five years that I have worn hearing aids. - S.B.

The XC21 air conditioner from Lennox uses precision two-stage technology to deliver ideal comfort, efficiently and quietly. It operates at a low or a high stage, based on how much cooling your home needs. Most of the time, it runs at a lower stage, saving you energy and money.


rebate* when you buy a qualifying Lennox® Home Comfort System.

Up to $500 in Federal Tax Credits**


Free Installation, Estimates 303-421-3572 Licensed & Insured, Member BBB Making Your Home More Comfortable Since 1971 Offer expires June 14, 2013

*Rebate offer is valid only with the purchase of qualifying Lennox® products. System rebate offers range from $300 - $1,200. **See dealer for details and visit for more information on the credit guidelines. ***Does not apply to trip/diagnostic fee. © 2013 Lennox Industries, Inc.


Job #: 31792-32 Size: 6.78" x 6" Pub: Colorado Community Media

Color(s): BW Bleed?: N Branch: 139-DENVER

Innovation-13Sp-ODD-BW-B1.indd 9

3/7/13 2:04 PM



Upgrade your old equipment and save big on one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market today—a Lennox® Home Comfort System. Plus, you can take advantage of Federal Tax Credits and local utility rebates!




Up to $1,200 in rebates* from Lennox or 12 months deferred interest financing** Up to $500 in Federal Tax Credits Up to $1,120 in local utility rebates Up to 50% savings on energy bills† 3-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your MonEy BACK H u r r y, o f f E r E n d S J u n E 1 4 , 2 0 1 3



8721 Wadsworth Blvd., Suite C Arvada, CO 80003

Dr. Jamie G. Surovik Dr. Brendan J. O’Neill Dr. Jennifer A. Ray Dr. Paul J. Grant Dr. Shi Fay Cheng Dr. Roger I. Ceilley

PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE IN: Skin Cancer, Mohs Surgery, Acne, Warts, Rashes, Cysts, Skin Growths, Mole Removal, Face & Leg Veins, Retin-A, Renova, Botox¨ , Juvedermª , Restylane¨ , Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, Denver;Lakeside HeatingPulsed & A/C Inc.;C09239;6.78x6 Fraxel Intense Light TM (IPL),(b1) Scanlite, Varilite, Chemical Peels and Pediatric Dermatology.


At New Leaf Hearing Clinic we are committed to excellent service and warranties because we understand that hearing aids are an important investment.


well for


Bring this ad to your appointment and receive a FREE 2 week trial of Phonak hearing technology.

resh y. a-

le ren


es dell and

balloon artist and the amusement park rides (weather permitting). Visit www. or call 303-2770040.

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© 2013 Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. Service Experts and the Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning logo and design are registered or common law trademarks of Service Experts LLC. Offers cannot be combined with any other offers. Some restrictions apply. Call for details. *Maximum rebates valid only on qualifying Lennox® high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system purchase on or before June 14, 2013. System rebate amounts from $300–$1,200. **With approved credit; see for full financing terms and conditions. Federal Tax Credit available only on qualifying high-efficiency equipment; see for details. Utility rebates subject to local utility company guidelines; rebates might not be available in all areas; call for details. †Potential savings may vary depending on age and condition of equipment, personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, and installation of equipment and duct system.

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22 Wheat Ridge Transcript


March 28, 2013

New shows in Denver and Boulder worth checking out “The Doyle and Debbie Show” playing at the Garner Galleria Theatre in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts proved to be as entertaining as the press releases claimed. Created by Bruce Arnston, who also stars in the show as Doyle Mayfield, this rollicking musical is knee-slapping funny. Arnston is hilarious, and some of his moves/sounds are beyond mere description. We meet a has-been country star who is attempting to revive his career after 30 years, four wives and three Debbies. His new Debbie (Jennifer Blood) hopes this will be her chance to make a big splash in Nashville. The interaction between D and D is priceless. Rounding out the team is their one-man band, Buddy (Matthew Carlton). Keep your eyes on Buddy. As I talked with my companions afterwards, I found that I’ d missed

some good stuff while I concentrated on D and D. Here’ s a small sample of the original tunes: “Grandma Flickertail,” Blue Stretch Pants” and “ Fat Women in Trailers.” For tix and info on all DCPA productions, call 303-893-4100 or visit ”Church Basement Ladies” is the current musical production playing up the road at Boulder’ s Dinner Theatre. Anyone

who has been in a typical church basement will immediately feel right at home. The gentle humor is a tonic for the spirit and comfort food for the soul. You’ ll recognize the elderly matriarch, the young bride-tobe and her mother, the resident comedienne and the long-suffering cleric. The delightful cast includes Barb Reeves, Bren. Eyestone Burron, Alicia Dunfee, Heather Doris and Wayne Kennedy, who plays the pastor. Through story and music, the four women, along with their kindhearted spiritual leader, navigate a Christmas dinner that draws a record number of diners, the funeral of a friend, a Hawaiian Easter fundraiser (wait til you see the bunny), and a wedding. It was lovely to see Bren. back at BDT. She and her husband, Brian, are now part of the Candlelight Dinner Theatre family up I-25 near Johnson’ s Corner. Last time I saw

her, she was playing a very restrained and sophisticated (for Bren.) version of Mame. Now, she’s back in her sweet insanity. Delightful. Kudos all around to a strong cast. HIKIN For info and tix, call 303-449-6000 or vis-compr it And, byon- an handli the way, don’ t forget the yummy food. the Am Mount Sports scene How about our Colorado basketballfour fie teams? We’ re right in the middle of MarchThursd Madness, as I write this, and CSU has wonsafely its first tourney game in about 200 years. CUnew sk plays today. I have now added basketball to279-30 my favorite sports list. Amazing what win-at http ning will do for a fan base. HEALT I am ready for some baseball. Didn’ tbased, make it to spring training this year so I’ mby Stan all set to head down to Coors Field April 5to man for opening day. Maybe this year I’ ll catch aongoin baseball. It could happen.


March 28, 2013

Wheat Ridge Transcript 23


Your Week continued from Page 21

HIKING COURSE Wilderness Trekking School is a fun, comprehensive course on hiking in the Colorado mountains; on- and off-trail, map and compass, nutrition, gear, weather, handling an emergency, traveling on snow, and more. At the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado Mountain Club presents five Tuesday evening lectures plus four field sessions and a graduation hike (on your choice of Thursday, Saturday or Sunday) to teach you how to travel safely and confidently in the backcountry. Learn and practice new skills, meet new friends. Visit or call 303279-3080 to join the CMC today. More information available at HEALTHY LIVING Healthier Living Colorado is an evidencebased, chronic disease self-management program developed by Stanford University. Participants will learn effective ways to manage fatigue, frustration, pain, and stress related to ongoing health concerns. This program is free and is funded

by a grant from the Office of Women’s Health and Jefferson Center for Mental Health. It will be offered from 1-3:30 p.m. Tuesdays from April 2 through May 7 at the Community Recreation Center of Apex, 6842 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada. Call 303-425-9583. Space is limited, so register early; please register only if you can attend all six sessions.

WEDNESDAY/APRIL 3 JAZZ CONCERT Join Living Water Spiritual Community,

7401 W. 59th Ave., Arvada, for an evening of fine jazz in an intimate setting. The show is at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 3. Call 720-935-3999 for more information.

WEDNESDAY/APRIL 3 TO MAY 22, ON WEDNESDAYS WILDLIFE ART Discover wild animals from Australia, South

America and Africa, from giant lizards and poisonous frogs to deadly snakes. Use a variety of fun art techniques to examine these fascinating inhabitants of our planet. The eight-week session for ages 6-12 meets from 4-5:30 p.m. Wednesdays from April 3 to May 22 at Majestic View Nature Center, 7030

Garrison St., Arvada. Bring a healthy snack each week. Register by March 29 at Instructor is David Sullivan.

THURSDAY/APRIL 4 ATTRACTING BUTTERFLIES Are you iffy about insects but bursting about butterflies? Would you like to learn how to attract butterflies to your garden at home this spring and summer? Join Majestic View Nature Center from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 4, and go home with the know-how and some materials to get you started on your garden. The center is at 7030 Garrison St., Arvada. For ages 10 and older. Sign up early; visit THURSDAY/APRIL 4; LOOKING AHEAD/APRIL 26, MAY 9-10, MAY 16-17 GOLDEN HS events Golden High School presents its spring choir concert at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 4. The concert is free to parents and friends. Other upcoming events at the high school include:

IMPROVE SHOW fundraiser at 7 p.m. Friday, April 26. All proceeds benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Contact Scott Hasbrouck at, or 303-982-2813. ONE ACT Plays presented by the school’s Stage Right Productions on May 9-10. More details to come. POPS CONCERT, presented by the school’s music department, is at 7 p.m. May 16-17. All events are in the auditorium at the high school. For information about the events, or tickets, contact Angela Becker at THURSDAY AND FRIDAY/APRIL 4-5 MUSICAL AUDITIONS The Arvada Center will have auditions for the musical “Curtains” from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 4-5 at 6901 Wadsworth Blvd. Chorus dance call is in Denver on April 8, and New York City auditions are April 15-17. Call the Arvada Center Box Office at 720-898-7200 to schedule an appointment time. Actors must be 18 years & older to audition.


1667 Cole Blvd. Bldg. #19, Suite 400 Lakewood, CO 80401 Phone: 303-233-5555 Fax: 303-237-7633

• Brian Willms, President/CEO • Carol Grantano, Office Manager • Amira Watters, Director of Programs and Events

• Marta Murray, Executive Director, Leadership Jefferson County, Youth Leadership Jefferson County • Tom Livingston, Business Development Manager • Jordan McNamara, Communications and Programs Manager

New Transportation brings Transformation In the 1850s, Colfax Avenue was the main thoroughfare for prospectors moving west, hoping to find gold and strike it rich. The gold may not have lasted, but the road did. This transportation corridor developed rapidly, growing from a dirt lane with covered wagons to a paved road with trolley and bus systems, stately mansions and big box to mom and pop shops. Even pop culture celebrated Colfax’s nuances; everyone from Jack Kerouac to South Park and even the infamous Playboy Brian Willms, magazine have referenced the road stretching from President/CEO the base of the Rockies to the state’s metropolitan center. Somewhere along the way, however, the luminosity died out. Jefferson County, stretching out from the now rundown and forgotten road, became a bedroom community—a place to settle down, raise a family and grow old. With the lighting of the 6th Avenue Bridge on January 23, 2013 for the new light rail, however, some of that brightness is coming back. In almost exactly one month—on April 26, 2013—the new West line will open, connecting Denver to Lakewood and Golden. Twelve new miles of track will extend into Jeffco, offering 11 new stations, six park n’ rides and three call n’ ride centers. This transportation system is key for creating two way traffic, allowing people to easily commute in and out. Coming in is what really matters, especially for those under 40. This demographic, commonly referred to as young professionals, is an instrumental force for any vibrant community. It’s this generation – the Gen Xs and Millennials – that keep any community growing and thriving. Take Portland, Austin, or San Francisco; what does each of these cities have in common? Answer: a dynamic and influential group of young professionals. Transportation may be the heart, but young professionals are the soul. This group thrives on mixed use space, areas celebrating a “live, work, play” philosophy. Centers of revitalization, from Belmar to the Federal Center, Oak St. and (you guessed it) West Colfax, are leading the transition to flexible and user-friendly spaces. These areas invite the younger generation in, encourage development, and facilitate longevity. Like Colfax before it, the light rail is the focus of this revitalization. Just as a ripple in water expands from its center, development expands from hubs of transportation. Transformation spurs the local economy, strengthening infrastructure and ensuring enduring communities. 40 West Arts District, Saint Anthony’s Hospital, even the Lakewood Cultural Center have already begun such revitalization to more sustainable, user-friendly and vibrant spaces within the Jeffco community. With the light rail completion in April, this will continue to usher in fresh ideas and creative takes on space.

Find out more about the new West Rail at 4th Tuesday Business Insights

April 23, 2013 7:00am-9:00am Sheraton Hotel

Find out what hidden opportunities the new W Rail is bringing to business owners in Jefferson County. $30 for members/$40 for nonmembers. Visit for more info and to register.

Calendar For more information or to register for an event visit

Not a member? Contact Amira Watters to inquire about attending as a guest. 720-399-5654

April 4, 2013

Business After Hours

The West Chamber helped The Edge Theater celebrate their grand re-opening on March 15, 2013. A partner with 40 West Arts District, this is Lakewood's premier venue for performing arts.

Welcome to our new members Banc Card of America Zach Beckham 303 S. Broadway Ste 200-196 Denver, CO 80209 (303) 501-4261

Colleen Miller 1290 Broadway, Ste 700 Denver, CO 80203 (303) 455-1000

360 Union Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80228 (720) 963-2055 Paragon Design Group Sandy Ross 8297 S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd Littleton, CO 80127 (303) 733-5118

High Performance Cost Plus World Market YOUniversity Amy Barish Lance Koberlin 14387 W. Colfax Ave. 5451 32nd Ave. (Opens in April) Wheat Ridge, CO 80212 (720) 922-8853 RelyLocal Littleton Lakewood, CO 80401 Sharlene Briggs La Cave Wine Bar and 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave. Denver Regional Littleton, CO 80123 Council of Boutique (303) 792-2286 Governments (DRCOG) Elizabeth Hampton

Suited Marketing Shane Russell 5023 West 120th Ave. Broomfield, CO 80020 (720) 310-0501 Walmart #5957 Josh Plant 5957 W. 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80212 (303) 422-4455

Thank you to our renewing members American Family Insurance-Bernitt Applewood Golf Course Arc Thrift Store - Arvada Arc Thrift Store - Green Mountain Arc Thrift Store - Llittleton Arc Thrift Store - W Colfax Bandimere Speedway Banner Signs & Decals BIC Roofing, LLC Colorado Housekeeping Services, LLC Colorado Talking Book Library Denver Direct Mail Denver Disaster Solutions - Dinosaur Ridge Dr. Lisa Lewis, PC - Sustaina Center for Women EDP Recruiting Services, Inc. Foothills Park & Recreation District Get Connected Events Hands Automotive, Inc. Homewood Suites by Hilton Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Jose O'Shea's Restaurant Lakewood City Commons Lakewood Foothills Rotary Club Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Myers Legal Video Services, LLC Pinyon Environmental Planet Honda, Inc. Plous & Adler Family Dentistry Plous & Adler Family Dentistry QNET Services Ralston House Roof Worx, LLC Send Out Cards - Tekrony Smith and Associates, P.C. Thomas J. McAlister, PC, CPA Title One of Colorado, Inc. Universal Lending Corporation - Gumm Waddell & Reed Financial Services Walmart #5957 West Metro Fire Protection District ZenCorp LLC

5:00pm- 7:00pm Great Western Bank 215 Union Blvd #150 Lakewood, CO 80226

April 5, 2013

LJC Alumni Happy Hour 5:00pm-6:30pm Right Coast Pizza 7100 W 38th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

April 11, 2013 Membership 101Maximize Your Membership

11:00am-1:00pm The West Chamber 1667 Cole Blvd. Bldg 19, Suite 400 Lakewood, CO 80401

April 18, 2013

Young Professionals Happy Hour & Headshots 5:00pm-7:00pm The Keg Steakhouse & Bar 14065 W Colfax Dr. Lakewood, CO 80401

April 23, 2013

4th Tuesday Business Insights W Rail 7:00am-9:00pm Sheraton Hotel 360 Union Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80226


24 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

James Franco enlightened on new (yellow brick) road to ‘Oz’

FREE Estimages & Inspections

By Tim Lammers



For Greeley, Colorado CDL CLASS A OR B DRIVERS

With tanker and hazmat endorsements 2 years liquid hauling experience preferred TOP PAY! EXCELLENT BENEFITS! Oil field experience a plus Apply Online at: 361-573-8074

The trees we plant now are trees that grow with our children. • Reforestation • Windbreaks • Wildlife Habitat

One or more acres are required to purchase conservation seedlings through the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery.

Contact us at: 970-491-8429 or






Share the hunting experience you enjoy with your kids— for less. All hunters 15 and under can get Nebraska deer and turkey permits for only $5. YOUTH SPRING

Archery Opens March 25 Shotgun Opens April 6

Application Periods Start May 21


Sure, there’s a monstrous amount of pressure on the new fantasy adventure “Oz the Great and Powerful” and for the right reasons. After all, it’s a prequel to one of the most beloved films of all time with “The Wizard of Oz,” which continues to captivate audiences more than 70 years after its release in 1939. Still and all, “Oz” star James Franco said he can’t let himself get intimated by any built-in expectations that go with film, especially given the fact that “The Wizard of Oz” hardly featured the Wizard (Frank Morgan) at all in comparison to the fearless foursome that traveled down the yellow brick road. “The idea of getting a chance to see the history of the man behind the curtain was one of, if not the initial spark, that made producer Joe Roth greenlight the script,” Franco told me in a recent interview. “I knew the character of Oz, the protagonist, would be different. Our emissary into Oz would no longer be an innocent young woman — it was a man who would be anything but innocent — who could bounce off the world and not quite fit in, and all of that stumbling through Oz could be played for comedy.” Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters and on IMAX screens nationwide, “Oz the Great and Powerful” has already earned more than $150 million at the North American box office, and with an additional $136 million in overseas ticket sales, its studio, Walt Disney Pictures, is already planning a sequel. The film follows the beginnings of L. Frank Baum’s legendary character, Oscar Diggs (Franco), a scheming, small-time circus magician who is whisked away in a hot-air balloon from the swirling dust of Kansas and dropped in the mystical, vibrant land of Oz. Seen as a prophetic figure who will save the land and its residents from a mysterious evil force, Oscar at first meets witch sisters Theodora (Mila Kunis) and Evanora (Rachel Weisz), who are not quite convinced that the new visitor is all that he claims to because of his obvious lust for fame and riches. Sent by the sisters on a mission to destroy an “evil” witch in the Dark Forest, Oscar soon finds out she is actually Glinda (Michelle Williams), a good witch who is quite aware of the magician’s shady motivation. Still, she has faith that Oscar has the capability to be a great man —

“Oz the Great and Powerful” star James Franco. Photo courtesy Walt Disney Pictures and ultimately, the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. “Oz the Great and Powerful” marks the fourth time the “127 Hours” Oscar nominee has worked with director Sam Raimi, following the actor’s stint as Peter Parker’s (Tobey Maguire) best friend-turned-nemesis Harry Osborn in the director’s “Spider-Man” trilogy. Franco, 35, said he was relieved to play a good guy for Raimi in “Oz the Great and Powerful,” because, while they got along working on the “SpiderMan” films together, he felt the director found it easier to relate to Peter than Harry — and it made a difference on the set. “In those films I was a supporting character, and not only that, Harry wanted to kill Peter Parker because he thought Peter killed Harry’s father,” Franco explained. “Sam identifies very closely with a lot of his characters, and because he identified so closely with Peter Parker, I think he was little uncomfortable around me at times. I felt like I wasn’t getting the same amount of love from Sam as Tobey was, just because of the characters we were playing.” That’s not to say Raimi was cruel to Franco, the actor added, he just felt “secondary.” “In this film, I’m playing the lead character and I think Oscar Diggs is more in the mold of Sam’s earlier protagonists like Bruce Campbell’s char-

acter in ‘The Evil Dead’ films,” Franco observed. “With ‘Oz,’ I was finally in the full sunlight of Sam’s love.” The bonus, Franco added, was that, as visually spectacular as “Oz the Great and Powerful” is, he knew (based on his “Spider-Man” experiences) Raimi was as invested in the emotions of the characters as he in was the film’s look. “I had the same faith that Sam, (production designer) Robert Stromberg, (visual effects supervisor) Scott Stokdyk and all the visual effects people would create a visually stunning version of Oz, but Sam also had a huge part in designing my character,” Franco said. “This is why the character also has a journey. This is not just a travelogue film through a fantastical land with great visuals. It’s not just a physical journey, it’s an inner-journey. The character starts off in a rather low place — he’s a bit of a cad and very selfish, then moves on to becoming a better man.” Tim Lammers is a syndicated movie reporter whose work appears on more than 50 TV news and entertainment websites across the country. You can see Tim’s work on his website,, and follow his tweets at TimLammersFilms. You can also “Like” Tim on

Commissioners give green light for Green Acres Northeast Golden spot to become housing By Glenn Wallace The Gardens at Green Acres may soon be “the place to be” for anyone looking for new housing in the northeastern Golden area. The 54-acre development, located on the east side of McIntyre Street around 50th Avenue, received county approval last week to be subdivided into 150 single-family lots. A preliminary plat for the property was actually approved by the Jeffco Planning Commission in 2009, but county planners determined that they needed to reroute McIntyre roughly 60 feet to the east, onto the Green Acres property, before curving back to the initial alignment. “You need to snake through the

improvements (to the west) that are there, I understand,” District 3 Commissioner Donald Rosier said. The new housing project will have two access points from McIntyre. “I live in that area, and I know traffic on McIntyre is heavy,” District 1 Commissioner Faye Griffin said, expressing concern about the impact on traffic. The county’s case manager for the project, Sean Madden, agreed about the conditions along McIntyre and said that was one of the reasons staff was recommending approval of the Green Acres project was to ensure there would be future space to widen and improve the road. Green Acres land had previously been used as a nursery, but a recent state decision meant the owners could no longer use underground well water for irrigatation. Instead, the owners proposed a housing development, with larger homes and lower densities on the north and eastern side, and

housiing density gradualy increasing to the southwest. “The gradation allows the property to blend into the surrounding communities,” project consultant Doug Reed told the Board of County Commissioners at its March 19 meeting. As another complication to the project, the state of Colorado owns the mineral rights beneath a significant portion of the property. Both the project applicant and the State Land Board representative said an agreement has been drafted, and would be signed by both sides. The commissioners also asked questions about the project’s drainage situation. The property borders the Croke Canal to the east, but will have to temporarily pump storm water runoff uphill to move it into the storm-drain system along McIntyre. Eventually, project consultants say, a county drainage project to the east will allow for a simpler system.

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March 28, 2013

Wheat Ridge Transcript 25

Parker: A look at Easter specials around the metro area Parker continued from Page 20

local favorite (and my former Rocky Mountain News colleague) Sam Adams, and a live auction. Following the program, one of Denver’s hottest dance bands Soul X will perform until 11 p.m. Community leader and longtime Kempe supporter Gail Johnson will receive the 2013 Kempe Community Award, and presiding judge of the Denver Juvenile Court, Karen M. Ashby, will receive the 2013 Kempe Professional Award. “The evening’s purpose is to celebrate the children and families served by The Kempe Center and the many individuals who make this important work possible,” said Patricia Peterson, president and CEO of The Kempe Foundation. “Our planning committee has designed an event that will foster camaraderie for all of our guests and offer a variety of entertainment sure to please everyone.” Additional event details, tickets and sponsorships are available by calling 303864-5312 or online at www.

Tamayo adds bottomless brunch

Tamayo, the 12-year-old Larimer Square high-end Mexican spot that recently went through a major renovation, has upped the ante on brunch. Some gal pals and I got invited to a friends and family tire-kicking try-out of brunch on Sunday, which featured a $35 all-you-caneat and drink “bottomless Margarita bunch” for $35. But the “drink” part isn’t limited to Margaritas. Mimosas made with traditional orange juice, guave, mango or blood orange, as well as Bloody Marys and Bloody Marias are included. And, if you’re a teetotaler, the price drops to $20; $10 for children 12 and under. The menu includes sopas y ensaladas, antojitos (starters), tacos and tortas and cazuelas (baked eggs).

Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full, the stand-alone bar inside Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, unveiled its cocktail menu available to moviegoers asingwhen the theater and bar opened this week. perty The bar pours locally com-distilled spirits from comDougpanies such as Stranahan’s Com-Colorado Whiskey and ng. Leopold Bros., as well as thea seasonal cocktail menu ns thecurated by award-winning ficantAlamo Drafthouse Beverage proj-Director Bill Norris. Board “With the signature t hasdrinks at Glass Half Full, ed bywe’re trying to bridge the gap between the beer askeddrinker and the cocktail rainrders will wao the ntyre. say, east

drinker,” said Norris. “Local beer like Left Hand Milk Stout finds its way into cocktails, and beer components like hops and malt find their way into classic drinks like daiquiris and gimlets. Craft brewers spend so much time creating flavor in their brews that we just want to build on the templates they’re laying down for us.” More information at denver/littleton.

Walling leaving Robinson Dairy

Charlie Walling, one of the most amiable big-shots I know, is leaving Dean Foods as general manager of Robinson Dairy, effective March 31. Walling’s departure is a result of a “sweeping restructuring,” he said in a recent goodbye email message he sent to colleagues, friends and family. “It is with mixed emotions that I announce my departure from Dean Foods as general manager of Robinson Dairy, due to a sweeping restructure, effective March 31. Leading the Robinson Dairy team has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I wish everyone at Dean Foods the very best, and for the opportunity to work with these truly talented people, I am, and always will be, grateful. “Since relocating from Houston, the last 12 years in Denver have been the most fulfilling years of my life. This focused, collaborative and energetic community welcomed me and my family with open arms. Valerie and I plan to continue to live in Colorado as I pursue other career opportunities. I look forward to our continued friendship and appreciate the support from each of you. Please keep in touch as new opportunities unfold in the future.” I asked Walling, who is a personal friend as well as a huge supporter of my favorite breast cancer charity, Sense of Security, to send me some thoughts about his separation from the Robinson folks. H e said, “I am fortunate and privileged to have led the Robinson Dairy team and been associated with two Colorado leaders, Dick and Eddie Robinson. I will truly miss these talented friends and thank them for 12 successful and rewarding years.” Sal Siraguse, Robinson Dairy account manager in the downtown Denver territory, said, “Charlie will be missed. Great guy, great boss and so much fun to be around! We are very sad to see him leave Robinson Dairy.”

Pizza pizza!

Baca at The Inverness Hotel, Arapahoe County: The Garden Terrace’s award-winning Brunch for your Easter celebration. $49.95, adults; $23.95, kids 6-10; 5 and under free. 200 Inverness Drive West, off I-25 and County Line Road, baca/. The Briarwood Inn, Golden: Open for champagne brunch Saturday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.) and Sunday (8:30 a.m.-2 p.m.). 1630 8th St., Golden, Kachina Southwestern Grill, Westminster: Kachina will be offering Cowboys & Indians Brunch on Easter. 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Kids 8 and under eat free. The brunch also features Bullseye Bloody Mary Bar & Cisco

Oblios Pizzeria has made an application with the city to move into the old Fleur Bistro spot at 1225 Logan St. in Capitol Hill. Oblios already has a thriving Park Hill location at 6115 E. 22nd Ave. Many fans call Oblios a friendly, old Italian neighborhood pizzeria. Besides pizza, Oblios serves calzones, lasagna, salads and two kinds of sandwiches (Italian and meatball). Fleur Bistro opened in 2011, but lasted less than two years, closing with little notice in late October last year.

Sublurbia: Easter options Looking for Easter specials around the metro area? Here are a few options for the March 31 holiday:

Kids Room. 10600 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, Shanahan’s Steakhouse, Denver: Shanahan’s will be featuring a $59, threecourse menu that includes prime rib, filet mignon and fresh seafood. In addition, Shanahan’s will be offering its full menu and children’s menu. 5085 S. Syracuse St., Denver Tech Center, www. Trapper’s Chop House (fourth floor of the Holiday Inn Select), Parker: Trapper’s Easter brunch features a prime rib and honey ham carving station, pancake and omelet bar, eggs Benedict, assorted salads and more. Adults, $29.95; children, $19.95. 19308 Cottonwood Drive, Parker, www.trap-

Union Station Pepsi Center• Elitch Gardens Sports Authority Field at Mile High


7305 Grandview Ave., Olde Town Arvada 720-898-3380

arvadavisitorscenter @visitarvada


no x D e Fe ca t de ur ra • l



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so n L W ak ad ew sw oo or d• th




Red Rocks College Federal Center


Auraria West


Jefferson County Government Center•Golden

Messing with Texas

Eavesdropping on a man talking about South by Southwest: “Austin is like Denver without the grown-ups.”

Penny Parker’s “Mile High Life” column gives insights into the best events, restaurants, businesses, parties and people throughout the metro area. Parker also writes for You can subscribe and read her columns (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at www.pennyparker.blacktie-colorado. com. She can be reached at or at 303-619-5209.


Wheat RidgeSportS

26 Wheat Ridge Transcript March28, 2013

Skipper provides pitching and hitting in shutout victory Arvada get no hit; Alameda snaps losing streak By Daniel Williams BOULDER – Ralston Valley used a near perfect pitching effort for an 8-0 victory Friday at Legacy High School. Senior Dan Skipper threw just over four innings giving up four hits for three Mustangs. Skipper also got involved offensively going 3-for-4 from the plate. Senior Daniel Jurney went 3-for-4 with three RBI. Ralston Valley (3-0) will participate in the Chris Moon Memorial Cherry Field Classic in Tucson, Arizona this week.

Alameda snaps skid

Fuelled by a huge fourth inning Alameda beat Thornton 10-7 March 21 at Alameda High School. Down 3-0 the Pirates scored seven runs in the fourth inning with the help of sophomore Allen Elliot. Elliot went 3-for-5 and drove in four runs. With the victory Alameda snapped a three game losing streak. The Pirates (2-3) will play Golden at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at All Star Park.

Arvada no hit by Peak to Peak

Arvada lost their first game of the season after they were no hit by Peak to Peak and beat 10-0 Friday at Arvada High School. Junior Nick Kelly tossed the no-hitter striking out eight batters and walking just one batter over five innings of work. Despite the no-no the Bulldogs have had a strong start to the season and has scored at least nine runs in their first three games. Arvada (2-1-1) will host Green Mountain at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Wildcats still winless

Arvada West is still searching for their first win after falling to Rock Canyon 9-2 Tuesday at Arvada West High School. A-West sophomore Jesse Gonzales went 2-for-3 and scored a run, and sophomore Joe Rosenstein went 2-for-2 with a double, but the Wildcats had already dug themselves into a hole. Rock Canyon scored four first inning runs and then four more in the seventh inning and the Wildcats weren’t able to keep up offensively. Arvada West (0-3) is participating in the Chris Moon Memorial Cherry Field Classic in Tucson, Arizona this week.

Bears big over Heritage

Bear Creek got nine fifth inning runs and then hung on for a 14-8 victory Tuesday at Heritage High School. The Bears used 17 hits with five of those hits coming from junior Alex DeBell. DeBell went a perfect 5-for-5 and scored a pair of runs. In addition, senior Chris Barttelbort went 3-for-5 driving in four runs and scoring three more runs by himself. The Bears (2-1) will play at Loveland High School at 4 p.m. April 4.

Clearly clears bases

Senior Chase Clearly gave up just a single hit and his D’Evelyn teammates helped hit their way to a 10-0 victory Thursday at Pueblo Centennial High School.

Wheat Ridge Farmers shown in their 14-6 victory over Roosevelt on March 15. Photo by Dan Williams Clearly gave up just one hit over four strong inning of work for his first win of the season. Senior Cody Marvel provided the offense going 2-for-2 with three RBI. D’Evelyn (2-0) will participate in the Coach Bob National Invitational Tournament in Surprise, Arizona this week.

Eagles give up lead, game

Faith Christian gave up an early lead and fell to Prairie View 7-4 March 21 at Prairie View High School. The Eagles got out to a 3-0 lead but then gave all three runs back in the third inning. Then after a game was tied 4-4, Faith Christian then gave up three more runs in the sixth inning. Faith Christian senior Steven Galambos went 2-for-4 and drove in a pair of runs. The Eagles (1-1, 1-0) will host Colorado Academy at 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Rams off to fast start

Green Mountain shutout George Washington 12-0 March 20 at Green Mountain High School. The Rams held Green Mountain to just four hits, while piling up 11 hits of their own and scoring runs in each of the first four innings. Green Mountain sophomore Cole Shetterly had a monster day going 3-f0r-3 which included a home runs and five RBI.

The Rams (2-0) have outscored their opponents 35-0 in their first two games. They will participate in the Coach Bob National Invitational Tournament in Surprise, Arizona this week.

Tigers comeback for win

Lakewood outlasted a scoring slugfest and hung on for a 17-12 victory March 21 at Boulder High School. Down 11-6 late in the contest the Tigers suddenly got red-hot and reeled off 11 sixth innings runs. Lakewood was fuelled by Matt McMillan huge afternoon where the senior went 3-for-5 with five RBI. Junior Parker Cormack went 2-for-5 and drove in a pair of runs. The Tigers (2-1) are participating in the Greenway Festival Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona this week.

Pomona falls in opener

Pomona scored four seventh innings but their rally fell short as they fell 9-8 March 18 at Northglenn High School. Northglenn took a 9-4 lead into the game’s final inning and although the Panthers’ bats heated up late their effort came up just short. Pomona senior Ryan Abts went 2-for-3 and drove in four runs, and senior Sean McClure went 3-for-4. The Panthers (0-1) are participating in the Chris Moon Memorial Cherry Field Classic in Tucson, Ariz., this week.

Arvada West wrestling to host German National Team Wrestlers from Arvada-Broomfield By Daniel Williams ARVADA – Germans are invading Arvada – the German National Team, that is. Arvada West High School will host the German Youth National Team as they take on the Arvada-Broomfield All-Star Wrestling Team Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the main gym. The German team features the best 13 to 17-year-olds in their country will wrestle

against the best wrestlers in Arvada and Broomfield, including those from 5A state champs Pomona, Ralston Valley and AWest. “This is a very fun and very unique opportunity for some of the best wrestlers in Arvada to go against some of the best Germany has to offer,” Arvada West athletic director Steve Anderson said. The German wrestlers will be in Denver area for five days and three days in Grand Junction. Cheerleaders, poms and dancers will perform during match as well as Pomona’s band. The Mayor of Arvada is even rumored to be making an appearance.

In other Jeffco sports news: Beware of fake fundraiser. Bear Creek High School has alerted the media and local businesses that a company going by the name of “HS Posters” is calling business owners with false pretenses claiming they are doing the sports posters for the high school. Bear Creek High School is in no way affiliated with HS Posters and, receives no financial return from their efforts or any posters. Please do not donate any money or purchase any advertising from this company. If you have already purchased anything from them please request an immedi-

ate refund and fax a copy of any invoices, posters, or relevant documentation to (619) 502-7535. Bear Creek’s athletic department works with Big Game Promotions to produce their seasonal sports poster. They will be assisting in the fundraising efforts for the 20132014 school year. Big Game Promotions ( is the only authorized poster company for our school. Local businesses will have the opportunity to sponsor advertising space on the posters, with a portion of the funds going directly back to Bear Creek High School athletic department.



Irv Brown and Joe Williams are the longest-running sports talk tandem in the history of Denver radio. For more than 28 years, Irv Brown and Joe Williams have teamed to bring sports talk to fans in Denver. That tradition continues on Mile High Sports Radio.


March 28, 2013


Sports artist is on the ball Works include portraits, golf carts, By Tom Munds

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Kyle Banister is a fulltime artist with many talents and many interests. “I don’t have a favorite medium. I like them all,” he said with a smile. “As for subjects, I like to draw everything I see and I will do artwork on just about anything that stands still long enough for me to get to work.” He uses a variety of mediums including markers, acrylics and enamels and his subjects vary from a painting of a woman done on wood to his artwork on golf carts created for the Birmingham Barons baseball team. But he’ll tell you his favorite subject is baseball. His said his works are where baseball meets art. “I think baseball is the greatest game there is,” he said with a smile. “It’s simply a great metaphor for life. My grandfathers both loved baseball and encouraged me to play even though I was too small to really play the game.” He played youth baseball on the old fields at Englewood City Park, was sold in the 1960s for development of Cinderella City Shopping Mall. That early exposure, he said, planted the seeds of his love for

baseball, and he likes to tell stories through his artwork centered on baseball. He said it isn’t just the players, but it also is about the inner workings of the game. He said he set out to try to make a living doing baseball art even though there wasn’t a big market for sports art in the Denver area. He said he was fortunate to make good connections doing art focused on baseball. He also branches out to other sports including wrestling, football and, most recently, hockey. He does some artwork for Root Sports, and a drawing he did for Root Sports of a portrait of Todd Helton done against a background of a baseball scorebook won an Emmy Award. He has a big date on opening day for the Rockies when, for the second year, he will be doing chalk art outside Coors Field. He said it was a hit last year on opening day and he was pleased to be invited back. He said he likes different media and doesn’t have a favorite, and he also is looking for new fields he can explore with his art, which now includes body art. Banister said he had the bug to do art since he was a kid but everyone discouraged him, telling him his artistic talents were fine but he couldn’t earn a living. “I believed them so I never took an art class in high school,” he said. “Instead I took all those classes like algebra that I thought would help me get a steady

Artist Kyle Banister letters a specialty golf cart for the Birmingham (Ala.) Barons minor-league baseball team. He paints a variety of subjects, but any aspect of baseball is his favorite. The artist grew up playing baseball at Englewood City Park, which was replaced by the old Cinderalla City mall. Photo by Tom Munds job.” The former Englewood resident said he never gave up “playing with art” in every job he had, including painting designs on vehicles when he was in the motor pool in the Army. He lettered race cars and, while working for Burt Subaru, painted national ski team designs on their vehicles. He went on to start a sign company, and he said he considered himself a graphic designer, not an artist. He said life changed in 2001 when he took some classes and a couple instructors told him he was a good artist. “I followed their advice, entered a couple art shows that led to my first solo art show and kicked off my ca-

reer as a full-time working artist,” he said. He said his only regret was he didn’t make the decision to become a full-time

artist 40 years ago, about the time he graduated from Alameda High School. Banister grew up in Englewood and attended

Petersburg School through the fourth grade. His family eventually moved to Lakewood and he still lives in southern Jefferson County.

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oices, The work for local artist Kyle Banister is almost done on one of the two customized golf carts. Photo by Tom Munds (619)

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28 Wheat Ridge Transcript

March 28, 2013

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