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The 23rd Annual Alternative Gift Fair…

A ‘Twice Blessed Event’ for Everyone By Jo Ann M. Colton Special to Lifestyles

In light of so many tensions in today’s world, we must remind ourselves each and every day to count our blessings. November is truly a month of giving thanks, which is why the 23rd Annual Alternative Gift (AGF) is also an absolute blessing this time of year. This joyous two-day “giving and receiving” event will once again be held on Saturday, November 11 (9:00am-4pm) and Sunday, November 12 (9:00am-3pm) at Evergreen Lutheran Church, 5980 County Highway 73, between Evergreen and Conifer. The idea behind the Alternative Gift Fair is that people can come together to shop “once,” while gifting


OF THE MONTH “twice”…once when they make a purchase for the benefit of these local faith charities and then again when they gift the item to a family member or a friend. The purpose of this “twice blessed” event is to connect people in our community with folks nearby and from afar, get to know their organizations, and assist in their endeavors to raise money for their own circle of people. Led by Evergreen Lutheran Church, which serves as its financial hub, the Fair is proud to include the participation of five additional faith communities: United Methodist of Evergreen, Episcopal Church of the

Transfiguration, Congregation Beth Evergreen, Church of the Hills Presbyterian, and Christ the King Catholic Church. Charities do not have to pay a fee to take part in the Fair, which showcases arts and crafts vendor-booths occupied by nonprofit organizations that operate around the world. A Bake Sale both days helps pay the overhead expenses to put on the AGF. Offering handmade items for sale that are sure to please everyone on your gift list, Evergreen’s Alternative Gift Fair celebrates its 23rd year in our community. Each booth is responsible for its own intake of money and the charities receive 100% of the funds from their sales. Most charity vendors will accept credit cards, but Please see GIFT FAIR, Page 2



GIFT FAIR From Page 1 bring cash or checks for some that might not. “The three key elements necessary to put on our successful Alternative Gift Fair each and every year are volunteers (sustaining and new), vendors, and shoppers! Although money and volunteers spring from these faith communities, we are always looking for more volunteers,” said Bill Graf who has co-chaired this event for the past seven years along with chair, Riley Hanback. “If anyone is interested in volunteering, please visit our website (www.GiftTwice. org). Volunteer registration is live; click

A            C      C        M   

on ‘Sign Up to Volunteer’ at the top.” The Alternative Gift Fair commenced 23 years ago, and Mary Richards has been involved from the start. She reports that it has always been a mission of faith and volunteers. In the beginning the faith communities were all notified about the event. “It just happened,” said Mary. “The word of mouth spread like a fire and before long, hundreds were involved. Multiple faith congregations grabbed the commitment from the get-go.” Beneath the endeavors rested a spirit of fun and joy, which was soon contagious. In the beginning the fair was held at the Church of the Hills. But it wasn’t Please see GIFT FAIR, Page 7

Shop once. Gift twice. Shop once. Gift twice.

Come shop for fabulous handmade crafts, jewelry, textiles, and othershop gift items offeredhandmade by over 30crafts, non-profi t organizations! Come for fabulous jewelry, textiles, and other gift items offered by over 30 non-profit organizations!

Saturday, November 11th | 9am-4pm Evergreen Lutheran Church 5980 Highway 73, Evergreen, CO 80439 Sunday, November 12th | 9am-3pm Saturday, November 11th | 9am-4pm Please bring cash or checks as some vendors Sunday, November 12th | 9am-3pm Participating cannot accept credit cards.

www.GiftTwice.org Evergreen Lutheran Church

5980 Highway 73, Evergreen, CO 80439

non-profits receive 100% of the proceeds

Please bring cash or checks as some vendors cannot accept credit cards.

Thank you to our sponsoring congregations: Christ the King Catholic Church, Church of the Hills Presbyterian USA, Congregation Beth Evergreen, Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Evergreen Lutheran Church, and United Methodist Church of Evergreen


A              C      C        M   




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Evergreen Executive and Health & Wellness Coach Christine Kahane to Launch Book About ‘UNLearning’ By Jo Ann M. Colton


Special to Lifestyles

EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE GROUP Wednesday, October 25th 6:00-7:30 28186 Highway 74, Suite 05 behind Beaujo’s. (downtown old Evergreen – right on the Creek!) $20 per person

Christine@ KahaneCoaching.com 303.589.5456 KahaneCoaching.com

Nationally Board-Certified Executive and Health & Wellness Coach Christine Kahane is pleased to announce that her new book, UNLearning: Leading Change Without Resistance, is set to launch in November. Her office is located at 28186 Highway 74, Suite 5, in downtown Evergreen (on the creek). “Leading change without resistance is less about doing and more about being willing to replace beliefs systems that no longer serve us, yet we keep using them because they are familiar,” said Christine Kahane who works with people on a one-to-one basis or in groups who are looking to re-direct their lives. “Unlearning is not so much about change but rather about allowing us to be more open with ourselves so that we can gain a different perspective of what our beliefs are, and how they can best guide us.” Christine Kahane also facilitates workshops at her office (view her website for 2024 workshops, including

The Unlearning Factor in February). New in October, she is offering Emotional Resilience Group (ERG) Chats on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Drop in to an ERG Chat to connect—sharing your challenges together can help you find options that can lead to solutions. The cost per session is $20.00/per person/per get-together. The next group chat is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25 from 6:00-7:30pm. “I am here to help my clients achieve their personal growth through transforming any conditioning and limiting beliefs into powerful competencies that are uniquely their own,” said Kahane. “I am also very enthusiastic that my Emotional Resilience Group will be a positive experience for all who attend.” For appointments, contact Christine Kahane at (303-589-5456). Visit her website (www.kahanecoaching.com) to register for the October 25 ERG Chat, and/or for more news about Christine’s upcoming book, UNLearning: Leading Change Without Resistance.

Research Finds Most People Feel ‘Overwhelmed’ by Family’s Mess at Home (StatePoint) While finances are a main topic that families fight over, a new survey discovers that cleaning and organizing also top the list. According to the survey, which was conducted by Duck brand, 76% of people feel “overwhelmed” by their family members’ messes. In fact, the research finds that messiness impacts relationships between family members: 46% of people say it causes “tension” between them; 35% say it causes arguments; and 33% say it is a “source of stress on a daily basis.” Knowing that disorganization impacts relationships, the survey aims to shed light on the source of the stress, as well as pet peeves families have when

cleaning and organizing: • Arguments about tidying up may happen frequently because 74% of people say they have a different idea of what “clean and organized” is compared to other members of their household. Additionally, 44% say “cleaning and organizing frequency” is the most difficult task for their family to agree on. • Survey respondents say their top peeves about their family’s cleaning and organizing style is they procrastinate (56%) and they don’t like to clean/organize themselves at all (36%). According to 48% of survey respondents, another big annoyance is having to frequently remind other people in the home to pick up their belongings. When they

don’t clean up after themselves, most (58%) say it makes them feel annoyed and some say they feel angry/frustrated (29%). • Clutter in the living room is the “most annoying mess” that family members make on a regular basis, followed by not wiping up spills in the kitchen or fridge (45%), according to the results. Although there is a lot to disagree about when it comes to clutter, there is one thing families are aligned on: 85% believe “living in a tidy home leads to more harmony among household members.” Duck brand offers simple solutions for a happier, more efficient home: Install EasyMounts Interior Drywall J Hook in the hall closet, entryway or garage to

encourage family members to keep bags, hats and toys off the floor. If the kitchen is a messy hotspot, place Clear Classic EasyLiner Brand Shelf Liner in the fridge to cut down on sticky spills. For expert tips and ideas on how to use EasyMounts and EasyLiner around the house, visit Duck brand. “Families are constantly on the go, so it is hard to keep up with daily tasks around the house,” says Angee Mantell, Insights & Innovation product manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets the Duck brand. “Implementing a few simple solutions can help teach tidy habits and encourage everyone at home to play their part in making spaces neat and clutter-free.”

A              C      C        M   



Warmth at Your Fingertips Do you have a dirty, draft y outdated fireplace? A fireplace insert will change your life! Inserts are hearth appliances designed to fit into the opening of your traditional fireplace. A new insert will look better, heat better, and increase the value of your home. Plus, a new insert gives you the opportunity to change your fuel from wood to gas- and have the efficient, easy-to-burn hearth appliance you’ve always wanted! The key to an insert’s efficiency is that it is a sealed system with venting specially designed to run through your existing chimney. That means a new insert will stop cold drafts coming down your flue and help you save money on heating your home! In addition to preventing heat loss, inserts have high-efficiency technology to transfer the most heat from the firebox into your home, such as ceramic glass, upgraded burners, and Direct Vent technology.

This means intake air and combustion byproducts never mix with the air in your house, a much safer solution than your outdated fireplace. Today’s gas inserts are also the most convenient to use! With a remote-controlled thermostat, you can maintain a comfortable temperature at the push of a button. Another benefit to adding an insert in your home is that they do not require electricity to start up. When your power is out, and you’re wondering how you’re going to heat your home, your new insert will save the day! You can change the look of your entire home by adding an insert, without any of the messy demolition. Most gas inserts have a variety of design options you can choose from when picking out the logs, glass, and metal finish on the front. You can choose a look to match your existing décor or you can design your fireplace to be the stand-out

centerpiece of your home. Are you tired of looking at your old brass doors? Would you like an updated look such as a new copper or silver front? We offer inserts with a nearly infinite combination of customizable options. From front sizes, faux doors, metal finishes, and firebox panels to log sets and accent lighting, you’ll have options to make your new insert your own. If you have the original fireplace of your home, know that it is nowhere near as efficient as today’s new fireplaces. Even if your fireplace has been “converted to gas”, that likely means that a decorative gas log set has been installed in it, which is a negative efficiency appliance. A gas log set consists of a burner, an artificial log set, and sometimes a set of doors. Sound familiar? Additionally, gas log sets require a permanently open damper, so you

cannot completely close off your home to the weather outside. If this is the type of system you have, you should know that you are losing money heating your home against the draft that is coming through your outdated fireplace. Are you ready to upgrade your fireplace this winter? We have good news! We have many inserts in stock with a variety of sizes, heat outputs, and styles; ready to be installed in your home! We also have some lightly used displays we are selling at a promotional price. You’re invited to see the variety of beautiful and efficient inserts in our showroom at 7001 Highway 73 in Marshdale. Come visit us from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, and 8am-4pm Saturdays. You can also see our products and portfolio of work on our website at www.MtnHP.com or reach us by phone at 303-679-1601, and email at Office@MtnHP.com.

Warmth with the Push of a Button! And You Can Have It Too! Call us today to update your drafty, inefficient woodburning fireplace with a gas insert. You can start your fire and control your thermostat with the push of a button. Keep your home warm with the convenience and efficiency of a new gas insert! 303-679-1601 www.mtnhp.com 7001 Highway 73

Gas Insert Installations by Mountain Hearth & Patio



A            C      C        M   

Evergreen Bread & Cocktail Lounge

Make your Holiday Celebrations Special with our Breads & Pies

Sets Autumn Menu Offering Fabulous Fall Foods By Jo Ann M. Colton Special to Lifestyles

If you are looking for a great restaurant to come together with family and friends in this autumn season, you are sure to “fall” in love with Evergreen Bread & Cocktail Lounge and its new fall menu, which boasts butternut squash and roasted golden beets in several of their new items. This Evergreen, Colorado eatery in the Marketplace in Bergen Village, 1260 Bergen Parkway, has garnered a loyal following of food lovers who enjoy hardy soups, hot/ cold mouthwatering sandwiches, tasty breads baked in-house daily, garden-fresh salads, and more. The restaurant serves breakfast favorites and delicious lunch choices Tuesdaythrough-Sunday from 8:00am-3:00pm, specialty coffees/teas, pastries, and other assorted beverages. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, patrons can also visit the restaurant for Happy Hour (beer/wine/ cocktails) from 4:00-6:00pm and/or dinner service from 4:00-8:00pm. “With only a 48-hour notice, we can cater everything from breakfast items

to sandwich platters and more, and we can even customize a special menu that is just right for your specific fall season breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner family celebration or business gathering at your office/home or other offsite location,” said Kris Porter who owns the restaurant with her husband John and her sister-in-law Lisa Perl. “Our private events space (for up to 30 people) or the entire restaurant (75 people maximum) can also be rented for parties and/or corporate meetings.” “Celebrate Kris Porter, the fall season Owner at our tables, or order our breads/ pies for your own Thanksgiving holiday tables,” said Kris Porter. Evergreen Bread & Cocktail Lounge will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but from October 31-through-November 19 the restaurant is taking pre-orders for holiday breads and pies. The order form, full menu, catering/wholesale bakery information, and/or gift cards are available on the website (https:// evergreenbreadlounge.com). All holiday orders must be picked up between 8am3pm on November 21 and 22.

‘Celebrate the fall season at our tables, or order our breads/pies for your own Thanksgiving holiday tables’

Website, Phone or In Store Orders Oct. 10 - Nov. 19 Pick-Up Tues, Nov. 21 or Wed, Nov. 22

A             C      C        M   

GIFT FAIR From Page 2 long before the location was changed to Evergreen Lutheran Church to accommodate the ever-growing attendance. Over time, additional faith congregations have become part of the Fair, making this event one of the most attended occasions all year. In recent years, the Alternative Gift Fair has generally raised over $100,000 per year for these charities. Today, a committee meets regularly to make sure the Fair will be a continued success. Nonprofit vendor relations are again handled by Deb Ryon who tends to the groundwork for the event and takes care of vendor sign-ups. Returnees are part of the fun, and all the volunteers enjoy not only seeing many of the same vendors each and every year, but also meeting and interacting with so many caring people. Nonprofits participating in 2023 Alternative Gift Fair include: Africa Bags (AfricaBags.org) / Handcrafted goods from Malawi; Aid Tanzania (www.



aidtanzania.org) / Beaded animals and Christmas ornaments and African Bags; Agile International / Purses, handbags; Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity / Recipe books, handmade items; Cards for Caring (www.cards4caring.com) / Note cards with original photographs; Chao’s Needle Works / Vietnamese handmade items; Congo Threads / Scarves, shawls, jewelry; Earth Links (www.earthlinks-colorado.org) / Natural and organic candles and soaps, reusable bags, upcycled products, bookmarks and greeting cards handmade by people with lived experience with homelessness); EPICA Amazon (www.EPICA. earth) / Native-made jewelry, pottery and scarves; Evergreen Audubon (www. evergreenaudubon.org) / Bird nest boxes and nature-related gifts; Evergreen Mountain Area Historical Society (www. EMAHScolorado.org) / Books of historic and local interest, handcrafted items from EMAHS volunteers; Evergreen Sustainability Alliance / Sustainable products, local made products; Friendship Bridge (www. friendshipbridge.org) / Textiles from Guatemala and wool items, swittens

(mittens and headbands), stockings, headbands made from wool sweaters by women in Evergreen; Fundacion ‘Yo Te Amo’, CO (www.fyta.org) / Ecuadorian handmade items…children’s, ladies Alpaca wraps/ponchos, and throws, jewelry, wood carvings (nativities); Ice Melt; Joy International (www.joy.org) / Candles, jewelry; Kenya Kids (schartongloria@hotmail.com) / Handmade beaded jewelry, animals, bowls, key rings…; Ladies Sewing Circle / Hand-sewn bags, pillows, crochet items, etc.; Making A Difference / Brazilian handwoven items; Mount Evans Heath Care & Hospice (www. mtevans.org) Seasons of the Mountains calendar, angels, hot pads; Outreach Uganda (www.outreachuganda.org) Paper beaded jewelry, ornaments, wine glass charms, lanyards, bags and purses, aprons, stuffed animals, scarves, coasters, pot holders, oven mitts, crosses; Pachyderm Power / Elephantthemed paper, soaps, boxes…; Purple Door Coffee/Dry Bones (www.drybonesdenver.org) / Coffee items, mugs, burlap bags; R Bazaar / Arts, jewelry, cooking items from refugee and international

Advertising Department Donna Reardon, 303-566-4114 dreardon@coloradocommunitymedia.com Ruth Daniels, 303-566-4113 rdaniels@coloradocommunitymedia.com

Production Department Tom Fildey, 303-566-4142 tfildey@coloradocommunitymedia.com


women); Salvation Army; Seeds to Sew/ Handmade items from Kenya; Silks of Laos / Handwoven silk scarves from Laos; cotton table-runners, silk wall-hangings, carved wooden hangers, silver jewelry hand-crafted in India; and Warm Hearts Warm Babies / Assorted handcrafted items made by local volunteers. The Annual Alternative Gift Fair featuring handmade gifts and baked goods for purchase will prove to be a delightful way for you, your family, and your friends to spend your weekend. Jodye Whitesell has furnished the Alternative Gift Fair with an informative website (www.GiftTwice.org) that provides a plethora of information. The Annual Alternative Gift Fair is always looking for volunteers and the website includes a sign-up genius for those people who might be interested in volunteering. So count your blessings and share them with others as a volunteer or a holiday shopper. Come out to the twice-blessed 23rd Annual Alternative Gift Fair at Evergreen Lutheran on Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12 and support this heavenly community event.



A            C      C        M   


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