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the Third Quarter • 2016


The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

Scott Shuman Appointed as 2016 NAA Vice President By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI lmost 4 years ago, Scott Shuman declined a nomination to run for the Colorado Auctioneers Association Board of Directors for another term. Despite the fact that he mentioned to the attendees at the board meeting that he had been asked to serve at the NAA level, I’m not sure if he envisioned himself as the Vice President of the National Auctioneers Association in just 3 years! Scott began his speech with humor “poking” a little fun at Spanky Assiter and John Nicholls without the use of a milk crate to stand on this year to deliver his speech. His humor was well received and you can view his speech “live” on YouTube for the 2016 Board Meeting on the NAA’s YouTube Channel.


It didn’t take long for Scott to open up and share with the NAA Conference attendees and internet viewers about his own passion within the auction industry as he had stated, “Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn from so many of you and to work side by side with you to better our profession….… It has been fascinating to have a career in this industry. Having the opportunity to solve problems for sellers throughout the nation whether it be selling a tractor, a farm, a house or a box lot – I have learned from and have cherished every moment. During my career I have led the charge in selling some of the nation’s largest properties working with celebrities and the wealthy, and I have watched kids in the county fair show ring with tears in their eyes as I had a small part in making their dreams come true. I’ve sold $5 pies and $100,000 guitars, but the most enjoyable memories for me were those that changed lives. Many times after a benefit auction the rest of the organization continues with their gala evening while the auctioneer slips out knowing that they made a difference and changed lives. That is what I love about our profession.“ Mr. Shuman, I would like to say that you have changed more lives through your profession, professionalism and kindness in the auction industry than you know, whether it be as the auctioneer or as a colleague, mentor and more importantly; a friend.

Congratulations on your new appointment!

We look forward to your continued success and accomplishments within our industry; professionally and personally. THIRD QUARTER • 2016


Media Relations

From the President

CAA President’s Message

By Butch Hagelstrom Hello once again to all fellow CAA members & families. I hope your summer has been one of met expectations, personal and business growth, and an enjoyable time with family and friends. As this publication is going to print, we are into the third quarter of 2016 with a busy summer schedule completed for all of us. The CAA has had many of our members partaking in a number of events outside of their “normal” business efforts. We had a very nice contingent representing Colorado at the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) Conference & Show in Grand Rapids, MI, in July. Our very own CAA member, Scott Shuman, was installed as the Vice President of the NAA. Congrats Scott! We also had a great turnout for our annual CAA picnic in August, held at Adams County fairgrounds. There was great fellowship, food, games and even a little story telling between folks. (Some of them might have been true!) A fun time for those in attendance and I would encourage all, who can, to put it on the calendar for next summer. I continue to encourage all of our membership to be involved in our state association, as well as the NAA. Folks, the associations for our profession are only as strong and capable as their membership. There are resources available to all auction professionals who wish to take part and I do believe that this can be a great help in building your business. Along those same lines, the CAA and NAA provide guidelines regarding ethical practices that work, both in our professional as well as our personal lives. As an organization comprised of professionals, that have made a commitment to uphold these practices, I thank you for your continued support. I would also ask that you assist our organization in finding those in our industry who might also be interested in joining our association. We, as a group, are able to provide and accomplish a great deal more for our profession! Best wishes heading into the fall auction schedule and God bless. Take care, Butch Hagelstrom, 2016 CAA President

A Colorado Auction Company

H.L. (Butch) Hagelstrom, Jr. 140 Denver Ave., Ste. F Ft. Lupton, CO 80621 2

Office: 303-857-2399 Mobile: 303-827-5157

BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT: Butch Hagelstrom Buckhorn Auction Services P.O. Box 306 • Fort Lupton, CO 80621 303-827-5157 •

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NAA Spotlight

NAA Spotlight

Mr. Elemond goes to Washington

By Hannes Combest


am writing this as I attend my profession’s national conference, the annual meeting of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). This morning, the conference opened with keynote speakers Mark and Scott Kelly, the only identical twins to serve as astronauts. Since 1962, when President John Kennedy said “we are going to the moon,” I have been addicted to space travel. I have watched launch after launch. I was 13 years old when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren landed on the moon – I can remember my mom getting me up to see Walter Cronkite covering it. I remember looking at the moon the next evening and realizing that someone was really on that thing! By happenstance, I was home with my youngest daughter and watched as the Challenger took off and then shortly exploded. I can remember thinking that I just watched seven people die. I had always known that space travel was dangerous, but that day seared it into my heart and my brain. What humans have done by working together is amazing. And that was drummed home this morning by the Kelly brothers; both of whom have taken several trips into space with Scott Kelly holding the record for spending the most continuous time in space. So, what did they talk to the crowd of almost 5,000 association executives about? Two main things: 1) If you believe it, you can do it. 2) Nothing great has been accomplished without teamwork. These are lessons that apply to all of us mere mortals. I believe the auction industry is facing some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced – in fact, I believe the world is facing some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. The speed of change is occurring faster than it ever has before, and it is up to all of us to keep up. That applies to you in your auction businesses and to us at NAA in the association world. Today, our cell phones have more computing power within them than did the first manned spacecraft did when it launched 50+ years ago. Think about the changes in the last five years alone: We see more and more video; and we are using social media to market more and more of our assets. We have smart phones, smart refrigerators, and smart cars that drive without actual drivers. One of the Kelly brothers said this morning that he believes that in less than 10 years, people will be traveling from Los Angeles to London via space – and that the flight will take less than 25 minutes! That’s in less than 10 years. In just over 20 years, he said he believed there would be a manned mission to Mars – probably privately funded. 4

Government By Bryce Elemond

So how does the Kelly brothers’ message apply to us? I was inspired by their first message - if you believe it, you can do it. Their message encouraged people to work hard and be tenacious. As auction professionals, that is key to your success. But secondly, it is important to realize the importance of teamwork. For a mission into space to be successful, it must have a good design team, a good construction team, a good training team, a good communications team and… well the list goes on and on. For the auction industry to be successful, we must all work together – states and the NAA, auctioneers and ring men, marketing crews and technology specialists. We all have one goal in mind – to make money by selling assets using the auction method. It takes a team, and while few if any of us will make it to Mars, we all can be successful. We can dream it and we can do it. Get involved with your colleagues. – Help them be successful, and let them help you. That teamwork will help us achieve our dreams – as big as the moon!


If you have any auction equipment or trailers to sell, let us know. Send us pictures and details so that we can keep our association support going strong throughout the year.


his is an election year, in which we the people, are going to elect a President to carry us into a new administration filled with new ideas to give our country a new direction. I attended the National Auctioneers Day On The Hill advocacy training in Washington DC on September 7th and 8th. On Wednesday, we had a reception at our host hotel. In attendance were Congressmen Billy Long from Missouri and Jeff Duncan from South Carolina. Congressman Long had just been inducted into the NAA Hall of Fame a few months ago at the NAA Conference and Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The reason for these two Congressmen to join us and speak at our reception was that they are both auctioneers as well. Both men addressed the group and gave remarks about their careers in the auction industry and showed immense support for the auction method and how we continue to define the industry. Our NAA President, John Nichols, was able to attend that evening and give us his unyielding support and thank us all for making the trip to strengthen the ties of our elected officials “On The Hill” that are working for us and all Americans. Colorado had a great group of auctioneers in attendance this year. David Whitley was the director from the NAA in charge of this years event. The NAA Vice President, Scott Shuman, attended and brought his wife Krista and their two children, Walker and Shelby. David brought his daughter, Dani, as well. All three teens were very good about asking questions during our time in Washington. We were able to make several appointments with Colorado politicians and were happy to have had the opportunity to speak to our elected officials; Congressmen Mike Coffman and Ken Buck. Senator Cory Gardner made the time to speak with David Whitley and myself. I was happy to see he remember David and myself, in which we had spoken with him at a few fundraisers this past year that the Senator attended and had spoken with us. The Senator asked us how the auction

business was going and if we had any specific agenda to go over with him. We went over our position on current overtime labor laws, the ongoing ivory issue and how the online auction industry has catapulted in recent years. We were able to have a photo opportunity with Senator John McCain from Arizona while we were using the tunnels underneath the capital. Senator McCain was very cordial and gave us time to visit. I believe the highlight of my time in Washington DC was being able to have an appointment with Senator Robert Dole. I have a friend of over 28 years that works with the Senator and he was willing to meet our Colorado auction group to take questions and give us a great photo opportunity. Senator Dole was most proud of the Denver Broncos autographed football that sat on his desk from Peyton Manning. He mentioned he was a big fan our Broncos. He just turned 93 years old a few weeks ago. David Whitley was able to have his mother on speaker phone and have her speak with the Senator as well. The Senator was very kind talking with Walker, Shelby and Dani and asked what they wanted to do when they grew up, encouraging them to study hard in school. It was so refreshing to see a patriot like Senator Dole speak about his spirited career in the military and his long-standing work in Congress for his constituents. It was an honor to meet someone from “The Greatest Generation” and even more special to see our youth speak with him about his career. I encourage any of you to attend next years NAA Day On The Hill as it will give you such a great view of what our politicians are doing to carry our message, and most importantly, keep our organization close to them if we ever need to ask for assistance. They will be familiar with us and be more willing to step up and advocate for our industry.

Deadline Dates: Feb. 5th, May 5th, Aug. 5, & Nov. 5th THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD THIRD QUARTER QUARTER •• 2016 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer



Passing of the Gavel By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI


here comes a moment in time in which you will never forget an experience. You will never forget how it has changed your life…… It was the Presidential Gala for the 2016 NAA Conference and Show where everyone was dressed elegantly and the atmosphere was classy and graceful as the NAA Board Members were introduced just as if we were at a ball fit for a queen. That moment for me came after Spanky Assiter introduced our incoming President, John Nicholls, to the floor and the music filled the room with prestige where ALL the NAA Past Presidents had gathered and one-by-one they passed Mr. Nicholls gavel along with their “touch” of wisdom & grace as they had lead the path before him…. By the time the gavel reached center stage, there were many moistened tears on the floor as the tradition of honor was carried out and by the time the gavel was handed to Spanky, the room was filled with the attendees standing on their feet and “Congratulating Mr. Nicholls” as he, in return gave the respect and honor back down the line, “thanking” / sharing a personal moment with each past president until he, himself, with a wave of his arm in recognition, acknowledged the line of wisdom, professionalism and grace before him. My 1st NAA Conference & Show had many great moments of learning, networking, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends in which I am truly grateful and blessed to be in the “auction family.” However, that momentous experience leads me to share one final thought: “It doesn’t matter what you say… It doesn’t matter what you do…. What matters most, is how you made someone feel.”

6 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD THIRD QUARTER QUARTER •• 2016 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer





hich is more important or satisfying, to get a good deal or to feel you achieved a good deal? Some say that getting a good deal will typically elicit a good deal feeling. I agree. But consider, if one feels they got a good deal, when actually they didn’t, aren’t they happy too? Don’t underestimate the influence of feelings when negotiating. In this context, I’m not talking about your feelings but those of your opponent. How many opportunities are missed by negotiators who fail to properly influence the feelings of their opponent? Here’s my motto: I want my negotiating opponent , whenever possible, to walk away feeling good about the deal. Some disagree with me on this point. Some even have the distorted objective to crush, humble and even humiliate their opponent. How misguided and even sad. Especially so when it takes so little to foster that good deal feeling in someone else. During your next negotiation, be more attentive to building up the good deal feeling. You take the good deal but let them have that good deal feeling. Following are some hints and techniques to help establish that good deal feeling for your opponent. 1. Don’t be too quick to accept a proposal, even a good one. If you quickly accept something, without a significant pause, a flinch or consultation with others, you literally deny your opponent from thinking they got a good deal. Accept quickly and your opponent will think they should have asked for more. 2. Compliment your opponent’s negotiating skills. After a series of proposals and counter proposals, you realize you’ve reached the end of the concessions, interrupt the discussions by saying, “Wow. You’re a tough negotiator!” Your opponent will immediately think their current position is a good deal for them whether it is or isn’t. Complementing someone’s negotiating skills is typically taken as an “I surrender, you got the better of this deal.” message. 3. As per usual, employ a sincere and observable FLINCH upon receiving a proposal. That pained look, grimace, sigh or the comment such as, “Are you serious?” seems to tell one’s opponent that they’ve gotten to us. Should we later accept that proposal, or one close to it, the good deal feeling is firmly planted in our opponent. 4. Employ the time out. We tend to stay with a negotiation or bargaining session, without interruption, no matter what. To stop, step away

Membership or take a break has the misguided reputation of ‘blinking first’ or ‘being driven off ’. In actuality, taking a break and rejoining the negotiations latter causes both sides to rethink their current position and the prospects of putting a deal together. When we take the initiative to come back later, our opponent assumes they’ve won and adopts that good deal feeling. The final terms, however, are still open for discussion. Good negotiators focus more on fostering the good deal feelings for their opponent while negotiating a good deal for themselves. Keep Negotiating! By John Hamilton

Call for Volunteers! Become Part Of The CAA Ambassador Program Great things are happening in the CAA and we would like you to become part of it! Check into the Ambassador Program…. • Would you like to Volunteer and become more involved to help the CAA become stronger? • Be a mentor to new members? • Assist in membership renewals? • Provide assistance with our Convention, Fun Auction, Kids Auction or any other scheduled CAA activities? If you would like to help the CAA Board continue to make our association / activities strong…. Please contact Lu Hays (, our CAA Ambassador Chairman. Thank you for your help in making CAA a continued success!

Fun Auction for the 2017 Convention By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI


alling out all Auctioneers / Ringmen / Auction Companies to give back to the association that works hard and strives to improve all of our members through education, awareness, bid calling contests, advertising contests and networking among the members. We are asking that you / company be creative in your donations for the Fun Auction – bring a gift basket to donate, certificates for fun & unique experiences, creative items or even consider giving back and helping others is not only a gift, but an opportunity for personal growth, and well, let’s face it, it’s a chance to feel good. Sell your services (as an auctioneer or ring person or maybe auction day clerking, online, etc). Be encouraged to be creative and be sure to write your terms for your offering. Why not personalize your approach and use your passions to inspire and help others? The CAA Fun Auction is, in all honesty, a fundraiser for our association and so let’s be inventive! Sometimes we may even have more stuff than we would like, but we could all use an experience, get away, an adventure AND……help with making our auctions a success if we just had a little more help sometimes. We are going to be working hard this year for the 2017 CAA Convention in regard to public relations and getting the word out to bring in additional spectators to participate. Go Ahead……. Donte……. Be Creative……. And Let’s Have A Lot Of Fun In Our FUNdraising!!

Cowboy Church tv donation The Board of Directors donated $100 to the Cowboy Church TV on behalf of the members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association in honor of Jim Odle, who underwent triple bypass surgery in Las Vegas during August 2016. Jim was the originating idea creating the program, Cowboy Church TV, and is the Executive Producer. Please keep Jim and his wife, RuthAnn, in your thoughts and prayers for Favor of a speedy and complete healing with Our Heavenly Father.

Let Us Know When Your Company Is Doing Something Great! We want to showcase our members through the Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook page. Please send us a message with photos when you’re reprensenting the CAA in your community to Adele Nichols ( or Cissy Tabor ( THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



2017 SPEAKERS Tom Saturley Tom Saturley is the President of Tranzon Auction Properties, a Northeast regional auction company specializing in the marketing of real estate and other significant assets. Mr. Saturley serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Tranzon, LLC, a national auction firm, which conducts auction marketing campaigns throughout the Country. A graduate of the Mendenhall Auctioneering School in High Point, North Carolina; Mr. Saturley is a licensed auctioneer in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Mr. Saturley is a Past President of the National Auctioneers Association Board of Directors. Currently licensed in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts, he is the designated broker for Tranzon Auction Properties. Mr. Saturley is a former broker-associate with The Village House in Concord, New Hampshire and a realtor-associate with Graham Realty in Venice, Florida. Mr. Saturley is a past Chair of the National Association of Realtors Auction Committee and a past Director of the National Association of Realtors. Mr. Saturley was a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maine. Founding partner in the firm of Saturley, Hoglund & Pearce in Portland, Maine. His primary practice was an emphasis on business, finance and government representation. Matt Corso Matt Corso is currently the Chief Executive Officer for MarkNet Alliance, an alliance of auction companies located throughout the United States and South Africa. MarkNet Alliance conducts over 6,000 live and online auctions annually. He previously served as the company’s Chief Operating officer, a position he held since MarkNet’s inception. Prior to his employment with MarkNet Alliance, Matt served as the Chief Operating Officer of Aumann Auctions Inc., a nationwide auction firm specializing in several niche markets and real estate. Matt has completed the Certified Auctioneer Institute program held at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana, and holds the Certified Estate Specialist designation. He is also a member of the Illinois Auctioneers Association. Matt is currently serving on the school board at VisionWay Christian School. He previously served on the Board of Directors and as the managing editor for the Breeze-Courier newspaper in Taylorville, Illinois, for seven years prior to his work at Aumann Auctions. He has been a mentor to grade school children through the Taylorville Mentoring Program and has also been active in teaching youth classes and playing music in his local church. He helps coach youth football, baseball and basketball. Matt is married to Abbey Corso and has two daughters, Gracie and Mylie, and one son, Isaac. George A. Michak

George A. Michak, Esq. graduated magna cum laude from Vermont Law School, holds a Masters of Public Administration from the Pennsylvania State University, and a BA from King’s College. George was a law clerk at the Vermont Supreme Court and was Chief Counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. He has also worked with national law firms based in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. George regularly represents auctioneers and auction companies on various legal matters affecting the auction industry. He drafts auction contracts, including bidder terms and conditions, and represents auctioneers in licensing and litigation matters. George serves as counsel to the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association and teaches auction law and ethics at Harrisburg Area Community College, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and Reppert School of Auctioneering. George has presented to various auctioneer associations, including the National Auctioneers Association, Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association, New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers, Auctioneers Association of Maryland, Arkansas Auctioneers Association, South Dakota Auctioneers Association, West Virginia Auctioneers Association, New York State Auctioneer Association and others, and provides continuing education programs on auction law and ethics. George’s articles have appeared in the Keystone Auctioneer Magazine and the National Auctioneers Association Auctioneer Magazine. He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association. George can be reached at Michak Law Office, 717 Market Street, Ste. 388, Lemoyne, PA 17043; 717-458-1822;

2017 SPEAKERS Shannon Sewell Mays, CAI, AARE, BAS, PRI

(Shannon & Associates Benefit Auctions & Fundraising) International Auctioneer Champion, Shannon Mays, travels the United States captivating audiences with her limitless energy, communication skills and infectious smile. With over 30 years of experience, she brings a long list of attributes to the table. As a leader in the industry, she is an instructor for World Wide College of Auctioneering as well as the Professional Ringmen’s Institute (PRI) and also conducts one-onone instruction. Shannon is among less than 5% of the nation’s auctioneers with her certification from the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute. She has served on the Missouri Professional Auctioneer’s Association Board of Directors, an active lifetime member of the National Auctioneer’s Association, and a participant of several Chambers of Commerce in her area. Shannon has her Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri State University and operates Shannon & Associates, celebrating 30 years in the auction industry this year. The company covers a vast array of real estate sales and auctions in conjunction with the Benefits and Fundraising division. Her past clients include the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, private schools as well as wildlife conservation groups. She has a daughter, Lauren, who will be entering med school in January and a son, Landon, who will enter the University of Arkansas this Fall. Shannon can be contacted online at

Myers Jackson

Myers Jackson is an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, Auction Technology Specialist and e-PRO. He holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation while being a member of the Certified Auctioneer Institute. Myers specializes in property sales, including personal property and real estate throughout the U.S. and abroad. He has advanced training in search engine strategies with optimized marketing skills; this training integrated with social media applications allows buyers and sellers to access highly visible results. He has served as the Past President of The Georgia Auctioneers Association and is the current President Elect for the Florida Auctioneers Association. His hobby as a practicing photographer allows his free time to be spent with a composition of great subject matter creating nice conversations.

Larry Harb (a.k.a. The Auctioneer Insurance Guy!)

Mr. Harb is the founder and CEO of IT Risk Managers, Inc. and the creator of the Auctioneer Insurance Program, designed by auctioneers, for auctioneers. He is a licensed Auctioneer and NAA member. He is also an instructor of Auctioneer Risk Management at the Kentucky Auction Academy, the Western School of Auctioneering and the North Georgia School of Auctioneering. His company, IT Risk Managers, Inc. is a national niche insurance wholesaler that provides risk management solutions for companies that are in the technology business or that use technology and is one of the industry’s premier brokers of Internet & Technology (Cyber) Insurance. In addition to their Auctioneer Insurance Program, IT Risk Managers, Inc. is also the program manager for the Database Insurance program. IT Risk Managers is licensed in 48 states to market all types of Property and Casualty insurance products. Mr. Harb has over 30 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries. During his career he has also served as a guest lecturer at Michigan State University and as an adjunct instructor Illinois Institute of Technology. Mr. Harb holds a Masters of Management degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University. He co-authored the book Reinventing the Retail Bank published in 1994. He is a certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and has written numerous articles and is a frequent guest speaker at the NAA and State Auctioneer Association conferences.

Adele Nichols

Adele grew up near Severance, CO and graduated from Windsor High School. She then attended Colorado State University where she double majored in Agricultural Business and Animal Science. Adele is married to fellow CAA member, Lance Nichols, in which they have a daughter, Payten and son, Braden. She now serves in various capacities of media, marketing, clerking and bid spotting for several auction companies in addition to Nichols Auctioneers. Adele manages the website and social media programs, in addition to print and internet sales, for Working Horse Magazine and is currently serving as the Media Relations Liaison for the Colorado Auctioneers Association. THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer 11


CAA Foundation

Save the Date and Attend!!

CAA Foundation Social Media – Building Your Data Base and Marketing Your Business

Social Media – Building Your Data Base and Marketing Your Business Presenter – Robert Mayo Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – 9am to 4pm Location to be Determined Cost: $100.00

Presented By: Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, AMM, GPPA

The Colorado Auctioneer’s Foundation (CAF) is excited to offer its members the opportunity to learn more about Social Media and the part it plays in your marketing programs (or at least should). We have secured one of the most social media knowledgeable auctioneers in the country to come work with us to become better marketers of our business and our auctions. Robert Mayo is the owner of Mayo Auction & Realty in Kansas City, MO and is the instructor of NAAs Auction Marketing Management (AMM) Designation and knows how to teach others to use social media to get the best result for their business. Even though this one-day seminar does not qualify you to get the AMM designation, you will learn valuable information to stay current on one of the most important areas of marketing in today’s business world.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________

A registration form will be emailed out to all members in the next week. Please complete the registration form and send it to Doug Carpenter, 1300 E. 4th Ave, Longmont, CO 80504, or email your registration to him at Please send payment with your registration or you may register now and bring your payment with you to the seminar. As the saying goes, a high tide lifts all ships! Lets raise the tide here in Colorado. We look forward to seeing you all at the seminar!



Location: To Be Determined

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Cost: $100.00 per person

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________________________ Payment Information:

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☐ Discover ☐ American Express

Cardholder Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Card Number: _____________________________________________________ Expiration: ___________________

Crowne Plaza Hotel


CVV: ______________


(303) 371-9494 15500 East 40th Ave. Denver, CO 80239

Mike Heitmann

Mike Heitmann Mike Heitmann

Office • (719) 683-7235 Office • (719) 683-7235 • (719) 683-7235 Cell • Office (406) 450-2051 • (406) 450-2051 Cell Cell • (406) 450-2051

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016








Room Rate: $99.00 for Single / Double ~ Includes Breakfast for 2 ~ Indicate you are attending the CAA Convention – Code: CAA Deadline Date for guaranteed room rate: December 1, 2016

12 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer


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The Importance of Support Staff


ou have heard the saying and likely seen the memes on social media professing, “You think it’s expensive to hire an auction professional…. See how much it costs to hire an amateur.” As auction company owners and members of a professional auction organization, there is no doubt that most, if not all of you truly believe in this statement. And there is no doubt that most, if not all, hire fellow professional auctioneers to chant and ring for you. You likely have the same expectations of professionalism for your office staff and clerks. Now, stop here and take a moment to think about what you pay and treat each of those people – write it down on a piece of paper. Let’s get real, real fast. Many auction companies treat and pay their support staff like they are second class citizens. Yep, there it is. Be real with yourself, are you one of them? The support staff are often the first one there to set up the office and check-in buyers and don’t leave until long after guest auctioneers and ringman have hit the road. The guest auctioneer / ringman is often paid 2 - 3 times that of the support staff. The support staff often get barely above minimum wage. Go ahead, look at that piece of paper. Did your guest auctioneers leave with $30/hour and your support staff with $10/hour (give or take)? If that’s not the case, then “Congratulations you’re doing your business justice” and the rest of this article wasn’t written for you. Clerks. Perhaps your usually reliable clerk is sick or simply unable to attend due to other obligations. Or, you have an exceptionally large sale and are running more than one ring. Maybe your regular clerk had a better offer – a higher paying job won out that day, you know, like working at Wal-Mart. You may have had to resort to using someone who is not an experienced or quality clerk. For every mistake that inexperienced clerk made…How much time was lost? How much additional effort had to be made by others and how frustrated were the customers? Sure hope you hired professional office staff that day to sort out all the mistakes and compensated them fairly! Speaking of office staff… With whom do your customers have real one-on-one communication? The first smile a customer sees when they arrive and the last before they leave is your office staff. It is the office staff, who give the first and last impressions of a sale. It is the office staff, who are often the problem solvers. It is the office staff who typically deal with upset customers. Their attitude, professionalism and competence are absolutely critical to how your company is viewed in regards to “customer service.” Chew on this a bit: • According to “Job Satisfaction and Engagement: The Road to Economic Recovery,” a Society for Human Resource 16

Management research report released in May 2014, sixty percent (60%) of employees rated compensation/pay “very important,” and 36 percent rated it “important,” making it the Top Contributor to overall employee job satisfaction.

• “The link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is almost twice as strong when you have high employee satisfaction compared to when they are not satisfied with their jobs.” said Christopher Groening, assistant professor of marketing in the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business at the University of Missouri. If you have poor support staff, how much is it COSTING your bottom line? Lost customers, inconsistency, missed bids, incorrect calculations and entries? No one is asking for support staff to be treated better than you would treat anyone else- but it’s high time that just and fair treatment and compensation should be expected. Your bottom line and your reputation as a professional auction company (not just a professional auctioneer) will be better for it.

Are You Posting Your Auctions To The CAA Website? The CAA Social Media Liaison is promoting auctions that are listed on our association website to the Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook Page

Benefit Industry

Tax Issues at a Benefit Auction By Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, CAI, AARE


e have sold at auction in excess of $35 Million for 501(c)(3) organizations since 1996. As such, we are often asked about tax issues relating to benefit (charity) auctions. The questions/issues we’ve received/addressed involve basically two areas — those pertinent to: • Contributors to the 501(c)(3) organizations • Buyers of that property from the 501(c)(3) organizations The five most material issues for the contributors are: 1. Contributors who donate property to the 501(c)(3) are limited in their tax treatment. The law limits a donor’s charitable deduction to the donor’s tax basis in the contributed property and generally does not permit the donor to claim a fair market value charitable deduction for the contribution. For example, if a fur coat worth $2,000 was originally purchased for $1,100, the $1,100 would be the contributor’s deductible amount. 2. Contributors who receive something in return for their contribution (of more than $75) to a 501(c)(3) [quid pro quo contribution] are generally limited to the difference between the contribution and the benefit. For example, if an $1,100 fur coat is donated and in return the contributor is given a $500 gift certificate — that deduction would be limited to $600. 3. Real and intangible property (and the like) subject to longterm capital gains can generally be deducted at full market value by the contributor to the 501(c)(3). For example, a contributor who donates a vacation cabin on three acres can generally deduct fair market value independent of the auction sale price or basis. 4. Vehicles are handled slightly different than other property and contributors are limited in their tax treatment. The law limits the donor’s charitable deduction to the selling price of the vehicle, unless the sale price is $500 or less, where the donor can deduct “fair market value” up to $500. 5. Contributors donating $250 or more must have contemporaneous [provided by the time the donor files their tax return and/or the return due date] written acknowledgment from the 501(c)(3) organization in order to take a tax deduction. The five most material issues for the buyers are: 1. Buyers who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction, but only for the excess of the purchase price paid for property over its fair market value. For example, a $500 gift card is purchased for $575 — only $75 can be deducted. 2. The buyer must be able to show that he or she knew that the value of the property was less than the amount paid to qualify for a deduction. For example, if a vacation package of undisclosed value is purchased for $7,000 without the

purchaser knowing the value was $3,000 at the time of purchase, no deduction can be made. 3. In order for a buyer to qualify for an deduction, the value of the property must be disclosed prior to purchase. Per the IRS, a charity may wish to publish a catalog, given to each person who attends the auction, providing a good faith estimate of items that will be available for bidding. 4. Buyers may have to pay sales tax and charities may have to collect sales tax. Most states require profit and even non-profit organizations to collect sales tax when selling property, even if their own purchases are tax-exempt. Charities and their auctioneers should check state and local laws in this regard before the auction. 5. Receipts provided buyers at the end of the auction (at check-out) should show the amount paid as well as the fair market value of the property purchased so that those buyers may calculate any possible deductions. A statement on those receipts such as, “Deductions may be limited to the excess paid over the fair market value” should be on such receipts. Here are relevant IRS forms and publications: • IRS Form 8283 – Noncash Charitable Contributions • IRS Form 8282 – Donee Information Return • IRS Publication 1771 – Charitiable Contributions • IRS Form 561 – Determining the Value of Donated Property Finally, there are other subtleties, and these 10 considerations are merely suggested to be the most material; to essentially start the discussion. 501(c)(3) organizations and their auctioneers should seek out legal counsel as well as tax counsel to affirm all proper policies, forms and disclosures are in place. Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, CAI, AARE has been an auctioneer and certified appraiser for over 30 years. His company’s auctions are located at: Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, RES Auction Services and Goodwill Columbus Car Auction. He serves as Distinguished Faculty at Hondros College of Business, Executive Director of The Ohio Auction School and Faculty at the Certified Auctioneers Institute held at Indiana University. THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



2016 CAA Summertime Picnic Fun! Members


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Board of Directors

Practice Calling Bids with Virtual Auction

Board of Directors Meeting Summary

By Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI

sold my first lot at live auction exactly 10 years ago next month. I never went to auction school. A decade ago, I was in college in Manhattan, Kansas, and driving the 200 miles back and forth from Sharon, Kansas, at least once a month. I had recently started working for an auction company and had decided that I wanted to be a bid caller, so I spent mile after mile practicing my chant. Fence posts and telephone poles are too regular, so I took my bids from yellow signs on the highway. I got pretty good. I had a fairly quick chant, with several variations of filler words and could do fairly good impressions of my bid calling colleagues. My favorable assessment of my own abilities was quickly reset, however, after an auction one night when my coworkers threw me up on the stand and I actually got to practice selling to real people. People don’t bid like signs bid. Signs are predictable; arbitrarily resetting the bidding increments is unrealistic. To a new bid caller, taking bids from people is very unpredictable – perhaps chaotic or even frightening – compared to practicing alone. Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to simulate an in-person bidding environment that could be used to practice bid calling in private. Enter: Virtual Auction Virtual Auction is bid calling practice software that is the first

our CAA Board of Directors meeting was conducted prior to the CAA Picnic at the Adams County Fairgrounds. After the meeting was Called-To-Order, the board members in attendance reviewed the board minutes from our last meeting after the state capitol visit. Rob Hart, Treasurer, provided & reviewed with the panel the financial outlook, budget projections and reviewed our historical position in relation to our current position and an estimated analysis of our association in comparison to prior years and in our management of our association so that we can maintain a strong integrity of financial position. Our President, Butch Hagelstrom had spoken with and proposed to appoint Lu Hays as the Lead in the CAA Ambassador Program in which she will take the lead on our associations goal to grow association membership to continue to strengthen our association as a top priority. The BOD primary topic was the 2017 CAA Convention to ensure that we are on-track in our goals to make it a success and coordinate with one another any areas that needed to be addressed and set forth goals. Convention speakers, scheduling, the marketing contest, state championship contest and public relations were a number of areas that we focused our attention upon.



and only in-person auction simulation system I’ve ever seen. I caught up with Virtual Auction’s creator David Whitaker at the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association convention and got a first-hand look. With better 3D graphics than some video games, Virtual Auctions allows the user to control the graphics quality, screen resolution, bidding environment, size of crowd, bid speed, difficulty of bid signals and number of bidders. Virtual Auction simulates five types of bidding environments. The crowd behaves according to the settings, bidding in unpredictable intervals until the auctioneer says sold and clicks the sold button. The view then zooms to the last bidder who shows a bid card. Each environment features a tutorial. The software even includes appropriate background sounds for each environment as well as audible ringmen “yeps” which, thankfully, can optionally be muted. Each environment has subtle differences in aspects like view angle, crowd positioning and crowd attire. For example, the crowd in the benefit auction 20

environment are all dressed in black and the livestock crowd will request to cut the bidding increments. In addition to the auction simulations, Virtual Auction includes a battery of number drills that many bid callers will remember from auction school, though the ability to control increment and speed by software makes the drills much more useful. “I want to help students continue doing what they learned in Paul Behr’s class at auction school…a study guide to use at home,” said Whitaker. He says, “I don’t want to teach you how to auction, I want to let you practice.” I asked David why he created Virtual Auction. “I wanted to create a practice platform to help auctioneers, both old and new, improve their bid calling. I’m trying to make connections with auction schools to raise awareness among new auctioneers and hopefully work with the National Auctioneers Association to get the word out to established auctioneers.” He says the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “The auction schools I’ve contacted so far tell me it fills a very important need within the industry.” What’s been the biggest challenge so far? In addition to learning the ropes to becoming a vendor and getting the word out, Whitaker says the release itself has been an ordeal. “Finding the developer has been hard. Taking an idea and turning it into software isn’t easy. It took six months to find a developer who could understand the concept as well as handle the animation and build it for a reasonable cost.” He already has some good ideas for version two. “I’m thinking about voice recognition and competition mode for the next version, perhaps even turning it into a playable game.” It seems like an invaluable must-buy for any rookie auctioneer or recent auction school graduate. Virtual Auction works with any Mac or PC with a DVD drive. Learn more and see demonstration videos at THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer




From the Editor

I Am Asking for Your Input By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI


ellow Association Members, As summer begins to wind to a close, I hope all of our members have enjoyed a productive summer and are looking forward to fall. I would like to thank all of our members who have talked with me this past year and at the summer picnic about the newsletter and giving me a few ideas of what you would like to see included. Not only am I the Chairman for The Colorado Auctioneer newsletter, but also, I am the Chairman for Advertising……Exhibitors / Vendors…… Sponsors….AND….Public Relations. This IS An Honor For Me! The sharing of ideas, discussion of new and old methods, requests and suggestions ARE at the essence of what our association is all about. As the board is finalizing the details of the 2017 CAA Convention, I am always looking to gain input from our members on the Trade Show Aspect of the convention. I am interested and looking for New Ideas, Your Suggestions and would like to ask YOU, Our Members, if there is anything in particular that you would like to see in the upcoming convention? What is your “Out-Of-The-Box” idea? If you would like to help provide some ideas, or possibly know an exhibitor / vendor that may want to attend….Please Be Encouraged to contact me. Cissy Tabor, or (970) 985-8228.


CAA Members Are Creating A Strong Impression Throughout The Auction Industry and Our Nation’s Capitol By Cissy Tabor, BAS, PRI n comparison to some other states and their auction associations, Colorado might seem small. But as the old saying goes, “Small But Mighty,” and that is exactly what Colorado and our members are! Not only do we have a continual foundation of longterm membership, but we also have an increasing presence throughout the national level in the National Auctioneers Association and we are continuing to grow and be recognized in the legislative level. Our membership does not vary more than 8% of active members for the past 6 years and I find that a strong commitment that we, as an association can be proud of! Our CAA Board of Directors continuously addresses our membership and we have chosen to take a proactive approach to retaining and renewing membership with the implementation of the Ambassador Program that Lu Hays has so kindly agreed to be the lead on. Challenge: If YOU know of an auctioneer that is no longer a member of our association or has never joined and would benefit from the CAA, please be encouraged to contact Lu Hays ( This year was the largest attendance that the Colorado Auctioneers Association had attending at the State Capitol! Thank you to ALL who attended. Even more so, we were able to take our representation a step further in which our 2016 State Champion, Josh Larson auctioned a Colorado Flag to the House Floor and the money was donated for the legislative interns. Furthermore, we were able to obtain an official video recording of the session and were able to publicize it through our public Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook page. Did you know that the posting has received over 2,644 views?!? Challenge: Have you “Liked” our Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook page? More than 10% of our association members attended the National Auctioneers Association Conference & Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Wow! We were strongly represented in the IAC Bid Calling Championship with our 2016 CAA State Champion, Josh Larson, 2015 State Champion, Doug Carpenter, Sammy Hamblen and Dean Gunter, who remained in the Finals Ranking for over half of the competition and Miss Emily Wears, who was one of the Top 5 Finalists of the Ladies Division. Great Job Emily & Dean! CAA Members, Krista Shuman of Hall and Hall, Rich Schur of Schur Success, Aaron Traffas of Purple Wave and Cissy Tabor of Cissy’s Auction Services, were recognized & received awards in the 2016 NAA Marketing Competition and at a designated


Award Assembly during the 67th NAA Conference & Show. Congratulations! And…..of course, Colorado is definitely well represented by the newly appointed, Scott Shuman, 2016-2017 NAA Vice President. Thank you for your service Mr. Shuman! Challenge: Where would YOU like to get involved within our association? As of this writing, CAA is being well represented for the NAA Day On The Hill in Washington, DC by the Scott and Krista Shuman & family, along with David Whitley and his daughter, Dani, and Bryce Elemond. Thank you for your commitment and representation! Challenge: Can YOU schedule yourself to attend the Day at the Capitol next year; whether it is at a State or National level?

For Sponsoring the

2017 State Bid Calling Championship THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



Members Corner

The Colorado Auctioneers Association is accepting nominations for Officers and Directors for the 2017 – 2018 term:

The Cattle Rattle By Cody Johnson


hether we like it or not summer is over and fall is rapidly approaching. This is an exciting time for livestock markets and ranchers because it means the fall run of calves are about to start and the slow summer schedules are ending. Ranchers all across the area will be weaning calves and shipping them to town to be sold the local livestock market. You might be reading this article and thinking “How does this affect me? I do not work in a livestock market or own any cattle.” If you live in a small Colorado town and you have a local livestock market, consider your community lucky. Having a livestock market it is a big deal for the economy. On sale day town is a little busier with ranchers bring in their calves or cows to the auction. Since he is in town he might stop and get a tank of gas or diesel at the quick stop. More than likely he will bring his wife and they will stop and get groceries. Not only does the auction bring sellers into town, it brings buyers. Buyers, who also will more than likely spend money while in town. By selling just one head at the local livestock market, that seller created a domino effect of increased revenue in the town. Now I am not saying that a town without a livestock market cannot survive, but it certainly helps the economy and it creates jobs. Not only does this directly affect towns with livestock markets, but it also has an effect on the surrounding communities. Whether it be at a farm or estate auction, or a junior livestock auction at the fair in the neighboring town, money is being circulated around the community as a result of the buying and selling of cattle. And although this same type of trickle-down effect can be said for any agricultural commodity, but I have yet to auction one bushel of corn at an auction! So, thank a beef producer or livestock market operator next time you see one of them at your auction. Who knows, he might buy quite a bit!

To be considered be the Nominating Committee, a nominee must be (1) An active member of the CAA in good standing (2) Ability to attend all meetings as required If you are interested in serving, please contact one of your current board members. (See Board of Directors listing / contact on Page 2)

Elections will take place during the membership business meeting at the 2017 Annual Convention, Jan 6 – 7, 2016, in Denver, CO.

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King Soopers Reward Program and YOU! King Soopers Reward Program - Pre-loaded King Sooper Gift Card (initially contact Walt Partridge) that is recognized at most Kroger affiliated stores throughout the US including, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry’s and Fry’s Marketplace, King Soopers, Dillons, smith’s Food & Drug, City Market, QFC, Food 4 Less, Owen’s Foodsco, Hilander, Pay-Less, Cala-Bell, Baker’s, Jayc, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Littman & Barclay Jewelers and Loaf & Jug. — Cards with a $0.00 Balance for 90 days will become inactive. A new card will need to be purchased from our organization. The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation earns 5% each time we, as an organization, reaches a total of $5,000!

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Please complete a separate form for each person attending.

COMPANY ________________________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _________________________ STATE_____ ZIP___________EMAIL ______________________________________ PHONE (home/work) __________________________ (cell) ________________________________________________ SPOUSE’S NAME (if attending) _________________________ (Information provided will be used in the directory & on the website) REGISTRATION FEES - January 6 6–– 8, 2017

Auction Staff—Friday Registration (does not include meals) Additional Meal Tickets: Fri:

Dinner Sat:



$150.00/ea ____________ $ 65.00/ea ____________ Complimentary _____-0-_____ $ 30.00/ea ____________

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January 1, 2017 2017— —December 31, 2017

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ACTIVE, ASSOCIATE, & HOF MEMBERS (includes all provided meals*) after 12/27/2016 $220.00/ea ____________ ~ discounted price for registration received by 12/27/2016 $200.00/ea ____________ Non-Members (includes all provided meals*) $265.00/ea ____________ Guest or Spouse - 1 per paid member (includes all provided meals*) or (not including meals)


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Active Member (annual). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DUES

“any person who is actively engaged in directly facilitating the auction method of marketing for profit” This includes bid-calling auctioneers and auction business owners.


Membership includes unlimited posting of Auctions on the CAA website.

Associate Member. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DUES “any person who is engaged in supporting the auction method of marketing” This includes auction staff members and auction-related businesses, including vendors. Does not include unlimited posting of Auctions on the CAA website.

$ 35.00

By completing and submitting this form, I hereby renew membership in the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. I will abide by its Bylaws, support its objectives, comply with the CAA’s Code of Ethics and pay the established dues. Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Cardholder Name (please print) _________________________________________________________________________ Card Billing Address: (include zip code) ___________________________________________________________________ Billing address is same as registration address _____ YES _____ NO Please make your hotel reservations before 12/15/2016 to get the CAA standard room rate of $99, (includes breakfast) Contact the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 866-378-1583 ~ ~ code: CAA

PAYMENT INFORMATION Check # _____________________

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Additional information The convention begins Friday, January 6, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. for registration, first seminar starts at 9:00 a.m. Lunch will not be provided on Friday. Early registration is encouraged for quick pickup of conference materials and your own convenience. Please type or carefully print the information requested exactly as it should appear on all conference materials. Send completed registration form and fees payable to: Colorado Auctioneers Association 1685 South Colorado Blvd., Unit S #160, Denver, CO 80222 ~ or email to Fees cover convention functions and do not include hotel accommodations. Hotel Reservations: Crowne Plaza Hotel ~ 15500 East 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 ~ 303-371-9494 or toll free 866-378-1583 ~ or on the web at ~ code: CAA

Address of Card Holder _____________________________________________________________________________________

COMPLETE FORM AND RETURN WITH PAYMENT Mail: CAA , 1685 South Colorado Blvd., Unit S #160, Denver, CO 80222 ~ Email: ~ Credit Card Information Accepted by Phone: 303-729-1195 or Diana at 720-242-7971 ~ Web Site:

For Questions Contact: Diana Raven, CAA Administrator 303-729-1195 * Email:

Tax deductible contributions or gifts should be made payable to the Colorado Auctioneers Association Foundation 501(c)(3). THIRD QUARTER • 2016 THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer Rev 8/25/2016

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Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Scholarship Award Eligibility Requirements 2016

he Colorado Auctioneers’ Foundation (CAF) will award scholarship(s) in 2017. The object of these scholarships is to assist the recipients in getting a post secondary education or, vocational/technical school. The scholarships cannot be used for CAI or other NAA designations. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Applicant must have a parent or grandparent who is a current member or associate member in good standing of the CAA/CAF. BASIS OF SELECTION The following criteria will be used to select the scholarship recipients: • Autobiography (see instructions below) • School grades and rank in class • Test scores (ACT or SA) • Recommendations (see instructions below) • Extracurricular activities (community service and involvement, work, etc.) • Presentation of application AWARD The scholarship committee will award a minimum of one scholarship per year (if there is at least one applicant). More than one scholarship may be awarded by the committee depending on the number of applicants and the finances available from the CAF Scholarship Program. All awards will be based on the strength of the applicant and his/her application up to $1000. APPLICATION PROCEDURE A bound portfolio (may be sent via email) must be received at the CAF mailing address on or before December 1, 2016 and must include all the following items – in the order they are listed below: • Cover sheet (as attached) • SAT and/or ACT scores (give an explanation if these are not available) • A complete list of school activities and extracurricular activities • A recommendation from a teacher, or a non-relative in your community, or a CAA/CAF member who is not your parent • Essay, 500-word limit – Use this essay to describe yourself, your plans, goals and your dreams. NOTIFICATION The winners will be notified by mail, email or telephone and will be required to show proof of registration at their selected college or school. The recipient of the award is responsible for having the verification sent to CAF. When CAF receives this verification from the college or school registrar, the check will be sent directly to the school. RESTRICTIONS The award may be used for: • Room and Board (while in regular attendance and in good standing in school) • Tuition • Textbooks and school supplies • Only one award per recipient • All applications must be complete and received by December 1, 2016 The award must be used during a full continuous academic year, beginning any time during the school year immediately following the award. If a student drops out of school or is unable to continue (except for health reasons), no further payment for any purpose shall be made. If you have any questions please contact: Scholarship Committee Chairman, OJ Pratt, @ 303-772-7676 or Send your application and accompanying documents to: OJ Pratt, Pacific Auction Companies, 1330 Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501 or email to 22

Colorado Auctioneers Association Scholarship Form Application Cover Sheet NAME:__________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:______________________________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP:_________________________________________________________________________ PHONE:___________________________ EMAIL:_______________________________________________ NAME OF SCHOOL YOU ARE PRESENTLY ATTENDING:________________________________________ BIRTH DATE:______________________ BIRTH PLACE:________________________ SEX:_____________ NAME OF PARENT(S) OR FAMILY MEMBER IN CAA/CAF:_______________________________________ POST SECONDARY SCHOOL(S) YOU HAVE APPLIED TO: 1.______________________________________ 2._________________________________________ 3.______________________________________ 4._________________________________________ 5.______________________________________ 6._________________________________________



(Scholarship Form on next page)



FIRST CLASS U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 56 Parker, Colorado

Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 • 303-729-1195


October 26, 2016 Social Media Class by CAA Foundation, Building Your Database and Marketing Your Business November 6 - 8, 2016 Women In The Auction Industry Summit, San Antonio, TX December 2016

Designation Academy Las Vegas, NV

December 1, 2016

CAA Scholarship Deadline Contact OJ Pratt

December 1, 2016

CAA Hall of Fame Deadline Contact Walt Partridge

January 6-8, 2017

2017 CAA Annual Convention THIRD QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer

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