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POWER Money Talks The results of our coast-to-coast compensation survey!

Nathan Balzer excels at attracting young people to work at Vickar Autobody and Glass in Winnipeg. FIND OUT WHY ON PAGE 23.

World View The latest updates from IBIS and around the world.

>> PLUS Highlights from the WIN Conference, spraybooth maintenance and much, much more! ne

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On The cover Volume 10 Issue 3, July 2011

23 Young blood Nathan Balzer (right) and his brother Dylan are leading a young, enthusiastic and talented team at Vickar Autobody & Glass in Winnipeg.


features 16  show us the money The inside scoop on managerial compensation from coast-to-coast.

26  progressive attitude Jenn Cowe brings enthusiasm to the daily grind at Fix Auto Norfolk County.

29 The future for repairers IBIS delegates given eye opening insight into technology and repair methodology.

32 Spraybooth maintenance It’s a critical component of getting a return on your investment.

35  inside the box Taking a look at the latest and greatest in spraybooth technology.

42 Strategy, leadership & soul Key elements of the fifth annual WIN Conference. Special


Feature! news resource



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04 Publisher’s page  by Darryl Simmons World View. 44 Point Blank  by Sam Piercey Insurance negotiations.

Inside the box: Our spotlight on spraybooths.

On the Cover:

Serving the Business of the Industry

Vickar in Winnipeg is moving forward by building a PCE.




Nathan Balzer excels at attracting young people to work at Vickar Autobody and Glass in winnipeg.

Canada’s collision repair information resource. New articles and top news stories daily. Visit

Find out why on page 23.

Money Talks

World View

The results of our coast-to-coast compensation survey!

The latest updates from IBIS and around the world.

>> PLUS Highlights from the WIN Conference, spraybooth maintenance and much, much more!

on ge pa


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46 Prairie View  by Tom Bissonnette Appraising the appraisers.

48  Who’s driving?  by Jay Perry Vision needed.

56  Recycling  by David Gold Passion is contagious.

58 Last Word  by Mike Davey Today’s trends.

july 2011  collision Repair  03

publisher’s page

worldview IBIS always has something to teach


By Darryl Simmons



ne of the major perks of my job is the opportunity to travel around meeting a wide variety of people in the collision industry. Recently I had the pleasure and privilege to go to Barcelona as the Official Publishing Partner at IBIS, the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium. There were quite a few Canadians there and I suspect we all shared the same observation: No matter how good the presentations and sessions (and they are good) much of the best stuff is what you learn at the networking events.

street doesn’t have the slightest idea what goes on in a repair facility, knows they don’t know, and is therefore always frightened when it comes to collision repair. That’s not the only surprise you’ll find at an event like IBIS. It draws a diverse group with different attitudes and beliefs. You will always learn something talking to someone, if you take the time to listen with an open mind, even when what they’re saying goes against the grain of everything you believe. That doesn’t mean you have to believe them or agree with them. It means you

It’s the corridors where you really get to learn the details. The presentation hall gives a good overview, but it’s in the corridors and lounges where you really get to learn the details. That’s where I learned about the quick repair revolution going on in Australia. Special facilities designed to do quick repairs -- and only quick repairs -- are now part of their model. It’s a method that seems to be finding success. The hallway was also where I learned that Switzerland doesn’t seem to have much of a luxury car repair market, at least for the major crashes. Well actually they do get repaired, but not for the owner. Most of these find their way out of the country, typically to Poland and Eastern Europe. Some even come back. Another thing that intrigued me about Switzerland is they don’t need standards for collision repair facilities. I don’t mean they don’t have them. They literally don’t need them. Apparently the general public is so well informed about proper procedures that collision centres that don’t follow them to the letter go out of business fairly quickly. But hey, that’s not “official.” This is a far cry from the situation in Canada, where the average person on the

listen to what they have to say, and then make up your own mind. Here’s an example. One of the presenters at IBIS made a very strong case that key performance indicators (KPI) simply don’t matter, at least not to the extent of predicting future or even current success. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most find that “interesting,” at the very least. Nobody says you have to believe it. Just listen with an open mind and do some thinking about it. Thoughts we’ve never considered will always reveal new truths. Also at IBIS, I learned Thatcham -- the U.K. research and training company -- is rolling out training for North America. Carfax is already signed up as a training partner for them. You can read more about this on page 12 of this issue. On another note all together make sure to read Sam Piercey’s column Point Blank on page 44. His strategy for insurance negotiations is, let’s just say, point blank! CRM

04  collision Repair

ART DIRECTOR DANIELA LUBERTO assistant EDITOR Mike raine Interns andrea chan, Samantha silvaggi, tess Kang COLUMNISTS DAVID GOLD, JAY PERRY, SAM PIERCEY, TOM BISSONNETTE VP INDUSTRY RELATIONS GLORIA MANN (647) 998-5677 VP Digital Media JOE PLATI (647) 669-2625 circulation department Pat Cappelli (905) 370-0101 publisher’s assistant Ryan Potts SUBSCRIPTION One-year $24.95 / Two-year $35.95 Collision Repair ™ magazine is published bi-monthly, and is dedicated to serving the business interests of the collision repair industry. It is published by Media Matters Inc. Material in Collision Repair magazine may not be reproduced in any form with out written consent from the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising and disclaims all responsibilities for claims or statements made by its advertisers or independent columnists. All facts, opinions, statements appearing in this publication are those of the writers and editors themselves, and are in no way to be construed as statements, positions or endorsements by the publisher. PRINTED IN CANADA ISSN 1707-6072 CANADA POST CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS MAIL SALES PRODUCT AGREEMENT No. 40841632 RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED Send change of address notices and undeliverable copies to: 86 John Street Thornhill, ON L3T 1Y2

Collision Repair magazine is published by Media Matters Inc., publishers of: T H E T RA I N I N G P O RTA L F O R C O L L I S I O N R E PA I R


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the front end

People on the move Goff’s enterprises announces new hires Goff’s Enterprises has announced the hiring of six new employees and a promotion. The new additions and promotion are largely due to an increase in door sales since the release of Goff’s G2 Door line early last year, the company says. Peter Schwarzenbacher has been brought on as the Manufacturing Engineering Technician. In this new position, Schwarzenbacher will work to identify inefficiencies and improve them within the manufacturing processes as well as handle technical issues and installation support for distributors and end-users.

James Ortiz has been promoted to Engineering Technician. Ortiz will develop and test Goff’s products, create processes and transfer new product designs to operations. He’ll also continue to provide technical support and installation assistance. Ken Barry has joined Goff’s as the Assembly Lead. Barry will head the assembly team and have responsibility for production, inspection and quality control. Goff’s has also hired new employees in the assembly and shipping departments, as well

Ed coates receives aia distinguished service award Members of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) have honoured Ed Coates with this year’s prestigious AIA Distinguished Service Award. The award was presented during the AIA Aftermarket Conference for Executives. Brad Morris, AIA Past Chairman, presented the award. “Ed Coates has been a supporter of many industry and community projects over the years. His personal support for a number of causes, both in the industry and in his community, reflects the corporate values that Lordco has become well-known for.”

as two part-time production employees. “As our business continues to grow, we’re adding new positions throughout the entire process from production and assembly to technical support after the sale,” states Tony Goff, president of Goff’s Enterprises. Started in 1987, Goff’s has now extended its product line to include curtain walls, high speed industrial vinyl and mesh roll-up doors, welding curtains and screens, strip doors, noise control products, climate curtains, and food processing curtains.

strange but true Bird in the Hand Police in Kitchener, Ontario arrested a woman who was driving while only partially dressed. There was also a pet bird flying around loose in the car at the time. Police became concerned with the car because the driver was continually sounding her horn as she drove. There’s one more fact that lifts this story from the slightly odd to the almost supernatural: police say that alcohol

From left: Brad Morris, Ed Coates and Mauro Cifelli.

Glenn Hickey named Entrepreneur of the Year by Memorial University Glenn Hickey, Owner and President of the Hickey Group of Companies, was recently presented with the prestigious 2011 P.J.

Gardiner Institute title by Memorial University’s Faculty of Business. Hickey, best known as the owner of Collision Clinic and Auto Parts Network, said he was surprised and humbled as a result of being chosen. “I would have to say that being chosen for this award is indeed a great honour For Spraybake OEM parts and certainly service and technical support, represents a high Call 1-866-325-2886 mark in my business career.”

06  collision Repair

wasn’t involved.

A Fine Tradition of DUI Montana has a high rate of DUIs, so the state House of Representatives decided to pass a tough drunk-driving bill in March. It passed over the very vocal objections of Rep. Alan Hale, who complained that tough DUI laws “are destroying small businesses” and “destroying a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years.” On what we feel sure is a completely unrelated matter, Rep. Alan Hale owns a bar.

Take Your Time Paramedics in Edmonton got a memo from Alberta Health Services telling them not to speed, even when they’re responding to an emergency with lights blazing and siren wailing. “Our job is to save lives,” AHS wrote, “not put them in jeopardy.”


t ar St ck ui rQ te en rC ai ep R


FIX Auto wows at 2011 Conference Fix Auto Canada celebrated its national conference in sunny Mayan Riviera, Mexico at the Deluxe Class Barceló Maya Palace Resort. The conference kicked off with a welcome reception accompanied by live music by a Mariachi band from Mayan Riviera. During the reception Fix Auto Canada President Manon Duplantie, together

Bob and Beth Prest of Fix Auto Niagara Falls, winners of the award for Outstanding Customer Service with net sales under $1million.

with COO Steve Leal, addressed the franchisees with the official welcome speech. “Passion is a key element to the network’s success; however it is important to take some time to feed that passion. I can tell you that the entire network is composed of fantastic people. We work in an industry where performance is part of our daily experience and sometimes because of it we lose track of what we love the most,” said Duplantie. As they do every year, Fix Auto says its network recognizes and values the commitment, performance and quality work of Fix Auto members. This was demonstrated through an award ceremony during the gala evening. This year the winners for both English and French Canada, in their respective categories, are: Joe Vaccaro, Fix Auto Mississauga North and André Pelletier, Fix Auto Beloei (Outstanding Customer Service with net sales over $1 million); Bob and Beth Prest, Fix Auto Niagara Falls, Robert Rustinskyi and Carole Monette, Fix Auto Montréal-Nord (Outstanding Customer Service with net sales under $1 million); Ken Jimmo, Fix Auto Ajax Central and Christian Dallaire, Fix Auto Jonquière (Outstanding Cycle Time with net sales over $1 million); Jean Lamoureux, Fix Auto Casselman and Ghislain Pelletier, Fix Auto Lévis (Outstanding Cycle Time with net sales under $1 million); Elvis Ferri, Fix Auto Brampton Central and Michel Dion, Fix Auto Victoriaville (Excellence in Growth with net sales over $1 million); Ken Jimmo, Fix Auto Ajax Central, Robert Rustinskyi and Carole Monette, Fix Auto Montréal-Nord (Excellence in Growth with net sales under $1 million); Éric Poulin, Fix Auto Charlesbourg Nord, Haute-ville, Lebourgneuf,

Lance Knight of Fix Auto Guelph (centre) is the network’s Outstanding Contribution to the Network for 2011. Also pictured are Guy Bessette with his son (left) and Steve Leal, COO of Fix Auto Canada.

Québec and Ste-Foy (Outstanding Contribution to the Network); and Lance Knight, Fix Auto Guelph (Outstanding Contribution to the Network: Canada). 08  collision Repair


SEMA confirms over 110 exhibitors for renamed collision repair section The growing collision repair section of the 2011 SEMA Show is now branded “Collision Repair & Refinish.” The area will be one of 12 floor sections featured at the 2011 SEMA Show, from November 1-4 in Las Vegas, NV. “The number of exhibitors and educational seminars for the collision repair and refinish

market increases year after year,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA VP of events and communications. “The new name, Collision Repair & Refinish, is just one way that the SEMA Show is evolving to better and more accurately reflect the growing presence of this market.”

Drawing more than 100,000 industry professionals each year, the SEMA Show is a comprehensive trade show that features automotive parts and accessories in markets such as performance, off-road, racing, restyling, light truck, collision repair and refinish, mobile electronics and more.

KIRMAC Continues u.s. expansion Kirmac Automotive Collision Systems, based in British Columbia, announced the acquisition of the former TAS Precision Rebuild repair centre in Renton, WA. The facility is

Puget Sound and also provides a highly desired point of service for many of our major insurance partners. Over the coming months we will be carrying out a major renovation

Kirmac’s 21st location. “I am very pleased that we have been able to acquire the TAS Precision Rebuild location in Renton,” says Kirmac CEO Ian McIntosh. “Its location relative to both Highway 167 and the East Valley connector makes it exceptional in terms of both visibility and access for our customers. It is particularly wellsuited in terms of the store’s geographic proximity to our existing repair centres in the

and re-configuration of the existing facility, further strengthening our ongoing objective to better service customers by making our group of locations the most productive and cost effective repair facilities in the area.” Kirmac operates under both the Kirmac and Thoroughbred Collision brands in Washington state. The 12,000-square-foot facility will increase the number of Kirmac repair centres to 11 in Washington state, joining the




12:06 PM

• • • •

10 Canadian locations Kirmac currently operates in the Metro Vancouver area.

Sales up, revenue down for boyd group Boyd Group Income Fund reported a big increase in revenue in the first quarter but saw its net income cut in half, partly due to tax accounting changes. The Winnipeg-based company, with operations in Western Canada and 11 U.S. states, said net income in the three months ending March 31 was $900,000.

Vac or Non-Vac Aggressive cut rate Extended product life Cleaner environment









Innovative net sanding products for exceptional surface finishing. Mirka’s family of net products include discs, sheets and rolls. 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 43-3904 w w w.mirk a . com july 2011  collision Repair  09


Darcy Backman of 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division and Steve Gillis of 3M Construction Markets.

Joe Plati of Collision Repair magazine, Dave Gunderson of Meguiar’s and Pat Lowe.

Rick Berg Invitational raises over $60,000 The first annual Rick Berg Invitational Golf Tournament took place at the Forest City National Golf Club in London on May 19, 2011. The tournament brought together more than 350 participants and raised between $60,000 and $70,000. Proceeds from the golf tournament went to the Epilepsy Support Centre,

which provides support services and education programs throughout London and southwestern Ontario communities. The money raised will go towards the first home for the Epilepsy Support Centre. The building will be named Rick Berg House in his honour.

3M President Brian Young and Gloria Mann.

Jeanette Batten and Randy Frank of 3M.

Scott Blanchard and Martha Bennett of 3M, and Darryl Simmons of Collision Repair magazine.

Sybil Paul, Craig Jalbert of 3M and Manny Paul, Collision Centre Manager at Formula Honda.

10  collision Repair



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Standox and Standoblue are registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. DuPont Canada is a licensee. ©

Copyright 2011 DuPont Canada. All rights reserved.

The Art of Refinishing.


Thatcham coming to north america Thatcham Automotive Academy has announced the launch of Thatcham Training Associates (TTA). A new initiative from the world renowned research centre, TTA will provide Thatcham training on a global scale, delivered by local providers. All Thatcham Academy courses benefit from the unique knowledge transfer from Thatcham’s Repair Research Centre, with the resulting latest vehicle repair processes included in all courses. TTA is a new approach to automotive training delivery, giving like minded organizations the opportunity to offer Thatcham training, tailored to local needs and using the very latest research and supporting documentation, training aids and interactive tools available. The global launch of TTA follows a successful pilot with the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) in Auckland, one of New Zealand’s leading education and training institutes. MIT recently delivered an international Vehicle Damage Assessor (i-VDA) course to a group of insurers and repairers using the TTA model. Thatcham’s new i-VDA software was an integral part of the content. i-VDA is a specially developed interactive tool to support virtual

claims, whilst maintaining safety standards. Thatcham provides products and services for a number of areas within the collision industry. Thatcham has received an increasing number of requests and opportunities to deliver training overseas. Thatcham has worked on a program for overseas, local partners to be able to deliver Thatcham courses in their own markets, to become a Thatcham Training Associate (TTA), delivering “Training in a Box.” Thatcham will provide a comprehensive suite of material for the local trainer to deliver the particular course. This material will enable a trainer to prepare for the delivery of a course, prepare the appropriate vehicle or equipment and provide guidance on areas of research. The course can only be delivered by an associate trainer who has been approved by Thatcham. The training courses offered by Thatcham’s Academy cover five key disciplines: Panel, Paint, MET (Mechanical, Electrical and Trim), Glazing and VDA (Vehicle Damage Assessment). There will be a range of courses designed for delivery by Thatcham

vehicle assessments and allows assessors to learn the correct approach to planning and costing for safe and quality vehicle damage assessment. A second course for delivery through TTA is under development. With the working title “Modern Vehicle Body Repair,” this course will provide a greater understanding of the repair processes for modern, technologically advanced vehicles using all of Thatcham’s research expertise and supported by a unique interactive i-Repair learning tool. Thatcham was formed in 1969 by British insurers, but is independently operated and has its own Board of Directors. Its main aim is to carry out research targeted at containing or reducing the cost of motor insurance

Training Associates. To find out more about becoming a Thatcham Training Associate please email

new carstar opens in chelmsford Carstar Automotive Canada has announced the opening of its newest location in Chelmsford, Ontario. Chelmsford is located within the Greater Sudbury area in northern Ontario. Carstar Chelmsford, which is known in the community as Norm’s Collision Centre, is owned by Gianna and Tony Nero. The Neros joined Carstar in 1987 and already operate Carstar Sudbury South and Carstar Sudbury Regent Street. “The Chelmsford community can expect an outstanding customer experience from Carstar Chelmsford (Norm’s),” says Tony Nero. “We are fully dedicated to providing the best repair at a faster cycle time and ultimately, we want our customers to know that we are here for them.”

PPG’s Randy Dewing Passes Away It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Randy Dewing of PPG. Dewing joined the PPG Refinish team in June 2005 as manager, MVP Business Solutions. PPG says his industry experience and leadership qualities contributed significantly to the success of the Business Solutions team. Prior to joining PPG, Randy owned his own consulting firm and collision centre. His associates at PPG will remember his amiable and warm personality, professional work ethic and dedication to family, customers and teammates. He is survived by wife Lynn, daughters Joy, Amanda and Lindsay, son Justin and mother Katherine. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Dewing family. 12  collision Repair

Take your business to the next level. With PPG Technology and Expert Guidance. Looking to achieve a competitive edge in today’s demanding collision repair marketplace? Then take advantage of PPG’s highly-acclaimed MVP Lean for Collision training and industry-leading waterborne basecoat technology offering the latest advance in color matching accuracy. Two proven examples of how PPG is helping today’s progressive collision centers gain the competitive advantage in quality, speed and cost.

Aim high. PPG will help you get there. ©2011 PPG Industries All rights reserved.

Spotlight o


The four facilities are really a family affair. From left: Joe Frangione, Gaetano Frangione, Frank Palermo, Danny Frangione and Michael Palermo.

Expanding Partnerships The right suppliers make everything a little easier.


or Joe Frangione, colli-

Turpin Collision Centre -- and Demers

their collision centres be successful.

sion repair is a lifelong

Collision in Gatineau, QC last year.

St. Gobain Abrasives supplies the

family affair that crosses

All three of the new locations are

four locations with all their sun-

generations. His child-

affiliated with dealerships and are still

dries, masking papers, tape, sand

hood memories include

operating under their original names.

p a p e r, p a n e l b o n d i n g a n d s e a m

sweeping floors at Bemac Autobody and Paint in Ottawa where, as a 12-year-old, he would work with his father Gaetano and uncle Frank. “I was seven years old when they first bought it in 1975,” recalls Joe. “I spent summers there right through high school and university.”

Partnerships with companies such as Euro Paints have helped their collision centres be successful.

The family business now includes Joe’s brother Danny and Frank’s son Michael. As the Frangione and Palermo

“The reason why we chose to do that

sealers. However, Joe says it’s their

families have grown, so has their reach

is they all have great histories and con-

strong relationship with the local St.

in the industry. They purchased two

nections in the community,” says Joe.

Gobain Abrasives representative, Ni-

more Ottawa locations in 2007 and

Joe says partnerships with compa-

2009 -- Capital Collision Centre and

nies such as Euro Paints have helped

14  collision Repair

cole Constantineau, that makes the difference.

on Success “She’s very strong at helping us train our employees, helping us put in place SOPs so all four shops run the


our employees at a time take a new Demers Collision ~ CSN in Gatineau, QC is the latest acquisition.

course. That definitely helps.” Joe adds, “For the management

exact same way,” says Joe. “If we have

staff it’s estimating courses, it’s man-

a situation where we need an auto-

agement courses, sending our admin

motive painter refinisher, I can usually

staff for accounting and administra-

move that person from one location to

tion courses – it’s trying to give them

another because our core procedures

the tools to make their jobs easier.”

are identical and St. Gobain Abrasives

Joe says the collision centres

helped put that in place.”

have also benefited from their re-

Nicole Constantineau credits Joe’s willingness to look beyond the usual boundaries to find solutions.

lationship with Collision Solutions Turpin Collision Centre ~ CSN was acquired in 2007.

“He thinks out of the box, and

Network (CSN). Bemac joined CSN in 2006 and each locations that the family has purchased since then has

he’s very observant,” says Nicole.

become a member.

“He doesn’t just look in his own

“I saw the collision industry going

backyard; he looks at different ways

towards associating themselves

of evolving the business and where

with a banner and the CSN group

it’s going. Joe knows that we’ve al-

seemed to be the best fit for us,”

ways got to evolve, and he’s always

explains Joe. “We wanted to keep

one step ahead of the game.”

our independence, our own name,

Part of staying ahead of the game is making sure everyone in the shop is as well-trained as possible.

Capital Collision ~ CSN is one of three facilities the family owns and operates in Ottawa.

and it seemed like a great group. We wanted to align ourselves with other collision centres that have

“The ongoing training that St.

the same vision for the future. CSN

Gobain supplies and supports is

is a network that is built on integ-

excellent,” says Joe. “They’ve also

rity, trust and confidence and this

helped us out with I-CAR training.

is what we strive to achieve. It just

They had one of their employees

seemed to be a good fit.”

from the United States come up and

At the time of publication, the

do I-CAR training with us as well.

Gatineau location, Demers Colli-

It’s a good relationship.” Joe says that ongoing training for staff members is vital to a company’s success because in an industry

sion, is nearly ready for its grand The original home of Bemac Auto Body. The facility moved to its current home in 1980.

re-opening event. Joe says, “We did a major renovation of the building, we changed the interior layout,

that is ever changing, it’s easy to

retooled the entire shop, put pro-

get left behind.

cedures in place, our own SOPs as

“We’re really committed to ongoing training and I-CAR is one

well as those gleaned from suppliers like St. Gobain.”

of the avenues in which we invest

Joe says they’re planning to invite

a lot of time and money into. We

insurance partners, customers, deal-

hold a lot of I-CAR training courses

erships, and product suppliers to an

in-house and we’ll have up to 15 of

early-July grand re-opening party.

july 2011  collision Repair  15


Show us the

Money The inside scoop on managerial compensation from coast-to-coast. By Mike Davey


ome months back we launched an online survey on compensation for collision repair centre managers. Phone surveys were also performed after the online portion of the survey was complete. Taken together, it provides a snapshot of attitudes and perceptions regarding collision repair compensation from owners and managers all across the country. We weren’t trying to figure out the average levels of compensation for collision repair facility managers. There’s a reason for that. The volume of work and the profitability margins of collision repair facilities vary widely, so it’s no surprise that the compensation provided to the managers of those facilities vary widely as well. When you mix two widely separate results, the so called “average” essentially becomes meaningless. The info is over to the right if you’re interested. What you will find is an in-depth look at some of the attitudes regarding compensation, and figures on how Canadian collision repair facilities determine how to compensate top-level managers. A small majority of collision repair facilities – about 60 percent – link the top-level manager’s pay to the performance of the business, with a little over 34 percent of them making that evaluation on a monthly basis. In at least some cases, this linking of compensation to business performance is simply because the top-level manager is in fact the owner of the business as well. The accompanying charts do a pretty good job of illustrating the answers given

to most of the questions. However, what they will not show are the answers collected when we asked, “What other ways does your facility use to decide compensation?” From these, we now know that there are managers who receive a monthly bonus if they meet targets, managers who receive a percentage of the labour rate, managers who receive a portion of net profits, managers who receive a portion of gross profits and managers who receive various perks (such as use of the shop) as part of their compensation package. Questions regarding how facilities choose to compensate managers drew a wide variety of responses. The single most common response, though, is that facility profits play a key role in determine managerial pay. This makes sense on a very visceral level. Captains of sinking ships rarely ask for or receive raises. Survey respondents were split almost right down the middle when it came to whether they thought that the area they operated in affected compensation levels. Of those that do feel it’s a factor, almost 84 percent believe that this is due to a lack of qualified people in their area. This has long been a problem

16  collision Repair

dogging the collision repair industry. The sur vey seems to show that no matter how they’re being compensated, the majority of collision repair centre managers believe that the methods used for determining compensation at their facility are at least as good as the average, and often better. When questioned on how compensation at their facility stacks up against others, against their own expectations and against its impact on facility performance, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Less than 15 percent marked “Poor” or “Very Poor” on any of these questions. The lion’s share of respondents told us it was “Average,” “Good” or “Very Good.” The independents still form a majority. However, it is not a large majority, coming in at 51 percent of all responses. Time will tell if this confirms a much touted change in the collision repair landscape.

Dollar$ and Cents Median salaries per year in the Canadian collision repair industry, according to General/Operations Manager: $61,935 Estimator, Automobile Damage: $43,000   Automotive Body Repairer: $40,000   Assistant Controller:  $57,333   Insurance Appraiser, Auto Damage:  $50,868   Administrative Assistant:  $35,608


Clear Choice

How do you choose when it comes down to increasing your production or trying to make your shop more sustainable? With the new Sherwin-Williams HP Process™ Refinish System – and its remarkable HPC 15 Clearcoat – now you can choose to do both. The HP Process™ Refinish System uses Air-Dry technology to remove the need for baking. It achieves a fast cure time at room temperature. In fact, its HPC15 Clearcoat can achieve a 15-minute cure that can be sanded, polished and even delivered to the customer.

Now there’s a clear difference – and a clear choice as well – just call 1-800-798-5872.

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Performance and Pay At your collision repair facility, are the business’s performance linked to the top-level managers’ pay?

CANADA HAS CHOSEN ITS BODY SHOP Why Should I Convert My Body Shop To A Maaco? Maaco is ranked #1 in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine in its Franchise 500 List


8.2% Weekly Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually

No Yes


Factors Affecting Compensation How does your facility decide how much to pay its managers? Based on the going rates in the industry 31.7% Based on what shop in your region pay 19.8% Based on experience/seniority 39.6% Based on facility performance (number of jobs completed)

Maaco receives 75% of its business through retail out-of-pocket customer pay


Based on facility profits 41.6% Based on individual performance 31.7% I don’t know 9.9%

Maaco services more than 500,000 customers / year in North America

Half of Maaco’s Canadian shops achieve average sales of over $1.4 million annually with a 12% average net profit

34.4% 59.4%

[measured by CSI Complete]

Maaco Canada average store volume = $1 Million PLUS



Maaco has a Canada-wide 97.4% customer satisfaction rating

[572 more customers / year per shop on average than a traditional body shop]

If the business’s performance is linked to the top-level managers’ pay, how often is that number re-evaluated?







*Please note that survey respondents were permitted to select more than one response for this question, as it is possible to base managerial compensation on more than one factor (for example, a shop may pay base salary based on experience, with a bonus for high performance). Therefore the percentages below total more than 100.

Regional Factors

Canada Has Chosen Maaco,

Now It’s Your Turn.

Does the region in which you operate significantly impact compensation?

If the region in which you operate significantly impact compensation, is it because…


There’s a lack of

50.9% qualified people in the area

today to learn how you can convert your body shop into a high-volume Maaco franchise.

There are many

83.6% facilities in the area


looking for skilled labour

52% 0

No Yes

18  collision Repair





*Please note that survey respondents were permitted to select more than one response for this question, as it is possible for both of the choices to be a factor simultaneously. Therefore the percentages below total more than 100.



Types of Facilities

Familiarity with Methods

Describe your facility.

How familiar are you with how your facility compensates its managers?

Owned by a multiple store owner 18% Part of a network or franchise 26%


Independent 51% Part of a dealership 22%


High volume 36%


Specialty work 4%








*Please note that survey respondents were permitted to select more than one response for this question, as it is possible for a number of the choices to be true simultaneously (for example, an independent shop can also be high volume). Therefore the percentages below total more than 100.

I make the decision I don’t decide compensation levels, but I know how they set pay rates I’ve overheard details on how they decide what to pay managers

Comparison Viewpoints How would you rate your facility’s method of compensating management compared to other facilities? 5% 14%

How would you rate your facility’s method of compensating management compared to your own expectations? 7.1%



26% Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good

How would you rate your facility’s method of compensating management for its impact on facility performance?




25.3% 50%

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Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good

4.1% 6.2%


Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good


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july 2011  collision Repair  19


ollision & Glas C N CS Tees Off for its s

5th Annual Golf Tournament

Toronto, Ontario – May 26th, 2011 CSN Collision & Glass hosts its 5th annual golf tournament at Piper’s Heath Golf Club in Milton, Ontario. CSN Members from across the province are joined by insurance partners and industry leaders for a day of golf, net working and, of course, fundraising. The day started off quite gloomy and destined to be a wet one on the course. All bets were made towards strong chances of thunderstorm and lightening showers. Just as guests and golfers headed for their assigned carts, not one drop of water could be found falling from the sky above. The day progressed as not only a dry one, but a gorgeous sun filled afternoon enjoyed by all. Beyond the goals of ensuring a great time was had by all golfers, vendors and attendees a-like, CSN also stayed true to its greater focus of the day – to raise a total of $10,000. These funds would go towards granting a child’s wish through The Net work’s corporate charity Make-A-Wish® Canada. The dictionary will tell you that a wish is simply a hope or desire for something. To a child living with a life-threatening medical condition, a wish is more than a desire - it is an experience that can create a life changing impact, not only for the wish child and their family, but for other families, friends, volunteers, donors and entire communities. MakeA-Wish® Canada helps make these dreams a reality. CSN Collision & Glass would like to thank ever yone who at tended its 5th annual golf tournament. More so, thank YOU for your generosit y and making a child’s biggest wish come true.

For more information, please contact us at: Collision Solutions Network 377 Evans Avenue, Suite 102 Toronto, ON M8Z 1K8 1-866-400-4CSN


CSN Members do what they say they are going to do. Membership has its benefits. CSN Members enjoy the benefits of a growing network through national insurance agreements and overall recognition for a job done right. Independently owned CSN shops deliver a level of quality that is quite simply unmatched in the industry. CSN Collision & Glass is a network of highly qualified collision repair facilities across Canada. Your facility benefits from national presence, while maintaining community independence. To join a leading network of like-minded repair facility professionals, contact 1-866-400-4CSN (4276).

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profiles of success


Blood By Mike Davey


alk into the production area at Vickar Autobody & Glass in Winnipeg, and you’re sure to notice something unusual; a lot of young faces. In an industry where it seems like the median age of technicians is creeping steadily upwards, the majority of staff at Vickar Autobody & Glass are young. It might have something to do with the facility’s general manager, Nathan Balzer. At 34-years-old, he’s not exactly a kid. He is considerably younger than many others occupying similar positions, though. “We’ve got a lot of young people in the shop, so I don’t feel as young as I should,” says Balzer. “I’m certainly one of the youngest people in the room at PCE meetings.” Building and maintaining a process

centred environment is one of the major undertakings Balzer has been concentrating on since joining the facility two years ago. “The first of June was our two year anniversary,” says Balzer. “It’s crazy the amount of change we’ve managed to put in place in the last two years. We’ve experienced huge growth in that time, but we’re also doing more work with fewer people. I think the environment is a million times better.” The production staff at Vickar Autobody & Glass currently consists of 19 people. That’s a significant decrease from two years ago, but it isn’t because the work isn’t there. “When I started we were at 22 people on the production floor, but we were doing about 40 percent less work than what we’re targeting now,” says Balzer. “The growth is great, but more importantly our process has

Vickar Autobody in Winnipeg has what it takes to attract young talent.

Tyler Smith and Wyatt Woods assembling a bumper.

really improved. We’re doing a better job for our customers than ever before.” Balzer notes that simply because the facility has experienced significant growth does not mean that the facility has reached the end of the line. “It’s a journey, and we’ve still got a long way to go. Nobody around here thinks july 2011  collision Repair  23

profiles of success

“I’m pretty arrogant when it comes to my young guys. It would be really tough for me to think of one that isn’t going to be a huge success.” There’s one thing you can tell just by looking at the team at Vickar Autobody & Glass. They’re a bit younger than the industry average, but they’ve still got the experience to get the job done.

we’ve made it or that we’ve arrived,” says Balzer. “Our goal every single day is fix the cars quicker, and fix them better. That’s the way to deliver a world class experience.” The first steps on that journey didn’t come without pain. There are always people who will refuse to adapt to change. Very often it’s the ones who are already doing well who see no reason to improve or alter the way things are done. “The beginning was really, really hard,” says Balzer. “We had a lot of people who were comfortable doing what they were doing, and we lost some of them. We lost some high producing techs that had been here for quite a while, but I Darrell Lorbis leans in still knew we were for a closer look. doing the right thing.” Balzer tends to be self effacing about his own accomplishments. He doesn’t try to extend this same modesty when it comes to talking about his technicians. “I’m pretty arrogant when it comes to my young guys. Our apprentices are rock stars. It would be really tough for me to think of one that isn’t going to be a huge success. Right now we’ve got three apprentices who started in the wash bay, and they’re doing awesome on the floor.” The quest to find young employees is on the minds of many in the collision repair

industry. After all, younger body techs are rare, and have their whole careers ahead of them. This makes them attractive to shops from a longevity standpoint. But Nathan Balzer has other reasons for hiring young. “They don’t have preconceived notions,” says Balzer. “They’re a lot more open to new things and are willing to say ‘We’ll do whatever we need to do to get better.’” You might think that Nathan Balzer -- given that he’s only 34 -- might not necessarily know too much about the old-fashioned body shop business. However, it’s a business he literally grew up in. His parents owned a shop for 21 years and he worked for them throughout school. If there’s one thing he has, it’s the insider’s perspective. Nathan’s brother, Dylan Balzer, is the shop’s assistant manager. He shares some of that insider’s perspective as well, having also grown up in the collision repair industry. “The facility had already started on the process journey when I came on board, so I didn’t see the very beginning,” says Dylan. “But it’s been a drastic change since then. It’s really like the differece between night and day.” When it comes to lean processes and building a PCE, Balzer is only too happy to share the credit not just with staff, but suppliers as well. “Bob Dubreuil at AkzoNobel has absolutely been a huge help in designing our pay plan, designing the layout and really putting in some serious work,” says Balzer. “AkzoNobel sent their own people to PCE boot camp so we’re not out their

24  collision Repair

– Nathan Balzer

on our own. The other shops in the vision group are great too. We visit them, they visit us, and we all come away seeing what we can do better.” For his part, DuBreuil notes that there are sometimes location based challenges when it comes to new processes. “He’s got a lot of guts,” says DuBreiul. “The journey to a PCE can be a little tougher in a public insurance market. It takes a lot of courage to get on that road and stay on it. As a whole, Vickar has done what it needs to do: invest in training, and invest in people.”  CRM

SNAPSHOT Vickar Autobody & Glass 964 Regent Ave. W. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 3A8 facility Production Area: 17,000 sq. ft. Office: 4,000 sq. ft. Booths: Blowtherm, GFS prep stations Frame: Wedgeclamp Estimating: Mitchell Management: Summit Software Paint: AkzoNobel

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Hurontario (Hwy 10)




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women of the industry



Jenn Cowe brings enthusiasm to the daily grind. By Mike Davey


enn Cowe’s earliest experience with the collision repair industry wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. She worked as a delivery driver for NAPA Auto Parts while she was still in high school. Some of her deliveries were to the infamous backyard body shops, the less said about them the better. Knowing what those shops are like, you can bet it was hardly a scenario to inspire confidence in collision repair as a progressive business. Her viewpoint certainly began to change by the time she interviewed for her current position at Fix Auto Norfolk County six years ago. At the time, it was still operating solely as an independent collision repair facility, Rick’s Auto Body. However, the owner and operator, Rick Giles, already had a progressive attitude. He also had a drive to improve the image, the customer experience and processes in place at his collision repair facility. The facility joined the Fix Auto network in July of 2009. “I took transportation in high school, and my transportation teacher called me up one day and mentioned that there was a position available here,” says Cowe. “I interviewed for the position and got it.” Cowe never looked back. At that time, she was working in a local coffee shop and considering a move out west with friends. She figured she would give the new job a try first and see what it was like. Six years later, and she’s still working at Fix Auto Norfolk County. More importantly, she’s got a true enthusiasm and passion for the business that shines through when you speak to her. Her main responsibilities include working as an estimator and as a service advisor. A typical day for Jenn Cowe involves making sure customer needs are met and their concerns are handled properly,

preparing estimates, scheduling vehicles, parts ordering, and of course answering a phone that never seems to stop ringing. Jenn C owe do esn’t hesitate w hen someone asks if she would encourage other young women to enter the field of collision repair.

“There are more opportunities than ever.” - Jenn cowe

“Absolutely. I feel like there are more women joining the industr y, which probably makes it more appealing. There are more opportunities than ever before, both in the office and in the back of the shop. It’s a great trade with great opportunities.”  CRM

26  collision Repair

Jenn Cowe of Fix Auto Norfolk County has a true passion for the business of collision repair.

Women’s Industry Network (WIN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, developing and cultivating opportunities to attract women to collision repair while recognizing excellence, promoting leadership, and fostering a network among the women who are shaping the industry. Collision Repair magazine is pleased to announce that Jenn Crowe and every woman profiled in our Women of the Industry section will receive a membership to WIN.

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network ?

Choosing a network is an important decision. Fix Auto has put together this exercise to make it easier. Rate three network, and compare the results.

Rate the networks from 1 to 10 on each of the following criteria, then add up the totals. 0 points — hopeless

6 points — good

2 points — weak

8 points — very good

4 points — average

10 points — excellent

Networks > 1



Network image


Customer service


Freedom of action


Member selection




Training and support


Relations with insurers




10 Innovation and technology

total per Network / 100

Any network thAt scores lower thAn 75 points will not live up to your expectAtions.






The Future for Repairers



IBIS delegates given an eye opening insight into technology and repair methodology. By Darryl Simmons   Kelly McDonald, author of “How to Market to People Not Like You,” was the keynote speaker at IBIS.

 Audatex sponsored an artist to create a work using a remote controlled car, seen here. The painting was won by Lesley Upham of Thatcham.





  Chris Mann, chairman of IBIS.   IBIS offers numerous opportunities for members of different sectors of the auto claims economy to interact. From left, Guy Bessette of Fix Auto, Rick Tuuri of Audatex and Desmond D’Silva of Assured Automotive.

  Michael Geiger has been involved in the development of body construction technology for Rolls Royce, BMW and MINI since 2004.



SA   From left, Gillian and Desmond D’Silva of Assured Automotive, Bob Kirstiuk of Advantage Data Systems and Nickole Macauley.


ravel agents pitching Barcelona may have to add a new angle. Famous as the home of the world’s best soccer team, a beautiful international port and home to the Olympic Games in 1992, Barcelona now has another claim to fame; the meeting place of some of the top minds in the global collision repair industry. Three hundred delegates, 24 countries represented, and a fantastic networking opportunity. IBIS 2011, held at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, proved a major success. Keynote speaker Kelly McDonald took

  David Murby of Numina Consulting.

delegates on a guided tour of demographics, cultural shifts and how this will impact on the world of accident repair. She told the audience, “Businesses now must think global but execute locally.” Rob Smale of Ageas stirred plenty of discussion with his “different” perspective on the insurer/repairer relationship. “Insurers don’t get up in the morning to give repairers work – we are a customer like any other.” He also spoke of the need to focus on “flow” within the repair cycle and remove all obstacles possible. “We don’t need websites telling customers how their car is doing if

you deliver on a promise. Focus on economies of flow within the business.” Delegates were als o given an e ye opening insight into the technology and repair methodology BMW has developed to create efficient repair practices and procedures. Michael Geiger told delegates, “It’s not possible for bodyshops to repair all brands of vehicle. Why do dealerships outsource body repair but do servicing in house? Simple: high cost and huge investment.” An interesting warning came from a Spanish facility owner in the audience who claimed collision repair facilities JULY 2011  collision Repair  29




We’re here to serve you. S SA ARR NT IA GE RV What can tigerA auto SI Parts do for you?


We are very excited to announce the opening of our new branch in Brampton,ON in July 2011


We offer one-stop-shopping with full access to our extensive inventory at both locations. Our experienced and friendly staff are always available to ease your shopping experience.

will soon have to choose body repair or refinish as the investment to do both is simply too high. Day two of the conference commenced with a look at business practices in different countries, specifically China, and how businesses must adapt to match the culture. Georg Tautz revealed some startling figures that three in 100 people in China drive a car and 70 percent of new car owners are driving for the very first time. He also emphasized the rapid growth of China by highlighting that VW has sold more cars in China in Q1 2011 than in the whole of Europe. Tautz explained, “China likes to learn but does not like to be educated. People like to be told what to do and do it.” Conference director, David Lingham was joined by Tony Aquila via a live video link from the US for a question and answer session on culturizing business.






“Localize to local markets,” said Aquila. “People want to know the mission, want it clear and be told they did a good job. That doesn’t change in any market. You always need core values within the business.” Aquila also discussed the idea that you should build value within any market entered and not focus on taking from that market. He also warned, “Don’t go in thin; be prepared to finance over your mistakes, you will make them.”

tel: 416-750-8578 fax: 416-750-9947 117 Sinnott Road, Toronto Ontario, M1L 4S6 1100 Steeles Ave.E, Brampton neW! Ontario, L6T 1A1 30  collision Repair




  IBIS continues to grow from year to year. A number of people attended for the first time this year, including Nick Di Luca of Cars Auto Collision~CSN and Joe Frangione of Bemac Auto Body~CSN.


service • Delivery any where in Ontario and Quebec on time, any time.

of Carstar Automotive Canada. Both discussed how they see the future for repairers explaining how they both see major change necessary over the coming years. “The current UK model is not sustainable,” said Michael in reference to the general state of the UK repair sector. He used the analogy: “In a plane there are people in the front, others in the middle and others in the back. Different prices, same plane, same destination,” to describe how he sees repairers differentiating their services. In speaking specifically about Nationwide’s business model, he claimed, “In my opinion, we are half the size we need to be to satisfy the market.” Sam Mercanti also spoke openly of how he sees the future for repairers. “You cannot afford to take your eye off the ball, our customers are constantly changing,” said Mercani. He also warned delegates, “It costs a lot of money to not look after your employees.” IBIS is much more than a conference, it is the meeting point for the industry. The inclusion of a welcome party and international dinner offered the chance to network in a more relaxed business environment as well as enjoy the local surroundings. Collision Repair magazine is the official Publishing Partner for Canada.  CRM


Price • Special prices for wholesalers, jobbers and collision repair shops all over Ontario and

and much more.

RIS R Representing the BAcollision repair sector U was Nationwide’s O Michael Wilmshurst NMercanti, and Sam CEO and President DR N A T


latest technology • Convenient online shopping. • 100% computerized access to inventory, price lists, profiles

  IBIS 2011 had a strong Canadian contingent, including Sam Mercanti and Larry Jefferies of Carstar Automotive Canada.

Sponsors IBIS would like to thank the generous sponsors who helped make the event possible: 3M AkzoNobel Audatex

Aviva-Solus BASF Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Innovation Group NACE Thatcham

Rotary Screw Reciprocating Piston Air Dryers Air Filters 5HP to 100HP


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Spraybooth Maintenance


he paint spraybooth in a collision repair facility represents the single largest capital investment for the owner and its effective operation is one of the biggest concerns for every shop. A top quality spray and cure spraybooth can cost over $100,000 so maintaining them is critical to make sure that investment pays off. Two experts in the field of spraybooth maintenance are Don Ives, “The Booth Man,” and Keith Hayward, “The Filter Guy.” Don Ives services spraybooths throughout southern Ontario and Keith Hayward provides the filters that every booth requires. Here is what they have to say about effective spraybooth maintenance.

Air Flow

to flow evenly across the face of the entire filter, creating a nice uniform air flow throughout the booth. Without diffusion media, the air would blast down through the booth under the air source, while the rest of the booth remains stagnant.

Air Quality

Clean air is critical to a good finish. Diffusion media is very efficient so it will stop all the dirt and dust that will cause problems in the finish. The key to good air quality is to ensure that the air coming into the spray area is forced through the filter. When a booth is in the purge cycle, especially when it involves waterborne coatings, temperature must be maintained at the paint manufacturers recommended temperature.

Spraybooths are generally designed to meet or exceed code at 100 feet per minute of air flow. This protects the painter by drawing overspray away from him and ensures that overspray is drawn to and trapped by the exhaust filters. With clean fans, stacks, and filters, all standard spraybooths will run with good air flow. When filters are clogged, either with dirt/dust at the air intake (ceiling) filters or with overspray it the exhaust (pit) filters, air flow is restricted. Other factors that effect air flow include overspray build up on fan blades and inside the exhaust stack. Booths work best when they are running at slightly positive pressure. They should basically be balanced between air entering and exiting the booth, and by making them slightly positive, the extra air will be forced out any cracked seals around doors or any small gaps that inevitably exist. If a booth has negative pressure it will be drawing unfiltered air through those same cracks and gaps and end up landing on the car and fouling the paint job. In downdraft spraybooths a good diffusion media filter is required. These filters usually come in blanket form and cover the entire ceiling of the booth. This type of media diffuses the air flow, forcing it 32  collision Repair

It’s a critical component of getting a return on your investment. By Brad Wilson, President of Com-Pleat Filters and Servair Filters

Regular Maintenance Intervals

Most booths require a good maintenance cleaning every 1000 hours (or less) of operation depending on use. The filters need to be changed out when a service/ cleaning is done and also in between service as required. A basic service includes cleaning the stack and the fan, the exhaust pit and changing the filters. Also cleaning the burner, greasing motor and bearings is required. A more thorough service also includes things like replacing door seals, cleaning light fixture glass, replacing light bulbs, cleaning booth walls and floor, re-caulking any gaps in the booth and anything else to bring it back to ground zero. According to Don Ives, The Booth Man,“I find the biggest problem with maintenance


is that most shops over extend the scheduling of booth cleaning. It is like car maintenance: if it doesn’t get done the car won’t perform to its optimum level.”

Waterborne Finish and Overspray

Waterborne coatings present two problems for spraybooths. First of all, the time, temperature and air flow required for effective curing of waterborne coatings all need to increase. Many spraybooths have now been retrofitted with air accelerators to improve air circulation. Ives notes that, “Air flow is critical to a good finish. If a booth is not maintained by cleaning and changing filters regularly, the new waterborne coatings are more likely to glaze over or sag. Air accelerators help with these problems but they do not eliminate the need for a well maintained booth.” Secondly, waterborne overspray particles are comparatively huge, so they clog filters faster. “If a solvent based particle is the size of your fingernail, a waterborne particle is the size of your fist,” says Hayward. “Ideally exhaust overspray collection filters load from back to front, or bottom to top in a pit. With large waterborne particles

5 Signs That Your Spraybooth Needs Maintenance Keith Hayward, Don Ives and Brad Wilson at CARS Auto Collision~CSN in Burlington, Ontario.

1  Difficulty opening doors. Booth has negative pressure and needs rebalancing of air entry and exit or new filters.

the same filters will “surface load” or “blind.” When a filter blinds over, only the first 10 percent or so of the filter is being used. Over the years shops have trended towards more expensive filters that depth load, last longer and are changed out less frequently. However, with filter blinding, generally the least expensive filter is best because it will need to be changed out much more often. By changing cheaper filters more often, material costs will be about the same but unfortunately labour costs and ‘hassle factor’ will increase.” Waterborne clearly presents challenges to spray booth maintenance but with regular booth cleaning, improved air flow, and more effective exhaust filters, those problems are solved.  CRM


2  Discoloured/dirty ceiling filters. The longer ceiling filters are in place the less efficient they become eventually restricting air flow. These filters start out white but when they turn grey/black it is time to change them. 3  Overspray swirling. Another sign of an out of balance booth, likely time to change the clogged exhaust filters. 4  Fan blade/stack build up. A visual inspection will tell you if your blades and stack need cleaning. If a problem of overspray build up on the blades persists, consider using more efficient exhaust filters. 5 Clogged exhaust filters. No one likes to lift the grates and replace the filters in the pit but if it is not done on a regular basis, the overspray is going to bounce back up where you don’t want it -- on the walls of the booth, on the car and everywhere else in the booth.

A s s u re d Au to m o t i ve


Assured Automotive is proud to support the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation and the “Habitat for Humanity”. Assured joined Michael and Diane Clemons recently at their “Blueprint Gala” to help raise funds for deserving families in their efforts to achieve home ownership and independence. Assured honours “Habitat for Humanity” and all of the Assured employees for their efforts in making a positive difference in peoples lives.

“t r a i n iinngt oi sd aeys’ss ei nn dt iuaslt r y

” July 2011  collision Repair  33

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Inside Box

Profiling the latest and greatest in spray booth technology. by Mike Raine


elcome to Collision Repair magazine’s guide to the latest options in spraybooth technology. The days when booths were simple tents are long gone. Spraybooths have come a long way over the last century. Increasing awareness of the health and environment risks has led to the evolution of increasingly complex spraybooth systems. “Today’s shop owners are more concerned with energy efficiency than ever before,” says Matt Gibson of Flat Line Spraybooth Specialists. “We’ve come up

with a number of ways to address that. One of the most innovative are the new ‘Heat Recovery’ units that are part of the Blowpower system. Basically, they recover heat that’s already been used in spraying and drying. It adds up to a big costs savings.” Performance is a key factor, according to Jonathan Barrick of Global Finishing Solutions. “Obviously one of the biggest things is making sure equipment is suitable for waterborne paint,” says Barrick. “Our AdvanceCure airflow system has gone through many updates and revisions to improve performance as well as provide more options for retrofit into existing

paint booths. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to refine the product line and making a lot more options available.” Packing as much as possible into a small space is another way manufacturers improve booth design. “Space and flow efficiency is a big issue for a lot of shops,” says Roger Turmel of AutoQuip. “Garmat invented the original integrated mechanical booth designed to maximize space, and also for facilities that cannot dig for pits.” The appearance of products here does not constitute an endorsement from Collision Repair magazine or its staff. july 2011  collision Repair  35


USI of North America

Global Finishing Solutions

According to USI Italia, over 4000 cars worldwide are painted in a Chronotech spraybooth every day. The company says the booth features more efficient gas consumption than a typical heat exchanger indirect fired burner. USI Italia also says that this high combustion efficiency allows the booth to reach the desired temperature quickly and reduces time for the painting and baking phase. The Chronotech also features a reduction in electricity consumption of up to 45 percent by automatic variation of motor rotation speed and consequently of air volume, suiting it to the specific needs of the various work phases. A preprogrammed quantity of air recirculation during the baking phase is made possible through reduction in exhaust fan speed. Other features include

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) says t h e U l t r a P l u s 1 ’s Logic control system will adjust the temp e r a t u re , t i m e , a n d duration according the type of coat being applied, creating a faster curing cycle. The Ultra Plus 1’s energy saving features will save money by utilizing Variable Frequency Drives on the intake and exhaust motors. GFS says this will eliminate power consumptions spikes when the heat system starts up. The control panel switches to energy saving

motors with Soft Start function that eliminates peaking at start-up and software for pressure self-adjustment inside the spraybooth as filters become clogged.

mode when the operator stops spraying, which the manufacturer says saves up to 60 per cent in power and up to 75 percent in fuel. GFS says its Controlled Air Flow ceiling maximizes the effectiveness of the downdraft airflow model. The Main Flow Zone concentrates airflow around the vehicle to remove over spray while the Secondary Flow Zones located circulate over spray away from the walls.




Ultra Plus 1

Simply the Best. GFS paint booths are engineered to provide the fastest drying times, the most intuitive control, and the highest levels of energy savings.


ECO Ultra Plus 1 Downdraft PERFORMER Downdraft GFS_COLREPAIR_mar2011.indd 1

36  collision Repair

WWW. GL OBA L F I N I S HI N G. C OM 11-02-03 9:48 AM


Termomeccanica GL


The Sprintek spraybooth is the product of a partnership between Termomeccanica GL and Filco. Designed to comply with the toughest standards and regulations, this spraybooth utilizes the latest PLC technology and variable frequency drive motors to help its users optimize their energy costs, increase productivity, schedule and perform maintenance, and reduce VOC, says the manufacturer. It comes with direct-flame natural gas or propane burner; the “VFD” system works in conjunction with an automatic pressure sensor inside the booth, which allows the motors to slow down or speed up as programmed and directs the direct-flame burner to reduce its flame. This reduces the operating time, gas and electrical usage, and therefore increases productivity and achieves substantial gas and electrical savings, says Termomeccanica. The company says its

Garmat’s Sirocco downdraft spraybooth is fully equipped and ready to run. The company says that it includes features that are both eco-friendly and economically sound. The Sirocco includes Garmat’s double skin insulated white powder coated galvanized cabin, 52 high efficiency colour corrected bulbs, standard double inlet high performance centrifugal fan, recycle bake, exhaust VFD, and 1.5 MBTU Direct Fired Burner. As well, there is a Touch Pad Controller built into

system works with a total recycle during the bake mode. There is no heat exchanger, therefore the system requires less maintenance, cleaning or components replacement.

the main operating panel, and pressurized plenum with premium intake filtration. It is a full integrated mechanical booth. The Sirocco has a CFM rate of 14,000 and each door features tempered glass observation windows. The cabin also includes provisions to add Garmat’s Accele-cure air accelerator system. AutoQuip is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Sirocco.





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Blowtherm (Flat Line SSI)


The Blowpower system built into the Blowtherm Extra is designed to save facilities money and energy in several different ways. First is the frequency drive, which reduces the volume of air required during painting and economy phases, without compromising quality, curing performance

Air Speed Frequency drive Direct fire gas burner Heating recuperator Smart cure

or safety. Second, the Smart Cure program provides a very quick curing system that provides a shorter drying cycle, leading to lowered electricity and fuel consumption. Third, the thermoventilation units are equipped with a special heat recovery system that recoups the heat used in the spraying and drying phrases. This recovered heat is then used to increase the temperature of the intake air supply, leading to savings in gas costs. The Blowtherm Extra also features a direct fired gas burner. The Blowtherm Extra uses a hyperventilation system to increases air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional down draft systems. Also energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs are standard with all Blowtherm products.


New technological power. BLOWPOWER. Blowtherm, innovative system optimises the already remarkable performances of the most famous and appreciated spray booths in the world. An added value for the most careful and demanding spray booth operator.

Energy saving Reduced environmental impact Shorter operating cycles Exceptional results Higher profits Tomorrow technology, today. REFINISHING PLANTS FOR THE MODERN BODY SHOP

TSSA Certified Contractor Flat Line Spraybooth Specialists Inc. t: 905.475.5600 f: 905.475.5605 250 Shields Court, Markham, ON


Evolution Series 1

Col-Met says the Evolution Series 1 Double-Wall Insulated Automotive Spraybooths is designed with optimal fuel and energy efficiencies in mind, utilizing the latest in booth construction technology and offering many industry-leading standard features. The Evolution Series features a durable white finish and insulated wall panels. The panels, columns and trusses are pre-punched, ensuring a level and square precision fit. The Evolution series also use the Col-Met cxclusive “SnapIn” vertical column and corner post covers, meaning no bolts are required. The unit features a fully insulated plenum, full plenum hinged filter racks, shadow free and colour corrective light fixtures and either a forced dry cure system or recycle cure heat air make-up units.

> 38  collision Repair


Spray Tech/Junair

Nova Verta

The Junair 4 Series spraybooth features new T5 hip lights, full ceiling filters, Effective Ventilation & Extraction system (EVAC), fully grated floor, variable frequency drives (VFDs), Fuel Saver (FS) mode, QADS on Bake, reverse inclined direct drive fans, Static Neutralization (SN) upgrade option.The company says the Junair 4 Series’ price is in line with other premium spraybooths, but contains additional advantages that will allow the spraybooth to pay for itself over time. It says this is possible because the 4 Series produces the highest quality jobs with the shortest booth cycle time with the lowest energy consumption. According to the company, the 4 Series’ booth cycle time is up to 35 percent shorter than a conventional downdraft spraybooth with up to 70 percent lower energy consumption. Junair says the iSystem PLC control panel is integral to the Production

Nova Verta’s Prestige Series features 23 Class I, Division II light fixtures with four 98CRI-T8 tubes and multi-voltage electronic ballasts. The company says its continuous lighting banks produce up to 50 percent more measured light output than other spraybooths and provide unobstructed and unprecedented illumination. The Prestige Series offers the choice of indirect or direct-fired heating. In addition, Nova Verta says the energy savings controls offer the power and information needed to maximize production and minimize operating expenses. The automated pressure control uses a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the exhaust fan. The standard direct-fired system also has automated pressure control. It features 1.1 million BTU with a 100-degree tempera-

Junair 4 Series

Prestige Series

Pack and Fuel Saver Economy Pack as well as “Select Control”. Select Control is designed to take the guesswork out of the curing process. It is programmed with specific cure parameters for each type of paint.

ture rise in the spray cycle. The Prestige Series direct-fired units re-circulate 90 percent of the booth’s warm air during cure cycle.



Kayco Spraybooths


According to Kayco Spraybooths, the Medallion is the company’s most versatile model yet. The Medallion series strength lies in its design and structure, designed for maximum flexibillity to allow the spraybooth to conform to almost any configuration. The standard model is a single-skin downdraft cabin with drop down ceiling filters. It is powder coated white and features 15 lights with colour corrected bulbs, behind 15 windows constructed of tempered glass for maximum clarity. The Medallion series measures in at 14 feet wide, nine feet tall and 27 feet long. Optional equipment includes an insulating package as well as an exhaust chamber that makes the booth a pitless downdraft and eliminates the need for concrete excavation. Other features include blanket type intake filters rated at 85 percent efficiency on dust particles down to ten microns in size, a 1.5 million BTU heater capable of air movement at a rate of 14,000 cubic feet per minute, and a digital remote mounted control panel. The exhaust system uses 36-inch in diameter tube axial nonsparking fan and a three hors ep o wer t h ree ph ase motor. The exfilters are rated at 98 percent efficiency.

The Accudraft Titan XL is a downdraft dual skin unit specifically designed for the high-flow collision repair centre. It comes standard with a 1.2 million BTU per hour heater and a 14,000 cubic feet per minute air make-up system. It it constructed of industrial grade vinyl laid over galvanized steel. The XL’s heating capabilities include Intelcure rapid metal temperature technology. The company says the Intelcure heating system saves you time by breaking the bake cycle into two stages. First, the “pre-bake” cycle runs at a very high temperature to quickly get the vehicle’s temperature into the optimal curing range. The system then shifts to the final stage where the temperature drops to your desired curing temperature usually between 140°F and 160°F. Accudraft says you can add the system to the XL to use up to 50 percent less electricity and save up to 30 percent on gas consumption. A number of options are available on the XL, including AccuQADS air towers, side loader, drive through, basement, length and width extensions, observation windows in walls, overhead mechnicals and I-Pad touch controls.

>  www.



Titan XL

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Garmat 1401 W. Stanford Ave. Englewood, CO (800) 442-7628 AutoQuip Roger Turmel 13 Grandview Cres. RR#2, Bradford, ON (905) 778-9228 Global Finishing Solutions Canada 131 Commerce Park Dr. Unit JK, Barrie, ON (877) 658-7900 autorefinishsales@ Saima of North America, Inc. 961 Route 10 East Suite 2K Randolph, NJ 973-927-6232 Blowtherm (Flat Line Spraybooth Specialists) 50 Parkinson Rd. Markham, ON (905) 201-9711 Phil Panet Cell: (416) 705-9711 Filco 10740 Ave Racette Montreal North, QC H1G 5H6 (514) 955-8870 Paintline Products 37 Hamilton Rd. Barrie, ON (705) 721-9500 USI of North America Franklin Lakes, NJ Luigi Zucchet (201) 405-7760

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The mind-blowing technology behind the jaw-dropping beauty. You can’t see the advanced science that goes into Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC basecoat. But it’s impossible to miss the superior results. The unique formulation creates dramatic looks in less time — so your shop can keep time in the booth to a minimum while delivering spectacular results.



Spies Hecker and Permahyd are registered trademarks of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. DuPont Canada is a licensee. Copyright © 2011 DuPont Canada. All rights reserved.



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Strategy, Leadership & Soul Key elements of the fifth annual WIN Conference.


h e f i f t h an nu a l Wom e n’s Industry Network (WIN) Conference in San Diego brought together over 160 women from all segments of the collision repair industry. The first day included a keynote address on “Strategy, Leadership and the Soul” by Jennifer Sertl, founder and President of Agility 3R. Greg Horn, VP of Industry Relations at Mitchell International, presented an industry update detailing current trends as well as insights into the effects of the Japan earthquake and tsunami and thoughts on electric and micro vehicles hitting the US market. Afternoon breakout topics included Social Media, Leadership from the Inside Out and Personal Branding. The ten conference scholarship winners were also recognized, including the two scholarships given in the name of WIN’s Diamond Sponsor, AkzoNobel. “AkzoNobel led the initiative to create awareness about the contributions of women within the collision repair industry and has also been an ardent supporter of the WIN Association since its beginning,” said Laura Costello, Director of Marketing for AkzoNobel Automotive and Aerospace Coatings Americas. “We are honoured to have two of the 2011 WIN student scholarships presented in our name. It is

extremely gratifying to see an industry put practices in place to sustain opportunities for enrichment and future growth.” Mary Kunz was announced as this year’s Cornerstone Award winner, given each year to a board member that exemplifies the values and ideals of WIN. In addition, a Cornerstone Scholarship was awarded to Jessica Crowley, a collision repair student who will Jessica Crowley, Cornerstone Scholarship winner, with Teresa Bolton, WIN Scholarship & Education Committee Chair and Mary Kunz, 2011 Cornerstone Award Winner.

By Anna Dawson

receive a donation from WIN to further her collision repair education. Day two started off with the Annual Scholarship Walk Presented by Enterprise. Over 100 women took to the streets of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and raised over $5,000 through individual and corporate donations. The funds will be directed toward WIN’s various scholarship programs. Following the walk, attendees were treated to a humourous, positive and thought-provoking keynote address on “Using Your Feminine Force for Good Car-ma” by Lauren Fix, recognized automotive and lifestyle expert and owner of Automotive Aspects. Dr. Sara Mednick, assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California delivered an insightful presentation on sleep patterns and the benefits of napping on memory and productivity. The fifth annual WIN Conference was sponsored by AkzoNobel, Allstate, ASE, BASF, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, DuPont, State Farm Insurance, Hertz, 3M, Sterling Autobody Center, Geico, Fix Auto, Carstar, PPG, Marco’s Collision Center, CSi Complete, ABRA Auto Body & Glass, LKQ, CAPA, Finishmaster, Symphony Advisors, 1-800Radiator, Sherwin Williams, Mitchell, and CCC Information Services.  CRM


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distributed by: ASET (Automotive Spraying Equipment Technologies) 800-628-5449


ASRW 2011 // ORLANDO, FL USA THE PREMIER EVENT DEDICATED TO THE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE & REPAIR INDUSTRIES Exhibits: October 6–8 // Conference: 5–8 // Orange County Convention Center

point blank with piercey

insurertactics A comprenhensive strategic analysis for negotiations. “Our Focus is Spray Booth Filters!”

By Sam Piercey

...Say no.

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Pit Filters Ceiling Filters Door Filters Intake Filters

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For questions, comments or concerns send me an email at

Sam Piercey is the co-owner of Budds' Collision Services in Oakville, ON.Samisalong-timeCoyotemember and sits on many boards and committees. He can be reached at

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Offering More than just a Can of Paint Exceptional sales, service and support have earned Rondex, the elite status of #1 Largest Independent Jobber for DuPont Performance Coatings in Western Canada, the world leader in automotive finishes. This symbol is your quality assurance that we meet the highest standards in the industry. It means you can count on us to provide a lot more than products. You can count on us to supply the complete package (quality product, impeccable service and competitive pricing) in such areas as process improvement, personnel and inventory management, innovative products, and state of the art equipment. Together, DuPont Performance Coatings and Rondex bring you the products and practices to help your business prosper. We want nothing more than success for our customers. To support this we become a trustworthy partner for your business. We offer reliable and consistent delivery, accurate inventory management, in-house technical assistance, management consulting services, endless amounts of information to keep you abreast of industry trends along with the most experienced staff in the industry.

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prairie view

Repairedpanels 17 extra steps should mean more time on the estimate. By Tom Bissonnette


recently received a phone call from a concerned shop owner. He had a question about a job that his shop recently completed and the insurance company’s appraiser had cut the paint time back because the shop was only applying colour to part of the panel. This was done to the entire side of a vehicle that had been scratched one-third of the way up the side of the panel. Bodywork and priming had to be done on all panels. This procedure is known as “spot painting” or “modified refinish” and usually allows for clear coat of the entire panel. I am familiar with Mitchell’s Ultramate Estimating program and I believe Audatex to be very similar in its definition of spot painting. Neither of them have any labour formula for spot painting or blending within a panel. In fact, UltraMate will not automate a Blend Adjacent Panel Labour Allowance on a “Repaired Panel” and the user must enter a judgement labour allowance. For some reason the insurance

company appraisers seem to think it will take less time to paint a panel like this even though the Automotive Service Association has done time studies that clearly show that it involves a higher skill set from the refinisher and about 17 additional steps to do this job! Think about how much extra time this takes: Apply pinhole eliminator to the body plastic, sand the pinhole eliminator, featheredge the damaged area for primer, mask the car for etch and twopart fill primer, wax and grease for contamination, blow off and tack the panel for dust, mix the etch primer, apply the etch primer, clean up the etch primer spray gun, apply two part fill primer to the repaired area, bake the primer for cure, clean up the two part fill primer spray gun, guide coat the primed area and block sand the repair. Then you might have to run through the prime/gun clean up and block sanding routines another once or twice. Then you can finally unmask for paint prep,

GOT HAIL? Finest Trained Catastrophe Team

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Contact us now, and learn what over 100 body shops and numerous insurance companies across Canada have already discovered! 46  collision Repair

prairie view

and you find yourself in the exact same place you would be if you were painting a new panel! Since both databases tell us that their paint times are for “new undamaged panels,” they should be adding more time for repaired panels. This is clearly spelled out in both Ultramate and Auditex in a process known as “feather, fill and sand” that allows a technician the time needed to

estimating systems, direct repair programs, and data transfer via the Internet, these appraisers have seen their roles diminish. I believe that in order to justify their existence on their insurance company’s gravy train they have to continually look for ways to prove they’re a worthwhile expense in the repair process. To be an accredited auto repair facility today requires proper training and, in most provinces,

appraisers seem to think it will take less time to paint a panel like this. bring a repaired panel up to the quality of a new undamaged one. Unfortunately, both estimating systems do not give a formula for this process so we are left to work it out with the insurance company’s appraiser. I have dealt with many of these appraisers over the years. Some still think back to the days of lacquer primer, acrylic enamels and how they could repair the car in half the time. The older these guys get, the better they were. With the advent of digital cameras, electronic

some standard of competency. I think it is time that Canada had some standards in place to make sure that all appraisers are actually qualified to do their job properly and fairly. What do you think? CRM

Tom Bissonnette is the owner/operator of Parr Auto Body, a collision repair facility located in Saskatoon, SK. He can be reached at

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who’s driving? features

solidvision It’s one of the four key items to retaining top employees.

By Jay Perry


he following is taken directly from the CARS Council 2009 Labour Market Update Technical Report: “Employers must realize that finding qualified labour will not get any easier in the coming years and that further investment in recruitment will therefore be required.” It goes on to say under the heading “Reasons for turnover”: “Employers also report having employees leave ... to work in another sector (39 percent of the time) ... the majority of employees planning to leave the sector say that better management would be effective in persuading them to stay (84 percent say better management would be either somewhat or very effective).” My reaction was absolute astonishment. If you give a damn about your business it should be your

The fourth item is acknowledgement for their contributions to the company. The skills needed to make these four things happen inside an organization are different than the skills sets that got you to where you are today. That is why it is so important that we as leaders never stop learning how to be better communicators of what we see both internally as to behaviours of our staff and what we see as directions we need to go as an organization to best the competition in our marketplace.


Continuous improvement is for everyone, including the boss. Yes, the employees do need to pull their weight and develop better ways of working and the boss must facilitate this process driven mentality and function within the company.

Four of 10 workers are planning to leave the collision repair industry entirely. reaction too. Four of 10 workers are planning to leave the collision repair industry entirely. Of those, 84 percent -- which means about 33 out of every of 100 workers -- are telling us that better management is what could keep them interested in staying.

The Key

What is it going to take for the leaders of our industry to get that they hold the key to success in the way they treat their employees? This is a huge opportunity for some bright-eyed people to come out way ahead of the competition. If you can figure out a way to manage people better then you can retain the good ones and let your competition continue to have the revolving door at their business’s employee entrance. So what’s involved in being this “better manager?” Our research has shown consistent and honest communication is the number one item that breeds respect among employees. Our research also showed that the number two item is solid, dependable knowledge of “where” the company is going and number three is “where” the employee is going career wise within the company. 48  collision Repair

The boss must also realize that the responsibility to lead the employees to where they deserve to be lays on his/her own shoulders. Things within a company change, and they often change very rapidly. How frequently do you sit down and discuss those changes with the individuals that work for you? How is it impacting them? Do they have ideas that they can contribute that could help with the overall situation? How good are you at clearly and concisely painting the mental picture you have inside your head that is the company of the future? That takes work to develop the ability to spell out what a yet unrealized future looks like in terms that will make the employees want to follow you to that destination. Only if you develop that skill set will you stay the one who’s driving. CRM

Jay Perry is the founder and owner of Automotive Business Consultants (ABC), a performance coaching company specializing in the automotive service industry. He can be reached via e-mail at

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news resource


by Mike Raine


askatchewan’s auto recyclers are coming together to form their own provincial organization. Like their counterparts in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada, Saskatchewan recyclers will have a united voice in the industry. The organization, which will likely be called the Saskatchewan Automotive Recyclers Association (SARA), is currently in the early organizational stages but is creating a lot of buzz among recyclers across Canada. Cheryl Hoimyr, of SGI Salvage in Regina, is the chairperson of the organizing committee for SARA and says a meeting is planned for late June. “At the June meeting we’re hoping to formally form the association and have people formally join the association,” she said. “At that time, we’ll have elections for the board. I guess the step after that is to start dealing with some of the issues that we’re facing.” Hoimyr says there are a number of issues of the new organization needs to address. “Two of the immediate issues are dealing with Ministry of Environment and Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation, and it just makes sense to us that we would be able to speak to those issues with a common voice for the industry.” Hoimyr says that the other provincial organizations and ARC have been very supportive and helpful to the new association. “They’ve been passing on, for example, copies of their bylaws and their constitutions to help is avoid reinventing the wheel and possibly help avoid some of the initial issues that they faced.”

Cheryl Hoimyr, SGI Salvage.

It is the success of the other provincial associations that has been the inspiration for SARA. “I think the other associations have seen that it’s very helpful to have a voice as professional auto recyclers and it’s very helpful to differentiate themselves from those organizations that are essentially still junkyards.” Hoimyr also says programs like the federal Retire Your Ride program demonstrated the benefits of auto recyclers working together in a common cause. ARC’s Steve Fletcher, who said he is “delighted” to see a positive program such as Retire Your Ride result in the formation of a new organization, echoed Hoimyr’s sentiments. “Where there has been no grassroots ability to talk to recyclers, they have now banded together and figured out that they will be better if they cooperate and share with one another,” says Fletcher. “Often times, an external crisis will catalyze that but this is, ‘how do we capitalize on all the good things that are happening.’”

Contents News AARDA & ARC in Banff......52 Canadian recyclers send aid to Japanese counterparts..54 Miller’s Auto Recycling Donates to Road Safety Event.............54 Column Industry Passion..................56

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recycling news

news resource

AaRDA and arc hold joint conferance in banff

Serving the Automotive Industry for Over 45 Years

Alberta’s Rocky Mountains were full of auto recyclers for a weekend. That’s because AARDA held its annual general meeting on April 29 and 30 in Banff and ARC followed with its own on May 1. Ian Hope, Executive Director of AARDA, said the joint event was a great success. Over 130 people attended the two generals meetings and numerous training sessions. Among the many insightful presenters was Dave Schandor, manager of Marshall Auto Wreckers, sharing his insights from 30 years in the business. As well, Colin McKean, an Retire Your Ride auditor, shared insider perspective on complying with the National Code of Practice. Visit for even more photos.

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Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of ARC.

Ian Hope, Executive Director of AARDA.

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Philippe Fugere, Le Cavalier Auto Parts; Barry Reppnack, Alberta Auto Wreckers; Ron VanRaamsdonk,; Trevor Kingsbury, Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouses.

news resource

Colin Mckean, Retire Your Ride auditor.

recycling news

Ian Hope, Darryl Simmons, and Ed MacDonald of Maritime Auto Salvage. Karen Hope, Marketing Edge. Valerie Montgomery, Harry’s Auto Wrecking; Cheryl Hoimyr, SGI Salvage, Darcy Scott; SGI Salvage.

Steve Cox (foreground) of Allwest Auto Parts. july 2011  collision Repair  53

recycling news

news resource

Canadian recyclers send $10,000 in relief to japanese counterparts

Miller’s auto recycling donates crashed car for road safety event

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) recently sent $10,000 in relief to their colleagues in the Japanese Auto Recycling Association (JARA) in an effort to support the auto recycling industry deal with the tragic remnants of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March. “We made a lot of friendships and connections at the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling in Quebec City last year, and once we heard that JARA members were suffering and having to perform a service for their country by beginning to help clean up the damaged cars that are everywhere, it was easy to give,” said ARC Managing Director Steve Fletcher. “One recycler’s business was wiped out, but he is still out there every day helping to move severely damaged vehicles. He has picked up over 1,000 vehicles, but there are estimated to almost 150,000 vehicles in his prefecture that need to be responsibly retired. It’s is almost overwhelming.”

The folks at Miller’s Auto Recycling in Fort Erie, ON donated a car for display at Welland Centennial Secondary School during a

The money will be used for humanitarian relief of JARA Members and their families. The association is attempting to keep the world informed about their efforts and provide an inside view of the carnage with a regularly updated blog. “On behalf of the JARA directors, I really thank you again, and please give our best regards to all. I will report to you what we have done with your generous gift after we provide your funding to recyclers and others,” replied Shigeru Temmyo, JARA Chairman.

Youth For Road Safety (YOURS) event. “We think this is a great cause because driver education is where it starts,” says Evan Miller.

Evan Miller of Miller’s Auto Recycling at Welland Centennial Secondary School where he donated a wrecked car to the YOURS program to teach driving safety.

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Industrypassion You can use it to bring buyers and sellers together.


By David Gold

bout five years ago I was looking for software to assist in seamlessly integrating our business into the automotive aftermarket. During my investigative phase I was advised by a sales representative from a proprietary point of sale management system to attend the Barton Auto Parts (BAP) trade show where he was displaying his system. I was intrigued to attend an auto parts trade show, even though it was over an hour drive and hosted by a company that I had not done business with. What I found interesting was it was being held at Mohawk College in Hamilton. I knew the word-of-mouth by the students alone would likely draw in a big crowd to an event like this. What I didn’t know was the people I would soon meet would inspire me for years to come. There are many passionate and dedicated personalities in the auto related industry but none more so that Stephen Krieger and his team at BAP.

Watching Stephen work the floor at the trade show and interacting with the suppliers and customers in a showmanship style was something I had never seen before. He wanted some face time with everyone and anyone, as this was his best opportunity of the year to strengthen likely already established relationships. Following my first BAP trade show, I made arrangements to meet with Stephen at his office and witnessed how engaged and hands-on he was in his roles and responsibilities at the company and how the wheels seemed to be turning in his head -- fast and furious -- as he sized up his next growth strategy. In many ways, the piles of papers stacked up in his office looked eerily similar to my daily surroundings at our store and I found myself not only taking a liking to Stephen, but also relating to him in many ways. Stephen’s passion for the business has cultivated a unique culture at BAP and one that is certainly a model for many small and medium businesses to follow. As the auto parts business gets more com-

JR’s Auto Body Chicago, IL

JR’s Auto Body Realizes Dramatic Savings with Matrix System Conversion Proves to be a Success JR Auto Body has been in business for JR’s over 50 years in the Chicago-land area. A little over 8 years ago, the decision to convert to Matrix System products was made by owner, John Strauss. He was approached by his local supplier KC Body Shop Supply, who introduced Strauss to Ma Matrix System. “The consistent and dependable service, mixed with great reliable products and lower prices made the decision easy for us,” stated Strauss.

Satisfaction Guaranteed JR’s Auto Body is a first-class shop that has remained profitable and competitive by using Matrix System JR products in today’s challenging market. They have realized many advantages from the relationship such as immediate attention, a wide range of products, outstanding finishes, and considerable savings. According to Strauss, “We are completely satisfied with the full line of products that Matrix System has to offer. We have been able to deliver an outstanding finish on every vehicle that has passed through our shop and thanks to Matrix System we are able to remain profitable and competitive without making any major sacrifices.”

Finding Value JR’s Auto Body sampled the comparable JR products that Matrix System had to offer and found them to be of greater value. As Strauss said, “We’ve tried other paint brands in the past, but could find none that would compare to the quality, color match, and cost of Matrix System. We we were delivering great looking vehicles with lower repair costs. Who wouldn’t find the value in that?”

A Perfect Match is a Beautiful Thing The relationship between JR’s Auto Body and Matrix System is one that makes perfect sense. JR’s Auto Body has been able to capitalize on accurate color match, outstanding service, and significant savings from Matrix Sy System products. “It’s like the good ole’ days. We get to see our local distributor and the Matrix System sales rep from time to time. You just don’t get that kind of service from any other paint manufacturer today.”

For more information on how you can experience the same benefits by using Matrix System, call 800.735.0303 or visit us online at

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plicated year after year, it is important for suppliers to build on customer relationships and educate their customers so they themselves can be best in class and run profitable businesses. Stephen knows that BAP is only as strong as its customers’ businesses are profitable and this shines through, not only as illustrated on its website, but, more importantly, at the store itself where everyone is decked out in


learn more about the suppliers that are the cornerstone of BAP. While walking the trade show floor I overheard a BAP sales representative talking to a supplier about his role in the company. This sales representative clearly stated with great enthusiasm that he could “go and work for a big outfit, but why would I?” He loves the family atmosphere,

IT is important for suppliers to build on customer relationships. BAP apparel and has a commitment to service. On Friday, April 8, 2011, I received an e-mail from Stephen saying that he was “just reading my latest article in Collision Repair magazine” and he wanted to be sure to “extend an invite to his annual show that now takes place at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This venue is 88,000 square feet and has over 100 vendors participating.” Naturally I took the opportunity to attend, not only meet my hockey idol Doug Gilmour (who was on hand signing autographs), but also to meet and greet the many collision repairers who attended and

Businesses boast about their customer service philosophies but few embody it with a trade show to give back to the employees and customers that have supported them all year. Passion and service must start at the top and BAP couldn’t have a better chief leading the charge. CRM David Gold is the co-owner of Standard Auto Wreckers, an auto recycling facility with locations in Toronto, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York. He can be reached by telephone at 416-286-8686 or via e-mail at

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Today’strends Some are good ideas. Others are just dumb. By Mike Davey


friend of mine runs what he calls “social media boot camps.” Just like the famous boot camps run by the U.S. Marine Corps, it’s an intense experience designed to give you the tools you need. Unlike the military ones, though, it’s only a couple of days long and there’s rarely any shooting. The boot camps are designed for business people who really want to promote awareness of their business through social media. One of the most hyped tools to do this is what’s called viral marketing. A viral marketing campaign uses non-traditional forms of advertising to reach consumers. It could

strange that they’re doing this at all. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect they’ve been seduced by the idea of viral marketing and social media. There’s no doubt that those things are seductive. They’re hip, trendy and get people talking. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that they have any sort of point to them. In fact, I would argue that a lot of the viral marketing and social media efforts we see are a colossal waste of time. Let’s try an imaginary survey. The question for our imaginary respondents is this: “What is the number one determing factor for your choice of collision repair facility?”

A lot of the viral marketing efforts we see are a waste of time. be through the use of comedic videos, mysterious clues that people must assemble to win some sort of special bonus, video games or any of a host of other things. Very often a viral marketing campaign latches onto something else that is inexplicably popular and rides its coat tails. Viral marketing is great for generating buzz. Here’s a question that most don’t seem to think of asking: do you need to do this? I’m not saying these tools don’t work. They do. But do you need to do it? The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) launched a viral campaign recently. Visit the CDC website and you’ll find that they have, among many other things, a “Zombie Preparedness Kit” that tells you how to survive a zombie outbreak. Personally, I don’t understand the current obsession with zombies to begin with, but something like this is simply stupid. There may be reasons for certain companies to promote a little bit of silliness to draw attention to themselves. The CDC is not one of these organizations. Their purpose is entirely serious, and they don’t even have customers. Given that, it seems very

Please choose one of the following: 1. Recommendations of family and friends. 2. R e c om m e n d at i ons of i nsu r an c e company. 3. They have a reputation for performing quality repairs at a competitive price. 4. They seem wacky and fun! Also, I like their Facebook page! Is there anyone, anywere, at any time in history who would pick option 4 as anything other than a joke? If so, I’d like to hear from them. I’ve got some “wacky” swampland in Florida I’d like to unload. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use social media. Far from it. But don’t think for a minute that customers are looking for a collision repair facility that’s trendy and hip. If you want to Tweet, give your followers the solid, practical, respectable advice that is the true face of your business.  CRM

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Mike Davey is the editor of Collision Repair magazine. He can be reached at 519582-2960 or via email at

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