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Written and illustrated by Sarah McConnell Colour by Paloma Pedrera Martinez

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04/12/2014 16:55

One evening, in the big green jungle, a gentle breeze blew through the leaves. Monkey was still awake. He’d spent all day trying to tell his friends something important, but they wouldn’t listen.


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04/12/2014 16:55

“The forest is getting smaller,” he said. “A big yellow monster is coming.”


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04/12/2014 16:55

“Monkey is always telling stories,� said Giraffe to Rhino, shaking her head. 4

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04/12/2014 16:55

“Big yellow monster, how silly,” laughed Rhino. “Monkey is scared of everything. He isn’t even brave enough to swing out of his tree.”


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04/12/2014 16:55

“Huh,” said Monkey. “I’ll show them.” He peered down at the ground, but it was too far away. “Maybe tomorrow,” he thought, flopping down on his branch.


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04/12/2014 16:55

Monkey closed his eyes and a strange song, a distant brum-brum, lulled him to sleep.


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04/12/2014 16:55

Suddenly, Monkey stood up, but his eyes were tightly shut.


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04/12/2014 16:55

Slumbery Stumble in the Jungle  
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