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COMMUNITY INNOVATION “THE HAMLET OF GLEN WILLIAMS” Group 11. Yuri B., Cameron L., Rachel L., Julianna N., Colin P., Joseph P. and Mike Sh.

INTRODUCTION TO THE SITE • Located in the central part of the credit river watershed between the region of Halton and Peel

Peel Region

Halton Region

Figure 1

Figure 2

• Low density developments along the credit river (Halton Region) • Farmland and agricultural uses on the east side of the river (Peel Region)

The Hamlet of Glen Williams 


Located in the region of Halton. It is a home to over 400 people and contains the historical businesses, heritage buildings which are important components of the hamlet characteristic.

Our Objectives 

Examining the layers of the land, the planning intervention in Glen Williams will focus on: 1)

2) 3)

Strengthening the local economy and enhancing social development Attention paid towards environmental sustainability Preserving the cultural heritage of Glen Williams

Opportunities & Constraints? Layers of the land & policy


Elements such as slope, drainage and land stability crucial to development

Figure 3

Existing Infrastructures

Figure 4

Consistency of the hamlet core

Population Growth

Constraints • Steep slopes (over 20%) limit development alongside river  susceptible to floods and landslides. • Stony landforms are also not suitable for developments.


Protected Under Greenbelt


Protection of the wild habitats’ life alongside the river


Limited Infrastructures for pedestrians and drivers In addition… • Water and wastewater services of the hamlet; submission of a Master Servicing Plan and Financial Implementation strategy required • Main concerns are: Floods, land slides protection, and protection of ground water resources.

Potential Site for the Public Square

School Property

Meadows in Glen

Glen Williams Park Figure 5

Planning Intervention – Public Square Walking trail to the new housing development (Meadows in Glen)

Walking trail to Glen Williams Park

Increase parking space

Figure 6 - 8

Existing Built form vs. Revitalized Area’s Front View

Principles of Success 

Supports the Hamlet of Glen Williams Secondary Plan. Identifies a central core; concentration of activities and heritage features

Development of a Public Square with linkage to other parts of the hamlet eg. park, town hall, new residential developments Square includes attractions and destinations throughout the day and night eg. café, bakery, public art

References 

Figure 1. P.O.W.E.R. Retrieved from px Figure 2 - 6. Google Maps (Street views). Retrieved from

Town of Glen Williams Community Innovation  

Working with a team of 8-10 people, we were given the task of scouting out the Hamlet; Glen Williams in a project that was to incorporate th...

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