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COMMUNITY PLANNING David A. Jason B, Nicole G, Jen H, Ernest N, Colin P


What is community planning?

Community planning

Philadelphia Community Planning Issue



Land Use -Outdated zoning code

Revised Zoning Code

-Amending is costly and Municipal Zoning Code -Addressing challenging time consuming 1962 issues -40,000 Vacant Lots

Philadelphia Community Planning Issue


Solution Registered Community Organizations (RCO)

Underrepresented Communities that are Unorganized and Unqualified

Registered Community Guidelines.

Citizen Planning Institute (CPI) Free group access to computer facilities.

$50,000 grant per RCO

Philadelphia Community Planning Issue


Federal Finding Funding Recovery Project


Federal Community Development Block Grants (40 million annually)

Toronto Community Planning Issue

Aggressive Development


Urban Design Guideline Comprehensive Plan


Review of Official Plan

Toronto Community Planning Issue

Land use



Municipal Zoning ByZoning code Law Revision

Community Planning in Toronto • Neighbourhood and Residential Association

73 Business Improvement Areas

– 38 Ratepayer`s Associations

(Toronto Neighbourhood and Residential Association Map, 2012)

(City of Toronto Business Improvement Area Map, 2012)

Role of Community Groups Philadelphia – SCI Eastern North

Toronto - LHION

(Toronto Community Housing, 2012). (SCI eastern north, 2009).

The Eastern North Philadelphia Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) • Multi-partner program focused on transforming communities and improving the lives of many.

• Focuses on eight key goals essential for neighbourhood revitalization and health.

Bottom up community participation guides SCI’s planning

(Quality of life, n.d.).

SCI’s independent “Quality of Life” Plan has been approved and is being implemented.

Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network (LHION) (City of Toronto, 2011).

• Network of Community Groups • Collaborative Participatory Planning • Lawrence Heights Revitalization • Community Steering Committee • Social Development Plan (Toronto Community Housing, 2012).

Comparison • Both Philadelphia and Toronto have examples of Community Driven Planning • Citizen Education and Defined Community Process in Philadelphia • Ad Hoc, Less Defined Process in Toronto

(SCI eastern north, 2009).

(SCI eastern north, 2009).

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Community Planning in Toronto and Philadelphia  

•In-depth written research report and presentation of similarities/differences experienced by both cities. • Interviewed City of Philadelph...