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accommodation for touring cyclists in West Wales. unique, beautiful & spiritual buildings and locations

ABOUT —— ROUTES & JOURNEYS —— PLACES —— GALLERIES —— The small chapels and churches of rural west wales are places of unique community and cultural significance, built to serve small communities and to nourish their spiritual life. These buildings have a spare simple beauty, And are often located in beautiful pristine landscapes. Eglwys y bicio (church of cycling) is a chain of unique cyclists accommodation and giving these building a new life. we will maintain the unique structure, fabric and spiritual essence of theses places whilst providing simple stylish overnight accommodation Our guests will enjoy a window to the history of these small communities and a true experience of 'sense of place'.

St. John’s Church, Ysbyty Ystwyth by Paula Jones

A unique brand combining, culture, community and heritage in the beautiful landscape of South West Wales.

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Eglwys y bicio front page