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VOYAGER Mayor Tyrone Ward




HONOREE 2020 Motto: “I will be a positive public vessel and a conduit for all of Robbins.”




Spotlight on Robbins A Message from Mayor Tyrone Ward 2019 Accomplishments

IMPORTANT NUMBERS TO KNOW Mayor Tyrone Ward (708) 385-8940 Village Administrator Keith Freeman (708) 385-8940 Finance Office Margaret Newell (708) 385-8940 x227 Village Clerk-Debra Yates (708) 385-8940 x224 Police Chief- Roy Wells (708) 385-8940 x 236 Fire Chief Vance Woods (708) 385-8940 x 247 Human Resources Jarrett Johnson (708) 385-8940 x 275 Building Department Charles Johnson (708) 385-8940 x 270 Robbins Community Center (708) 239-0044 Trustee Office 708) 385-8940 x231

As we focus our sights on this upcoming year we would be remiss to not bring attention to some of our accomplishments. I would like to personally recognize our wonderful team of elected officials, managers and employees for their outstanding contributions. The Village of Robbins has trusted us with the growth and stability of this community. It is a duty we do not take lightly. In 2019 we made a promise to make sure that every house in the Village of Robbins had a working water meter. Although we missed our deadline we are proud to say that 95% of our homes have a water meter. In 2020 we plan on completing this project as well as automating our meter reading system. This will offer our residents and business the most accurate reading possible. Automation also cuts down excess water leaking and over consumption by sending alerts to our operators and residents if you register your email with our water department. The year 2019 also introduced new programs, initiatives and events for Robbins. I was elected President of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA). As such, we began consolidating regional efforts from private and public resources to host our 1st Annual MEISS Expo. The Minority Entrepreneur Interactive Solutions Symposium was the first of its conference provided support for our ever growing small business community and showcased the many opportunities minority business leaders can take advantage of in Robbins. Of course we have have to mention the enormous popularity of our annual events. Our Annual Walk Against Violence and Robbins Back to School Festival were both covered by local media. We ended our 2019 year of events on a high note as Chief Roy Wells and I took several families from Robbins to Walmart on a shopping spree with our 1st Annual Shop with a Cop. It’s just amazing to see the faces of families and children effected by our outreach and we give each and every one you you credit for allowing us to be a blessing. Every year we try to make strides in technology. This year was no different. After a decade of struggling to update our municipal code our ordinances are finally available online to the general public. Robbins now has automated emergency alerts, text messaging and robocalls for all of our residents. 2019 will close with the construction of two major digital media sign in front of our village hall and at the corner of 139th and Kedzie Street. As we further our communications efforts we encourage all of our residents to register for updates online or stop by our village hall. Lastly prior to my tenure our community began to struggle with the increase in vacant and blighted houses. Thus we took pride in demolishing 15 homes and have secured financing to complete another 30 or demolitions in 2020. We understand the hardship these property have created in our village and we are committed to seeing a turnaround in residential development, increase sidewalks and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. We want to see you live, work and enjoy Robbins as you should. On behalf of every elected official and staff member of the Village of Robbins, thank you for allowing us to serve you. It has been and honor, a pleasure and we look forward to working with you in 2020.

Tyrone Ward


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We know hard work and fun times…. 

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Public Safety Police Department | Chief Roy Wells IMPORTANT NUMBERS TO KNOW

Winter Safety Tips

Mayor Tyrone Ward * Decrease (708) 385-8940 your speedxand 223 give yourself plenty of room to stop. *  Keep your lights and windshield clean. *  Don't Village pass snow Administrator plows. You may find the road in front of them worse than the road Keith behind. Freeman *  Don't (708) assume 385-8940 your vehicle x 225can handle all conditions. *  Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up ease off Village the brake. Clerk-Debra Yates (708) 385-8940 x224 *STRUCTURE CHANGE IN COMMAND STAFF AND PATROL DIVISION

VILLAGE TRUSTEES DAVID DYSON ddyson@robbins-il.com GEORGE BREWTON gbrewton@robbins-il.com BERNARD WARD bward@robbins-il.com


ERNEST MAXEY emaxey@robbins-il.com

*JAG GRANT Deputy Fire Chief

JACQUELINE HENRY jhenry@robbins-il.com

*CITIZENS Public FIRST WorksMEETINGS Supervisor Winston Sawyer *EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PROGRAM (708) 385-8940 x 275

DARREN BRYANT dbryant@robbins-il.com

(708)WITH 385-8940 x 247 *READING A COP

FireBuilding Department Department| Chief Vance Woods

Harrison Maddox 2019(708) accomplishments: 385-8940 x 270 * Garage door repair * Repair spiral staircase Center Robbins Community Remodel(708) chief office 239-0044 2 Firefighters completed Company Fire Officer course (August-Sept 2019) Trustee OfficeCompleted Training Program 708) 385-8940 x231 Manager course (Sept-Oct 2019) Installed new doors for kitchen and front office  Repaired plymovent exhaust system  2 storage units were built. (1 for SCBA air bottles and 1 for equipment ) 4 firefighters completed Vehicle Machinery Operations course

VILLAGE CLERK DEBRA YATES dyates@robbins-il.com

I would like to thank every business and business owner for being in compliance with the village.



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VILLAGE VOYAGER Southland Leaders at Work… 

William Leonard Public Library (708) 597-2760 13820 Central Park Ave Robbins, IL 60472 Bremen Township (708) 333-9530 Worth Township (708) 371-2900

w/ Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton

David Bryant East Claire Block Club James Collier West Crawford Block Club Helen Echols 135th Lincoln Lane Pulaski Avers Block Club Zachary Fulson Maxey Court Block Club

w/ Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

Kandy Hicks Hamlin Spaulding 135th Lincoln Lane Block Club Leotha Murphy Kostner Pulaski Block Club Ms. Hudson & Gregory Jackson Mid Town Block Club

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“Wishing the Village of Robbins the greatest year (2020) as we ride the waves of positive change, creativity, boldness, transparency, hope, faith and love. As always we will be defined by forward motion.“


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Village of Robbins Newsletter - 2019 Quarter 4  

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Village of Robbins Newsletter - 2019 Quarter 4  

Visit Get2KnowRobbins.org for more info.