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Athe cooler waters of great depths, deep-water grouper are some of the better tasting sh in the ocean. of deep-water grouper we target o coast of the Florida Keys are snowy grouper and yellowedge grouper. ey are found in depths of 400 to 1,000 feet.

Yellowedge are open year-round, and they can be a little di cult to nd. ey congregate in localized areas in depths between 600 and 800 feet. You might nd snowies and tile sh where you nd yellowedges, but this is not true the other way around. When you nd an area with yellowedge grouper, mark it, save it, and do not over sh it. Keep your harvest light, and this honey-hole will produce for you again in the future.

When making a deep-dropping rig, use larger hooks on the top and bottom of a ve-hook rig. Mustad 11/0 circle hooks provide excellent hookup ratios for this kind of shing. A x larger baits on these hooks, with the bottom intended for yellowedge, and the top intended for snowy grouper. Pepper in smaller ones in the middle for tile sh.

e nice part about dropping ve hooks is you can play with a variety and see what works. e best

to do what it is made to do.

Bait selection can vary greatly, so use anything and everything. I use chunks of fresh sh, with skin that will stay on the hook longer, for my top and bottom hooks, and squid in the middle. At least one hook should have some greasy, oily, stinky squid for deep dropping.

When it comes to catching deep-water species such as grouper, tile sh, barrel sh and rosies, you don’t need to break the bank to get a reliable electric set-up. e lower priced reels can handle these and can be paired with a rod and stacked with line on a budget of $1,000 to $2,000. I don’t recommend buying these used, as everything electronic on the water has a shelf life, and you never know how they were cared for previously.

With mahi-mahi still prevalent in o shore waters, and with snowy grouper still in season, the timing is perfect to hunt yellowedge grouper. If you aren’t interested in the trial and error of searching the depths of the vast ocean by yourself, Sweet

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Capt. Quinlyn Haddon and Sweet E’nuf Charters at (504) 920-6342, and on social @captainquinlyn.
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BILL DANCE SIGNATURE LAKES to Solidify Tennessee as the Heart of Fishing in the Southeast

Bill Dance Signature Lakes will connect the world’s most-loved angler with some of Tennessee’s most excellent natural resources – its lakes. is program is intended to make Tennessee a best-in-class destination for anglers worldwide.

With the new initiative’s goal to improve and enhance Tennessee lakes, increase visitation and honor Dance’s legacy, Tennessee will invest $15 million in improvements above and below the water at 18 lakes that bear shing legend Dance’s stamp of approval. Tennesseans will bene t from increased stocking, habitat and sheries management and improved access for shing and boating. e collaborative e ort between Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee Department of Tourist Development seeks to solidify Tennessee as the heart of shing in the southeast and drive economic activity across the state.

“I’m unbelievably humbled and excited to be involved in such a helpful project that will bene t so many people and our natural resources in my great home state of Tennessee,” said Bill Dance. “You can bet your favorite lure this project will have a ripple e ect for a mighty long time, not only giving the weekend sherman but tournament anglers a wonderful shery as well, thanks to the great state of Tennessee and my friends at TWRA.”

Bill Dance Signature Lakes touches 39 counties, including 22 at-risk or economically distressed counties, and is an essential step in helping those communities create new revenue streams through increased visitation. Fishing generates $1.2 billion in economic impact annually and supports 7,480 jobs across the state.

Bill Dance Signature Lakes includes nine large reservoirs with a proven track record for quality shing for a variety of sh. In partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, reservoirs will receive new or upgraded best-inclass ramps to improve public access for both recreational and tournament anglers. Each of the 18 lakes will see such above-water upgrades as courtesy docks, ample parking, additional access points, shing piers and signage, to name a few. Several smaller lakes, many which are located within Tennessee State Parks, will be managed intensively by TWRA for Bill Dance approved family shing with regular stocking to ensure the best chance for success.

Projects are slated to begin in 2022 and near completion by the fall of 2024. For more information, see

8 NATIONAL AUGUST 2023 COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM Fishflagstellthestory! Catch all 4 Hanap‘a “slippahs” from Scott Hawaii FAMILY RUN IN HAWAII FOR 90 YEARS
Hanapa‘a - Mahi Hanapa‘a
- Ono
Hanapa‘a - Ahi
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Hanapa‘a - Marlin
Sun Dot

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When the low for the month is 82 degrees and the highs average 100, we have to make some modi cations to our lifestyles… and so do the sh. Let’s cover a few opportunities to take advantage of as we try to entice a bite this summer.

In the past I have written about some night shing techniques, but I realize that is not for everyone. However, optimizing your time on the water when the temperatures are at their coolest is imperative.

Water and air temps should be at their coolest just before dawn, and that is prime time to be chunking and winding. I like to be casting at least 30 minutes before the rising sun. I recommend locating an area that will have ample tidal ow. is obviously encourages the sh to feed, and it also helps keep the temperature lower. Pair the moving tide with some structure like shells or deeper water adjacent to a shallow at, and you should be in business. e area obviously needs to be holding bait, also.

Topwater lures are always fun and a popular

choice before and at sunrise in August. Once that bite slows, it’s time to bounce the bottom with some plastics. I try to not specify jighead weight if I am not covering a speci c location because it depends on tide, depth and a score of other variables. I would position myself to cast toward the shallows and bring my lure down the drop o . is is a good method to locate sh and cover di erent depths. Fish could be shallow early and fall o the edge as the sun rises. I also like to vary my retrieve speed, and don’t be afraid to work your lure very slowly ticking the bottom structure. Fish in warm water can become lethargic just as they do in cold water. Another time to hit the water is a er a summer rain. Take advantage of these showers, which cool

the water temps. ese periods can be short-lived depending on the extent and duration of the rain event. Heavy lighting tends to slow the bite a er the storm moves on, so I am not a big fan of shing a er a lightning storm.

I hope these tips can help you catch a few more sh this summer and stay out of the heat. Another bene t of shing early and heading home is you have the rest of the day to do other things. Wear your sun block, stay hydrated, and have a fun summer on the water!

Capt. Michael Okruhlik is the inventor of Knockin Tail Lures®, and the owner of


August is a pre-transition month, when we’re at the end of summer, and just before the true transition months of September and October. e shing can be hot as a recracker if you pay attention to the bait. is is a pre-staging month for the bait and the bottom sh, as well. Huge schools of cigar minnows and sardines will start their annual migration toward inshore waters for spawning, waiting for the fall and winter.

When o shore bottom shing, I’m looking for large stacks of beeliners as well as cigs and sardines. is is where you nd the sh. Period. Many years ago when I was commercial shing, we would stay for days at a time looking for grouper and snapper. We concentrated on the bait as much as the structure. If you found these two together (bait on a ledge), so much the better, but we o en found sh on slick, at, sand bottom on stacks of bait. We’d anchor on these big stacks of bait and go to work. If the bait school moved, so did the sh… and so did we! We’d y the anchor and move around until we found them again. It was just like magic, with instant bites on the bottom. is is the reason I keep saying, nd the bait, nd the sh. It doesn’t matter where these big stacks of bait go, the sh will follow.

With late summer water temperatures, pelagics like the tunas, wahoo and dolphin are scattered all over the nearshore waters due to the hot water. e water temperatures on the beach will be close to the water temps in the Gulf Stream by now, and the sh will follow bait wherever it goes. In August and September, some unsuspecting king mackerel sherman always catches a stud wahoo trolling live bait on some nearshore stack of bait. I remember wrestling a yellow n for more than an hour on lightweight king mackerel tackle just 10 miles o the

beach. We were bottom shing and had a live cigar minnow out on the light line. Eventually, I lost the ght due to a swivel that couldn’t take it anymore. Ha! Neither could I.

Keep a good eye on the recorder and any surface activity around structure. You know the areas that hold the big schools of cigs and sardines. Keep going back to these places now and into September. is is where you’ll nd what you’re looking for.

I’ve always been a bait freak. Now that I’ve seen more than just a few cycles of what happens through the seasons, I’m better able to see the big picture. Bait moves around for speci c reasons during di erent seasons. Whatever you are shing for requires food to keep them in a place. So… nd the bait, nd the sh.

For more from Capt. Tim Barefoot, check out

A nice scamp caught o a big stack of beeliners.
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In late summer, the humidity is crazy and the heat wants to take you down. e shing can slow down during this time; however, chilling in the sun is a lifestyle for some sh species.

e tripletail is one of the strangest sh in the ocean. Tripletail are usually dark brown with some lighter shades mixed around, and they can sometimes be yellow, depending on their area. ese sh don’t have a typical body structure. Instead, they have a at almond-shaped body and get their name from the appearance of having three tails, which is an adaptation of enlarged lobes on the posterior ns. ey usually don’t grow any larger than 15 pounds and typically range from 20-30 inches. For their size, they put up a heck of a ght.

Many tagging studies have been done on these sh to track their migrations. However, science has yet to gure it all out. e idea is they move north to south, then back up the coast going no further than Georgia. In the Gulf, they make it as far as Texas. e timing of their movements appears to be random, but it probably depends on currents, since they don’t free swim much.

Sometime during the summer months, tripletail will oat o shore to breed. Like most,

they broadcast spawn, with females producing anywhere from 4 to 8 million eggs. ey can spawn every three to ve days.

When these sh aren’t o shore spawning, they typically hang near lots of structure. You might spot them oating near crab buoys, mangroves, oating leaves and poles in the water. Tripletail are known for mimicking and blending in with their surroundings. is makes it especially di cult while shing to spot these creatures. However, it gives them amazing bene t, since their prey is also hiding in these places. Tripletail usually prey on shrimp, sh and small crabs.

ere are many di erent ways to target tripletail. Since they aren’t big swimmers, you’ll normally nd them oating around with seaweed or next to buoys. You can pitch baits, like live shrimp, to target them. Usually, you’ll want to use a small live bait hook without a weight to get a natural dri in front of them. If live bait isn’t your style, you can also use small jigs or swimbaits to grab their attention. Another great way is y shing. Here, you’ll want a y that mimics a small shrimp or bait sh. When targeting them, make sure to nd which end is their face. en try to dri your o ering in front of their nose.

e current IGFA all-tackle world record is

42 pounds. It was caught in South Africa in 1989.

Emily Rose Hanzlik holds 62 IGFA world records in various categories. She hails from West Palm Beach, where she has a part time Bow n Guide Service as well as shing classes for Jr. Anglers. Find her on social media @emilyhanzlikoutdoors.


Let’s grow with Florida together.



It is now August and it is legal to harvest Florida spiny lobster. While most people can’t wait to sink their teeth into the lobster. I can’t wait to put two 16/0 hooks into them and try to catch the strongest pound for pound sh in ocean, the cubera snapper! Anybody who has shed mangrove snapper knows that 2-3 lb. mangrove ghts like hell, so just imagine ghting a 40 to 80 pound mangrove snapper. is type of shing for me takes 2 nights. e rst night we go and catch the lobster. We normally bring 24 to 30 lobsters for this trip depending on how many anglers we have. e reason for bringing so many is that the sharks also love eating our lobsters while we are shing for cubera. OK so now we have our bait, It’s time to get our tackle ready. We only use 80 size reels, our choice is the Shimano Talica 80 spooled up with 80 pound braid. We use these giant reels, so we have enough power and speed to get them up as soon as possible before they get sharked. e size of the sinker depends on the current. e rig is 15-20 of 200 lb. mono leader with a crimped stinger rig of two 16/0 hooks. e lead is a 32 ounce bank sinker attached to the rig with a rubber band at the top of the leader where it meets the main line.

To rig the lobster, push the rst hook on the stinger rig through the bottom of the tail so that it protrudes out the top of the tail shell. en secure the second hook on the back part of the antenna with a zip tie. We drop the bait all the way to the bottom and then raise it 20-30 o the oor. When you get hit it will feel like you hooked a freight train. You have got about 20 seconds to turn him before he gets into the wreck and breaks you o . Once you get him up to the boat cross your ngers, usually the sharks are brutal. When you see the sinker, secure it and the leader. You will have to hand line the sh the rest of the way up as the large crimps won’t t through the eyes of the rod. Have the ga ready.

Cubera can be targeted inshore too, although the sh are typically smaller, usually from 8 to 12 lbs. you will nd them on rocks and jetties and heavy structure. We normally sh for them on an incoming tide and mostly with pin sh and crabs.

If anyone would like to target these monster sh, contact my good friend Mike Milz at M&M Charters at (786) 525-9269 or on Instagram @captmikemilz


Captain Jax Bait and Tackle 490c E 4th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33010 @captainjaxmiami


Iknow fellow anglers, the sun and Miami heat has been a brutal force to deal with. With that being said, nding shady areas to sh is key this month. I truly believe this will result in more quality bigger sh being landed. Fish, like us, enjoy the sun to some extent but when given a choice o en seek the refuge of a shady spot to spend most of their day. Since shade is limited, the bigger more dominant sh are the ones that get the best spots. I o en nd larger peacock bass and other exotic species under bridges, overhanging trees, and in cooler temperature deeper waters. To locate deeper spots, use your boat’s depth nder or look for evidence of a fallen trees. Some of our biggest sh have come from shing these deeper spots. If shing with live bait, it’s ideal to use a small split shot about 6 inches from your hook. is will result in your bait sinking faster to reach the bigger predators. e bite in August will continue to be solid if you focus your e orts in the early part of the morning or late in the a ernoon when the sun is already past its highest point. 70% of our catch this month will likely be peacock bass and the other 30% will be a mixed bag of tarpon, largemouth bass, snook, jaguars and mayan cichlids.

e rain in August keeps the water levels up allowing anglers to target small ponds and lakes via shore shing, producing nice examples of all these species on the edge of the drop in about 10-15 feet of water. You want to sh a little bit slower with a suspending lure or a weighted so plastic that will drop slowly. e trick is to work the bait for a couple cranks, then pause allowing the sh enough time to either hit it or start trailing your bait. Once you begin to work the bait again towards the shore is most likely when you will get the strike!

Featured Tool: Keeping a pair of long pliers helps save a ton of sh when they swallow the hook/lure too deep. e trick is the clamp onto the middle of the hooks sha and with one swi movement go in and out, if done correctly you will recover your hook and the sh will be saved. is helps reduce stress on the sh and get them back in the water quickly saving countless sh we have landed over the years. If you see the sh took the hook all the way to the belly, than it’s best to just cut the line at the leader close to the shes mouth since trying to recover your hook will most likely kill them, don’t worry about leaving the hook in the throat / belly since they will eventually rust out and sh can still feed with a hook back there believe it or not. Its honestly one of the best tools we won’t leave home without. You can buy a pair of these pliers for only a couple dollars at your local shing tackle supply store or online. Remember we all need to do our part to ensure quality shing in Miami for our future generations to enjoy for years to come.

Captains Mike & Tony Tojdowski

Urban Legends Fishing Charters

Call/Text 305-998-3375

Facebook / Instagram @Urbanlegends shing or check out our website

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The FishermanTraveling

Hot! Hot! Hot!

at’s how the song starts. August starts and ends that way too. at said, I suggest you start early and quit early, or sh nights. Let’s start early and have a couple planers baited with lures over ballyhoo and a couple lures over strips on the riggers before daylight. Trolling these rigs at 7-8 knots are prime for a wahoo lunch or dinner. If you can’t handle that early morning thing then play the same game from sundown till full dark.

If bait is too much work, then replace the baits with diving plugs at 10 knots or high-speed lures at 15 knots.

Last summer we made two-night trips for sword sh o Miami Beach. We shed from 8:30 PM till 2:30 AM each night using rigged squids on 3 lines. Our total catch was a big night shark, 10 pound black n tuna and a 120 pound sword sh shing under a star lled sky with comfortable temperatures and calm waters.

If snappers are your game, then the darker the night, the better the shing. Mutton snapper are frequently very active in the late a ernoon. Yellowtail don’t mind the sunlight but are careless in the dark and gray snappers prefer midnight or close to it. en of course the biggest of all snapper, the cubera, can be active from before dark to the wee hours of the morning.

Inshore, snook and cubera are around the inlets day and night, but give me a low outgoing tide in the late a ernoon for the best action. Remember these snook are in a spawning phase, so keep them in the water while removing your circle hook with bait or your barbless hooks on lures.

Did you know bone sh tail at night? ey even eat ies in the dark. It’s mostly a wading game and working toward city lights. e lights help you spot the tails dancing in the backlight. e big tarpon have mostly moved north for the summer, but the juvenile tarpon will be ghting over a space in the dock light and HydroGlow lights with the snook and moon sh. All these sh like real small ies.

What would August be without lobsters? Boat very carefully in waters appropriate for lobster divers day or night. If you don’t dive and have a shallow dra boat, then ask Capt Harry Vernon how to bully net lobsters. Hang that HydroGlow light o the bow, get in shallow and grab that bully net. I almost forgot to tell you about my most recent shing trip.

I met up with California twin brothers Cal and Conrad at Indian Pass below Apalachicola to try for tarpon. We ran 20 miles NW along the coast and back along the beach without seeing a sh. Back within a half mile of the ramp the pass was full of tarpon. Every dri with live pin sh produced red sh from 15 to over 20 pounds. I kept trying lures to no avail. 7 or 8 big reds, a couple small sharks and cat sh later. With a lunar minor period upon us, I decided to try a pin sh.

I rigged my rod and requested a pin sh passed up from the livewell. e report was that we were about out of bait and a beat up, red nned pin sh was past to me. I hooked it up through the lips and cast it out.

In just a minute or two I got a pickup. A quick drop back and I locked up my Penn low pro le Fathom bait caster.

A huge tarpon ripped across the surface peeling out drag. e guys cleared their lines, red up the boat and gave chase. A er ten minutes I passed my rod o to Conrad. ese guys were dying to ght a tarpon, not watch. Nearly 3 hours later when Conrad grabbed the leader and popped o that tarpon both 67 year old twins had all the tarpon ght they wanted for that day.




August is snapper month aboard the “GO HARD.“ Mutton snapper have been lling my anglers‘ dinner plates throughout July. Yellowtail snapper, fat mangroves and muttons will be chewing in August. Yellowtail snapper like tiny pilchards shed on appropriately sized jig heads with 15 lb. uorocarbon leader. Anchor in 25-60 feet of water and sh heavy chum. Drop the baited jig head back in the chum and free line it until your line speeds up fast. Close the bail and you’re on! Nighttime will be best. Speaking of nocturnalnasties, cubera and mangroves will be snapping LATE at night, a er 11 or midnight is usually best. Anchor on shallow reefs and sh half a fresh pilchard on a knocker rig for the mangroves. Anchor in 40-60 feet of water for the mangroves. Fish a healthy sized slab of bonita on the bottom for the cubera and big muttons. Fish 60-80 lb. uorocarbon and a long leader bottom rig for the mutts and cubera. Focus on natural bottom. e natural reefy bottom down o the ragged keys can be extremely productive for all these species.

Good luck and GO HARD.

305.775.5197 @abie_raymond www.gohard


As we get deeper into August and deeper into summer our air temperature is usually unbearable on most days and our water temperature is very hot too. In August, I still nd myself juggling trips between shing Flamingo for snook, red sh and tripletail mostly as well as out of Miami, shing on the reef for snapper and o shore for mahi.

In Flamingo, I like to concentrate my time shing around the beaches looking for snook and reds cruising the surf to sight sh with jerk baits or swim baits. I will also have my clients blind cast just in case there’s a sh sitting on the troughs were they’re not visible.

Just o the beach during this time you can nd tripletail free oating and dri ing around with the wind and current. Once you spot these sh, a small swim bait, arti cial imitation shrimp or live shrimp placed near them will do the trick.

On the reef we are anchoring up on a section of a reef, chumming and letting the yellowtail snapper come up to the chum and get comfortable before we start catching them. Once they are ready, silversides, ballyhoo strips or squid chunks will work great.

On our mahi trips we are mostly running and gunning looking for seaweed patches, birds and debris. Once we nd our object that is holding our sh, my anglers will pitch out a live pilchard that will more than likely never get turned down by a dolphin!


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El Pargo Cubera

Ya estamos en agosto y es legal capturar langostas en Florida. Mientras que la mayoría de la gente no puede esperar para hincar el diente a estas langostas, yo estoy impaciente por clavarles dos anzuelos del 16/0 e intentar pescar el pez más fuerte del océano ¡el pargo cubera! Cualquiera que haya pescado pargo de manglar sabe que un pargo de 2 a 3 libras lucha como un demonio, así que imagínate luchar contra uno de 40 a 80 libras. Este tipo de pesca para mi toma 2 noches. La primera noche vamos a pescar la langosta y, normalmente, llevamos de 24 a 30 langostas para este viaje, dependiendo del número de pescadores que tengamos. La razón de llevar tantas es que a los tiburones también les encanta comerse nuestras langostas mientras pescamos la cubera. Bien, ahora que tenemos nuestro cebo, es el momento de tener el equipo listo; solo usamos carretes de tamaño 80, nuestra elección es el Shimano Talica 80 con 80 libras de trenza. Usamos estos carretes gigantes, para tener su ciente potencia y velocidad con el n de subirlos lo antes posible y que no sean tiburoneados.

El tamaño del plomo depende de la corriente y el montaje es de 15-20 pies de 200 lb líder mono, con un montaje de aguijón engarzado de dos anzuelos 16/0. El plomo es una plomada de banco de 32 unida al aparejo con una goma elástica en la parte superior del bajo de línea, donde se une a la línea principal.

Para montar la langosta, empuje el primer anzuelo del aparejo de aguijón a través de la parte inferior de la cola, de modo que sobresalga por la parte superior del caparazón de la cola. A continuación, asegure el segundo gancho en la parte posterior de la antena con una brida de cremallera. Dejamos caer el cebo hasta el fondo y luego lo levantamos 20-30 pies del suelo. Cuando golpee se sentirá como si hubiera enganchado un tren de carga y se tienen unos 20 segundos para girarlo antes de que entre en el naufragio y rompa. Una vez que lo suba al barco cruce los dedos, pues normalmente los tiburones son brutales.

Cuando vea la plomada, asegurela junto con el bajo de línea. El resto del trayecto tendrás que atarlo a mano, ya que los engarces grandes no caben por los ojos de la caña. Tenga preparado el gar o.

La cubera también se puede pescar en la costa, aunque los peces suelen ser más pequeños, de entre 3 y 4 kg; las encontrará en rocas, espigones y estructuras pesadas. Normalmente las pescamos cuando sube la marea y sobre todo con pin sh y cangrejos.

Si alguien quiere pescar estos peces monstruosos, póngase en contacto con mi buen amigo Mike Milz de M&M Charters en el (786) 525-9269 o en Instagram @captmikemilz.

La sombra es la clave

Sé que para los pescadores, el sol y el calor de Miami han sido una fuerza brutal para hacer frente; por ello, la búsqueda de zonas de sombra para pescar es clave este mes. Realmente creo que esto se traducirá en una mayor calidad de los peces más grandes que se atrapen. Los peces, al igual que nosotros, disfrutan del sol hasta cierto punto, pero cuando pueden elegir, a menudo buscan el refugio de la sombra para pasar la mayor parte del día. Como la sombra es limitada, los peces más grandes y dominantes son los que consiguen los mejores lugares. A menudo encuentro pavón y otras especies exóticas bajo puentes, árboles colgantes y en aguas más profundas de temperatura más fría con estructura. Algunos de nuestros peces más grandes han venido de la pesca de estos lugares. Para localizar lugares más profundos, utilice el localizador de profundidad de su embarcación o busque indicios de árboles caídos. Si pesca con cebo vivo, lo ideal es utilizar un pequeño señuelo a unos 15 cm del anzuelo. Esto hará que el cebo se hunda más rápido para llegar a los depredadores más grandes. La picada en agosto seguirá siendo sólida si centra sus esfuerzos en las primeras horas de la mañana o al nal de la tarde, cuando el sol ya ha pasado su punto más alto. El 70% de nuestras capturas este mes serán probablemente pavones y el otro 30% será una mezcla de sábalos, róbalos de boca grande, róbalos comunes, jaguares y cíclidos mayas.

La lluvia en agosto mantiene los niveles de agua, permitiendo a los pescadores apuntar a pequeños estanques y lagos a través de la pesca de orilla, produciendo buenos ejemplos de todas estas especies en el borde de la caída en unos 10-15 pies de agua. Lo mejor es pescar un poco más despacio con un señuelo de suspensión o un plástico blando lastrado que caiga lentamente. El truco consiste en mover el cebo un par de veces y luego hacer una pausa para dar tiempo a que el pez lo golpee o empiece a arrastrarlo. Una vez que empieces a mover el cebo de nuevo hacia la orilla, es muy probable que consigas la picada.

Herramienta destacada del mes: Mantener un par de pinzas largas ayuda a salvar un montón de peces cuando se tragan el anzuelo demasiado profundo. El truco es la pinza en el centro del eje de los ganchos para con un movimiento rápido ir dentro y fuera; si se hace correctamente se recuperará su gancho y el pescado se salvará. Esto ayuda a reducir el estrés en los peces y conseguir que vuelvan al agua rápidamente, salvando innumerables peces que hemos desembarcado a lo largo de los años.

Si ve que el pez ha clavado el anzuelo hasta el vientre, lo mejor es cortar la línea en el anzuelo cerca de la boca del pez, ya que intentar recuperar el anzuelo probablemente lo matará. No se preocupe por dejar el anzuelo en la garganta o vientre, ya que con el tiempo se oxidarán y, lo crea o no, los peces todavía pueden alimentarse con un anzuelo allí.

Honestamente es una de las mejores herramientas, sin la cual no salimos de casa. Usted puede comprar uno de estos alicates por sólo un par de dólares en su tienda local de artículos de pesca o en línea. Recuerde que todos tenemos que hacer nuestra parte para garantizar la calidad de la pesca en Miami, con el objetivo de que nuestras generaciones futuras puedan disfrutar en los años venideros.

Capitáns Mike & Tony Tojdowski

Llamada / Texto: 305-998-3375

Síguenos en Urban Legends Fishing Charter Facebook / Instagram @Urbanlegends shing

Jax Bait and
490c E 4th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33010 786.300.5362
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Agosto: mes del pargo

Agosto es el mes del pargo a bordo del “GO HARD”. Este pez ha llenado los platos de mis pescadores durante todo el mes de julio y se extender%C3%A1 durante este nuevo mes tambi%C3%A9n. El pargo de cola amarilla, las mangostas gordas y los chuchos se masticar%C3%A1n en agosto. Al pargo de cola amarilla le gustan las sardinetas peque%C3%B1as pescadas en cabezas de jig (del tama%C3%B1o adecuado), con un bajo de l%C3%ADnea de uorocarbono de 15 lb. El objetivo es ir a una profundidad de 25-60 pies y pescar con carnada pesada; suelte el jig en el cebo y mant%C3%A9ngase en movimiento libre hasta que la l%C3%ADnea se acelere r%C3%A1pidamente. Cuando esto suceda cierre el cierre y %C2%A1listo! Lo mejor es pescar de noche pues los nasties, cuberas y manglares estar%C3%A1n picando TARDE por la noche, despu%C3%A9s de las 11 o la medianoche. La clave est%C3%A1 en fondear en arrecifes poco profundos y pescar media sardina fresca en un aparejo de knocker para los manglares; despu%C3%A9s, ancle en 40-60 pies de agua. Atrape un buen trozo de at%C3%BAn blanco en el fondo para la cubera y los grandes pargos. Finalmente, pesque con uorocarbono de 60-80 lb. y un aparejo de fondo con palangre largo. C%C3%A9ntrese en el fondo natural de los arrecifes, ya que puede ser muy productivo para todas estas especies. %C2%A1Buena suerte y a por todas!





será tan maravilloso que le permitirá crear recuerdos que durarán por años.
SZ Q2 HLF FN HALF PG CSTL ANGLR 3-11-22.indd 1 3/11/2022 12:54:30 PM
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Amedida que nos adentramos en agosto y en el verano la temperatura del aire suele ser insoportable en la mayoría de los días, lo que se traduce también a una temperatura del agua muy caliente. En agosto, todavía me encuentro haciendo malabares entre los viajes de pesca en Flamingo para el róbalo, gallineta nórdica y trucha (en su mayoría), así como fuera de Miami para la pesca de pargo en el arrecife y en alta mar para el mahi.

En Flamingo me gusta concentrar mi tiempo de pesca alrededor de las playas en busca de róbalo y gallineta nórdica. Navego por las olas para buscar cebos y también hago que mis clientes lancen a ciegas, por si acaso hay algún pez posado en los canales donde no son visibles.

Justo al lado de la playa, durante esta época, se pueden encontrar tricolores otando libremente y a la deriva con el viento y la corriente. Una vez que localice estos peces, un pequeño cebo nadador, un camarón arti cial de imitación o un camarón vivo colocado cerca de ellos hará el truco.

En el arrecife, anclamos en una sección, cebamos y dejamos que los pargos se acerquen al cebo y se sientan cómodos antes de empezar a capturarlos. Una vez que están listos, los pejerreyes, las tiras de ballyhoo o los trozos de calamar funcionan muy bien.

En nuestras salidas para pescar mahi, la mayoría de las veces buscamos algas, pájaros y restos. Una vez que encontramos el objeto que retiene la atención de los peces, mis pescadores lanzan una sardina viva que, con toda probabilidad, nunca será rechazada por un delfín.

@hooked_on_ amingo_charters

Hooked On Flamingo Charters


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Anglers, your help is needed: Florida’s waters are in serious trouble.

Even a partial list of facts demonstrates the broad failure of Florida’s environmental regulatory system to protect our waters.

• Red tides have increased dramatically in frequency, duration and intensity.

• South Florida is bracing for yet another summer of massive blue-green algae blooms.

• Nearly a million acres of estuaries and 9,000 miles of rivers and streams are contaminated with fecal bacteria.

• Seagrass beds are on the brink of a death spiral.

• Eighty percent of our 1,000 springs are polluted.

• No state has lost more acres of wetlands.

• No state has more acres of polluted lake water. When it comes to our polluted waters, the buck stops with the state. Florida waters su er because our state government permits pollution and environmental degradation through its actions and inactions.

e primary problem is special interests, such as big agriculture, big development and big mining, which wield undue in uence over legislators and thus environmental policy. It’s pro t over public interest.

In 2020, looking to clean up their polluted waterways themselves, an astounding 89 percent of Orange County voters approved a Right to Clean Water/Rights of Nature charter amendment.

e state legislature swi ly took that right away by preempting the authority of local governments statewide from passing such laws. If you want proof that a rights-based approach to protecting our waters would be e ective, it’s right there.

at preemption le Floridians with only one viable course of action: amend our state constitution to give all Floridians a fundamental right to clean and healthy waters, a right beyond the reach of legislators. e amendment is indefeasible and self-executing; it can’t be annulled or compromised by the legislature.

is fundamental right would be on par with other fundamental rights such as the right to free speech and the right to bear arms.

Given how critical clean water is to Floridians, we merit this right. We need this right. With it enshrined in our constitution, we can hold state government accountable when it permits pollution and degradation of our waters and aquatic ecosystems.

To get on the 2024 ballot, 891,589 signed and approved petitions are needed by Nov. 30, 2023.

Go to to read the full text of the amendment. Browse the FAQs. Note the growing list of over 150 organizations and businesses supporting this amendment.


Learn that this right doesn’t mean your neighbor can sue you for fertilizing your lawn, or that there will be a proliferation of lawsuits. It means our government must provide real remedies for polluted waterways. en, if you are a registered Florida voter, print out, sign, and mail the petition. Get family and friends to do the same.

Florida waters depend upon it, and we all depend upon clean water.

Visit for more ways you can help make a di erence.

Ballot Title:

Ballot Summary:

Amendment Information

Right to Clean and Healthy Waters

This amendment creates a fundamental right to clean and healthy waters. The amendment may be used to sue State executive agencies for harm or threatened harm to Florida’s waters, which include aquatic ecosystems. This amendment defines terms, identifies affected constitutional provisions in Article IV governing the executive branch, provides for civil action enforcement, allows attorney’s and expert witness fees to prevailing plaintiffs, and provides equitable remedies including restoration of waters.

See separate document for the full text of the proposed constitutional amendment.

04/22/2022 2202 Date Approved Serial Number

Sponsor's Information (Return all completed petition forms to the address below.) Name: Address:

13300 South Cleveland Avenue Suite 56 Fort Myers, FL 33907

Voter's Information

I am a registered voter of Florida and hereby petition the Secretary of State to place the above proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution on the ballot in the general election.


Update my voter registration record to this address. (check box)

Petition Circulator's Information

This Petition form is only to be collected by a volunteer or directly by the voter him or herself.

A paid petition circulator must use the DS-DE 155B version of the form. Forms for paid petition circulators can be obtained from the Division's Paid Petition Circulator website. Visit for more information.


• This form becomes a public record once filed with the Supervisor of Elections.

• It is a first degree misdemeanor to knowingly sign the same petition more than once. [§104.185, F.S.]

• An improperly completed form will not be validated.

DS-DE 155A (10-2021) R1S-2.009, Fla. Admin. Code

Date of Birth M M / D D / Y Y Y Y Signature Date Signed M M / D D / Y Y Y Y or
Name - Last First Middle
Zip County
Registration No.
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Have you ever heard the saying, “going catching, not shing?”

Well, there’s a technique that will help you do just that. More than any other bait I can think of, a wacky rig gets bit at any time, under any conditions. If you haven’t heard of a wacky rig, it’s simply a Senko-style bait with a hook through the very center of the worm.

ere are a few reasons this bait outperforms many others when it comes to getting bites. First o , it is versatile when it comes to areas where you can throw it. I wacky rig with a weedless hook, which allows me to pretty much put this bait anywhere. Hayabusa makes an awesome hook called the Wacky Fluoro Guard that is completely weedless and helps you sh through cover. What kind of cover? e options are endless. Docks, grass, wood and rocks are some of the places I’ll throw a wacky rig.

I use a spinning rod with a wacky rig, which allows easier casts, especially when skipping the bait under cover most people can’t reach. A wacky rig skips extremely well, and this lets you reach sh that might never have seen a bait before. e natural falling shimmy action of the Senko drives sh absolutely crazy. It will catch bass when nothing else seems to be working.

For colors, I like green pumpkin or some type of brown when the water is clear. If there’s some stain to the water, I use a darker color like junebug or redbug to help it stand out. In muddy water, the silhouette of a darker bait is what the bass pick up on.

Typically, the slower you sh a wacky rig, the better. I throw it or skip it under and around cover and then let it sink for a few seconds. A lot of times, bass will eat it on the initial fall. If not, I give it a few small twitches or a pull of the rod to cover some area. Repeat this process a few times until your bait leaves the strike zone. If there is a sh around, it will bite.

Wacky Rig Gear

A spinning rod is ideal for this technique. I like a shorter rod for more accurate casts and skips. e 13 Fishing Defy 7’1” medium is an awesome rod for a wacky rig, and it’s super a ordable. Pair it with your favorite 2000 or 3000 size reel, and spool up with 10-pound Seaguar Smackdown braid. I use a uorocarbon leader to help keep the line visibility down. A 10- to 15-pound leader works, depending on the type of cover I am targeting. Seaguar Abrazx is an awesome uorocarbon line that I use for most of my spinning rod leaders.

Tyler Woolcott is a professional tournament angler and guide. Check out his website at www.tylerwoolcott

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Surf Expo, the premier watersports and coastal lifestyle tradeshow, enhances the buying experience for both watersports and out tter retailers with the debut of its new Shoreline o ering during the Sept. 7-9, 2023 edition.

Shoreline at Surf Expo will feature products dedicated to technical apparel, equipment and gear any enthusiast needs to transition from a day on the water to stretching out on land.

“From the trails to the lakes and beyond, Shoreline at Surf Expo supports the natural evolution of the waterman’s lifestyle with gear, apparel and accessories that will take consumers from coastal shoreline activities into camping, hiking, climbing and other recreational activities found along rivers and lakes,” said Roy Turner, Emerald SVP and Surf Expo Show Director.

Shoreline is positioned to become the hub for industry-leading retailers and brands focusing on shing, boating, wakeboarding, technical apparel, outerwear, camping, watersports hardgoods as well as essential gear and accessories.

e newest oor category complements Surf Expo’s extensive product o erings—Surf, Skate, Paddle and Bluewater—by targeting the business associated with outdoor amenities and recreation found in lake towns across the country.

Eric Marvin, founder of Elakai Outdoor, is exhibiting outdoor games within the new Shoreline category. Some games include cornhole, bocce ball, croquet and more. While this is Marvin’s rst year participating at Surf Expo, he knows it will be the right t for his business.

“Our products can be used on the beach, by the lake or near the ocean. Exhibiting at Surf Expo is a natural t for who we are as a business and what the Shoreline category is all about,” said Marvin.

Shoreline will also create a seamless connection with Surf Expo’s Bluewater category, which showcases notable inshore and o shore apparel and accessory products ranging from lifestyle and technical apparel to footwear, outerwear, sportswear, T-shirts, sunglasses and much more.

“Blending the inshore and o shore worlds under Surf Expo’s one roof exposes buyers and sellers to this growing crossover market within the coastal lifestyle industry,” added Turner.


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Summer-Long Fishing Competition Engages Youth Anglers

CCA Florida’s summer-long STAR shing competition o ers anglers a shot at more than $500,000 in prizes, with $100,000 in youth scholarships and invites anglers of all ages and skill levels to walk away with prizes from new boats to scholarships and more.

“Since we launched STAR in Florida, we’ve seen anglers catch more, release more, support the recovery of our state’s marine resources and walk away with new boats, scholarships and amazing new gear at the same time,” said STAR Director Leiza Fitzgerald. “Since the start of the competition, we’ve awarded anglers with over $2 million in prizes, including $800,000 in scholarships and two new ski s to youth anglers across the state.”

e 2023 STAR competition ends Sept. 4 and includes 15 divisions targeting 12 species both inshore and o shore. Awesome boat, motor, trailer packages and cash prizes and more will be awarded for di erent divisions.

STAR and its scholarship partners also provide tremendous incentives to engage youth in shing and conservation. For only a $10 New Tide Membership, youth ages 6 to 17 can enjoy free registration in STAR and participate to win boats, scholarships, other great prizes and earn community service hours.

At the conclusion of the competition, scholarship winners will be determined by a random drawing of all eligible photo entries.

Registered youth anglers may submit one photo a day of their sh on the 2023 STAR O cial STAR measuring device of the following species: lady sh, jack crevalle, sheepshead, snapper, snook, spotted seatrout, red sh, tarpon, grouper, dolphin or king sh.

e STAR Youth Scholarship Division presented by Realtree Fishing, o ers $100,000 in scholarships: two $25,000 scholarships presented by Realtree Fishing and e Slade Kerr Family and 10

$5,000 scholarships. is year Academy Sports + Outdoors, Florida Cracker Tournaments, e Plantation Inn Red sh Classic, Sodium Fishing Gear and Millers Boating Center join Coastal Conservation Association Florida, Southeast Environmental Solutions, Florida Sports Coast, Florida Sport shing Association, Phillips & Jordan and Tailin Toads Apparel as partners in presenting the $5,000 scholarships for 2023.

e Tagged Red sh Division Youth Prizes include two ski s, complete with Minn Kota trolling motors and Humminbird electronics and powered with Yamaha Outboards sitting on a trailer. e Tagged Dolphin Division o ers a $10,000 scholarship if the rst tagged dolphin is caught by a New Tide member.

Youth anglers also have another wonderful opportunity in the Costa Kick Plastic Trash Division presented by Papa’s Pilar. Youth participants can pick up garbage from the water or a shoreline during the competition and get rewarded. ey must submit a photo of the 5-gallon buckets full of trash for a shot at a $1,500 prize package, Kahuna Wagon, sunglasses certi cate and other great prizes. For every 5-gallon bucket of garbage a STAR Youth participant submits, they will also be provided with 30 minutes of community service hours.

For a full list of divisions, visit cca

For more information on STAR, or to register, visit the Facebook page or cca

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CRAPPIE TIPS for Deep Summer

Spring is long gone and so are the quick limits of shallow-water crappie. at doesn’t mean you can’t go load the cooler with some slabs for a sh fry; it just means you’ll have to work a little harder. Here are a few tips to help you catch crappie when the weather and water are hot.

Trust the Electronics: Sonar is your best friend when crappie move deep. You might know where good brush and structure are on your lake, but you won’t know where the schools of crappie are until you spot them on the graph. Use side-scan to look under docks and around points, ledges, ditches and creek and river channels. Don’t even bother wetting a line until you’ve located sh with your electronics.

Find the Shade: Crappie don’t like the sun, and deepwater docks or piers can be the mother lode on bright days. Even underwater structure like ledges, humps and creek channels provide shade. Pay attention to the location of the sun, and then start searching the side of a given piece of structure that will provide some shade.

Go Early: ere’s no sense baking in the sun for a few sh when you can load the boat in just a few hours before and a er daybreak. Boat tra c and water temps are both lower in the morning, which means crappie and the small bait sh they feed on will be most active. In the morning, crappie move shallower up on the humps and ledges to chase bait. ey are more likely to bite when they are actively feeding.

Troll the Humps: O shore humps that top out at 15 feet or deeper will hold crappie this time of year. ey’re even better when there’s brush on them. Early and late, or if there is some dam-generated current, the sh will move

up to feed on these humps. ey suspend o the sides when the sun is high or the water is still. Slowly pull a spread of jigs or small, deep-diving crankbaits or spoons over and around humps where you’ve located sh. Pay close attention to how deep your lures are getting and add weight if you need to get them deeper.

Shoot Docks: Main-lake docks with 15 or more feet of water under them are comfortable places for crappie to hang out when the water is warm. Shoot lightweight jigs as far under these docks as you can, and let them sink slowly to the bottom before beginning a steady retrieve. If there are sh under a dock, they usually won’t let that jig hit the bottom.

Drown a Minnow: A school of crappie suspended o structure at 15 or 25 feet over a 40-foot bottom can be a frustrating scenario. You see them on your electronics, but they are slow to bite. Try dropping a live minnow down there where you’re marking sh. en just let it sit. e bites will be light, so pay attention.

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Re-Discover Old Florida Waterfront Charm

The Perfect Vacation Getaway for Fishing, Boating & Outdoor Enthusiasts

n a dark, muggy morning, we eased into Campo’s Marina in Shell Beach, Louisiana.

By Gary Turner

We picked up 150 live shrimp for our rst day, and every morning began the same way for the rest of the week.

5 a.m., and it would be getting light at 5:30.For some of us— Dewayne and Blake Pro t, Darrel and I—this was the rst time we had been to Shell Beach in search of giant red sh,

Nestled on six lush tropical acres of pristine waterfront directly on the Indian River Lagoon, take a step back in time to experience the very best of Old Florida charm with modern conveniences and services to make your stay truly memorable and unforgettable.


Kingfsh Lodge includes a wide screenTV and bar for small gatherings

Sailfsh House features a wide covered wrap-around porch for larger groups

• Boat Trailer Parking on site w/ Water and Power

• 250 Foot Dock w/ Covered Area

• FREE Ice / FREE Guest Dockage

• Cable TV, Hi-Speed Internet

Cover NEW

• 2 miles to the Ft. Pierce Inlet

• 12 miles to the Gulf Stream



• Laundry, BBQ Grilles and FREE use of our Kayaks


3011 N. Indian River Dr., Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

massive sheepshead and gator trout. Touted as the “Best Inshore Fishing in the World,” Shell Beach did not disappoint! e red sh shing was incredible! We hooked some giants, some we never even saw!

We shed spinning gear and 17- to 20-pound line with 2/0 circle hooks baited with either live shrimp or chunks of fresh blue crab. We also used two di erent techniques. Some of us popped a Cajun under cork. I used a Carolina rig, with the weight on my line, then a barrel swivel and an 18-inch leader terminating in my 2/0 BKK circle hook with a live shrimp.

Now… back to the sh we never saw! We shed some ats right where the tall marsh grass met the canals. e water was usually less than a foot deep. We would cast right next to the grass and wait for sh that were cruising this edge in search of food. en it was on! Your line would cut a wake as the sh ran for deep water and peeled drag. ese sh used any structure or rocks they could nd to break o . Even when they ran to deep water, they just kept going. We broke several lines before deciding to pull up anchor and chase the next big one.

at worked well, so we started chasing down lots of big red sh. Blake hooked one with the popping cork that broke him o . Later, we spotted the cork in the shallows and eased up to try to net it. Just as we got to it, the sh took o and was never seen again.

e days were hot, in the low to mid 90s with pop-up thunderstorms every day. One day we even spotted two waterspouts. We did our best to dodge all that, but we did get wet a few times. e last 30 minutes of daylight were always the most productive. We shed rock walls and hooked up several big red sh each evening. Mixed in with the red sh were some giant sheepshead that fell for the same tactics as the reds. Blue crabs are everywhere. You can catch them with a long-handle dip net or rod and reel.

Shell Beach is in St. Bernard Parish on the Gulf Outlet Canal near Lake Borgne, just 30 minutes from New Orleans. We plan on going back next year.

Check out Gary Turner’s YouTube channel @FishingMagicWithGary.

Vacation with Travel
in full
Reservations and Information: (772) 349-2206 ect. All accommodations are completely cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival
Your Health and Safety are our utmost concern. COVID-19 CDC Guidelines are


Embrace your Scandinavian side with a 7" blade

If you looked out your window a thousand years ago and saw a fleet of Viking longships coming your way,you knew you were in trouble. For roughly two centuries, the Vikings voyaged, raided and pillaged wherever they pleased. As expert sailors and navigators, they reached as far from Scandinavia as Iran, Constantinople, North Africa and the New World in their quest to expand their kingdom.

A mini sword. Too organized and too aggressive, no one stood in a Viking’s way. That’s exactly the message that our Viking Blade sends. Crafted from Damascus steel with brass inlay, this 12" full-tang knife is essentially a mini sword. Paired with its hand-tooled leather sheath, this knife belongs in the collection of any avid aficionado.

Join more than 322,000 sharp people who collect stauer knives

The steel of legend. For centuries, a Damascus steel blade was instantly recognizable and commanded respect. Renowned for its sharp edge, beauty and resistance to shattering, Damascus steel was the stuff of legend. While the original process has been lost to the ages, modern bladesmiths have been able to re-create Damascus steel to create the best blades imaginable.

Sure to impress, naturally. Combining natural strength and natural wonder at a price that’s hard to beat, the Viking Blade is a study in Damascus steel that’s sure to impress. And should you ever find yourself facing a Viking horde, a flash of this knife will show that you’re not to be messed with.

Don’t delay: Order within the next week and we’ll offer this blade to you for just $99, a savings of $200! That’s the best bang for your buck we can possibly offer: our Stauer® Impossible Price. Get your hands on one of the fastest-selling knives in our company’s history today.

Knife Specifications:

• 12" overall length. 7" Damascus full-tang blade

•Includes genuine leather sheath

Viking Blade $299 $99* + S&P Save $200

California residents please call 1-800-333-2045 regarding Proposition 65 regulations before purchasing this product. *Special price only for customers using the offer code.


“This knife is everything promised. Beautiful beyond comparison. And completely functional. Love it.”

— Gene, Auburn, WA


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Tennessee Angler Breaks His Own State Record

Aer a grueling 15-minute battle while shing solo, angler Micka Burkhart successfully netted and boated a 122-pound blue cat sh from Tennessee’s Cumberland River on June 28. e sh is a pending state record that should top the 118.7-pound record mark, which Burkhart set himself at Barkley Reservoir last September.

e whole ght can be viewed on a video posted to Burkhart’s YouTube channel, with the action climaxing as Burkhardt breathlessly pleads with the sh and promises to release it if he can just get it in the net.

Burkhart’s monster blue o cially weighed 122.3 pounds and measured 57.5 inches long, with a 42.25-inch girth. It ate a white bass head shed on 40-pound-test line. A er transporting the sh in a large livewell on his trailered boat to get o cial measurements, Burkhart returned to the Cumberland River and successfully released it back to the Stewart County stretch in northwest Tennessee near the Kentucky and Missouri borders. In a Facebook post, Burkhart reported that he also caught 69- and 72-pound blue cats on the same day. at’s a mighty ne day of shing.

e IGFA all-tackle world record blue cat sh weighed 143 pounds, even. It was caught from Kerr Lake, Virginia by Richard Nicholas Anderson in June of 2011.

The Return of a

To watch Burkhart catching the new state record, go to

Custom Built Quality Outdoor BBQ Products Since 1989 For More Info 1-252-236-4464 6043 Hwy 301N, Elm City, NC Pig Cookers, Patio Grills, Smokers, Customized BBQ Trailers

This Is How You Walk the Walk

Comfort and class go hand in hand with our Walking Stick Collection. Yours for ONLY $59 each!

They call walking the “perfect exercise.” It gets your heart pumping, clears your head and fills your lungs with fresh air. Not bad, but we found a way to make it even better. Before you take your next 10,000 steps, add a little strut to your stroll. Take a Stauer Walking Stick anywhere and I promise that you’ll feel like a conquering hero. Heads will turn. Doors will open. Its powers will astound you.

What’s the secret? Pure class. Our Stauer Walking Sticks are a tip of the top hat to turn-of-the-century tradition. Today these tributes to a gentleman’s power, prestige, and posture are fetching as much as $200,000 at auction. But only Stauer can deliver a modern version of these vintage classics that looks and feels as good as the original for $59 each!

Stauer Walking Stick Collection

A. Derbyshire $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

B. Earlsford $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

C. Knightsbridge $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

D. Hinwick Hare $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

E. Gentleman’s $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

• 36" long • Imported Eucalyptus wood

• Etched & sculpted solid brass handles with varying finishes

• Rubber tips • Supports up to 250 lbs.

• All models available in 40" height—call for details.



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Experience the comfort and class of our exquisite Walking Sticks for 30 days. If you’re not feeling the power and prestige, simply send it back within 30 days for a refund of the item price. At Stauer, we walk the talk. Limited Edition. Only 500 each available for this ad only! These handcrafted beauties take months to craft and are running (not walking) out the door. So, take a step in the right direction. Call today!

“An excellent walking stick. Solid and elegant. Perfect for a night out. Well crafted.”

– J. from Pacific Grove, CA

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Stauer… Afford the Extraordinary . ®

Exquisite walking sticks not shown actual size.
A. B. C. D. E.
Rating of A+
16 NATIONAL AUGUST 2023 COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM Perfectly Seasoned SAVOR THE SEASONS in Upcountry South Carolina 864-233-2690 Every season is the best season to explore the many treasures in the Upcountry. ANDERSON  CHEROKEE  GREENVILLE  OCONEE  PICKENS  SPARTANBURG

A Time of Porpoise

Amemorable beach moment: You’re basking in the warm sun, toes in the sand, letting the gentle turn of the foam-capped waves lull you into a state of complete relaxation. As your eyes scan the endless horizon of blue on blue, you’re rewarded with a school of dolphins making their way across the sea.

There’s no denying their signature shape as they leap from the water. If you don’t see anything else extraordinary the rest of day, you can take solace knowing you’ve witnessed one of nature’s most playful and human-like creatures in their natural habitat.

Why not re-create that special moment with our Balinese Dolphin Pendant? We’ve captured two dolphins mid-jump in sterling silver crafted in the Balinese style. Tucked between these beloved sea mammals is a full carat of shimmering blue topaz. Made by some of Indonesia’s finest artisans, this pendant is an absolute steal at JUST $29! That’s what we call our Stauer IMPOSSIBLE PRICE!

Nothing captures the shimmering color of the ocean in the midday sun like blue topaz. With its sparkling, clear blue color and high reflective index, blue topaz is one of the world’s top-selling gemstones. The Gemological Institute of America lauds topaz for its hardness, noting that blue topaz is known for its intense color that’s better than aquamarine. With this special price, you can score quite the catch. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy the Balinese Dolphin Pendant for 30 days. If it doesn’t pass the test swimmingly, send it back for a full refund of the item price.

Limited reserves. This pendant is already one of our best sellers this year. A full carat of genuine blue topaz set in .925 sterling silver for this price is as rare as a dolphin sighting. We cannot guarantee availability for long. Call today! This offer is limited to the first 1,900 responders to this ad!

Jewelry Specifications:

• Made in Indonesia

• Blue topaz and .925 sterling silver

Balinese Dolphin Pendant (1 carat)

$299 $29* Save $270

*Special price only for customers using the offer code.


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What Stauer Clients Are Saying About Our Topaz

“Just lovely! Would recommend it as a purchase. Thank you STAUER.” — Mary L.

Stauer, 14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. DNP141-01,
MN 55337
One carat of shimmering blue topaz set in sterling silver for  $29

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n a dark, muggy morning, we eased into Campo’s Marina in Shell Beach, Louisiana.

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