PennPAC Annual Report 2021-22

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Annual Report 2021-22 A year of celebration

Harnessing Penn pride to help nonprofits thrive.

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Letter from our Executive Director


Our Impact 2 Celebrating 10 Years of PennPAC 3 2021-22 Nonprofit Programs 4 PennPAC Core Volunteers



Board & Staff 14 Donors


Financial Overview 16


Dear friends, I am honored to present PennPAC’s Annual Report (2021-22) to you. It has been an exciting year of transition and celebration. With this energy and momentum, we look forward to moving into PennPAC’s second decade of service. In early 2022, PennPAC’s founder Jackie Einstein Astrof, C ‘93, officially stepped down from her role as Executive Director. She will always be an integral part of PennPAC and remains Chair of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Jackie and I will continue to work closely on organizational strategy, fundraising, and program development. In anticipation of this transition, David Rhode, WG ‘11, an experienced nonprofit professional joined the team as Deputy Director. Along with Cynthia Nuara, our incomparable Director of Operations, we will provide support for PennPAC’s volunteers, both those who serve as pro bono consultants as well as those who lead behind the scenes. To honor Jackie and PennPAC’s 10th anniversary, we held a record-breaking event on May 24th at NYC’s Midtown Loft & Terrace. It was absolutely amazing to finally come together in community after two years of virtual work. The evening’s program showcased the broad impact of our work, included stories from former clients, and helped to raise more than $200,000 in critical funds. We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and supporters who made this event possible. PennPAC is excited to expand our work in Philadelphia and the Bay Area. In Philadelphia, we welcomed a new volunteer leadership team, including Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite, GSE ’95, ’05, Director, Meredith Galto, C’ 99, Volunteer Relations Director, and Rachael Zinser, C’99, Nonprofit Relations Director. Ellen Haude, W '92 continues to lead and grow our work in the Bay Area where they’ll be taking on a record three projects this fall. This past year, PennPAC Philadelphia and the Bay Area together completed a total of 7 consulting engagements, and connected with more than 50 new Penn alumni.

In October, we will kick off a project to redesign PennPAC’s website, with an eye to better communicate with each of our target audiences. Additionally, we will continue to hone our training program for new and veteran volunteers, integrating and highlighting the importance of DEIA, as well as creating a clear path to the role of team leaders on our consulting projects. Most importantly, the fall always means a new slate of nonprofit clients — 10 in total, serving diverse communities across three cities. As Jennifer Green, Executive Director of Alpha Bravo Canine summed up, "PennPAC can really change the trajectory of an organization like ours." Our passionate volunteers are poised and eager to do just that! Despite the work ahead of us, the celebration hasn’t ended. PennPAC will continue to celebrate and amplify our volunteers’ unmatched commitment and achievements, as well as the important work that our nonprofit partners do in their communities. I look forward to working with all of you this coming year! Yours in service,

Karen Schub Epstein, C '92 PennPAC Executive Director



In 2021-22 PennPAC engaged more than 200 volunteers and supported 39 nonprofit organizations through our four program areas:

Consulting Project

Mini Projects

Coaching Calls

ImPACt Events

New York City


Bay Area

Virtual 2


On May 24th, more than 150 PennPAC volunteers, supporters, and nonprofit clients came together — for the first time in more than 2 years — at the Midtown Loft & Terrace to celebrate PennPAC’s 10th anniversary! It was our largest, most successful fundraiser to date. It was a truly amazing evening that showcased the best of PennPAC, and honored some very special people including:

Jackie Einstein Astrof PennPAC Founder & Board Chair

M. Janine Jjingo Skadden Corporate Champion Award

Ruth Lande Shuman Founder & President, Publicolor Nonprofit Honoree

Craig Mills Recipient of The Jackie Einstein Astrof Distinguished Service Award

Blair Duncan President & CEO, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Nonprofit Honoree


We were able to raise over $200,000 to sustain our work in the coming years. These critical funds value will help us to engage moreaverage Penn alumni who give tirelessly of their time and talents to strengthen project the nonprofits that serve our per cities. We would like to recognize our event co-chairs, Sandy Hsiao, W '02 and Susan Pechman, C '79, as well as our dedicated host committee chairs, Scott Millstein, C '92, and Howard Seibel, WG '85. Our event planning group and host committee worked tirelessly for months, focused both on fundraising and logistics, to ensure that the event was one that we wouldn’t soon forget. A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event! We are so grateful for your generosity, enthusiasm for PennPAC’s mission, and investment in our future.



This year, PennPAC welcomed a record number of new volunteers into our growing community. They stepped right in, and alongside our experienced group of PennPAC veterans, assisted nonprofits in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Philadelphia. Our four programs — Consulting Engagements, Mini Projects, Coaching Calls, and ImPACt Events — were offered virtually through the fall, and by the spring, project teams started to slowly meet in-person. We know that those personal interactions are invaluable and starting this fall, PennPAC will resume in-person meetings and engagements, using a more flexible, hybrid model.

Consulting Engagements With nonprofits slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and once again opening their doors to staff and community members, PennPAC volunteers worked hard to meet their complex needs, address organizational growth, and reach wider audiences. Within the past year, PennPAC completed 19 consulting projects across three cities.



New York City Consulting Engagements Fall 2021 Brooklyn Navy Yard — PennPAC NYC provided recommendations to inform BNY's plan to launch Yard Labs, a new initiative that will enable companies to to use the Yard as a living lab and test bed for new technologies.

Literature to Life (Mini Project) — PennPAC NYC helped Literature to Life prioritize areas of focus as they develop an actionable strategic plan.

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) — PennPAC NYC assisted NYLPI in creating targeted marketing and outreach strategies to stakeholders including pro bono attorneys, small law firms, vendors and community-based organizations to increase awareness of their mission and programs. One Brooklyn Health — PennPAC NYC evaluated OBH's marketing and branding, and helped them to create a strong and compelling message about their ability to serve the community. Project Tomorrow — PennPAC NYC provided Project Tomorrow with an analysis of nonprofit replication strategies, opportunities and best practices for program replication.

Publicolor — PennPAC NYC identified strategies to expand and replicate Publicolor's programs.



New York City Consulting Engagements Spring 2022 Change Summer (Mini Project) — PennPAC NYC developed an organizational chart and staffing plan to align with the organization’s projected growth over the next few years.

Correctional Association of New York (CANY) — PennPAC NYC analyzed the opportunities and costs associated with implementing prison oversight programs that leverage volunteers.

Covenant House — PennPAC NYC identified strategies for creating career pathways and professional development opportunities for front line and direct service staff.

Girl Be Heard (Mini Project) — PennPAC NYC identified priorities and resources in preparation for an organizational rebranding initiative.

Housing Partnership — PennPAC NYC assessed the organization’s position in the market and competitive advantages to inform where to focus its work in the years ahead.

The REACH Institute — PennPAC NYC created a marketing and awareness strategy for a REACH program focused on providing education on mental health treatment to therapists.



Philadelphia Consulting Engagements

Alpha Bravo Canine (ABC) (Mini Project) — PennPAC Philadelphia reviewed ABC's marketing materials and assessed their messaging to ensure that their communications are mission aligned and specifically targeted to a range of stakeholders.

American Swedish Historical Museum (ASM) (Mini Project) — PennPAC Philadelphia conducted a wide range of stakeholder interviews and reviewed best practices to support the ASHM strategic planning process.

MItzvah Circle Foundation — PennPAC Philadelphia developed a marketing strategy that includes tools to attract additional donors and best practices for utilizing social media.

Support Center for Child Advocates (SCCA) — PennPAC Philadelphia helped SCCA create a performance assessment tool for their volunteers.



Bay Area Consulting Engagements

5 Buckets Foundation (Mini Project)— PennPAC Bay Area conducted a landscape analysis of local financial literacy programs, evaluated current communications systems, and created a roadmap for future marketing efforts.

Family Connections — PennPAC Bay Area provided Family Connections with the tools to efficiently and robustly track their organizational impact through data acquisition and standardization.

Special Operations - Finding Kids — PennPAC Bay Area conducted research about child sex-trafficking, with a focus on prevalence and law enforcement practices, for use in further building Special Operations' resources and influence.



ImPACt Events

ImPACt events are a chance for PennPAC volunteers to make a big difference in just one night. We either work with the constituents of one of our nonprofit clients, or perform “deep dives” with a cohort of nonprofit leaders to address organizational challenges. This year, PennPAC held 3 virtual events and assisted 11 nonprofits.

"The most impactful two hours I have had in the past year.” - PennPAC Volunteer

November 9, 2021 PennPAC collaborated with City Harvest and worked with 6 of their (VIRTUAL) community partners in mini-consultancies to offer feedback on new and developing organizational initiatives. Clients: Holding Hands Ministries, Christ Disciples International Ministries, The Harding Ford Vision, Hannah Kosher Food Shabbat Foundation, Brooklyn Rescue Mission, & Stapleton Church

February 16, 2022 (VIRTUAL)

PennPAC collaborated with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) and worked with 4 of their member organizations in miniconsultancies to brainstorm new and developing organizational initiatives. Clients: American Center for Strategic and International Affairs (ACSIA), New York Justice for Our Neighbors (NY JFON), Queer Empowerment Detainee Project (QDEP), & The Fortune Society

April 26, 2022 (VIRTUAL)

PennPAC volunteers participated in mock interviews and provided direct feedback with Futures & Options students.



Coaching Calls

PennPAC's Coaching Calls program provides nonprofit organizations and leaders — particularly those that are small and/ or new — with the support they need to grow and thrive. A group of volunteer consultants provides an interactive, hour-long session of brainstorming and idea exchange, on one of a myriad of nonprofit topics including fundraising, marketing, and program design. Our clients often report that this fresh perspective is invaluable. Many of these clients are referred to us by the University of Pennsylvania, including winners of the Engagement Prize and students in the School of Social Policy and Practice. This year, PennPAC assisted 10 nonprofit organizations through our Coaching Calls program.

“Thank you for such an engaging session. I feel like there are new and unexplored paths toward fundraising and making those critical connections. This was so valuable to me.” - Erica Salazar, Executive Director, Local Color


PennPAC Core


As a growing nonprofit, PennPAC relies on our Core members to support our internal operations. Volunteer leaders assist with nonprofit programs, social media, communications and messaging; technology; as well as fundraising and development initiatives. The CORE includes: The Nonprofit Selection Team (NST) reviews all of the nonprofit applications and helps to create each cycle’s official project slate. The Volunteer Recruitment Team (VRT) recruits and interviews applicants for PennPAC’s consulting engagements. The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA) Task Force focuses on making PennPAC more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible. They had a busy year, creating a DEIA statement, completing a volunteer survey, and considering strategies to train volunteers about the importance of diversity within our work.

A big thank you to our Core for your continued enthusiasm, professionalism, and creativity!

Core Leaders Coaching Susan Pechman, C ‘79, Chair DEIA Task Force Vighnesh Subramanyan, WG ‘17, Chair Development Committee Lydia Kris, WG ‘97, Chair ImPACt Events Jennifer Yap, W ‘04, Chair

Nonprofit Selection Team Terry Pranses, W ‘72, Co-Chair Paula-Kaye Richards, W ‘06, Co-Chair Technology Lauren Lorberbaum, C ‘08, Director (outgoing) Kevin Park, W ‘17, Chair (incoming) Social Media Nora Lueth, Nu '16, GNu '18, Director (incoming) Mindy Ong, C ‘10, Director (outgoing) Volunteer Relations Team Dara Heimowitz C ‘12, Co-Chair (incoming) Sabre Kaszynski, C ‘96, Co-Chair Kevin Park, W ‘17, Co-Chair (outgoing) 11

PennPAC Core


The PennPAC Core goes above organization is running smoothly, volunteers and nonprofit clients. volunteers transition out of their gratitude for their years of service.

and beyond to make sure that our and meeting the needs of both our This year, as two of our dedicated Core roles, we’d like to express our

Lauren Lorberbaum, C '08 has been with PennPAC since the very beginning, serving as a consultant on the City Lore project team in 2012. In 2015, she helped us take the important step of implementing Salesforce, and soon became our Technology Chair. Lauren worked with the PennPAC team to design and build our website; set up our mailing lists and e-newsletter; create and automate all of our applications and registration forms; and collect important data about our volunteers and nonprofit clients. With her expertise, assistance, and patience, PennPAC was able to increase our visibility, and more efficiently communicate with our stakeholders; and overall, make our work more streamlined.

Lauren Lorberbaum, C '08

Over the years, Lauren was an active member of the Board of Directors and participated in numerous ImPACt events. She is now a member of our Advisory Board, and we look forward to consulting with her on our future technology initiatives. Mindy Ong, C ‘10 started supporting PennPAC’s marketing and operations efforts in 2016, and by 2019 was our Vice President of Communications. In her role, Mindy managed all our social media channels, creating original content to increase our volunteer and nonprofit engagement. She also assisted us with graphic design and collateral, most recently designing our invites, signage, and communication templates for our 10th Anniversary Celebration. Most importantly, Mindy has helped PennPAC tell our story — visually and virtually — to highlight our work, feature our nonprofit clients, and shine a spotlight on our amazing volunteers.

Mindy Ong, C '10

Based in Singapore, Mindy never hesitated to answer a late night email or offer guidance on a project, despite the 12 hour time difference! As she passes the baton to a new social media manager, Mindy will continue to assist with the development of our organizational communications strategy.

"PennPAC has been a wonderful platform for me to contribute to a meaningful cause with my skills. Despite being halfway around the world, distance has never been a barrier. I'm constantly inspired by all our volunteers who give their time so generously, as well as our clients who are doing such amazing work. It has truly been an honour to be part of PennPAC's journey." - Mindy Ong


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers truly make it happen! A heartfelt “Thank You!” to our volunteers for giving their time and talent on behalf of PennPAC this year. We are thrilled to have such a talented, diverse group of people providing their expertise to our nonprofit clients. ~Advisory Board *Board of Directors ^Team Leadership

Aaron Glick, W '00 Adam Bitar, EAS '18^ Ajay Joshi, GeX '11^ Akash Sadashivapeth, EAS '18 Alejandro Pinto, C '16 Alex Lustick, C '12 Alexandra Abel, EAS '17 Alexandra Hakim C' 03, L '07 Alicia Fowler, W '09 Alissa Makower, C '92 Amanda Carson, C '03 Amonu Opong, C '03 Amy Cooper C' 92, G '92 Amy Federman, C '94 Amy Li, C '13 Amy Peppers, WG '13^ Amy Schall, WG '94 Andrea Gural, WG '09 Angela Hu, W '09 Anjuli Fiedler, C '03 Ann Chiang, W '09^ Anne Turner, WG '94* Anthony Romeo, WG '73^ Ariel Sadeghi, C '15 Arjun Bhaskar, W '15 Arun Iyer C' 98, G '02 Atish Davda, EAS, W '08~ Audrey David, C '92 Barbara Opotowsky, C '67 Ben Weintraub, C' 81, WG '95 Benjamin Chan, WG '85 Bernard Fricker, W '89 Bill Keller, C '73 Bleema Bershad, W '95~ Brian Morrison, W '19 Brian Zhong, C '20 Brianna Lee, G '20 Carmel Napolitano, G '86^ Carol Henning Franczyk, SP2 '90 Carolyn Grant, C '84 Carolyn Rosen, C '96^ Celine Seker, C '13~ Chizoba Onyekere, C '20 Christie Heidelberg, C, W '11 Cindy Lou Cuesta, C '07^ CJ Bilangino, WG '15* Corey Kanon, EAS '05 Craig Mills, G '07*^ Cristina Serban, C '17^ Crystal Caligiuri, W '99~ Dale Kramer Cohen, W '76, PAR '14~

Dale Montagna, C '88 Daniel Gonzalez, C '20 Dara Heimowitz, C '12^ David Bradley, WG '82~ David Ongchoco, C '18 David Rhode, WG '11^ Diane Pockaj, WG '95 Dimple Kothari, WG '18 Dominika Jaworski Turkcan, SP2 '12^ Earl Brown, L '01 Elaine Harris, WG '84* Ellen Haude, W '92^ Erin Lo, W '17 Eugenia Gomez, C '12 Gabriela Coya, C '14 Gabrielle Pullia, W '17^ Gail Ober, SP2 '71 Gail Silverman, W '84 Gary Li, W '09 Gerald Rothstein, WG '65 Gordon Tang, WG '21 Haley Schools, C, W '14 Harriet Shaiman, C '84, GED '84, WG '89* Howard Seibel, WG '85* Ian Cohen, C '14 Ivie Eboh-Clifford, WG '17 Jackie Einstein Astrof, C '93*~ Jacques Laine, C '17 Jane Komsky, L '18 Jannel Alston, C '14 Jason Bach, M '20 Jennifer Yap, W '04^ Joanie Hecht, SP2 '94, L '97 John Pierce, MPA '18^ Juan Ibarra, C, W '12^ Julia Lang, SP2 '20^ Julie Plank, W '88 Karen Finkel, EAS '79*^ Katherine Burkhardt, WG '14 Katherine Harrington, W '14 Katherine Wolfrum, Other '20 Kathryn Davis, C '18 Kelsey Brongo, EAS '14* Kelsey Rudin, C '11^ Kenneth Ehrler, WG '20 Kent Bream, C '90^ Kevin Hidalgo, W '17 Kevin Park, W '17*^ Khari Austin-Rawls, C '16 Kristin Loheyde, GES '93 Lan Cheng, Ed '11

Lauren Lorberbaum, C '08~ Lauren Tetenbaum Dorman, C '07 Lincoln Pao, C '85 Loretta Clarke, WG '15^ Lori Freudenberger-Nelson C, W '88 Lydia Kris, WG '97^ Marc Packer, W '81~ Marcia Fox, PhD, G '65~ Marjorie Silverman, WG '95 Mark Style, W '86 Marques Matthews, C '05 Melinda Bradley, C'94 Melissa Donovan, C '98 Melissa Mayer, W '00 Meredith Galto, C '99^ Michaela Tinkey, C '19 Michelle De Leon, C '99 Michelle Jin, C '17 Mindy Ong, C '10 Miriam Williams C' 04, WG '15 Mitchell Chan, C '18 Mohit Patel, EAS '20 Nam-June Joe, EAS '96 Natalya Guseva, WG '15^ Neda Khan, M '20 Neha Nayak, W '18 Nico Carrino, C '18 Nicole Goldberg, C '98*^ Olivia Fox, C '18^ Orly Halpern, C '10 Oswald Richards, Ed '01 Padmaja Chinta, L '00^ Pamela Ellermann, C '13 Pamela Federbusch, G '85 Pamela Yi, W '01 Paula Mello Ferber, C '15 Paula Stillman, WG '98 Paula-Kaye Richards, W '06*^ Peter Hess, C '15^ Peter Tallian, W '79 Rachael Zinser, C '99^ Rachel Martin, WG '19 Rajan Sheth, W '17^ Rajiv Lajmi, SP2 '07 Ralph Pagan, WG '88 Rebecca Carroll, WG '87 Rebecca Raphael, C '96 Robert Massick, EAS '88 Robin Barone, C '98 Russell Langsam, C '88 Sabre Kaszynski, C '96^

Salila Yohn, L '96 Samantha Resnik, C '16 Sandra Miller, WG '03 Sandy Hsiao, W '02^ Sarah Jiang, EAS, W '08~ Sarah Williams, WG '85 Scott Bober, EAS '88 Scott Gilbert, C '04 Scott Millstein, C '92~ Scott Venesy, WG '03 Sebastien Issa, C '13^ Seghen Aklilu, C '11 Seoyoung Kim, WG '19 Sherman Aronson C' 71, D '73 Shifra Diamond, C '87 Shraddha Munver, WG '00^ Siqi Zhang, EAS '12 Skylar Cetel, L '18 Sophia Witte, C '17^ Stacy Bookman, C, W '98~ Stefani Arzonetti Hite, Ed ’95^ Stephan Lecorps, C '17 Stephanie Grayson, C '92 Stephen Giorgio, C '07 Stephen Kaufman, C '86 Stephen Robinson, W ' ^ Steve Wang, EAS '20 Susan Pechman, C '79~^ Susan Rhode, G '89 Takila Oku, W '96 Tamara Snow, C '15 Taylor Becker, C '17 Tejas Srivastava, EAS '19 Temilola Agbede, W '05 Terrence Purcell, W '90 Terry Pearl, C '96 Terry Pranses, W '72^ Timothy Harrod, WG '88 Tobi Bosede, C '11 Varun Vallabhaneni, W '20 Vasilisa Nekrasova, W '17 Vidya Daryanani, C '17 Vighnesh Subramanyan, WG '17*^ Vivian Kuan, C '89 Vivien Hoexter, WG '86~ Will Sheehan, G' 16 William Squires, C '71 Yu You Jiang, M '20 Yulia Poltorak, C '96 Yvette Wilson-Barnes, Ed '14^ Zachary Friedman 13 Zihan Xiong, C, W '20


Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Bay Area

Jackie Einstein Astrof, C '93 PennPAC Founder, Board Chair

Jackie Einstein Astrof, C '93 PennPAC Founder, Advisory Board Chair

Ellen Haude, W '92 Bay Area Director

Anne Turner, WG '94 Secretary & Chair, Governance Committee Principal Anne Turner Consulting

Bleema Bershad, W '95 Director of Marketing Apparo

Melinda Bradley, C '94 Bay Area Volunteer Relations

Stacy Bookman, C, W '98 Enterprise Strategic Initiatives/COO Group for CFO Bank of America Merrill Lynch


David Bradley, WG '82 Worldwide Automotive Equity Research JP Morgan (retired)

Stefani Arzonetti Hite, GSE ’95, ’05 Philadelphia Director

CJ Bilangino, WG '15 Treasurer CFO/COO D1 Brands Kelsey Brongo, EAS '14 MBA Candidate The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Karen Finkel, EAS '79 (outgoing) Co-Chair, Nonprofit Relations Team Elaine Harris, WG '84 Board President Child Advocates of SW Connecticut Nicole Goldberg, C '98 (outgoing) Executive Director Woodstock Arts Association & Museum Craig Mills, G '07 Chair, Mini Projects Senior Manager Uncommon Schools Kevin Park, W '17 Chair, Technology (incoming) Co-Chair, Volunteer Relations Team (outgoing) Vice President, Data & AI Product Paula-Kaye Richards, W '06 Co-Chair, Nonprofit Selection Team Head of Marketing & Communications Space Capital Howard Seibel, WG '85 Chair, Nominating Committee Managing Director Wharton Strategic Services Harriet Shaiman, C '84, GED '84, WG '89 Co-Chair, Nonprofit Relations Team Independent Consultant Vighnesh Subramanyan, WG '06 Chair, DEIA Task Force Product Manager Bluecore (MarTech)

Crystal Caligiuri, W '99 Chief Customer Officer ShopKeep Dale Kramer Cohen, W '76, PAR '14 President of DKC Resources & Managing Director Sequel Private Equity Solutions Atish Davda, EAS, W '08 CEO & Founder EquityZen Marcia Fox, PhD, G '65 CEO & Founder Fox Management Consulting Vivien Hoexter, WG '86 Chief Operating Officer T’Shuvah Center

Meredith Galto, C '99 Philadelphia Volunteer Relations Director Rachael Zinser, C '99 Philadelphia Nonprofit Relations Director

Staff Karen Schub Epstein, C, W '92 Executive Director David Rhode, WG '11 Deputy Director Cynthia Nuara Director of Operations

Sarah Jiang, EAS, W '08 Managing Director Blackstone Credit Lauren Lorberbaum, C '08 Chair, Technology (outgoing) Senior Management Consultant Scott Millstein, C '92 New York City Executive Director iMentor Marc Packer, W '81 Partner Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP (retired) Susan Pechman, C '79 Chair, Coaching Chief Marketing Officer The NPD Group Celine Seker, C '13 Private Banking Vice President J.P. Morgan



As a nonprofit organization, PennPAC relies on the generosity of our donors to bolster our mission. The financial support we receive ensures our ability to continue our work for years to come and extends our impact on local nonprofits. A special thanks to our 10th anniversary event sponsors, in bold below. Includes all donations to PennPAC made between July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

Advisory Level - gifts of $5000 or higher Anand & Erica Desai Anne Turner & Alan Riffkin Arun Iyer Blitzer Family Foundation Crystal Caligiuri Ellen Haude EquityZen Gray Foundation Jackie Einstein Astrof & Josh Astrof Karen Schub Epstein & Mark Epstein Meredith Galto & Jeremy Cohen Skadden Susan Pechman

Impact Circle - gifts of $1,000-$4,999 Andrew Einstein Anessa Karney and Stu Goldstein Anthony Romeo Atish Davda Ben Lewis Blair Duncan Bleema & William Bershad Celine Seker CJ Bilangino Dale Kramer Cohen David Bradley Douglas E Stambaugh Elaine Harris Harriet & Joel Shaiman Howard Seibel Irene & Fred Einstein Jae Lee & Scott Millstein Joanie Hecht Karen Finkel Kelsey Brongo Kevin Park Lydia Kris Mani Sadeghi Marc Packer Marcia Fox Melanie Perlstein Nicole Goldberg Sam Astrof Sam Hollander Sarah Jiang Sarah Williams Shraddha Munver Steven Friedman Sumedh Hastak Susanna Lachs

Founder’s Circle - gifts of $500-$999 Carmel Napolitano Carolyn Rosen Christie Heidelberg Craig Mills David Millstein

Nancy Millstein Elizabeth Locksley Gary Swidler Jeff Daly Juan Ibarra Lauren Tetenbaum Dorman Lynn Weitzman Marjan Greenblatt Paula-Kaye Richards Pepper Evans Peter Frank Peter Tallian Philip Li Raman Brar Rena Kopelman Sandy Hsiao Terry Pearl Veronica Lurvey Vighnesh Subramanyan Vivian Kuan

Individual Donors — gifts up to $499 Adele Hayutin Adina Kagan Adora Lam Alexandra Hakim Alexandra Levite Alissa Makower Amy Federman Amy Schall Andrea Gural Andrew Khanarian Ariel Sadeghi Ariella Golumb Audrey David Aviva Lipschitz Barbara Opotowsky Bill Keller Blanche Brann Brian Morrison Briana Bunn Cathy Seibel Christine A Trott Colin Campbell Cristina Serban Daina Troy Dale Montagna Dara Heimowitz David Greenberg David Paley David Rhode Dean Scheinert Debbie Gross Debra Fletcher Debra Silverman Denise Freiberg Diane Ty Dominika Jaworski Turkcan

Doret Richards Elena Luca Elise Barish Ellen Seibel Emily Ades Eric Rosen Eugene Carr Felice Rosenberg Yeshion Frank Colen Gail Ober Gary Kreissman Gretchen Grant Heather Pavell Howard Corb Ionna Jimenez Ivie Eboh-Clifford James Schwartz Jamey Kohn Jared Brenner Jeffrey Grayson Jennifer Bernstein Jennifer Hanlon-Wigon Jennifer Yap Jenny Choi Jessica Shafran Jodi Schwartz Jon Yanofsky Josh Rosenberg Judith Krandel Karen Goldenberg Karen Pawlick Swan Kathleen Mahoney KGA Advisory Kim Athan Leslie Riffkin Lila Bernstein Marissa Finn Melissa Donovan Melissa Mayer Michelle Spear Melnick Mitchell Chan Nancy Shapiro Nigel Edelshain Nisha Deshmukh Nora Khanarian Owen Richards Pamela Federbusch Pamella Darby Pasha Gol Paul Appleby Rachel Cytron Miller Robert Massick Robin Fleishman Robin Tobin-Hess Russell Langsam Ruth Colp Ruthe Golden Saara Hafeez

Sabre Kaszynski Sam Tang Scott Bober Sonia Kapoor Sophia Witte Stacy Bookman Stefani Arzonetti Hite Susan Miller Buehler Susan Rhode Taylor Becker Terry Pranses Vaidehi Subramanyan Venkata Subramanyan Vivien Hoexter William Squires Yaalieth Simpson


2021-22 Financial Overview