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Smiles All Around

Cal-Nev-Ha Magazine - Fall 2022 - 2023 e ca G a es a & Ca S o

Leadership with a SMILE!

Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer

2022 - 2023 CNH District Governor


As this amazing year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the past Kiwanis year and celebrate you and your club’s accomplishments Mahalo! Gracias! Merci! Danka! Ahéhee! Thank you for all your hard work, commitment, and invaluable service for your kiddos and communities across the Cal-Nev-Ha district

Serving more than 2.5 million meals, awarding over $4,000,000 in scholarships & grants, and empowering millions of children one child and one community at a time Kiwanians across our district have helped make this one of the best years of service ever. You have fed the minds, bodies, and souls throughout the year

The theme of “Service with a

SMILE” Service Membership Innovation Leadership Experience

has resonated throughout the year Our district was recognized for winning one of the top 10 Signature Projects for

Kiwanis International

The competition for this award was stiff — over 460 projects were submitted internationally Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach. There are so many unique and innovative projects that have happened throughout our district from the American Graffiti Car Show in Modesto to the Division 39 Children Faire & Chili Cook-off in Red Bluff; to the Kiwanis Kupuna Spelling Bee competition for seniors in Hawaii to the Duck Fest in Glendale

I encourage you to submit your Signature Project when the applications come out You are all winners.

The innovative “Kiwanis Connects with Dr Val Show” has been extremely successful. So, drum roll, please the show will continue, and clubs will still be able to create custom Kiwanis videos in 2023-24 People around the world are watching every week some shows have had more than 60,000 views Log in to the show on Facebook, Instagram, Roku, YouTube, or WWDBTV com on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. PST or watch past shows on YouTube and Roku

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 2 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

L is for Leadership

We have tackled some very difficult issues and led the way for other districts to follow our lead. We partnered with Lil’ Iguana to support our schools in teaching memorable lessons on safety to elementary school kids The program includes 28 modules that several K-Kids Clubs are using to learn about pediatric trauma prevention. We have a new club with a single purpose, the Kiwanis STAR focusing on eliminating child trafficking a pervasive crisis that affects most of our communities. We were the first district to have a standing committee focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion who shepherded the first Preamble, Policy and Bylaw in the Kiwanis world. Why a Preamble, Policy, and Bylaw to codify our district’s support of inclusiveness? My friend, Al Strunk said it best in answer to the question “Why do we need such a strong statement?” He answered, "If we are to serve the children of the world, doesn't it make sense that we include the people of the world to help us out?" Way to go Cal-Nev-Ha for doing the right thing.

Thank you once again for your commitment and invaluable service toward making the world a better place, one child and one community at a time. Our communities are safer, healthier, and happier because of you

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Governor this year.

Lastly, First Mate Andy and I wish you all a very happy new Kiwanis year, filled with success, happiness, and hope. Service is truly sweet

Service with a SMILE,


President's Message

As the President, I am so proud of all that you do to support your CNH Children’s Fund. Among other projects supported by your Children’s Fund, your contributions help provide young adults with leadership training, fund Pediatric Trauma Prevention Programs for our Partner Hospitals, and fund club grants that specifically impact the youth in your local community. To get more information and to donate please visit our website at cnhfoundation.org.

As we begin our new fiscal year on October 1, I ask you to consider continuing to help us as we make an IMPACT in the lives of children throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. There are lots of ways for you to contribute, including:

Contributing as a club to the CNH Children’s Fund's unparalleled enrichment of our youth by making a club donation of at least $10 per member.

Planning impactful club projects in your community and consider whether a grant from your CNH Children’s Fund would help increase that impact. You can download grant rules and an application at cnhkiwanis.app.box.com/v/Grantmaking.

As an individual member of the CNH Children's Fund, consider becoming a Visionary Fellowship member by donating $500 or more to the YES! Initiative. To get more information and to donate please visit cnhfoundation.org/YES.

I am grateful to those of you who continue to contribute to our work. I want to thank you for this opportunity to lead and invite you to share in the impact your CNH Children’s Fund is making for the youth of California, Nevada, & Hawaii.

Save the Dates!

Join us for a event at the “Service of Ohana” Dinner & Auction benefiting the CNH Children’s Fund!

Pack your favorite aloha shirt and make plans to join us at the 2024 Mid-Year Education Conferences, February 3 in Visalia and March 23 in Riverside. Look for registration details in the coming months.

In the meantime, scan the QR code below to request information about ways you can help support our dinner and auction.

Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund


I am beyond thrilled to be serving as your 2023 – 2024 California –Nevada – Hawaii District Governor Together, we will accomplish great things as we strive to make the world a better place – one child and one community at a time

As we move forward, we all should acknowledge the efforts and dedication of Governor Val and her SMILE team They’ve laid a strong foundation for the coming year, and we as a district should strive to keep building.

One thing we all need to focus on is membership There are communities that are struggling, and they would truly benefit from the impact that Kiwanis brings. There are clubs that are struggling, and they need a little shot of Ohana spirit to get them energized But how?

We need to perfect the ASK. We can no longer survive being the best kept secret. We need to be loud and proud of who we are and what we do. That’s the only way we’re going to grow We need to invite our friends – NOT to our club meetings, but to our service projects Get them hooked, and reel them in Once they’re engaged, keep them busy Don’t just give them a job; ASK them where their interests lie – and LISTEN to their answers. Utilize the Two for Two program. Reach out to your District Membership Chair for more tips on growing your club And keep your eyes and ears open for those areas that would benefit from having a Kiwanis Club

WHY is membership growth so important? Because our KIDS need us -- ALL of us – and then some Currently there are over 33,000 members in the Service Leadership Programs in our District. That’s roughly three times the number of Kiwanians. We have to do better. They’re counting on us.

I look forward to working with you and serving with you! We are ALL going to have a GREAT year!

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 5 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
“Live to Serve because Service is Sweet!”

Rose Float program information

January 1, 2024

The Rose Float is a yearly Cal-Nev-Ha District tradition just like the holiday season The float will travel down Colorado Boulevard on full display for the world to see. On the float will be the Kiwanis International President, the Circle K International President, and the Key Club International President. Also riding on the float from the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis will be the District Governor and the Governors of Circle K, Key Club, and the KIWIN’S District of Key Club.

Would you like to join them on this ride of a lifetime? Well, you can. Your sponsoring Kiwanis club can sponsor you to ride. Each student rider sponsor fee is $4,500.00. You are also responsible for any travel or housing needs for this experience This opportunity is good for Circle K, Key Club, KIWIN’S, Builder ’s Clubs, K-Kids, and Aktion Club members. Contact mark@cnhkiwanis.org to make arrangements.

We need your club to support the Rose Float Project by purchasing a

Mark W McDonald District Secretary/Executive Director KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 6 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

sponsorship, which includes a banner patch, pins, drawing tickets. See the District website for more The float cost is financed by fundraising and not th membership dues Help us keep this tradition goi

There is a drawing for a lucky winner to receive a of four tickets to the Rose Bowl Football Game an pass The second place winner receives 4 VIP Tic special viewing section of the Rose Parade and th winner receives $300 00 cash The drawing will be , 3 4:00 p m You don’t need to be present to win The tickets cost $25 00 each or 5 for $100.00. Email Caesar Milch at cjmilch@gmail.com or call the district office at 909-989-1500 to purchase tickets.

This year there is a Special Drawing for a chance to win a 4-night stay at a Disney Villa in California, Florida, or Hawaii. A one bedroom that sleeps up to 5 people. Good up to December 31, 2025. All travel, food, transfers, and taxes are included for a value of up to $8,000 00 You can purchase a ticket for $25 00 each or 5 tickets for $100 00 Contact Douglas Chadwick at doug@theliteracyclub org or Dave Wallach at pag.dsw@att.net to purchase tickets.

If you are a Kiwanis club and want to sponsor a significant member of your club to ring in the New Year in a memorable way, the Rose Float cost for adults is $6,000.00 per rider. To honor such a member for a lifetime of service or a special event contact us by emailing mark@cnhkiwanis org

The tradition of our Rose Float family of supporters wouldn’t be complete without each of you so make sure you are part of this year ’s Rose Float excitement by purchasing a sponsorship today!

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When Disaster Strikes

The Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund Responds

Flashback to the Christmas Flood of 1964. Over a span of three weeks, the Pacific Northwest, including parts of Northern California, received record levels of rain which resulted in flooding in Oregon and Northern California and affected parts of Washington, Idaho, and Nevada

According to the USGS, “The Christmas Flood of 1964 encompassed about 200,000 square miles, or roughly the size of France, resulted in 47 deaths, left thousands homeless, and caused more than $540 million ($3.9 billion today) worth of damage.”

At the height of the flood, the town of Klamath in Northern California was submerged under 15 feet of water The devastation was catastrophic with 98% of the town destroyed Every member of the Klamath Kiwanis club lost his home or business - or both. Kiwanians rolled up their sleeves and got to work rebuilding the town.

Less than a year after the Christmas Flood, the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund was established as a means for Kiwanians across the District to pool their funds and provide the

necessary financial support needed to reconstruct the town in the months ahead.

Fast forward to October 17, 1989. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, a 6 9 magnitude earthquake violently shook the region The quake was felt as far away as San Diego and Western Nevada Although the shaking lasted just 20 seconds, the damage was calamitous More than 18,000 homes were damaged and nearly 1,000 were destroyed. Businesses suffered losses too. Nearly 150 businesses were destroyed and more than 2,500 more were damaged.

The greatest loss of life occurred when the elevated Cypress Structure section of Interstate 880 collapsed A section of the Bay Bridge collapsed as well, and extensive damage to downtown Santa Cruz and San Francisco's Marina District was reported as well.

The quake caused an estimated $6 billion (equivalent to $15 billion today) in property damage and was responsible for 63 deaths and 3,757 injuries.

C A L - N E V - H A C H I L D R E N ’ S F U N D

Following the Loma Prieta Earthquake, the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund immediately established a permanent Disaster Relief Fund and directed contributions from Kiwanis clubs and members to respond to the relief efforts.

And most recently, our Ohana in Hawaii suffered a devastating loss when a series of wildfires ripped through the island of Maui. More than 80% of the historic town of Lahaina and its main thoroughfare, Front Street, have been reduced to rubble and ash The loss to the residents of Lahaina, and Hawaii as a whole, is unfathomable But there is a small glimmer of hope Although heavily damaged, it appears the 1.9-acre Banyan Tree survived.

Kiwanians are once again rolling up their sleeves to help with recovery efforts, and just like in disasters of the past, the CalNev-Ha Children’s Fund stands ready to assist as the community of Lahaina rebuilds over the next several years. You can help these efforts with a gift to the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund Disaster Relief Fund

Your gifts will make a significant impact on the lives of those who are struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastation caused by the Maui fires. Please consider making a gift today.

December 25, 1964: U.S. 101 Highway through Klamath. At the height of the flood, the town was submerged under 15 feet of water resulting in 98% of the town being destroyed September 6, 2023: The Lahaina banyan tree The historic tree is showing signs of life PC: The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources October 18, 1989: Damage in San Francisco's Marina District the day after the October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake struck PC: Nancy Wong, CC BY-SA 30 <creativecommonsorg/licenses/by-sa/30>, via Wikimedia Commons
C A L - N E V - H A C H I L D R E N ’ S F U N D Or scan this QR code with your phone's camera Three Ways To Make a Gift: Visit cnhfoundation.org/donate Make a check payable and mail to Disaster Relief @ CNH Children's Fund, P.O. Box 1327, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1327 909.736.1707 foundation@cnhkiwanis.org
PC: Eureka Newspapers, Inc

Lil’ Iguana

Are you looking for an innovative program focused on pediatric trauma prevention (PTP)? Here is a program that has been saving young lives and helping young children grow up safe and healthy

Lil’ Iguana’s safety and well-being programs have been presented in front of millions of people in seven countries and credited with saving countless children.

Here are some ways Kiwanians can use these programs within your neighborhoods and help save lives today

Lil’ Iguana’s easy-to-use programs and products immediately make a big impact on the young children throughout your neighborhoods and district. Lil’ Iguana’s easy-to-follow, music-driven programs keep children engaged so they can learn critical safety and well-being lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives.

These programs are straightforward and can be understood at any learning level Lil’ Iguana’s proactive programs arm children with the tools they need to avoid abduction, abuse, trafficking, and preventable accidental injuries while instilling self-worth and self-esteem for oneself, acceptance and respect for everyone and everything around them.

• Bring the Lil’ Iguana & Friends Music Driven Educational Stage Shows to elementary schools and community events in your Division. Lil’ Iguana Live! is a 50-minute music driven, live, interactive stage show featuring the costume character Lil’ Iguana and live performers It reinforces crucial safety messages through themed songs, skits, and demonstrations Children are engaged throughout the show and are encouraged to participate by answering questions directed towards the audience and to sing along. Some audience members are selected to participate on stage and become mentors for their peers This prevention program educates children in a fun, kid-friendly way while instilling self-worth, respect, and manners.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 10 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
The Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

• Purchase educational resource memberships for schools, police departments, Head Starts, Title 1 and all childcare facilities especially for low-income families.

-- Safety-Up with Lil’ Iguana is an easy-to-use online library that features 22 lessons to help keep our children safe from harm

• Purchase Lil’ Iguana & Friends educational products to distribute to the schools, child care facilities, families and children in Cal-Nev-HA

-- Lil’ Iguana's educational products were created to be engaging and fun for children and educators alike.

• Purchase Lil’ Iguana "A Gift From the Heart" Storybook to distribute to the schools, child care facilities, families and children in your community.

-- This book teaches kindness, manners, and acceptance while helping children learn how to read with the read-along video

• Take part in Lil’ Iguana’s Kindness Worldwide Day

-- Share the information with your communities, local media, and take part in the day by sending

video clips that feature kindness! This could be your club hosting a community event or members talking about what Kiwanis means to them. These videos will be added as part of the music video for Lil’ Iguana’s “Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated” song which will premiere on the Worldwide Kindness Day

We hope you can join us in saving children in our communities, regions, and throughout the world. To learn more about these programs and opportunities, www.liliguanausa.org. You can also set up a time to talk more with the Lil’ Iguana team by contacting James S. Tomaszewski, Sr. at 603-881-9805

Intended vs Unintended Benefits

Everyone is familiar with the term unintended consequences, but what about unintended benefits? Too often, in our busy Kiwanis worlds, we treat a donation request with a simple yes or no But what if we responded with a question like, “What about this?”

In late July, a member of the Clovis, California Senior Center approached a member of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis, asking if the club would consider donating towards the purchase of a piano for the new, soon to open, Clovis Senior Center. The old piano had served its time well, but was worn and in need of some repairs Rather than present the donation request to the Kiwanis Club’s Board of Directors, the suggestion was made that maybe a pancake breakfast – or two – might be a better idea, both for the club and the piano project It was explained that the service oriented Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis would rather put their money towards a project that might benefit a goal on a larger scale rather than just make a cash donation.

And so it was off to the races, both for the Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis and the “Seniors Piano Team.” With a silent auction, a great publicity campaign and some hustling by a couple of enthusiastic seniors, the event was a rousing success The breakfast served about 150 guests and brought in over $3,000, not including the silent auction. Of course, all the food and preparation were provided by the Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis, about $500 worth

So where was the unintended benefit? Well, after two or three morning and evening T V news reports and promotions, not only was there a great turnout for breakfast, but the Senior Piano Team also received two $5,000 donations…and a Steinway Grand Piano!

What could have been a simple $500 donation instead turned into a project that raised over $13,000 and a new piano. When you think about what a service project can do, don’t forget the potential for unintended benefits

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 12 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

Many clubs make a special effort to support young people continuing their higher education In addition, many projects take place during the summer as the weather allows for more outdoor activity.


The Kiwanis Club of Alameda participated in the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) in July The club’s team, We Walk as One, was made up of Kiwanians, family and friends. The members graciously gave up their time while raising more than $3,500 to support survivors, patients and their families The luminaria ceremony is a heartfelt time to reflect and remember.


The Kiwanis Club of Ontario-Parkway, along with their Key Clubs at Colony and Ontario High Schools, partnered with the Upland Animal Shelter in June for their Furst Aid Faire Members got to help with event organization throughout the day from set up to clean up. Not only was the event raising funds for vet costs at the shelter, but club members also got to assist in getting over 100 furry pets vaccinated and microchipped.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 13 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

5,000 meetings -time to celebrate


A milestone of 5,000th regularly scheduled meetings was celebrated by the Kiwanis Club of Hermosa

Beach as they reached their 97th year. In 2023 the club, with 40 members, will provide funding to 55+ charitable receipients and provide over forty scholarships to students from their local schools Way to keep your club’s legacy alive!

New Challenge Ministries back to school event, with the help of the Kiwanis Club of Torrance, who donated items to make the event the success it was.


One of the fun events for Division 21 was playing Trivia with their own celebrities in attendance. Lt. Governor Neill Kovrig is a past contestant on “Jeopardy” and “Masterminds”, and Kevin Tostado is an Emmy Award winner and a “Monopoly” tournament champion. Put both on the same team spells trouble. Overall, the event raised $250 in support of Key Leader Weekend.

It is always an honor to have the flags displayed along Waring Road. The Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens receives many compliments from the locals who drive by and honk or yell out how much they like seeing the display of patriotism Volunteers hoist the flags in the morning of special days

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 14 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 21 (cont’d)

In partnership with the Hillcrest Business Association and the Imperial Court de San Diego, the Kiwanis Club of Hillcrest All-Inclusive Club recently volunteered to help at the Kids Zone, created comic books starring participants, potted small plants to take home, and participated in reading programs and safe play during the event. Additionally our partnership included the Kiwanis logo on the large LED screen behind the talented local DJs

Youth Protection Week

October 16 - 20, 2023


Kupuna Spelling Bee was held June 14th in Hilo, HI Division 22 hosted the spelling bee in June with the event continuing throughout the state for Hawai’i residents 60 years and older.

The Kiwanis Club of East Hawai’i participated in this years Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) Member Wes Segawa donated $1,000 so members could be sheltered from the nice rain that comes with the event in the evening.


Along with the help of the scouts and key clubbers, the Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley, CA had a huge showing at the July 4th Celebration. Funds were raised from jumpies, raffle and food booth Overall the club raised more than $35,000 -- a new record! The food booth was open until 9pm with 1,700 hamburgers sold

In mid-July, the Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley, CA members assebled 100 backpacks at Target and delivered them to the Monument Crisis Center. Hoping in the futue they will be able to help with the distribution to the children (now that COVID is more under control )

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 15 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 26 (cont’d)

Later in the summer, the Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley, CA sent more than 8 700 diapers to three agencies that the club supports That is a lot of happy babies thanks to the club


Many of the clubs in Division 30 awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The Kiwanis Club of La Mirada also awarded Teacher Grants to the tune of $8,000 Teachers applied for the grants to assist them in much needed items for their classrooms.

Also the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada joined the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District with their “Caring Beyond the Classroom”. The club distributed about 1,000 pencil pouches with pencils to students who came to the event. The pencil pouches were all imprinted with the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada logo identifying where the gift came from

To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.

To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships

To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards.


Nearly $8,000 was raised to benefit the Healdsburg Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship

from the Fitch Mountain Footrace. Because of the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg members and other volunteers, the race went off without a hitch Many hours were put into making this event a success

To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and ser viceable citizenship.

To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic ser vice and to build better communities.

To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill

The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 Kiwanis International Convention in Denver, Colorado Through the decades, they have remained unchanged

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 16 SMILe • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
“ The Objec ts of Kiwanis”

DIVISION 32 (cont’d)

The Healdsburg Junior High School 8th grade graduates were treated to a delicious pancake breakfast by the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg. A contingent of Kiwanians helped set-up, work the serving line, cleanup and all the necessary tasks (including flipping the pancakes )

As the summer came to a close, the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg enjoyed the fun-filled evening at the annual Brandt’s Beach Barbeque. The Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale and Kiwanis Club of Windsor joined in on the fun Along with great food, the evening was filled with general merriment, games and a corn hole challenge The event raised $12,500 for the club’s project fund.

Remember to SMILE!

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg for receiving the Non-Profit of the Year Award at the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce annual barbeque

Editors Correction --

in the last edition, Spring 2023, the editor misunderstood the email from the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg It was reported that the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg awarded scholarships in the amount of $558,000 to seventy-five well-deserving seniors and alumni This was actually the total awarded from all donors, not just the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg. With that said, the club did award $27,000 -- a total not to take lightly.


The Kiwanis Club of Duarte awarded four scholarships to outgoing high school graduating students. The students were genuinely honored as they received their checks at the clubs meeting. Congratulations to all the awardees.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 17 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org


Division 37 hosted Governor Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer and First Mate Andy during the Labor Day weekend at the Kiwanis Club of Del Mar’s signature event “Day at the Races”. They spent the day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Racetrack enjoying great company and the excitement of horse racing The next day Valarie’s official governor ’s visit was held in San Marcos for a delightful luncheon.

Kara White--otherwise known as Ms. Kara--is a Kiwanis Club of Los Rancheros member and artist whose talent is now being enjoyed by an extra special group of kids! As they say, it takes a village, and thanks to her compassionate heart and talent, the brilliant dea of President Reed Reichert, and the decision makers at the Ronald McDonald House, she began teaching weekly art classes in July.

The classes are for siblings of the young patients staying at Rady's Children’s Hospital, as well as Rady's patients, and those returning for treatment. She quickly became a hit with the unique works of art she teaches in a fun, creative way These kids have an opportunity to look forward to this special class that's just for them, and they hug her, they smile, and they get to express their creativity through their own masterpieces. In all of her teachings, she just has a way with kids that goes far beyond art. It's a win-win for all, because understandably, this partnership has been incredibly rewarding for her too

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 18 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org Service, Membership, Innovation, Leadership, and Experience
Remember to SMILE!


Four scholarships were awarded to well deserving students by the Kiwanis Club of Camarillo The Kiwanis Club of Camarillo in mid-May held it’s second food drive of this Kiwanis year. The food was donated to the Camarillo Community Church, Jehovah Jireh Food Pantry and the Shelter Care Resources Center

The Kiwanis Club of Camarillo managed an information booth at the Heritage Days, put on by the Camarillo Old Town Association Members passed out a lot of small toys while they shared Kiwanis with their parents. The hope is that some of those parents may decide to join Kiwanis

Serving veterans and guests at the annual Memorial Day Commemortion ceremony is an honor for the Kiwanis Club of Moorpark

Clothing drive by the Kiwanis Club of Moorpark was a huge success with 120 bags collected.

In addition, the Kiwanis Club of Moorpark passed out backpacks to students at the Moorpark Pantry Plus.

The Kiwanis Clubs of Simi Valley, Santa Susana and Moorpark gathered together for their annual Youth Protection Training.

During the Califonia Strawberry Festival, the Kiwanis Club of Oxnard, with 20 volunteers over two days, served strawberry margaritas. The booth broke the record, selling approximately 17,000 margaritas.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 19 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

In keeping with giving, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara awarded ten local high school graduates with scholarships totalling $26,000 at their annual scholarship dinner.

For a fun summer event, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbar p Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary club with their Dolphin Dive Festival Money was raised by the adoptions of the dolphins and racing them down the water slide. Lots of families, kids and smiles made for a fun-filled day.

Dual club member (Kiwanis Club of Santa Susana and Thousand Oaks) Katie whipped up sausages for breakfast at the Love Run for Senior Citizens

Run for the Wall is an annual motorcycle ride from California to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC and to the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial in Marseilles, Illinois. The Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley completed 3,000 neck coolers for the riders. Honoring our heros is as patriotic as it gets. Time to remember those who gave of themselves for us all to enjoy our freedom

In fine fashion, the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley awarded the Hope of America to outstanding students at 22 elementary school and middle schools, including two private schools, throughout Simi Valley.

The Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley cooked and served a full spaghetti dinner of more than 200 at the awards ceremony of the Park District’s Senior Games.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 20 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

A blood drive at the Simi Library was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley Most of the volunteering members also donated blood.

And to celebrate the 4th of July, the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley did it in style with music, dancing, food, drinks and fireworks. Fun for all ages


$21,000 was awarded, by the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks, in scholarships to high school graduating seniors enabling them to pursue their higher education

The Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks was on hand cooking breakfast for the participants in Conejo Valley Senior Concern’s annual Love Run fundraiser.

Members cooked and served about 500 pancake and sausage breakfasts The club also drives two Meals-on-Wheels routes every week, helping in one of the many ways Senior Concerns serves local seniors

Another worthwhile event is the Cancer support Community’s Caravan. The Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks was on hand to cook hamburgers for the participants.

The members of the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks, Key Club and K-Kids worked the games at Touch a Truck A great way to help the community.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023 21 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

As reported in earlier editions of this magazine, the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks continues their signature project “Bikes for Youth” where members refurbish used bikes and donate them to children who don’t have bikes to ride To date, the club has donated 86 bikes to disadvantaged youth this Kiwanis year -- and 348 bikes since they started this project in April 2021.

It takes a village! Waterscapes Unlimited and the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks sponsored and renovated the Westersfield garden. Members of the club sprayed, removed weeks, replaced six planter boxes, fixed the drip irrigation system and repaired and painted the fence

Scholarships were awarded to four well deserving students from Ventura, Buena High and Santa Paula High Schools by the Kiwanis Club of Ventura


The Kiwanis Club of Sierra Nevada held a golf tournament in June to raise funds for the Carson City Senior Center and the Ron Wood Family Resouce Center. The club presented the Carson City Senior Center more than $4,000 for their Meals-on-Wheels program. Last year alone, the Carson City Senior Center provided 110,000 noon meals five days a week to food insecure seniors


The American Graffiti Festival & Car Show, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Modesto, has become their signature community event The event draws more than 1,200 classic cars and spectators from hundreds of miles. The overall event this year raised about $140,000 which will go for scholarships, expanded Christmas basket program plus donations to local non-profits. A train ride was a new addition as part of an enhanced play area for children

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It will be another great Rose Parade on January 1, 2024 The theme of the 2024 Rose Parade is: “Celebrating a World of Music, the uage”. The 024 Rose Float y of Kiwanis in harmony er 55 years, anis has ented a float e use to portray sion of Kiwanis ear over he Kiwanis

to continue the largest Service Leadership Program (SLP) community service project in Kiwanis International and the opportunity to spread the objects of Kiwanis around the world.

We will be selling seats to ride on the float again $6,000 for adults, $4,500 for our SLP members and anyone under 18 years of age. There will be an opportunity raffle for VIP seats to the Rose Bowl, Tailgate Party and Rose Parade View.

In addition, there will be a great view party at Phoenix Decorating Company for all their floats under construction and the Queen and her Court have been invited.

10 floats for this community event broadcast all over the world. Every year we look for ways to cover the cost of this great event.

The funds to build our float were raised by clubs in the Cal-Nev-Ha District for years. Kiwanis International provided some funding over the past few years, but budgetary issues will prevent Kiwanis International from continuing that support. So, now we must raise $130,000

Kiwanis Rose Float 2024

Clubs can become sponsors at different levels and receive different merchandise such as pins, banner patches, challenge coins and raffle tickets.

for more Information, visit Kiwanisrosefloatclub.com

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Submitted by Ernest Arnold

Your support of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund makes a continuum of impact from birth to young adult through Kiwanis’ causes, health and nutrition, education and literacy, and youth leadership development We are making a difference in communities in our district and around the world Thank you for improving the lives of children.

10,000 meals. Partnering with a nonprofit organization to purchase meal ingredients comprised of protein-enriched ingredients and include 21 nutritious vitamins and minerals. A portion will be distributed through schools so that students in need can take them home on weekends A Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will fund the purchase of ingredients for 4,000 meals.

The Kiwanis Club of Imperial Beach-South Bay will expand access to Readability Tutor, an online literacy program using speech recognition to increase reading proficiency and comprehension for 100 students. A Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will help the club offer access to 100 more elementary and middle school students.

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund has raised more than $1 6 million through July, $856,145 in club gifts from 2,273 clubs for an average gift of $376 per club And, in turn, has awarded almost $600,000 in grants and scholarships, $27,765 in microgrants for 39 projects, and $340,815 in club grants for 49 projects impacting 350,000 kids.

Four clubs awarded grants in 2022-23

Kiwanis Club of South Gate will fill backpacks with school supplies for local students The Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will support the purchase of enough supplies to distribute twice within a school year impacting 800 children

Kiwanis Club of Gold Country will package

Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills will partner with local organizations and schools offering a free health fair for children through 8th grade Health professionals provide vision, dental, and scoliosis screenings The Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will fund the costs associated with health screenings and food for the event

And two clubs received the new Microgrant, Kiwanis Club of Literacy in Southern California distributed 500 new books to 300 families who have transitioned out of homelessness Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will support purchase of books and labels. The Kiwanis Club of Clovis ispartnering with Nature Education and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to provide six Kiwanis branded display cases for animal specimens children can interact with.

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The Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant will cover the cost of one display case.

District Giving Report

District giving report through July 2023, reflects $60,287 total with $20,017 donated by clubs. We encouraged clubs to renew last year ’s gift with a 10 percent increase, and, for clubs who had not contributed before or lapsed in contributions we encouraged gifts of $365 President’s Challenge goal of $32,936 in club giving is attainable.

2022-2023 S.M.I.L.E. Team

Lieutenant Governors were encouraged to ask their clubs to donate to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and request a Ready-Made-Meeting Kit to educate their members on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund

District Education Convention 2023

$2 25 can positively impact the life of one child For a gift of $225 or more, donors receive a lanyard as a thank you for impacting the lives of 100 children with their gift

During the Kiwanis International Convention week, $140,000 was raised impacting the lives of 62,000 children.

donors to impact 100 kids and be entered into a drawing for a box of See’s Candies Lollypalooza.

Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship

The Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship was unveiled at the Kiwanis International Convention last year

The 1990-91 Kiwanis International President put Kiwanis on the world stage for early childhood health and development Honoring his work and his vision, the Fellowship will honor our 74th president. Dr Wil Fellowships are awarded to donors who make a gift of $2,500 to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, recognizing Kiwanians’ generosity while remembering Dr Wil’s passion for childhood development.

We had three recipients of the Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship at our district convention in 2022 and we have recognized additional recipients in 2023!

Want to help?

We need a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help with the next chapter of our fundraising that will impact millions of children Want to support the Continuum of Impact Kiwanis causes, please contact us We reach out to clubs, share news, and seek support

Following up on the Kiwanis International initiative, at our District Convention, we sought

“The Kiwanis Children’s Fund develops resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world.”

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As the school year came to an end, the Lewis Middle School Builders Club recognized their top members with awards. Congratulations to all the members for a year of doing great work

Recently, members of the Lewis Middle School Builders Club -- even one or two who haven’t even been to a Builders Club meeting yet -- were willing to lend a hand at the Kiwanis membership booth during the First Friday concert at the Allied Gardens Recreational Center

The Camarillo Builders Club supports the Shelter Care Resources Center in Oxnard. The club also started harvesting their fruits and vegetables from their Learn & Grow project that requires minimal watering The produce was devoured at their end-of-year party. After a few sour faces, they will not be growning radishes next year.

The Data Builders Club (Thousand Oaks) had a very successful year Some of their projects were Painted Rocks for Veterans’ garden, turkey pumpkins for the Salvation Army, holiday cards for nursing homes, making quilts for cancer patients, posters for blood drive, Valentine’s Day cards for special needs classes, and teacher appreciation gifts

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O u r Ser vi ce Leaders h ip

Pro g rams Lead t he Way

Summer is a quiet time for the Service Leadership Programs. Once school starts up, service will follow Club rushes are planned to bring on new members and engage all members with new activities/projects.


Division 21 Key Clubbers, along with members of the Kiwanis Club of Tierrasanta, made sandwiches together for the better part of three hours And the best part was that the sandwiches were everyone’s favorite, peanut butter and jelly Their goal was to make 1,000 brown bag lunches including the sandwiches. Job well done -- pat yourselves on the back

The Patrick Henry High School Key Club members participated in the Ocean Beach Kiwanis Kite Festival as well as the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.

New recruit? Patrick Henry High School mascot showed an interest in Key Club during the school’s Club Rush event. The officers of the Patrick Henry High School Key Club were able to showcase their club and advertise to potential new members.

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KEY CLUB (cont’d)

In continued service with their first project of the new school year, sixteen members of the Patrick Henry High School Key Club reported to the shores along Ocean Beach on a damp Saturday morning to complete cleanup

The Waiakea High School Key Club has been active with many projects such as Ocean Day clean up, spelling bee, assisting with Namerica in Keaauwith Operation Gratitude. For the Kiwanis Division 22 spelling bee, the club donated 25 leis They didn’t stop there but also hosted a Special Olympic Prom These students truly understand the value of giving back

Hilo High School Key Club have also been very active. They participated in campus beautification clean up storage, number of rummage sales and put together fifty hygiene care bags for the homeless. Also the members participated in Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) and assisted the Waiakea High School with the Special Olympic Prom.

The Keaau High School Key Club saw a need at the Keaau High School Graduation and jumped right in helping with parking cars and being guide helpers. Members participated in Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), and the zoo project

Division 42W Key Club held their first Division Council Meeting at Oxnard Beach Park After finishing their business, they played a competitive game of beach volleyball.

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The Thousand Oaks K-Kids, along with Builders Club and Key Club members, spoke at the Conejo Valley Unified School District Board meeting and the Thousand Oaks City Council meeting sharing information about Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) event happening at the end of September They did a great job and should be commended for their time and energy in pursuing this event.

ling the year of service, the Thousand Oaks K-Kids brated with a great party with fun, popcorn and face nting.

nch anyone? The Thousand Oaks K-Kids made urteen lunches for those is need at Harbor House.


The Santa Barbara AKtion Club, along with members from the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara, helped work the beverage stand at the Dolphin Dive Festival



The Kiwanis Club of Moorpark is proud of the students in the Terrific Kids program

San Diego State University Circle K projects include, but not limited to, “Ladle Foundation”, and a homeless outreach event scheduled for Downtown San Diego.

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