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September 6th, 2012

Weekly Publication OF Ranch News & Events

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This weekend marks the 4th Cloud 9 Ranch sponsored bow shoot weekend. This is a great time for the entire family to come out and enjoy the weekend at the Ranch. Regardless of your skill level, archery is a fantastic sport for the participants and the spectators alike. The family style atmosphere of the sport has now brought youth and women into the leading of the fastest growing outdoor sport in America. This weekend at Cloud 9 you can expect to see archers of all skill levels compete. The purpose of these type of shoots is to allow both the hunter and the competitive archer a chance to hone there shooting skills and yet not leave out the beginning archer in the process. There will be prizes awarded in various classes. The top 9 finishers in the youth class will be awarded trophy's. Bring your lawn chairs and plan to have a good time as the archery shoot kicks off at 9AM September, 8th, on the Cloud 9 Ranch front drive. If you are interested in finding out more information about the “Hunting Season Kick-off”, call Rex Harrison at 417-274-6904 for more details or better yet, stop by and visit during the bow shoot.

September 6th, 2012

The 9 Lines

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Conservation Committee News The Labor Day Weekend Duck Race was another huge success this year. Everyone may not of been happy about the rains, but our “Ducks” certainly were. The Conservation Committee gave $1000 away in payouts for 1st-5th place this year. The payouts were given away in Ranch gift cards so every fundraising dollar benefits some area of Cloud 9 Ranch. Thank you to everyone who participated, bought ducks and joined in on the fun down in Foggy over Labor Day Weekend. Your support is over-whelming and shows the need to continually improve Ranch conservation for years to come.


Craft House Sponsors bag Sale!

Shuffle Board Mini-Golf ATV Helmets Equipment available at the Ranger Station!

CRAFT HOUSE IS SPONSORING A BAG SALE SEPT. 8 Volunteers at the Craft House will provide “bag shopping” for employees and members Sept. 8th only (does not include consignment items). Employees and members will pay a small fee and fill a bag with as many items as they can stuff in it. The Craft House is operated by volunteers of the Craft House Committee & located at Gene Bean Crossing in Wilder Springs. Be sure to stop by and visit this Weekend!

September 6th, 2012

The 9 Lines

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Set Sail On a New Kind of C9r Cruise!

September 8th ~ Fall Bow Shoot! October 5th-8th ~ Columbus Weekend October 26th-29th~ Member Appreciation Weekend! October 27th~ Free Hog Roast October 27th~ First time ever…. Witches Brew Party! (Family ATV Event) October 28th~ Fall Foliage Trail Ride Details for these and other great Ranch events will be posted soon in the 9 Lines. Make sure you follow us on Facebook or sign up for Free 9-Lines emails! Book Rental Reservations Now! September is a Great Time To Visit Cloud 9 Ranch Take Advantage Of the September Rental Rate Specials!

Want to have fun with your Ranch Family out at sea? Get ready for the Royal Caribbean Cloud 9 Cruise. How about a different kind of cruising…say on January 11th 2014. We are planning the first ever, Cloud 9 Cruising Expedition on the Serenade Of the Seas. We will leave from New Orleans, LA sailing for a day at sea, arriving at Key West, FL on Monday January 13th. Next we will then travel to Nassau, Bahamas on Tuesday, January 14th followed by a full day of relaxation on Wednesday January 15th at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Cococay! Then after 2 days at sea we will return to New Orleans on Saturday, January 18th Information about special Cloud 9 Ranch pricing is available. *****Find Out How to get $50 in on ship credits***** For more information email:

Campground closings & other Campground Information The closing of campgrounds will begin on November 1st, 2012. Foggy and Wilder Springs will close November 1st. Hill Country and Powder Mill will close on November 30th Lonesome Pines will remain open all year. Melody Lane (tentatively) will remain open all year. Cabins will remain open all year. Select Rental Campers will remain open all year. As a note, reservations for needed rentals from September-New Years should be booked as soon as possible. This is done to defray costs of the winterization process for campers. The full rental fleet is not open during the winter months. Winter No-Move Rule-October 1st-April 15th, 2013 please refer to the rule book for further description. Rule books are available in the Ranch Office. For 30 Day Pads Only-Beginning on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Twenty consecutive day leave becomes effective. Please refer to the rule book for further description. Rule books are available in the Ranch Office.


Who is Dave Parvin? . “Adapt, Modify, Overcome,” is what David Parvin says

has been a motto he lives by. “People can change the way they think. You can overcome anything just by changing the way you think. Take a negative and get something positive out of it.” There’s no place on earth that motto better fits than at his job. “It’s not a struggle, just a fact and away we go.” Dave is lead mechanic and in charge of the garage “shop,” and takes a lot of pride in the work he has accomplished. Dave’s journey with Cloud 9 began a little over two years ago. He had a mobile mechanic business that kept him away from home and family. Coming home from a job in Willow Springs one evening, Dave prayed asking God to set him down some place where he could use his talents and just enjoy living again. A Cloud 9 help wanted ad was in the paper that day. That night when Dave sat down and read it, he said, “I knew that job was mine,” but it didn’t come easy. Dave admits his “weathered look” was not a plus, but he knew the job was his and he had to convince Coy of that. It took him four trips talking with Coy Jackson before he hired Dave. His knowledge of ranch equipment and many talents won him over. When asked about his childhood, Dave shared a little Born in Denver, CO in Feburary of 1954, he was raised in a foster home with eleven others in the house. He credits his home life for his eagerness to learn and become educated. Dave in a serious tone remarked, “I would get depressed when I had to leave school in the afternoons.” His ability to “modify, adapt and overcome” started at a young age and his escape was school where he loved science and metal crafting, but most of all he learned the value of an education. Dave’s first job at age 13 was at a Schwinn Bicycle factory in Denver, and he’s never stopped working since. At age 17, he entered the Army as one of the last military draftees, “But I tested out high and didn’t have to go in as a grunt like most.” Assigned as an aviation mechanic, he spent 8 years in the Army building his love for airplanes, that still has a passion for today. After military, Dave landed in Florida where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in automotive engineering from Spartan School of Aeronautics. He lived in Phoenix, Houston, and several other places in those years. He came to Thayer, MO to visit brothers and grandparents he had not seen for many years; met the love of his life, Janice. Janice lived in West Plains and they have been married now for 28 years. Dave and Janice have four children, three grandchildren, and a Siberian Husky. Dave says of his family, “We are a multi-talented bunch – son is a computer geek, oldest daughter is an RN, Janice was an aerospace machinist, made nozzles for patriot missiles during Gulf War at Southwest Mobile Systems in West Plains.” Beyond family, Dave’s pride and joy is his Stitts Skycoupe, a vintage aircraft. Having a pilot’s license since 1971, when asked where his favorite place to fly is, he remarked, “Anywhere I can fly low and slow.” Dave is not a member of Cloud 9 Ranch. When asked what he likes most about the Ranch, he revealed, “It’s the terrain, love the varied nooks, crannies, hollows, love seeing the horses right out back.” Dave has read everything he can find on the history of Cloud 9 and has talked to many people. Cloud 9 now plays a very important part in Dave’s life. He knows he is where he is supposed to be. “It’s not about the money,” Dave says, “because I made three times as much working for myself. I love it here.” This interviewer left this subject wanting to hear more of Dave’s love for Cloud 9, but it’s a work day for Dave and he must be about his business of adapting, modifying and overcoming. Dave was very honest when asked what he wanted to tell the Cloud 9 membership. “We may be hillbillies, but we are not hicks.” And he didn’t laugh when he said it. “The Ranch opened up my life to a lot of ways to apply my trade and I hope that I’m helping the Ranch as much as it has helped me.” Dave’s goal, in his own words, “Make this Ranch work and stop all the leaks….and I mean all of them Ma’am.” Dave takes pride in his workplace even though it’s an old garage. It was clean and he bragged on the men that he works with. You could see from the other guy’s working that they enjoy being around Dave He said his workers at the shop are the best and there are no more days when he comes to work and tools are “missing.” At the end of the interview, Dave pulled from his desk a picture of Janice and him standing in front of a garage he owned back in the 80’s. The name of that garage struck me as so genuine for this man with a weathered look and a patriotic do-rag on his head. It read, “Good Karma Garage.” Yes, with David Parvin as our lead mechanic, our garage at Cloud 9 now has “Good Karma.”

September 6th, 2012

The 9 Lines

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Your Help Is Needed Check out Bingo! Always a Good Time in the Patio Room Check the Calendar for Game times

C9R Camper Towing Call 417-284-7321 Schedule Your Camper To be placed on a Pad Or to be Returned Back to Compound.

On September 8th during Employee Appreciation Day, we will be sponsoring an EMPLOYEE SHOPPING SPREE for Ranch employees and their families. Keeping in mind that many of our employees will be laid off in September, we are going to try and help bridge that financial gap for them with the help and generosity of the membership. GROCERY SHOPPING SPREE: (This event will take the place of the Christmas in September done in previous years.) On Employee Appreciation Day, there will be a “grocery store” set up for the employees. Names of employees will be drawn for a chance to “shop.” They will be able to win an amount of seconds to gather what they want in a shopping bag. What we are asking is that members donate non-perishable grocery items or household supplies to the EMPLOYEE STORE. DROP OFF PLACE FOR THESE ITEMS IS THE NEW RANGER’S STATION BUILDING by the gatehouse. When you are arriving or leaving, drop your items off any time of the day or night. SUGGESTION: Think of this event when you are leaving the Ranch and have those items to carry back home or you usually give to another camper. If you want to donate money for us to do your shopping for the items, drop off your cash donations at the Ranch Office Window or Gatehouse in an envelope marked EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION SHOPPING SPREE or make checks payable to Cloud 9 Ranch with memo: Shopping Spree. Our goal is to have at least $600 worth of groceries to spread around to as many employees as it lasts. Your donation can help make it happen!!!

Cruisers Casino night ` Coming Soon!

Ahoy Mateys! Gather ye doubloons and get ye down to the Cruiser’s Club Casino Night. Prepare to play yer best at yer fav’rite casino games, then bid auction-style on treasures, or prepare to walk the plank. Ruckus starts at 7pm on October 6.

September 6th, 2012

The 9 Lines

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The Rest of the Story

Wednesday, Sept. 12th Cloud 9 Patio Room Pokeno 6:30PM-9PM Bring Pennies Thursday, Sept. 13th Card Bingo 6:30PM 15 Games @ 25 Cents a game After Card Bingo Play Left~Right~Center Valley Star School House Open Saturday-2PM-4PM Last Day of the Season…….. September 8th

Book Rental Reservations Now!

LIFE OF A TOWER You get up at 5 A.M. and go to the compound to get your first trailer for the day. There is a busy day ahead and you want to drop your first trailer on a pad by 6 A.M. so you can get your customer the pad that they want or a good pad. Everyone wants a shade tree. There are only so many trees in the camp grounds. The morning is spent putting trailers on pads and you go home for lunch, you have only eaten a few bites and someone knocks on the door, you are wanted at the door. You get back to your lunch and about half way through eating someone else is at the door. Sometimes the phone rings at night at 10 P.M. and someone has come in late, they need their trailer put on a pad. Sometimes the gate calls at 2 P.M. wanting a trailer location. No matter what a tower is doing whether fishing or going out to eat, the phone is always on their side to answer. If anyone needs a tow it comes first. The wife is at home answering the door all day, where is Herb? I don’t know, putting trailers out somewhere. This is repeated all through the day. How is a wife to know where her husband is, when there are 6 campgrounds on the ranch? She gets on the phone and calls to find out where he is. Sometimes he answers and sometimes he doesn’t. There is a really good relationship between the towers on the ranch. If a tower is too far away or not able to get a trailer on a pad for a customer they will call another tower to do it for them and it will get done. This has really worked well for the towers on the ranch; they know that there is always someone to cover for them if needed. I know the first part of my story sounds like I am just joking, but it is really what happens. I don’t know how the other towers feel, but I know that even days that Herb comes in so tired that he could drop he has loved every minute of it. Marie Pilkinton


September is a Great Time To Visit Cloud 9 Ranch Take Advantage Of the September Rental Rate Specials!

$$$$$$$$$$$ ATTENTION MEMBERS: If we sell a new Cloud 9 Membership to a referred friend, you receive a $100 Cloud 9 Cash Card when they sign up! Tour Guides are available – call a friend and tell them to come on down and enjoy a Ranch Guest Stay this Fall at Cloud 9, and we’ll do the rest!

Make sure to tell your friends to say ferred them!

YOU re-

*For purchases at restaurant, gas station and Trading Post.

September 6th, 2012

Cloud 9 Ranch

The 9 Lines

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Ranch Rider News

The Ranch Riders have been very busy over the past week with having to lay out an alternate route for the poker / marble run as RRC the weather was forecast to have heavy rains with flash flooding. The route first planned was along the stream. The alternate route ATV Trail Maps was in the pet cemetery area of the ranch and “out front” using On Sale Now the “snow gate”. Many “slappers” were cut back and down trees and large rocks removed from the trails. In the The route was “flagged” and paper plates with various sayings were place along the trails Sunday morning by the “trail marking Trading Post crew” while the “sign up” crew was busy getting everyone sign in. The Marble Run riders were “launched” at 1:00 P M with 210 machines leaving the T-Top with 344 people on board by way of Stoney Pass. There were no reported injury accidents on the run. There was some “jerks” that thought it was funny to remove some of the flagging and the paper plates during the run, their membership Valley Star School House numbers were reported. is wrapping up an exciting The “highest” point winner receiving a cash prize of $533 and the season. lowest point hand received $25. Second through fifth place also Saturday, September 8th received cash prizes. The “grand” trail rider prize was a $100 gift will be the last day the card from Honda of the Ozarks, many other “trail rider” prizes school house is open this were drawn also. season. Thank you all who volunteered to help, sponsored with prizes or Everyone is invited to stop rode the Marble Run. We hope you enjoyed it. by & visit from 2pm-4pm. The next Marble Run will on Saturday, Columbus Day weekend Employees are welcome in October. to visit during the emThe RRC built a float for the Labor Day weekend parade that was ployee appreciation that held Saturday evening. Even if the parade was small and in the will be going as well. rain everyone was having fun. VSSH would like to thank After the parade a RRC monthly On-Line meeting was held in the everyone who helped & Ranch Riders building, with many attending in person and on ate at the Labor Day Pan- line. After the meeting pizza was served. Thanks to all who atcake Breakfast. This was tended and thank you to the one who bought the pizza. a great success for the Please help keep the trails clean! “Carry out what you carry in”! school house & the Ranch. The next meeting ~Chuck Ruckdeschell will be held on Sept. 11th at 6:30PM in the Ranch Clubhouse. Anyone interested in the schoolhouse is invited to attend. We hope to see you there!

September 6th, 2012

The 9 Lines

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Family Fun~ Weekend Caving Trip

As the 2012 camping season comes to an end, we encourage members to Thank the employees who have served at C9R this summer. Special Honors and Awards for service will take place on Saturday, September 8th. We encourage all employees & their families to join in on a day of fun. Employee Appreciation Events will be held at the Big Top Swimming Pool area. Hope to see you there!

Regardless of what you enjoy doing while you are at the Ranch, there is always something for everyone. This past Labor Day Weekend was certainly no exception. Practically every minute of the weekend was filled with some kind of activity that any family could enjoy. The highlight for some Ranch families was the guided caving tour hosted by Jerry Pusch. Jerry, Ed Horton and several others donated a great part of there Sunday morning to showing off some of the hidden areas of Cloud 9. The cave tours began bright and early and with 45 participants, lasted well past 1PM. Jerry was kind enough to share cave safety and Ranch Cave knowledge with other Ranch Members. If you were lucky enough to be in the last caving group, you were able to see the bear that lives in Frank Cave/Pusch Caverns! The day was light hearted and filled with good clean family fun despite the rain and mud! It was certainly a pleasure for all who helped to host the day to see the smiling faces, hear the positive feed back and touch the hearts of the Ranch Members who were involved. As more plans are made for Ranch Group Caving Adventures, they will be posted in the 9 Lines. Hopefully next time, your family will get to join in on all the fun that is happening at Cloud 9 Ranch!

It is Your responsibility to know!

Cloud 9 Ranch RRC ATV Trail Maps On Sale Now In the Trading Post

Cloud 9 Ranch is a very beautiful place to ride ATV’s, camp, and fish. With nearly 6500 acres, there is something for everyone to do at Cloud 9 Ranch. Ranch members are encouraged to ride the trails & explore the natural beauty that our Ranch encompasses. With that task also comes the responsibility of the member to know where you are on the property. The RRC has spent a great amount if time & effort in producing C9R Trail maps. The maps are a tool that every member should have readily available as they explore the Ranch property. For your convenience the maps are for sale in the Trading Post. As you enjoy your time at Cloud 9 Ranch, be aware that private landowners share fence lines with the Ranch. Both Ranch Management and these Private Owners want you, as members, to be aware that cutting fences and the destruction of private property is against the law. Ranch Members who trespass onto privately owned land can be prosecuted. Surrounding property owners have reported to Ranch Officials that fire rings have been built, trash (beer cans) have been left and fences have been cut by Cloud 9 Members. One landowner has also reported that since the spring of this year, nearly 2 miles of ATV trails have been blazed on their privately held property. As members, know where you are on the Ranch property, look for purple marking paint to identify property lines and avoid all areas that are marked with “NO TRESSPASSING” signs. The Ranch has been blessed with neighbors that respect our private area, let’s return the favor by respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners as well.

September 6th, 2012


The 9 Lines

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CHAPEL Sunday Services



TRADING POST Sunday-Thursday 8AM-4PM Friday –Saturday 8AM-10PM GAS STATION Sunday –Thursday 8AM-2PM RANCH STABLES Monday, Thursday, Friday

By Appointment Saturday & Sunday 8AM 9:30AM and 11AM RESTAURANT Sunday-Thursday 8AM-2PM Friday-Saturday 8AM-8PM

Thank You for Visiting Cloud 9!



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