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PO Box 50 Caulfield, Missouri

Established in 1972

Hope To See You At the Witches Brew ATV Party Saturday, October 27th See Details Inside!

Caulfield, Missouri

Established in 1972

What's Happening This Weekend?

Inside this Issue: Page 3: Restaurant Closed Pond Protection Horseback Ride Fundraiser Page 4: The Rest of the Story Free Deer Hunter Chili Dinner Page 5: Campground Info RRC News Around the Ranch Page 6: Pay it Forward Page 7: C9R Cruise Ship Page 8: Who is???? Page 9: Gun Raffle Helpful Hints Weather Alerts Page 10: Facility Hours Shooting Range Compound 6 Archery Targets Hog Roast

Hay Ride Information: The hay ride that has been scheduled for the kids will leave at 1pm from the Trading Post parking lot. The ride will go to Lonesome Pines, Melody Lane, the left side of Hill Country, Powder Mill and come back to the Trading Post. If you are planning on handing out candy for the trick-or-treat’rs please be posted at this time to catch the hay ride as it comes by your camp site. Thank You to all the generous members who have donated candy.

October 25th, 2012

Protect Your Investment The new lake is finally coming together. The recent rain falls that the Ranch has been blessed with are doing their part to contribute to the filling of the new lake. With this rain fall comes the temptation of playing in the mud. If you are an ATV rider, then you are in good company of those who love playing in the mud from time to time. The new lake area is not the appropriate area for “Mudding”. Over the course of the last few weeks, there have been several riders who have been joy riding around the pond bank and newly constructed dam. Be aware, that this type of activity can and will cause damage to the dam. If this happens, more time and money will have to be invested to repair the damage. The Rangers have been instructed to patrol the area to help protect the dam and new lake. Tickets will be issued for improper ATV activity in this area. As members, do your part in making sure your investment of improvements to the Ranch are protected.

Special Notice The Office Would like to Remind Ranch Members that in the Office is Open Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM

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Fall horseback Ride Fundraiser The Conservation Committee is hosting the second “Ride For Hay” on Sunday, October 28th. The Wranglers will be guiding the event. Profits raised would go to plant Alfalfa Hay that would produce a food source for the deer and a revenue production for the Stables. Benefitting Cloud 9 Ranch and it’s members in the areas of Revenue through crop sales, food plots for the deer and land improvement for the entire ranch. 10 Ranch Members are being solicited for being actively involved with the fund raiser. Each member is given an envelope and asked to collect a $10 donation for the trail-ride from 5 other Ranch Members. This donation will be in the effort to “support conservation” while helping develop the agricultural resources of Cloud 9 Ranch. The Conservation Committee will be providing a free lunch for the participants. Halfway through the ride, the group will break for lunch that will be cooked on site. This day is sure to be packed with a lot of fun and defiantly memories that will last a life time. What Participants Can Expect: You can expect that the money you raised for this event will be put to good use to benefit the entire ranch. $10 Ranch Gift Cards have been donated to those who participate as a show of support for your efforts to make improvements to Cloud 9 Ranch. Also, lunch will be provided for those who participate. Who will be guiding the trail ride? The experienced wranglers at Cloud 9 Ranch will be guiding the horseback trail ride. Where will the trail ride go? The trail ride will cover selected trails on the Ranch property. The group will depart from the Ranch Stables and break for lunch at Lonnie’s Lookout. How long will the trail ride take? From beginning to end the ride will take about 3 1/2 hours. This includes getting ready to depart, the ride, taking time for lunch & returning back to the stables. What Time does the Ride Start? Riders must be ready to depart the stables at 11am. Where Do Riders Meet? Riders will meet at 10:30AM at the Ranch Stables. Departure time is 11AM. Lunch will be served at Lonnie’s Look Out upon arrival of the riding group. How do I participate? If you would like to be a part of this fundraising effort, please contact Tressa at 417-284-7321 ext 108 The horses we have available are limited to 10. Please call right away to confirm your role in helping the Stables & Conservation Committee in this effort to increase Ranch resource productivity.

Restaurant Closing on Early On Saturday

Special Notice! On Saturday, October 27th the Ranch House Restaurant will be closing at 2PM. This is so the staff can prepare for the Hog Roast that will be taking place at 4PM. We hope that this will not cause you any inconvenience and want to extend the welcome to join us at the Member Appreciation Hog Roast at the T-Top. The Ranch House hours for the rest of the week are posted on the back page of this 9 Lines issue. Have a great weekend at Cloud 9 Ranch!

October 25th, 2012

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The Rest of the story~ The Board of Directors of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., have over the last two years worked closely with the Outfitters and Ranch Management in monitoring the newly developed Outfitters (our marketing department). Stephanie Harrison is supervising and implementing the marketing development and has done a tremendous job in bringing about activities and promotional ideas. She has enhanced present member\'s enjoyment and participation in activities on the Ranch, and, at the same time, brought to the ranch her marketing skills to produce a wide variety of enticements through advertising and promotional endeavors. She is to be commended for this. After presenting to us several plans for promotions and advertising, all of which have been successful and produced the expected results, the Board of Directors gave our stamp of approval for Stephanie to continue working with Ranch management to further develop the marketing and advertising of Cloud 9 Ranch in whatever ways they felt would be best. The Board of Directors are grateful to the employees of Cloud 9 Ranch who are dedicated to bringing positive results that will ultimately be of great benefit to the revenues we are seeking to increase through both sales and promotions. With that being said, it is safe to say that the Board of Directors have informed Ranch Management and Stephanie Harrison to try different ideas this off-season to see what works and what doesn't. A full accounting of the marketing successes, and other ideas that may not have worked as well as expected, will be discussed in the Spring. It is an honor for this Director to work with such dedicated employees. I am sure there are others who feel the same way. Kadye Ward Secretary Board Of Directors Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc

October 25th, 2012

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Around the Ranch Cloud 9 Ranch RRC ATV Trail Maps On Sale Now In the Trading Post

Rrc News The Ranch Riders are busy cutting “slappers” from the trails and trimming the brush from around the trail signs. If you would like to help and need to borrow loppers, please contact Dale Cox. This is a great way to get to know the trails!!!!! The RRC will be helping at the “witch hunt” ride next weekend. If you want to join in on the “scary fun” let us know. We are looking forward to a great time!! The Ranch Riders will have a work weekend on Saturday November 3rd. The RRC will be installing a water line from the stable lot to the RRC building. If you would like to help, please show up at the job site Nov 3rd . All help is appreciated!!!!!! The cool weather is here and the RRC has a good supply of Sweat Shirts and Hoodies!!! We also have Tee’s hats and other items. Please contact Barb Gardner for any RRC items. Please Ride Responsible Keep the Trails Clean Carry Out What You Carry In

The Caving Team is back again! For the past several months the Kansas City caving team has been traveling back and forth to the Ranch to work on mapping out our cave system on the property. So far the project is a huge success. Many more members than ever before have taken an interest in not only exploring the caves on the property but also taking the needed precautions to preserve our caves as well. As you out and about on the Ranch this weekend please send out a special welcome to those cave team members who are doing such an awesome service to the Ranch. Special Thanks for Member Lee Krout who has helped assist and coordinate with the cave team during this process. Caving Team Members….We would like to extend a warm welcome to you while you are visiting us. We hope that you will come and join us for our Hog Roast during your stay on the property.

Campground closings & other Campground Information The closing of campgrounds will begin on November 1st, 2012. Foggy and Wilder Springs will close November 1st. Hill Country and Powder Mill will close on November 30th Lonesome Pines will remain open all year. Melody Lane (tentatively) will remain open all year. Cabins will remain open all year. Select Rental Campers will remain open all year. As a note, reservations for needed rentals from September-New Years should be booked as soon as possible. This is done to defray costs of the winterization process for campers. The full rental fleet is not open during the winter months. Winter No-Move Rule-October 1st-April 15th, 2013 please refer to the rule book for further description. Rule books are available in the Ranch Office. For 30 Day Pads Only-Beginning on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Twenty consecutive day leave becomes effective. Please refer to the rule book for further description. Rule books are available in the Ranch Office.

MeMbers….Clip and save! Coupon Valid

November 1st-December 31st Book 3 Nights in a Ranch Rental & Receive the 4th Night Free! Offer Based on Regular Price Rentals. Offer can not be combined with other offers. Based on availability , reservation Required call 417-284-7321 ext. 117 for reservations.

October 25th, 2012

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Pay It Forward~ Pride in ownership that will Just in case you’ve never met this couple, let us introduce you to Chuck and Helene Allen. They are Cloud 9 Ranch members who came up with an idea that will benefit Cloud 9 Ranch for future generations. It’s a “pay it forward” move on the part of this couple. First of all, you need to know a little about Chuck and Helene before we tell you what they are doing. Chuck Allen retired from the Air Force in 1977 as a First Sergeant of Security Police Squadron in California. They moved to Caulfield, Missouri in 1981 and became very active in the Caulfield community, helping organize a committee and Chairmen of the first Caulfield Fall Festival to raise funds to build the fire house. Chuck became Vice-President and Helene Secretary-Treasurer of the Caulfield Volunteer Fire Department when it was established in 1982. The couple bought a Cloud 9 Ranch membership around 1983 (when the prices were developer-sized). Living so close, they didn’t camp overnight at the Ranch but invested to enjoy the Ranch in their retirement years. Helene is from Hawaii and around 1986 they moved there to care for Helene’s aging parents. Staying in Hawaii for over 20 years, in 2010 Chuck retired as a Parks/Recreation Maintenance Superintendent, Helene retired as a legal assistant, and they moved back stateside, settling in San Antonio, TX. They have three sons, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren scattered all over the USA. Cloud 9 Ranch members for almost 30 years but living in Hawaii for most of that time, Chuck and Helene were unable to visit Cloud 9 Ranch since they left Caulfield in 1986. However, they continually supported Cloud 9 Ranch, even sending checks when hearing of a project or need, especially the Employee Appreciation program. Chuck and Helene are some of the first Charter Members of the Cloud 9 Cruisers Club, a service club of dedicated owners who donate money and time to ranch service and support management and ranch improvements with fundraising events. In both 2010 and 2011, they fulfilled part of their retirement dream and were able to spend a few weeks on the Ranch meeting people and building lasting friendships. Now, why should you know all of this? This is a bittersweet time in Chuck and Helene’s life, as they are thankful for family and friends, and the life they have together, but realize it is time to make some changes. Now a retired couple living on social security, the rigors of travel and health issues, retirement didn’t turn out to include Cloud 9 Ranch as much as they had planned. Faced with facts of life, hard decisions had to be made; one of which is giving up their Cloud 9 Ranch membership. They had several options to consider; like selling or deeding back. But they didn’t do either. They have a much better idea; donating their longtime membership to the C9R Fire Department Building Fund, where raffle tickets will be sold and the membership deeded to a new ranch family on New Year’s Eve. The new member’s 2013 Maintenance Fees will be paid and all other proceeds of the raffle will go directly to the Fire Department Building Fund. This is a wonderful gesture on the part of Chuck and Helene Allen. Their longtime membership will still count for something. Their generosity will be memorialized in a way that many would never think of, let alone make it happen. Hopefully, Chuck and Helene will be able to attend as our honored guests for the grand opening of our new C9R Fire Department building when it becomes a reality. But first, we’ve got to help them sell those raffle tickets over the next few months!!! Raffle tickets for a Cloud 9 Ranch Membership (includes 2013 Maintenance Fees paid) are available for $5.00 each or 3 for $10. They are printed in packets of 12 tickets and will be distributed to anyone who wants to help sell them. You can even purchase an entire packet for ONLY $40 (a $20 savings off the one-ticket price). If you want to buy raffle tickets or help sell them, call the Ranch Office at (417-284-7321). Because of just a little bit of creative thinking outside the box, on New Year’s Eve 2012 one lucky new member of our Cloud 9 Ranch family will know the membership they own was cherished for so many years and comes with a history of deep pride of ownership!!! Thank you, Chuck and Helene Allen for support C9R over the years. We at Cloud 9 Ranch hope your golden years bring you many blessings!

October 25th, 2012

C9R Camper Towing Call 417-284-7321 Schedule Your Camper To be placed on a Pad Or to be Returned Back to Compound.

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Tell Your Friends Do you know someone who is interested in a C9R membership? If you do, then you need to let them know about the huge savings going on now! For a limited time, Cloud 9 Ranch is offering $250 off the price of a New Membership! And for members who refer a new member, you can receive a $100 Ranch Gift Card just for the bringing in a new member. Spread the word this offer won’t last long!

Limited Time Offer………. From now until December 31st, 2012 New Members Receive : $250 off the regular Membership price. Pro-rated maintenance fees for 2012 2012 ATV Registrations 50% OFF $50 in Free Guest Passes

Set Sail On a New Kind of C9r Cruise! Fall Leave Fee Starting on October 1st and ending on April 15, 2013 you now have the ability to leave your camper out sitting on a pad in an open campground for just $2.00 a day without it being assessed towards your 30 days of camping (usage) while it just sits there. This is all you have to do: Step One Place your camper on a pad in a campground Step Two Spend at least one night in your camper. Step Three Unplug your camper from the utility box & disconnect the water. Step Four Upon departure, inform the gate that you are going on leave, give your pad location and let them know your camper is disconnected. Notice: If these steps are not followed your account will be charged full usage price.

Want to have fun with your Ranch Family out at sea? Get ready for the Royal Caribbean Cloud 9 Cruise. How about a different kind of cruising…say on January 11th 2014. We are planning the first ever, Cloud 9 Cruising Expedition on the Serenade Of the Seas. We will leave from New Orleans, LA sailing for a day at sea, arriving at Key West, FL on Monday January 13th. Next we will then travel to Nassau, Bahamas on Tuesday, January 14th followed by a full day of relaxation on Wednesday January 15th at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Cococay! Then after 2 days at sea we will return to New Orleans on Saturday, January 18th Information about special Cloud 9 Ranch pricing is available. *****Find Out How to get $50 in on ship credits***** For more information email:

Conservation Committee News Changes in fishing for the Fall/Winter Season October 1st-December 31st Fishing will be open in ALL parts of the stream. From Wilder Springs to Sheriff Hollow last crossing. Fishing permits available at the Gate House. There are no Catch & Release rules for any part of the stream. For more information on Ranch Fishing Rules, stop by the gate house and pick up your copy of the fishing rules.

October 25th, 2012

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Who is Sarah amburgy? Does the Amburgy name ring a bell? If it doesn’t, you’ve not been a C9R member very long. For now there’s one Amburgy employee at Cloud 9 Ranch; Sarah Amburgy, and you’ll find her at the Gatehouse. Many members know her well. It’s a common phrase on the Ranch when you need an answer, “Go ask Sarah.” That’s because Sarah has been employed since her teen years as a seasonal waitress in the summer. After graduating high school at Bakersfield, MO, she went to work in the office and by 2008 was transferred to the Gatehouse, where she remains today. Sarah is also a licensed cosmetologist after completing courses at Parkway in West Plains. She’s a valued employee who has survived many changes and weathered many storms. And speaking of storms, anyone who knows Sarah can tell you when the weather report says “storm warning,” she’s the first one in the storm shelters. In talking with Sarah, this article turned to more than about one employee; it spanned decades of a family who has dedicated many years to working, volunteering and supporting what many members take for granted. Sarah enjoys Ranch time with family and friends; has many memories, some she’d like to forget. But now as a single mom, it’s all about Brooks Michael Amburgy and his new little brother due in December, the fourth Amburgy generation at Cloud 9 Ranch. There’s a long history associated with Cloud 9 and the name Amburgy. We hear complaints from time to time about “nepotism.” But the Amburgy story is one that will let you know that nepotism not only has benefited the Ranch, but hopefully you’ll see it working for generations to come. First Generation: The Amburgy clan hails from Washington, MO. Sarah’s grandparents, Dorsey and Irene Amburgy purchased a membership in 1974. Dorsey was a “puller” in those years. Their children were taught to respect the land and take care of everything on it. Irene passed away in 2007, but Dorsey is still a member enjoying the Ranch every chance he gets. Second Generation: Sarah’s parents, Mike and Susie are long time members, volunteers; both are past employees. Susie managed the restaurant for several years. In 2010, as Maintenance Supervisor, Mike Amburgy was named C9R’s Employee of the Year. Sarah’s Uncle Roger carries on an Amburgy tradition as a favorite puller for ranch member campers. Third Generation: Sarah learned at a young age what family values mean to the existence of Cloud 9 Ranch because Dorsey and Irene Amburgy raised their children to have a deep appreciation for it. At the age of 22, Sarah purchased her own Cloud 9 Ranch membership. She’s now Secretary of the Conservation Committee and participates in many events supporting the Ranch. Sarah volunteers every year to help her Aunt Linda and Uncle Roger who chair the Election Committee at Annual meeting time. With all the history and knowledge Sarah has, she’s knows some things should and could be better. When asked how the membership can help the Gatehouse employees do their job, her answer just might surprise you. Sarah had very nice things to say about most of the membership, realizing that the lack of communication to the members is what causes a lot of the problems they face every day. Her message was to the Directors who make decisions that affect her job. Here’s what she had to say: “We have, for the most part very nice members, but many of them come to the gatehouse and don’t know rules have changed, fees increased, or there is stricter enforcement on things that were overlooked for years. Changing rules and policies for the membership without first letting us who do the work have a system in place to handle it makes our job much harder to do.” Sarah believes better communication to the membership should be the Ranch’s first priority and the Gatehouse image will improve. Sarah is glad the board is finally going to approve an upgrade to the telephone system. “Writing down phone messages for everyone else on weekends is crazy and it’s embarrassing when we have to tell callers we don’t have voicemail.” She is also anxiously waiting for the new RMS system that’s still under construction. “It will help when what goes on in the office and the Gatehouse are working with the same information all the time.” Give the Gatehouse employees a smile with your I.D. next time you check in. Sarah and the rest of the gatehouse crew will appreciate it. Sarah’s message to the members: “Have those ID’s ready and call before you get here to check on your account balance. If what we tell you is wrong, take it up with the office before you get to the gate.” And remember: Maintenance is due on the 1st of the month; Usage is due on the 10th, and the Gatehouse can’t change that.

October 25th, 2012

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Severe Weather Alerts Siren Warning Signals Series of Short Blasts Means that a severe thunderstorm is in the area and campers are alerted to take shelter. Continuous Signal Means there is a tornado warnings for the area and campers are alerted to take shelter. Storm Shelter Location Pet friendly shelter is Available in the youth center, which is located below the Trading Post. Chapel basement is Available for shelter during extreme weather conditions. Entrance is located on the Spring Hill side of the building.

You Need to Know!

Ozark County is in the process of adopting 911 addressing. The new 911 address for C9R is: Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc.: 2810 Cloud 9 Drive, Caulfield, MO 65626.

She’S having a Boy! Please Join Us for a baby Shower In Honor of

Sarah Amburgy

Saturday, November 10th 2012 2PM Cloud 9 Ranch Patio Room Please bring a package of diapers (any size) For a diaper raffle! Helpful Hint When Storing your ATV

Shuffle Board Mini-Golf ATV Helmets Equipment available at the Trading Post!

As the end of the year draws near, many of our members start thinking about winterizing their campers and ATV’s. Here is a helpful hint for preparing your ATV for outside storage. Many members will simply cover there ATV with a tarp for the winter. While a simple tarp cover might work fine for short periods of time, longer periods of time you may need some extra care. If you plan to cover your ATV with a tarp for the winter, take an extra step that will save you some time and money in the long run. You know those “Swim Noodles” that are now taking up space in the garage? Use those noodles to wrap the handle bars before you cover your ATV with the tarp. Most of the tarp wearing comes from the handle bar area. The extra protection of the “noodles” will help to keep the tarp from wearing and tearing during the winter keeping your ATV better protected.


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Only $10

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Get Your Ranch Trail Map Today! Available at the C9R Trading Post

Only $10

Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM TRADING POST Sunday-Thursday 8AM-4PM Friday & Saturday 8AM-8PM GAS STATION Sunday-Thursday 10AM-2PM Friday 10AM-4PM Saturday 8AM-4PM

RANCH STABLES Monday, Thursday, Friday

By Appointment SATURDAY & SUNDAY 8AM 9:30AM and 11AM RESTAURANT Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8AM-2PM Friday & Saturday 8AM-8PM Closed Monday and Tuesday

Don’t forget to stop by and check out the new archery range that is located behind the Big Top. There is a sign located between the tennis courts and pool that indicate where you can park your ATV while you are at the Archery Range.

Friendly Reminder Please remember to check in at the gate house and pick up the “Red” flag if you are using the Shooting Range. The “Red” flag must be displayed on the flag pole located at the shooting range driveway. This lets others know that the shooting range is being used.

3rd Annual Member Appreciation HOG ROAST Saturday, October 27th, 2012 Ranch T-Top 4PM-7PM Bring a side dish & join the fun!

Is there Space for Me? The new Compound 6, Pay to Park Compound facility is now open and filling up fast! The pay to park area is a benefit to those members who prefer the convenience of having your own compound key and assigned parking spot for your camper. Owners who use the “Pay to Park Compound” do not have to wait on Rangers and they do not have to worry about purchasing compound tickets. Compound 6 is a simpler way for you to store your camper and enclosed cargo trailers. Requirements for Storage in Compound 6 $120 Fee for using Compound 6-One year service running from November 2012 to November 2013. If purchased after November 15th, the remaining time will be pro-rated out. Your Camper must be a “livable” camper. Your Cargo Trailer must be Factory built. You must keep your space clean & neatly stored. What Space is Available? Compound 6 offers individual spacing for single units Compound 6 offers double spacing for Members who wish to store both a camper and a cargo unit. For more information on spacing available, requirements and specific Compound 6 questions, please contact Holly in the Accounting Office. Holly can be reached at 417-284-7321 ext 102.

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The Frantic Fall Festival Going On Now!