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Introduction to the project A European Union funded education project

The project ‘Clockwork objects, enhanced learning: Automata Toys Construction in 1mary education for Learning to Learn promotion, creativity fostering & Key Competences acquisition’ has been funded with support from the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


For Primary schools in Europe

To Introduce engineering, arts, sculpture, mechanics and science

By Combining play and technology science

To Enhance transversal key competencies

What are? Mechanical moving toys (Automata) Made of paper, wood, metal or found objects

Combine sculpture with a machine

Story-telling toys

What are? The lower part Mechanical elements cams, cranks, gears, ratchets, levers

The upper part The fantasy toy element

Why Automata?

Child tailored communication device

Story telling mechanical sculptures

Engineering, cultural awareness and artistic expression

Pedagogic results? Learning to learn Cultural awareness Basic science and mathematics Soft Skills and Social Skills Reading and writing skills Communication skills Digital competences Second language skills Language skills

Classroom process? Read a story Identify key points Identify the images Define the character Identify and research materials Design the automata Build the mechanical components and toy elements Assemble & test the mechanical components Assemble the complete structure

Project Methodology Logical process a) Preparation of piloting tools and materials

b) Training the trainers c) Experimentation / piloting d) Finalization of materials Cannon Paper Craft

Project outputs

Replicating the project Didactic kit

Teacher guides Online & offline teacher workshops Case studies

Roadmap for children Questionnaires Teacher training curriculum Training on line version Wiki

Project outputs European children’s mechanical toy museum A virtual museum of mechanical toys

Children’s and teacher’s experiences Automata developed within the classroom Repository of resources Links etc.

Thank you for your interest Website http://www.XXX. Get involved in the project on Facebook


Dissemination Strategy



Dissemination targets


Education Authorities Associations Schools Universities

How do we target? Locally & internationally Leverage existing contacts – local/national




Online Social networks, Listservs, Twitter, Website, aPLaNet community, video, Facebook Direct newsletters to authorities & European officers

Offline Link & project logo Contact local municipality European officer Locate 2 official education resource websites Complete at least one external presentation To place at least one short article Contact National Agency Translation Post translated versions posting Respond to enquiries



Associate Partners Agenda for engagement

During the initial stages of the project During meetings In online forums

What can they do for us


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