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Where innovation goes hand in hand with tradition

“The first time I looked around the school, I thought that if I were a child I would like to be here. It has lived up to every expectation.� Parent

Welcome to Kingshott School

Success, of course, is measured in many different ways. There is the temptation to value only that which is measureable, where we would simply compare our exam results against previous years’ exam results, or even those of our competitors, and draw statistical conclusions. If that were the case, I probably would not be a headmaster – for that is not education. Education is about gaining satisfaction from doing well at something because it makes you feel good to have worked hard and done your best; it is about hitting a rounder that you didn’t think you could; it is about the shy introvert who parades her self-decorated t-shirt at the fashion show in front of her friends and parents; it is about getting an ‘A’ for a project without having relied on your parents to do it for you; it is about

realising that you can now say ‘yellow’ instead of ‘lellow’; it is about no longer becoming irritated by friends and falling out with them; it is about being happier than you used to be and you don’t know why; and it is about waking up and realising that you’re disappointed that it’s the weekend because you would rather be at school.


As a parent and headmaster I know just how important it is to choose the right school for your child. Above all you want them to be happy, achieve their potential and to be a success. In many respects it is about investing in their future while keeping a focus on the here and now.

Most of that is not measureable, but it is most certainly about success. This is the philosophical impetus that drives all that we do at Kingshott. The next few pages will give you some snapshots of our school. While they are impressive, they cannot give the full picture, and I would like to invite you to visit us and see for yourself what makes a Kingshott education a future worth investing in.

Iain Gilmour Headmaster


“We do hard Maths in Year 1. It’s the sort of Maths which makes your brain stretch and grow up!” Callum Hall, Year 1


Just the beginning Stimulating a love for learning

Language development and numeracy feature prominently in a broad academic curriculum. Music, French and PE are taught by specialist teachers. Play is fundamental to the development of each individual.

Pre-Prep: Nursery to Year 2

The first four years at Kingshott are spent in the Pre-Prep, a striking modern facility that provides a welcoming atmosphere which encourages an appetite for learning. The Head of Pre-Prep oversees the day to day running of all aspects of this part of the school and, together with her staff, ensures that our youngest children are allowed to develop and flourish at their own pace while building confidence and ensuring self-esteem remain paramount.


Onwards and upwards Increasing confidence and independence

Middle School: Years 3 to 5 Text

Although still spending time with their form teachers, these years are characterised by a maturing independence which sees the children begin to move out of their classrooms and enjoy the specialist facilities of the art room, science laboratory, design technology rooms (food, textiles, graphics and workshop) and ICT suites. There is a focus too on providing a broad educational experience that allows individuals the freedom to ‘give everything a go’. Opportunities abound for children to try something new, be it public speaking, joining the Spanish Club or singing in the choir. The genuinely caring support from teachers and friends provides the nurturing environment that makes learning fun and developing talents a rewarding endeavour.

“If you get something wrong you get a second chance.” 4

Joshua Clark, Year 3



“I came looking for a sporty, yet academic school. I found one.�

Being the best me I can be It is no surprise that as children approach the end of their time at Kingshott an eye is clearly on academics. The school has a proud record of success in Scholarships at prominent senior schools and Common Entrance exams. Setting in French, English and Maths allows for concentrated differentiation as individuals work towards their strengths. Specialist teachers work towards bringing out the potential in each child while encouraging independent studying and taking responsibility for making the best use of their ability. It is also a time when, as maturing adolescents, children are given roles of responsibility as captains of sports teams, Heads of Houses, serving on the School Council, or as leaders such as Head of School or Senior Boy and Senior Girl.

Senior School: Years 6 to 8

Julian Kitson, Year 8

Pushing the Boundaries

We are very proud of the number of comments made by senior schools as to the healthy work ethic, good manners, confidence and outstanding academic standards demonstrated by our leavers. It confirms what we believe is important about a Kingshott education.


“We feel privileged that our children are educated in an environment where they can reach their full potential.� 8



Adventurous Learning Bring learning alive

Adventurous Learning

Life at school is about learning. But learning is more than simply an accumulation of information and facts. If that were so, school would be boring. Education is interesting. It is exciting, it is varied. Emphasis is placed on making the learning experience as enriching as possible. All children enjoy opportunities to go on excursions to museums, galleries, theatres, environmental centres and places of national interest. The educational experience is enhanced by themed days such as Egyptians, Romans and Victorians, where the children enjoy dressing up in character. Visitors come to school and share their expertise with the children. The year culminates in Enrichment Week where trips and a variety of activities out of the ordinary take place. The older children undertake residential trips to West Runton (Year 4), the Peak District (Year 5), camping (Year 6), France (Year 7) and Iceland (Year 8). Year 8 children even have the opportunity to enjoy two weeks in South Africa staying with a family and attending school on a cultural exchange trip.


“Our lessons aren’t normal. We do really interesting things and they are fun.” Matthew Menné, Year 1



“The children work hard in the classroom, display endless energy on the games field – and never stop smiling.” Parent

Sport Going for Gold


As well as being the cornerstone to a healthy life style, physical activity offers so many opportunities to learn about others and ourselves. All children participate in games and are encouraged to do their best. From Nursery, timetabled PE lessons are taught by specialists who develop co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills and promote interest in success. Enjoyment comes from both winning and personal achievement. Equally important, children are taught that perseverance, sportsmanship and modesty are as important as coming first. Besides curriculum time for PE and games (rugby, hockey, football, netball, rounders, cricket, athletics, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and cross country) children are also given opportunities to take up these sports and others such as table tennis, golf and triathlons as after school activities.


Out of the box Expressing individualism and creativity

The Creative Arts

The creative arts are alive and well at Kingshott. As well as specialist class music lessons, over 200 children make up the four choirs and seven instrumental groups. Peripatetic music teachers offer lessons in all orchestral instruments, piano, recorder and guitar. Regular musical events occur throughout the year, as do performances in the local community. Not surprisingly the standard of music is particularly high. Our Art and Design Technology Departments are responsible for enabling children to express themselves in a variety of artistic and creative ways. This may be through water colour painting, acrylic clock building or cooking a delicious dish. Being persuaded to think differently, to be bold and take chances are valuable lessons learned along the way. Children seldom need an opportunity to perform. However, a variety of opportunities from form assemblies to poetry recitals to best speaker competitions to school plays enables everyone from the brave to the reluctant to have a go at improving their confidence and learning to address an audience.


This vibrant and flamboyant streak competes with all the other facets that make up the rich tapestry of the Kingshott experience.

“At home time my children greet me with contented faces and happy smiles, and I know that they have been having fun in the name of education.� Parent


The next step Every day is an open day

Additional Information

You would never dream of buying a car or a house after reading a brochure or seeing an advert. How much more so when making an important decision such as choosing the right school for your child. A warm welcome awaits you at Kingshott. To arrange a visit or simply to request additional information, please telephone or email the Registrar. Telephone: 01462 432009 Email: Our website also provides excellent information on the school and can be found at


Location Kingshott is in the parish of St Ippolyts on the outskirts of Hitchin within easy reach of the neighbouring towns of Stevenage, Letchworth and Baldock. The catchment area stretches from Welwyn in the south up to Biggleswade to the north, and from Luton in the west to Royston in the east.

Travelling to Kingshott The school is situated to the southeast of Hitchin at St Ippolyts on the A602 Stevenage Road, only 2 miles from the A1(M) and 10 miles from the M1. From the A1(M): Exit at Junction 8 and join the A602 signposted to Hitchin. After 2 miles the entrance to Kingshott will be seen on your right. From the M1: Exit at Junction 10 and follow signs for Luton Airport to join the A1081. Travel straight across two roundabouts onto the A505. Continue straight across another three roundabouts and at the fourth take the second exit to remain on the A505 signposted to Hitchin. Travel for approximately 7 miles to Hitchin, cross over the mini roundabout and then turn right onto the A602 signposted to Stevenage at the next major roundabout. Continue on the A602 over the next roundabout and, on exiting Hitchin, the entrance to Kingshott will be seen on your left. On Arrival: Car parking is available to visitors. You are then requested to report directly to the Main Entrance and Reception.


Kingshott School St Ippolyts, Hitchin, Herts SG4 7JX T: 01462 432009  F: 01462 421652  E:

Kingshott School Propsectus  

Kingshott School Propsectus

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