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Charlton School

Vision • We will create an outstanding community school • We will create a learning community with a highly skilled, flexible workforce, well able to meet the present and future needs of the low incidence special needs secondary student population, who are otherwise difficult to educate elsewhere • We will work with special and challenging students creating personalised learning opportunities and a relevant curriculum

• We will provide valuable community learning resources and training available for the wider and international community • We will create a positive ethos, develop innovative practice, co-create with others and share our learning • We will have high expectations of performance and resilience, which are balanced by high levels of support for each individual’s needs and well being

Core Aims • To develop a relevant and creative curriculum to enable all of the school community to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens • To become an excellent, happy and successful community school focussing upon Every Child Matters outcomes for all stakeholders • To develop individuals attitudes and attributes, skills, knowledge and understanding

“ It is full of creative professionals who are really well supported, which means there are always exciting projects going on.” Charlton School Parent

Curriculum Our curriculum has been revised to take in the wide range of ability groups of students in the school. This curriculum aims to be exciting, innovative and challenging. Our main focus is on individualised learning. This is achieved by taking a holistic approach involving a multi-disciplinary team, who together with teachers, staff and parents, create a personalised learning plan for each student. This means we offer a wide range of opportunities – from an extensive sensory curriculum with exciting new technologies to links with mainstream colleges, where students are able to study up to GCSE level. We are proud of our school, its students and staff, and take every opportunity to celebrate its achievements and successes. We celebrate them through assemblies, coffee mornings, the Managed Learning Environment, our website and newsletters. We are also a member of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme, which every month gives students the opportunity to vote for a fellow student who has done something out of the ordinary. heart of everything is the belief that students to havelike fun and enjoy their time at school, “ AtAthe mazing schoolwe–dothere should beneed more them.” and when they leave, be prepared to live as independent a life as possible. Charlton School Parent

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