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Sixth Form

Bromley High School Sixth Form

“ Sixth Form at Bromley High is even better than I thought it would be… I love it!” Emma, Year 12

Bromley High School is part of the GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust). The GDST is the leading network of independent girls’ schools in the UK. A charity that owns and runs 24 schools and two academies, it reinvests all its income in its schools.

Bromley High School Sixth Form

Welcome Bromley High Sixth Form is an exciting place to be; a new start within the school with more freedoms, responsibilities and a fabulous Sixth Form Centre which allows our Sixth Form to enjoy a high profile but remain totally integrated within the school. These two years of study are crucial for a young woman, keen to get on in the world, and to make her way.

“ I like the friendly atmosphere at Bromley High. The friends I have made will remain friends for years.� Nikisha, Year 12

With us she has the chance to develop and mature in a supportive environment where no one is judged by their gender and where our girls believe they can do anything. We will hold her hand through the first tentative steps of Sixth Form study, through to the complexities of university entrance, whether she has only just joined us or has been with us since Reception. We will open the door and give her the gentle push that she needs to move on to the next exciting stage in her life, and she will go confident and prepared for whatever excitements this might hold for her.

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Bromley High School Sixth Form

Leading the way We aim to develop confident young women, equipped with the skills required to succeed in the wider world. An active Head Girl Team of senior pupils, ably supported by a range of Prefects and House Captains, organise a range of events and activities. If clubs don’t exist girls are encouraged to show real leadership and initiative and set up their own. In this environment, where it is normal for a girl to be in charge, the foundations for successful careers are born.

“ Being in school motivates me to work hard and there are good facilities where I can study.”

A successful Sixth Form teaches girls to become independent in preparation for university, for the world of work and for life. This means that they take more responsibility for their own learning and time management, safe in the knowledge that caring and supportive teachers are ready to intervene if needed. We place the emphasis on the girl and establish a supportive pastoral net around her to catch her if she falters.

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Bromley High School Sixth Form

Beyond expectations In her lessons experienced staff will consistently challenge your daughter to go beyond the A level syllabus, and develop a lifelong love of learning which will enable her to thrive at the university of her choice. With generous class time allowances there is always time to offer support, guidance and challenge where necessary. With teachers who are passionate about their subjects, and who teach within their specialism, real intellectual curiosity and academic debate can thrive. Our A Level package enables your daughter to study the subjects she loves in depth, whilst nurturing her talent in extra curricular areas. Unlike many Sixth Forms we create the timetable around our girls’ options in order to meet their needs. In our single sex environment our girls believe that they can do anything; there is no such thing as a ‘girls’ subject’ and they are just as likely to excel in maths and science as in any other curriculum area.

Jaimie, Year 13

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“ All of my teachers do their absolute best to help me achieve my goals.”

Bromley High School Sixth Form

Nurturing talents In the ever competitive world of university admissions it is important to continue playing sport or participating in music, whether at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Our rich and varied programme of activities in the performing and visual arts, sport, service and trips both at home and overseas allows your daughter to develop a whole host of skills whilst providing a contrast to the rigours of academic study. It is in these complementary arenas that our young women develop many skills which allow them to stand out from the crowd; to work together and develop confidence, crucial skills and talents for life.

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“ Bromley High has such a great Sports Department and really spacious grounds.� Steph, Year 12

Bromley High School Sixth Form

Preparing for the future Experienced tutors, careers advisors and teachers will ensure your daughter receives the best guidance and support when applying to universities and colleges. We believe that being part of the GDST family gives us an advantage in sharing good practice and providing the most up to date advice to give your daughter a head start in the ever more competitive world of university applications. National leadership conferences and Oxbridge preparation courses are examples of how all members of our GDST Sixth Forms can share, learn and challenge themselves together.

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“ Teachers and staff are really helpful, especially when it comes to UCAS.� Jasmine, Year 13

“ Both our daughters thoroughly enjoyed their Sixth Form years – Bromley High really helped them to achieve their goals.” Parent

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Sixth Form

Bromley High School

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