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APRIL/MAY 2017 20 017 b b ISSUE b7

talks lemons to lemonade


CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine is proud to celebrate 1 year of sharing, networking and PUBLISHING!

Life may at times give you lemons but you have it within you to make the sweetest successful lemonade!




Health , bBeauty and Fashion 13 So You Have Heart Failure? 17 5 things you need to know about vaccines 19

8 simple steps to help seniors, caregivers better manage medications

24 Are you at risk for kidney disease? 28 Black Men at Greater Risk for Prostate Cancer: Take Time to 29

Learn More About It 3 steps to reach 100 feeling youthful and healthy

32 Fiber: What it is and why you need more of it in your diet 35 Simple tips for recreating red carpet looks at home 41

Breaking The Silence On Women’s Hair Loss by Ky Smith The History of Spats- Michael Snell


Spotlight Support Tour 2017- Lil Chea Chea Borrow these wedding planner tricks for a polished event on a budget 5 reasons ridesharing is on the rise

61 63 65 67

The best ways to support veterans in 2017


Victoria Staton of Victoria Staton International Events


Ambitious Mix contributed by Brandi C Shelton


Autism Friendly Business Initiative Refreshing the Fire of Love By: Cassandra D. Harris-Gray, MSMFT, LCADC

75 82 86

Images of Fatherhood


Food for thought: What millennials want to know about their pork products


Dear Family – Kimberly Moore



102 106 108 113

Finding Purpose In A Busy World by Valorie H. Lasley


Leap Of Faith – Jamie’s Chair


Back 2 Black – Korea Howard Behind The Scenes-The Comic Adventures Collision of Dreams – LaShondra Gray

121 126 130 133




Food and beverage 115 5 reasons seafood is a great choice for a relaxing date night 119 Last-minute party tips: Be the 'hostess with the mostest' for the least work and stress

121 Protect your heart with these easy meal add-ins

9 Special Report 21 : ge Support Tour 2017 a p

-Lil Chea Chea and Photographer Dee Johnson

126 The smart advice that makes clean eating an attainable lifestyle choice

130 Decoding food labels: Scary additives or gifts from nature? 133 Cooking essentials: A peek inside a professional chef's kitchen

Family and lifestyle 5 fiscally-friendly budgeting tips for your family


5 reasons why talking about money can enhance a relationship


5 spring DIY craft projects to make old stuff new again 7 tips to conquer your packing challenges while traveling How to plan a successful spring getaway Keep your teen athlete fueled with these 4 vital tips

143 145 147 150 153

Newlyweds: Money-saving tips for your first move together


Year-round ways to help pets and their families in need


Thinking outside the coop: 8 common myths about raising backyard



Home 173 175

Flood Insurance Special Report # Ways To Decorate For Spring


7 steps to secure your home while you're on vacation


How trending home colors achieve their 'hot' status each year


Make a striking focal point the foundation of your spa-like bathroom


Playroom upgrade: A wall-mount 'barn door' makes more room for fun


Security in an insecure world

191 196 199

Self-employed? Tips to help you navigate the mortgage process Thoughtful home design: 4 tips to transform any small space

Business 203 The Next Big IT Career 206 -2017 looking bright for small business owners 209 Are you reading and posting content worthy of your smartphone data? 5 tips to switch up your online commentary 212 It's 2017: Do you know how old your farmer is? 215 Reducing risks while taking care of business: Tips to avoid distracted driving

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Greetings my fellow Game Changers, Welcome to the one year anniversary issue of CKW the Magazine. The theme of this issue focuses on entrepreneurs who have shown the ability to turn lemons into lemonade. It has been an incredibly rewarding and empowering year full of accomplishments both small and large. However things have gone between the late night phone calls and the rush to meet deadlines my goal has always been and always will be to turn challenges into opportunities for myself and others. It’s been one of the most rewarding years of my life. This issue tells a great lesson for me personally because it’s filled with great articles and amazing contributing writers, but it is also a show of how the lemons of life I once experienced have become the sweetest lemonade I’ve ever tasted. The difficulties in life that I thought would stop my forward progress instead gave me the courage to push forward and walk into my purpose. Along the way, I have been blessed to meet some amazing people. A few of them are featured in this month’s issue and are showcased in various photos or have been a part of The Support Tour 2017. As we enter our next year of publishing we hope to achieve an even greater following, promote more Global Game Changers, expand our team and bring you bigger and better issues. Each day I grow more and more appreciative of the support I have received from around the globe. Each of you has become family. You’ve supported me and my personal goal is to make each of you PROUD. Enjoy this issue and remember life’s lemons are to be made into tasty, yummy and successful lemonade! Chea K. Woolfolk

Sondra Wilkerson has been working as a licensed bprofessional manicurist in Louisville, KY since 1991. bb Perfection has been her passion bfrom the start of her career and she achieves it all by hand, which sets her apart from the competition.


b"Early in my career, I remember telling my mom I wasn't sure I would ever be good at sculpting nails". She replied, bsaying "Keep practicing, you will get it". It turns out she was right. Sondra gets it and she gets it right! bEvery Tuesday-Saturday you can find Sondra at Big City Styles Barber & Nail Salon happily sculpting and designing nails to perfection by hand. View her work, book her services online, or contact her by phone at 502.584-CITY(2489).

ALL PHASES SALON NATURALS 3405 Breckenridge Ln Louisville, Kentucky FACEBOOK: @allphasessalon Call (502) 822-0095

Health,b Beauty, and Fashion

SO YOU HAVE HEART FAILURE, NOW WHAT? 7 TIPS FOR MANAGEMENT The common misconception about having heart failure is that your heart immediately stops beating. The reality is that heart failure can be a slow process that happens over time. Being diagnosed with the disease can be overwhelming, but you are not alone. At least one person is diagnosed with heart failure every minute, according to WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. While there is no cure for the millions of women living with heart failure, it can be managed with the proper knowledge, treatment and support. "Successful treatment and management of heart failure must include interventions in the home, community and the doctor's office. Living with this disease can be a confusing and isolating experience. That's why we must continue to improve the treatment approach to provide women with heart failure the important tools needed to feel empowered to face the disease each day," says Mary McGowan, CEO of WomenHeart.


Of those living with heart failure, half are women. More than 2.5 million women in the United States have heart failure, and they often face a very different burden than men. Women tend to develop heart failure at an older age, suffer from depression more frequently and experience a greater number of symptoms than men, including shortness of breath, swelling around the ankles and difficulty exercising. If you've been diagnosed with heart failure, there's hope. Here are seven tips for managing the disease: * Find a doctor you trust. If needed, ask whether you should see a cardiologist who is specially trained to treat advanced heart failure. * Take your medications correctly. Make sure you understand why you are taking each medication and how and when to take each one. Newly adopted guidelines have expanded the list of recommended medications, so ask your doctor if these new treatments are right for your individualized treatment plan. * Make a daily plan for diet and exercise, and stick to it. Play an active role in your care and stay on track with your treatment plan. * Tune in to your body. Pay close attention to changes such as new symptoms or rapid weight gain. * Touch base with your emotions. Depression is common in women with heart failure. Don't let your disease define you. Find the support you need to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. WomenHeart has a support group for you, whether you prefer one-onone, group settings or virtual options. * Know your limits. Stay active, but don't overdo it. You might not be able to do everything you used to do. Pace yourself and save your energy for what matters most. * Don't go it alone. Seek support. Be honest with your loved ones, and don't be shy about asking for help. Educate yourself, ask questions and build a strong relationship with your doctor. For more information on heart failure, visit www.womenheart.org.

5 things you need to know about vaccines

. No one wakes up in the morning hoping to be sick. Yet despite the angst people have about becoming ill, many forgo one of the easiest, most effective ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from common and even severe illnesses they choose not to get vaccinated. There are many reasons people choose not to get vaccinated. Often, the decision is caused by incorrect information one may read or hear about vaccinations. Mayo Clinic seeks to eliminate these mistruths and offer correct information about vaccinations so people can make safe, healthy choices for themselves and their families. 1. Are vaccines safe?

Article Contributed By: BPT

Safety concerns are the most common question people have regarding vaccines, and it's also the question where there is the most misinformation. The truth is vaccines are safe and people who receive them enjoy numerous health benefits, including illness prevention. Each vaccine undergoes rigorous testing before being released to the general public to ensure it not only protects against the disease it's designed to combat, but that it offers no other ill health benefits. Risks associated with vaccines are minor and may include a fever, soreness or skin irritation.

2. Which vaccinations are recommended? Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many other health care providers recommend people receive the following vaccinations: * Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis * Haemophilus Influenza B * Hepatitis A & B * Human Papilloma Virus * Influenza * Meningococcal * MMR * Pneumococcal * Polio * Rotavirus * Varicella, otherwise known as Chickenpox 3. Should vaccinations be spaced out? The vaccinations above may seem like a large list and it's natural to wonder if all of these vaccinations should be done at once or spaced out. Sources of misinformation may lead people to believe that tackling several vaccinations at once somehow dilutes them, but there is no evidence of this. In fact, research shows people, even children, are able to take several vaccines at once without any negative effects. Spacing out the vaccines creates unnecessary delays and additional scheduling, while opening a longer window of exposure to illnesses. 4. Understand the difference between vaccination and immunization. A vaccination is a treatment that introduces weakened or dead bacteria and/or viruses into a person's body to build up their immunity against the disease. Immunization is the process of developing that immunity. Immunization may happen through vaccination, but it could also come from contracting the bacteria or virus and recovering from the disease. 5. Vaccinations are important for everyone. For people wondering who should get vaccinated, the short answer is nearly everyone. In particular, vaccinations are especially important for younger people. This is because children, especially young babies, are not inherently equipped to fight many diseases and without vaccinations, otherwise small problems could become serious complications and even be fatal. Vaccinations remain an often discussed topic and it can be difficult to determine what is fact and what is misinformation. For those with questions, the first step should be to discuss vaccinations with your doctor, who will be able to provide you with the information you need. For more information about vaccinations, visit mayoclinic.org.

8 simple steps bto help seniors, caregiversb better manage medications


Modern medicine can work wonders. However, in order to be effective, medicine needs to be taken safely, according to prescribing guidelines, and patients and health care providers need to be vigilant about the dangers of drug interactions. When it comes to medication use, seniors take more prescription and over-the-counter drugs than any other age group, and they are most likely to experience problems because of their medications. The average American senior takes five or more prescription medications daily, and many of them can't read the prescription label or understand the prescribing instructions, according to the National Council on Patient Information and Education. "Unless they reside in a senior living community or have another form of assistance, it can be very difficult for seniors to manage their own medications," says Kim Estes, senior vice president of clinical services for Brookdale Senior Living. "A lot of factors make medication management a challenge for seniors, including the sheer number of prescriptions many of them take in a day." Management challenges While doctors prescribe medication to treat a range of chronic conditions from arthritis to diabetes and high blood pressure, seniors may find managing their medications difficult for multiple reasons: * Many meds and many prescribers - Seniors who are on multiple medications are often prescribed to them by multiple doctors, who may or may not be aware of other medications the senior is already taking. Taking a large number of medications can increase the risk of a drug interaction that harms seniors' health, rather than helps them. * Adverse side effects - If a medication makes a senior feel ill, he or she may stop taking it. * Lack of knowledge - If they don't understand exactly what the medicine is supposed to do for them, seniors may feel they don't need it and discontinue use. * Physical challenges - Age-related physical challenges such as hearing or vision loss, dexterity issues or trouble swallowing can make it difficult for seniors to take their medications as prescribed. * Cognitive challenges - Seniors with memory loss or dementia may forget to take their medications as prescribed. * Cost - Even with Medicare and supplemental health insurance, many medications can come with a hefty price tag. Seniors may not be able to afford a medication their doctor prescribed.

Medication management made easier "Fortunately, seniors and their caregivers can take some fairly easy steps to help them better manage their medications," Estes says. "These steps take a little time and effort, but they can go a long way toward helping seniors use their medicines more effectively." * Most seniors take five or more medications a day, and those with severe health issues or who are in the hospital may take significantly more than that. Make a list of every medication you take, what it's for, and what the pill actually looks like. * Make a checklist of all your medications. Every time you take a prescription, note the date, time and dosage on your checklist. * If you have trouble reading the labels on your prescriptions or can't open the bottle, ask your pharmacist to provide your medicine in easy-to-open containers with largeprint labels. * Make a plan for getting your prescriptions. You may decide to schedule a drive to the pharmacy every month on a certain day or have someone drive you there. You may also find an online pharmacy that can deliver your prescriptions to your home. * When you go to the doctor, take your list of prescriptions with you, especially if you're seeing him or her for the first time. Your list will help the doctor know what medications you're already taking. * Work with your doctors to see if you can reduce the number of pills you take by consolidating medicines. For example, if you take a pill to reduce water retention and a medication for high blood pressure, some prescription drugs combine both types of medicine into a single pill. * A study by the University of Arizona found that having a pharmacist on a senior's care team helped keep seniors safer and improved their ability to take medications as prescribed. Keep all your prescriptions with one pharmacy and get to know the pharmacists who work there. Your pharmacist may be able to help you spot potential drug interactions. * Technology can help you remember to take medications on time. Set an alarm on your cellphone or download an event reminder app on your smartphone to help you remember when it's time to take your medicine. "With a little planning and help, seniors and their caregivers can better manage their medications to ensure seniors get the most benefit out of their prescription treatments," Estes says.



Edward Beans could be described as a man with great purpose who makes the most out of all life has to offer. He is a husband, father, business owner and a basketball coach. And, as of five years ago, he is a dialysis patient. Beans found out he had kidney disease while at a routine doctor visit. His primary care doctor ran a full range of blood tests, including one to measure his kidney function, or glomerular filtration rate (GFR). The results showed Bean's kidneys were failing. "I was fortunate my doctor checked my GFR, or else I might not have had the chance to make a healthy transition to dialysis," Beans says. "I encourage everyone to ask to have their GFR checked as part of their yearly physical."

"I'm still coaching, still running a business and still doing everything I want to do. But now I have to factor in time in a dialysis chair," Beans says. Kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S. More than 31 million adults have been diagnosed with the disease, which is often called a "silent killer" because it can be symptomless until immediate medical attention is needed. Once kidney disease progresses to kidney failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant is necessary for survival. When caught early enough, the progression of kidney disease may be slowed, and in some cases, prevented altogether. A simple GFR blood test can assess if someone has or is at risk of having kidney disease. Beans recognizes that high blood pressure and poor dietary choices contributed to his kidney disease. In fact, diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease in the U.S. One in three people with diabetes and one in five people with high blood pressure also have kidney disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moreover, minority populations - particularly Hispanics, African-Americans and Native Americans - are at a disproportionately higher risk of developing kidney disease. Additional risk factors include people with cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol, lupus and a family history of the disease. Beans, like many people with kidney failure, chooses to live life to its fullest while managing the disease. He remains a committed family man, continues working as a property manager, and volunteers as a children's basketball coach in his community - all while completing dialysis treatments three times a week. "I'm still coaching, still running a business and still doing everything I want to do. But now I have to factor in time in a dialysis chair," Beans says. Beans is a good example of how it is possible to live a high quality of life after a kidney disease diagnosis. Staying employed after being diagnosed or while on dialysis has many potential benefits, including lower rates of depression, sustained income and, in many cases, more choices in medical insurance. "If you choose to be active, you can still take care of yourself and slow it down. I choose to continue to work and coach and spend time with my family because it gives my life purpose." Take a one-minute quiz to find out if you may be at risk for kidney disease at DaVita.com/LearnYourRisk.


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   1 American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts and Figures for African Americans 2016-2018. https://www.cancer.org/content/dam/cancerorg/research/cancer-facts-and-statistics/cancerfacts-and-figures-for-african-americans/cancerfacts-and-figures-for-african-americans-20162018.pdf. Accessed January 2017. 2 Medscape. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Staging. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/458011overview Accessed January 2017.


bWhat will your life be like when you turn 100? A century ago the question seemed almost flippant, a needless consideration for most people, but today it's very real. The percentage of people living to 100 has grown almost 66 percent in the last 30 years, according to U.S. News and World Report. The MDVIP Health and Longevity Survey reveals that more than half of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers want to live past the age of 90. More than a quarter want to live beyond 100. The majority from both generations also believe advances in science and technology are going to keep more people alive past the age of 100. However, these findings come at a time when the life expectancy of Americans has declined for the first time in two decades and one in two adults is living with at least one chronic disease. "To reach their longevity goals, Americans can no longer afford to put their health on the back burner," says Dr. Andrea Klemes, chief medical officer at MDVIP. "Most people don't wait until they're 60 to start saving for retirement. The same should go for their health, where making small investments today can pay big dividends many years down the road." Many chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, are preventable through simple lifestyle changes. Still, nearly two out of three Boomers and Gen Xers admit they could be doing a better job of exercising regularly, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. The key to greater longevity is prioritizing your health now - when you're well - to prevent problems later on. Whether you're age 38 or 68, arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools to set realistic health goals and help you stay on track to achieving them. You can start today by asking three questions: What's your number? When's the last time you had your blood pressure or cholesterol levels checked? Maintain a current record of your vitals and lab results along with your family history. Make sure you discuss these details with your doctor, who can help identify your risk for certain conditions and suggest lifestyle changes based on the results. For example, if you know you have pre-diabetes or are at a moderate risk for developing heart disease, you can work with your doctor on modifying your diet and increasing your physical activity. These data points serve as an important guide in managing your health and can be the difference between preventing an issue and treating it. What's up, doc? Going to the doctor is an essential component of maintaining good health but choosing the right doctor directly affects the benefit of each visit. Surprisingly, the survey revealed that one out of three Gen Xers avoid going to the doctor out of fear of finding something wrong. It's important to find a primary care doctor you trust, who makes you feel at ease and takes the time to know you and your medical history. "Having Dr. Gassner on my side has been the best medicine," says Rose Demitrack, a 101-year-old patient of MDVIP-affiliated physician Dr. Lawrence Gassner in Phoenix, Arizona. "He spends time with me and makes sure I'm doing the right things. Plus he always makes me laugh, which is one secret to staying young. I may be older than most, but I still feel young on the inside." In the current healthcare environment, an appointment with a doctor is usually scheduled weeks in advance, and after a long wait in the waiting room, patients often feel rushed through the visit. Patients deserve better and you should shop around for a doctor whose goal is to build a relationship and keep you well. What's the plan? Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or to lower your blood pressure, you need a plan to get you there. "I tell my patients to think of it as a business plan for their health," says Dr. Steven Wilson, an MDVIP-affiliated family practitioner in Redlands, California. "First determine your health goals and make them the focus of your attention. Discuss your goals with your doctor who can help you formulate a health plan for the next year and beyond." Once you have your plan established, it's up to you to execute it. Many people don't stick with a plan because it's hard to stay disciplined and easy to fall back into old habits. So don't be afraid to consult your doctor along the way. Your doctor is your partner in your health journey, and working together could give you a better chance at seeing exactly what your life will be like when you reach 100. To learn more about MDVIP's national network of more than 900 primary care physicians who deliver personalized care with an emphasis on prevention and a close doctor-patient relationship, visit MDVIP.com.




bEat more fiber.




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Simple tips for recreating red carpet looks at home


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THE SOUL LOUNGE LOUISVILLE KY The Soul Lounge Jazz & Soul Series is dedicated to introducing underserved artists with jazz and soul influences to the local community and has been dedicated to this cause for going on a decade.

Over the past ten years, The Soul Lounge Louisville KY has been responsible for

introducing dozens of emerging artists to our growing network of thousands.

These events feature local as well as regional artists whose goal is expanding their market reach while sharing their creative works. Many of the artists featured in our series are independent and

have little to no backing from mainstream media outlets, causing them to seek nontraditional ways like The Soul Lounge to promote their artistry.

Stay connected with The Soul Lounge Louisville KY and see why we are... The House Where Soul Resides!

facebook.com/ thehousewheresoulresides twitter.com/thesoulounge instagram.com/ soulloungelouisville





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The Glam Squad

We are a hair salon that caters to all hair textures and hair types. 3405 Breckenridge Ln Louisville, KY 40220 (502) 822-0095 Whether you want fabulous hair extensions, a stylish cut, professional color, or help styling your natural hair, All Phases has a stylist for you!

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Meet the official nail technician of CKW's, Editor in Chief, Chea K. Woolfolk. Mrs. Sondra Wilkerson, 25 year Licensed Professional Nail Technician, mother, devoted wife, christian, and business partner. Each Tuesday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm and every Saturday 8am to 3pm you can find Sondra hand sculpting nails including acrylic nail enhancements at Big City Styles Barber Shop & Nail Salon now located at 312 W. Chestnut St. Louisville KY 40202. Sondra prefers shaping nails by hand to ensure greater control of the finished product. She is meticulous about her work and enjoys meeting new people and expressing her creativity through nail art. Connect with her and view photos of her work on IG @Nhandst, FB @BigCityStyles, or on twitter @bigcitystyles. Photo Credit: Joe Goodwin Photography 332 W Broadway, Ste 500 Louisville, KY 40202 (502) 767-7808

Sondra Wilkerson


Mya McClain is a freshman at WKU, who is pursuing her passion for makeup. Mya is a nineteen-year-old Louisville native. Young but very gifted in her artistry in makeup. She is very excited to showcase her creativity, through the GLAM SQUAD.






3405 Breckenridge Ln Louisville, KY 40220 (502) 822-0095 Whether you want fabulous hair extensions, a stylish cut, professional color, or help styling your natural hair, All Phases has a stylist for you!


Borrow these wedding planner tricks for a polished event on a budget


I Do!


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Owning and maintaining a car is expensive. At more than $9,000 per year, per household, a car is the second most expensive purchase Americans make, yet the average car in the U.S. gets only 4 percent utilization per day.


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Victoria Staton Owner and Lead Planner/Designer Desig igner Certified Wedding and Event nt Planner Victoria Staton International Events t LLC 502-309-4010 @VSIEvents www.vsievents.comb m

B.U.I.L.D. The B in build gives enlightenment to what you are required to do and plans necessary to creating the next step of achievement. The alignment to BE someone that will do something and create legacies. The U aligns with actions needed to increase brand presence in both the professional and personal point of views. UPDATE and UPGRADE. The I defines how your level of INTEGRITY is seen internally (Your Team) and externally (Your Customer). The L focuses on LEARNING, which makes you take direction, learning from colleagues, coaches and your internal team. Willing to learn is the hardest point of reflection when owning a business. The D is the best way to end the building process. DIRECTION the cornerstone of developing the flow of building a business.




Shakespeare had the best question that started an overwhelming process of discovering who you are: “To BE or not to BE that is the question.” Discovering this in business is the hardest thing to nail down. There are two main characteristics in business, The Leader and the Creator.

To be a Leader one must devote a commitment to develop and educate building those that surround you along the journey. Defined the word Learning Integrity BE means to EXIST. To be in business, you must exist in a number of places, times and elements to gain notoriety and overall presence in spaces such as industry, social media, consumer loyalty, in today’s world we call this Brand Recognition. The Creator provides the visual image which drives the consuming public to not only a purchase but also a certain level of loyalty. The System will always force you to answer the question “To be or not to be.” Below are the elements of the age old question this not always answered but driven to establishing a foundation of growth, direction and perseverance. To BE a Brand, Leader and Creator you need the following to ensure the System provides the necessary items for success. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of the brand. Personality is the brand’s character. Culture is the value system and basic principles on which a brand bases its behavior. Self-Image is the consumers’ ideal self. Reflection of the consumer. Your B.U.I.L.D System should always show the Essence of you and the business.

Contributed by:

Brandi C Shelton

You can help create an Autism Friendly City right here in the HEART of Kentuckiana in just



Autism Friendly Business Initiative Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the United States. 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with ASD and over 3.5 million Americans live with ASD. With numbers this high, ASD is likely to affect each and every one of us. Getting out into the community can be a struggle for those on the spectrum and their families. The Autism Friendly Business Initiative (AFBI) has been created to educate community businesses about ASD and prepare then to provide compassionate customer service. Many individuals with autism and their families struggle to get out of the house. Grocery shopping, going out to eat, and getting a hair cut can be challenging and when families do not feel supported in their efforts, many choose to stay home. Our hope is that when the community is more welcoming, individuals with ASD and their families will be more willing to enjoy our great city and businesses will access more customers. Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville, University of Louisville Autism Center, Kentucky Autism Training Center, and Meaningful Day Services together with a collaborative working group have created a 3-part plan to open the community to individuals with autism and their families. Level one is extremely easy. Agreeing to have at least 80% of staff watch a 10-minute video will add a business to the growing list of Autism Friendly Businesses in our community. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want businesses to become therapists, but rather return to the simple rules of compassionate customer service for all. After that, we would like for the business to make this training part of their new employee training packet so that all new employees have training in the provision of compassionate customer service. An AFBI representative will follow up at least once a year to see how things are going and offer additional support if needed. For businesses willing to go a bit further, level two asks that accommodations or modifications be made available to individuals on the spectrum and their families. AFBI will provide industry-specific recommendations that would qualify for level 2 enrollments. For example, AFBI will ask businesses to take specific pictures of their setting. These pictures can be made available to parents to prepare their child for the expectations of that location. A little bit of preparation can make the world of difference for a family! Level three participation involves businesses reviewing their hiring structures to see if any alterations could be made to get a more complete picture of the skill-set of the candidate with ASD. Many individuals with ASD have extraordinary skills that may not be obvious during a face-to-face interview. AFBI would like to help businesses ensure that their hiring practices are allowing them to get the right person for the job! We believe these three simple steps can transform Louisville into a compassionate, autism friendly city. If you are part of a business interested in becoming autism friendly, contact us todayâ&#x20AC;Śit only takes 10 minutes to make a difference. Contact us at AFBI@featoflouisville.org or www.autismfriendlybusiness.com.

Refreshing the Fire of Love By: Cassandra D. Harris-Gray, MSMFT, LCADC This article will help you to bring the sizzle back into your relationship and we are going all out to help rekindle the fire, sparking an all-out frenzy in your love life. We are pulling out all the stops to help your relationship go to the next level of intimacy. Steamyhot and refreshing are two ways to reinvigorate your relationship. Let the fire begin. One of the main ways to add spice to your love life and refresh your intimacy is to establish open and honest communicate to your partner. Both partners must be able to express their true feelings about their sex life. Faking pleasurable sex or organisms are not effective ways to improve your sexual experience because it prevents correction. Fear of hurting your mate's feelings is another style of poor communication. This builds walls of misunderstanding and resentments because your mate though compliant is not sexually satisfied. Talk to your mate about your sex life and your desire to be open about it. Intimacy begins outside of the bedroom. Attentiveness is an important factor to begin the stirring of love. Let your mate know they have your attention and interest. Sometimes we can become preoccupied with work/home routines and fall into a non-passionate lull. Let it be known that this relationship is important to you. Give your mate your intimate attention. Eye contact, intimate caress, compliments of beauty, words of affirmation, love statements and your desire to be with them sets the tone. Your mate is unique and it's up to you to let them know how proud you are of them. Evaluate your sexual mindset and check your passion meter. Listen, our sex life cannot be considered a part of the household chores. Sometimes the interest is stunted because it becomes just another thing around the house to do. Sex is a fun-loving, fulfilling experience. You have the power to fill it with energy, passion and desire. Who says you can't explore for your pleasure in your relationship? Put on your explorer's hat. Find new exciting ways to stir up your mate's pleasure. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hamper sex life. Hugs, kisses, positions, touches, caresses can all be heightened. Don't be afraid to try new sexual positions or styles. Also, plan secret rendezvous. Be spontaneous. Sexy massages, sex or fantasy games or even toys are exciting ways to stimulate excitement. Remember your love life will sizzle as you continue to "Refresh the Fire for Love."

Cassandra D.Harris-Gray is the CEO of Creative Spirits Behavior Health who specializes with individuals, families and couples in the areas of relationships, family, addiction and mental health issues. www.creativespiritsonline.com




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Images of Fatherhood

Father And Son time is very important!.

Improved nutrition and efficiency of modern feed mean today's pigs require less feed to reach market weight, Duerksen notes. Fifty years ago, a pig would need to eat more than 1,000 pounds of feed to reach market weight. Today, it requires just over 600 pounds. Similarly, only a third knew it takes less land and water to raise a pig to market weight today than 50 years ago, while 37 percent thought more was required and 30 percent were unsure. The future of pork Ninety-four percent of all consumers polled by Cargill say they eat pork, with bacon, pork chops and ham being the three favorite cuts. The USDA reports that the U.S. is the third-largest pork producer and consumer in the world. Americans aren't the only people who love pork, either. Pork represents 40 percent of all meat consumed globally, according to the National Pork Board. The U.S. is the largest exporter of pork and pork products, accounting, on average, for more than 20 percent of the world's commercial pork production, the USDA says. "With demand for pork increasing domestically and globally, a growing number of consumers feel it's important to know how the pork they're eating was raised and the nutritional value of the feed pigs consume," Duerksen says. "They already know pork tastes great and is a good source of protein and other nutrients. They also want to know their pork came from animals that were raised responsibly."

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DearbFamily I would first like to thank Chea K Woolfolk for the opportunity to live in my purpose daily. You have been amazing and your kindness is a breath of fresh air. Much love to you and the other writers. FAMILY I have always knew I had a purpose. As a young girl I had a poster on my wall that said find a purpose in life. I have been thru so many things in life and I truly believe everything I went through was so I could live in my purpose. As a little girl, my father told me to give life my best efforts and leave the rest up to GOD. My family has been amazing and very supportive. I always encourage my children along with my friends to live in their purpose. My belief is that all little girls want people who love them to speak into their life and show them unconditional support. I am grateful daily for my family and if I did not have the support of family and friends I would not have CHANGED for the better. I can say without a doubt it was my family and friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s belief in me that pushed me to want better. The work that I am blessed to do puts me in a position to push people to live up to their full potential. Family is not always blood. FAMILY is the ones who were there when all others left and am truly blessed to have amazing friends and family. I work for an amazing organization and I get to see lives CHANGE daily. I thank my father for good morals and values. I made some mistakes abut they do not define. Resiliency is in my blood. I come from a family where every setback has been a setup for greatest comeback we would every make. I CHALLENGE you to know your circle. Once again family is not always blood it is the people who walked in when everyone else walked out. BE BLESSED. Sincerely, Kimberly Moore Agent of Changeb

Website: ASkinLovingExperience.Com Email:ASkinLovingExperience@gmail.com FaceBook: Body by Miriam Be Instagram: Body by Miriam Be Twitter: Body by Miriam Be &.:


IHave you been dreaming of starting something new? Is there a business idea, a product, or a life change that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been eager to do or create, yet you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem to get motivated to just get it started already? When I heard one of my favorite mentors ask those questions in her weekly podcast, MarieTV, I immediately connected with the exact emotion and identity she was describing. Contributed by: Raechele Gray, Creative Director Greater Works Design Studio P.O. Box 1464, Shelbyville, KY 40066 info@greaterworksds.com (502) ( 02) (5 2 529-9017

"One of the most underrated secrets to success is to start before you're ready" (@Marie Forleo)

As a young entrepreneur and die-hard perfectionist, this mental barrier has left me tragically held back from launching and moving forward with my idea so many times in the past. I know I am not the only lady boss who has experienced this very same innate fear. Over the last several days, I've taken time for personal reflection and self-exploration to analyze and uncover where this sense of hesitancy comes from. Particularly after experiencing a sudden loss of a good friend and former high school classmate last week. Her loss helped me to put in perspective and let go of every reason I feel like I can't. I am reevaluating the many excuses and reasons I've rehearsed to myself as to why I've not experienced the success I dream about everyday and letting them go.

Most people believe that what’s holding them back from starting something new is fear. For me, it’s so many doubts and fears, like the fear of making a mistake, the fear of looking foolish, the fear of making a wrong decision, or the mother of all human fears — the fear of not being good enough. All of these are examples of deep-seated ideologies that debilitate our self-confidence and keeps us taking massive action. After having a heavy-hearted sit down discussion with my parents over Sunday dinner, there's a transcendent concept that my father introduced to me that I think will be helpful for others to conquer the exact same fears I experience as an entrepreneur. After I poured my thoughts and exposed my doubts with my father, he simply summed up a compelling philosophy that today's most successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders embody through fearless action. He responded, "So, you can do scared." It was at that moment that I realized the one concept that separates the top 1% action-takers from the rest. They do not wait for their fears to subside or for the right moment. There's no such things as the right moment. There's no such thing as being "ready" to launch. The most successful individuals simply push through their fears and anxieties and take action anyway. "Fear isn't the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.” (@Marie Forleo) As a young entrepreneur, recognizing the real enemy is the first step. The hard truth is that no one who has journeyed the rugged path of entrepreneurship has ever stopped feeling afraid, nervous, or anxious about launching or taking risks. However, the key is instead of spending time trying to analyze or neutralize your fear, you just have to do it afraid. In the words of my father, "You can do scared." For me, this realization meant that I needed to personally deal with my insecurities of perfectionism and comparison. Perfectionism only leads to paralysis and comparison always kills contentment. Trying to develop the most perfect iteration of your business idea or product will constantly lead to never launching at all. When we compare our insides to other people’s outsides, we size ourselves up to other people's progress and we either come out looking better than they do or worse than they do. In order to get over these fears, our insecurities can't drive us into this unfair kind of comparison that leaves us feeling unaccomplished and not ready to move forward. So simple, yet so profound. If you’re ready to stop stalling and get your big idea or life change launched now like I was, I want to encourage you with this simple concept. Learning this simple habit that can help you radically increase your speed of implementation and getting started on your big idea. You can do scared! Make your journey exciting by launching anyway!

3405 Breckenridge Ln Louisville, KY 40220 (502) 822-0095 Whether you want fabulous hair extensions, a stylish cut, professional color, or help styling your natural hair, All Phases has a stylist for you!

Gay's PSA


I knew at the age of 8 that I was a writer. I didn’t say that I would become a writer but that I was a writer. I watched Mama read her Bible everyday so there was never a time that I didn’t believe God existed. When I began reading the Bible for myself I read that God has a purpose for everyone. I then realized why I thought I was a writer. Even at 8 years old I felt pleased whenever I wrote anything. I still experience a sense of euphoria when I write. Sooo… Purpose. How do you figure it out? Can you figure it out? You cannot think yourself into your life’s purpose or passion. It is all in what you do. It is about creating the life you want. It is a journey you take without stress or pressure, it is an adventure of self-travel without the luggage.


Step 1 Start fresh Clean the slate and begin by trying new things. I am sure you have wondered over the years about things you might like to do. So, what would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you are now doing. Don’t quit your day job but explore those things you are interested in. Maybe you would like to cook or write or help others in some way. Maybe you could start by volunteering in some capacity. Whatever it is, like Nike says, “just do it”. Jump into it with both feet, touch it, feel it, get to know it.



Step 3 Use the right i ht tool t l You may be surprised to know that the most important tool in finding your purpose is not your brain. The most important tool in finding your purpose is your heart. When you find the right connection, your heart will know it first. Your heart will be flooded with passion. You will feel inspired from in yyour heart and soul. When you allow your heart to lead your inspirational juices will begin to flow. You will be motivated for more exploration. As you continue with what you love you gain insight into what makes your life joyful.

4 5 Step 5 Move away from the e comfor comfort zone You may find that what you really want to do is out of the norm for you. That’s okay. Don’t allow fear to stop you. If you stretch your mind beyond what you can see you will be amazed at the possibilities that will come.W


Step St 6 Don’t worry about it If you don’t know what your purpose is, don’t fret about it. It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be something that you don’t even give much significance to. I spoke to a woman a few months ago, who was very sig concerned about finding her purpose. After meeting with her several times co and an listening to the things that her filled her day I concluded that she was looking for something big to be her purpose when in fact she was already lo living in her purpose. She filled her day with helping others. She was a liv prayer warrior in her church. No one went without if she could help it. She pr fed fe and clothed the needy when she could. When she couldn’t give anything material she was a great encourager to those in need. And she an never asked for anything in return. ne




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Jamieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chair By: Jamie Elmore

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To contact Jamie for questions, support, p speaking engagements or workshops, go to http://.alopeciasupport.org or at https://www.facebook.com/alopeciasupportgroup/




Black 2 Black

Many black business owners have stated that black folk don't support one another. Some of these statements or complaints do have some validity to them but then again it really depends on who you are talking to. As a proud black woman and entrepreneur let me clear the air when it comes to black on black support. The success of any business depends on the community around them and the place in which they live. When we as a people actually understand what it means to "support" each other then I do believe that things will start to change. I need to make this statement very clear before going any further in this article. "Not purchasing a product or service from a black owned business doesn't mean nonsupport, although it is helpful and productive." Support comes in so many different forms such as encouragement, congratulations, gratitude, showing up, volunteering, donations, sharing, networking, referrals, and other forms that don't involve currency. According to www.dictionary.com, the word "support" is a verb which means action. It also means to bear or hold up, serve as a foundation for, to sustain or withstand without giving way and serve as a prop. Support, maintain, sustain, uphold all mean to hold up and to preserve. To support is to hold up or add strength to, literally or figuratively. It seems as though we are quick to give up or point the blame when it comes to supporting each other in the black community. When something doesn't go our way or the numbers just aren't adding up then one can be quick to say that they are not receiving support. Although I agree that it can be disappointing to put effort into something and no one bothers to show you support; it isn't always due to a lack of support. Have you ever considered that your strategy or technique isn't always well received? Did you market your product or service accordingly or did you simply rely on word of mouth? Are you doing everything possible to promote what you are doing? If you answered "NO" to any of these questions then maybe it isn't a lack of support but maybe more so a lack of effort on your part. I refuse to believe that honest hard work goes unnoticed. If you would just expose and present your work in a professional manner, I have found that most people are willing to support you in every aspect. At one point I have been guilty of believing that people were not supporting my photography business because the photographers population was too high but if I am completely honest; I never really put that much effort into it. I did not keep myself knowledgeable nor did I do any of the things that could possibly propel me to another level. Yes I am a great photographer but I most certainly could have been better. Now I have resorted to being a hobbyist photographer. That isn't anybody's fault but mine.

I just want to leave you with a couple of things to keep in mind before you allow yourself to believe or continue believing that someone isn't supporting you. 1. If things aren't going your way with your business or just in life then revise, reinvent, or retry your approach. 2. In order to receive support please be sure that you are also supporting. You can't expect other people to do the things that you are not willing to do. 3. Don't pull the "Black Card" as if you deserve to be supported by our community because we share the same skin tone, culture, or nationality. Nothing is ever just given to you. Respect and charity must be earned. 4. Know who your audience is. DO YOUR RESEARCH! You could possibly be targeting the wrong group of people. 5. Be consistent and persistent. Patience is everything and things take time to develop and grow. 6. It is about more than money. Customer service along with supply and demand could be a big factor concerning your support. Those that need your product or service will buy it and there will be no need to force anything. Most product and services speak for themselves you are just the face behind it all. 7. Your word is truly your bond. For instance if you are running a black owned business please have the product that you advertise for and pretty please make sure you stick to the office hours that are set. Point blank...do what you say you are going to do. 8. Last but not least, please stop taking everything so personal. For example, Maybe I couldn't support your event because I didn't have the funds or the timing was completely off, better yet it just simply wasn't in my budget. Only take it personal when it personally affects you. Let's continue to support each other. There is nothing we can't do when we work together as one!

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The April/May issue of CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine was so much fun to prepare for. The theme was "Turning life's lemons into delicious lemonade". Each member of the team helps bring the vision to life. We thought it would be FUN to present some of the behind the scene moments as a conic.

Poet Robin G. was snapping her photo's. She is a great example of life's lemons becoming sweet lemonade.

“When life hands you lemonade, don't try to make lemons” ― Vince Guthrie

Collision of Dreams By: LaShondra Gray

My passions collide; I write and I cook. How to combine the two is very simple. They collide in my brain frequently. Cooking brings my soul to life. The combination of spices; the explosive reactions as the tastes of garlic, rosemary, and butter on a peppercorn, pan seared ribeye hit your tongue. The green, red, yellow, and orange peppers, tomatoes, and onions with basil and a hint of salt, on top of a perfectly golden butter toasted wheat baguette. One smell and your brain triggers memories. Cooking does that to me. If that description above didn’t trigger thoughts about food and how it makes you feel, then, just know I am a work in progress as a writer. tƌŝƚŝŶŐƉƌŽĚƵĐĞƐƚŚĞƐĂŵĞƉůĞĂƐƵƌĞĂƐĐŽŽŬŝŶŐ͘tƌŝƚŝŶŐďƌŝŶŐƐŵĞũŽLJ͘/ĐĂŶĞdžƉƌĞƐƐ͸ƚŚƌŽƵŐŚĐŽŽŬŝŶŐa ŵĞĂů͸ǁŚĞƌĞ/͛ŵĨƌŽŵ͕ĂŶĚŚŽǁ/ǁĂƐƌĂŝƐĞĚ͘dŚƌŽƵŐŚĚŝĨĨĞƌĞŶƚƚĂƐƚĞƐ͕ƚŚĞƌĞ͛ƐĂĨĞĞůŝŶŐŽĨůŝĨĞĂŶĚůŽǀĞďĞŚŝŶĚŝƚ͘ Through writing, I can write a poem expressing how food helped me as a kid; or write a song about how cooking brought me back to life. I could write a story about how I was raised in a little city in KY, and how that relates to my style of cooking. There are so many ways to express life through writing; my passions collide frequently. Following your dreams is not easy. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get the job done. Graduating from college, I knew what I wanted to do; I just didn’t know where I wanted to do it at. So, I started doing major research on culinary arts schools and colleges that offered MFA degrees for writing. California was a state that I had always wanted to live in. Seeing that there were some good schools, with low to no tuition costs, and a high minimum wage, I was intrigued. Within a year, I saved all my money, sold all my belongings, squeezed what I could in my little Honda Accord, and drove 3 days to California. Here it is 3 years later, I am a culinary school student at American River College in Sacramento, CA, and I am a Floor Leader at one of the top two sushi restaurants in Sacramento, Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki. I co-own a writing and editing company, called Niche with Words. We do copyediting, writing, proofreading, and formatting. We provide many services focused on writing and editing for business, school, or personal projects. This business brings me such joy, because I can help others learn and express their writing to the world proficiently. Niche with Words assists writers and non-writers, with all their writing needs, whether that be creating a simple business form; assisting with grant writing; improving their resume; editing a school paper before it is turned in; designing invitations, etc. We can help an author bring their characters to life and develop their story. For writing and editing needs, please feel free to contact us with through the information given below. My ultimate dream, one day, is to combine them both. Never stop dreaming, or rising to the next level. Once you set a goal and accomplish it, make another one. I see Niche with Words becoming a great asset to the publishing realm. I see a few novels and movies, about cooking, and cookbooks being released as well. I will also have a bistro of my own. I try to live life with no ceilings, that way there are nothing but endless possibilities. I implore you to do the same.

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5 reasons seafood is a great choice for a

relaxing date night


"Date night" is an activity people typically look forward to with great anticipation. The good news is, your plans don't have to be elaborate for evenings together to turn out romantic and fun. Sometimes the most-satisfying date nights are the relaxing evenings spent at home with the one you love, while enjoying a simple meal you've prepared with each other. For planning your next dinner rendezvous, here are five great reasons to put seafood on the menu. * Seafood is a healthier dinner option. Seafood and other lean meats both average about 45 calories per ounce, but seafood usually contains more "good fats" that have been shown to lower cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. Many types of seafood, such as salmon, also are rich in vitamin B-12, which supports your metabolism and neurological functioning. * Seafood offers plenty of flavor possibilities. Far beyond what beef or chicken might have to offer, seafood provides an ocean of flavor choices. Start your date night with shrimp - America's favorite seafood - and then move on to crab cakes or lobster if you're looking to really impress. Or, if fish is more to your liking, salmon, flounder, or tuna can all be prepared in a variety of ways. * A dish to match your evening. Date night is what you make of it. You could go casual with shrimp cocktail or pasta, or you can make it a more-formal affair, accompanied by a fine wine. Whatever type of evening you plan, there's a seafood dish to match. * Seafood's a cinch to prepare. No need to spend an entire evening preparing something complicated. A quick visit to the frozen food aisle will help you get cooking with brands like SeaPak offering effortless meal solutions to help make date night a breeze. For more recipe inspiration and ideas, head to SeaPak.com. * You can get creative. To prepare a tasty seafood dish, the only limit is your imagination. Once you decide what you're in the mood for, you can find a seafood option to match. For example, this Shrimp Diavolo recipe is sure to seduce your taste buds.

Whatever path you choose, the food should match the mood when it comes to your date night menu. For an unforgettable, relaxing evening together, don't forget to add seafood to the mix.

INGREDIENTS 1 package (12 oz.) SeaPak® Shrimp Scampi 1/2 lb. linguine, uncooked 1 medium onion, thinly sliced 1 can (14.5 oz.) diced tomatoes 1/2 cup dry white wine 1 1/2 tbsp. Italian seasoning 1 tsp. dried crushed red pepper (add to taste) 1/3 cup shredded Parmesan (if desired) INSTRUCTIONS Cook linguini according to package directions and just to al dente. Cook shrimp scampi according to package directions. Scoop shrimp out of pan with a slotted spoon and set shrimp aside. Return pan with remaining scampi sauce to stove and turn heat up to medium high. Add onion and sauté for 5 minutes, until onions are translucent. Add diced tomatoes (including juice), wine, Italian seasoning and crushed red pepper. Bring mixture to low, rolling boil. Boil mixture for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add shrimp to mixture in pan and continue sautéing for 3 minutes. Add cooked linguini and toss to coat. Serve with shredded Parmesan, if desired.

Dream Funders is Louisville's "Shark Tank" style TV series. Partnered with Connecting Dreamers with Funders. DREAM FUNDERS IS LOOKING FOR ENTREPRENEURS. To apply visit:

For Season 2




Last-minute planning tips       






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Amanda Gluck, the Fashionable Hostess, chooses products from BJs exclusive brands, Berkley Jensen and Wellsley Farms, to throw a last-minute dinner partyt

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         By: BPT

What's the biggest threat to our health? It isn't cancer or even accidents, but heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, one in four deaths in the U.S. is caused by heart disease, which includes heart attack and stroke. This statistic is scary, but the good news is, there is something powerful we can do to prevent us from becoming a victim to this disease. Even if you are one of the 47 percent of Americans living with a major risk factor, there are preventive measures you can take for a healthier heart, says registered dietitian nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner. All you have to do is embrace some simple lifestyle changes starting with your diet. "Food is quite literally one of the best medicines out there when it comes to improving our health," says Blatner. "Studies show us repeatedly that a balanced diet including heart-healthy unsaturated fats, along with multiple servings of fruit and vegetables can give you additional protection against heart attack and stroke."

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4. Dark chocolate: Good news: Eating dark chocolate every day can reduce heart attack and stroke for high-risk patients. The magic compound here is flavonoids, which are beneficial for blood pressure and clotting while also reducing inflammation. If you're on-board with making chocolate your after dinner indulgence, opt for brands with 60-70 percent cocoa and that don't contain milk fat in the ingredient list. 5. Eggs: Contrary to earlier belief, eating one egg a day has no negative effect on coronary health and can actually reduce the risk of stroke by 12 percent, according to a recent review of 30 years' worth of scientific study cited on nutraingredients.com. But all eggs are not created equal. Eggland's Best eggs, for example, offer the benefit of 25 percent less saturated fat, five times more Vitamin D, more than twice the omega-3s and three times more Vitamin B12 than ordinary eggs. Eggland's Best's superior nutritional profile is due to its proprietary, all-vegetarian diet. So get cracking and experiment with recipes featuring poached, baked and even hard-boiled Eggland's Best eggs to serve up heart-healthy meals.

Very Vegetable Frittata Ingredients 4 Eggland's Best Eggs (large) 1/3 cup Eggland's Best Liquid Egg Whites 1 cup non-fat milk 1 tablespoon chopped chives 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/3 cup finely chopped onion 1 cup chopped mushrooms 1 cup chopped broccoli 1 cup chopped cauliflower 1 cup chopped zucchini 1 cup halved cherry or pear tomatoes 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese salt and pepper, to taste arugula, for serving (optional) Directions In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg whites, milk and Dijon mustard; set aside. In a 10 to 12-inch ovenproof nonstick skillet, spray with cooking spray and heat to medium-high. Saute onion until softened - about 2 minutes. Add the mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini to the skillet. Saute until slightly softened - another 3 to 4 minutes. Whisk the egg mixture again, then pour over the vegetables. Sprinkle tomatoes and feta cheese on top. Place a lid on the skillet, reduce heat to medium and cook until the bottom and sides of the frittata are firm - 8 to 10 minutes. Preheat the oven broiler. Place the skillet under the broiler and broil until the frittata is cooked through (no longer jiggly) and slightly browned on top - about 5 minutes (watch closely). Cut into 4 wedges and serve immediately, over a handful of arugula, if desired. - Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best.

Thesmartadvicethat makescleaneatingan attainablelifestylechoice  


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Food-ingredient labels are getting shorter. Why? Because the people have spoken: We want fewer, better ingredients in our foods. We asked, and the companies that make our food responded by replacing artificial colors and flavors, removing what's unessential, and using naturally derived ingredients. But even shorter "clean" labels can still read like a technical manual. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - just because a food ingredient is unfamiliar or has a difficult-to-pronounce name doesn't mean it's not good for you. For instance, you might not have heard of cholecalciferol, and it sounds a little scary. But cholecalciferol is just another name for Vitamin D. You might not have heard of rickets, either; that's because this once-common childhood disease became nearly obsolete when Vitamin D, which prevents rickets, was added to milk (Vitamin D also helps our bodies absorb the calcium in milk). Another ingredient with a somewhat strange name is carrageenan. This seaweed-based ingredient makes some of our favorite foods more nutritious. It replaces the sodium in lunch meat and can take the place of fats, oils and sugar, which is why that nonfat yogurt you had for lunch tastes just as good as the full-fat option, without the guilt. Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) might look like a mouthful, but MCC - also called cellulose gel - is just cellulose derived from fruits, vegetables and trees. Cellulose, which is the most common organic compound on earth, is one of only seven FDA-approved sources of fiber. So when microcrystalline cellulose or cellulose gel appears on a food label, it means your food contains the same plant fiber found in broccoli and apples. Other ingredients that might not ring a bell? Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family that has been used as a medicine and spice in India for thousands of years. Modern science has shown it is also a powerful antioxidant that settles upset stomachs and may lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks, all while brightening your food with its deep yellow color.



     | By BPT

Some of the unfamiliar ingredients on your food label might literally be found in your own backyard. Pectin, for example, comes from the peels of lemons or other citrus fruits and is commonly used to thicken jams and jellies. Understanding what goes into our food is important. But it's also important that we don't say "no" to a product just because we don't recognize every ingredient on its label. When we research the ones we're not familiar with, we might come to find that those "scary additives" are actually delicious gifts from nature. To learn more about what's in your food, visit foodsciencematters.com.

From spices and oils to gadgets and gizmos, it seems like there are always new, trendy items that you should add to your kitchen. Trying to separate the handy from the hype, however, can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Professional chefs know not everything is worthy of space in their kitchens, but it's not always easy for home cooks to figure out what they need and what they don't. That's why Devin Alexander, New York Times Bestselling Author and professional chef, gives a peek inside her kitchen. Find out what's really worth your while, as she shares the top items she uses, as well as recommends to her clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chef Alexander's top kitchen must-have's include: Reusable oil sprayer: An oil sprayer allows you to cook with fats in a healthful and efficient way. You can fill the sprayer with your choice of oil - from olive to canola to whatever suits your current taste preference and cooking needs. Kitchen scale: You don't have to weigh everything, but a countertop scale is a handy tool that can help you sustain your healthy eating goals. It's great for measuring portions of lean meats, seafood and cheeses, so you can stay in check while whipping up recipes or prepping snacks. Truvia Nectar: "My favorite liquid sweetener is blended with stevia leaf extract and honey, and has 50 percent fewer calories than sugar," says Alexander. "It's twice as sweet so you only need half as much when you're adding it to tea or drizzling it on yogurt. I also love to use Truvia Nectar in salad dressings, marinades and cocktails." Learn more at www.truvia.com/nectar.




By BPT Oatmeal: Oatmeal isn't just a morning food, but a healthy way to add texture to recipes. Use it in meatballs and baked goods for a tasty, wholegrain boost. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an extremely versatile pantry essential. Sprinkle the spice here and there to liven up your favorite beverages and recipes without too many added calories. Cocoa powder: "I'm a huge chocolate lover! Using 100 percent cocoa powder, which has minimal calories and some fiber to boot, is a great way to get your chocolate fix while staying fit," Alexander says "You can add it to oatmeal and sauces, but the possibilities are endless." Instant coffee: Did you know instant coffee can be used for more than just your morning jumpstart? It's a quick and easy way to give your protein shakes a java-flavored makeover. Stocking your home kitchen with the right items is essential for achieving your healthy eating goals.


Since the age of 6, I have been an avid dreamer. Desiring to do something beyond average, something bigger than myself...I spent my childhood constantly dreaming, making phone calls, sketching out invention ideas and reaching out to anyone whom I thought would have been of help. My mom, sisters, and family friends would always laugh and tease me because I carried a small brown suitcase around, given to me by my mom, calling it my business....which I still have to this day, lol.

In early years, I noticed that I was intrigued by the idea of soaring high...higher than we were being taught in school....higher than the mind could imagine. Not only was brainstorming the thing to do, the thought of it was extremely exciting to me! I began working at an extremely young age, maybe around 5 or 6.

My mom began teaching us responsibility at very early ages. She would take us to the field to pick strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes. We would babysit, clean houses for people, sell rice krispy treats, popcorn balls, candy, cup cakes and freeze cups. At the age of 10, I got my first job in my hometown Benton Harbor, with a local business by the name of Color Tile. I worked there after school for 2 years. Imagine that, in class telling your 6th grade friends that you can't call nor play with them after school because you have to work....yeah, that was me. Lol. Crazy thing is, that's exactly what I wanted.

My goal was to make my own money, create my own way of doing so and enjoy my created line of work!! Throughout the years, this same dream..this burning desire has grown stronger and stronger each and every day.

I worked while in high school, as well as in college. Being involved in 3 different businesses, it was around this time that I learned the importance of building a plurality of nests and grasped the idea of residual income. Of course, being the dreamer that I am...this only fueled my endeavors to work toward self employment. After graduating from culinary arts school, I was planning to open my deli in the Goss Ave area of Louisville Ky. While writing my menu, I wanted to create my very own unique blends of tea, that I as well as people throughout the world could go out and purchase. Though a deli sounded good, my mind was geared towards creating a product that was not only local but could be experienced by people from different parts of the world...which again goes back to the fact that dreamers, future entrepreneurs think beyond the imagination! Paradise Island Tea is becoming known for the uniqueness that sets it apart from other teas...it's truly a dream in the making!!

A dream can come at any age but it takes a fire that can't be quenched to make that dream blossom into reality. Not everyone is able to do so for a variety of reasons. Some feel that it takes too much work..which it does. Others say it's too hard...which it is. Many feel that it's too much of a risk...yes, it is. While others are fearful of striving beyond the norm...it can be fearful. Some think that it will take too long to make a dream fruitful and prosperous...which is true. The entrepreneur feels the same as others in all of these areas, however, the entrepreneur turns to his/her dream, which is that fuel...that unquenchable fire to lead them on and through their journey. This fuel is very important and is what I consider, the main source of air to the entrepreneur because it will help you stay afloat when hearing the many “No's” that you are bound to hear. It will keep you focused when doors of opportunity begin to close. It will help keep your head up when you come face to face with those that do not believe in you. Your fuel has to be one of which will not allow anyone nor anything to deter you from striving to make your dream a reality. Tamra Means-CEO “A sip of paradise” www.paradiseislandtea.com

Family & Lifestyle


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5 reasons why talking about money can enhance a relationship Written By: BPT

Be open with your significant other about your full financial picture. Questions that can help open the door to meaningful conversations include: 1. Are we paying ourselves first? 2. Do we have a safety net? 3. Are we paying all our bills on time, every time? 4. Have we reviewed our insurance needs in the last year? 5. Do we track our spending to know where our money is going every month? 6. Are we paying down high-interest-rate debt first? 7. Do we know where our credit stands? 8. Are we saving for retirement? It helps couples afford the "extras" that make life fun. Building a solid financial future shouldn't mean forsaking enjoying life. When couples have a common understanding of how they'll prioritize and manage their day-to-day finances like housing costs, grocery and utility bills, it's easier to figure out where splurges fit in. It helps avoid financial surprises. Hearing your friends shout, "happy birthday" is a welcome surprise. What's not welcome is suddenly discovering you can't afford to pay this month's bills or that retirement is farther away than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Being up front about money issues and sharing complete financial information with your significant other helps avoid financial surprises that can add unnecessary stress to a relationship.

Thinking about combining finances with your significant other? Whether you're getting married or just thinking about getting serious, talking about money can help couples understand each other and avoid unhappy surprises down the road. Here are five reasons why talking about money can enhance a relationship. It makes couples happier. Talking about things like spending, saving and debt may sound business-like and unromantic, but financial experts agree that money is a frequent topic of arguments in many relationships. In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, almost a third of adults with partners reported that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship. "What I see when talking with couples is that learning how to resolve money disagreements - and there will be disagreements helps build important relationship skills," says Daniel Prebish, director of Life Event Services with Wells Fargo Advisors. "Those skills will be valuable both at the beginning of a relationship and likely for a couple's entire time together." It helps couples connect by understanding what's going on. Couples should discuss pros and cons of combining finances versus keeping finances separate. According to research by Wells Fargo & Company, about half of couples choose to combine accounts, while the other half prefers separate accounts. Regardless of where you and your significant other fall in this spectrum, both people in a relationship should understand how their financial habits impact - positively or negatively - the life they are building together. It helps couples track their short and long term financial goals.

While discussing money may not feel romantic, it certainly is emotional. So how do you get started? Here are tips: 1. Admit the conversation can feel awkward, but commit to having it anyway. 2. Pick a mutually agreeable time. Your candle-lit Valentine's dinner may not be the right setting. Pre-arranging the conversation will help ensure both people are mentally prepared. 3. Be open with your significant other. Share your values and opinions about spending and savings habits and goals you would like to achieve together. 4. Work at it. Commit to an annual meeting to talk about money, credit and whether you're on track to achieve your financial goals. By opening the lines of communication, you can get on the same financial page before joining financial forces. (This article was written by Wells Fargo Advisors and Consumer Lending) Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, separate registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company. Wells Fargo Consumer Lending Group provides products and services through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and its various affiliates and subsidiaries. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is a bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. Findings were a part of the 2016 Wells Fargo &Company's "How American Buys and Borrows" survey. Over 2000 American adults ages 18 and older were surveyed. Survey results were not published in their entirety.

5 spring DIY craft projects to make old stuff new again Article Contributed By: BPT

Spring isn't just the season to clean out old junk from your home, it's also the perfect time to tackle some DIY craft projects that repurpose household items and give them new life. Repurposing, or "upcycling," is one of the hottest trends in home decor and design for 2017, according to online DIY community Hometalk.com. Before you throw away an old book case, battered picture frame or wooden industrial spool, why not think of ways to upcycle those items instead? Here are five projects the DIY experts at Arrow Fastener Company recommend to help you add a fresh look to your home while giving new life to old items: Book page wreath - True booklovers find it painful to ever throw away a book, but what can you do with a tome that's become too worn to read anymore? Turn it into a decorative wreath that proclaims your love of the written word. You'll need wood for a base, an old book and a craft glue gun. Industrial wooden spool seat and bookshelf - You may have no idea where it came from or why it's in your garage, but that industrial spool can become the perfect place to put up your feet and read a book. A blog post on Pandora's Craft Box shows you how to turn a wooden spool into a beautiful bookshelf/footstool combo. You'll need wood stain, pieces of wood to create internal shelving, upholstery materials like batting, foam and fabric, and an Arrow T50 Heavy Duty staple gun to affix the padding to the top of the spool.

Wine bottle rustic vase - Every now and then you have a bottle of wine that's just so good - or the bottle itself is so pretty - you just don't want to give it up. Turning it into a rustic vase is a great way to preserve the memories associated with the bottle and create a beautiful decorative piece for your home. You'll need a glass wine bottle, 20-50 feet of sisal rope, scissors, a mini glue gun, glue sticks and optional decorative embellishments. Feline playland - If you have a bored cat and an old book case, you have the makings of magic! The blog My Very Educated Mother offers directions on how to repurpose an old book case by using a staple gun to affix rugged carpet remnants to the interior, shelves and exterior of the case. The shelves are a fun place for kitty to sit, and the carpet gives her somewhere appropriate to sharpen her claws. You can also store toys, treats and even a bed on the shelves. Woodland picture frame - Do you have an old picture frame or a mirror that the glass has broken out of? You can transform the most basic or worn frame into a piece of natural art by using a glue gun to attach sticks in varying shapes and sizes to the frame. Use sticks from a craft store or from your own backyard to decorate the frame, giving it a rustic look that brings a bit of nature into your home. For more DIY projects to help you repurpose old items into new home decor this spring, visit arrowfastener.com/projects or Arrow's Pinterest page.


Contributed By: BPT

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HOW TO PLAN A SUCCESSFUL   bSPRING GETAWAY s. No matter where you live, spring travel is synonymous with the search for warm weather. While the sunshine may help keep the blues at bay, it takes more than just golden rays to make a trip unforgettable. Whether you're taking a family vacation, a couples escape or a getaway with friends, these insider tips will help you plan a successful trip: Look for deals at well-known destinations The best trips happen when you find a destination that everyone loves and you stay on budget. Start by researching areas that have something for everyone so no one feels left out. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with virtually endless attractions, world-class dining and 60 miles of beautiful shoreline - is one of these gems that also happens to be affordable. Countless deals can be found in any season at www.visitmyrtlebeach.com. Once you determine your destination, dig in to find the deal that's right for you. Some hotels and resorts offer themed packages that also provide deep discounts on museum tickets, concerts and other special events. Or you can make your own trip, allowing each member of your party to pick their favorite must-see attraction.

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Try something new It's important to enjoy some R&R, but also make time to try something new on your trip. This will take you outside your comfort zone, which can stimulate the mind in new and exciting ways. What's more, it's how you create lasting memories. With growing interest in adventure travel, many destinations are offering exciting and fun experiences for all age groups. In Myrtle Beach, for example, you can try cable boarding at Shark Wake Park, which allows you to wake-board without a boat, or indulge your inner speed demon by racing around a track in the area's NASCAR Racing Experience. Embrace experiential eating Eating is one of the best ways to truly experience what makes a destination unique, so be sure to eat like a local, and maybe even fish like one, too. Eating turns into a memorable experience when you've helped catch your main dish. Sign up for a shrimping, crabbing or a deep-sea fishing excursion and enjoy an adventure plus a delectable meal. If you'd rather avoid the open sea, you're not out of luck. Seek out restaurants that source ingredients locally. That could mean eateries that boast a farm-to-table or sea-totable experience so you enjoy the freshest fare available. Become a history buff Virtually anywhere you go in the United States, you'll discover a fascinating history of how it came to be. When you make time to explore museums, walk stunning gardens and visit memorials, you'll be able tell tales back home that you would otherwise have never known. For an insider's glimpse into history, check out National Historic Landmarks. For example, Hopsewee Plantation in the Myrtle Beach area was built an estimated 40 years before the Revolutionary War. In addition to beautiful scenery, you'll experience the heritage of the area up close.


These four steps will help you plan a vacation that your travel crew will be raving about long after you return home. Best yet, you'll have memories that will last a lifetime.

Hopsewee Plantation in the Myrtle Beach

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This is a general overview of our legal plan and/or identity theft plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for your state of residence for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.


KEEP YOUR TEEN ATHLETE FUELED WITH THESE Ã&#x2026;4 VITAL TIPS 4 vital fuel sources your teen athlete needs                                                                                                                !             "                


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#RUN4AUTISM #RUN4AWARENESS #RUN4FEAT MAKE MAKE A DONATION DONATION TO TO FEAT FEAT OF OF LOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE when when registering registering toto run run 2017 2017 KDF KDF Marathon/miniMarathon Marathon/miniMarathon


Empowered Living Institute Change your mind Change your world

Valorie H Lasley Author, Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach Certified by Professional Woman Network

Professional Coaching Expertise in the following areas: The shame of abuse Low self-esteem Life after divorce The death of a loved one Setting boundaries Assertive vs Aggressive Personal presentation of self And other areas of expertise Workshop development available

Publications The Battle Is The Lordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2006 On A Wing and A Prayer 2014

Co-Authored Releasing Strongholds 2011 The Power of A Woman 2012 The Power of God 2012 The Power of God Devotional Celebration of Life 2013 For more information call 1.855.574.0185

Follow me on Facebook @Empowered Living Institute or WISE -Workers Inspired to Serve and Empower



Ä&#x2026;              u








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"When families are struggling with food insecurity, homelessness, financial hardship or transition, they need the unconditional love of their pets more than ever," Fuller says. "By helping provide for pets, you're also doing something good for the humans who love them and that's something you can feel good g about all year long."

We support autism awareness.







From fresh egg production to natural garden fertilizer, there is no shortage of benefits in raising backyard poultry. But even as families become more familiar with sustainable living and keeping chickens, several poultry myths still exist. Here to set the record straight for our feathered friends is poultry expert Lisa Steele, creator of the renowned Fresh Eggs Daily brand and author of three top-selling books on the subject. Steele is also a consultant with Tractor Supply Company, the rural lifestyle retailer now celebrating Chick Days with live chicks and ducklings at its stores nationwide. Here are Steele's eight most common myths surrounding backyard flocks: Myth 1: Chickens are difficult to care for. "There is, of course, a certain level of responsibility required to properly care for any living animal. However, when it comes to backyard poultry, the time commitment is fairly minimal - maybe 30 minutes daily," Steele says. Here's what you can expect: In the morning, chickens will need to be let out and fed; waterers will need to be filled. At some point, eggs will need to be collected. Then, around dusk, after the chickens have wandered back to the coop, the door needs to be locked to protect from predators. Myth 2: Chickens (and coops) smell. "Chickens themselves don't smell, nor does a well-maintained coop," Steele says. "On average, a chicken produces about 1.5 ounces of manure a day, which is far less than the average dog - not to mention, when composted, it makes wonderful nitrogen-rich fertilizer for a garden."

Myth 3: Chickens are noisy. "Despite what you may have heard, chickens are pretty quiet. In fact, a clucking chicken tends to be on par with normal human conversation (60-65 decibels). In other words, it's a lot quieter than your neighbor's barking dog, lawn mower or car alarm," Steele says. Roosters are a different story, and some areas prohibit them for that very reason. Be sure to check your local ordinances about keeping backyard poultry! Myth 4: You need a rooster to get eggs. Chickens will lay eggs regardless of whether or not there is a rooster in the flock. A male chicken is only needed to fertilize an egg, meaning eggs laid by hens in a rooster-less flock can never hatch into baby chicks. And while there are some benefits to having roosters, they aren't necessary for your hen to produce a basket of delicious, fresh eggs. Myth 5: A chicken lays an egg every day. Fresh eggs to eat and share with friends are one of the best benefits of raising poultry, but Steele says not to expect your hen to lay an egg every day. "The average chicken will produce four to five eggs a week, but that will vary depending on the chicken's age, breed, health and environment. Shorter days, extreme temperatures, molting (growing in new feathers) and other stressors, such as the presence of predators, can all affect egg production," Steele says. Myth 6: Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs. "The nutrient content of an egg is based largely on a hen's diet, not the color of its egg, which is determined solely by the chicken's breed," Steele says. According to a study conducted by Mother Earth News magazine, a free-roaming chicken that consumes grass and bugs will lay eggs with less cholesterol and saturated fat and more Vitamin A and E, beta-carotene and Omega-3s than a chicken fed purely commercial corn/grain-based foods. Myth 7: Chickens carry disease. "Chickens don't carry any more risk of disease than a dog or cat. In fact, they love to eat ticks and other pesky critters known to transmit diseases like Lyme disease, tapeworm and heartworm," Steele explains. "While salmonella can be transmitted to humans through poultry dander and feces, simply washing hands after handling the chickens keeps the risk of infection minimal." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also cautions against live poultry inside the home and against letting children younger than 5 years old handle poultry. Myth 8: Chickens attract rodents and predators. "Wild predators are not any more attracted to chickens than they are to wild birds, rabbits, squirrels and other small animals," Steele says. "The truth is, predators are likely already living in your midst. The key to keeping them at bay is to keep your chickens safe in an enclosed pen or run area. Chicken feed should also be taken up at night and stored in predator-proof containers to reduce the possibility of flies and mice." Now through April, Tractor Supply features Chick Days, where at nearly every location you can see and select live chicks and ducklings. When it comes to raising backyard poultry, Tractor Supply is a one-stop shop with coops, equipment, feed and the expert advice you need to successfully raise chicks into an egglaying flock. For more expert information on safe handling and care for poultry, starting a chicken coop and more, visit TractorSupply.com/Chicks.



    Contributed by BPT We know the old saying: when it rains, it pours... and when it pours, it floods. With winter snow storms coming to an end, the threat of flooding increases as the snow begins to melt and the rivers and creeks begin to swell. It's easy to forget about how powerfully destructive water can be. In fact, nine out of 10 natural disasters include flood, making it the number one disaster in the United States according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, only 15 percent of homeowners have flood insurance. From 2006 to 2015, total flood claims cost more than $1.9 billion per year and the average claim was more than $46,000 during that time. "Even just a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in property damage," says Corise Morrison, executive director of underwriting at USAA. "While it's possible to mitigate flood damage, complete prevention is nearly impossible. If you don't take the proper precautions, it can be devastating to your family finances." For most homeowners, that means looking into flood insurance. But does it make sense for everyone? As an insurance professional, Morrison has heard all the explanations. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about flood insurance: "Flood is covered by my homeowners insurance policy." Typically, flooding is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Therefore, homeowners must purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) from their insurer. If the homeowner does have flood insurance, it's important to regularly reevaluate it to ensure it provides adequate coverage. "Flood insurance is too expensive." To emphasize an earlier point, the average cost of a flood claim hovered around $46,000 from 2011 to 2015. The average annual premium for flood insurance in the U.S. is $650, according to NFIP. Do the math. "I don't live in a flood plain so I don't need flood insurance."

i@3 7303aI 2L3a<3N,w KN<3L3Nj <3N,w 8RnN0 j@j c LNw c lz U3a,3Nj R8 8IRR0 ,ICLc ,RL3 8aRL LR03aj3AjRAIRs aCcG a3cY i@3c3 a3 a3c CN s@C,@ I3N03ac 0RN_j a3\nCa3 j@3 Una,@c3 R8 8IRR0 CNcnaN,3Y ?Rs3q3a. ^I3cc ICG3Iw^ 0R3cN_j 3\nI ^NR aCcGY^ +RLUI3j3 j@Cc \nC,G c3I8Acnaq3w- ^/R3c Cj aCN s@3a3 B L]^ B8 j@3 Ncs3a Cc w3c. ,RNcC03a 8IRR0 CNcnaN,3 $3,nc3 Cj ,N 8IRR0 Nws@3a3 Cj aCNcY ^7IRR0 CNcnaN,3 sRN_j UaRqC03 L3 sCj@ j@3 ,Rq3a<3 B N330 NwswY^ Bj Cc jan3 j@j j@3 M7BT ICLCjc ,Rq3a<3 R8  cCN<I3 a3cC03N,3 jR 1l9z.zzz 8Ra j@3 cjan,jna3 N0 NRj@3a 1Szz.zzz 8Ra ,RNj3Njc jR j@3 @RL3. $nj j@3w a3N_j j@3 RNIw cRna,3 8Ra ,Rq3a<3Y 2u,3cc 8IRR0 ,Rq3a<3 ,N IcR $3 Una,@c30 $Rq3 j@3 1l9z.zzz ICLCjY ^B_II Encj sCj nNjCI Cj aCNcY^ bRaaw jR $a3G j@Cc jR wRn. $nj LRcj CNcna3ac a3\nCa3  kzA0w sCjCN< U3aCR0 $38Ra3  URIC,w Cc 3883,jCq3Y mNI3cc wRna RsN 8Ra3,cjc aCqI j@3 $3cj c,C3N,3 N0 j3,@NRIR<w @q3 jR R883a. Cj LC<@j $3 sCc3 jR cjC,G jR j@3 LNja. ^$3jj3a c83 j@N cRaawY^ i@3 ,RNc3\n3N,3c 8Ra $3CN< CII Ua3Ua30 8Ra  8IRR0 ,N $3 IRN< IcjCN<Y `3c3a,@ N0 ,a38nIIw s3C<@ j@3 aCcG jR wRn N0 wRna UaRU3ajwY +@N,3c a3 j@j wRn_II 8CN0 j@j Cj LC<@j $3 LRa3 a3cRN$I3 j@N wRn j@Rn<@jY pCcCj mbY,RLg8IRR0 8Ra LRa3 jCUc N0 CN8RaLjCRN RN 8IRR0 CNcnaN,3 N0 s@j jR 0R $38Ra3. 0naCN< N0 8j3a 8IRR0CN< R,,nacY vRn ,N IcR qCcCj 72K_c 7IRR0 KU b3aqC,3 +3Nj3a 8Ra LRa3 CN8RaLjCRN Ra jR 03j3aLCN3 wRna 8IRR0 aCcGY

5 FUN WAYS TO DECORATE FOR By: BPT SPRING Spring is the perfect time to shake things up with your home decor. As Mother Nature transforms her landscape with fresh buds and blooms, you're probably longing to refresh your home, too. These five easy craft projects are perfect family activities and the results will add touches of springtime throughout the house. Rain boot wreath Do you have a pair of rain boots your kids have grown out of? Use these as an adorable way to display silk flowers in the entryway. Simply select your favorite long-stem flowers from your local craft store (hint: tulips are perfect for spring). Have kids help arrange flowers inside boots and then hang with a large decorative ribbon on your door. Thumbprint flower pots Jazz up boring terracotta pots with acrylic paint and the tiny fingerprints from your mini helpers. Have kids wear a smock (acrylic paint can stain), then carefully dip fingertips into paint and press onto the pot. For example, red fingerprints can be turned into cute ladybugs with a few black details when dry. You can also use fingerprints to create flowers, butterflies and more. Flip-flop welcome sign Favorite warm-weather foot gear can be used to create a cute sign welcoming guests to your home. Buy four pairs of colorful flip flops from any dollar store. Line up and then adhere each side together with hot glue (eight flip-flops total glued together). On the heel of each sandal paint a letter from "Welcome!" When done, let kids adorn with colorful gems, stickers, and other fun spring details.

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7 steps to secure your home while you're on vacation


Warmer temperatures, budding trees and blooming flowers are all lovely parts of spring, but what you really look forward to is the start of vacation planning season! Deciding where to go and what to see, making arrangements and planning your wardrobe are all exciting aspects of summer vacation planning. But before you pack up to leave on your getaway, be sure to take care of the most important asset you'll be leaving at home - your home itself. "Before going away on vacation, homeowners do a lot of things to prepare for the security and safety of their home while away, including stopping the mail, powering down electronics and turning off water and gas," says Emily Lewicki, brand manager with Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning. "Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that a home's temperature needs to be monitored, which can easily be done by using a programmable thermostat." While you're savoring the fun of your vacation planning, here are seven steps you also should take to prepare your home to remain secure while you're away: 1. Stop the mail. Home safety experts agree: a stuffed mailbox is a sign of an empty home. The United States Postal Service allows you to request a vacation hold on your mail up to 30 days before your departure date. Go to holdmail.usps.com to see if this service is available in your area. You should also put newspaper and package delivery on hold, too, as uncollected newspapers or parcels in front of your house could also alert others that you're not home. 2. Turn off water and gas. If a water or gas leak occurs while you're not there to address it, the emergency could cause significant damage to your home. You can reduce risks by turning off water flow to appliances like the clothes washer. To conserve energy and money, you can also turn off the gas flow to your water heater. 3. Adjust the thermostat. You don't need to spend money to heat or cool your home to a comfortable level when you're not there to enjoy it. Turn down the thermostat, but don't turn your HVAC system completely off. Extreme temperatures can harm your home and its contents. A programmable thermostat can take care of temperature adjustments for you while you're away. If you don't already have a programmable thermostat, consider installing a model like Coleman's Hx(TM) thermostat. The touch-screen interface makes it easy to program the system, plus a free downloadable app allows you to control the thermostat from your smartphone, no matter where you travel. Just be sure to leave your internet connection active at home so your thermostat can communicate with the app while you're away.

4. Put lights on timers or sensors. A well-lit home looks lived in and is less appealing to burglars. Put outside lights on sensors so they'll turn on when the sun goes down. Use timers to turn interior lights on and off at appropriate times. 5. Prep your kitchen. Go through the refrigerator and pantry and throw away any food that could go bad while you're away. No one wants to come home to smelly, spoiled food. Empty the trash and arrange for a neighbor to put the trash at the curb on your scheduled pickup day. Unplug all small appliances like the coffee maker, toaster ovens, food processors, etc. 6. Power down electronic devices. Items like computers, TVs and phone chargers all draw power while plugged in, even if they're not switched on. Turn off and unplug electronic devices to reduce power usage in the house and protect electronics from power surges while you're away. 7. Secure the garage. This is especially important if your home has an attached garage with direct access into your home. Most garage doors have a simple bolt lock that can be engaged from inside to prevent the door from being raised. Remember to also lock the door from the garage into your house. Everyone looks forward to vacation. With some simple prep, you can ensure your home stays secure while you're away. To learn more about home heating and air-conditioning, visit www.colemanac.com or follow Twitter @ColemanHVAC.

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With spring fast approaching and the kids at school, there's no better time to upgrade the playroom. Why not swap out a traditional swinging door for a playful chalkboard wall-mounted sliding door? Your little artists can draw for hours on the chalkboard, plus the sliding door can add up to 14 square feet of floor space which means more room for spreading out toys, games and building forts. There's also more flexibility in furniture arrangements. This means even the smallest nook in your house could turn into a cozy play space. It's easy to do with Johnson's 2610SC Soft-Close Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. You can use it with virtually any metal or wood door from 1-inch to 1 3/4inch thick, up to 60-inches wide, and weighing up to 200 pounds. The 2610SC Wall Mount includes hardware that gently slows the door's travel speed to softly pull it into the fully open or fully closed position. The hardware works like a cabinet door closer, enabling doors to open and close quietly and securely. It also prevents door slamming and pinched fingers, as well as significantly reducing door operational noise. The built-in satin finish fascia gives a warm decorative detail to the room (also available with bronze fascia). There are also adjustable door guides and smooth rolling tricycle hangers. You can set the adjustable track stops to control the door travel as well. The jump-proof aluminum box track is available in lengths up to 96inches for single doors, and up to 192inches for double doors.


The smooth rolling door hardware and track exceed ANSI standards, which means it can successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles. Made in the USA. This is an easy project for an experienced handyman to complete. Check out the installation video for guidance: www.johnsonhardware.com/video.htm. For more information, visit www.johnsonhardware.com/2610f.htm or call (800) 837-5664. Follow the Company on Twitter: @JohnsonHrdware, Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/johnsonhardware/ Instagram: johnsonhardware or Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnsonhardware19 58.

Your children will love their playroom upgrade with Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2610SC Soft-Close Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. Now you can open and close the door with just a touch of a fingertip. (Chalkboard door not included.)


1115 Garvin Place, Louisville, KY 40203, Phone: 502.276.0660


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Special Report


The year 2016 was devastating for some safe deposit box holders. In New York, thieves cut holes in the roofs of three banks and brazenly emptied hundreds of safe deposit boxes, leaving the victims' pillaged boxes on the roof and strewn around the vault. A stealthier thief in Florida picked safe deposit boxes in several banks, emptying the contents without damaging the box or leaving any visible sign of the theft. These are not isolated incidents. On average, there are between 15-18 robberies or burglaries involving bank vaults every year according to the FBI. Millions of dollars of jewelry, cash, gold and family heirlooms are stolen, leaving devastated box holders dealing with unrecoverable losses. Still the safest Despite these occurrences, law enforcement agencies, FEMA, the American Red Cross and AARP all recommend safe deposit boxes to store valuable items, heirlooms and documents. A safe deposit box in a vault is superior to home storage even with a safe. Why? Because a residence is almost 20 times more likely to be robbed than a safe deposit box in a bank. And with rental costs starting at around $30 a year, safe deposit boxes remain one of the best values offered by a financial institution. Required step Today, most people who rent a safe deposit box assume the bank or a federal agency insures the contents. This is not true, and unfortunately, too many people learn this the hard way. A standard homeowners policy provides limited coverage for some items in a box, but excludes losses from flood and other risks. They may also have a high deductible. Specialty insurance designed to cover and protect everything inside of a safe deposit box - including cash, gold and important papers such as wills, titles, deeds, photos and digital backups, is now available. There is no deductible, and risks such as terrorist attacks, hurricanes and earthquakes are covered. And because you do not need to identify what is stored inside the box to obtain coverage, you can maintain your privacy.

Protect yourself Clearly, there are events that no vault or safe deposit box can protect against. However, there are steps you should take. Safe Deposit Box Insurance, LLC (SDBIC), the leader in protecting valuable assets in secure boxes, has developed a secure storage quiz on secure storage options. So, despite there being some high-profile break-ins, a safe deposit box is still the best place to store your documents, family heirlooms and other valuables. But because nothing is 100 percent foolproof, it's important to do your research, select the right bank and insure the contents of your box through SDBIC.

Caregiving: A Daughter’s Story Caregiving: A Daughter’s Story Information: Caregiving AND Workforce Skill Development Training Information Workshops

For Caregivers Anyone!

Author: Janice Baldon-Gutter, CNA, PHR, MBA, MS-HRE

Caregiving Resources

Caregiving: A Daughter’s Story Tells the Story of a Daughter who experienced the surprise, joys and pain of watching loved ones become ill and eventually die. Suddenly she became the decision maker for those who once made decisions for her. When did the roles change from carefree child to adult caregiver for the loving parents who raised her? How did she cope and survive the process? Learn how an average person like YOU learned to make healthcare and other professions LISTEN and work WITH her (and not dictate to her) to make decision on behalf of loved ones. Read the story of an ordinary person coping with the stresses and joys of caregiving for loved ones, how to survive through the caregiving process, and how to say “NO” to others when caregiving is over and move on with YOUR LIFE!!!!

Workforce Development Workshops: Are You A Former Family Caregiver in Need of a Job? Anyone In Need of a Job? Resume writing, Work Force Skill/Training Information for Everyone!

Caregiving Workshops: Resource Information WEBSITE: (contact)

www.caregivingwithjanice.com Book available for purchase at:

Amazon.com Barnes and Noble.com Carmichael’s (By Request)

Short, Simple

Tips/Strategies for Everyday Family Caregivers contact: Facebook AND janicebaldongutter@gmail.com www.caregivingwithjanice.com

©2010-2016 – Caregiving: A Daughter’s Story – no legal or healthcare advice – great information for family caregivers

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transportion Doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appointments Dialysis treatment Physical therapy Out-patient Adult Day-care facilities Adult living facilities

Dental appointment Optometrist visits Social outing/shopping Airport/Seaport Church/Synagogue Restaurants

We do both wheelchair and ambulatory transportation Log on to www.honacare.com to schedule a trip or call

Ph. 502-294-5092,502-205-9411


Self-employed? Tips to help you navigate the mortgage process

All loans subject to credit approval. Sponsored ad content by Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. NMLS Disclosure


Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., 500 Alcoa Trail, Maryville, TN 37804, 865-380-3000, NMLS #1561, (http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/), AZ Lic. #BK-0902616, Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license, GA Residential Mortgage (Lic. #6911), Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee, Licensed by the NH Banking Department, MT Lic. #1561, Licensed by PA Dept. of Banking.





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During the 1950s, the average-sized American home was just around 1,700 square feet. Fast forward to today, and the average size has increased to about 2,600 square feet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While many Americans think the bigger the better, there is a growing trend of homeowners around the country opting to downsize to tiny homes, condominiums, apartments or just smaller single-family homes. Deciding to scale down is driven by many reasons - the quest for less maintenance, parents recently becoming empty nesters, an increase in the cost of living or simply looking to live a greener lifestyle. However, having less square footage doesn't need to mean skimping on style or function. If you are planning on downsizing, here are four tips for thoughtful small space home design. 1. Think durable material that can handle double duty. As people continue to downsize, it is important to maximize space by having rooms work double duty. If your home isn't large enough to accommodate an eating area and an office, have your kitchen island work as both. To keep up with daily wear, such as sliding pots and pans, plates, spills and more, look to a high performance countertop such as Neolith. This material is scratch, heat and stain-resistant. It's also non-porous and hygienic, so there's no need to worry about cross-contamination on office papers by day and food by night. 2. Less is more. According to popular belief, it is better to fill a space with several small pieces of furniture. However, design savvy professionals and homeowners are turning this idea on its head by using fewer, yet larger pieces to furnish living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. By doing so, this creates an optical illusion of space and adds a designer's touch.

3. Make a statement. When designing a small space like a bathroom, thoughtfully selected wall colors can make a huge difference. To really make a statement, think beyond paint with unexpected textures, designs and materials such as Neolith sintered stone in the La Boheme design. This decor is an accurate interpretation of Lebanese-inspired cedar that adds visual interest and is much easier to maintain than its natural counterpart. Finish off the look with oversized art, large mirrors to bounce light around the room, a floating sink and toilet, and open shower to pack a punch in a small space. 4. Bring only what you love. It may seem obvious, but when moving or scaling back on your next home, be sure to take an inventory of everything you own, and only bring items that make you happy. Without the extra storage space larger homes afford, downsizing is a great opportunity to really ask yourself, "Do I love this and do I need it?" When you have only the possessions you love surrounding you in your new space, it will automatically feel bigger. To start your small space project, experiment with different styles and colors through online design tools, like the visualizer on www.neolith.com. While smaller rooms demand creative thinking and individuality, quality design is well within reach.



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The year 2017 is still in its infancy, but research shows small business owners feel this year could be one of the best in recent memory. A new survey, commissioned by Staples and conducted by Wakefield Research, found that 85 percent of small business owners surveyed reported feeling "optimistic" about the small business climate in 2017. That's good news for the owners as well as for their communities, because for many, this optimism is motivating owners to put earned revenue directly back into their businesses and employees. According to the research, 97 percent of respondents said they plan to increase investment in their companies this year, while 67 percent plan to hire new employees. Those fresh hires also appear to be in line for better benefits, as 72 percent of small business owners report they plan to increase staff compensation in 2017. "We conducted this survey to better understand the pulse of small business owners and to further identify those priority product and service areas in which we can help our customers achieve success in 2017," says Frank P. Bifulco Jr., chief marketing officer, Staples. The survey included 502 small business owners across the country. For purposes of the research, small businesses were defined as companies that had 10 or fewer full-time employees. While the research found that small business owners are optimistic about 2017, it also provides a favorable outlook for the years ahead. In fact, many small business owners report they hope to make small business ownership a family tradition. Ninety-one percent of those surveyed said they would encourage their children to start their own business, and 93 percent said they felt running their own business was the best kind of job satisfaction there was. Finding the tools to support small businesses For small business owners across the country, optimism can often be directly tied to market success and having the proper tools to support future growth. Staples Print and Marketing Services offers a comprehensive suite of services, providing everything from business cards and logo design to marketing materials and signage. Small business owners can find additional support materials online by visiting Staples.com and the Staples Small Businesses Hub. The Hub is a resource that offers expert tips, information and industry advice everything a small business owner needs to grow their business in 2017 and feel even more optimistic in the years to come. To learn more about how Staples can support the initiatives in your small business, visit Staples.com.


From awards shows to politics and sporting events, the beginning of the year is packed with commentworthy moments. Many of us take these opportunities to share what we think are the smartest, sharpest and snarkiest takes and project online to our friends and beyond. But as these major moments happen, are you really posting and reading content that's worth your smartphone data? Follow this checklist from Straight Talk Wireless to ensure you're delivering a dose of straight talk when it comes to the hottest trending topics on social media. 1. Politics. We all know social media is the unofficial debate stage and with the recent election you may have taken a stance yourself. Did you confidently craft your argument or did your post begin with, "Now, I don't usually post about politics, but..."? If so, take a moment to question why not. Save yourself the long-winded debate with your distant relative and post a picture of a puppy instead. 2. Breakfast grams. Getting ready to post a shot of that delicious breakfast of yours? This one's easy: don't. No one really enjoys a photo of a soggy egg sandwich. Use your camera to capture something more meaningful instead - like the group of friends you're out to eat with. 3. Sweet talk. Posting about your significant other is like an action movie with too many sequels. The first one was great, but after the second and the third we all just want to move on. Keep the romance to yourselves and save the public displays of affection for anniversaries or birthdays. 4. Baby photos. Recently welcome a new little bundle of joy to your family? See sweet talk above. We all want to see your little one and gush over a few sporadic photos. But we don't need a play-by-play of their potty-training conundrums draining our data. Post away when they're first born and check in with us again at the next holiday. 5. Celebrity gossip. Debating who wore it best on the red carpet? Losing it over news that your favorite pop artist is having twins? So are a lot of other people. So mix it up. Tap those copywriting or photo editing skills to wow us with your sharpest take or hilarious meme. If a certain actresses' dress looks like a giant pizza on the red carpet, let us know. We'll probably agree with you. Follow these tips to ensure you're posting content worthy of your precious data. Nothing's worse than overpaying for data, so save with Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk Wireless offers consumers access to the best phones on the best networks at just $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5 gigabytes at high speeds (then 2G*). And now you can double your data for only $10 more with Straight Talk Wireless' new 10 gigabyte plan, with the first 10 gigabytes of data at high speeds (then 2G) all for $55! And switching is easy because you can keep your phone, network and number with Straight Talk's Bring Your Own Phone program (BYOP). Best of all, there are no contracts, credit checks or mystery fees. Visit Straight Talk's YouTube page to learn more and teach the world the benefits of straight talk online.

At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications, such as streaming audio or video may be affected. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at StraightTalk.com.

For your signed copy of “Ladies Set Apart for a Purpose”, the empowering book can be purchased by contacting the information below. It is also available on Amazon and Books-A-Million. In April 2017, the workbook “I am Set Apart for a Purpose” will be available for purchase. CONTACT INFORMATION For speaking engagements or group workshops on the workbook, please see below. Email:

devchestnut@gmail.com or

Phone: Devon Chestnut

(786) 507 – 8204


It's 2017: Do you know how old your farmer is?

Millennial grower Nathan Miller helps manage his family's 13,000-acre farm in Washington Court House, Ohio.




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  while taking care of business:g: Tips to avoid distracted driving Contributed By : BPT

The pace of business never seems to stop, and thanks to the convenience of cell phones, many people work on the go, even while they're driving. Yet cell phone use is one of the most common type of distracted driving, and it claims thousands of lives and causes thousands more injuries every year. More than a quarter of all car crashes involve cell phone use, both hand sets and handsfree, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports. In 13 percent of fatal crashes, the drivers were using cellphones, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says. The actual number of cell phone-related accidents is likely much higher, since many states don't yet compile and report data on cell phone use following a crash. Employers take up the issue Recognizing the ethical and liability issues that arise when employees drive while distracted, employers across the country have begun implementing distracted driving policies. Typically, these policies prohibit employees from using cellphones while driving on company time. In January 2017, the NSC reported that Cargill was the largest privately held company to prohibit the use of mobile devices, including hands-free technology, while an employee is driving on behalf of the company. The ban also covers work related calls while commuting to and from work, even if employees are driving their own vehicles. "There is a time and place for doing business, and it's not while you're driving," says Melanie Burke, director of health and safety at Cargill, a Minnesota-based privately held company with 150,000 employees around the world. Even Cargill's Chairman and CEO David MacLennan is subject to the ban. In announcing the policy to employees in late 2016, MacLennan noted he was 138 days into cell-phone free motoring. "It's been liberating," he told employees. NSC data shows about 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies have instituted cell phone bans, and of those, just 1 percent believe the ban affected productivity. Replace risk, keep productivity

Tips to avoid distracted driving

Taking g care of business doesn't mean you have to risk a crash. Here are six ways to keep up with the business without using h pace off b i ih i your cellll phone in the car: * Use an automated response app to let callers know you're driving and can't take their call at the moment. These free apps allow you to personalize the response and set your phone to automatically reply with a text message to incoming calls or texts. * If you're driving a vehicle outfitted with communication technology, use its "do not disturb" feature to unplug from calls and texts while behind the wheel. * Use shared calendars to block off times when you'll be on the road and unable to answer a call. The calendar item will help alert coworkers and anyone else connected to your calendar when you'll be out of touch and when they might be able to reach you again. * Remove temptation. A study by AT&T found 62 percent of drivers keep their phones within reach in the car. Put yours away where you can't see or reach it. You can place it in your purse, briefcase or messenger bag, and place the bag in the back seat. Further reduce distraction and temptation by turning your device off before stowing it. * If you absolutely must take a call while on the road, pull over in a safe location. If a call comes in while you're driving, allow it to go to voicemail until you're safely pulled over, then return the call. * Be aware of other dangerously distracting behaviors, such as putting on makeup, tying a necktie or eating while driving. Do all your dressing and personal grooming before you leave home, and if you must snack while driving, choose food that is easy to manage, like a granola bar (unwrap it when you're stopped), rather than something messy like a burger with all the fixings. "Before we had cellphones, if you had to take a business call while on the road, you would pull over and find a pay phone," says Burke. "Productivity was fine and business got done. When it comes to time behind the wheel, safety is everyone's most important job."



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The question on everyone’s mind is “Where has Lil Chea Chea been?’ The answer? “Lil Chea Chea has been working overtime to support the many entrepreneurs and events around her hometown of Louisville Kentucky and beyond”. We conceived The Support Tour 2017 when we noticed many smaller events were not getting the exposure and recognition they deserved. We decided to plan to help solve this issue. One of the first events on the support Tour 2017 was the book signing and entrepreneurs showcase hosted by Tonya Godsey-Lowe. What a wonderful event that not only celebrated her achievement but allowed many other entrepreneurs to share the spotlight. Check out the photos below and be sure to visit the following links to see the footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAlAWK5oWno The footage is of Spoken Word artist Robin G. who can be found herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1CmgAJPurM&t=6s. A phenomenal and gifted young woman who has blazed a trail to stardom. For more about Robin G. visit https://www.facebook.com/robingpoetry/ and connect with her on social media.

Award winning rap artist David Banner pictured with publisher Chea K. Woolfolk. Attending The 6th Annual Knowledgefest Louisville KY Photo Credit: Dee Johnson Photography

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We also had the pleasure and privilege to cover the March 1oth 2017 David Banner God Box Tour and 6th Annual Knowledgefest that occurred in Louisville KY. The event was created to promote community awareness and togetherness. The sold-out event saw attendees from 1 years of age to elderly men and women who were there to quench their thirst for knowledge. It was a wonderful evening that climaxed when Banner took the stage and delivered a very thought provoking presentation. Banner never demanded the audience agree with him instead he asked that they think. Research for themselves and explore other avenues. We do not want to give away the great point he made instead we would like to encourage you to visit his website and connect with him for yourself.

Tonya Godsey-Lowe Author BREATHE BELIEVE and BOUNCE

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=S1CmgAJPurM&t=6s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAlAWK5oWno

On Saturday Feb 18th Tonya Godsey-Lowe hosted a beautiful book signing and business showcase event. Chea Chea Media in collaboration with Dee Johnson Photography was BLESSED to cover this event for the upcoming issues of CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine. We are very proud of all that Tonya Godsey-Lowe has done and will do! For media coverage contact Chea Chea Media Inc via email Media@cheakwoolfolk.com For event photography and film please contact Dee Johnson of DEE JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY.

6th Annual Knowledgefest ft DAVID BANNER

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The 1 Year Anniversary Issue CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine April/May Edition 1.

CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine April/May Edition 1  

The 1 Year Anniversary Issue CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine April/May Edition 1.