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Everything We Touch Turns To Sold!

THE #1 TEAM, IN THE #1 OFFICE OF THE #1 REAL ESTATE COMPANY IN THE UPSTATE! We have averaged over 225 home sales per year for the past 19 years ... in 2017, the average MLS listing has taken 54% longer to sell than our listings. Plus, our list price to sale price differential is 23% better than the MLS average. So if selling your home FASTER, for MORE MONEY, is important to you ... DO NOT LIST YOUR HOME until you interview us! Find out why the agent you choose to market your home can make a massive difference in how long it takes to sell and how much it sells for.

www.ChetandBethSmith.com If you are thinking about SELLING or BUYING or BUILDING a home….

call Chet and Beth Smith 458-SOLD (7653) BTC2018_Book.indd 140

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BENCHMARK MORTGAGE When Thomas Ray came to Benchmark Mortgage as manager of the

contact to set up utilities or how to apply for a homestead exemption,

Greenville branch, he vowed to make it a “green sticker branch,” which

for example.

to him meant making the loan process smooth from start to finish for

“We guide them through that process during and after closing,

everyone involved, from underwriters to customers.

and we’re making a real effort to continue to send valuable,

As a result of those efforts, the Greenville office

usable information to our borrowers after closing,” he says,

consistently ranks among the top of Benchmark’s more than 45 branches across the country when it comes to efficiency and profitability.

“We’re changing the game when it comes to the mortgage process.”

Now Thomas has his sights set on the client experience. “We’re changing the game when it comes to the mortgage process,” Thomas says. “We want our customers to see us as a team of people helping them meet their goal.” To that end, Thomas is focusing on training his team to have deeper

explaining a new Benchmark program that keeps loan officers in contact with customers for at least five years after closing, providing market updates to keep homeowners up to date on property values. “This allows us to structure new options to save them money,” Thomas says. “We try to keep showing the love to our

customers even after closing. We want them to view the whole process as pleasant and helpful.”

conversations with borrowers, to gain an understanding of their short and long-term goals and then structure different options with the most potential to achieve those goals and save customers the most money over the life of the loan. “Most of the time when people apply for a mortgage, the lender runs their application and comes back with an offer,” Thomas says. “But the reality is there are lots of different options for every borrower.” Thomas also encourages his loan officers to engage in more dialogue with clients throughout the process, paying attention to all the little

benchmark.us | 864.527.9980


things lenders don’t typically communicate to buyers, like who to

400 Executive Center Dr. #301, Greenville

Behind The Counter

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Local Business Who They Are – What They Do – See The People Behind Some of Upstate South Carolina’s Finest Local Businesses


Mark B. Johnston President & CEO

Account Executives Caroline Spivery | Donna Johnston | Heather Propp John Clark | Jonathan Maney | Liz Tew | Meredith Rice

Sales Manager Emily Yepes Creative Services & Production Holly Hardin, Vice President of Operations





Anita Harley & Rosie Peck, Client Services Managers Kristy M. Adair, Creative Design Director Michael Allen, Sr. Graphic Designer Amber Knox, Graphic Assistant

Contributing Photographers Bonfire Visuals, bonfirevisuals.net Cameron Reynolds, cameronreynoldsphotography.com Chelsey Ashford Photography, cmaphoto.co





David Poleski, dpdigitalphotography.photoshelter.com Gary Bagley, geabagley@gmail.com Jack Robert, jackrobertphotography.com Marian Ashley, marianashleyphoto.com Mark Susko, marksuskovisualdesign.com

A photo essay of local entrepreneurs

Behind the Counter 201 4 Upstate, South Carolina | A Community Journals Publication





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Finance – Accounting Shannon Rochester 2015



As you can see from the past covers above, we have been at this a long time. It has been exciting to watch the growth of the Upstate over these past 16 years. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. Our team looks forward to publishing this product every year. Any company, of any size, is fueled by the energy, creativity, wisdom and often the fortitude of the people Behind the Counter. They are the engines driving this business community and in these pages we want to give you a taste of their passion and entrepreneurial sprit. So after you have read through these pages, go out and meet some of these people you’ll see here in person. They will be happy to see you. 

of the counter you’re on. Always remember...Shop Local! mark b. johnston, president &publisher Behind The Counter

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SPARTANBURG MEDICAL CENTER Heart problems are always frightening, but new techniques and Srivastava said. “We are the first hospital in the Upstate offering the mitral clip.” technologies now being employed at Spartanburg Medical Center are For both procedures, the doctors access the heart through femoral drastically reducing recovery times and helping more patients. arteries or veins, reaching the heart via wire and using X-ray and Dr. Nalin Srivastava, director of the cardiac catheter lab at ultrasound as guides. Spartanburg Regional and a partner at Cardiology Srivastava appreciates the staff and administration at Consultants in Spartanburg, introduced the structural Spartanburg Regional for supporting the advancements that heart program in August 2017. allow his team to change people’s lives. “It’s challenging, but “It’s challenging, but it’s “It allows the treatment of heart problems that were it’s rewarding because it’s important to bring the most recent, rewarding because it’s traditionally treated surgically to, in some instances, beneficial therapies to our patients,” he said. important to bring the be treated using catheter-based techniques,” he said. Like many doctors, he became interested in cardiology after most recent, beneficial For example, aortic stenosis, or the narrowing of therapies to our patients.” watching his dad struggle with heart problems. “I wanted to the main valve of the heart that controls blood flow, help people like him,” he said. is a disease of aging, commonly occurring after age After growing up in Athens, Ga., he attended the University 70. Aortic valve surgery, still a mainstay of treatment, has addressed the of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia before completing his problem for 50 years, though recovery can take weeks. Now, with TAVR, residency at Emory University and a fellowship in cardiology at George or transcatheter aortic valve replacement, the disease can be treated via a Washington University. He joined Cardiology Consultants in 1995. needle stick with no incision. “People can go home much quicker,” he said. Srivastava and wife Shre are parents to three children, including a senior Initially developed for those too frail for surgery, the outcomes were and a freshman at Harvard as well as a 7th-grader. so positive that it is now offered to more patients and could eventually be offered to even low-risk patients. “To be able to expand this new treatment would be a game-changer,” Srivastava said. “I’ve treated 31 patients so far with excellent outcomes.” 101 E Wood St., Spartanburg In addition, he is offering the mitral clip procedure for patients with mitral spartanburgregional.com 864.560.6000


valve backflow, which can lead to heart failure. The new procedure can also replace open-heart surgery with a needle stick. “We started that in December,”

Behind The Counter

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MASSAGE ENVY Clients visit Massage Envy to feel renewed and refreshed, so it only makes sense that after a decade in the Upstate, the company itself is undergoing a refresh, enhancing its facilities and offerings to make sure every client is at his or her best. Caroline and Don Taylor own three Massage Envy locations, on Verdae Boulevard, Pelham Road and behind Mast General in downtown Greenville, and they are excited about the new offerings that will allow them to better serve their customers. “It’s been 10 years for us, and we just renewed our franchise agreements for Pelham and Verdae,” Caroline said. “We’re refreshing our Verdae location, and we’re offering several new services at all three.” One new offering called Total Body Stretch uses the proprietary Streto Method to help clients achieve results they can’t achieve on their own, including more flexibility and range of motion and even improved athletic performance. Options for services include the popular 60-minute or 120-minute massages, customized 60-minute to 90-minute healthy skin facials, new men’s and back facials, and two additional new offerings: microderm infusion and chemical peel advanced skin care treatment. Conducted by highly qualified aestheticians, these services have led Massage Envy to become the No. 1 skincare provider in the United States. With so many services, it’s very popular for guests to mix and match, such as a stretch and then a massage, or a massage followed by a facial. “The stretch has always been a component of what massage can do,” Don said. “But with this new assisted stretch, it’s especially beneficial for athletes, people recovering from injury, people who sit at a desk all day or anyone who wants to enhance mobility.” Another refresh is the move to paperless check-in, making signing up more convenient and allowing all information to be transferable among different locations. Investing in a new “We’re a franchise, but computer system and iPads at each location will pay off with quick we’re locally owned, and updates and less paperwork for customers. “Any of our therapists we want to continue will be able to see what another therapist did for you, which will having the highest improve the customer experience,” Caroline said. ethical standards.” The downtown location, just off One Plaza, opened in 2016 with updated interiors that lend a sense of calm and relaxation to every treatment experience. After a decade of operation, it was time for a refresh at the Verdae location, with every area being remodeled with new counters, lighting, cabinets, tile and more. “It’s really symbolic of our renewed, refreshed commitment to Greenville, being the place for total body care,” Caroline said. The update will be complete in May, with Pelham next on the list for an update in 2019. The Taylors also appreciate that the Massage Envy company, with 1,200 locations nationwide, is also renewing its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, which has always been paramount in the Greenville locations. The company is partnering with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, to ensure policies and procedures create the safest possible environment for clients, with extensive background screening for every employee. “We take our responsibility very seriously,” Don said. “We’re a franchise, but we’re locally owned, and we want to continue having the highest ethical standards.” Outside of their busy work lives, the Taylors are partial empty-nesters, with their oldest child graduated from Clemson, their middle child a junior at the Citadel and their youngest a junior at J.L. Mann. “We’re heading into middle life, but we’re not slowing down,” Caroline said. Don is currently training for Ironman Florida as well as Ride to Remember, a 252-mile bike ride the couple sponsors that raises funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. “We just have a renewed commitment and excitement for the brand, for our family, for our work family, our clients and members,” Caroline said. “We’re so grateful for them, for allowing us to do what we love.”

101 Verdae Blvd. #900, Greenville | 864.675.1155 3714 Pelham Road, Greenville | 864.288.1150 120 North Laurens St., Suite 100, Greenville | 864.520.1111 massageenvy.com 4

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Behind The Counter

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GENCO POOL & SPAS “Genco is one big family. We create what our clients dream of and turn it into reality.”


If you walk into Genco Pools, you might have already seen some of their work across the communities of the Upstate and the Southeast. You may have taken a swim in a local community pool that Genco maintains, lounged by a hotel pool built by the 35-year-old company, or started dreaming of how to put that dream pool in your backyard. However, when you walk into Genco Pools, you’re going to find more than pool experts; you’re going to find a family. The first person you’re likely to meet at Genco is Brandon Parrott, the service desk manager who has been at the company for 17 years. In that time, he’s seen the company grow from a small local business to an expansive one. If you called Genco Pools, you might reach Lori Kellett, the human resources manager who started at the company 18 years ago as a lifeguard and has worked her way through the company. “Genco has a great family atmosphere,” Kellett says, noting that customers appreciate seeing the same faces working on their pools year after year. She’s proud of the dreams the

Behind The Counter

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company can help come true. “Genco Pools can do just about anything. You name it, we can make it happen!” Once you’ve decided on Genco, you’ll run into Todd Edwards, who has been with the company for five years and serves as director of sales. He spent five years in the Marine Corps before choosing sales and working to improve the customer experience. With more than two decades in sales, when he says Genco is “the pool company in the Upstate,” he knows what he’s talking about. He’s committed to getting customers exactly what they want and can provide customization for almost any project. “With all the new technology in development, it feels that the pool of today will be different from the pool of tomorrow.” One of the people keeping Genco on the cutting edge of pool technology is Vivi Henao Holcombe. You might not run into this 18-year employee the company calls a “mission control specialist,” but you can rest assured she is


3/23/18 11:53 AM

behind the scenes making sure your pool and spa buying, updating, Pinoni has recently been added to the team from Florida as service or maintaining experience meets expectations. manager and is excited about his new opportunities working and When it’s time to build your pool or spa, lifelong Greenville living in Greenville. native Josh Laughlin is likely to make your yard into a summer oasis. When it’s time to deal with the finances, Amber Boehm gets As the construction foreman, he brings 19 years of experience to the call. She’s been with the company for four years and says, building your project. You’re also likely to meet Doug Smith, the “Genco is one big family. We create what our clients dream of and construction manager who prefers to meet clients in person to better turn it into reality.” understand their specific building needs. He’s been at Genco for 18 And that family is built on the work of Dan Ball, the owner years and has managed to bring his son into the business as well. who started the company in 1983. He was a lifeguard at Fort Once Smith builds the pool, Dougie Smith can cover its Jackson at the age of 15 and that passion led him to building one of service. He recently joined the company as assistant general the most comprehensive pool companies in the Southeast. manager after a stint in the Marine Corps. He works for Upstate So when you choose Genco Pools, you know you’re putting Pool Management, a division of Genco that leads the Upstate as your project in the hands of an experienced an caring team—some the largest commercial swimming pool service company. Rick even call them family.

1217 NE Main St., Simpsonville gencopools.com 864.967.POOL Behind The Counter

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MOBIUS CONSTRUCTION When Matt Ruth wrapped up his 13-year career at Christ Church

“We work in the neighborhood we live in,” he says, and “we work hard to

Episcopal School and headed for Virginia Tech, he thought he’d kicked the

make our designs fit into the surrounding neighborhood using details and

dust of his hometown off his shoes for good. But Greenville has a way of

design traits of traditional architecture combined with open floorplans and

bringing people back.

intricate trim detail. About 90 percent of our projects we design in-

“My brother moved back to Greenville and I came to spend a couple weeks with him,” Matt remembers. “After that I decided I just needed to go get my stuff and move back here.” Matt gained hands-on experience working as a brick mason while earning his civil engineering degree, and got started in

house,” he says. “At the end of the day what a lot of people love about

“We work in the neighborhood we live in.”

project management with a Greenville contractor when he moved back. During this time he learned the industry, including commercial construction, residential construction, and land development.

our homes is the feel of the finished product.” Wendi lends her keen eye to the interior design, helping clients hone in on the right fixtures and finishes for their new home or newly renovated space. She is also a successful realtor, making Mobius a bit of a one-stop shop. When Matt’s not building beautiful homes, you’ll find him on the

sidelines of youth sporting events or enjoying time on the lake with his family.

He also discovered a passion for the people side of the construction industry and created Mobius Construction to feed that passion. “I’ve always enjoyed the math and science part of building, but I love the sense of accomplishment of seeing a building come to life and the freedom of not being tied to an office that construction gives you,” Matt says. “I enjoy meeting and getting to know people and turning their ideas into their dream home.” Mobius continued to grow, building a reputation for quality products, and is now the go-to for renovation and construction in the Augusta Road area, and a preferred builder in the popular Augusta Walk neighborhood. Matt


enjoys that the majority of Mobius projects are in close proximity to the home


he shares with wife, Wendi, and their two boys, Harrison (9) and William (6).


Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:50 PM

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES C. DAN JOYNER, REALTORS If you were to describe your best friend, you would probably use

we have two large English Mastiffs, Hank and Benny. So a backyard

words like “dependable, trustworthy, understanding and resourceful.”

capable of hosting family barbecues, compliments of my beloved smoker,

Those are also words clients use to describe Berkshire Hathaway

is important to us. But our family’s needs may not be the same as another

HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS. “We listen. We’re dependable. And we help find solutions for life’s challenges or next steps. We are your home’s best friend,” says Marketing Director Stephanie Hollis. For C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS, it’s more about the people living in the house than the structure itself. The company has been family owned and operated since

family’s. And that’s why our agents’ work and expertise is so

“We listen. We’re dependable. And we help find solutions for life’s challenges or next steps. We are your home’s best friend.”

day one, when C. Dan Joyner started the company 54

paramount. They work hard every day to help our clients find the right fit for their family,” Joyner adds. C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS hit $1 billion in sales in 2017. The company, which is made up of nearly 400 agents at 10 different offices across the Upstate, helped more than 4,000 families find homes last year. “We have agents of all perspectives, with lots of different professional designations,” Hollis says. “We have bilingual agents who speak Mandarin,

years ago. All three of Joyner’s kids are still involved in the day-to-day

German, French and Spanish. We truly have the ability to help anyone and

operations of the company. His son, Danny, currently serves as president

everyone through the complex process of selling their current home or

and CEO. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices came into the picture in

finding their dream home.”

2014, “but we’re still very much locally owned,” Joyner explains. “We just have the backing of a strong international brand now.” “There’s always a reason people are buying or selling a home. We want to understand your ‘why’ and help you find exactly what you need to fit your lifestyle,” Joyner explains. “Whether you’re a painter who needs a studio, a personal chef who needs a gourmet kitchen or someone with an aging parent who needs a master on main – we want to maximize what you get out of the house and minimize the amount of time it takes to find it.”


Joyner uses his own family as an example. “We love to entertain, and

Corporate Office 745 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville 864.242.6650 | CDanJoyner.com

Behind The Counter

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Family-Owned, Neighborhood Flooring Experts Greenville Carpet One, locally and family owned, has been serving the Upstate, SC region since 1988 and continues to offer professional – over the top service, attention to detail and a flooring experience that will change your LIFE, home and business world! Michael Wilson, GCO owner, is a proud family man with four children – the two oldest sons attending Clemson University and the two youngest at home. “My family is my WHY in life! We are always connected, making memories and having a ton of FUN,” Michael said. The family are die-hard Clemson Tiger fans, love tailgating with friends, clients and family – they never miss a game (even if there is a monsoon rain game). Lake Keowee is their year-round home away from home. GCO has one of the largest flooring selections in the Upstate, SC, region, offering over 5,500 square feet of showroom space with unlimited choices of current – up to date, high quality carpet, hardwood, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), ceramic tile, area rugs and much more. • • • • • • •

CCA Global Partnership with the buying power of 2800 stores. Exclusive brands, bringing LIFE of beauty, style and quality to every home or business. Lees, Tigressa, Bigelow, Resista Soft Style, Baroque Hardwood Flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Laminate for Life. Expert staff advises on installation and design – a tenured, professional staff committed to doing the job right! Active members of the Greenville Home Builders Association, Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Greer Chamber of Commerce. Proud partnership with “Building for America’s Bravest,” which builds smart homes for wounded soldiers. Actively involved in the local community with Goodwill Industries and families in need. March 2018 Fox News Surprise Squad partner. GCO replaced flooring in the Pannel family home in Anderson, SC, who lost Charlie, husband/dad, last year. A true blessing to a family in need!

226 Pelham Davis Circle, Greenville, SC 29615 | Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6; Saturday 10-2 | 864.281.0006 | carpetonegreenville.com 10


Behind The Counter

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RHETT BROWN, REALTOR® When choosing a home, the difference is in the details. For Rhett Brown, each real estate transaction requires focusing on every detail to find the

I would not want to sit behind a desk doing the same thing all the time.” Growing up downtown, Rhett has a deep knowledge of neighborhoods,

perfect place for her clients to call home. After more than 20

schools and other information that helps buyers make decisions.

years in the business – built almost entirely on referrals – she

She’s also a Certified New Homes Professional and has her Luxury

takes care of every detail to ensure a smooth process and excellent results.

The difference is in the details.

Rhett started out earning a degree in art history and art management at College of Charleston, but while at school, she

Collection and Short Sale & Foreclosure designations as well as a Pricing Strategy Advisor designation, designed to help clients through any anxieties or misperceptions about home values. Outside of work, Rhett spends time with her 14-year-old son,

needed a job. As luck would have it, her cousin was dating a Realtor, and Rhett

Jace, and proudly supports several local non-profit organizations. She has

became her assistant.

also served on the committee for Chop Cancer, which is fundraising for

Though she wasn’t sure she would stay in real estate after college, her family has worked in related fields, including development, property management, appraisals and commercial real estate. She earned her

Cancer Survivors Park. “That’s a cause dear to my heart, because my mom has fought three different types of cancer, and she’s still here,” she said. “I’m very proud of that.”

appraisal license and a sales license in her quest for continuous learning. “I enjoy learning,” Rhett said. “I didn’t know if I would go into sales, but I wanted to take the class.” She was soon offered a sales position, and her reputation grew from there. In addition to buying and selling for clients, she has worked extensively with new construction in on-site sales, and is currently representing Laurel Grove in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville. The tagline “The Difference is in the Details” is more than just a phrase, but a philosophy she takes to heart in every transaction. Organization,

RhettBrown.net | 864.915.9393

detailed checklists and knowledge about every aspect of the business pays


off for her clients. “No transaction is ever the same,” she said. “I like that.

Behind The Counter

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MILLENNIUM PRIVATE WEALTH Curt Hall, senior wealth advisor, has joined Millennium Private brings the best of a big firm to the comfort of a private business. Wealth excited to reunite with some of his favorite UBS colleagues. With 15 When not meeting with clients or doing research, Curt enjoys supporting years’ experience managing advisors around the world, he is realizing his his community through various leadership roles; he serves on the board of long-term dream of focusing exclusively on families and directors for the Cancer Survivor’s Park (a space in downtown the organizations that they serve. He chose Millennium and Greenville for learning, healing and hope for anyone touched “Working with great Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network because of their by cancer). He is president of the Alta Vista Neighborhood friends in a great area. strength, stability, platform, and especially their people. Association, a board member of the Community Works Federal What could be better?” “Working with great friends in a great area. What could be Credit Union, serves on the Poinsett Club’s Membership better?” he says. Committee, was a participant in Leadership Greenville, and also A graduate of the University of Virginia in 2002, Curt earned his MBA serves on the Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital Advisory Board. from The McColl School of Business in 2008. He is a Certified Private Wealth He served on the United Way Director’s Council for three years. Advisor (“CPWA®”), an advanced professional certification for advisors who Curt is an Eagle Scout and lives in Greenville with his wife, Jade, and serve high-net-worth clients. CPWA® is designed for seasoned professionals daughter, Hannah. It is our pleasure to welcome Curt to the Millennium who seek the latest, most advanced knowledge and techniques to address Private Wealth Team. the sophisticated needs of clients with a minimum net worth of $5 million. Unlike credentials that focus specifically on investing or financial planning, the CPWA® program takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. His career journey began in New York City as he joined the prestigious UBS Wealth Management Associate Program in 2002. From there, Curt 101 North Main St., Suite 302, Greenville supported advisors and clients in roles including wealth management analyst millenniumpw.com | 843.471.2630 in Washington, D.C., covering the Mid-Atlantic Region, sales manager in 225 Seven Farms Dr., Suite 400, Charleston Charlotte, national sales manager for UBS Australia, branch manager in curt.hall@millenniumpw.com Melbourne, Australia, regional sales manager for the Northwest Division, branch manager in Chicago and, most recently, leading UBS’s Upstate South Carolina business. He is looking forward to this new opportunity as he says it 12

Behind The Counter

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Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN). Millennium Private Wealth is a separate entity from WFAFN.


3/23/18 9:37 AM

ALL SEASONS LANDSCAPING it come alive from start to finish. We work side-by-side with customers, With loyal and enthusiastic clients, custom landscape design is more bouncing ideas back and forth – it’s a great challenge to tailor-fit their than a seasonal business. For husband and wife duo Cooper and LeAnne dream landscape inside the realms of their budget and know that we made Norris, having incredible residential and commercial customers is the a difference in their day-to-day lives.” number one reason their family-owned and operated business has been The couple worked hard to become one of the preferred creating astonishing outdoor spaces across the Upstate for landscape companies in the Greenville area, yet Cooper and 18 years and counting. LeAnne still maintain that “our customers are the heart of our Based in Travelers Rest, All Seasons Landscaping is a “Our customers are company.” They are thrilled to be a part of the Upstate’s incredible dynamic team of designers, foremen, and landscapers who the heart of our growth, especially in their hometown of Travelers Rest. “It’s so absolutely love what they do. Whether they’re maintaining company.” much fun to be able to take something that we care about and existing landscapes or designing and installing patios, share that with our customers,” says LeAnne. “Especially when it’s outdoor kitchens, custom entry gates and waterfalls, their our friends, neighbors, fellow small-business owners, and those team of dedicated, experienced employees service over 150 in the immediate community around us. We are truly honored to wake up properties each week. “Our workforce keeps us going,” says Cooper. “We and work together every day in order to beautify the places where we all are grateful to have 15 of the hardest-working, most reliable employees live and play.” you can find.” After graduating with a degree in horticulture, Cooper set out to make a career of it. His wife, LeAnne, is the managerial backbone, handling the Visit landscapegreenville.com to explore their portfolio work, follow them on Instagram day-to-day operational details of the business. Cooper and LeAnne have a and Facebook at @landscapegreenville, or give them a call at 864-303-0183! love for nature, and it’s something they enjoy sharing with their customers. The couple enjoys family time as well. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or traveling to the lake or beach, they love spending time outdoors with their daughters, Hadley Mae and Hazel. One of their favorite things about the business is bringing new ideas to the table, knowing their customers trust them to get the job done and landscapegreenville.com create an incredible final result. “The creative design and install part of this 864.303.0183


business is one of the most rewarding to me,” says Cooper. “We love seeing

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:51 PM


DAVIS AUDIOLOGY Davis Audiology has been helping the Upstate hear clearly for a decade, for my children and their generation to find a passion and follow it.” and they show no signs of slowing down. Kristin Davis found her calling to When Kristin is not helping patients and the community, she can be open up a private practice in Greenville in 2008 after more than twenty years found spending time with her husband and three children—ages 12, 16 and working in non-profits, hospitals, and ENT settings. She 18. Together, they enjoy traveling, listening to live music around decided to open her private practice when she felt limited by Greenville and doing volunteer and mission work. her early work settings. And her focus on relationships and volunteer work spread “We want to be a to her work family as well. She has assembled a close-knit team “Every patient is unique, and they don’t always fit into positive force in helping of doctors and patient care coordinators. Lynda Clark, Au.D., a schedule or protocol,” says Davis. “So you must remain the community.” and Maggie Robertson, Au.D., joined Davis Audiology last year. flexible and in touch with those around you. I felt those Dr. Clark brings over thirty years of experience to the practice, needs weren’t being met in my previous work environments.” As Davis Audiology celebrates its 10-year anniversary, and Dr. Robertson joined the practice after completing her Kristin and her team are continuing to expand their reach in the Upstate. residency at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center. Already with locations in Greenville and Simpsonville, a new location is “Our community involvement extends past the work day; it is a culture opening this spring in Spartanburg. that continues into our personal and family lives.” Dr. Davis has been involved in the Upstate community for years. She serves on the board for the Greenville Little Theatre, is involved with the Greer and Greenville Chambers, and is part of the South Carolina Academy of Audiology. This year, she was able to fulfill her mission to launch a nonprofit to serve the area after many years of planning. The Carolina Hearing Foundation will partner with the Greenville Free Medical Clinic to serve residents of Greenville County and continue to support audiology mission 4318 East North St., Greenville work at home and abroad. 11 Five Forks Plaza Ct., Simpsonville “We want to be a positive force in helping the community that I love and davisaudiology.com | 864.655.8300 am raising my family in,” Davis says. “In doing so, I am being a role model 14

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MARTIN GARDEN CENTER When Reggie Meehan purchased Martin Garden Center three years

Martin Garden Center prides itself on offering the most extensive

ago, her dream was to also buy the surrounding land. This year she

selection of blooming plants in the upstate. To that end, each year, the

made that dream a reality. Purchasing the land that surrounds the

garden center has begun growing new and unique plants that can’t

garden center will enable Reggie and her team to expand

be found anywhere else. It’s one of the many reasons that

by putting in an additional greenhouse and building a

Reggie is excited to install her new greenhouse.

new planting area. The business has grown 30% over the past three years. To help the garden center sustain that growth, it has to expand. Reggie attributes her tremendous growth to the

“Martin Garden Center is my happy place. And hopefully everyone else’s, too.”

“Each season we offer hot plants in just a limited number, like the Lemonade Baptisia,” Reggie says. “This gorgeous, hot plant will be gone before I even let everyone know it’s available. The hot plants are so popular and so precious

people who work with her. “Our nursery is a happy

and they are gone in a blink. I love to offer that exclusivity,

place to be,” says Reggie. “The people who work here are

something no one else can. It’s one of the myriad of

invested in the company. It belongs to them and they

reasons that Martin Garden Center is my happy place. And

treat it that way. It makes for a great atmosphere and people really feel

hopefully everyone else’s, too.”

welcome when they come here.” She adds, “Of course, maintaining the highest quality plants also keeps customers coming back.” Many of the 20 employees are retirees and master gardeners who just want to be a part of such an inviting environment, complete with a gorgeous lake that’s just behind the garden center and is used for occasional employee gatherings. Beyond the expansion, one of Reggie’s other goals achieved this year was to make her business employee-owned by offering stock to her team. “I am very passionate about running an employee-owned company. I think everybody should have the opportunity to own a business if they

martinnursery.com 864.277.1818


want to.”

198 Martin Rd., Greenville

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EMEDIAGROUP You may not even realize it, but you see emedia’s work all over

and dad got married.’ And we’ve come together to create the big, happy

town. The company wraps the Meals on Wheels vans and the trolleys

family we are today.”

that run through downtown, as well as the walls of BMW and the

It looks like they’re raising the family right, too. Hogg and Bishop

Clemson Athletic Department. It’s also responsible for a good bit of the signage at Fluor Field and the programs for Carolina Panthers games. If you’ve ever run the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, the Boston Marathon or the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, you can thank emedia for your race bib. Owners Joel Hogg and Bill Bishop are “Greenville boys,

have created a family culture at the office that’s undeniable.

“We’re quite the cast of characters, and we’d make a great reality show. But at the end of the day, we’re one big happy family.”

born and raised,” but their thriving media company is doing business all over the country. None of that would be possible without the incredible team that keeps emedia running. Bishop jokes, “We’re quite the cast of characters, and we’d make a great reality show. But at the end of the day, we’re one big happy family.”

They regularly give back to the community. They volunteer for Meals on Wheels together. When you walk into the office, you’re greeted with wrapped walls covered in handprints from students of The Meyer Center, who’ve come to visit on an annual field trip. The office even has a “TV room” with toys in it, in case anyone ever needs to bring their kids to work. Whether you’re a customer, employee, vendor or even

a complete stranger, you’ll get the same treatment from emediagroup. “The Good Book says to love the Lord and love other people. When you break it down, that’s really all you need to get through life.”

Bishop says his team is like a bunch of TV families all rolled into one. “We’re simple like the Taylors from Andy Griffith. We’re a little goofy like the Clampetts from Beverly Hillbillies. We’re animated like the Flinstones.” But the TV family emediagroup might relate to the most is the Brady Bunch. “Joel and I bought two companies, and eventually

615 Worley Rd., Greenville

acquired two more. So here we are with these four companies that had


to figure out how to live together and work together, all because ‘mom



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BLACKSTREAM | CHRISTIE’S When Michael Mumma joined BlackStream | Christie’s International

A leading example is BlackStream’s corporate apartment at the corner of I-385

Real Estate in 2017, he was looking for a place to continue to grow his real

and Stone Avenue. “Our agents can offer their clients a complimentary place to

estate career. What he didn’t realize was how quickly his vision would align

stay during the buying and selling process,” Mumma said. “Buyers from around

with that of owners Ford Elliott and Carlos Salgado. As Managing Director

the world tend to fall in love with the Upstate whenever they come to stay.”

of BlackStream’s residential division, he is dedicated to the ongoing growth of the firm. In late 2016, BlackStream joined forces with Christie’s International Real Estate to bring the very best real estate

Mumma, a Greenville native and Clemson graduate, has

“Luxury Service at Every Price Point.”

services and marketing platform to Greenville. Christie’s

always had a passion for real estate, from development through construction to the finished product. “I love the tangibility of it,” he said. “Helping people is a huge part of it, and you get to see the results of your efforts every day. It’s an awesome feeling.”

is an international leader in luxury real estate sales with over 32,000 agents

BlackStream is committed to giving back to the community and one way is

in 46 countries and more than 1,200 offices worldwide.

by partnering with Rebuild Upstate, raising funds and volunteering time to

However, BlackStream is not solely a luxury real estate firm; in fact, the same tools used to sell a multimillion dollar house can be applied to

help homeowners remain in their homes. Outside of work, Mumma loves outdoor pursuits like backpacking and is

selling homes across all price points. According to Mumma, “The Christie’s

active in Greenville sports leagues. He is surrounded by a loving wife, Jenna,

platform gives us access to one of the largest real estate networks worldwide,

and is the proud father to his newborn son, Luke.

and we are utilizing that platform and structure to sell everything from a $50,000 lot to luxury listings upwards of a million dollars.” This belief has resulted in BlackStream’s philosophy “Luxury Service at Every Price Point.” The key to success, Mumma said, is “how we take care of our agents, because that in turn allows them to offer their clients the very best service.” By aligning with more than 30 agents committed to being full-time experts in the local real estate market, BlackStream is building on the quality and

864.920.0303 | blackstreaminternational.com


value clients have come to expect.

20 Overbrook Ct., Suite 400, Greenville

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Our new Elevations Cabinetry & Design by GBS is the area’s go-to destination showroom, featuring countless premier brands in the latest trends and styles of cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes and more. From the initial concept to the finished project, we’re here to assist you and your clients’ desire to bring high-end designs to life with the best products and services. Use our showroom for inspiration, a space for company events or as the perfect venue for client consultations. Seeing is believing! Contact us today to schedule your personalized tour of Elevations.

711 Congaree Road, Greenville, SC 29607 • CALL 864.312.6996


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BUILDING THE UPSTATE FOR MORE THAN 45 YEARS. 103 Old Mill Road, Greenville, SC 29607 | 864.288.6754 WWW.GBSBUILDING.COM





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SPAULDING GROUP, REALTORS® Carole Atkison began her career career in real estate in the

what makes Spaulding Group stand out among its peers. “If you love

early 90s, after taking a break from teaching school to raise her two

what you do and you go the extra mile and then some, people notice,”

daughters. She became the sales manager for Spaulding Farm when the neighborhood started in 1990. In 1997, once lot sales were complete, she transitioned into a full-service real estate company which she named Spaulding Company.

Atkison says. “Spaulding Group has been able to develop a

“I am fortunate to have agents on our team who are so dedicated and passionate about their business.”

Today, Atkison leads Spaulding Group, which

at the number one real estate company in the Upstate for 2017. “Being the number one team in the company was our goal last year,”

focus and what we work toward every day.”

Front row: Margaret Marcum, Carole Atkison; 2nd row: Lois Leder, Brittney Bolt, Katie Reid, Lillian Lever, Cynthia Rehberg; 3rd Row: Susan

operates as part of Berkshire Hathaway HomesServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS. Spaulding Group is the number one team

broad network of repeat business and referrals. That’s our

Waters, Kem Swenson, Kate Anderson, Pam McCartney, Leigh Irwin, Skipper Smith, Shelby Jordan, Debbie Levato; Not Pictured: Susan Dodds, Pam Childress, Kristy Tarallo, Hilary Hoke

Atkison says. “I’m thankful to have a great group of agents working with me who made this possible. Our agents are dedicated to providing top-notch service, throughout the transaction, to our clients.” Atkison cites experience and professional expertise as reasons why Spaulding Group has also been the number one team at the Pelham Road office since joining C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS in 2009. In 2017, Spaulding Group was among the top 100 agents/teams in the BHHS network of 45,000 agents for units and GCI, as well as the top half of the top one percent of agents/teams in the country. A reputation for excellence and an outstanding sales record is 20

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3539 Pelham Rd., Greenville 864.458.8585


3/22/18 9:53 PM

LITTLEJOHN PORTABLES Littlejohn Portables have been a sign of progress in the Upstate

Wesleyan, and North Greenville. If you’ve been to a Clemson football

for quite some time. Whether it’s a construction project or community

game, you’ve probably seen – or used – a Littlejohn portable.

event, you’re likely to see Littlejohn’s scattering the area. Brad Steele has

But Littlejohn does more than just standard portable toilets. They

owned the company since 1991 and has expanded to

can provide portable sinks, holding tanks, and even roomy,

serve five Upstate counties.

updated portable restrooms that approach the luxurious.

With over 25 years in the community, Littlejohn has established itself as a reliable part of the Upstate. Steele prides himself on being locally owned and customeroriented, which has led to customers returning time and time again, some working with Littlejohn for decades.

“Every day is inspiring being able to work with the good people I work with.”

Steele bought Littlejohn when he saw an opportunity to stay in the Greenville area. After graduating from

What sets Littlejohn apart is its people. Brad has put together a team that brings a great deal of experience and a caring attitude to work. “Everyday is inspiring being able to work with the good people I work with,” says Steele, noting that some have worked with him for 25 years. “The people in our business have helped us grow.” In creating a family atmosphere at work, he has even

the University of South Carolina, he worked for IBM in Richmond,

brought in some of his own family. His children helped out as he grew

Va. When he was promoted to Greenville, he fell in love with the area.

the business when they were young, and now his son, Brad Jr., daughter,

Instead of moving to Washington, D.C., for another promotion, Steele

Anna, and son-in-law, Brantley, all work for Littlejohn.

decided to stay in Greenville and begin another adventure. He says, “People in the Upstate have a can-do attitude and are friendly to do business with.” That can-do attitude has brought a great deal of construction to the Upstate, and those construction sites are a big part of Littlejohn’s business, providing portables to construction sites big and small. P.O. Box 8622, Greenville

parties, festivals, and other community events. They can also be found


at athletic events at Clemson University, Furman, Wofford, Southern



However, they also provide portables to special events, weddings,

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JULIE CAIN CWYNAR, REALTOR Julie Cain Cwynar has never met a challenge she won’t face down, and she loves bringing that energetic, problem-solving spirit to her work as a real estate agent. Throughout her career, Julie has been passionate about pursuing excellence, and that dedication has guided her to success. For the past 10 years, she’s been honing her skills and experience in real estate, and has been bringing her hard-work and passion to Upstate clients since moving here two years ago. After growing up in Pittsburgh and graduating from Penn State, Julie worked in management consulting for almost 8 years with Deloitte Consulting, managing technology projects for Fortune 500 clients. “I traveled extensively, and was consistently working 70 hours a week,” she said. Looking for new career options where travel was unnecessary, a real estate transaction that was less-than-professional spurred her to give the field a try. Building her business on solid principles found in the management consulting arena, her client list grew exponentially and she found she loved real estate. “It’s all about problem solving,” she said. “Every transaction is different and has its own set of challenges. And I love helping people!” When her husband, Ted, had a job opportunity in Greenville two years ago, the couple made the move south and Julie quickly got to work building her local reputation. She’s

“I prefer to work with a small number of buying and selling clients, and be able to provide an exceptional level of service.”

already known for her hard work, personal approach and unerring attention to detail. “I’ll never have 17 homes listed at once,” she said. “It’s not me. I prefer to work with a small number of buying and selling clients, and be able to provide an exceptional level of service.” In addition to her willingness to dig into any issue, no matter how small, Cwynar is known for her communication and candidness. “Maybe too candid?” she said, laughing. “I carefully listen to my clients and advise them. I’m not afraid to gently challenge a client’s perspective since they’re paying me for my professional opinion. Of course, I fully support my client’s decisions.” While she has established relationships with attorneys, appraisers, lenders and others with a work ethic similar to her own, she values working as a solo agent. “I made a personal choice that instead of a closing coordinator or assistant, my clients always get me,” she said. “Heels are painful and I can’t crawl up into attics while wobbling around in heels,” she said. “I totally respect my stiletto-wearing colleagues, but you’ll find me wearing jeans most days.”

Julie Cain Cwynar

Greenville • Upstate JulieCainCwynar.com | 412.215.9429 22

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The one thing she doesn’t enjoy about real estate? Dressing up.

3/22/18 9:54 PM

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Rebecca and Bryan Feldman had already seen steady growth in their

the company, “so we have someone in each franchise who knows us and

Two Men and a Truck business, expanding to four locations in 15 years,

how we do business,” she said. “We make sure we find someone with real

when something unexpected happened - they doubled in size in 2017.

experience who can get things moving.”

“The past year has been wild,” Rebecca said of expanding

While eight locations and 175 employees has led to an

from four franchises to eight in a matter of months. “This wasn’t our plan, but it has exceeded our expectations.” Their primary location is in Greenville, with a satellite office in Spartanburg, and over the years the Feldmans added offices in Tallahassee, Fla,; Richmond

exciting year of growth across the region, the Greenville outpost

“Our tagline is Movers Who Care, and that is the heart of everything we do.”

Va.; and Chesterfield, Va. Once they understood the Virginia market, they set their sights on Charlottesville,

is the Feldmans’ largest. In 2017, Greenville was 15th in gross revenue out of more than 300 Two Men and a Truck franchises nationwide. “We’re so proud of that,” Feldman said. “We’ve really worked on growing here by putting out a great product, so that customers refer us. We’ve developed a great reputation.” When not building their business, the Feldmans are

but soon found out about two more locations in Virginia, Norfolk and

an active family, volunteering in the community and participating

Newport News, that were for sale, so they decided to jump on that

in activities with their kids, an avid dancer and a soccer player. For a

opportunity as well.

company that is always on the move, the Feldmans say they will “catch

Then, a manager with the company won a Two Men and a Truck scholarship competition that awarded him the franchise fee to start a

their breath” for a bit, but they realize more growth could be on the horizon. “We might have a few more in us,” Rebecca said.

location in Beaufort. The winner was required to partner with a current franchisee, so teaming up with the Feldmans was the next step. Feldman said each experience with a new franchise has taught important lessons, and the team has refined processes and procedures so that each location runs efficiently and with a focus on customer service. “Our tagline

107 Sandra Ave., Greenville

is Movers Who Care, and that is the heart of everything we do,” she said.

twomenandatruck.com 864.329.1228


The management staff at each location is often promoted from within

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TAYLORS MILL Caleb Lewis comes from a long line of Taylors small business owners — four generations to be exact. Greg Cotton is married to an artist who found herself in need of studio space a few years ago. So when the two saw an opportunity to become the next stewards of the revitalization of the historic Taylors Mill, it seemed like a perfect fit. The Taylors Mill was originally established in 1924, and played a central role in the Taylors economy for 40 years as the home of Southern Bleachery and Print Works, where fabric was bleached, dyed and printed with patterns. That company would eventually be sold to Burlington Corporation, and the mill sat empty for nearly 26 years. “Many mills sat empty and forgotten for years,” says Lewis. “With nearly 750,000 square feet, the Taylors Mill is a huge building with constant struggles. The community we’ve built makes it all worth it.” The mill was purchased in the late 2000s, and rather than try to recruit one big player, the owner began renting smaller spaces to small business owners and creative entrepreneurs. Caleb’s company, Carolina Recycling,

“We seek to provide affordable space to facilitate craft and commerce f or a new generation.”

was an early tenant, as was Cotton Rouge & Company, where Greg’s wife, Katie, practices her craft as a makeup artist and photographer. In 2015, the owner was ready to sell, and Caleb and

Greg decided to join forces and buy the building. Today, Taylors Mill is a bustling home to roughly 70 tenants that run the gamut from photographers and woodworkers to potters and letterpress printers. “Our mission is to create spaces that are affordable to artisans and start ups,” says Greg Cotton. “New businesses face a lot of struggles that make it a task to just keep the doors open and lights on. The Taylors Mill works to minimize that burden, and let our tenants keep their focus on creativity and community.” Taylors Mill is also home to 13 Stripes Brewery, which celebrates its first birthday this spring, and will soon play host to The Farehouse, a restaurant run by a husband and wife who have long dreamed of converting their catering business to brick and mortar. They are excited about new retail space coming soon.


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250 Mill St., Taylors taylorsmill.community 864.335.9913 2018

3/22/18 9:55 PM

COTTON ROUGE & COMPANY Katie Cotton grew up backstage. Her parents worked in the

other hair and makeup artists to join her team. Today that team of

theater program at Ball State University in Indiana, her dad as a set

stylists has grown to more than 20 and together they do upwards of

designer and her mom in costumes. Katie later attended Ball State,

500 weddings each year.

studying film and acting. After graduation, she chased

“We have some really phenomenal artists on our team,

her dreams to the sets of L.A. instead of the stages of NYC, and it was there she fell headlong into her love affair with makeup. Her career as a freelance makeup artist for production and special events led her to the other

and I am so proud to have them representing the Cotton

“My passion is making one person feel amazing.”

love of her life: her husband, Greg, whose work as a casting director often put him in her path. After their

Rouge brand,” Katie says. “The brand wouldn’t be what it is without my team.” In 2010 Katie added photography to her repertoire, specializing in boudoir (her personal favorite), maternity, and headshots. “My passion for photography comes from the same place

first child was born they needed a change of pace. Greg had heard

as my passion for makeup,” Katie says. “I love making regular women

of Greenville’s many charms from a friend, so the Cottons bought a

feel fabulous about themselves.”

house here, sight unseen. (And then Greg bought a mill, but that’s a story for another page.)

Cotton Rouge and Company is located in the Taylors Mill Community, where it’s possible Katie gets a break on the rent.

Katie had planned to stay home and raise her boys, but says she quickly realized she needed makeup in her life. She started doing makeup for weddings, drawing on her experience glamorizing celebrities for red carpet events. “I felt so honored to be able to give these women the superstar treatment on the biggest day of their life,” Katie says. “I still love to work on commercial and production jobs, but I think my passion is making one person feel amazing.”

cottonrougeandcompany.com | 864.416.1254


As demand for her services began to grow, Katie reached out to

250 Mill Street, Taylors

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3/22/18 9:55 PM


MELISSA MORRELL, REALTOR® Consistency is the name of the game for Melissa Morrell. She’s been the No. 1 agent for the area’s No. 1 real estate firm, Berkshire Hathaway *

HomeServices C. Dan Joyner REALTORS, for the past seven consecutive years.

She’s known as “Greenville’s Agent 24/7,” and it may seem like Morrell is always working. But when she’s not, her focus is on her family, which consists of her husband, Tony, their three children, Ashley, Hannah and Ty, and their Goldendoodle, Palmer. “I have

“People are always asking me how I do it all, like I’m Wonder Woman or something,” Morrell says. “I work hard, and I put in a lot of hours. But I’m not a superhero and I don’t have pixie dust in my pockets. I’m just always out there doing my very best for my clients.” Morrell says responsiveness and results are what made

“I work hard, and I put in a supportive family that sacrifices a lot so I can help other a lot of hours. But I’m not families in making the biggest decision of their lives,” she says. a superhero and I don’t “My husband is my talented sidekick. We’ve been married 22 have pixie dust in my years and I couldn’t do it without him. Period.” pockets. I’m just always Morrell also engages in breast cancer awareness efforts out there doing my very and fundraising in honor of her mother. “My goal is to raise at best for my clients.”

her the No. 1 agent in all of Greenville in 2016 and what

least $6,000 every year, because my mom battled stage 4 breast

positioned her as the No. 2 agent in 2017. Her number of

cancer for six years before she passed in 2014.”

transactions outpaced any other solo agent last year. But she says it’s more

For Morrell, it’s all about helping people in any way she can. “I don’t

about quality than quantity. “I really care about my clients, and I always

jump from tall buildings or have an invisible plane, but I do have the rare

put them first. I want each one to feel like they are my only one.”

opportunity to truly make a difference for individuals and families across

Goal-setting is also a big part of Morrell’s success. “Each year, I

the Upstate. There’s no greater power or privilege.”

challenge myself with lofty goals. I believe in self-fulfilling prophecies,” says Morrell. “My biggest competitor is myself.” November 2018 marks Morrell’s 15th year in the business and she loves to share that knowledge and experience with new agents, mentoring them and motivating them. “People assume I’m too busy for that, but I’m always willing to help as that makes me a better agent and person, too. I really enjoy that side of the business.” 26

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BTC2018_Book.indd 26

GreenvilleAgent247.com greenvilleagent247.com || 864.918.1734 864.918.1734 *Source: C. Dan Joyner internal records, 1/1/2017-12/31/2017



3/22/18 9:56 PM



Olympics, United Way and Meals on Wheels, “Countybank team members It was 1933, at the most difficult financial point in U.S. history, when are not only proud to see their dollars hard at work, but have enjoyed a group of Greenwood businessmen formed a financial institution that giving their time through volunteer opportunities as well,” said Shannon would serve the community in good times and bad. Addis, customer relations manager. Today, Countybank is celebrating 85 years as an independent, locally In addition to the individual approach and friendly staff, Countybank owned bank, and the staff takes pride in keeping their focus right here in uses the most advanced technology and tools to ensure security and the Upstate. “We always have time for you,” said Marko Huttunen, vice efficiency. “Through advanced technology, we can process president and private banker. “When you bank with us, loans safely and efficiently through e-disclosures and a we’ll work with you to create a tailored financial solution “We always have time secure online application where you can submit required with speed, efficiency and unrivaled customer service.” for you.” documents,” said Brandon Calhoun, a mortgage consultant. For individuals and businesses seeking a personal This boosts security, efficiency and communication among banking experience, Countybank can offer the personal the staff, leading to a smooth loan approval process, but touch no huge banking conglomerate can match. In Calhoun said the staff gladly meets with those clients who prefer to meet addition to traditional deposit and loan products, Countybank offers trust in person to discuss mortgage solutions. services, mortgages, investments and insurance. The community-oriented financial services provider has locations across the Upstate in Greenville, Greenwood, Greer and Anderson. Countybank Mortgage builds customized mortgage solutions built with each client in mind. “We use both secondary markets as well as portfolio products to be certain we are providing just what each client needs to reach their financial goals,” said Lisa Gilstrap, a mortgage consultant. The team also underwrites, approves and closes mortgages in-house, while Member FDIC using local appraisers who know local markets. Being locally owned for so long, the staff at Countybank loves to get 201 West McBee Ave., Greenville involved in community projects. In the past 10 years, the company’s 3431 Pelham Rd., Greenville foundation has given more than $1 million to local organizations and ecountybank.com | 864.942.1500 nonprofits in the area. For causes such as cancer research, the Special

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3/22/18 9:56 PM


GREENHILL PHARMACY “We are bringing the tradition back to traditional pharmacy.”


He worked an after-school job at an old corner drugstore in Queens, NY – and that’s where Tommy Martincic got the first dose of inspiration for his grown-up career. “I was the kid who hand-delivered all the prescriptions,” recalls Tommy, who today owns Greenhill Pharmacy in Simpsonville. “Many of our customers were elderly, so making a delivery sometimes also included sitting down for a chat about their health, or even taking out the trash if they were too frail to do it themselves.” Thus he learned, early on, that sincerely delivered service makes for a healthy business. That motivated his decision to move south for pharmacy school at the University of South Carolina. Whilst there, he met and married a fellow PharmD student, Amanda, and upon graduation they settled

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 28


in her native Upstate. He spent a successful decade with a national drugstore chain, but his heart’s ambition was to make medicine, rather than simply dispense it. “My goal was always to open my own independent pharmacy – the way pharmacies used to be.” So in 2013, Tommy and Amanda wrote out a business plan that prescribed old-fashioned customer service, industry-forward compounding techniques, holistic offerings ranging from hormonal testing to nutraceuticals, and the latest pharmacy technology. The goal was to be small but mighty, offering competitive pricing and accepting most major insurance plans, with big emphasis on re-creating the best of a bygone era. “We are bringing the tradition back to traditional pharmacy,” Tommy says. Just like his boyhood employer, for example, Greenhill


3/22/18 9:56 PM

provides free pick-up/delivery for regular prescriptions, compounded orders, even over-the-counter needs. “This is a convenience for everyone, whether they’re too sick to drive to the store – or simply too busy.” Compounding can adjust the strength of a medication, eliminate unwanted ingredients to make it allergy-friendly, re-create discontinued medications, or create more palatable versions of, say, hard-to-swallow pills. “We can transform and customize medications into any form needed, from creams to gelatin gummies or troches, lollipops for children,” Tommy says, noting that one-size-fits-all medication doesn’t necessarily fit all. “We can also customize commercially available medications to be allergen free.”

Away from Greenhill, Tommy stays busy being father and soccer coach to four daughters ages 4, 7, 9 and 11. Family time, he says, is the remedy that balances out the challenges of being a small business owner. Tommy believes Greenville is the ideal place to raise a family and build a business. “Greenville is such a unique place. It’s small enough to give you that small town feel, yet large enough to support a small local business.” That’s exactly what Greenhill is designed to do – provide wide-ranging, comprehensive pharmaceutical care with a local, small-town atmosphere. “We are more than just a pharmacy that specializes in compounding,” says Martincic. “We are like an extension of our customers’ family, caring for them in whatever capacity we can.”

2531 Woodruff Rd., #107 Simpsonville greenhillrx.com | 864.520.1550 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:57 PM

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3/22/18 9:57 PM

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3/22/18 9:58 PM

EDTS CYBER EDTS has been operating as a world-class, full-service technology consulting firm since 1999, focusing on designing, installing, optimizing and supporting networks. The company takes on clients’ most complex IT business challenges and applies innovative solutions designed to improve profitability – growing each client’s business while reducing costs. In short order, the company became known for its immersive approach to IT solutions and for its unmatched focus on security. “Our managed service operation is foundationally based on security,” said Charles Johnson, founder and CEO. “Security was our passion and was always our big differentiator.” The company grew rapidly to five offices and more than 80 employees, and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine for eight consecutive years. Clients run the gamut from municipalities and 20-person doctor’s offices to companies with a billion dollar topline. As security became increasingly complex and clients clamored for help, Johnson knew EDTS needed a separate offering that would focus on all aspects of security, and EDTS Cyber opened with its own security operations center in February of 2017. Within the first six months of opening, EDTS Cyber was named one of the top 100 managed service security providers nationwide. “We have a dedicated team with all of the top certifications, serving clients around the country,” he said. While high-tech tools are beneficial, Johnson said EDTS and “We have a dedicated EDTS Cyber set themselves apart with their people. “We have the team with all of the reputation and the tools, but also the skill set,” he said. “Just because top certifications, I have a hammer doesn’t make me a carpenter. Other companies serving clients around have tools, but it’s about the talent running those tools.” the country.” He takes pride in having a team of employees who are the best in their field. From threat hunters to the incident response team, “when disaster strikes, you don’t want someone at their first dance.” Hackers cost the U.S. economy more than $445 billion annually, with 5.9 million cyber attacks happening each day, and the experts at EDTS Cyber have the proven solutions that safeguard clients’ valuable assets. Johnson graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in finance, but had always been fascinated by technology and gravitated to the field. He founded EDTS because he loves solving problems for clients. “I always wanted to be a top tech resource,” he said. “I thought, if we’re the best, we’ll be successful.” Always on the lookout for the best ways to serve clients, he collected numerous technology and security credentials (CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCFP, CBCP) and keeps them up-to-date. He wants to make sure he and his team understand the latest updates and security far beyond basic firewalls and anti-virus software. “Of our more than 80 people, we have more than 500 designations and certifications,” he said. While many companies outsource their security to other countries, he prides himself on allowing customers to visit EDTS’ new 35,000-square-foot facility and meet the team in person. “That’s where the rubber meets the road,” he said. While his rapidly paced work consumes much of his time, and he often travels between their five offices, he does make time to enjoy the outdoors, especially hunting and saltwater fishing. He is grateful that his wife and two teenagers supported his efforts as the company expanded. Johnson is looking to expand even further this year, and is planning offices in Charleston and Atlanta. While EDTS and its IT services still make up the majority of the company’s business, he expects Cyber to surpass it in the next couple of years. “We’ve got some huge prospects,” he said.

440 Roper Mountain Rd., Suite A Greenville edts.com 864.250.9112


Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:58 PM

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3/22/18 9:58 PM


CLAYTON TILE For 57 years, Clayton Tile has had a first-row seat for the growth of

Now with four locations, including two in Greenville and stores

Greenville, and has enjoyed expanding right along with its hometown.

in Anderson and Spartanburg, the company is able to offer its ceramic,

“The growth of Greenville has brought a lot of business our way,” said Beth

porcelain, natural stone and mosaic tiles to customers across the Upstate.

Clayton Wickliffe, a third-generation employee at the

The tight-knit staff enjoys celebrating holidays and special

family business. “There is a lot of new construction, as well as renovations, and we work with a good mix of both.” Interior designers, builders, and homeowners make up a diverse clientele, and Clayton Tile focuses on working

occasions, and the management works to build a fun culture

“There are so many choices these days, and we try to make it fun.”

where people enjoy going to work each day. One way they do that is occasionally bringing their four-legged friends to work. “They’re our little Clayton Tile mascots,” Wickliffe said of, from

with the individual needs of each. “There are so many

left to right, Henry, Watson, Duke and Olivia. “When they come

choices these days, and we try to make it fun,”’ Wickliffe

by, they are loved on by everyone, especially the customers.”

said. “Each client’s appointment is focused on them, so we

While the company has stayed ahead of the curve with

encourage them to bring in any ideas, paint colors, countertop and cabinet

the latest tiles and products, Wickliffe said maintaining the culture of the

samples. We’ll make the whole room cohesive.”

company is important as well. “We plan to keep being who we are, offering

Marvin Clayton and his wife, Violet - Beth’s grandparents - founded

the best customer service every day,” she said. “That will not change.”

Clayton Tile in 1961. Their sons, Lonnie and Lannie Clayton, now own the business, and run it along with the third generation, which includes Beth, her brother Eric and her cousin Max. While family members grew up with Clayton Tile, many other employees are like family, having worked at the company for 20 years or more. For example, showroom manager Barbara Carlton has been

535 Woodruff Rd., Greenville | 864.288.6290 7 Task Industrial Ct., Greenville | 864.297.1496

with Clayton for 29 years. The knowledge extends from the expert staff

530 S Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg | 864.587.9732

in the showroom to the employees at the back counter, who have vast

1718 Pearman Dairy Rd., Anderson | 864.225.0884 claytontileco.com

technical knowledge. 34

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:58 PM

VERB BEAUTY STUDIO Ashley Alford is in not only in the business of making her clients

Ashley never wants her clients to leave feeling like a stranger. Ashley

beautiful; she also specializes in creating a space that helps them feel at

says, “My clients are not just a number. I truly care about them.” Her business has significantly grown since it opened in 2014. No

ease as soon as they open the studio door. Ashley, a Blue Ridge High School graduate, was a

longer a one-woman show, Ashley has added two additional

part-time nanny for eight years while pursuing her license as an esthetician. After receiving her license, her passion for makeup grew as her weekends filled up rapidly with bridal makeup and hair appointments. Following her dream led her to pursue a major in

specialists to her studio. Ashley says she is getting to do

“I want everyone who enters my door to become whatever it is they are striving to be.”

makeup artistry across the country at the Los Angeles Make-up Designory.

what she loves every single day in the great community of Travelers Rest. The greatest part of working in the upstate for Ashley is the community, where she says the people are always rooting for her. While Verb has been growing, Ashley’s family has been growing as well. Ashley recently celebrated becoming a

Locally born and raised, Ashley decided to share her expertise

new mom, and her world currently revolves around her six-month-

with the Upstate, starting out as a one-woman show in a small space

old. She couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to raise a family here in

of approximately 240 square feet. When pondering a name, Ashley

the Upstate. They can often be found in the downtown area, exploring

thought back to a time when she and her husband took a class called

and taking walks where she supports her local community as they have

“Love is a verb.” The class focused on how the word love should be

supported her.

perceived as a verb when it comes to relationships. For Ashley, that was all it took. From then on the name of her business was Verb. Ashley said, “I want everyone who enters my door to become whatever it is they are striving to be.” Verb offers various services, including make up, lash extensions, hair

315 South Main St. Travelers Rest verbbeauty.com

lasting service is the impression she leaves on each and every client.



designs, waxing, brow tinting and spray tanning. But perhaps her most

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 9:59 PM


NHC HEALTHCARE GREENVILLE Heidi Spires has had the rare opportunity as to experience NHC

and CNAs. A physician is in the facility every day and available 24 hours

HealthCare Greenville as both a therapist and a patient. She began

a day, and medication is overseen by a pharmacist. A staff dietitian meets

her career at NHC 21 years ago, when she was hired as a recreation

with each resident to customize a meal plan to his or her specific needs,

therapist prior to graduating from Clemson University. In this role, Heidi works with patients to adapt their preferred leisure activity – golf or tennis, for example – in a way that it can still be enjoyed during their time at

and all meals are prepared on-site by a trained chef.

“Care is our business, and patients come first.”

the facility, whether that is short or long-term. Five years ago, Heidi went from full-time employee to full-time resident after breaking her back in a skydiving accident. “I couldn’t go home after leaving the hospital, so I came to NHC for rehab,” Heidi says. “It gave me a better understanding of what it’s like to be a resident.”

NHC HealthCare Greenville is a Five Star Excellence Award winning center and has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report for the last five years as one of “America’s Best Nursing Homes.” As a result of this commitment to care, NHC HealthCare Greenville has been selected as a preferred provider

by St. Francis Hospital, Greenville Health System, and Spartanburg Regional Medical Center for seamless transitions from the acute care setting. “We focus on having the best rehab in the state,” Heidi says. “Care is our business, and patients come first.”

While the majority of the residents at NHC are seniors, many are just like Heidi - released from the hospital after an accident or major surgery but not yet able to care for themselves at home. Heidi worked with the physical therapists on staff to regain her strength and mobility and is now back at home, back at work, and back to jumping out of planes. In addition to physical therapy, NHC HealthCare Greenville provides speech and occupational therapy on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. They also provide cardiac rehab as well as memory and dementia care. NHC Greenville is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, LPNs, 36

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 36


1305 Boiling Springs Rd., Greer nhcgreenville.com | facebook.com/nhcgreenville 864.458.7566


3/23/18 11:15 AM

JORDAN LUMBER COMPANY If you’re looking for hardwood flooring — traditional or exotic, who use the company for materials and installations can count on Jordan retail or custom — Jordan Lumber Company has it all. Lumber to ensure top-quality work. The family-owned company, flourishing since its founding in 1934 As with any long-successful company, Jordan Lumber has adapted to by C.G. Jordan, specializes in hardwood flooring - and meet the market demands. Still dedicated to its core business, only hardwood flooring - serving builders, independent the company has responded to the increased demand for “When you’ve got a installers and homeowners. specialty hardwoods and installations. “We install a wide array of family-owned and “There are a lot of years of experience in the family,” said hardwood floors to meet any tastes,” said Keith, who joined the operated business, the David Sweeny, who joined the family and the business family business in 1997 after graduating from Clemson University. service is different.” after marrying a Jordan, his wife, Kerry. It was a natural With three children, David would be delighted to see fit for him, having spent time at his grandparents’ lumber a fourth generation join the family business. “But I’m not company near Lake Wylie growing up. Now a vice president, he has been pushing that,” he said with a laugh. proudly working for 15 years alongside his brother-in-law, vice president Keith, who enjoys woodworking as a hobby, sees steady growth ahead. Keith Jordan, and his father-in-law, president and owner Gary Jordan. “We have very loyal employees who have been with us for a long time,” he “When you’ve got a family-owned and operated business, the service said. “We have high-quality employees across the board who are very is different,” David said. “We have an interest, we’re all in the business respectful of our customers and their homes. We treat them well and they together, and that creates a trust and a connection with our customers.” treat us well. We really enjoy operating in the Upstate market.” The newest addition to the team is Ben Greene, who joined in July. He also has a family background in the lumber business, and he’s been in the industry for 12 years. Focusing on sales and marketing, he is seeking to reach out to a new generation of home buyers. “Our ethics are top-notch, so we just want to continue with that and try to grow the brand,” he said. The office on Rutherford Road encompasses showrooms and a large 104 Rutherford Rd., Greenville warehouse. Customers who buy retail hardwood flooring know that jordanlumbercompany.com | 864.232.9686


Jordan Lumber uses reputable suppliers, and homeowners or builders

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:01 PM


COMFORT KEEPERS When Erin Couchell started Comfort Keepers, her only goal was to

when they’re aging, recovering from surgery, suffering from a traumatic

help people care for their relatives in their own homes. She had no idea

injury, or suffering with other social, mental, and physical challenges. And

that this part-time job would turn into a thriving and successful career. School teacher turned business owner, Erin opened her first Comfort Keepers in Spartanburg with the help of her mother-in-law and has worked tirelessly alongside her family to exponentially grow the business over the last 12 years. In that time, Erin realized that the perfect home care

it’s not necessarily the patients that need help the most, it’s the

“My passion is keeping clients comfortable in their homes for as long as they want to be there.”

situation starts with the caregiver. “My passion is keeping

people taking care of them. We provide that care.” Comfort Keepers has grown tremendously in the last 12 years. She started with two people in a small office in Spartanburg and now has locations in Spartanburg, Greenville and, most recently, Tryon, NC. “My team performs miracles every day. I have many ideas and it’s my team that puts them in motion.” But it’s this teamwork that enables Erin to continue to train and extend the

your loved ones happy and safe wherever they call home. This starts with

longevity of her business as well as the longevity of her clients. “It’s been

a wonderful caregiver whom we call our Comfort Keepers. As of today, we

proven that people live longer and are happier in their own homes. We’re

have over 400 Comfort Keepers improving the quality of our clients lives,”

here because families should be able to just be a family when they’re together.

Erin says “Our Comfort Keepers visit clients every day with an open mind

And at Comfort Keepers, we help them do that.”

and loving heart, assisting with a wide variety of services ranging from companionship and light housekeeping to specialized care and end of life care. It takes an extraordinary person to be a Comfort Keeper. They are the heart and soul of this business.” Erin’s passion for in-home care is very personal to her. Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease just before she opened Comfort Keepers and was the driving force behind owning a business that catered to people

1200 Haywood Rd., Greenville

in need. “What I realized, when I was caring for my mother while working

945 East Main St., Ste. 5, Spartanburg

full time and caring for my own family, is that people truly need help. Help

comfortkeepers.com | 864.268.8993


Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:01 PM

MAGGIE AIKEN, REALTOR® Maggie Aiken is celebrating five years in real estate, and is already looking back on a career full of success, achievement, and most importantly to her, the relationships she has made along the way. Since joining Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS in 2013 - when she sold 33 houses in her first year - Aiken has continued to add to her amazing results, being named the No. 2 agent in the company in 2016 and again in 2017. “I realized early on that I wasn’t just selling people houses, I was selling experiences and I want to make sure that when my clients reflect on their experiences, they genuinely feel their needs were known and that they were cared for.” Her quantity of business comes from clients who loved working with Maggie and recommend her to others. “At least 90 percent of my business comes from past clients who refer me to their friends, families, or coworkers,” she said. “One of the greatest compliments I can receive is knowing they trust me to take care of the people they love.” That trust became evident when she was named Greenville News’ Best of the Upstate, Best REALTOR, an award based on community vote, for the past three years in a row. “My clients become friends or even more like family.” Her attention to detail and ease with clients make her the ideal person to explain the real estate

“I realized early on that I wasn’t just selling people houses, I was selling experiences.”

process and its ever-changing laws and regulations. “My job is just getting started once you find the right house,” she said. “My job is to be proactive and efficient, making the process as easy and seamless as possible from start to finish.” A Greenville native and a Clemson graduate, she has a deep knowledge of Greenville’s neighborhoods. “This is where they are going to go to swim team, to school, play bridge, go to church, etc.” she said. “It is going to be more than just a house, and so I want to make sure that I understand the big picture of their needs and what they are wanting. I have to get to know people on a personal level. Then I can find the best fit for them.” Her desire to meet and serve others shows in her free time as well. Aiken is involved in high school student ministry at Grace Church and is currently


preparing to lead a team on a trip to Kenya through Young Life Expeditions.

BTC2018_Book.indd 39

745 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville maggieaiken.com 864.616.4280

Behind The Counter




3/22/18 10:01 PM


PECKNEL MUSIC Jeremiah Manriquez has lived the American dream, and he’s done it

South Carolina by offering services, donating instruments, and making

through his passion for music. In 2005, Manriquez (5th, standing, from

financial donations. The company has supported various band camps, the

right) took a job in the warehouse at Pecknel Music after years of traveling and playing music professionally. In just over a decade, he moved from having no business title in the warehouse to company owner.

SC Governor’s School, the lakeside band series at Furman, and

“Everyone that works for Pecknel is a musician.”

He continues the legacy of music education in South

many other events throughout the state. In 2017, Pecknel gave an estimated $150,000 in charitable donations and services to the arts of South Carolina. “We do business with over 800 schools and 1,200 churches in

Carolina that Pecknel started back in 1959. The company provides services

the state right now,” according to Manriquez. “We do over a quarter million

from instrument lessons and rentals to sheet music and repairs.

transactions per year, and help thousands of students find their instrument

“Family is very important to me,” says Manriquez, who now has four children. “That’s one of the core values to our company.” Jeremiah’s wife of eighteen years is a dancer, and their children are

each year. Over 59 years, we’ve definitely made an impact.” Pecknel has expanded to Columbia and Moncks Corner, growing from its original Greenville location. Jeremiah sees the Upstate as a blossoming

beginning to show a passion for music as well, playing piano, double bass

area to do business. “We have such a rich diverse population that is growing

and drums. Manriquez admits that “arts are big in our household,” but the

rapidly. There is so much opportunity here right now.”

family still makes time for Friday movie nights and trips to Falls Park. Manriquez tries to create that family atmosphere at Pecknel and takes

And after Jeremiah Manriquez’ climb from warehouse worker to Pecknel Music owner, it’s clear what he can do with a little opportunity.

pride in the musical expertise of his employees. “Everyone that works for Pecknel is a musician,” Jeremiah says proudly. When the only two corporate workers that didn’t play music showed interest in the cello and piano, Jeremiah paid for each of them to take lessons.

1312 North Pleasantburg Dr.

Having experienced musicians makes Pecknel a deep resource when it


comes to music.


Pecknel Music is active in music education across the communities of 40

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:02 PM

TRAVELING STORYTELLERS Traveling Storytellers is a story-driven, full-service digital marketing and advertising agency in Greenville, SC, that partners with

Primary client industries include residential communities, real estate, luxury resorts, interior designers, clothing lines, food and beverage, construction, digital technology and event

clients to create bold, inspiring brands. The best known brands are built on great stories. As storytellers and brand biographers, the team at Traveling Storytellers goes the extra mile to discover what is truly different about their clients’ brands to handcraft a compelling story—because they believe


“A picture is worth a thousand words but a video tells the entire story.”

that great stories matter. This agency of entrepreneurs implements collaboration so that every person on the team is hands-on with each client’s project with the utmost integrity. This story-focused agency was founded five years ago by Tom

The team recently completed the first season of its Stories Matter video series, a pro bono project designed to tell and share the stories of local businesses, artists, activists, non-profits and charities in the Greenville community. “A picture is worth a thousand words but a video tells the entire story,” says Tom. “This is our way

of giving back to our great community and we are proud to call Greenville home.”

Dillard, a Greenville entrepreneur with a robust portfolio of successful businesses he built from the ground up. “Think of our team at Traveling Storytellers as marketing ninjas—we’re small but mighty, and we take our clients’ success personally,” says Tom Dillard. Traveling Storytellers shifts the branding conversation from what companies and brands do to what they mean and stand for. Whether you need to modernize your brand, rejuvenate your strategy, craft a better story, build a new website or start from scratch—this team is ready to help. “We’ll travel anywhere for a great story and we don’t just sit around waiting on a biweekly phone call, we visit our clients regularly to reinforce strong relationships—communication is key,” says Tom.

16 North Main St., Greenville travelingstorytellers.com 864.412.3331


Denali provided by Sitton Buick GMC

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3/22/18 10:02 PM


TRIBUS DESIGN STUDIO — TRIBUS ARCHITECTURE Tribus Design Studio and Tribus Architecture began with a vision that premier architectural firm in Upstate South Carolina and Western North custom home builder Tom Dillard had through a need for building luxury, Carolina. Offering a full range of architectural design services, Tribus Architecture provides site planning, commercial and residential legacy-quality homes. Through these companies he has architecture, 3D modeling/rendering, and more to turn any vision streamlined the custom home building process to provide “We strive to make our into a reality that will stand the test of time. the best overall experience for clients. “We strive to make our clients’ experiences Collaboration is key for the Tribus Architecture team. They offer clients’ experiences as personal as the memories they will be as personal as the their time, talents, and expertise to aid in the initial home design creating in their homes for years to come,” says Tom. memories they will be and concepts, or they can manage the project from initial blueprints Driven by a passion for creating spaces that are both creating in their homes to the final coat of paint. functional and inspirational, the team at Tribus Design Studio for years to come.” Principal Architect Jeff Dishner is licensed in North and South uses a turn-key, hands on approach and operates with an Carolina and brings 30 years of experience to Tribus Architecture, abundance of talent, experience, and creativity. With offices along with a passion for creating unforgettable spaces. “There is no in Greenville, Lake Keowee, Asheville, and Atlanta, Tribus greater thrill than presenting an idea to a client and they immediately have an specializes in providing an unparallelled experience for every luxury residential emotional attachment to the design,” says Jeff. and commercial design need. From quick color consultations to entire space makeovers and everything in The team of designers at Tribus Design Studio and Tribus Architecture between, Principal Interior Designer Susan Peace-Vernon and Senior Interior are second to none, and will ensure that your vision will be designed with Designer Kerry Howard, both ASID-certified, are experts with extensive design integrity and excellence. experience. Peace-Vernon and Howard, both graduates of Anderson University, partnered to provide their clients with the highest quality interior design services throughout the Southeast. Communication with clients is vital, and Peace-Vernon takes the time to listen to each client’s story and needs—helping to infuse the client’s personality into each 16 North Main St., Greenville project. “I want each and every person to walk into their newly decorated space tribusdesignstudio.com | tribusarchitecture.com and feel like it’s a true reflection of their tastes and desires,” says Susan. 864.729.4148 As a trusted partner of Dillard-Jones Builders, Tribus Architecture is a 42

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:02 PM

DILLARD-JONES BUILDERS The 17-member expert staff at Dillard-Jones Builders works with clients Dillard-Jones Builders is an all-inclusive, luxury custom home builder in an open and collaborative manner to build legacy quality handcrafted with 300+ years of combined experience operating in the Upstate South homes, and creates life-long, lasting relationships. Architects, designers, Carolina and Western North Carolina. After 15 years in business, Dillardinterior designers, and build professionals are there to guide Jones Builders has earned numerous awards and honors clients through every step of the process. for quality, design, and integrity, including five Pinnacle Another key to 15 years of growth and success is the integrity Awards in 2017. Winning in five different price categories, “Building our clients’ of each team member. “Being able to work for a company that Dillard-Jones Builders won the award from the S.C. Home dream homes and places a high value on integrity makes Dillard-Jones Builders Builders Association for achieving the highest standard in building their trust is the best place to work,” says Jessica Smith, vice president of quality craftsmanship, innovative problem-solving, and what matters most.” operations, sales and marketing. “Building our clients’ dream customer satisfaction. homes and building their trust is what matters most.” For President Tom Dillard, it’s not the award, but the Satisfied clients are the reason the company has earned the BBB Business satisfied client that means the most. “We offer a lifetime of commitment of Integrity Award, “Best of ” Awards, Southern Living Builder Member of to our clients and provide concierge-level services from initial concepts the Year and Cornerstone’s Outstanding Leadership awards. “Our reputation through completion and beyond,” says Tom. is only as good as the experience every client has while building,” says Tom. Tom founded Dillard-Jones Builders in 2003 after a successful career as a “This is what drives us to deliver a relentless amount of client service, require mechanical engineer, managing complex projects for large corporations. He perfection, and operate with integrity and transparency in all that we do.” quickly earned a solid reputation for his custom-built homes and became a preferred builder in many upscale communities in the area thanks to his process-centered approach, attention to detail, and focus on client service. Staying at the top of their game for 15 years, the Dillard-Jones Builders team is always looking to improve their products, processes and clients’ experiences. Recently, the team has focused on becoming the first “allinclusive” firm in the Upstate, partnering with sister companies Tribus Design Studio and Tribus Architecture. “All of our projects share a design115 North Brown St., Ste. 200, Greenville build and interiors approach, where our team of experienced industry dillardjones.com | 864.527.0463


professionals collaborate to provide the best overall experience,” says Tom.

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3/22/18 10:03 PM


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3/22/18 10:04 PM


POWER WASHING – RON’S PRO WASH Residential | Commercial | Industrial Whether you need to spruce up the entrance to your office building or you need to clean the mildew off of your vinyl siding, Ron’s ProWash has the premium equipment and the experience that you need to get your pressure washing done right!

CARPET CLEANING – RON’S CARPET & AIR DUCT CLEANING Oriental Rugs | Air Ducts | Tile & Grout | Carpets | Hardwood Floors Only Ron’s has this revolutionary hydraulic VORTEX® Cleaning System. At twice the power and much higher temperatures, it cleans deeper than other methods. Cleaner is BETTER! You can see the difference!

24/7 FLOOD RESTORATION Water Damage | Water Removal | Flood Restoration Don’t be caught unprepared when disaster strikes! If you need emergency water removal services, call Ron’s immediately! Our emergency flood response team provides immediate water removal service to prevent contamination and minimize water damage.

CLEANING SERVICES Whether you need the windows at your office cleaned or you need someone to put life back into that old, dingy chair, Ron’s has the experience and the equipment you need to get the job done right! Cleaner is better!

62 Airview Dr., Greenville | 24/7 Emergency Service Available 864.297-6440 | ronscarpetcleaners.com | ronscarpetcleaners

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3/22/18 10:04 PM


WATERSTONE ON AUGUSTA — ACTIVE SENIOR LIVING Passion, integrity, and a servant’s heart. These qualities help

facility. “We are becoming the family that we strive to be,” he enthusiastically

constitute each of the over 70 employees who devote their lives to serving

explains. The staff grows closer to one another, to the residents, and to the

the residents and their families at Waterstone on Augusta.

residents’ families each day.

Celebrating their one-year anniversary in April 2018, Waterstone on Augusta has flourished as a resource for exceptional active senior living in downtown Greenville. Led by Executive Director Edward Burton, the team recognizes the necessity not only to care for their residents,

“We absolutely desire to have a full community, and one that

“We are becoming the family that we strive to be.”

but similarly to all those who love them. This means that residents must be assured that the community will not only

is stable,” he goes on. However, for the community to faithfully thrive, it must be filled with those truly dedicated to what they do. Not as a job, but as a lifestyle. This is why, above all, a servant’s heart is essential to their mission. With engaging daily activities, fine dining programs, support groups, and an intentional staff that pours countless hours and

enrich and improve their own lives, but their families’ lives as well. Edward

energy into caring for seniors, residents and their families have discovered

explains, “Our residents don’t need a new place to call home, they need

genuine downtown living. Waterstone on Augusta does not pride itself on its

exceptional care, and this drives our every daily action.”

own accord, but on a foundation of trust laid by residents and their families,

Using a solutions-based approach, the team has created an engaging,

all of whose lives have been touched by those who serve them.

vibrant lifestyle in the senior living community. Families have a challenging time finding a true home, and seniors themselves may be, for a number of reasons, intimidated to actively explore assisted living. The clinical team, led by Laura B. Horton, RN, director of health and wellness, meets with each resident on an individual basis and creates personalized care plans that allow residents to do what they thought no longer possible. Additionally, such particular attention keeps those who serve them highly motivated. Adam Jennings, director of hospitality, notes that Waterstone gives the impression of one large family that just so happens to be an assisted living 46

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 46


1004 Augusta St., Greenville waterstoneonaugusta.com | 864.605.7236


3/22/18 10:06 PM

ACCESS LAW Michanna Tate had divine inspiration for her law firm. Luke 11:52 in part says “Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge…”. As a lawyer, she wanted to do the opposite of that – she wanted to give more people access to that knowledge. “I give people knowledge about their case. Even if it’s an area of law I don’t focus on as much, I’ll direct them to where they should look or to another attorney who may be able to help.” Tate had been operating for four years as Michanna Talley, Attorney at Law, but decided she wanted to update her firm’s name to support her goals for the firm’s future. Though she’s well under 40, Tate is already on her third career. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology and environmental science at Howard University before working as a molecular biologist for a biological weapons contractor in the Washington D.C area. When she began considering getting a doctorate, she moved back to Greenville – her hometown – and ended up teaching at Greenville Tech while also earning graduate certification in epidemiology and biostatistics at Drexel University. While she loves science and public health,

“I’m just myself. I relate to people.”

she recognized a desire to work for herself and earned a law degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2011. After opening her firm, she continued to teach biology and science at USC Upstate and University of Phoenix,

practicing law by day and teaching at night, but is now focusing on her law practice, hoping to expand her staff as she hones her focus. Growth has been steady because “I’m just myself,” she said. “I relate to people.” Her science background has been immensely helpful in medical malpractice cases, and now she’s finding a niche in that area. She also frequently handles personal injury cases and real estate transactions. Her plans include offering opportunities to new lawyers who just completed law school, giving them the opportunity to gain experience. When she isn’t working, Tate and her husband Tony love to try out all of the restaurants around Greenville. “I’m tiny, but I love to eat,” she said. She also serves on the board of two churches, and, always on a quest for knowledge, has even found time to teach herself photography and web design. “I build websites for me and for my family,” she said. “But that’s more like resting than doing work.”

330 East Coffee St., Greenville accesslawsc.com | 864.498.7411 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:06 PM


DOMINION SENIOR LIVING — PATRICK SQUARE, CLEMSON Lindsey Daugherty is a self-professed “old soul.”

where residents will be part of a walkable, multi-generational community.

“My grandparents were pivotal in my upbringing,” she says, adding that both her mother and grandmother worked as caregivers in senior living

Each will offer round-the-clock nursing care and a full slate of amenities not often found in facilities of this kind.

facilities during her youth. “I volunteered there as a young child, and always felt connected and comfortable with the residents.” It’s no surprise, then, that Lindsey’s career path led her to the senior living industry, where she has worked for more than 20 years. “In high school and college I wanted to follow a different path, but something kept bringing me back,” she says. “The more I let go

“Our mission is to serve God through seniors,” Lindsey says.

“What drives me is investing in people and helping them grow.”

and followed my calling the bigger it got.” Lindsey started her career in nursing and then moved into administration, where she learned how to positively impact both residents and staff. She would

As a Principal Role Model, Lindsey has full autonomy to make decisions in the best interest of her residents and staff without sending them up the corporate chain of command. She does, however, have the full back office support of Dominion’s proven approach to providing a world-class senior living experience, and works closely with Michael Holtzclaw, Dominion’s senior VP of operations. “The company is closely connected with its operators,” says Lindsey, “And

we as operators are closely connected to the communities we serve.”

eventually become a regional director of operations covering several states. “Being a regional director, you can climb the ladder, but what I found was that ladder takes you further from the mission,” Lindsey says. “What drives me is investing in people and helping them grow. I was looking for a platform where I could be boots to the ground but still develop leaders. That’s what drew me to Dominion.” Lindsey came on board as a principal role model with Dominion Senior Living about a year ago, and was tasked with bringing the

Anderson | Patrick Square, Clemson

company’s holistic, faith-based approach to assisted living and memory

3461 North Hwy. 81, Anderson | 864.332.4511

care to South Carolina. Two Dominion facilities are slated to open here

100 Pershing Ave. Clemson | 864.722.2811

in the fall of 2018, one in Anderson and one in Clemson’s Patrick Square, 48

Behind The Counter

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3/23/18 9:38 AM

GRAYDON THOMPSON, LLC One would be hard pressed to find a small business owner who looks

from day to day, the framework in which they’re performed varies

forward to tax season each year, even without the uncertainty that

greatly as each client has a unique business.

comes with tax reform. Luckily for local business owners, there are two

Graydon and Thompson also understand, and greatly appreciate,

accountants in town who do.

the need for work/life balance. They have distinct life

“We do the financial heavy lifting so our clients can focus on doing what they do best,” says Phyllis Graydon, who together with her partner, Greg Thompson, heads up the local accounting firm of Graydon Thompson, LLC.

interests outside of the office, but similar business and

“We do the financial heavy lifting so our clients can focus on doing what they do best.”

Graydon and Thompson have been hard at work learning the nuances of the new tax code in order to lighten the load for their clients. But their relationships with those clients are ongoing and do not end on April 15. “We don’t just prepare tax returns and financial statements,” Graydon

service interests in the office. They feel strongly that allowing themselves and their employees the opportunity to indulge those interests creates a favorable environment in the office. Accordingly, they constantly endeavor to ensure that this common philosophy provides their employees the opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

“We seldom work an inordinate number of hours in a week, but, due to the nature of the deadlines and our commitment to our clients, it’s not unheard of, either,” Graydon says. “We work as a team, working

says. “We work with our clients’ other service providers - financial

towards the goals of providing excellent client service as well as

planners, attorneys, bankers, benefit specialists - to make sure we’re all

achieving personal growth and satisfaction.”

seeing the complete financial landscape in order to help clients make sound business decisions.” Graydon refutes the notion that their industry is a boring one. She and Thompson are driven by the opportunity to get to know their clients and to understand their goals and aspirations as they work together to plan for the financial future of their businesses and families.

401 Parker Ivey Dr., Greenville graydonthompson.com | 864.232.1545


And while the tasks that Graydon Thompson complete may be similar

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:06 PM


STANLEY STEEMER Stanley Steemer has been serving the Upstate for more than 35 years,

customers, and helping Allen run the family business. And Allen stresses

and the D’Andrea family is thrilled to be carrying on that tradition.

that it truly is a family business, with more than 200 of the 300-plus Stanley

Allen and Sarah D’Andrea met at Wittenberg University in Ohio, where

Steemer locations nationwide being independently owned.

Allen played college football. The CEO of Stanley Steemer also

“We’re nationally known, but locally grown,” he says. “The whole

happens to be a Wittenberg graduate, and when he called the school’s football coach looking for candidates for his manager-indevelopment program, Allen ran with the opportunity. “He told the coach someday this kid could own a franchise,”

enterprise is essentially family-owned.”

“We’re nationally known, but locally grown.”

Allen says. “It’s been pretty neat to see that come true.” The D’Andreas moved around a bit as Allen worked his way up in the company, eventually making their way back to Sarah’s native

Allen also takes pride in the level of expertise, backed by Stanley Steemer chemists and engineers, he is able to offer his customers. Technicians are trained on how to clean all the surfaces common in today’s homes, including hardwoods and tile, and are certified in water restoration services - available 24 hours. Stanley Steemer customers can breathe easy knowing that their

Ohio. Then a franchise opportunity surfaced here in Greenville. The brothers

cleaning solutions for carpet, tile, and hardwood are certified as asthma and

who originally brought Stanley Steemer to the Upstate in the late 1970s were

allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

nearing retirement, so Allen and Sarah headed south to check things out. “We fell in love with the city,” Allen says. “We thought it would be a great fit for our family.” It would be another two years before the brothers were finally ready to sell, and during that time opportunities came up in Ohio, but the D’Andreas turned those down, their sights firmly set on Greenville. The D’Andreas have been in Greenville for a year now, and have wasted no time getting involved with schools, churches, and charitable organizations. Sarah is a physician assistant by trade, but for now she’s helping the four little D’Andreas transition to their new home, baking her famous cupcakes for 50

Behind The Counter

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50 Metts St., Greenville stanleysteemer.com | 800.783.3637


3/22/18 10:07 PM

SW PROMOTIONS If Sam White Jr., could choose the word that comes to mind

A Greenville native and Clemson graduate, Sam couldn’t imagine

when people think of him, it would be trustworthy. In fact, trust is

running his business anywhere else and appreciates the rich business

the foundation on which his company, SW Promotions, has built its

environment that has developed around the Upstate’s great quality of

reputation over the last six years.

life. SW Promotions works with companies of all sizes, from

“We get a lot of repeat business, and I take pride in that,” Sam says. “There are a lot of companies that do what we do, but our clients know they can trust us to get the details right and deliver their products on time at a fair price.”

the large corporations headquartered here to the small and

“We get a lot of repeat business, and I take pride in that.”

SW Promotions specializes in embroidered apparel, trade show giveaways, customer gifts and employee

mid-size businesses that supply them. “I may get an order for 100 koozies for a wedding one day, and for 1,000 embroidered polo shirts for a local company the next,” Sam says. “I’m going to do both of them and treat both of them with the same level of care.” Outside the office, Sam and LeAnne stay busy with their

recognition awards – anything that will hold still long enough to slap

two school-age daughters and the many opportunities for community

a logo on it. And if Sam has learned one thing over his 20 years in the

involvement that come with parenthood. Their favorite way to relax as a

promotional products industry, it’s that attention to detail is critical

family is on or near the water, be it beach, lake or pool.

on his end to do right by the time and money his clients have put into developing their logos. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a worry-free experience, where they don’t have to do anything because they know we’re doing everything,” he says. The SW Promotions sales team includes Sam’s dad, Sam White Sr., another industry veteran, and Robert Farry, who came on board last

728 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville

year to help manage the growing customer base. Jill Antley and Sam’s

swpromotions.net 864.233.2311


wife, LeAnne, keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:07 PM


SOUTHERN TRADITIONS WINDOW FASHIONS When Matt Cobb, Stephen Wisdom and Sandy Williamson decided

exciting to watch the success of their football program,” Matt says. “And I

to buy Southern Traditions Window Fashions in 2012, they knew they

can’t tell you how proud we’ve all been to be a part of the new facilities.”

wanted to focus their energies on the sales side of the

The Clemson project has led the Southern Traditions team

business. The current owners were servicing both manufacturing and retail, so when the sale was finalized Matt, Stephen and Sandy kept the retail business and the former owners kept the manufacturing. It couldn’t have worked out better for this trio.

to also do work for Coach Dabo Swinney, installing window

“We work hard to ensure we’re exceeding our own high standards in everything we do.”

“When we bought Southern Traditions, we evaluated the business to that point and determined that we needed

treatments at his new home. Knowing Dabo’s motto of ‘Best is the Standard’, the team was thrilled that they were able to meet and exceed their expectations. About 70% of their business comes from referrals and repeat business, and the Southern Traditions crew works hard to accommodate as many requests as they can without compromising their standards.

to recommit ourselves to working with the highest quality vendors,” Matt

“We work hard to ensure we’re exceeding our own high standards in

says. “We also only wanted to hire team members that held our same core

everything we do,” Matt says. “And because of that our customers are very

principles and who understood what we are trying to accomplish. It was

loyal to us. We never try to solve issues the quick way; we always work to

the best decision possible for the business.” As a result of this dedication to quality, Southern Traditions has been

solve them the right way. And our customers know that. Which is why they come back. And why we’ll always be here to help.”

taking on high-profile installations for some of South Carolina’s most prestigious universities, developers, and builders as well as private clients. Because of their excellent reputation, in 2017, they were tapped to provide the window treatments in the new Clemson University Allen M. Reeves Football Operations Complex. While the Clemson football team was winning the National Championship, the Southern Traditions team was installing window treatments in all of their new offices. “I am a Clemson grad, so it’s been so 52

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 52


319 Garlington Rd., Ste. B2, Greenville shutters4u.com | 864.286.0044


3/22/18 10:07 PM

FIVE OAKS ACADEMY It’s no secret that parents want their children to have a “leg up” when

study three units, one on science featuring genetics, “DNA Doctors,” and

it comes to education, socialization and finding their place in the “real world.”

two on literature, focused on the books “I Am Malala” and “The Giver.” The

After all, it’s a competitive, constantly evolving environment in which we live.

units begin with the students preparing online video profiles in shared portals,

Consider that by the end of this decade, it’s expected that almost 5 billion people will carry mobile devices. To put it mildly, tomorrow’s work force will be entrenched in global experiences much advanced from today’s common communication practices. With so much change hurtling toward us, how then can parents ensure their children are prepared? At Five Oaks Academy (FOA), a dual-accredited

which are developed through inquiry-based questions. They

“We foster habits of inquiry, innovation and exploration — specifically designed to prepare students to excel in an ever-changing, increasingly global community.”

exchange their personal profiles and continue to communicate and collaborate together on unit projects, essentially establishing a digital age pen pal, for five to eight weeks. To say that Five Oaks students are excited is a huge understatement. Stella, a participating sixth grader, says: “I can’t wait to get to know someone my age from a different

Montessori school serving pre-primary to middle school

country and understand what their life is like — and not just

students, the focus is on developing “global-ready learners.”

the stereotypes.”

“The key is to create a culture where children learn how to learn, and

So far, Stella has learned that her partner likes to cook and loves cats.

want to be learners for a lifetime,” says FOA Executive Director Kathleen

There is so much more to explore, but a personal connection and bond has

Trewhella-Grant. “We foster habits of inquiry, innovation and exploration

taken root, and that’s the whole point. Even at her young age, Stella sees the

specifically designed to help students excel in a dynamic and increasingly

ultimate reward. “This will broaden my international perspective.” Spoken

global community.”

like a true global-ready learner!

Case in point is the Level Up Village program. FOA is the first in the Upstate to pilot this unique global S.T.E.A.M. (STEM + Arts) curriculum, which it has initiated with a grant for its sixth graders, and will expand to all students kindergarten and above. The courses promote one-to-one collaboration between students in the United States and those in more than

1101 Jonesville Rd., Simpsonville

20 developing countries.

fiveoaksacademy.com 864-228-1881


This year, FOA has partnered with students in Ghana. Together, they will

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:07 PM


SITTER’S REGISTRY Debbie Trammell bought into Sitter’s Registry more than thirty

heart, she has a soft spot for those in need – with two legs or four. “My

years ago while looking for a part-time job when her children were

passion is helping animals have a better life.” Debbie is involved with

young. She is now the owner of the company that provides in-home

local rescues and helps out when she can. She also regularly goes to

care to the Upstate’s elderly.

Utah to volunteer with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the

“It’s all about taking advantage of the opportunity and running with it,” says Trammell. Sitter’s Registry started out as a childcare provider,

largest no-kill shelter in the country.

“It’s been my career, my mission, and a blessing.”

For small businesses looking for their breakthrough, Trammell says, “Take and seize that opportunity. That’s

but for the last two decades the company has turned its

exactly what I did. It’s been my career, my mission, and a

focus to elderly care.


As the demand for elderly care blossomed in the Greenville area, so

“I grew up in this area. I know a lot of the people and have met a lot

did Debbie’s role in the company. “We just grew as the need for elderly

of wonderful families along the way.” She believes her local ownership

care grew,” she says. Sitter’s Registry now employs more than forty

and knowledge of the area makes Sitter’s Registry unique. “I’m here and

caregivers who provide a variety of in-home services, ranging from

accessible,” she says.

everyday chores like meal planning and grocery shopping to more in-depth services such as dementia and Alzheimer’s care. They also provide personal hygiene care, companionship services, laundry and light housekeeping to seniors all over the Upstate. Debbie, a graduate of Carolina High, grew up in Greenville and believes it is the perfect place to live and work. “People in Greenville like to do business with folks they know and also with folks who have a

Sitter’s Registry,


Caring for those you love

deep rooted interest in the community.” When she’s not caring for the elderly, Debbie can often be found hiking or biking both locally and across the country. A caregiver at 54

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 54


300 Couch Lane, Easley sittersregistry.com | 864.859.4727


3/22/18 10:08 PM



Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places. The old license plate motto still rings not stand by themselves. The support received from their main branch in true as Greenville continues to grow. Thankfully, amidst the economic boom, Columbia (which also supports the Charleston location), local workers, and Greenville has never ceased being a purveyor in spreading the charm of an clients are paramount to their focus. As our state climbs in population and iconic southern town. Of course, this is not done without jobs, the Palmetto spirit of community is a value that is never lost. effort. It takes many hands that are used to hard work, and From small upfits to large commercial projects, Palmetto We’ve all worked with hearts that take a healthy pride in a job well done. State Glass can handle any of your commercial glass needs. each other in some way Enter Palmetto State Glass. Led by Operations Whether it is a large storefront or just repairing a glass at some point, it seems, Manager Aron Rubenstein, Project Manager Tyson door, every product and repair is backed by their complete and those relationships Gregory, and Commercial Estimator Dwayne Holliday, dedication to unequaled service. That is what they feel are priceless. this company has ingrained itself within a handful of separates them from many of their competitors. years as a regular among the contractors and general Throughout high schools, offices, gyms, grocery stores, public of the Upstate area. senior centers, churches, and anywhere else imaginable, “You get to know a lot of the contractors around town, and that’s a Palmetto State Glass displays its handiwork humbly throughout our town wonderful thing,” Aron explains. “We’ve all worked with each other in and state. We, the people of South Carolina, are indeed privileged to call some way at some point, it seems, and those relationships are priceless.” them our own, with smiling faces, in our beautiful places. Aron goes on to discuss the joy he receives from working at Palmetto State Glass. The safety committees, benefits, and altogether fulfilling sense of worth obtained from his craft causes those who hear him appreciate those who serve our city in this way on a completely new level. A family man himself, he cares that his kids grow up in a beautiful area. It’s certainly one among many motivators. The key to their success is not only the intense structured setup of the company, the never-tiring customer service, or stellar quality of their work. 16 Victor St., Greenville The men and women who make up Palmetto State Glass know they do palmettostateglass.com | 864.840.9599

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:08 PM

GATEWAY SUPPLY CO. Since 1964, Gateway Supply Co. has been the go-to for vanities, plumbing fixtures, tubs, hardware, HVAC and much more. The company was built on the idea that the founders, Sam Williams Jr., Jerry Munn and Richard Moore, could create a superior offering through extensive, consistent inventory, a knowledgeable staff, and unbeatable customer service. Still owned by the Williams family more than 50 years later, the company now has 14 locations and nine showrooms in the state of South Carolina. The management team has built a staff of 190 employees with unmatched product knowledge in every category, said Marketing Director Aimee Garrett. Serving the Greenville market for more than three decades, the Upstate location has been managed and operated by the same management team since 1989. Bill Fitts, Lonnie McCall, Mike Wade and Marshall Collins make sure that every customer has his or her plumbing and HVAC needs met and exceeded. The state-of-the-art showroom, recently updated, offers a multitude of exquisite displays, many of which are working displays. All of the latest trends are shown, from vanities with marble tops to brushed gold fixtures to designer vessel sinks. With a wide selection of brands, styles, and finishes of faucets, sinks, showers, tubs and more, customers are sure to find the perfect fit for their home or project. The collection of options is extensive, and that is where the expert staff comes in. They can direct customers to exactly what they are looking for by narrowing down the options based on their style, budget, and needs. “Helping clients bring their dream to life is what I love to do,” said Showroom Consultant

“Helping clients bring their dream to life is what I love to do.”

Chasidee Knapke. The showroom, recognized for its excellence by leading manufacturers like Kohler, Moen, Delta and Brizo, even displays working whirlpool tubs with BubbleMassage Air, chromatherapy, heated backrests, and aromatherapy features that you won’t find anywhere else. Shower heads, including a vast array of rain showers, reveal their unique spray patterns, letting customers try before they buy. Another value Gateway Supply brings is a commitment to getting the job done, no matter the employee’s title or job description. Every employee works to build customer relationships, understand clients’ needs, build on product knowledge and ensure every customer leaves satisfied with their experience. Builders, designers, architects, and homeowners rely on Gateway because they know they will find what they need and get the customer service they want from a company that has earned their trust.

70 Gateway Access Rd., Greenville www.gatewaysupply.net | 864.235.7800


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3/22/18 10:09 PM

THE SCARPETTA GROUP, INC Joe Scarpetta caught the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. “I started my first business when I was 12, doing stained glass, and paid my way through private high school,” he says. “I also bought my first computer, Apple IIc, around this time and discovered my love of programming.” Today he heads up The Scarpetta Group, leading a team of expert FileMaker® developers providing custom desktop and mobile applications for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. From his home base on Main Street in Simpsonville, Joe develops solutions for clients across the country and worldwide. “We solve business problems with expertise and custom software,” he says. “Our perfect client is trying to solve problems with multiple disconnected applications, spreadsheets, and clipboards.” A native of Rockford, Illinois, Scarpetta made his way to Upstate New York while serving in the Army, 10th Mountain Division. Following that he started yet another business, this time in the software industry, and it was there he would find his life’s work. “I ran into FileMaker Pro, and it became a part of my life,” he says. His kinship with FileMaker – a cross platform relational database application (and if you don’t know what that means, well, that’s why you need Joe) – led to several years as an in-house developer with the National Fire Protection Institute. And about 10 years ago he was ready to go out on his own again. “The opportunity really just presented itself to me,” he says. “I Experts in CRM had friends asking me to do work for them and after about a year of and Custom doing both I had to make a decision.” Applications Scarpetta was in Massachusetts at the time and had lived through two hurricanes and enough nor’easters to last a lifetime, so he set his sights on a more temperate climate to launch his new venture. “I looked at how far south I could go and still see snow - but not always, how far inland I needed to go to not live through another hurricane, and where I would be least likely to see another tornado,” Scarpetta says of how he landed in Simpsonville. “You couldn’t make me move back north.” Scarpetta shares his Simpsonville office with Leanne, his wife of six years. Leanne has carved out a bit of studio space in the back where she enjoys creating in mixed media. Joe has taken advantage of one of the perks of being his own boss and created a relaxed workplace environment, surrounding himself with his collection of Star Wars Lego sets, favorite artwork, and his own nature photography. His 13-year-old Shih Tzu, Bailey, is a constant presence in the office. “People walk in and don’t know if it’s an art studio or a toy store,” Scarpetta says. When he’s not working, Scarpetta loves to cook for family and friends, a skill he learned as a teenager working in Italian fine dining and later honed over several years working as a chef on Cape Cod. When time allows he enjoys camping with Leanne and their son, True, and embarking on mission trips through First Baptist Simpsonville. The Scarpetta Group has been awarded FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum status in recognition of achievements in development, innovations, design, advocacy, training and maintaining certification, and was last year recognized with a FileMaker Business Alliance Design Excellence Award. Scarpetta is looking forward to celebrating his company’s 10th anniversary this fall.

The Scarpetta Group, Inc. 425 North Main St., Simpsonville scarpettagroup.com 877.501.8038


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Photography by carol boone stewart

3/22/18 10:09 PM

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CENTRAL REALTY HOLDINGS Central Realty Holdings has been a local, family-owned company since 1926, and for more than 90 years, the company has believed in improving

anchor to build around.” Morgan grew up in Savannah and raised his family in the S.C.

communities. “We’re legacy, long-term investors, not

Lowcountry, and also spent a decade working in investment

merchant investors who buy and sell,” said Rece Morgan,

development in Washington, D.C. He spent the next decade

president and CEO. “We’re building for the long-term.” He said it’s not just development or creating mixed-use buildings, but placemaking, which means transforming areas and creating destinations that improve the lives of

“We look to become part of the neighborhood, which means finding a good anchor to build around.”

working in Atlanta, and then met the Timmons family, owners of Canal Insurance as well as Central Realty Holdings. He joined the board before joining as president and CEO in 2013. The company is growing steadily, he said, and the high-

area residents. A perfect example of this is NorthPointe,

profile NorthPointe project is reflective of the team’s desire to

currently under construction at the intersection of Stone

create unique properties with purposeful design and the end-

Ave., N. Church St. and Wade Hampton Blvd. This multi-use development, slated to open in early 2020, will include 284 apartment units, an urbanconcept Harris Teeter, and 30,000 square feet of commercial space that will serve the entire North Main district.

user in mind. Morgan and his wife Catherine were so enamored with Greenville that they not only moved here, but convinced two of their three grown children to move here as well. Though he loves his work, his wife, a horse enthusiast,

Another ongoing effort for Central Realty Holdings is the development on Pelham anchored by Earth Fare. “In the last three years, we’ve built a

“is very efficient at dragging me away from it, and gets me outdoors with the horses or hiking.”

Home2 Suites there and expanded the retail,” Morgan said. “It’s become a very attractive restaurant destination.” With projects in Fort Mill and Savannah, Central works regionally, but Greenville is primary focus, with a specialty in mixed-use developments. “When you have a combination of apartments, and then its adjacent to a grocery store and shops, that in itself becomes an active place,” he said. “We look to become part of the neighborhood, which means finding a good 60

Behind The Counter

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400 East Stone Ave., Greenville crhsc.com 864.235.6317


3/22/18 10:10 PM

SMITH & WEBB Many Clemson graduates find it hard to leave those hills behind after receiving their diplomas, but Jarrett Smith and Brad Webb keep finding ways to stay connected.

garnered Smith & Webb five awards, including Best Exterior and Best Kitchen. Friends since their fraternity days, Jarrett and Brad celebrated their fourth anniversary as business partners earlier this year. Their

For one thing, they found a home for the headquarters of Smith & Webb – their residential design-build firm – in Patrick Square, Clemson’s first traditional neighborhood development. After watching Clemson continue to grow from this vantage point, Brad decided it was the perfect place to put down roots with

complementary skill sets, shared work ethic, and commitment

“We’ve seen a lot of growth this year. We’re really finding our place in the Upstate market.”

his young family, and the company built a home for him in Patrick Square, too.

to customizing each plan to suit the wants and needs of the client brought them early success, and they have continued to build on that momentum. “We’ve seen a lot of growth this year,” says Laurel Shell, office manager. “We’re really finding our place in the Upstate market.” Outside of work, Jarrett and Brad stay busy with the flurry

Over the last few years, Smith & Webb has had an opportunity to

of activity that comes with parenting little girls – between them they have

work on a project with an intriguing connection to their alma mater.

five daughters – and spending time with their wives, Sara and Kayla, who

There is a house in the city of Clemson, built in the early 1980s by R.C.

also happen to be childhood friends.

Edwards, a former president of the university, that is a replica of the house in which the sitting president resides during his tenure. The house was purchased in 2015 by a Clemson alum, and Smith & Webb were contracted to bring the interior up to date. The home was sold again in late 2016, and Jarrett and Brad were given another opportunity to work their magic on the home’s exterior. Smith & Webb has completed a number of beautiful homes from the Upstate to the Midlands, last year entering four homes into the HBA of Greenville’s Bridge Awards, which recognizes the best craftsmanship and

smithandwebb.net 864.509.7727 | 864.710.9527


professionalism in the residential construction industry. Those four homes

133 Thomas Green Blvd., Clemson

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 61




3/22/18 10:10 PM


GOLDEN STRIP GLASS Applying heat to glass can cause it to expand. It turns out a hot

construction demand. Their craftsmanship can be seen throughout the

construction market has the same effect on glass companies.

Upstate and beyond. Current projects include the Residence Inn Springhill

“It’s a good time to be in the construction business,” says Matt Abbate, who along with his brother Michael runs Golden Strip Glass in Mauldin. “The growth in the local economy and the building going on in Greenville has allowed us to expand, invest in new equipment, and

Suites going up downtown, a number of hotels in Athens,

“It’s a good time to be in the construction business.”

hire new people.”

Georgia, and a new building on USC Beaufort’s Hilton Head campus. “This industry is very demanding, but it’s a good problem to have,” Matt says. Matt and his wife use their downtime to see the world

Matt and Michael’s father, Dominick, founded the company in 1991. He got his start in the glass business in his native Long Island, New York, and found work with a local company after migrating south in the early

– they recently returned from Costa Rica and have plans to visit the Canadian resort town of Banff, and possibly New Zealand, later this year. Michael runs the residential end of things, where Golden Strip Glass

1980s. When that company eventually closed, Dom set up shop in the back

has made a name for itself as the go-to for window replacement, frameless

of his truck, and Golden Strip Glass was born.

glass shower doors, mirrors, and tabletop and cabinet glass. Michael likes

The business quickly outgrew Dom’s truck and set up shop on Miller Road in Mauldin, where the young Abbate brothers spent many

to get creative with glass in his spare time, creating commemorative art pieces for family and friends.

afternoons and weekends cutting weather stripping, doing odd jobs, and learning the family trade. Six years ago Dom handed his sons the keys to the kingdom, and while he still comes to work every day, he is enjoying his well-earned semi-retirement knowing his legacy is in good hands. And that legacy continues to grow. This year Golden Strip Glass acquired the parcel of land next door to their shop and built a state-of-theart fabrication facility to keep pace with the ever-increasing commercial 62

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 62


343 Miller Rd., Mauldin goldenstripglass.com | 864.297.9989


3/22/18 10:10 PM

THEY SAY IT TAKES A VILLAGE to raise a child, change. She wanted to find a career path that seed to bird baths and nesting boxes. They also and for birds, humans are an important part of that held greater interest for her. Having grown up in a stock a variety of bird-related gift items for the village. retail family, Abbie decided to bird-lover in your life. “Parents need as much follow in her father’s footsteps “We enjoy working with people and helping “I find pleasure in planning assistance with food as they can and take the leap into business them establish their yard so they can have the garden planting around plants get because they’re busy raising ownership. She was joined enjoyment that comes from bird watching,” that provide food and shelter sometimes five children at one a year later by her daughter, Abbie says. for the birds, then watching time,” says Abbie Pressley, coMelanie Moore-Shaw, who The shop is closed on Sundays, but Abbie them enjoy the garden.” owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in inherited her mother’s affection and Melanie rarely take a day off from keeping a Greenville. “And water is crucial for winged creatures, as well watchful eye over their beloved birds. The pair are – Abbie year round.” as her entrepreneurial spirit. best friends and spend much of their time away Abbie grew up in the country Melanie had from work doing things together, in Laurens and spent much of her childhood playing a background in retail, and like from their daily walks to taking “Not only do I enjoy bird outside and witnessing bird activity firsthand. She her mother, she wanted to align day trips to Biltmore and nearby watching at home, but find the was drawn to the vibrant colors and different her work more closely with her mountain villages. golf course to be an excellent behaviors, and a lifelong love of birding was born. personal interests. “Along the way, you can place to see and hear a great It was this affinity for our feathered friends The Congaree Road store always pull over and stop variety of birds to enjoy.” that led her to purchase the local Wild Birds sells everything you might need to watch birds,” Abbie says. – Melanie franchise nearly 20 years ago. Abbie was working to support the birds around “Neither of us ever gets tired in healthcare at the time and looking to make a your home, from feeders and of birds.” Behind The Counter





3/22/18 10:10 PM


SHLTR ARCHITECTS Tara Hile and Chesley White have worked at large architectural firms, and while they had great experiences there, they both knew

White graduated from Georgia Tech, where she started out in engineering, but had so much fun on a design assignment for an airline

they wanted to create something different. At a fateful lunch just a couple of years ago, they discovered that they both had an interest in not just architecture, but also real estate development and entrepreneurship. “That’s when we said, ‘Why don’t we just join forces?’” said White. In short order, SHLTR architects was born, opening

company that she switched majors to architecture. Her

“We love helping clients navigate the building process. We can help them figure it out, and make it more fun.”

its doors in October of 2016. The staff includes Hile and White, who are principal architects, along with project manager Maite

analytical and business mindset meshes perfectly with Hile’s more artistic and design focus. Another aspect that sets SHLTR apart is that it is womanowned. Only a handful of firms statewide are woman-owned, but Hile and White say that won’t be true for long. “Times are changing, and in schools it’s now about 50-50,” Hile said. “We want to show other women that it’s possible to do what you

love and have that work-life balance.”

Ray-Rivera. The small staff is part of what sets this company apart.

For White, that means spending time with her husband, Stephen, who

“We’re very approachable, and we have a strong, client-centered

is also in construction, and investing in real estate on the side. When time

idea about our firm,” said Hile. “Our design process is very collaborative, which in turn helps our clients realize their project goals effectively.”

allows, she loves to travel. Hile and husband Scott, an entrepreneur, are busy spending time with their new 7-month-old son Jackson. She’s member of the Urban Land

“The relaxed atmosphere here helps us connect with our clients more authentically. There are no rules, we just want to do good work,”

Institute and is an avid traveler as well, often visiting Canada, where she was born, as well as far-flung locations like Japan, Australia and Germany.

White said. Hile graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2002 and has been passionate about architecture ever since, working with developer/ architect David Furman in Charlotte for seven years before moving to Greenville and working with McMillan Pazdan Smith for five years. 64

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 64


108-B Mohawk Dr., Greenville shltrarch.com 864.603.1717


3/22/18 10:10 PM

GREYSTONE ANTIQUES Since 1972, Greystone has offered fine antiques for discriminating buyers. When Trey Sherman took over from his Dad in 1998, he evolved the business to encompass more restoration and custom

anybody in the country when it comes to solving furniture problems – it’s our passion!” Taking care of customers is most important at Greystone. “Many of our customers have been with us for decades and as their goals change, my goals change.”

work. When they are not sourcing antiques from estates, or restorations for local customers, Trey and his team focus on custom building kitchen range hoods, folding farm tables, and various other projects from architects and designers nationwide. Crafted from antique lumber, Trey’s farm tables can be found

When they are not spoiling their favorite pup, Stella,

Many of our customers have been with us for decades and as their goals change, my goals change.

Trey and his wife, Natalie, along with their twin girls, Olivia and Greyson, spend their free time enjoying live music and traveling.

in homes, hotels, vineyards, and restaurants across the country. Trey works with an intimate crew that has the level of expertise necessary to build and repair the pieces that flow in and out of his workshop. “We are small for a reason,” says Trey. “Our focus is always on quality and working with a small team helps us ensure quality work for our customers. We run a healthy business. And this is the key to our success.” “From the beginning, my Dad believed that we should offer quality for the most discerning customers at a price they can afford,” Trey

101 Piney Mountain Rd., Greenville greystoneantiques.net | 864.233.3424


says. “It defines everything we do, and I would put my team against

1500 Augusta St., Greenville

Behind The Counter

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3/23/18 9:37 AM



“The company was founded and built on the principles of value, integrity, and commitment with every decision we make working to fulfill that mission.”


In 2005 Howard Suitt realized that retirement did not “SUITT” him. He had spent over 30 years in the construction industry, building for the future, and he just knew he had a lot more building to do! Spartanburg native and Citadel graduate T. Howard Suitt has been in the construction industry for most of his life. As a child attending Pine Street Elementary and Spartanburg High School, he could not have imagined the mark he would make on the Upstate. When considering the number of careers he has impacted, his contributions are evident. He began his career at the Daniel Corporation, which became Fluor Daniel and now is The Fluor Corporation. Fifty years ago, in 1968, Suitt decided it was time to go out on his own and he founded Suitt Construction, which soon grew to become #72 on the Engineering News Record’s (ENR) top 400 at $400 million, and earned a national reputation for excellent work and exemplary client service. Howard’s influence on the growth of the construction industry in Greenville did not end there. Much to his delight, many of his employees or “SUITT graduates” went

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 66


on to start and/or lead construction companies, some of which were instrumental in the building and growing of communities across the Southeast. In 2005, T. Howard Suitt came out of retirement to start THS Constructors. “The company was founded and built on the principles of value, integrity, and commitment with every decision we make working to fulfill that mission,” says Suitt, now the THS chairman. Now and in the future, everyone who works for the company, including their design partners and subcontractors, are committed to the mission and goals of the company. THS Constructors Inc., is one of the Southeast’s leading design-build, project management, and general contracting companies. They provide design-build, design-bid-build, and construction management services to clients in the industrial, distribution, healthcare, office and research and development industries. Their expertise in meeting the challenges of constructing new facilities, renovations and expansions to existing


3/22/18 10:11 PM

businesses is well respected. To date they have completed 17 projects for BMW alone. With headquarters in Greenville, THS remains focused on fast track design-build projects and has established itself as an industry leader with an impressive, ever-expanding client base which, in addition to BMW, includes Agracel, Bridgestone Firestone, Gestamp, GE, Claflin University, Kloeckner, AFR, JR Automation, Two Capital Partners and Raumedic. Voted ENR Southeast Top Contractors and ENR Southeast Top 120 Design Builders, THS Constructors has one of the most reliable and experienced teams in the Southeast. A new leadership team is in place to take the company to its next stage of growth and success. Principals within the new leadership team are Howard Suitt, chairman; Dana Emberton, president and chief operating officer; Tom Suitt, senior vice president; Evan Liollio, director of construction,

and Jon Campbell, director of preconstruction. The company serves clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. THS is committed to providing high quality construction, particularly in the Upstate. “ The pro-business atmosphere and support of the local and state government in the Upstate is why we love doing business here,” says President Dana Emberton. “The government has been proactive in bringing jobs here and their values have made South Carolina a business-friendly state.” THS encourages employees to give back to their community and many volunteer with local nonprofit organizations. Tom Suitt, senior vice president, says, “THS’s guarantee to every customer sums up who we really are and what we stand for. We are dedicated to the success of our projects through honesty, transparency, and a commitment to deliver value throughout the process.”

150 Executive Center Dr., #108, Greenville thsconstructors.com 864.254-6066 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:11 PM


QUALITY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS “I’m grateful that QBS has given me the experience and knowledge I need to take to Columbia.” 68

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 68

Quality Business Solutions, founded in 2000, had another year of steady growth, with an increase of 20-25% and several new employees bringing the total staff to 46. “Business has been thriving,” said Pamela Evette, president and CEO, adding that QBS is now providing its payroll, human resources and tax services in 49 states, with only Alaska left to add to the list. Now a billion-dollar enterprise, the company serves clients ranging in size from 10 employees to 60,000. Larger clients have been flocking to QBS’ expanding electronic onboarding services, which allows companies that frequently hire to import applications automatically instead of the former, paper-heavy process. “It’s so much more streamlined,” said Evette. “Clients really like that.” QBS also recently migrated to the next generation of software, creating a user-friendly product that allows clients to easily write reports and access information. “Everything we do is fully-integrated and single sign-on now, another win for our clients,” she said. |

The key to continued growth is always “staying ahead of the curve,” she said. Reinvesting profits in technology and employees is part of what sets the company apart. “We like to focus on customer service and be accessible,” she said. “We vowed that we’ll never use a call center. No retelling your story or issue to multiple people only to be transferred back and forth between departments. No run-around. Clients can directly and easily get to the person they need.” Evette also cites the state and federal governments’ recent commitment to business growth as another contributor to her company’s expansion, and now, she’s hoping to continue that trend with a key role of her own. In November, Gov. Henry McMaster announced Evette as his running mate in the 2018 gubernatorial election. “That was a great honor,” she said. “This is the first time in South Carolina that a candidate could pick his running mate, so I was very humbled.”


3/22/18 10:12 PM

She met McMaster last year, and connected with his passion for economic development. “He liked that I am in the trenches in the business community,” she said. “We want to strip away the regulations so businesses can grow and thrive, and cut taxes so businesses can reinvest in their employees.” Serving on the Small Business Regulatory Commission in Columbia has given her an inside look at how legislation impacts business. “I have always had a heart for service,” she said. “My parents are first-generation Americans - my grandparents came from Poland - and they taught us that no one gets the American dream alone. Someone helps you get there.” She often tells her own children, ages 21, 19 and 11, “If not you, who?,” and encourages them to do what they can to make things better. “I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband and kids,” she said. “They’ve really stood behind me.” The company is thriving and will be in great hands if

election victory means more time in Columbia, she said, thanks to a leadership team led by her husband David, director of operations. “We have a great leadership team and we’ve structured the company to give responsibility to our leaders. And I’ll still have my eye on it,” she said. “I’m grateful that QBS has given me the experience and knowledge I need to take to Columbia.” Evette is also thankful for her connections with other women in the business community, including those she’s met through Women Presidents’ Organization Zenith II, a peer advisory group and think tank, and Elysian Magazine, a women-focused publication. “Women are forging the way in the small business community, coming at it with great ideas,” she said. “Women play a much bigger role than most people know, and are seeing great growth across the country.”

280 Hindman Rd., Travelers Rest qualitybsolutions.net 864.834.3985 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:12 PM


ENGINEERED SLEEP MATTRESS COMPANY From five mattresses a week to 250 a day, it seems that the Upstate has grown to trust Engineered Sleep.


Jay Orders, John Renew, and Carter Mahaffee saw a

unhappy for any reason, we will take care of them and leave

niche market in the Upstate making and selling quality

them sleeping comfortably.”

mattresses. They were making about five mattresses each week in John’s garage and selling them on the internet. Eight

manufactures all of its mattresses on Congaree Road. They

years later, Engineered Sleep is making about 250 mattresses

believe that customers don’t really know if they will like a

each day and shipping them all over the country.

mattress until they sleep on it, so their record of making

Engineered Sleep has thrived in its short history for two simple reasons—trust and quality. “Our service and

sure customers are happy has helped the business grow. The strong tradition of manufacturing in the Upstate

dedication to customer satisfaction is why people buy from

has made it an excellent place for Engineered Sleep to

us,” says Orders, noting that his company is making mattress

thrive. Jay likes doing business here because of its sense

buying less difficult. “Our customers know that if they are

of community. For every mattress sold, Engineered Sleep

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 70

A true direct-to-consumer business, Engineered Sleep



3/22/18 10:12 PM

donates ten meals to those in need around the Greenville area. In addition, they have donated

hunting, and fishing in the local area. Growing up in the Upstate, Jay understands the

mattresses to causes around the Upstate to raise

community in which he does business. He knows

money for charities.

that his customers will support businesses they can

Jay was born and raised in Greenville, attending

trust. Positive relationships, built through customer

Wofford to play soccer and graduating from

service, are “something you simply cannot find

Clemson University with a degree in marketing.

from a traditional mattress retailer,” says Orders.

That experience has allowed him to develop his business and build lasting, meaningful relationships

“Our brand is built around trust.” From five mattresses a week to 250 a day,

in the Upstate. In his free time, Jay can be found

it seems that the Upstate has grown to trust

playing with his children. He also enjoys golfing,

Engineered Sleep.

627 Congaree Rd., Greenville engineeredsleep.com 866.244.0898 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:12 PM


PROSOURCE Having worked in the wholesale supply business for many years,

They also have one of the largest selections of door and cabinet hardware

Grover and Tonya Martin decided to “take the plunge” and start their

in the Southeast. “We recently added lighting to our list of offerings,

own company. They had lived in Greenville years before

because we had many customers who wanted to purchase

and knew this was where they wanted to begin. So, in

everything from one place and they all prefer to buy from a

1996, they opened in a small 13,000 square foot trucking terminal on Laurens Road with a total of six people. Tonya took care of accounts receivable and accounts payable, worked behind the counter and ran all of the

“Come see us and let us help you get exactly what you want for your home.”

behind-the-scenes stuff. Sometimes she would drive an old pickup truck and went out on delivery calls. Grover took

locally owned company,” says Tonya. The Martins are proud of their independent, locally owned business, and the fact that they’re directly involved in making decisions and helping customers. “Our employees are the true reason that we have be successful,” Tonya says. “Many have over 10 years with us and have hundreds of years of

care of everything else. He went out on all the sales calls and unloaded

combined experience in the business. Our vast inventories and expertise

all the trucks. “Then we would stuff invoices at night once our two-year-

in the industry will assure you can find exactly what you need for any

old was in bed,” Tonya recalls. Back then, there was no showroom, just a

project. Whether you are building your new dream home, remodeling

counter and a few offices. In 1998, Tonya changed all that and built a small

your bathrooms or kitchens, or constructing a large commercial site, we

800 square foot showroom where the offices used to be.

will have what you need, when you need it.”

They’ve come a long way in their 22 years in business together, which Tonya considers a testament to their relationship and teamwork. Today, ProSource has 120 employees in five locations across the Upstate and Western North Carolina. In 2001 they moved the Greenville location to 200 Industrial Drive. This operation boasts an 89,000 square foot warehouse with a 10,000 square foot state of the art showroom. ProSource offers the largest selection of plumbing fixtures in the area, representing the most reputable brands and manufacturers in the world. 72

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 72


200 Industrial Dr., Greenville 864.232.2545


3/22/18 10:13 PM

CAROLINA HEATING SERVICE INC. As the Upstate’s long, hot summer approaches, clients know they can rely on Carolina Heating Service Inc. for expertise on air conditioners,

Scott Kelly, who has his mechanical and electrical license. The attitude of every employee is that no job is too big or too small, from installing and servicing complex systems and alternative

ventilation, thermostats and more.

energy system such as geothermal to a simple upgrade on

In business for 36 years, Carolina Heating Service has

a residential unit. Carolina Heating Service works with all

a team of highly trained technicians and a fleet of more than 20 vehicles that cover the entire Upstate. The new slogan, “The power to keep you comfortable,” is a perfect representation of the company’s mission. In addition to providing the skills and knowledge to keep homes warm in

“The power to keep you comfortable” is a perfect representation of the company’s mission.

of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Carrier, WaterFurnace, Generac, Aprilaire and Rinnai. Carolina Heating Service’s main offices are centrally placed in Piedmont, SC, conveniently located just five minutes from

winter and cool in summer, the company makes sure clients

downtown Greenville between I-85 and the Southern Connector,

are comfortable with every interaction, as well.

giving the team quick access to projects through the Upstate.

The award-winning, customer service oriented company

Though HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air

is always working to ensure employees have the most up-to-date skills and

conditioning, to the team at Carolina Heating Service, it also stands for

understand the latest advances in technology. The staff receives more than

honesty, value and commitment.

2,000 hours of training each year, often approaching 3,000 hours. Training sessions are held at the on-site training room, dubbed Carolina University, or at other locations around the Upstate, and cover much more than equipment training for technicians. The sales team, management and others also stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and ideas. The company focuses primarily on residential customers and light commercial clients seeking heating and air conditioning services, as well as offering Automatic Whole Home standby generators for residential and

1326 Piedmont Hwy., Piedmont carolinaheating.com | 864.232.5684


industrial clients. That was a natural evolution for owner and president

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 73




3/22/18 10:13 PM


FOSTER VICTOR WEALTH ADVISORS, LLC “We are continuing to evolve our service model to provide value and fill gaps that we see in the industry.”


It’s great to have a financial advisor in your corner, but it’s

incorporating technology to maximize an integrated approach. “We

even better to have an entire team dedicated to helping you achieve

want to keep everything streamlined, because time is so valuable,”

your goals. At Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, unique perspectives

said Paul Foster, principal. “Our defined service offering, along with

and specialties work in tandem to help clients maximize their

a network of professionals, allows us to collaborate with our peers to

financial potential.

create a robust concierge experience for each client.”

Founded in 2016, Foster Victor Wealth Advisors specializes in comprehensive financial planning designed to create a roadmap

Wealth Advisors has leveraged its recent success in business

that navigates asset management, risk protection and all the

formation to create a roadmap for other business owners. They

nuances in between. This expertise is then conveniently delivered by

have developed a system that incorporates fundamental business

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 74

In addition to financial planning for families, Foster Victor



3/22/18 10:13 PM

components such as benefit package evaluation, succession

non-profit engagement,” said Kylie Felker, COO. The

planning and strategic asset protection. “We are continuing

group members roll up their sleeves to complete service

to evolve our service model to provide value and fill gaps

projects, spend time with children in need and participate

that we see in the industry,” said Rand Baughman, CIO.

in charitable races.

The team philosophy extends beyond client service to

“It’s an honor to work with clients and team members

the staff itself, which means the staff members are always

that inspire us to lead balanced lives,” said Rob Victor,

supporting each other’s charitable and athletic pursuits.

principal. “Greenville’s dynamic growth is something we are

“Each of our team members is encouraged to pursue a passion project and give back to the community through

proud to be part of and we hope to be part of its legacy for years to come.”

10 South Academy St., Suite 250, Greenville fostervictorwa.com 864.720.2000 Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 75




3/22/18 10:14 PM

CPR CELL PHONE REPAIR AND AIRWORX UNMANNED SOLUTIONS Stephen Baxley was known as “the pager guy” in high school. In the late 1990s when pagers were popular among his classmates, Baxley saw an opportunity to sell and activate pagers for students and cell phones for their parents. What he didn’t know at the time was how far wireless technology would take him. After high school, Baxley bounced around to different opportunities, eventually landing back in the wireless field. At 20, he was working in sales at BellSouth, where he started a repairing program to supplement the company’s sales department. By 21, he was managing more than fifty service centers in four states for Nextel in their repair division. Baxley got twelve years of experience there before he got the opportunity to help build the CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise in South Carolina with the area developer. After helping to build the franchise, Stephen bought the local business in 2016. “We were the first,” Baxley says of his cell phone repair business. “No one else really focused on this in 2012. We’re the oldest in the Upstate – really in the state. Our brand is the largest. We have locations everywhere.” Stephen owns seven of more than twenty-five CPR stores in South Carolina – five of which are in the Upstate. But CPR does a lot more than just repair cell phones. While the storefronts focus on the customers, much of the business is designed to focus on enterprise business support and education. CPR provides technology support to schools, hospitals, and other businesses in the Upstate. “We manage more than 20,000 devices for schools. We “We keep the devices repair up to 50 devices and return them the same day,” says working so schools Baxley. “We keep the devices working so schools can keep can keep the students the students learning.” learning.” Just as his success with CPR was borne from his pager “business” in high school, Stephen has developed another business venture from his technology repair experience. With pagers obsolete and cell phones booming, he decided to get involved on the cutting edge of technology—drones. Airworx Unmanned Solutions is a spinoff of CPR that sells and services UAVs or “drones,” but that includes much more than the average consumer might think. Airworx provides solutions packages to enterprise customers and public entities that need aerial imaging for real estate, construction, agriculture, and public safety. They even help with search and rescue missions and educate local businesses in how to fly drones for their own purposes. “We have a lot of federal regulations that we have to abide by,” says Stephen. “There are a lot of people doing this illegally, and we try to educate people that they could be civilly liable for doing it without a license and insurance.” All Airworx employees are certified by the FAA to fly these drones and several have experience as pilots—domestic and military. The company is bonded for $2 million and is 100% legal. A great deal of their focus is helping businesses stay within FAA regulations while flying drones. The agriculture services market is one Airworx is just breaking into. “We are working with an aerospace satellite company that can use artificial intelligence algorithms along with our images to tell us large-scale plant health, estimate crop yields, and determine moisture and drainage issues. This increases awareness of the current state of the cop much more quickly.” Stephen Baxley has made quite a leap since his days as “the pager guy.” Whether it’s a simple cell phone repair or an unmanned flying innovation, CPR and Airworx want to save your mobile life.

838 Powdersville Rd., Suite P, Easley cellphonerepair.com airworxdrone.com 864.970.4668


Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 76




3/22/18 10:14 PM



BIJOU DENTAL SPA Dr. Natasja Bevans believes going to the dentist doesn’t have to feel

lives relatively quickly,” she says. “The mouth is central to what it means

like… well, going to the dentist. Her new practice, Bijou Dental Spa,

to be human - we use it to eat, to speak, to smile. Solving dental problems

seeks to relieve dental anxiety by combining it with a

and getting people to a state of good oral health can drastically

full service day spa, featuring massage therapy and a full

improve their overall quality of life.”

range of medical spa services like Botox. “We’re merging the concept of spa relaxation with the practice of dentistry, by offering patients options for relaxation either before or after their treatments,” Bevans

“We’re merging the concept of spa relaxation with the practice of dentistry.”

Dr. Bevans earned her Doctorate from the University of Florida and received the prestigious Ethics Award. She then followed her fiancé, Bradley Bulifant, to Greenville to open her practice.

says. “If you’re taking off work to visit the dentist, why not

“I decided to move here sight unseen and the first time

do something for yourself along with something you have

I walked downtown I thought, ‘this is incredible, let’s stay

to do anyway?”

forever!’ ” she says, adding that she chose to build her practice amid the

A native of Miami, with roots in Belize, Dr. Bevans has incorporated her Caribbean heritage into the design of her West End practice - an aesthetic she describes as “tropical luxe” – with a goal of creating a full sensory experience that feels less like a dental office and more like a

boutiques of the West End to reach people who may enjoy spa services along with their dental visit. Bijou Dental Spa is currently under construction with a planned opening in May of 2018.

resort spa. Patients are greeted with their choice of tea or infused water, pampered with a warmed rolled neck towel, and invited to choose from a selection of handcrafted essential oils, as well as the music to accompany their treatment. In high school, Bevans thought she’d grow up to be an orchestra teacher. She attended Florida State University as a music major, but found herself

109 Augusta St., Greenville

attracted to the life changing possibilities of dentistry.


“What I love about dentistry is the ability to effect change in people’s 78

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3/22/18 10:15 PM

DESIGNED FOR DOWNTOWN, LLC Lenzi Waits designed her first house in fifth grade – a cardboard

Designed for Downtown – a sister company to AJH Renovations - is

Victorian with a pink spray paint exterior.

a residential design build studio specializing in custom

“That’s where I learned to love architecture,” she says of the elementary school class that introduced her to the trade, and led to countless childhood hours spent browsing house plan books and imagining families and scenarios in need of good design solutions.

home design, renovation and addition design planning, and

“We’re not just tweaking old plans — we start from scratch on every project.”

Her aesthetic has evolved over the years, but her passion for designing spaces specific to the people who will use them has never wavered. Her love of Clemson

interior design work. While Lenzi and Emily are both adept at the tech tools of the trade, they prefer putting pencil to paper and drafting designs by hand. And though their name may suggest a focus on downtown Greenville, Emily says they are happy to share their designs throughout the Upstate. “The name is more of a metaphor, meaning we’re not

proved just as steadfast - even growing up in Gamecock country - and

going to do a cookie cutter design, but rather design specifically for the

she went on to earn her architecture degree there.

neighborhood, the build site, and the family,” she explains. “We’re not

Emily Michko grew up watching HGTV in the Atlanta suburbs, while

tweaking old plans - we start from scratch on every project.”

nurturing a passion for math and science as well as art. Her high school teachers pointed her in the direction of architecture and it was here she discovered her true north. “I enjoy the detail involved with residential design,” Emily says. “I love designing a space from beginning to end.” Emily fell in love with Clemson after one visit, and subsequently fell for Greenville while earning her architecture degree there, so when Lenzi came looking for another designer to join the Designed for Downtown

Greenville designedfordowntown.com 803.351.1385 | 770.862.5341


team, she jumped at the chance.

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C. DAN JOYNER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO. “People come in everyday and tell me stories about C. Dan Joyner, even

Family life keeps him on his toes, but he still finds time to give back.

before they know I’m his grandson,” says Alex Crigler. “He put almost 50

Having been heavily involved with the YMCA of Greenville over the

years into growing this business, and building on that legacy is the driving

years, Alex was recently chosen to serve on its Metro Board of Directors.

force behind me coming in here everyday.”

“The mission of the Y goes hand in hand with what

Alex is broker-in-charge for C. Dan Joyner Property Management, a position he has held for nearly six years. In that time this branch of the family business has continued to grow, last year accumulating 10 homeowners associations and more than 100 single-

we do here – property management is often a stepping

“Building on my grandfather’s legacy is the driving force behind me coming in here everyday.”

family homes.

stone to the American dream of homeownership, just like getting in the gym is many times the first step in achieving goals related to health and fitness,” Alex says. “The Y is a place I use constantly and it’s part of who I am and how I’ve developed – it’s where I played sports first and where

Alex always assumed he’d end up in real estate, and joined the commercial office right out of college. But when working

my children played sports first. To be able to help provide that experience for others has been very fulfilling.”

a straight commission job in the midst of an economic downturn didn’t prove as lucrative as he’d hoped, he left to seek his fortune in the corporate world. “After about five years in that job, we were just about to have our second child and I realized I hadn’t seen my one-year-old son awake in about five days.” As he watched his grandfather’s health decline at the same time Alex began to realize that working alongside his family was where he belonged. “I ran back as fast as I ran away, and that’s what landed me here,” Alex says.

735 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville

Alex and his wife, Ellis, an agent in the Augusta Road office, now


have three children: six-year-old Bo, Mary Ellis, 4, and baby sister Reed.



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BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES C. DAN JOYNER, REALTORS® — COMMERCIAL DIVISION Real estate can be a dog-eat-dog world, but the agents

every transaction is brought back to the group, where ideas are

that make up the Commercial Division of Berkshire Hathaway

bounced and creative solutions are structured. This collaborative

HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS® rely on the strength of the

environment not only benefits clients, but makes C. Dan Joyner

pack to make deals happen for their clients. “We do consider ourselves a single team,” says Matt Carter, broker-in-charge. “Everything we do is about the whole group – not one or two people.” The C. Dan Joyner pack has been extremely strong as of late. Carter says the company as a whole closed more than $1 billion in sales last year.

Commercial an attractive place of employment. The

“We give our people freedom and support. Freedom to make the best decisions for themselves and their clients, and the support they need to do that.”

“The market continues to grow and we’ve grown with it,” he says. “We have some new agents that struggled for a year or two who did just an amazing amount of business at the beginning

office continually attracts experienced agents, this year increasing their ranks by nearly 10.

Pictured left to right – Back: Nelson Garrison, Graeme Milley, Pablo Peña, Bryon Culbertson, Tyler Knauss, Leah Carter, Joe Teague, Wayne Smith, Britt Gillespie, Craig Leduc, Ernest Crosby, Joey Burton; Front: Greg Huff, CCIM, David Dempsey, Michael Joseph, Sara Layfield, Steve Greer, Tracy Greer, Ted Arnold, Caleb Boyd, Hope Tz Schmalzl, Tracey Underwood, Boyd Galloway; On the Ground: Steadman (the dog) and Matt Carter, CCIM; Not Pictured: Jacquelyn Clement and Susan Dodds.

of this year.” Carter attributes that success in part to the open door atmosphere around their West End office overlooking Fluor Field, and the ability to match the right mix of agents to each deal. “We recognize that every real estate transaction is unique, and every client is unique,” Carter says. “We’ve got a lot of unique agents, too.” Some deals require the teamwork of two or three agents, while

24 Vardry St., 4th Floor, Greenville joynercommercial.com | 864.233.7724


others may need the skills and expertise of only one. Either way,

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UPSTATE GRANITE SOLUTIONS There are some stories that, when we hear and retell it, naturally leave us

focused approach has never been lost on them. Working with low-

with a hometown sense of pride. The story of Paul Nichols is one of those.

income families, donating to those in need, and giving back to the

A medically retired armor officer from the U.S. Army, Greenville

culture that raised him has always been in Paul’s outlook. His team,

native, and father of two boys (ages 3 and 22 months), Paul and his wife bought a foreclosed home and started a vast remodeling process just a few years ago. Upon realizing he couldn’t afford to pay someone to install granite countertops, he bought the stone and began teaching himself the trade. After completing his own project, Paul still had some granite

without a thought to any pay, installed stone in a fallen police

“We’re a people business. We just happen to work with stone.”

leftover and installed a top in his cousin’s house. From there

officer’s wife’s home, a Children’s Home, and others. Paul readily admits he is not invested in his career for the money, as providing just enough for his family is more than worth the hard work in which he throws himself. The story of Paul Nichols is not an exaggerated narrative to attract profit. It’s a real-life, local man who doesn’t see his

came other customers. As if it were a sort of welcomed kudzu, a business

business as merely a business, but a ministry. His love for his church, his

seemed to appear spontaneously right in his own backyard.

family, and his labor fills his life. Freely has he received; freely he gives.

When it came time to decide on making this official, the Nichols

It’s a story that makes us all proud to call him one of our own.

family took to prayer, met with a previous owner of a granite company, and (in Paul’s words) “started up a business by accident.” In the past three years, Upstate Granite Solutions has continued to grow currently to a crew of thirteen, and has been living up authentically to its name. “Solutions is in our name. Our passion is to be what people need. We didn’t start with much, so we know what it’s like not to have much. Community is a big part of who we are. We’re a people business. 2840 New Easley Hwy., Greenville

We just happen to work with stone.” From such a humble beginning, the community and customer82

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upstategranitesolutions.com | 864.626.3357


3/22/18 10:20 PM

HOPE TZ SCHMALZL — JOYNER COMMERCIAL Hope Tz Schmalzl is one of those lucky people. She truly loves what she does and it shows!

“Having operated a family business in Greenville, I feel a special connection to others seeking to start or grow a business here,” she says.

“Every time my phone rings I’m energized to start

As a commercial real estate professional, Hope is a

working on the next deal and make my clients dreams come true.” As a commercial real estate broker with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Joyner Commercial, Hope specializes in retail, office and land sales and leasing.

founding member of CREW Upstate and active in other civic

“I love helping people develop their property in a way that helps the local community.”

Her success has been recognized with numerous awards including #1 Buyers Agent (2009), Agent of the Year (2013) and in 2017 she finished as a top agent in the Commercial Division. A native of Greenville whose family has deep roots in the community,

organizations. Hope is keenly aware of the positive impact that commercial real estate has on a community. She is currently working with property owners in Moonville, Piedmont and Slater-Marietta to facilitate development. “I love helping people develop their property in a way that

helps the local community,” she says. “It’s a win-win for all involved.” When not working, Hope loves spending time with her husband, Paul,

Hope’s knowledge and love of Greenville made her job as a residential

and their two rescue greyhounds. Hope also has two brothers, their wives,

rRealtor a natural choice. After some time, her career in real estate was put

and three adorable nieces she loves to spoil. Her mom, however, continues

on hold when she was needed to help run the family business, TZ’s Fine

to be her source of encouragement and support.

Wine and Spirits. “My parents needed my help. I told them I would give it six months and see how it went,” Hope recalls. It went well, very well. Hope spent 18 years overseeing operations of the family business her parents started in 1957. From there she began calling on restaurants as a rep with Aleph Wines. Hope’s retail management and restaurant experience drew her back to real estate, but to the commercial side of things, and she returned to her

hopetzcommercial.com | 864.630.0352


roots with C. Dan Joyner Commercial.

24 Vardry St., Greenville

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ATLANTIS LUXURY POOLS Stephen Smith sold his first high-end custom pool at the age of 24. “I knew at that moment that was what I wanted to do,” he says. An Upstate native, Steve grew up in the pool business, learning the ins and outs of the industry from a young age. He didn’t have plans to go out on his own, but over time began to see an opportunity to capitalize on his ability to specialize. Seven years ago he launched Atlantis Luxury Pools, specializing exclusively in the design, construction and renovation of the highest of high-end custom gunite pools. Steve does not seek to be all things to all people; Atlantis doesn’t deal in pH testing and pump repairs and Steve won’t be vacuuming your pool, but he does promise to transform your property into your own personal paradise. “I love doing things differently, creating my own designs and raising the bar,” he says. Paradise comes at a price, and Steve has no qualms letting people know his projects start at $100,000 and can range as high as $500,000 and beyond. Atlantis limits itself to 18 to 20 projects each year in order to maintain Steve’s high standards on each one. “We are not volume people,” Steve says. “We have a very unique niche that we work within. People come to us because they want top quality.” Atlantis has developed a reputation for excellence among local high-end home builders, landscape architects and interior designers, and as a result most of their business comes through referrals. Steve takes pride in the fact that people don’t necessarily know an Atlantis Pool

“People come to us because they want top quality.”

when they see one, because he’s not tweaking the same designs over and over again. “Every one of our projects is unique,” he says. “We go in with a blank slate and find out what’s important to the client, then we customize every single detail specific to those wants and needs.” Steve’s goal is to create for his clients an oasis from the stresses of the outside world, right out their back door, and the sky is the limit when it comes to design options. Popular elements include tanning ledges with umbrella sleeves and bubbler jets that can double as an elegant LED-lit water feature, swim-up bars complete with stools, and tables with umbrellas that allow swimmers to take a break from the sun without ever leaving the water. Waterfalls, spill-over hot tubs and hidden grottos are also on trend. The Atlantis crew is highly skilled in all things hardscape, as well, and can complement your show-stopping swimming pool with everything from custom fire pits and patios to cabanas and outdoor kitchens. When he’s not making backyard dreams come true, Steve enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and the water is their favorite place to be, whether that’s poolside or on the lake. Steve is also a two-wheeler enthusiast, motorized and otherwise.

130 Johns Rd., Greer atlantiscustompoolssc.com | 864.346.6955


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ROSALINDA’S RESTAURANT “When I was a child my mama taught me how to cook, and when

menu, with more than 20 options to choose from.

my daughter was a child I started teaching her to cook,”

“Everything is done by scratch,” Rosalinda says. “No bags,

says Rosalinda Sala.

nothing frozen, no microwave.”

Rosalinda grew up in Mexico, learning to cook traditional dishes using recipes and techniques passed down through generations. She developed a love for learning, reading cooking books and drawing on her

“We try to make our customers pleased. When they come, they feel like home.”

own creativity to develop original dishes. As an adult she and her husband ran a successful business, which afforded her the luxury of traveling around the world. She spent time in Greece, Egypt and Morocco and

The extra effort required to prepare everything fresh on the premises on the day it will be served has earned Rosalinda’s a loyal following. “We try to make our customers pleased,” Rosalinda says. “When they come, they feel like home.” A food truck will soon become a permanent fixture in the parking lot, offering typical Mexican finger foods to

hungry passersby.

cultivated a love for learning about a culture through its food. When she came to Greenville in the late 1990s she had the opportunity to take over a restaurant that had recently closed and was able to fulfill her longtime dream of running her own establishment. The first incarnation of Rosalinda’s was on White Horse Road, and 14 years ago they moved to their current Pleasantburg Drive location, where Rosalinda cooks alongside her daughter, also Rosalinda. The menu reflects Rosalinda’s international travels, featuring a number of authentic Italian and Mediterranean dishes in addition to traditional Mexican cuisine, which Rosalinda assures goes far beyond burritos and cheese dip. Rosalinda’s also offers an extensive vegan 86

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1124 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville 864.292.7002


3/22/18 10:21 PM

A.T. LOCKE After a decade in business, Anna Locke can look back with fondness at the early years, gratitude for steady growth and excitement for what the next decades will hold. When Anna founded A.T. LOCKE in 2008, she saw a need in the business community and knew she could fill it. As an accountant and financial professional, she noticed that many businesses needed experts to help with financial reporting, analysis and forecasting but needed scalability and flexibility. The customized approach allows clients to get just the help they need, for as long as they need it, and the full immersion of a staff member but without making a full-time hire. “It’s a privilege, and so exciting, to build something that still exists ten years later,” she said. Clients hire A.T. LOCKE as they would an internal employee, and partnerships often last years. “That longevity fits right into why I started this business, to offer small to midsize businesses what they need, when they need it in accounting,” Anna said. “We grow and change along with them.” She’s always been rock solid in accounting and financial

“It’s a privilege, and so exciting, to build something that still exists ten years later.”

matters, but it took time to learn to lead effectively, she said. A big aspect of that is learning to listen, both as company president and financial professional. “We’re the storytellers of a client’s business, and we need to listen and seek to understand before we offer opinions or influence something,” she said. She is also proud of creating a business where different perspectives are respected and honored. It’s all part of helping clients see their own businesses from different perspectives. After a decade working with family-owned businesses, government agencies, not-for-profits and others, she’s learned that she and her team can help them see their business in new ways, and learn to focus on vision and goal-fulfillment. As Anna looks back on 10 great years, she’s glad she made the leap to open her own firm and said it’s gratifying to know she is helping businesses and other organizations achieve their goals in the most efficient way. “We don’t invoice for work we can’t stand behind,” she said. “We’re accountable for accuracy,


integrity and ethics, no matter what.”

BTC2018_Book.indd 87

68 Pointe Circle, Ste. 2202, Greenville atlocke.com | 864.908.3062 Behind The Counter




3/22/18 10:21 PM

incentives to own their power. In South Carolina, energy costs are high due to extremely hot summers and utility rates that increase by 5-6% every year. “Homeowners feel handcuffed to their utility,” says President and CEO Josh Williams. Williams explains that there are three major benefits of owning home solar versus renting power from local Six years ago, Josh Williams and Derek Landino spotted a utilities: homeowners currently get 55% of the costs back in the form unique opportunity to educate the masses about how solar of tax credits, it costs no money upfront, and net metering incentives incentives are available that make owning solar much cheaper allow homeowners to sell back power to the utility. than renting power from local utilities. They Summit has quickly become the highest rated solar started this journey in the Northeast in states company in the Upstate and Williams says it is all simply like New Jersey and Massachusetts, where Homeowners feel due to their streamlined process, unparalleled customer solar has been growing for years. The two handcuffed to service, and making sure Summit installations are the were excited when solar incentives were their utilities. most attractive looking in the industry. “We want to offer a launched a few years ago in South Carolina, premium experience,” he says. and saw a massive opportunity to grow the With incentives going away shortly and summer market. Today, Summit Solar is thriving in around the corner, homeowners have been rushing to the Upstate thanks to that vision. Summit to get free quotes and custom designs for their homes When launching Summit Solar, the goal was to expand and businesses. People are tired of renting power for a home knowledge of solar incentives in the state, as well as fix a long they own. Summit can fix that. time industry problem of poor customer experience. “We saw an opportunity to be the true educator in the Carolinas,” says COO Derek Landino. Choosing the Upstate was a no-brainer for Williams and Landino. Utility rates continue to climb every year and most people were unaware that they had such amazing

BTC2018_Book.indd 88

101 North Main St., Suite 202, Greenville 864.558.5113 | mysummitsolar.com

3/23/18 9:36 AM



864.558.5113 www.mysummitsolar.com BTC2018_Book.indd 89

3/22/18 10:21 PM


BLOSSOM SHOES & SUCH GREENVILLE Mason Dunlap and Kimberly Stephens have co-owned Blossom Shoes

Boutique shopping doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s actually more

& Such in Greenville for about six months, but they’ve been friends for

approachable – and affordable – than you might think. “If you’re in the

much longer.

market for an investment item like a handbag or a pair of designer shoes, we

Stephens opened the original Blossom in Greenwood nine years ago, and Dunlap has been shopping there since high school. “She would always come in and pick out the best ‘right-on-trend’, fashionable stuff,” Stephens says of Dunlap. Dunlap moved to Greenville and felt like there weren’t enough places to shop for shoes, handbags and jewelry. So

have that. But if you need an inexpensive piece of jewelry or a

“We’re not just here to sell shoes, we’re here to provide customer service and styling advice.”

she called Stephens to see if she could open a Blossom here. “I was like, ‘why not? Let’s do it!’,” Stephens remembers. Blossom Greenville opened in October 2017 at Main + Stone. “We love

gift, we have that too,” Stephens explains. “When you need a pick-me-up, a little retail therapy makes everyone feel better!” And when you shop at Blossom, you’re supporting a local business, which is something Dunlap appreciates much more now that she is a small business owner herself. “There’s an actual person at the other end of that sale that’s able to do things for

their family that they might not be able to do if you didn’t shop there. When you order from Amazon, it’s nameless and faceless. But when you buy from

our community,” Dunlap says. “We came into a new development in a new

someone you know, it’s helping them out and it means so much more. Part

part of town that we’re working to build with our neighbors. We’re excited to

of what makes Greenville so great is the number of independently owned

grow with the city.”

specialty stores.”

“We want our customers to share our enthusiasm,” Stephens says. “We try to buy things that get people excited to shop. We know what our customers love, and we know where to point them when they walk in the door.” Dunlap adds, “We’re not just here to sell shoes, we’re here to provide customer service and styling advice. When people walk in, they want to stay. They want to chat and talk about trends. The store has a ‘living room’ feel, and they love the ambiance. We want to provide a fun, comfortable place to shop and and help them find what works.” 90

Behind The Counter

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644 North Main St., Suite 2A, Greenville blossomgvl.com | 864.412.8939


3/22/18 10:22 PM

MADI BOUTIQUE Madi Boutique is a fun, trendy ladies apparel and gift boutique located on the Eastside of Greenville. “We hunt for on-trend fashion that is unique but edgy, stylish yet comfortable,” says owner Stephanie Russell. “We scout

flourishing and growing with new shops, restaurants and neighborhoods.” Russell says her favorite part of owning Madi Boutique is the customers. “The interaction, the connection, the friendships and the confidence they

local artisans throughout the Southeast, fine tuning our gift

have in me to help them find self-expression, inspiration and

selection to target both genders and all age groups.”

comfort in fashion is so very gratifying.”

Russell and her husband, Richard, have refined their juggling act since opening Madi in October 2016. With four active kids, a full-time job for Richard and a new business for the family, they have to keep a lot of balls in the air. “It

“We are successful if each customer leaves feeling refreshed, styled, confident and inspired.”

Madi Boutique offers full-service style consulting, and prides itself on being a treasure trove for unique and unusual gifts, as well as a rescue center for husbands aiming to please. Russell says one-of-a-kind customer service is what she strives for every

can be downright comical at times, but we love this circus

day, and she wants the store to have a comfortable, inviting

act and are truly appreciative for what we have,” Russell says.

atmosphere. Teachers get a 10% discount anytime they shop.

Russell spent her twenties working as a department

“Styling customers based on their personality and lifestyle

store buyer for Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Bloomingdale’s. That experience,

helps us create confidence and loyalty,” Russell says. “We are successful if

combined with her family’s interest in owning a boutique, was the

each customer leaves feeling refreshed, styled, confident and inspired.”

inspiration behind Madi Boutique, which is an acronym for the Russells’ four children: M(aria), A(nna), D(ylan) and I(sabelle). “When you have a family, they become the center of your universe. So, there was no question that when we started to think of the concept, look and name of our boutique, our children would be at the center of it all.” The business truly is a family affair. You will often see Richard and the kids working behind the scenes, helping with inventory, breaking down boxes for recycling, wrapping up a sale, and even modeling clothing for social media posts. “We wanted to embrace an area where we felt connected and a

madiboutique.com 864.386.4368


sense of community,” Russell says. “It’s exciting to see our little town of Greer

850 East Suber Rd., #150, Greer

Behind The Counter

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SPENCER/HINES PROPERTIES Bobby Hines started his career in retail, then enjoyed success in the

client with the big deal. We call people back and let everyone know they’re

textile industry, but commercial real estate and investing had long been a

important. My goal is for everyone at Spencer/Hines to serve their clients

passion of his. His first investment was the Main Street building where he

with a heart. Be sincere, compassionate, kind and to let their clients know

and his father once ran O’Neal Williams Sporting Goods. He and his brother, Ben Hines, bought the building from their dad and his partner, Alva Phillips, in the late 1980s and put Greenville’s first Fuddruckers in it. Bobby continued to invest over the years with Ben, president and co-owner of Spencer/Hines Properties in

our values each and every day.”

“We think the client with the small deal is just as important as the client with the big deal.”

Spartanburg. After leaving the textile industry Bobby

The Spencer/Hines team is made up of eight experienced commercial agents - including Bobby’s son, Zach, and daughter, Evan - each of whom specialize in providing property owners with hands-on, highly attentive service rooted in Christian values. Rounding out the Greenville team are brokers Taylor Fisher,

decided to pursue commercial real estate full time, and he and Ben opened

Jay Stephens, Jason Klue, Glenn Batson, and Matt Foster Sr., whose son,

the Spencer/Hines Greenville office together in 2014.

Matt Jr., runs the property management division.

“We don’t specialize in one aspect of commercial real estate,” Bobby says.

Bobby says about his team, “We are a close knit group of agents, and enjoy

“We want to service our clients in every way we can with their commercial

working together. We look forward to bringing anyone interested in working

real estate needs. There are many moving parts in commercial deals, and

with us on their commercial real estate needs into our Spencer/Hines family.”

deals can be structured in a variety of ways. It is our job to help guide our clients in the best direction to get the deal done.” Spencer/Hines is a full-service company, dealing in land, industrial, office and retail sales and leasing, as well as offering a full range of property management services at highly competitive rates. “We’re deal makers and we like to get creative. We’re always looking for ways we can think outside the box to make the deal happen,” Bobby

245 North Main St., Suite 201, Greenville

says. “We think the client with the small deal is just as important as the

864.991.8077 | spencerhines.com


Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:23 PM

LAURA SIMMONS & ASSOCIATES – REAL ESTATE Laura Simmons got her start in real estate when she was 21 years

they seek their full potential. “I love pouring into my new agents what was

old. Everyone told her she was too young, but she set out to do it anyway.

poured into me,” Simmons says. “My passion is helping others. But it doesn’t

She became the top agent at a boutique real estate company and stayed

stop with the agents who work for me. That applies to the buyers and the

there for 21 years.

sellers, and everyone who’s a client. That is what fuels me in life.”

“I learned early on that it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the people,” Simmons says. “If you’re only in it for one transaction, you won’t get any repeat business. When you focus on helping people, the rest falls into place.” Simmons has been among the top 10 realtors in the

Simmons serves as the chairman for the Greenville

“My passion is helping others. That is what fuels me in life.”

MLS. She’s also a state director for the SC Association of Realtors, and she sits on the board of directors for the Greater Greenville Association of Realtors. Simmons is the mother of four children, and wife to her

greater Greenville area for several years. Her company,

amazing husband Bennie. “He’s my rock,” Simmons says. “He

Laura Simmons & Associates, which consists of 21 agents,

helps me pursue my goals as my partner in life and real estate.”

has been in the top 20 since opening its doors on March 25, 2014. “We want our clients to have the boutique experience in real

We want to thank the community for all of our success!

estate. We strive to meet the needs of you and your family,” Simmons says. Laura Simmons & Associates helps from start to finish, so you can stay in the moment and enjoy the process. According to Simmons, “our goal is to eliminate the stress and anxiety that can come with buying or selling a home. If you need a mover or a home inspector, we’ll help you find one. We’re more than just a real estate company, and we’ll make your transaction as smooth as possible.” Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, or even build a new one, Laura Simmons & Associates can help. “We do a lot of new construction. 3515 Pelham Rd., Suite 101, Greenville

As a broker, Simmons is able to help grow and mentor new agents as

864-608-1510 Office | 864-630-7253 Mobile


We have great relationships with many of the top builders in the Upstate.

Thank you to the Venue at Falls Park. Behind The Counter

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DRIFT FLOAT & SPA Nine years ago, a podcast about how floating can expand your mind caught Kelly Caldwell’s attention. So when she stumbled upon a small yoga

Owning Drift is incredibly rewarding for Caldwell. “People come in feeling really worn out and stressed. They come out of the float and they

studio in Atlanta with a float pod in the back, she had to

have this undeniable glow.”

try it. “I fell in love with it right away,” Caldwell says. “It improved my quality of life, so I kept going.” Floating is a Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST) that allows your body to feel weightless in a tank of warm salt water. It’s been known to reduce anxiety and PTSD. Clinical studies show floating can cause a significant

Caldwell recalls one customer who asked for a pen and

“People come in feeling really worn out and stressed. They come out of the float and they have this undeniable glow.”

paper after his float. “He said he’d just figured out a solution to a problem he’s been working on for 10 years and needed to write it down.” Floating draws people in, but Drift offers several other services, too. The Lucia Light flashes bright light at different

drop in blood pressure and anxiety levels within the first

frequencies and rates. You lie under it with your eyes closed and

15 minutes. “It takes away stimuli and gives your brain a

listen to music. The benefits are similar to floating, and Drift is

chance to defrag. It turns off the fight-or-flight response and the sympathetic

the only place that offers it in the region. The spa also has an Oxygen Bar

nervous system, which helps you relax,” Caldwell explains.

and an Infrared Sauna that helps with chronic pain.

Caldwell knew she eventually wanted to open her own float center in the

“We offer things that are extremely helpful, but aren’t readily available

Upstate. “Greenville has evolved so much,” she says. “This just felt like the

anywhere else,” Caldwell says. “We’re not a franchise, we’re a locally owned

right place to do it. I wanted to bring it to my community.”

family business. We’re from Greenville and we chose to open our spa here.”

In April 2016, Caldwell returned home from Portland, after completing an apprenticeship on opening a float center, and put together a business plan that impressed her parents. “They took one look and they were in,” she remembers. They hit the ground running, and Drift Float & Spa opened its doors at

644 North Main St., Suite 105 Greenville

Main & Stone in October 2017. “I could never have projected it would be


this successful,” Caldwell says. “I am so grateful for the support.”



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SPLASH ON MAIN For as long as Anne Mayher can remember, she’s loved fashion and

Customer feedback is what led Mayher to create an online store for

keeping up with the newest styles. “I grew up in South Georgia, and we

Splash, which is expected to launch this spring. “We get calls all the time

didn’t have a lot of shopping. We had to drive to Atlanta to get things that

from people who want to order from us but don’t live here. We’re happy to

were really unique,” she remembers.

ship to them, but having online access to buy would be much

The one thing her small town did have was a swimsuit boutique that was open from February through August each year. “All of the girls would go on opening day to get their swimsuits for spring break. It was the thing to do,” Mayher says.

easier. An online store will help us reach a national audience.”

“I grew up in South Georgia, and we didn’t have a lot of shopping.”

Those early memories, and her love of water, are

Mayher never wants to lose the brick and mortar store though. “Here in the West End, we have a great business community that really supports each other. We want our neighbors to do well, because it helps us all do well. But now I realize how much it helps local families put food on the

what drew Mayher to the idea of opening her own resort

table and fund their kids’ activities. When people shop locally

swimwear boutique. After relocating to Greenville to be

instead of online, they are keeping the doors open of stores

closer to family, she noticed there was nothing like it in the area. “It sort

like mine, in turn keeping our downtown area charming and unique and

of became a ‘now or never’ thing for me,” she says. “People thought I was

not full of chain stores like has happened in other cities’ downtown areas.

crazy when I told them what I wanted to do.”

Until I owned a store myself, I’m not sure I fully understood how much

Mayher’s boutique, Splash on Main, is located just a few blocks from

shopping local really matters.”

Fluor Field in the West End. While bathing suits are the feature, Mayher also takes pride in her selection of resort wear, cover ups, flip flops, bags, jewelry, and other accessories. But don’t expect to see Splash veer too far from its niche either. Mayher wants to be different. “We want to bring the Greenville customer something they can’t get anywhere else. We’re constantly switching up the brands and keeping things fresh. I take feedback from customers and try

Greenville 864.534.1510


to find things they want or phase out things they don’t.”

807 South Main St.

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CHRISTOPHILLIS & GALLIVAN P.A. After five successful years running their boutique law firm, Jessica

Catherine Christophillis, of counsel, offer decades of experience tackling

Christophillis and Amanda Gallivan returned to a meaningful place to

cases involving separation and divorce, alimony, child support, child custody,

celebrate their accomplishment. It was five years ago when

Guardian ad Litem services, wills, name changes, mediation and

they met in the courtyard at Nantucket and decided to make

more. “Narrowing our focus on family law was not always the

a leap of faith and start their own law firm. “It just worked out that Jessica and I were able to make this decision over dinner and then, assuming our husbands would call us crazy, we were both surprised that they were

“We’re celebrating, because we have exceeded even our own expectations.”

our biggest supporters and still are today,” said Gallivan. In their five years focusing on family law, they have seen other start-up firms close their doors, and are excited to have not just survived

plan, but it has become our passion,” Gallivan said. In their five years in practice, the two founders have also had five children between them: Gallivan has three young children and Christophillis has twin boys. “Our lives are beautifully chaotic,” Gallivan said. “We love a challenge, so balancing the success of our firm, our friendships and our families keeps us on our toes.”

When they met for dinner that fateful night more than five years ago, the

but thrived. “It is a great feeling to encourage our peers and others to leap,

two women were not sure what to expect out of their new venture. They set

because now we can say with confidence that you can do it.”

initial goals they hoped to achieve, but through hard work and persistence, they

As a family law boutique, Christophillis and Gallivan deal with challenging issues such as difficult divorces or custody disputes. “We’re driven by

found that those goals were just a starting point for success. “We’re celebrating, because we have exceeded even our own expectations,” Gallivan said.

providing exceptional service to the clients that we represent, helping them through tough situations,” said Christophillis. That includes strong advocacy in the courtroom as well as encouraging clients to control their destiny by reaching smart agreements. The staff of all women hold themselves to the highest standards and take pride in the quality of their work, offering professional advocacy with a personal approach. “Our team of paralegals and our amazing office manager help set our firm apart,” said Christophillis. The three attorneys, including 96

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420 East Park Ave., Ste. 301, Greenville cglaws.com | 864.233.4445


3/22/18 10:24 PM

SAMSON STONE Greenville truly is a beautiful place. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement to any of our readers. Yet, what exactly makes it

industry knowledge, management and quality that we put into every job.” Browsing through his Facebook page under the hashtag

so beautiful is tough to pinpoint on any given day. Looking around our

#samsonstonesc, one can find quite the spread of his impressive work.

Greenville, you’ve more than likely noticed Samson Stone’s work. Whether

Led by superintendents Nathan Beck and Rick Carroll, Operations

it’s the new Cancer Survivors Park, the KROC center, Greenville Country Club or an award-winning home, the work of Silas Lewis and his team is always on display. Silas and his wife Shelley have had their own stone business for a decade and a half. After moving on from another masonry company nearly twenty years ago,

Manager Evan Brown, and Retail Manager Hunter Kay

“We know that our work is the focal point and makes a first impression. You must give it your best.”

folks kept calling him for his work and as he states, “The business just sort of found me more than me finding it. God obviously had a plan to get me back into the stone industry.” Silas grew up in the Upstate, played football for North Greenville, and

(handling the Taylors location selling stone to the public), Samson Stone has become an established entity in the behind-the-scenes construction world of Upstate South Carolina. Whether he is coaching his kids’ baseball team, serving as a director of the Greenville Clemson Club, or contributing to the splendor of our upstate, Silas has placed his heart in

what seems so natural for him. It is more than encouraging knowing that someone with such an aptitude for design has been born and bred

graduated from Clemson in business management (both universities

locally. Thanks to Samson Stone and itd people, Greenville truly is a

proudly display his stone work). Always one to pay attention to detail, Silas

beautiful place.

has managed to manifest beauty itself in his work all over our sprawling area. Local parks, public centers, doctors’ offices, apartments, country clubs, and high-end homes only begin to describe all that their business has done for our area to be as appealing as it is. “Our passion is to create and preserve the natural beauty of the Carolinas,” Silas explains. “We know that our work is the focal point and makes a first impression. You must give it your best. We have become the

Taylors samsonstonesc.com 864.325.2022


Upstate’s largest stone masonry company because of the service, creativity,

205 East Lee Rd.

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VISTA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP Frank DuPree founded Vista Capital Management Group in 2007 times and enabled aggregated analysis of portfolios and trending capabilities, with a goal of creating a boutique multifamily property management the underlying foundation of property management has remained constant. company that brought the sophistication of institutionalThe nuts and bolts of the industry haven’t changed. Our goal is grade management together with the accessibility and the always to maximize the effective gross income, to control property “Our goal is always to maneuverability of a smaller firm. Frank and his president expenses, and thus, drive the net operating income,” DuPree says. maximize the effective of operations, Wayne Redding, have both been in the With a staff that is extremely attentive to detail and committed to gross income, to control multifamily management business for over 40 years. Frank deriving the full potentials of their assets, Vista is able to focus on property expenses, and Wayne worked together at both Boston Financial these fundamentals. and thus, drive the net Company and later with AIMCO and its predecessor, In addition to a platform that delivers successful results, operating income.” Insignia. Prior to leaving AIMCO to start Vista Capital Vista emphasizes strong relationships with top-tier service Management Group, Frank was regional vice president of providers in each of the markets in which it operates. AIMCO, overseeing almost 20,000 apartment units under management. Vista Capital Management Group is headquartered right here in Frank and Wayne believe that Vista’s strongest asset is its people. Greenville with regional offices in Myrtle Beach, SC, and Waldorf, MD. Through the expertise and commitment of their staff of certified property Frank likes to say, “To be successful in life, you have to do what you say managers, Vista has earned the designation of Accredited Management you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.” This dependability Organization (AMO) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). and transparency is clearly displayed in his work. “Having the right people in the right place attributes to the success of real estate investments,” says Redding, president and director of property operations. With this vision, it is clear that working with Vista provides the unparalleled service that their clients deserve. Vista currently provides property and asset management services for over 2,500 units throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions and is 207 Whitsett St., Greenville equally dedicated to providing only the best in service to each and every one. vistacapitalmanagementgroup.com | 864.404.3500 “While technological advances have led to quicker, more proactive response 98

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CRESCENT HOMES Ted Terry, a fifth-generation homebuilder, grew up with a vision and passion for designing thoughtful yet beautiful homes and neighborhoods. Terry turned that vision into reality when he opened the doors to Crescent Homes in Charleston in 2009. What started as a small company has grown to be the largest private home builder in Charleston today. Crescent Homes recently expanded to the Upstate. “We entered the Greenville market as a start-up last year. We fell in love with the city and its welcoming community, and Greenville quickly felt like a second home,” Terry says. “I am excited to bring to Greenville what we are known for in Charleston: exceptional design and livable home plans with thoughtful details.” Despite the growth and success of Crescent Homes, the company remains private and family-owned. “As we expand further into the Greenville market, we will continue to focus on our customers’ wants and needs, and we will maintain our commitment to being innovative and flexible in everything we do. We’ll continue building the homes of our customers’ dreams, just as we would in Charleston.” Crescent Homes prides itself on building thoughtful, livable and timeless

“Our commitment to the Greenville community is far more than just building beautiful homes.”

homes. “It’s been an honor to evolve a company and build something that’s timeless - but still current,” Terry says. “It’s something we’re proud of and something our team is passionate about.” Terry promises a unique, one-of-akind experience when you build with Crescent Homes. “We offer ‘standard’

features other builders view as upgrades, which makes us stand out. We give our buyers the flexibility to personalize their floor plans and choose finish options that are unique for a builder our size. We provide customers with a custom experience at an exceptional value, tailored to their specific desires, while delivering superb customer service. It’s a winning combination.” In addition to new neighborhoods in Greenville, Taylors, Greer, Travelers Rest, Simpsonville and Piedmont, Crescent Homes will be launching its GIVE Program in Greenville in 2018, and donating $250 per sale to one of five local non-profits, which rotates each quarter. “We want to invest in the communities we build in and empower our customers to make a difference. Our commitment to the Greenville community is far more than just building beautiful homes,” Terry says. The GIVE program generated $62,000 in


donations for the Charleston area last year.

BTC2018_Book.indd 99

crescenthomes.net 864.406.5000 Behind The Counter




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CARMEN CRIGLER FEEMSTER, REALTOR® Sometimes, a career path is a part of the fabric of a family, and in no

people I work with now are people who I grew up with, who have been

case is that truer than for Carmen Feemster. Real estate is truly in the blood.

working here since I was little,” she said. “The whole office feels like family.”

“My grandfather had a passion for it, and always talked about how much he loved it,” Feemster said. “And I’ve always felt the same way.” Her grandfather was none other than C. Dan Joyner, who founded his real estate firm in 1964 and grew his agency to more than 300 agents before he passed away in 2012. Carmen’s parents, David and Beth Crigler, have also been in the real estate business for more than 25 years. Feemster grew up going to work with her parents when she

“This is one of the biggest decisions someone will ever make, and I love being a part of it and helping people through it.”

wasn’t in school, running up and down the halls and “playing

Now, it’s Feemster’s kids – Annie Knox, 6; Jay, 4; and Eleanor, 2 – who are running up and down the halls and getting to know their parents’ work family. Her husband, Will Feemster, is a mortgage loan officer, so she often works with him as well. Carmen appreciates that while agents put in plenty of hours, the schedule is somewhat flexible, allowing her to go on field trips, attend class parties, and even have time to organize a school carnival, serve as president of the

office.” In high school and college, she’d pitch in, and on family vacations and

Gower Homeowner’s Association last year, serve as a Loaned Executive

dinners, the conversation tended to end up on one topic – real estate.

Officer for United Way, and is the preschool committee chair at her

But after graduating from USC with a degree in retail management

church. “I’m here for anyone that needs me,” she said, laughing.

and sales, her parents encouraged her to take a different job to gain experience and find out what she really wanted. “I worked in inside sales, and it gave me great experience, but I knew I loved real estate,” she said. “This is one of the biggest decisions someone will ever make, and I love being a part of it and helping people through it.” Working for a large company means she has access to tools, resources

2023 Augusta Rd., Greenville cdanjoyner.com 864.616.5177 cfeemster@cdanjoyner.com

and advertising, but the aspect that sets her apart is her commitment to the values of her grandfather and the rest of the family, most notably integrity. And in her office, “family” extends beyond blood relatives. “The 100

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DWELL CHIC INTERIORS If you’re looking to redesign your home or business, look no further

Sarah and her husband Brian live in Belton with their children,

than Dwell Chic Interiors! Owner Sarah O’Dell started her full-service

Emerson and Brewer. They love to travel and experience all that the

design firm out of her home in 2011, and moved over to Pendleton Street in

Greenville area has to offer, especially new restaurants and downtown events.

May of 2017, where she continues to blend creativity and

Sarah and her team have grown over the past seven years, and

artistic proficiency, personalizing each experience to reflect

they are hoping to eventually expand their current location to

exactly what her clients are looking for. Whether it’s kitchen or bath design, renovation consultation, furniture and lighting selection, custom rug design, color and styling, or space planning, her incredibly talented team can do it all by tailoring unique designs and sparking new ideas. Sarah says when it comes to design,

“We get to know our clients and find out what their style is, that way we can create individual spaces that reflect who they are.”

“we focus on the fun part, we get to know our clients and

a bigger showroom. “We are a very boutique firm,” Sarah says. ‘We do residential and commercial projects. We work with small locally owned businesses, independently owned clothing stores, bridal shops, small offices, you name it. We enjoy helping our clients create spaces they love to walk into.” Sarah also specializes in vacation homes, including beach or luxury lake houses. From concept to completion, Dwell Chic takes the stress of redesign

find out what their style is, that way we can create individual spaces that

away, creating a smooth and easy process for any home or business owner, all

reflect who they are, while at the same time staying within their budget.” Her

while exemplifying white glove service throughout the process.

team consists of talented architects, furniture craftsmen, painters, installers, and seamstresses who offer professional custom creations.

Call Sarah and her team today at 864.940.1301 for a consultation and visit @dwellchic on Facebook and Instagram today!

After graduating from Clemson with a degree in political science, Sarah decided to enroll at Anderson University to pursue her true passion, interior design. Sarah’s mother was in the interior design industry and helped her use her imagination and become an expert in detail, patterns, and style. Sarah and her team “love to blend antique and historical pieces, pieces that have been passed down through generations, and mix them with floral

1279 Pendleton St., Suite D Greenville Dwellchic.com

by incorporating a newer, younger vibe.”



patterns and bright colors. We enjoy bringing life to older, southern patterns

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HOMESTAR FINANCIAL CORPORATION In September of 2016, Homestar Financial Corporation opened for business in for multiple animal rescues and hospice organizations across the Upstate. Greenville, and as their Branch Manager Amy Grace says, they “hit the ground Gary Schoenholz is the newest asset to the team. With over 22 years of running.” As a full-service mortgage company, they handle mortgage experience, Gary states, “One of the biggest rewards in every aspect of the loan process with an in-house team of my business life is helping people achieve their dreams of home “There’s nothing like going individuals who all bring something to the table when it comes ownership.” Gary resides in Anderson and enjoys spending time to a closing and seeing to community relationships and outstanding customer service. with his wife and three kids. people happy. We’re just Amy Grace is a branch manager and mortgage loan Homestar of Greenville is looking toward the future, always grateful to be a part of originator, with licenses in GA, FL, and SC. Amy’s branch finding ways to work with people, and establishing credit solution watching homeowners’ is not only driven, but they incorporate sentimental value plans to better accommodate their clients, all while still finding dreams come true.” when building relationships with clients. “Our founder, Wes ways to make it fun. Homestar Financial Corporation is the #1 Hunt, believes that ‘every child deserves a bedroom.’ That’s purchase lender in the state of Georgia, and Amy and her team are why family values are important to us as we truly believe that houses should hoping to help reach #1 in South Carolina. The Greenville branch is fortunate be homes.” Amy has three sons, ages 33, 28, and 17, and as a 31-year veteran of to have the support of Wendell Couch, division manager, and the helpful and the real estate industry, she has experience in both commercial and residential knowledgeable corporate office, who enjoy visiting their office in Greenville. real estate. Amy is active in volunteering and serves on the board of directors Amy and the Homestar team are big community advocates, and their care for of the Cancer Society of Greenville County. clients shines through. Amy adds, “Of course, everyone enjoys Greenville!” Homestar welcomed Bill Price to the team in 2017 as a mortgage loan originator. With his prior mortgage experience and a passion for serving his community, Bill focuses on assisting veterans with their mortgage needs, as he has over 25 years of service in the U.S. Army as a retired lieutenant colonel. 330 East Coffee St., Suites 5009, 5021, 5022, Greenville Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. www.homestarfc.com/branch/greenville-0 | 864.605.3535 Katherine Celeste “KC” Hawkins joined the Greenville branch in 2017 as Branch NMLS #1558268 330 East Coffee St., Suites 5009, 5021, 5022, Greenville, SC 29601 Homestar Financial Corporation NMLS #70864 Georgia Residential their administrative assistant. Amy says, “With her diverse background, KC Mortgage Licensee #17368. This is not an offer to enter into an agreement or a commitment to lend. Not all customers will qualify. All terms, information, conditions, rates, and programs are subject to change without prior notice. All products are subject to credit and property approval. Not all loan products are has a way of seeing what we don’t see. She has an incredible knowledge of available in all states. The advertised rates/APRs and terms are examples of loan products available as of the date indicated and are subject to change without notice. The loan terms (APR and Payment examples, if applicable) listed do not include amounts for taxes or insurance premiums. The monthly payment digital marketing, and she helps drive clients our way.” KC enjoys volunteering amount will be greater if taxes and insurance premiums are included. Certain other restrictions may apply. HFC is not affiliated with any government entity. 102

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PAIGE AND ROBBIE HANEY, REALTORS® Paige and Robbie Haney are passionate about real estate and


same goal: to work hard for our clients, help them find a home they love, and build relationships that last long after the sale is over.” will do whatever it takes to find the perfect home for each of their Finding the perfect homes for clients is not the only passion the clients. The Greenville natives began their journey in the real estate Haneys share. Paige and Robbie are passionate about world when they purchased their first home and finding homes for animals in need. “We would love to remodeled it for resale. They were hooked! “We may be a little competitive, have a dog,” Paige says. “But with our long work hours, As a lifelong resident in the Upstate, Paige’s but we both have the same goal: leaving early and coming home late, it is not practical.” knowledge of the area and her 13 years of to work hard for our clients, help So Paige and Robbie make donations to the experience is put to good use everyday as them find a home they love, and Greenville Humane Society to help homeless animals she strives to exceed her clients’ expectations. build relationships that last long find a comfortable home. “It is a great way for us to Her dedication and professional service are after the sale is over.” give back to the community, and it is gratifying to unparalleled in today’s market. know that we can help find homes for our clients as Robbie, a former builder, prides himself on his well as animals!” knowledge of the local real estate market and for They would love to assist you in finding the home that is perfect for you. the last 8 years has used his building background to assist his clients who are interested in new construction or those who are considering purchasing a resale that might need changes or renovations. Destined to be competitive from the start, Paige went to Riverside High and Robbie went to Eastside High. Their competitive spirit has driven them both to being named in the top ten of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner Realtors for the past several years. Your Home’s Best Friend Despite being married for 19 years and sharing a career, Paige and 705 West Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer | 864.414.9937 Robbie are not partners in real estate. They’re competitors. “This year 745 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville | 864.270.4192 he finished ahead of me,” says Paige. “He was #4 and I was #6!” greenvillelifesc.com Robbie says, “We may be a little competitive, but we both have the

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JACOB MANN — COLDWELL BANKER CAINE As the top-selling realtor for Coldwell Banker Caine, Jacob Mann

my wife and sons, and my wonderful assistant, Anne Garrett.” Jacob has

stays busy helping his clients every step of the way. From first-time

been named the #1 seller in the state for Coldwell Banker, and has even

homebuyers or those planning on selling their home, no matter the

been named #2 in the entire Southeast, which includes 22,000 agents.

area or the price, Jacob is the “MANN” for the job! While remaining at the top of his company for the past 17 years, Jacob has realized the importance of not taking hard work and success for granted. He recently chaperoned his son McCrady’s CCES baseball team in the Dominican Republic, building a house for locals

His accolades are impressive, yet he is constantly grateful to be

“It’s not about what you have, it’s who you have to share it with that makes it all worth it.”

in need. Mann admits, “Seeing these kids who don’t have much, just as happy as can be, helps remind us that it’s not about

where he is today and thankful for his amazing clients. Jacob grew up in Greenville and thoroughly enjoys calling the city home. “I love watching Greenville explode. The city and its officials are making great decisions and the real estate market is strong.” Jacob adds, “That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It may be hard to find the right agent, but I want people to look no further,

because I’m right here!” Call Jacob Mann today at 864-325-MANN!

what you have, it’s who you have to share it with that makes it all worth it.” Jacob remains thankful for the time he spends with his family and in the community, including his local church, as well as charitable organizations. Jacob is a big family man, and lately he enjoys watching his three sons, Chapman (16), McCrady (14), and Bates (10), receive academic achievements, as well as compete in sporting events. Jacob still manages to make time for date nights with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, as they celebrate their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary this year. Maintaining a healthy balance between family and clients is crucial to Mann, and consistently remaining a top producer in the process has not been easy, but he states, “None of it would be possible without my clients, 104

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 104


111 Williams St., Greenville cbcaine.com | 864.325.6266


3/22/18 10:27 PM

COCOBELLA BOUTIQUE Jodi Thompson has always shopped at Cocobella Boutique, and was

old daughter, Abby Fowler, helps out at the store and brings insight into

a fan of its friendly staff, unique clothing and accessories and its great

younger shoppers. “We’d love for a mom and daughter to be able to come

location in a historic building in Greenville’s West End. As much as she

in and both find what they love,” she said.

enjoyed visiting, it never occurred to her that one day, she

The knowledgeable staff can guide customers and offer

would own and run the shop herself. In business for 10 years, Cocobella was most recently owned by Tonja Durham, a close friend of Thompson’s for 34 years. Tonja and Jodi attended Anderson University together, with Tonja focusing on interior design and

insight into fit and quality, and they make shopping even more

“We’d love for a mom and daughter to be able to come in and both find what they love.”

fun with offerings like mimosas some Saturday mornings. The store has been freshly updated in sophisticated gray and blush tones, which complement the rustic brick and beams of the historic Augusta Road building, creating an updated, glamorous

fashion and Jodi majoring in business. When Tonja’s

feel. Customers also love the convenience of the full online shop,

schedule required her to sell the shop, Jodi and her

which is searchable by size, season and style and offers great sales.

husband Scott decided it was time to make the leap. The Thompsons became the new owners in February, and feel fortunate

Thompson’s experience in retail has prepared her to handle all of the many aspects of owning a store. “We’re decorating, putting outfits

that Tonja has stayed on to consult on brands, selection and other topics.

together, going through the different lines,” she said. “It’s been busy, but it’s

While Thompson is keeping many of the lines previously available,

fun work.”

including Chinese Laundry shoes, Luii totes and jackets and Judith March clothing, she’s adding sought-after brands including Sanctuary, Traffic People, KAS New York and Liverpool Jeans. “We want to be different and unique,” Thompson said. “We bring in brands that aren’t available around here, so customers don’t go out and see anyone else dressed like them.” The price point varies, with inexpensive pieces in the $30 range up to finer items or embroidered pieces running $300. Thompson also looks to

Shopcocobella.com | 864.283.0989


appeal to a broad age range, which is easier to do now that her 22-year-

21-C Augusta St., Greenville

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:27 PM

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HOLLIDAY LAW FIRM At Holliday Law Firm, they believe in family, new opportunities, and helping buyers and sellers unlock the door to new beginnings. Hayes Holliday was excited to welcome his former law school classmate and friend, Trey Ingram, to his firm this year. There is a lot to be excited about in 2018 as the Holliday Law Firm team expands and continues to help clients through the purchasing and refinancing processes. Hayes has been closing real estate deals since 2014 when he opened his private practice. He was previously an assistant solicitor in South Carolina’s 7th Judicial Circuit, where he prosecuted a wide range of cases, from property offenses to DUIs and serious felonies. Although Hayes is thankful for gaining knowledge and experience in those areas, his true passion came to life when he ventured into real estate law. He became a life-long Tiger fan at Clemson University, where he obtained his degree in business. After Clemson, Hayes pursued his law degree and remembers one professor in particular, Dave Whittener, who had a big impact in sparking his interest in real estate law. Hayes learned, “It’s one of the only areas of law where people aren’t always fighting. I wanted to be the kind of lawyer that people didn’t dread calling, the kind of lawyer that was there to help.” He is now in that position, helping clients with all their real estate closings, and giving them the best service possible. While continuing to grow as a company, Hayes was very excited to welcome Trey to the firm in 2018. Trey is a graduate of Charleston Southern University and studied law at the University of South Carolina, where he met Hayes in the Christian Legal Society. In 2008, Trey began his legal career in Greenville at a large law firm where he practiced commercial real estate for nearly 10 years before partnering “We love helping with Hayes in the Holliday Law Firm. Trey has a passion for both real people, real estate and adoption law, two areas of the law which do not often coincide; estate closings but Trey explains he enjoys positively contributing to the growth and give us a chance to do that.” development of families and their homes. Trey loves being able to assist clients close on their home or finalize on their adoption, and especially when the same clients do both. Trey is also a volunteer board member of Fostering Great Ideas® and a volunteer director of Speak Up: Voices for Foster Care Reform®, which advocates for legislative reform to the South Carolina foster care system. Trey recently helped get a bill passed that clarifies the adoption process for birth parents and foster parents, ultimately bettering the lives of children in foster care through the adoption option. Hayes and Trey are very family oriented and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Hayes and his wife Katelyn have two boys, ages 3 and 1, and Trey and his wife Kelli are adoptive parents and licensed foster parents with a total of six children, including five girls and a boy. Hayes and Trey make quite an impact when it comes to helping families in monumental moments. While home buying and selling can be a trying time, it’s nice to have lawyers who “want to keep the process stress-free while helping bring joy to such special experiences.” With servant attitudes and an eagerness to make a difference, the Holliday Law Firm has closing lawyers you can call. They adapt well in any situation, so it’s not out of the ordinary to see them at a closing where a mom is signing the papers in the car with 4 kids in the backseat! Hayes admits, “We try to make the closing about the client. It’s about building partnerships, and we keep it light-hearted and fun.” From real estate closings to adoption finalizations, this dynamic firm will keep spreading smiles for their current and future clients. Hayes adds, “We love helping people. Real estate closings give us a chance to do that.”

135 South Main St., Suite 301 Greenville 864.232.3541 Hollidaylawfirm.com

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475 Fairforest Way, Greenville greenvillesc.gov | 864.467.8000 108

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Michael Murphy, Director of Public Works for the city of Greenville, manages around 225 employees in over nine divisions of the Public Works Department, helping maintain the beautiful city’s infrastructure while accommodating for its continuous growth. Mike has a background in civil engineering and received his graduate degree in public administration at Texas Tech. As a Texas native, he spent a large part of his career in Addison and Lubbock, Texas, working as the director of public works and city engineer. February marks 13 years as the Director of Public Works in Greenville, where he wears many different hats. Maintaining the city by keeping it clean and beautiful is definitely a challenge, but the Department of Public Works is very successful in keeping Greenville up to par. “One of the biggest issues we address is staying ahead of the growth in order to keep our Greenville residents happy,” he says. The Department of Public Works employees are somewhat like silent vigilantes, performing the behind the scenes work effectively, saving the day one division at a time. Some of these divisions include parking services, fleet maintenance, waste water, “One of the biggest streets, engineering, traffic issues we address is engineering, storm water, staying ahead of the and solid waste, including growth in order to household garbage and keep our Greenville recycling. They also maintain residents happy.” around 200 buildings in the city of Greenville, from bus shelters to City Hall and the fire stations. Mike and his Public Works employees are very conscious of the responsibility they have. He admits, “It’s not always glamorous, but either way the jobs have to get done.” The City of Greenville Fleet Services Division earned a No. 11 ranking on the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s 2017 Top 100 list. Their Fleet Services Department is also ranked No. 1 in the country for mid-size cities by the American Public Works Association, which is a fantastic achievement for the city staff and the Public Works Department. When he’s not busy helping maintain the beautiful city, Mike and his wife Patti love taking day trips, exploring Greenville and other surrounding areas, stopping in antique shops and eating at restaurants. In his free time, Mike also likes to golf and fish. Mike and Patti have a 24-year-old son, Conner, who works as a part-time special events employee in Greenville. Mike Murphy is very passionate about what he does. “People are usually amazed at all we do and oversee, but the good thing is our residents are dedicated to making the city a better place.” Mike adds, “The success of Public Works would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees and the support of our city manager and City Council.”

3/22/18 10:28 PM

ASSUREDPARTNERS AssuredPartners works with successful regional and local insurance

Burnett. Vice President Tom Bates says, “If you called any insurance carrier

firms, and as one of the fastest-growing independent insurance agencies in

on any side and asked who the fastest growing firm is in the state, they would

the U.S., they are excited to announce their new partnerships as they continue

say AssuredPartners.” Jesse Dantice, another partner in the firm, adds, “We

expanding in the Upstate. “Our transparent approach helps us remove frustrations that businesses tend to have when negotiating health coverage,” says Mack Ward, a partner in the firm. “As client services experts, we demonstrate the value in helping local businesses maximize health coverage and minimize costs.” They typically work with an average of 50 to 1,000

were too big to be small and too small to be big. Our clients needed

“As client services experts, we demonstrate the value in helping local businesses maximize health coverage and minimize costs.”

employees, advising and helping to navigate the complex world of employer healthcare and benefits. Diverse and well-established services remain intact, and employee benefits is just one area of expertise for AssuredPartners. They also specialize in

national subject matter experts that AssuredPartners delivers.” Founded in 2011, AssuredPartners reached $1 billion in revenue in less than 7 years. In the last two years, with a staff of about 40 employees in the Upstate alone, they reported close to $6 million in revenue. They not only build partnerships, they give back. This year they are sponsoring Make-A-Wish Foundation and participating in the Trailblaze Challenge. When asked what the future holds for their

growth in the Upstate, Michael Herlong says, “Our goal is to eventually consolidate offices and have more of a downtown presence in Greenville, where we can all be together, and continue to grow by providing high-quality products to our clients.”

commercial property and casualty insurance, risk management, and individual insurance coverage. In 2016 they acquired AssureSouth of Spartanburg and Southern Risk Insurance in Anderson. In 2017 they were excited to

Front row from left: Mack Ward, Jesse Dantice, Tom Bates, Ryan Burnette; Back row from left: Patrick Rawlins, Michael Herlong, Curtis Taylor, Chuck Lee.

announce their acquisition of Herlong, Bates, Burnett Insurance in Greenville. Their President Michael Herlong advocates, “We are dedicated to insuring families, businesses, and homes – we’re thrilled to join with AssuredPartners, supplementing our expertise in risk management and business insurance with the trusted resources of a large, respected firm.” AssuredPartners continues to build solid foundations and strong

Greenville 864.527.0424

Anderson 864-231-0793



partnerships, so it’s no wonder why it was an easy decision for Herlong Bates

Spartanburg 864.582.5481

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STINA THOENNES, REALTOR® Certain feelings permeate southern culture, such as the feeling of a good day’s work. What southern culture generally doesn’t feel, however, is a nervous energy surrounding it all. This is what struck Stina Thoennes when she moved down from New Jersey over 20 years ago. “I remember being immediately struck by the general friendliness of the area. Everyone’s world is swirling, but no one is too particularly caught up in the rush.” Stina met her husband Mark a month after moving to the Upstate. They dated for two years and today are proud parents of two daughters, ages 14 and 18. Stina is a licensed REALTOR and has found a place to call home for her joy-filled work ethic at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS. The youngest of four, she describes herself as always having been an old soul, someone with strong family values, and, because she doesn’t exactly relish the limelight, one who is keen on connecting one-onone with clients. “I want to get to know you, then I can

“Our family, we just enjoy life, and that’s not something I take for granted.”

know more about what you’re looking for.” It’s easy to see how this transition to serving the

Upstate in realty came about so organically. When Stina talks about supporting her husband, being a role model for her daughters, or any aspect of the family’s life, you can hear the love in her heart as clearly as her voice itself. “We love to travel, we enjoy a good meal, all the sweet, simple things. Our family, we just enjoy life, and that’s not something I take for granted.” As she discusses her business life, the shift is seamless. “I try to get invested in each individual. It’s a people business, so really it was no problem for me to jump into it.” From finding the right home for someone to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or Rebuild Upstate, Stina pours her easygoing personality back into a culture with those same qualities that attracted her in the beginning. What began as a faith-based journey has blossomed into a new way of serving within her life. Meeting the Thoennes couple gives a reassurance that, in the midst of an increasingly faceless, modern world, a core element of humanity has not been lost here in Greenville at all.

3539 Pelham Rd., Greenville cdanjoyner.com 864.304.9475 110

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MARK THOENNES BUILDERS When we think about the construction of a structure, it is simple to notice as each element is supporting the next. From foundation to beams to even the final design features, no piece escapes the necessity of the others to form a premium product. Such is the case with Mark Thoennes Builders. Creating an excellent building structure to Mark Thoennes is similar to the approach he uses within his own family environment: functional, friendly, and fun. Mark and his wife Stina have deservedly arrived at what we might call the “power couple” status. With her in realty and him running his building/development company, their two daughters never run out of inspiration to work hard and care for others. Mark is a third generation builder and has been an entrepreneur since he was 18. “This business runs in the family. And family’s always first for me, so it fits,” Mark explains as he describes their values at home. He desires to set an example for his kids, volunteering at local non-profits and organizations, allowing for plenty of time to give back to the community that raised him. Mediocracy is not a norm in the Thoennes household, as one can quickly detect in their voices. It’s easy to see why, then, Mark Thoennes Builders comes with the motto Raising the Standards. “We pioneer areas where we see growth happening in the Upstate and set the standard for the area.” Mark goes on, “That’s why we enjoy being

“It’s a passion, and you have to pour that passion into what you do, no matter what it is.”

a downtown premier builder. It’s a passion, and you have to pour your interests and passions into what you do, no matter what it is.” The enthusiasm he brings to his work comes naturally from the enthusiasm he receives from home, and this cyclical process surely sustains him in all he does. This is further cemented in his client relations that quickly progress from a professional level to more of a connected friendship. Though Mark Thoennes Builders offers a unique product in its high-end, cutting edge, modern techniques, the traditional values of hard work and the importance of family values always take precedence. Even while talking about his business, Mark finds a way to steer the conversation back to the strong relationships he has with his wife, children, and friends. The time he spends with them brings him more joy than any other, and it‘s more than refreshing to witness the pride a local man can take in what has built him up, one support after the other.

106 South Calhoun St., Greenville markthoennesbuilders.com 864.304.9476 PHOTOGRAPH PROVIDED

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strong team there as a constant resource, and in direct contact with

in September of 2017, and he welcomed his Upstate customers by

their customers.

providing reliable, small-town values that people can trust. Adam grew up in Hartsville, SC, and graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. When asked how he got into the insurance business, he happily gives his parents the credit for teaching him the importance of building strong agent/customer relationships. His parents are both small-town agents for a large insurance company in Hartsville, and his

Adam’s favorite aspect of Greenville is the people.

“Even though the Upstate is growing, I still want to maintain that small-town business atmosphere, and I’m not afraid to give out my cell phone number to any of my customers.”

He says, “There is always an opportunity to make new connections. I absolutely love calling Greenville home and I plan on being here for the next 30-40 years.” Adam’s focus is community and reliability. “Even though the Upstate is growing, I still want to maintain that smalltown business atmosphere, and I’m not afraid to give out my cell phone number to any of my customers,” he says. Adam Peterson and his staff at State Farm put their

family and friends were thrilled when he joined with

customers first, making sure their needs are met, and

State Farm and established himself in the Greenville

their trust is insured.

area. He is located off of Pleasantburg Drive, right across from Greenville Technical College. In his spare time, Adam likes to golf and spend time with friends and family, but as a first-year business owner, he is dedicating most of his time to his current and future customers. Adam Peterson and his staff recognize that a lot has changed over

Adam Peterson, Agent

the past ten years in the insurance industry, with competition peaking

517 South Pleasantburg Dr., Ste. C, Greenville

and new companies sprouting up, so it is crucial that he and his team


emphasize the importance of having a local agent available and a 112

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JILL CHAPMAN, REALTOR® REALTOR™ Jill Chapman believes in giving back to the community. Her passion for making a difference is a driving force behind her business. This school year, she wanted to do something that would have an impact on students in the classroom. “Everybody should want to make a positive difference in their community,” Jill says. “Helping children when they’re young can leave a lasting impression. I wanted to help these teachers make that impression.” A client’s daughter, Kayla Roman, is a K-4 special education resource teacher at Midway Elementary. “She’s a sweet person and I wanted to help her classroom succeed,” says Jill. So Jill sent eight orange Wobble chairs that help the kids stay focused. But that was not enough. “I feel like God has blessed me with my real estate business. I had a great year last year and I wanted to pay it forward,” Jill says. “So instead of helping one teacher, I would help three.” The second teacher was client Brittany Loudermilk, a 9th grade math teacher at Westside High School. Jill asked what her students would really benefit from in the classroom. A short time later, Jill delivered individual mini dry erase

Giving is a biblical principle and my feeling is that if I’m always giving, I will never be without.

boards for each student. Her third teacher was Kate Price, a Townville Elementary kindergarten teacher. Jill says, “I realized when I met her I needed to help her. She had such a sweet spirit about her.” Jill was able to provide for her an Extra Wide Comfy Couch, Double Dice, Literacy Centers Management Chart, and a Fun with Phonics rug. Kayla Roman surprised Jill by hanging two poster-board sized thank you notes on her front door. Kate Price’s students dipped their little fingers in paint onto canvas in the shape of a big heart and had it framed. Jill was overwhelmed by the loving gratitude from these teachers and children. “I was so touched. These incredible teachers are giving these children things they don’t always receive from home. Giving is a biblical principle. I know that if I am always giving, I will never be without. I want to live my Christianity. Being a real estate


agent has helped me achieve that goal.”

BTC2018_Book.indd 113

705 West Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer jillchapmanhomes.com | 864.918.9508

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PALMETTO SPECIALTY TRANSFER For the Faireys, moving has always been an adventure. Whether related

even a mention.

to home renovating or relocating, the family’s 9-year-old twins – Mary Mac and Davis – have called seven different houses home over the course

“Our guys love community involvement,” says Tyler. “It reminds them that it’s our duty to lend a hand when possible. The community supports

of their young lives.

us, so we want to support it back. I’m not concerned with having

“Our family has always seen moving as fun,” says Tyler, who, along with his wife, Jill, heads up the Fairey four. “There are plenty of things leading up to the move that are stressful, but if planned correctly, the move shouldn’t be one of them.” Tyler heads up Palmetto Specialty Transfer, a moving and

our logo posted or a banner flying at these events. Just working

“Our family has always seen moving as fun.”

storage company that he started in 2004, that seeks to take the headaches out of what is often one of life’s most dreaded events by hiring top-notch people and honing in on communication, accountability, and attention to detail. “Every move is different, so we approach every client and project differently,” Tyler says. “We’re not perfect, but no one is more

with the other volunteers and their sincere appreciation is the only return we’re after.” Operation Santa is their favorite event, when they turn their moving trucks into Santa’s sleigh for a day. “Their mission is to provide for Greenville elementary school children who otherwise may not experience the joy of gifts during

the holiday season. Kathy Sheppard has done an amazing job with this program,” Tyler says. “They’ve grown their donations from 70 children in 2011 to over 600 in 2017. We are so fortunate to be able to lend a hand with distributing gifts to these children.”

conscientious.” Palmetto Specialty Transfer has also carved out a niche for itself with local interior designers as a way for furnishings to be received, inspected and stored until ready to be installed in clients’ homes. Whether it’s an entire home or one piece, their expertise makes life easy for their designer clients. Community involvement has always been important. Deliveries for the

103-A International Ct., Greenville

Cancer Society and helping with school events keep them rooted. Most of


the time, these services are provided without a request for sponsorship or



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STEPHANIE MILLER, REALTOR® together. Stephanie is an outstanding multi-tasker and is described by Even as a child, Stephanie Miller loved going to open houses, her clients as always being “one step ahead.” Whether she’s growing her exploring layouts and intricate details while sparking her imagination business or enjoying time with her family and friends, Stephanie admits, and spontaneously integrating the building blocks for her future in “I could not do all this without my wonderful clients and also real estate. Stephanie joined with Berkshire Hathaway my incredible husband. No two days are ever the same, and HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS four years ago, his support and encouragement have genuinely helped me and in 2017 she earned the honor of reaching President’s “I truly enjoy what I do, succeed in a career I love.” Circle, putting her in the top 4% of the Berkshire and it goes beyond the Learning from her clients and hearing feedback from Hathaway Home Services network nationwide. She closing table. It’s not them is crucial as Stephanie helps provide them with mixes her knowledge of the local market and community just about homes, security, honesty and patience throughout the entire buying relations skills to make her clients’ buying and selling it’s about people.” and selling process. She specializes in first homes, forever experience “feel like home.” homes, and everything in between. Stephanie also has repeat Stephanie is from Lyman, SC, and received her degree clients that trust in her to help them find exactly what they’re looking from the University of South Carolina Upstate. Her background is in for. “I truly enjoy what I do, and it goes beyond the closing table. It’s not non-profit administration and psychology. As the previous executive just about homes, it’s about people.” Stephanie maintains precision and director for a respected non-profit in Greenville, she realized how much determination, adding, “Whether we go look at three houses or 60 houses, she enjoys working with people and helping them. Stephanie’s close friend I want to make sure my clients find the perfect home!” and mentor encouraged her to make a jump into the real estate business, helping her transition into a career that she had always dreamed of. Stephanie loves working for C. Dan Joyner. “It is a family owned business, and even though there are over 400 agents, they know and see every one of us not just as agents, but people with families, and they truly care about helping us succeed,” she says. Stephanie and her husband, Justin, enjoy spending time with their two Great Danes, Grady and Cooper, and dining at restaurants in downtown 705 West Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer Greer, where they reside. When they aren’t working, they revel in some goodtobehomesc.com | 864.915.6076


renovation of their 1930s home, and they love taking on new projects

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THE RUTHERFORD Greenville has a new event space in town. The Rutherford, opened

son, she can be found enjoying the community. “We like to explore Greenville

in July of 2017, has already hosted a variety of events, including weddings,

together – visiting new restaurants, shopping, markets, and downtown events.”

family celebrations, business meet-and-greets, company socials, fundraisers,

She was also recently chosen to be part of the ChangeMakers for her

and many others. Yasha Patel, the owner of the Upstate’s

volunteer service. She is very active by participating in Students

newest venue, says, “The space allows us to host any type of

in Action, a program that helps local students grow as young

event our clients desire.” With 10,000 square feet over two floors and an expansive courtyard, The Rutherford creates a perfect platform for clients to be inspired. It is an old, 1950s brick building that unites the rich history of Greenville with the modern,

“I felt that there was a need for a unique event space in downtown that provides both an indoor and an outdoor atmosphere.”

progressive renovations of the city.

leaders, educates them on the root causes of the issues facing their communities, and empowers them to make a meaningful, measurable difference through service. And she’s found a great deal of support from the Upstate. “I love that there is an abundance of local businesses and support from our community that allows businesses to thrive,” she says, noting that

Before creating a space for Greenville’s events, Patel was a

small business owners have been very supportive, like a second family.

corporate lawyer, eventually becoming a public defender for South Carolina’s

Yasha is able to balance a new business, a new baby, and a wide range of

8th Circuit. However, coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she was always

volunteer work because she has a passion for seeing people smile. “Seeing the

looking for a business of her own.

genuine happiness in people makes all the stresses of our work worthwhile.”

“I was closely following the growth in Greenville for a while and often brainstormed business ideas that would allow me to showcase my creativity. I

She likes making people’s dreams a reality – whether it’s her clients, local students, or her son.

felt that there was a need for a unique event space in downtown.” In addition to The Rutherford, Yasha and her husband have embarked on another adventure. “My husband and I are new parents to the sweetest little boy ever,” she says, noting that Greenville is the perfect place to build a business and raise a child. When Yasha is not at The Rutherford and spending time with her new 116

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520 Rutherford Rd., Greenville therutherfordgreenville.com 864.735.0615


3/22/18 10:29 PM

RE/MAX MOVES Cameron Keegan paved his way into real estate in 2003. He opened

the Children’s Miracle Network by collectively donating to Greenville

the first RE/MAX MOVES office in Simpsonville’s Five Forks area in

Children’s Hospital, and every year they enjoy bringing the RE/MAX

2013, adding a downtown Greer office in 2016, and due

balloon to several local school carnivals and other events. For the

to recent growth, they will be opening a third office in

agents at RE/MAX MOVES, progress is a team effort. Cameron

downtown Fountain Inn in 2018. Their success in this market has been recognized as RE/MAX Moves was recently named Outstanding RE/MAX Brokerage of the Year for the entire Carolinas region.

“It’s all about our agents and amazing clients.”

RE/MAX’s global brand and success is important in terms of reaching far beyond just the Greenville area,

states, “It’s all about our agents and amazing clients.” If you are looking to buy or sell in the Upstate, call one of the RE/MAX MOVES Realtors at any of their three locations and visit the GreenvilleMoves.com website to learn more about how they can help you negotiate the best deal and successfully represent you through the entire buying or selling process.

but Cameron and his team capitalize on the local brand, bringing in over 87,000 visits to their GreenvilleMoves.com website in the past 12 months. Cameron is very tech-savvy and a bit of a gadget nut, so when mixing that with his background in advertising, it’s no surprise that they have one of the most user-friendly websites, including 360-degree videos and 3-D tours. Cameron speaks very highly of his agents, and when asked why he chose to join with RE/MAX, he says, “They are focused on helping agents be better at selling real estate, and I love that. I truly want my agents to succeed and build their businesses.” The agents at RE/MAX MOVES are dedicated to their clients as well, keeping their best interests in mind. With more than 36 agents, they are ready to get you moving from consult to closing day, helping clients in the Upstate with all of their home-buying needs. When this RE/MAX MOVES crew isn’t utilizing the latest technology

116 Trade St., Greer | 864.520.1001 108 South Main St., Fountain Inn | 864.520.1002 greenvillemoves.com


and promoting their brand, they are making generous contributions to

100 Batesville Rd., Suite C, Simpsonville | 864.520.1000

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3/22/18 10:30 PM


BERNHARDT HOUSE OF VIOLINS A growing need to serve musicians, teachers, and students brought Joyce

country with such connections. Even so, it is the local community of

Miller and Alex Spainhour together.

musicians that most inspires the owners of Bernhardt House of Violins, a

Joyce was selling stringed instruments by telephone and written

small two-family business. Spainhour notes, “While out playing music, we

correspondence. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the Upstate needed a brick-and-mortar facility. She soon contacted Spainhour to suggest such an enterprise, and he agreed to lend his expertise. Shortly thereafter, in August 2003, Bernhardt House of Violins opened its doors. With close to 50 years of

often run across customers and teachers, and these interactions

“Many of the teachers that we work with began as students.”

experience as a musician, teacher, clinician, and instrument

within the social community of musicians are fulfilling.” Services offered by Bernhardt House of Violins are wideranging. BHV has access to a varied stock of instruments, from those appropriate for just-beginning musicians to world-class, professional-level violins, violas, cellos and basses. Bernhardt House of Violins can also provide rental services for student

retailer, Miller is uniquely qualified as an entrepreneur. Co-owner

musicians, helpful advice for parents and teachers, and even value

Spainhour is likewise well-prepared, having spent over 50 years as

appraisals of stringed instruments.

a professional violinist, conductor, public school orchestra teacher, clinician, and music retailer.

Bernhardt House of Violins boasts its own repair facilities, as well. Bow-maker Daniel Miller works on premises to provide expert repair and

These experiences, along with a personal connection to schools and teachers, enable Bernhardt House of Violins to stand out. As Miller explains,

restoration for all instruments in the violin family. Whatever level of musical experience, Bernhardt House of Violins is ready to meet any musician’s needs.

“Many of the teachers that we work with began as students. As they have grown, we have become like parents and grandparents of our customers.” They are affiliated with American String Teachers Association, National Association of Music Education, Appraisers Association of America, and The Violin Society of America and are known throughout the United States. Joyce and Alex have built direct relationships with instrument makers all over the world and are one of the few violins shops in this part of the 118

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 118


5 Cateechee Ave., Greenville bernhardtviolins.com | 864.282.8887


3/22/18 10:30 PM

TY SAVAGE & CO. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY — GREENVILLE UPSTATE After 10 years of representing waterfront and golf course developers in

awards from Keller Williams and a Five Star Premier agent rating on Zillow

eight states and the Caribbean, and bringing in over $350 million in sales, Ty

and Trulia. Per his client reviews, Ty has an uncanny ability to maintain excellent relationships with his clients. Ty states, “Once we start

and Christa Savage decided it was time to join the primary real estate industry right here at home. The day after returning from their beachfront wedding in Jamaica in 2012, they joined the Keller Williams Greenville Upstate office.

“Spouses selling houses.”

working for a client, we take care of everything from start to finish, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible.” The two are driven, laid back, and exude southern hospitality,

There’s not much this power couple can’t handle when it comes to

So it’s no surprise that referrals pour in from past clients,

representing buyers and sellers alike. Talk about “Spouses selling

and strangers turn into repeat clients and life-long friends.

houses!” The Ty Savage & Co. brand and logo, which was derived from the

Ty explains, “I think what sets us apart from other agents is that

famous “Son of Man” painting by Magritte, is as unique and articulate as Ty

we provide our clients with the confidence to make the biggest decision of

himself, and it’s hard to miss it with signs and ads spread all over Greenville.

their lives without negativity or stress. We are strong negotiators and excellent

Ty started his real estate career in 2002 and was lucky enough to join Timberline Land Co. where he was a quick study in real estate development,

problem solvers. Our clients leave the closing table overjoyed and with an entirely different view of the process, and that’s what makes what we do so rewarding.”

marketing, and sales. Ty now specializes in representing buyers and sellers from $200,000 to $1,000,000+ and Christa specializes in representing first-

Pictured are Ty, Christa & their son T.J. at their home in Cobblestone.

time buyers, while also dominating CFO duties. Five Forks, Simpsonville, and downtown Greenville are their areas of expertise, and they are also tops in their field at assisting new families relocating to the booming city of Greenville. As a team, they are extremely resourceful, and adamant that their best trait is “making sure that phone gets answered, every time!” With their strong knowledge of the local market, from starter homes to the most luxurious homes in the area, Ty Savage & Co. doesn’t

Suite 100 Greenville tysavagehomes.com 864.444.7399


just list homes, they sell homes, and sell them quickly. Hence, the numerous

403 Woods Lake Rd.

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 119




3/22/18 10:34 PM


BRONSON & ASSOCIATES In the early ’80s, Camden, SC, was home to one large manufacturer,

There is no life so perfectly ordered that we truly “leave work at work.”

plenteous horses, and the Bronson family. Three and a half decades later, in

There’s always a “spillover,” as Kevin explains, between our personal and

August of 2017, one Kevin Bronson jumped into a full-time position as a

professional selves. Coaching was not only more fun for him, but even

business coach amidst the thriving Upstate.

proved more effective than managing, easily revealing what makes him so

Having nearly 20 years of experience as a public servant

passionate about what he does.

across the state of South Carolina, he calls the Upstate home along with his wife Bette, his twelve-year-old son, and ten-year-old daughter. A Clemson graduate, musiclover, runner, biker, avid reader of all genres, volunteer in Rotary Clubs and local non-profits, and even part-time writer, Kevin has become a sort of Renaissance man while

Though he has been trained in Harvard seminars and values

“There’s usually a disconnect between how we see ourselves and where we want to be. It’s my passion to see these two link.”

managing his growing firm, Bronson & Associates. Whether it comes to meeting personal expectations at work or taking a business to the next level of visibility, Bronson & Associates has become a reliable tool as Greenville stays the course on its recordbreaking economic growth.

connecting growth-oriented individuals to success, Bronson never forgets his roots and surrounding culture. In the midst of conversation, he describes himself as a “simple South Carolina guy.” This angle may be the most telling of him, given his CV. It’s what helps explain why he (along with surely the readers of Behind the Counter) believes that we live in a place that has become a paradigm of Southern living. As the Upstate

continues to swell, the character of her people remain unmoved. There is certainly more than one manufacturer around Kevin Bronson, and undoubtedly less horses. But after a talk with him, you would never realize it.

Executive coaching has experienced growth in popularity over the past fifteen years, and serves as a one-on-one “thought partner” for businesses or individuals involved in them. “There’s usually a disconnect between how we see ourselves and where we want to be. It’s my passion to see these two link,” he explains. “While you can make it from point A to point B on your own, our services help to get you there quicker, strategically, and much more efficiently.” 120

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 120

1 North Main St., Greenville bronsoncoach.com | 803.322.0934



3/22/18 10:35 PM

SAM HANKINS, REALTOR® When it comes to helping people relocate, Sam Hankins has the ability to bring details to life, directing buyers to the exact neighborhood and home they’re looking for. After joining with C. Dan Joyner, he has since sold millions of dollars in real estate, placing in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices President’s Circle, as well as earning his spot into 2017’s top 10 Berkshire Hathaway agents in the Upstate. Sam was born and raised in Greenville, so he’s inherently resourceful and knows where everything is located. For many Realtors, a common awkward moment is when they’re trying to find the lightswitch in the kitchen and their client is standing there waiting – for Sam, he not only knows where the light-switch is and how to appease buyers and sellers alike, he knows how to “bring old Greenville to people in an entirely new light.” He genuinely “loves to help people learn about Greenville and transition them to become a part of it.” Sam received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bob Jones University, and he comes from a background in real estate. As a former commercial Realtor, his grandfather was a huge mentor and great friend to him, giving him pointers and motivating him to succeed. Sam also gives credit where credit is due. When looking for a company to join, Sam says, “Greenville is hyper-local and I was looking for something like that. With C. Dan Joyner being well-respected

“My goal is to bring value to buyers and sellers in Greenville through superior real estate transactions.”

as a local brand, yet also knowing how trustworthy the Joyner family is, I was happy to work for a company that is giving back to Greenville.” Sam is hard-working and displays enthusiasm at work and at home. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, working out, going to church, and trying out new restaurants downtown. Sam’s parents are still in Greenville as well, and his family members are big advocates for him. “My wife, Viviana, is my main source of motivation when it comes to my career, and she’s always pushing me to do my best.” Sam deals with a variety of clients, including investors, first-time home buyers, those to looking to relocate, and he’s certified in selling luxury homes. He adds, “My goal is to bring value to buyers


and sellers in Greenville through superior real estate transactions.”

BTC2018_Book.indd 121

3539 Pelham Rd., Greenville mygreenvilleschouse.com 864.561.8119

Behind The Counter




3/22/18 10:35 PM



INDIGO FLOW & ART Indigo Flow & Art, a yoga studio and art gallery created by mother-

Greenville. “The benefits I experienced – mentally, emotionally and

daughter team Julie and Katie Hughes, offers an urban oasis in the heart

physically – were so transformative that I wanted to share these tools with

of the Village of West Greenville arts district. With a passion for yoga, art, music and community, the Hugheses seek to bring a wide variety of people together into a space that both grounds and uplifts. “People are craving a time to disconnect and simply be with

everyone!” This desire rang especially true for underserved

“People are craving a time to disconnect and simply be with themselves.”

communities. “Those who cannot afford a studio membership should not be denied exposure to a practice that was meant to benefit all of humanity.” The studio will soon launch their Indigo Youth Outreach afterschool program, which will

themselves,” Katie says. “Whenever we connect to the

eventually include free monthly classes for all ages at various

present moment, we elongate time. It’s an incredibly

locations on the West Side.

soothing experience.”

Indigo Flow & Art schedules an expansive list of classes and events

Katie grew up in a house that treasured the arts. “I would leave for

to attend. Check out this neighborhood gem’s website to follow all their

school in the mornings listening to my stepfather – a classical pianist

happenings. But of course, it’s certainly more rewarding to come and

and harpist – rehearsing Chopin or Vivaldi, then come home to a

experience all it has to offer in person!

Celtic jam in the living room.” Julie, an artist in the Village since 2005, instilled a passion for the arts in Katie at an early age. Music and arts festivals throughout her youth inspired Katie’s later organization of large community events. While fulfilling and rewarding, the stress of bringing them to life is what led Katie to pursue yoga. Katie’s enthusiasm expanded when she had the idea to create a yoga studio that would fund a neighborhood outreach program in West


Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 122


1272 Pendleton St., Greenville indigoflowandart.com 864.884.5607


3/22/18 10:36 PM

CRAWLEY’S PARTY SERVICES Roland Crawley has had a variety of jobs in his 65 years, from

to go in a different direction and joined his older brother providing

drug counselor to restaurant manager, but every job has had one thing

bartending services for events. After his brother passed away, Crawley

in common – a focus on his love of people. His latest venture, Crawley’s

continued and expanded the business.

Party Services, certainly fits the bill, offering a variety of services for parties, from basic bartending to a full turnkey service that includes beverage planning. purchasing, layout and more. “Anybody can serve drinks, but it takes a certain person to have the personality that people are looking for,” Crawley said. “Ninety percent of my customers over

When he isn’t working, Crawley can often be found

“The most rewarding thing about this profession is the personal friendships I’ve created with customers.”

belting out 70s classics by Earth Wind & Fire or Smokey Robinson while singing karaoke. He also loves going dancing – another reason his business has been a perfect fit. “Parties are the perfect place for me to work,” he said. “It blends right in with the things I like.” Though he is approaching the age many retire, Crawley

the years have become personal friends, so it’s not just a

said he is having so much fun that he sees continuing for at

customer-type relationship, it’s also a friendship.”

least another decade. “I just appreciate the customers I have

Crawley opened the business 16 years ago, and has built up a steady

had,” Crawley said. “I love the personal aspect of it. When I’m sick, my

clientele made up of many repeat customers who keep coming back to

customers reach out to help me. The most rewarding thing about this

him for help. He’s overseen the drinks at small parties of 10 to more than

profession is the personal friendships I’ve created with customers.”

350 people, and across Greenville to Charlotte, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and even St. Petersburg, Fla. “We travel, and I’ve stayed as long as five days for a wedding,” he said. Repeat customers know that no matter how large the event, or how many days, they can count on expert service with the personal touch. Crawley grew up in Greenville and graduated from Beck High School. After his years as a drug counselor, he enjoyed a stint running




his parents’ restaurant, Burn’s Place. But when they retired, he wanted


Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:36 PM



Whatever the business, wherever you are,the people make every difference.


Our parents watched us take our first steps steps in a particular room. We cringed at the table as we watched the other kids singing (or yelling) the Happy Birthday song to us. We have that one memorable holiday moment that we’ll share forever. We drove our first car into the driveway with a smile wider than the front bumper. We drove out of the driveway for the last time to set off on our own, with eager nerves that reached down to the very pit of our stomachs. We had baby showers and retirement parties. These moments, we’ll recall, didn’t happen in a vacuum. They happened in an unforgettable place – it was home. A big part of the American Dream, for many, includes homeownership and for most of us, that will be the largest financial investment of our lives. It’s not a decision that simply puts a roof over our heads or keeps us warm in the winter. It’s a decision that affects how we’ll view all of life’s ever-changing moments, with all of its joys,

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 124


sorrows, and memories. Turning peoples’ dreams into a reality has been one of Mark Hawkins’ passions for well over a decade. A Simpsonville native, he continues to call the upstate home, where he lives with his wife, Mollie, and their three sons, ages 13, 12, and 9. Upon leaving the Army, where he served as a cook, Mark continued in the food industry working for Chick-Fil-A. Serving people was his calling and when life led him down another path, he knew he wanted to help people fulfill their dreams of being homeowners. Enter PrimeLending, a company that is #1 for many reasons, quality and service just scratching the surface. It’s nice to be #1 at anything, and PrimeLending is no stranger to it. For three out of the last four years, PrimeLending has been first in market share for purchase money volume across the upstate. *


3/22/18 10:36 PM

Among many other accolades, it was named as one of the best workplaces for women** in 2017 and named one of the top 10 purchase money lenders* in the country. Amidst all of the #1s and expansions across the Southeast, PrimeLending offers the freedom of rallying local spirit in its clients and employees. Mark, branch manager of the Upstate, cannot escape his love for his roots. “Home is always home. Whatever the business, wherever you are, the people make every difference.” A key to success, he explains, boils down to the people who are devoted to the mission. Moe the Buffalo, mascot of parent company Hilltop Holdings Inc., would not attract enough attention on his own (though he certainly helps!). Working with someone who truly cares about making your plans come to life,

however, will be sure to stamp the memory. Mark is proud of the people who make up the company. They each have a story of what brought them to work for PrimeLending, why they have stayed and the people they have helped. They are committed to ensuring their clients have a positive experience, and can begin to make memories that start with… home. Greenville has exploded into a cultural and business hub, bringing enthusiastic souls from all walks of life. PrimeLending continues to strive to be #1 by helping those who yearn to make Greenville home…in their homes. Mark concludes, “We want to continue to be #1 as we enjoy laying the foundation for the baby shower to the retirement party, and everything in between.” *Source Marketrac ** Source Great Places to Work

Mark Hawkins, Branch Manager NLMS: 120006 211 East Butler Rd., Suite B-1 Mauldin primelendingsc.com 864.349.0160 Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:36 PM

Evaluation, Pre-Prep, and Color Testing

Dry Soil / Dander Removal Produces a Deeper, More Thorough Washing

Rugs In Line For Washing

When Quality and Care are Your Highest Concerns As a local family-owned company, we are dedicated to giving our customers prompt, reliable professional service. We use only the best cleaning products available as well as state-of-the-art in-plant rug cleaning equipment to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. We promise to give you the best cleaning possible at a fair price. We’re Environmentally Friendly Too! In-Home Carpet, Upholstery And Rug Cleaning In-Plant Rug Washing And Decontamination Licensed and Insured Residential And Commercial

“I have to be the best. My name depends on it.”



Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 126



In business for over 40 years CARPET, RUG & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, INC. 3/22/18 10:36 PM

Each Rug is Individually Soaked, Decontaminated, Washed and Rinsed

Centrifugal Water Extraction Final Clear Water Rinsing

Rugs are Hung to Airdry No Heat Used


Company President I.I.C.R.C. Certified Master Cleaning Technologist Master Restoration Technician

If you want it done right, call Ike’s Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning! Call today for a free estimate or to request service!

128 Poinsett Highway | Greenville | www.ikescarpet.com

BTC2018_Book.indd 127

864.232.9015 Behind The Counter




3/22/18 10:37 PM


Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 128



3/22/18 10:37 PM

ROTO-ROOTER Roto-Rooter is a nationally known name, but many people aren’t aware that the local Greenville Roto-Rooter is family-owned and headquartered right here on Tanner Road. Michael and Abby Zaffuto own and manage the business that was started by Abby’s parents, Gary and Patricia Eckberg, in 1984. After graduating from Clemson, Abby joined the family business in 1996. Michael joined the business in 1998, and they both assumed leadership roles a year later. The company has seen steady growth ever since, expanding to five locations and eight franchises. With more than 40 employees, Zaffuto said she could employ even more if she could find the highly qualified plumbers she is seeking. To address that problem, they created a space for a training center in their new operations center so they can run their own plumbing school, though that’s still in the planning phase. Dustin Littrell, a native of Kentucky, joined an already strong team last year. “I met Abby and her business had gotten larger, and we talked about marketing,” Littrell said. “She’s a hands-on business owner and had been handling marketing herself, so she brought me down. They are absolutely the best people to work for.” Littrell wants to let the community know more about the local Roto-Rooter business and all that it offers. “People think it’s drain cleaning, and may not think of us as a plumber,” he said. “We pump septic tanks, install sewers, we

“It’s really a one-stop shop, because we do everything.”

have people certified in crawl space encapsulation and leak detection. It’s really a one-stop shop, because we do everything.” With Littrell on board, the Zaffutos have been able to shift their focus to operations, boosting efficiency, creating the ideal team of employees and updating all company software. The new facility and systems are so successful that other Roto-Rooter franchisors fly in to

see the best ways to run their operations. When Roto-Rooter was founded in the 1930s, it focused on drain cleaning, but now people can often take care of that on their own. Plumbing, however, is a more complex field that requires experience, knowledge and a license. That’s where the expert staff at Roto-Rooter can really make a difference, Littrell said, for residential clients as well as large commercial operations. Thanks to the family-oriented nature and local focus of the company, the Zaffutos and their team place a large priority on giving back to the community in a variety of ways. The company has donated plumbing services to the Bi-Lo Charities Children’s Cancer Center, and have also donated labor valued at $10,000 to the U.S. Military History Museum and Education Center being built at the Greenville Downtown Airport. The company has also donated iPads to Brushy Creek Elementary’s Special Education Program and proudly supports the Langston Foundation, Dabo’s All In Team Foundation, and the March of Dimes. “I look for things that have a local impact, and help local organizations,” Zaffuto said. Organizations and hospitals that help children mean a lot to the Zaffutos, especially since their son Matthew, 8, was diagnosed with ADNP Syndrome. One of only 101 diagnosed cases in the world, the genetic abnormality causes a variety of problems including sleep apnea, intellectual disabilities and lack of muscle tone. The Zaffuto family stays active with Matthew and his big sisters Katie, 15, and Allie, 13. The family loves traveling, and as Clemson alumni, they particularly relished recent trips to watch their beloved Tigers play – and win – post-season games.

136 Tanner Rd., Greenville rotorooter.com/greenville 864.288.7686


BTC2018_Book.indd 129

Behind The Counter




3/22/18 10:37 PM


BTC2018_Book.indd 130

3/22/18 10:37 PM

SEASON’S CATERING Julie Ellis and Mark Bergstrom have combined the local favorites of the Carolinas and the culinary diversity of the world at Seasons Café and Catering, providing the Upstate with locally grown, healthy cuisine for nearly four years. Ellis and Bergstrom operate a boutique cafe on Butler Road and specialize in catering for all occasions. Customers can enjoy everything from fresh soups, salads and sandwiches at the cafe, to chicken salad, shrimp and grits, steak crostinis and fried mac and cheese bites at catered events. Seasons also prepares healthy, clean meals that customers can order online and pick up for weeknight meals or lunches at work. Everything is fully cooked and ready to eat. In the last year, Ellis and Bergstrom have expanded their business to include a coffee shop and bakery called Crave. It features local coffee from Due South and their bakery specializes in house made favorites – shortbread drizzled with bourbon sea salt caramel, cinnamon rolls, scones and more. Not only is there local beer on tap, but they also make homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, making Crave a new hot spot for locals. “We’ve really enjoyed Seasons over the last four years, so we opened Crave,” says Ellis. “The community has been wonderful to work with. We are locally owned and want the community to appreciate we are here. We’re really into this community. We believe in this community, and we’re trying everything we can to be a

“We have a great passion for food that we like to pass along to people through good service, consistent quality product, and a good price.”

part of its growth.” Ellis and Bergstrom met at the Virginia Culinary College where Mark was the director and Julie a student. When Julie moved to the Upstate, she and Mark developed the idea for Seasons. “Greenville was the perfect location because of its thriving economy and progressive growth,” Bergstrom says. “It’s become a culinary mecca, and there’s an emphasis on food in this area.”

While Ellis and Bergstrom are chefs by trade, Mark has even tried his hand at growing food as a hobby. Putting the best quality food on the table starts with having the best quality on the farm, so he has taken an interest in which techniques and circumstances produce the best product. The passion has even extended to his daughter, with whom he raises chickens. While some kids set up a lemonade stand, Mark’s daughter sells fresh chicken eggs. Mark grew up in Charleston and brings the local flavor, while Julie brings a knowledge of cuisines around the world to Seasons. She lived in Hong Kong and Shanghai before landing in the Upstate. In their free time, Mark and Julie visit local farmer’s markets. “We like to source our food locally. We have a great passion for food that we like to pass along to people through good service, consistent quality product, and a good price.”

1054 East Butler Rd., Greenville seasonscafeandcatering.com | 864.297.6515

Behind The Counter

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3/22/18 10:37 PM

BTC2018_Book.indd 132

3/23/18 11:49 AM

even knew half the things we’ve been able to do in the

tumblers and cups? George Cowart, Jr. said, “If my dad

along with the ability to print full color 360 degrees on

decoration, 3D scanning and printing capabilities

contract etching, laser etching, UV printing and product

changes they have added over the years, such as,

but did you know of the creative and innovative

You probably think of them as just an awards company,

proud to still call Greenville home!

employees in a 10,000 square foot facility. They are

two brothers in a family garage to 16

1965, the company has grown from

Established as Cowart Engravers in

ideas to life.

assisting companies with bringing their

creating unique awards, as well as

themselves to customer service and

912 Laurens Road, Greenville 864-271-9131 awardsthatwork.espwebsite.com

and experience it for yourself!

customer experience. We invite you to stop by

Cowart Awards’ mission is to deliver a quality

happen by accident…it happens by design.”

and a good customer experience doesn’t

the end of the day, it’s about the customer,

better serve their clients. As Erin says, “At

years, Cowart Awards has committed

“At the end of the day, it’s about the customer, and a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident…it happens by design.”

now available in-house, allowing them to

Along with new equipment, 3D graphic design is

the same – Cowart Awards’ passion to create awards

that make winners smile. For over 50

past few years, it would blow his mind.”

A lot has changed since 1965, but one thing has stayed


Making Awards that make Winners Smile!

The most rewarding part of our business is...

BTC2018_Book.indd 133

3/23/18 11:49 AM

417-A Laurens Road


1 9 68

1407 Laurens R oad



Behind The Counter

912 Laurens R oad






Participants of Behind the Counter 2018 receive these beautiful plaques, created by Cowart Awards, as a keepsake and thank you for supporting the Greenville Journal’s Shop Local Campaign. In addition to local and national corporations, churches and schools, Cowart Awards also supplies awards and membership plaques to Chambers of Commerce and associations throughout the United States.

15 O ak Street, off Pendl eton Str eet i n Wes t Greenvi l le


19 6 5



MILLER HVAC SERVICE The owner and president of Miller HVAC Service, Bob Miller, knows from the University of South Carolina two years ago, Ben has come back to the what it takes to keep businesses comfortable during Carolina’s often business in operations and has brought it into the 21st century by upgrading unpredictable seasons. Bob has been in the HVAC business the company’s technology and online presence. since 1990, and he decided to start his own business in Eddie Wynn, vice president of construction, and Darrell 2006. He felt that the Upstate was simply a “no-brainer” “I’ve got my phone on 24 Durham Jr., vice president of sales and business development, when choosing to open his doors because of its growing are also essential to Miller’s operations. Durham’s family has hours a day,” population and industry. been in the HVAC industry since 1941, and he carries on that Miller HVAC Service prides itself on being the single family tradition by continuously going above and beyond the source for all your commercial and industrial HVAC needs from service to customer’s expectations. Wynn can be found on-site estimating new projects replacement of an existing system. They also provide 24-hour emergency and planning for proper equipment installation. service, giving their customers peace of mind no matter the time of day. “I’ve The company is not only keeping customers comfortable throughout the got my phone on 24 hours a day,” Miller says. “When the phone rings and year, but they also give back to the Upstate community through charitable somebody needs us, we’re on our way.” giving and participation. They have been involved with Greer’s Meals on Bob grew up in Pittsburgh but has lived in the Upstate since 1985. He Wheels, Folds of Honor, Honor Flight, Gateway House and Christmas Shoes, says he gets calls for air conditioning repairs throughout the year—even on along with numerous other charities. Miller estimates the company has the coldest days. When he isn’t saving the day and changing the weather for donated $75,000 in the last five years to various charities in the area. local businesses, he can be found fishing or golfing. He also enjoys spending time in downtown Greenville. Serving clients as far as Charlotte and Columbia, the heart of Miller’s business is in the Upstate, and most of that business comes from word of mouth. Miller says, “Our number one priority is service. We want to grow with the customers and make relationships with them.” Miller’s ever-growing list of customers have become like family, and Miller’s 306 East Frontage Rd., Greer own family has joined him in the business. Bob’s son, Ben Miller, has been involved in the family business since he was 16 years old. After graduating millerhvacservice.com | 864.334.3427 134

Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 134



3/22/18 10:38 PM


A.T. Locke.............................................................................................................. 87 Access Law............................................................................................................ 47 Adam Peterson, Agent – State Farm....................................................................... 112 All Seasons Landscape............................................................................................. 13 AssuredPartners.................................................................................................... 109 Atlantis Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living...................................................................84-85 Bank of Travelers Rest............................................................................................. 31 BB&T Wealth..................................................................................... Inside Back Cover Benchmark Mortgage................................................................................................ 1 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS®........................................ 9 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS® – Commercial Division......... 81 Bernhardt House of Violins..................................................................................... 118 Bijou Dental Spa..................................................................................................... 78 Blackstream | Christie’s............................................................................................ 17 Blossom Shoes & Such Greenville............................................................................. 90 Bronson & Assocates............................................................................................. 120 C. Dan Joyner Property Management Co.................................................................... 80 Carmen Feemster, REALTOR®.................................................................................. 100 Carolina Heating Service Inc..................................................................................... 73 Central Realty Holdings............................................................................................ 60 Chet & Beth Smith Group, The..............................................................Inside Front Cover Christophillis & Gallivan P.A...................................................................................... 96 City of Greenville Public Works Department, The........................................................ 108 Clayton Tile............................................................................................................ 34 Cocobella Boutique............................................................................................... 105 Comfort Keepers..................................................................................................... 38 Cotton Rouge & Company........................................................................................ 25 County Bank – Downtown Greenville......................................................................... 27 Cowart Awards...............................................................................................132-133 CPR Cell Phone Repair/Airworx Unmanned Solutions...............................................76-77 Crawley’s Party Services........................................................................................ 123 Crescent Homes...................................................................................................... 99 Davis Audiology...................................................................................................... 14 Designed for Downtown, LLC.................................................................................... 79 Dillard-Jones Builders............................................................................................... 43 Dominion Senior Living – Patrick Square, Clemson...................................................... 48 Drift Float & Spa.................................................................................................... 94 Dwell Chic Interiors............................................................................................... 101 EDTS Cyber........................................................................................................32-33 emediagroup.......................................................................................................... 16 Engineered Sleep Mattress Company.....................................................................70-71 Five Oaks Academy................................................................................................. 53 Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, LLC.........................................................................74-75 Gateway Supply Co.............................................................................................56-57 Gateway Wealth Strategies...................................................................................... 30 GBS Building Supply............................................................................................18-19 Genco Pool & Spa..................................................................................................6-7 Golden Strip Glass................................................................................................... 62 Graydon Thompson, LLC........................................................................................... 49 Greenhill Pharmacy.............................................................................................28-29 Greenville Carpet One.............................................................................................. 10 Greystone Antiques................................................................................................. 65 Holliday Law Firm...........................................................................................106-107

Homestar Financial Corporation............................................................................... 102 Hope Tz Schmalzl – Joyner Commercial..................................................................... 83 Ike’s Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc......................................................126-127 Indigo Flow & Art................................................................................................. 122 Jacob Mann, REALTOR®......................................................................................... 104 Jill Chapman, REALTOR®........................................................................................ 113 Jordan Lumber Company.......................................................................................... 37 Julie Cain Cwynar, REALTOR®.................................................................................... 22 Laura Simmons & Associates – Real Estate................................................................ 93 LittleJohn Portables................................................................................................. 21 Madi Boutique........................................................................................................ 91 Maggie Aiken, REALTOR®......................................................................................... 39 Mark Thoennes Builders......................................................................................... 111 Martin Garden Center.............................................................................................. 15 Massage Envy........................................................................................................4-5 Melissa Morrell, REALTOR®....................................................................................... 26 Meyer Dentistry.................................................................................................... 136 Millennium Private Wealth....................................................................................... 12 Miller HVAC Service............................................................................................... 134 Mobius Construction.................................................................................................. 8 NHC Health Care Greenville...................................................................................... 36 Paige and Robbie Haney, REALTORS®....................................................................... 103 Palmetto Specialty Transfer.................................................................................... 114 Palmetto State Glass............................................................................................... 55 Pecknel Music........................................................................................................ 40 PrimeLending.................................................................................................124-125 ProSource.............................................................................................................. 72 Quality Business Solutions....................................................................................68-69 RE/MAX MOVES.................................................................................................. 117 Rhett Brown, REALTOR®........................................................................................... 11 Ron’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning...........................................................................44-45 Rosalinda’s Restaurant............................................................................................. 86 Roto Rooter...................................................................................................128-129 Sam Hankins, REALTOR®........................................................................................ 121 Samson Stone........................................................................................................ 97 Scarpetta Group, Inc., The....................................................................................58-59 Season’s Catering...........................................................................................130-131 SHLTR Architects..................................................................................................... 64 Sitter’s Registry...................................................................................................... 54 Smith & Webb....................................................................................................... 61 Southern Traditions – Window Fashions..................................................................... 52 Spartanburg Medical Center........................................................................................ 3 Spaulding Group, REALTORS®................................................................................... 20 Spencer/Hines Properties........................................................................................ 92 Splash on Main...................................................................................................... 95 Stanley Steemer..................................................................................................... 50 Stephanie Miller, REALTOR®.................................................................................... 115 Stina Thoennes, REALTOR®..................................................................................... 110 Summit Solar.....................................................................................................88-89 SW Promotions...................................................................................................... 51 Taylors Mill............................................................................................................ 24 The Rutherford..................................................................................................... 116 THS Constructors................................................................................................66-67 Traveling Storytellers............................................................................................... 41 Tribus Design Studio | Tribus Architecture.................................................................... 42 Two Men And A Truck.............................................................................................. 23 Ty Savage & Co., REALTOR®................................................................................... 119 Upstate Granite Solutions......................................................................................... 82 Verb Beauty Studio................................................................................................. 35 Vista Capital Management Group.............................................................................. 98 Waterstone on Augusta – Active Senior Living............................................................. 46 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop.............................................................................. 63 Wilson & Associates Real Estate...................................................................BACK COVER Behind The Counter

BTC2018_Book.indd 135




3/23/18 11:20 AM


MEYER DENTISTRY Dr. James Meyer is making customers more comfortable with going

That relaxing atmosphere is created by the well-trained, experienced

to the dentist and more confident in showing off their smiles. Combining

staff at Meyer Dentistry. “I love the people here,” Meyer says. “They are so

personable service with current technology and a great deal of experience, the

nice and friendly. We’ve created such a family-oriented place.”

team at Meyer Dentistry has made dentist-visit anxiety a thing of the past.

Dentistry and family have always been connected for Dr. Meyer. His

Practicing dentistry for 28 years, Dr. Meyer has seen a lot of improvements in the field, and he has managed to stay on the front line of the newest innovations in oral health. In addition to general dentistry and restorative work – one-appointment crowns, root canal

father, uncle, brother, and two cousins are all dentists around

“We want everyone to leave our office with a genuine smile.”

the country. “As a kid, I never wondered what I’d be when I grew up – I always said I’d be a dentist, just like my dad.” When Dr. Meyer is away from the office, he is usually spending time with his family. He and his wife, Anne, have three teenagers—

therapy and dental implants – Meyer Dentistry provides

Jacob, 19; Ella, 18; and Kate, 15. They live on a mini-farm, raising

comprehensive cosmetic and orthodontic treatment. He

horses, goats, chickens and rabbits, among others. Dr. Meyer enjoys

has also studied at the Las Vegas Institute to add restoring smiles through jaw rejuvenation to his repertoire. Dr. Meyer has even ventured into sleep dentistry, helping people with mild and moderate sleep apnea. Their newly renovated office is fitted with all the newest technology,

working outside with his hands—landscaping and building projects. Dr. Meyer has created a family and business that mirror the Upstate community. “The importance is on family and people,” Meyer says of the Greenville area. “My only regret is not getting here sooner.”

which can make a dentist visit more comfortable and efficient. “We practice in a relaxed atmosphere,” says Dr. Meyer. “But we offer all the modern technology to help our clients get the smile of their dreams.” It is important to Dr. Meyer to make patients comfortable. He wants them to have a relaxed experience in the office and a confident smile afterwards. Meyer says, “We want everyone to leave our office with a

1212 Haywood Rd., #300, Greenville

genuine smile.”

meyerdentistry.com | 864.213.4442


Behind The Counter

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From left to right: Standing: Bob Taylor, Regional Portfolio Manager; Shane Kendrick, Wealth Advisor; Judy Schoemer, Personal Trust Specialist. Seated: Todd Harward, Wealth Advisor; Melissa Fritz, Wealth Advisors Regional Director; Scott Collins, Financial Planning Strategist.


Clients know the real value of doing business with BB&T is building relationships with experienced advisors who are deeply rooted in a culture of personal service and integrity. That service culture drives BB&T’s approach to wealth management. Their Wealth advisors in Greenville provide affluent clients and their families with comprehensive financial planning and advisory services that are objective, understandable and actionable. Their clients have access to a dedicated wealth advisor supported by a team of specialists in the areas of financial planning, strategic credit, banking, insurance, investments, trusts and estate planning. This team approach extends beyond BB&T. They connect and coordinate with your attorney, CPA and tax advisor so each professional has the benefit of the big picture – your overall financial picture – as they make recommendations in their areas of expertise. The result is a team approach that integrates decisions within all areas of your financial life. While personal service is at the heart of the BB&T philosophy, a four-step process provides a practical approach to wealth management. The four steps of the BB&T Wealth customized financial plan focus on assessing your needs, structuring your plan, assembling your team and monitoring your results. This process begins with in-depth conversations and results in an integrated action plan that evolves as your financial needs and objectives change. “We enjoy getting to know our clients and their families, and understanding what is important to them. Often, our advisors

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and clients discover mutual interests, especially when it comes to community involvement. These shared interests result in deeper, more meaningful connections and relationships that continue for years, decades – even generations,” says Melissa Fritz, regional director. Traditional banking services are provided by Branch Banking and Trust Company, Member FDIC. Only deposit products are FDIC insured. Trust and investment management services are provided by Branch Banking and Trust Company. Other investment solutions are offered by BB&T Investments and BB&T Scott & Stringfellow, divisions of BB&T Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. BB&T Securities, LLC, is a wholly owned, nonbank subsidiary of BB&T Corporation. Securities and insurance products or annuities sold, offered or recommended by BB&T Securities, LLC, or Branch Banking and Trust Company are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank, not insured by any federal government agency and may go down in value. BB&T and its representatives do not offer tax advice. The information provided should not be considered tax or legal advice. Please consult with your individual tax advisor and/or attorney regarding your individual circumstances.

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Making it a home is yours.


Number One In The Neighborhood TM

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Behind The Counter 2018  

A photo essay of local entrepreneurs. See the people behind some of Upstate South Carolina's finest businesses. Get a behind-the-scenes look...

Behind The Counter 2018  

A photo essay of local entrepreneurs. See the people behind some of Upstate South Carolina's finest businesses. Get a behind-the-scenes look...

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