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We pledge to provide a safe and secure environment and enhance the quality of life in the City of Miramar by working in partnership with the community, providing progressive police services, impartially enforcing the laws, preserving the peace and protecting the individual rights of our citizens.


The basis of professionalism is a combination of honor, integrity and accountability. We are committed to developing and providing leadership as partners with the community. Our understanding of diversity is key to our success. We respect our fellow employees and the citizens we serve. Through teamwork, we effectively achieve our goals. We foster open and honest communication.


Wayne M. Messam


Vice Mayor

Yvette Colbourne


Winston F. Barnes


Maxwell B. Chambers


Alexandra P. Davis

Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

Serving Our Community


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Police Chief

Leonard Burgess I am pleased to present the Miramar Police Department’s 2021 Annual Report, highlighting our accomplishments, service and vision for 2022. This past year has been a true privilege, serving as Interim Chief of Police of this highly recognized and respected agency. On February 14, 2022, I was appointed as the Chief of Police. I could not be more honored to have the opportunity to lead the men and women of one of the finest police departments, not only in South Florida but in the nation. We take great pride in delivering unparalleled police services to our diverse Miramar community. Ensuring public safety, while maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity is our pledge to you. Our department has been at the forefront of modern policing, committed to 21st Century Policing strategies and the Eight Can’t Wait initiatives, promoting effective crime reduction while building public trust, reducing Use of Force incidents


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

and increasing accountability. In fact, our Internal Affairs Unit documented a significant reduction in Response to Resistance incidents. We are proud to say that the department had zero racially biased complaints in 2021. The past two years have been the most challenging years in the history of the department. The global pandemic affected our agency and the community we serve in an unprecedented manner. Many have been touched by grief, compounded by stress caused by financial trouble or uncertainty. Our department was not spared. We began 2021 with the loss of a dedicated member of our staff due to COVID. Our Miramar PD family united in support and grew stronger in our resolve, delivering excellence with compassion and pride to our residents. In 2021, tangible results were realized as crime was reduced in various areas compared to the previous year. Burglaries decreased 38%, robberies by 22%, vehicle burglaries by

21%, and auto thefts reduced by 8%. It should be noted, the overall reduction of more than 12% in 2021 was in addition to a double-digit reduction of the prior year as well – marking an unprecedented era in crime reduction. 2021 marked a time of progress and new beginnings through the opening of our new 21,000 square foot Public Safety Complex in Historic Miramar and the adoption of innovative technology that keeps us in the forefront of modern policing. This technology includes gunshot detection, a new records management system, upgraded tactical and safety equipment, and various software programs to enhance efficiency. Furthermore, through grant funding, the department will be implementing state of the art, virtual reality de-escalation training for all officers, as we do everything possible to keep them and our community safe. This year also marked 25 years of national accreditation at the highest level possible – meritorious – a distinction that very few police departments across the country can boast. I am proud of what we have already accomplished and am looking forward to our future. As your chief, I believe in the importance of developing leaders that are driven, compassionate and will instill a culture that drives the succession of excellence. In 2021, twenty-four police officers and eleven professional staff members joined our department, representing a myriad of nationalities, languages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I am truly excited of this diverse talent and experience that will bring our organization to higher levels of community engagement and professionalism. A bright future is ahead of us. As we continue recruiting a whole new generation of police officers and professional support staff, rest assured that the future of this agency will carry our commitment of providing you a safe environment to live, work, and play. I look forward to leading this agency with intention, providing a clarity of purpose that will inspire and motivate our TEAM to carry out our MISSION… so let’s continue maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity with excellence into 2022. Thank you all for your friendship, encouragement and unwavering support. I wish continued health, safety, and blessings to each one of you and your families.




This office shall continue to proudly serve as the foundation for the betterment of our staff, by honoring tradition, while pioneering change.

emergency, such as a natural disaster in the city, the chief of police, along with other city leaders, assumes a leadership role in planning, coordinating, and directing all activities aimed at returning conditions to normal. The chief of police has jurisdiction within the City of Miramar and commands authority over 228 sworn officers and 83 civilian employees. The chief of police has the responsibility and authority for the management, direction, and control of the operations and administration of the department. He ensures efficient and effective police services to the citizens of Miramar. The chief also formulates the plans and policies of all departmental operations, including fiscal management.

The chief of police is the highest-ranking officer in the police department. He is responsible for providing the overall leadership and management of the police department. The chief of police directs, plans, and coordinates the enforcement of the penal divisions of the city charter, the ordinances of the city, and the laws of the state and nation for the purpose of protecting persons and property, and for the preservation of the peace of the community. The chief of police is responsible for communicating with the city commissioners, and the state and national legislative bodies on law enforcement matters of importance to the City of Miramar; as well as proposing new or amended existing legislation which could have an impact on law enforcement. The chief of police ensures the highest level of professionalism of police service. He is responsive to the concerns and expectations of the community. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the management functions of controlling, planning, organizing, supervising, and staffing for the department. During a state of


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

The department is organized, under the Office of the Chief of Police, into four operational bureaus: Community Oriented Policing, Special Operations, Executive Services and Support Services.


The Public Information Office is responsible for preparing reports and information made available to the public and media. The Public Information Officer: • Directed and managed the operations of media relations and crisis management for the Miramar Police Department. • Gathered and disseminated information about criminal activities, emergency incidents and other items of general interest to the media and public. Authored and distributed news releases, public service announcements and statements. • Reported to the scene of major incidents and coordinated agency responses for the news media. • Coordinated all police press conferences, media interviews and prepared subject matter experts to

• • • •

speak with the press. Managed the department’s website and all social media platforms. Created and conducted training sessions on news media relations, media rights, social media policy and compliance. Informed executive staff of news media events. Produced videos to help solve crimes, showcase the department, and educate the community.

• •

Performed public relations duties, including producing articles and material to engage the city’s residents and strengthen community relations. Managed and responded to all public records requests from the news media.




Administrative Investigation Incidents



The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the City of Miramar and the Miramar Police Department, as well as the rights of all citizens within the area of jurisdictional responsibility. The members assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit network with Internal Affairs investigators throughout the country for best practices and proactive measures. The Internal Affairs Unit is constantly training and strives to offer the highest-quality services to the residents of Miramar. To ensure the highest standards, the Internal Affairs Unit also provides training to police department personnel, and staff from other city departments.

Criminal Investigation Incidents



Inquiry/Referral Incidents



Citizen Complaint Incidents



Officer Injury Incidents



Property Damage Incidents



Firearm Discharge Incidents



Use of Force Incidents



Vehicle Accident Incidents



Vehicle Pursuit Incidents




Major Jose Vargas


The Community Oriented Policing Bureau’s (COPB) primary function is road patrol, which is under the leadership of Major Jose Vargas. COPB provides quality law enforcement services including responding to emergency calls. The bureau is committed to preventing and reducing crime through a variety of proactive problem-solving initiatives. Within the bureau, there are specialized units and divisions such as: Community Resource Unit, Community Service Aides, Canine (K-9), Field Training Program, Field Force and Honor Guard.


The Community Resource Unit is managed by one sergeant and is comprised of eight community resource officers. The unit is responsible for responding to community needs, evaluating the effectiveness of community programs, crime prevention activities, community concerns, community activities, meetings, presentations and attending special events. This unit is tireless in their efforts to be innovative and dedicated to our community. During 2021, the Community Resource Unit hosted or participated in many programs designed to build bridges into the community. Although the pandemic created challenges throughout the year, the Community Resource Unit continued their efforts by enhancing community relations through special events. It should be noted that CDC guidelines were followed during every event.


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021


The Community Service Aides Unit is a civilian component of the Community Oriented Policing Bureau. The community service aides provide an invaluable level of support to the sworn members of the Miramar Police Department. This unit is comprised of 16 community service aides. The unit responds to traffic complaints and offers assistance, as requested, by officers and immediate supervisors. They write offense and property reports as reported by citizens, and they provide court testimony when needed. The community service aides also provide service to the Records Unit where they provide weekly delivery of correspondence to and from the South Satellite Courthouse and Broward County’s Main Courthouse. Community service aides are assigned to Miramar Police Department’s front desk and Town Center’s front lobby/

information desk. The unit also supports other units by providing coverage to communications personnel and serving as the primary investigators on traffic crashes. They provide traffic control whenever possible and enforce parking regulations. Additionally, the community service aides also volunteer at various community events throughout the city. Although the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges throughout the year, these individuals in the unit accumulated some truly impressive statistics. Throughout the course of the year, the unit responded to 3,370 calls for service, issued 1,247 traffic citations, completed 1,476 offense incident reports, handled 11,467 crash reports and processed countless crime scenes.


The Miramar Police K-9 Unit is comprised of 5 specialized law enforcement officers who have amassed hundreds upon hundreds of training hours to qualify for the responsibility of using a dog for law enforcement purposes. These dogs cost over $10,000 each and are vetted by the K-9 Unit instructors to ensure they can locate and hold suspects who have committed violent and felonious crimes from gaining access to more victims. This unit is on call 24/7 and responds whenever a significant threat to the public’s safety presents itself. In 2021 the K-9 Unit was successful in apprehending 13 suspects and assisted in the apprehension of countless others, all of which surrendered when ordered by police and therefore had no direct contact with the police dog. Other accomplishments which occurred in 2021 are as follows: • • • • •

• •

Maintaining a focused and accountable training methodology that exceed industry, FDLE, state, and national training requirements. Adding and training Evo, a newly purchased police dog, to the K-9 Unit. All K-9 teams completed their grueling annual recertification. Assisted in removing over $900,000 in fake US currency from the streets. Explosive K-9 Detection Teams assisted in large scale events such as Miramar’s 9/11 Memorial Site Dedication Ceremony, Ft. Lauderdale’s Air and Sea Show, NASCAR, Ft. Lauderdale’s Boat Show, Women’s Gold Cup Soccer matches at DRV PNK Stadium, North Miami Beach’s Snow Festival, and Miami Gardens’ 1st Annual Juneteenth Event. Conducted hundreds of daily business checks every month throughout the city Presented K-9 Unit demonstrations for the Citizen’s Police Academy and numerous public schools in Miramar.


The Miramar Police Department, in keeping with community expectations for professional police services, has an established Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. The purpose of the Miramar Police Department FTO Program is to prepare officers and community service aides in training to perform essential duties and to enhance the professionalism of the patrol division through continuous quality improvement. The FTO Program is comprised of 18 dedicated officers & community service aides who are all in excellent standing within the department. All of the field training officers undergo regular training on updates of policies and procedures and have also received instructor-level certifications to allow them to deliver the highest level quality of training to the future of the Miramar Police Department. In 2021, the department was honored to train a total of 28 officers & community service aides, 13 of whom successfully completed the FTO Program. 15 of the trainees are currently progressing through the FTO Program.



Major James Dunkelberger

The Special Operations Bureau, managed by Major James Dunkelberger, supports the department’s mission and goals through specialized support to the uniformed services of the department’s Community Oriented Policing Bureau. The Special Operations Bureau consists of the Criminal Investigations Division and Special Operations. This includes Youth Services, Police Explorers, Traffic Unit, Hostage Negotiations Team, Property and Evidence, Victims Services, Burglary Task Force, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), P.R.I.M.E. Unit, Dive Team, Training Unit, Crime Scene Unit and the Criminal Investigations Division.


The Criminal Investigation Unit is composed of 14 detectives that are assigned to the General Investigative Unit, Special Victims Unit and Homicide Unit. There are also three detectives that are assigned to the U.S Marshalls Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force and FBI Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force.


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021


The General Investigative Unit is composed four detectives who investigate all burglaries, thefts, arson and criminal mischief cases.


The Special Victims Units is composed of five detectives responsible for investigating child abuse/ neglect, sex crimes and missing juveniles. The detectives are also members of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that investigate any type of on-line child exploitation.


The Homicide Unit is composed of five detectives that are responsible for investigating homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, and missing adults. The Homicide Unit investigated eleven homicides this year and successfully cleared seven by arrest. The unit also arrested an offender responsible for a cold case homicide that occurred in 2002, where a fifteen-year-old female was stabbed to death in her home. This year the unit also successfully identified a male who was found dead in 1988 and was never identified.


In 2021 the Youth Services Unit faced new challenges as Broward County Schools returned to in-person learning. Traffic complaints around the city increased tremendously due to renewed drop off and dismissal vehicular congestion and diminished use of school bus transport. In addition, school administration experienced an increase in behavioral issues and inappropriate social media posts due to the long absence from in person learning. Even in challenging times, the school resource officers continue to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and the citizens of Miramar.


The primary goal of the Traffic Safety Unit is to promote the safe and expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the city. This is accomplished by fair and consistent enforcement of state and local traffic laws, educating the public and traffic engineering. This year, the traffic unit implemented and supported the traffic plan for the covid vaccination sites, as well as the implementation and operation of the COVID-19 testing facility throughout the year.



In 2021, the Victim Services Unit served 1,183 victims, providing intervention and preventative services. Additionally, the unit raised awareness on crime victimization in the community. This was accomplished through participation in programs such as Citizens’ Police Academy and countywide task forces related to crime victimization. The unit engaged in various mentorship projects, as well as social media outreach related to National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Additionally, the unit assisted with training new detectives. Also, the unit was awarded the Victims of Crime Act grant for fiscal year 2021-2022. Student interns volunteered in the Victim Services Unit, providing 622 service hours to the City of Miramar for the year.


The Miramar Police Athletic League’s (PAL) mission is to build character and self-esteem in the community’s youth. PAL has been developing youth leaders through community partnerships that foster effective mentoring, tutoring and coaching since 1989. Some of the ways in which this is accomplished is through team building and athletic opportunities. In JanuaryMarch, 250 children participated in the basketball League at two locations, Youth Enrichment Center and Sunset Lakes Community Center. The leagues pride themselves in being more than just athletics, but also an opportunity to offer positive physical and mental wellness activities for the city’s youth. In a time when so many kids were struggling in various ways, the PAL mentoring program was an ongoing success. This invaluable program boasts approximately 20 kids and mentors actively participating in virtual monthly meetings. Miramar PAL also offers outdoor soccer programs at Regional Park for ages from 3 – 17 yrs old. When the days heat up, Miramar PAL offers an Indoor Soccer program held at Sunset Lakes community center for children 4-12 yrs old. The Miramar Police Department partnered with the Miramar Police Athletic League (PAL) to raise funds for PAL’s programs. The 2021 Charity Golf Tournament was a huge success, as more than $27,000 was raised to help families with limited ability to afford the costs related to youth sports


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021


In all critical situations, the protection of human life is the Miramar Police Department’s top priority. Whenever possible, the Department will attempt to resolve critical situations through communication and negotiation. However, the department recognizes that the protection of human life also requires operational development, readiness and ability to respond to critical situations accordingly. The mission of our SWAT Team is to provide a highly trained and skilled special weapons and tactical team as an additional resource for responding to and handling critical situations (i.e. barricaded subjects, hostage situations, snipers, terrorist acts, suicide resolutions, highrisk searches, arrest warrants, dignitary protection, and any other unusual crisis situation). This year the Miramar SWAT Team conducted 18 training sessions.


Preventing Repeat Incarceration through Monitoring and Enforcement (PRIME) Unit focuses its resources on juveniles and adults who are identified as repeat offenders. The PRIME Unit is comprised of four detectives and one sergeant. The unit works in conjunction with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Florida Department of Probation and Parole, the Broward County State Attorney’s Office and the judiciaries. This highly successful program has been recognized by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation and other



Total No. of Juveniles Monitored for the Year


Total Number of Juvenile Checks Conducted






Total Unit Arrests






Total Seized




Stolen Vehicles Recovered


OPERATIONS/PROBATION SWEEPS Crime Suppression Operations


Probation Sweeps


Total Operations/Probation Sweeps


entities as an exemplary program. PRIME Unit functions include analyzing, tracking and apprehending habitual offenders who reside in Miramar. The detectives in the unit conduct home visits on offenders in Miramar who are on probationary status. They attend and provide input at judicial proceedings for both juveniles and adults as well as facilitate weekly meetings with the parents/guardians of juvenile offenders to monitor their progress and behavior in school and at home. The PRIME detectives conduct warrant and probationary sweeps on Miramar offenders, and provide assistance to the Criminal Investigations Division and Strategic Investigations Unit with regards to violent crimes and gang related activities, as well as provide support to the Community Oriented Policing Bureau to address crime trends as they develop. The PRIME Unit also conducts a robbery prevention operation,

known as Operation Silent Nights, on a yearly basis during the month of December. This operation covers the main shopping plazas and thoroughfares within the City of Miramar. During the 2021 robbery prevention operation, there were no robberies reported. In 2021, the PRIME Unit monitored 26 juvenile offenders and conducted 103 home checks. The PRIME Unit also monitored the re-arrest rates of these juvenile offenders. As a result of the unit’s hard work and dedication, juvenile re-arrest rates decreased by 8% from the previous year, coming in at an all-time low of 12%. Other notable highlights of the unit’s success were its proactive street crime investigations. In 2021, the PRIME Unit arrested 64 offenders, seized 1,580 GM of Marijuana, recovered 12 firearms and 6 stolen vehicles, and conducted 2 adult probation sweeps.


delivery of sworn officers and professional staff. The Department delivers comprehensive training to ensure our citizens are provided quality public safety services while being treated with professionalism, dignity, and respect. In 2021, the Training Unit processed 289 training requests. Those class registrations translate into approximately 10,525 hours of career development training, received by personnel in 2021. The Training Unit kept very busy with in-house training both in class and on the department’s own firing range. In 2021 the Training Unit conducted: The Training Unit conducted, hosted or otherwise facilitated approximately 9,302 personnel hours of training, broken down as follows:


During 2021, the Miramar Police Dive Team conducted seven training sessions. Training sessions involved underwater crime scene preservation, search patterns, emergency drills, blacked-out exercises, general safety skills and diver emergency rescue. Through the course of the year the Dive Team was utilized in the recovery of one deceased person who was recovered reference a Miami Dade missing persons incident. Two article searches for evidence involved in homicides were conducted and three motor vehicles were recovered


The Miramar Police Department is committed to having the most professional law enforcement professionals in the industry and prioritizes training throughout an individual’s career. The Miramar Training Unit is dedicated to developing the skills, knowledge, and service


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

In Service Training New Hire Training New Sergeant Training Specialized Training

5,070 3,180 160 32

Annual in-service training blocks Sworn and professional staff were trained Total hours of training provided

28 507 5,070

New hire in-service training blocks Sworn new hires Professional new hires Total hours of training

8 26 2 3,180

New sergeant training sessions Sergeants trained Total hours of sergeant training

3 4 160

Training on the Range: HR 218 Qualifications Outside agency usage Annual agency qualification session SWAT range sessions PD Open range session

14 9 1 3 1

Specialized Training Courses: Citizen’s Police Academy sessions- 8hrs Operating in High Liability Events sessions- 18hrs Bodycam/Signal Sidearm Swap-outs- 6hrs

5 6 3


During the year 2021, a total of 4,318 items were entered into the Evidence Management System. The Evidence Technicians returned 479 items to their rightful owner and/or next of kin and 175 items were physically destroyed in a purge of general property and evidence. This year, the unit had the unique opportunity to move into a brand new, state of the art building designed for their needs. In this process, the Unit successfully moved 37,968 items into the long awaited Historic Public Safety Complex. Over the course of this year, 26 items, to include jewelry, baseball & basketball cards, Coach purses, podcaster microphones, Hi Speed fishing reels and a Vizio television were sent to for auction. The total payment the Department received from PropertyRoom. com was $2,497.16. A total of $52,469.09 was deposited into the Sale of Seized Assets account. The Property and Evidence Unit continues to maintain the highest training standards in the industry, for both seasoned and new employees.


Miramar Crime Scene Unit processed 486 crime scenes, achieved nine AFIS latent fingerprint hits, and 22 CODIS DNA hits. The Unit obtained one National Integrated Ballistic Information Network firearm hit. This hit was from a firearm recovery in Miramar and used in a homicide in Miami. The Crime Scene Unit presented crime scene classes for the Citizens Police Academy. The unit assisted the property & evidence move into the new facility. Thousands of items of evidence were inventoried and

physically moved by the Crime Scene Unit from the old facility to the new Historic Public Safety Complex. The unit participated with this year’s various gun buy-back events. The Crime Scene Unit welcomed a new Crime Scene Technician, who completed ten weeks of in-house training. The Crime Scene Unit further supported the department by photographing various events and activities such as the new police officer graduation ceremony, swearingin ceremony the memorial monument ribbon cutting, the Citizens Police Academy graduation, the Polar Express and the photographs with Santa. Additionally, they are responsible for official photos of all new hires and newly promoted individuals. The crime scene supervisor assisted the Property & Evidence Unit with the gun destruction from the year’s gun buy-back events. Fingerprinting services for the public also were facilitated by the Crime Scene Unit. Crime Scene Technicians obtained their International Association for Identification Crime Scene Investigator certification. This distinction allows them to be titled Crime Scene Investigator and was an accomplishment for all three who had this opportunity. Miramar Police Department’s Crime Scene Supervisor obtained his FAA Drone recurrent pilot license. Finally, the Unit assisted the Criminal Investigations Division with test firing firearms for the BrassTRAX examination of spent casings to be examined by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Crime laboratory.


EXECUTIVE SERVICES BUREAU The Executive Services Bureau is directed by Major Shalida Smith and exists to support the department’s commitment to quality law enforcement as it relates to Personnel and Recruitment, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Grants, Accreditation, Emergency Management, Volunteers, Chaplaincy Corps and Code Compliance.


During the year of 2021, 17 sworn personnel retired. The Personnel and Recruitment Unit processed 82 applicants for the position of both certified and non-certified police officers over the 12-month period. Out of those 82 applicants, we welcomed 24 new police officers to our agency. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, detectives within the unit and the recruitment team, continued to make any and all efforts to actively recruit new officers through various platforms such as City of Miramar functions, attending the local criminal justice training & testing sessions, and continuing close relationships with the local police academies. In addition to the increased number of law enforcement personnel that were added to the agency, there were many professional staff positions filled in 2021. The police department hired one communications officer, three code interns, one crime scene technician, two CSA’s, two police administrative techs, one property and evidence clerk and one IT tech. It should be noted that the police department also conducts the background investigations for Miramar Fire Rescue, and this year 14 firefighter paramedics applicant backgrounds were conducted. The Personnel &


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

Major Shalida Smith

Recruitment Unit will continue to strive for excellence in recruiting the best candidates for all vacancies within the agency, while mirroring the diversity of our growing city. Despite various challenges, we continue with the highest standards possible in a search for the most qualified individuals to serve the citizens of Miramar.


In an effort to ensure that the Miramar Police Department stays ahead of industry standards, the Digital Evidence Unit (DEU) was created in 2019. The Digital Evidence Unit consists of one sergeant and two digital evidence technicians. The Digital Evidence Unit is responsible for officer training, fulfilling public record requests, equipment maintenance, and acting as a liaison between the Miramar Police Department and the Broward State Attorney’s Office Case Filing Unit. Since the inception of the Digital Evidence Unit, 158 officers have been equipped with Axon body cameras. The Miramar Police Department possesses approximately 141,346 pieces of body-worn camera evidence. In 2021, 1,427 Public Records requests were provided and 748 redactions were completed.


The Public Affairs Unit continues to develop and enhance the Police Department’s relationships with its stakeholders. The unit lobbied on behalf of, and engaged with, the residents, businesses, and charities. The Public Affairs Unit manages the Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA), a free 14-week course for residents about the Miramar Police Department. Some topics include how investigations are conducted, crime scene procedures, traffic stops, CPR and scenario based “Shoot, Don’t Shoot.” The 50th CPA was held entirely online with 17 students, a first of its kind in our history. The 51st class returned to in person sessions with 30 students. Through the Department’s continued partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Miramar and Pembroke Pines (KCMPP), officers identified families in need and coordinated assistance. Miramar families were assisted with such items as food, computers, safe and secure decking, and several other items. The Department had the opportunity to assist with their annual Thanksgiving food drive which collected enough food for 110 families and helped the City of Miramar’s food pantry. Once again, the Department teamed up with Walmart, KCMPP and Endurance Floor Company to provide AC Perry Elementary with a “Take a Book” library. The project aimed to encourage reading from an early age, as studies have shown that there is a direct impact that reading, and literacy skills have on incarceration and crime rates. The Department is honored to partner with the incredibly generous, Sunbeam Properties. Every year, they gather truckloads of gifts for underserved children. This project supplies the department with toys needed for the various holiday outreach operations called Operation Blue Squad, which is a program that brings joy to the holidays by driving throughout the city and giving out toys and smiles in the streets of Miramar. This year a new event called “Santa Run” was added. This exciting parade of police cars and Santa’s sleigh drove through neighborhoods handing out candy canes and spreading Christmas cheer. With the support of Walmart, the department continued the highly successful “Shop with a Cop” program that allows underserved children to join with a police officer to buy Christmas gifts for themselves and their family.


The Grants Management and Accreditation Unit is responsible for a variety of areas including accreditation, policies and procedures, city commission agenda items, grant writing and management, the annual report, the volunteer program, the chaplaincy corps and purchases related to all police department grants and Law Enforcement Trust Funds. In an effort to offset

costs associated with law enforcement operations from the City, the Department actively seeks alternative funding and received hundreds of thousands of federal, state and local grant funds in 2021. The Department is committed to providing the most professional law enforcement services available and is therefore dedicated to both state and national accreditation. With only about 3% of the nation’s law enforcement agencies being nationally accredited, this honor is of the utmost importance and is integral to the department’s ability to be a progressive law enforcement agency. The Miramar Police Department has held its national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) for over 25 years. The Accreditation Unit is also responsible for all areas related to state accreditation through the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA), which the department has successfully maintained since 1998.


The Emergency Management Unit works to further the department’s ability to mitigate and protect against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural, technological, and human-caused threats and hazards. The Department employs a police planner who works as a liaison with the Fire-Rescue department. Responsibilities of the unit include maintaining emergency plans and procedures and facilitating disaster preparedness and response training. The unit works in cooperation with the City of Miramar, Broward County and State of Florida Emergency Management Divisions on all disaster management and preparedness related activities.


The Code Compliance Division is committed to preserving the aesthetics of our wonderful city, making it an enjoyable place to live, work and play. We owe our success to our most valuable stakeholders, the Miramar residents and business owners. They take great pride in their respective communities and have been a force multiplier to achieve the ultimate goal of “voluntary compliance.” Code Compliance is truly appreciative for this partnership. Whilst the priority is to improve property values by administering fair and unbiased enforcement programs; the Division is equally focused on the health and safety of residents and businesses. Though 2021 has brought back some normalcy, the Division remains alert and astute to providing oversight on the health and safety of our communities. The Division has also launched its 21st century code software on the Citys website. This new software makes the Division that more efficient and capable to accept concerns 24 hours per day. The lessons the lessons of 2020 & 2021 have not gone un-noticed, and this new software now puts us ahead of the curve and better able to be ready and respond to any future pandemic, hurricane or catastrophe that may occur.



Commander Carlette Dubuisson

The Support Services Bureau, managed by Commander Carlette Dubuisson, provides administrative and operational support to the department. The bureau is responsible for Crime Analysis, Records, Communications, Fiscal Property, Logistics/Fleet, Technology Research, and Planning.


The Records Unit is responsible for the collection and distribution of police reports, accident reports and other documents generated by the Miramar Police Department. On a daily basis, Records personnel assist dozens of citizens, police officers, state attorneys and the courts with their requests via phone, email, fax and walk-ins. The unit collects all monies paid for public records requests, background checks, photographs, police and accident reports.


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

In addition, all Records personnel act as court liaisons. They accept and serve subpoenas, collect and distribute arrest packets to the appropriate courts and transmit traffic citations to the state, as well as serve as a connecting link between the state attorneys and officers. As always, the Records Unit performed at top levels without interruption and serviced over 5,600 requests for copies of police reports, collected $9,557.64 in fees, accepted and processed 6,898 subpoenas and transcribed 954 statements.


The Fiscal/Property Unit is responsible for the fiscal operations of the police department. This involves procuring goods and services for the department, preparing and maintaining the budget and processing payments to the vendors for goods and services. The Fiscal/Property Unit processes the payroll for the department via timekeeping software and manages off-duty details. The Fiscal/Property Unit also serves as the quartermaster for the police department, issuing physical property such as uniforms, equipment, and supplies as needed. During the pandemic response, the Fiscal/ Property Unit was responsible for the distribution of sanitation materials and personal protective equipment to officers and staff. During the past year the unit had to adapt to a number of challenging circumstances including processing payroll manually for a period of time due to an unexpected systems outage, processing onboarding and separation of staff at a much faster pace due to an unusual number of retirements, and overcoming national supply chain shortages.


The Logistics/Fleet Unit manages the maintenance of the department’s fleet of vehicles, as well as the three buildings Department staff occupy. The unit conducts meetings with vendors to determine the appropriate goods and services needed to ensure smooth operations of the department’s fleet and buildings.


The Crime Analysis and Planning Unit performed emergency planning, tactical, strategic and administrative analysis for various units throughout the police department. The Unit assisted CID and PRIME with various investigations by providing intelligence and crime pattern information.
















The Communications Unit provides 24 hour a day, 365 days a year of support to our community and law enforcement professionals. The 8 communications officers and 1 validations clerk are responsible for fielding all incoming calls to the Department, whether the caller is requesting non-emergency assistance or is in need of general information. The Unit provides each caller with an exceptional customer service experience and ensures all police department personnel have the proper level of security training and that all mandatory certifications are current. The Communications staff works closely with both the Community Oriented Policing Bureau and the Special Operations Bureau providing crucial, real-time information on persons, vehicles, weapons, etc., as the safety of our officers and the community they serve is of the utmost importance.

COMMUNICATIONS UNIT 2021 Teletype entries/ cancellations


FCIC/NCIC certifications


Incoming calls



2021 STATS 2020
























































































Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

54,632 Calls for service

All Crime down


Robberies down


Vehicle Burglaries down

21% Residential / Commercial Burglaries down


Auto Thefts down

8% Thefts down

5% 21

2021 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Assistant City Manager* Operational Services Chief Operations Officer* Police Department Administrator


PROFESSIONAL COMPLIANCE Division Captain DIGITAL EVIDENCE UNIT Sergeant Digital Evidence Tech.(2)

Assistant Chief of Police

JTTF Officer Public Information Officer




Major Admin. Coordinator

Bureau Commander




COMMUNICATIONS Supervisor Comm. Officer (8) Police Admin. Tech.

FISCAL PROPERTY Supervisor Clerk (3)

TRAFFIC Sergeant Officer (9)

RECORDS Supervisor Police Admin. Tech. (5)

TRAINING Sergeant Officer (3)

FLEET & LOGISTICS Logistics Coord.

YOUTH SERVICES Sergeant (2) Officer (24) PAL Officer



DIVE TEAM Special Events * Office of the City Manager position ** Grant funded


Police Department Coordinator

Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS Division Captain PERSONS CRIMES Sergeant Officer (11) PROPERTY CRIMES Sergeant Officer (11) CRIME SCENE Supervisor Crime Scene Tech (4) PROPERTY/EVIDENCE Supervisor Custodian (2) VICTIM SERVICES Victim Advocate Victim Adv. Prog. Coord** Police Admin. Tech CRIME ANALYSIS Crime Analyst Crime Intel. Analyst

STRATEGIC INVESTIGATIONS Division Captain PRIME Sergeant Officer (7) SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS Sergeant Officer (7) SWAT Hostage Negotiations



ACCREDITATION Accreditation/Programs Manager

CODE COMPLIANCE Supervisor (2) Code Officer (11) Admin. Coord. (3)

VOLUNTEER CORP Volunteer Coordinator P/T Citizens on Patrol Administrative Volunteers



PERSONNEL/RECRUITMENT Officer (2) Senior HR Generalist (2) Police Personnel Specialist PUBLIC AFFAIRS Specialist EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Police Planner




PATROL Sergeant (7) Officer (49) CSA (8)

PATROL Sergeant(7) Officer (49) CSA (8)

K-9 UNIT Officer (6)





Officer of the Year Damian Castellanos AWARDS FROM OTHER AGENCIES Broward County Chief of Police Association Officer of the Year Award Officer Julio Lopez De Victoria Broward County PBA Officer of the Year Award Detective Mark Moretti Employee of the quarter January - March Records Supervisor Caron Barnard Officer of the quarter January - March Detective Nikki Fletcher Employee of the quarter April - June Crime Scene Supervisor Michael Kelly Officer of the quarter April - June Officer Jehud Presume Employee of the quarter July - September Crime Scene Technician Tara Carroll Officer of the quarter July - September Officer Elisa Romero / Officer Chad Smith Employee of the quarter October -December PIO Manager Tania Rues Officer of the quarter October -December Detective Pedro Interian


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

Civilian of the Year Michael Kelly January - March 2021 Unit Citation - CID General Investigations Unit Detective Susan Smith Detective Pedro Interian Detective Wayne Dunlap Detective Melinda Kimkowski Detective Ernest Woods Detective Tait Thomas Sergeant Tysheika Shaw Williams Unit Citation - PRIME Unit Detective Allan Guevara Detective Frank Del Gaudio Detective Vanessa Freyre Detective Erik Conway Detective Wayne Lloyd Detective Stacie Hadley Crime Analyst Tenesha Whatley Sergeant Frank Defalco Sergeant Oscar Mendoza April - June 2021 Unit Citation - Crime Scene/Property Evidence Crime Scene Supervisor Michael Kelly Crime Scene Technician Tara Carroll

Crime Scene Technician Liza Cruz Crime Scene Technician Dindo Atencio Crime Scene Technician Cindy Frederick Property and Evidence Supervisor Glenda Armstrong Property and Evidence Custodian Caridad Sanchez Property and Evidence Custodian Melissa Stuart Unit Citation - K9 Unit Officer Edel Esponda Officer Michael Delosrios Officer Ryan Shimpeno Officer Xavier Osorio Officer Bosco Neuhaus July - September 2021 Unit Citation - Code Compliance Division Code Compliance Officer Anastatia Diaz Code Compliance Officer Brian Spence Code Compliance Officer Giovani Martelly Code Compliance Officer Jasmine Streeter Code Compliance Officer Matthew Bass Code Compliance Officer Nilka Smith Code Compliance Officer Olga Periut Code Compliance Officer Sean Williams Code Compliance Officer Shani Allman Code Compliance Officer Shannon Card Code Compliance Officer Stephen Smith Code Compliance Supervisor Duvard Francois Code Compliance Manager Ricardo Collings Administrative Coordinator Ericca Rittenhouse Administrative Coordinator Maddy Ramos Unit Citation - Internal Affairs Unit Sergeant Frank Defalco Captain Tysheika Shaw-Williams Captain Jason Prigmore

Unit Citation - Fiscal Property Unit Fiscal Clerk Coreen Norville Fiscal Supervisor Tonia Thompson Division Manager Noel Alvarez October-December 2021 Unit Citation - Field Training Unit Master Patrol Officer Patrick Murphy Master Patrol Officer Troy Montgomery Master Patrol Officer Jason Chen Master Patrol Officer Kimberly Hadley Master Patrol Officer Michael Donaldson Detective Melanie Peluso Officer Vanina Yearwood Officer Jessica Amengor Officer Browel Munoz Officer James Fernandez Officer Devarious Holloway Officer Julio Lopez De Victoria Officer Michael Steele Officer Damian Castellanos Officer Heidy Arias Officer Brandon DeJesus Officer Richard Del Gaudio Officer Mark Paradis Officer Ryan Shimpeno Officer Chad Smith Officer Chester Reaves Sergeant Michael Black Sergeant Audra Orth Sergeant Florinet Derac Sergeant Christopher Saunders Major Jose Vargas CSA Adrian Spence CSA Teri Dunn CSA Michael Durney CSA Chrisey French


2021 AWARDS Unit Citation - Community Resource Unit Sergeant Jason Brooks Officer Corey Bogus Officer Jasper Sejour Officer Lashay Singletary Officer Joseph Drew Officer Rene Monserrat Officer Ryan Lyttle Officer Yessenia Diaz Officer Octavio Ramos Unit Citation - Training Unit Sergeant Frank Dillena Officer Mauricio Arbelaez Officer Antonio Egues LIFE SAVING AWARDS January - March 2021 Officer Corey Bogus April-June 2021 Officer Dwayne Campbell July - September 2021 Officer Devarious Holloway ADMINISTRATIVE EXCELLENCE AWARD July - September 2021 Accrediation & Programs Manager Kim Morrow Lopez October-December 2021 Backgrounds /Recruitment Unit Detective Michael Kimkowski Detective Natasha Sherman Detective Aimee Milch Detective Lashay Singletary Internal Affairs Unit Captain Jason Prigmore Captain Tysheika Shaw- Williams Sergeant Frank DeFalco COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AWARDS April - June 2021 Community Involvement Award CRO Unit Sergeant Jason Brooks CRO Corey Bogus CRO Joseph Drew


CRO Octavio Ramos CRO Jasper Sejour CRO Rene Monserrat CRO Lashay Singletary CRO Yessenia Diaz July - September 2021 Community Involvement Award Officer Jasper Sejour Officer Yessenia Diaz Public Affairs Specialist Oona Hall DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS April - June 2021 Distinguished Service Award Officer Julio Lopez De Victoria EXCELLENT POLICE SERVICE AWARDS January - March 2021 Detective Jonathan Zeller Detective Pedro Interian Sergeant Audra Orth Sergeant Michael Black April - June 2021 Officer Michael Bourst July - September 2021 Sergeant Jeffrey Armiento Detective Melinda Kimkowski October - December 2021 Detective Jonathan Zeller Detective Morgan Sanchez Officer Eloy Gonzalez PATROL EXCELLENCE AWARDS January - March 2021 COPB Green Charlie/Green Alpha Squad Officer Sergio Taveras Officer Jacob Bogus Officer Brandon DeJesus Officer Richard Delgaudio Officer Bosco Neuhaus Officer Jessica Amengor

Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

Officer Vivian Acevedo Officer Devarious Holloway Officer Sylvianna Moses April - June 2021 COPB Green Charlie Squad Officer Julio Lopez De Victoria Officer Chad Smith Officer Damaso Espiritusanto Officer German Puig Officer Michael Steele Officer Brandon DeJesus Officer Michael Gutierrez Officer Jessica Amengor Officer Xavier Osorio Communications Officer Ebony Davis CSA Joseph Vertil CSA Adrian Spence Sergeant Byron Foch Sergeant Brent Steffan October - December 2021 Green Alpha Squad Officer Christopher Isenberg Officer Joshua Reynolds Officer Marcus Mariner Officer Troy Montgomery Officer Devarious Holloway Officer Vivian Acevedo Officer James Fernandez Officer Richard DelGaudio Officer Sergio Taveras Officer Dwayne Campbell Officer Sean McAuley Officer Erin Acosta Captain Florinet Derac Captain Cesar Andina Sergeant Edgar Gallardo Sergeant Michael Black LONGEVITY AWARDS 20 Years Awards Detective Marisol Lara Officer Juan Ulfe Officer Henry Wright Officer Scott Hadley Captain Jason Prigmore Officer Michael Gutierrez Officer Lesley Harris Code Compliance Supervisor Francois Duvard Records Clerk Winnifred Sweeney Code Compliance Officer Paulina Vial

25 Years Awards Detective Joseph Tomlin Captain Jose Sanchez Major Shalida Smith PD Administrator Richelle Gilhauley Detective William Guillou Detective Christopher Smith Communications Supervisor Helen Edwards Detective Ralph Savain Officer Wilbert Brown PROMOTIONS Captain Tysheika L. Shaw-Williams Sergeant Christopher Dang Sergeant Jehud Presume Sergeant Leonardo Braga Sergeant Oscar Kramp Code Compliance Supervisor Duvard Francois Department Administrator Maylling Aguirre Department Coordinator Joan McLean Code Compliance Supervisor Nilka Smith Officer Kharina Jimenez RETIREMENTS 1/27/21 Detective Steven Toyota 2/3/21 Detective Bradley Sriro 6/10/21 Officer Phillip Lanoue 6/10/21 SRO William Jacob 6/30/21 Detective Carl Schlosser 6/30/21 Detective Max Herard 6/30/21 Detective Joe Tomlin 6/23/21 SRO Henry Wright 2/18/21 Officer Raul Gomez Sr. 3/3/21 Code Compliance Officer Paulina Vial 1/22/21 Captain Kevin Nosowicz 3/19/21 Officer Seth Schaller 4/2/21 Officer Jennifer Jacobi 4/2/21 Detective Ralph Savain 3/31/21 Code Compliance Supervisor Gene Samuels 4/15/21 Chief Dexter Williams 6/30/21 Police Administrator Richelle Gilhauley 6/23/21 Officer Juan Ulfe 6/30/21 Communications Officer Star Ward 6/30/21 Detective Marisol Lara 9/30/21 Sergeant Tom Tiberio 9/30/21 Captain Chris Saunders 10/1/21 Officer Joseph Calicchio Sr.




Residents and the Miramar Police Department join for coffee and conversation, while supporting local businesses. No agenda or speeches, just a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know the officers in the neighborhood.


The Miramar Police Department worked in partnership with the community at different geographical locations within the City of Miramar. During these events, residents and stakeholders had the opportunity to come out and interact with Community Resource Officers to ask questions and/ or address any concerns.


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021


The Miramar Police Department paired 50 deserving elementary school children with officers to shop at Walmart. The officers volunteered their time to bring holiday joy to children from families in need throughout Miramar.


Hundreds and hundreds of toys were collected for “Operation Blue Squad.” These toys were generously donated by Sunbeam Properties through its annual toy drive, The Polar Express. This partnership allowed the Miramar Police Department to bring joy to children throughout Miramar. Toys were delivered to local, underserved neighborhoods, a school for students with intellectual, behavioral and or emotional disabilities, and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.


The Miramar Police Department looks forward to the annual Christmas Eve visit to Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital. This event allows staff to volunteer on Christmas Eve by giving out toys to children who are in the hospital. The pandemic prevented us from entering this year, but we were honored to have some of the children view the delivery from the hospital’s pedestrian bridge. This tradition began in 2009, inspired by one of our very own officers who spent the holidays at the hospital with his own daughter


The Citizens’ Police Academy is a free 14-week course designed to offer a transparent and educational understanding of the Miramar Police Department. This course covers a wide variety of topics such as how investigations are conducted, crime scene procedures, traffic stops, CPR and various scene based activities such as “Shoot Don’t Shoot”. In these activities, students have the opportunity to role play different scenarios from a typical day as a police officer. The year 2021 finished by graduating its 51st Citizens Police Academy with a return to an in person experience.


The department developed a literacy program with A. C. Perry Elementary. We met with the principal and built a “take one, leave one” library.


TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENTS CLOUD BASED RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Launched and implemented a new web based, cloud hosted police records management system, Mark43 RMS, to advance the department’s report writing, state and federal crime reporting, public records request and strategic analysis capabilities to 21st Century Policing standards.

CODE COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE Launched and implemented GOV-EASY, a web-based cloud hosted Code Compliance application which code officers utilize in the field to generate citations, reports and build magistrate packets. This new application is specifically designed for Code Enforcement use and is utilized by numerous Broward agencies. InkForce / Gov-Easy will streamline the Code Enforcement reporting process and create automation that to date has not been available to the Code officers. This also include a public portal so residents can review code violations and concerns in their neighborhoods.

COLLECTIVE QUARTERMASTER Implement the Collective Quartermaster Law Enforcement asset tracking system to enhance the capabilities of the police department quartermaster personnel to track asset life cycle and issuance.

DIGITAL RADIO UPGRADE Began year 1 of the P25 800mhz digital radio standard for the entire fleet of Motorola APX police department radios to future proof the capabilities of the department and add enhanced capabilities such as: radio GPS location, Wi-Fi over the air programming, clearer 2-way audio communication, and allow for future integrations with other police department technology systems.

GUNSHOT DETECTION SYSTEM Gun Shot Detection Technology is an acoustic surveillance technology that incorporates audio sensors to detect, locate and alert police agencies of gunfire incidents in Realtime. This technology quickly notifies police of gunshot crimes in progress with real-time data delivered to dispatch centers, patrol cars and smartphones

TRAINING SOFTWARE Purchased LEFTA system a web-based software program that allows agencies to create, store and access their sworn and civilian employee training records in one single, comprehensive application. This proven system also allows for documenting and tracking the field training of police officers.


Miramar Police Department | Annual Report 2021

HISTORIC MIRAMAR PUBLIC SAFETY COMPLEX The new LEED certified facility incorporated new equipment that is utilized to assist with processing complex crime scenes.

DNA M-VAC FORENSIC VACUUM This advanced instrument is used to process crime scenes for touch DNA. The M-Vac is much more sensitive and can collect more DNA than cotton tipped swabs. Use of this forensic tool helps to solve more crimes and has a higher success rate in DNA collection than the swabbing method. The DNA M-VAC is also utilized to extract the DNA when spinning spent casings from shooting scenes.

ALTERNATIVE LIGHT SOURCE ROFLIN POLILIGHT This forensic light source is used in the CSI laboratory and portable enough to transport to crime scenes. Utilizing different wavelengths enhances evidence that is not visible under normal visible light. This equipment is used for the detection of bodily fluids.

VEHICLE PROCESSING BAY & LIFT The secure air-conditioned processing bay is used to store the vehicle prior to obtaining a search warrant. This protects the vehicle from the elements and once a warrant is obtained, the vehicle is processed. The vehicle lift is utilized in traffic homicide investigations where trace evidence underneath the vehicle must be examined. The vehicle lift raises the vehicle to allow inspection underneath the vehicle. On stolen vehicle/altered VIN numbers, the vehicle lift is used to raise the vehicle to locate the hidden correct VIN number.

AIR SCIENCE DUAL EVIDENCE DRYING CABINET This equipment is utilized for air drying wet evidence items prior to submitting into Property & Evidence. The large dual drying cabinet permits two different cases to be dried at the same time. This helps with the workflow and increases productivity.

AIR SCIENCE CYANOACRYLATE This multi chamber processing cabinet is for processing evidence for latent fingerprints. The new heating and humidity controls permits faster and better-quality latent fingerprint processing.

IMAC 27” This computer is used in the digital darkroom Photoshop to assist with editing videos and Photoshop latent images. The post processing of the Panoscan 360-degree crime scene scans are made on this iMac.

MANFROTTO PRO STUDIO The new overhead Manfrotto Pro Studio rail system is utilized to mount studio flashes above the central examination room to assist with the photography of evidence. The studio flashes with soft boxes give a softer and better illumination for the forensic quality photographs taken by the Crime Scene Unit.


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