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In Schools to Help Kids Stay in School Wherever They Are, Whatever It Takes.

A Message From Our CEO & State Director At Communities In Schools, we do whatever it takes to remove barriers to student success. With at least one full-time professional in 72 schools across the state, we prioritize building trusting relationships with the students and families we serve. We know that education is more than just school. For our children to thrive, they require a comprehensive approach to their development. By working to address their basic, social-emotional, and academic needs, we unlock individual potential, ensuring our students stay in school and graduate. At CIS we currently reach 1 in 5 Title I schools in the state. In Nevada, more than 60 percent of our students are experiencing poverty and other adverse circumstances.

While we have made significant progress over our 17 years of service, we know there’s a long way to go with thousands of students still in need of additional support. We won’t rest until we fulfill our vision of ensuring every child has what they need to succeed. We invite you to connect with us to learn more by emailing me today. Yours, in service,

Tami Hance-Lehr CEO & State Director

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of students improved coursework

70,000+ Students Served


Establishing 1:1 Relationships

An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equity & School Improvement


Whether in schools, at home, online or in neighborhoods, we stand ready to support our students wherever they are.


With an adaptable model, a dedicated team, and successful outcomes spanning decades, Communities In Schools is a guaranteed investment for student success. For schools looking to achieve equity, close opportunity gaps, and increase graduation rates, our model of integrated student supports is a critical piece of a comprehensive strategy.

Partner Organizations

of seniors graduated or received a GED


K - 12 Schools Served Across Nevada: 46 Elementary Schools, 14 Middle Schools &

*Data throughout this brochure reflects the 2019-2020 school year.

12 High Schools

Creating a Community of Support Communities In Schools supports schools and the community by using a versatile integrated student supports model that is designed to meet the unique needs of every student.

Our Unique Model Communities In Schools of Nevada

Site Coordinators

Collaborative Partners

Hire and train coordinators, bring the Communities In Schools model to schools in need and mobilize partners to provide resources.

Trained professionals who work with school administrators to assess needs, develop a plan and build a team to provide support to schools and students.

Schools, businesses and community agencies all work together with Site Coordinators to deliver support to students and families.

Needs Assessment Analyze multiple sources of data to identify the key needs of the school and individual students.





Evaluation Continuous asessment of partners by Communities In Schools to demonstrate results and improve practice.

Monitoring & Adjusting Site Coordinator continuously monitors students and school progress and adjusts support to optimize results.

Integrated Student Supports Site Coordinator and community partners deliver tiers of support to the school, students and their families.

Planning Site Coordinator leads their school support team to develop a plan to prioritize support that addresses academic and non-academic needs.

STEP 06 Proven Success Increase graduation rates, reduce dropout and improve attendance.

Tier 1: School-Wide Services

Tier 2: Targeted Programs


Tier 3: Individualized Support

Academic Assistance

Basic Needs

Behavioral Interventions

College & Career Prep

Community & Service Learning

Academic Enrichment

Family Engagement

Life Skills

Mental Health

Physical Health

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Student Success Stories Across Nevada Transformative relationships are key to unlocking a student’s potential. Every Communities In Schools success story starts with the relationship between student and Site Coordinator. Site Coordinators are caring adults

who serve full-time on school campuses to connect students and families to community resources, acting as guides for students traveling the path to graduation.

Aryoc and Site Coordinator Cornell Williams J. E. Manch Elementary School Clark County School District Breaking down barriers to distance learning and building up self esteem. Aryoc saw firsthand the transformative power of having a caring adult on campus who is a champion for student success. A bright student who once struggled with confidence, Aryoc now greets you with a smile and looks you in the eye.

Mr. Williams helped me believe in myself. -Aryoc, Elementary School Student

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When schools transitioned to distance learning, Aryoc did not have a reliable way to log on and attend class. Cornell provided him with anything he needed to fully participate in school, including a reliable internet connection, device, and ongoing encouragement. Over time, Aryoc developed a close relationship with the Communities In Schools program and knows that when the going gets tough, he always has someone to turn to for whatever he needs to succeed.

Site Coordinator Lexi Samper Flag View Intermediate School Elko County School District Going beyond the school building to meet students’ basic needs. Schools have become critical hubs for community, information, social services and resources. When campuses closed to control the spread of COVID, it was critical to quickly reimagine the way we connect families to necessary resources. Site Coordinator Lexi sprang into action, delivering food bags to families throughout Elko and surrounding communities. One family she served was a single mother with two boys who had lost their home. Over time, it became clear that the children needed more than just food, so Lexi also delivered school supplies, books and more. The family has since moved back into their own home and their financial situation is improving. Their story is a reminder of the importance of meeting the basic needs of families so that students can succeed in school.

During school closures, I delivered food to families who were experiencing economic insecurity amidst the pandemic. -Lexi, CIS Site Coordinator

Kendra and Site Coordinator Robert Ramirez Hug High School Washoe County School District

Doing whatever it takes to ensure postsecondary success. Kendra knew that after high school she would need a certificate in cosmetology to make her dream of owning her own beauty shop come true. Standing in the way were the resources needed to pay for her training. Her CIS Site Coordinator, Robert, was by her side the whole time, doing whatever it took to find the financial aid applications that would allow her to lift off.

I was able to talk to Mr. Ramirez about traumas in my life that I thought I could never share with anyone. He never gave up on me. -Kendra, High School Student

Robert’s steady support provided a safe space for Kendra to talk about her struggles while also offering specific solutions to overcoming them, like helping her secure a bus pass to get between home and school when she was unable to get a ride. Kendra credits his care and focus as instrumental in getting across the finish line and graduating from Hug High School. Communities In Schools of Nevada | 5


of students case-managed are students of color


of students improved attendance


of students improved their career readiness


of students were promoted to the next grade level


of students improved their college readiness


of students improved behavior

*Data throughout this brochure reflects the 2019-2020 school year.

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child. For a student to succeed academically, they must show up ready to learn every day. And yet, for many families, persistent and systemic barriers exist and stand in the way. By bringing the community into the school, we mobilize resources and leverage community partnerships to meet the needs of the whole child. Whether it is hunger, transportation, housing instability, healthcare, and everything in between, our Site Coordinators connect families to solutions with compassion and diligence. We reach students wherever they are — in schools, at home, online and in communities — to ensure they have what they need to succeed in school and achieve in life.

By bringing the community into the school, our Site Coordinators mobilize resources and leverage community partnerships to focus on developing the whole child.

Graduation Rate Comparison for CIS’ Case-Managed Students Graduation Rates Comparison for Communities In Schools of Nevada

BASIC NEEDS Food, clothing, hygiene, housing assistance, healthcare, after school programming.

Hispanic (+8.8%) Black (+17.5%) Multi-Racial (+7.8%) White (+4.7%) 0



CIS Case-Managed Cohort Graduation Rate




State of Nevada’s Graduation Rate

A Highlight of Our 100+ Partners

Relationships, mental health support, a safe space, wellness checks, behavioral interventions, mindfulness and wellness practices, group meetings, civic and community engagement.

ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE Tutoring, distance learning and technology, academic materials, school supplies, college and career prep, literacy interventions, English Language Learner support.

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Schools in Southern Nevada - Clark County School District


Schools in Northeastern Nevada - Elko & Humboldt County School Districts



Schools in Western Nevada - Washoe County School District

Communities In Schools of Nevada serves 1 in 5 Title I schools across the state. With more than 60 percent of our students on free or reduced lunch, we still have so much unmet need. Our team stands ready to partner with every high-needs school in Nevada—breaking down barriers to student success. -Tami Hance-Lehr, CEO & State Director

In Schools to Help Kids Stay in School

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