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(ENG) Sui table for Inte rnational audience

Het SHIFT Film Festival 2017 kent dit jaar voor het eerst een competitie. Een driekoppige jury reikt een drietal prijzen uit: Best Newcomer Award, Best Euregional Newcomer en Best Virtual Reality Film. Verder kunnen zij een Special Jury Award uitreiken en is er ook nog een Audience Award. Stem mee op je favoriete film!

VOORWOORD Het SHIFT Film Festival heeft een speciale focus op nieuwe makers en de snelle en dynamische wijze waarop het maak- én kijkproces van films verandert. Dolby Atmos, Virtual Reality en bewegende stoelen: hoe groots en indrukwekkend technische vernieuwingen ook zijn, het verhaal van een film blijft het belangrijkste aspect van een film(beleving). Daarom stellen we voor het SHIFT Film Festival 2017 storytelling centraal. Het zorgvuldig samengestelde programma loopt uiteen van studentenfilms tot virtual reality producties. Soms zit de inhoudelijke ingeniositeit en ‘vernieuwing’ in iets kleins (zoals een pakkende cameravoering in een studentenfilm), soms in iets opvallends (zoals een compleet met een drone of telefoon geschoten film) en soms zit die haast verborgen (zoals in een collage natuurbeelden met een drone, waar ditmaal niet enkel voor het wauw-effect wordt gegaan, maar door middel van een vernuftige montage een verhaal wordt geconstrueerd in het hoofd van de kijker).

Kortom: altijd staat de inhoud voorop. Ook bieden we een gevarieerd randprogramma, met een gratis lounge-corner in de foyer van Lumière Cinema waar je gratis films en virtual reality films kunt kijken, activiteiten voor professionals en netwerk- en borrel-momenten met muzikale begeleiding voor de filmkijker en -liefhebber. Zien we jou 16-19 november in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht? SHIFT Film Festival focuses on new filmmakers and the fast and dynamically changing ways in which films are being made and watched. Dolby Atmos, Virtual Reality and moving cinema seats: technical innovations are changing drastically the way we experience a film. However, no matter how big and impressive they may be, there is one aspect that will always be the most important: the story. That’s why for SHIFT Film Festival 2017 our main theme is: build your own story. Besides our thorough selection of short films (from documentary to animation, fiction and virtual reality) we offer several masterclasses and lectures and a free Lounge Corner, where you can watch the best virtual reality films and the Out of Competition film selection for free. When the program is suitable for English spoken guests, the note (ENG) will be put next to the program title. Will we see you November 16-19 in Lumière Cinema Maastricht?

SHIFT Film Festival proudly introduces a film competition which about 45 films from different countries compete in for five awards: Best Newcomer Award, Best Euregional Newcomer, Best Virtual Reality Film, Audience Award and a Special Jury Award.

Juryleden Ben Verbong Directed Dutch classics such as Het Meisje met het Rode Haar, De Schorpioen and De Flat. From mid-1990s he works in Germany and directed lots of International film- and television productions.

Floris Parlevliet Is filmmaker and artistic director of CineCrowd, the most successful crowdfunding platform for film.

Freek Huijs Is head of arthouse cinema De Domijnen in Sittard in the Netherlands and graduated the Dutch Film & Television Academy. He worked on movies such as Brimstone and Riphagen.

SHIFT Film Festival verwelkomt veel speciale gasten die bijdragen aan het programma. Naast de juryleden zijn dit onder meer: Next to our beloved jury members, SHIFT Film Festival welcomes (amongst others) the following special guests who contribute to the stunning program:

Remy van Heugten Director of Valentino and Gluckauf offers a two-day directing masterclass and a keynote during the CineSud Talent premiere.

Stijn Bouma | Director of Lejla was selected for the competition cinefondation during Cannes Film Festival 2017 and now shares his insights with us. Norbert ter Hall Director of A’dam & E.V.A. and &Me is personal coach during the FilmCampus and offers a talk on Friday.

Martijn Winkler | head of the Dutch Directors Guild and creative director VERTOV offers a talk about digital storytelling during the opening night and examines the topic further during the first day of the FilmCampus. Jeltje Hillen | head of projects at CineCrowd presents the possibillities of CineCrowd and partners during the first day of the FilmCampus and talks about talent development.

Jos Arthursen | coördinator at NPO3Lab

Guido Franken

talks about what NPO3 can offer new talents and how they develop new filmmakers.

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(ENG) Sui table for Inte rnational audience


(ENG) Sui table for Inte rnational audience

Vrijdag 17 november


11.00-17.00 uur 18.15-19.30 uur 20.00-22.00 uur 22.00-01.00 uur

Between screening room 4 and 5 in Lumière Cinema we will build a cosy Lounge Corner where you can watch the Virtual Reality Competition films for free and vote for your favorite. Besides this, you can also jump on our couch and watch Out of Competition films for free. The Out of Competition films are also in the running for the Audience Award.

Donderdag 16 november 20.00-21.30 uur

Openingsavond met als gasten Ben Verbong, Martijn Winkler, Stijn Bouma en zijn short LEJLA, Remy Kooi, de première van KALINKA en een borrel na afloop

FilmCampus – dag 1: openbare talks, panels en discussies Film Competition 1 incl. Q&A en special guest CineSud Talent 2017 voorpremière Filmfeest

Zaterdag 18 november 10.00-17.00 uur 10.00-17.00 uur 18.30-20.00 uur

Masterclass Spelregie (dag 1) FilmCampus – dag 2: persoonlijke coaching Film Competition 2 incl. special guest en Award Show met een borrel en muziek tijdens het juryberaad en na afloop

Zondag 19 november

Virtual Reality Competition

Batfish Soup

Lounge Corner, free of charge, 14:00-21:00

Amanda Bonaiuto, United States, 4’

Our North Pole 360°

Sander Houtkruijer, United Kingdom, 4’

Olesya Kustova, Russian Federation, 7’


Masterclass Spelregie (dag 2)


GRATIS Virtual Reality films en Out of Competition films in de Lounge Corner (foyer tussen zaal 4 en 5).

I’m Not Done

Here And There

Ronny Dörfler, United States, 10’



Esteban Robles, Mexico, 11’

David Betteridge, United Kingdom, 4’

In Danger of Deportation

Almudena Toral, United States, 10’

The Break

Marius Mülhaupt, Germany, 13’

The Collapse

George Kacevski, Australia, 20’

Thoughts of Love

Tailor Suma Filmes, Brazil, 10’

Mixed Motion Project Marin Kafedjiiski, Bulgaria, 4’

Real Estate

Laurence Rosier Staines, Australia, 5’


Gonzalo Cotelo, Spain, Italy, 6’

The Box

Merve Cirisoglu Cotur, Turkey, 7’

A Fleeting Dream

Jay Worsley, United States, 3’

Last but not least, OUT OF COMPETITION films will be available in the Lounge Zone in Lumiere Cinema and are free of charge for all festival guests. All three competition sections qualify for Audience Award, so be the one to vote for the best film of the festival!

Out of Competition Audience voting, Lounge Corner, free of charge, 14:00-21:00


Joeri Vlekken, Belgium, 7’

Waltzing Tilda

Jonathan Wilhelmsson, Australia, 15’

35 Years to the Moon

Where We Stand

Laki Karavias, United States, 6’

Lindsay McIntyre, Canada, 5’


(ENG) Sui table for Inte rnational audience

Since 2013, CineSud annually presents films made by aspiring new filmmakers. This year 5 filmmakers were selected to make their first or second short movie. The results of four of them will be shown on Friday November 17th at 20:00.



Kelly Stamborg, Netherlands, 4’

Mark Handels, 15’ A dramatic short about the mining history in the south of the Netherlands.

Such a Perfect Day

Vincent Konings, Netherlands, 3’

Film Competition 2 Saturday 18-11, Screening Room 2, 18:30-20:00

New era cinema is making its way with giant leaps and SFF is proud to be among the first ones to hold a VIRTUAL REALITY competition which includes 8 films from all over the world. You are about to experience a completely different way of storytelling that can change your life perspective. All the films in this sections will fight for Best Virtual Reality Film Award.

Olaf Levin, Germany, 9’

Agnieszka Gasiorek, Denmark, 12’

Wil je korting? Check dan www.CineSud.nl/events

The film selection of SFF is quite unique this year offering you three competition sections with film of diverse genres. Professionally made films by first-time filmmakers and students will compete in the OFFICIAL COMPETITION with shorts filmed by means of new media: drones and mobile phones and that will prove that for building your own story the means are not of a high importance. You are welcome to watch the shorts on November 17 and 18 in the Lumiere Cinema. The films will compete for Best Newcomer Award that will be decided by the professional jury.

Aidan McGarvey, United States, 4’


Tickets voor het SHIFT Film Festival kunnen worden gekocht via www.CineSud.nl/events of via Lumière (vraag aan de kassa). Losse programma-onderdelen vanaf €4. Passe-partout: €35 (geldig voor alle programma-onderdelen behalve de FilmCampus dag 2 en Masterclass Spelregie).


Not Here

Nader Khaledian, Iran, 12’

White Lilies

(ENG) Sui table for Inte rnational audience


Luca Vecchi, Italy, 9’

Zohar Kfir, United State, 10’ Kiryl Halitsky, Belarus, 9’



Niels Bourgonje, Netherlands, 10’

Mathieu van den Berk, Netherlands, 10’


Clark - Peak Magnetic

For better or for worse Rembert Evenepoel, Belgium, 10’

Beauty & Bounty

Doug Armknecht, United States, 3’

The Bus Trip

Morfine Leon Golterman, 10’ A Catholic physician discovers his young assistant is about to perform an illegal euthanasia on his paraplegic patient.

Sarah Gampel, Sweden, 13’

Acid Waves

Jessica Janos, United States, 5’

Hotel Oswald

Daukantė Subačių, Netherlands, Lithuania, 4’

Kim Hotterbeekx, 19’ Two women check in in a hotel. It is the start of some mysterious events.

Marketed Collecting Cabin at the River

Silvia Zeitlinger, Italy, 8’

Future Perfect

Abigail Prade, Netherlands, 13’

BUZz – Never fly a drone alone Nic Bello, United States, 5’


Friday 17-11, Screening Room 2, 18:15-19:45

Sanne Walet, Netherlands, 9’


Nicole Jachmann, 10’ Schadowhunter is a short film about a boy and the search for his stolen view master.

Joris Hoefakker, Netherlands, 10’

Film Competition 1

Closed Doors Rose

Sacha Ferbus, Belgium, 13’

OS Love

Marcel Derek Ramsay, Switzerland, 6’

Tickets en meer info:


Building your own story Kijk naar de beste (korte) films, vier een feestje, bezoek de filmcampus, volg de masterclass spelregie of ontdek de virtual reality cinema. Maak je eigen verhaal!

Het SHIFT Film Festival (of onderdelen hiervan) wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

Partners Er staat nog genoeg moois op je te wachten! Meer over onze aankomende events vind je via www.CineSud.nl/events. Want more film? CineSud has a lot to offer. Visit www.CineSud.nl/events for upcoming events, an academy, magazine and more.


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SHIFT FILM FESTIVAL 16 - 18 november | Cinema Lumière

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SHIFT Film Festival 2017 - programma  

Programma van SHIFT Film Festival 2017, 16-19 november in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. Meer info via www.cinesud.nl/events.

SHIFT Film Festival 2017 - programma  

Programma van SHIFT Film Festival 2017, 16-19 november in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. Meer info via www.cinesud.nl/events.

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