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CineSud Festival de Cannes Market screen ing May 17th | 13:3 0 Festival Palac e (Palais F)

CineSud | Film Network Film Funding Film Academy CineSud is the largest community of filmmakers in the unique crossborder region the Netherlands – Belgium – Germany. With a network of more than 200 audiovisual professionals, CineSud is a fast-growing and reliable platform, organising



Directed by Tim Sagl

Directed by Mark Handels

7’ | 2017 | Horror | Netherlands

22’ | 2017 | Drama | Netherlands

CineSud is here for you. This is why we also offer

Produced by CineSud | CineSud Talent project

Produced by CineSud, Submedia | CineSud Talent project

several kinds of assistance. We offer support,

industry events, masterclasses, a filmlab, festivals and much more.

coaching and guidance while developing your skills as well as during production. Through CineSud

Film Network | Film Funding | Film Academy


Talent we offer financial possibilities as well as



After playing the game “Hangman”, two sisters are

The hard life of miners in the south of the Nether-

Quite importantly, as an interest group, we make

threatened by a mysterious man who hangs himself

lands in the 1950s. The mining industry was the

sure that the sector is well-provided and gets the

in their garden. When the man seems to be alive,

economic heart of the country in that time, but for

opportunity to keep growing. Among our recent

he wants to finish the game with the sisters in a

a lot of people the nostalgic and romantic feeling

achievements are the creation of the Limburg Film

deadly way. Nancy tries to protect her sister from

that now surrounds it, was not that evident.

Fund and Limburg Film Commission.

other services, such as one-on-one coaching.

the evil entity, but can you win the game you’ve already lost?

w: www.CineSud.nl c: info@cinesud.nl

Selection of short films produced in the unique crossborder region of the Netherlands | Belgium | Germany

Director, Writer

Find more information on www.CineSud.nl

Tim Sagl

Mark Handels

Alexander Dohmen




Director, Writer

Editor, Gaffer

CineSud | Distribution and sales Annually CineSud (co-)produces among 5 to 8 productions. These productions are actively being submitted and represented at film festivals around the world. We are proud that our films got selected to more than 300 film festivals worldwide and won more than 50 awards. CineSud as well distributes




other (short) films made in our unique crossborder

Directed by Nicole Jachmann

Directed by Remy Kooi

Directed by Yorn Heijnen

filmmaker, a festival or a company, please contact us.

10’ | 2017 | Poetic drama | Netherlands

5’ | 2017 | Experimental | Netherlands

8’ | 2017 | Experimental road movie | Netherlands

Produced by CineSud, Nicole Jachmann, Video Power |

Produced by Seizure Productions

Produced by Samski Productions, YornHeijnen Films

region the Netherlands - Belgium - Germany. If you are interested in cooperating, whether you are a

w: www.CineSud.nl/talent c: info@cinesud.nl

CineSud Talent project




Through the lens of a view-master a young boy

Obsessed by his handheld game a man doesn’t

Coquille is a poetic roadmovie about a young

looks at images of his future self. His dreaming

notice that the game is overtaking his reality.

singer overcoming her insecurity through her

comes to an abrupt end when someone steals his


view-master. To take the future back in his own hands he must go on a journey through vast labyrinths, setbacks and personal growth.

Director, Writer


Director, Writer

Producer, Sound design

Nicole Jachmann

Ayse Remmler

Remy Kooi

Sander Pleijsier





Director, Producer


Yorn Heijnen

Sammy Wisniewski

yornheijnen@gmail.com samwisnie@gmail.com


CineSud Director

Festival and Talent Manager

Thijs van Dijk

Guido Franken

Anna Demianenko




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CineSud Shorts go to Cannes 2018  

This year CineSud takes 10 filmmakers from Limburg to Cannes Film Festival! CineSud Shorts go to Cannes to have a Market Screening on May 17...

CineSud Shorts go to Cannes 2018  

This year CineSud takes 10 filmmakers from Limburg to Cannes Film Festival! CineSud Shorts go to Cannes to have a Market Screening on May 17...

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