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Downtown Mason is a growing, eclectic mix of businesses creating a vibrant area for residents and visitors to our region. We encourage you to come explore Mason’s downtown as we profile the company owners and entrepreneurs who help make Downtown Mason thrive.


Little Rascals Photography is a boutique photography studio run by a dynamic mother-daughter duo. A short walk from Mason’s Community Center located at 120 East Main St., Tracy and Amber provide every detail for your custom photo shoot from custom hand-made dresses to elaborate props and even baby animals.

What made you choose to locate your business in Mason?

We live in Mason and my kids attended Mason schools, so when our space became available in 2001, it just made sense to make it our studio and stay in our hometown.

You offer fun photo shoots with baby animals (puppies, piglets, ducklings, chicks, bunnies, lambs, ponies, and a Christmas donkey named Eeyore). How do you find such cute companions? How are they to work with?

We know some local farmers and breeders and reach out to them throughout the different seasons to include their baby animals in our shoots. It’s a fun way to engage our clients and the children love it! 30 CenterPoint Fall 2019

How do you get a toddler to cooperate during a photoshoot?

We capture them in the moment. We offer different scenes for them to play with and have fun, so that they are engaged and playful and we take pictures of them being natural and in their own element.

You also offer wedding and high school graduation photography, what are your favorite parts about those jobs?

One of my favorite things about owning this studio is being able to capture my clients as they grow up—all the way from newborn and toddler photos to school-age and high school senior photos. It all comes full circle when we have the privi-

lege of also photographing our clients’ weddings, maternity shoots and even their newborn babies! It’s very special when we can help our clients create memories through all the stages of their lives.

What themed sets will be available this fall?

Every fall we do a pumpkins and puppies photoshoot. Like our other shoots, we style the entire set for our clients, so they just show up and have fun while we capture the magical moments that make beautiful photographs. This year we are excited to also offer a bohemian chic photo shoot with a llama, an old school Volkswagen van, and a mini peacock chair. We’re also really excited for our unicorn photoshoot that will feature a mini pony and fairy-tale scenes.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about your business?

We’re proud to be a local business that supports other small and local businesses whenever we can. We work with local farmers and breeders when we do animal photoshoots. All of our couture dresses are handmade by a small woman-owned business. As much as possible, we source our props from businesses like ours where they care about every little detail so that we are providing the highest-quality sets for our clients. To view their work or schedule your photo shoot like them on Facebook or visit their website at www.lit tlerascalsphoto.com.

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Mason and Deerfield Township - CenterPoint Fall 2019  

Mason and Deerfield Township - CenterPoint Fall 2019  

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