Cincinnati Baby Guide 2018-2019

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Britney Ruby Miller


Mom / Dad


Anderson Twp. KIDS: Caden (13), Gracie (8), Hannah (6), Asher (18 months) EXTRACURRICULAR CLAIM TO FAME: President of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment A KID-FRIENDLY PERSPECTIVE: From the time my brother and I became parents, we understood the need to make our restaurants more family-friendly. We started with little things like tumbler sippy cups, handing out onesies and bibs, and putting changing tables in the bathrooms. WHY HOMESCHOOLING WORKS FOR THEM: My dad always said he didn’t want to watch his restaurants grow, he wanted to watch his kids grow. We wanted to have flexibility to travel as a family. The kids go to school once a week for six hours and then a tutor comes three times a week. The rest is intentional parenting, where we make it a point to do fun, educational stuff when we travel. GO-TO KID SPOTS IN ANDERSON TWP.: Scene 75. Beechmont Rollarena. Recreations Outlet. Our parks out here are amazing; Woodland Mound and Juilfs Park are a couple favorites. Sky Zone when it’s raining, and a ceramic pottery place called Doodlin. WHOLE-FAMILY FUN: As a family we go over to Vineyard Golf Course. They’re very kid-friendly and usually not too backed up, so there’s time for the little ones to putt around.


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Living the Best Life We asked six local parents what makes their lives thrive with kiddos in tow.

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

photographs by Dustin Sparks

CREATIVE PLAY Britney’s kids get artistic at Doodlin Pottery Studio.