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Salon Equipment & Dog Grooming Supplies

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Splendid Pets Ltd 6 Glebe Farm Business Park Westerham Road Keston, BR2 6AX

Emperor Grooming Tables The Emperor range of grooming tables are professional tables supplied to grooming salons & training academies. Priced most competitively, these are ideal also for home groomers & dog show exhibitors. Available in five sizes to cater for all dog breeds: 24”, 28”, 32”, 38” and 43”. Supplied with a grooming arm, control noose & storage basket on most sizes.

Lightweight Aluminium Ringside Tables Portable and fold-flat for dog shows. Sizes: SM (24”), MED (30”), LRG (36”) Colours: Blue, Purple, Silver or Gold


43” Emperor PRO

Grooming Table

Included: H-Frame, 2 Nooses and Storage Tray Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink Size: L43” x W24” x H30.5” 108cm x 60cm x 76cm

28” Emperor PRO

Grooming Table

Included: Grooming Arm & Noose Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink Size:  L28” x W24” x H31” 70cm x 48cm x 78cm

This brochure only contains around 25% of our product range, and is designed to show you some of the bestselling equipment available. Please visit our website for our full range of products. Our extensive range is updated on a monthly basis with exciting new products & brands. If you would like to speak to our friendly customer services team, please never hesitate to call us, as we would love to hear from you. Like us on Facebook for the chance to find out about extra special deals launched from time to time.

Grooming Tables 38” Emperor PRO

Grooming Table

Included: Grooming Arm, Noose & Storage Tray Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink Size: L32”x W21”x H31” 80cm x 53cm x 78cm

43” Emperor PRO

Grooming Table

Included: H-Frame, 2 Nooses and Storage Tray Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink Size: L43” x W24”x H30.5” 108cm x 60cm x 76cm

38” Emperor

PRO Trolley Table

Included: Wheels, Grooming Arm, Noose & Basket

32” Emperor Grooming Table Included: Grooming Arm, Noose & Storage Tray Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink Size: L38” x W22” x H31”/ 95cm x 55cm x 78cm

24” Emperor Ringside Table Included: Foldable Arm & Grooming Noose Colours: Black, Blue or Pink.

18” Emperor

Lazy Susan Table

Included: Grooming Arm & Noose Colours: Blue, Purple or Pink.

Order line: 0844 800 9907


Splendid Pets Ltd 6 Glebe Farm Business Park Westerham Road Keston, BR2 6AX 36” PRO Emperor

Hydraulic Table

Hydraulic & Electric Salon Tables

Included: Grooming Arm & Noose

Catering for busy grooming salons, the Emperor range of salon tables boasts both electric & hydraulic versions in different sizes and styles. The hydraulic tables come in two sizes (36” and 43”) The Emperor electric salon tables include our renowned ‘Transformer’ (adjustable 36-48” table), the 48” ‘Double-X Scissor Action’, and of course the deluxe 48” ‘Studio Fashion’ & 48” ‘Locomote’ (both on wheels). All tables are supplied with a grooming arm or h-frame & noose(s). The electric salon tables have handy foot or hand remote controls.


36”-48” Emperor

Electric ‘Transformer’ PRO Grooming Table 2

Included: Extra Tall Adjustable Arm & Grooming NooseNoose



Sizes & details quoted in this brochure are subject to change. E&OE.

Electric Tables Electric Tables

Blasters & DRyers Metro AirForce QuickDraw Blaster

Emperor Rosy Rocket Blaster 2300W


Metro AirForce MasterBlaster MB-3

Metro AirForce Blaster

Emperor Rush Blasters 2200W

Emperor Quantum Blaster


48” PRO Emperor Electric

‘Double-X Scissor Action’

Colour Choice:  Baby Pink Or Blue

Emperor Wind Guru 2400W Stand Dryer

48” PRO Emperor Electric

‘Studio Fashion’ Table

42” PRO

Emperor Pink Passion Finishing Dryer 2400W

Emperor Hydraulic Table

48” PRO

Emperor Electric ‘Locomote’


Emperor Volumizer (handheld) 2200W

Emperor Illumin-Air (wall mounted) 2400W Order line: 0844 800 9907


Dog Grooming Emperor Electric Stainless Steel Grooming Bath


Included: H-Frame, Shampoo Caddy, Mixer Tap, Shower Head, and 2-level flooring.

Emperor Static Stainless Steel Grooming Bath Included: H-Frame, Mixer Tap, Shower Head, Shampoo Caddy, 2-level flooring & sliding steps.

Grooming Aprons Emperor Waterproof Aprons Colours: Blue, Rose, Silver or Purple With half sleeve or without sleeves.

Emperor Nautica Electric Bath Emperor Nautica Static Bath

Included: H-Frame, 3 grooming nooses and remote control Colours: Blue, Purple or Grey

Included: H-Frame, ramp and 3 grooming nooses Colours: Blue, Purple or Grey

Coat Mists & Shampoo Dirty Beastie Diamond White Deep Black Cooper Tones Oatmeal Essence Aloe Soothe Tea Tree Easy Groom

Wahl Showman Concentrate Shampoo Caters for all coat & skin types. Available in 500ml or 5 litre bottles.

Hand Pumps for 5 litre bottles

Ikaria Botanical Coat Mists Silken & soften coats with Pro Vitamin B. Ideal for a silky, fragrant finish but also for brushing out tangles

5 Litre Salon Size


Ikaria Deluxe Spa Shampoo (1 Gallon)

Dog Grooming Muzzles

We stock a large variety of muzzles ranging from basket muzzles to washable fabric muzzles in fashion colours (blue, pink, red or black). 10 different sizes cater for most dog breeds & muzzle shapes/sizes.

Grooming Arm & Nooses

Grooming Nooses & Restraints

Emperor Fashion Colour Grooming Arms

Emperor Heavy Duty Extendable Grooming Arm

With matching grooming noose. Extends to 36� height. Colours: Pink, Purple or Blue

With extra large table clamp & noose. Extends to 48� height. Folds flat for storage. Colours: Ivory, Purple, Blue, Gun Metal Grey or Pink

We have over 30 different grooming restraints & nooses in stock in many colours including fashion graffiti print, leopard print, neon and pastel shades. Noose varieties include choker style, speed nooses, double nooses and waterproof nooses. Different sizes available.

Emperor Deluxe Adjustable Grooming Arm Including one grooming noose.

Emperor Flexible Third Grooming Arm Available for blaster hoses or handheld dryers.

Order line: 0844 800 9907


Dog Grooming Excalibur Grooming scissors are one of the hottest shears on the market & widely used by many professional grooming salons, as well as dog show exhibitors. The range incorporates many sizes & styles with the latest innovative influence of grooming trends & styling research. Sizes range from 4.5” up to 10” with opposing or offset handle designs, ergonomically curved finger holes, curved or straight blades, swivel thumb rings and bent shanks. Each scissor is meticulously crafted with only the finest Japanese stainless steel & then tempered for extra durability, as well as creating razor sharp convex blades for an exceptionally quiet & smooth cutting performance. The unique scissor designs were created to relieve wrist strain & reduces hand fatigue, and maintain optimum cutting performance and outstanding balance. The collection also caters for left handed groomers. Each scissor is sold with a protective storage case & cleaning oil. Please visit our website for the full range, as this brochure only illustrates a few select models.

Grooming Scissors X31 Excalibur 5.5”

X28 Excalibur 5.0”

X20 Excalibur X18 Excalibur

X22 Excalibur


X25 Excalibur




CLippers & Blades Andis AGC Clipper Range

We supply all Andis, Oster and Moser Wahl clippers, along with clipper blades, combs and accessories. We are also proud to stock the MGT Silver Series range of blades along with clipper guard comb sets.

Wahl Moser Switchblade

Wahl Max 45 Clipper

Oster A6 Clipper

Andis AGR+ Cordless Clipper

We supply the entire range of skip tooth and finishing clipper blades in MGT, Andis, Oster and Wahl ranging from No 3 to No 50 (where available).

Nail First Aid Styptic Gel 1 or 4 fluid oz

MediStyp Liquid Super Sealer

Styptic Powder Sizes: 0.5oz, 1.5oz, 6oz

Forceps & Tweezers Curved



Available with or without locking ratchet and a serrated nose.

Magnifying tweezers also available.

Available with or without locking ratchet and a serrated nose.

0.5 liquid oz

Order line: 0844 800 9907

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