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ERMIE DHARLYA BINTI CHE DAUD M20111000388 Masters in Education – ICT I am a teacher from SMK Tengku Abdullah and currently on study leave and Ministry of Education Scholarship. I thought Additional Mathematics and Science in my previous school. My previous field is not in computer field, so I have to put on a lot of effort in this study as this is a trust given by MOE. Hope Allah straightens all of my business always.

HARMANIZA BINTI ISHAK M20111000373 Masters in Education – ICT I am a mother of three children and a wife to my loving husband. I run my own family business with my husband. This course is a new experience for me as I never attend any courses in computers field. But, as I am really interested to enhance my knowledge in ICT, I am sure I will do my very best in this course. Wish me Luck!

SITI AZIDAH BINTI ABIDIN M20111000371 Masters in Education – ICT I am an Electrical Engineering graduates and previously working as an Electrical Engineer at Toshiba MS Elevator Sdn Bhd. Without having any qualification in Computer fields, I’m sure this course will be really challenging for me. But, positively, I know I will succeed in my Masters Education in ICT. Pray for me!


MyLitera.Com is an e-learning project that has been develops to cater the needs to fulfil the requirements for Instructional Design Theory Course. During our first class with our lecturer, Tn Haji Mohd Nazri, the Head of ICT Unit in UPSI, we are given task to develop software for Teaching and Learning. Of course thus quite challenged us as we never know how to develop a courseware! Of course we have experience in using a courseware, but to develop it? Never comes to our mind! At first, we quite blur on what we have to do, what really does our lecturer wants and how to achieve the standard that we really fulfil the task successfully. What we are doing first is know what we want to do about. After a discussion, we got an idea to develop a learning hub for the literature components. Our previous conversation with Miss Syarifah Salwa, an English Teacher in SMK Tengku Abdullah, Pekan, she really happy when we want to build a T&L materials for Literature Components. She said that there is no such multimedia or interactive things available that can help her attract the students in learning the literature and English as well. Therefore we really confident in what will we doing for the course. After presenting our outline proposal on 7 October 2011 during the Instructional Design class, we became clearer on this project. Thanks for Tn Haji Nazri and friends that give comments, idea and supports for this project.

Our MyLitera.Com Proposal using Prezi {click to view}

MYLITERA.COM | AN OVERVIEW MyLitera.Com is a learning project benefiting the web-based application. For this MyLitera.Com Project, the learning theory that we implement here is Connectivism introduced by George Siemens. Connectivism is a learning theory, in which knowledge exists outside of the learner, and the learner makes connections between information to build knowledge. The connections that learners make help them create their own learning network. By using the MyLitera.Com, we encourage teachers to facilitate the students rather than teaching in developing their own knowledge based on information and tools we shared in the project.

The Instructional Design Model that we used in this project is ADDIE. The ADDIE model is a systematic approach in Instructional Design that provides instructional designers with a framework in order to make sure that their instructional products are effective and that their creative processes are as efficient as they can possibly be. ADDIE stands for the steps of the model as follows; Analyze, Design,

Develop, Implement and Evaluation. Each step has an outcome that feeds the subsequent step. Evaluation is essential after each step.

The Diagram of ADDIE Model in Instructional Design

ANALYZE (What, Who, Where?) At this stage we analyze the problems and the instruction goals, who is the learner, the infrastructure, the environment and the implication. The problems is clearly stated previously and also the goals. Our target audience for this project is the secondary students in Malaysia from Form 1 until Form 5 that learns the Literature Components. Once analysed by reading newspapers, magazines, and internet, BlogSpot has been chosen as the dissemination of information and effective tools as it is easy to build, got several of links, can be maintained easily and it allows interaction between the users and developers and also between user and other user as well.

DESIGN At design stage, we deals with learning objectives, assessment instruments, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, lesson planning and media that were integrated under one platform we proposed. The instruction should be systematic, specific and user-friendly.

DEVELOP After designing, we create and assemble the content assets that were created in the design phase by integrating technologies by using blogspot as a platform to create and share the contents. Then, the useful widgets that is we think is very suitable for learning English as well is added. Other useful link also included for the students to get more knowledge and exposure. The project is reviewed and revised according to any feedback given.

IMPLEMENT We run the test on the Mylitera.Com to make sure all the interface and links work well as what we designed. The Manuals for using this MyLitera.Com also prepared by us for user reference especially the teacher/trainer.

EVALUATION The formative evaluation was done in every stage and we have fixed all the errors. The summative evaluation will be done hereafter to get the feedback from the users.

MYLITERA.COM | THE INTERFACE This learning system can be access at or directly at our own domain The main display is as below.

The clickable link is on the both image of the books, the Overview, The Developer, and Disclaimer. All clicks will goes to new tab for display. Display for Overview, The Developer, and Disclaimer is as below The clickable menu on the top for easy navigation

The contents for Introduction, Overview and Disclaimer will appear in this section.

Display for left book (Form 1,2,3) after clicked. >>

Menu bar for easier navigation between contents Learn new word everyday including its synonyms and how to write a sentence using it.

Sections where contents appear.

Top 100 Learning Tools slide show

Click on the banner will goes to main display Search Box

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List of Contents

Teachers can ask the students to prepare their own learning material from contents discusses by using this various tools here.

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Menu bar for easier navigation between contents Learn a new word, synonyms and how to use it. Word change everyday. Thus help student to increase their vocabulary and sentence building.

Click on the banner will goes to main display Menu tab for course contents selection Facebook Live Stream as discussion box for users to discuss and gather idea on certain topics.. Add on your knowledge each time you type a word in it. Educational Quotes. Get Inspired! Useful links for teachers English Level Test. Test your grammar here!

This is where contents appeared in the blog once a link has been clicked. This section only displays 3 posts. Other post can be viewed by click on older post at the bottom of this section.

Useful Links for Learning English. Feed from The Star Online. Don’t miss to read the current news while you’re still on this site.

Teachers can ask the students to prepare their own learning material from contents discusses by using this various tools here.

Nice and interesting blogs to read on! Browse contents by categories if you like to!

IQ Test for students to make them more engaged with the course.

Play this educational game while you still on learning process. Games change everyday.


Mylitera.Com was developed to fulfil the needs for building an educational site in helping the students and teachers in teaching and learning. MyLitera.Com caters the current KBSM English Literature Component in Malaysia Secondary Schools. The main objective of this site is to provide notes, information and activities based on the subject in a single place in an interesting way. is geared towards autonomous learning where students can learn at their own respective paces.

"Teaching is like cooking. The dish may taste a little too salty or too sweet or overcooked the first time we cook it – and we'll feel frustrated. However, don't give up. Find out why/where our cooking has gone wrong and try to improve it. C ooking, like teaching, is always a trial-n-error."

We really hope that MyLitera.Com will be an online learning hub for students and teachers in learning and get in love with the poems, short stories, novels and drama. Let's use this blog as one of the mediums to exchange ideas related to the teaching and learning of English.


MyLItera Project for Instructional Design

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